• July 3, 2022

Report: Chris Wheeler And Sarge Matthews Out Of Phillies Booth

SargeMatthews&ChrisWheeler1Rob Maadi of the Associated Press reports that both Chris Wheeler and former Phillies outfielder Gary “Sarge” Matthews won’t be doing the Phillies games from the broadcasting booth this year.  Wheeler has been doing the games for four decades.

They are each expected to continue to be a part of the Phillies organization in some capacity.


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  • No love for Wheels here, but I did like Sarge. I wish McCarthy was going with them and that they would promote Franske and LA. They call a much better game than any of the others.

  • does this mean fanski and LA are our new guys!
    i get a kick out of sarge but wheeler is annoying

  • Nicw no more making up excuses under that toupee. Sarge made me laugh but was so confused at times. Best sargism…You gotta Jerk off the ball….can’t make that stuff up lol.

  • Reports are circulating that “DCar & HaveaCigar” will share the Booth for the 2014 Season, which may be the only exciting news/events to happen with this 2014 Phillie Season..

    Anyone read the Garbage Story that Reuben Amaro is happy and staisfied with his Current Roster.. .are you Kidding me… Just Brutal until he gets fired

    • Paul that’s one of your funnier goofs… However the FCC has put the phillies on obscene language alerts.
      As for the roster… You need your piece to be big… Eggs in that basket… Before the Achilles he was a 150-160 guy… No one could have predicted an achilles

    • Paul, he’d be tossed out the window of the booth, by the 7th inning stretch.

      • are you sure about that?

        • Absolutely positive, with no doubt!!!!

          • you are one violent internet boy!

  • Paul, also newsworthy was the rumor that with Sarge Matthews being released from his broadcasting contract, GM Amaro is contemplating offering him a 3 year 22 million dollar deal with full no trade clause. Amaro was overheard saying, “We believe Sarge Matthews will play a solid RF and provide us a RH bat with some “pop” in the middle of our line-up” ” If he can stay on the field, we feel he will produce at about his career averages.” Apparently, Amaro was comfortable offering the 3 years despite Sarge’s advanced age (63).

    • Ha.. I’m afraid this will be a Summer of Discontempt for many Phils Fans
      I see them with about 75 Wins and battling the Marlins for the Basement
      Behind the Nats,Braves & Mets for the next 2 Seasons

  • Paulman I am disappointed in you

    Compared to your Andy Reid getting caught coming out of the tunnel, etc., you really could have developed this one better, dcar dropping fbombs, etc.

  • Good, now all they need to do, is get rid of the useless, inept GM, & the good old boys, & all is golden. Getting rid of lapdog Wheels, is a decade overdue.

    • Sarge is a great guy, but is like listening to Freddy Kruger in the boiler room.

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