• June 25, 2022

2014 Outlook: Defensive Line

FletcherCox3Fletcher Cox

Going into the season, we didn’t know to what to expect from a lot of players on the defensive line.

With the change from a 4-3 to a 3-4, there was a lot of concern about which players on the roster would be able to make the transition.

Flecther Cox, however, was the one guy that a lot of people expected to really thrive in the new attack.

I thought Cox’s production was a bit of a mixed bag in 2013.

First, let’s look at the positives. Cox plays with a mean streak, and has an intensity about him that was really refreshing to see. There were times that Cox would just plow right through opposing lineman, and get into the backfield to help make a play.

The downside was that Cox wasn’t always consistent, and there would be some weeks that you just wouldn’t hear from the guy. In six games this season, Cox was held to one tackle or less. He also recorded only three sacks on the year, with his final sack coming on October 27th, giving him none in the critical months of November, December, or January.

I still like Cox a lot. He still has a high ceiling that he can hit, especially now that he’s been in the new scheme for a year. What Cox really needs to bring out the best in him is a true nose tackle that can really cause some disruption in the middle of the line to help free him up.

Bennie Logan

Logan took over as the starting nose tackle for the ineffective Isaac Sopoaga, and really gave the line a nice boost.

Logan brought a lot of energy to the line, and recorded three or more tackles in five of his eight starts.

The third-round pick showed that he’s capable of playing significant snaps in the middle of the line, even though he’s a bit undersized. The Eagles could stand to upgrade over Logan eventually, but its not as pressing a need as other areas of the team.

Cedric Thornton

Thornton was one the team’s most pleasant surprises, and was easily one of their most improved players.

Thornton made the transition to a starting 3-4 defensive end very well, and played well throughout the season. Even during the month of September when the defense as a whole was struggling (and looked like they were on pace to be historically bad), Thornton was one guy that you could point to and feel optimistic about.

Thornton finished with 60 tackles (averaging over three stops per game). His signature moment came in the Sunday night game against the Bears, when dropped star running back Matt Forte for a safety with just one arm.

Thornton even shifted over to play nose tackle in certain situations, and performed well.

Vinny Curry

And now, we look at the curious case of Vinny Curry.

Curry’s situation has been a puzzling one since he was drafted by the team in 2012. Neither Andy Reid nor Chip Kelly’s coaching staff seemed to think enough of Curry to put him on the field during meaningful situations, despite all of the positives that he had shown through two Training Camps and preseasons.

The concern with Curry this year was that he just wasn’t a fit in the new defense. Before Training Camp, I don’t believe that the coaches even intended to keep Curry on the final roster until they saw what he could do in the preseason and forced them to find a way to keep him around.

After surviving the final cut, the coaches still didn’t seem to know what to do with Curry. He was inactive for the first two games of season, and saw his first action against Chiefs once Billy Davis and the defensive staff became desperate for a pass rushing threat.

Curry made his presence felt when given the opportunity, picking up four sacks in part-time duty. However, his effectiveness began to fall off during the final months of the year, and he didn’t record a sack after the Green Bay game on November 10th.

The Eagles have a decision to make on Curry moving forward. If they’re going to trade him, this has got to be the year they do it.

He’s a young guy with a cheap contract who was a high draft pick that has flashed big play ability, and could potentially be a great pickup for a team that runs a scheme that will allow him to really flourish. I don’t think picking up a third or fourth round pick for Curry is out of the question. As much as I like Curry, I just don’t know that he’s ever going to be more than a role player in this system, and if the Eagles can flip him into a player that could potentially be more than just a role player, I think they’ve got to make that move.

Clifton Geathers

Acquired in a trade with the Colts, Geathers made the team out of Training Camp and was a regular member of the defensive line rotation.

Geathers is quick, and moves very well for a man of his size, but he’s nothing more than a rotational run defender and doesn’t bring anything to the table as a pass rusher. He’s a reliable option, and could return for another year in 2014, but he’s very replaceable.

Damian Square

The last guy off of the bench, Square didn’t see much action during the regular season after making the team as an undrafted rookie.

He was active for the first two weeks of the season, but lost his spot in the rotation to Curry. He remained inactive until the Sopoaga trade, and he became the team’s primary backup behind Bennie Logan at the nose.

Square is a smart player, and will have a chance to be back with the team if he can keep improving.

Final Thoughts/Possible Changes

As a whole, the defensive line was solid, but unspectacular.

For the most part, this group did a good job against the run, but offered very little against the pass.

Young players like Cox, Thornton, and Logan have bright futures ahead of them, and should continue to grow and progress.

The Eagles are eventually going to have get a bigger body to play the nose tackle position, but with needs at safety, corner, outside linebacker, and potentially wide receiver, the nose is unlikely to be a top priority this year.

Vinny Curry is one of the team’s most attractive trade chips, and I expect the Eagles to do everything they can to try and get a decent return on him between now and the draft.

B.J. Raji or Paul Soliai are top veteran options available to possibly upgrade nose tackle, but neither guy is going to come cheap, and with the Eagles taking on a much more cautious approach to free agency, I don’t expect the team to get heavily involved in the discussions for either one.

Denny Basens

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  • Did’nt this Articke run about 2 Weeks ago???

    This 2014 Draft is very restArauntsthin along the DL and especially at the DT Position and Pass-Rushing DE’s..
    With Eagles running a 3-4 Scheme now, they are in need of 2 DL that are versatile and have the size to play the 3 or 5 Technique
    There are some avoid NFL Pkayers in Free-Agency that can fill this need for the Eagles. I believe the Eagles will pursue one of the following listed below

    Arthur Jones (Ravens)
    Lamarr Houston (Raiders)
    Paul Solai (Dolphins)
    Linval Joseph (Giants)
    McDonald (Seahawks)
    A Fluellen (Lions)

    The Top Pass Rushing DE’s in Free-Agency
    are more of 4-3 Scheme DE’s and will command big $$$
    Plus are not really be good fits for Eagles 3-4 Scheme, are
    Greg Hardy & Michael Bennett & Jared Allen

    A dark Horse DE could be the recently released Will Smith
    Of the Saints if he’s healthy and checks out with the medical staff..

    • Sort of. Jeff did put out his take on defensive line a couple of weeks back…I’ve been putting out my own thoughts on each position/player over the last few weeks as well.I understand its a little redundant, but I did want to put my own take out there as well.

      • Got it Denny.. No much to add about Current DL on Eagles,
        But they need add a run-stuffer and DE
        Remember with a 3-4 scheme, the designated pass-rushers and Sacks come from the LB Corps.. The Eagles need a big,athletic OLB that can disrupt Plays, and get to the backfield
        Also note that being a 3-4 Scheme, the Eagles will only
        Carry 7 DL as opposed to the 9 they used to when they rand a 4-3
        So versatility is the key which us why I listed Athur Jones, Lamarr Houston
        For they can play a 3 or 5 Technique and won’t require a huge Contract Deal..

  • 2 DE’s I line in the Draft are the following

    1) Marcus Smith (Louisville 6-4 274lbs) 2nd/3rd Rounder
    2) Kareem Martin (UNC 6-6 285lbs) 3rd/4th Rounder

    • Kareem Martin is a player that I like, but I think a more pressing need Paul, is 3-4 Pass Rushing OLB……Benny Logan, is not a NT, so he should be the DE your looking for….

      Get a NT in FA, and draft one to groom to start in the future.

      • I agree GM
        Logan is not an ideal 3-4 DE either,
        Short arms, not really a pass rusher type, more of a hold the line
        Set the edge and a rotational Player long term
        In my opinion.. Biggest Needs at a big,long Pass-Rushibg OLB and Safetied for 2014..

  • To sum it up. The d-line is average at best. They were pretty good vs the run in limited opportunities but teams passed on this team for ungodly numbers. There was opportunities for them to rush the passer and the best they could do was a part time pass rusher with 4 sacks. This is a passing league and they better get some pass rushers or they will continue to give up 350 yards passing a game and continue to blame the safeties and dbs for not being able to cover for 10 seconds a play. lol

  • This team broke records on offense yet fans continue to talk about a WR in the draft. They better improve the damn defense.

    • Because it takes 2/3 years to develop a WR and 1/2 years for a safety/DB to become acclimated to the NFL.

      Most Wrs have their “breakout” year in year 3.

      As this is a long term ‘build’, you can expect more offensive peices early this draft (though I still say OL 1st) and then a concentration on D the following year.

      This will promote howls in here, that’s for sure. I just think it fits any long term vision.

      Now, I may be wrong….they may go all dline/DB this draft…people here would be happy, but the Eagles will open themselves up for a whole lot of trouble the following year when Peters walks, Heremans is completely finished, Desean really starts screaming for a new contract, Celek is cut because he’s due 5 million, and of course they have to re-negotiate Foles.

      Do not be suprised if its OT, WR and even TE early in the draft!

  • The Eagles need 3 Defensive Starters by mid 2014 & by 2015
    For sure In this Draft.. (Safety,OLB & DL) and a CB
    In the mix to compete

  • If Eagles resign both Maclin & Cooper,
    Then they do not need a WR this Draft
    (Or at least early)
    They have Dennis Kelly (a RT)
    And Alan Barbree (OT/Guard) waiting in the wings
    But should add another OT in the mid-Rounds
    Unless a Top 3-4 OT were to drop to them
    Which could happen (T Lewan from Michigan could fall to #22)

    • They won’t resign Maclin and Cooper and I doubt if Lewan drops to 22. Even if he does they won’t draft him. The draft will be OLB, safety or WR. It will be interesting to me who they target during free agency. All the draftniks have Calvin Pryor being drafted by the Birds. We shall see.

      • Paulman’s Top 5 Likely PIcks for the Eagles at #22

        1) Calvin Pryor – Safety (Lousiville 6-2′ – 215lbs)
        2) Ra’Shede Hageman – DL (Minnestoa 6-6′ – 318lbs)
        3) Cyrus Kouandijo – OT/Guard (Alabama 6-5′- 310lbs)
        4) Kelvin Benjamin – WR (Fla State 6-5 – 235lbs)
        5) Dee Ford – OLB-Pass Rrusher Specialists (Auburn 6-2″- 245lbs)

        • What do you guys think of Calvin Pryor? A lot of the mocks I’ve seen have him going ahead of us to the Packers.

          • I like Pryor a lot — Good solid Player in Pass-Coverage,
            Great Leaping & Ball Skills and Physical enough with size at 6-2
            215lbs which give him 2 Years in the NFL and will be more like 222-225lbs and Smart Player… I think he has future All-Pro Ability and Work ethic to his Game
            The Other Top Safety in this Draft is CLinton-Dix from Alabama who may be a little quicker, a little more athletic, but not as Physical in my opinion…
            Whoever Drafts Pryor is getting a Natural Leader and a Heart & Soul type of Player who gives a 100% on every snap, similar to what Dawkins gave the Eagles Defense …
            If he’s on the Board at #22 and Eagles pass on him, I think they are making a big mistake…

            • Right, according to nfldraftscout.com right? Tell the rest of the story paul

              • Guys, that’s the site paul lives by and has for many years. Check their mock drafts, every scout has the Eagles picking Pryor. Paul is now waving the Pryor flag on every post. Now he gives his top 5 players, coincidentally all of his picks were at some point or another guys the nfldraftscout scouts picked. This is why I call him a front running fraud

              • I have had Pryor for a Month now JH as my #1 Pick for the Eagles, and before that I had Hageman..in 2 Weeks I may have someone else..
                I am way ahead of You, NFLDraftScouts.Com and any other Service about the Draft Buddy..
                So go vacumn your Mom’s Basements Steps like she asked you to do you Moron …

              • What a liar. Yea you had both guys as your picks while nfldraftscout had them up there too. They’ve had Pryor for a month as well. Also Hageman was up when you mentioned him for 2 weeks. Quit the BS paul, you admitted on here that you follow that site religiously (Exposed yourself? Sheesh) I’m just here to expose you for the fraud you are.. Stop acting, just stop. Your no draft wizard, just come clean buddy. You follow that site every week

              • I follow many Draft Sites Fool…
                Read up on Mel Kipers,Todd McShay’s,Mike Mayocks,Bucky Brooks,Pete Prisco,Dana Brugler,Charles Davis,CBS Sports, Fox Sports,CNN Sports,NFL Channel… Lots of People & Sites doing Draft Analysis, Mock Drafts…

              • at the end of the day, nobody cares where paul gets his information. the commentators and readers here read what paul writes and engages in discussions with paul and paul responds back always with class.

                while you on the other hand come on here and act like a little child. while not 1 person on here takes you seriously and most just straight laugh at everything you say.

                your a joke, the comedy relief here. keep doing what you are doing dick boy

              • Hey Lil Bron-Bron, at least paul states what sites he likes, & reads, instead of plagiarizing, & copying & pasting information as his own, like you do, you retard. Stop with your nonsense. If you can’t have fun with the draft, & bring something to the table, instead of ripping others, don’t respond dumb@$$!

              • Dcar if Im not addressing you mind your business. You sound like a husband coming to the defense of his wife. You spend too much time watching me on here. Go back you cleaning toilets mr. porter

              • Defending against stupidity, & @$$clownery, is my business! I will continue to point out your idiocy, until you stop, or actually educate yourself fool! You don’t like it, don’t post anymore, or stop ripping other posters, with your hypocrisy!

              • And you’ll continue to be viewed the same way as you’ve always been. A cursing, loud mouthed, limited vocabulary fool. You’ve disrespected just about every poster on here minus Fraudman and gmstiff your grandfathers, yikes… Keep defending grown men like your the gcobb.com police and I’ll continue to retaliate punk..

              • Limited vocabulary? Please, sonny boy. Are you even out of preschool yet? I’m just as old as paul, & gm, so you are clueless as usual. BTW, the only ones I disrespect, are the racists, stupid fucks, hypocrites, condescending know-it-alls, & the retarded buffoons like you, who don’t know how to act, nor treat others, & deserve it! Go back & clean your lil winky, retard!

            • paul maybe you should start your posts with:
              “According to my sources”…maybe that will shut him up!

              • “haveaseat” buddy.. haha

              • “according to my sources” you should be in Mrs. Jones’ pre-algebra class right now!

              • According to my source, you should be sitting in a corner some where eating glue. Btw seat warmer, I’m probably older than you.. haha..

              • clever…

  • The game’s evolving,” he said. “More and more [pass-rushers] like [Jadeveon] Clowney are coming out of college, and they’re big and they can run. You have to be able to create plays……

    Ominous quote from Johnny Manziel. I Know Chip gets it. DO YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Theone, we’re talking about the defense. Can you give the running QB thing a rest for a while? The only chance of a running QB coming to Philly is if Foles falls on his face this year. Until then, can you just let it go?

    • Unbelievable, 21 year old Johnny Manziel is wise beyond his years and has the game all figured out. Very impressive by John.

    • This just in…defensive linemen have been chasing QB’s since the beginning of time!
      And this from the sports desk..why in the world would Johnny ‘I’ve never played a minute in the nfl’ Manziel be promoting a running qb style? Ominous? Can you define that?

  • Paulman, did someone hack your account? I’ve never seen you come at someone like that. Very impressed.

    • Nah BTC24.. it’s me…
      I am just tired of JH’s Bullshit… I know he’s probably only a 16 Year old Kid, but I had to lay it on him and call him out…

      • I called you out pal, lets not flip it. You love nfldraftscout.com and any guy they have slated as the pick at 22 you go with that. If they changed the pick tmr you’d add that guy to your list as well. What a fraud

  • BTC… Kick Rocks!

  • Paulman takes jh to the woodshed

  • finally someone slapped Vinny Curry around ( Denny Basens) –
    Bennie Logan seems to get more negative posts here than Vinny Curry. I like Bennie Logan. The defense vastly improved with his insertion to the starting lineup replacing Sopoaga. The Eagles got a starting DL in back to back drafts in Cox and Logan.
    The Philadelphia Eagles are an Offensive team —
    they pay their offensive starters more –
    Keep the train rolling and draft more Offensive players early. More points more points more points. The Eagles have Chip Kelly as their head coach and he wants to score 40 points a game. Go Offense in the first and offense in the 2nd and feed Chip Kelly with more talent.

  • **NFL News***

    Atlanta Falcons Signed OT Gabe Carimi who was a 1st Round Bust for the Bears 3 years ago, then was Traded to the TB Bucs who released him a week or so ago.. falcons desperate for OT’s and signed him to a deal which reunites him with Falcons O/L Coach Mike Tice who Coached him with the Bears when he was first Drafted…

    • Bears GM Jerry Angelo lost his job and all NFL credibility over Gabe Carimi. He traded the 29th pick and a 4th rounder to Baltimore for the 26th but some kind of confusion between who was to confirm the trade by the bears to the NFL wasn’t made. Time expired on the Ravens draft clock & KC made the selection WR Jonathan Baldwin ( who Chicago was trying to hop thinking they wanted Carimi). NFL forced the Ravens to make the 27th one spot after their true spot. Raven owner Steve Bisciotti ripped Jerry Angelo and didn’t stop until the bears fired him.

      • That was about the last Straw for Jerry Angelo who was not very well liked or respected by the Bears Players, Coach’s and even many of his Peers around the NFL and have stated that he was was a little ‘overbearing and aloof” to say the least..

  • The D-line needs to be upgraded. Although young, & solid, Logan is not a NT, & is nothing more than rotational player. Curry does not fit, he is a 4-3 DE. Thornton should be rotating with Cox. We need a natural NT, & a 6’2″- 6’4″, 330- 350 lb fatty in the middle, & a 6’4″- 6’6″, 310-320 lb, multi-purposed 5 tech, 3-4 DE opposite Cox/ Thornton. We also, desperately need a stud 3-4 ROLB, to rotate with Cole, & eventually replace him.

    • Your vocab needs to upgraded, so does your car. I heard you drive a 99′ Jeep Cherokee “limited edition” .. yikes

      • Duhhhhh, huh, huh! You should be at the funny bone. You little retard. There isn’t a damn thing wrong, with my vocabulary. Your brain needs to be upgraded. Buffoon, sad, little loser!

  • this is my last day to get my “Impact” draft prospects in before the combine begins to GMCliff.

  • GMCliff – is it too late to submit my “impact” list?

  • Just read and seen a highlight package on Lamarcus Joyner from Florida State, they said the only thing wrong with him is his height 5″8 but looking at the highlights this guy is a beast Paulman any info on him, in the mock they have the eagles taking him in the 1st. It would be bold pick but that dude will knock your head off.

    • Too small. He’ll be pushed around in the NFL. He will be nothing more than a ST’s demon type. Just my opinion.

  • That too small label was smacked away in college…and it will be in the nfl..being a fsu fan and watching every game he has played this year and last i can say he is a good player with instincts and tenacity that will make him succeed in the nfl.. IMO

  • That too small label was smacked away in college…and it will be in the nfl..being a fsu fan and watching every game he has played this year and last i can say he is a good player with instincts and tenacity that will make him succeed in the nfl.. IMO

  • That too small label was smacked away in college…and it will be in the nfl..being a fsu fan and watching every game he has played this year and last i can say he is a good player with instincts and tenacity that will make him succeed in the nfl.. IMO

  • Sorry for the triple post…not sure what the hell happened!!! LOL

  • I saw mostly all of their games too, Rhino, my 2 twin Sons go there. Although he was a tackling machine, that can lay the wood, he’s too small, to be successful cover CB in the NFL. 5’8″, is 5’8″. Also, for his size, he isn’t particularly fast neither. He runs like a 4.55. He’ll be thrown around like a flea, & be burnt. Like I said, at best, a ST demon.

  • It’s starting to look as if Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack might be on the board when the eagles pick, there are only like 2teams that run a 3-4 defense that are picking ahead of the birds. Now unless one of the 4-3 teams try’s to fit a square peg in a round hole the birds might have there choice of which one they want.

    • If either of them was available, the Eagles would snatch one of them up. Most mocks I have seen have both of them going no later than pick # 12? What information are you basing the idea that Mack and or Barr will be around for the Eagles to pick them? I’m thinking the Eagles will either select Calvin Pryor (who has been my guy since September) or Dee Ford DE/OLB Auburn

      • I personally think both Mack and Barr are both top ten talents, I don’t see how the Eagles would have a shot unless one of them dropped and then the Eagles could move up 3 or 4 spots to draft one of them. I do not see that happening though as their talent is to good. They (Barr, Mack) would have to have a god awful combine for that to happen.

      • Eaglehaslanded or Glommy do you have Calvin Pryor playing next to Earl Wolfe next season or with a free agent signing?

        • E0S…I’m going to be honest with you, If I was the GM, I’d have Calvin Pryor playing next to Deone Bucannon next season. I know they would be both rookies, but I would have them grow together. Mistakes would be made, but I’m looking at that backfield for several years to come. I don’t think Earl Wolffe is a starter, but a quality back up. I do not think the Eagles are going to sign a long term answer at the safety position in FA. I don’t see Byrd or Ward coming here, but a mid level guy to serve as a interim guy.

          • Wolfe isn’t a starter Eagles……He started because the other options had already proven to be unreliable…….Many Rookies, would have started for the Eagles, had they drafted them.

            Earl Wolfe is Special Teams Player exclusively. Don’t ever believe he is anything else.

            • GMCliff you are probably correct. Dcar also said the medical staff cleared Wolfe and he wouldn’t return to the field. That is a huge concern going forward in my mind. Wolfe was better than Chung which may have hid his true weakness from my view and opinion. I would like to see him enter training camp as a reserve with a fighting chance to win the starting job not handed to him.

            • A special teams player and stop gap starter at best. Takes horrible angles and lacks true safety instincts. He may struggle to make the team if what DCar says is true.

              • Big, I agree with you about Wolffe. Ike Reese, Rueben Frank, & GCobb, all said, he was cleared to play by the teams medical staff, before the season ended, but he didn’t want to play, because he claimed, he felt like he couldn’t play at 100%. That’s no heart in my book, & he only played by default, because the rest of the corps were horrific! He didn’t show me anything special. He’s a ST, & depth safety, period. That’s why we must get at least 3 safeties this off-season.

          • Howie said in a recent interview he doesn’t want to enter the draft with a glaring hole to fill. If the birds don’t sign a free agent safety or resign Nate Allen then that would qualify. Although I still wouldn’t mind them taking two stabs at the apple to find the long term solution there.
            Likewise I think the birds sign at least one free agent wide receiver or that could be considered a draft glaring hole.
            If DJax gets hurt I don’t think Riley Cooper can become the #1. But Foles seems to like the moon ball go up and get it Riley Cooper skill set which Maclin doesn’t possess. Tough call which one to resign.

            • Physically he (Wolfe) was healed, mentally, he wasn’t. He had doubts about his knee which caused him to take pause….my nice way of saying he punked out. Until he is mentally stronger and tougher in adverse situations, he shouldn’t be on the field, and maybe not on a team!

              • Exactly, my astute brother.

            • Best case scenario is that both Maclin and Cooper comes back. The Eagles could then take a pass at using a draft pick on one, if they did it would not have to be until later in the draft. I think the Eagles will sign a mid-level Safety as a stop gap. I think they are going to take a safety high and then another one later on (at the very least).

    • No they wont Smitty…Both will be in the top ten

  • there doesn’t seem to be a Vince Wilfork or Dontari Poe NT body type available in the first round but there might be 2 five technique DE body types available at #22:
    RaShede Hageman 6’6” 318
    Stephon Tuitt 6’6” 312

    • E0S, I agree with you. However, I like Justin Ellis NT 6’2″ 342 from Louisiana Tech as a 4th round pick. I’m not a fan of Tuitt or Hageman, as they are both inconsistent. If they were around in the second, I’d take a look, but not in the first.

      • Eagles, Hageman, & Tuitt, would perfect for our 5 tech DE needs. Thornton should be rotating with Cox, & Logan could rotate with either of them, at 5 tech. But I agree, in the 1st, I wouldn’t draft a DE. We must either get a Safety, ROLB, or a WR, with that pick.

        • Yeah, I was thinking about them as tackles…they could play DE though.

          • Yeah, both are too small to play NT. Hageman can play both DT in 4-3, & % tech DE in 3-4. Tuitt is strictly a 3-4 DE, as he was at ND.

            • *5 tech*

              • 2014 wish list draft

                1. Calvin Pryor FS/SS – Dee Ford/ Kelvin Benjamin
                2. Deone Bucanon SS
                3. Christian Jones ILB
                4. Martavis Bryant WR
                5.1 Justin Ellis NT
                5.2 Walt Aikins CB
                7. Tyler Star OLB

                Sign FA OLB Jason Worilds.

              • One thing about DL coming out of College
                In 2 years time they put on 15-20lbs once in a NFL program
                Hageman is at 6-6″, 318 and can easily get to
                330lbs by his 2nd/3rd Season with his frame
                He’s definitely a Player to look closely at for the Eagles

              • Eagles, great list, but I don’t think Jones, Bryant, & Ellis last until you have them.Anything is possible, & that would be great.

              • Paul, of course he’ll put on some weight, but he is not a NT. He can be a very disruptive 5 tech DE. You need a powerful fatty at NT, that can hold 2 blockers at the point of attack, opening up the play-making abilities for our LB’s.

              • Nice Draft Eagles…..

              • DCAR, I agree, those guys (Bryant, Jones, and Ellis) probably will go higher in the rounds I have them slated in before the Eagles choose, if not a full round earlier. These are the guys I just would like to see, probably wishful thinking on my part.

              • Thanks Paul!

    • E0, Nix will go in the 1st. He’s a very promising beast, at 6’2″ 345. DaQuan Jones in the 2nd, is 6’4” 325. Daniel McCullers(6’7” 350) & Justin Ellis (6’3” 345) will go in the 3rd/4th, & Ryan Carreathers will go 5-6. All in my opinion, will be very good NT’s. McCullers might be a bit of a project, but his upside might be the greatest of the bunch.

  • E0S I think they go with these three safety’s next year Malcolm Jenkins , earl Wolfe and Nate Allen. If you listen to the way howie talks he sounds like he doesn’t want to take a safety high & they are either gonna lose Maclin or cooper so with that there picks will go as followed. 1st rd wr or olb 2nd whichever one they didn’t get in the first 3rd will be a Oline or dline 4th could be safety. Unless they make trades that’s the way I see them going I could see howie paying big bucks for the cb from titans before I see him giving that money to Byrd or ward. They value safety but not as much as they do cb – dline and Oline that’s just facts and hell if they signed Malcolm Jenkins and the cb from the titans would any body be mad at that and got rid of Cary Williams!

    • If that’s our 3 safeties next year, it will be just as bad as the last 5 years, since BDawk, & QMike left. That ain’t an upgrade. Although Jenkins is solid, he is a converted CB, & isn’t consistent in coverage, nor tackling. Byrd, Ward, Clemons, James Ihedigbo, are must haves. If they don’t want to spend on Byrd, or Ward, in which I think will be a huge mistake, they can sign both Clemons & Ihedigbo. Clemons is good in coverage, & can play both safety positions.

  • I see no big Free-Agent Signings for the Eagles
    I see them signing WR Maclin only,
    Re-Signing Nate Allen and maybe a rotational DL
    and then Dtafting Secondary,OLB, WR & OL

  • Despite Foles’ success, Eagles evaluating QBs at combine ……………………………………………..CSN Philly!

    • no shit probably because barkley is a qb4, and we dont have a qb 2 or qb 3 on the roster.

      this isnt news its common sense we would look at qbs in the draft

    • You do realize that the falcons and panthers will also be evaluating QB’s at the combine as well, right? Are you just stupid?

    • Howie Roseman speaking at the combine presser on 02/20/2014 in reference to the QB position. “There is not going to be an opportunity to start here”. Roseman stated this as it relates to the Eagles looking at QB’s at the combine.
      ………………………………………………….CSN Philly!

      Heads are exploding I’m sure…LOL!!!

  • Ask Mike Smith about Matt Ryan, and he doesn’t talk about competition. Ask Ron Rivera about Cam Newton, and he doesn’t talk about competition. Ask Mike McCarthy about Aaron Rodgers, and he doesn’t talk about competition.

    But ask Kelly about Foles, and that’s the first thing he mentions

    • ask Mike Smith, Ron Rivera, or Mike McCarthy if their QB put up 27 points a game in the NFL last year a game.

    • Not getting any smart with time, are you imbecile? Wise up, & smarten up!!!

  • If the Eagles are going to draft a QB in this draft it’s going to be in the first few rounds, it would make no sense to draft one later if your doing it for him to come in and compete, with that being said, you can bank on them picking up a safety or OLB in FA, everyone keeps saying Howie isn’t going to spend money, didn’t he spend on Barwin last year? He got a 36 mill contract, we definitely get TJ Ward with a contract between 35 n 40 mill, I see them picking up somebody like that if they plan on drafting a QB.

  • 5 Under the Radar QB’s that Eagles could be checking out

    1) David fales (San Jose State – 6-2″ 220lbs – Projected 5th Rounder)
    2) Logan Thomas (Virginia Tech – 6-6″- 250lbs – Projected 6th/7th Rounder)
    3) Keith Wenning (Ball State – 6-3″- 220lbs – Projects as Undrafted F/A)
    4) Dustin vaughn (West Texas St 6-5″- 230lbs – Projects as Undrafted F/A)
    5) Jordon Lynch (Northern Illinois 6-1′- 220lbs – Projects as Undrafted F/A)

  • Issac Sopoaga was replaced by Damion Square ( undrafted free agent)–
    Clifton Geathers is a free agent —
    These 2 spots on the Eagle defense have to be addressed.

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