• May 24, 2022

Assessing The Eagles: Linebackers

ConnorBarwin16Current Status-Arguably the best unit of the three levels to the Eagles defense. For reflection purposes, how does better measure up to a secondary that was below average at times, and a front line who was inconsistent with their impact on the game?

Ryans and Barwin had experience playing in the 3-4 set, and both had solid seasons.

Ryans looked like the player we traded for, leading our team in tackles while also taking on a major leadership role.

Barwin provided versatility for the coaching staff, lined up all over the place and played with effort, passion and grit.

Kendricks came on strong throughout the second half of the season, making plays in the backfield, intercepting passes and recovering fumbles at big moments in the game. The kid has tremendous speed and takes intelligent angles with pursuit of the quarterback. Kendricks still has not demonstrated the ability to cover in the passing game, and will miss tackles when relying too much on his speed to track a player down.

Trent Cole did his best to convert himself into a linebacker. Cole was still able to collect his sacks, leading the team in that category, but is 8 sacks really a big number to lead your team? Cole can’t cover anyone and at times was completely out of position with defending the run. His impact came in spurts, collecting sacks in chunks in a few “really good” games, so the numbers can be misleading over the course of an entire season.

Brandon Graham, another first round pick, another disappointment. He couldn’t do a thing to earn additional playing time, he played limited snaps and his contribution was forgettable. He changed his jersey number, and come this offseason, he will be changing the actual jersey he wears as his failed tenure in Philadelphia is sure to come to an end.

Moving Forward– 13.5 million dollars will be earned between Cole and Ryans for the 2014 season. Will one or both of these players restructure their contract?

Ryans is a more natural fit, and the Eagles could benefit from having the leadership and stability of what Ryans does at the inside linebacker position, versus what Cole does to “best fit” playing the outside linebacker spot. I see both players returning for the 2014 season, their last as a member of the Eagles which leaves the need for upgrade at this position.

Barwin and Kendricks are going to be part of the line-backer picture for a minimum of the next three seasons. After them, there are no other players currently on this roster that I see as possible starters moving forward. I have looked at the free agent class both in 2014 and in 2015. The names like Orakpo (2014) and Von Miller (2015) are likely to stay with their current teams or get overpaid by another.

There are some other names with less “wow” factor, and Roseman has made it clear the big names will be looked at, but not sought after.

The Eagles are going to have to build this position in the draft, while also adding a mid-level free agent or two.

The emphasis at the line-backer position is far greater in a 3-4 schemed defense.

This is no longer a transition period; we are a 3-4 moving forward and need to add multiple pieces in the middle of our defense.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Eagles need 2 more LB’s
    A legitimate OLB who is a pass-rusher and capabje of getting
    12-14 Sacks a Season.. Can Kendrick’s be this guy and play the outside,
    I believe he can be and would be more effective doing what he does best, and that’s using his speed & athleticism to get into the backfield to disrupt running plays or getting after the QB, then add a big IL as a main Run Stuffer
    And then add a Pass-Coverage LB sine Ryabs,Barwin,Kendrick’s & Coke are not very good in dropping back into Pass Ceverage, covering TE’s or RB’s out of the backfield..

  • ***NFL News***
    The Cuts/ReleSibg of Players begins

    Vikings release LB Erin Henderson who was arrested twice with 6 weeks
    In Oct/November for alcohol related incidences

    KC Chiefs cut CB Dunta Robinson

    Falcons earlier this week released CB A Samuel
    And LB Steve Nicolas

  • Barwin is a solid all around OLB as he can do many things well and seems to be a leader. Ryans had arguably his best season inside. I’d hope the birds add a space- eating NT that takes on a C and G every play this off-season and in that scenario I think we see Kendricks numbers explode at the other ILB position. The opposite OLB spot definitely needs to up-graded either in FA or draft with a pass rushing specialist. We also need to draft another ILB to groom as Ryans eventual replacement.

    • I totally disagree with you about Barwin……He needs to be upgraded as well..
      He brings to the Defense no more than what he brought to the Texans, who saw the need to replace him with a draft pick that eventually replaced him………Whitney Mercilus…

      The Eagles would be smart to do the same…….Jeremiah Attaochu

      • gmc, your hate for Barwin, is as irrational, as the haters hate for Foles. Just because you were wrong about him, with your comparisons to Babin. Give the man some credit, he’s no all pro, but I’d take another 4-5 like him, on that DF. He was the most solid, consistent player, on the defense. Don’t give me the crap of him disappearing either. Davis had him all over the place, & dropping into coverage most of the time, because he is the only one in the LB corps, that could drop & cover. You are smarter than that, so stop being stubborn. If we draft Jeremiah Attaochu, he would be a replacement for Cole. He’s a standup, pass rushing LB, with bad dropping in coverage skills. I like him alot though. You just can’t let the Brwin hate go. LMMFBO!!!!! XD

        • Sorry you feel like that DCar Brother…….that’s okay, you’ll feel better soon, because you must be sick Brother if you think he was the most solid, consistent player, on the defense……and that’s why he was voted into the pro bowl? or voted Defensive Team MVP?

          He rushed the QB as much as he covered, and that ‘s all most can remember. I know how you feel about him Brother….I disagree, with the status you give him….I saw him disappear in a lot of games, where you barely heard his name called……

          But, Where I respect how everybody feels about him RIGHT NOW, I also know you’ll be coming around when you really pay attention to detail…..He isn’t that good of a Linebacker…..

          • gmc, that’s your opinion. All of his peers, coaches, & the pundits disagree. I agree with you, that he isn’t the next coming of a HOF OLB, but you give this dude no credit, & have refused to look at the circumstances of how he was used. He is the most consistent & versatile player on that DF. He played 94% of the defensive snaps, where, Barwin dropped 42.3 percent of the time on passing downs, & rushed the QB 57.7 percent of the time. He was still 2nd on the team in sacks with 5. Had 11 batted balls. 1 int. 1 FF. 60 tackles. Whereas Trent Cole, who on the other side, was basically a rotational pass rusher, who didn’t drop nearly as much. Ryans, & Kendricks are poor in coverage. Listen, I respect your opinions, & talent evaluation more than anyone on here, but you are irrational, when it comes to Barwin. Everybody is replaceable, but give the guy some credit, for God’s sake. SMH….

  • Ryans, and Kendricks, are the best LB’s that we have. We need to grab one OLB in Free Agency, and 3 to 4 in the draft, and UDFA’s

    For me to be satisfied, I need:

    1.Jason Woirlds – OLB – FA
    2. Kony Ealy – DE/OLB
    3. Jeremiah Attaochu – OLB
    4. Aaron Lynch – OLB

    And in the Middle:
    1. Andrew Jackson – MLB – 6-2 253 – Western Kentucky
    2 Jeremiah George – MLB – 6-0 252 – Iowa State -6TH – UDFA
    3. Dee Dee Lattimore – LB – 6-1 247 – South Florida – UDFA
    4. Carlos Fields – LB – 6-2 243 – Winston Salem State – UDFA

  • Jason worilds and Malcolm Jenkins are the main two fa the eagles need to get

  • The Eagles need to concentrate on Safety and the Defense line…they will probably need a better pash rushing linebacker than Trent Cole…this year will be no cakewalk…the Eagles will be going up against RG3, Kaepernick, Wilson, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck! We dont need to draft a rookie safety…we need to get some experience back there and we need pass rushers and a DT that will push the pile and help our linebackers make more plays.

  • Other than safety, the question about what to do with Trent Cole is probably the biggest issue going into the offseason. Somehow they have to trade him. The question is who wants that contract…but if they can trade him somehow and get his contract off the books that would be huge.

    Imagine a pass rushing beast on the other side of Barwin, who is an athletic freak and a not great but very good player. His batted ball against Dallas in the last game of the season was one of the biggest plays of the season.

    Hopefully Kendricks continues to get better. I want to see them blitz him more.

    I like Ryans for one more year but wouldn’t mind CJ Mosely to take his spot in the middle.

    • Mosely is a top 10-15 pick. Ain’t happening pheags.

      • Moseley will be a Top 20 Pick but I am not sure how effective he will be at the NFL, he’s listed at 6-1″ 235lbs which is a little small for an NFL
        Inside LB.. He ‘a very athletic and instinctive but just see him struggling to disengaging from blocks by NFL Lineman

  • Cliff, I’m not surprised you disagree on Barwin as I’ve seen you post before about how little you think of him. I agree that Ryans & Kendricks are our best linebackers, however I don’t think Barwin hurts us at all. He’s tall (bats passes), athletic enough (cover TE) and as I posted before, does many things well, but nothing exceptionally. IMO his spot is not in need of immediate upgrade as much as the opposite OLB spot, DT and secondary.

    • Don’t get me wrong Everz….

      He serves a purpose on the team,- and you are correct, he doesn’t hurt us – but I think he is a Band-Aid until we get someone to man that position permanently – which has to be a draft pick.

      Who plays that side Brother, if Barwin tears up a knee this year before the season starts?……You have to start thinking about the future, and depth, without tying yourself to a particular personality…..

      But he is the 2nd best Linebacker we’ve had for the last 4 years(Ryans is clearly the best)

  • Cosign Everz. Bar win is not great but he’s more than adequate. I want Cole gone. We need a beast in that spot. I also wouldn’t mind if they drafted CJ Mosely and switched MK to OLB. He could be awesome there.

    • Concrete you are so right….We definitely need to replace Trent Cole. Paulman, and I have been screaming this for years. But, Andy Reid, knowing he was approaching his last year, signed Cole to a contract that would make it difficult for the Eagles to just get rid of him….

      You are also correct when you say we need a Beast in that spot. That is why I suggested signing Jason Woirlds, and still drafting a player like Kony Ealy to learn the Pro Game at a comfortable pace, without putting pressure on him to dominate in his first year.

      Along with Jeremiah Attaochu, to back up Barwin, until he, develops, and learns the Defense as his successor – As He is potentially a much better pass rusher –

      • Sounds like a Plan, we arll know Coach AR was lost of the Defensive side of Takent evaluations after JJ was gone and that
        Howie was too much a newbie to know NFL Talent during AR last few Drafts which is why the Eagkes Defense is in the shape it’s in..
        They made strides last Off-Season with 3-4 Veteran signings that will hold the hold the fort down, but it will take another 2 off-seasons to get tge overall Takent Level up to compete at a Championship Level, but the rebuilding that begun last year and the a Draft Picks of Cox, Kendrick’s,Boykins in 2012 along with Logan, need to see 3-4 More Toung Pjayers added to the mix, at least 1 Safety,
        1 CB, 1 OLB and 1 DL within their top 6 Selectiobs in the first 5 Rounds of this Draft.. And then select a WR & OL and pray that Foles doesn’t get hurt

      • Sounds good to me!!

  • I think the Eagles will take a hard look at the following 4-5 Players for OLB with
    Their 2nd Round Pick after Selecting Safety Calvin Pryor as their 1st Rounder

    1) Scott Critchcon (Oregon St 6-3 265lbs)
    2) Kyke Van Noy (BYU 6-3 245 lbs)
    3) Trevor Reilly (Utah 6-5 255lbs)
    4) Jeremiah Attachou (Ga Tech 6-3 255lbs)
    5). Chris Smith (Arkansas 6-1 265 lbs)

    Then at ILB with a 6th Round Pick
    1) Preston Brown (Louisville 6-1 260lbs)
    2) Max Bullough (Mich State 6-3 265lbs)
    3) Andrew Jackson (West Ky 6-1 260lbs)

    • Eagles do not have a 6th rounder this year. They have two 5th round selections. I get a strong sense that they are going to take Christian Jones ILB/OLB Fla. State with their 2nd or 3rd. I agree with you, if Pryor is there they take him. If not, they may take Dee Ford. I was thinking Kelvin Benjamin, however, I don’t think he’s hoing to make it to 22.

    • You know I’ve said this before.

      I want Attaochu, and Andrew Jackson – to back up Barwin, and eventually start(Attaochu), and to succeed Ryans(Jackson)….

      • Eagles would have to Select LB Attachou with their 2nd Round pick, (#54)
        I don’t think Attachou last’s to their 3rd Round Selection at #86,
        What do you think Cliff

        • You might be right there Brother……that’s why I would like to see them make a deal, or trade down for more picks in the 2nd..

          I would like to see them get Attaochu, and Kyle Fuller in the 2nd, and if they can trade with a team that has two 2nd Rounders, then I would like to have Gabe Jackson(OG), or Paul Richardson (WR)…

  • Connor. Barwin played better than I expected. but coming in the play of the linebackers was so bad maybe he’s just looking better than bad

    Connor barwin can play, he’s not a weakness

    • Coin or best attribute is rushing the Passer & setting the edge versus the run, but since Trent Cole/Brandon Graham were new to OLB
      Position and could not drop back in pass Covereages, Barwin was the only OLB on their Roster last year that could do so, which took him away from his Batural strength and then the fact that neither amend ricks or Ryans are very adept at pass coverage just put Varwin dropping back on most Plays
      Eagles need a Natural OLB who can cover the Oass and a Natural Oass Rusher so they 2 LB’s
      I believe Kendrick’s if moved to outside can be a very effective pass rusher instead of Cole, then a add a 250-260 ILB to be a Run Stuffer
      And then instead of a Drafted a Dee Ford or Kony Ealy, you draft a “Natural OLB” as I listed above.. The key here is moving Kendrick’s from ILB to the pass rushing OLB playing the weak side
      and then your LB Corp is faster,more athletic and more productive than last years Corp..

      • I will continue to say Kendricks would make a fantastic Strong Safety….

        I know what you are going to say Paul, but as I’ve said before – Respectfully, I disagree –

      • and Barwin rushed the QB, as much as he dropped into coverage. Some may not believe that, because he wasn’t as productive as a pass rusher.

        He wasn’t as much a threat as a pass rusher, but was better in coverage, although he was overmatched at times as well. He wasn’t limited, he just isn’t equipped as a pass rusher – That’s why I say his first year was an aberration – and it will never happen again……

    • I didn’t say that Jake; I just said he could be upgraded as well. Which he can

  • Look at the Season Barwin had in Houston in 2011
    When their LB Corps was intact he was on fire,
    once they lost
    Pat Cushing, then Barwin was moved from the main rushing the Passer OLB
    To become their Drop back OLB since Texans had little faith in Ryans to do so
    Consistently ..
    Bottom line is that Barwin is not dominant in any area of LB, but he’s overall consistent and the best all-around LB on the Eagles Roster and their only true OLB and when you run a 3-4 Scheme, you need to have about 3 Good OLB’s

    • That year was an aberration for him Paul. He wasn’t as good as those numbers would indicate – ala Jason Babin with his 18 sacks in that one year.

      The Offense paid more attention to Mario Williams, so he was able to benefit……He was never all that good…..after he came back to earth, they replaced him with Whitney Mercilus – who somehow garnered more sacks, and still covered……

      But Jake is right on the money, this past year he looked better than bad, The bias fans of his, refuse to see, and acknowledge where he was bad, or ineffective….But he does serve a purpose on this team however that I appreciate.

      • Merciles is a player I really liked a lot out of Illinois but does not drop back in pass coverage very often, he’s used very similar as
        Aldon Smith of the 49ers and rushes the Passer 90% of their snaps…
        They are out there to sack the QB, not drop back in Pass coverages

        • He does cover Paul….

    • exactly….He can be upgraded….

  • That’s a fair assessment Cliff & depth behind him is important. Being realistic (Barr & Mack will be gone) I like Ealy in the 1st or Worilds as a FA and grab S D. Buchannon later on. If S is the Rd 1 pick (which I don’t think will), I belie ve Jackson Jeffcoat is going to be a good player that could be had later on. We def. need a big DT in FA though, again I think a big DT keeping lineman off Kendricks makes him really good next year.

    • Woirlds is 25 years old, and could start opposite Barwin, allowing Ealy, and Attaochu, time to develop without unfair expectations..

      Who is Jackson Jeffcoat?

      • He’s a DE from Texas and projected as a 4/5th Round Prospect by most Scouting Reports and the son of former Cowboy
        Jeff Jeffcoat if you remember him..

        • I thought he was misprinting Andrew Jackson..

          I know who Jeff Jeffcoat is..

          • Yes, but do you know who DE Jackson Jeffcoat is ?
            A Draft Prospect from U of Texas

            • Quite aware of who he is…not a fan

              • Me neither.. It’s been a long time since a quality DL came from U of Texas… They produce some good Secondary Players & WR’s and that about it in recent Years

      • I do believe If Eagles are Drafting those Pkayers in the 1st or 2nd Round, then they will expect them to Start, don’t you think?
        If the Sign a Worlids, then the likiehood that they Draft a OLB
        is pretty minimal, don’t you think..

        • Shouldn’t be…For a 3-4 Defense your back ups are as important to a degree as your starters, and the Eagles don’t have enough…

          I gave you what my game plan would be…draft Barwin, and Woirlds succeccors, and they start in 2 years or earlier depending the starters don’t get hurt….Stupid to stand pat with no backup plan….You know me, I wouldn’t put all my chips in the Barwin basket anyway,,,,,

          • What I am saying Cliff is that you can get their Back-ups with mid-round Picks to Coach up and grim if your looking a 2 years down the road
            Eagles need their Top 2 Selections to step in and compete for Starters Roles in Year #1, don’t you think..
            They definitely need to package a Graham or Curry with probably their own 4th or 5th Rounder to get an additional pick in the
            2nd or 3rd Rounds.. These Players (Graham/Curry) on their own,
            won’t get them that by themselves..

            • I don’t want anymore mediocrity on this team……You can’t get their replacements with mid round picks; Your doing the wishful thinking stuff again that spells the usual mediocrity from Paulman to me……

              We can get DeMeco Ryans replacement with a mid round pick, based on the fact MLB’s won’t go early in the draft this year….I’ve expressed my stamp of approval on Andrew Jackson..

              Jackson along with, Kony Ealy, and Jeremiah Attaochu, are the answers for the Eagles. I wish we could have Khalil Mack but we can’t have it all. We haven’t drafted a OLB that was effective in the draft since William Thomas, but you think Howie is going to find that gem in the mid round huh?

  • Here’s 2 DE’s I like as NFL Players

    1) Maurice Smith (Louisville 6-4 260lbs) projected Late 2nd/Early
    3rd Rounder
    2) Kareem Martin (North Carolina 6-6 272 lbs) projected late 3rd/Early 4th Rounder

    I think Martin projects as the better NFL Pkayer, the afar Heels moved him from DT to DE and he really shined when he was motivated and reminds some Scouts as a Quinton Coples & Greg Hardy, long frame, big wingspan but has had his maturity and work ethic questioned while at UNC but has lots of upside
    I believe if he goes to the right Team with good Coaching and leadership
    From his teammates…

  • How about Will Clarke ( West Virginia 6-6 275lbs ) has the frame to add weight and has no off the field issues.
    Here’s a OLB Devone Kennard ( USC ) underrated

  • 2 intriguing Prospects Alwaysphilly.
    Clarke has the long Frame, long arms,wingspan that Coach’s love

  • What do you guys think of maybe picking up Terrence Cody from the Ravens? Maybe he could be that giant guy in the middle we are looking for, and he has experience playing in a 3-4. Only thing that worries me about him would be that he’s too big. I know that kind of sounds crazy, but he may just be a Haynesworth Jr., but you never know…

  • I recall Cody coming out of college, and he is just as you described, “Big.” I The Eagles like Logan, so we need a guy who is big that we can rotate in. If the Eagles had better players at the LB and secondary position I would suggest the need to get the best NT possible. The fact of the matter is we need multiple players on the defensive side of the ball.

    We should get players that will come cheap in positions that we already have a guy on the roster but could use another player to compliment them.

    -Thorton needs another guy from the DE position

    -Logan needs a “big” player to rotate in at NT

    -Wolff and bringing back Nate Allen could compete with the safety we draft
    for one of our safety positions. WE NEED TO SIGN A TOP 4 SAFETY IN THE OFFSEASON!!!!!!!!

    -We need a legit OLB. and allow Cole to play in packages that allow him to be a “rush QB only” player

    -We need a 4th CB who can shut down a WR, and not have obvious limitations with his play.

  • the first sentence & last sentence in Jeff’s article say it perfectly.
    1st sentence in Jeff’s article: “Arguably the best unit of the three levels to the Eagles defense.”
    Last sentence in Jeff Kolsky’s article: “This is no longer a transition period; we are a 3-4 moving forward and need to add multiple pieces in the middle of our defense.”
    another good Kolsky sentence:”
    “Barwin and Kendricks are going to be part of the line-backer picture for a minimum of the next three seasons. After them, there are no other players currently on this roster that I see as possible starters moving forward.”
    then Jeff identifies where the attention will be made by the Eagles:
    “13.5 million dollars will be earned between Cole and Ryans for the 2014 season. Will one or both of these players restructure their contract?”
    I agree with the article.

  • Jason Worilds was M-I-A for his first 3 seasons in the NFL until this season. But if his an ascending player & going to improve or maintain on his 8 sack 63 tackle season, why would Pittsburgh not resign him? His career trajectory mirrors Riley Cooper’s 2013 season ( out of nowhere successful)

  • Pittsburgh is up against the cap and they still need to sign Lamar Woodley and they drafted Jarvis Jones last year. Worilds wants to be paid.

    • good info – you explained the why?

  • I’ve been reading a lot of these posts for many years and through out all of the bickering that goes on the one thing in common is everyone wants the Eagles to win a Superbowl. So with that in mind in my opinion I think the Birds should suck it up and draft Calvin Pryor in the first round and Deone Buchanon in the second round and let these two fast physical safety grow together. I’m sick and tired of watching our safeties play like they are afraid to hit someone. I just can’t believe some people say resign Nate Allen. Are you kidding me. Lets just solve this problem and move on to the LBers. They’re the next problem to fix.

  • Trade Graham to the Dolphins for Dion Jordan (Been rumored); Trade Curry for 3rd rounder. Trade Bryce Brown for 4th & 6th.
    1st- FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix/ Calvin Pryor
    2nd- ROLB Jerrimiah Attaochu.
    3rd(1)- SS Deonne Buccannon
    3rd(3)- WR Martavis Bryant.
    4th(1)- ILB Lamin Barrow.
    4th(2)- NT Justin Ellis.
    5th(1)- DE Brent Urban/ De’Andre Coleman.
    5th(2)- KR/RB D’Anthony Thomas.
    6th- OT Justin Britt.
    7th- CB Aaron Colvin (Should drop after major injury).

    That’s 3 additional LB’s, to add to the corps. Jordan can rotate with Barwin, while he learns the league. Attaochu can rotate with Cole, until he takes over. Barrow can rotate with Ryans, & learn from him. Depends on if we can get the compensation for Graham, Curry & Brown.

    • What Team DCar is giving up a 4th & 6th for back-up RB
      Bryce Brown

      • paul, if Cleveland can get a 1st for an overrated Richardson, the Birds can at least get a 4th for Brown. Both 4th & 6th isn’t impossible. They are 2 low round picks, for a proven RB.

        • DCar,
          You cannot equate what another Team does when Tradibg out of necessity or in the Colts case, a panick move when they lost starting RB Bradshaw to a season ending (and probably a career ending neck injury)
          Where a Owner Jimmy Irsay want Trent Richardson
          Most aroubd the NFL knew the Colts gave up too high of a Draft Pick so there’s is no “Market-value” established here,
          Just like when the Cowboys have up a ton of high picks for
          WR Roy Williams on a traded arranged by the foolish Jerry Jones
          Didn’t Brandon Marshall only get 2 3rd Round picks who is a better WR than Roy Williams ever was
          My point is that there has to be a demand, a market for him and though Brown is a talented player, no Team is giving up multiple picks for him
          Brown can fetch a 5th at best or a 6th..
          That’s it for a back-up
          A team could sign Darren McFadden or Ben Tate
          Or James Starks or LeGarret Blount or Knowson Moreno or Joquie Bell
          In Free-Agency and give up no picks to upgrade their RB situation
          C’mon Man

        • He is worth more than that. He is Shady’s backup. He would be starting if Shady went down; and would be starting for some other teams that could really use a Starting RB.

          That makes him equally as valuable to the Eagles. Chris Polk would not bring the same production, or threat that Bryce Brown would. I feel Matthew Tucker, is a better talent than Chris Polk, although I like him as a player. Polk could bring a 4th -6th, but Brown is worth more.

          I wouldn’t let him go for nothing short of a 2nd or 3rd

          • You guys are nuts thinking a back-up RB in Brown is going to return a 2ns or 3rd or 4th Round Draft Pick.. RB’s are a dime a dozen around the NFL and especially back-up RB’s like Brown..

            • Your thinking with your heart Paul. You have been on record, that you don’t like Bryce Brown. That’s why you feel you can sell him off for basically nothing.

              But I guarantee you, if they are smart, the Eagles value Bryce Brown more than you. Again he IS worth more than a 4th Round Pick, and better potentially than you give him credit for…….look at him impartially my Brother……2nd – 3rd….

  • DCar,
    Do you really believe Dolphins are going to give up
    On Dion Jordan who they Moved up last Draft to Select at #3
    And only seek Brandon Graham in return..
    Where did you hear this, from JH…
    Good Grief. 🙂

    • Was on multiple sites in Florida. My Brother lives there, in Jacksonville. Just a rumor, but I would do it. Jordan isn’t a fit there, as Graham isn’t here. Just a rumor, & don’t ever compare me to that POS JH! God forbid, I’d kill myself if I were him! LOL!

      • I googled: — dion jordan trade to eagles —
        and the first 3 googled articles have the rumor trade as,
        #22 eagle first round 2014 draft pick for Dion Jordan plus

        • e0, that was a rumor also. Thanks. Forgot to mention it. I just commented on the one my Brother informed me about.

      • Hey DCar what part of town does your brother live in? And yes the Dolphins beat writer spoke with Gamble who is extremely high on Jordan and the guy who drafted him is no longer there.

        • Big, he lives outside of the Florida State Campus, on 8th St. He’s about to move to the Georgia area. He’s only staying there for the remainder of the year, until my twin Boys finish their Junior semester. My boys stay with him, while there, then come home at the end of the year. Best of both worlds.

          • That is the best of both worlds D, my daughter will be a frosh at FSU in 2015 and my wife and I are nervous wrecks and she’ll only be 2 hours away. Must give you guys some peace of mind knowing your brother is with them.

            • Forgive the 6 degrees here…

              My stepdad’s nephew is gonna play hoops for FSU starting next year… Robbie Berwick.

            • Big, it does. Even though Tallahasse (FSU) is 2 hrs away, they still commute, & live with their Uncle, & Aunt. Gives me peace of mind, knowing they’re safe, plus it save me a $#!t load of room & board $$$$. If you raised your Daughter right, she’ll be ok. I hear you though. 2 Boys at FSU, & a Daughter a freshman at Rutgers. My oldest Daughter is a UPenn nursing school grad, like my Old lady, so kind of a veteran of worry. Lol!!!! It’s all good when they make you proud though.

              • I hear you my oldest graduated from Penn State and I have a son who is graduating from Temple this year and still have 2 more to go.

              • Nice big! Good luck to yours. Many hopeful accomplishments, & blessings to the future.

    • paul, another reason the trade is possible, is he’s Ireland’s over-drafted pick, not the new GM’s. Gamble loves him, & he played for Chip. I’m not saying I want him, & I’m not crazy about him, but I think in this offense, splitting time with Cole, he could develop into a very good ROLB. He’s good in coverage too. He just needs to get stronger, & learn how to get to the passer in the NFL. Also, Graham has no position, is a bust, & doesn’t fit.

      • *defense*

      • If Kelky & Gamble were so high on Dion Jordan
        Don’t you think the Eagles would have made a a Deal with Raiders last year which was no secret thstvthryvare looking to trade Down and acquire more Picks for that #3rd Selection
        Me personally, am not very high on Dion Jordan and thought he was a Indy combine Workout inflated Prospect, but has very little playing experience and lacks upper body strength to be very effective any time soon in the NFL

    • One of the dumbest statement I’ve heard in a while

  • A Trade with Dolphins would require the Eagles
    1St Rounder #22 and probably DE V Curry and
    TE Casey since the Dolphins are very thin at TE
    I pass big time on this..

    • paul, are you snorting bath salts? Our 1st, Curry, & Casey, for Jordan? You are nuts!

      • It is crazy DCar,
        But that’s what the Dolphins are going to want for the #3 Overall Selection from last year.. I am not saying that’s what I would do
        But Dolphins gave up their 1st & 3rd Picks last year to move up to #3
        To get Jordan and are not going to settle for Brandon Graham or a Vinnie Curry with a mid-Round pick for him,
        That’s crazy to even think about

  • I would give them my 2nd and vinny curry and Brandon graham for him that’s it not a 1st

    • gloomy, you are retarded, that’s why!

      • ……………………./´¯/)
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          …………..\………….\ X2

          F^#@ YOU TROLL!

          • LOL….way to go DCar!!

            • green, I have my own personal stalking fan club. It’s rather amusing. XD

  • Dcarr it eat a fat one first of all vinny curry had more sacks than him both of his years

    • gloomy, maybe if you could post a coherent, legible post, I’d know how to respond to that! Go back to English class, & learn how to punctuate & form a legible sentence. Like I said retarded!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t embarrass yourself any further, with your juvenile, mindless, trade scenarios, & imbecilic responses.

      • LOL. So true!

        • TeeHeee!!!!!

  • Dcar I have more knowledge about football in my left nut than you do in your whole body your blow me Mitch

    • Mitch……who is Mitch and why do you want a blow job from him?

    • Your left nut has knowledge? Why aren’t you traveling in a circus, making $$$$? “blow me Mitch”? Who’s this Mitch, your pimp? Not only are you retarded, you’re a sausage jockey too! Sorry, I don’t play for your team! BTW, I’ve forgot more about sports, & lost more knowledge, than your stupid @$$, can ever hope to attain son! Go get some hooked on phonics, & go get a washy- washy, & then come back & talk to the real men! Beat it!

  • Eaglehaslanded is a little boy not even worth it

  • Who the fuck said anything about a blow job you on that Michael Sam shit

  • I don’t have time for the gay shit on here just wanna talk football that’s it so if your a Mitch keep it to yourself don’t get mad at me cause I look at the game from a realistic point of view and others look at it from a madden point of view.

  • Who is Mitch? Why are you constantly referring to Mitch?

    • Green fan it means man bitch

  • Lol if you don’t know who’s a Mitch lol don’t worry about it then.

  • Sitting in jury duty fellas, good way to pass the time.

    • just got off jury duty – was an alternate in a civil trial; heard the case then was dismissed without speaking a word for 3 weeks because the original 8 jurors selected determined the case ( what a waste of my time)

  • Enjoy it I love it when they Summons me day off from work and still get paid.

    • Me too bro Lol

  • We need two big nose tackles this off season. New Orleans killed us running the ball down our throats in the playoff game. I say grab two big guys in case of injury of course. The nose tackle from bmore would be nice.

    • BJ Raji, in Free Agency, and draft Daniel McCullers

      • Thanks Gm, and by the props to you on your boy Poe. You said he would be a player and he is. That’s why you do what you do good brother.

        • Props to you Diddy, for viewing reality as it is Brother..

  • If Pryor and Dixon are there at 22. Which one would you guys take, just a hypothetical I know they both wont be on the board. Who do you guys think will be the better pro.

    • Neither…..Kony Ealy

      • Love Ealy he would be great at that spot, but Gm which guy is better between the two.

        • If your asking between Pryor, and Ahmad Dixon – Pryor hands down…Dixon is a 3rd – 4th round pick

          Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, is the better prospect, between he and Pryor. Pryor, hits hard, which is why so many on here like him, but doesn’t cover as well as Clinton-Dix…but Clinton-Dix has to be a more consistent wrap up tackler……There are flaws in both of their game. That’s why I say you may be able to find a gem at Safety, in the mid to late Rounds.

      • You could possibly grab Pryor in the 2nd.

        We will also have other options in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Rounds…

        I feel the Eagles should sign Malcolm Jenkins, who can play FS, & SS, so we could go possibly with Pryor a SS, Buchannon a SS, perhaps draft Stanley Jean Baptiste, or Keith McGill as a FS…..

        My point is you don’t have to reach for a Safety in the first Round – unless Clinton Dix falls in your lap.

      • Kony Ealy will be gone by 15-20th Selection and not on the board by the Eagles #22 Selection.. Remember this Draft is very thin at the DE’s positon..
        I look for the Bears,Ravens,Cowboys & Cardinals to take a long look at Ealy

        • If you look back at the mocked draft order of players predicted over the last 6 years, the so-called experts, and Paulman – LOL!! – have only been correct on 6% of the actual draft….

          So to say Ealy WILL be gone in foolish – There will be a run on QB’s, WR’s, OT’s, and other positions, but when and where who knows – There is just as much of a chance that he will – and it’s in their best interest to draft him – not Calvin Pryor – Your Guy – LOL!!!!

    • Pdiddy – do you mean HeSean “Ha Ha” Clinton Dix from Alabama ? If so how could the birds not add a HeSean to a Lesean and Desean, LOL

      • Yes thanks eos my bad ha ha dix

  • Diddy something tells me that they are either gonna draft a wr or a cb I don’t see how you go into next year with a safety that played in 5games last year and a rookie this year they need a vet like, Malcolm Jenkins. Because the way howie is talking they are gonna be shopping with the access card and not with the black card damn shame.

  • And if they draft Ealy where does he play he is to small to play on the dline can he play olb or will this be another one of those eagles failed projects.

    • As a stand up Rushing OLB, who covers on occasion – Like Aldon Smith Smitty – I envision Jeremiah Attaochu on the other side backing up Connor Barwin…

      • And you know I want the Eagles to sign Jason Woirlds, who Ealy would back up, and rotate with for a year or two

        • Ealy is built too mucg like Trent Cole and VInnie Curry..
          I want a longer armed, taller and bigger TE… Ealy is not very proficient in dropping back in COverages.. ealy’s game is too similar than Cole,Curry & Graham and just not a good fit for the Eagles 3-4 Scheme.. Ealy will flourish in a 4-3 Scheme… But I pass on him if I am the Eagles and either Draft a “Natural OLB” or a Bigger DE but enough of these tweeners.. Eagles have enough of them already in my opinion

          • I love my homie, but Paulman is wrong…

            Kony Ealy is the player in this draft that will be the prize…..He is built exactly like Aldon Smith, – not Trent Cole, or Vinnie Curry – and brings the same need that Aldon Smith could have brought to the Eagles – a legitimate Pass Rusher…..

            They will regret they passed on him, or didn’t move to get him.

            • Aldon Smith is a little leaner, longer with a bigger wing-span than the shorter-armed Ealy who physique looks more like V Curry/T Cole then a Aldon Smith or Whitney Mercilus..

              Aldon Smith listed at 6-3 – 265lbs
              Kony Ealy listed at 6-4 – 275lbs
              Trent Cole listed at 6-3 – 270lbs
              V Curry listed at 6-3 – 279lbs
              B Graham listed at 6-2 – 275lbs

              • you are wrong Paul…..

                They have the same height weight measurables, but that doesn’t mean they have the same power, hip movement, athletic abilities, and speed……Is that what your basing your reasoning on?

                He is closer to Aldon Smith, in all those categories…..

              • He’s just a bigger version of Aldon Smith

              • GMCliff – at the combine he will be about the same size as these good DE, he played DE at Missouri he doesn’t have to prove to scouts he can back peddle he has the size to be a edge rusher. He is not a tweener, he has legit DE size — there are 30 guys in the draft that would love his size.
                Kony Ealy 6’5” 275
                Pierre Paul, 6’5 270
                Greg Hardy, 6’4” 280
                Cory Wootton 6’6” 270
                I would be surprised if his agent lets him back peddle with the LB at the combine, no good can come out of it.

              • Jadeveon Clowney 6’5” 275
                Kony Ealy 6’5” 275
                They are the same size, Clowney is not back peddling with the Linebackers at the draft, I don’t expect Ealy either.

              • Kony is built more like Trent Cole, bigger up top,thicker torso,bigger arms,thich neck but shorter arms and the not the length and jumping/leaping abilitiy of Aldon Smith or even your buddy Connor Barwin.. It is what it is … ealy is a good Player, but not the “savior” your making him out to be…

              • Still being stubborn huh,….okay, then we will wait until the Combine.

              • I can’t help it Cliff , It’s the damn Irish in me …. 🙂

  • Eagles trade alert…. Eagles send there 2nd rd pick vinny curry & Brandon graham to the dolphins for dion Jordan & Jonathan Martin it’s a win win for both teams.

    • they can keep that bitchass jonathan martin. guy is the biggest pussy the NFL has ever had.

    • The genius at it again?!?!? Figured you’d want Martin. A punk @$$, retard, like you. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • He is a pussy but he is also a good player

    • J Martin is not an NFL Starting Caliber OT, he’s too soft and not passionate or strong enough to play

      • pass on martin. who knows when he will just decide to have a meltdown or quit or just be a chicken shit.

  • Anthony Barr might be there at 22, he did not look good against Stanford’s rushing game

    • Anothy Barr wil lbe gone in 12th-20th Range as well

      • you are probably correct but someone has to drop if 3 to 4 mediocre QB go before pick 22.

        • Word is Rams,Raiders and Browns all want to Drop Back..
          They want QB’s but not the Players in this Class in the Top #5 and will be looking to Drop Back..
          Maybe Eagles can make a Deal and get a Top 5/7 Pick for their #22, a 3rd Round Pick and Playet like B Graham or V Curry .
          This could very well happen..

          • paul, & you have the balls to criticize my trade scenarios? LOL!

            • My Deal is more likely to happen than getting a 4th & 6th Rounder for Bryce Brown…. I am calling Joe Banner right now …

              • remember last year when Joe Banner was leaking stories that no head coach candidates wanted to work with Howie to Jason La Canfora and Jeff Lurie went ballistic – A year later no head coach candidates wanted to work in Cleveland —

  • It’s so crazy you guys do more home work than the eagles. You guys come up with players that pan out year after year. And the eagles draft poyer and Kruger, last years draft sucked.

  • The eagles would be smart to add Jason worilds, Malcolm Jenkins & nick folk that’s all they really need and resign Nate Allen and Maclin

  • Not to sure about Allen smitty

  • I think it’s wr or cb 1st rd

  • Paul that sounds like a good trade but I don’t want them to move up stay where there at and take bap I don’t see a can’t miss in the top 10 that’s why everybody wants to move back. Where is that Mitch at lol

  • For the life of me I never understood why curry wasn’t made to a olb he has a better chance for a long career than he does as a 3-4 de

    • Gloomy….Perhaps it’s because he does not have the agility to play OLB.
      Oh..and for today’s grammar lesson, you can not have the word ‘a’ in front of a word that starts with a vowel, such as a olb. It has to be the word ‘an’, e.g., an outside linebacker, or an eagle. You should have asked your left nut I guess. How is it that this little boy must teach you such a basic lesson? That speaks volumes about you. Your posts are brutal to read due to poor grammar and words spelled incorrectly. Don’t get offended by the truth. Step your game up son!

    • Curry was Drafted in mind of being a down 4-3 De in the Wide 9 Scheme when Coach AR, DL Coach Washburn was still in Philly as the eventual replacement for Trent Cole..

  • This dude sounds like an ass is this the New York Times or a gcobb website to talk football I tell you these mitches didn’t realize I needed to put proper grammar in a post wow thanks Mitch

    • Anytime Gloomy…as I said, don’t get mad…step your game up. Mitch……you’re not Kevin Hart…make your own lingo up clown. Your posts doesn’t even make sense! Here’s some advice, re-read it to yourself or have your special education teacher check it for you dummy!

  • For the life of me I’ve never understood why they went to a 3-4 defense all the players they had fit the 4-3. Curry, cox , cole, graham & even Kendrick’s I think would’ve been a great weakside lb, cox would be great in a 4-3 and now he will only be ok in the 3-4

  • I got you Mitch lol as long as I can read my bank account I think I’m good lol. You still living in the back room of your mothers house im trying to have alittle patience but it’s running out.

    • LOL….yes, just as I thought, you never surpassed an elementary education. I like the mother jokes though, right on grade level….Keep them coming. Gloomy’s bank account total savings $0.24.

  • Look dude I done going back and forth with you over grammar on a football site look if you wanna make it more than that we can meet up and it is what it is other wise than that just let the football post be player.

    • Look dude I done….see this is what I mean. Poor grammar.
      I am amused by your jokes. You’re not worthy of discussing football with. Your assinine trades makes that extremely clear. This isn’t Madden or fantasy football son. Your football acumen is nonexistant. The fact is, you propose dumb trade scenarios constantly which makes you the joke of GCOBB. Jokersmitty!

  • FYI that wasn’t a joke that was your life but like I said back to football.

    • FYI…I think you ate to much glue as a child. I think GLUEMYSMITTY would be a better moniker for you as it explains the possible reasoning behind your retarded thought process.

  • I hear you Mitch but didn’t I already use the the madden thing on you lol my trades are realistic if you don’t like them you don’t then oh well. Just don’t say nothing to me outside of football I’ll teach you the game one day when you get older other wise calm down unless you want to meet up so you can see how this retarded this .45 can get.

    • And I’m supposed to be impressed by your childish threats of violence. I’m simply not. Only cowards need guns! Please rewrite your last sentence so it makes sense. As I stated, your football acumen is nil and it’s not worth engaging in. You started this…I’ll end it!

  • I hope the eagles go after Malcolm Jenkins and Jason worilds I think they both would fit the team great. The players on the teAm that howie needs to think about trading goes as cox but I don’t think he will howie gives him one more year but if they did trade him I wouldn’t be mad for Paulman did have a good list of players that would fit the 3-4 that are free agents. Next up would be curry due to the fact that he doesn’t fit the 3-4 I hope for a 3rd pick for him but most likely it would be a 4th rd pick. Now Brandon graham I think the best they could get for him would be a 4th or 5th same for cole.

  • ***Trade Rumors involving the Eagles & Raiders ….

    Eagles Send their #22 Pick, QB Matt Barkley & 4th Round Draft Pick to the Oakland Raiders for their 1st Round Pick (#5 Overall)
    Eagles at #5 Select QB Tedy Bridgewater out of the University of Louisville

    More Rumors to follow…

    • Paul….If a trade like that happened, why do you think the Eagles would select Bridgewater?(who’s skill set is similar to Foles). If a scenario such as that materialized, I would either trade back down for more picks or take the best defensive player available. That trade would cost way to much though.

  • Don’t like it unless you can flip foles for a late 1st

    • Foles not going anywhere and will be the Starter for 2014 and probably the 2015 Season and then get dealt for high Draft Picks…
      Coach Kelly/Roseman want 2 Quality QB’s on their Roster…
      The other reason is that Kelly/Roseman want a Black QB on their Roster to keep the Fans who think and act like Song’s engaged ..

  • Paulman is this one of your rumors or did you get it off a website

    • Made it up all by myself (like most of my Rumors)

  • lol good one but if they move that far up it has to be Mack or Sammy Watkins

  • Paulman Rumor # 2

    Eagles Send #22 Pick, DE V Curry and RB Bryce Brown to the Colts
    for their 2014 2nd (58th) & 4th (122nd) and their 1st & 4th Round Pick in 2015

    Now Eagles Draft the following

    2nd Rd #54 – WR Davante Adams (Fresno St 6-2 216lbs)
    2nd (from Colts) #58 – Safety Jimmy Ward (Northern Illinois 5-11 195lbs)
    3rd #86 – OLB Jeremiah Attachou (Ga Tech 6-3 255lbs)
    4th #118 – ILB Christian Jones (Fla State 6-4 235lbs)
    4th (from Colt)#122 – DT Caraun Reid (Princeton 6-2 305lbs)
    5th #150 – CB/Safety Anton Exum (Va Tech 6-0 220lbs)
    5th (from Patritos) #158 – TE Marcel Jensen (Fresno State 6-6 264lbs)
    7th #214th – CB Aaron Colvin (Oklahoma 6-0 186lbs)

    Eagles will now have 2 selections in the 1st Round in 2015

  • My Actual Wishful Mock Draft for 2014 (Straight up with no Trades)

    1st (#22) Safety Calvin Pryor (Louisville 6-2″ – 210lbs)
    2nd (#54) CB Kyle Fuller (Va Tech 6-0″ – 195lbs)
    3rd (#86) OLB Jeremiah Attachou (Ga Tech 6-3″- 255lbs)
    4th (#118) ILB Christian Jones (Fla State 6-4″- 235lbs)
    5th (#150) TE Marcel Jensen (Fresno State 6-6″ – 264lbs)
    5th (#158) WR Jeff Janis (Saginaw Valley State 6-2″ – 215lbs)
    7th (#214) CB Aaron Colvin (Oklahoma 6-0′ – 186lbs)

    Undrafted Free-Agents
    QB Logan Thomas (Va Tech 6-6″ – 250lbs)
    DE Taylor Hart (Oregon 6-6″ – 287lbs)
    Safety Dontae Johnson (NC State 6-2″ – 200lbs)
    OL Wesley Johnson (Vanderbilt 6-5″ – 295lbs)
    OLB Tyler Starr ( South Dakota 6-4 – 249lbs)

    • Add this Draft Class to the Following 6 Free-Agents signed and the Eagles are good to go and under the Salry Cap

      1 Strong Safety (TJ Ward or Mike Mitchell)
      2 DL (Arthur Jones or Linval Joseph or Paul Solia or Anthony Fluellen,
      or Clinton McDonald)
      1 OLB (Mike Neal or Jason Worilds or Owen Schofield)
      1 OL (Roger Saffold or Geoff Schwartz – Both Can Play Guard or RT)
      1 Kicker (any Kicker with NFL Experience and a strong enough leg to reach the end-zone on kick-offs and be able to kick in bad weather)

    • I like it Paul…..minus the 4th,5th A, and 7th pick…..in fact I love it…

      I really think Attaochu, will have to be drafted in the 2nd; He’ll be off the Board by the time the Eagles pick in the 3rd. They have to get at least one extra 2nd, and one more 3rd.

      1st – Kony Ealy DE/OLB
      2nd – Kyle Fuller CB
      2nd – Jeremiah Attaochu – OLB
      3rd – Deone Buchannon – SS
      3rd – Stanley Jean- Baptiste – CB/S
      4th – Daniel McCullers – DT
      4th – Walt Aikens – CB
      5th – Andrew Jackson – MLB
      5th – Ryan Grant or Jeff Janis – Good Pick by Paul – WR
      7th – Logan Thomas – QB

      UDFA –
      Ethan Westbrooks – DE – West Texas A&M 6-5 275
      Nickoe Whitley – FS – Mississippi State 6-2 204
      Jeremiah George – MLB – Iowa State 6-0 244
      Cory Washington – WR – Newberry College – 6-3 190
      Jordan Harris – WR – Bryant University – 6-2 212
      Matt Hall – OT – Belhaven University – 6-10 335
      Jordan Love – CB – Towson – 6-1 192
      Julien David – SS – Howard – 5-11 214
      Carlos Fields – OLB – Winston Salem State – 6-2 235
      Bret Smith – QB – Wyoming – 6-2 210
      Antwan Lowery – OG – Rutgers – 6-6 345
      Qua Cox – CB – Jackson State – 5-10 184 4.43

      • Free Agent Interest of GMCliff –

        1. Jason Woirlds
        2. Malcolm Jenkins
        3. BJ Raji
        4. Charles Tillman – only for the reasonable contract

      • How do you think the eagles get an extra 2nd

      • Gm, where are we getting an extra 2nd, 3rd, 4th, from, & still being able to draft Ealy? I can see 3rd for Graham, & Curry, & maybe a 4th for Brown, but how do you expect another 2nd, & still be able to get Ealy? I love it, but it is a bit unrealistic. Ealy does not fit anyways. No more square pegs, in round holes. Get guys that play the correct positions, not guys you have to change, & hope they fit. That’s the Reid way. No more madness!

  • I love Kendrick’s, he has the speed for outside but he is a MLB. I wouldn’t be opposed to putting him outside on occasion especially on passing downs. he covers better from the outside position than he does in the middle of the field, but with another year in the 3-4 he will be better. Ryans will be our vet leader that is needed on all 3-4 fronts. The good thing is he has a few good years in him. what we need is a large space eating nose guard that can keep Kendrick’s free to roam. Bring in that outside pass rushing LB and we are ok there. Improve the front 7 you improve the secondary automatically.

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