• May 19, 2022

Buy Or Sell: Eagles Make The Playoffs

ChipKelly1A day after one of the most disappointing losses of the season, it’s gut-check time.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 8-6, a game ahead of the Dallas Cowboys with two games remaining on the schedule.

While the Eagles currently hold the third seed, a playoff appearance is anything but a guarantee. The two opponents remaining on the schedule are not going to be a simple challenge.

The Cowboys and Chicago Bears are fighting for their playoff lives as well. Neither group can be described as a great team, but both squads have explosive talent on their side and are very capable of putting on great performances.

To Eagles fans, how confident do you feel about this team’s chances of making the playoffs?

An absolutely wretched defensive performance is just cause to put a lot of doubt in the minds of some. The defense looked like it regressed badly against the Vikings, allowing themselves to get lit up by the likes of Matt Cassel and an offense that was missing their heart and soul, running back Adrian Peterson.

If they couldn’t handle Greg Jennings, how are they going to contain the deadly combo of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey? Or Matt Forte, who is a dual-threat as a runner and receiver? What about in Dallas the week after, when they’ll face Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray?

The defense couldn’t get a stop to save their lives last week, and now will deal with a couple of very potent offenses.

So do you buy or sell the Eagles making the playoffs?

I’m buying.

Going into the season, I was very skeptical about almost every aspect of this team. Through the first half of the season, I didn’t buy-in to Chip Kelly. I didn’t like the Billy Davis hire. I wanted to see Nick Foles play, but I didn’t really believe that he was going to prove to be anything more than a servicable backup. I thought the defense was years away from being even somewhat competent.

Looking back, I think a lot of my skepticism was a result of the bitter taste left in my mouth from the last few years of the Reid era. Over the last few years, I watched the team make painful errors that set the franchise back years. I remember getting excited on draft day in 2010 when the Eagles traded up in the first-round, only to be shocked when they passed on Earl Thomas for Brandon Graham. Things didn’t get much better the following year when they took 26-year old Danny Watkins with their next first-round pick. Then I watched as the organization tried to sell Jim Washburn and his Wide-Nine scheme as a legitimate base defense while Howie Roseman went a spending spree to create the ill-fated Dream Team with a bunch of mercenary players who were content simply with cashing their hefty paychecks.

The countless errors and arrogance over the last three years caused me to lose faith in the organization. And when Howie Roseman was left in place to have another crack at shaping this team’s future, there was no way that I could bring myself to trust the organization’s vision.

But the 2013 season has played out, and Chip Kelly has made me a believer again.

While Kelly hasn’t been perfect and has certainly had his issues with game management, I see a coach who seems to be willing to make adjustments and make sure that mistakes from previous weeks don’t happen again. The offense isn’t comprised of the same stale plays and formations week after week like it was with the Reid era. There’s a lot of creative design to Chip’s plays, and each week we see a lot of new formations and wrinkles.

As for the defense, while there is very legitimate reason for concern about how the unit, particularly the secondary, will fare in recent weeks, I’m going to trust Billy Davis to get things cleaned up and corrected. For eight straight weeks, this defense held opponents to 20 points or less. They made plays, created turnvoers, and were responsible for a great deal of this team’s wins. They may not keep Chicago or Dallas under 20 points, but I do expect a clear improvement from last week’s disaster.

As for the remaining opponents…while both squads can potentially be offensive powerhouses, both teams also have their warts. Neither the Cowboys or Bears play any defense. The opportunity is going to be there for Kelly’s offense to light both teams up. And both Jay Cutler and Tony Romo are a pair of living turnover machines.

This season is likely going to come down to the final week in Dallas, but I believe that the Eagles are infact going to get into the postseason and give us one final exciting chapter to put a cap on what has truly been a refreshing season.

With Week 17′s match against the Dallas Cowboys shaping up to be a showdown for the division, Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky are planning to get a group together to watch the game at XFINITY Live, and we would like to extend invitations to any and all readers of GCobb.com to come out and join us. We sincerely appreciate all who read, comment, and make this website great, and we’d love the opportunity to meet some of the readers and experience a great game together.

Denny Basens

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  • If they give the ball to Shady and keep the keep Foles from passing in key moments then there’s a chance.

    To sum things up,,,,

    If Cowboys win and we lose to the bears, we will not make the Playoffs with Fole as the QB.

    If they put Vick in against a weak Cowboys defense after failing against the Bears, the Eagles makes the Playoffs.

  • I looked at the game again..

    Teams will stack the run like Bears did and dare Foles to beat them.

    That is what the bogus Cowboys and the terrible Vikings did.

    Take the checkdowns, bubble screens which are high percentage passes away from Foles and he’s done.

    He float Balls with play action passes allowing the opposing secondary to recover.

    Eagles better give Foles the hook if he start off pathetic like the last 2 games. Pull him if the teams is not moving the ball early.

    • Scary True Dude, Nobody wants to hear it because Vick is on the sideline, But its the truth. The other side of it is the more I see foles in interviews etc., THE MORE I SEE THAT HE IS A FIERCE CONFIDENT COMPETITOR!!!!! I think he is still very very raw. He is certainly getting some knowledge from MV, and I think that his leadership with shaddy holding down the lanes we may be able to pull out the last few games.

  • I think the Eagles defense has to play aggressive to stop anybody. They can’t sit back and let the play come to them. They have to get to the QB to slow down the Bears. They have to make Cutler hurry.

    On offense they have to do a little better job of keeping the pocket clean. Missed in all the talk about defense last week was the fact that Jared Allen beat the hell out of Jason Peters last week.

    Peters who had only 3.5 sacks in the previous 12 games, gave-up 2 sacks Sunday to Allen. And they were not caused by Foles holding the ball too long, Peters was simply beat. Brian Robison sacked Foles when he held it too long.

    Foles is not a seasoned pro quarterback, he is like Kaepernick and some other young guys when it comes to mechanics. If they can’t set their feet they struggle with accuracy. That is something that improves with experience.

    To me the key is to keep the pocket clean on offense for Foles, and don’t allow the Bears to keep their pocket clean for Cutler.

    • Irish, The O-line has been stellar the past few games. Peters is back in Pro bowl form, and Lane Johnson has figured it out.

  • Fair enough Songs. I say the kid gets it done against both teams. But he needs help. I he does struggle, then I expect Chip to adjust to help him out. We need the defense as Deny stated to SHOW up like they have most of the season after the first five starts. He doesn’t have to be more talented than Vick, he just has to keep play smart mistake free ball.

    • I have no idea why you and Songs have to put Vick’s name in your post. He is not even playing.

      Don’t act surprised when Vinnie shows up to chime in with his comments.

      • Jesus you’re an idiot. Did you even read the damn post? Did you read anything in MY post to Songs that agreed with his assessment of Foles ? Huh you fucking moron? Yeah Brewski and Vinnie are one and the same…smdh

        • So you bitch because Vinnie brings up Vick when Vick is not even playing, then you go to the next thread and bring up Vick yourself. Then you call me names because I point that out to you?

          Next you’ll call me a racist, right. That seem to be your routine.

          • That’s the fairly consistend M.O.

          • It’s confirmed; you’re an idiot. Yup any reasonable person would come to your conclusion.

  • To sum up Songs, if the defense gives up 48 points these next 2 games, then no QB has a shot against them. You could run some sort of Twins like experiment combining the DNA of all of the Hall Qbs into one person and it wouldn’t matter.

    • Good points bugsy…but sometimes the offense has to bail the defense out. The game came down to a shootout between Foles and Matt Cassell.
      Cassell stayed poised in the pocket under pressure…made some big time throws on the money.
      Foles became indecisive and started holding on to the ball, taking unnecessary sacks and in the fourth quarter he missed easy passes that would have kept drives going.
      So I agree the kid needs big time help…we have really rely on the running game and stick to it. Hopefully, we will be able to at least force a few turnovers from Chicago and then run it out with Shady

      • I agree Kool, but in the 3rd when Foles and the offense starting making plays to get the game closer (I think that it got to 5 points), the D turned around and gave up a quick TD even though they had a 3rd and 14 on that drive. I am not saying Foles played well in that game at all, but there were a lot of other factors as well.

        As far as relying on Shady, well that is just common sense. Kelly can’t let the defense dictate what he can and can’t do. Dude is one of the top 3 RBs in the league, he has to touch the ball 25-30 times a game minimum. Whether that is rushing, screens, shovel passes, or getting him on the outside. You know that he can catch the football.

        • Man…… You forget the D gave them the ball back twice in the fourth quarter. Did they play a complete game? Fuck no, but did they rally? A little too late.

          • I didn’t forget anything Theone1. My point is that I think Kool is overstating when he says the offense has to help the defense. I wanted to counter his point, by pointing out that a lot went into this loss. You can’t point out any one person or even unit in this loss. They all stunk from the coach to the players. The only person who really excelled was DJax.

            • Pretty clear that the offense played like crap if they only had 6 points at half time.

              • Ya, But it takes you a full week to acknowledge this? The light went on or what bugs…. give it to me straight man.

      • right thats what happened! hilarious!

        • Theone1, I haven’t really commented that much this week on the game on here for 3 reasons.

          1) It is frickin 1 week to Christmas and I have 3 kids that are nuts because they can’t get outside to play. Plus I have to find a new place for that GD elf every night. haha
          2) Everyone at work wants a piece of me before the year ends.
          3) I didn’t want to be a part of the continued Foles/racism debate. He didn’t play well in this game, but neither did anyone else

          That is a straight as I got. Take it or leave it.

          • Cool Bugs, I feel you . Appreciated!!

  • Buy Eagles Playoffs –
    Dallas has to win two straight division games and sweep the NFC east 6 wins, zero losses –

  • The offensive line kept the pocket really clean for Foles. The O-Line play has been outstanding in pass protection. They haven’t given up any quick pressures and all of the sacks in the Vikings game came because Foles held the ball way too long. Even the Allen sacks came from Foles holding the ball way too long! On one play, Foles held the ball for more than 8 seconds and still took a sack!
    The Eagles have to commit to the running game and try to minimize Foles has much as possible. Shady said this week…put the game on him..and this is what the Eagles need to do to win,. Foles is not in the category of a Kaepernick or Russell Wilson with the talent and resilience to put the game on their shoulders and carry the team to the win.
    At best, he is a game manager…more in the mode of Alex Smith…stay away from turnovers…get him some easy passes, some dump-offs…and rely on Shady to bring it home.
    If the games are tight or we fall behind and have to depend on Foles to bring us back by throwing the football….we are in trouble…big trouble!

    • shady probably wants that rushing title and with Forte on his heals he will be motivated.

    • Foles tried to buy some time and held the ball for about six seconds on a 2nd down and 4 play in the third quarter. That was the longest he held the ball on any sack..

      I’m watching the film as we speak, please tell me were to look for this 8 second play. I see Allen running right around Peters on another sack. Foles is down in under 3 seconds.

      • Old School your time setting is off…they showed on CSN Eagles Extra-Brian Baldinger broke down a play where Foles held the ball a whopping 8 seconds. On the play that Allen ran around Peters it took a full 6 seconds for him to run all the way around Peters and Foles drifted to his right…holding the ball, holding it…then Allen nails him
        Too much time…holding the ball way too long

        • Holding the ball to long, that sounds familiar, who else that used to be a starting QB on the Eagles used to hold the ball to long, which lead to too many hits, sacks, fumbles and injuries?

    • Apparently Chip Kelly didn’t get that memo, koolbreeze. He has Foles starting over an 11 year veteran.

      Oh, maybe because Foles has more Comeback Game Winning Drives this year than the 11 year veteran.

      • Old School…Foles is supposed to be starting …Vick got hurt missed too many games..Foles got hot on some bum teams got some wins…the offensive is in rhythm…you dont throw a rusty Vick out there after missing all of those games what sense does that makes.
        Now that Foles is in there…he gets the same treatment every other QB who plays for the Eagles gets! Be consistent..Everyone wants to make excuses for the kid, compare him to Vick…and a bunch of other nonsense…bottom line he has to get the job done. We have to get in the playoffs and that means Foles has to come up in the clutch!
        If Kelly sees signs of Foles getting tight around the collar…bitchin up…not making plays in the clutch…we know that our QB question is still unresolved.

        • Yes, Foles has to get the job done because Mike could and can not!

  • shame – Mike Vick just was too fragile to win another game after the first contest. His little weak body couldn’t absorb or heal from those first 4 quarters worth of NFL football. If Vick could have just won another game this article wouldn’t even have been written. But Vick is too tiny and small to succeed in non preseason football in 2013. Chip Kelly showed his NFL inexperience keeping Mike Vick on the roster.

  • The ongoing foles debate is starting to get really comical. At this point, its almost like the haters know they have nothing left in the tank and are just saying stuff to get a rise out of people. The bottom line is that no “game manager” has ever had an 8 game stretch like Foles has had. In fact, of all the QBs in his draft class, a real argument can be made that the only one performing better at this point is Wilson. Forget the stats for a second, have we all forgotten that this is his 14th start and has yet to have an off season where the job was solely his? How about the fact that his biggest weakness is arm strength which is something that can be easily fixed with off season work outs and mechanics? We all take pause becuase we have seen the Kolbs of the world and the B. Hoyings of the world fake us out. However, what those two did pales in comparison to what foles is doing. Kolb put together only three solid games in a row and Hoying was really nothing more than a game manager through that half of season (56% completion, 1500 yards, 11 tds, 6 pics through 8 games). Foles is on a completely different level so the debate really needs to end once and for all. Oh, and did I mention this is his 14th NFL start?

    • All good points Cant….great name by the way….I guess you have been reading posts on here for a while before you signed up, huh?

      Your points about being burned by Hoying and Kolb are very true for me. It makes me much more hesitant to fall behind ANY QB 100%, but at this point in his development I am closer to believing that Foles will turn out to the the real deal….he will be in town for over a decade like McNabb…and that the team will be successful with him in that role.

      You were very true in stating that he has yet to have a camp where he was the sole starter and where the whole gameplan was running through him. Give he and Kelly a full offseason together and I believe that they will take another step next year in his development. The arm stength thing is overblown. He has hit a number of deep balls this year…only had 3 picks. Sure, has he missed some passes…absolutely….but what QB has not? If you look at Brady when he first came into the league, he was know to be lacking in arm strength. He worked on it and has one of the stronger arms in the league. I believe that if Kelly thinks that Foles is lacking in arm strength, that they will having him training with the SEAL guy and get that improved.

      There are way too many other areas on this team that need our attention, but yet another comment on the QB. I am guilty of continuing the endless discussion. Anyway….GO BIRDS!!

  • My concern is not whether our Offense will put up points. I think with the weapons we have on we will score. Say what you will about Foles its true, at times he has played sloppy and he has made some mistakes. But he will find a way to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers: Riley, Jackson, Ertz, Celek, Shady etc..My concern is whether the defense and Secondary will be able to slow down the Bears and keep players like Marshall, Hexter and Forte in Check.

  • No matter what happens this week win or lose I do believe we are going to embarrass the Cowgirls at home in their own house next week. So yeah the Eagles will be in the playoffs. Im buying. lol

  • its all about the gameplan…. if they use McCoy more… we got this.

  • I’m selling

    • Of course you are FraudSongs. Of course you are.

    • You should sell yourself, to human trafficking, in the diamond mines of Africa. Waste of life!

    • You sold last year when you jumped ship. No coming back for you regardless. FRAUD!

  • PLAYOFFS?????????

  • I’m buying, regardless of what happens Sunday, no way this offense doesn’t put a 40 spot on the Cowboys. That first Cowboy game was a fluke, if the Cowboys win Sunday I don’t care what Chip says there is no way I would work Shady, Foles or DJax more then a quarter. Gear up for the Cowboys and handle business.

    • True BigL…it would be meaningless to play the starters in that scenario. It feels good to have a little cushion, no matter what happens Sunday, we’ll still have the final game of the season to get in. I’m not to sure about Dallas beating Washington, I can see Wash having “one of those games” (type of game they were expected to have consistently this year) But I think its going to come down to that final game, Eagles beat Dallas, Eagles in playoffs!

      • Dude how great would that be? We were talking about potentially having a top 5 or top 10 draft pick before the season began.

        And I got to hand it to you again Real, I think you said DJax would have 90 catches and he is gonna get real close if not hit that mark and he has a real good shot at 1500 yards too. He has been an absolute force this year.

        • True indeed, Bugs. I love how Kelly utilizes DJAX. ..DJAX is most definitely earning that pay check! ..Can’t wait to see more of DJAX coming from the backfield, I think that is going to cause major problems for defenses…Throw McCoy back there and you got two mismatches against man coverage on snap.

      • Real can you imagine the atmosphere at the Linc Sunday night if the Redskns beat the Cowboys? It will be electric down there. Damn that’s why there is no such thing as looking to the future or playing for the draft, damn that playoffs here we come!!!!

        • It would be like 2007 when I went to the last Phils game of the year knowing that the Mets had to lose and the Phils had to win to win the division. As we were walking up to the stadium, the Mets were already losing. It took days to get my voice back and i think that I high fived/shook hands/hugged 20K strangers that day at least.

          • Bugsy that had to be great!!!!!

        • Ha, yes sir…the Cowboys lose that game..that atmosphere will be crazy…Eagles gotta go get it! if the Cowboys lose. No playing around go after the Bears!

          • Real it would be bananas.

    • I hear ya Big. But I guess my nerves are getting the best of me. Why do I feel like not playing them would somehow jinx us?..lol I want these guys so wired in. I’m afraid to rest them.

  • He’ll yeah PLAYOFFS !!!!!

    Late December and we sit in 1st place looking to clinch a spot in the PLAYOFFS.

  • Do remember this one thing, even though it’s most likely improbable
    If Cowboys Win (8-7) and the Eagles Win (9-6)
    The Eagles could still win the NFC Easy with a Tie with the Cowboys for
    Eagles would finish 9-6-1 and the Cowboys 8-7-1 in a Tie Scenario
    You play your Starters to Beat the Bears no matter what for strange things have been happening all Season for the Eagles and the NFL…

  • ****Phils announce Charlie Manuel has been hired to their Front Office Staff..
    Why didn’t they work this out when they replaced him as Manager with Sandberg.. Sound like another Dysfunctionable Franchise from it’s Group of Investors (led by Dave Montgomery) and GM Reuben Amaro
    Where is this Phillie Franchise Heading, where are the Baseball Minds in the Front Office.. Maybe Charlie can help in this area…

    • Not a suprise if your report is true. They said at the time he was let go that they were offering him a position in the front office….it was Charlie who said that he needed time to think about it.

      While I am not the greatest fan of Amaro, I don’t think that he and Montgomery are off-base with this move. Charlie had clearly “lost the team” as a manager and needed to be moved, but he is a great baseball man and can be of benefit in the FO if given they choose to listen to his experience and insight.

      • While I agree Green, I don’t think that Sandberg is going to get that much better results from this team. A lot has to go right for them to even compete including Wash pooping the bed like they did last year. Their rotation is light years ahead of the the Phils.

        • Phils have the Weakest Pitching Staff from Top to Bottom in the entire NL East..Defensively, they are average to below average, Hitting remains to be seen…
          The Nats have a strong Pitching Staff, the Mets are improved with Pitcher Bartolo Colon OF’s Granderson, & C Young and could surprise
          The Braves Reloadd with all their young Arms and Strong Bullpen and even the Marlin had some good young Arms

          Who is in Phillies Rotation after Lee & Hamels ??

        • Bugsy you and I agree about Sandberg. I would have rather seen them do a full out search, but Ruben wanted to stay within the organization. The team has many, many problem areas…old players who have big contracts and little production…pitching coach needed…. relief pitching and now help at the back end of the rotation…lots of areas that need help no doubt.

    • hate to judge a book by its cover but my word sandberg during interviews looks, sounds and his answers make me believe he is in outter space. i never judged charlie because when he spoke he made sense to me but sandberg got crazy eyes, has to think long and hard before answering then gives some bullshit answer that makes little to know sense.

      everything about this organization is jon hart right now.

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