• July 7, 2022

Brandon Graham Makes His Annual Empty Promise

BrandonGraham1As I looked around the internet this morning, I came across a story from Geoff Mosher on CSNPhilly.com that gave me a pretty good laugh.

The article, titled Brandon Graham: ‘Ready to take it to another level’ talks about how the former first-round pick is once again ready to go out this year and show the world that he can play in this league.

In the article, Graham explained to Mosher that there were a number of reasons for his lack of success last season, including everything from weight to adjusting to a new position.

“That was my biggest thing, going from defensive end to linebacker you’ve got to be able to be a certain type of weight,” Graham said. “You’ve got to be able to move in space a little bit. Last year, I was a lot more nervous because I was trying to do a little too much. Now, I’m much more calm and now I know where to be and know where the coaches want me to be. It’s just been fun for me, man. Just trying to keep working hard and show them that it’s really important for me to be here.”

“Last year I was really dealing with weight issues,” Graham said. “This year, it hasn’t really been a problem. I’m just able to move around a lot better. I know the defense. I know what he (coordinator Billy Davis) is looking for now in practice. I’ve just been excited the whole year, just trying to show them with a year under my belt I can show you that I can take it to another level.”

So, Brandon, you’re going to take things to another level this year are you? But if you don’t mind me asking, why was Trent Cole able to adjust so admirably to a new position, overcoming weight, playing in space, and every other issue that you claimed to deal with?

But not to worry, because Graham has a chip on his shoulder, and all the negativity is just fuel for his motivational fire. And make no mistake, THIS is the year that he’s going to prove us all wrong and show us that he’s a player in this league.

That’s great to hear, Brandon. But I’ve heard it all from you before.

A year ago around this time, in a very similar story Graham told Ruben Frank of CSNPhilly that he was “ready to erupt”.

“I’m ready to erupt, man,” Graham said in May of 2013. “I’m ready to erupt. Start strong and finish strong, and let’s go try to do something this year. Because the last couple seasons haven’t been good for us. Neither of us. The organization or myself. All I know is you’re going to get 100 percent from me, like I say every year, and it’s going to show out there this year.”

Turns out his 100% wasn’t much. Evidently that 100% couldn’t keep him from dealing with weight issues, something that he obviously didn’t prepare himself for in the off-season before. That same 100% didn’t even allow him to push Cole in the least for a starting spot, and barely earned him any defensive snaps.

Every year, its the same story from Graham. He talks a great game about how he’s “got a chip on his shoulder”, and that he’s “ready to erupt”, and now he’s going to “take it to another level”.

Just one empty promise after another from a guy who in all likelihood won’t survive the final cut.



Denny Basens

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  • It’s a shame he drafted himself in the first round then hired and fired defensive coordinators and changed systems repeatedly just when he started making headway as a 4-3 end he was switched to an OLB but yea I guess he should have just said no comment when the reporter approached him about trade rumors. LOL just messing with you Denny, I do find it interesting he’s running with the 2’s backing up Cole while Smith is running with the 3’s on the other side.

    • Big, stop with the excuses! All those good points you made aside, he has been given every opportunity to play, & show his worth. He stinks & he’s a bust! Plain & simple, end of story! It was a big mistake pick when it happened, & will always be! Meanwhile, Earl Thomas is one of the best in the NFL, won a SB, & could be part of a dynasty in the making!

      • BTW, our safeties still suck elephant balls!

        • LOL!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

          • LOL, I hear you DCar I just hope and pray we’re not having the same conversation about Marcus Smith for four years.

            • Big, Smith is Graham 2.0. Bank on it! Another wasted 1st rounder. The scary part is, he’s even smaller, & less muscular than Cole & Graham!

        • I like this Eagles Safety Group
          Jenkins, Wolff,Allen, Maragos & Reynolds
          Is an upgrade from the last few Seasons
          Are any of these Pro-Bowl Types, of course not, bu they are a better
          safety Corps than Redskins or Cowboys have
          And if Wolff can step up now in his 2nd Season
          With Jenkins and Allen as Back-up until Reynolds
          Gains experience in a year or two.. It’s not a bad group
          I look around the NFL and I see a lot of ? For Teams at Safety
          The Packers, Bears,Falcons,Vikings,Patriots, Jets,
          Panthers, Steelers, all have holes with their Safety Corps

          • paul, Jenkins is NO’s version of Chung. Allen sucks elephant balls. Wolff is unproven, & a wuss, who wouldn’t play after he was cleared last year, with 2 weeks left in the season. Maragos is a special-teamer only. And Reynolds is an unproven rookie. Yeah, you’re right, what’s not to like?!?

            • Jenkins is a much better Player and much more versatile that Patrick Chung ever was who was strictly a in the box Safety and not even a solid tackler while there.. Jenkins is no Pro-Bowler by any stretch but is a solid NFL Safety
              Nate Allen enjoyed his best and most consistent last Season
              And again, is no Real difference maker, but now under Seconday Coach Todd Lyght will continue his solid Play
              In Allen’s 5 Season’s with the Eagles, this is the first time he has had the same Secondary Coach for a 2nd Year..
              Wolff is the key Player here, if he progress, gets stronger which reports say that he has, he will compete for a Starters position
              I expect these 3 Safeties to rotate in and out based on opponent
              Score of game, etc, etc.. Maragos & Reynolds are solid back ups/Special Teamers

              • Malcolm Jenkins- From 2009-2013- 6 int’s in 5 years, & lead the league in missed tackles for the last 5 years, & was part of the NFL’s worst DF in league history.

                Chung- From 2009-2013- 7int’s in 5 years, & just as many missed tackles.
                So where do you see a much better player? I don’t give a f^#@ how versatile he is! If he is a jack of all trades, & a master of none, how does that upgrade our team, get us to a SB? Like I said, he’s NO’s version of Chung, nothing less, nothing more!

                BTW, Nate Allen sucks donkey cock! GTFOH paul! What games were you watching. Just because he was the tallest midget at the dwarf convention, doesn’t make him tall!

  • In all fairness, Graham got hurt and had to be a rookie for two years. Also, Washburn (who we can agree is an asshole) didn’t care for the kid at all. He burried him on the bench and stunted his growth. Then he changed systems to be an OLB. He grades extremely well at metrics that look at what he does when he is on the field. Denny, I am wondering if you realize that PFF rated him #2 DE in 2012 and #10 OLB last year?? He has not had a lot of opportunity to play. Cole is not that great. But he is a senior team member very dificult to supplant without upsetting the team. Same reason Herremans has not been jettisoned either. He is buddies with all these guys and gets the benefit of the doubt deserved or not. Graham was every bit as productive as Cole when he was on the field. Cole also gets paid a lot and has dead money that makes him uncuttable so that plays into his increased playing time as well. I am not saying Graham is a star. For his own part, he is prone to eating too damn much and getting fat. He did it post surgery and he did it last year. He may be a little lazy. But he is a good teammate and he is just as talented physically as Trent Cole. Cole just works a little harder and kisses ass a little better because he is kind of soft in a way. He always wears down and is absolutely positively undeniably horrible in the clutch. He disappears in big moments and always has. Graham is a bust but his career grade is still incomplete. I still think this guy could average 10 sacks as a full-time starter in a good 4-3 defense. When he signs with the Giants next March, Foles will probably be seeing a lot of him.

    • Jbird, can you look anyone in the eye and say with a straight face that Brandon graham was the #2 de in 2012 and the #10 olb last year? If pff really has graham rated like that, then I’m sorry but that’s just absolutely kills their credibility…and I don’t buy the argument that washburn or changes in scheme stunted his growth. What about vinny curry? washburn buried him more than graham in 2012, and billy Davis didn’t even know what to do with him last year because they believed he was even less of a fit for the defense than graham, and yet he managed to make a lot more out of his snaps than graham did…everyone had to adjust to the new defensive line strategy. Guys like cole, curry, and Thornton managed to adjust and make positive contributions. Brandon graham has been in the league almost five years and has never shown us any significant…the guy just can’t play in this league, regardless of the system

    • Cole isn’t difficult to supplant, no more than McNabb, Kolb, Vick, DJax, or any number of other high profile players we’ve seen go in the last few years. If someone better came along, he would be gone. His cap figure is also higher than his dead money, so if the team would be better without him, he would be gone. The reason Graham hasn’t done it is Graham isn’t able to do it.

  • Denny..I agree he’s a bust. Just don’t think he sucks and he hasn’t had opportunities for various reasons that aren’t his fault. Two years ago he was better than Babin but Babin was Washburn’s pet.

  • That’s about the best headline I ever read on gcobb, all kind of empty promisors on the eagles, most of them gone

  • Denny thats a great article! Good riddance to bad rubbish c u Graham cause I know you gone lol tired of his sorry ass always making excuses and empty promise he had alot opportunities to make his mark he elected not to get his chit together.I have faith Chip little by little will weed through the slackers and mediocre players and build a contender team with real time players might take us 2-3 more years but I feel like this team by then will be in sb may be just me but I feel that way call me crazy if u will but I have that feeling

  • Daily news live segment (which I already knew) is Brandon Graham along with Vinny Curry are the best pass rushers on the team. They went over Pro football stats shows that in Grahams limited snaps blows away all Eagles LB and DLineman in productivity. He ranks 7th in the NFL in pressure and sacks for the amount he plays. The question is why Graham and Curry don’t get a chance to play. Everytime Graham and Curry get on the field they put pressure on the QB. For some reason they don’t play.

  • The Eagles value DE’s over Safeties and that’s just the way it is.


    Would you rather have Earl Thomas of Brandon Graham?

    That’s a no brainer unless you’re paid to know top talent like our Eagles Brass.

    We traded up for this bag of rocks in a footballl uniform.

    Dave Spadaro tried his best to put lipstick on this pig and made the faithful believe it was Beyonce’

  • I am thinking he makes the team – doesn;t start – we get our usual ‘why is he still on the team’ whining – then about game 11 he gets a start due to injuries and lights it up the last 4/5 games of the year – and the playoffs – and goes into free agency telling the eagles ‘he had it all along’ – and some other teal like the Raiders gives him gazliions in FA…. oh – that was Derrick Burgess…..

    he is paid for – if someone beats him out – so be it – if he is the best player to be the backup – so be it – but PPF is right – when he does get on the field – he did get into the backfield – along with Curry – just can;t figure out if the OL took plays off or if he was that effective… but why didn;t he see more snaps – guess we shall see how camp goes – doesn’t seem like Kelly will keep players around that don;t fit his view of the world

  • I can’t blame Brandon he tore his knee up his rookie year wasn’t the same the next season then the following season he had to play behind Jason bum ass babin then the following year they changed to a 3-4 when none of there de’s fit that scheme. I think if he or vinny curry were in a 4-3 they both would be 8-12 sack a season players but there stuck in this 3-4 crap.

  • The 3-4 isn’t crap. It’s the preferred defense in the NFL now because of how the passing game has completely taken over the league.

    People point the Seahawks but they play a hybrid scheme that is closer to a 3-4 and they have the luxury of going single high with Thomas and playing Kam as almost another LB, which NO TEAM in the NFL outside of Seattle can do.

    Going to the 4-3 would be a mistake. The problem with the Eagles 3-4 is OLB. Green Bay has Matthews. SF has Aldon Smith. One dominant outside pass rusher can change an entire 3-4 and mask a ton of problems. Especially in the back end.

    • Yep!!!

  • Will Hill gone….

    Giants safeties are officially doodoo brown.

  • I said the 3-4 was crap cause the eagles didn’t have the personnel to play it cox,curry,cole & graham was meant to be in a 4-3 had they kept that maybe the defense wouldn’t had been so bad.

  • I would have liked to see Graham traded for some value. But this team could not even get a 7th rounder for DeSean – how they gonna get more than a bag of donuts for BG? I think he has value and can make some plays as a 4-3 DE. I was one that was thrilled to be getting Earl Thomas until we didn’t. But that is history and we have to get over it. Maybe the Dolphins decide Dion can’t play in the 4-3 and give us him for BG and a 2nd rounder. One can dream. (Before you all trash me, I would not make that trade if I was the Miami GM)

  • Well we should be used to empty promises when it comes to the Eagles…we haven’t won a Super Bowl yet. The main problem that we continually overlook is at the tackle position. When was the last time we have had an All-Pro dominant tackle? When you have speed rushers like Graham with no stud in the middle of your defense….you are not going to get the big time production. You get pushed around and have the ball ran down your throat in a playoff game.
    We still buy the bull that says “Oh we were committed to stopping Jimmy Graham last year and that’s why the Saints were able to shove it down our throat and run right at us”!
    Bull! Mano-mano…one on one…we got pushed around and our lunch money was taken by the Saints…simple as that!

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