• July 1, 2022

Ubaldo Jimenez Would Have Been A Better Signing For The Phils

MLB: Houston Astros at Cleveland IndiansJimenez would have been a better signing for the Phillies. Younger, cheaper and for more years; so whyis he taking the mound at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and not CBP?

Ubaldo Jimenez signed a four year deal with the Baltimore Orioles. At 12 million a season, the 30 year old right hander is young enough to still be productive for the length of his contract. He was solid for three seasons in Colorado; then four rough seasons splitting time with the Rockies and Indians, but returned to the “good” Jimenez in 2014, posting a 13-9 record with a 3.30 ERA.

Jimenez was available when Amaro threw 16 million dollars at A.J. Burnett. Paying a respectable number three pitcher in your rotation 12 million a season is the going rate in today’s game. So why did Amaro elect to sign Burnett over Jimenez? Is he more of a proven, veteran arm that has the playoff and World Series experience that will help the 2014 Phillies for their “championship push?” Was the mention of Jimenez ever uttered by Amaro, or was he under the assumption that his “young” talent in the farm system would be enough to win a few starting pitching spots in 2015?

The Phillies will go into the 2015 season with the unknown of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez as their number three starter. Burnett will retire, he sort of “un-retired” this season. Cole is going nowhere, the same can’t be said about Lee, especially is all that needs to “go right” this season, “goes wrong” by the All-Star Break.

Is not signing Jimenez the latest flaw to the butchered Ruben Amaro resume; or was signing the veteran Burnett the better move?

Jeff Kolsky

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  • MO AJ is a better pitcher. Based on the last 2 years, AJ is the safer choice. Any given night he can throw a 2 hitter.

    • completely agree old Philly. gimme at this year than Morgan, biddle, Martin, or wright next year ( yes Phil’s got some pitching prospects)

      ubaldo is a gas can that’s no better than Kendrick.

      I would never want that guy for 4 years. completely disagree with this article with all due respect

      • It’s just the lunacy of people writing ‘articles’ that have zero idea what they are talking about… Trying to get us suckers to respond

        • Details… No idea? Break it down, you stated it openly, what was there no idea behind? I want the honest, cut my organs out, sautee them in a frying pan and feed me opinions. But break it down, don’t go open ended on me..

          • burnett is a better pitcher. As for the future I would say the future is now! They can get a $12million number 4 starter any off season if their minor leaguers don ‘t work out.

      • No better then Kendrick? I will “guarantee” that Jimenez has 14 or more wins this season. ERA 3.65 or less, with close to 200 strikeouts. Kendrick we hope for a 11-9 record, a 4.50 ERA and showing up the second half of the season.

        • considering KK outpitched Jimenez over the last 5 years, i will take KK over him. while Jimenez may have 14+ wins this year that wont be a direct reflection of him. his ERA wont be 3.65 or less NO WAY. maybe 200 ks, but when his year is done his ERA will be over 4.25, his WHIP will be over 1.4… not worth it. id rather gamble on our farm next year and if it doesnt look good, take a flyer on someone like we did this year in AJ until we get farm arms.

          Jimenez is nothing special and not as good as AJ. screw locking into some overrated gas can for 4 years.

  • This is terrible so called journalism

    I don’t play gm much, but to state that signing one year over multiple years is a mistake

    You are one dumb mother you know what kolsky

    • The “mistake” os the value both this season and next. Part of playing GM is setting up your team for both the current and the future. We have 2 pitchers in Cliff and Cole for next season. Are we going to be comfortable allowing 3 young arms fill out the rest of the rotation?

      • we also have 3-4 arms that are very close to mlb ready…

  • How is 48 million cheaper than 16 million

    Your a dumb ass

    • The 48 million is over 4 years (12 million a season). The kid is 30, and between the available free agents in 2015 and the question marks with our Farm System for our future pitchers, having Jimenez could helped us both this year, and the next three seasons.

  • Another “No duh article.”

    • Meant “AAA duh”

      • AAA is a great membership to have, especially with the potholes everywhere, great mention DCar

        • Touche! 😉

  • Let Jeff write and stTe his opinion,
    That’s what this Site is all about..
    At least Jeff/Denny are contributing some fresh articles
    During this slow part of the off-season
    I and looking forward to the Combine this weekend and in particular, to see the field drills for the LB’s, CB & Safety as wll as WR
    I am not too keen to the basics Drilks of the 40 Time, Verticle leap, etc, but I do pay attention on the field Drills, in how a player moves and changes direction, their ability to make plays on the ball, recovery speed, ease of coverage ability and movement, etc,etc..

    • This site is about articles, but it also throws the “take a side” questions and allows us to go back and forth. I’m always going to hand out the invite to take your shots at my opinions, and I look forward to the colorful attacks everyone so creatively display on the message boards.

  • what is a Mutual Option?
    AJ Burnett signed a 1 year deal for $16 million with a mutual option. Is this really a two year deal?

    • AJ sounded like he was one foot in the door for retirement until the Phils came a knocking. He said for the first time in his life it was about his family (living closer to home) then about baseball. Recall when Halladay last year started talking about his family during his press conference speeches. AJ will be solid for this season, he will not be back next year.

      • whats also cool/great about this AJ signing is if we blow come trade deadline AJ will get us assets!!!!!!!!!!!

      • and thats ok!!!!

        • I believe Burnett has a No-Trade Clause with his Deal and has stated that he chose to Pitch for Philly to be close to his Family’s Home in Maryland..

  • Sans the first half of 2010, Jimenez has been nothing more than a .500 pitcher with a formerly blazing fastball, that I should mention still couldn’t pitch well enough to strike-out a batter per inning. Since then, (age 26-30//his prime???) his FB has gone from averaging 96mph to 91mph (MLB average) and his ERA North of 4.00. I’ll pass on the 4 years for at best a #3 starter, who had a good half season in 2010 and a good half season in 2014. I’m all for bashing the alarming number of poor moves Amaro has made here recently, but signing Burnett over Jimenez is not one of them.

  • Some u guys make me laugh the guyhas a 147-132 lifetime record u know what jimenez WAS a better deal what friggin assetts u expecting to get idiot you all making aj to be the answer. answer to what your ass! Like i said before cigar u must be smokin something else than cigars and u got couple these other guys taking hits

    • Jimenez has had one good year.. After that he is sub 500. No one thinks Burnett is the second coming of Tom Seaver… I just think and the numbers bear it out is he is more solid and consistent than Jimenez… Plus why lock in a 4th starter for 4 years??? A fourth or fifth starter… Makes no sense.

  • Does to people that know baseball

    • Good luck with 4 years of a 4th or 5th starter… Brilliant move there. Didn’t you guarantee 16 wins or something? Hilarious

  • More MLB News***
    Atlanta Braves sign SS Simmonds to an extension and locking up another good young Player for the Future as they did with Closer Kimbrel,
    Starter Tehran, 1B Freeman & RF Heyward ensuring a strong Core of good MLB players who are all still under the age of 26 and will only get better and better as the Braves have position themselves to compete with the Nationals for the next 4-5 Years for NL East supremacy..
    Meanwhile in Clearwater…

    • Nats and braves are highly overrated. especially overrated is the braves joke of an overpaid outfield.

      • Hen you are correct… Phil’s fans are fawning over the braves… They have issues for sure

      • Braves will compete for the 2014 Playoffs regardless of the stiff Upton Brothers who I see them getting rid of 1 of them this SUmmer and even
        with old man Dan Uugla who only seems to hit Phils Pitching

  • Starting a betting pool to find out which old geezer in the Phils infield can make it to the all star break without getting hurt.
    3-1 Jimmy Rollins
    8-1 Carlos Ruiz
    15-1 Chase Utley
    40-1 Ryan Howard

  • I see Ruin 2morrow, is living up to his name again. Not only has he ruined this franchise for the foreseeable future, but now he’s trying to ruin the lives, & college eligibility, of 2 of their draft picks from last year, because they decided not to sign here, & go back to college. He ratted them out to NCAA, for using an Agent/ Advisor, during their negotiations. POS, sticking, petty rats, for what they have done. Players use Agents as Advisors, all of the time, without officially hiring them as their Agent. This entire organization has become an embarrassment, to the entire MLB, & Ruin 2morrow, has officially solidified himself, as the biggest POS, & worst GM this city has ever had. This entire organization, from .300 Monty, down to the minor league bat boys, need to purged by an enema! What a f^#@ing nauseating disgrace! Amaro is nothing but a lying, condescending, inept, clueless, sad little man!!!! He must go!!!!

  • Lot of players got hip long time ago this team and franchise,owners,etc a waste they know better to sign elsewhere they dont want to be invovled with this debacle at senior citizens bank like them moving to a 55 & over at age of 21

  • What amaro or someone under his command did to these young men is disgraceful and is a stain on the phillies brand

    One of the players, a pitcher, still has yet to be cleared to play by the NCAA, another fraudulent organization that has direct contro over these athletes without any interest other than profit

    This story makes me want to see the phillies finish in last place so this disgraceful general manager is finally let go.

    • jake, now you see, what I’ve been talking about, for 3 years now.

    • Jake not that it matters but maybe we should wait until the entire story comes out maybe these kids and their families were complete assholes, maybe the agents they hired were complete assholes. There has to be more to this story they aren’t the only kids the Phillies drafted that remained in school and didn’t sign. But hey let’s just be mindless sheep and believe everything written.

      • BL how dare you act as a voice of reason… Wait for the entire story instead of just going ballistic?
        If true someone should be fired… But again let’s wait for the entire story to unfold

        • I shouldn’t go here because I got on you guys yesterday, but can Jon Hart check with his sources on this? LMAO

  • I know the process somewhat big

    Unlike the nfl players cannot declare for the draft, there are limited Times they are draft eligible, mainly high school seniors, and juniors and seniors in college

    The pitcher amaro ratted out was a fifth round pick, he had an advisor like many, most high round picks, although at the fifth round that is not high and doesn’t get big bonus money, which is the only motivating factor to leave school, a degree, since all minor leaguers are essentially paid the same, starting pay for rookie and A- about $1500 a month, less than minimum wage when considering the hours these guys put in.

    No, this story will get worst for the Phillies and amaro

    • My brother played minor league ball Jake I am aware of the process, all I’m saying is the Phils don’t sign every player they draft something happened with these two kids.

  • The story on its face, which the Phillies have not disputed is enough to blacken the Phillies reputation. If the Phillies were not the source that rattled this young man out they would have immediately publicly stated so.

  • And props to dcar who sniffed out this bum years ago

  • Amaro deflected the issue to Marti Wolever, Assistant General Manager, Amateur Scouting.

  • You don’t think amaro knew what his subordinates were doing, he knew, probably directed it, regardless it looks real bad for the Phillies, reminiscent of the way the eagles operated with Banner

    The Phillies are now the old eagles under banner

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