• January 25, 2022

Cole Hamels Experiences Setback, May Not Pitch Until May

Cole HamelsHere we go again.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about how the Phillies were not to be trusted when they attempt to reassure their fanbase about the severity of injuries to their critical players.

On the eve of Spring Training, Ruben Amaro Jr. and team officials revealed that Cole Hamels would not be ready for Opening Day after being diagnosed with biceps tendinitis. Amaro and company told anyone and everyone that would listen that Cole “felt great” and that this was not a long-term concern, and everything would be under control.

And sure enough, like Chase Utley and Roy Halladay before him, the news on Cole has slowly gotten worse.

Hamels struggled to make it through a bullpen session today, and said that his body was telling him to shut things down for awhile. “I felt good when I threw my last bullpen, everything was great,” Hamels said. “But later that day and the next day, my arm felt fatigued. After 35 pitches, my body felt like I had thrown 1,000.”

Hamels is going to need to be shut down for a little while, and then will have to be reevaluated before he can resume his recovery. He was already expected to miss at least a couple starts in April, and this setback could very well keep him out until May, and that’s if everything from here on out goes well.

It doesn’t matter what kind of optimistic spin the Phillies try to put on this news. Given their horrible history in accurately diagnosing injuries over the last few years, you can’t believe that Hamels is truly ok until he is out there on the mound.

Denny Basens

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  • I agree with you Denny. Is anyone really surprised that the injury is taking longer to hel than the Phil’s told us. This stinks. Hopefully he can get healthy and pitch as he normally does.

  • Denny
    I stated on your initial article that reported that Hamels had tendinitis issues that he would not be MLB Ready to Pitch until
    Mid-May .. You can always add about a 4-5 Weeks tone frame for a Players Return to whatever the Phillies cone out and publicly state
    We have all seen this nany times
    2 years ago, I stated that Dic wasn’t right
    3 years ago that Utley wasn’t right
    I am no medical person, but it’s obvious to me when a Player is laboring or favoring something with his body and just not able to play ball loosely as they naturally do.. Why is so hard for Phillies Brass just come out and say the truth..
    With this latest setback with Hamels, I now put his return back to early-mid June at the earliest ..

    • Its just unreal how many mistakes this front office/medical staff has made in recent years…failing to give Hamels an MRI in November when these issues first surfaced is just ridiculous, you owe it to yourself to take every precaution. The organization has got to make some major structural changes, this nonsense has happened too many times.

      Someone needs to be held accountable.

      • It stems from GM Amaro in my opinion,
        He’s too casual, laid back approach and to build a Roster on Veterans to give it one more shot is not working..
        The Phils have gone from an Organization that Players wanted to come too 3-4-5 years ago to a laughing stock in such a short period of time under GM Amaro’s time that it is very sad and frustrating to see unfold..
        When you read other GM’s and MLB Front Office comments about the Philkies current state, it’s pretty apparent that Amaro is in way over his head
        I’ve probably read 4-5-6 accounts from other GM/Front Office people that he “flys from zither hip” in almost every facet of running a Baseball Team
        and has not really developed a coherent short-term/long-term plan & strategy of getting the Phils back on Top..

  • Cole Hamels has lost a lot of weight this off season. The weight lose is in muscle since he was never fat any way. Even if Cole does come back he won’t have the strength to maintain his previous #1 or #2 starter dominance. It is a lost year before it begins.

    • I agree Eagles,
      I would not be surprised if he’s shut down for the Season which is orobablybwhybthry went out and signed AJ Burnet
      With his big deal.. Not that it will matter much
      For 2014..

  • it is OFFICIAL Miguel Gonzales is a GAS CAN. AJ Burnett got lit up like a gas can today too

    • This 2014 Team is shaping up worse than I thought…
      In hindsight, they should have pulled the Plug in the Off-Season and went Young into this Season.. I have a strong feeling that this is a lost cause and wasted year in Developing and Finding out about your Younger Players on your Roster to get a jump on 2015…
      75 Win Season Max and this may even be difficult to achieve with this Pitching Staff and their lack of Hitting from their supposed Big Guns..

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