• May 26, 2022

Report: Eagles VP Tom Gamble Leading Candidate For Dolphins GM Job

TomGamble_GMNYJ_zpsd7cef722There is a report in the National Football Post about the Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Tom Gamble being the number one candidate for the Miami Dolphins General Manager’s position.   Eagles GM Howie Roseman was on 94WIP Morning Show earlier today and he said the Eagles haven’t been contacted yet by the Dolphins.

The position is open because former Miami GM Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins agreed to go in separate directions on Monday.  It was the nice way to be fired.  The mess involving the two offensive linemen didn’t help him and the way the Dolphins blew their playoff chances didn’t help him.

Gamble is a diehard football guy with a tremendous background in NFL personnel.  He’s not an attention seeker but an outstanding team player, who are hard to find nowadays with everybody trying to get to the next level immediately.

It’s not a coincidence that Gamble was in San Francisco for eight years and they had the best personnel in the NFL in 2012-13.  It also wasn’t a coincidence that the Eagles have been making very good personnel decisions during his time here.



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  • Paulman reported this earlier this morning ..
    Tom Gamble will be the next GM of the Dolphins and will most likley take a couple of Scouts with him and should be a done deal by Friday if not sooner
    I stated since Tom Gables arrival to Philly that it would be short-lived and that he would get an opportunity this Of–Season to move on as GM for another Franchise.. .

  • My Sources has Director of Scouting Anthony Patch
    & Asst Director of Player Personnel Ed Marynowtiz joining Gamble to
    South Florida….

    GMCliff, DCar & Paulman are all available and up for the Challenge for building a Championship Roster… Go Eagles

  • Everyone keeps giving Howie Roseman the credit, when it’s this guy that has really made the magic happen.

    Please tell me this report is false.

  • I doubt he goes to the Dolphins, it was a power struggle over there n Philbin won, Philbin is going to have a lot of say in this and he’s going to want someone he’s comfortable with, I bet Miami’s next GM comes from the Packers where Phibin came from.

  • Maybe he won’t go. He grew up here, his wife’s family is from around here.

    • He’s not going anywhere! The whole reason he came here to work a job that wasn’t an upgrade over the 49ers was to live close to his father who lives in this area, all this talk about he’s the top choice is BS, Roseman said as of this afternoon no one from the Dolphins even called to ask if they could talk to him, how can he be the top guy if he didn’t even talk to them yet? He’s on a list but that’s it, like i said earlier, when it’s all said n done its going to be someone from the Packers since that’s where Philbin came from

  • ***New reports surface from South Florida that our own GMCliff is in the running for GM Position of the Dolphins … Rumors state that the big Holiday Trip that
    GMcliff said he took to the Islands to everyone was a mere cover for his around the clock meetings and Personnel Anaylsis with Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross…. Stay turned on this one…

  • On another note, Josh McDaniels just withdrew his name from the Cleveland job, it was said he was their top choice, remember last year when Banner put it out there that nobody wanted to coach in Philly cause nobody wanted to work with Roseman? How’s that look now?

    • Reports that Cleveland wants to talk to Vic Fangio of the 49ers,
      Wisenhut of the Cardinals, Jay Gruden of the Bengals

      • Add Ray Horton Jr and Todd Bowles to this list for the Browns as well
        I think Horton has a bright Future as a HC ahead of him… Todd Bowles, I am not so sure about …

  • Tom Gamble is the Vice President of Player Personnel and has transformed this team especially through the draft, in a totally different direction. If he was to leave it would be a huge blow to the scouting department. We cant really afford to lose a guy this valuable. If you give him a little bit more time he will turn this team into the 49ers. Im not overstating this, hes that good..

    He has guys working along with him and under him like as mentioned Anthony Patch whose the Director of College Scouting and Rick Mueller whose the Player Personnel Executive and Ed Marynowitz the Assistant Director of Player Personnel and a popular name Tom Donahoe whose the Senior Football Advisor. If we start to lose some of these key guy, I worry that this team will start to fall off a bit. That’s similar to what happened during Andys tenure.. I don’t want to see Gamble go so soon. Hopefully he will turn down the offer from the woeful Dolphins and keep this front office in tact..

  • **Eagles News**

    QB coach Bill Lazor is in Miami today interviewing for the Dolphins OC job

    My Thoughts: Teams are really interested in knowing what Chip Kelly has going on here. From the smoothies to the signs on the sideline to the conditioning everything. After one season, just one season, off of us making and losing the wild card game, teams are interested in our coaching staff and front office personnel.. Unbelievable..

    • Tom Gamble interviewed with 2-3 Teams last Off-Season for Potential GM Positions.. He wants to be a GM and not Director of Personnel.. This is why he would take the Dolphins Job…
      I believe Gamble interviewed with the Colts,Browns & Jets last off-season and after those didn;t pan outm he settled with the Eagles, but Player Personnel is beneath him and he should be the “GM of th Eagles’ and move Howie Roseman to a Finance Postion and handle Contracts/Salary Cap Managment, but this will never happen so Gamble is moving onward just like I stated he would when he took the eagles job last Off-Season..

      • His whole motivation is his father, the jobs were his last year especially the Jets job, they were writing it was almost final but he turned it down because of his father, think about that, it’s only a hundred miles away and he still wouldn’t take it, that tells me he’s not going to Miami or anywhere else, titles mean nothing to him, he likes it here and so does his wife who is from here,, he’s not going anywhere.

    • It’s not going to happen, Philbin is going to bring over the QB coach Ken MacAdoo from the Packers if he doesn’t get a HC job, that was his guy when Philbin was the OC there, I’m telling you, Philbin is going to have a lot of say with the Dolphins, them getting rid of the GM over him proves it.

      • I see Tom Gamble coming in,
        Joe Philbin out after next Season, then Gamble hires Friend
        Greg Roman of the 49ers …

  • Wonder where Quality Coach’s like the Offensive minded Mike Sherman and Defensive minded Leslie Frazier end up… both excellent Coach;s in my opinion
    not as Head Coach’s, but to help any Team with Offenisve and Defensive

    • I think Frazier is already in tampa

      • Woops, my bad — Put him in Lovie Smith’s system as their DC and they can b ea tough D next Season.. Did Lovie hire a O/C yet ?
        Sherman could be a good fit with Lovie

  • **More Eagles News**

    The Dolphins have NOT requested Tom Gamble for the GM position.

    My Thoughts: Hes not going anywhere, yet.. Their is still some hope that he stays put..

  • Glen Dorsey,Jason worilds, tj ward those are the eagles needs

    • Don’t get your hopes up. I keep telling you guys there not going to bring in names like that. One I believe, but not multiple guys. Guys for depth, andspecial teams, but not first string blue chip guys.

  • Add the Bucs to this list. Now both the Bucs and Dolphins have requested to interview Tom Gamble. The don’t have to ask permission from the eagles bc it would be an upgraded position.

    Lets see if Gamble leaves for one of these organization..

    • Tampa would be a nice fit for Gamble where they have a solid Defense and OL in place.. Need a TE, RB Depth and their Young QB Glennon or even a Free-Agent QB named Mike Vick to bridge the gap for a Season or Two..

  • I,m just tired of assembling a staff and having other teams steal our staff away. Every year it seems like the same thing. It happened when Andy was here and he didn’t want to bother and search for a good replacement. Other teams ( such as Dallas ) refuse to let their coaches or front office personal interview with anyone. WHY do we let them. We can’t be the only team with good people. Go raid the Seahawks, 49ers, Denver ??????

  • Denver lost some Coach’s last year and may again this year
    49ers will lose a couple after this Season
    It’s all about opportunities which you can’t deny any Coach to listen
    For bigger opportunities and promotion
    It’s one of the reasons that the Eagles have attracted
    Good Coaches to begin with,
    This is this the price an organization pays when they are successful and is the American way.. Who wants a disgruntled Staff
    Who feel they have little or no opportunity to move up and take more of a challenge and better themselves financially..

  • Hopefully this doesn’t happen and if need be Lurie pulls his head out of his a@# and makes Gamble the GM in name while unbundling Roseman’s responsibilities and puts him in charge of contract negotiation/cap management. It would be nice if Roseman would finally admit he’s not a GM and make Lurie’s job easier.

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