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2014 Outlook: Wide Receivers

DeSeanJackson2DeSean Jackson

Jackson enjoyed the best season of his career in 2014. No longer restricted by the predictable and stale playcalling of Andy Reid, Jackson flourished in Chip Kelly’s offense, setting career-highs in receptions (82) and yardage (1,332) and tied his career-high in touchdowns (9).

Unlike previous seasons, Jackson didn’t go through stretches where he would disappear. It was the first time that we’ve seen DeSean sustain a high level of play and production in almost every game of a regular season. We also saw him develop a little more mental toughness, and respond well even when things weren’t going well for him on the field.

The best example of this occurred in the playoff game against the Saints. Jackson wasn’t a factor until midway through the third quarter, but made a tremendous catch that really changed the flow of the game and helped spark the Eagles’ comeback. The 40-yard reception set up the first touchdown, and on the next drive DeSean drew a critical pass interference penalty that gave the Eagles a first and goal on the one.

Chip Kelly did a great job utilizing Jackson, and found a number of different ways to move him around and get him the ball. For example, instead of just sending DeSean down the field, often times, we’d see Jackson run short routes out of the backfield that resulted in some effective plays.

However, Jackson’s great 2013 ended on a sour note when it became known that the speedy wideout is looking for yet another new contract just two years after he redid his deal.

DeSean implied that a holdout could happen if a new deal isn’t reached. “I definitely feel it’s something deserving,” Jackson said.  “We’ll see how that plays out, and hopefully we can work things out smoothly and not have to worry about anything out of the ordinary.”

Jackson clearly believes he should be given a new deal, and its a story to keep an eye on over the off-season. The last time DeSean got involved in a contract dispute with the front office, it got pretty ugly. The front office wouldn’t meet the wideout’s demands, and DeSean turned in a miserable, disinterested season in 2011. Jackson gave poor effort throughout the season, and came dangerously close to earning himself a ticket out of town.

What will the Eagles do this time around? When Jackson’s head is together and focused on football, he brings a great deal to the table. His speed and big play ability bring a critical dimension to this offense, and with the statuses of Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin uncertain, the Eagles really need to keep in line. The best move for the front office would be just to pay the man and nip this problem before it grows into something else. Hopefully the absence of Joe Banner will prevent things from turning ugly this time.

Riley Cooper

Cooper was one of the team’s strongest breakout players in 2013, filling the hole left by Jeremy Maclin admirably with 47 receptions for 835 yards and eight touchdowns.

Cooper finally learned to use his size to his advantage, and help create separation between himself and opposing defenders. The young wideout came down with some huge receptions that helped change the outcome of a number of games.

He caught a 47-yard touchdown against Tampa Bay. He hauled in a 63-yarder against the Raiders. He came down with a 44-yard score against Green Bay. In the snow bowl against Detroit, Cooper caught a critical 44-yard reception that helped break the offense out of their funk. These aren’t hollow numbers that Cooper produced. These are big plays in big moments.

Most importantly, Cooper has developed an excellent rapport with Nick Foles. The chemistry between these two is strong, and Foles trusts Cooper to go up and come down with important passes.

Now Cooper is set to be a free agent, and after enjoying such a strong season, he’s going to draw interest from plenty of other teams.

However, I don’t think any team is going to give Cooper crazy money. He’s shown he can be a competent role player, but nothing more. I don’t think teams are going to get carried away with their interest in Riley, and I believe there’s enough mutual interest from both parties to keep the big wideout in Philadelphia.

Jeremy Maclin

Another big decision for the Eagles to make.

Before going down for the season in August, there was a lot of optimism that Maclin could be the guy that would flourish more so than any other wideout in Chip Kelly’s system. Now, the former first-round pick stands a great unknown heading into next season.

The Eagles have an advantage over other teams because of their familiarity with Maclin, and because Maclin himself has stated on several occasions that he’d love to show what he can do in Kelly’s system. Its in the best interest of both parties for the wideout to return on a one-year “prove-it” deal.

Maclin is still young and talented enough that he’ll get some looks in free agency. Andy Reid could certainly use another productive receiver in Kansas City. But similar to Riley Cooper, I think teams won’t give Maclin crazy money and that ultimately he’ll return to Philadelphia.

Jason Avant

Before Training Camp, it appeared that Avant faced long odds to make the team.

He wasn’t viewed as an ideal fit for Kelly’s system, and with a number of interesting young receivers in camp at the time (Greg Salas, Jeff Maehl, Damaris Johnson, Arrellious Benn, etc), it looked as though the end of Avant’s Philadelphia tenure was near.

However, injuries to Maclin and Benn combined with further instability created from the Riley Cooper situation changed the team’s plans and made it much more important for them to keep Avant around.

And Avant ended up making a really good impression on the new coaching staff. The 30-year old finished with 38 receptions for 447 yards and two touchdowns. But he really drew praise from Kelly for the other aspect that he brought to the table.

Avant is a guy that you want on your team. A solid role player who is willing to do anything to help the squad achieve victory. He’s a solid blocker, he’s willing to play special teams, and he’s a respected presence in the locker room.

However, Avant still isn’t a lock to return in 2014. His contract calls for him to make over $4 million in 2014, which is pretty pricey for a fourth receiver. But the Eagles won’t be in any hurry to release him, especially with the uncertainty concerning Cooper and Maclin.

Jeff Maehl

The former Oregon Duck played sparingly, catching just four passes for 67 yards and one touchdown.

He may be given a chance to stick around next year as well, but he’ll need to show some solid growth over the off-season.

His biggest contribution came in Oakland, where he made a 19-yard reception on a third and long to keep a drive alive that eventually led to a touchdown.

Brad Smith

Acquired halfway through the year, Smith primarily contributed as a special teamer.

He’ll be in the mix for a spot in 2014, and his speed and versatility will be enough to hold Kelly’s interest.

However, I didn’t like that Kelly tried to force some Wild Cat plays into the offense for Smith several times during the year. The Wild Cat hasn’t snuck up on anybody since 2008. It’s been tried, and it proved to be nothing more than a gimmick that had a one-year shelf life in the NFL. It also seems to be counter intuitive to what Kelly wants to do with his offense…for a guy who runs a system based on speed, rhythm, and operating as quick and efficiently as possible, putting the fast-paced attack on hold in favor of slowing everything down to get this special package on the field just doesn’t seem like its worth the time or effort in practice during the week.

Damaris Johnson

Back in the preseason, Johnson looked like he could potentially be one of the most improved Eagles.

He looked absolutely electric as a return man, but quickly fizzled out as the season began. He cost the Eagles in the Kansas City game by muffing a punt in the first quarter and setting the Chiefs up with an early redzone opportunity, and was slowly phased out of the lineup after that moment.

He spent the majority of the year as a healthy scratch, losing his gameday spot to guys like Jeff Maehl and Brad Smith.

Johnson has some interesting raw talent, but he quickly fell out of favor here and he’ll have to catch on with a another team to try and harness that potential.

Final Thoughts/Possible Changes/Free Agent Additions

Wide Receiver is the only position on the offensive side of the ball that has serious questions going into the offseason, and the Eagles could address it in a number of ways.

I believe the best thing for the team to do is to keep things stable by redoing DeSean Jackson’s deal, re-signing Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, and maybe look to add some talent through the draft in the third round and on to phase out guys like Maehl, Smith, and Johnson.

There aren’t a lot of great names available through free agency.

Eric Decker is probably the best name out there, but he’s going to command a pretty significant deal and I think he’s been helped tremendously by the presence of Peyton Manning along with playing alongside great wideouts like Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, and I wouldn’t pay him like a top receiver.

Beyond Decker, there’s nothing but a lot of mediocre talent (the Tedd Ginns, Darrius Heyward-Beys, and Robert Mecheams of the world) or aging veterans that don’t have a lot left (Anquan Boldin, Plaxico Burress, Brandon Stokely, etc).


Denny Basens

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  • If Eagles resign both Riley Cooper & Jeremy Maclin as expected
    then not much else will change with WR Corp except a pay-cut for Avant
    and mid-late Round Draft Pick- but with Benn, Momah, Maehl,Smith,D Johnson, BJ Cunningham, they have plenty of Experience to figure out the 4th/5th WR spots
    Now if Eagles don’t re-sign Cooper or Maclin, then I expect the Eagles to use a high Draft Pick (First 3 Rounds) to Draft a Receiver. This is one of the Deepest WR Drafat Classes in some time so the Eagles will make Offers to both Cooper & Maclin, but they won’t be for huge $$$ and Cooper & Maclin better decide quickly or Eagles will move on..
    I do believe re-signing Cooper is more critical for his rapport and chemistry with Foles and the fact that Cooper has never missed a game where Maclin is more athletic, but is injured a lot, softer and plays no Special Teams..
    resigning Cooper is a must in my opinion,but again, not at crazy $$$$

  • You already know how I feel

  • Eagles won’t be able to afford both Maclin and Cooper — FA wide receivers have been striking it rich lately.

    • Not this year they won’t .. With a very Deep Draft Class of really good WR’s with some recent High-Priced Deals the last few Years of not really working out for many Teams
      Take a look at Percy Harvin, Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Wes Welker,Sidney Rice, etc,etc.. none of these Teams got equal value back for the amount of $$$ they Signed these Players for
      Many teams are going to less inclined to throw around big $$$ for a WR who has a break out Season or coming off injury like Cooper & Maclin..

      The only way the Eagles Sign both Cooper & Maclin is Avant takes substantial Paycut of flat out gets released and use some of his $4.6 Million due in 2014 to spread over Cooper & Maclin… That’s the smart solution as far as Salary Cap Management goes ..

      • They will sign both Cooper, and Maclin……period

        • gmc, if they do, they are stupid. Maclin needs to go. He is an underachieving, fragile, wuss, who falls to the ground, &/or gets hurt, every damn time he catches a pass. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! Avant needs to go too. Dude is practically useless, at what he makes. Re-sign Cooper, & draft a WR in the 1st 3 rounds, depending on what FA players they sign in FA. Also they can get Brandon Coleman, & DeAnthony Thomas in rounds 5-6.

          • Although Thomas is a RB, they can use him as a younger, faster version, of Brad Smith. And Thomas is a legit return man.

            • It They draft De’Anthony Thomas, he could help in plays where there is no 2 TE set, and have him on the field with DeSean, as an option to use on the field – maybe some misdirection, etc…..

              My only concern with him is his size, and can he take an NFL hit.

              • gmc, I agree.

          • I think it would be a smart move. Many posters on here want a WR in the 1st Round anyway. So naturally they won’t want one of them signed because they ASSUME their guy ; Evans, Benjamin, Robinson, or whomever is going to be a savior to the WR Corp of the Eagles.

            in reality there is no guarantee they are any better than Maclin, or Cooper, and there may be just as talented receivers available in rounds 3-5, that may have better careers than the ones previously mentioned.

            They need to go Defense in the 1st round – OLB, or Safety – They will more than likely let Avant walk, and draft another WR, in the later rounds – at least that’s what I would do – and keep BOTH Maclin, and Cooper…

            • gmc, I agree with everything you said, no player is a guarantee, but if you look at all of their sizes, talent, production, & speed for their sizes, I think this could be the best WR class to come out in years & we need a legit, big WR. Maclin is what I said above, Cooper is a half season wonder, & Avant is good for nothing but blocking. Safety in the 1st is a good move, but at 22, we ain’t getting a fit at 3-4 OLB.

  • We need more speed and size at the position! The Eagles should let Riley walk or low-ball him into a very cap friendly a little over the minimum…and if someone else wants to pay him…fine.

    • translation…because he said a bad word and he happens to be of the wrong …um what is…wrong something I don’t want him. Dude in the NFL if you can play people over look a lot of things… think about it Ray (accessory to murder) Lewis is now on ESPN and somehow became a beloved figure. Donte Stalworth I think killed somebody with a car and came back… um a bad word?

    • Who are you going to sign, or draft to replace a guy who already knows the system, and has proven himself valuable to the team chemistry?

      Don’t overstate what a drafted WR is going to do…Benjamin, Robinson, and whoever you draft will not be better than Cooper…That’s ridiculous… He gets signed…

      • gmc, Benjamin, Watkins, Evans, Robinson, Lee, Matthews, & Landry, are all going to be good receivers, & I’d bet on them being better than Cooper, the one half of a season wonder. Let’s not overrate Cooper, & underrate the kids. You, more than others, know that. You might not agree 100% with me, about the kid WR’s, but I wholeheartedly believe, that Evans, Watkins, Benjamin, & Matthews are going to be the next wave of stud WR’s, & Robinson, Lee, & Landry will good too. IMHO, the draft is going to come down to what they do in FA, & trading their own personnel. If they sign say Jairus Byrd, Soliai/ Raji/ Joseph, Verner/ Talib/ Grimes/ Davis/ Brown/ Tillman.
        Say they sign one big FA, in Byrd, then go for NT Joseph, DE A. Jones/ L. Houston, K Gano, then they could draft-
        1st- Evans?/ Benjamin
        2nd- Jeremiah Attaochu
        3rd- SS Buchannon/ Dixon.
        3rd(Trade for Curry)- Desir/ Jean-Baptiste.
        4-7 Icing

      • GMC he has an entirely different agenda– he doesn’t want to get rid of cooper for his play….

        • I hear you Ciggy, But DCar, and I , have these conversations from time to time – but not often – where we both respectfully disagree. That’s my main man….

          DCar, I am not sure these WR’s in the first Round will be as advertised. That’s why I am not as high on them as some. Even Sammy Watkins, for me has a lot of question marks. There is talent at that position in the 3rd -6th Rounds, that you would be happy with.

          You know I love where you are going in your mock draft DCar, but we only disagree about the 1st Round…For me we have trade down, and get more picks, and I still like the idea of Josh Gordon playing opposite DeSean.

          I wouldn’t be against the Eagles giving Cleveland a 2nd in 2015, that could be a first, if Gordon passes random testing, and plays a certain number of games, and reaches incentives in TD’s, and total yards.

          I too would try to sign Byrd, Jason Woirlds, and Raji, or Joseph, and use Bryce Brown, Todd Herramans, Brandon Graham, and MAYBE Vinny Curry, and move down gradually through rounds 2-4, and draft:

          1st.- Kony Ealy – OLB/DE
          2nd A- Calvin Pryor S, 2nd B-Kyle Fuller CB, 2nd C-Jeremiah Attaochu
          3rd A – Jimmy Garrappolo QB, 3rd B – Deone Buchannon SS
          4th A – Daniel McCullers – DT, 4th B – De’Anthony Thomas
          5th A – Andrew Jackson – MLB, 5th B – Walt Aikens – CB
          6th – Ethan Westbrooks – DE
          7th – Cory Washington – WR

          • GMC i’ve told you before when it comes to who to watch for coming out in the draft i go to you, dcar and even for laughs paul. I think you all have unrealistic issues and in some cases delusions. But i prefer your analysis to any on espn–
            I believe that if any of you were FANS of any other team you would be equally brutal on their GM’s —

            • Yeah Ciggy, because at heart, we all Eagles fans, and after seeing Reid, and Banner fail miserably draft after draft, we want to suggest impact – all 3 of us have our favorites; our guys, but we are all on the same page as to what the Eagles need because we want a Championship.

              And we know it starts in how we draft.

              I gotta tell you that was funny how you said “and for laughs, even Paul”….LOL!!!..Classic for me…LOL!!

              • well GMC thats what i’m talking about…. while reid had many, many swings and misses i contend that it is part of the business and that if you followed the ‘whoevers’ as passionately as you follow the eagles you would be equally critical-
                yes that comment was for hotair- i don’t argue with dcar on player evaluation, particularly college players- i just think he’s delusional thinking all moves in real life work out as well as they do from the armchair!

              • That’s right Ciggy, more than likely….except for the Patriots.

              • Funny gm but BeliCHEAT hasn’t won a SB since he cheated us… He has been much more mortal

          • gmc, havenoclue meant that comment for trollbreeze, not me. I don’t have any agendas against anyone. LOL!

            • Okay….What did you think of that mock draft, and FA Signings I just gave you?

              • That would be fantastic, but it highly unlikely we can get that many extra draft picks. Herremans is worthless. Graham & Curry won’t get us any higher than 2 3rds, & maybe an extra low pick. Brown is a BU RB, so how much can he realistically get us? You would have to slip roofies to the GM’s, to make those trades. My Brother told me of a rumor that has been going around in Florida, about Graham, for Dion Jordan, & a swap of lower draft picks. That’s why I mentioned it last week. Although I don’t really like Jordan, I’d make it, because he is a possible future fit, & Graham isn’t.

              • Just trading down, and adding those players to the deal

              • If I was offered Dion Jordan for Brandon Graham, I’d have to be on something not to take that.

                I would then start trading down to the 2nd for multiple picks in the 2nd, and 3rd, and still get everyone I mocked to you, plus Gabe Jackson, and Cyril Richardson….

                DCar, that may actually be Howie plan – build through the draft –
                Trade out of the 1st Round into the 2nd for multiple picks there, the 3rd, and 4th. They already have 2 picks in the 5th…..all the while have Dion Jordan to take Trent Coles spot…

                I have to admit that would be a good strategy. This would have to come from Tom Gamble though….Howie was groomed by Banner, and Reid.


  • While I doubt he will last until the 2nd round, I would love to see the Bird’s get Benjemin from FSU. More likely it might be Robinson from PSU, but I like him also.
    Even with his big year, I do not believe that the team should be paying him more. He just negotiated that deal 2 years ago, and he is at a pretty high level for a WR. Avant’s cap number will need to be addressed and he will need to take a paycut IMO if he is staying around.

  • I think Robinson from psu is a beast! Would love to have him on this team. He can definitely replace cooper if we don’t resign him back

    • Martaivis Bryant from Clemson 6’4″ 205 4.39 40 time.

      • Eagle he runs a 4.65 40 according to draft.com, Walters football, and CBSDraft….That’s why he will be available in the 4th – 5th rounds.

        Very good athlete who will have to put in some work…

        • gmc, he won’t get past the 3rd, especially if he blows up the Combine. You know how that goes. I think he could be good too. The WR, Safety, CB, & LB corps, have unexpectedly become deeper, & more talented, from the beginning of the year-now. Going to be interesting.

        • Cliff…I’m not buying that 40 time. I’ve seen tomany other sites posting 4.39-4.4. Not only that…I’ve watched him run…I can tell the difference between 4.0 and a 4.6…as I am a runner and track guy. Trust me…he runs in the low 4.4. Bryant will go in the 3rd.

          • Cliff…I just looked up both Walter football and CBS…..Walter football has him projected at 4.36…CBS has him projected at 4.38. They are just projections as they do not have an official 40 time yet. However, he and Sammy Watkins raced last year…Bryant won the race and was declared the fastest member on the Clemson team., Anyone who’s payed attention to Bryant and actually watched him run knows….there is no question he is much faster than a 4.6…..I’ve been around track and field for 22 years as that is my other passion besides football. I know he runs in the 4.3-4.45 range.

            • The guy that does Walters is a friend of mine, and he has him at 4.57

              I am looking forward to the combine, for some clarity on some of these prospect. I have a feeling some of theses top prospects aren’t as advertised…..

              • You’re friend is wrong in this case. We will find out in 3 weeks for sure though. Walter’s still has him as 4.36.

              • Walters is a very good site, & is usually more accurate, than he isn’t. I love how he breaks down by exact positions, & fit. Very informative site, for players we don’t get to see as much. Always a good read, but tell him he needs to refresh his updates more often.

              • I am looking forward to the combine fellas

  • You really think Desean gonna stay focused and show up after he gets a new contract your friggin wrong man.He starts shit bye bye i would sign cooper,mac 1 yr deal ,avant let walk, draft wr after and I mean after we address defense in draft and fa. I like the connection riley and foles have I think its only gonna get better.I would tell riley to beef up over off season like to see him used more in middle of field learn to use his big body get separation u know jackson aint going over middle hes too scared gettin hurt shame to aint around as crazy as he was he had balls and talent and built like a gladiator not like this half pint we got whose already got his hand out and ready to fuk up our next season hell no!!

    • DonP DJaxisgoing to be here. Why get rid of a receiver who had the year he did. You can still add that big receiver without getting rid of DJax. You guys take the business side of their lives to personal. I’ve still not seen where DJaxhas been such a distraction that he’s hurt the locker room. I like Cooper and want him resigned as he and Foles have great chemistry, but the truth of the matter is, he (Cooper)did more to hurt this team this year than Jackson ever did. But, people are fine with giving him a pass while vilifying and demonizing Jackson with words like punk and thug…etc. Hmmm…interesting!

  • This is simple: Jackson, Cooper, Avant & Maclin come back.

    Didn’t the Birds bring one of the tall kids back off the practice squad the end of the season?

    Otherwise, no FA, just draft picks Kelly will be able to work a kid into his sceme…Only FA if a bargain pops up.

  • As much as I hate to gree with Denny friggin Basens. I agree. PAY JACKSON. he makes the other players around him better, and that is EXERYTHING you ask for a champion. He is one. I at first said boot his ass out of town… then I remember what we could have done with T.O. …. I burned my Jersey. Pay Jackson. Bring back Cooper and Maclin on one years deals. Draft a nice prospect.

  • D-Jax just mDe $10 Million in 2013
    With $12 Million in 2014, $12.5 Million
    In 2015 & due $10 Miklion in 2016 which
    Is $34.5 Million the next 3 Years
    “F—” him and his horse if this is not a fair market
    Value Salary for a WR who has failed to win a Playoff Game yet as an Eagle

    • You cannot Re-negotiate his deal at this Tine as this would send send a bad message to the other 51 Players who probably all would like more $$$ to
      Like Peters,Mathis, Foles, on and on and on..
      Where does it stop!!!
      This Franchise and this current group of Core Players have still won nothing yet but a piss-poor NFC Division Title so far,
      Woopty Doo…

  • DJax has won a couple playoff games as an Eagle. Get your knowledge up Paulman.

    • Forgot about the 2008 Run when losing to Cardinals..
      In NFC Team.. Did he even play well that Cardinal Game

      • DJax caught a huge bomb from McNabb that be bobbled and then caught for a TD that was a huge play that game. I’ll never forget it. The defense is who let us down in AZ.

        • Yes, JJ had a terrible game plan and was no match versus QB Kurt Warner and Offensive Coordinator genius Todd Haley.. Are u kidding me…,
          that Game was over by Halftime for all intents and purposes
          I remember Dawkins having a lousy game also

          • Defenses that rely on heavy blitzing often succumb to quality QBs, who invite the blitz, knowing it means single coverage somewhere.

            Excellent Qbs like to be blitzed, and this was one of the failings of the JJ defenses.

            They always looked awesome against the pedestrian Qbs of the world – like Vick, and completely demolished young QBs because of the confusion created, but often failed against the “big guns”.

            This is one reason I am interested in this year’s SB. Seattle’s D is not “blitz happy” and I am looking forward to seeing if Manning struggles, or tear apart their simpler packages.

            • Nice obsevation Vinnie..I agree with this point
              Damn that felt weird
              WTF is happening ..LOL…

  • Let;s be sensible here: If DeSean Jackson wants a little more money. give it to hum. but don’t make a federal case about it.

    If DeSean wishes to piss and moan, then he can be replaced, but probably not next year.

    I have always liked DJax, but he isn’t the only fish in the sea.

    • He deserves NOTHING! He just signed a new contract in 2012. If he doesn’t like it, too f^#@ing bad. If he pouts, & quits on the team again this time, he will be gone, after next year. His dead money goes significantly down, from $6,250,000- $4,000,000, after next year, & down to $2,000,000, after the next.

  • The Eagles owe DJAX nothing currently, he can be released any time and it costs them nothing. When he resigned only a year and a half was guaranteed. 2014 is year 3 of that contract and the rest of the contract is non guaranteed, that is what DJax wants renegotiated. He wants to go to mini-camps and training camp with guarantees. The Eagles will probable have to guarantee DJax another year and half going forward to quell this time bomb.

    • Wrong again e0! We owe him $6,250,000 of dead $$$$ if he is released, or traded. Get your facts straight.

      • nope, djax has that money in the bank that dead money is just accounting salary cap tricks.
        He gets $10 million to sign, along with a $750,000 base salary and a $250,000 workout bonus in 2012.

        In 2013, Jackson receives a $6.75 million base salary, $4 million of which is fully guaranteed. The other $2.75 million is guaranteed for injury only. He also will receive a $250,000 workout bonus, which increases the two-year take to $18 million.

        In 2014, Jackson will receive a base salary of $10.25 million, $250,000 of which is fully guaranteed and $250,000 of it is guaranteed for injury only. (Those guarantees go away if he receives the workout bonus in 2012 and 2013.) He also will be eligible for a $250,000 workout bonus.

        In 2015, the base salary will be $9.75 million, with a $250,000 workout bonus.

        And in 2016, the base salary will be $8.25 million, with a $250,000 workout bonus.

        Jackson also could earn up to $4 million in escalators, with $250,000 per year from 2012 through 2015 for making the Pro Bowl, $250,000 per year from 2012 through 2015 for 1,300 or more receiving yards, $250,000 per year from 2012 through 2015 for 10 or more receiving touchdowns, and $250,000 per year from 2012 through 2015 for Super Bowl wins.

        With the potential escalators, the total package is worth up to $51 million over five years.

        • You do not know WTF you are talking about! Direct from spotrac.com. The base salary, & cap hit, has nothing to do with the dead money, if he is traded, nor released. He has a prorated $2,000,000 signing bonus through 2016, plus an extra $250G in misc, bonus. All dead $$$$ if he is traded, or released. Get it right.

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            • …………………. /´¯/)
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              • WTF? Art class now?

          • nope. How Jeff Lurie chooses to spread out the “signing bonus” salary cap money has nothing to with the way Djax “receives” his money in his contract . The signing bonus was given to him the day he signed the contract. Your brain is being tripped up with salary cap figures on the signing bonus which was $10,000,00. Djax and Joe Banner removed the one year franchise tag designation of $8.5 million for a 5 year 51 million dollar contract with one and a half years guaranteed which is 15 million guaranteed which includes a $10,000,000 signing bonus.

  • Eagle NFL connections in Reid, Mornhingweg, Lazar, Grigson and Banner are all out there needing WR help In KC, NYJ, Miami, Colts, and Browns and are all familiar with Maclin and Cooper. Someone in the NFL is going to out bid the Eagles for either or both Maclin and Cooper.

  • This is for the draft followers, Dcar, Cliff etc. if Benjamin and Ealy are there at 22. Do you take Benjamin with the potential to make your offense Denverish or do you take Ealy with the potential to upgrade your pass rush? You know where I stand I’m taking Benjamin who would be a steal at 22.

    • Big, great question. I think we can better answer that question after free agency.

    • I’m taking Benjamin, as there are other OLB’s I think is more diverse than Ealy…I still don’t think he can cover….because I’ve never seen him do it. I’m waiting on Cliff to post the video footage of him doing it. I went to Ealy’s youtube highligh footaget…I figured it would be on there…but there is no cover footage of him. I still believe Ealy..like Clowney, are 43 guys. Now if Pryor and Benjam are both there, I would use the full time to decide that. I think I’d have to get my Safety though….Pryor.

      • I really like Benjamin Eagles but I have to agree if Pryor is there he’s the pick.

    • As much as I like Benjemin and a few other big receivers, I have to believe that the Birds will address the defense with thier 1st round pick. It is a good question, and a harder choice, but they really need to get this defense up to a level that will take it far in the playoffs. Defense.

      • Greenfan defense should be the pick. Chip Kelly is an offense guy you just know his thinking is better offense beats good defenses especially his offense.

        • BL I agree. I really do like Benjamin, and think he will be a great pro, but our defense has too many holes. Maybe we can go defense with the 1st & 2nd round picks and maybe get Alan Robinson from PSU. I think he might still be around, and he has good size and speed and really catches the ball like he owns it. He reminds me a little of Anquan Boldin, not quite as big a body, but catches the ball really well.

    • Me too Big. IMHO Ealy is not a fit in the 3-4 player. gmc, disagrees.

    • I take Ealy. I don’t think Benjamin will be a good pro….

      • I hear, and see what you guys like about him, but I don’t think you’ve paid attention to the deficiencies, and the negatives that will hurt him in the pros despite highlights you’ve seen. I keep telling you guys to look beyond the obvious…..

        • Cliff I hear you but that goes for every young kid that will be drafted. They all have deficiencies and negatives despite the highlights.

          • But, I am speaking specifically about Kelvin Benjamin.

            I’m not sure why you guys are so crazy about him, but I don’t see a superstar…I see a college superstar, like Johnny Manziel, who will struggle in the NFL.

            • What I like about Benjamin…catch radius, knows how to usehis body tp box out defenders. (I’m going tomake a new word up here…jumpability). Red zone threat, speed for a man his size, catches with his hands, long strider, size to be an effective blocker..Big people beat up little people. I know Benjamin has deficiencies, however, they can be corrected with coaching. With him, it’s not a physical or athletic issue, just coaching and experience.

              • Benjamin, in my opinion will be an NFL pro stud.

              • so over a 2-3 year period, he demonstrates you to be wrong….I can count on you appreciating what I see that you don’t…right fellas?

            • I see a physically superior athlete who from the time he stepped on the field to last year has done nothing but improve. His route running was much better and with NFL coaching will continue to get better.

              • ok Biggie……if you say so

  • What about taking a look at Hakeem Nicks and or Kenny Britt. They have the attributs that Chip likes. Big, Fast, Good Hands. Yes they also have some underachieving history and with Britt some baggage with off field stuff. But if Chip could make Cooper look like a real #2 receiver, imagine what he could do with these guys.

    Receiving core of Jackson, Nicks, and Britt. You never know.

    • Nicks is going SOuth back to the Carolinas and play for the Panthers who will overpay for him… Britt may end up on Jets, but has so much baggage
      that he will have to accept a 1 year Deal to see if he is mature enough andcommitted to play for anyone.. Eagles could take a glyer on him and probably could get him on the cheap.. just not sure you can count on either one of the Players any longer though I do expect a bounce back for Nicks for the Panthers..

      • The only FA receiver I like is Bowdin: He’s a champ, physical and would be a good fit here.

        Paulman, you would know more about the money aspect.

  • gmcliff
    January 31, 2014 – 1:05 pm
    I am looking forward to the combine fellas

    This is why i turn to GMC for draft news…. ‘looking forward’ to fat guys run the 40 and guys seeing how high they can jump….ZZZZZzzzzzzz!!!!!

    • It’s an acquired taste Ciggy….LOL!!

  • DJax on The View today. Djax was on the set today with the kid who was bullied 3 years ago. The kid talked about after Djax intervened in his life he got a scholarship to a private school. Djax kept in touch with him and fly him to LA for the ESPYs. They were reunited in the media today on The View and the kid is doing well. He is striving to be a lawyer. DJax then proceeded to give the kid who is now 17 to SB tickets. This is the shit fans dont normally hear about.

    • But Dag wait he cursed on his rap album, he’s a thug. LMAO

    • Nor do they want to hear or talk about it because it contradicts their irrational opinion of him as a person. You won’t hear them say a word about it if they do know because some people only take pleasure in belittling and denegrating others.

      • Djax gets hot chicks! I remember this bullying thing good for him! My biggest issue with him was the quitting and pouting and publicly whining about money!

        • I don’t care orconcern myself with the whole pouting or whining about money. I’m only concerned about on the field performance. I think the quitting on the team thing is a little over hyped. What Dez Bryant did this year …leaving the field of play with time remaining on the clock is quitting on his team IMO.

          • His performance was piss poor when he pouted! So by your logic you thought he was a dick that year?

            • I disagree that his performance was piss poor. Did it effect him….yes, so did other factors. It’s not my place to judge him, nor call him names as I don’t know him…so who am I to do that. Like I said, I don’t care about all that stuff, that’s for the coach and GM to deal with. What’s me bitchin about it gonna do and why should I get worked up about it? If he is slouching…bench him and deal with it in a proper fashion….next man up. If not, let him play his game.

  • It has to be done!

    “You can put me in all the quarterback battles you want to put me in, I just don’t think I would lose one,” he said. “Not saying that out of arrogance, just saying it with confidence because I know what it takes to win. I’ve been playing in this league for 11 years, and the one thing I won’t do, I won’t go to any other place and battle for a position. Why would I do that?”

    • Vick the greatest red shirt practice field and shorts QB in Eagle history

  • And…

    “Battling with Nick [Foles] last year was great, it was good, friendly and healthy competition, but I couldn’t focus on the season and what was to come.

    So what’s that? He sucked (as usual) BECAUSE of the competition? Hmmmm…didn’t seem to affect the guy he was competing against.

  • I I I I I I I I I I

    “I’m not going to sit and be a waste of talent. I know nobody is looking at it like that but I’d feel like I didn’t maximized my opportunities if I didn’t go out and pursue that.”

    Oh, he won’t “sit and be a waste of talent”. Ottawa needs an influx of talent, being an expansion team and all.

    There’s Vick, throwing his coaches under the bus….they didn’t get him ready for the season.

    Guy just can’t help himself.

    • let it go vin, that bum is some other city’s problem now.

    • Vinnie what you do with your time when he goes away? Are you going to their blogs to keep up your hobby?

      • I don’t know.

        In the past week I’ve posted on Ertz being better than GMCliff gives him credit for, how the Eagles will take another Olineman with their first pick, on Jennifer Jones and Canada’s woman’s curling team, and on how JJs Defenses were too blitz happy which was their downfall against good QBs….

        No play on any of them.

        How dull…..couple Vick posts and some action.

        I have no idea what I’ll do on here without Vick…its going to be pretty damn boring.

  • Vick still has his “won fair and square” fan club in Philly

  • “I know what it takes to win” … 2 things about this quote… Mikes biggest problem is that he starts too many sentences wit ‘I’ and two he is 34-36 in his last 6 seasons. Dude doesn’t know how to win!

  • That’s all great about djax, the story of his father too, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t perform as a pro, and he can’t, he’s undersized, bad attitude, contract talks already, he’s not Foles man

    Show him the door via trade

    • Every player is not going to be the perfect guy like Beaver Cleaver…You’re going to have some Eddie Haschal’s too. But everyone’s got a role to play. DJax isn’t goinng anywhere. Just because someone does not fit into your idea as to what the perfect player is doesn’t mean he’s not team Eagle worthy. He had the best year in his career and Foles was throwing him the ball. They don’t have to hang out singing Kumbaya….Foles just needs to pitch and DJax catch and run. All team mates aren’t all buddy buddy. Over 1300 yards is performing!!!

    • He can’t perform? Really? I guess I watched a different team this year… He performed quite well

  • Whats good eagles family…Im hearing a rumor that Maclin signed a 2 yr deal…anybody else hearing this??? i hope for one that this is true…

  • Ertz (especially for GMCliff)

    What exactly are your expectations for a rookie TE??

    Here are the first seasons of Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates, Rob Gronkowski, Shannon Sharpe, Tony Gozalez and Zach Ertz in no particular order….

    31 for 356 5td
    24 for 389 2td
    33 for 368 2td
    7 for 99 1 td (and only 22 for 322 1 td in his 2nd year – hint: he’s in the HOF)
    42 for 546 10 tds
    36 for 469 4td

    Though I’m sure they were all excellent, excellent blockers in their first NFL season but Ertz isn’t – give me a break.

    Ertz was a very good pick and his first year production is right in line with other very productive NFL TEs of the modern era…..oh, and that’s mostly with a QB playing his first 16 starts…

    Why exactly are you complaining about Ertz again?

    • Could care less about Statistics. Ertz isn’t in the same league as those you mentioned talent or heart wise. Your analogy is irrelevant to me. He is not one of those players.

      Shannon Sharpe, is a HOFamer, because he proved himself year in , and year out. Ertz has proven nothing accept every time he catches a ball, he has a following that thinks he had a career like Kellen Winslow.

      Most of You were bias from the start with Ertz being drafted; You felt he was a superstar in the making without catching one ball in the NFL.

      No disrespect, I just don’t see it. I’m not complaining about Ertz. I’m refuting your crowning him a potential star, without allowing his career speak for itself.

      Vinnie, I will tell you most on here did the same thing with Brandon Graham, and even Trent Richardson; and with some of the draft prospects coming into the NFL as well. You put all your eggs in one basket because your so sure about what you think…..and then find out it’s all for nothing…

      Stop talking to me about what he is going to be, and let his seasons speak for itself, because at this point, he hasn’t accomplished anything. Again nothing personal, and no complaints. I just don’t see the superstar you rave about.

      You guys fall in love with a prospect every year and when it’s proven he’s a dud….I don’t hear anything from you…so just relax, on what he is going to be. Let his play speak for itself AS HE DEVELOPS. I’m telling you , if it turns out like I think it will, you guys will have every excuse in the book…..

      • Stop throwing Statistics at me. Trent Richardson, had over 1,300 yards the first year I said he was nothing special. The next year, where did all those stats go…with a better team!!!????

        Sometimes scheme, and the presence of the talent around you, make those stats seem like your more talented than you really are…….stats don’t always tell the whole story.

        • Who cares about Trent Richardson? Did we sign him? Draft him? You draft elitist crack me up! Best I can tell in the nfl there is NO SUCH THING as a luxury pick. I can’t predict ertz to the hall of fame but I do predict a very very good and productive career

          • No one here said Ertx was going to the HOF. Many of us think that he is going to have a productive career for the Eagles. A very good one. And that he was a good 2nd round pick. I mean its not like they used a top 10 on the guy.

            You, for whatever reason, disagree, comparing him to busts like Finley or Cook (both with off the field issues).

            Just grumbly because he wasn’t “your guy” or whatever.

            I mean seriously….WTF do you expect from a first year TE? 70, 80 catches?

            What exactly would he have had to do to get the awesome GMCliff seal of approval. (my feeling is nothing. You didn;t like the choice, so he will suck forever in your view I suppose)

            As I pointed out, he compares very very favourably to other highly touted TEs in their first years.

            I expect him to improve for next year, you feel that he was a waste of a pick who will regress.

            You will be proven wrong.

            • and Vinnie with all due respect…I’ll be waiting to be proven wrong.

              BTW, no one said Ertz would suck,

              ……and that also has nothing to do with not being “my guy” and you know it. What I said to you in reference to Ertz, made sense, but because I don’t see it like you do…you continue to belabor the point….respectfully…I disagree with you Vinnie. Point blank

          • Based on what?

            • Base on what Ciggy, do you predict a very, very, good and productive career???? Based on what??

              BTW, regardless of whether of Trent Richardson was drafted by us, or not, my analogy makes a good point…You never know, so I would temper the expectations

              • I base my opinion on what I have seen this far out of him. His athleticism, hands etc. I think he is a top TE in the next year or two. You base your negativity on what? Your stubbornness? I love the term that either you or DCAR throw around… Luxury pick hahahaha…it’s called the freaking NFL…no such thing bro! Aaron Rogers was a luxury pick hahahaha

              • Actually, DCar is the only person between us to us the term luxury pick. You won’t find one post by me using that term. So if you want to talk to him about that be my guest…It has nothing to do with me.

                So. your opinion is based on an assumption? In other words, you assume he will be a top 2 TE, in the next 2 years right? Based on your anamouration of his production both in college, and his rookie year? That’s what your saying right?

                Okay,…if he does, I will be the first person to admit I was wrong, But, I don’t want to hear any excuse from you, or any sarcastic responses, when it turns out he just another player, whose skills were overstated, and hung out to dry, on the clothes line of overblown expectations……I say he’ll be okay, and nothing really special.

  • Jeff Lurie speaks at Superbowl about Nick Foles. I am on board with Foles moving forward but the rest of the country including Jeff Lurie isn’t. If The Colts president was asked if Luck is the future would he say this? If Pete Carroll is asked about Russell Wilson would he say this? If Manning, Brady, Brees, Rogers were asked would there owners say this? I just don’t understand why even the owner would say this. From Birds 24/7. Jeff Lurie answers question.

    Is Foles the guy moving forward deep into the future?

    “Well he’s been great. What a first year-and-a-half with Nick. Spectacular. Real smart, poised, wants to be great. Great teammate, great leader. He’s got a lot going for him, but you know in the NFL you’ve got to compete at all times. But he’s had a great first year-and-a-half.”

    You can spin it anyway you want but that does not sound like a convincing endorsement.

    • You would think Lurie would say hell yeah we have a great young QB and he is our QB of the future. We are very lucky to have him and we look forward to Nick being here for the next 12 years. No well he has to compete every year but he has had a great 1 1/2 years. my goodness. lol

    • Actually it sounds exactly like what the ravens were saying about flacco during the last year of his rookie contract! No owner pre-negotiation is going to come out in the press and say ‘yeah the guy is a top 3 qb’…do you understand the business part even a little?
      Actually Luries comments were about as glowing as any owner would be coming into a contract year….understand we are talking tens of millions of dollars. If Foles has even close to the same kind of year he had last year he is signing for flacco money…

      • So if he endorses him he will have to pay him more. So if he doesn’t endorse him he wont have to pay him more. Hmmmm makes sense thanks for explaining the business part haveacigar. lol

        • You don’t gush over a player during contract negotiations …you don’t give his agent ammunition to use against you! Go back and see what the ravens ownership was saying its business dipshit

          • Oh sorry haveacigar didnt know they were in negotiations. You so smart!

            • You didn’t know that? You don’t realize that Foles has one more year on his $750k rookie contract and his next contract will range from $20 M guaranteed to like $60 M? …that’s a serious difference

              • Doesn’t Foles have 2 more Years on his a Rookie 4Year Deal which is standard Length of an NFL Contract by Drafted Players
                I believe it’s after Year 3 that a Club can then Offer an Extension if they choose, but not before 3 Years of Service in the NFL,
                I could be wrong on this, but anyone else know or could confirm..

              • You are correct .. I misread his contract he makes $800 in 15! Point is Lurie knows a big payday is coming for Foles .. The negotiation is all about the guaranteed money!

      • Jeff Lurie watches TV Nelson ratings —
        Garcia ratings plummented when McNabb got hurt.
        Vick ratings doubled when he replaced Kolb and dipped when Foles replaced him 2012.
        Nick Foles had weak ratings until that Oakland game then Kaboom everyone in the Nation was watching !!
        Nick Foles and Chip Kelly sell — NBC featured them nationally and were rewarded and kept going back to them. ( SF vs Sea. sells better but Foles/Kelly is a ratings winner)

        • With the nfl tv contract ratings don’t matter all that much.

          • what? everything has a price tag on it – Jerry Jones,Robert Kraft, and Jeff Lurie make 5 to 10 times the amount of money Oakland, Cincinnati, Tampa, and Detroit make

            • No they don’t.

              TV revenue (majority of revenue) is shared equally.
              All Merchandising NFL licensed products are shared evenly
              Gate receipts are split 60% home team – 40% to everyone else
              Even playoff gates are shared

              Only luxury box and concession revenue is kept by the home team….


              The latest CBA imposed a ‘luxury tax” on the higher earning clubs, and a good chunk of that $$ is also taken and distributed to the lower earning clubs.

            • TV revenue is shared bro! They do make more but the difference is peanuts! Foles tv image means absolutely nothing to lurie

              • if you think the Oakland Raiders made even remotely close to the amount of money as the Dallas Cowboys you are clueless –
                Cam Newton is a cash cow to Carolina —

              • remove Aaron Rodger from Green Bay and insert to Minnesota and a massive amount of revenue leaves one city and enters another

  • Vinnie these owners are in collusion to make money

    Vick was sent to the eagles because that’s where he would enhance all the owners profits

    Thats why he couldn’t go to where he wanted to start. Buffalo, no dollars there

    That’s why Reid was told to reverse his decision that Kolb was the starter

    Anyone who thinks nfl playing time is strictly based on ability is not watching, listening close eenough

    The nfl is becoming the wwe

    • Jake you lose any and all points when you bring up that stiff Kolb.

    • Dude as the Floyd once sang…”the lunatic is in your head”
      The guys in white coats are stopping by your house once they grab up songs

  • Stay in a fog cigar, it’s better for your mental health , being enlightened isn’t easy

    Big, he turned out to be a stiff, but you missed the point, Reid wasted to start Vick by lurie, Vick coming to Philly was orchestrated by the owners

    • But here is the point Jake, once Vick got injured and Foles played well and trust me even if he would have had multiple interception games Vick wasn’t getting back onto the field revenue be damned.

    • You’re correct, Jake.

  • Kolb was Reid’s qb

  • Same thing will happen when the Eagles. Sign Tim Tebow this Spring to compete for a back-up QB with Barkley..
    Let the Holy Rollers begin.. Good Grief!!!

  • If the religious types were into football no doubt Tebow would still be playing, no money in the religious right

    Tebow is better than Pryor and others

  • Jake, with his the owners work together to make $$ and that the NFL wanted vick in Philly, makes a much better argument than the “Lurie wanted more $$” argument.

    The NFL makes the $$ (on all tickets, merchandising, and TV revenue) then divides it EVENLY to every team. Any team that makes more from luxury box or consession revenue is TAXED and that $$ given to the teams that earn less from these streams. Revenue for each team is basically EVEN.

    They even pool all their $$ into a fund now so that the teams with shitty stadiums can build new ones enhancing EVERYONE’s revenue.

    What is so hard to understand???

    I agree with Jake on this…..Vick was a much better sell – for the LEAGUE – in Philly than he would have been in Buffalo. The LEAGUE (not Lurie) sold a hell of a lot more Eagles jerseys with ‘Vick’ on the back then they ever would have sold in Buffalo. That much is absolutely clear. God, there are still delusional Philly fans who think the guy is a competent QB….they’d root for him if he went 13 and 17 with 27 interceptions and 25 fumbles over his last 30 games….oh wait….shit, that’s what he did and they still love him.

    Jake may be on to something!

    • Vinnie I believe every thing you wrote – but it still doesn’t matter –
      Partnerships are formed with the Eagles and Xfinity, Lincoln Financial, 94wip, Acme, Coke, US Airways, Verizon and that money is not shared and are based solely on TV viewership. That logo on a sheet behind the coach’s press conference is not shared revenue. Eagles stadium being called Lincoln Financial Field is not shared.

      • Your are correct 0 bowls as a matter of fact it was a big deal about Jerry Jones deal with coke or Pepsi through his stadium deal so he didn’t have to share that revenue.

  • At the end of the Day,as in all Sports,Business,Politics and almost everything else under the Sun is this, “Just Win,Baby”
    Everything else it seems, is irrelevant… In today’s dumbing-down of our Society..

  • It’s more than just winning paulman you need a brand that sells, foles performance this year brought him above that standard, but they are selling his brand now on the national media tour

    All your scouting don’t mean shit

  • You can’t sustain a “Brand” without Winning Jake,
    Maybe the Big Market Teams like in NY,LA
    And even the Cowboys can sustain and still grow their Brands,
    But who in the US outside a 250 Mile of Seahawks could name
    5 Players on their Roster 2/3 Years ago,
    That’s right, almost no one.. Look at the Raiderd, who have a long and strong Tradition, who knows anybody from that Team in the last
    10 years or Buffalo, Clevekand, etc,etc
    By Winning, you enhance the Brand which just
    Gets bigger & bigger..Start losing consistently,
    And nobody cares who you are outside of a few diehard local Fans

  • And yes, my Scouting still matters..

  • You are a good scout paulman

    • All joking aside, I try to be, Football is a passion of mine,
      And when looking at Colkege Prospects, I try
      To think of the Pkayers that fit the Eagles Schemes and Team Personality and of course trends which became kind of obvious under AR last
      5 years, but with Chip, I am still learning what he likes though I think we all have a pretty good idea of what he wants in a Football Player.
      He wants them long (tall), fast , tough and versatile
      So as I go thru the Pkayers and their Rankings by Position
      I try to keep this at the forefront..
      This Draft will be very interesting as well as important to build upon the Success of last year..
      I have to believe that they go Defense with 3 of their first 4 Selections
      And I am Stsrting to lean at Safety Calvin Pryor at #22 because I believe more than anyone Position on the Eagles that needs major upgrading is tge a Safety Position and Jelly wants a big Safety back there to compete with the big WR’s & TE’s that are common place in the NFL anymore
      Pryor at 6-2″-216lbs and who will fill out to 225lbs by Year 2/3 very easily and could be that Player Kelly really wants..
      Free Agency will really tell the tale of the Eagles Draft
      If they Re-sign both Cooper & Maclin,
      Then WR is less of a Priority, if they only sign 1 or neither,
      Then WR becomes a high Draft need

  • Hey gmcliff…. I thought russell wilson wasnt going to make the NFL.. WTF were u thinking .. and DCAR suck my dick

    • GM said that? Hahaa im seriously not surprised… No offense GM

      • What are you talking about JH?….

        • GM, you said Russell Wilson wasn’t going to make the NFL?

          • I did, and he proved me wrong…so what?….I have no credibility for one , or two prospects out of what 40 – 50?…Please JH, …spare me the boring posts

            • GM relax bro, its okay if your wrong man. It does prove my point that I made a few days ago about your suspect “evaluations” haha

              • That’s BS Jon Hart,,…,It’s 1 – one player – out of hundreds of evaluations, where a greater amount of what you call suspect evaluations have been correct.

                You haven’t PROVEN anything.

                and to be frank, you, e0s, or Ciggy can’t touch me in terms of identifying talent. You chumps, very often go with your heart – no pun intended – with no insight…

                Your wrong all the time, in who you feel are potential players, but you want to magnify my evaluations of Russell Wilson, and Luke Kuechly, to make yourselves look smarter – reality check you’re not..

    • The same thing that the other Gm’s that didn’t draft him thought…

      I’m not shamed by two players that excelled in the last 3 years….What else you got Llarwd???……You’ve been leaning on that for 3 years now, and needs to lean on him, because you know, you’ll never be so lucky…and I still don’t think he’s all that great…I think Seattle as a team is great as a unit.

      • Cliff , let me ask you. If Russell Wilson was on the Eagles…would the Eagles have won the Superbowl today?….I know the answer…what’s your’s…someone on here said the Eagles would have.

        • NO..OUR DEFENSE STINKS…He wasn’t the difference in this game- although he was the MVP; Your usual politics…My answer is no Eagle.

          • Exactly…no way!

    • Excuse me Mr. MENSA? You never saw me rip Wilson. Don’t know what drug you are smoking! BTW, get your faggot boyfriend, to suck your dick! I’m a real man, with a beautiful wife of 25 years, not a little fag, that lies about being in the MENSA club! Stuff it in your @$$ punk!

  • Wilson is good larrwd but manning is the difference right now, he stinks

  • Eagles are not good enough as a Team Yet
    They could Play the Seahawks,49ers,Saints, Bronco & Pats 10 Games each
    And be lucky to win 10 of the 50 Games Played
    Seahawks are young, have a 2nd Year QB
    A dynamic Player in Percy Harvin who basically played 1 Game this year
    The will lose the Following Players this Off-Season who will Cash in and move own
    CB Briwner Suspended for 2014
    CB Thurmond will sign a big Deal elsewhere
    DL M Bennett will move on
    DE C Clemons will move on
    OLB B Schofield will move on
    WR G Tate will move on

    QB R Wilson will get better,
    WR P Harvin will give them that Game-breaker
    They will OL, TE, another Lb & CB in the Draft and keep rolling

  • Lucky ? I picked wilson ty hilton wagner kendrick foles .. Im fucking god on this site…

    • So you picked 2 QB’s from the 2012 Draft
      Are you sure about that and maybe you are a member of the
      “Mensa Hair Club for Men” GTFOH….

      • Llarrwd, your lying through your typed teeth…I asked you for a year who else you mocked besides Wilson, and for a year you were silent, because you had nothing……

        Say what you want but the GCobb family knows who the players on this site are for insight on players…..I don’t sweat your mocking me. I know I’m good.

        Why don’t you switch gears an give me my props for all the hits, like the probowlers, and the recent all ROOKIE TEAM instead of riding Russell Wilson for the rest of your life.

        btw, Lane Johnson wasn’t even voted 2nd Team All Rookie team…he wasn’t voted anything; he wasn’t acknowledged at all.

        • Larrwd- great picks-
          GMCliff- you are no better or no worse than anyone else- you are average just like everyone here ( the only difference is you are a louder self promoter)

          • These are players that I have identified as impact players in the NFL, in the last 3 drafts:

            Justin Houston, Dontari Poe, Vontaze Burfict, Patrick Peterson, Colin Kaepernick, Marcus Cannon, Byron Maxwell, Bobby Wagner, Whitney Mercilus (took Connor Barwins spot), Vinny Curry, Kelechi Osemele, LaVonte David, Trumaine Johnson, Brandon Brooks, Demario Davis, Akiem Hicks, Nigel Bradham, Josh Norman, Devon Wylie, Ziggy Ansah, Sheldon Richardson, Jamie Collins, Star Loululei, Jamie Collins, Jonathan Cyprien, DJ Fluker (Should have been an Eagle instead of Lame), Larry Warford, Sio Moore, Blidi Wreh Wilson, Blair Walsh, Marcus Cooper, Damien Stafford, Ty Powell, Aaron Mellette, Keenan Allen, Montori Hughes, DaRick Rogers, and Cornelius Wahington.

            Are there some misses maybe, but not fully determined, but as you can see a lot more hits than misses. Paul, Dcar, and Others can testify that these players were identified in consistent mocks, by GMCliff.

            Some of these names, some on here never heard of before the combines, and the Senior Bowls, but were identified as Major Talents, before the end of their seasons the year prior, by GMCliff. Other than Pau, and DCar, I didn’t hear a word from most with any insight into the talent available.

            This year : Khalil Mack, Kony Ealy, Austin Safarian-Jenkins, Antonio Richadson, Gabe Jackson, Kyle Fuller, Jeremiah Attaochu, Paul Richardson, Jimmy Garrappolo, Cyril Richardon, Logan Thomas, Daniel McCullers, Andrew Jackson, Pierre Desir, Walt Aikens, Ethan Westbrooks, Aaron Lynch, Jeremiah George, Cory Washington, La’el Collins, and Nickoe Whitley.

            These players may, or may not be drafted by Howie, but will still have very good careers, and could all be helpful, and productive for the Eagles……

            I want to hear from my critics who they have identified, so I can make a record of your selections, before the Combine, and the draft itself, so I can hear how good you are…..So, lets have it fellas; show me how good you are. or do you all yield to Howie?

            • Oh, and you cannot select ANYONE that I have already identified….best to you….LOL!!!

            • didn’t you trade all your draft picks away last year for Mantie T’eo whom you predicted would go no lower than pick 8?

              • Manti Te’o was a JH Pick –
                GMCliff, Dcar & I all thought and stated that Te’o was overrated
                and a marginal NFL Starting Player at Best, if my memory serves me well..

              • GMCliff spewed from October 2012 to January 2013 how great Manti T’eo was and it wasn’t until Alabama ran him over that the nonsense about trading 2014 and 2015 first round draft picks to acquire T’eo stopped — GMClueless knows exactly what I’m writing about–
                The result are in for 2013 – GMClueless hand picked head coach Gus Bradley was a bust ( additionally Seahawks better without him) and his 2 whipping boys ( Chip Kelly and Mike McCoy made the playoffs )

              • Maybe your right EOSB..
                I don’t recall everyones past Posts 100% like some of you do…
                All I do know, was that I was not a supporter of LB Manti Teo’ very much and stated early on that he would drop into the 2nd Round which he did.. I just never thought he was big enough or strong enough to be an Impact, Inside NFL LB and still don’t

              • Wrongman Fraudman, I never said Teo would be a top 10 pick or a pro bowl player. All I said was that the Ravens would draft him towards the end of the first as a future replacement for Ray Lewis (which in hindsight should have been their pick, that defense seriously struggled because they have no leader in the middle of that defense, then you watch the chargers excel defensively towards the end of the year, make the playoffs and won a game) And I wasn’t far off at all..

              • i agree JHm, you said Teo’ would be a late 1st Roudner and stated without a doubt that the Ravens would select him if he was still on the Board when they got to Select at #32 to replace Ray Lewis or possible even move up a few Spots to ensure that they got their man..
                I correctly stated that the Ravens would be not be interested in him with their 1st Rond Pick for Teo’s simply did not grade out as a 1st Round Prospect..
                I was right, you were wrong… No big deal JH, it’s not the first time nor will it be the last time, You like Teo’ which is fine,
                I just don’t believe he has starting Talent for the NFL..

              • So fraudman don’t come off like I was so high on Manti Teo. We all know that your wrong the majority of the time, but don’t try and put me in the same category your known to be in..

                SN: Teo was in the playoffs starting in the middle of that Chargers defense, where were the Ravens and that terrible defense? I’ll let you answer that..

              • Jon hart

                April 24, 2013 – 8:40 pm

                **Early Draft Buzz News**
                Some shocking news I received today from my superior sources, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to trade up from 32nd overall all the way into the top 10 anywhere from 4-10 in an effort to take OT Lane Johnson.
                My Thoughts: Will this happen? It would be rather difficult for them to pull this off, but if they call the Eagles at 4 and Johnson is there and the Ravens offer players and or picks, do they Birds turn that down? This will be very interesting to see so stay tuned..

                great source hahahaaaa

              • Jon Hart
                April 25, 2013 – 11:05 am

                This is what I think they will do, the Birds will look to trade back and acquire more picks. A trade with the Jets is a possibility. Then the Birds will have 2 firsts. With the first pick I see them selecting either Star, Jordan or Joeckel if he falls. Then in a shocker the Birds will select Geno Smith with the 2nd first round pick they will get… You heard it here first

              • Joeckel or Lane Johnson, then Geno with there 2nd 1st rounder. They will address both offense and defense in the first round. Heard it here first.. “JH has spoken”

              • Jon predicted the eagles would trade the 4 for the jets 9 and 13 and take Luke Joekel at 9 and geno smith at 13


              • Jon hart:

                April 25, 2013 – 2:40 pm

                Everyone needs to keep this in mind, Chip Kelly obviously doesnt mind having former players on his roster or guys his coaches are familiar with. That brings me to more of my speculation that the Birds could very well select former Oregon standout star and former player under Chip Kelly Dion Jordan with their first pick. It makes sense, a guy that Chip knows very well and a guy who could possibly be in the same mold as an Aldon smith who Tom Gamble had a hand in drafting when he was part of the niners staff. When I see Jordan I see alot of Aldon Smith, that new hybrid type of OLB/DE. I have a strong feeling that Gamble sees the same thing… Then, if he falls, they go Geno with their 2nd first rounder or Tavon Austin.. This of course will be possible by them trading that 4th overall pick to one of the lower teams like the Jets or Dolphins etc etc..
                Btw, both Dion Jordan and Dee Milliner will start camp on the pup list so both will drop in the draft.. Stay tuned

              • hart also called paulman a racist because paulman thought geno smith would be an nfl bust

              • no….and I addressed that with you last year…You took an early prediction during the year and tried to hold me to it..after months of adjusted mocks…so no I didn’t trade it for Manti Te’o’

              • You are totally inaccurate…Go find those post with the dates, and when you find it…Shut up…because you’re wrong

                You do notice you’re the only one saying that?

              • My question is… are you, Ciggy, JH, Vinnie, LLawrd, and others going to accept my challenge?

                I haven’t seen any one of you jump to accept my challenge, sense we are all equal in talent evaluation …right?

                Let’s go cowards!!! I going to shut that mouth this year. Who are your prospects for this years draft?

                no mock drafts, just a list of prospects, what positions they play, and what schools they attend…

                I’m making it easy for you. Not a draft based on what Howie did his draft, or how GMCliff would do it…but just a list of Prospects that you see as potential impact…..So, lets hear it!!!

              • BTW, This why I recommend you to go back, and read my article. You spew things based on your obsession of trying to discredit me, which hasn’t worked.

                My article flat out states hat my first Choice was Bill O’Brian. But because he was staying at Penn State, my next choice was Gus Bradley..

                I didn’t like Chip Kelly as our coach because of the history of success of College coaches, coming to the NFL….Most were suspicious of him…That being said, I think Chip is a very good coach, and the right man for he job…I have been convinced, and I can admit that

              • Thank you for posting those JH Quotes Big Mhenski!!!

                This is why I want you critical guys to respond to my challenge so Paul, Dcar, myself, and others can call you on the carpet when necessary, and point out your lack of so-called knowledge….

                I’m waiting……

              • mHitler, what exactly did that prove? I gave my news from my source as always, and I said the eagles may trade back and get Geno or Austin. That was one of many things I heard and said. I never projected anyone as being a future superstar or a bust. What you posted didn’t show anything but that you have too much time on your hands oldman…


              • gm, why are you acting like a maniac? Chill out bro. You projected Russell Wilson to go undrafted, big deal, a bad miss but not anything to lose sleep over..

              • figure if ur going to attack people for a mistake in draft analysis or player analysis I might as well prove how dumb u and ur sources are.

                to summarize:

                you had geno smith as a first rounder – wrong ur stupid
                you thought Joekel would drop to 9th or lower – wrong ur stupid
                u thought eagles would trade the 4 for the jets 9 and 13 -wrong your stupid
                your “sources” (more than one) said ravens were gonna trade up – wrong you are stupid and you don’t have sources
                you thought Austin would drop to the 2nd – wrong your stupid
                you said Jordan and Milner would drop – wrong your stupid
                you called paulman a racist because he said geno smith wasn’t gonna be good- wrong Paul’s not a racist, you have some kinda weird race obsession and geno blows

              • and that’s just a sample of how stupid you are. everyone laughs at you when you post. nobody respects you , your opinion , and your “sources” that are always wrong or report 45 minutes after the whole world already knows. ur the biggest joke on here outside of songs and kool and everyone knows it but you.

                thanks for the comedy though. I love laughing at you. I also love laughing at others laughing at you. I also love that you don’t understand that everyone laughs at you. it’s great, your great. keep up the bit

              • JH, I’m not concerned about Russell Wilson. I still say he’s not that good. ….and trust me I’m not losing sleep over anything said negatively about me.

                This is about shutting up guys who love to criticize, but don’t have any knowledge them selves, including guys who claim to have sources…that aren’t sources. Perhaps their sources can help them identify talent.

                Are you going to answer the challenge. This is especially for Eagles0Superbowls.

                Do you notice fellas how silent they are? Silence can be very loud. It also can be a confession….I want you to step up.

              • GM, the kid just won the superbowl lastnight for goodness sakes. The only flaw in your evaluations is when a guy that you said stunk turns out to be a player you still stick to your previous evaluations which doesn’t make any sense.. Im not here challenging you cliff, just try to adjust your stance a bit and be more realistic, esp after you’ve been proven wrong. No offense to you buddy, your actually one of the guys I enjoy reading on here, there aren’t many..

              • Wrong JH, The Seattle Seahawks TEAM, won the SuperBowl…

    • WOW, now you are God? First your were in the MENSA club, now you are the Almighty! The delusional, imbeciles, & retards, never cease to amaze me on this site, with their assclownery! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • The Seahawks saved their best game for last. What a year. They will be right back in the hunt next season.. How about the coaching job that Pete Carroll did?! If this guy isn’t one of the best coaches ever then who is.. This guy has won on every level. Outcoached John Fox. He has an extremely young team but their also hungry as heck.. This team is made up of 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th round some undrafted players that have a chip on their shoulders looking to prove something. they’ve built their careers off of this..(But both of their safeties were drafted in that 2010 draft early)

    I like how the Seahawks act like they’ve been here before, they’re very nonchalant, almost like they expected this.. They will be in the hunt again next year…

    • I believe Cam Chancellor was a 4th Round Pick
      Of Seattle, maybe a 3rd (the extra pick the Eagles sent them in the Brandon Graham a Deal perhaps)…. What a Steal
      I remember a few if us talking about Chancellor out of Virginia Tech during the lead up to that Draft..

      • Kam was actually a 5th round pick, 133rd. 21 of the 53 players on Seattle are undrafted guys. So its not all about getting high picks all the time. Your team needs to have an identity. Fast, aggressive, tough, and smart as heck. Everyone either on the defensive side or the offensive side know situations, realize what the opposing team is trying to do. Also superior coaching plays a huge role and Pete Carroll is one of the best all time on any level..

        Now when it comes to the safeties position I say if you want a future probowl type then you gotta snag him early in round 1. Calvin Pryor may be long gone when the Eagles pick. Teams are watching what Kam Chancellor did at 6’3 225, fast smart aggressive play. And let me not even mention Earl Thomas (what a terrible decision the eagles made passing on this guy).. Let’s get this position righted once and for all.. Just draft two young guys.. draft two young guys or sign Ward or Byrd then draft a young guy.. At this point I want them to draft two young guys and let them grow together in this defense similar to what Seattle did..

        There are so many holes in our secondary to address.. some may disagree but I want two new corners as well… Williams and Fletcher arent the fastest guys, and they get flagged alot for holding because they are trying to slow the WR down and prevent him from flying pass them. Theyre always getting beat, and theyre not the youngest guys either. Williams is almost 30 and Fletcher is 28. Time to get two young corners, tall/long fast aggressive cover guys that can tackle too.. Any guy they draft will be 6ft and taller, nomore smurfs..

      • I remember that Paul, and Foles as well…

  • eagles I said IF he is a team distraction which is like a cancer for a team cut it out.hes been here 5 seasons mac gets hurt and he has 1 big yr out of 5 please give me a break and stop the bullshit eagles I aint calling him a thug just saying the way it is so stop being a fukin martyr 4 him and yourself! The guy is undersized wr that shows up when mediocre dudes cover him and disappears with good physical dbs tired watching him catch a pass run to sideline,or drop to ground scared to get hit, no yacs now he wants his contract restructured after this 1 seasonhey aint my money do the deal then but all i’m saying is i never thought he was atypical all around complete receiver the whole package mentally and physically my opinion short and sweet you dont like it then dont read it big guy!

    • It’s not about whether I like what you posted…it’s just my response to your post. Get over yourself. How would I know whether I liked what you typed unless I read it. I don’t recall criticizing any of your previous post so I think you are a little premature in your remark.If you can’t take being critiqed, then perhaps it is you who should not post on GCOBB, as your gutteral response to my response to you demonstrates a fragile ego of childlike emotion on your behalf. I think the word martyr is a bit extreme…perhaps an advocate. All the cursing is unnecessary Don…it just makes me question your vocabulary…or maybe lack there of. Short and sweet….stop whining and deliver a cogent and concise argument. You made some points…but in your attempt to be a keyboard gangsta, your message becomes less effective. Save that nonsense for someone else. I laugh at that keyboard gangsta machismo, as I am underwhelmed by your potty post. Use your intellect with me Don….this isn’t the WWE!

  • Jon hart how old are you, seriously, you sound like my children with unauthorized Internet access, breaking news this, bullshit predictions, do you realize what a clown you sound like

    Go to school, learn some history, study the civil war perhaps, get some perpective on life

  • Man you know what some dudes on here has much too much time on their hands. Cliff I would love to throw some names at you for comparison sake but damn this is ridiculous. I watch football because I enjoy it I played it coached and have evaluated it. Everyone has their own opinions about who can and can’t play personally it doesn’t take me but a game to know who can and can’t play. Jake kiss my ass I was wrong about Foles. LOL but I can admit that just like I wasn’t in love with Chip Kelly. Here is a prediction for eveyone who laughed at the season Gus Bradley had here in Jacksonville, they will be GOOD sooner then later because he can flat out coach his ass off.

    • I wasn’t really referring to you Biggie; My Friend….

      I talking to the finger pointers, and GMCliff Criticizers..E0S, Ciggy, Llwrd, and to a small degree JH.

      Biggie a lot of us, and media, had concerns about Kelly coming from College. I love Chip Kelly’s innovation, and think he has what it takes, to lead us to a SuperBowl. I’m not ashamed that he was successful in his first year.

      What irks me, are the ones that claim they always knew it. Well, I’m giving them an opportunity to show what else they know before it reveals itself….or shut up….It’s a put up or shut up challenge…and they are afraid.

      Why doesn’t that surprise me?

      • I hope Gus does get fired in Jacksonville, because he will be coaching our Defense within seconds..

        Bill Belichek, would have had a losing season if he coached the Jags this year. I too feel Bradley is a good coach, but in a bad situation.

      • I know Cliff, value your opinion and would love to get your thoughts on some kids. Brad Smith out of Wyoming, Lamarcus Joyner out of FSU and Luis Nix from ND, I have few more Walt Aikens out of Liberty a CB and Enrique Willims a LB from South Alabama, and do you like Craig Loston from LSU?

        • Biggie , I will give my evaluation of the players you’ve mentioned after these….Armchair hecklers, answer my challenge, and I expose them. I’m not giving them any advantage, or leverage….

          I’m gonna have no mercy, on them by verbally whipping there asses, on their so called knowledge….

          BTW, I’ve already named Walt Aikens Biggie…..

          • Okay I hear you, Walt Aikens will start for someone by year 2.

  • GMCliff – your challenge is preposterous- you took the first 21 bites out of an apple then want others to make an apple pie out of the remaining core

    • Does that mean your scared? Because there is nothing preposterous about it. The ones I took are the ones that I have already Identified prior to the end of last years College bowl games, and you get no credit for them.

      There are thousands of Prospects E0S, some I actually believe that will make very good Pros, that I didn’t name, and some that most on here overrate, and will be bust. The question is can you identify the players, from the pretenders.

      Surely you can name more talented prospects then my eye can see…right?

      I don’t even like some of the more popular prospects, so you have a lot to work with. Perhaps you don’t have the ability to identify who they may be? I understand E0S……..Your all talk….

      Don’t be scared – Put up or shut up…

      • removing 21 of 254 ( last year’s class) is 8.25% but in reality your 21 bites are top heavy so more realistically you removed 21 of the top 60 prospects or a third —
        I’ll pass on your stacked deck challenge.

        • You’re a coward that knows nothing, that’s why you’re scared to take it on.

          Ethan Westbrooks, Jeremiah George, Cory Washington, Nickoe Whitley, Logan Thomas, Andrew Jackson, and Walt Aikens, are among the top 500, not top 60 – There is already a sign of a lack of knowledge, on your part that I makes me laugh…

          Stop Bitching Coward!!! and step up, so I don’t have to hear anymore bullshit on your part all season, when I expose YOU, for the fraud that you are…….You’re all talk…

        • That broken down for you is: 4 in the top 60, 8 in the top 100, 4 in the top 300, and 8 in the top 500……Evenly spread out, leaving plenty for you to mock…

    • I bet you, Paul, Eaglehaslanded, Biglion, Nugreenbol, Real Talk, Greenfan and DCar, could come up with some prospects that I didn’t mention that they are confident will excel in the NFL…..

      It’s only a real challenge for those that really don’t know, but love to criticize the choices of others…This time I want you to be proactive, and choose.

      Lets go coward….

      • LOL, those deer are out of season besides you are only interested in shooting this here feral hog eating your peanuts and corn crop

        • Look below at the responses….Again you are all alone in your opinion.

          Warm up those little nuts, and get to giving me some names….

      • You didnt name me but I’m going to tell you who will be a STUD in the NFL, though I’m sure you already know. Ka’Deem Carey from the University of Arizona… he will be a top 5 running back in the league, maybe not rookie year, but he will be.

        • Welcome aboard anti trust….

          I welcome all brother. Give me a list of your studs – excluding my players.

          • I have a few:
            Dominique Easley from Florida… if he heals well he will be a very good pro
            Ka’Deem Carey… this guy is awesome, he will be a 1000 yard + producer for many years
            Anthony Barr – noticed he wasnt on your list, should be a good one
            Brandon Coleman WR – If the Eagles could get him in round 4 or so, I’d be very happy… great size and athleticism, very good blocker for a WR (chip likes those), and I think Chip could help him take it to the next level.

            • See that …….That’s what I’m talking about Trusty….Thank You!

              Eagles0Superbowls, is crying, because he feels he’s limited in his choices. I mentioned, I didn’t name a lot in the top 25, and Anthony Barr, was one of them.

              I have noted your list, and I will keep an eye on their progress, or bust potential, because you have some on that list…….

              • Well Easley had a major injury so you never know how a player will recover… but if he comes back 100% i think he will be a beast
                Ka’Deem Carey, IMO, will only be a bust if he gets an injury, knock on wood
                Coleman could very well be a bust, but I think he is worth a pick between the 4-6 rounds because of his potential, size, athleticism and red zone threat. I think he could work well with Nick Foles, as coleman doesnt have the best of hands, but Foles throws a very catchable ball.

              • That’s true Trust…we’ll keep an eye on him…best to you..

    • This apple has more room on it for more than 21 bites…stop bitching, and get to giving me some names…..

      • LOL (I’m gonna take a bite of that apple)….you definitely left a lot of players to work with. Here’s my list. I’m not identifying rounds.
        Stanley Jean Baptiste CB
        Calvin Pryor FS
        Deone Bucannon SS
        Kelvin Benjamin WR
        Justin Ellis NT
        Christian Jones ILB/OLB
        Dee Ford DE/OLB
        Darqueze Denard CB
        Anthony Barr OLB
        Sammy Watkins WR
        Aaron Colvin. CB..(if he recovers from ACL injury which he should. Not impact this year due to injury).
        Kyle VanNoy OLB/ILB jack of all trades
        Telvin Smith LB
        Yawin Smallwood ILB
        My Diamonds in the Rough
        Cassius Marsh DE UCLA
        Jordan Zumwalt ILB
        Dri Archer WR/KR
        Shaq Evan WR
        Few more names I will add later who are from smaller schools.

        • Thank you Eagle!!

          I’ve already mentioned that you, and others with insight could give me a list, whether I agree with it or not.

          But do you notice, that my critics, haven’t wrote a damn thing, and are crying about I’ve taken some players off the board.

          There are thousands of Prospects, and they haven’t given me nothing yet…..I don’t think they can, because all they CAN DO, is heckle those who actually have a real grasp on talent, and don’t want me to call them on the carpet for fear of embarrassment.

        • Yet I do believe half of your list will be bust…Thank you for your participation Eagle…..

          • LOL …it’s all good. I forgot Martaivis Bryant too. The beauty of this is that we can watch our prospects either flourish or become busts.

            • I got you Eagle….That’s right……E0S, doesn’t want to name anybody, because he knows I’m gonna bust that ass when he’s wrong..

      • gmc, why are you even getting all fired up over these know-nothing, ball-less, biased, agenda based morons on here? They do nothing but, go out of their way to irrationally argue with, & to rip someone, who has the balls to criticize the warranted, & have the smarts to have an eye for talent, although not a professional talent evaluator. Although, some of your trade scenarios are off the wall, & not likely, you have a very good eye on College talent, & have been on the ball for the last 3 years, I’ve been on here. The problem with these nitwits on here, is they think because we ain’t professional talent evaluators, or in any teams FO’s, that we don’t know what we are talking about. You never here them bring anything of value to the table, as to how to make our teams better, or how to improve upon past mistakes, only to come on here, & rip us for being so-called armchair GM’s. I’ve been spot on about the Phillies for 3 full years now, but get crucified annually, by the internet nazis, & correction officers, although I’m correct 99.9% of the time. Although I’ve been wrong about Kelly & his staff, I’m still correct about Weaselmans talent evaluation, that he is a glorified bean counter, & shouldn’t have the position he has. He tries to brainwash people into thinking he had nothing to do with anything prior to last year. It’s BS! All but 2-3 players he signed last year, were flops, & wrong signings. Especially still being under $20M+ under the cap. It must be nice being the Salary cap Bowl Championship every year? I’ll be happy, with being a brutally honest, truthful, insightful, fact based person, rather than being, a pom-pom waving, fearful, brain-less, ball-less, lemming. Don’t get too aggravated, that’s what the condescending trolls want!

        • GMCliff, I’m not the jackass who ruined their Eagles season DVR rewinding Lane Johnson plays searching for that “Gotcha” mistake – that dingbat was you. I once played fantasy football but stopped when I was cheering for Jay Novacek in Vet stadium to score a TD.

          • Nobody has to do that, and neither do I. When you watch the game impartially….you just see it in reference to Lame Johnson.

            Enough of that bullshit..Gimme your names……

          • and yes you are a Jackass…..Believe it

        • I’m not fired up DCar. I’m not even arguing. Not at all.

          I’m challenging them to be proactive in there talent evaluation, instead of waiting for an opportunity to be critical of the ones that are more insightful when it’s convenient….This year it’s put up or shut up…

          You notice they are avoiding taking on the challenge right?

          • That’s what they are good at! Criticism, with no context, reasoning, nor rational thinking. They bring nothing to the table, only BS comments, & irrational arguments. F^#@ EM all! I have fun talking about draft, FA, & ways to make my teams better.

            • My Man!!!

  • I rarely pick names of draftees Eagles will select. That’s a fool’s game because I have no idea what the other teams are going to do.

    I amy like certain players….for example over recent drafts I’ve touted Kuchely, Ertz, Cousins and others. (See, I wanted the Eagles to select Cousins – I didn’t know much about Foles – but didn’t “mock” him to the Eagles because I am never going to pretend to guess what the other teams are going to do)

    Besides only 30% of draftees make it.

    I will however, tell you which positions the Birds will draft first couple of rounds, exactly like I did last year, when I wrote:

    “Not going to name names, because less than 30% of draftees work out….so just positions….
    1 – OT (whichever of the 3)
    2 – Whichever of ND or Stanford”

    I had the Eagles choices nailed exactly while 1/2 this board was rambling about trading down, and Star Lauouille, and Geno Smith.

    I knew where the Eagles were going in the draft because I understand the coach.

    Of course, this prediction was met by derision and petty jokes, even though it was exactly what happened.

    I will do the same this year. Right now I believe the Eagles will again go OL with the first pick, (everyone on here disagrees – which makes me even more confident in the choice) but I’ll have a better feeling as the draft gets closer.

    As for your ‘challenge’ GMCliff….I’ll give you some names of players who wil be successful whereever they go….and I’ll do it before the draft,

    …..but your little “you can’t pick the same players as I’ve mentioned” caveat is ridiculous. Why the hell can’t anyone else pick the same guy? You have exclusive dibs? That’s stupid.

    • Give them to me right now Vinnie. Why wait?…I’ve been told, that all of you, are just as insightful. I want all of you to prove it to me.

      You haven’t been limited, there are too many other draft picks that some think highly of, for you guys to be bitching about it…LETS GO…

    • Before the combine Vinnie….

      • I don’t want you, E0S, OR OTHERS pretending that you have a clue, based on the opinions, of Mayock, Kiper, and McShay…….I want to hear and see what you know YOURSELF……..so I need your names before the combine.

        I’m waiting..

      • Listen…As I have mentioned about 50000x, I am in Scotland right now. I did not watch one College game this year, so right now I am well behind in any predictions about what will happen at the draft or what players will grade out better than others.

        And frankly, I’m a little too busy at the moment with other project than to spend hours pouring over scouting analysis over a whole NFL drafting process that I, in no way, influence.

        So I’l start naming a couple guys when I get around to it…..not when you “demand” it. And they may, or may not be on your “dibs” list because I am not in grade 5 anymore and could care less whether you “claim” them as “your” selections or not.

        I will tell you this…..Eagles; fans might be a little suprised if either Ebron or Seferian-Jenkins is still available when the Eagles select……though for now I’ll stick with the Eagles’ first pick being a o lineman

        • But I have noticed you have time to comment on other post on GCobb.com. So, you have time to give me your players, whether you’re in Scotland, or Tasmania.

          I’ll take that as begging off,…..

          That’s one more critic exposed fellas…knows nothing, but wants to criticize….

  • I will give a list of Names of Players who I like
    in this Draft who I believe will become good
    NFL Players in a little bit..

    • I know you can Paul, and please do. So when you are wrong I can remind you too….LOL!!!

      Thank you my friend….

      • Ha Ha — I am sure I will miss on some, I always do…but I’ll hit on a few too..
        I will go with 5 Prospects for each Round that I like as good fits for the Eagles based on Schemes,Smarts,Toughness & versatility and to add depth and starter potentions to Positions of Need …
        I will not include Players who I feel won’t be even be on the Board for the Eagles to select (like J Clowney, S Mack, A Barr,etc,etc) for then, the list gets too large to manage …
        So my list will stay with Potential Eagle Selections and not who can be a Good NFL Player for there would too many to list for some Players I feel will be good NFL Players, but are not a Fit for the Eagles Scheme
        How does this format sound to you…

        • Paul, this isn’t just for the Eagles. You’rer providing names of those who you feel are going to be impact, and or Potential Superstars.

          Paul, the point is we ALL do miss, nobody gets it right 100% of the time…it’s impossible.

          but when year in, year out, some point out the few that you missed, it gets to be annoying knowing that they don’t have half the knowledge of some.

          Go ahead and list them..3/4 of your list will be bust anyway….LOL!!!!

          This is called nipping that shit in the bud for these other guys….

          • I can list good overall Player Prospects, but i rather Focus on who best fits the Eagles and who they actually have potential to Draft
            I can get another list of Players who I feel will be good NFL Players regardless of what Team or where they are Drafted..

            • It doesn’t matter Paul, just give the names…

  • GMCliff – why are you interested in setting a rigid time frame and personnel restrictions?

    • You sound like a defeated man already.

      What rigid time frame? Some have already given names, and have no problem with it.

      What personnel restrictions? Those are players identified by GMCliff, = I’ll be damn, if you share any credit with me for anything.

      Look, stop your whining, and bitchin. Last year, I had to inconvenience myself, and do a mock draft based on how Howie did it, knowing the best thing for the Eagles was to trade down.

      So you can do the same….Before the combine, and preferably now, sense you put your foot in your mouth, and said I was average like the rest of you….Well Big Mouth, put up or shut up….with no help from the media, or combine so- called experts….

      Like I said put up or shut up……All you’ve done is Bitch – Give me some names or shut the hell up.

      • did those players already sign a letter of intent with you, if so what office did they submit the paper work to so I can verify your ownership?

        • Stop Bitching, and write the list of players..

          You don’t want any of my players anyway…right?

          Put up, or Shut up………

  • GM, I wish that I had more time to meet your challenge, but I am going to have to continue to cheat and let you guys do the work for me. I will continue to check out the names that you guys mention and add a few of my own. I know that I am clearly no expert.

    • Bugs, I don’t consider you a critic. Just keep watching Eagles0Superbowls backpedal.

      He doesn’t know anybody until the NFL Network gives their opinion, and they all of the sudden become experts. I’ve put them in a position where I force them to be proactive, before they comment on the prospect choices of others.

      If you notice, I’m not getting a response. Because they really don’t know anything.

      • you are starting a 40 yard dash at the 35 yard line and removed my Nike, Adidas, Under Armour sneakers out of my gym bag and blew the whistle –

        • Not by my book…stop wasting time, and put some names down…

          • Eagleshaslanded took ownership under your rule book of another 20 prospects and Antitrust claimed 4, Bugsy just signed Chris Borland — that is now 46 prospects off the board –

            • There is no signing….You can have the same players they name, you’ll just hear from me if they don’t become anything….You just can’t have any that I’ve mentioned.

              • why don’t others have priority rights, you included them, why are you the only one to enjoy monarch status?

              • Easy..my rules….and you’re still bitchin….Just give some names, and stop procrastinating….

                You’re trying to avoid the inevitable, but you, and I know when you give me those names, I’m gonna bust your ass, when it’s proven you don’t know what you are talking about……..

              • Do you notice that no one else is complaining except you?

          • maybe I’ll join a future Paulman challenge that doesn’t yet have 46 prospects deleted from discussion

            • You’re full of crap E0S…..

              You really don’t know who the real players are do you?…..You get no type advantage from me..

              Respond to the Challenge or not…I still think you are a fraud as a talent evaluator, and have no business being critical of anybody…

              So stop avoiding the inevitable…and type your list of players

              • I posted this last night, and haven’t received one name from you yet.

                I’ll give you 3…..JeDaveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins, and Jake Matthews…..now give me more that you can add to those 3 Coward

  • GM, on a scale from Casey Mathews to Zach Thomas, how do you rate Chris Borland. I know that he is shourt, but he reads the play pretty well and is a pretty sure tackler. ILB for a 3-4 could be pretty successful.

    • bugs, funny you mentioned Zach Thomas, who he’s been compared to. But he isn’t as big as a play-maker as Thomas was, & isn’t as athletic as Thomas either. He’s very small too. He’s rated to go in the 3rd, but I don’t see it. I don’t think he will be anything more than a ST’s player, in the pros. Just my 2 cents.

  • Heres what I think will happen this off season:

    gmcliff will play madden offseason mode 900 times.

    Vinnie will talk about how running qbs never win super bowls and that D doesn’t matter.

    Pman will flip and flop on all issues.
    hart will leak things from PFT and claim its his source.

    half the people here will make everything about race.

    Songs will root for Wilson

    All will hate me.

    • I don’t hate you Steve…I just don’t play Madden….

    • How an anyone hate Stevo?

      Outside of the persistent battles with Vinnie, Stevo is one of the most level headed Eagles fan on GCobb.

      No hate for Stevo.

    • I would say I hate Stevo some of the times, but some times I like him and his contributions to gcobb… I just can’t make up my mind sometimes about him..

      • Best line of the day

        • Thought you would like that Stevo.. Enjoy…

  • @gmcliff…..I don’t usually make picks or predictions, but as far as a couple of players that I think will be good pro’s and would also help here are a few.

    I have been saying for a couple of weeks that I like Allan Robinson from PSU. He is tall, fast, and really catches the ball with authority. Reminds me of A younger (and a bit smaller) Anquan Boldin. I think the Eagles could pick him up in the second round and still address the defense in the first round.

    As a late round stretch, I like Craig Loston a safety out of LSU. He is about 6’2″ and would add some height to the defensive backfield. About 210 weight wise. I want to see how he does at the combine, but playing 4 years in the SEC
    means he has been seeing great players for years.

    Like I said, I am not a draft geek. I really appreciate the guys on here who are, I learn a lot about up and coming players from you guys.

    GO BIRDS!!

    • Greenfan, thank you for responding, your input is appreciated as well.

      Some don’t think there are enough available players, and make excuses, but I can always count on the knowledgeable..

      Thanks again Greenfan

    • I also really like Robinson of PSU… this draft is deep for the WR position, IMO.

      • Cool Trusty…Thank You Brother…

    • I love Loston greenfan, If we wind up with Benjamin and Loston and Pierre Desir that would be one hell of a haul.

  • Listen…As I have mentioned about 50000x, I am in Scotland right now. I did not watch one College game this year, so right now I am well behind in any predictions about what will happen at the draft or what players will grade out better than others.
    And frankly, I’m a little too busy at the moment with other project than to spend hours pouring over scouting analysis over a whole NFL drafting process that I, in no way, influence.
    So I’l start naming a couple guys when I get around to it…..not when you “demand” it. And they may, or may not be on your “dibs” list because I am not in grade 5 anymore and could care less whether you “claim” them as “your” selections or not.
    I will tell you this…..Eagles; fans might be a little suprised if either Ebron or Seferian-Jenkins is still available when the Eagles select……though for now I’ll stick with the Eagles’ first pick being a o lineman

    And BTW – Defense is extremely important….but you can pick an all star squad out the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Steel Curtain, Gang Green, and ’85 Bears, put MV7wins at the helm and they ain’t winning shit.

    • any players mentioned after the combine are disqualified from this challenge Vinnie…..

      I’m busy too, but I’m not going to make excuses to save face……But I understand…..LOL!!!!

    • Cant get Vick out of your head I guess. Only 1 still talking about him but you and songs (also you).

    • I have noticed you have time to comment on other post on GCobb.com. So, you have time to give me your players, whether you’re in Scotland, or Tasmania.

      I’ll take that as begging off,…..

      That’s one more critic exposed fellas…knows nothing, but wants to criticize

  • all i know is i want the eagles to draft nix or dennard round. one is a big fat whale that can anchor our dl and the other is a fuck you up press corner. SHIP IT

    • I have you down Root…Thank you Brother

  • gmc, this is my list of players, that I like, that fit the Birds perfectly, for need, scheme, & what Kelly wants to do.
    Justin Gilbert, Marcus Roberson, Kyle Fuller, Louchiez Purifoy, Pierre Desir, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Terrance Mitchell, Keith McGill,
    Clinton-Dix, Calvin Pryor, Ed Reynolds, Dion Bailey, Nickoe Whitley, Jonathan Dowling.
    Deone Bucannon, Ahmad Dixon, Craig Loston, Vinnie Sunseri.
    Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Evans, Jordan Matthews, Allen Robinson, Martavis Bryant, Brandon Coleman, Donte Moncrief, Davante Adams.
    Louis Nix, Daniel McCullers , DaQuan Jones, Justin Ellis, Ryan Carrethers.
    5/3 tech DE-
    RaShede Hageman, Steven Tuitt, Brent Urban, DeAndre Coleman.
    Rush OLB-
    Khali Mack (Maybe ILB too?) Anthony Barr, Jeremiah Attaochu, Kyle Van Noy, Kareem Martin, Trent Murphy (??? if he can drop in coverage), Trevor Reilly, Dee Ford (Gotta put on weight), Jackson Jeffcoat (Sleeper 1), Aaron Lynch (Sleeper 2).
    Mack (?), Shayne Skov, Christian Jones, Lamin Barrow (Sleeper 1), Jordan Zumwalt (Sleeper 2).
    What do you think?

    • Can’t use any of my guys though DCar…..You have about 7 of them….omit them, and then I have your list but yours isn’t what I want….

      I’M WAITING EAGLES0SUPERBOWLS!!!! You too Ciggy….

      As you can see nobody is else is making excuses when they give me their list.

      • Oooh, didn’t know it was Fantasy draft type of draft. LOL! That’s just my favs! We gotta get into more detail then. XD

        • LOL

      • Cliff I have never once criticized any college player you’ve liked nor defended any you don’t like… I am too busy to watch college football in the fall… I don’t get involved in pre draft discussions!
        My criticism of you is that once players are drafted by the eagles and they are not your guy then you are unrealistic, I believe you are unrealistic in your draft day trade downs and I believe you live in a utopian arm chair world and that if you followed another team as close as the birds you would be equally critical and delusional.

    • Thank you for your list DCar….

  • My off-season realistic hopes.
    Cooper, Jones, Thornton (Restricted FA). Let all others walk.
    Chung, Matthews, Avant, Herremans.
    Restructure contracts-
    Casey, Cole, Peters, Williams, Fletcher.
    Graham/ 7th- Miami for Dion Jordan/ 7th. Curry- 3rd & 6th. Bryce Brown- 5th/ 6th.
    Sign FA- SS TJ Ward, NT Linvale Joseph, CB Tarell Brown, K Nick Folk/ Graham Gano.
    1st- FS Calvin Pryor/ FS Clinton-Dix.
    2nd- OLB Jeremiah Attaochu.
    3rd(1)- CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste.
    3rd(2)- ILB Shayne Skov/ OG Gabe Jackson/ WR Martavis Bryant .
    4th- ILB Lamin Barrow/ SS Craig Loston/
    5th(1)- WR Devin Street/ NT Justin Ellis.
    5th(2)- NT Daniel McCullers/ KR/RB DeAnthony Thomas.
    6th- KR/RB DeAnthony Thomas/ OG Brandon Linder/ DE Brent Urban/ SS Hakeem Smith/ OT Justin Britt.
    7th- CB Aaron Colvin (If he lasts)/ DE Taylor Hart/ OT Cameron Fleming/ OG Ryan Groy.

    • Good One DCar..

      • Highly unlikely we get all of those, but it’s doable. Lets hope.

        • If we can get 3-4 of those players I want, in the top 4 rounds, I’d be ecstatic!

          • I really want Pryor, Attaochu, Bryant, Jean-Baptiste & Skov/ Barrow.

  • OMG, GMCliff you are having a mental break down …” gimmie some names, gimmie some names, i’m going to bust your ass when I get those names…” LOL

    • “But not my names, you can’t have those. I found them first! They’re mine, Mine MINE!” You can have your names, but you can’t have my names!”

      This meltdown is the best thinhg I’ve read on here in 3 years.

      • @Vinnie – the only person we hear saying mine …IS YOU…

        Don’t try to pass the buck, and try to put the focus on me, when the issue is you can’t answer the question, or challenge because you need help. It’s a simple challenge – But like E0S, you don’t want to be called on the carpet when the time calls for it….because you’re a coward.

        More than 85%, of the top 50 is available to you. Besides GMCliff is a dingbat, so you wouldn’t like anyone that I like anyway right? So, give me YOURS, not Mayocks, or Kipers….YOURS, before they give their 2 cent.

        So screw that BULLSHIT that your in Scotland. Show some balls, and put your so-called knowledge on the table.

    • Where are your names?….you keep procrastinating.

      Why don’t you just admit it…you don’t have a clue then shut the hell up.

      I gave you 3, and you still can’t add to it more than 85% of the top 50 are still available, and your bitching, while the ones with knowledge are giving names, and laughing at you …we can see your a wuss, and a fraud.


      Don’t try to pass the buck, and put the focus on me. Step up….

      • That’s enough of that reverse psychological Bullshit….very simply, give me some names……or from now on shut the hell up….

  • Fellas, why do you think that Eagles0superbowls, Vinnie, Llawrd, and Haveacigar, haven’t answered the challenge?

    Do you feel limited by what I left you in the top 250? or do you see it as an advantage?

  • Somebody say Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois.

    • Good Player Irish….

  • GMCliff- La’el Collins ( a name on the no no list )is not entering the NFL draft but I think it is only fair that nobody can put him in a 2015 “List” since you own him …first.

    • Don’t worry about what I mocked, my players are irrelevant. So, Stop bitchin about what I have

      Just list yours….Can we see your players that you think are going to be players in draft that YOU think are going to be stars in the NFL.iT DOESN’T MATTER IF ANY OF THE OTHER GUYS NAMED THEM…..You can still name them…

      Why do you keep procrastinating like a Virgin getting ready to have that Cherry popped? I know why – I just want to see if you will admit it….Your a joke E0S…LOL!!!!! YOUR A PUSSY..

  • I call first dibs on Jameis Winston for my 2015 list and Marcus Mariota too. bwahahahaha

    • You know what you can have them too….I’ll let that be apart of next years draft for you, and when you go down in flames. I’ll call you on the carpet.

      You’re so dumb, you don’t even realize you put your foot in your mouth again.

      You go it…because I would never be claiming them anyway….

    • Like I said list your names….or shut the hell up

  • Here’s a list of Players at each Position in this 2014 Draft that I like as NFL Players.. Some of these Players fit the Eagles Schemes and some don’t

    I will Start with Defensive Players

    1) DE – Jadeveous Clowney (South Carolina 6-5 275lbs) – Top #5 Pick
    2) DE – Kony Ealy (Missouri 6-4 275lbs) – Top 15-18 Pick
    3) DE – Scott Critchon (Oregon State 6-3 265lbs – 2 Rounder
    4) DE – Marcus Smith (Louisville 6-4 260lbs – 3rd Rounder
    5) DE – Kareem Martin (UNC 6-6 272lbs – 4th Rounder
    6) DE – Taylor Hart (Oregon 6-6 280lbs – 6th Rounder

    1) DT – Ra’Sheede hageman (Minnesota 6-6 318lbs) Mid-Late 1st Rounder
    2) DT – Will Sutton (Arizona State 6-1 315lbs) 2nd Rounder
    3) DT – DaQuan Jones (Penn State 6-4 325lbs Late 2nd/3rd Rounder
    4) DT – Kelcy Quarles (South Carolina 6-3 305lbs 3rd Rounder
    5) DT – Shannon Stephens (U Conn 6-5 310lbs 5th Rounder)

    Here are a Few Players that are listed as DT’s in College but who I think can make nice 5-Technique Players as a DE in a base 3-4 Scheme

    1) Tim Jernigan (Florida State 6-2 298lbs 1st Rounder
    2) Aaron Donald (Pittsburgh 6-1 290lbs) Late 1st/Early 2nd Rounder
    3) Dominique Easly (Florida 6-2 285lbs) 3rd Rounder
    4) Anthony Johnson (LSU 6-2 295lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    5) Calvin Barnett (Oklahoma State 6-2 298lbs) 5th/6th Rounder

    1) Anthony Barr – (UCLA 6-4 250lbs) Top 10 Pick
    2) Khalil Mack – (Buffalo 6-3 – 250lbs) Top 15 Pick
    3) Kyle Van Noy – (BYU 6-3 – 245lbs) 2nd Rounder
    4) Trevor Reily – (Utah 6-5 – 255lbs) 2nd/3rd Rounder
    5) Jerry Attoachu – (Ga Tech 6-3 – 255lbs) 2nd/3rd Rounder
    6) Jordan Zumwalt – (UCLA 6-4 – 235lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    7) Adrian Holland – (Alabama 6-6 – 255lbs) 4th/5th Rounder
    8) Jordan Tripp – (Montana 6-3 – 245lbs) 6th Rounder
    9) Tyler Starr – (South Dakota 6-4-250lbs) 6th/7th Rounder

    1) Yawin Smallwood – (U Conn 6-3 240lbs) 3rd Rounder
    2) Christian Jones – (FLorida State 6-2 235lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    3) Shane Skov – (Stanford 6-2 245lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    4) Preston Brown – (Louisville 6-1 260lbs) 5th Rounder
    5) Andrew Jackson – (Western Kentucky 6-1 260lbs) 6th Rounder
    6) Max Bullough – (Michigan State 6-3 265lbs) 6th/7th Rounder

    Pass Rushing OLB’s that played and are listed as DE’s in College
    1) Dee Ford – (Auburn 6-2 243lbs) 1st/2nd Rounder
    2) Trent Murphy – (Stanford 6-6 252lbs) 2nd Rounder
    3) Michael Sam – (Missouri 6-2 260lbs) 3rd Rounder
    4) Chris Smith – (Arkansas 6-1 266lbs) 3rd Rounder
    5) James Gayle – (Va Tech 6-4 255lbs) 5th Rounder
    6) Chidera Uzo-Diribe (Colorado 6-2 252lbs) 6th/7th Rounder

    I will focus on the Secondary Positions next

    • Paul, that list is appreciated..

      But like I said you cannot have any of my named players – So I have removed – Kony Ealy, Khalil Mack, Jeremiah Attaochu, and Andrew Jackson, from your list.

      your list of Secondary Prospects cannot include – Kyle Fuller, Pierre Desir, Walt Aikens, or Nickoe Whitley…..

      • My lists will include whichever good Players, I believe will be good NFL Players whether it’s for the Eagles or any other NFL Team…
        If there some duplicates from your lists, then so be it…

  • I’ve chosen My List of players

    1 Jake Matthews OT 1 Texas A&M Sr 6-5 305 1
    2 *Jadeveon Clowney DE 1 South Carolina Jr 6-5 274 1
    3 *Teddy Bridgewater QB 1 Louisville Jr 6-2 205 1
    4 *Greg Robinson OT 2 Auburn rSo 6-5 320 1
    5 *Blake Bortles QB 2 UCF rJr 6-3 230 1
    6 *Sammy Watkins WR 1 Clemson Jr 6-1 205 1
    7 *Johnny Manziel QB 3 Texas A&M rSo 6-0 210 1
    9 Darqueze Dennard CB 1 Michigan State Sr 5-11 197 1
    10 Taylor Lewan OT 3 Michigan rSr 6-7 315 1
    11 Anthony Barr OLB 2 UCLA Sr 6-4 248 1
    12 Zack Martin OT 4 Notre Dame rSr 6-4 305 1
    13 *Mike Evans WR 2 Texas A&M rSo 6-5 225 1
    14 *Eric Ebron TE 1 North Carolina Jr 6-4 245 1
    15 *Marqise Lee WR 3 Southern California Jr 6-0 195 1
    16 C.J. Mosley ILB 1 Alabama Sr 6-2 232 1
    18 Dee Ford DE 3 Auburn rSr 6-2 243 1
    19 *Louis NixInjured DT 1 Notre Dame rJr 6-2 345 1
    20 *Hasean Clinton-Dix FS 1 Alabama Jr 6-1 208 1
    21 Justin Gilbert CB 2 Oklahoma State Sr 6-0 200 1
    22 Aaron Donald DT 2 Pittsburgh Sr 6-1 288 1
    23 *Timmy Jernigan DT 3 Florida State Jr 6-2 298 1
    24 *Cyrus Kouandjio OT 5 Alabama Jr 6-5 310 1
    25 *Kelvin Benjamin WR 4 Florida State rSo 6-5 235 1
    26 RaShede Hageman DT 4 Minnesota rSr 6-6 318 1-2
    27 *Odell Beckham Jr. WR 5 LSU Jr 5-11 193 1-2
    28 *Calvin Pryor FS 2 Louisville Jr 6-2 208 1-2
    29 Derek Carr QB 4 Fresno State rSr 6-2 215 1-2
    30 *Jace Amaro TE 2 Texas Tech Jr 6-5 260 1-2
    31 *David Yankey OG 1 Stanford rJr 6-5 314 1-2
    32 Travis Swanson C 1 Arkansas rSr 6-5 310 1-2
    33 *Ryan Shazier OLB 3 Ohio State Jr 6-2 230 1-2
    34 Jason Verrett CB 3 TCU Sr 5-10 176 1-2
    35 *Allen Robinson WR 6 Penn State Jr 6-3 210 1-2
    36 Morgan Moses OT 6 Virginia Sr 6-6 325 1-2
    37 *Xavier Su’a-Filo OG 2 UCLA rJr 6-3 305 1-2
    38 *Brandin Cooks WR 7 Oregon State Jr 5-10 186 1-2
    39 Kyle Van Noy OLB 4 Brigham Young rSr 6-3 244 1-2
    40 *Marcus Roberson CB 4 Florida Jr 6-0 195 1-2
    41 *Ka’Deem Carey RB 1 Arizona Jr 5-10 207 2
    42 *Stephon Tuitt DT 5 Notre Dame Jr 6-6 312 2
    43 *Scott Crichton DE 4 Oregon State rJr 6-3 265 2
    44 Trent Murphy DE 5 Stanford rSr 6-6 252 2
    45 *Bradley RobyInjured CB 5 Ohio State rJr 5-11 192 2
    47 Trevor Reilly OLB 5 Utah rSr 6-5 255 2
    48 Lamarcus Joyner CB 6 Florida State Sr 5-8 190 2
    49 Jordan Matthews WR 8 Vanderbilt Sr 6-3 209 2
    51 *Tre Mason RB 2 Auburn Jr 5-9 205 2
    52 Jackson Jeffcoat DE 6 Texas Sr 6-4 250 2
    54 Will Sutton DT 6 Arizona State rSr 6-1 315 2
    55 *Jarvis Landry WR 9 LSU Jr 6-0 195 2
    56 Carlos Hyde RB 3 Ohio State rSr 6-0 235 2
    58 *Davante Adams WR 10 Fresno State rSo 6-2 216 2
    60 Telvin Smith OLB 6 Florida State Sr 6-3 218 2
    61 Jack Mewhort OT 8 Ohio State rSr 6-6 306 2
    62 *Ed Reynolds FS 3 Stanford rJr 6-2 206 2
    63 *Bishop Sankey RB 4 Washington Jr 5-10 203 2-3
    64 DaQuan Jones DT 7 Penn State Sr 6-4 323 2-3
    67 *Carl Bradford OLB 7 Arizona State rJr 6-1 243 2-3
    68 *Troy Niklas TE 4 Notre Dame rJr 6-6 270 2-3
    69 *Louchiez Purifoy CB 8 Florida Jr 6-0 190 2-3
    70 Chris Smith DE 7 Arkansas Sr 6-1 266 2-3
    72 *Kelcy Quarles DT 8 South Carolina Jr 6-3 298 2-3
    73 *Jeremy Hill RB 5 LSU rSo 6-1 235 2-3
    74 *Martavis Bryant WR 12 Clemson Jr 6-4 200 2-3
    75 *Yawin Smallwood ILB 2 Connecticut rJr 6-3 236 2-3
    76 *Anthony Johnson DT 9 LSU Jr 6-2 295 2-3
    78 Joel Bitonio OT 9 Nevada rSr 6-4 307 2-3
    79 Marcus Smith DE 8 Louisville Sr 6-4 258 2-3
    80 Robert Herron WR 13 Wyoming Sr 5-9 193 2-3
    81 Jimmie Ward SS 2 Northern Illinois Sr 5-11 191 2-3
    82 Dominique EasleyInjured DT 10 Florida Sr 6-2 285 2-3
    83 *Victor Hampton CB 10 South Carolina rJr 5-10 202 2-3
    85 Dakota Dozier OG 5 Furman rSr 6-4 312 3
    86 Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB 11 Nebraska Sr 6-3 215 3
    87 Chris Borland ILB 3 Wisconsin rSr 6-0 245 3
    88 Charles Sims RB 6 West Virginia rSr 6-0 214 3
    89 Weston Richburg C 2 Colorado State rSr 6-4 300 3
    90 Michael Sam DE 9 Missouri rSr 6-2 260 3
    91 Jordan Zumwalt OLB 9 UCLA Sr 6-4 231 3
    92 *Terrance Mitchell CB 12 Oregon rJr 6-0 190 3
    93 *Ego Ferguson DT 11 LSU rJr 6-2 309 3
    94 Shayne Skov ILB 4 Stanford rSr 6-2 245 3
    95 Keith McGill CB 13 Utah rSr 6-3 214 3
    96 Jared Abbrederis WR 14 Wisconsin rSr 6-1 189 3
    97 Billy Turner OT 10 North Dakota State Sr 6-5 316 3
    98 Ahmad Dixon SS 3 Baylor Sr 6-0 205 3
    100 *Bruce Ellington WR 15 South Carolina rJr 5-9 196 3
    101 *Devonta Freeman RB 7 Florida State Jr 5-8 203 3-4
    102 E.J. Gaines CB 14 Missouri Sr 5-10 195 3-4
    103 Terrence Brooks FS 4 Florida State Sr 5-11 197 3-4
    104 Zach MettenbergerInjured QB 6 LSU rSr 6-5 235 3-4
    105 *Lache Seastrunk RB 8 Baylor rJr 5-9 210 3-4
    106 Christian Kirksey OLB 10 Iowa Sr 6-2 234 3-4
    107 *Demarcus Lawrence DE 10 Boise State rJr 6-3 245 3-4
    108 Josh Huff WR 16 Oregon Sr 5-11 211 3-4
    109 JaWuan James OT 11 Tennessee Sr 6-6 315 3-4
    110 A.J. McCarron QB 7 Alabama rSr 6-3 214 3-4
    111 Bryan Stork C 3 Florida State rSr 6-4 306 3-4
    112 Ross Cockrell CB 15 Duke rSr 6-0 183 3-4
    113 C.J. Fiedorowicz TE 5 Iowa Sr 6-6 262 3-4
    114 Mike Davis WR 17 Texas Sr 6-0 193 3-4
    115 Christian Jones ILB 5 Florida State Sr 6-4 234 3-4
    116 Jaylen Watkins CB 16 Florida Sr 6-0 194 3-4
    117 Jordan Tripp OLB 11 Montana rSr 6-3 237 3-4
    118 *Donte Moncrief WR 18 Ole Miss Jr 6-2 226 3-4
    119 Kareem Martin DE 11 North Carolina Sr 6-6 272 3-4
    120 Anthony SteenInjured OG 6 Alabama rSr 6-2 310 3-4
    121 *Bashaud Breeland CB 17 Clemson rJr 6-0 185 3-4
    122 *Terrance West RB 9 Towson Jr 5-11 223 3-4
    123 Rashaad Reynolds CB 18 Oregon State rSr 5-10 191 3-4
    124 Will Clarke DE 12 West Virginia rSr 6-6 271 3-4
    125 Lamin Barrow ILB 6 LSU rSr 6-1 229 4
    126 Aaron MurrayInjured QB 8 Georgia rSr 6-1 201 4
    127 *Dion Bailey FS 5 Southern California rJr 6-0 200 4
    128 James HurstInjured OT 12 North Carolina Sr 6-6 305 4
    129 Caraun Reid DT 13 Princeton rSr 6-2 301 4
    130 Craig Loston SS 4 LSU rSr 6-1 214 4
    131 Arthur Lynch TE 6 Georgia rSr 6-5 258 4
    132 Andre WilliamsInjured RB 10 Boston College Sr 6-0 227 4
    133 *Adrian Hubbard OLB 12 Alabama rJr 6-6 255 4
    134 Ryan Grant WR 19 Tulane rSr 6-0 197 4
    135 Jay Prosch FB 1 Auburn rSr 6-1 256 4
    136 Josh Mauro DE 13 Stanford rSr 6-6 276 4
    137 Chris Davis CB 19 Auburn Sr 5-10 201 4
    138 Brandon Thomas OG 7 Clemson rSr 6-4 316 4
    139 TJ Jones WR 20 Notre Dame Sr 6-0 195 4
    140 Justin Ellis DT 14 Louisiana Tech rSr 6-2 342 4
    141 Nevin Lawson CB 20 Utah State Sr 5-10 184 4
    142 Devin StreetInjured WR 21 Pittsburgh rSr 6-3 195 4-5
    143 Tyler Larsen C 4 Utah State Sr 6-4 317 4-5
    144 Marion GriceInjured RB 11 Arizona State Sr 6-0 207 4-5
    145 Crockett Gillmore TE 7 Colorado State Sr 6-6 253 4-5
    146 Prince Shembo OLB 13 Notre Dame Sr 6-2 254 4-5
    147 *Brandon Coleman WR 22 Rutgers rJr 6-5 220 4-5
    148 Deion Belue CB 21 Alabama Sr 5-11 183 4-5
    149 Kenny Ladler FS 6 Vanderbilt Sr 6-0 200 4-5
    151 Chris Watt OG 8 Notre Dame rSr 6-3 321 4-5
    152 Seantrel Henderson OT 13 Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-7 331 4-5
    153 David Fales QB 9 San Jose State Sr 6-2 220 4-5
    154 *Ronald Powell OLB 14 Florida rJr 6-3 240 4-5
    155 *James Wilder Jr. RB 12 Florida State Jr 6-1 229 4-5
    156 *George Uko DT 15 Southern California rJr 6-3 275 5
    157 Michael Schofield OT 14 Michigan rSr 6-4 303 5
    158 Tajh Boyd QB 10 Clemson rSr 6-1 222 5
    159 Devon Kennard OLB 15 Southern California rSr 6-3 257 5
    160 Jon Halapio OG 9 Florida rSr 6-4 320 5
    161 James Gayle DE 14 Virginia Tech rSr 6-4 255 5
    162 Marcel Jensen TE 8 Fresno State rSr 6-6 264 5
    163 James White RB 13 Wisconsin Sr 5-9 206 5
    164 Jalen Saunders WR 23 Oklahoma Sr 5-9 164 5
    165 *Vinnie SunseriInjured SS 5 Alabama Jr 6-0 210 5
    166 Antone ExumInjured CB 23 Virginia Tech rSr 6-0 220 5
    167 Ed Stinson DE 15 Alabama rSr 6-3 292 5
    168 Jeff Janis WR 24 Saginaw Valley Sr 6-2 212 5
    169 Bennett Jackson CB 24 Notre Dame Sr 6-0 187 5-6
    170 *Cody Latimer WR 25 Indiana Jr 6-2 215 5-6
    171 *Brett Smith QB 11 Wyoming Jr 6-2 206 5-6
    172 Kasim Edebali OLB 16 Boston College Sr 6-2 248 5-6
    173 Justin Britt OT 15 Missouri rSr 6-6 315 5-6
    174 Isaiah Lewis SS 6 Michigan State Sr 5-10 205 5-6
    175 Kirby Van Der Kamp P 1 Iowa State Sr 6-4 202 5-6
    176 Antonio Andrews RB 14 Western Kentucky Sr 5-10 225 5-6
    177 Preston Brown ILB 7 Louisville Sr 6-1 262 5-6
    178 Brandon Linder OG 10 Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-6 316 5-6
    179 *Marcus Martin C 5 Southern California Jr 6-3 310 5-6
    180 Joe Don Duncan TE 9 Dixie St rSr 6-3 267 5-6
    181 Marqueston Huff FS 7 Wyoming Sr 5-11 198 5-6
    182 Ryan Carrethers DT 16 Arkansas State rSr 6-1 330 5-6
    183 Chris Boswell K 1 Rice rSr 6-2 183 5-6
    184 Cassius Marsh DE 16 UCLA Sr 6-4 254 5-6
    185 Michael Campanaro WR 26 Wake Forest rSr 5-10 191 5-6
    186 Brent Urban DE 17 Virginia Sr 6-6 298 5-6
    187 Tyler Gaffney RB 15 Stanford rSr 6-0 226 5-6
    188 Denicos Allen OLB 17 Michigan State rSr 5-11 218 5-6
    189 Howard Jones OLB 18 Shepherd rSr 6-2 229 5-6
    190 Ricardo Allen CB 25 Purdue Sr 5-9 187 5-6
    191 Wesley Johnson OT 16 Vanderbilt rSr 6-5 290 5-6
    192 J.C. Copeland FB 2 LSU Sr 5-11 285 5-6
    193 Kevin Norwood WR 27 Alabama rSr 6-2 197 6
    194 Shamar Stephen DT 17 Connecticut rSr 6-5 308 6
    195 Rajion Neal RB 16 Tennessee Sr 5-11 211 6
    196 Anthony Fera K 2 Texas rSr 6-1 218 6
    197 *Cameron Fleming OT 17 Stanford rJr 6-6 318 6
    198 Devekeyan Lattimore ILB 8 South Florida rSr 6-0 237 6
    199 Rob Blanchflower TE 10 Massachusetts rSr 6-4 260 6
    200 Tom Hornsey P 2 Memphis Sr 6-3 217 6
    201 Calvin Barnett DT 18 Oklahoma State Sr 6-2 300 6
    202 *Russell Bodine OG 11 North Carolina rJr 6-3 310 6
    203 Jemea Thomas FS 8 Georgia Tech rSr 5-10 190 6
    204 Kevin Pierre-Louis OLB 19 Boston College Sr 6-0 222 6
    205 Alden Darby SS 7 Arizona State Sr 5-10 192 6
    206 *Aaron Lynch DE 18 South Florida rSo 6-5 244 6
    207 Bene Benwikere CB 26 San Jose State Sr 5-11 194 6
    208 Jerick McKinnon RB 17 Georgia Southern Sr 5-9 209 6
    209 Cody Hoffman WR 28 Brigham Young Sr 6-4 218 6
    210 Jonathan Brown OLB 20 Illinois Sr 6-1 224 6
    211 Andre Hal CB 27 Vanderbilt Sr 5-11 190 6-7
    212 Deandre Coleman DT 19 California rSr 6-5 315 6-7
    213 *Richard Rodgers TE 11 California rSo 6-4 245 6-7
    214 Jeremiah George ILB 9 Iowa State Sr 5-11 231 6-7
    215 Tyler Starr OLB 21 South Dakota Sr 6-4 249 6-7
    216 Ryan Hewitt FB 3 Stanford rSr 6-4 246 6-7
    217 Jacob Pedersen TE 12 Wisconsin rSr 6-3 242 6-7
    218 *De’Anthony Thomas RB 18 Oregon Jr 5-9 170 6-7
    219 L’Damian Washington WR 29 Missouri rSr 6-4 205 6-7
    220 Kerry Hyder DT 20 Texas Tech rSr 6-2 280 6-7
    221 Derrell Johnson OLB 22 East Carolina Sr 6-1 248 6-7
    222 Aaron ColvinInjured CB 28 Oklahoma Sr 6-0 186 6-7
    223 Taylor Hart DE 19 Oregon rSr 6-6 287 6-7
    224 Gabe Ikard C 6 Oklahoma rSr 6-3 302 6-7
    225 Kadeem Edwards OG 12 Tennessee State Sr 6-4 309 6-7
    226 Jay Bromley DT 21 Syracuse Sr 6-3 307 6-7
    227 Ben GardnerInjured DE 20 Stanford rSr 6-4 277 6-7
    228 Dontae Johnson FS 9 North Carolina State Sr 6-2 199 6-7
    229 Connor Shaw QB 12 South Carolina Sr 6-0 209 6-7
    230 *Josh Stewart WR 30 Oklahoma State Jr 5-10 185 6-7
    231 Lavelle Westbrooks CB 29 Georgia Southern Sr 6-0 195 6-7
    232 Cornelius Lucas OT 18 Kansas State rSr 6-8 329 6-7
    233 *Storm Johnson RB 19 UCF rJr 6-0 215 6-7
    234 John Urschel OG 13 Penn State rSr 6-3 317 6-7
    235 Hakeem Smith SS 8 Louisville rSr 6-0 186 6-7
    236 Carrington Byndom CB 30 Texas Sr 5-11 180 7
    237 Andrew Jackson ILB 10 Western Kentucky Sr 6-1 259 7
    238 Tevin ReeseInjured WR 31 Baylor rSr 5-10 170 7
    239 Trey MillardInjured FB 4 Oklahoma Sr 6-2 253 7
    240 Spencer LongInjured OG 14 Nebraska rSr 6-4 315 7
    241 *Xavier Grimble TE 13 Southern California rJr 6-5 250 7
    242 Matt Patchan OT 19 Boston College rSr 6-5 305 7
    243 Jordan Najvar TE 14 Baylor rSr 6-6 262 7
    244 Shaquelle Evans WR 32 UCLA rSr 6-1 210 7
    245 Jonathan Newsome OLB 23 Ball State rSr 6-2 236 7
    246 Charles SawyerInjured CB 31 Ole Miss rSr 5-10 175 7
    247 Eathyn Manumaleuna DT 22 Brigham Young rSr 6-2 305 7
    248 Ryan Groy OG 15 Wisconsin rSr 6-5 325 7
    249 Christian BryantInjured FS 10 Ohio State Sr 5-9 193 7
    250 Max Bullough ILB 11 Michigan State Sr 6-3 265 7
    251 Sean Parker SS 9 Washington Sr 5-10 193 7
    252 Matt Hazel WR 33 Coastal Carolina Sr 6-1 196 7
    253 Phillip Gaines CB 32 Rice rSr 6-1 195 7
    254 *A.C. Leonard TE 15 Tennessee State Jr 6-3 245 7
    255 Ethan Westbrooks DE 21 West Texas A&M Sr 6-4 264 7
    256 Marcus Williams CB 33 North Dakota State rSr 5-11 195 7-FA
    257 *Kapri Bibbs RB 20 Colorado State rSo 5-11 203 7-FA
    258 Logan Thomas QB 13 Virginia Tech rSr 6-6 250 7-FA
    259 Dri Archer WR 34 Kent State rSr 5-8 175 7-FA
    260 Pat O’Donnell P 3 Miami (Fla.) rSr 6-4 220 7-FA
    261 Donald Hawkins OT 20 Texas Sr 6-5 301 7-FA
    262 Jayrone Elliott OLB 24 Toledo Sr 6-3 240 7-FA
    263 Glenn Carson ILB 12 Penn State rSr 6-3 244 7-FA
    264 Corey Linsley C 7 Ohio State rSr 6-3 298 7-FA
    265 *Gator Hoskins FB 5 Marshall rJr 6-1 244 7-FA
    266 Larry Webster DE 22 Bloomsburg rSr 6-6 249 7-FA
    267 Zack Kerr DT 23 Delaware rSr 6-2 334 7-FA
    268 Nickoe WhitleyInjured FS 11 Mississippi State rSr 6-0 205 7-FA
    269 Marcus Lucas WR 35 Missouri Sr 6-4 220 7-FA
    270 Tom Savage QB 14 Pittsburgh rSr 6-4 230 7-FA
    271 *Michael Flacco TE 16 New Haven rSo 6-5 245 7-FA
    272 Charles Leno OT 21 Boise State rSr 6-4 302 7-FA
    273 Brad Daly OLB 25 Montana State Sr 6-1 239 7-FA
    274 Andrew Norwell OG 16 Ohio State Sr 6-6 316 7-FA
    275 Matt Armstrong C 8 Grand Valley State rSr 6-3 296 7-FA
    276 Silas ReddInjured RB 21 Southern California Sr 5-9 200 7-FA
    277 Cairo Santos K 3 Tulane Sr 5-8 165 7-FA
    278 *Jeoffrey Pagan DE 23 Alabama Jr 6-3 290 7-FA
    279 Dexter McDougleInjured CB 34 Maryland rSr 5-10 195 7-FA
    280 Quincy Enunwa WR 36 Nebraska Sr 6-2 227 7-FA
    281 Jeff Mathews QB 15 Cornell Sr 6-4 225 7-FA
    282 Steven Clark P 4 Auburn Sr 6-6 226 7-FA
    283 Chris Coyle FB 6 Arizona State rSr 6-2 235 7-FA
    284 *Jonathan Dowling FS 12 Western Kentucky rJr 6-2 198 7-FA
    285 Eric Ward WR 37 Texas Tech rSr 5-11 199 7-FA
    286 Ken Bishop DT 24 Northern Illinois Sr 6-1 308 7-FA
    287 Zac Kerin C 9 Toledo rSr 6-5 308 7-FA
    288 Anthony Hitchens OLB 26 Iowa Sr 6-0 233 7-FA
    289 David Fluellen RB 22 Toledo Sr 5-11 226 7-FA
    290 Danny Kistler Jr OT 22 Montana Sr 6-7 318 7-FA
    291 Ciante Evans CB 35 Nebraska Sr 5-10 193 7-FA
    292 Brian Clarke OG 17 Bloomsburg Sr 6-2 305 7-FA
    293 Ted Bolser TE 17 Indiana rSr 6-6 257 7-FA
    294 Uani (Devin) Unga ILB 13 Brigham Young rSr 6-1 233 7-FA
    295 Nat Berhe SS 10 San Diego State rSr 5-10 200 7-FA
    296 Jeremy Gallon WR 38 Michigan rSr 5-8 183 7-FA
    297 Marcus Heit LS 1 Kansas State Sr 6-3 252 7-FA
    298 Keith Wenning QB 16 Ball State Sr 6-3 219 7-FA
    299 Shaquil Barrett OLB 27 Colorado State Sr 6-2 260 7-FA
    300 Chaz Sutton DE 24 South Carolina rSr 6-4 263 7-FA
    301 Osahon Irabor CB 36 Arizona State rSr 5-11 186 7-FA
    302 Chad Abram FB 7 Florida State Sr 5-11 230 7-FA
    303 Tre Boston FS 13 North Carolina Sr 6-0 198 7-FA
    304 *George Atkinson III RB 23 Notre Dame Jr 6-1 220 7-FA
    305 Demonte McAllister DT 25 Florida State rSr 6-2 297 7-FA
    306 Bryce Quigley OT 23 San Diego State Sr 6-5 300 7-FA
    307 Brock Vereen SS 11 Minnesota Sr 6-0 199 7-FA
    308 Kain ColterInjured WR 39 Northwestern Sr 5-11 199 7-FA
    309 Avery Williamson ILB 14 Kentucky Sr 6-1 244 7-FA
    310 Garrison Smith DT 26 Georgia Sr 6-1 310 7-FA
    311 James Stone C 10 Tennessee Sr 6-4 307 7-FA
    312 Chidera Uzo-Diribe DE 25 Colorado Sr 6-2 252 7-FA
    313 Marcus Whitfield OLB 28 Maryland rSr 6-3 236 7-FA
    314 Stephen Morris QB 17 Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-2 208 7-FA
    315 Kenarious Gates OT 24 Georgia Sr 6-4 327 7-FA
    316 *Jake Murphy TE 18 Utah Jr 6-4 252 7-FA
    317 Tracy Moore WR 40 Oklahoma State rSr 6-1 215 7-FA
    318 Brandon Dixon CB 37 Northwest Missouri State Sr 6-0 204 7-FA
    319 Zach Fulton OG 18 Tennessee Sr 6-5 323 7-FA
    320 Ty Zimmerman FS 14 Kansas State rSr 6-1 204 7-FA
    321 Richie Leone P 5 Houston Sr 6-4 207 7-FA
    322 Reggie Jordan FB 8 Missouri Western State rSr 6-2 242 7-FA
    323 *Isaiah Crowell RB 24 Alabama State Jr 5-11 215 7-FA
    324 Parker Graham OT 25 Oklahoma State rSr 6-7 315 7-FA
    325 Xavius Boyd OLB 29 Western Kentucky Sr 6-2 236 7-FA
    326 Chris WhaleyInjured DT 27 Texas rSr 6-3 295 7-FA
    327 Erik Lora WR 41 Eastern Illinois rSr 5-11 200 7-FA
    328 Colton Underwood DE 26 Illinois State Sr 6-3 255 7-FA
    329 Kendall James CB 38 Maine Sr 5-11 175 7-FA
    330 James Morris ILB 15 Iowa Sr 6-1 240 7-FA
    331 Cody Mandell P 6 Alabama Sr 6-2 216 7-FA
    332 *Colt Lyerla TE 19 Oregon Jr 6-5 250 7-FA
    333 Avery Patterson FS 15 Oregon rSr 5-9 190 7-FA
    334 Jonotthan Harrison C 11 Florida rSr 6-3 304 7-FA
    335 Isaiah Burse WR 42 Fresno State Sr 5-10 185 7-FA
    336 Daniel Sorensen SS 12 Brigham Young rSr 6-2 208 7-FA
    337 Jeff Budzien K 4 Northwestern rSr 5-11 175 7-FA
    338 Austin Wentworth OG 19 Fresno State rSr 6-4 315 7-FA
    339 Fou Fonoti OT 26 Michigan State rSr 6-4 298 7-FA
    340 *Trai Turner OG 20 LSU rSo 6-3 316 7-FA
    341 Dezmen Southward SS 13 Wisconsin rSr 6-0 206 7-FA
    342 Nikita Whitlock FB 9 Wake Forest rSr 5-10 252 7-FA
    343 Spencer Shuey OLB 30 Clemson rSr 6-2 240 7-FA
    344 Chris Young ILB 16 Arizona State Sr 6-0 244 7-FA
    345 Keith Reaser CB 39 Florida Atlantic rSr 5-11 190 7-FA
    346 *Jerome Smith RB 25 Syracuse rJr 5-11 226 7-FA
    347 Nate Freese K 5 Boston College rSr 5-11 192 7-FA
    348 Justin Perillo TE 20 Maine rSr 6-3 250 7-FA
    349 Tyler Campbell P 7 Ole Miss rSr 6-2 238 7-FA
    350 Stephon Robertson ILB 17 James Madison rSr 5-11 220 7-FA
    351 IK Enemkpali DE 27 Louisiana Tech rSr 6-1 272 ––
    352 Kevin Graf OT 27 Southern California rSr 6-6 309 ––
    353 Darwin Cook SS 14 West Virginia rSr 5-11 203 ––
    354 Chandler Jones WR 43 San Jose State Sr 5-9 180 ––
    355 Boseko Lokombo OLB 31 Oregon rSr 6-3 230 ––
    356 Solomon Patton WR 44 Florida Sr 5-9 179 ––
    357 Karim Barton OG 21 Morgan State Sr 6-2 310 ––
    358 Garrett GilbertInjured QB 18 Southern Methodist rSr 6-3 223 ––
    359 Jabari Price CB 40 North Carolina Sr 5-10 195 ––
    360 Jake OlsonInjured OT 28 Central Michigan rSr 6-7 305 ––
    361 Alex Neutz WR 45 Buffalo rSr 6-2 210 ––
    362 Caleb Lavey ILB 18 Oklahoma State Sr 6-2 235 ––
    363 Tim Flanders RB 26 Sam Houston State rSr 5-9 212 ––
    364 Elisha Olabode FS 16 TCU Sr 5-10 193 ––
    365 Zach Moore DE 28 Concordia-St. Paul rSr 6-6 285 ––
    366 Brian Jackson SS 15 Oregon rSr 5-10 197 ––
    367 Damante Horton CB 41 Washington State Sr 5-10 178 ––
    368 Trevor Gillette LS 2 Rice Sr 6-2 245 ––
    369 Casey Pachall QB 19 TCU Sr 6-4 230 ––
    370 Chris Burnette OG 22 Georgia rSr 6-3 306 ––
    371 Greg Blair ILB 19 Cincinnati rSr 6-1 252 ––
    372 Tenny Palepoi DT 28 Utah Sr 6-1 300 ––
    373 Jeremiah Sirles OT 29 Nebraska rSr 6-7 315 ––
    374 *Khairi Fortt OLB 32 California rJr 6-2 240 ––
    375 Allen Hurns WR 46 Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-1 193 ––
    376 Chase Rettig QB 20 Boston College Sr 6-3 206 ––
    377 Gus Handler C 12 Colorado rSr 6-3 290 ––
    378 Keon LynInjured CB 42 Syracuse Sr 6-1 201 ––
    379 Alex Bayer TE 21 Bowling Green rSr 6-4 258 ––
    380 Zach Hocker K 6 Arkansas Sr 6-0 194 ––
    381 Colby Way DE 29 Buffalo Sr 6-3 293 ––
    382 *Pierre Warren FS 17 Jacksonville State Jr 6-1 202 ––
    383 Antwan Lowery OG 23 Rutgers rSr 6-3 355 ––
    384 Matt Hall OT 30 Belhaven Sr 6-9 323 ––
    385 Steele Divitto ILB 20 Boston College Sr 6-2 237 ––
    386 Jerry Gates SS 16 Bowling Green Sr 5-11 227 ––
    387 Corey (Pitt) Brown WR 47 Ohio State Sr 5-11 190 ––
    388 Zachary McMillian CB 43 Houston Sr 5-10 178 ––
    389 Lawrence Virgil DT 29 Valdosta State Sr 6-4 290 ––
    390 Cody Webster P 8 Purdue Sr 6-1 205 ––
    391 Carlos Fields Jr. OLB 33 Winston-Salem rSr 6-2 226 ––
    392 LaDarius Perkins RB 27 Mississippi State rSr 5-8 189 ––
    393 Tony Washington WR 48 Appalachian State rSr 5-10 200 ––
    394 Parker Orms FS 18 Colorado rSr 5-10 186 ––
    395 Austen Bujnoch OG 24 Cincinnati rSr 6-4 290 ––
    396 Jamil MerrellInjured DE 30 Rutgers rSr 6-4 249 ––
    397 Curtis Feigt OT 31 West Virginia rSr 6-7 315 ––
    398 *Austin Franklin WR 49 New Mexico State rJr 6-0 184 ––
    399 Shaquille Richardson CB 44 Arizona Sr 6-0 194 ––
    400 Blake Annen TE 22 Cincinnati rSr 6-4 250 ––
    401 Deron Furr SS 17 Fort Valley State rSr 6-2 215 ––
    402 Keith Price QB 21 Washington rSr 6-1 196 ––
    403 Marquis Flowers OLB 34 Arizona Sr 6-2 233 ––
    404 Khalil Wilkes C 13 Stanford rSr 6-2 292 ––
    405 Keith Smith ILB 21 San Jose State Sr 6-0 229 ––
    406 Brent Qvale OT 32 Nebraska rSr 6-6 316 ––
    407 Travis Carrie CB 45 Ohio rSr 6-0 212 ––
    408 Ray Agnew FB 10 Southern Illinois Sr 5-9 246 ––
    409 Lorenzo Taliaferro RB 28 Coastal Carolina Sr 6-1 231 ––
    410 *Willie Snead WR 50 Ball State Jr 5-11 193 ––
    411 Walker May DE 31 Vanderbilt rSr 6-4 250 ––
    412 Trey Hopkins OG 25 Texas Sr 6-3 305 ––
    413 Matt Paradis C 14 Boise State rSr 6-2 299 ––
    414 Bruce Gaston DT 30 Purdue Sr 6-2 316 ––
    415 Bryn RennerInjured QB 22 North Carolina rSr 6-2 225 ––
    416 Derel Walker WR 51 Texas A&M Sr 6-2 185 ––
    417 Corey NelsonInjured OLB 35 Oklahoma Sr 6-1 226 ––
    418 Demetri Goodson CB 46 Baylor rSr 5-11 200 ––
    419 Isaiah Newsome FS 19 Louisiana-Monroe rSr 5-11 200 ––
    420 Kenny Anunike DE 32 Duke rSr 6-4 260 ––
    421 Rob Crisp OT 33 North Carolina State Sr 6-7 300 ––
    422 Kaneakua Friel TE 23 Brigham Young rSr 6-4 263 ––
    423 Roderick McDowell RB 29 Clemson rSr 5-9 200 ––
    424 Vince Mayle FB 11 Washington State Sr 6-2 240 ––
    425 John Brown WR 52 Pittsburg State Sr 5-10 175 ––
    426 Anthony Goodwin CB 47 Montana Sr 6-0 180 ––
    427 Brock Coyle ILB 22 Montana rSr 6-1 243 ––
    428 David Hurd OT 34 Arkansas Sr 6-6 307 ––
    429 Tevin Mims DE 33 South Florida Sr 6-3 246 ––
    430 Paul Layton P 9 Temple Sr 6-1 215 ––
    431 Alex Amidon WR 53 Boston College Sr 6-0 182 ––
    432 Tommy Rees QB 23 Notre Dame Sr 6-2 214 ––
    433 *Adam Muema RB 30 San Diego State rJr 5-10 205 ––
    434 Daytawion Lowe FS 20 Oklahoma State rSr 6-0 196 ––
    435 C.J. Barnett SS 18 Ohio State Sr 6-0 191 ––
    436 Khyri Thornton DT 31 Southern Mississippi rSr 6-2 301 ––
    437 Maurice Hagens FB 12 Miami (Fla.) Sr 5-11 250 ––
    438 D.J. Tialavea TE 24 Utah State rSr 6-4 260 ––
    439 Najja Johnson CB 48 Buffalo Sr 5-11 187 ––
    440 Mike Olson OLB 36 Wake Forest rSr 6-2 215 ––
    441 Kristopher Redding DE 34 Wake Forest rSr 6-4 264 ––
    442 Andrew Rodriguez OG 26 Nebraska Sr 6-5 330 ––
    443 Noel GrigsbyInjured WR 54 San Jose State rSr 5-10 175 ––
    444 Trey Watts RB 31 Tulsa Sr 5-10 208 ––
    445 Chris Martin OT 35 UCF rSr 6-5 303 ––
    446 Nate Dreiling ILB 23 Pittsburg State rSr 6-3 236 ––
    447 Dillon Farrell C 15 New Mexico rSr 6-5 309 ––
    448 *Chris Boyd WR 55 Vanderbilt rJr 6-4 205 ––
    449 Ricky Havili-Heimuli DT 32 Oregon Sr 6-4 314 ––
    450 Jason Hendricks SS 19 Pittsburgh rSr 5-11 190 ––
    451 Jamal Merrell OLB 37 Rutgers rSr 6-4 222 ––
    452 Evan Finkenberg OT 36 Arizona State rSr 6-4 298 ––
    453 *Nick Addison CB 49 Bethune-Cookman Jr 6-1 182 ––
    454 Asa Watson TE 25 North Carolina State rSr 6-3 231 ––
    455 Jason Ankrah DE 35 Nebraska rSr 6-3 265 ––
    456 Jordan Lynch QB 24 Northern Illinois rSr 6-1 220 ––
    457 Trey Burton WR 56 Florida Sr 6-2 225 ––
    458 Alfred Blue RB 32 LSU Sr 6-1 222 ––
    459 Shaun Lewis OLB 38 Oklahoma State Sr 5-11 226 ––
    460 Je’Ron Hamm WR 57 Louisiana-Monroe Sr 6-3 232 ––
    461 Shamiel Gary SS 20 Oklahoma State rSr 6-0 210 ––
    462 Mario Brown CB 50 Eastern Washington Sr 5-8 179 ––
    463 John Martinez OG 27 Southern California rSr 6-2 310 ––
    464 Brendon Kay QB 25 Cincinnati rSr 6-3 228 ––
    465 Corey Washington WR 58 Newberry Sr 6-4 207 ––
    466 Beau Allen DT 33 Wisconsin Sr 6-3 333 ––
    467 Beckett WalesInjured TE 26 Syracuse Sr 6-3 255 ––
    468 Marquis Spruill ILB 24 Syracuse Sr 6-1 229 ––
    469 Macky MacPherson C 16 Syracuse Sr 6-1 290 ––
    470 Jake Metz DE 36 Shippensburg Sr 6-5 247 ––
    471 Jimmy Legree CB 51 South Carolina rSr 5-11 194 ––
    472 Ryan LankfordInjured WR 59 Illinois Sr 6-0 175 ––
    473 Johnny Millard OLB 39 Cal Poly Sr 6-2 232 ––
    474 Perry Simmons OT 37 Duke rSr 6-5 300 ––
    475 Dustin Vaughan QB 26 West Texas A&M Sr 6-5 232 ––
    476 Ben Malena RB 33 Texas A&M Sr 5-8 193 ––
    477 David Sims FB 13 Georgia Tech rSr 5-11 235 ––
    478 Ryan Bronson FS 21 McNeese State Sr 6-1 182 ––
    479 Bobby Wenzig P 10 Alabama State Sr 6-1 180 ––
    480 Jordan Love CB 52 Towson rSr 5-11 177 ––
    481 Julian Horton WR 60 Arkansas Sr 6-0 210 ––
    482 *Terrance Hackney OT 38 Bethune-Cookman rJr 6-5 310 ––
    483 Kevin Danser OG 28 Stanford rSr 6-5 312 ––
    484 J.R. Collins DE 37 Virginia Tech rSr 6-2 248 ––
    485 Tyler Ott LS 3 Harvard Sr 6-3 252 ––
    486 D.J. Coles WR 61 Virginia Tech rSr 6-3 234 ––
    487 *Viliami Moala DT 34 California Jr 6-2 318 ––
    488 Cody Parkey K 7 Auburn Sr 6-0 189 ––
    489 Marcus Shaw RB 34 South Florida Sr 5-9 178 ––
    490 Terrance Bullitt OLB 40 Texas Tech rSr 6-2 220 ––
    491 *Kameron Jackson CB 53 California Jr 5-9 175 ––
    492 Quintin Payton WR 62 North Carolina State rSr 6-4 211 ––
    493 Colin Lockett WR 63 San Diego State Sr 5-11 184 ––
    494 Dallas Lee OG 29 Georgia rSr 6-3 302 ––
    495 Malcolm Willis SS 21 Penn State rSr 5-11 215 ––
    496 Vince BuhagiarInjured OLB 41 San Jose State Sr 6-3 237 ––
    497 L.J. Jones CB 54 Fresno State rSr 5-10 201 ––
    498 Demetrius Wright FS 22 Southern California Sr 6-0 195 ––
    499 Blake Jackson TE 27 Oklahoma State Sr 6-4 238 ––
    500 Brock Jensen QB 27 North Dakota State Sr 6-2 226 ––
    501 Jared Biard OT 39 Colorado State rSr 6-7 318 ––
    502 *Brendon Bigelow RB 35 California Jr 5-10 180 ––
    503 John Fulton CB 55 Alabama Sr 6-0 186 ––
    504 Jamie Meder DT 35 Ashland Sr 6-2 306 ––
    505 Eric Pike OG 30 Towson Sr 6-4 298 ––
    506 Bernard Reedy WR 64 Toledo Sr 5-8 174 ––
    507 Roosevelt Nix ILB 25 Kent State Sr 5-11 260 ––
    508 Chris McAllister DE 38 Baylor rSr 6-2 255 ––
    509 Kyle Lichtenberg OT 40 Iowa State rSr 6-5 296 ––
    510 Walter Powell WR 65 Murray State Sr 6-0 187 ––
    511 Terrence Miller FB 14 Arizona rSr 6-4 233 ––
    512 Zach Northern LS 4 Baylor Sr 6-0 285 ––
    513 Kenny Guiton QB 28 Ohio State rSr 6-2 200 ––
    514 Zurlon Tipton RB 36 Central Michigan rSr 6-0 221 ––
    515 Tahj Jones OLB 42 LSU rSr 6-2 208 ––
    516 Jaz Reynolds WR 66 Oklahoma rSr 6-2 198 ––
    517 Byran Jones DT 36 Arkansas Sr 6-2 315 ––
    518 *Nic Jacobs TE 28 McNeese State rJr 6-5 260 ––
    519 Damon Magazu FS 23 East Carolina Sr 5-11 204 ––
    520 Tanner Miller SS 22 Iowa Sr 6-1 207 ––
    521 Albert Wilson WR 67 Georgia State rSr 5-9 206 ––
    522 Vintavious Cooper RB 37 East Carolina Sr 5-9 200 ––
    523 Torin Harris CB 56 Southern California rSr 6-0 190 ––
    524 Cqulin Hubert ILB 26 Southeastern Louisiana Sr 6-1 250 ––
    525 Blake Treadwell OG 31 Michigan State rSr 6-3 304 ––
    526 Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe DT 37 Boise State rSr 6-3 309 ––
    527 Nate Askew OLB 43 Texas A&M Sr 6-3 239 ––
    528 Matt Yoklic P 11 Pittsburgh rSr 6-3 220 ––
    529 Eric Thomas WR 68 Troy Sr 6-1 214 ––
    530 Dan Fox ILB 27 Notre Dame rSr 6-3 245 ––
    531 Chris Elkins C 17 Youngstown State Sr 6-2 289 ––
    532 Bennie Fowler WR 69 Michigan State rSr 6-1 212 ––
    533 Jerod Monk TE 29 Baylor rSr 6-4 285 ––
    534 Mason Walters OG 32 Texas rSr 6-5 320 ––
    535 Brandon Wimberly WR 70 Nevada rSr 6-2 225 ––
    536 Wade Keliikipi DT 38 Oregon rSr 6-3 306 ––
    537 Erle Ladson OT 41 Delaware Sr 6-5 355 ––
    538 Jordan Hall RB 38 Ohio State rSr 5-8 192 ––
    539 DeNarius McGhee QB 29 Montana State rSr 5-11 212 ––
    540 Junior OnyealiInjured OLB 44 Arizona State Sr 5-11 240 ––
    541 Jacques Washington FS 24 Iowa State rSr 6-0 220 ––
    542 Kenneth Acker CB 57 Southern Methodist Sr 5-11 193 ––
    543 Adrian Phillips SS 23 Texas Sr 5-10 205 ––
    544 Kiero Small FB 15 Arkansas rSr 5-8 247 ––
    545 Terrence Fede DE 39 Marist rSr 6-3 285 ––
    546 Kenny Bell WR 71 Alabama rSr 6-0 180 ––
    547 Tyshon Goode WR 72 Kent State rSr 6-0 183 ––
    548 Damien Proby ILB 28 Northwestern rSr 6-0 245 ––
    549 Marcus Hall OG 33 Ohio State rSr 6-5 315 ––
    550 Pat Eger C 18 West Virginia rSr 6-5 298 ––
    551 Robert ThomasInjured DT 39 Arkansas rSr 6-2 325 ––
    552 B.J. Lowery CB 59 Iowa Sr 5-10 193 ––
    553 Damian Copeland WR 73 Louisville rSr 6-1 182 ––
    554 Asante Cleveland TE 30 Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-4 262 ––
    555 Roy Finch RB 39 Oklahoma Sr 5-7 170 ––
    556 Brian BlechenInjured OLB 45 Utah Sr 6-2 225 ––
    557 Chris Fields WR 74 Ohio State rSr 6-0 200 ––
    558 Nicholas Kaspar OG 34 San Jose State Sr 6-3 290 ––
    559 Maurice Couch DT 40 Tennessee rSr 6-2 322 ––
    560 Mark Joyce FS 25 South Florida Sr 5-10 179 ––
    561 D.J. Yendrey DE 40 Texas State rSr 6-3 276 ––
    562 Seantavious Jones WR 75 Valdosta State Sr 6-3 209 ––
    563 Kelvin Palmer OT 42 Baylor rSr 6-4 290 ––
    564 Chandler Catanzaro K 8 Clemson rSr 6-1 200 ––
    565 James Sims RB 40 Kansas Sr 5-10 207 ––
    566 Ronald Patrick OG 35 South Carolina Sr 6-2 315 ––
    567 Sam Holl SS 24 Baylor Sr 6-1 210 ––
    568 Carl Fleming OLB 46 Indiana (PA) rSr 6-1 226 ––
    569 James Franklin QB 30 Missouri Sr 6-2 228 ––
    570 Brian Dixon CB 58 Northwest Missouri State Sr 6-0 199 ––
    571 Tim Jackson DT 41 North Carolina Sr 6-4 283 ––
    572 Jack Tyler ILB 29 Virginia Tech rSr 6-0 230 ––
    573 C.J. Zimmerer FB 16 Nebraska rSr 6-0 230 ––
    574 Dontavis Sapp OLB 47 Tennessee Sr 6-3 232 ––
    575 Jimmy Bennett OT 43 Connecticut rSr 6-8 307 ––
    576 Ja-Mes Logan WR 76 Ole Miss rSr 6-2 187 ––
    577 Tim Cornett RB 41 UNLV Sr 6-0 210 ––
    578 D.J. Banks WR 77 Louisiana Tech rSr 5-9 182 ––
    579 Jeremy Brown CB 60 Florida rSr 5-10 185 ––
    580 Josh Allen C 19 Louisiana-Monroe Sr 6-3 309 ––
    581 Tre Porter FS 26 Texas Tech Sr 5-11 205 ––
    582 Baker Swedenburg P 12 Mississippi State Sr 6-0 205 ––
    583 Derrick Hopkins DT 42 Virginia Tech Sr 6-0 321 ––
    584 Chris Coyer FB 17 Temple rSr 6-2 250 ––
    585 Nehemiah Hicks TE 31 Texas A&M Sr 6-4 255 ––
    586 Will Simmons OG 36 East Carolina rSr 6-5 329 ––
    587 Matt Feiler OT 44 Bloomsburg Sr 6-6 330 ––
    588 Brandon Watts OLB 48 Georgia Tech rSr 6-2 232 ––
    589 Chris Schaudt DE 41 Minnesota State Sr 6-3 270 ––
    590 Nathan Scheelhaase QB 31 Illinois rSr 6-2 205 ––
    591 Spencer Harris WR 78 Illinois Sr 6-2 205 ––
    592 Nick Williams SS 25 North Alabama rSr 6-2 222 ––
    593 Chase Garnham ILB 30 Vanderbilt Sr 6-2 234 ––
    594 Geraldo Boldewijn WR 79 Boise State rSr 6-3 220 ––
    595 Todd Washington CB 61 Southeastern Louisiana Sr 5-11 190 ––
    596 Brennan Clay RB 42 Oklahoma Sr 5-11 196 ––
    597 Darrin Kitchens OLB 49 Florida Sr 6-2 237 ––
    598 Tyler RussellInjured QB 32 Mississippi State rSr 6-4 220 ––
    599 Chris Davenport DT 43 Tulane rSr 6-3 343 ––
    600 Brandon Felder WR 80 Penn State rSr 6-2 200 ––
    601 Anthony Dima OT 45 Massachusetts rSr 6-6 302 ––
    602 Darryl Cato-Bishop DE 42 North Carolina State rSr 6-3 240 ––
    603 Jerry Rice Jr. WR 81 UNLV rSr 5-11 185 ––
    604 Kaleb Ramsey DT 44 Boston College rSr 6-2 285 ––
    605 Maurice Alexander FS 27 Utah State Sr 6-1 212 ––
    606 Keenan Graham OLB 50 UCLA rSr 6-1 253 ––
    607 Tyler Shatley OG 37 Clemson rSr 6-3 300 ––
    608 Sean Martin CB 62 Oregon State rSr 5-11 190 ––
    609 Josh Wells OT 46 James Madison rSr 6-5 314 ––
    610 Mike Marry ILB 31 Ole Miss rSr 6-2 259 ––
    611 Taylor MartinezInjured QB 33 Nebraska rSr 6-0 210 ––
    612 Daryl Surgent WR 82 La.-Lafayette Sr 5-11 189 ––
    613 D.J. Mendenhall QB 34 Urbana Sr 6-4 220 ––
    614 Kye Staley FB 18 Oklahoma State rSr 5-10 236 ––
    615 Kamal Johnson DT 45 Temple rSr 6-4 310 ––
    616 Dorian Bell OLB 51 Duquesne rSr 6-0 224 ––
    617 Gerald Ford WR 83 Valdosta State rSr 6-3 219 ––
    618 Terrance Owens QB 35 Toledo rSr 6-3 205 ––
    619 Vincenzo D’Amato K 9 California Sr 6-0 200 ––
    620 Jestin Love SS 26 Central Arkansas rSr 6-0 208 ––
    621 Jake Long TE 32 Nebraska Sr 6-3 240 ––
    622 DJ Adams RB 43 Portland State rSr 5-9 199 ––
    623 Kenny Shaw WR 84 Florida State Sr 5-11 170 ––
    624 Kerry Wynn DE 43 Richmond rSr 6-5 268 ––
    625 D.T. Shackelford ILB 32 Ole Miss rSr 6-1 246 ––
    626 Sean Conway C 20 Western Kentucky rSr 6-3 305 ––
    627 Jeremy Deering FS 28 Rutgers Sr 6-1 200 ––
    628 Louis Young CB 63 Georgia Tech Sr 6-0 196 ––
    629 Damien Jacobs DT 46 Florida Sr 6-2 300 ––
    630 Kyle Nunn WR 85 San Jose State Sr 6-2 209 ––
    631 Eddie Lackey OLB 52 Baylor Sr 5-11 220 ––
    632 Corey Miller DE 44 Tennessee Sr 6-3 265 ––
    633 Adam Kennedy QB 36 Arkansas State rSr 6-4 224 ––
    634 Corey Lewis OT 47 Illinois rSr 6-5 315 ––
    635 Will Jackson OG 38 Georgia Tech rSr 6-3 295 ––
    636 Brelan Chancellor WR 86 North Texas Sr 5-8 186 ––
    637 *Henry Josey RB 44 Missouri rJr 5-10 190 ––
    638 Carlo Calabrese ILB 33 Notre Dame rSr 6-1 250 ––
    639 Travis Labhart WR 87 Texas A&M Sr 5-9 182 ––
    640 John Prior OT 48 Ohio rSr 6-5 300 ––
    641 E.J. Dunston DT 47 UCF Sr 6-2 302 ––
    642 Conner Neighbors FB 19 LSU Sr 5-11 239 ––
    643 David Mackall OLB 53 Delaware Sr 6-3 245 ––
    644 Tyler Patmon CB 64 Oklahoma State rSr 5-10 190 ––
    645 Cameron Brate TE 33 Harvard Sr 6-4 245 ––
    646 Corey Robinson QB 37 Troy rSr 6-1 211 ––
    647 Johnnie Simon SS 27 Western Michigan Sr 6-0 197 ––
    648 Mike Williams WR 88 California (PA) rSr 5-11 185 ––
    649 A.J. Marshall FS 29 Wake Forest Sr 5-11 197 ––
    650 Bronson Irwin OG 39 Oklahoma Sr 6-5 314 ––
    651 Branden Oliver RB 45 Buffalo rSr 5-7 208 ––
    652 Josh Aladenoye OT 49 Illinois State rSr 6-5 326 ––
    653 Evan Swindall C 21 Ole Miss rSr 6-3 301 ––
    654 T.J. Stripling OLB 54 Georgia Sr 6-5 237 ––
    655 Mike Pennel DT 48 Colorado State – Pueblo Sr 6-4 363 ––
    656 Jeremy Johnson WR 89 Southern Methodist Sr 5-11 179 ––
    657 Grant Enger OG 40 Oregon State rSr 6-5 291 ––
    658 Deron Wilson CB 65 Southern Mississippi rSr 5-10 183 ––
    659 Andrew Suter LS 5 Oklahoma State Sr 6-2 268 ––
    660 Derek Thompson QB 38 North Texas rSr 6-4 218 ––
    661 Ryne Giddins DE 45 South Florida rSr 6-3 253 ––
    662 Kadron Boone WR 90 LSU Sr 6-0 204 ––
    663 Steven Jenkins OLB 55 Texas A&M rSr 6-2 220 ––
    664 Donte Rumph DT 49 Kentucky Sr 6-3 320 ––
    665 Zane Fakes TE 34 Ball State rSr 6-3 237 ––
    666 RiShard Anderson CB 66 Syracuse rSr 5-11 190 ––
    667 Anthony Denham WR 91 Utah rSr 6-4 222 ––
    668 Pierce Burton OT 50 Ole Miss Sr 6-5 290 ––
    669 C.J. Brown QB 39 Maryland rSr 6-2 210 ––
    670 Kofi Hughes WR 92 Indiana Sr 6-1 217 ––
    671 Jeff Scott RB 46 Ole Miss Sr 5-7 164 ––
    672 Harrison Waid P 13 San Jose State rSr 6-1 183 ––
    673 Tariq Edwards OLB 56 Virginia Tech rSr 6-2 234 ––
    674 Telvion Clark ILB 34 Towson rSr 6-1 230 ––
    675 JaQuez Jenkins SS 28 South Florida rSr 6-2 190 ––
    676 Lee Doss WR 93 Southern rSr 6-1 176 ––
    677 Luther Robinson DT 50 Miami (Fla.) rSr 6-3 296 ––
    678 Joe Williams CB 67 Baylor Sr 5-10 190 ––
    679 Dan France OG 41 Michigan State rSr 6-6 312 ––
    680 Greg Hardin WR 94 North Dakota rSr 5-10 173 ––
    681 Zach Bauman RB 47 Northern Arizona Sr 5-7 196 ––
    682 Abdul Smith FS 30 Temple rSr 6-0 206 ––
    683 Quinton Washington DT 51 Michigan rSr 6-3 301 ––
    684 Tre Walker OLB 57 Kansas State Sr 6-2 225 ––
    685 Tim Smith WR 95 Virginia rSr 6-0 195 ––
    686 Chad Young FB 20 San Diego State Sr 5-9 238 ––
    687 Vyncent Jones C 22 Utah rSr 6-3 305 ––
    688 Adam Gress OT 51 Penn State rSr 6-6 320 ––
    689 Barry Browning CB 68 Stanford Sr 6-0 188 ––
    690 Cade Foster K 10 Alabama Sr 6-1 224 ––
    691 Elhadji Ndiaye DE 46 Nebraska-Kearney rSr 6-4 243 ––
    692 Brandon Denmark ILB 35 Florida A&M Sr 6-3 230 ––
    693 Eric Waters TE 35 Missouri Sr 6-4 245 ––
    694 Torrence Allen WR 96 West Texas A&M rSr 6-0 190 ––
    695 Dewey McDonald SS 29 California (PA) rSr 6-0 215 ––
    696 Kedrick Rhodes RB 48 West Alabama Sr 5-10 200 ––
    697 Deontae Skinner OLB 58 Mississippi State rSr 6-1 249 ––
    698 Bookie Sneed CB 69 Sam Houston State Sr 5-11 184 ––
    699 Tyler Evans OG 42 Oklahoma rSr 6-5 305 ––
    700 JD Falslev WR 97 Brigham Young Sr 5-8 175 ––
    701 Adhem Elsawi OT 52 East Carolina Sr 6-5 308 ––
    702 Emanuel Dieke DE 47 Georgia Tech rSr 6-6 270 ––
    703 Johnnie FarmsInjured DT 52 Memphis rSr 6-1 322 ––
    704 Jared Wheeler C 23 Miami (Fla.) rSr 6-4 318 ––
    705 Tana Patrick OLB 59 Alabama rSr 6-2 238 ––
    706 David Gilbert DE 48 Miami (Fla.) rSr 6-4 261 ––
    707 Bert White SS 30 Northwestern State Sr 5-10 205 ––
    708 Jordan Harris WR 98 Bryant Sr 6-1 215 ––
    709 AJ Highsmith FS 31 Miami (Fla.) rSr 5-11 204 ––
    710 Damien Williams RB 49 Oklahoma Sr 5-11 211 ––
    711 Gregory Ducre CB 70 Washington Sr 5-10 178 ––
    712 Josh Walker OG 43 Middle Tennessee rSr 6-5 323 ––
    713 David Oku RB 50 Arkansas State rSr 5-9 202 ––
    714 Brian Wozniak TE 36 Wisconsin rSr 6-4 256 ––
    715 Adrian FlemmingInjured WR 99 Syracuse Sr 6-2 200 ––
    716 Dayonne Nunley CB 71 Miami (Ohio) Sr 5-8 184 ––
    717 Ian White OT 53 Boston College rSr 6-5 302 ––
    718 Kevin Greene OLB 60 Southern California rSr 6-3 255 ––
    719 Ashton Dorsey DT 53 Lamar Sr 6-2 295 ––
    720 Deven Drane CB 72 Cincinnati Sr 5-10 187 ––
    721 Tyler Tettleton QB 40 Ohio rSr 5-11 205 ––
    722 Justin Anderson ILB 36 La.-Lafayette Sr 6-2 232 ––
    723 *Darrin Reaves RB 51 UAB Jr 5-10 210 ––
    724 Will Smith OLB 61 Texas Tech Sr 6-2 220 ––
    725 Javontee Herndon WR 100 Arkansas Sr 6-1 194 ––
    726 Andrew Furney K 11 Washington State Sr 5-10 210 ––
    727 Paul Carrezola FB 21 Rutgers rSr 6-2 240 ––
    728 Kjelby Oiland C 24 Montana Sr 6-3 290 ––
    729 Glasco Martin RB 52 Baylor rSr 6-0 220 ––
    730 Charles Siddoway OT 54 Mississippi State Sr 6-6 300 ––
    731 Luke Wollet SS 31 Kent State Sr 5-11 198 ––
    732 Conor Boffeli OG 44 Iowa rSr 6-4 295 ––
    733 Nexon Dorvilus TE 37 Florida Atlantic rSr 6-4 230 ––
    734 Devin Wallace FS 32 Virginia Union rSr 5-10 202 ––
    735 Jeff Godfrey WR 101 UCF Sr 5-11 190 ––
    736 Logan Kilgore QB 41 Middle Tennessee rSr 6-2 206 ––
    737 Jimmy Staten DT 54 Middle Tennessee rSr 6-3 311 ––
    738 Ethan Armstrong OLB 62 Wisconsin rSr 6-2 225 ––
    739 Qua Cox CB 73 Jackson State rSr 5-10 184 ––
    740 Prince-Tyson Gulley RB 53 Syracuse Sr 5-9 190 ––
    741 Shawn Jackson ILB 37 Tulsa rSr 6-0 251 ––
    742 Tyler Scott DE 49 Northwestern Sr 6-4 265 ––
    743 Charlie Moore WR 102 Oklahoma State Sr 6-2 202 ––
    744 B.J. Butler FB 22 Louisville Sr 6-2 274 ––
    745 Winston Wright CB 74 South Dakota State Sr 5-10 190 ––
    746 Gabe Linehan TE 38 Boise State rSr 6-3 238 ––
    747 Quandon Christian OLB 63 Clemson rSr 6-2 230 ––
    748 Seth Lobato QB 42 Northern Colorado Sr 6-5 223 ––
    749 Darryl Johnson OT 55 New Mexico rSr 6-4 308 ––
    750 Dexter Linton FS 33 Kansas rSr 5-10 195 ––
    751 Aaron Burks WR 103 Boise State rSr 6-2 205 ––
    752 Shaq Bell CB 75 Colorado State Sr 5-11 198 ––
    753 Jon Lechner OG 45 Ohio rSr 6-5 315 ––
    754 Jeremiah TaylorInjured DE 50 Marshall Sr 6-3 255 ––
    755 Taylor Gabriel WR 104 Abilene Christian Sr 5-8 176 ––
    756 Jordan Stepp DT 55 Cincinnati rSr 6-0 285 ––
    757 Cole Pensick C 25 Nebraska rSr 6-2 275 ––
    758 Quron Pratt WR 105 Rutgers rSr 5-11 190 ––
    759 Leron Furr OLB 64 Fort Valley State rSr 6-2 232 ––
    760 Garrett Scott OT 56 Marshall Sr 6-5 294 ––
    761 Cameron Loeffler SS 32 Jackson State Sr 6-0 208 ––
    762 Ernst Brun, Jr TE 39 Iowa State rSr 6-3 251 ––
    763 Anthony Wilkerson RB 54 Stanford Sr 5-10 219 ––
    764 Kurt Hess QB 43 Youngstown State rSr 6-2 232 ––
    765 Dashaun Phillips CB 76 Tarleton State rSr 5-10 178 ––
    766 Jackson Bouza WR 106 California Sr 6-0 180 ––
    767 Reggie Wilson DE 51 Texas Sr 6-3 255 ––
    768 Jake Fischer ILB 38 Arizona rSr 5-11 221 ––
    769 Rantavious Wooten WR 107 Georgia rSr 5-10 176 ––
    770 Spencer Hadley OLB 65 Brigham Young Sr 6-1 227 ––
    771 D.J. Key FS 34 Chattanooga rSr 5-11 195 ––
    772 K.J. Morton CB 77 Baylor Sr 5-10 190 ––
    773 Jack Moro SS 33 St. Cloud State Sr 5-11 190 ––
    774 Fabian Truss RB 55 Samford Sr 5-9 185 ––
    775 Evan Wilson TE 40 Illinois Sr 6-6 250 ––
    776 Sullivan Grosz DT 56 Cal Poly Sr 6-3 295 ––
    777 Mike Meyer K 12 Iowa Sr 6-2 190 ––
    778 Brandon Webb OG 46 Oklahoma State rSr 6-3 326 ––
    779 Anthony McClung WR 108 Cincinnati Sr 6-0 177 ––
    780 Darien Robinson FB 23 Citadel Sr 5-11 220 ––
    781 Cayle Chapman-Brown P 14 New Mexico State Sr 6-4 231 ––
    782 Tavarese Maye WR 109 Louisiana-Monroe rSr 5-11 183 ––
    783 Brendan Kelly OLB 66 Wisconsin rSr 6-6 255 ––
    784 Tevon Conrad OT 57 Saginaw Valley rSr 6-8 326 ––
    785 Dan SpragueInjured C 26 Cincinnati rSr 6-3 290 ––
    786 Gabe Lynn FS 35 Oklahoma rSr 6-0 204 ––
    787 Jeremy Jackson WR 110 Michigan Sr 6-2 209 ––
    788 George Makridis LS 6 Ohio State Sr 6-2 234 ––
    789 Darius Robinson CB 78 Clemson Sr 5-10 175 ––
    790 Rakim Cox DE 52 Villanova rSr 6-3 265 ––
    791 Willie Gibson WR 111 Cumberlands (KY) Sr 5-11 178 ––
    792 John Spooney RB 56 Brown Sr 5-11 185 ––
    793 Malcolm Butler CB 79 West Alabama Sr 5-10 185 ––
    794 Cody Booth OT 58 Temple rSr 6-4 285 ––
    795 Anthony Brown OLB 67 Eastern Kentucky rSr 6-0 228 ––
    796 Terrill Barnes WR 112 Indiana (PA) Sr 6-1 215 ––
    797 Brandon McCray DT 57 La.-Lafayette rSr 6-4 318 ––
    798 Michael Philipp OG 47 Oregon State rSr 6-3 328 ––
    799 James Gaines ILB 39 Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-2 240 ––
    800 Dave Stinebaugh TE 41 Maryland rSr 6-3 250 ––
    801 Drew Allen QB 44 Syracuse rSr 6-5 226 ––
    802 Thomas Gordon SS 34 Michigan rSr 5-11 210 ––
    803 Jordan Luallen FB 24 Cincinnati rSr 6-2 240 ––
    804 *Chris McCain DE 53 California rJr 6-5 250 ––
    805 Pat Muldoon DE 54 Wisconsin rSr 6-3 269 ––
    806 Jeremi Wilkes FS 36 Syracuse Sr 5-9 190 ––
    807 Deon Miller WR 113 Temple Sr 6-4 210 ––
    808 Jack Harris OT 59 Colorado rSr 6-6 295 ––
    809 Randell Johnson OLB 68 Florida Atlantic rSr 6-3 245 ––
    810 Jacob Fahrenkrug OG 48 Florida State rSr 6-3 326 ––
    811 Shaq Rowell DT 58 West Virginia rSr 6-3 305 ––
    812 Toney Hurd Jr. CB 80 Texas A&M Sr 5-9 185 ––
    813 Kamran Joyer C 27 Louisville rSr 6-2 268 ––
    814 Kevin Ozier WR 114 Arizona State rSr 6-1 200 ––
    815 Lee Pegues DE 55 East Carolina Sr 6-2 294 ––
    816 Nat Harrison OLB 69 Fresno State rSr 6-2 233 ––
    817 Darrell Smith FB 25 Clemson rSr 6-1 240 ––
    818 Jerome Couplin III SS 35 William & Mary rSr 6-1 215 ––
    819 Lonnie Ballentine FS 37 Memphis Sr 6-3 218 ––
    820 Jacob Maxwell TE 42 La.-Lafayette Sr 6-4 240 ––
    821 Andrew Wilson ILB 40 Missouri rSr 6-2 241 ––
    822 Andrew Peacock WR 115 Appalachian State Sr 5-9 190 ––
    823 Kass Everett CB 81 Oklahoma Sr 5-10 189 ––
    824 Andy Jennings DE 56 Fresno State Sr 6-2 275 ––
    825 Jeremy Smith RB 57 Oklahoma State rSr 5-10 208 ––
    826 Jacobbi McDaniel DT 59 Florida State rSr 6-0 295 ––
    827 Kyler Elsworth OLB 70 Michigan State Sr 6-1 225 ––
    828 Daniel Smith WR 116 Notre Dame Sr 6-3 213 ––
    829 Davon Coleman DE 57 Arizona State Sr 6-2 283 ––
    830 Matt LehmanInjured TE 43 Penn State rSr 6-6 262 ––
    831 Stefan Huber C 28 Baylor rSr 6-3 295 ––
    832 Richard Sincere WR 117 Sam Houston State Sr 5-10 185 ––
    833 Aaron Jones K 13 Baylor rSr 6-2 190 ––
    834 Dan Hicks OLB 71 Florida State rSr 6-4 260 ––
    835 Gage Niemeyer OT 60 Marshall Sr 6-5 297 ––
    836 D.J. Morrell OG 49 Old Dominion rSr 6-5 327 ––
    837 K’Waun Williams CB 82 Pittsburgh Sr 5-9 195 ––
    838 Dexter Moody FS 38 Albany State rSr 6-1 207 ––
    839 John Hubert RB 58 Kansas State rSr 5-7 191 ––
    840 Donte Foster WR 118 Ohio rSr 6-1 200 ––
    841 Colton Valencia SS 36 Houston rSr 5-10 189 ––
    842 Clarence Bumpas ILB 41 Northern Colorado rSr 6-1 245 ––
    843 Ethan Hemer DE 58 Wisconsin rSr 6-6 285 ––
    844 Kody Koebensky C 29 Arizona State rSr 6-3 290 ––
    845 Xavier Maxwell WR 119 Houston Sr 6-0 180 ––
    846 John Fullington OG 50 Washington State Sr 6-5 301 ––
    847 Iosua Siliva DE 59 Austin Peay Sr 6-4 278 ––
    848 Brian Owusu CB 83 Harvard Sr 5-10 185 ––
    849 Curtis Porter DT 60 Miami (Fla.) rSr 6-1 325 ––
    850 Brett Van Sloten OT 61 Iowa rSr 6-6 300 ––
    851 Robert Armstrong WR 120 Texas A&M-Kingsville rSr 6-1 200 ––
    852 Kolby ArendseInjured TE 44 Nevada Sr 6-3 250 ––
    853 Justin Jackson OLB 72 Wake Forest rSr 6-1 230 ––
    854 Senorise Perry RB 59 Louisville Sr 6-0 187 ––
    855 Julius Warmsley DE 60 Tulane Sr 6-1 271 ––
    856 Sean Fitzgerald WR 121 Utah rSr 6-2 200 ––
    857 Guy MorganInjured CB 84 McNeese State rSr 5-11 190 ––
    858 Arryn Chenault SS 37 Cincinnati Sr 6-0 208 ––
    859 De’Von Flournoy WR 122 Southern California rSr 6-0 185 ––
    860 Clint Chelf QB 45 Oklahoma State rSr 6-1 210 ––
    861 Fitz Lassing FB 26 Vanderbilt Sr 6-3 240 ––
    862 Mycal Swaim FS 39 Eastern Michigan Sr 6-4 210 ––
    863 Jay Finch C 30 Georgia Tech rSr 6-2 285 ––
    864 Jeremy Butler WR 123 UT Martin Sr 6-2 218 ––
    865 Jesse Joseph DE 61 Connecticut rSr 6-3 254 ––
    866 Alex Bullard OG 51 Tennessee rSr 6-3 310 ––
    867 Dillon Baxter RB 60 Baker Sr 5-10 206 ––
    868 Lee Kurfis WR 124 Lehigh Sr 6-2 190 ––
    869 Bill TyndallInjured OT 62 California rSr 6-4 280 ––
    870 Markus Smith CB 85 Nevada Sr 6-1 195 ––
    871 Travis Coons P 15 Washington Sr 6-2 199 ––
    872 Eric Pinkins SS 38 San Diego State Sr 6-3 215 ––
    873 Chris Gant WR 125 Hawaii rSr 5-11 183 ––
    874 Ryan Culbreath WR 126 Furman rSr 6-3 215 ––
    875 Drew Howell LS 7 Oregon Sr 6-2 225 ––
    876 Nathan Ollie DT 61 Ball State Sr 6-0 295 ––
    877 David Kekuewa C 31 Bowling Green Sr 6-2 311 ––
    878 Nick Tenhaeff OLB 73 San Diego State rSr 6-1 235 ––
    879 Matthew Page OT 63 Ball State rSr 6-5 300 ––
    880 Brannon Green TE 45 Oklahoma Sr 6-2 256 ––
    881 Carey Spear K 14 Vanderbilt Sr 5-10 190 ––
    882 Orleans Darkwa RB 61 Tulane Sr 5-11 210 ––
    883 Nosa Eguae DE 62 Auburn rSr 6-2 269 ––
    884 Rashad Lawrence WR 127 Northwestern Sr 6-1 190 ––
    885 Derrick Webb ILB 42 Colorado rSr 5-11 225 ––
    886 Taylor Mack CB 86 Connecticut Sr 5-9 175 ––
    887 Shakir BellInjured RB 62 Indiana State Sr 5-7 185 ––
    888 Davonte Wallace OG 52 New Mexico State Sr 6-4 315 ––
    889 Deon Broomfield SS 39 Iowa State rSr 6-0 206 ––
    890 Rashard Smith WR 128 North Carolina State rSr 5-9 177 ––
    891 Ben Mathis FS 40 Illinois rSr 6-2 200 ––
    892 Ben Johnson OLB 74 UT Martin Sr 6-1 235 ––
    893 Jared Singleton C 32 Wofford rSr 6-2 309 ––
    894 Demetrius WilsonInjured WR 129 Arkansas Sr 6-2 185 ––
    895 Tim Kynard DE 63 Illinois rSr 6-3 270 ––
    896 Kyle Bryant OT 64 Youngstown State rSr 6-5 308 ––
    897 Tramain Jacobs CB 87 Texas A&M rSr 6-1 190 ––
    898 Mike Naples TE 46 Boston College rSr 6-3 237 ––
    899 Kelvin York RB 63 Utah Sr 5-11 220 ––
    900 Kevin Pamphile OT 65 Purdue rSr 6-5 315 ––
    901 Justin Bell CB 88 Ohio Dominican Sr 5-10 185 ––
    902 Ed Tinker WR 130 Pittsburgh rSr 6-1 195 ––
    903 Wesley Tate RB 64 Vanderbilt rSr 6-1 215 ––
    904 Cole Jirik DE 64 North Dakota State rSr 6-4 245 ––
    905 Ben Edwards WR 131 Richmond Sr 5-11 200 ––
    906 Gerald Demps FS 41 Florida State rSr 5-10 200 ––
    907 Andrew Weaver OLB 75 Sam Houston State Sr 6-1 240 ––
    908 Ivan McCartney WR 132 West Virginia Sr 6-2 182 ––
    909 *Carlos Gray DT 62 North Carolina State rSo 6-3 296 ––
    910 Sammy Seamster CB 89 Middle Tennessee rSr 6-0 198 ––
    911 LJ McCray SS 40 Catawba rSr 6-0 211 ––
    912 Ryan Eppes FB 27 South Florida rSr 6-1 236 ––
    913 Sam Longo OG 53 Cincinnati rSr 6-5 305 ––
    914 Brock DeCicco TE 47 Wisconsin rSr 6-5 250 ––
    915 Kyle Harbridge WR 133 St Francis (PA) rSr 5-10 195 ––
    916 Andre Huval C 33 La.-Lafayette Sr 6-1 285 ––
    917 Cody Green QB 46 Tulsa rSr 6-3 247 ––
    918 Tashawn Sneed CB 90 Gannon rSr 6-0 195 ––
    919 Fitzgerald Toussaint RB 65 Michigan rSr 5-10 200 ––
    920 Gannon Conway DE 65 Arizona State rSr 6-3 280 ––
    921 Jarrett Lake ILB 43 Arkansas Sr 6-2 225 ––
    922 Jordan James WR 134 Tulsa rSr 6-2 203 ––
    923 Michael Alisa RB 66 Brigham Young rSr 6-0 220 ––
    924 Zico Pasut FB 28 East Carolina rSr 6-2 250 ––
    925 *Al Louis-Jean Jr. CB 91 Boston College rSo 6-1 195 ––
    926 Regginald Lewis WR 135 Valdosta State Sr 6-0 186 ––
    927 Thad Randle DT 63 Nebraska rSr 6-1 290 ––
    928 Shayon Green DE 66 Miami (Fla.) rSr 6-2 264 ––
    929 Ed Olson OT 66 Minnesota rSr 6-6 310 ––
    930 Derrick Thomas CB 92 Marshall rSr 6-0 180 ––
    931 DeAnthony Sims OG 54 Houston rSr 6-3 320 ––
    932 Sean Maag SS 41 UCF rSr 6-1 195 ––
    933 B.J. Stevens OLB 76 California (PA) rSr 6-1 245 ––
    934 Eric Bennett FS 42 Arkansas Sr 5-11 200 ––
    935 Jaamal Berry RB 67 Murray State rSr 5-10 198 ––
    936 Daniel McKinney WR 136 Florida Atlantic Sr 6-0 205 ––
    937 Tanner Bleskin WR 137 Montana State Sr 6-2 218 ––
    938 Thomas Bates CB 93 Houston rSr 5-10 183 ––
    939 Charley Loeb QB 47 Syracuse rSr 6-4 220 ––
    940 Doug Peete DE 67 South Dakota State Sr 6-3 255 ––
    941 Todd Davis ILB 44 Sacramento State Sr 6-1 250 ––
    942 Travis Lorius TE 48 San Jose State rSr 6-5 245 ––
    943 Keaton Stigger FB 29 Henderson State Sr 6-0 242 ––
    944 Donte Moore WR 138 Rice rSr 6-0 170 ––
    945 Nick KlemmInjured OT 67 Maryland rSr 6-5 305 ––
    946 Nate Richards C 34 Rice rSr 6-3 300 ––
    947 Zac Murphy P 16 Miami (Ohio) rSr 6-0 207 ––
    948 Brendan Gibbons K 15 Michigan rSr 6-1 240 ––
    949 Mohammed Seisay CB 94 Nebraska Sr 6-1 200 ––
    950 Greg Heban SS 42 Indiana rSr 6-0 205 ––
    951 A.J. Blue RB 68 North Carolina rSr 6-1 215 ––
    952 Malik Generett WR 139 UT Martin rSr 6-3 205 ––
    953 Steven Kurfehs OLB 77 Texas-San Antonio Sr 6-2 230 ––
    954 Jarvis ByrdInjured FS 43 North Carolina State rSr 5-10 190 ––
    955 Seali’i Epenesa DT 64 UCLA Sr 6-2 322 ––
    956 Jamil Smith WR 140 Ball State rSr 5-6 140 ––
    957 Adonis Armstrong CB 95 East Carolina Sr 5-9 182 ––
    958 Zach Thompson DE 68 Wake Forest rSr 6-5 265 ––
    959 Mike Goodman OT 68 McMurry University rSr 6-5 315 ––
    960 Patrick Junen OG 55 Ole Miss Sr 6-6 349 ––
    961 Javon Marshall SS 43 Vanderbilt rSr 5-10 195 ––
    962 Daryle Hawkins WR 141 Oregon rSr 6-3 198 ––
    963 Tanner Brock ILB 45 Sam Houston State Sr 6-2 250 ––
    964 Franklin Quiteh RB 69 Bloomsburg rSr 5-9 208 ––
    965 Skyler Ridley WR 142 Brigham Young rSr 6-0 182 ––
    966 Terry Shankle CB 96 North Carolina rSr 5-11 187 ––
    967 Jack Nuismer TE 49 Ole Miss Sr 6-3 236 ––
    968 Avery Cunningham FS 44 Central Michigan Sr 5-11 203 ––
    969 Zeke Riser DE 69 Maryland rSr 6-3 275 ––
    970 Zed Evans SS 44 North Texas Sr 5-10 198 ––
    971 Antonio Harper OLB 78 Tennessee State rSr 6-2 245 ––
    972 Kevin Cummings WR 143 Oregon State Sr 6-1 184 ––
    973 Ashton Miller C 35 Eastern Washington Sr 6-1 300 ––
    974 Devonta Glover-Wright CB 97 Utah State Sr 6-0 175 ––
    975 David Born OG 56 Old Dominion rSr 6-8 330 ––
    976 Tramaine Thompson WR 144 Kansas State rSr 5-8 167 ––
    977 Bryan Bonilla OLB 79 New Mexico State Sr 6-1 240 ––
    978 Kolton Browning QB 48 Louisiana-Monroe rSr 6-1 223 ––
    979 Eric Shrive OT 69 Penn State rSr 6-6 323 ––
    980 Waymon James RB 70 TCU rSr 5-8 203 ––
    981 Blake Oliaro DE 70 San Diego rSr 6-5 250 ––
    982 Jack Howard CB 98 Lane College Sr 5-10 178 ––
    983 Lacolton Bester WR 145 Oklahoma Sr 6-2 195 ––
    984 Cameron NwosuInjured ILB 46 Rice Sr 5-10 240 ––
    985 Tevin Hood DT 65 Arizona rSr 6-0 302 ––
    986 Jaleel Clark WR 146 Missouri rSr 6-3 220 ––
    987 Jeff Woody FB 30 Iowa State rSr 6-0 242 ––
    988 Malachi Freeman CB 99 Akron Sr 5-9 179 ––
    989 Darius Bell WR 147 UCLA rSr 5-10 210 ––
    990 Kaycee Ike OT 70 UAB Sr 6-5 293 ––
    991 Jacorius Cotton SS 45 Southern Mississippi Sr 5-10 195 ––
    992 Cody Vaz QB 49 Oregon State rSr 6-1 199 ––
    993 Ebo MakindeInjured FS 45 Boise State rSr 5-10 185 ––
    994 Kevin Perry TE 50 Texas-El Paso Sr 6-5 275 ––
    995 Tim Vizzi WR 148 San Diego State Sr 5-10 185 ––
    996 Ryan Donohue OLB 80 Connecticut rSr 6-0 239 ––
    997 Steven Clarke CB 100 Vanderbilt Sr 5-10 195 ––
    998 Julian Jones WR 149 Arkansas State rSr 5-11 202 ––
    1000 Devon Smith WR 150 Marshall rSr 5-7 155 ––
    –– Brandon Mitchell

    • I’ve got a couple sleepers in there

      • Clown shit brah, pure clown shit.

        • His disqualified Biggie. Nobody takes his list seriously….

          • I kind of like Player 1000 from Eagles list
            WR Devin Smith at 5-7 155lbs can be just the kind of impact Player, Returnman and WR that Chip Kelly is looking for..
            Kind of like a Poor-Man’s John Sciarra ….

      • WTF….LOL…seriously, E0S.

        • Eaglehaslanded – I selected everyone not on GMCliff’s list – I was just preventing GMCliff from liking any other players in the draft except the 20 he won’t let anyone else like —

          • Your list is suppose to be a number of players that you’ve personally identified as talented, and potential impact…

            it’s not about dibs, it’s about you showing that you have a better eye for talent than GMCliff, before they are actually revealed by their NFL performances…………..which you cannot.

      • hahahahaha “I got a couple sleepers in there” hilarious

    • Nice to see you cut and paste, all except my list of players….Although you know for a fact that You’ve never even heard of, and have no insight into their abilities,. That’s a cowardly move, and an admittance that you are a totally unknowledgeable critic…otherwise you would have given specific talents 10 – 20 players.

      But I will accept it, so every one of these that is a bust you take this ass whipping like a man for.

      Do all of you see this cowardly copout list E0S has given us? LOL!! He’s a joke……

      • lmfao that was pretty funny

        • I had to laugh myself Big Mhenski……

          But you hear his confession through that post though don’t you Mhenski?

          He has been officially exposed as a joke.

          • i dont think he is confessing in that post i think he is trolling you and trying to get you fired up.

            dont let it cliff. i love reading about ur draft guys especially b/c i know zip about ncaaf.

            sucks the draft is pushed back until may that is crazy

  • GMCliff – you have your list of players and keep my list of players out of your mouth.
    They are mine, all mine

    • Sorry gmc, e0 is a putz, but that’s f^#@ing funny!!!!

      • You saw his list DCar, he cut and paste to guess at talent….. he’s FULL OF CRAP…..critical, and with no knowledge, and insight…I don’t want to hear crap from him…

        Why do you think he didn’t really accept the challenge DCar?

        • I think his list proves my point…..

          • He’s a troll, & is pushing your numbers. Don’t feed the trolls! You know they have nothing of significance to bring to the table, other than unwarranted criticism, irrational arguments, & @$$clownery?!?!

            • I’m laughing at him DCar…What would you expect from a guy who you know, doesn’t know anything about talent.

              • C’mon GMClif – everyone else got a thank you, after posting their list of participation –
                where’s my “Thank You”

              • Thank you for being the asshole we all know you are….

  • After reading rotoworlds CB metrics article/breakdown I want Dennard to be our choice!

  • Paulman’s Secondary Players that I like in upcoming NFL Draft

    1) Justin GIlbert (Oklahoma State 6-0 200lbs – 1st Rounder)
    2) Marcus Roberson (FLorida 6-0 195lbs – Late 1st/Early 2nd)
    3) Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech 6-0 195lbs – 2nd Rounder)
    4) Victor Hampton (South Carolina 5-10 202lbs – 3rd Rounder)
    5) Terrance Mitchell (Oregon 6-0 190lbs – 3rd/4th Rounder)
    6) Walt Aiken (Liberty 6-1 205lbs – 4th/5th Rounder)
    7) Bene Benweiker (San Jose St 5-11 195lbs 6th Rounder)
    8) Lavelle Westbrools (Georgia State 6-0 195lbs – 6th Rounder)
    9) Marcus Williams (North Dakota State 5-11 195lbs – 7th Rounder)
    10) Shaquille Richmond (Arizona 6-0 195lbs – 7th Rounder)

    Slot CB’s
    1) Lemarcus Joyner – (Florida State 5-8 190lbs – 3rd Rounder)
    2) EJ Gaines – (Missouri 5-10 195lbs – 3rd/4th Rounder)
    3) Ross Cokrell – (Duke 6-0 185lbs – 4th Rounder)
    4) Ricardo Allen – (Purdue 5-9 187lbs – 5th/6th Rounder)
    5) Keith Reaser – (Florida Atlantic 5-11 190lbs – 7th Rounder)

    Free Safety
    1) Calvin Pryor (Louisvlle 6-2 208lbs – 1st Rounder)
    2) Ed Ryenolds (Stanford 6-2 206lbs – 2nd Rounder)
    3) Dion Bailey (USC 6-0 200lbs – 4th Rounder)
    4) Dontae Johnson (NC State 6-2 200lbs – 5th/6th Rounder
    5) Trey Boston (UNC 6-0 200lbs – 6th Rounder)
    6) Pierre Warren (Jacksonville State 6-1 201lbs – 7th Rounder)

    Strong Safety
    1) Deon Bucannon (Wash State 6-1 216lbs – 2nd Rounder)
    2) Ahmad Dixon (Baylor 6-0 205lbs – 3rd Rounder)
    3) Craig Loston (LSU 6-1 214lbs – 4th Rounder)
    4) Isiah Lewis (Mich State 5-10 205lbs – 5th/6th Rounder)
    5) Daniel Sorenson (BYU 6-2 208lbs – 6th/7th Rounder)

    Here are a couple of CB’s in College that I think project as better Safety Prospects than CB Prospects in the NFL

    1) Stanley Jean-Baptiste – (Nebraska 6-3 215lbs – 3rd Rounder)
    2) Keith McGill – (Utah 6-3 215lbs – 3rd/4th Rounder)
    3) Antone Exum – (Virginia Tech 6-0 220lbs – 5th Rounder)
    4) Brandon Dixon – (Northwest Missouri State 6-0 205lbs – 7th Rounder)

    • your list of Secondary Prospects cannot include – Kyle Fuller, Pierre Desir, Walt Aikens, or Nickoe Whitley…..

    • thank you Paul…..Great List for all of us to look back on…….

      • Working on the Offensive Side of the Ball ..

  • Offensive Players I like in the 2014 Draft
    (Offensive Line)
    1) Greg Robinson (Auburn 6-5 320 lbs) Top 5 Pick & Best OL in this Draft
    2) Jake Matthews (Texas A&M 6-5 305lbs) Top 10 Pick
    3) Taylor Lewan (Michigan 6-7 315lbs) Mid/Late 1st Rounder
    4) Morgan Moses (Virginia 6-6 325lbs) Late 1st/Early 2nd)
    5) Jack Mewhort (Ohio State 6-6 306lbs) 2nd Rounder
    6) Anotnio RIchardson (Tennessee 6-6 325lbs) 3rd Rounder
    7) James Hurst (North Carolina 6-6 305lbs) 4th Rounder
    8) Justin Britt (Missouri 6-6 315lbs) 4th/5th Rounder
    9) Cameron Fleming (Stanford 6-6 318lbs) 5th/6th Rounder
    10) Parker Graham (Oklahoma 6-7 315lbs 6th/7th Rounder)

    1) David Yankey (Stanford 6-5 315lbs) Late 1st Rounder
    2) Xavier Sa’ Filo (UCLA 6-3 305lbs) 2nd Rounder
    3) Gabe Jackson (Baylor 6-4 340lbs) 3rd Rounder
    4) Brandon Thomas (Clemson 6-4 316lbs) 4th Rounder
    5) Kadeem Edwards (Tenn State 6-4 310lbs) 6th Rounder
    6) Austin Wentworth (Fresno State 6-4 315lbs 7th Rounder

    1) Travis Swanson (Arkansas 6-5 310lbs) 2nd Rounder
    2) Bryan Stork (Fla State 6-4 306lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    3) Tyler Larsen (Utah State 6-4 317lbs) 4th/5th Rounder
    4) Gabe Ikard (Oklahoma 6-3 305lbs) 6th Rounder
    5) Zak Kerin (Toledo 6-5 308lbs) 7th Rounder

    Players that are OT’s in College, that I see projected as Guard’s in the NFL
    1) Joel Bitinio (Nevada 6-4 307lbs) 3rd Rounder
    2) Wesley Johnson (Vanderbilt 6-5 300lbs) 5th Rounder
    3) Mike Scofield (Michigan 6-4 305lbs) 5th Rounder
    4) Matt Patcher (Boston College 6-5 305lbs) 6th Rounder
    5) Kenarious Gates (Georgia 6-4 320lbs) 7th Rounder

  • TE’s

    1) Zak Zebron (UNC 6-4 255lbs) Mid-Late 1st Rounder
    2) Jace Amaro (Texas Tech 6-5 260lbs) Late 1st/2nd Rounder
    3) Austin Jenkins (Washington 6-6 276lbs) 2nd/3rd Rounder
    4) Arthur Lynch (Georgia 6-5 260 lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    5) Crockett Gillmore (Colorado St 6-6 253lbs) 4th Rounder
    6) Marcel Jensen (Fresno State 6-6 264lbs) 4th/5th Rounder
    7) Richard Rogers (Cal 6-4 260lbs) 6th Rounder
    8) Colt Lyerly (Oregon 6-5 250lbs) 6th/7th Rounder

    Here are some very Good WR’s Prospects
    1) Sammy Watkins (Clemson 6-2 205lbs) 1st Rounder
    2) Mike Evans (Texas A&M 6-5 225lbs) 1st Rounder
    3) Kelvin Benjamin (Fla State 6-2 235lbs) Late 1st Round
    4) Allen Robinson (Penn State 6-3 210lbs) 2nd Rounder
    5) Jordan Matthews (Vanderbile 6-3 210lbs) 2nd Rounder
    6) Davante Adams (Fresno State 6-2 216lbs) Late 2nd Rounder
    7) Martavius Bryant (Clemson 6-4 200lbs) 3rd Rounder
    8) Mike Davis (Texas 6-0 195lbs) 3rd Rounder
    9) Donte Moncrief (Miss 6-2 225lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    10) Brandon Coleman (Rutgers 6-5 220lbs) 4th Rounder
    11) Jeff Janis (Saginaw Valley State 6-2 215lbs) 5th Rounder
    12) Kevin Norwood (Alabama 6-2 200lbs) 5th Rounder
    13) Cody Hoffman (BYU 6-4 218lbs) 5th/6th Rounder
    14) L’Danlian Washington (Missouri 6-4 205lbs) 6th Rounder
    15) Shaquelle Evans (UCLA 6-1 210lbs) 6th/7th Rounder
    16) Marcus Lucas (Missouri 6-4 220lbs) 7th Rounder

    With the popularity of smaller, quicker WR’s to play the Slot
    (like Wes Welker, Julian Edelman,Randall Cobb,Doug Baldwin, Danny Maendola) here is a short list of smaller,but effective WR’s for Teams looking to add those tough little WR’s who make plays and move the chains
    and can also perform on Kick/Punt Returns

    1) Robert Herron (Wyoming 5-9 195lbs) 3rd Rounder
    2) Bruce Ellington (South Carolina 5-9 196lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder
    3) Jalen Saunders (Oklahoma 5-9 170lbs) 5th Rounder
    4) Mike Campanaro (Wake Forest 5-10 190lbs) 6th Rounder
    5) Tevin Reese (Baylor 5-10 170lbs) 7th Rounder
    6) Eric Ward (Texas Tech – 5-11 199lbs) 7th Rounder
    7) Dri Archer (Kent State 5-8 175lbs) 7th Rounder

    • And same to you Paul. How dare you have Ebron on your list o TEs!!! I dibbed him yesterday so he’s off limits.

      Why can’t anybody follow the rules around here?

      • Its not a matter of dibs as you say Vinnie. It’s about recognizing talent for yourself.

        I recognize also that is Paul also is giving himself some wiggle room in case some of his real personal choices are busts.

        Why are you guys afraid to give your predictions? Nobody is 100% with this. It’s okay to be wrong.

        • Its also okay being scared that GMCliff is better, and more knowledgeable than you…….LOL!!!!!!!

        • I will focus in after the Free-Agency period has cone & gone on a more Specific Eagles Draft Plan on Players who I think they are
          Interested in and who are good fits for the Eagles Schemes
          You ask for my Draft Prosoects who I believe will be good NFL Players,
          And I gave you them..

          • You gave a list, but I know you have your personal favorites who are on your list, but I know how you like to save face, so as I said, I recognize also that you are also giving yourself some wiggle room in case some of your real personal choices are busts……..

            Slick but cowardly……

      • I don’t believe Eagles will make a move at TE unless they Cut/Rekease Casey which is possible
        I really like #5 (Gillmore) & # 6 (Marcel Jenkins) who I think would be good fits for Kelly’s Offense and would be excellent Selections in the mid-Rounds

  • Brilliant E0S…..I guess the rest of us are.now out. You got dibs on everybody….I better start scouring the Canadian uni rankings for a.deep sleeper….remember Mike Schad!

    That being said, I did mention Ebron yesterday, so could you kindly scratch him off your list, ’cause I have rights to his name.


    • Actually you and E0s, could predict the same players.

      Your dibs spew, is just a front for your cowardly way of avoiding, showing what you really know. He’s already shown himself to be a coward, a predicted, nothing close to brilliant. I don’t want to hear a single critical statement from him…….Those are things that Cowards do.

  • I have never once displayed anyone over their college favorites….only their misguided love for players who have proven, in the NFL, to stink.

    Well, ok…i make fun of Paul every now and then because he changes his eagles picks every 3 hours leading up to the draft….and I also had some fun with the nurfict crew only because they were also the vickites and said burfict would be better than Kuchley, which was a bad joke.

    Predict whoever you want the majority of said picks will underperform….but have at it. Knock yourself out, but with thé “toi cant copy my guys” business, because it’s stupid and sounds petty

    • To me it sounds like a petty excuse, to excuse yourself from any future criticism…

      What’s the problem? Your not limited, I left for you 90% of the top 200 prospects. You sound like I handcuffed you….Bullshit Vinnie..

      Don’t make excuses, just admit you can’t do it with other than Ebron..right?

  • This is all fun and games but don’t mean squat

    If you are worried about a mortgage payment you ain’t worried about rounds of players that will wash out

    Some of you gentlemen need real issues in your lives

    And guess what, for as much as you think you know more than roseman it doesn’t matter

    He’s the gm, he got that title by doing more than blogging on gcobb, he got of his ass and did something other than stick his concave chest out and brag how great of a talented evaluator he is, the man is in the arena, he did more than just bullshit like dcar paulman and gmcliff

    You guys are full.of yourselves for nothing

    • We love you too Jake Baby…Thank you Brother for your feelings on this subject.

      I know how you feel about me, because you’re my boy. Have you had a little Jack Tonight Buddy?

      If, so, I’m gonna have a drink with you, I have some Hennessey Platinum, I got from the Islands, and some Blue Moon, and Orange Slices…Cheers.To you Jake…

  • No I keep it real by taking care of unfortunates

    This blog is a release for me from.the real world, let me tell you and you should know the real world is far different than gcobb, and I don’t give a shit about whose the draft guru around here, cause, again, it means squat

    If you want to be a gm then damn well do it for real

    Nothing held Howie back

    You guys are cowards criticizing the man in the arena

    Get off your ass and do something

    • I am aware of what the real world is Jake.

      In the real world, I am educated with a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD, in Sports Management, to be a Professional Sports GM.

      In 2006, I became officially disabled due to illness. I did an Internship for the Miami Dolphins in 1992 after graduation . I was hired by the Pittsburg Steelers, as a National scout in 1997. I have worked as an Assistant Player Personnel Coordinator, for the St. Louis Rams in 1999, and had a hand in bringing Marshall Faulk to the Rams, in the Eric Dickerson Trade. That year my health began to fail me, and I found myself on disability. Thanks for the advise, but I have gotten off my tail.

      My only regret is that I never had an opportunity to work for the Eagles; My hometeam in any capacity. I am not an armchair GM – Contrary to popular opinion – I know what I am talking about.

      • Well then thank you for that perspective gmcliff of which I was unaware

        God bless you my friend

        • I here you on the distraction from the real world Jake. I lost opportunities due to no fault of my own. But I love talking with you guys on this site.

          Philadelphia fans are the most knowledgeable fans in the country hands down. It was Paulman that got me interested in posting on here. reading his comments. It allows me to have that back for a moment.

          But thank you, now I’m going to enjoy this drink…Cheers to you Jake my Brother….

      • Respect GM. More credibility that 99% on anybody on these sites.

        Thanks for sharing what you know with all of the Bird Fans on here.

        • You’re the man Greenfan….Thank you my Friend

          • gmc, you don’t have to explain yourself, to these know-nothing bastards on here! The one’s that respect you on here, like me, know the real deal about you. It’s none of their f^#@ing business who you are! That’s why I try to tell these POS’s on here, you don’t know who you are talking too, & keep their stupid, ill-informed verbal diarrhea to yourselves! Just because we aren’t currently in front office capacities, doesn’t mean we don’t know sports, talent, business, executive decisions, nor how to use our brains, other than hat racks, like the scumbags on here! Keep bringing it! It’s a fun time of year, & I even learn alot, about players I haven’t seen, nor researched, from you, & paul to a certain extent. Their opinions, & criticisms mean nothing to me! F^#@ EM!

            • LOL!!!

            • GMClueless is a dingbat –
              and yes he does have to explain himself –
              I want to know why he is jerking everyone off with his pathological lies for attention?

              • WHY e0s, …..You sound like a maniac…..

              • thanks for your story cliff. I hope ur health is good to keep on doing your thing for years to come.

              • e0, you are a flat out POS!!!!

      • Nice Cliff I knew there was a reason I liked you, a real football man.

  • It’s the favorite Time of Year for Football Fanactics
    Yes the Super Bowl and the Season is over,
    Now comes the hard work for all of the Front Offices,Scouting,
    The Salary Cap, Free-Agency,Coachinmg followed by the Draft
    Then the undrafted Free-Agents period with all the attention and focus on building a better Team ..
    For football junkies, like myself, this isore exciting than some of the a Season sometimes.. Take 2011 & 2012 Seasons by the Eaglex who were out of it by November, those last 5-6 Weeks of those Seasons se were just brutal to follow,
    Now fast forward to 2013 and this Off-Season where 3-4 new Players on Defense and 2/3 Players on Offense and a real Return Game on Special Teams and a Kicker can put this Eagles Team with the big boys and be legitimate contenders for 2014 & beyond…

  • Well paulman not many have the option to devote all this time and attention to a meaningless exercise

    You are probably a good man paulman, dcar, and gmcliff too, you are all probably fine men, but at the end of the day it is just entertainment

    A lot do not have that luxury

  • I understand Jake, not everyone has the time
    Or passion of Following Football like I do and I don’t expect nany to be abje to do so..
    Following Football is a passion of mine , but it’s not an obsession
    By any means.. I’m 50 Years, 2 older kids
    (19 & 17) been married to the same lovely woman for 25 Years,
    Have gad a successful Career working in the Transportation Industry
    Which at this point of my Career has allowed me more free time
    And with my Kids getting older and a daughter in College Already
    I have even more free time than I used to when I was in my 20’30’s and early 40’s.. I was active with my kids and coached all their Teams whether it was Soccer,Basketball,Baseball or Softball
    I am active with my sons Boy Scouts Troop and Coach our Church’s
    Basketball Team
    I try to pass on my 35-40 Years of following Football both the NFL & College,
    And enjoy conversing with other Fans though I understand that
    All are not going to be as passionate about it as a GMCliff, DCar or others will be.. I have no agenda, or biases about anyone on here other than having a good time discussing our favorite Team (Eagles) and my
    Favorite Team Sport (Football)
    I also am passionate about History, Music besides
    football, so I like to keep myself busy

  • I apologize to you gentleman, gmcliff, paulman, dcar, I do value your opinions on areas I do not have time to get into, just the day to day on my current world is bringing in me in different areas


    • No apologie’s needed Jake.. All is good on my end..
      We are all grown men here and Eagle Fans and are at different stages of
      Of our lives and with our Famiy & work responsibilities ..
      We enjoy each other’s posts,contributions, rants , opinions and busting
      on each other and The overall comraderie of being Eagles Fans, which we all know can be difficult at times, butbivam looking forward to this Off-Season for sine the Hiring of Chip Kelly & Staff, it is no longer the same-old, same old with this Team.. These are exciting times for the Eagles and us Fans

    • jake, you need to do something about the hate, resentment, & ignorance that are currently carrying around with yourself, because it’s clouding your mind! Sports are a passion, & release to the everyday daily grind for some of us! When you work your balls off, 6-7 days a week like I do, I try to spend as much time with my kids, friends, & 2 Brothers, watching & conversing about our teams, as I can. Coming on here, is another outlet, to blow off steam, & give a voice to the voiceless, to an extent. So try to think, before you verbally bash us, ill-informed. Hopefully you get your personal business together, because you used to be much more fun, & informed. Now you are just bitter, & ignorant! Just saying….

      • Thanks for your concern dcar

  • We are in great shape! plenty of money youth, and talent. We are working on depth and we need a another Alpha male or 2 on Defense. we can do that with one in the draft and one via FA. Vick is a goner so we will need a backup QB bc Barkley is not ready for that yet. I would take a Tavaris Jackson type, no threat to the thrown but a vet with a nice skill set in Kelly’s O. FA I want T.J Ward then call it a day with maybe some legit back up LB’s and another vet at CB preferably a slot player that will allow Boykins to move outside in injury situations. Bring back Nate Allen he is serviceable and a good coverage safety, he will be even better next to Ward. I like Wolf and see him getting better same way I liked Boykin after year one. I think inj really set him back from makes strides the second half of the season so a rotational special teams role would be fine. On O I want Cooper and Maclin back. Coopers chemistry with Foles can’t be denied and corners hate having to tackle him. Maclin is a really solid wr who run routes that compliment Djack’s game. Avant has to go I like him and he is a far better all around football player than wr but he doesn’t fit anymore and with Maclin back Cooper can do some of his dirty work. Bring back Cole he is a leader by example and is great against the run. Brandon Graham had his chance he bolongs in a 4-3 no need to hold him hostage. In the draft I would like to get that pass rushing stud rd 1. We need our own Dumerville/Von Miller/Alden Smith esc player. Im aware they don’t grow on trees but that should be the priority. damn shame we can’t get Barr or Clowney lol. Rd 2 im going defensive front again best Bg nasty nose guard avail. RD 3 explosive playmaker special teams wr or cb get me some explosion in the return game. Rd 4/5 OL depth is essential. crap shoot the rest of the draft.

    Rd1 Dee Ford AUB
    Rd2 Louis Nix ND (if he slides) RaShede Hageman MINN
    RD3 Rob Herron WY
    RD4 Joel Bitonito LT NEV move to Guard
    RD5 Bryan Stork C FSU

    • NuG, Ford is too small, & not a fit, & neither Nix, nor Hageman fall to us in the 2nd. Herron is another midget, & Bitonio ain’t falling to the 4th neither. Boykins isn’t an outside CB. Wolff is too small, & is soft (Cleared to play, & refused to). Nate Allen, good in coverage???? Come on dude!

      • Ford is a pass rusher that’s what we need I prefer a Barr but where we are he is the best option and very good at what he does. Huge part of a great program at AUB comes in ready to play. Too small? How big is Dumerville? Bruce Irving? If you can play you can play. Nix is inj and Hageman has question marks about his techniques stranger things have happen so you don’t know for sure. Herein is small but again I’m looking for a guy that can do what is asked at a high level. He was counted on as the guy at his school he can come in play special teams and work the slot in situations. He won’t be afraid yo make plays. It is very possible for Bitonio to fall again I don’t know what drafts you watch but depending soon who is picked he is not a sure lock in the first 3 RDS. To say Boykins can’t play outside is saying he is not a complete player. He is better in the slot, but he could easy play outside and compete. If you knew football you would know how that works. Would he be all pro no but he has shown he is the kind of competitor that would be more than just toast just BC he is on “the outside”. You don’t think he played the outside his whole life? To call Wolf too soft BC of a story is emotional nonsense. He will be a nice rotational safety better than Chung. Nate Allen is known to be a solid cover its his tackling that knock. Under better defensive giadance McDermott and Davis who played to his strength he has played well. In between coming off an inj Juan Castillo and a all around bad mix where everybody looked bad. Come on dude! Sounds like you just want to agrue. Lol

        • I don’t know football? Please Son, don’t make me laugh! Nate Allen is known as a solid cover? Since when? His 3rd degree burns, still haven’t healed! Boykins is a good slot CB, & gets exposed, when he needs to cover outside too much. He’s perfect for the slot, period! Ford is barely 6’2″ & is less than 240 lbs. He is a natural 4-3 DE, & might be too small for that. He is not a 3-4 DE, & he is not a 3-4 OLB. He has never dropped in coverage. Dumerville may only be 6’0″ but he’s 260lbs+ full of muscle.. Bruce Irvin is 6’3″ & 250, is quick, & strong. They are all different animals. The Wolff story is true, & has been well documented by the likes of GCobb himself, Ike Reese, Roob Frank, & Howard Foreskin, so don’t give me your BS!!!!

      • I agree DCar. I like Ford a lot but his size reminds me of Brandon Graham. We need bigger people to play in this defense. I think that Fordwill be a good pro, but he is not a fit for this defense.

        • green, thats exactly who Ford is. He’s another speedball, that would be another square peg, in round hole. This nitwits on here, see stats, & don’t take into consideration the fit, scheme, & what Kelly & Weaselman have been preaching, since the season ended. They just want to be right all of the time. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, but some of these cats are too f^#@ing much!

          • Dcar you just talk to talk. Show me where I said Boykibs should start outside. All I said was get a slot corner so in case of inn boykins could go outside. You act as if the guy can’t go out there and be halfway decent. You don’t know football if that is your assessment. If Allen can’t cover and can’t tackle that means he does nothing and should not be on a NFL roster aparrently coaches felt good enough to start him so your opinion is s flawed somewhere. I guess he must be a solid tackler. As far as Ford you never answered how tall is Dummerville? Or Bruce Irving? They are all around the same size rto look at a guy and say he is Brandon Graham off measurable again shows you don’t know the game. Am I completely sold on Ford? No but he definitely has skills in an area of need which you s pass rush. What pass rusher do you like? Guys like you are hilarious only up here to argue. You read post looks ng for something you can dissagre with. So typical.

            • What sample size of games have you seen Boykins get exposed on the outside? Are you referring to his rookie season? Like you opinion is all fan emotional stuff lol typical. Lol

          • I think of Ricky Sapp when I think of Dee a Ford
            Get him on the Field for 20 Snaps a Gane and rush the QB
            And he can make a couple of Plays.. I don’t think he’s made out to be an everydown Player, but as a blitzer’s standing up in a 3-4 Scheme could be effective.. I see the Steelers grabbing him and play opposite of OLB Jarvis Jones giving them a 1-2 punch against the Pass


  • come out, come out and play Cliff Dorsey –
    and explain to everyone why you are jerking them off~!

    • I have a better idea…Why don’t you….

      Have a nice day…LOL!! I told you , you like putting your foot in your mouth.

    • Better yet why don’t you call Coach Vermeil, Tom Donahoe, or Dan Rooney.

      I told you – you didn’t know what you were talking about. Get over it, and accept it.

  • email Denny Basens now –
    I want the story on how Cliff Dorsey ( super scout) helped accomplish this:
    “or the St. Louis Rams in 1999, and had a hand in bringing Marshall Faulk to the Rams, in the Eric Dickerson Trade.”
    —and I want it footnoted with phone numbers, and photo copies.
    you are fucking liar —


  • Now, right now.. .

  • I’m waiting for confirmation that the email was sent?

    • Wow.E0S you sound like a manic…LOL!!!!

      I think the issue you have with my experience, and education, is really just your problem……….(Footnoted)

      I told you before, I have more experience than you, and Howie combined, and I meant what I said…….

      Now the balls in your court, because no matter what you say, or do it is what it is…..So continue to go crazy trying to discredit me. Your fighting, an uphill battle, because I feel that’s your problem, and it is…….

      What can you do take it away from me? Please, I will now continue to ignore you wild, stark raving madness talk, and concentrate on what I like to do…….Converse with the non assholes who have a knowledge of the game….Have a nice life JACKASS……..

      • you lied, you know you lied and you are going to do what you do best, lie again in the future –

  • … waiting…

  • Breaking news-
    Denny Basens is going to be publishing an article how our very own GMCliff was instrumental in accomplishing this:
    — had a hand in bringing Marshall Faulk to the Rams, in the Eric Dickerson Trade.

    • For wahtever it’s worth, a Bad Trade for the Colts…
      Hope GMcliff was working for the Rams side of things in this Deal

      • He was Paul…..

        • liar

      • Jealousy is a terrible trait………

        • liar –

  • Come out, Come out and play GMCluelesss —
    it is time to come clean —
    you can start with-
    Gcobb family, I’m sorry for trying to jerk you off especially more knowledgeable people like eagles0superbowls…
    you can email Denny Basens with the FACTS on how you :
    – had a hand in bringing Marshall Faulk to the Rams, in the Eric Dickerson Trade.

    • –footnoted

  • Breaking News~
    GMCliff is going to apologize for jerking everyone off with his pathological lies for attention.
    C’mon GMClueless, and I want credit in the apology by “NAME” for exposing you.
    you can start with-
    Gcobb family, I’m sorry for trying to jerk you off especially more knowledgeable people like eagles0superbowls …
    email Denny Basens ( footnoted ) the story how you had a hand in bringing Marshall Faulk to the Rams, in the Eric Dickerson Trade.

  • Somebody sounds pretty jealous to me.

    Regardless of the details of any single trade or move, it sounds like gmcliff has front office experience in the NFL. We are all fans here, some have played college ball, I know Jake played in the USFL, while others are football fanatics who love the Birds. Everyone has an opinion and can express it on here over and over again. For me, I like the idea that we have a fan who gives us a perspective on how the thinking may go on the inside. I don’t always agree or even understand where he is coming from, but I am glad that he is an Eagles fan and adding to our daily conversation. We all have battles on here with other posters, but in the end I would hope that our passion for the Eagles would win out over petty grievances.

    Any way, with that said…….GO BIRDS!!

    • LOL!!! He does doesn’t he ” Gimme some proof, Gimme some proof,…FOOTNOTE, fOOTNOTE!!!”, Now who sounds like a maniac?

      That’s what happens when you put your foot in your mouth. In

      • In E0S’s case,,,…BOTH FEET….

        • you are a liar –

          • Yummmm, Toe nail….hahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dingbat

    • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • liar

        • This little Piggy went to market, this little Piggy stayed home, this little piggy had Roast Beef,,,,,,,,yum, yum yum…goes good with that egg on your face….

          This is what I call humorous trolling……..much funnier when it’s true, and the shoes on the otherfoot huh …….hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!

          • I knew you weren’t man enough to own your lies –

            • where is your proof otherwise? You don’t have any, because it’s true, and it’s killing you…move on and except it…..You’ve lost

              • The proof is:
                Eric Dickerson was out of the NFL before Marshall Faulk entered the NFL, Dingbat –

              • Reports coming from JH’s Basement is that GMCliff gave Marshall Faulk a Ride from the St Louis Airport to the Rams Complex in his Cab..
                JH is working on finishing up his story so he can Post it on here before Denny Basens does so JH can “Break” the Story

                More Details to come later on..

              • Hey fraudman, have you looked at nfldraftscout.com lately? Lameman…

  • I have errands to run –
    don’t be fooled by the jerk off queen

    • Yeah your 1-800- asshole meetings start at 12……Have a good day…

      Steam is good for that egg on your face, then use some cocoa butter…..

      • gmc, just prove it to him, & he’ll finally STFU! I’m getting sick of his BS!

        • yeah, prove to me-
          How GMCliff had a hand in bringing Marshall Faulk to the Rams, in the Eric Dickerson Trade.
          This is what I know;
          Eric Dickerson retired in 1993 from the Atlanta Falcons.
          Marshal Faulk was drafted in 1994 by the Indianapolis Colts.
          might need a magic wand to accomplish that

          • abracadabra

            • I didn’t know he said Faulk for Dickerson trade. Didn’t Dickerson retire with the Falcons in 93, & Faulk drafted by Indy in 94? I think the Rams traded a 2nd & 4th/ 5th rounder? gmc, you got some splaining to do bruh!

              • Just a misprint DCar, it should have read and the Eric Dickerson Trade. I was working with that organization in ’87….Two different events.

              • Gotcha! 🙂

              • dingbat!

              • anymore comments E0S?…….

                Like I was wrong about you GMCliff…..

                I sure have been an asshole GMCliff……

                I’m just gonna shut the hell up GMCliff……because really I am the dingbat……..Just have a seat son…..

              • are you throwing in the white flag GMCliff?
                I have been asshole to you, I’ve whipped you 2 years in a row.

              • snap out of it Cliff – the drafting debates are not etched in stone on this thread – draft is in May and we have a lot of debate ahead of us

              • No , but I do believe you should throw in the towel…As far as you whipping my ass…have you noticed anyone on this site give you credit for that other than yourself?….

                It’s all in your dreams, and if you want to try to convince yourself of that be my guest. I don’t take you seriously. I know you are a joke.

                They are as etched in stone as they are going to be as they are official before the combine….all except any you come up with during the season, because we all saw how scared you were to put your name on any prospect……So, you’ve been eliminated from this challenge, and there is no more debate with you…

                So you can be as critical as you want to be. I won’t be give your know nothing ass the time of day…Have a nice life asshole..

              • GMCliff -I’m the only one who really cares about your draft predictions – you dingbat – because I get a laugh out of refreshing your memory

              • That’s not true, you’ve read on many occasions from many posters they listen to me than most…on a regular basis

                I know you try to remind me of any prospects that aren’t doing well, but neglect, and refuse to acknowledge the ones that are – which are more than the later…

                Which is precisely why you were given the opportunity to put your name on some players that you felt were better than my predictions…….Which you blew off, cognizant of the FACT, that you had no chance of saving face…….Silence can be very loud.

              • How could they not hear you, you do so much self promotion —
                and when you type:
                we’ll see when the season starts and,
                we’ll see when the season ends and want to offer t-shirts and golden penis to go along with your bravado and your predictions blow up in your face – I reminded you, every second of the way- dingbat

              • Congratulations…..

                You bore me…..So, this is the last conversation we will ever have again. I’ve made my point about you. So no sense in beating a dead horse………….

              • I accept your white flag of defeat –

  • Paulman’s List of Propects for 2014 NFL Draft

    1) Blake Bortles (UCF 6-3 230lbs) 1st Rounder – Best All-Around QB in Draft
    2) Tedy Bridgewater (Louisville 6-2 205lbs) 1st Rounder – Needs a year or two
    3) Derek Carr (Fresno State 6-2 215lbs) 2nd Rounder – Most accurate QB
    4) Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Ill 6-2 220lbs) 2nd/3rd Rounder
    5) Dave Fales (San Jose State 6-2 220lbs) 4th Rounder
    6) Taj Boyd (Clemson 6-1 220lbs) 5th Rounder and Dropping
    7) Logan Thomas (Virginia Tech 6-6 250lbs) 6th Rounder and Rising
    8) Casey Paschall (TCU 6-4 230lbs) 7th Rounder
    9) Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois 6-1 220lbs) 7th Rounder/Undrafted FA
    10) Keith Price (Washington 6-1 205lbs) 7th Rounder/UNdrafted FA

    1) Tre Mason (Auburn 5-9 205lbs) 2nd Rounder
    2) Bishop Sankey (Washington 5-10 205lbs) 3rd Rounder
    3) Jeremy HIll (LSU 6-1 235lbs) and a load with speed, 3rd Rounder
    4) Lache Seastrunk (Baylor 5-9 210lbs) used to Read-option Offense – 4th Rd
    5) Terrance West (Towson 5-11 223lbs) had great Postseason in FCS Division Playoff/Championship Run for Towson- 4th Rd
    6) Tyler Gaffney (Stanford 6-0 225lbs) Very Versatile – 5th Rd
    7) Jerrick McKinnon (Georgia Southern) 5-9 210lbs – 6th Rd
    8) Jerome Smith (Syracuse 5-11 226lbs) – 6th/7th Rd
    9) Roderick McDowell (Clemson 5-9 200lbs) – 7th Rd/Undrafted FA
    10) Trey Watts (Tulsa 5-10 208lbs) 7th Rd/Undrafted FA

    Scat Backs
    1) De’Anthony Thomas (Oregon 5-9 170lbs) 5th Rounder
    2) LaDanian Perkins (Miss State 5-8 180lbs) 6th/7th Rounder
    3) Ben Malena (Texas A&M 5-8 193lbs) 7th Rounder
    4) Jordan Hall (Ohio State 5-8 192lbs) 7th/Undrafted FA
    5) Jeff Scott (Ole Miss 5-7 165lbs) 7th/Undrafted FA

    1) Jay Prosh (Auburn 6-1 255lbs) 4th Rounder
    2) Ryan Hewitt (Miss State 5-8 180lbs) 6th Rounder
    3) Chris Coyle (Ariz State 6-2 235lbs 7th Rounder
    4) Reggie Joseph (Missouri Western State 6-2 242lbs) 7th/Undrafted FA
    5) Vince Mayle (Washington State 6-2 240lbs) 7th/Undrafted FA

    That’s it


    • Great Paul,!!

      Out of all those players you gave for both Offense, and Defense which ones are you gonna stake your name to PERSONALLY. as gonna be a stud like players?

      • I will get my “Impact List” together .. To be honest, it won’t be very long,
        This Draft has a lot of Depth in certain postions, but not many impact Players or Game Changers that I see, at least within their First 2 S
        Seasons …

        • I know brother but that was what I was looking for from everyone. The only rule was you couldn’t use the ones that I previously mentioned in the initial challenge post.

  • Here is my “Impact Player List” in no particular Order
    who will make an Impact their Rookie Seasons

    1) DL Jadeveous Clowney (South Carolina)
    2) OT Greg Robinson (Auburn)
    3) OLB Kahil Mack (Buffalo)
    4) OLB Anthony Barr (UCLA)
    5) WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson)
    6) CB Justin GIlbert (Oklahoma State)
    7) DE/OLB Dee Ford (Auburn)
    8) Safety Calvin Pryor (Louisville)
    9) TE Jace Amro (Texas Tech)
    10) Guard Xavier Su’a-Filo (UCLA)
    11) RB Jeremy Hill (LSU)
    12) CB Marcus Roberson (Florida)
    13) DE Kony Ealy (Missouri)
    14) Guard David Yankey (Stanford)
    15) WR Davante Adams (Fresno State)

    Players who will make an Impact by Year #2
    1) QB Blake Bortles (UCF)
    2) OLB Trevor Reilly (Utah)
    3) ILB Christian Jones (FLa St)
    4) DT Kelcey Quarles (South Carolina)
    5) DE/OLB Scott Critchon (Oregon State)
    6) CB Victor Hampton (South Carolina)
    7) Safety Jimmie Ward (Northern Illinois)
    8) Safety Deone Bucannon (Wash State)
    9) TE Austin Jenkins (Washington)
    10) TE Crockett Gillmore (Colorado State)
    11) WR Martavious Bryant (Clemson)
    12) WR Donte Moncrief (Mississippi)
    13) WR Cody Hoffman (BYU)
    14) OT Morgan Moses (Virginia)
    15) OT Jake Matthews (Texas A&M)
    16) Guard Joel Bitonio (Nevada)
    17) RB Terrance West (Towson)
    18) RB Lache Seatrunk (Baylor)
    19) WR Allen Robinson (Penn State)
    20) TE Marcel Jensen (Fresno State)
    21) QB Tedy Brdigewater (Louisville)
    22) DE Marcus Smith (Louisville)
    23) DE Kareem Martin (UNC)
    24) DL Tim Jernigan (FLa State)
    25) OLB Preston Brown (Louisville)
    26) OLB/DE Chris Smith (Arkansas)
    27) Safety Dontae Johnsons (NC State)
    28) Safety Craig Loston (LSU)
    29) CB Kyle Fuller (Virgina Tech)
    30) WR Kevin Norwood (Alabama)

    That’s it for now

    • #25 above (LB – Preston Brown) should be listed as a ILB and not OLB

      • Okay Paul…Great…

        Only thing is I am omitting Khalil Mack, Kony Ealy, Austin Safarian -Jenkins, and Kyle Fuller from your list. I’ve said 4 times to you in reference to your other list that, You cannot list, anyone I have already identified as impact on my list.

        So, minus those players, that is your list for this year….best to them, and you…

        • Do what got to do Cliff, that’s my list…
          I’ve been talking about Kony Ealy for over a month now and before you ever even mentioned him, but whatever…

          • That’s not even close to true Paul, and you know it..

            But we don’t need to get into that,,,,because it’s almost impossible for you to prove that….However, you have a nice list of potential bust, so like I said best to you….

            • I was Talking about DE K Ealy & M Sam from Missouri in the lead up of the SEC Championship Game versus Auburn back in mid-December And in particular about Kony Ealy’s prospects and Takent which I believe translate well at the NFL level..
              The facts are the Facts,GMCliff…
              Go dig them up if your that interested..

              • I remember, I replied to that post – with a snarky you should have been promoting offensive players instead because Auburn and Mizzou put on a scoring extravaganza post game the next day.

              • Yes and I believe that I stated that wasn’t all that impressed
                With either DE Ealy or Sam in that Game as they were manhandled by Auburns OL (LT Greg Robinson ate up Ealy)
                I guess GMCliff was planning his big Trip and doesn’t recall my talking about Ealy as if he “discovered” him on his own…
                Good Greif.. I talked about a lot of the Players/Prospects leading up to Bowl Games which is why I watch a lot of games to begin with..

              • To tell the truth not really…

                For me it gets to be redundant with guys on here, when I’ve mentioned players time and again months before that game was announced…

                so like I said I’m not even going to get into it with you…Thank you for your list Paul…best to you

                and no one cares about E0S’s POINT OF VIEW….

              • The problem Cliff is that you act like your the only who sees good Talent/Prospects on here and I am here to tell that you are not the only one.. There’s lots of Posters on here who recognize good Players/Propects so come down from your “Altar”
                Your a better man than this…C’Mon Brother..

              • You don’t have to try to put words in my mouth Brother…I said okay best to you…

                I have everybody’s players, and at some point of time we will see right?

    • I do have a couple more players to add who will made “impacts” in their 2nd Seasons

      31) OLB – Jordan Zumwalt (UCLA)
      32) SLOT CB – Lemarcus Joyner (Fla State)
      33) CB – Louichez Purifoy (Florida)
      34) ILB – CJ Mosley (ALabama)
      35) DT – DaQuan Jones (Penn State)
      36) Center – Weston Richburg (Colorado State)
      37) Scat Back/Returnman – Bruce Ellington (South Carolina)
      38) DE – Will Clarke – West Virginia
      39) DT – Caraun Reid (Princeton)
      40) RB – Tyler Gaffney (Stanford)

  • Anyone else surprised that the Browns hired Kyle Shanahan as their OC?

    I really wanted to see Pettin do well, if no other reason than he is a local guy, but that is a crazy hire. The stories that are coming out about he and RGIII really make you wonder if the guy is cut out to be a coach. He had trouble with McNabb before that. How will he do without the protection of his father? What kind of respect will players have for him……and who is going to be his QB?

    I guess Joe Banner will continue to bring drama to the mistake on the lake. It would really suck to be a Browns fan these days.

    • Nope, Banner, is showing me he really had a hand in the 14 year demise, when we had a shot to really build a dynasty; He really can’t evaluate talent, and should stick to doing contracts…..

      Nobody wanted that job, so the settled for Mike Pettine, and no one wanted the O-Coordinators job either so they settled for a game with a name, but has no substance with that name because he is failure as a Coordinator. That Franchise is in deep trouble.

      I hear he is going to draft Johnny Manziel……suicide pick, but what do you expect from Joe Banner; He’s done it before…

      • I totally agree about Manziel. He is an exciting college player who will be a failure as an NFL player. His game does not translate, just as another Heisman trophy winner Charlie Ward’s game and to an extent Tim Tebow did not translate. He will get Pettin fired if that is their first pick.

        • I said that early last year before the College Season started Greenfan.

          I don’t understand why Kiper would rate him so high…to me he is a 4th round pick in terms of potential…

        • Manziel looks like a carbon copy of Brian Hoyer with more pizazz. With the same concerns, durability.

          • and that’s exactly why people ignore what you say…..

            • I’m average kinda just like you –

              • and in the real world…you’re holding your pillow too tight

    • The Browns have like 7-8 Draft Picks in the first 4-5 Rounds
      I expect to make a Trade to Redskins for back-up QB K Cousins which is where OC Kyle Shanahan comes in..
      Redskins needs Draft Picks, back up QB Cousins will need to leave Redskins as to ensure New Coach,the Fans, Media that it’s RG3 Team in DC moving forward .. A perfect Deal for both Teams
      Look for Browns to send a 2nd & 5th Rounder to
      redskins for Cousins..
      Remember you heard it hear first ….

      • To me, Cousins isn’t that much better potential wise than some of the incoming prospects this year….

      • I don’t think he is close to a franchise QB….The Skins are trying to do to someone what the Eagles did with Kevin Kolb, and sucker them into bidding high for someone who isn’t worth it…

        • I don’t think K Cousins is a Franchise QB either,
          Just like I don’t think there are any in the Draft
          So for the Browns, who have new Coach’s and a lot of Draft Picks
          Why not make a move and get a QB who knows Kyke Shannahan
          And who has a few Games experience and take your chances where
          OC Shannahan & QB Cousins hit the ground running
          It’s not a bad move for Cleveland when you think about it
          And there’s little to zero chance that Cousin’s returns to Redskibs for RG3 wants him out, it’s RG3’s Team with new HC in Gruden

  • Eagles have Earl Thomas. His name is Brandon Boykins. Boykins is bigger than Thomas and honeybadger and just as athletic. First off I understand the importance of a nickel corner but Boykins 35 plays a game is ridiculous and will be unacceptable again this year if it happens. I w0ould much rather stick his playmaking ass at FS for 75 plays a game and take my chances with drafting a slot corner to play 35 plays. Can you imagine Boykin roaming the deep middle making plays on the ball? You then take all your FA resources and bring in Ward. Williams, Boykins, Ward and Fletcher would be your starting secondary. You then have to find a nickel corner in the draft or FA. Boykins presence at FS shuts all the shit down in the middle of the field. .

    • Name me another team whose best DB plays half the snaps? Does Sherman, Revis or Talib play half the snaps? For Boykins to have played half the snaps while Allen and Chung play 70 snaps a game is comical. Then Billy Davis says he didn’t want to overload Boykins? What is he friggin stupid? Pssst Billy you kept Boykin and his importance in the slot and guess where it got you. The worst pass defense in the NFL. It didn’t matter

    • That’s funny Dag….Brandon Boykins

      • gmcliff my point is if your gonna have the worst pass defense in the NFL with your best DB playing half the snaps so he can “cover the slot receiver” you might as well move him to FS playing the whole game it cant get any worse.I just don’t understand the logic of your best DB sitting out 35-40 plays a game. Its common sense. It cant get any worse. lol

        • I get that logic Dag…..

          But, to me he seems to be a player that has a role, and does it fairly well,

          But if you use him in another role, he doesn’t do as well. He’s been burned on many occasions as a starting CB, – which a lot of people have insisted the Eagles do – but he is a different player in that role, although he shows flashes of talent….

          As a Safety, you have a point because that is our weakest position of talent. So you’re right – He couldn’t be any worse – But not as the ultimate solution either.

          Boykins has improved, and is good, but not as good as some envision him to be…That’s only my opinion….but I respect yours…

  • My question to gcobb posters is do you believe Boykins has a similar skill set to Earl Thomas and Honeybadger and can play FS? I don’t want to hear Boykins is more valuable at 35 snaps a game in the slot over 70 plays a game as a playmaking FS.

    • No not really … Thomas relies much more on Physical style of Play
      where Boykin relies on his Speed and Ball-Hawking Skills … I do believe though that Boykin can play a “Center Field” type with good CB’s around him against certain Teams who play a lot of 3-4 WR’s Sets …
      Boykin made a great improvement from Year #1 to Year #2 and it will be interesting to see how he continues to improve and appears to be worthy of being on the field more than 30 snaps a game, but again, it does depend on who their opponent is and whther its a more Run Oriented type of opponent or more of a Pass Happy Team that they are facing..

      • Paul, let me ask you something…..

        Do you believe there is a difference between having “Athletic Ability”, and having “Physical Talent”???

        For me that is where the comparison between Thomas, and Boykins falls short….Earl Thomas is superior in both to me…….What do you think?

        • Having Athletic Ability, reveals a players potential, but not all “Athletes” per say, have “Physical Talent” – a certain skill set – that reveals itself consistently enough, to say this particular ‘Athlete”, is head and shoulders above the rest…..

          • That’s why some potential athletic prospects whined up being bust, because they lack a certain skill set, or Physical Talent…….Heart also plays a role, and what they have burning inside of them…

            To me the best part of the Combine evaluation process is the personal interviews, not necessarily what they do in the drills.

        • Yes there is a difference.. Physical Talent alone does not or will not make any Player a Great Football Player, for they all are gifted at the NFL Level.. What seperates the men for the boy is “pure athleticism” at it’s highest form, but also the “mental part” and Preparation and Anticipation and knowing your opponents Tendancies as well as the Scheme and Coaching you receive in coordination with your fellow Teammates .. Typically Defenses on each Play have all 11 Players repsonsible part of that Call made by theh DC.. It’s not like 11 Players stand around, see the Ball and then React.. They are part of a Puzzle on every Player (just like the Offense is) and are repsonsible to do their part to Defend the Play based on their movements, beating their opponent across from them and making the Play..
          Having pure “Athletic Ability” is what make Great Player do what they do when Plays break down which is most of the time where a designed play or coverage breaks down for a host of reasons, then Great Players have to have the where with all to adjust and make snap decisions and reactions to the Play at hand.. Some of these innate abilities cannot really be Coached but the great ones study opponenets and know which keys to look for and especially QB’s,RB’s, OL & WR’s who will tip a lot of plays by how they line up, their body language, their eyes, their stance, etc,etc
          The Best Players, All-Pro;’s, Hall of Famers will all say the same thing.. and that is they they all study,watch tape, prepare, stay engaged in Coach’s/Players Meetings, do work on the side to keep their Bodies/Minds focused… Being a True Professional Athlete is really a Craft, a learned Art-Form of Body & Mind and for the Great Ones, they realize that it takes work and preparation and more than relying on just “physical talent” alone if they truly want to achieve greatness.. There are some Players/Atheletes that were able to attain greatness with actually having average “Physical Skills” but were so sharp and focused on the “Mental Part” , that they were able to achieve success at the Highest Level.. Look at Joe Montana, not real big, not a great arm. mobile just enough but a master of reading and reacting to coverages and getting the ball out quickly and accurately..
          Same with Tom Brady, who really only has average Physical Skills, but his competiveness, preparation and again his ability to read and react has allowed him to be one of the TOp QB’s for the last 10 Years

          • Thomas is a winner and a leader of men –
            Dallas Cowboys Defensive End DeMarcus Ware has so much talent but he seems to lack that follow me I’m a winner leadership skill.

            • I would not be all that suprised if Cowboys actually Cut/Release
              D Ware.. He has a big Cap Number and Cowboys are real tight on their Cap situation and seems unenthused about their new 4-3 Scheme under Kiffin/Marinelli..
              Ware has underachieved big time the last 2 Seasons as has Giants DE J P Paul that everyone was so ga-ga about 2-3 Years Ago…
              Give me a Team of Consistent Workers who strive to improve their Games and not a bunch of Players who are satisifed with teh status quo
              Same thing with Redskins Brian Orapko to turns it on and turns it off when he wants to or a Julius Peppers who should get released by the Bears this upcoming week.
              Give me an overacheiver like a Ryan Kerrigan or Michael Bennett or a Justin Smith, Robert Mathis any day over these overrated Players like Ware,Orapko,JPP, Peppers, etc,etc…

    • My answer would be no Dag……One, he isn’t as fast, or physical as Thomas, he isn’t as instinctive either. I remember when Earl Thomas was coming out, although he was drafted as Safety, he was also regarded as the best Cornerback in the draft as well….Boykins is a good athlete, but just not as good as Thomas….and I’m not sure he would excel as a Safety, like PAUL SAID, HE REALLY ISN’T PHYSICAL enough.

      As Eagles fans, sometimes we feel we have to support what we have in terms of talent on the team, but that’s why Paul, DCar, Yourself Dag,Myself, and others try to be ,or open minded to the fact that some of these players are average at best – Not saying Boykins is average – but he is not the player some envision him to be. I think he should be on the team, but his role is his role….

  • Well I appreciate the responses and this is basically what I got out of them.

    1 If Earl Thomas was our FS Boykins would not replace him.Thats fair.
    But guess what. we are talking about replacing Chung, Allen

    2.The best role for Boykins who is a solid tackler and a playmaker (on the Eagles) is slot corner and playing 35 snaps a game is because he isn’t good enough on the 32nd ranked pass defense to see the field more.

    3 We have predetermined he cant play FS because we just say so while Honeybadger can move all over the field because they actually tried it.

    4 If Im Boykins and Im told Im only good enough to play 35 snaps a game I cant wait to get the fuck out of Philly when my contract expires.

    • Word is that Boykins will move on to the Atlanta Falcons and play back in his Hometown once he’s a Free-Agent after 2015 Season..
      Boykins played more and more snaps as the Season went on..

  • With the news hitting that the Jets will strongly pursue WR Jeremy Maclin this offseason and possibly give him a contract that the Eagles may not be willing to give, the WR position almost becomes a priority in the draft. Even if they could retain Cooper and or keep or lose Maclin, I still think they need to address that position.. They may be forced to address it in the first round. If they sign a FS in free agency, then they go WR in the first round In my opinion. And the guy I’ve been saying since he declared, Kelvin Benjamin, would be their target.. They may or may not have to move up for him. I also like Odell Beckman jr who could play both TE and WR. Hes another guy that would excel In this offense…

    • Maclin & his agent would have to be brain dead to go play for Ryan and Geno smith unless their goal is to get a 3 year deal then retire.

      • Maclin is probably looking for 2 Things
        1) A 3 Year Deal
        2) A Starters Spot.. with Coopers play & improvement last Year, it is not a given that Maclin would be a Full-Time Starter (#2 WR) for the Eagles and see those 50-60 Snaps a Game like he used to and with the Jets, Maclin would clearly be at least the #2 Target if not the #1 Target and be on the field for most Snaps … This may not be the Case with the Eagles .. Let him walk, the WR Corps did well in 2013 with D-Jax/Cooper Positing Career Stats… I rather see a young bigger WR drafted and Groomed for the #2 Spot in 2 Years time anyways..

  • I agree with Mhenski. He may be looking to start and a 3 year deal, but the Jets offense is terrible. That team won’t compete in the next couple of years either.

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