• August 15, 2022

Sandberg, Bowa Express Concern About Phillies; Amaro Claims Team Is “Getting Closer”

sandThe two biggest names on the Phillies’ coaching staff are not satisfied with the mediocre play as of late.

After going 4-7 on the team’s 11-game homestand, manager Ryne Sandberg held a team meeting while bench coach Larry Bowa expressed further concern about certain players through the media.

“It was a serious meeting,” said Sandberg. “And it was a sense of urgency right now. It’s important right now. It’s time right now to do something about it. It’s about getting the job done, playing better, full games to allow us to have a chance to win the game. When you knock on the door numerous times, the odds are that you’ll have a chance to win the game. It’s important right now.”

Larry Bowa said that the Phillies “aren’t playing big-league baseball” right now. He went on to rip certain players on the roster, including Domonic Brown and Roberto Hernandez.

“A coach shouldn’t be angrier than the players right now,” Bowa said. “I hope they’re angry.”

Regarding Brown, Bowa expressed concern about how upbeat and carefree Brown has been despite barely hitting .200 on the season. “I don’t know how he does that because if it were me, I’d be going nuts right now,” Bowa said. “The big thing you have to be concerned about is take away a six-week period from the equation, and the numbers aren’t very good. He did most of his damage in those five or six weeks. He made the All-Star team. In fairness to him, he’s hit some balls hard lately, but he’s not playing the way he is capable of. I just think there’s more in there than that. Ryno’s playing him every game. I think we’re going to find out one way or another if this guy can play up here. That’s what you have to do. Sandberg has been pretty patient with him. We have to keep going and see what happens.”
“Roberto Hernandez has to go deeper than five innings,” Bowa said. “This is the big leagues. This isn’t double A. This isn’t triple A. The pitchers have to go more than five innings. If you have a big-league uniform on, you have to go more than five innings. What happens? It trickles down.”
Meanwhile, while his team’s record continues to fall further below .500 and his coaching staff struggle to keep things afloat, Phillies’ Village Idiot General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. made a delusional claim that the team is improving.
“We’re getting closer, we have to — there’s no question we didn’t play good baseball, and that’s not the kind of brand of baseball that we were hoping or expecting from our players in a variety of different ways” Amaro said. “We’ll see how this road trip goes for us. Every single day we’re evaluating what it is that we need and what it is that we need to do.”
Getting closer? Closer to what?
The only thing the Phillies are getting close to is a summer with an empty ballpark.
One game after a serious team meeting, the Phillies suffered yet another embarrassing defeat complete with anemic at-bats and mediocre pitching. Meanwhile, one of the only promising young players the team had to work with suffered an injury. Darin Ruf, who Ruben Amaro recently decided to send down to the minors, injured himself in a game and will likely go to the disabled list.

Denny Basens

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  • Rumor swirling that Ruf has a stress fracture in his wrist. The hits keep on coming. Keep a condescending, inept, worthless, elitist loser around, like Ruin 2morrow & that’s what the organization gets, nothing but bad karma, & an irrelevant, valueless organization.

  • BTW, where is our resident, Ruin 2morrow, PR Manager, excuse making, alter bower been? Ready to eat crow yet, after 3 years of condescending, unwarranted attacks on me, & admit you where wrong, & your man-crush hero is a complete, utter buffoon, & failure? Probably not, because you are an irrational, delusional fool, who isn’t man enough! Just saying! I’m awaiting the insults, excuses, deflecting, research of my prior comments to fit your agenda, to turn things on me.

    • all i’ve ever said is that they have to try to win…and signing jimmy, getting halladay, ibanez etc was the best option…you insert your own feelings on the ruben stuff.
      listen you all were in on ‘we gotta get olt, we gotta let galvis play’ all that shit. i’ve always said and always will say that many of you, you especially don’t not understand market value of players… thats it plane and simple.. nothing more nothing less. just because things don’t work out don’t mean they were wrong to begin with…

      • That’s where you are wrong, I do know market value. I watch transactions being made all of the time in MLB, but your man-crush hero, is inept, doesn’t know how to evaluate talent, in returns, in the draft, & what he gives up. He doesn’t understand anything! It is mind boggling, that you STILL excuse his buffoonery! He is a complete, utter buffoon, & failure! Just be a man, eat crow, & admit you were wrong, with your condescending, unwarranted attacks on me, excuses, & questioning my fandom. Most of all of his moves, anybody with a pulse, & a brain, knew they were wrong to begin with! Please, you are a joke, just like your idol!

  • Has anyone seen who is leading MLB in HR’s and RBI’s?

    It is Nelson Cruz. This 33 year old was signed late in free agency by Baltimore. I said at the time that the Phillies should be looking for a bat to sit behind Howard….but no, Amaro was too busy looking at Abreau.

    How much more does Montgomery need to see to know that Amaro was not responsible for the 2008 success, rather it was Wade’s moves. There is not an outfield prospect in the organization….the slop that he got in the first Lee trade is so criminal that Seattle should be prosecuted…..how many years has he spent knowing that there was a middle relief problem? I get that Monty is loyal to an ex-Phillie, but this guy is proving that he cannot read talent and is over his head.

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