• January 25, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 8-1 Loss To Atlanta

cleeThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their Grapefruit League match against the Atlanta Braves on Monday afternoon.

  • Cliff Lee threw 3.2 innings, allowing two runs on three hits and a walk. Lee also struck out five. 
  • Josh Hollands pitched 2.1 innings, and gave up a run on three hits and two walks.
  • Jonathan Papelbon had a rough outing, giving up five runs on four hits and a walk. Remarkably, all five runs were unearned. Maikal Franco committed an error to start the inning, but that was the only defensive mistake behind the closer during the frame. Papelbon allowed three singles, a double, and a walk following Franco’s mistake. Bizarre scoring decisions, to say the least.
  • Justin De Fratus pitched a scoreless ninth inning.
  • The Phillies were completely inept at the plate. They managed just one run on six hits.
  • Ben Revere and Jimmy Rollins went a combined 0-6 at the top of the order. Rollins’ average has dropped to .133.
  • Chase Utley went 1-3 with a single.
  • Ryan Howard went 0-2 with a walk and left three on base.
  • Marlon Byrd went 1-2 with a double and a walk.
  • Domonic Brown went 0-3, and is now batting just .091.
  • Maikal Franco went 1-3 with a single.

Final Thoughts

The Phillies have been held to three runs or less in eight of their 13 games.

They’ve scored one run or less in five of those feeble efforts.

This is of course a byproduct of nearly every big name in the lineup batting below .200 with miserable power numbers.

Of all the struggling stars, the guy I’m most concerned about is Domonic Brown. His miserable .091 average with no RBI’s makes Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard’s wretched .100 averages look tremendous by comparison. Brown isn’t just failing at the plate, he’s failing with runners on base. Every game, it seems as though Brown is finishing his linescore with two or three runners left on base.

The Phillies parted ways with assistant hitting coach Wally Joyner over the off-season, which could end up hurting Brown’s production. Brown credited a lot of his success last year to the work that Joyner had done with him, and you have to wonder how much he’s missing Joyner’s voice right now.


Denny Basens

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  • Phils are not even in the same league as the Braves,Nats,Cardinals,Reds,Dodgers,SF Giants,Arizona Diamondbacks,
    and a few other NL Teams this Season…. A 100 losses is very possible…

  • Denny stop making the craziest excuses for brown really u gonna blame hitting coach leaving for him not hitting seriously!! The guy was overrated from day one when they said he was in top 100 prospects and he was untouchable for tradebait

    • Don, Denny can’t help himself. He’s one of the Phillies biggest excuse makers. What success last year? He had about a 3-4 week hot streak, & died. Brown is an overrated stiff, by this organization. Already, the built in injury excuse is already there. This team is nauseating, & nothing will change, & we will be really bad for the foreseeable future, until .300 Monty, Ruin 2morrow, the Scouts, & the Medical staff are sent to Siberia! We might not break 70-75 wins this year. This front office, has sucked the life & excitement, out of this team, & it’s future. The team is ancient, high priced, declined in skill, injury prone, & our minor leagues are a barren waste land! The next 5-7 years are very bleak. Look for Lee, Burnett, Papelstiff, & whatever other dreck on this team, to be shipped out by the All Star break.

  • this team blows. can’t hit minor leaguers if their families lives were on the line with the exception if Byrd.

    utley should’ve been traded last year I suggested to Oakland for Michael choice and another top 10 prospect. choice was traded this offseason for that bum reliever we got in the victorino deal (lindblum maybe?) & some other minor leaguer gentry. Oakland would’ve 10000% gave us choice and some1 for chase. choice is a power bat who hits for average too but we needed this pansy chase soooo bad. it’s sick how dumb Reuben is and how he just ignores what matters most – offense.

    jimmy never should’ve been resigned either.

    fuck this blows.

    • mh, you finally have come around, huh? Remember when you, & HAC constantly ripped me, for stating these things, since the end of the 2011 season? I may be negative sometimes, but it doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. Howard’s albatross contract, was ill-advisedly given 2 years before needed. Rollins should have never been re-signed. Utley & Chooch should have never been re-signed. Both should have been traded for some sort of assets. How Ruin still has a job, is infuriating, & mind boggling!

      • actually you have selective memory: 1. you picked them to win the division in 2012, 2. you loved the pence trade 3. you loved the papelbon signing. so when those things go wrong you then say ‘see i told you’
        I have said all along that they had to try to win in 13, 14–
        As for howard paying extensions early for your mvp is something that all teams do… they didn’t cut his achilles.
        Rollins– first year of his contract 22 hr and a gg, last year terrible, this year .260, 15, 90 runs– if he doesn’t make 2/3 of those stats (if he plays 145 games) i’m out of gcobb.

        • Yes, I picked them to win the division in 2012. I had no problem with Pence, but I was never on board for Papelstiff! You have selective memory, because I’ve been critical since 2011 ended, & have been crying for us to get younger, & start to trade for young pieces, & talent for 3 years. Rollins should have never been re-signed, & you know it, I don’t care what he did that 1st year. We needed to start getting younger, & we managed to get older. I’m not going to open these irrational arguments with you again, because you’ll never admit you were wrong, & give me credit for the warranted criticism, that I give your boy Amaro. Our entire nucleus started going in decline, after the 2010 season. If we didn’t have such a great pitching staff, that year, we would have never won those games, because we haven’t hit good since the middle of that year. Ruin 2morrow is a horrific gm, that almost every move he made was either stupid, the wrong move, overpaid, or has blown up in his face. He is not qualified, & never has been, to be a MLB GM. He got it because of family loyalty. Arbuckle got f^#@ed, & so did Lamar. He is the worst GM in this cities history, & has managed to suck the life out of an entire sort for it’s fans. No matter how many excuses you make, or how many things you go back to use on me. You still refuse to criticize, the useless bum, still make excuses, don’t admit you were ever wrong, & I was right. Am I wrong sometimes? Yes. Am I negative, more than I’m not? Yes. Do I know what I’m talking about? Yes. But, be a f^#@ing man for once, & rip that SOB, if you are truly as big as a fan, as you claim you are! It’s ridiculous, arguing with you.

          • DCar
            November 12, 2011 – 4:13 am

            What’s the shock? It’s been widely publicised, that if they didn’t resign Madson, they would sign Papelbon. Great move! IMHO, Madson was overrated anyways, & a one year wonder.

            GREAT MOVE SAYS THE ONE AND ONLY DCAR! Now he says he was never on board with ‘papelstiff’ interesting…very interesting
            picking them to win the division 2 years ago and saying you wanted them dismantled 3 years ago???? interesting

            • DCar
              November 12, 2011 – 3:33 am

              Great signing. Madson isn’t worth the $$$ he wants. He is a 1 year wonder. He was very inconsistent, at best, prior to last season.

              selective memory!! BAWABAWABWAAW HILARIOUS
              come on man give me some all caps and some curse words!

              • Not going to curse you, because you are the loser, that spends his time, going back to research other posters comments. Enough said! You still ain’t man enough, nor have the balls, to rip Amaro, & give me some credit, HUH?!? Please, man, give me a break! Be happy with your boy, & the slop he assembled on the field, because you don’t want a Champ, you are content with just being in it.

              • all i’ve ever said DCAR is you are an armchair QB/GM who has the benefit of hindsight. You see your own words above and then when it doesn’t work out you say “i never was on board’ and then you make up derogatory names like a school child.
                as for amaro… if they bring f.ing bobby abreau north– i’m done!

              • We all have benefit of hindsight. It’s part of life. But, I’ve never liked Amaro, & always said vehemently, that he was not qualified to be a GM. He has done a horrific job, & you can’t deny it. Hindsight, or not! A bad job, is a bad job! The only reason he has a job, is because of his Daddy.

              • BTW, you should have been done, when they re-signed Chase, & Chooch, & didn’t trade them. I even held out hope, that his stupid @$$ would have made a good move.

              • fact of the matter is– you have selective memory– you were all over the pap signing now acting like the king of all armchair gm’s and saying you were against it all the time
                i will say things have not worked out in the phils favor– things happen in sports- just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing to do at the time….we all thought signing hamels was a good idea and now look… shit happens
                i’m rooting for them to make a run the way the 83 phils did and if it doesn’t work out– fire sale and see what the franco, asche era is like

      • yep dcar i remember for sure. maybe you are smarter than me and assessing long term vision? but i remember you ripping reuben at the time and i disagreed at the time as i mostly agreed with his moves. he mortgaged the future to win and the team was rock solid at that time and imo you keep buying players when you are on the verge of competing for a WS…. did we give up a lot of assets to get the likes of pence, halladay, oswalt, lee – absolutely. But guess what none of the guys he traded are helping major league teams now. so i was and still am ok with ALL of those deals, he was trying to get us another world series which I am all in favor of.

        was howards contract a mistake? im not sure, it was the cost of doing business and at the time he was a beast and has since blew up and is nothing more than dead weight now

        was rollins contract a mistake? yep, said it then and ill say it now

        was resigning utley a mistake? yep said it then and ill say it now. this was reubens biggest mistake and really shows he is retarded, why resign him when you couldve got major assets last year for him last year especially when it was clear as day the phils future was/is in the shitter. unexusable mistake by reuben. Maybe chase can have an ok first half this year and reuben can fix his mistake by trading him this year????????

        was signing chooch a mistake – i say no, he calls a good game, now takes subscription “peds”, so i dont mind that.

        bottom line i ripped you then and because i wasnt convinced reuben was a moron and didnt hate any move he moved. but once he resigned/not traded jimmy/chase i realized he is a retard and has no clue how to run this team

        • mh, I’ve never claimed to be better than anyone on here. Smarter than a few of the retards? Absolutely. But, for once, instead of being attacked for my criticisms, & having my fandom called into question, I like for MY critics, to understand, & realize where I’ve been coming from. HAC, stubbornly refuses to give me the credit for being right about Amaro, because he’s to proud to be wrong, no matter how irrational, & stupid he sounds. I’d like to believe we all love our teams, but I will NEVER kiss anybodies @$$, & will never keep my comments to myself, when ripping is warranted. Amaro is a joke, & ruined this team, & has gotten worse, each individual year, since he took over. All-the-while, the payroll increasing, & increasing, & the minors disappearing!

          • car never said you said you were. thats my theory, i posed it as a question but there is no doubt in my mind when it comes to sports you are way smarter than I in almost all aspects. but thats why i come here and converse with peeps, to help myself learn, understand and so on.

            completely agree with your assessment of reuben and you were right about him years before it became clearly obvious. i didnt love the pence trade and stated that from the moment it was announced but i got the move. imo reub is clueless and operates too much like a casual fan.

            i do think you rip all our teams more than you give them props and years ago especially when things were going good with the phils i wouldve said you and did say you are a joke of a fan. but after being present on this site for a while and not just shooting the shit with my friends & family ive learned everyone sees their teams through a different lens and has different thoughts/opinions and who am i to judge your experience. and for that ignorance in prior years i apologize dcar. your a brilliant guy when it comes to sports and see things from a way more analytical standpoint than i and understand the game more than i. i appreciate what you bring to this site

            • I apologize too, for that stupid online spat we had a few years ago. Good to see there is someone on here, who is man enough to extend an olive branch. I try not to get fired up on here, but the dum@$$e$ (not you) pull me in. That’s my fault, I should just let them continue to make retards out of themselves. Listen, I’m not always right. I go on the attack too quick sometimes. I’m negative too much, but I take pride in being a very smart, & knowledgable person in just about everything, & do my research, because I don’t want to talk out my @$$, & look like a retard, like some of the geniuses on here. Olive branch extended….. 🙂

              • no apology needed. i dont remember the circumstances but i probably deserved it. i know your weakness is you cant let stuff go and take things too seriously sometimes and im certain i played into that to try pass the day and laugh all day …

              • It’s cool. Now, we can continue to bash the retards.

          • who plays SS? i don’t get what you are saying about rollins? Galvis? no freaking way! ridiculous!

            • hac, Galvis is just as good as Rollins defensively, he just can’t hit. He could have been a decent stopgap, until Crawford/ Quinn are ready, or we could have signed a cheaper veteran. Another stupid move was bringing Chase back, because we could have moved Asche back to 2B, & brought up Franco, this year. Now, one of them, ain’t making the MLB roster. Another guy getting JO, is Ruf. Why bring in Byrd? We are like an AARP Bocce team. It’s sickening.

              • I said all along they should try to give the nucleus till 14 to win. I don’t think galvis is more than a utility man. Injuries have certainly taken their toll… Howard’s Achilles has been the Phil’s Achilles… Doc who we agree was a great move broke down… When you roll the dice.
                I think you and many fans seriously underestimate Rollins…
                If this run fails you get your wish for an ultra young team… Lots of kid mistakes but we shall see.
                Funny people talk about their minors sucking yet are clamouring for a 21 year old and 22 year old..interesting

  • Cody Asche should bat in the lead off spot.

  • Dominic Brown proved he could hit last year, and then got injured after the break and was never the same: too early to give up on him.

    He was an all-star last year.

    Let’s give him a little time.

  • Did you watch Biddle pitch on Saturday, average below average command. This guy was the 22nd player taken in 2010, he should have developed more by now, but to me was worthy that draft status

    Phillies severely lacking in scouting

    • Jake, you didn’t see Biddle as a future starter for the Phlis?

  • This organization died, when Arbuckle got shafted for Ruin 2morrow, & Looper was jerked off by Reuben, & he told him to stick it, & left!

    • *Meant Chuck Lamar, not Looper*

  • DCar – I don’t want Ruben Amaro fired, I want to see him squirm for the next 3 years. Those old folks in Phillies uniforms are not winning more than they lose. Nor are any of those old folks trade-able. He is going to get booed mercilessly. I am glad Jeff Lurie made Andy Ried stand on that sideline his last season here and get booed. He deserved it. Ruben deserves what is about to come his way. An avalanche of boos, 3 years worth coming and I can’t wait to see him squirm.

    • e0, please, 3 more years & there won’t be anymore fans left, & we’ll officially be back to the mid-late 90’s. We need to fire him NOW, move on, & begin the rebuild, before this season goes south, & he trades everybody for slop again! But, realistically, that won’t happen until seasons end, & he will trade everyone for nothing. I hate his smug, lying, inept, @$$!

      • that snake Doug Collins left town and left this mess. We didn’t even get a Doug Collins was fired story, we got Doug Collins is stepping down and will remain as a special consultant.
        No way, Amaro has to stay and get splashed by this tidal wave about to reach the shores.

  • Friggin whole team couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of the friggin boat! This whole debacle of a poor excuse for a major league team is embarssing. Actually thats who they remind me of the fukin movie major league!!!!! and ryan howard is budda lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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