• July 3, 2022

Super Bowl Pick

PeytonManning3My Overall Record: 168-98

Great offense versus great defense.

The storylines of Peyton and his offense against Richard Sherman and the Seattle defense have dominated so much of the conversation that the Seattle offense and Denver defense have become afterthoughts.

The Seattle defense is just as good as they’re advertised. This is one of the only defenses in the league that can be counted on to shut down an opposing lineup, and make no mistake they are the primary reason why the Seahawks have come this far. They haven’t just beat up on poor teams like the New York Giants, they’ve dominated the likes of Drew Brees and the high powered New Orleans offense, and stood tall to secure the win against the 49ers two weeks ago in the final seconds of the game. If anyone can stop an offense as strong as Denver’s, its this group.

The Seahawks are such a complete defense, and they excel in everything from run to defense, to pass coverage, to pass rushing.

How will Russell Wilson perform in tonight’s game? Wilson doesn’t always put up great numbers, but throughout his brief career he always seems to have a knack for pulling out victory in tough situations. Marshawn Lynch is the true heart and soul of the Seattle offense, and he could be primed for another big game against a suspect Denver run defense.

I want to see Seattle win a low-scoring game, and remind the league that defense still wins championships, and show that its still possible to assemble an elite defense even in this modern era where the league caters as many rules and regulations as possible to the offense.

But my gut tells me that this is Peyton Manning’s moment. This is his time to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats, and to become the first quarterback in NFL history to win a title as the starter for multiple franchises.

No quarterback in the game works harder preparing for an opponent than Manning. You can bet he’s analyzed the Seattle defense as much he possibly could, and given two weeks of preparation, I believe that he and his weapons will put together an impressive performance that just might be enough to send Manning out on top.

Pick: Denver 27, Seattle 23

Denny Basens

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  • Broncos 27 – Seahawks 19

    MVP Peyton Manning though an argument
    Could be made for WR Wes Welker who has big game

  • Broncos 27 – Seahawks 19

    MVP Peyton Manning though an argument
    Could be made for WR Wes Welker who ends up having a as big game

  • Seahawks 30
    Broncos 23

  • Seattle corners get away with murder – holding, grabbing, clutching —
    No body in NFL is allowed to hold Peyton Manning’s wide receivers —
    I’m interested to see which NFL favoritism style is called because each relies so much on their style which contradicts the others

  • 16-13 Seahawks in a boring ass shit Super Bowl nobody will remember

    • if Manning loses he is going to get picked like 3 to 4 times, so I think no matter who wins, points will be put on board. Denver is too aggressive for only 29 total points.

      • Denver has 0% chance at putting up 29 today

  • Coach of the year – Rivera
    MVP – Manning
    D MVP – Kuechly
    Rookie – Lacy
    D Rookie – Richardson

    • Remember when Songs bashed Kuechly all before the draft saying he was a bum and would get run over in this league?

      • Yes I recall, there were a few on here
        Including GMCliff that Kuechly was overrated and not all that.. But GMCliff has admitted since then quite a few times, that he was wrong about Kuechly’s impact as a NFL Player..

  • Shout out to GMCliff who was on the DT Sheldon Richardson Train
    All last off-Season leading up to the Draft and who is a perfect fit for Rex Ryan’s DL Scheme for the NY Jets.. Good Call Cliff

  • This is a very difficult game to handicap. I usually do well, with my only mistake in the last decade being Seattle/Pitt where I took Seattle….but that game was fixed.

    So…what do we have tonight?

    In Seattle’s favour:
    A Seattle team that has the best D in the league (though those #s inflated because they only played one good QB all year – Brees – and that was at home), + massive steroid program + good running game + a million Denver injuries + a guaranteed Manning int at the worst possible time…..

    All these things point to a Seattle victory.

    Against that is arrayed:

    Manning winning his 2nd SB, cementing himself as greatest QB ever (though I still think Montana) and then retiring on top and riding into the sunset + waaaaaayyyyyy to much Richard Sherman press this week (never bodes well) + Seattle is the “just happy to be there” team after all the celebrating last week.

    Fuck if I know.

    Brain says Seattle, but the better media story is Denver/Manning

    • Either way, Peyton Manning will be back next Season guiding the Bronco’s
      He’s witching reach of breaking Farve’s all-time TD Pass Record
      And closing in on All-Time Yards Passed as well
      Manning will get the TD Pass Record in 2014 then set his sights
      On Most Yards Passing in 2015 and maybe add another Super Bowl, then Retire

      • Seattle +2 is easy money.

  • Paulman Rumors for Super Bowl MVP’s
    Goes to Bronco’s CB Dominque Rodgers-Cronartie
    With 2 Int’s (1 for a TD) and OL Winston Justice
    For a Fumble Recovery on a blocked FG and he ends up with a 65 YRd Rumble down the Field to Game

  • Shaky start so far
    Bad snap on first play, poor decision by Bronco’s Returnman to run it out to begin with
    Seahawks 2 Penalties, QB Wilson overthrows wide open TE
    On their first Drive
    Let’s settle down and see some good footba
    Bronco’s Manning showing “Happy Feet” already on their 2nd Drive

  • told ya……Manning is playing like shit

  • **Blow Out Alert**

    Let’s Go Hawks!! Been picking them the past few months and weeks and I admire there style of defense tremendously. The Eagles need to be paying close attention to this defense and copy everything they see..

    • Starts with Safety Play
      See how the Hawks Secondary are just intimidating the Bronco’s Receivers

      Eagles need to Draft Safety Calvin Pryor from Louisville who at 6-2″, 216lbs would be a nice start on the back end of the Defense

      • I agree, we need “killers” on the back end of the defense. We need enforcers. Its rare to see two hard hitting/great cover Pro bowl safeties on the same team. I cant recall seeing anything like this.. This defense is unreal to watch.. The broncos can barely move the ball..

        Eagles go Clinton Ha Ha Dix or Calvin Pryor with the 22nd pick.

        • Ga Ha Dix, too Soft, another Nate Allen
          Eagles need Pryor or even Buchannan over Dix..

  • Russel Wilson is amazing. Without him (for example if they had Foles) they’d be sunk.

    • yeah….if Wilson played like hot shit like Foles did the first half of the last few games, this game would be close enough for the Broncos to come back and win in the 4th.

      But Wilson is at the helm.

      • does seattle even have a QB? what a great D… I could QB them and so could all of you

      • THONGSRME2…you’re funny.

  • Manning is a choke artist, way overrated bum

  • The great Peyton, Archie, elie, they suck, they are in the position they are because of. Privilege

  • What about the qb play paulman, manning stinks

  • I want the Eagles to play more man coverage. Forget all the zone nonsense.. The Seahawks have the personnel to do it, but I really like this style.. I think its tough too because we don’t have 2 pro bowl safeties, 1 probowl corner and a overall dominant defense. Our DLine needs to get more pressure without a blitz…

    It seems to me that the secondary and DL for the Seahawks are always in a position to make a play on the ball. No matter where they are, they just swarm… This is the type of defense I love to watch.. Go hawks… Oma ha ha ha!

    • Man Coverage only works with a consistent & strong Pass Rush..
      Give good NFL QB’s with time and they will pick man-coverage apart
      You don’t have to get a lot of sacks per De, but you need to get in thecQB’s face, off their spot and make them throw before theyvwantvto
      Seattle does this beautifully ..
      Manning had 2 chances on big Plays and missed TE Thomas twice
      With poor throws for he’s playing scared

      • Exactly, like I said, we need more pressure from the front 3 or 4 DLmen in order to play this style. We also need better corners and an entirely new safeties unit. Gut the whole safeties unit and start anew..

  • I’m so glad…Wilson is the new breed of QB….

    out with the old and in with the new!

    • Couldn’t agree more Songs.. I like Foles but guys like Wilson and Kap will be in the conference championship and or SB every year off of great defenses and the ability to use their brain, arm and legs… #newbreedqb … its the truth..

      • yes, and besides the defense they can make a play when the defense play breaks down.

    • Fucking moron

  • This is why the whole mobile vs pocket QB argument that I’ve been a part of is just plain stupid. The halftime score is what it is because of the relentless nasty physical play of Seattle’s defense, QB has nothing to do with so yeah looks like a mobile QB will win a Super Bowl and all he basically had to do was snap his chin strap on.

    • ohhhhhhh, so when other great QB’s had great defenses it was about the QB.

      Now it’s different …ok?

      If Manning was the QB leading 22 nothing then everyone would be talking about his greatness.

      gotcha…so if that’s the case it really doesn’t matter who plays the most important position in sports. right?

      it doesn’t matter who plays qb going forward. right?

      • Your an idiot plain and simple. Big has it 100% it’s all defense #1 offense vs #Defense in the Super Bowl is winless. Tavares Jackson would be winning this game.

      • The score would be the same if Trent Dilfer was playing for the Seahawks…LOL. Bigs post is spot on. This game demonstrates the importance of a great defense…a team can win with an average QB performance and great defensive performance. I will let the whole debate go. No more needs to be said…as this game says it all!

      • Songs if Denver was winning 22-0 against Seattle’s defense damn straight we’d be talking about his greatness.

      • yeah you got em’ again Songs! The new NFL demands and requires mobility at QB! You are not going to beat great defenses with the sit in pocket, slow QB’s in the new NFL

  • Go Hawks!!! Wilson kick their ass and send Manning old as to retirement!

  • Good post big, but manning stinks

  • Songs did you read my posts you dumb mother fucker

    Could you be any dumber

    • No he couldn’t jake.

  • With the play of this great safeties tandem playing the way they are, no wonder the corners for the Seahawks can play man coverage all over the field and not fear getting beat over the top. Doesn’t hurt to have 2 of the best cover corners in the league either..

    I just think both Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are too slow and have to many matchup blunders, they get beat a lot even on 5-10 yard dig or comeback route, easy money for the other team. We need a little more size and speed at the corners position..

  • So, let’s get this right.

    Manning a great QB was supposed to beat a great defense because he’s better than the rest.


    Did Kap dobetter against the seattle defense?

    If so….why?

    • Songs…seriously, you’re so hell bent at getting your point across to Vinnie and some others who roasted Vick…you post things that are not only false, but you try to convince others and yourself that we are not seeing what we are seeing as it pertains to the QB play of the QB’s you tout. That’s why you have little to no credibility. Everyone on here sees what you are doing. I don’t think you realize it though..or maybe you do. Maybe you are perspicacious. You’re definitely a FRAUD though. Hail to the Redskins, right fraudsongs the QB hopper!

      • Paste it!

      • answer the question….Why did Kap do better against the Seahawks defense?

        • It’s irrelevant…he still lost the game with 3 4th QRT turn overs. A masterful choke job.

  • We need to bring the cornerbacks coach of the seahawks to philly.. haa

    • Well we know that’s not gonna happen Jon. The eagles must come up with the winning formula that’s right for them…..ST TD. That might just wrap it up…Game.

  • Dominance just dominance..

  • yeah.

    a regular pocket passer is needed to win a Super Bowl.



    The new era has begun.


  • Eagles better draft well the next few years to compete with Seattle. lol

  • Why can’t Manning do what Kap did against this defense?


    the best 2 teams with the best QB’s played in the NFC Championship.

  • It’s good to see the young Russell Wilson lead his team to a Super Bpwl.

  • Because manning is a choke artist spongs

    What is so hard to understand

  • The day of the ‘pocket’ QB is over! To win in the NFL in the future you need a strong arm, mobile QB!!!

    • exactly.

    • Russel Wilson has a strong arm? LOL…seriously.

  • Looks like a fix to me.

    Either that or the Broncos decided they just wouldn’t play today: In the Super Bowl?

    The stench is overwhelming.

    • I agree.

      The plays in which the defense tipped the ball and hit Manning’s arm leading to interceptions were planned.

      • I really don’t care who wins, as I don’t bet.

        This game just has a stink about it.

        It looks like Denver are handing the game to Seattle on a platter which makes me suspicious: I could be wrong.

        Maybe in the biggest game of their lives, Denver were tired or unprepared.

  • Nick Foles, Shady, DJax and drafting a receiver means shit. Denver with by far the best offense in the NFL cant beat a dominate defense WTF do you think Foles and Shady would do. lmao. Seattles offense stinks and they are dominating because of there defense. The Eagles better stop worrying about the fucking offense and get a damn defense.

    • a defense with a QB who knows how to win with a strong arm and mobility would be grand.

  • They getting that ass tapped.

  • Byron Maxwell should be the MVP.

  • Stop it…Russell Wilson…a mobile, excellent QB has lead the team to a great win. He protects the football…makes smart decisions…got Seattle out of bad situations…converted 3rd downs…blew the game open!
    Manning a sitting duck in the pocket..overwhelmed by an excellent defense.

  • Haha just love seeing that fraud manning getting blown out

    And great for Wilson, he shows great talent

  • Whooooa ….did you see that perfect strike from Wilson just now…smh!!! ooohh…and now another perfect strike!!! Touchdown!!!!!!

  • Damn, the Eagles were going to draft Wilson too.

    • Hahaha @ Songs

  • I agree Wilson is great

    • lmfao this game has absolutely 0 to do with Russell Wilson. Seattle would be winning by 20+ if pee wee Herman was their quarterback

      • may be we should have pee wee herman QB our team.

        • our qb could be ru Paul and we would win if we had this d

  • don’t worry…..

    Manning can bring em back.


    ass getting tapped!

  • Seahawks outright EAsy money. PAID. god gambling is soooo easy.

  • And isn’t it great to see him beat that pussy manning, what a blow out, a blow out for the ages

  • Game was over at Halftime, the Kick-off Return sealed the Deal
    Denver is a defeated Team and pkaying as such
    So nothing matters in the game here on out..
    The worst Super Bowl in the 10-15 years or so

  • throw em’ a bone…Seattle…let em’ score something…dont embarrass and humiliate Manning any more!!!

  • does Manning have a damn donut?

    There’s your pocket passer right there with no mobility.

  • Remember me liking KJ Wright 3-4 Drafts
    Ago as a 2nd/3rd Round Draft Pick.
    KJ Wright out of Miss State and was a Teammate of
    Jamar Cheney..

    • I admit, I remember seeing you mention his name on here.. Turned out to be a really good player

  • 4 successful onside kicks the Broncos are right back in it.

  • R Wilson is making big play after big play tonight.. Sheesh. He is my type of QB. Smart, strong arm, accurate, extremely mobile.. He is ridiculously young too.. Another big throw again. He has outplayed Manning, by far..

  • Look at Wilson…the mobility…the plays….making it happen…Troy Aikman just made an excellent point about Wilson…he makes plays when the team needs it!! Another 3rd down conversion…keeping the play alive…not a bunch of stats…but making plays…he is just carving Denver up now!!!

  • Another Touchdown pass…on the money!!! Accurate dart!!! Wilson is the MVP of this game!!

    • lmfao his first td pass when it was 29-0. haaa Wilson is insane MVP no doubt bahahahahaaaa

  • see that spiral?

  • Wilson!!!!!! MVP!

  • Who said Denver would win?

  • Pitch and catch to wide open receivers. No Denver defense. Wilson has made nice passes and good decisions. The Seattle defense will get the credit for this win and season, it normally goes to the QB.

    • I remember when the Giants defense beat Brady’s ass and they gave the MVP to Manning.

      Oh, it’s different now.

      • Good point songs, forgot about that..

      • LOB has been getting credit all year…this is nothing new. If Wilson was on the Eagles, would the Eagles be in the Superbowl ahead 43-8?

        • Would the Eagles be ahead? Forget the score.

  • Boy…Manning almost picked off again…the passing of the torch is almost complete…we are witnessing the end of an era…we better take a close look at what we need to beat Seattle!!

  • Manning is reminding me of Foles in this game…a bunch of dump off passes…hardly nothing down the field…padding the stats…smh!!!

    • true,,,,manning looks like Foles.

      shit when everything around him is not perfect.

  • Seahawks defenders are dropping like flies now, first Sherman now Thurmond.. Hope Sherman will be okay, it didn’t look good.. Now lets see this Seahawks depth..

    SN, im sure peyton wishes these injuries came earlier in the game haha

  • Another record for Peyton…The most completions in a Superbowl!!!.

  • Peyton Manning looks like Jimmy Neutron.

  • Wilson will very likely be the MVP but when the Broncos are held to 8 points the defense won the game.

    Wilson deserves credit for making the plays when he has to, but he is not the star of the Seahawks team. He fills a role like Flocco did for the Ravens.

  • Great QB’s win on 3rd down….period!

    Wilson wins on 3rd down!

    • Answer the question…If Russel Wilson was on the Eagles as their starting QB, with the rest of the team comprised as it was this year..would the Eagles be winning their first superbowl right now?

      • yes!

        • LOL…wtih our defense and not so special teams…your kidding yourself! Now I know you’re crazy…LOL

    • Exactly!!!

  • Your drunk again Irish Eagle…Wilson made key plays early in the game to blow the game open…he is a true franchise, superstar QB…not a ‘game manager’ like we got in Foles!

    • Wilson was a non factor until the game was 29-0

  • Congrats to Russel Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks for getting their first Superbowl Championship. Another team with hardware in their trophy case.

  • if Foles was the QB the Broncos would have been back in it by the 4th quarter.

    Mr 3 and out intentional grounder.

    • Who would you prefer…Russell Wilson or Mike Vick?

  • A true leader…he came in as a rookie…won the job! Established himself has the leader of the team…won playoff games in his rookie season…and now in his second year has taken his team to a Super Bowl…he is a special QB…there is not another QB in the league now that I would take over Russell Wilson!

  • Get the fuck out of here – Wilson defines the term “game manager”.

    • does Wilson manage to get 20 yards with hs legs when the play breaks down?

    • Wilson defines the term…’winner’!! He makes plays!!! Foles is a ‘game manager’.who cant make a play except when Chip calls the perfect plays and receivers are wide open…he is not like Wilson who can move and throw the ball into tight windows…make plays with his legs, convert key third downs…clutch!

      • First you guys was with Vick, then Kaep, then Cam, now Russell, it’s a merry go round of QB’s…..who’s your flavor going to be next year…let me guess..whichever mobil QB that’s winning. QB hoppers.

      • cool go post on a Seahawks blog u fuckin idiot and stay on that Seahawks blog u jackass

        what a retarded cuntboy. who roots for Seattle and puts down eagles on a eagles blog?

        • He will…just like he used to post on the Falcons blog.

    • Irish, swallow your pride, & give the kid, the credit he deserves. I know you don’t want to give the trolls ammunition, but the kid is more than a game manager. Cut it out!

      • DCar,

        I don’t have any problem at all giving Wilson credit for being a great young QB, but the truth is that he is utilize in a way that makes him a game manager.

        I’m not saying that he is not capable of taking over a game if he has to – he just never has to with that running game and defense.

        He is used the way the Steelers used Big Ben when he was young, and he won super bowls too.

        • Irish, good to see you give him the credit he deserves. But, I still think he is more than a game manager. What I do have to say, Foles was asked to do more this year, with less, & given more responsibility than Wilson was given. I like the young guns the NFL has, in Foles, Wilson, Kapernick, & Luck. I’m jealous though, I want that f^#@ing DF. Big! Fast! Strong! Disruptive! Playmakers! Take notes Weaselman!!!!

          • Spot on DCAR…spot on!

  • Isn’t that just like Philadelphia?

    The new Era in which offenses are designed to take advantage of the mobile QB, we got a statue.

    When we went years with a QB with mobility, offenses were designed for statues.

    Philly may not ever win a Superbowl.

    • Thongs, you’re a redskins fan…you got RGIII so your good to go!

  • a new era have begun.

    • New era “HAS” begun. Seriously, put together one grammatically correct post for once dude.

  • Not with that statue Foles! we need to look at what we need to beat Seattle…a young team with a shutdown defense and clutch QB…we wont beat them with a QB like Foles…the age of the Brady’s, Mannings, and pocket QB’s is over! We need to make a move at QB!

    • if Manning can’t beat that defense,you know damn well Foles can’t..

      But, Kap can.

      We need a QB with those type of ball skills.

  • Exactly!!!!! Songs…and Manning had better receivers!

  • The Era of the ultimate weapon at QB.

    Randall should be proud.

  • Are you kidding me…Malcolm Smith MVP?????? ridiculous!!!

    • LMFAO…I told you…lol…I told you. Russell managed the game…all you and Songs hyping up doesn’t tell the real, true, accurate story. he did what he had to do….but you guys acted like he threw four TD’s, 350 plus yards. He managed the game…Pete Carroll said he just wanted Russ to manage the game and not turn the ball over. He wasn’t the MVP…your bias and hatred for the Vick bashers has blinded you guys.

  • this is bullshit…if that’s the case they should have gave the MVP to JPP when the Giants won.

  • Yes you dummies Malcolm Smith MVP. Paste it you dumb trolls. Defense won this.

    • who won the game the year the Giants beat the Pats?

      was the defense the MVP or Eli?

      • What is this the history channel….get it through your skull. Russell played a good game, but he didn’t do anything to change the game, no real impact plays. He had a slightly better than Trent Dilfer performance. Itried to tell you two saps…but no….His play was nothing special. Don’t try to compare him to Eli…Eli was bringing the Giants back all year long. Plus that pass and catch from David Tyree. Russ made no wow plays!!! Iknow you guys was hyping up the accurate 5-10 yard passes, but, that’s nothing special.

      • you dont get it, Eli lead the team down the field in a two minute drill to take the lead with a minute left in the game. Russell did his trent Dilfer inpersination and won the game. Thats not a bad thing, just not MVP material. lol If Wilson deserved it I would say so, but he was behind both Smith and Harvin. Both of them made huge game changing plays…Oh BTW PASTE IT!!

  • Wilson didn’t even win Super Bowl MVP. I ain’t gonna hate on him cause he doesn’t turn the ball over but anybody coulda done what he did tonight playin behind that defense. He really doesn’t have to do a lot in that weak ass offense. Foles moves the chains on 3rd down too so y’all can go head with that bs

    • You sound so foolish. The offense still had to execute, regardless of what the defense is doing. Do you even know football? Comparing what Foles did this season to what we just saw Wilson do in a SB is idiotic.. Enough said

  • Manning would have been the MVP if the Broncos would have won under the same circumstances.


    • No he wouldn’t have dummy…if he didn’t throw a TD till 29-0 after a kick off return and after 2 defensive scores he wouldnt. Wilson did exactly what he was supposed to and the kid is a winner. But hes a game manager..with that Team it’s all you need…PASTE IT.

  • Exactly!! If the Broncos won Manning would have been MVP regardless of what he did…just like when he won the MVP in the Superbowl he won…he did nothing in that game. no key plays…it was the defense…Russell Wilson makes key plays in key moments….stop hating on Wilson…he is clearly the best QB in the league now….

    • And your clearly a delusional Idiot

  • It ain’t bullshit. They know Wilson ain’t have shit to do with them winning that game. They shoulda have it to the whole Seattle defense. I think Kam shoulda won it honestly

  • Foles is better than Wilson to me. I’ll still take a pocket passer anyday. This game showed me two things I already knew…that Seattle’s defense was the truth and that manning will forever be a choker! Nuthin about Seattle’s offense was impressive to me

    • foles better than wilson?

      damn…there’s no hope for you guys.

  • Bullshit! you cant give it to the ‘whole defense’….Malcolm Smith didnt even make the key play in the interception…Wilson should have been the MVP

    • What are you over there crying..having temper tantrums…I told you he wasn’t going to get MVP. You just don’t want to listen.Your bias and hatred clouds your judgement. You think with your heart not with your head.

      • Wilson did nothing until it was 29-0. Ur retarded for thinking he was MVP.

  • Your drunk!! Wilson made sharp accurate throws in key moments of the game..he kept drives alive on key third downs. He used his legs…kept plays alive. Wilson is much better than Foles..,,stronger arm, more accurate, and mobile.

    • LOL….his arm isn’t stronger, no one can argue with the mobil part, but he isn’t any more accurate, his arm is definitely not stronger. What are you looking at. You’re just aswrong as you were about him being MVP.

  • MVP could have easily gone to Safety Cam Chancellor
    INT, 2-3 Big Hits early in Game to set The Tone
    DE C Avril could have got even some Votes as
    Percy Harvin all before Russel Wilson who played a smart game but made 2-3 nice Slant passes when it was early to keep a couple of drives going and really had no pressure on him the rest of the Game which he did very well

    • I agree paulman Cam Chancellor was MVP of that game. He set the tone and dominated. I don’t care how many tackles he had. He sent a message. Where can we get one of those players. lol

      • Calvin Pryor of Louisville who at 6-2″, 216lbs will be 225lbs by 2015
        Long arms, physical player with an attitude
        Eagles must select him at #22

  • Defense wins championships…

    I’m not a betting man, but I wish I’d put some money on this game. So many suckers got sucked into the reality distortion field that is “Peyton Manning the Greatest QB ever.”

    DEFENSE wins championships…

    Obviously, he’s going into the Hall of Fame but it can’t be debated anymore that he’s the best of all time…with a poor playoff history and being 1-2 in the big game it squarely puts him in the middle of the line of great QBs PERIOD.

  • Foles was 12th in the NFL in rushing by QB and he only played 10 games
    Foles had 3 rushing TD and Russell Wilson only one rushing TD.
    Foles rushes for 26 yards a game Russell Wilson 33 yards a game.

    • Russell Wilson 10 fumbles 5 lost
      Nick Foles 4 fumbles 2 lost

    • OK Ok eagles0superbowls Foles is the best ever. My goodness give it a fucking break. Nobody is better than Foles.He is a better runner than Wilson he has more yards rushing more td runs hes a better runner the stats say so. If his name isn’t Foles he sucks. nobody else is any good. Hes better than every fucking body hes the best ever. WTF.

  • great anthem, great halftime show, boring game –
    Russell Wilson played well but the D deserved to get the MVP,
    the Defense outscored Manning with a safety and touchdown (9-8)

    • Malcolm Smith scored as many TD as the Manning offense, so I understand why he won the MVP

      • Game changing play..Harvin’s was the death nail…Cam played well also….

  • Defense wins championships fellas. And that’s what we need…a bad ass motha fucking defense!!

  • The superbowl was 2 weeks ago when SF took there team into Seattle and lost on a last second int.IMO you need a mobile QB and great defense to beat Seattle. Tom Brady would of been crushed yesterday.. Is Kapernick better than Brady, Brees, Manning of course not. But he matches up better than them vs a defense like that.

    • The Seattle defense is young…we will never beat good NFL defenses consistently with Foles! We caught a break this year in that we played a bunch of bad defenses….We need a mobile QB like Russell Wilson to match up against SF, Seattle…and other sound defenses! IF we are talking about getting to the big game!!

  • Defense AND great Quarterback play wins championships….to BEAT great defenses you need excellent Quarterback play…Russell Wilson is better than Brady, Manning, and Brees NOW…I dont care about stats…its about converting key third downs and making plays

  • Keep dreaming – maybe you missed it when Carson Palmer and the Cardinals beat Seattle, in Seattle. Maybe you missed in when Matt Ryan knocked them out of the playoffs last year.

    The closest comparison you can make to this Seattle team is the 2002 Bucs with Brad Johnson. Or the 85 Bears with Jim McMahon. Great defense with a so-so offense.

    • The Cardnials and Palmer are carbon copies of SF and Seattle. lol. That’s the type of team you need to beat SF and Seattle. Fuck the offense and all the bells and whistles. A physical defense and a game manager on offense. If Denver and the best offense in the last 50 years cant crack that code who the hell else can? Its obvious that to co0mpete with Seattle you need a physical defense and/or a QB that can improvise and make unexpected plays with there legs. During the year sure they can lose one here and there but at money time you have no chance as of now. That will eventually change but not in the foreseeable future.

    • Oh my Seattle lost a few games. lol. Want me to bring up the teams that didn’t beat them? It will make your list of teams that did beat them look pretty silly.

    • Foolish Irish Eagle….so what they lost a few games…they won enough to have home field advantage for the playoffs and Wilson is far better than McMahon, Johnson…he is better than Brady and Manning right now….you ‘stats’ guys are nuts. Stats are for losers…Manning set a record for pass completions in the SuperBowl…everyone can see that he sucked…despite his stats! QB’s have to make winning plays…that’s what Wilson does

  • That’s why all this shit about Foles and drafting a big receiver is all bullshit. Denver has one of the top 5 all time QBs and a boatload of “big” receivers it means nothing. This team better start picking defense and stop wasting picks on right tackles and 2nd round tes. Who is Seattle’s receivers and te? lol. You think New Orleans came into Philly and punched our offense in the mouth just imagine Seattle or SF looking at our offense. Hmmm Manning, Decker, Thomas, Thomas, Welker Moreno or Foles, Shady, Avant DJax, Cooper shiver shiver Seattl/SF may forfeit. lol. You better get a defense.in here that can keep you in the game.

    • THEY DID —
      Eagles used 9 High Draft Picks on Defensive Players in last 4 drafts
      2010 1st- 13 Brandon Graham
      2010 2nd – 37 Nate Allen
      2010 3rd – 86 Daniel Teo Nesheim
      2011 2nd 54 Jaiquawn Jarrett
      2011 3rd 90 Curtis Marsh
      2012 1st 12 Fletcher Cox
      2012 2nd 46 Mychal Kendricks
      2012 2nd 59 Vinny Curry
      2013 3rd 67 Bennie Logan
      VERSE 4 offensive player in 4 years ————————————————-
      2011 1st 23 Danny Wathkins
      2012 3rd 88 Nick Foles
      2013 1st 4 Lane Johnson
      2013 2nd 35 Zach Ertz

    • Keeping things in perspective which nobody seems to be able to do on this site, Seattle played its best game of the season in the Super Bowl does that make them some kind of unbeatable force? Hell no, they were a tipped pass from watching that game from their living rooms. The Eagles beat the Cardinals who beat the Seahawks who have just as nasty a defense. Seattle won because they won the turnover game. The Seahawks offense didn’t need to do a damn thing special teams and defense scored 16 points. Can the Eagles match up Seattle who gives a damn. Beat them once in a playoff game that’s all.

      • Big, great points. You always seem to bring good perspective unlike the likes of Songs and Kooly.

        This game was all Seattle defense. I have no clue why the Black Panther Party (Songs and Kool) are taking this opportunity to rip our QB and state you have to have a mobile one to win a Super Bowl. Unbelievable. You guys are seriously the only people in America right now talking about mobile QBs winning anything.

        Last night was one of the best defensive performances of all time. It was not Peyton Manning choking. It was not a mobile QB taking over. It was the result of drafting big, hard nosed defensive players and hitting a home run on every draft pick over the last few years.

        Songs/kool, let me play Devil’s Advocate real quick. Let’s say the Eagles decided to get a mobile QB for next year, who the hell are you going to get?

  • All hats off to the Seahawks.

    That is a team I’ve always envisioned for our Eagles….

    Hard nose defense

    Mobile,accurate QB.

    tough between the tackles running game.

    Smash mouth bring your lunch box type of team.

    The Fog in Chicago robbed us of what we seen last night.

  • Going to say this one more time if you draft best available athlete every pick and not based on need you’ll usually avoid busts. You go free agency for need. What round was the Super Bowl MVP drafted in? And guess what he was only drafted period because he played for Carroll in college. Yep that makes them friggin geniuses. Sherman was a fifth round pick. Geez it’s all a damn crapshoot.

    • The kid is special…no doubt about it! He is a leader…clutch…and we need someone with his moxie…I say we should do what we can do to get Johnny Manziel!!

  • Seattle’s defense deserves a ton of credit…but the fact of the matter is that Manning sucked…he choked…and was terribly outplayed. He had time in the pocket on many occasions…but he didn’t make those accurate throws that he makes during the regular season…he took a lot of dump-offs…(Nick Foles style) and didnt give Denver’s receivers chances to make plays down the field.
    This game convinces me more than ever….we need a mobile QB who can make plays with his feet and legs in today’s NFL…you cant beat good to great defenses in today’s NFL with pocket QB’s….you cant do it!!!

    • Last year’s San Francisco defense was GREAT and they were beat by a statue, drop back passer named Joe Flacco.

    • What’s funnyis if Foles would have had the same game these losers here would have claimed he’s still young when Manning is a seasoned veteran and sucked ass.

      Age don’t mean a damn thing.

      Hell, one would have expected a young QB like Wilson to come out and make a few mistakes on such a big stage…right?

      Say what you want to say about the defense but be mindful that Wilson didn’t make the mistakes early that Foles made which keep teams in games.

      Going back to the 2 turnovers our Eagles defense took from the Saints & smothering them in the 1st Half.

      Wilson would have capitalized while the defense did their job early.

      Wilson looked like the season Vet last night and that had nothing to do with the Seahawks defense.

  • Manning completed the passes he usually completes – Seattle made everyone of the Bronco WRs look like Jason Avant – where the ball was caught was where the ball stopped. Seattle’s D was awesome –

  • No he didnt…he made very few passes down the field…where was the touch sideline passes he usually throws?…where was the anticipation throws where he throws receivers open?…he does all of that….when there is no pressure…he choked! Seattle only sacked him one time! I agree Seattle defense played very well….but Manning choked…and Wilson came up clutch against a Denver defense that didn’t play poorly until the game was out of reach

    • How in the world was Wilson clutch given that his team was already up 22-0 at half? He went almost three quarters without a TD. While I congratulate Russel on the win, I wouldn’t say he had a whole lot to do with it.

      Kool, how in the world do you expect the Eagles to get Manziel given that we’re picking 22?

  • What a shitty SB. The entire night was terrible. Game was over after the safety. Commercials sucked! Halftime show sucked! Manning choked again! Seattle’s DF is ridiculously awesome! Take notes Weaselman! IMHO, Wilson has a cannon on his shoulder, & is better than Kapernick, & Foles, as the best young NFL QB, right now. Can’t argue, 2 years, NFC Championship game, & SB Champ. I don’t care how great their DF is, dude is a young stud.

    • Russell Wilson is Donavan McNabb – McNabb managed the game behind a dominate Defensive identity with average WR and TE position players. Ben Roethlisberger won his first superbowl the same way. Wilson jumps ahead of Luck, RG3, Newton, Kap, and still maintains his supremacy ahead of Tannehill, Foles, Glennon, Manuel and other youngs who aren’t worth mentioning. Wilson won his first super bowl before the team’s apex was reached. This team could be a dynasty. Like a Kobe Bryant winning his first NBA Championship. I like Foles but he has yet to play 16 game season where Wilson has 32 starts. But it is foolish to disrespect Foles because Wilson succeeds.
      Bruno Mars was good- better than bimbos lip syncing

      • I agree with everything you said e0. But, Bruno Mars ain’t my cup of tea, & his songs are annoyingly played out. Chilly peppers? This ain’t the 90’s. When is the last hit they have had? Shit show, shit commercials, shit game! Best part, is I changed my bet the last minute, & went with Seattle on Friday. 😀

  • I’m hoping that Manziel drops and we can trade up…Wilson helped them to get that 22 points btc24…he converted key third downs time and time again. When Manning could not convert on third down…Wilson kept doing it even though Denver had stopped Lynch…it was Wilson who made plays…accurate throws, extending plays with his feet…Wilson lead the team and made critical plays

    • Kool, I appreciate this post because you actually made good points. Unlike when you rip our own QB after your posts above. That being said, what makes you think Manziel will fall out of the top 5 when you have teams in dire need of a QB like Minnesota, Oakland, Jacksonville, Houston, and Cleveland? Also, while Manziel is a gamer, I worry about his leadership and off the field antics. One thing I will say about Russel Wilson is that he is an extremely mature individual with a ton of leadership qualities. Things that Manziel is not.

      • F^#@ Manziel! Things that Johnny Football doesn’t have, that Wilson has are true leadership, better pocket awareness, health, stronger arm, humility, & humbleness.

        • HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA kool is hoping we get Manziel. lmfao there is 0% chance the eagles would take him if he was available when the eagles pick. get it through your head idiot. eagles have their 2014 qb.

          quickest way to ruin what we started building this year is to take a qb in the first round let alone trade up to get one

          you got legit mashed potato brains kool. start eating blueberries or something

          • Chip would get Manziel if he were to fall to their slot.

            What the hell yall thinking?

            Chip Kelly don’t give a damn about feelings when it comes to building his team, hell he even said in his last interview that he want competition at every position including quarterback.

            • god your an imbecile. songs and kool, two sock puppets or two retards who know how to type. im done feeding u trolls

            • Manziel will not make it past Cleveland…I don’t buy Manziel, but he’s perfect for Cleveland as he will sell tickets…their fan base is in an uproar over the direction of the team. Looking at the real MVP of Seattle, the DEFENSE demonstrates just as the Baltimore Raven defense demonstrated with Trent Dilfer at the helm…you don’t have to be dynamic…just manage the game and protect the ball. Maybe Chip will look at QB in2015, but listening to Howie yesterday stating that Nick is their QB going forward…no lie, he stated that. The Eagles will focus on defense this off season, as they are fine on offense.

            • Songs and Kool, I think your dream is going to be deferred for at least a year to see how Foles continues to progress. Your fooling yourself if you think Johnny pocket football will fall to 22…what the hell are you thinking?

  • Joe Buck and Aikman missed a jab that should have been brought up —
    Brock Osweiller went 57 in 2nd round in 2012 for DENVER
    Russell Wilson went 75 in 3rd round in 2012
    Nick Foles went 88 in 3rd round in 2012

  • 34 of 49 for 280 1td 2 ints 1 fumble in a loss
    14 of 24 for 153 1td 2 ints 2 fumbles in a loss

    The pocket passer (manning) and the scrambler (Kap).

    BOTH bad outings, both losses against the Seahawks in the Playoffs.

    Neither the pocket passer NOR the scrambler were at all effective against the Seattle D.

    Anyone who uses this game to somehow annoint scrambling QBs as mythical heroes that are somehow essential is an idiot.

    • not scrambling….mobile.

      there’s a difference.

      A scrambler relies only on improvisation while a mobile QB runs the offense as designed with the ability to escape when the play breaks down.

      • Songs…these idiots can’t digest simple football concepts. You are getting to deep for them when you explain what we need in a mobile QB

    • explain why Kap marched up and down the field yet Manning could do nothing against the Seahawks defense.

      • Explain why Mike Glennon moved the ball against the Seattle defense?

        Explain why Andrew Luck moved the ball against the Seattle defense?

        Neither of those QBs ran for more than a couple yards.

  • vinniethefool!! anyone who watched the game saw that Kaepernick was much more effective against the Seattle than the statue Manning. Kaps running gave Seattle problems…the game against SF came down to an amazing play by Sherman to preserve the win.
    The scrambling, athletic QB is the future! You are not going to beat great defenses like Seattle with a pocket QB with no mobility.

    • In 3 games against the Seahawks this year your 3nd favourite player was:

      42 of 81 (pathetic 52%) for a pathetic 455 yrds total 2 pathetic touchdowns and a whopping 6 interceptions and 3 fumbles on the way to a measly 39 points scored (again, in 3 games!)

      Don’t give me any of this shit about How Kap gave Seattle any fucking problems because that’s wrong.

      If the scrambling, future QBs could beat good defenses like Seattle they would.

      However, they don’t.

      BTW – could you please explain how Carson Palmer and Andrew Luck led offenses beat the Seahawks with their combined 6 yards scrambling?

    • It’s match ups…the Denver O is tailor made for the Seattle Defenses strengths, which is dominant pretty much everywhere….as the Seattle backfield stymies big receivers. You are correct that the dimension of Kaeps mobility gives Seattl’es defense an added problem. Unfortunately, Kaep’s inability to throw accurately in the 4th (clutch time) also cost them the game.

  • And Fraudsongs….

    You switch your standards more often than you switch favourite players.

    Didn’t you say Foles sucked in the New Orleans game because he didn’t take advantage of early turnovers and score enough early points?

    Yesterday, didn’t the Hawks get good field position early off the safety kick and the interception? Didn’t the ‘Hawks then get to the red zone both those times, only coming away with FGs? So early, Wilson was not taking advantage of those opportunities was he? Good thing he had that D.

    Yet he’s still your new hero.

    Also, haven’t you stated repeatedly that Foles is just a ‘game manager’ who can only win if everything is going right?

    Well, what the fuck was last night? That was the easiest game any QB has ever played in! Seattle could have knelt down 45x and still won.

    Here’s a D ripping the shit out of Denver getting turnover after turnover, safeties, kick return tds, pick 6s….meanwhile the Denver D is out about 6 starters and offering no pass rush at all. What does Wilson (smarty) do? Manages the game as he should. Short easy comletions. Nothing risky. Nothing downfield….longest completion 30 yards…..Game manager when everything is going perfectly.

    He’s your hero, and Foles is a bum for doing the same thing.

    You are a flip-flopping joke.

    BTW – I think Wilson is an excellent QB. Because he is smart and accurate, not because he can run around.

    Wilson last night:

    pass incomplete short right
    pass complete short left
    pass complete short middle
    pass incomplete short right
    pass complete short left
    pass complete short right
    pass complete short middle
    pass complete short right
    pass incomplete short left
    pass complete deep left……ta DAAAAA! 37 yrds!
    pass incomplete short left
    pass incomplete short middle
    pass complete short right
    pass incomplete short right
    pass complete short right
    pass incomplete short left
    pass complete short right
    pass complete deep right………..and by”deep right” I mean 19 yards
    pass complete short right
    pass complete short right
    pass complete short left
    pass complete short right
    pass complete deep middle…..24 yrds
    pass complete short right
    pass incomplete short right

    It was the Dinkyest of dink and dunk passing all f-ing night. The exact kind of shit you continually crucify Foles for (even though he throws a much higher % of deep balls than WIlson does)

    You are a f-ing joke. What’s terrible for Foles is great for Wilson.

    See through pretender fan. Go buy a Seahawks jersey to go with your collection of Redskins, 49ers, and Panther’s gear.

  • Very true Vinny. The only difference between Wilson and Foles is Wilson doesn’t look like a baby giraffe learning how to walk when they have to scramble to avoid a rush. Wilson doesnt take 20 yard sacks because of his athletic ineptitude. But other than that you are correct.

    • And Foles can actually see over the line.

  • Songs is ass ok,

    Everything he posts is some combination of inaccurate , hating on the eagles, worshiping other teams players or an observation about football through the eyes of a mashed potato brain.

    Don’t feed the troll.

    Songs is ass ok?

  • Kool breeze is ass ok,
    Everything he posts is some combination of inaccurate , hating on the eagles, worshiping other teams players or an observation about football through the eyes of a mashed potato brain.
    Don’t feed the troll.

    Kool breeze is ass ok?

  • Major major shot out to Llawrd the only guy on here that wanted Russell Wilson. Kudos to you my man

  • In that San Fran game when there team needed. A big play Wilson made it for them. He turns it on when they need it.

    • Correction pdiddy when Seattle needed a big play in that San Fran kaepernick made a huge play for Seattle.

      • Good point that’s true.

  • With the 22 pick if the eagles can’t get Pryor, they should draft Ealy. The hell with the receivers.

    • Pdiddy, I’m with you on Pryor. I’m not sold on Ealy….maybe as a pass rushing linebacker. I don’t know if he can play that position as he just played DE at Mizzou. If Pryor is there though…It would take 5 seconds for me to hand in that card. I’d probably still select Bucannon in the second too.

      • He’ll yeah Pryor and Bucannon now you talking, but we seriously need to draft a NT for the defense. Who would you guys take at NT in say the third round on

        • The NT I would take is Justin Ellis from Louisianna Tech. 6’2″ 342. Agile and good burst off of the line. I can get him in the fourth round. Daniel McCuller’s is a NT, but he is inconsistent and his motor is hot and cold. I’m not a fan of his.

          • Cool I haven’t seen him play, I will look up his highlights on YouTube.

    • Kony Ealy will be gone in the Top 15 Selections..
      He will be a good NFL Player, but I am not sold he is cut out for the Eagles 3-4 Scheme and may end up as a smiliar “tweak player” situation that Vinnie Curry finds himself in right now as an Eagle.

      • Exactly…I think Ealy will be a good NFL player…just in a 43 though.

  • Also shot out to Gmcliff, you said Poe would be a player and you were right. Send me my t shirt, I wear a 2x lol.

  • after watching that defense it emphasizes the importance of rounds 3-7— and the undrafted FA you bring in… damn!


    Sound D, rungame-even if from the QB, good coaching and good players even on special teams wins the superbowl.


    I dont want to hear anymore about what a running qb can or cant do. I dont want to hear anymore about needing a HOF qb to win.

    Simpletons have died today… may the rest in peace…

    • That’s a good post Stevo!

    • LOL!!!!!!

  • Excuse me, there is hypertext, so just click.

    Thank you.

  • Ok guys, the SB is over, lets talk about our offseason, I think Tom Gamble is gonna have a lot of say in FA and the draft, I think one of his first moves is picking up Ted Ginn from San Fran as our kick returner, we all saw last night how important that is, I see everyone talking about a safety in the first round, I don’t see that happening for the simple fact Earl Wolff will be coming in as one of the starters this year, theirs no way they draft a safety to start along side a guy who only has five pro games under his belt, we definitily pick up a safety in FA and maybe a safety later on in the draft, I think we’re going to have a good balance this offseason between FA n the draft that’s going to put us right up there next season.

    • Free agency will give us a better idea to the direction the Eagles may go in the draft. As far as the draft, the first pick is going to simply depend on who is available when they pick. I donot think they will target a position, just the best player available on their board for their system. That may be Dee Ford, Kelvin Benjamin,Calvin Pryor.

      • Eagles, those 3 guys, I think will be one of our picks. Nix, Ealy, & Hageman could be there also.

    • ap, I think they should, & will address the secondary in FA. With Safeties TJ Ward, Jairus Byrd, Donte Whitner, Mike Mitchell, Antoine Bathea, Malcom Jenkins, Bernard Pollard, James Ihedigbo, CB’s Vontae Davis, Aquib Talib, Brent Grimes, Charles Tillman, Captain Munnerlyn, Alterraun Verner, & Antoine Cason, there is no excuse for them to get impact this year. We have to come out of this off-season, with 3 new safeties, at least another CB, a NT, rushing OLB, & a big WR.

      • I totally agree DCar, that’s a hellava list of safety’s on the market, I wouldn’t have a problem with the majority of them, I think we get one of those, pick one up in the second round and get a stud edge rusher with our first pick, we do that n were looking good. After seeing Percy Harvin last night I’m really hooked on seeing Gamble make a move with Ted Ginn who was someone he picked up in FA when he was in San Fran, he’s just as quick as Harvin and can do it all just like him, we definitely need a game changer like that on our team.

      • Said it before DCar and I’ll say it again. Address your needs during free agency, you are correct throw a rock at this safety crop hit 2 and sign them. Draft the best available player other than QB in the first 4 rounds and it’ll be amazing how much easier it becomes to draft. You reach to fill a need and you wind up with the fireman and B. Graham!!!!!

        • Big, spot on! I agree 100%. Hopefully Weaselman doesn’t want to win the salary cap bowl again. But, listening to his interview yesterday on the Gargano show, I’m not optimistic. I think we are going to get stop gaps, & 2nd-3rd tier stiffs again. It will be nauseating, & infuriating, if we don’t get one of those stud Safeties, on FA. Especially being $20M+ under the cap, & the inevitable pay cuts, & roster cuts! If they don’t sign some impact players this year, especially after winning the division, making the playoffs, & knowing our needs, they need to be boycotted!

  • Bull!!! If Payton Manning had won…we would hear no end to the drivel ….”See look at what the mobile QB gets you….If Manning would have won…we would have heard endless stories about his greatness and how you need a ‘pocket Quarterback’ who is so ‘smart’..to win the Superbowl.
    We have to be real…Seattle is young, Carolina is young and up and coming, SF is young!
    New Flash folks…to beat these good defenses you better have a mobile QB !!
    Bottom Line…this is the way of the new NFL!!

    • New Flash folks…to beat these good defenses you better have a mobile QB !!

      Right, like Matt Ryan who beat Seattle last year, Or, Carson Palmer who beat them at Seattle. Or Andrew Luck who beat them this year. Or, Mike Glennon who gave them fits this year.

      If you want to beat the Seattle defense – Don’t turn the ball over and stop their special teams….

      • Irish Beagle…your an idiot. Seattle wasn’t undefeated this year or last year. So what they lost some games! They didnt lose any key significant games given the fact that they had home field advantage through out the playoffs!
        Also Seattle defense is better this year than they were last year.
        If you want to beat Seattle defense in a meaningful playoff game…you better have a big time, clutch and mobile QB who can make it happen…you also need a very good defense…Russell Wilson is 29-8 over two years and he is getting better!

        • kool, “your an idiot” is a bit of an oxymoron on your part.

          Just because Seattle’s defense had the performance of a lifetime, doesn’t mean you automatically have to have a mobile QB to win a Super Bowl.

          • btc24 take away the ‘oxy’ and we got a good description of you! Seattle’s defense, San Francisco’s defense, Carolina’s defense are all defenses that are going to be tough on stationary, pocket Qb’s that dont move very well. Payton Manning didn’t see a top 10 defense in the league all year..so his collapse is really not all that surprising.
            Pocket QB’s are soon to be extinct in the NFL…I know that overwelhmes your thought processes…but its really simple…you are going to need more quickness and speed out of the Qb position to make plays against the better defenses in this league!

            • First of all, that was an awful joke. But I digress.

              These types of defenses have been around for years. Why do you all of a sudden think a pocket passer is a thing of the past? Give me one mobile QB who has won a Super Bowl and I’ll give you 20 that weren’t mobile.

              Look, I’d love it if Foles could move around like Kap, Wilson, Cam, etc but it’s not a requirement like you suggest. How did Joe Flacco beat that tenacious San Fran defense last year? He’s probably less mobile than Foles. How did Peyton beat that nasty Chicago defense in 2006? Just to name a couple that quickly come to mind.

              I was so jealous of RG3 last year but as soon as he got hurt, I remembered why I don’t want my QB running around all the time.

              • well of course you think its an awful joke btc24…but it is an accurate description of your football acumen…so stick to the script…digressions are not forte!
                Joe Flacco has a strong arm and last year his offensive line was a whole lot better with bigger receivers…Baltimore had a tenacious, veteran defense. Look at Flacco this year and see what you got…a QB who couldn’t get his team back to the playoffs. and took a lot of sacks. Your other example you have to go back 8 years…
                QB’s that stay in the pocket get hurt too…Peyton Manning suffered a serious neck injury…he wasn’t running around
                I know its so hard for people to accept the direction of the league…but its easy to see that we are not going to beat strong defenses like San Francisco, Seattle, or Carolina with a QB like Nick Foles….the only way that is possible is if we get a Hall of Fame defense and a dominating offensive line and then Nick Foles can get there like Trent Dilfer…I dont see that has a realistic possibility.

        • koolbreeze,

          Do you have mental problems? You keep saying that you need a mobile QB to beat the Seahawks, and I keep pointing out the pocket passing QBs that beat them. You dumb fuck.

          Like Matt Ryan who beat Seattle last year, Or, Carson Palmer who beat them at Seattle. Or Andrew Luck who beat them this year. Or, Mike Glennon who gave them fits this year.

          • Irish Eagle
            Lay off that cheap booze you drink, you drunk azz! So what Seattle lost a few games…that tells us nothing…Peyton Manning is better than Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer, Mike Glennon, and Andrew Luck (who is a mobile QB)…when it counted in the playoffs this year he was destroyed. Seattle is an improved team from last year…their QB is better, their defense was better…they had home field advantage through out the playoffs…put them in a better position to win.
            In this long thread, I have not heard a single argument that asserts “Nick Foles” has the skills to beat a defense of the caliber of Seattle! Not ONCE has that been mentioned in this thread…Foles is not as good as Manning, Flacco, AND he is immobile…lets face it:
            We are going to need a mobile, clutch, QB to beat teams like SF, Carolina and Seattle if we want to win a Super Bowl

            • Koil aide dope

              If Cooper can’t drop the n word then lay off the ethnic slurs you make

              You are another clown with no perspective, how about Viet Nam, did you go, why not, how many Russian migs did you or your family ever see

              You are a pussy

            • koolbreeze,

              Foles took your hero Vick’s starting job – IT’S OVER! Craw back in your fucking hole. Coming to this site and worshiping and slobbering over every black QB in the NFL won’t change things.

              You can talk until you are blue in the face and Nick Foles will still be the starting QB for the Eagles.

  • Nate Allen is a free agent so a decision has to be made on him ( he is getting a raise somewhere)
    Peters, Mathis are both 32; and Herremans is 31years old ( so they have to be replaced which is another reason Lane Johnson was drafted )
    Trent Cole is 31 years old —
    So there all the 5 players( Allen, Peters, Mathis, Herremans, Cole) The Philadelphia Eagles will look to replace in 2014 and 2015.
    Demeco Ryans 29 and Cary Williams 29 years old are other possible draft possibilities if best available matches up with there five year plan outlook.

  • WR – Cooper and Maclin
    S – Nate Allen—
    DE – Clifton Geathers
    —these are the free agent moves the eagles will make ( resign or replace) nothing earth shattering ( don’t expect much)

  • Replace Allen with Jarius Byrd…let Cooper walk if he dont want to come back to the Eagles cheap…upgrade from Geathers in the draft.

  • Think about this, the Eagles without DC Jim Johnson haven’t won a playoff game, not one. The Seahawks lose DC Gus Bradley and they not only win a playoff game but they win the SB the following year.. This really hurts..

    The Eagles defensive woes stem from years and years of neglect. They got so full of themselves and began to think they can put anyone at LB or S or DE and win games. It doesn’t work like that.. And on top of crappy drafts, they never could replace coaches that left for other jobs. Even now they still haven’t successfully replaced John Harbaugh as the ST coach.. So this Eagles team still has a ways to go before they can be considered in the same category as a Seattle “LOB’ Seahawks defense and overall team..

    This upcoming FA and Draft will be very telling and could make or break our Eagles team for years to come under the Chip Kelly era..

  • Here goes something I found that shows the people picking the players need to keep their eyes open beyond the draft, I personally think Howie did a good job of surrounding hisself with people who have a good eye for talent.

    Fact: 21 of the 53 players on the Seattle Seahawks’ roster came into the NFL as undrafted free agents.

    • Yeah Andrew I mentioned this yesterday on here, 21 out of the 53 are undrafted guys. SB mvp Malcolm Smith was a 7th round pick number 242.. That’s a credit to the scouting and coaches they have. Those guys have a real eye for talent.. They also have a smart owner/gm, they still have cap flexibility to bring more talent in…

      Something jumped out at me last night, they said that Pete Carroll told his team after the win that “We did it our way”.. Does that not remind you of how Chip Is? That we will do it our way or the way we want to do this.. Lets hope we have success like this in the near future, but we have some work to do…

      • Or maybe it’s the PEDs in full effect. Who knows…

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