• May 27, 2022

Eagles Coordinators Shurmur And Davis Explain The Minnesota Loss

LeSeanMcCoy3The Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and defensive coordinator Billy Davis addressed the media earlier this morning.  Now the team is practicing in the dome on this rainy day and we’re going to get the chance to talk the players later on.

The offensive coordinator admitted that Nick Foles wasn’t on top of game on Sunday.  He said number 9 missed some open receivers, but he talked about how hard Foles works and finished by expressing confidence in Foles correcting his mistakes for the game on Sunday night.

Shurmur played down the blowup by DeSean Jackson on the sidelines during the Vikings game.  The Birds offensive coordinator believes more has been made out of it that should have been.  According to Shurmur, emotional players on the sidelines isn’t anything new to the NFL and I agree with him.

I’ve seen players fight in the locker room, then go out and play great together.   I’ve seen players fight coaches then go out and play great.  Every game I’ve ever played, I’ve seen coaches yell at players and players yell at players.  It’s all part of the job.

Shurmur talked about how Chip Kelly and the Birds coaching staff was focused on trying to win the football game, so they only called for eight running plays to LeSean McCoy.  He said the Eagles coaching staff is only focused on trying to score as much as possible, regardless of whether they means running or throwing.

Billy Davis cut to the chase from the beginning and admitted that his defense played horribly.  He gave Matt Cassel credit for putting on a great performance.

Davis said they’re planning on replacing nickel back Brandon Boykin with Patrick Chung and Roc Carmichael.  I almost fell out of my chair.  What one receiver in the NFL can Patrick Chung cover?  Seriously, I don’t see how they feel Chung can replace Boykin.

Davis said the Bears may be the most talented offense they have faced all season long.  He talked about the great arm and ability of Jay Cutler.  Then he talked about the Bears two outstanding wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jefferies.  He discussed their do-it-all running back Matt Forte, who is just as good of a receiver as he is a ball carrier.  Davis mentioned tight end Martellus Bennett, who is big and fast.

According to Davis, the Bears have everything you need offensively and their head coach, Marc Trestman  is considered an offensive wizard.

Davis said his players are over the embarrassing performance against the Vikings and they’ve got their minds on the Bears.

They had better come ready to play or the Bears might score a 100 points in this game.  The Vikings weren’t nearly as talented as Chicago and they put up 48 on the Eagles defense.

Fear of being in embarrassed in front of the nation on nationally television, should be enough to motivate this defensive unit to step up their game on Sunday.


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  • Bears 54 – Eagles 48 in OT, an instant ESPN CLassic
    950 Yards of Passing between Cutler & Foles
    300 + Yards of Rushing between Forte and McCoy

    Difference in the Game is 3 Missed FG’s by the Eagles Kicker A Henerey
    in the first Half of the Game..Kicker Henery blames HC Kelly for not showing him any Confidence in him during the Vikings Game..
    A mess in the Eagles Locker Room after the game as the finger pointing and blame start to go around … Chip Kelly tell’s close friends of him, “This NFL is for shit-birds, I am going back to the College game where it’s my way or the highway.. These Pro Players with their Agents/Entrouages are a bunch of flipping chickenshit”…

    • How do you win by four points in OT?

      • btc

        • Tie Game 48-48 and the end of Regualtion
          Then Bears run back a 96-Yard Fumble by Bryce Brown at the Bears 4 Yard Line on a 3rd Down Call (Chip should have kicked the FG on 2nd Down) for the Win but again, no confidence in Kicker Henery comes back to haunt him..
          Once The Bears recover Fumble and run it back in for a TD
          the Game is over 54-48 since their is no Extra-Point Attempt in Overtime, First TD wins

        • Thanks mhenski. I’m an idiot and it’s obviously been a long day for me.

  • The whole DeJax things is another example of this city attempting to eviscerate the reciever regardless of his productionh on the field. You know one thing I never hear of about DJax is anything negative off of the football field. He always seems like an easy going fun loving guy. On pace for 1500 yards this season. Philly likes to eat its athletes regardless of how hard they play for us. Sorry, the philly media… Cataldi, Gargano, Eskin, These guys are complete shit for brains depressed has beens. I wouldn’t give relevance to anything they say regarding this team. Especially Cataldi. After that whole Ricky Williams campaign that would have put this city and the Eagles back in footbal limbo for the next 10 years instead of the 10 brilliant years Mcnabb, and Reid gave us. No superbowl, but one apperance, and several division tittles, and a re-birth in the imagination that we can one day win it all. To hell with the philly sports media.

    • When Ricky Williams realized the traditional definition of success wasn’t working for him, he took action.

      The former NFL running back told HuffPost Live’s Josh Zepps about the moment he realized his athletic achievements didn’t fulfill everything he was truly looking for in life.


    • Good post………..I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • replacing with patrick chung and roc carmichael guess what if davis is serious bout that then i lost what trust and respect i have for davis those 2 couldnt cover tiny tot receiver playing i n3rd grade all chung does is tackle and hurt his own guys and Roc friggin please!!

    • Chung will be burned by any reciever he tries to cover,and with this group of recievers it will be everytime he lines up. I would guess that they will try and play off of the recievers like they did last week against the Vikings, and we all see how well that worked with a lesser group of WR’s.
      Wolf coming back is good, but you have to wonder how well he will be able to play, how his knee will be and if he will be rusty to start. I am sure that Cutler will look to test both Wolf and Chung when he has the chance.
      Seems like we are right back where we were earlier in the season. The Defensive backfield is our again our problem spot. We are lacking the skilled players to cover and stay with quality recievers. We will need to us schemes to overcome a lack of talent. A big pass rush is a must, but still this group will need to play as a unit.
      Also, ever since the Cardinals game we are seeing more and more penalties against the Birds. Cary Williams will need to keep the grabbing to a minimum, and obviously any taunting or stupid sh*t can’t be tolerated. Tough game for this defense. We have played well against some good teams, but this game will be a real test for Davis and his squad to rebound for last weeks disaster.

  • Cornerback Cary Williams said the Eagles’ 48-30 loss to the Vikings Sunday was good for the team because it knocked them back to earth after five consecutive wins.

    “I’m glad we lost,” Williams said.

  • “The offensive coordinator admitted that Nick Foles wasn’t on top of game on Sunday. He said number 9 missed some open receivers….”
    No kidding..despite all the yards that Foles racked up, the offensive coordinator makes it a point of emphasis that Foles missed some open receivers! The reason he mentioned it because he missed these receivers at crucial times during the game!
    We are probably not going to stop Chicago high octane offense with our beat up secondary! Foles has got to get it together…there is no time for any slumps from the QB now!!

    • i concur

    • The only koolbreeze is the one flowing between you ears.

  • A couple of things I’m reading made my hair stand up …Chung are you fucking serious? Over Boykin no less ….is it April fools ..I sure hope to god it is..foles took a growth curve step backwards ,but a ton of that is on coach and his desire to strike over the top..that’s fine when deceptive ,with runs mixed in ,creating balance and second guessing by the defense…but what I saw was I balance and a qb rushing through his progressions …why on 4th and inches have him over center and use his body as he did at the goal line prior? Why are we one trick ponying with the season ,kicking to avoid a return ,sends a defeatist ,I surrender attitude ,it’s pervasive and seemed to have the defense constantly on a short field ,in retreat as it turns out…when the game gets put at 5 ,why not show if nothing else confidence in the guys and kick the ball as far as you can and roll the dice..no …you defer at a time when momentum had shifted ,and you turned into Andy fuckin Reid …you had shit game for brains ..don’t know why ? It’s a concern only if you don’t prove us wrong ,but it’s a concern …I’m sure seeing 9 slinging it all over the place with pressure constantly wasn’t appealing ,so I’d hope we use are best weapons ,which are when multiple guys are involved it makes for a better mixture ,everyone’s all in ,and contributing..last week it seems we were not spreading it around …ertz has emerged we must find ways to maximize his and celecks skill sets ,they’re playing great…and you can’t convince me you don’t fight the flow ,give the ball to 25 and ride him home ..two to go ..that’s the hardest thing to do …close the deal…c’mon chip …become the bets of chips surpassing chocolate …

  • Kool ,songs …relax the bears dee is really not very good ..shady will be a staple ,as will two tight ends sets ..foles will be more back to his normal attempts ,he ain’t slinging it Sunday …

  • The answer to the Bears is simple. If Chip wants to help his defense this week don’t run the fast tempo. Huddle up, feed Shady 30 times, and have 8 minute scoring drives. That’s what will help your defense. Not stinking Earl Wolfes return, (what the hell is Wolfe gonna do with Jeferry and Marshall?) We need 8 minute scoring drives. Keep your pathetic pass defense off the field. Cut down Chicagos possesions. That’s the best thing he can do for his defense.

  • G,
    I second your concern about replacing Boykin with Chung. I seriously don’t understand what Davis is thinking with that move.
    As for Cutler, I agree he does have his good moments but he can and will make mistakes. However given the game plan that I am hearing so far from the defensive coaches I am not all that confident about this teams ability to be able to shut down the Bears Offense. On the positive side, I expect our offense to put up some big points especially if Kelly cuts the chains on Shady and lets him do what he does best. Hoping for a win!

  • The Eagles are using Patrick Chump because every body is hurt. Coleman Boykin Wolff

    You see, When you are a scrub your injury rating goes up…I still can’t believe that the human asfault is still playing (nate allen) he gets steamrolled every game.

    The Eagles better take a Corner in the First Round and Safety in the Second round and the best defensive back on the table in the third round. These guys stink…

    Dawkins is retired and he could play better than these scrubs…

  • Shurmur’s rationale for the lopsided run-pass ratio centered on the Vikings’ defensive alignment, a predominant single-safety high look that invited the Eagles’ passing attack, and the favorable conditions indoors on the Metrodome’s fast track against a Vikings defense that was missing several starters in the secondary.

  • so what your saying is that this D isnt very good and they didnt do enough in the offseason to fix it. hmm.

    They better load up in the 2ndary this offseason. Our starting 2 DB’s should be backups.

  • I see this being a close game, a lot like the Cardinals game. We need our defensive backfield to play like they did against Fitzgerald and the Cards. We need to pressure Cutler, but overall have the defensive unit playing together like they had been over the previous nine games. I believe that Boykin is going to play based on his comments on WIP , which is good news, along with getting Wolff back.

    On the offensive side we need to go strong with the run. The Bears are ranked dead last against the run, and Shadey is leading the lead in rushing. Should be a no brainier, but if they load the box again it is probable that they will try getting pass-happy again.

    Sunday night in late December with a meaningful game at the Linc. It does not get any better guys. Who in May of this year would have predicted that we would be in first place with 2 games to go? This team is on the rise, nothing but good things happening for the team.

    GO BIRDS!!!

  • This game comes down to the Dallas game IMO. If Dallas loses the Eagles will win Sunday night. If Dallas wins I just see a slight letdown factor which is human nature for this team knowing this game means a lot more to the Bears then it will to the Birds.

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