• August 17, 2022

With Trade Deadine Looming, Sixers Have An Important Week Ahead

save us samThis is going to be an important week for the Philadelphia 76ers.

With Thursday marking the NBA’s trade deadline, the pressure is on for general manager Sam Hinkie to make a couple of trades that will help benefit the franchise in the future.

Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, and even Thaddeus Young are all on the trading block, and I believe its important for several reasons that Hinkie find a way to move at least two of these three before the deadline comes and goes.

Acquiring additional assets for the future is obviously a big key. The Sixers have been said to be seeking a first-round pick in any deal for either Turner or Hawes, and a haul like that would be ideal. This team is going to have to rebuild primarily through the draft. They’re going to have the money to hand out big contracts to free agents but the LeBron James and Kevin Durants of the world don’t currently view the Sixers and Philadelphia as an ideal destination.

Hinkie may have to be creative with how he goes about acquiring his future first-rounder though. Hawes and Turner have value, but with both players set to be free agents at the end of the year, its going to be a tough sell to get even contending teams to part with future first rounders. Hinkie may have to accept a pick from a year beyond the deep 2014 draft, or he may have to package another young asset such as Arnett Moultrie or even Nerlens Noel to help sweeten the deal for any interested parties.

But regardless of what it takes to make it happen, its imperative that Hinkie move at least one of the team’s key veterans before Thursday. Not just for whatever future assets they might bring, but its also important for the Sixers hopes of landing a top pick in the lottery that they become even worse than they currently are.

As bad as they’ve been this year, the Sixers have overachieved under Brett Brown this year and have shown that they’re capable of ripping off more wins than we expected. Subtracting even just one of either Turner, Hawes, or Young would be a crushing blow to this team’s depth. They’d be down one more starting caliber player, and forced to give increased minutes to the likes of Hollis Thompson/Elliot Willams/Levi Brown/etc which means the gap in talent between the Sixers and other teams increases significantly and the losses will pile up even faster.

Standing pat is not an accepting option for Hinkie and the Sixers. In order to continue down the path towards making the future brighter, they’ve got to get worse in the present. Immediately.

Denny Basens

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  • I see no Team that is rebuilding as the 76ers are , willing to give up a 1st Round Pick for Turner or Hawes , if these bottom 15 Teans like these Players, they can simply pursue them after the Season once they are Free-Agents and keep their
    Draft Picks to themselves..

    • Evan turner is worth a top 32 protected first round pick no doubt about it.

      I’d trade him for a top 63 protected draft pick in a heart beat

  • Turner or Hawes can Bring a 2nd Round Pick,
    But probably only to a Team can that extend their Contract
    Why trade a Draft Pick if you are a rebuilding Team like the bottom
    15 NBA Teams are to get half a season from
    Turner or Hawes, makes no sense for a Teambto trade a Future Prospect
    Unless you knew that you could extend them Turner or Hawes if you liked them that much to begin with..
    Thadd Young’s Deal is too much for a good Team to pursue..
    Which Playoff Type of Team is going to accept his Contract when he will only be a Bench/Role Player for them..maybe the Bulls or Atlanta Hawks..

  • Denny…all due respect. Nerlens Noel is completely off limits. He is expected to be the enforcer at the five spot that can help us win a championship by closing off the lane. You do not trade Noel to try to move Turner or Hawes. And where do we start building our bench? I think Hawes and Thad are excellent bench pieces for the future. I am hoping that with a healthy Hawes, reigning ROY and a top three pick, Kevin Love might see this as someplace he can win a ring in the next five years.
    And let’s face it. Love is a great fit. It will bring more people to the stadium that would not normally care so much for basketball. You ever notice how much this town loves Nick Foles and Chase Utley? Its not a pretty fact, but it is a fact that Love would sell more tickets to Joe Six Pack than other FAs because he fits a certain demographic that Philly is more partial to.

    • That was supposed to read “a healthy Noel” not Hawes.

  • How does this starting five look? 1-5. MCW, someone with at least average size and a willing (if not a particularly good one) defender that shoots 45+ from downtown, Jabari Parker, Kevin Love, Noel. You need some other vets and some good bench pieces. I believe we have a good enough coach. By 2017 we are ready to get to the finals.

    • Kevin Love will not come here for a few reasons.

      1. he has been on a shit rebuilding team his whole career why would he want to just switch to another shit rebuilding team?

      2. with the above question in mind, if he were open to be part of a rebuilding process why would he chose philly?

      3. minny can offer more money and more years than any other team, why would he turn down money and years?

      4. love is a west coast guy specifically LA, Lakers have lots of money this offseason. if love were to leave minny why would he go anywhere but home?

      although i would love if love came here (even though he is soft defensively), i think the odds that he would come here is less than 1%.

      where this team is now nobody is gonna want to come here for 3 more years minimum until are young guys prove they can play…

  • mhenski…so you are saying the $69 million under the cap will get us nothing this year? And we need to just keep saving money?

    • i didnt say either of those things. i just told you why love wont play in a sixers uniform.

      but now that u mention it $69 million under the cap will get us nothing of significance this offseason.

  • As I mentioned in the previous article, I’m hearing the Sixers will be “very active” before the trade deadline. This week is the start of reshaping the 76ers for years to come. Out with the old, in with the new. If they cant trade all 3 this week (Turner, Hawes, Thad) look for them to be moved before or during the draft.

    I was also told to “expect anything” being that the sixers traded their best player (Jrue Holiday) last draft to acquire Nerlins Noel and a future 1st round top 5 protected pick for this upcoming draft from the Pelicans. Can this mean that MCW could be traded on draft day to acquire a top 3 pick? Yes, It could happen. Expect anything.. Moving him could set us up with 2 maybe 3 future superstars..

    I think Hinkie will be wheeling and dealing. We finally have the cap flexibility and a GM with a vision with a willingness to make the necessary moves to improve this team. Buckle your seatbelts guys, were about to take off.. Together we build, Showyaluv Philly

    • How can Turner & Hawes be moved before the Draft, are they both not Free-Agents after the Season is Over… The 76ers will have to give both Turner/Hawes away for 2nd Round PIcks and I would not be surprised to see them hang onto Hawes and extend his Deal for 3 Season’s to give them a big guy who can score from the outside for Noels,Moultrie are not goign to be very productive scoring wise from outside of 8 ft from the Basket
      I believe Turner goes for an early 2nd Round Pick for 2014 Draft
      and pre-Draft the 76ers Move Thadd and a 2nd Round Future Draft Pick to a Team for a #1 Pick

      • In other words, 76ers either give Turner/Hawes away in the next 3 Days
        or they walk after the 2014 Season and get nothing in return since they are Free-Agents after the Season..

      • I know that they’re FAs paul Ive mentioned it on here countless times. I was generalizing, but Thad is the one Im talking about possibly being moved on draft day as I said in my previous post on a different article. You don’t even watch games so idk why im even addressing you..

        If you knew anything, you’d know that Turner can get a 1st rounder back and that’s whats currently being discussed. Hes having a career year, just as Hawes and Thad are. You havent watched the Sixers since 2001. Your the ultimate front runner acting as if you know whats happening with the sixers players. You sound foolish. Just as you go to nfldraftscout.com to get names like “Calvin Pryor” you do the same for the sixers. You read the stat lines then base an opinion off of that.. The only team you do watch is the eagles, the rest are stat lines from sites.

        Get your life together Fraudman..

        • I don’t even Follow or Give a Crap about the NBA and still know more than you JH, which is pretty sad I have to say…
          Just continue to “Show How Stupid Your Are JH” …

          • spot on paul. Jon Hart is a moron as demonstrated when he wrote this:

            If they cant trade all 3 this week (Turner, Hawes, Thad) look for them to be moved before or during the draft.

            haaaaaaaaaaaaa, they are gonna trade guys that are no longer under club control. baaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

            • Sam “Nucky” Hinkie

              Sam “babyface” Hinkie

              • I don’t know whose the dumber retired oldman, Fraudman or Mhitler..

                Neither know anything about basketball or the Sixers. They like to act like they do though. Stay in your rocking chairs next to a desktop computer puffing on a cigar. What a joke you both are..

            • The biggest imbecile, on GCobb is JH, bar none …
              “I’m hearing this, or I’m hearing that” … Get the F outta here JH
              Your not hearing any more shit then the rest of us…
              Talk about a Fraud, JH Lives off the Philly Blogs, other Sports Sites and then passes garbage on as it its “Breaking News”… What an Ass he truly is…

              • agreed paul. you wont find anyone on here say he isnt the biggest imbecile either.

                not only does he pass it on as “BREAKING NEWS” but he also sometimes passes it on prefaced with “According to my sources”

          • So don’t act like you know anything, just shut your old mouth and stick to looking on nfldraftscout.com for the “up and coming guys” or “who I think the eagles will target” clown

            • john you just stated Hawes and Turner could be traded post deadline and pre draft, well at predraft they will no longer be under contract which makes you an absolute imbecile who really knows nothing.

              with this 1 statement you proved you know nothing about basketball, nba trades, or about your hometown sixers.

              you are a buffoon and you couldnt find 1 person on this site that would disagree with this statement.

              jokes on you, youre the clown of gcobb. and everyone laughs every time you post

              • And your recognized as the racist on here. Go occupy your time organizing a kkk meeting racist

              • truth be told one person calls me racist and that person has a demonstrated history of not having a clue in the world about anything including but not limited to trades, nba, contracts, nfl, nfl evaluations, and the meaning of racist.

                so you lose this battle too, now go back in the corner and keep the dunce cap on fool

  • Also showing your lack of knowledge, if the Sixers were okay with getting a 2nd rounder back for Turner that deal would have been done already. That’s utterly disrespectful to even put 2nd round pick next to ETs name. You have not a clue to what your talking about. You throw dumb predictions out there hoping to hit on something.. Just dummy talk

  • Which Team with a Top 15-20 Pick is going to Trade a 1st Rounder
    in a Deep Drafat for 3 Months of Evan Turner.. Name the Team JH

    • A team like the Bobcats who own two 1st rounders, their own and one from the trail blazers. The Bobcats pick will land in the 10-15 range, exactly what the sixers want.

      The bobcats are tired of acquiring top draft pick players over and over, they want to win now. They think Evan can lead them to the playoff (I disagree). What’s holding this deal up is that the Bobcats want to offer the trail blazers 1st rounder which will land in the 20s instead of their own which will land in the 10-15 range. That’s what’s holding this deal up

      • The Bulls are supposed get the Bobcat’s 1st rounder if it is outside the top 10 as part of a previous trade for Tyrus Thomas. I don’t think they would be allowed to trade it at the deadline.

        • doggod22, you are correct, but don’t waste your breath explaining that to our resident Court Jester.

  • For the two idiot fraudman and mhitler, the two guys that want to prove JH wrong accusing him of not know ET and or Hawes were FAs. Check out what the man JH posted back in November pertaining to ET

    Jon Hart
    November 15, 2013 – 11:28 pm

    Hinkie has a lot of options with ET. As we know, hes playing some of the best ball of his life. Hes putting up allstar caliber numbers. So the Sixers have 3 options.. 1.Trade ET at the deadline for a 1st round pick and or an expiring contract or impact player (possibly apart of a 3-4 team trade), 2. Allow ET to grow with this young team and resign him in the offseason, or 3. Stay put at the deadline, decline all offers and let him walk at the end of the season allowing his salary to fall off the books giving them more of an opportunity to sign two max contracts.

    These are the options they have with ET. Questions remains, what is Hinkie gonna do?…

    • And these options are still on the table now.. JH strikes again

      • very impressive you said that in November. that is absolutely brilliant analysis, stuff nobody would know unless they had sources…

        but you must have just forgot what you wrote in November because today you stated he could be traded post deadline and pre draft.

        i think you may need to see a Dr regarding your short term memory problems

        • And you need to go back to Indiana and meet up with your “klan” of friends. Get a life, get a hobby, get a woman. Your a retired reject who presses the refresh button all day long waiting for JH to write a post. What a life

          • “Get a life, get a hobby, get a woman”
            Classic coming from the biggest loser, imbecilic, buffoon, on here!!!!

            • I have all of the above that’s why im rarely on here and I can freely say it haha. You should try it instead of being apart of the gcobb.com whore group (dcar, mhitler, fraudman)

              • Riiiiiiight, that’s why you are giving updates, “breaking news” from your “sources”. Go back in your Parents basement, & clean your room son. I’m barely on here myself stooge. Take your buffoonery somewhere else! Stupid, imbecilic, Court Jester!

              • Your on here making comments all day and all night long while everyone else is sleeping. Don’t you have a family to spend time with or a toilet to clean mr. porter? Get a life

              • For the last time, you fucking bum, loser, nitwit, I work another job overnight, & that is the only time I can converse, other than my lunchtime now! What part don’t you understand, you stupid retard! Get a life? PRICELESS!!!! I have a Wife, 4 kids, 2 Grand kids, & spend plenty of time with them! What do you have, a sex dungeon full of blowup dolls, that you use a girlfriends, family members, & your sources???? Beat it loser, like you beat your lil one inch killer, Lady Ga Ga, Lil Bron-Bron!

              • You have a so called wife and kids, but yet you speak like a middle school kid. Grow up bum, get a life. Keep talking to yourself on here over night while everyone else is sleep.. Hey doing you have a toilet to scrub or a floor to mop?! You dope

              • Speak like a middle school kid? Son, you couldn’t compete on the same intellectual plane as me, imbecile! Go back in your dungeon, with your blowup doll sources. You have nothing for me, son, nothing!

        • And you continue to look like a desperate, old, retired joke. You was proven wrong again mhitler

          • what exactly was i wrong about?

            i know you stated that turner and hawes could be traded before the nba draft and after the trade deadline which proves you are a moron

            • Your just as slow as dcar. Your fully aware that I was generalizing and in previous posts I already mentioned that both Hawes and Turner were FA’s dummy. You need a better hobby buddy, you really shouldn’t focus your attention so much on a man you don’t even know, people will begin to have questions.. sheesh


                As I mentioned in the previous article, I’m hearing the Sixers will be “very active” before the trade deadline. This week is the start of reshaping the 76ers for years to come. Out with the old, in with the new. If they cant trade all 3 this week (Turner, Hawes, Thad) look for them to be moved before or during the draft.

              • Dumb dumb, your on this site way too much. Take up chess or poker oldman..

                “If they cant move them all” All meaning Thad included, “look for them to be moved before or during the draft” Thad Young. Does that explain exactly what was meant slow poke?

                Now I will no longer address you on this site, being that I don’t speak to reject racists.. Get a life mhitler

              • i play poker multiple nights a week.

                no it doesnt explain anything actually. so what you said originally is moronic when it comes to turner and hawes and proves you know nothing. and when it comes to thad you posted something that is very obvious that nobody even needs to write.

              • Your 100% Mhenski

                JH F’s Up and then Wuss’s out and can’t be a man enough to admit that he screwed up… His Post and own words made it sound like the 76ers can Trade ET/Hawes between now and the Draft which simply is not Correct, since ET/Hawes are both Free-Agents and free to move on after the Season and sign with any Team in whic no Compensation to the 76ers would be given…
                JH = “Show your an Ass-Clown”

              • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

                JH = “Show your an Ass-Clown”

                seriously laughed out load at that. thanks paul

              • Fraudman, I ripped you yesterday and I’ll continue to rip you as long as you act as if you don’t get guys names off of nfldraftscout.com as if you’ve been following them all year long. That’s a joke and you know it.

                You clowns wait for JH to make a mistake but yet it never happens. If you guys are that desperate I can’t help you, all I’ll do is laugh at you for being old lifeless dopes.. haha JH has spoken..

                –Sixers News coming soon

              • We don’t have to wait for you to fuck up, you are the definition of a fuck up, mistake, retard, imbecile, buffoon, joke, & pathetic loser! You embarrass, & put a target on yourself. Don’t blame all other posters, who point out your buffoonery! You are pathetic!

              • Also, referring to yourself in the 3rd person, makes you an even bigger @$$puppet, douche bag, than you already are! STFU!!!!!

              • lmfao!!!!!!!!

              • You didn’t rip me JH..
                You were simply blowing “Hart-Wind”…
                I follow the Draft as passionately as anyone else does on this Site and I have long acknowledge the various Sources I use to help with Identifying Players & Prospects.. In fact, I have listed many times on here the various Sites for other Fans to check on if they are interested in Tracking learning Players, Prospect Rankings, Risers & Fallers, Position Rankings, Mock’s, etc,etc…
                Most information concearning the Draft and Prospects is all out in the Public in various forms so there are no secrets here..
                You act as if I am hiding or plagerizing over these sites and that simply is not the case.. I can make my own judgements,analysis & mocks on my own and in fact, I started this 2014 Mock Draft Season with the Eagles Drafting at #22
                CB Ifo-Ekpre-Olomu from Oregon (who since has decided to return to School next Year)
                then went to CB Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State) who has since risen up the charts to a Top 15 Pick now
                then went to DT Ra’Sheed Hageman (Minnesota) who could still be on the Board and their Selection
                to OLB/DE Trent Murphy (Stanford) who has now fallen to a 2nd Round Grade and to most recently Safety Calvin Pryor (Louisville) who has moved up from an early 2nd Rd Grade to a late 1st Rounder and who I like the Best at this time as a Play,a legitimate NFL Prospect who can fill an obvious need..
                GM Roseman has stated publicly a few times, that the Eagles are not going to go out and spend Big $$$ on Big Name Players in Free-Agency and instead, concentrate on building the Roster thru the Draft (which I happen to agree with)
                So that’s th truth and obviously, your a blow-hard who can’t handle the Truth and open discussions on here about the Draft and other Topics for that matter which again just shows your immaturity which comes thru crystal clear and is your problem and not mine…

  • JH also mentioned that Joel Embiid could be a superstar in the making early in the college season while guys on here had no clue who he was and or called me a fool for saying it (Bugs and mhitler) Now draft boards have him coming off the board first overall… Hahaa JH is ahead of the curve

    • Good call JH

      • Thanks best

        • Here is my quote since you mentioned my name when he was being compared to Hakeem by his own coach.

          “Cripes you are projecting on this guy. Yes I like his size, but he has played 4 college games and not even a ton of minutes in those games. How can you possibly say that he has all of the moves with such a little sample size? He has also only been playing basketball since 2011. This guy is a project center with great size, but lets not compare him to one of the best centers to every play yet”.

          • Kids get compared to past greats all the time.. I usually don’t do it but this time is different..I have a pretty good eye for talent, for the most part. I saw a lot of Hakeem in him from the jump but couldn’t bring myself to actually compare this kid to the Dream. But it took a game or two to really come on here and mention it.. He has all the moves offensively, scores in a variety of ways and is becoming a real rim protector and defensive anchor. With him out Kansas looks
            totally different especially on defense..

            If we land the 1st pick Id draft him then turn around at like 6th if we land that pick, and go Dante Exum or Aaron Gordon..

            Another guy I like is PF/C Noah Vonleh out of Indiana. A big guy 6’10 6’11 still growing, is highly talented. He can shoot the three, can dribble and can play in the post. He also can defend. Hes a possible top 6-7 pick this upcoming draft, I really like his game.. This is such a deep draft..

            • u didnt compare him to the dream nor assess his moves, his own coach did and stated it to the media then you took what the coach said rewrote it and posted it as your own

              • more lies:

                I usually don’t do it but this time is different..I have a pretty good eye for talent, for the most part.


              • Got ’em Cold-Handed Mhenski

                I bet JH Plagerizes his School Papers, even when his Mom
                “Home-Schooled” him… What a loser… He can’t think for himself..

              • Fraud, I thought you had a little more sense than mr. porter and mhitler but obviously you don’t. You guys rely on internet sites too much. I build my opinion off of my eyes (the eye test). Im not like you guys. Fraud you should have researched what the man said before aligning yourself with the racist reject… Here is Coach Self’s quote regarding Embiid..

                “I think it kind of reminds me a little bit of (Hakeem) Olajuwon early in his career,” Self said. “I’m not saying he’s Olajuwon; I’m not saying that at all. But (there are) some similarities when (Olajuwon) was real raw and he was young — but was always light on his feet. And I think Joel is the same way.”

                Dummies.. keep fishing yet catching not a damn thing.. haha

              • exactly right Jon. thats what his coach said and that is what you regurgitated.

                thats crazy you were able to remember what his coach said months ago since you dont rely on internet and all

  • The NBA league office allows teams with no salary cap space available to sign and trade to acquire free agents with the player’s most recent team.
    I think Evan Turner is a restricted free agent so the Sixer’s still have the right to match any offer he receives. LA Clippers matched Eric Gordon’s Phoenix Suns contract for him as a restricted free agent and then traded him the next season in the Chris Paul trade to New Orleans.
    Hawes is an unrestricted free agent but that sign and trade option would still be available before draft.

    • my mistake New Orleans matched Phoenix’s restricted free agent offer for Gordon not LA Clippers.

    • This is the thing E0S, one league executive said that Turner can become a restricted free agent this summer—or unrestricted, if the Sixers decide not to extend the $8.7 million qualifying offer he is slated for this offseason. If Turner is to become an unrestricted free agent, trading for him now makes little sense.

      Here’s what a GM said, “It wouldn’t be smart to give up assets for a player you think you can just sign on your own in July, If you don’t need to trade anything away to get him, then why would you?”

      So this is a touchy situation… we can only hope that Hinkie makes the right decision..

      • All that said, yet you still think, they should/ will get a 1st rounder for him?!? Classic Bipolar symptoms. Get them checked, crackpot! BTW, they’ve already declined his option for next year, thus making him an unrestricted FA. Get your facts straight.

        • If the Sixers picked up his 5th year option before the start of the 2013-2014 season then Evan would be under a guaranteed contract for 2014-2015 and an unrestricted free agent next season. The Sixers declined that option.
          But they still can offer him $8.7 million after the season making him a restricted free agent. Other teams can sign Evan if they offer more than 8.7 and more than a single season but the Sixers would have the right to match that offer for 3 days.
          I would be surprised if Evan makes 8.7 million next season which is why all these options chatter are probably meaningless.But technically Evan is a restricted free agent until the Sixers decline to offer him 8.7 million dollars before free agency.

          • And that’s the point I was making E0S but when you have rejects with no life waiting for an error this is what you get. A lifeless bum like dcar isn’t worth explaining or addressing to a further extent. He knows 0 about basketball except that the ball is suppose to go through the net. Hes a waste of my time..

          • YOU ARE correct e0! He was considered a restricted FA, until the Sixers signed the $8.7 option for next year. When they declined to sign it, they told everyone, that they don’t want him, thus making him an unrestricted FA. The Sixers will have until June 30 to make Turner an $8.7 million qualifying offer, after the season ends. A qualifying offer makes Turner a restricted free agent, meaning the Sixers would have the right match any deal he’s offered by another club, or let him walk.
            Lil Bron-Bron, nowhere, anywhere on this article, did you make those points, all you did, was irrationally argue with paul, saying we can/will get a 1st rounder for ET, & saying Hinkie has 3 options (DUH!!!!!). e0, made the correct points, then you said you were saying the same! You crack me up, you stupid, mother fucker! You have never made a coherent thought, broke news, that you can claim as your own! You are nothing but, gcobb comic relief, & are the resident Court Jester! I’ve forgotten more about sports, business, & talent, than the majority of the clueless, know-nothings, on this joke of a site, led by you, the King of the embarrassments! Calling me lifeless? You continue to amuse me, with your ass-clownery! Go wash your neck, & your swamp ass, Lil Bron-Bron! You don’t know $#!T fool! You are the waste of time, oxygen, & sperm, that was put into your creation!

            • I’m convinced that you’re nothing more than a loud mouthed slow poke. You have very little sense. Your too busy trying to prove me wrong that your saying the same thing that I and E0S already said. Wrong again mr. porter..

        • So how does it feel to look stupid? Now you go back to the internet and you do some research before you “attempt” to correct me. Ya got that mr. porter?! You don’t know nearly as much as I do about sports. Get your weight up buddy…

          • AGAIN, incoherent, senseless, retarded posts, & responses! Mr. Porter??? Don’t know nearly as much as you???? Get my weight up????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

        • This is what I stated above yesterday about both ET, Hawes..
          “Trade Value’s” which are dampen due to their Contract Status’s of being Free-Agents come July..
          A Playoff Team that has a desperate need for either of these 2 could be willing to to give up a Late 1st Rounder (22nd-30th Pick) or more likely, their 2nd Rounder, but that’s about it..
          There is no Lottery Team or Bottom 15 Team in the NBA that are rebuilding jsut like the 76ers are, who are willing to trade highly coveted Draft Picks in this Years 1st Round Draft for a ET or a Hawes with only having them under Contract for 3 Months … It’s nonsense to even think otherwise… If a bottom 15 Team are interested in a ET, then they will just wait to Free-Agency and then puruse since everyone and their brother know the 76ers are not re-signing ET. I could see the 76er’s possibly signing Hawes since they really have no other PLayers at the 4 or 5 Spot who can Shoot & Score some Points…

  • WOW I am surprised Jon Harts source has not told him the sixers HAVE to make a trade to get to the league minimum for salaries. This proves Jon has no sources if he didnt have this scoop:

    The Rockets have “renewed efforts” to trade Omer Asik, according to CBS Sports, and the 76ers are still “a potential landing spot.”
    It’s almost certain that Philly will make a trade before the deadline since they need to increase their payroll by $5.1 million to reach the league-minimum $52.8 million team salary. Asik’s quirky pay-scale might become a sticking point, however, as his salary will jump to $15 million next season and has therefore chased away teams like the Raptors, Nets and Hawks. The Rockets are also said to be demanding a first-round pick, but they’ll have to get in line.
    Related: 76ers
    Source: CBS Sports
    Feb 18 – 3:02 P

  • ****76ers News***

    Reported by ESPN that 76ers Traded Forward Spencer Hawes to Cleveland Cavaliers for 2 2nd Round Draft Picks ..It did not state whether both 2nd Round PIcks are in 2014 or if 1 is 2014 and the 2nd in 2015.. but either way,
    just a giveaway and maybe the 76ers can package with one of the 2nd Round Picks and another Player to move into the 1st Round.. Doubtful but who knows….

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