• August 19, 2022

Sixers Ship Evan Turner To Indiana For Danny Granger

evan turnerAs the final minutes of the trade deadline came and went, the Sixers had one more big move up their sleeves.

The team sent Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for former star Danny Granger and a future second round pick.

While a trade of Turner was expected all along, the Sixers figured to be in the market to acquire additional draft picks and not a big veteran name like Granger.

Just two years ago, Granger was the star of the Pacers before knee problems caused him to miss almost all of last season and opened the door for Paul George to emerge as an NBA star.

What role, if any, will Granger play for the Sixers? Will the team just waive him and eat the remaining money on his deal? Will they keep around to provide veteran guidance and leadership to their young roster?

Sixers Acquire Eric Maynor, Byron Mullens, Additional Picks

The Sixers also made two other minor moves before the trade deadline.

The first move was to acquire point guard Eric Maynor and two second round picks from the Washington Wizards as part of a three team deal that helped the Wizards land former 76er Andre Miller.

The team also acquired forward Byron Mullens from the Los Angeles Clippers. What the Sixers gave up in return isn’t clear.

Denny Basens

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  • Oh no Denny Basens, don’t even joke around about the Danny Granger taking this team on an useless winning streak. I’m liking the 2nd overall ping pong ball spot no lower than 5th in the draft ( perfect)

    • with these moves the sixers will now give the bucks a run for their money for worst record.

  • Nice Move, It will be next Season before Granger is 100% healed from his bad knee Injury.. If Healthy, a Great move for a still young and hungry Player
    If knee doesn’t heal 100% then Granger is just a shell of himself..
    I’ve always liked his game but he”s only about 85% healthy right now …

  • Today was a busy day for my 76ers (and for me and my source) they made a lot of great moves in order to allow themselves flexibility moving forward whether it be in the upcoming offseason or two and also during draft time. as I mentioned a week ago, I see thaddeus young as a draft day trade option (if he wasn’t dealt before the trade deadline) to move up into the first round of the draft. the Sixers will for sure be in the top 3 for a pick whether it’s Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker or other they will be in the top 3…

  • This Just In, according to my source, the Sixers will buy out Danny Granger’s contract promptly

    • You sure about that…
      76ers send ET & Lavo Allen for which amounts to a Future 2nd Round Pick??

      • thats actually pretty much fair compensation paul

        • And with Pacers good Record this year, if it’s a 2nd Rounder in 2014
          that amounts to about the 60th Selection in a 2 Round Draft ..
          for both ET & Lavoy Allen….
          I stated that ET would not return a 1st Round Pick in a Trade, but I did think he would return and early 2nd Rounder from someone
          I also Stated that Hawes would only return a 2nd Round Pick..

          No Teams with a Top #15 Selection are Trading their 1st Rounders this Draft, as most of us have known all year long ..

  • Bryron Mullens, Eric Maynor, Danny Granger, Earl Clark, Henry Sims, 4 future 2nd round draft choices
    Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen, Eric Turner

  • This will make him an unrestricted free agent but the sixers still receive that second round pick that will come into effect in 2015

  • Today was a busy day, especially stockpiling all those 1st rounders, & getting Asik, Monroe, Love, & all the other great deals, your sources claimed! Awesome, accurate day! This trade deadline, was a no-brainer, that everyone with a half of a brain new how it was going to go! Dumb F^#@!

  • This is by no means set in stone but all indicators point to the Sixers buying out Danny Granger’s 40 million dollar contract..

    • 14 million dollar contract*

      • The seasons more rhen half over, it’s under 7 mill they owe him

    • I beleive they give him the rest of this Season and see how his Knee heals
      If he’s 100%, he’s a very good Player, they may as well found out over these last 2 months.. Granger could be a that Good True Shooting Forward, that the 76ers haven’t had in Years

      • Paul he is a FA after this year

    • This Just In, according to my source, the Sixers will buy out Danny Granger’s contract promptly


      This is by no means set in stone but all indicators point to the Sixers buying out Danny Granger’s 40 million dollar contract..


  • Praying the sixers pick is in the top 3. Hopefully New Orleans pick is between 6-10. Any combination of Wiggins Parker Embiid Randle Smart Exum to go with MCW & Noel would have us headed in the right direction

  • Granger has an expiring contest @14 million

  • My source believes that the Sixers won’t entrap Danny Granger in a rebuilding situation.. may or may not be the case, we’ll see..

  • 2014 76ers Draft
    1st Round
    # 3rd Pick – 76ers Select PF Julius Randle of Kentucky (6-9″- 225lbs)
    #12th Pick – 76ers Select SG Gary Harris – Mich State (6-4″- 210lbs)

    2nd Round
    Back-Up Center & Point Guard

    • Too high for Gary Harris……not really a pro ball player, more of a bench depth guy to d-league….

    • In fact outside some of the top 6…..most aren’t NBA Caliber players

      • gm, stick to the NFL. That’s false. There are alot of good players in this draft. You ain’t getting All-Stars at every pick, for God sake! Cut it out with the undervaluing. This draft is as deep as I’ve seen in 10 years.

    • Draft night. Hinkie trades Thad & 2nd rounder, to Utah for their 1st.
      2014 76ers Draft
      1st Round-

      #2nd pick– SF Jabari Parker- Duke- 6’8” 240.
      #10th pick(Pelicans)– SG Zach Levine- UCLA 6’5” 190.
      #22nd pick(Jazz)- PF Aaron Gordon- Arizona- 6’8” 225/ PF Montrezl Harrell- Louisville- 6’8” 240.

      2nd round(In no particular order)-

      PF James McAdoo- NC- 6’9” 230.
      SF Perry Ellis- Kansas- 6’8” 225.
      C Jordan Bachynski- Arizona St.- 7’2” 250.
      SG Andre Dawkins- Duke- 6’5” 215.

      • SG Gary Harris would be good at #10 also.

  • In my opinion the Sixers will not draft undersized power forward Julius Randle who could possibly be a tweener at the next level.. is he a power forward or is he a small forward? who can he defends? he can’t defend in the post very well because hes undersized and too slow to defend small forwards..

    a good comparison if you made one would be Michael Beasley..

    • Your Opinion on Randle is respected, but I think your wrong. Julius Randle, is not slow, or weak in the post. He is a Power Forward with Small Forward skills, AND we’d be very fortunate to have on our team……..

      Playing for Calipari, hampers his game…go back and look at his game from High School, and you will notice highlights in college that prove what I am saying…….You have said you didn’t like Randle before, but that’s not an impartial evaluation. Like you said that’s your opinion…….Dude Balls

      • cliff, I know all about the kid from his HS career to now. Unless he grows (and he could hes only 18 or 19) then I don’t see him having a huge impact at the PF position at the next level. Now if he somehow can play as a SF and be more of a take you off the dribble type of guy like in HS and improve his first step and quickness, then by all means draft him. He needs a lot of work on his perimeter game though…

        You go Wiggins and then Parker. Its a no brainer. Though Dante Exum is a highlight reel and a very good all around player but thats who I think the Lakers may target if they can manage to get into the top 5..


        That’s the order the Sixers should go depending on whose available…

        • Exum, is like the 6th best prospect in the draft…..Really doesn’t matter how you see him, you’re not very good at seeing talent anyway…..He’ll be a baller in spite of that poor evaluation…(shrugging my shoulders), really doesn’t matter…..

          Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Vonleh, then Exum, should be the order.

  • If anyone on here is a Sixers fan and are looking at the names of the guys we received and saying we did nothing then you really don’t know anything about basketball and what it takes to really build a championship team. Hinkie corrected a lot of past cap mistakes today and loaded up on draft picks.. its going to actually be hard to follow along with everything that he did today and what he plans to do in the near future, this guy is a genius GM.. just wait.. this guy has great vision..

    • Dude I hear they are having pudding tonight at your ‘home’

    • GENIUS? Geniuses don’t wait until the last minute, to trade upcoming FA’s, when he should have dumped them in the preseason. All the while, being greedy, & delusionally, irrationally thinking, they’re worth high 1st rounders. He didn’t get want he fantasized over, & panicked the last minute. You still never answered the questions, of all the misinformation, your blowup doll sources gave you. Where is Asik? Where is Monroe? Where is Love? Where are those multiple 1st rounders, that you were assured of, that we were to receive, for ET, & Mr. Softee? You come on here, & say we don’t know anything about Basketball, but are the biggest retarded, know nothing, imbecile on here. Just STFU, put up the white flag, admit you are an idiot, you were wrong, & wlak away with your tail in between your legs, covering up your lady parts!

  • All of these moves today we’re about cap flexibility and draft picks.. stockpile draft picks and open up cap space..now the Sixers have the option of signing two max deals in the near future and having a number of high draft picks to build off of…

  • That trade that was mentioned earlier with the Sixers getting those two second round picks and Eric Maynor- they actually sent the Wizards a protected 2nd round pick for this upcoming draft as well..

  • A few months ago when I said this was a deep draft, some guys on here laughed (Dcar and others) but I will say it again this is a deep draft from top to bottom. This is why you stock up on draft picks, this is the deepest draft in the last 10-15 years.. Next years draft I’m told will be deep as well..

    • You are a lunatic

    • I laughed at you, because you wanted the 76ers to win, & said it didn’t matter if we got a high lottery pick, because the draft was deep. I told your stupid @$$, if we kept winning, we would miss out on a stud, & if we fell out of the lottery parameters, we would lose our pick to Miami. You like to lie, give misinformation, & spew verbal diarrhea! I’ve been saying since the last off-season, that the draft was deep, but you have to get one of the studs to rebuild a Championship contender. But, with your caper sized, distorted brain, you can’t understand, nor comprehend reality, nor the truth! STFU, & go away, retard! You spend all day, getting a boner over trades that you made up in your mind, that never happened, & all of the 2nd rounders, & stiffs we got in return! Get lost!

  • Does Evan Turner play more then 10 minutes a night for Indiana? Poor Thad. This nonsense is ridiculous, they need to just forfeit the rest of the season I mean they are trying to lose right? The NBA is just bad right now.

    • Big, don’t worry, he’ll continue to play hard regardless. That will only build up his trade value for the draft. I say he goes to either Utah, Charlotte, Or Spurs at draft time. He won’t be here next year. I like him, but he’s a tweener, with no true position, & that makes him expendable, especially if we can get another 1st rounder, in this deep draft. .

  • I think Paulman called for an ET for Granger Deal News 2 months ago
    You guys said no way…

    • Was a good call paul, but who cares, dude is damaged goods, & won’t ever be the same again. Also, there were rumblings of him being a mutt, & not working hard. He’ll be cut.

  • Great Day for 76ers fans. Jon H. catching some flack but I think Granger should be bought out. Granger is the kind of player that can steal wins if the sixers can keep the game close, to be honest I don’t even want to see him on the court. When you look long term he doesn’t fit future plans either. He’s 30 year old free agent who won’t even be on the team when they are ready to compete. Remember he’s a free agent, and in this system given the chance to play he’s gonna be motivated and he’s going to put up numbers. I don’t want any part of that. Your not even sure what players your going to draft, you don’t want to hamper any ones development with Granger. I actually think Hinkie will not even try to sign a free agent of merit until the following year. Let the young guys play and then see what you need. I belief if everything goes right with the guys you draft your still atleast 3 yrs away from seriously contending. One more year in the lottery and then you move your chips in.

    • what if the Sixers waive Granger and he signs with the Heat, LOL

  • By the way before anyone breaks there arm patting themselves on the back, with one of there 2000 predictions let me be the first to say that a boy.

  • I would say MCW is untouchable but is he really? We all thought Jrue was untouchable and he was traded on draft night. I mentioned on here that I can envision a scenerio where the Sixers acquire another lottery pick by trading MCW during draft night. I wouldn’t trade him myself but they may if they see an opportunity to draft another impact player..

    Say for instance we draft Wiggins 1st or 2nd, then our next pick from the pelicans isn’t until number 10 and a guy like Exum or Randle or Smart fall to maybe 6th or 7th?! You gotta move up. You trade MCW and you draft one of them. Then you turn around and draft PG standout from Syracuse Tyler Ennis. You can either hold on to Thad or try to move up again using your 2nd round picks. I ll give you a raw glimpse as to what our lineup could look like..

    PG Tyler Ennis
    SG Dante Exam
    SF Andrew Wiggins
    PF Arnett Moultrie
    C Nerlens Noel

    I like this lineup.. you hold off from signing a max deal until Kevin Love is a FA next off season and you make a offer to him that he can’t refuse..

    • Tyler Ennis is not a starter in the NBA….HE’LL BE IN THE D-League….LOL!!!!!

      I told you, you don’t know talent…..Nerlens Noel, and Arnett Moultre aren’t starters either…….LOL!!!!!!

      • My bad, Tyler Ennis may find a place coming off the bench for the rest of his career like DJ Augustine – or the D-League……LOL!!!!!!

      • You just said N Noel isn’t a starter?? gm you’ve completely lost it.. Im just gonna call you Cliff or Clifford for now on bc this whole “gmcliff” title is a bit inaccurate..They traded Jrue Holiday for the guy and 1st round pick for gods sake.. Moultrie would be the starter for a year not long term until we can try and get a guy like Kevin Love to sign here.. Now your saying Tyler will be a D-Leaguer? This isn’t only outrageous but its also disrespectful…Didn’t you say MCW was a d leaguer and a stiff? I believe you did…

        • Yes, in terms of talent, he isn’t a starter…….He can’t play. Just because the Sixers drafted him doesn’t mean he’s going to pan out JH. You can hang your hat on that if you want to – but I’m not – means nothing until he shows it on the court…..

          Yes, Tyler Ennis will come off the bench, or be a d-leaguer.

          No I never said MCW, would be in the d- league – don’t start making things up to make yourself sound competent – I didn’t think, he would be all that as a player – I think he’s shown himself to be ok – but He still hasn’t proven me wrong yet……..

          Point is your lineup does sucks…

        • Still getting a boner over Love, I see? You have a better chance of signing here, than he does! Do you think he wants to leave the Timberwolves, & come to an equally bad situation? F^#@ING IDIOT! Where have you seen any indication that Noel, is a starting Center in the NBA? Moultrie will be released in the off-season. It was A colossal mistake, made by the prior regime, in which Hinkie is already trying to rectify. You don’t know $#!T, but still try to rip others! Clueless, retarded bastard!

    • Interesting Roster JH, don’t believe they would Win 25 Games as a unit in the NBA ..who defends the ball??
      Who scores down low..

      • Were gonna have to suck 1 more year before getting good, were gonna be a lottery team again. But after this upcoming season we make a run at Kevin Love (2015) You throw as much money at him as he wants, that solves the post offensive woes and remember we have enough money to sign another max deal along with Love so keep that in mind.. Noel specializes in Defense and rebounding, whatever you get from him scoring wise is a plus (And if you ask me, I see Noel surprising some offensively)…

        • I see Noel surprising some offensively)… Based on what?????

          LaMarcus Aldridge will also be an UFA in 2015 – the better player, against Kevin Love – We would have just as much of a good chance at signing him as Love….

          • When is PF Fareed from Denver a Free-Agent Cliff
            Remember I was talking very highly about him a few Drafts ago,
            Think he was from Western Kentucky but a rebounding machine
            He is.. Love his game though he’s not much of a Scorer
            Led the Nation in Rebounding his Junolior/Senoir Seasons in College and has been near the atop in the NBA in his young Career so far

            • He is a Restricted FA IN 2015 Paul.

              • Thnx, He’s a Stud on the Boards ..
                Seems like a good Lockerrom guy and Teammate also,,

          • Based on development cliff, my god you want someone to be an allstar coming out of college right off the bat. Let the kid develop man damn….

            • That’s how Cliff is JH..
              Just like Football, he thinks every Draft Pick should be an impact Pjayer and end up in the HOF.. Cliff has a definite eye for Talent, but is a little unrealistic view or expectations of what a 20-22 year old Kid is going to contribute in early years as a Orofessionsl Athkete and us way to quick to write off players before they even get a chance to develop.. And Cliff will keep yelling everyone that Thad Young has Game, even though he’s been simply average in his 5 year Career
              Good Grief..

              • Wow, I actually agree with paulman… haha.. very very true. I obviously respect cliffs opinion for I wouldn’t engage is conversation/friendly debates with him. But man when hes off hes way off.. To say Noel is a stiff and Ennis is a D leaguer and Exum cant shoot etc etc is just premature and irrational.. They said MCW couldn’t shoot either when he was coming out but hes a much better shooter than many expected… All of these kids are 18 and 19 years old haha including Noel, so theyre far from finished products.. He says they suck but says McDermott has Larry Bird potential hahaa Unbelievably funny

                Thads another undersized PF that will be a career tweener. Hes too short to play PF and too slow to play SF.. Hes better off coming off the bench. They will trade Thad on draft night if not before and I think this is a lock to happen unless hes traded before the draft… This is why I think they stay away from Randle unless he drops significantly but I don’t see that happening… Hes another tweener just like Thad..

              • Jon Hart according to my sources (the internet) MCW cant shoot just like certain talent evaluators said

              • Actually, I think they should have usable talent, that jumps out at you in their play….not in the opinions of the media, and hype. I don’t have unrealistic expectations either…I have a better eye for who the players are than both you, and Jon Hart

                Like Thad Paul, who has averaged 17 points per game for his career – far from average. But you should remove your personal feelings away from evaluating players, because he has proven time, and again, whether you like it or not, that he is better than you give him credit for…and just like FOOTBALL – unlike yourself – I’M RARELY WRONG

                JH, stepped in a situation he can’t win – Ennis, Exum, and Embiid – will allow me to reveal to him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Talk all you want, but get ready to be humbled. You have a lot of mouth…

          • gm, we ain’t getting your boy Aldridge either! Stop with the madness. You guys give me a f^#@ing aneurysm! No good player will sign here, until at least 2016-2017, until we can actually show we have something. All we’ll be able to get are has-been’s, & bench players.

  • Many a tear being shed tonight over the departure of Evan Turner…[—)

    • frank, tears of joy. :’D

  • I like this Other Freshman from Duke
    good, this guy is 6-8″ 220lbsxand will get bigger,stronger, Plays Defense, can put the ball on the floor and a tough match-up
    He shoots very well and kind of reminds me of a young Kevin Durant when he was in college, very quick release and rebounds too
    He probably could use another year at Duke,
    But I think he has a ton on upside in 2-3years time
    He’s killing the Tar Heels right now

    • See, I don’t think that kid will be anything either Paul….Rodney Hood, looks good playing for Duke. But what has happened to most players coming into the NBA from Duke – outside Grant Hill – Who Parker, and Hood are not?

      • Parker will be better than Hill gm. Hill was overrated, an injury machine, didn’t make anyone around him better, & never won $#!T! Not once in his too long career, did he average a double-double. He’s the Mike Vick of the NBA. Remember I said that. My sources (Myself), get dibs on that also. BTW, Hood is the perfect SG we need. Good shooter, & can play a little DF.

        • Hood will obviously get drafted, but for me there are tons of Rodney Hoods sitting the benches in the NBA…..He is in the same class as Tyler Ennis – Just your average College Player that plays on a good College team.

          • Hood needs to stay in School another year
            Then be ready for 2015 Draft as a Top 10..
            I would not be all that surprised to see both he & Parker return to Duke next Season.. Many of these Freshman would be better served to stay a 2nd Year in College (Ennis, Hood,Emlid, etc)

        • I think JaBari Parker will need other Big time Players around him. At Duke, a lot of plays are run through him, and for him – He will not have the same luxury playing in the NBA – That being said, I think he will be good, but I don’t think he is a “Superstar”.

          If the Sixers draft him, he will have to be an important Cog in the Lineup. But, he needs help – MORE EXPERIENCED, and veteran seasoned Pros to pick him up, when that shot isn’t falling, or he has his hit the wall pro ups, and downs


          Grant Hill had the ability to run the point, at 6-8, and was virtually unguardable……Parker is a tweener SF/PF like Thaddeus Young – You do realize they’re the same size right DCar?

          The difference is Parkers Jumper is more consistent.

        • Hood is not the perfect SG…..We better sign Terrance Ross – That’s the perfect SG, for this team, that also plays defense.

          Hood isn’t a PRODUCTIVE Pro Prospect to me. He’s viewed in that light because he does those things for Duke. But it won’t translate to the NBA.

          • gmc, how are we signing Ross, when he isn’t a FA until after 2014-15, with a club option for 2015-16? BTW, we would have to trade for him, & if he is an up-an-coming good young player, why would Toronto do that? Also, he’s a SF, not SG, & his stats aren’t exactly stunning. In 2 years thus far, he’s averaged 8 pts per game(10 this year), & shoots 41% FG, & 36 3 pt%. That’s is not good. I’d rather draft a kid like Hood, or Levine, so you can grow with them, & not waste unnecessary assets on trades. I think you have an eye for talent, but you always have unrealistic expectations, as to how to attain these moves.

            • Neither of those Prospects are half as good as Terrance Ross. He plays part time at SF, because Demar Derozen, is the SG, but he is the back up Shooting Guard, and plays PG, at times….

              Hood is an overrated Prospect, because he plays at Duke with JaBari Parker. He’s nothing to me…

            • I thought he was an UFA this year DCar. I could be wrong, but Toronto will have to make a decision, because Derozen will be an UFA soon as well..

              • No, he isn’t a FA until after next year, & the team has an option for 2015-16. You can’t look at Hood as overrated, when he is averaging 16 pts, a game, that can score, make his own shot, & shoots 44% from behind the arc. I don’t care if he plays with the original Dream Team. Dude is the perfect SG, period. I ain’t saying he’s going to be a perennial SuperStar, but you are severely undervaluing the kid. If he’s there at #9-#11, you saying you won’t draft him, or trade up to get him, if we have the chance? That would be a great draft, & a start of a good young team, if we got Parker at #2, & Hood at #9-#11. Your boy Wiggins, is going to be an overrated, ball hog. Bank on it.

  • There’s been some good NBA players from Duke
    Battier, Boozer, Deng, Brand, even Reddick, Henderson
    And the Plumlee kid in Phoenix and McRoberts in Charlotte are solid Contributors .. No Superstars mind you, but I want a Team of 7-8 Goid Basketball Players and not 1-2 Superstars with crap surrounded them
    Look at the wasted Iverson Years, who else was a good Pkayer surrounding him? Eric Snow, Aaron McKie, Tyrone Hill..

    • Battier, Boozer, Deng, Brand, even Reddick, Henderson
      And the Plumlee kid in Phoenix and McRoberts in Charlotte are all role players at best – not solid

      • One thing I will tell you they are pkaying for Coach K
        And Duke.. They are Winners and Fundamentakky sound
        And every Team could use a player or two
        Like these guys.. Not every Player on a Championship Team is a Superstar
        Or need be.. Championship Teams need those smart role player who know their roles and who fit the system and step up when called upon and don’t hurt you with reckless play, turnovers, poor shots, poor defense, etc…

  • Sixers News

    Earl Clark, who the Sixers just acquired in the trade with the Cavs, has been waived

    • They haven’t bought out Grangers contract yet which a little surprised about..

      • I think the 76ers keep Granger as part of the Deal w/Pacers
        I don’t believe the Pacers would want him to end up in Miami
        And wouldn’t have moved him to a Team that would simply buy his remaining Contract out..
        I think Granger plays out the Season for he wants to play to prove to the rest of NBA that he is still a quality Player as he enters a Free-Agency

        • They have to keep him for the rest of this season, to meet the League Salary requirements for the year….He will not be on this team next year….

          • Not true Cliff, the Sixers can buy out Grangers contract making him a UFA right now. Hinkie just said in answer to that question about a buyout that hes going to sit down with Granger man 2 man and discuss that and other options… Granger, as I briefly mentioned last night, will be bought out.. outright..

            Don’t foresee him being here long and probably wont even suit up for the Sixers once..

            • Right JH, but he will not be a part of the future of this team.

              • And I agree that’s why theyre gonna buy him out as soon as he arrives in philly today or tmr.. They haven’t even had a conversation with him yet.. sheesh.. dude really loved Indiana… I see him getting back at the pacers and signing with the heat after its all said and done.. hahaa

              • He could also be kept using him for sign and trade options for this summer but Granger wants no parts of philly.. but if he accepts a buy out he losses his bird rights… So that’s why Hinkie said theyre gonna sit down and discuss both of their options…

              • Jesus Christ Jon do you have an original thought?

                Danny Granger – G/F – 76ers
                GM Sam Hinkie was non-committal Friday when asked if newly acquired Danny Granger will be bought out.
                Granger obviously doesn’t want to play out the season with the tanking Sixers, preferring a buyout so he can sign with a contender such as the Heat, Thunder or Spurs. But it’s not that simple, as the Hinkie might want to hold onto the impending unrestricted free agent as an asset for a potential sign-and-trade this summer. Granger would also lose his Bird Rights if he takes a buyout. “We’ll meet with (Granger). … It’s going to be interesting. We’re going to sit and talk,” Hinkie said. Even if Granger does stay in Philly, there’s no guarantee he’ll actually take the court. The Sixers want to lose games and get their young players as much experience as possible. Granger, 30 years old and a shell of himself thanks to knee woes, is not part of the future.
                Related: Hollis Thompson
                Source: Chris Vito on Twitter Feb 21 – 12:37 PM

                Oh wait yea you do. You think that Lebron will say fuck my legacy and sign here to play with a bunch of nobody’s.

              • Hitler spends his days trying to track down where I get my information from while I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh.. Slow poke, I never said the info wasn’t public, never claimed to have info no one else had. Your way too glued to when I post, go spend time with your family guy

  • WOW, the stiffs we acquired at the deadline, being waived, & possibly being waived. What a surprise?

  • Could Lebron James be interested in coming to Philly this off season? Could the Sixers be maneuvering now in an effort to sign James this off season? Some may call it a pipe dream, but I say its a strong possibility… Remember why Lebron signed with the heat, not only to play with Wade and Bosh, but also because Pat Riley had a vision and a lot of cap space to work with…

    The Sixers are in the same spot the heat were in years past, just before they got LeBron and bosh. (except we don’t have dwade we have mcw and nerlens noel). The heat were just as bad as we are now, even with dwade there.. But keep in mind the teams that Bron took meetings with besides the Cavs but Knicks, Heat, Nets (who weren’t even in Brooklyn yet) Clippers and Bulls.. Many of these teams weren’t very good at the time (only one of the teams made the playoffs the year prior) but Lebron heard them out, he gave them all a chance. James met with 5 of the 7 teams with the most cap space. They were all in major cities and media markets (besides the heat). The sixers meet that criteria and then some.. They have the money, theyre a major city in the top 5 and has a way bigger population then Miami….. Yes we could sell him and Carmelo on the opportunity to play together as a national guy mentioned this morning but I don’t really want Melo here or like that idea… Id prefer we go thru the draft and build that way then sign Lebron and either trade for Love or Aldridge during that upcoming season before the deadline or sign one of them after..

    What move has Hinkie made where we said, “now what was he thinking?” or “that was a dumb move”… ?… not one. Hes a man with a plan and he hasn’t deviated from it. Hes showing his creativity and vision.. I think we have one of the best GMs in the league and hes just starting out… Look out for the Sixers…

    • Wow u need to be committed

    • Lil Bron-Bron, would love that, wouldn’t he???? You have a better chance of doing shots, at Club Risque, with Jesus, than that happening!!!! There is ZERO chance, of Lebron signing here! ZERO!!!! Again, you are a f^#@ing imbecile, incapable of living in reality!


      • #togetherwebuild #showyahate

      • So funny that this wack job searches for my posts and makes comments on each one like hes the gcobb police.. What a creepish bum hahaa.. Surprised you didn’t send this message at 3am, guess you didn’t have to scrub as many toilets huh?!.. I think your a cleaner at the building I own actually.. haha

        • Search for your posts? Your buffoonery is on here daily, for all to see, & comment on!!!! You are the f^#@ing brainless nitwit, that posts the nonsense you do, not me! Creepish bum?? HAHAHAHA!!!! You own a building? where? Do your sources live there in your building? I own 3 properties, sonny boy, I don’t think so! I told you fool, I have an overnight Security job, for Bennys, & I am into Real Estate during the day. I buy, & flip homes, with 1 of Brothers, & Uncle. I rent out 2 properties, that I have to repair, & maintain. I’ve done more with my life, in 44+ years, than you can ever hope to achieve! Don’t make me laugh son! When you get out of your Mommies basement, with your blowup doll sources, & actually get your lil winkie wet, then maybe you can come & talk to the grownups. Like I’ve told you Court Jester, I’ll clean a toilet with your head & tongue!

          • *my Brothers*

          • If your so busy mr porter, why are you always on this site commenting on all my post?! I appreciate you taking a personal interest in my posts, it shows that what I have to say means a lot to you :-)… You supposedly own 3 properties then have to work a night job haha your broke just admit it. You’re in debt from bad business practices and bad business decisions.. get a clue ya bum and stop stalking me sheesh… Go finish cleaning the toilets in my building mr porter, the bathrooms on the tenth floor needs your attention.. hahaa

            • Always on this site? You don’t see me on here all day, breaking already, broken news, from all other sources. Don’t flatter yourself, lil Bron-Bron, I have no interest in you. It is fun, continually showing everyone what an idiotic retard you are. I’m far from broke, douchnugget. The reason why I have a night job, for the insurance, is because of the insane rates I would have to pay, for my own, being a owner of my own business. When I left my other career, in Law Enforcement, it wasn’t open season to go under my Wife’s insurance at CHOP. So when I went back to school, to finish & get my degree in Real Estate, I needed a job that had insurance within 90 days. I’ve stayed, because it’s a good job, & pays very good, with good Benny’s. It’s called using your smarts! You stupid, f^#@ing retard! Broke? In debt?? Bad decisions??? I can buy & sell you off to the sex slavery market, you bitch! I’ve put 1 kid through College, 3 more in College now. I have ZERO debts, nor zero mistakes. You don’t know $#!T, sonny boy! I’ll be just fine, while you are on here living in your fantasy world, where you have friends, “sources”, “A building”, & whatever other verbal diarrhea you can makeup! GTFOH, you loser, lunatic!

            • “Your building”? Which project high-rise, that you live in, is “your building”? Complete imbecile! I see right through you, fraud, loser, Court Jester. You must be the custodian in a building, that’s why you know so much about it!

  • I see LeBron going back to Cleveland if the Heat Win it this Year
    And try to bring a Championship to his Home State b4 he gets old.

    • Not gonna happen paul, that organization is a mess. If they would just tank they’d be in good shape, but they’re actually trying to win this year. That gm is on the hot seat and is forced to make a winner of this squad now, so is the coach… Lebron wants a stable organization with a lot of cap space, vision and current talent (MCW,Noel, two maybe more lottery picks)… The Sixers have the most cap space (can sign two max deals) and are really pushing the limits as to what a GM can do with the cap (similar to what Pat Riley did and is doing)… Hes manipulating it, and by the end of it all he’ll be viewed as a genius… Lets start the LBJ to Philly campaign… haha

    • That will never happen Paul in a trillion years. He will stay with the heat where he can keep loving the dream, keep playing with his best friends , keep his kids in the same school, stay with the only fan base that doesn’t hate him , stay with the team that can offer him the most years & money, stay with the team that gives him the best chance of getting him more rings.

      He has nothing to prove anymore and he openly cares about legacy and he wants to stack as many rings as possible to be viewed up there with the best ever or the best ever.

      • Something that people forget is that if Lebron does decide to stay put along with Bosh and Wade, they will cost the heat 62 million bucks when the cap is projected to be set at 60 million next season.. He may say hey I ll just stay here and allow mastermind Pat Riley to work, but if he does decide to opt out, the Sixers should be one of the teams he has a meeting with and they will be, no doubt in my mind if he opts out that he would meet with them.. They have the most to offer out of all the teams in the league… If he opts out the Sixers will take a shot at him..

        • the funny thing is the sixers dont have the most to offer. teams with enough cap space to sign lebron in the offseason all with better rosters than philly even if say melo came with lebron

          milwaukee can sign him but probably not a better roster than philly but maybe tied.

          every team listed besides charlotte will have a more appealing roster than us for next year and the next 3 years. your nuts jon. there is a minus infinity chance lebron comes here. you have down syndrome

          • OOPS TYPO.

            should read

            every team listed besides Milwaukee will have a more appealing roster than us for next year and the next 3 years. your nuts jon. there is a minus infinity chance lebron comes here. you have down syndrome

          • Do any of those teams have potentially 2 lotto picks? NO! Or the ability to sign 2 max contracts? What about their team vision and market size? Its not just about money, that’s an important component,but its more to it. The Suns have 4 first rounders yes, there own first, and 1 each potentially from Minnesota, Washington and Indiana as a result of previous trade stipulations. But all of those picks come with various protections… You’re waaay too close minded and in a bashing mode like the internet idiot you are, that you cant open your eyes and have a little vision of your own… You just sit back and talk non sense and its all entertaining for me, it shows how obsessed and desperate and lifeless you are during your retirement haha.. #showyahate




              • Explain why Lebron met with 5 of 7 teams with the most cap space, why not all 7? Because it wasn’t just about the money, its also about assets and vision of the organization, in our case led by Sam Hinkie…

                JH isn’t saying this will happen, I’m saying this is the position the Sixers have put themselves in.. We can now have this conversation because of what they are doing.. All the cap space, lotto picks/assets, market size/top 5 city.. This all plays a role in luring FAs to play in your city…

              • yea youre right jon. he is gonna leave everything he has worked for to play with a bunch of 18-21 year olds in philly because their GM has a vision and assets. youre totally right…

                and NO YOU ARE NOT SAYING “this is the position the Sixers have put themselves in”

                YOU SAID in your first post “Could Lebron James be interested in coming to Philly this off season? … I say its a strong possibility”

              • Do you know the difference between a possibility and a definite sure thing is? I shouldn’t have to explain this… I said in my first message that its a possibility not a definite thing…

                I’d love for Bron to come here, may not happen but Im playing GM right now, watching the moves Hinkie is making and you cant think that hes opening all this space up for no reason in a city this starved for a championship team? Hes not opening up this space for just draft picks.. Think man think… Hes going to make a run at two max guys.. Whether its Bron, Melo, Love, Aldridge etc etc.. The options are limitless…

              • no idiot you said a STRONG possibility he signs with us, that means it is likely. are you retarded?

                a possibility could mean from .000000001% to 99.99999% but strong possibility means greater than 50%

              • You spend ur life playing on words, I don’t nor do many posters on here… Regardless of what word I said before I said possibility I still said possibility. Didn’t say definite lock to happen… joke

              • youre the joke bro. strong possibility means likely and that is what u said. if u wouldve said its a possibility that is at least true. i dont play with words i read them and take them for as what the other meant. when i see you write strong possibility i dont say to myself oh he is retarded he meant possible, it was a typo that he wrote the word strong.

                your a fool

              • The point I made is that the Sixers have options and I love how theyre doing it.. We could sign two max contracts, we have two lotto picks upcoming and a slew of 2nds.. A beautiful position to be in…

              • they have options but they have no track record for success nor do they offer a night life (Miami) nor hip hop cred (Nets).

                Lets face it….. they have money but nothing else to offer. The fans are not passionate like they once were and we are not NY or LA or some other happening city.

                They better hope they can land a top pick and a vet or 2 that can make us something again.

            • Can the 76ers even get 2 Lotto Picks ??
              I thought if New Orleans ended up a Lottery Team in 2014, then their 1st Round Pick was Protected and kept by them and 76ers would get their 1st Rounder in 2015 instead..

              • Its a top 5 protected pick paul, so as long as the pelicans land outside of the top 5 then the sixers are in good shape and retain the pick

        • Stevo, these trades yesterday indicate that they are a lock to be in the top 5 at least, I say top 2-3. I doubt they’ll even win another game… If they get 1 or 2 they go Embiid or Wiggins..No track record for success? The Sixers organization have won the championship before. Lets not act like they never won anything…

          Also the other teams in our similar boat haven’t won a dang thing.,.. minus the lakers…

          • Hart,

            I understand how it works….

            The last time the sixers were relevant was around the time these cats were born. They have done nothing in the last 14 years and little in the last 25.

            Im not saying they won’t land a player or 2 but…. lets not pretend that James is coming here. I dont need a made up source to tell me that.

  • Sixers vs Mavs tonight
    1 MCW – Wroten – Maynor
    2 Anderson – Williams
    3 Granger – Thompson
    4 Young – Moultrie
    5 Mullens – Sims

    • They’ll only have 7-9 guys dressed tonight..

      • The trades involving the acquisitions of Danny Granger and Byron Mullens have not been approved as of Friday afternoon.
        Granger was still in Indiana saying goodbye to his teammates during Indiana’s shootaround, so it’s probably safe to assume he won’t be in the lineup against the Mavericks on Friday. Mullens’ status is not yet known, but we’ll pass along any info as it becomes available. The trades for Eric Maynor and Henry Sims have been approved, so they might be used tonight for the short-handed Sixers.
        Source: CSN Philly
        Feb 21 – 2:52 PM

      • Word on the Streets is that GMCliff will be suiting up tonight and wear the
        Jersey #00 and play the PF Position to show the young Players on how to Play it Properly… Probably worth the Price of Admission, right there…

        • GMCliff was All State as a Freshman in High School Paul.

          I don’t play anymore, but make no mistake about it, I know the game, and know how to play the game – and who can play……Deal with it.

          • C’Mon Cliff, what’s happened to your sense of Humor..
            Lighten up my Friend…

            • No Paul…..I found it humorous…I wasn’t offended at all Brother.

              I was smiling the whole time I was typing….

              • Good one Cliff,
                Get on the 76ers Roster and Teach these young players a thing or two..

              • I’d rather teach the front office…..

                Paul we got rid of our last 4-5 top picks in the draft over the last 4-5 years; Which proves they made all the wrong moves all these years.

                Just sad….We wouldn’t have done any worse huh?

              • You right Cliff,
                The last 3 GM’s have been terrible
                How Billy Kings continues to get GM Positions is a Joke in itself..
                After ruining the 76ers and doing very little to build around AI outside of adding terrible Contracts for aging Players,
                Then he gets a GM Job with the Atlanta Hawks and then ran that franchise into the ground when they actually had some young Talent a few years back, now Billy King is GM of the Brooklyn Nets
                I can’t think of any significant a moves or Drafts that he has made that has made any of the Teams while he was that ever became any better…
                Then the 2 76GM’s that followed him were not much better..

  • Here’s a quote from Coach Brent Brown moments ago: ‘We have to be ruthless and get the right people here.’

    Expect the Sixers to be cut throat/ruthless this off season, the draft, free agency etc.. 2 max guys could potentially be brought here this upcoming summer, keep in mind our 2 lotto picks..

    How bout this, say the Sixers pick Andrew Wiggins somewhere in the top 3, then they take let’s say the 6th pick from the pelicans and send that over to the TWolves for Kevin Love.. I wouldnt think they’d ask for Thad since they’re getting a 6th over pick in this draft (they could draft Noah Vonleh there). So then the sixers can trade Thad and some 2nds and maybe a future 1st to move back into the 1st for Doug McDermott.. Wow… expect wackiness on that night…

    Could this persuade Lebron James to come to Philly? Haha.. you never know..

    • I live in MN… please trust me… kevin love wants NOTHING to do with another rebuilding. He is not going to philly.

      • Everyone knows that except hart.

        Sixers gotta develop these guys and develop a star and or good enough to make another star wanna play for us.

      • Stevo— Once we acquire the guys we will get this upcoming draft and FA, this will no longer be a rebuild. Do we still view the Nets or Miami as a rebuilding situation? Uhhh no. The year before they became what they are now, both teams were some of the worse in the entire league. The same with the Celtics. Do you forget how they won their championships? They had what Two or three lotto picks, traded them away and made key signings and they have a title out of it. I’m not say mortgage the entire future for 3 players in their prime or a little past it then not have a pot to piss in years later, but there are things you can do to maneuver and play with the picks and cap space you have to acquire stars/superstar players.. This is not far fetched. As long as guys see that your bringing good players in, they’ll be fine with signing here…

  • rd 1 #2 Pick Parker or Wiggins , #7 Pick Harris. I like all three players Harris stock will fly come tourney time. he can shoot defend with a nice all around floor game. His size is lacking but I have now watched him jump off of one leg with serious hop he will be a player. I also would take Exum and Randle as a consolation prize duo to add to this roster. Either way other moves have to be made via trade or FA. Hinkie knows this which is why so many 2nd rd picks. I am still hopeful they can possibly get a bottom 1st rd pick and get a steal like a Kirpatrick from cincy or Glen Rob JR. this draft is loaded with sneaky good players who will play well in the open game of the NBA. don’t be surprised if a Pual George type steal is selected mid 1st rd.

  • All this draft talk means nothing. Sixers will draft 7th and Cleveland with 2 ping pong balls will somehow get the #1 pick again. lol

    • Will the Caviliers Owner’s Son be there with the Bow-Tie for Good Luck again..
      They should just award the Cavs the 1st Overall Pick Each Year until the kid goes to College ..

    • 7th daggolden?? with the 2nd worst record in the nba, the sixers will be selecting in the top 3 with 5 being the lowest. They will end up with the 1st to 3rd pick in my opinion.. Regardless of where we land, Hinkie has a plan and will make the right moves. He doesn’t make moves that will hurt this team.. Every move hes made has been sound and shows he has forethought…. These Analytics are no joke… Analytics helped bring MCW here with the what 11th pick?… You know what helped the sixers bring Noel here? Second round picks and this is right from Hinkie’s mouth… 2nd rounders played a role in facilitating the trade that sent Jrue to the Pelicans for Noel. So second rounders are very valueable esp when you own more than half of them in 2014.. #inhinkieitrust

  • On another note this is Allen Iverson tribute week culminating with his jersey retirement on Sat vs Wizards. They are showing all his accomplishments, highlights etc. Man Im here to tell you he was f**king great. Sometimes you forget how great and exciting AI was. If he was playing today he would still be the most exciting player in the NBA. SMH. 14 years later all the dumb assess who worried about if you practiced have enjoyed a pathetic team after your departure. lol. Give me your non-practicing ass 8 days a week.Damn you made 76er basketball exciting every damn night. Now ping pong balls are what excite us Sixer fans. Oh well atleast the Sixers are practicing hard and “playing the right way”. Enjoy it Iverson haters.

    • All he ‘accomplished’ … I guess I slept through the parade…

  • I’m no AI. Hater by any stretch.. He was entertaining. As for his work ethic and his practice thing… I wonder how good he could have been or how he could have elevated his team had he been a better citizen and team mate….damn he could have been a champion.

  • A Classic Underachiever once he reach the Top of his Profession after working so hard during his early years only to watch and let it all slip away .. Was it the Booze,the Women, his Enrouage, his Addiction to Gambling, nore like a Combination of all these things… It’s sad to see a person with such rare God-Given Talent and Heart only to see them throw it down the Drain …
    AI is a big boy, an adult who is free to do what he wants, but now AI has to live with the consequences of his poor decisions, his lack of discipline & focus and better judgement and being Broke so quickly after retiring after his big Contracts & Endorsements is the reason that many in the public just think of “Athletes” as Irrepsonsibile, Self absorbed & Selfish and not very bright when taking care of their “Personal Business” for their post Playing Days so they can support their families..
    He was Fun to watch, but I never thought he was a “great Player” who would elevate his Teammates Games.. .He played little to no Defense, was a poor Passer but could shoot, handle the ball and make some terrific Plays and drives to the Bucket.. But all in all, he reminds me a lot of the Younger Mike Vick.. So much Talent and but ljust lost their way… At least Vick found his way back to after suffering some real lows.. and now Vick is a better man for it and will go on and live a productive and happy life…
    I hope AI gets his Life turned around before it’s too late.. but it’s his decision, his path to take and his life to live. ..

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