• January 21, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 3-2 Loss To Atlanta

Jimmy RollinsThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their fourth straight game on Sunday afternoon, falling to the Braves 3-2. Their record drops to 36-46.

  • David Buchanan pitched five innings, and allowed all three of the Atlanta runs to score.
  • Buchanan allowed five hits and five walks while striking out four.
  • The Phillies offense scored just two runs, but actually managed to crank out a decent amount of hits (13).
  • Ben Revere and Jimmy Rollins each had three-hit games at the top of the order.
  • Rollins hit his 13th double of the season.
  • Marlon Byrd supplied both of the Phillies’ runs with solo homers in the second and fourth innings.
  • Domonic Brown started in left, and went 2-3 with a couple of singles.
  • Koyie Hill was the team’s catcher today, and went 1-4.
  • Chase Utley went 1-5 and left four on base.
  • Justin De Fratus pitched a scoreless eighth.
  • Jake Diekman struck out the side in the eighth.
  • Jonathan Papelbon pitched a scoreless ninth.

Final Thoughts

Can we stop with the nonsensical ideas that the Phillies can actually be a player in the N.L. East race?

After dropping four straight at home to the Atlanta Braves with one feeble effort after the next, if this series isn’t enough for the 2014 Phillies to be declared a lost cause, I don’t know what is. This is the first time that the Braves have swept the Phils on the road in four games since 1964.

Yes, the East is a terrible division. But the Phillies are the worst team in a terrible division.

Here we have a critical home series against a team at the top of the division, and the Phillies can’t score more than three runs in any of the four games played. Unacceptable, and inexcusable.

The fact that they’ve been hovering around 4-5 games out over the last few weeks has been nothing but false hope created from fool’s gold all along.

Let’s take a look at this brilliant lineup that Ruben Amaro has assembled and how they fared with runners in scoring position over this four-game set. These past four games, the Phils went just 3-32. I don’t know what surprises me more, the fact that this lineup could perform so feebly, or that they actually managed to get 32 runners into scoring position within four games.

This is a bad, bad, team, and they need to be blown up and torn down asap.

Let’s hope the powers that be in the organization realize what most of us have known all along.


Denny Basens

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  • Word is the SF Giants have contacted that Phils about
    Closer J Papelbon & 2B C Utley
    Yankees are reportedly interested in Cole Hamels

    • Papelbon should be dealt immediately before any team changes there mind, Prospects or anything in return is not important. Just to get that ridiculous contract off the books is a win for the Phils.

    • are these ‘paulman reports?” or real ones?

      • Paulman Reports only HAC
        SF Giants have just Demoted Closer Sergio Romo who has Blown 6 Saves so far and 5 Recently and will attempt at Closing by Committee..
        Its a Big Park they play in and suited for Papelbon’s high fastball which would mostly result in long fly ball outs there .. Phil’s would have to eat some $$$ but I think they can get the Deal done as Giants are desperate for a Quality Closer and even though I don’t particularly like Papelbon, he has pitched very well after a slow Start…

  • 50 yearl old Marlon Bryd is the best positional player on the Phillies right now. He should get the Phillies something in return.

  • Ryne Sandberg stinks to. Now we see the reason why the Cubs never gave the HOF icon a managerial job.His low-key demeanor doesn’t work. This is one of the worst teams in baseball, Before anyone says “its the players”, its the players with every coach in every sport. Its the managers job to make it work especially if you have the 3rd highest payroll in your respected sport. His ass should be fired also right after the season.

  • What’s is so wrong about the Phillies GM Amaro & Ownership if is this is truly
    The last go around for the Core Players, which it should be,
    Then why not have simply kept Charlie Manuel to
    Manage thid Team 1 final Season..
    Ryno was put into a unwinnable situation
    in my opinion..

  • Paul I believe they brought him on board now knowing a transition would have to occur sooner/later, looks like its sooner. He will be at the helm when its Asche at 2nd, crawford at ss and franco at third– outfield will be young guys currently not on the team that hopefully we get on July 30.
    As for Dags comment above…. there have been some questionable moves by him for sure but I think his demeanor will eventually translate to working with a young team. As for Pap … you really can’t complain about his contract… guy has been good, one of the few bright spots.

  • Don’t worry boys, we just traded for Freewilly Gomez. The savior has arrived. WS BAAAABY!!!!!!

  • It amazes me how this site continuously releases articles no one clearly cares about. This site put out two articles about the sixers and got approximately 200 comments. Flyers articles receive about 3 or 4 comments and the daily report about the latest Phillies loss gets no responses. Talk about the Sixers and Eagles….That’s what people care about right now.

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