• May 19, 2022

My Early Take On Eagles 2014 Draft

JoshHuffThis year’s group of Eagles rookies is very impressive from an intelligence and character standpoint.  I sat and listened to each of them when they addressed the media for the first time and I was tremendously impressed.  I expect them to make an impact immediately because I can see that Chip Kelly and his staff have a clear role for them in 2014.

First round pick Louisville outside linebacker Marcus Smith seems to have the speed and athletic ability to be a very good player.  He notched 14.5 sacks in his senior year, so despite the fact that everybody thought he was going to be selected in the second round, the guy can rush the passer.  I think he will show us he was worth a first round pick.

I got a good look at him at the Eagles Nova Care Complex and I could see that he needs to get in the weight room and get stronger.  I expect him to be a pass rush specialist this year, while backing up Trent Cole.  He may be able to force the Birds to give him more time, if he uses his speed to come around the corner and get to the quarterback like I think he can do. He’s athletic enough to do a good job in pass coverage as well.

Second round pick Vanderbilt wide receiver, Jordan Matthews, is a player, who will find ways to be productive on the NFL level.  He’s not amongst the fastest in the league, but this young man is fast. He’s not as big as Detroit’s Calvin Johnson, but Matthews has very good size.  I like his combination of size, speed, smarts and toughness.  Guys like that find a way to get the job done.

He will have a big size advantage working against the nickel corners in the league who cover slot receivers.  Matthews will have a big advantage when it comes to blocking them on running plays and the Vanderbilt star will be able to use his size to push off to get open across the middle.

This young man is tough and that will help him tremendously as he learns about what it takes to succeed in the NFL.  I expect solid production out of him in his first season.

Third round pick Oregon wide receiver, ,Josh Huff, should also be able to be productive immediately in the first year as a fourth receiver, because he’s running the same offense he ran in college.  I’m not talking about being a star, but I think he can contribute.  This young man is small from a height standpoint, but he’s got great speed and change of direction.

I expect Chip Kelly and company to get him the football in open space and let him operate.  Huff knows how to get open to be productive in this offense because he’ll be comfortable in the role that Kelly has for him because he’s already operated in it.

When we talked to him during the rookie camp, he was coaching fellow rookie wide receiver Matthews and the other young wide receivers because he’s played this offense for years.

You’re going to see more and more NFL defensive backs like Florida’s Jaylen Watkins,  the Eagles fourth round pick.  He plays both the cornerback and safety positions and he has a tremendous combination of size and speed.  Watkins can cover like a corner, but still come up and tackle like a safety.

He’s got the size and speed to do both, which will allow the Eagles plenty of opportunities to get him on the field.  I don’t know where he’s going to fit in better, but this young man will be on the field early and often.

I don’t see Watkins being a starter this year, but I do expect him to be on the field as much as a nickel back, which will be at least 50% of the defensive plays.

Oregon defensive end Taylor Hart fits the role of a defensive end in the Birds 3-4 defense because he’s got the great size at 6’6” and he’s got the long arms to separate from blockers to get to the football.  Hart was drafted to be part of the rotation on the defensive line and I expect to get on the field as a backup this year.

Hart is effective against the run, but I don’t expect much out of him as a pass rusher.  The Eagles defense is designed to put the outside linebackers in position to rush the passer, but Hart will be asked to push offensive linemen into the face of opposing quarterbacks.  He’s got good strength but he will need to get stronger in order to be a standout.

Fifth round pick Stanford safety Ed Reynolds has a great understanding of how to play the safety position.  We’re going to find out whether that football intelligence will allow him to shine in the NFL. This young man not only has the intelligence, but he has tremendous instincts.  I could see him getting his hands on the football.

The young man is an outstanding open field tackler, but he doesn’t have the great size and speed of the league’s best safeties.  Don’t be shocked if he gets on the field if the other safeties aren’t playing well, because he has great intangibles.

Chances are Reynolds will be backing up this year for the most part and contributing on the special teams, but don’t rule out him getting on the field.  He will be expected to be one of the core special teams players and will likely have to make the team on his special teams production.

Wisconsin nose tackle, Beau Allen could be s starter and major contributor in his first year because he is a prototypical nose tackle, which the Eagles defense needs.  Allen is a huge space eater, who seems to be unmovable against double-teams, when plants himself on the defensive line.

Don’t expect him to get near the quarterback, but who cares, Allen will only be on the field on run downs.  This young man will free up middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans to have a big year making tackles behind the line of scrimmage.


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  • Great analysis G-Man…
    I agree with all your Player assessments and have been one of the few who is
    High on1st Pick Marcus Smith and his upside as a legitimate Pass-Rusher from the OLB Position..
    Chip Kelly is remaking this Eagles Roster in his likeness..

  • Foles talks differently. Watching his interviews today you sense more of a edge. More confidence. This is his next step in his maturation process. This is what I want, this is what the Eagles need. He needs to show he is the leader, this is what he demands.He didn’t have the “golly gee” look in his eyes. He looked different, he talked a little different.If he can get that “Tom Brady” edge about him or something close to that I think we have something. Cant wait to see if he gets some emotion on the field and really takes command of this team. I guess that is part of the “it” factor. So far I see a change if you get what Im saying.

    • Foles may be our “Neo. The one. and Vinny was the fucking Oracle. lol

    • Foles put it pretty bluntly. He said that he needs to get better or he will be gone….”this is the NFL” he said. Asked about last years stats he said that they “mean nothing”. That he needs to improve in many areas…..Kelly echoed the same things.

      In another interview Foles says that he has turned down a number of endorsement deals because they would take too much time away from his main job of getting better as a quarterback for this team.

      Laser focus. Intent on improving the trouble areas of his game, but knowing that the team needs a confident leader. So far so good.

      • Heard that to. that WIP and 97.5 said they have tried numerous times to get him on there station but he has declined. Not quite sure if a 10 min interview would hamper his growth(lol) but I get it.

  • Love G but aren’t these OTA’s supposed to be non contact so some of these observations make no sense. Like the safety Reynolds a sure open field tackler? Hmmm.

  • Oh I get it this is based off of him studying game tapes now I see. LOL

  • One thing is evident with Maclin. He didn’t like Djax. I don’t know what it is or what it was, jealousy or he just never liked Djax but it it is clear by the way he talks and his actions that him and Djax weren’t buddies. He damn sure gets “short” with every response when asked about Djax. He looks like he wants to shut up all this talk about Djax and have a good year. We will see.

    • He may not like Djax but he damn sure was a better receiver with him on the field. He needs to prove he can be just as productive if not more productive with him gone.

      Oh. And stay healthy.

      • Sherel I have to agree with you. He needs to stay healthy, and without DJax he is surely to draw more attention. Jealous or not, he needs to produce…..besides, he is on a one year deal, if he doesn’t produce he doesn’t get paid next year like he wants.

    • Its the bite of reality Dag – He knows, he isn’t better than him, and never will – he’s an ok receiver, but he’s no DeSean Jackson…..

  • Actually it would be nice if A. Benn could stay healthy he has more talent then every receiver on the roter, it’s just a shame he was conceived in the same glass factory as Mike Vick and Sean Lee.

    • You can add Locker to that list of Glass factory babies.

      • Oh yea TS can’t forget about that guy he can replace the original Mr Glass. Matt Stafford!!

  • Actually TS, what you said about Maclin being more productive with Desean on the feild is not true. What did you say…”he was damn sure a better WR with Desean on the field”. Wrong as usual.

    I am assuming you chalk it all up to the “Desean opened up the field” myth that you simpletons cling to. But its not the case.

    Maclin had very, very productive games when Desean was injured.

    2009 – game 4. Desean left early. Maclin 6 for 142 and 2 tds
    2010 game 6 Desean banged up Maclin 7 for 159 and 2 tds
    2012 game game 13 Maclin 9 for 104 1 td game 15 8 for 116 1 td

    Maclin has proven he can perform quite well when Desean is not on the field.

    • Vinny with never having 1000 yards, being injured every year and being a 1st round pick quite honestly I think its kind of assanine to say Maclin does anything “quite well” at this point. If that’s the “measuring stick” for “quite well, Djax must have his “masters” in productivity compared to JMac. But the wonderful thing about this is Maclin has the opportunity to shut all his naysayers up this year. Same offense and same QB. Don’t wanna hear about spreading the ball around. Its the same damn offense.

      • One thing I will give you about Maclin. Barney Rubble loves him and goes out of his way to compliment Maclin every chance he gets. I don’t ever think Ive heard him go out of his way to compliment Djax or Shady since hes been here. But he loves himself some Celek and Maclin.

        • Of course Kelly loves Maclin – since he came into the league he has been the Eagles most reliable receiver.

          Over the four years that Maclin and DJax, played together 2009-2012, Maclin has more receptions, and more TD catches than DJax. AND he has fumbled the ball less than half as many times as DJax.

          Another thing, except for this past year, Maclin has been injured less than DJax.

          You people don’t have a clue….

      • Dag, I’m telling you guys Maclin has been a effective NFL receiver when healthy but if given equal opportunity Benn would be more productive but this cat can’t stay healthy for more than a couple of hours, he’ll suffer some kind of season ending injury during pre season.

        • Biglion you are correct hes a effective career 60 catch 800 yard receiver on a pass 1st Andy Reid led team. I don’t choose to call him a effective receiver. My term of choice is dime a dozen receiver. If he was a UDFA he would be a wonderful. find. He wasn’t, he was a 1st round pick.

    • Sigh.

      There’s a nice little chart out there showing Macs production with Jax on the and off the field.

      Overall his production is BETTER with Jax on the field. I NEVER said Mac was a bad wide receiver or he didn’t have any good games with out Jax on the field.

      And picking a handful of games to prove a point I wasn’t making doesn’t in anyway change or disprove what I said initially. Mac has better numbers with Jax on the field than off.

      • No it isn’t. He has better numbers when Jackson is in the trainers room.

        His production was not better when DJax was there.

        His production skyrocked when the indespensible one was not on the field.

        • We’ll Maclin is the man now Vinnie, we will see how he does when he is game plan for. In the immortal words of Ric Flair in order to be the mean you got to beat the man wooooo. Now that has nothing to due with this topic, I just always wanted to say that.

          • WOOOOO. LOL

    • “Simpleton” is my line and u cant have it. In fact… it was put into use because of your non stop love of Mike Vick. I will say… you seem a little clearer now that hes out of your life but still… its my word and u cant use it.

  • I’m not saying Maclin has lived up to his 1st round billing. He hasn’t.

    I’m just debunking the continual and untrue myth that Desean was so especiallly irreplacable. He isn’t.

    TS said that Maclin was a better WR when Desean was on the field, the reality is, his numbers skyrocket whenever the mini-man was in the trainer’s room.

    Of course part of this is because more balls came his way, but he was still open. He was still catching them.

    Amzing how other WRs can be productive without “Desean drawing a double team ever play” (which is about the 2nd stupidest thing I’ve ever read on here right after “Vick is a good QB”

    • Vinnie if healthy I expect Maclin to have a career year, he’s on a one year deal so it’s produce or be on the street cup in hand that is incentive in itself plus all the who’s going to replace DJax talk. He’s gonna be the good soldier because he likes it here this will be an interesting season to say the least.

    • You keep talking about how productive Mac is when the guy has NEVER cracked 1000 yards. Ever.

      • I agree with Dag he’s Kenny Jackson serviceable, now that’s a blast from the past.

      • And DJax never cracked 10 TD…. That’s what they count at the end of game to see who won.

  • I can see that this argument will be continuing throughout this season.

    I would believe, and I think he may have said the same, that Kelly is not looking to replace DJax with a single reciever. I think that he is looking at the overall production of the offense. At the end of the year we can look at the production of the offense in 2013 with Jackson and 2014 without him. It will not be definative, but it would be a good comparison.

    Either way, Kelly is going to have to live with the results of his decision….no doubt the chorus will be loud if his offense fails to produce and DJax lights it up in DC. But he understood that when he made the move.

  • This is my point. We didn’t have to see if it works. We didn’t have to wonder if Maclin would be able to replace Djax. They set records last year with Djax. There was no mystery. It worked. I wanted to see Djax, Sproles, Cooper, Maclin, Shady, Ertz and STILL draft Matthews in the 2nd round. There was no reason to get rid of Djax this year. Next year would of been fine after seeing if Maclin could produce and Mathhews had a year in the system Then release Djax or trade him. Im not saying Matthews cant be a player or Maclin somehow cant flourish in this system. It is quite possible but its a chance that didn’t have to be taken at this time. Like I stated before when Barney Rubble was at Oregon his system flourished against the Washington States and receivers made plays. But when he tried to trot out those same (not NFL quality) players vs DBs who were bigger, stronger, faster and more talented then them system receivers at Oregon looked pretty pedestrian. By the way its amazing how there is no more gang related stuff to report. Not one peep. .

  • All we can do is look at what HAS happened and try to predict from that.

    In 6 games together – without Jackson – Foles and Maclin combined for 33 for 408 and 3 tds.

    Pro-rated over a season that’s 87 catches 1090 yrds and 8 tds.

    Again, that was without Jackson…AND on a team that had basically quit….AND in Foles first 6 starts.

    I am not concerned about passing production in the least.

    • “All we can do is look at what HAS happened and try to predict from that”

      – Maclin gets injured.
      – Maclin dodesn’t crack 1000 yards
      – Maclin gets shutdown by bigger stronger DBs
      – Mackln avoids contact by alligator arming catches
      – Maclin “self tackles” and misses the first down for fear of being hit

      I mean if you want to play the “what has happened” game. Mac is a big question mark. He likely has a career year (assuming health) in this offense, but that likely won’t mean much in the larger scheme of things with the defensive talent we face this year.

  • Kelly really don’t know extradinary talent to succeed. Now, he will never win a SuperBowl but success is measured by Shekels raked in on an yearly bases.

    If the Eagles go 8-8 or 10-6 consistently while getting booted out of the early rounds, that will give us that continual window of hope us Eagles fans covet so.

    We take pride in predicting/hoping players have jumps from year to year that will eventually pay off, even though reality tells us the team dumps players that actually take those jumps from year to year commanding more money.

    So, the carousel continues.

    Chip is a football God!!!!

    Foles is the next Joe Montana!

    Our Eagles are “The Golden Standard” of the NFL.



    Do you bleed Green?

    Well Lurie is the Vampire.

    Sucking you suckers dry.

    • Kelly really don’t need*

    • Basically the current version of the Bengals.

      Though the Skins are coming on strong. So there is no guarantee the Eagles are gonna consistently own that NFC East crown.

      • Yes just like the Bengals.

        Last 20 years

        Bengals 134 wins and 185losses 0 playoff wins

        Eagles 176 wins and 145 losses 11 playoff wins, 4 NFC championships, 1 SB appearance

        I completely understand why you’d make the Cincinatti Bengal reference.

        Again, do everyone a favour and go buy a half and half Redskins/Jets jersey and keep rooting for your 2 mini-man, all flash no substance favourite players.

        Skins are coming on strong.


        The only coch who would work for them is from Cinci. They’re a complete mess.

        • And once again your reading comprehension skills are non-existent.

          I was referring to recent years of making it to the first round of the playoffs and getting bounced.

          That was what the convo was about – being just good enough to win in a weak division, but not good enough to make any real moves in the post season.

          But yeah. Stay missing the point as usual.

          • Bullshit.

            Try and spin it all you want.

            You said Cincinatti Bengals for a reason. The Bengals are one of the (if not the) most completely pathetic franchises in NFL history.
            You said The egales were just like them.

            Don’t try to hide behind the word “current”. It only makes you sound more pathetic than usual.

            You compared the Birds to the Bengals.

            You did this because you are pissed that the Eagles have cut your two favourite mini-man, sideways hat wearing, all flash no substance, never win anything heros.

            And you now celebrate the two teams that picked up those never win anything except ESPY highlight show awards players announcing, “the Redskins are coming on strong” (coming strong off their 3 win season I suppose).

            Again, go buy a half and half Jets/Skins Jersry with the number 107 on it and be done with it charlatan.

            • God you’re an idiot.

              This was Songs comment: If the Eagles go 8-8 or 10-6 consistently while getting booted out of the early rounds, that will give us that continual window of hope us Eagles fans covet so.

              This was my response: Basically the current version of the Bengals.

              You’re idiot.

              Let me break it down for you:

              See the Bengals are kinda fretting b/c they aren’t sure what to do with Andy Dalton. They’ve made the playoffs since he’s been there (or the last three years, whatever it is) BUT they CONSISTENTLY get bounced in the first rounds.

              So do they:

              A. Extend him and hope they get over that hump
              B. Cut him loose and gamble on a new guy and risk not getting to the playoffs at all.

              Similar to how I see the current version of the Ealges – good enough to win the division (9-10 win season) but not good enough to make any noise in the playoffs (see NO playoff game last year).

              THAT is what the convo was about. Being good enough to win consistently, but not good enough to win it all, or really get anywhere in the post season.

              Now – this is the SECOND comment of mine you’ve derailed to turn it into your Hate Fest for all things Vick and DJax.

              Clearly you have some issues you need to work out. You should work on that. You’re pretty sad and pathetic at this point.

              • ” “the Redskins are coming on strong” (coming strong off their 3 win season I suppose).”

                Um..let’s see what team has a 4 win season and then the next year (with new coach, new system no less) went and had a 10 win season…

                I’ll wait.

                What team won the division in 2012 (you now year before last)?

                I’ll wait.

      • TS

        I live out here in the DC/MD/VA area. The Skins aren’t coming on strong. Their draft was weak and made our “reaches” look like Bill Walsh gems.

        They are bringing back an offensive line that left there QB in pieces. They are counting on Morgan Moses to take over the RT spot and all reports are that he will not be ready to take over that spot week 1 and Tyler Polumbus will be managing that again. They have skill position players but have a weak O Line and durability questions at QB and TE.

        Defensively THEY ARE ATROCIOUS. Fletcher is gone, their safety play makes our safeties look like the second coming of Wes Hopkins and Andre Waters.

        All the dynamics have to go perfectly for them offensively in order for them to be effective and a legit threat. That is asking quite a bit of a team whose major talent upgrade was at WR yet they didnt address their offensive line which could not pass protect at all.

        Also Jay Gruden was NOT a hot commodity. He was picked because Dan Snyder need a low maintenance coach that would continue down the path with RG3 no questions asked and also would be comfortable with the GM structure of Snyder and Bruce Allen.

        Morrocco Brown leaving to run Cleveland tells you their is still a HIGH level of dysfunction in Washington.

        • The Redskins Secondary may the worst in all of Football
          CB D Hall is decent, but Safety’s Ryan Clark & B Meriweather are both terrible in Pass-Coverage and then a bunch of young,unproven players
          Behind them.,
          Their first 3 Draft Picks all went a Round or two ahead of Projections
          OT Moses is Soft and will have a tough time in the NFL
          DE/OLB is simply not strong or athletic enough and the other OL
          Was a 5th/6th Round Prospect at best whose name escaped me
          At the moment..

  • Hey Philly dudes

    Bastardo sucks monkey balls

    I’m sick of them trotting his sorrry ass out there

    Manship threw three great innings before this douche comes in and sucks once v again

  • You backtrack faster than a politician who’s poll numbers are dropping.

    It was: “Eagles are just like the Bengals”…..

    Now its: “It was Songs fault.”

    It was: “Redskins are coming on strong”….
    Now its: “I only neant it because they’re the same as the Eagles coming off their 4 wins”

    For God’s sake, if you were a man I’d tell you to grow a pair.

    You said the Eagles were like the Bengals, YOu said the Skins were coming on.

    You said those two things because you wish it. You are pissed off at the Eagles for cutting your two favourite players.

    Stop backtracking.

    .Fuck – for some reason you’re even bringing Andy Dalton into your backtracking mess? Why ecaxtly. Is he the same as Foles because they’re both white?

    What the hell does Dalton have to do with anything? Foles first 16 games annilhate anything he did over his first 16 games.

    So first you compared the Eagles to the Bengals.
    Then said the Skins are coming on.
    Now comparing Foles to Dalton.

    Kepp rolling charlatan.

    • LMAO!!!

      You’re SICK. And Sad. It’s HILARIOUS.

      “It was: “Eagles are just like the Bengals”…..”

      Not it wasn’t.

      My quote was “Basically the current version of the Bengals.”

      I didn’t say the Eagles were just like the Bengals.

      I said (in response to Songs) that we were like the CURRENT version of the Bengals.

      The CURRENT version of the Bengals have been to the playoffs the last THREE years and been bounced in the first round the last three years.


      I didn’t compare Foles to Dalton. Didn’t mention Foles name actually. I compared the EALGES to the BENGALS and used the Bengals current dilemma with Dalton to illustrate how I see the Ealges.

      ALSO I NEVER mentioned Vick or Foles or Djax in any of my comments responding to Songs. YOU brought them up. As. Usual.

      You keep talking though. Continue to show how obsessed and idiotic of an individual you are.

      I’m beginning to think you just troll for fun. ‘Cause this is ridiculous even for you.

  • “YOu said the Skins were coming on.”

    I did say that. They are coming on. Any Eagles fan without Homer Glasses on can see that. And should be a mite concerned moving forward. On paper they are our biggest competition in the division (and we helped with that by handing them DJax) and while we are a better team than them (on paper) right now…there’s no guarantee once the games are played it stays that way.

    For the umpteenth time I expect the Eagles to win 9-10 games and take the division, but the Skins are a concern. A REAL fan can see that.

  • “Why ecaxtly. Is he the same as Foles because they’re both white?”

    And there we have it. Your true colors always appear after awhile.

    Keep talking. It’s getting funny now.

  • I wish the Eagles DBs could backpedal as quickly as you can.

    “I didn’t compare Foles to Dalton. Didn’t mention Foles name actually. I compared the EALGES to the BENGALS and used the Bengals current dilemma with Dalton to illustrate how I see the Ealges.”

    And what Dilemma do the Eagles have per-say that’s like the one with the Bengals and Dalton?

    The Dilemma of the secondary? Perhaps Herremans? What dilemma could be the same for TS?

    Perhaps you are alluding to the fact that Foles might be looking for a raise next year and he hasn’t won anything? Is that the dilemma? Of course it is.

    You brought up Dalton in direct comparison to the Eagles even though they are completely different situations.

    You obviously think Foles and Dalton are in the same mould/situation/whatever. You could have brought up Newton (who is basically in the same boat as Dalton – multiple years as starter…spinning wheels), but you didn’t.

    Love that you are now hanging on to the word “current” for dear life. You are as transparant as cling wrap. Bring up clearly ridiculous comparisons like Birds to one of the worst run franchises in all sports history, compare Foles to Dalton even though they are in entirely different situations, and announce that the pathetic Skins with an idiot owner who had to basically beg for a coach, bid against himself for Me-Sean, and hasn’t had a drafp pick in about 3 years…….then bail from these statements at the earliest possible opportunity, else blame Songs.

    Keep tripping over your own words as you backpedal, its amusing.

  • LOL.

    The only one who is ridiculous is you.

    How am I hung up on a word that I used when I made the comment. Current means current. lol

    Didn’t compare Foles to Dalton.

    And dilemma? I was clear – a team good enough to win during the season but not in post.

    You are HILARIOUS. I mean you’ve taken a VERY clear comment and turned it into some weird alternate universe fantasy of yours, where you get to Bitch about some perceived wrong you’ve created.

    Blame Songs? I was commenting TO Songs – so what am I blaming him for exactly? Your lack of reading comprehension skills. You’re level of ridiculous vitriol? Your attempt to be the superest of super fans who wears a big S on his chest trying to stop all the bad people from saying mean things about your Eagles?

    TOO Funny.

    You can’t even troll effectively anymore.

    So done with you.

    • Dodge, duck, weave, deny, backpedal. You sure you’re not Obama’s press secretary?

      • I’m over it Vinnie… I have stopped expecting tsjohnson and that whole group of (so called) Eagles fans to acknowledge that Foles is a GREAT young quarterback.

        They love comparing Foles to Andy Dalton and Matt Schaub, and any other mediocre quarterback who is tall and white.

        It’s reach the point now where I am actually looking forward to more games where Foles completes 60% of his passes for 250+ yards, 3 TDs and no INTs, and has a 120 QB Rating – just so I can laugh my ass off when tsjohnson and Songs, and koolbreeze, and skane, post reports about all the defenders falling down…

        I take pleasure in seeing grown men and women frantically searching the internet for some “All 22” picture that shows a receiver open down-field and Foles throwing to someone underneath during a 34-28 win…

        I enjoy seeing their pain…. And make no mistake about it, when they post negative comments about a first year starter with the best TD-INT ratio in NFL history – that’s either an indication that they are mentally challenged, or just plain resentful. Either way, I enjoy their pain…..

        • All true.

          Over his first 16 games Foles threw for 1400 more yards, 13 more tds, 6 less ints, had a QB rating 21 points higher and set a couple of NFL records doing it.

          Yet Dalton’s name comes up in comparison. Because he “hasn;t won anytihing” (or whatever).

          It is funny to see how desperate that crew gets in their quest to disparage the guy.

          Love the whole – “search the all-22” bit because its so true.

          • So 4 posters who don’t worship at the alter of Foles is the reason for these two ridiculous ass posts? Skayne and koolbreeze hasn’t posted anything for weeks and I’m still looking for anything TS said about Foles. So now it’s just Songs. LOL just ridiculous 4 people don’t share you two guys love of everything Foles. The horror of it all.

            • “So 4 posters who don’t worship at the alter of Foles is the reason for these two ridiculous ass posts?”

              The last thing I want is for those 4 posters to worship Nick Foles.

              One of the biggest reasons I come to this message board is to read the post of those 4 people. Nothing gives me more joy.

            • Someone who can read and comprehend.

              I wasn’t talking about Foles. At. All. Somehow Vinnie turned it into a Foles/Jax/Vick convo and that’s not even the conversation that was being had.

              • Of course. We all know that.

                You brought up Dalton when comparing the Bengals and Eagles. You were obviously compating their QB to our DBs.

                Either that or you brought up Dalton because you wanted us to think of the Birds backup OG situation.

                It was kinda difficult to ascertain whether you mentioned Dalton in comparison to the DBs, or the backup OGs, but clearly, there could not have been any allusion to the situation with Foles.

                Especially when you also brought up the whole “Bengals have to make a decision on Dalton’s contract when he hasn’t won anything” bit…..I mean, even knowing the Birds are in pretty much the exact same situation next year, only an idiot could possibly think you were making that comparison either. You were CLEARLY talking about the position battle between Henery and that Murderleg guy.

                Makes total sense.

                Anyone who thought of Foles during your mention of Dalton when comparing the Bengals/Birds situations clearly has no reading comprehension or inferencing skills.

                Keep those pedals spinning backwards!

        • Irish you know I’m not a Kelly fan but as an Eagle fan the single best thing he’s done here is not letting Foles go anywhere and if he regresses I’m blaming Kelly and not Foles. LOL

  • After the draft….Terrible draft. All reaches. In love with Oregon guys. We didnt get better.

    G Cobb posts glowing review of rookies.

    Quiet as church mice.


    • Glowing really? Okay nobody has pads on and we’ll see where all this glowing gets us once the games start. Smith working 3rd team. Matthews and Huff look to be the best picks, all the rest special team guys with the exception of the 7th round guy who because Logan isn’t a true nose tackle will probably share the position. But like I said we shall see.

      • My point Big was either way any smoke good or bad makes absolutely no sense and the overly negative and overly positive thought process makes no sense because they have not played one snap. The Cowboys year is already over with the loss of Sean Lee. Im high on some players but they havent done anything. No one knows what Sproles will do, sounds like a perfect fit but what if it isnt. What is Jordan Matthews is Alshon Jefferey. You don’t know.

        However I have seen people lose their minds on here when G.Cobb supports something negative….then its Death Valley quiet when it goes the other way lol.

        Now you know thats the truth.

        • Yes sir you are correct, who do you have in the Finals? I have San Antonio in six.

          • I had San Antonio in 7 before I realized the Finals has gone back to the 2-2-1-1-1 format. If Parker is not 100% Miami in 6.

            The format wont allow the Spurs to rest Parker against the Heat. Spurs have to be up 2-0 early.

            • I forgot about Parker but I still think San Antonio has the horses to pull it out, but I love Lebron and would like to see Miami win another one, have him say my work is done here I’m heading home and drop the mic. LOL

  • WIP reports Jeremy Maclin went down holding his knee on the last play of OTA practice today. He got up and walked off under his own power, saying “I’m good”. Hopefully I am wrong, but I feel It’s only a matter of time.

    • Yeah, heard that too Eagles. Unfortunately it is all part of any sport, injuries are just part of the game and some guys are more injury prone than others. Both Maclin and Benn have had multiple knee issues. If they make it to start the season we will all be lucky. I wonder if Mac wishes he had signed that 5 year deal they were offering? Maybe he should give Byron Evans a call….injuries suck.

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