• August 16, 2022

The Eagles Must Not Be Intimidated By The Lions

Ndamukong Suh, Michael VickYou know what Eagles fans; there is a lot about the Detroit Lions that I don’t care for. They have some personalities on their roster that rub me the wrong way.

Most notably defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, tremendous talent, but the kid is a joke. The days of John Runyan to mix it up with a guy like Suh in the dog pile are long gone, so who will step up if Foles takes a late hit? Lane Johnson, something about his demeanor has me thinking that he would show that warrior instinct if such an incident would happen. We know Cary Williams has no issues throwing the fisticuffs; however he is on the defensive side of the football and wouldn’t be able to fight this battle.

The Detroit Lions are a big and strong football team. They play a physical and will take their shots at hitting the quarterback. This season has proven they are comfortable with taking their shots after theball has been released or once the whistle has been blown. They celebrate when they are penalized,a real immature bunch of misfits. Fines and labels have become a stigma for their “cheap” behaviors.

Their head coach can be uncivilized at times, childish and unprofessional.

This game is in our house. There was a time when we had players in the locker room that “took care” of such antics. Am I saying the Eagles need to mix it up a bit on Sunday? Yes, I think we need to demonstrate that it’s more than confidence and swagger that identifies this new era of Eagles football.

Do we have players on this roster that would rise to the occasion? Can this football team play with that “nastiness” if required?

There is a difference between talent and player. The Philadelphia coaches have done a tremendous job making these players believe and squeezing every bit of talent out of them.

What drives a man to play this combat sport? This grid-iron, bone-clashing, one shot away from your career ending and a life-time of chronic pain as your thank you present. The latter can be taken care of, because we have the best surgeons from places like gshs.org at our disposal; what really must worry one is a broken bone or a brain injury.

Soul searching and pre-game speeches; demonstrate discipline; fight Eagles fight.

Show no fear, and use the weaknesses of the Lions to beat them at their own game.

Let’s keep this thing rolling and make a statement to the league that we are more than a team on a hot streak.

That we are fighting for more than a wildcard spot or NFC East title.

Why not?

Jeff Kolsky

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