• August 16, 2022

Nick Foles Learned An Important Lesson, Yesterday

NickFoles3In the press box at Lincoln Financial Field many of the reporters, who cover the Philadelphia Eagles were saying quarterback Nick Foles had that “deer in the headlights” look about him.  It had everybody in the stadium talking about last year’s Dallas Cowboys game.  His play was flat-out pathetic in the first half.  Still in the long run, it might wind up being a good thing.  I believe Foles   learned how to work his way out of a slump.

There was no question that it was the same situation as a year ago and his performance in the first half yesterday, was as bad as a quarterback could play.  He turned the ball over two times and it led to two Jacksonville touchdowns.  His accuracy was so bad, he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a pass.

For some reason, Foles has games when he can’t see the entire field, which is usually one of the his strengths, when he is playing well.  The young QB usually sees the entire field in much the same way Magic Johnson saw the basketball court.  If a teammate came open, he got him the ball.  For Foles, the game yesterday was identical to that Dallas game a year ago, he couldn’t see the entire field, so he waited and waited and waited and waited with the football in his hand.

Some quarterbacks who aren’t seeing the field very well, will take chances with the football, but that’s not the way Foles plays the game. If he’s not seeing the football field well, he will hold the football and hold the football and hold the football.  Yesterday he was holding the football and it cost the Eagles two fumbles and two early touchdowns.

I think Foles may have figured out what he needs to do when he finds himself in the situation again.  I think he came upon it in the second half.

The solution involves checking the ball down to his running backs and tight ends.  It’s a matter of taking what the defense gives you. Foles has to remember this in the future because you can’t just throw the ball up from grabs and you can’t just hold onto the ball.  Check the ball down to some of the best receivers on the team like Darren Sproles and Zach Ertz.

By checking it down, he’s able to avoid making the big mistakes by getting the ball out of his hands to the underneath receivers and at the same time, he is able to get into a rhythm.  I’ve seen some of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL use this technique to get themselves going.

Hopefully, Foles will remember the lesson he learned the next time, he finds himself out of sync.


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  • Foles will be fine. If the new drug testing gets approved tomorrow, hopefully it means LAne Johnson will be back this week

  • Haha, foles learned shtick from his pis performance
    You speculation but funny you know jack
    My speculation is that foles was arguing with his bitch or got concussion early

    Foles quirky nerd that can play

  • Eagles will beat the Colts next week, they will tempo the Colts front 7 to death and the next guy LaRon Landry covers in space will be the first guy he covers. Jacksonville’s defense is better then Indy’s. You heard it here first.

    • Biglion…your missing the boat here…The Colts offense is far better than Jacksonville’s…they are going to be on the field a lot more than the three-an outs Jax’s where giving us. Its going to be a shootout and Andrew Luck is gonna carve us up be too much for the defense and the injuries we have suffered on the O-line is going to lead to pressure that Foles wont be able to handle.
      We get our first L at Indy next week!

      • Nope- Foles is going to bounce back and this team is going to SCORE A-Lot! The colts will be playing catch up and Luck will not have enough over 4 quarters to catch us. Shady and TEs have big big game next week.

      • Kool’s right — Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are not speed cover corners. They were physical clutch and grabbers which isn’t being tolerated anymore. Colts WR are pro bowl vets where as the Jags WR were game one NFL rookies.

  • COLTS 37

    EAGLES 17

    • SONGS……your team goes 4-12 at best. RGBust is a HORRIBLE QB!
      Do you even know what a football is? Watch the NFL? I’m saying not bc you are the stupidest person I have ever seen on here. I’d be more then glad to send you to a football camp so you can learn something about the sport.

      • Lol get em

  • I have to agree with songs here. Colts are going to destroy the birds.
    the eagles are running out their 4th best tackle and 5th best guard to start against a playoff team. The eagles got lucky on Sunday. They scored on 2 no talent plays. Darren Sproles caught the Jags unprepared on a 4th down with backup safeties and Maclin scored on a blown coverage on a backup safety. That is not going to happen. They are going to have to put up 24 points against well coached vets with massive weaknesses on the offensive line.

  • Will the eagles/foles bashers acknowledge that the O line is missing a pro bowler and is down to a third string tackle? No
    It will go something like this: if the eagles win it will be for the reason that the colts mathis is out. If they lose it will be because they didn’t pick up this free agent or draft this guy or foles sucks… predictable.

    • haha, predictable…so now that Foles is the QB, you realize that it takes a team effort to win games…and a healthy O Line…
      Year ago, two years ago…that was called what? excuses….but now, Foles is the QB everyone else has to be healthy and play well..

      • Actually I always said it was a team game and the qb needed to be on the same page… Unfortunately we had a qb that didn’t play a great team game because he took off and ran too soon.
        Compare the number of starts. It takes time. And even with lots of experience QBs have ups and downs

        • haha..Bullshit….try that shit somewhere else…the previous QB got no logical thought, like you are showing now with Foles…the previous QB would have to win games regardless if the defense sucked or if the O Line was terrible, injuries…But now you see the impact of other parts of the team….

          • The “previous QB” was bad for a decade.

            Foles was bad for a half.

            • I’m not making this about which QB is better….

              My point is you cats, never considered injuries or any of the other excuses you are making for Foles…..that’s the bottom line….

              Vinnie, the little bitch in the skirt, chiming in…just as I expected…Vinnie, last time I checked, you weren’t supposed to be posting on here because that QB who was bad for a decade beat your boy in training camp….remember?

          • The previous qb came out at the beginning g of 2011 and bragged “you can’t design a defense to stop ME’… When an experienced vet comes out with that proclamation and the sucks… He deserves any and all criticsm

            • regardless if hes not playing well due to the O line or team injuries…or dropped balls etc….haha yea ok…
              I think you left out…if the black QB talks….he deserves all criticism…yea, I think thats more along your alley!

              • “You can’t design a defense to beat me”? And you make that about race? Interesting playing the race card this early in a debate…typically means you don’t have a basis for your argument.
                I will agree the expectations are higher for a 9-10 year vet making lots of money then a less experienced player…

              • no, you make it about race…from the comments you have posted in the past and some of the comments you have posted today..I can tell exactly how you are…starting with your defense of Cooper and just saying “Cooper used a poor choice of word”….ha, thats the problem….that word shouldn’t be in a non racist “choice” of words to use…regardless if you are a veteran or a rookie…

                you need a team on both sides of the ball to do their job! your dislike of the previous QB has much more to do with just football!

              • My point with cooper is clear…I didn’t say “poor choice of words ” EVER… I said he was a total asshole who used a hurtful word. My concern is that players and posters were so offended by it and wanted to fight him etc. yet rice did what he did and until yesterday and many of those same players, activists and posters basically shrugged their shoulders. 30 kids of color get murdererd by other kids of color every year in my city yet there is barely a ripple, yet the whole world goes ape shit over a stupid asshole and the word…come on man let’s make a real difference let’s deal with these anti-social deviant behaviors and get over the words…fuck nba owners have to sell their teams because of this… Aren’t there bigger god damn problems

              • Bullshit lie some more…if I had time on my hands I would I find the post where you said he used a poor choice of words…you constantly brush the Cooper incident off like it was a non issue…pitting that issue vs the Ray Rice issue…of course Ray Rice issue is worse. But how about you accept that Cooper incident is an issue that has never really been dealt with….but that simple is not a big deal to you, that’s the truth!

              • Man now Danny Ferry making stupid racial remarks on a league conference call, will it never end?

              • Poor choice of words minimizes it… I would never say that… I said it was abhorrent ..
                I agree the rice thing is worse and I only pointed out months ago that the posters on here, the activists and the players should be just as pissed at rice as they were at redneck boy! That is my point!
                Stephen A minimized both incidents equally…said ‘until we, as in ME stop using the word we are just hypocrites” then said ‘sisters need to not atogonize brothers” and got suspended

              • I saw that Big…But the only comment I found was “like a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff out the back,”” when Ferry was talking about Luol Deng…

                In my opinion thats not racist…I kind of understand what he is saying about Deng…But I guess the “counterfeit” part of it rubbed some the wrong way???

                Now its getting out of hand…not like he came out and said, I’ll f up every n___________here….some people are overly sensitive.

              • Unreal we agree about ferry.. In another scouting report of a little known Slavic player he said “he’s a typical Slav and I don’t mean that I a bad way… Good shooter but on defense he’s like a gypsy, there one minute disappears the next only he hasn’t stolen anything”

            • Goddamn this Vick shit has got to stop Jesus everyone knows foles looked like a rookie and played scared but he got his shit together enough and help win the game plz no vick

              • Its not about Vick at all…Its about now certain fans want to act like knowledgeable football fans…realizing the a team needs to be good and injury free for better success….

              • I know real but people u arguing won’t change their stance waist of time.

              • You don’t have yo find the post real we all saw what he said but you know you can’t change his view

              • True indeed! I tell myself all the time, not to get involved with the back and forth…sometimes its just hard to contain myself….ignorance pisses me off Zilents!

  • Paulman and I had this conversation earlier on Jax defense being a lot better then the colts defense. I truly believe Eagles will win this game. Colts do have tons of weapons but I think we only have to worry about when Cary or Bradley covers Wayne. I think Boykin will stay on top of Hilton like a hillbilly on his sister and they will role coverage to whoever is covering Wayne. Nicks should be handled by either corner.

    Eagles 31
    Colts 21

    Big game by Matthews & Ertz

    • I think Sproles and Ertz are big play makers but if the Eagles are going to win they are going to have to 100 yards from each of their bread and butter players. ( number one option Shady McCoy and number two option Jeremy Maclin)

  • hmmm — Jim Caldwell just busted open the door — I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tell me about it. I know it was the Giants but man their formations and way of attacking was awesome. Their defense looks like they will give teams nightmares. They were a very balanced team

  • Good stuff GCobb, I totally agree

    Foles wasnt seeing the field right, but also I feel he was greatly effected by that Jaguars pass rush in the 1st half, they were really bringing it, Gus was dialing up various blitzes and sometimes just 4 down lineman.

    So the oline had a terrible 1st half then righted the ship in the 2nd half

    But i need Foles to calm down, see the entire field, if nothings there check the ball down as G mentioned

    No need for a catastrophic error of turnover because Foles wants to wait fo guys 30 yards down field to get open for a big play, just check it down

    Foles must understand that every play isnt going to be a big play, especially not against a very good defense.. you have to be patient and take what the defense is giving you

  • Paulman’s NFC Rankings after Week #1

    1) Seahawks (1-0) Complete domination over a Quality Opponent (Packers)
    2) Vikings (1-0) Complete domination in all 3 Phases on the Road vs the Rams as an Underdog too…
    3) Falcons (1-0) Great Divisional Win over the Saints 37-34 at Home and as an Underdog
    4) Lions (1-0) Big Opening Win at Home where Team looked Good
    5) Cardinals (1-0) Tough, Close Win at home versus Quality Opponent, the Chargers who were a Playoff Team a year ago
    6) Panthers (1-0) A tough, Win on the Road vs a Divisional Foe without their Top Player in QB Cam Newton Playing..
    7) 49ers (1-0) An easy Win on Road versus the Hapless Cowboys, but didn’t play all that well in the 2nd half after being spotted a 21-3 Lead
    8) EAGLES (1-0) A Win, is a Win is a Win, At Home, as a Double-Digit Favorite who coulda,shoulda,woulda and didn’t play well at all for the 1st Half and were very fortunate to only be down 17-0 as it should have been 23-0

    9) Saints (0-1) Close losers to a Divisional Foe on the Road 37-34
    10) TB Bucs (0-1) Losers at Home to Divisional Foe,without their QB
    11) Bears (0-1) Losers at Home as a Favorite over the Bills
    12) Packers (0-1) Losers on Road to the Best Team & Defending SB Champs
    13) Redskins (0-1) Losers on the Road in a close, hard fought game
    14) Cowboys (0-1) Losers on the Road, but made a game of it in the 2nd half and at least moved the ball
    15) Giants (0-1) Losers on the Road big, looked terrible in doing so..Lots of issues moving forward
    16) Rams (0-1) Big Time Losers at Home and got blown out (34-6) in every phase of the Game and were slight Favorites… Wasn’t the Rams Pass-Rush and Front 7 supposed to be dominant…

    • Couldn’t agree more paulman.

      Niners took it easy on Cowgirls in second half.

      Any team that gets up on the Cowboys 7 or more points will beat them, they are not mentally capable of rebounding. That’s their Achilles heal.

      Vikings could struggle with a more potent offense. But they are a scary team.

      Bears should be lower though as they seem very weak at defense and QB play. Cutler just isn’t elite IMO

  • ‘Boys actually lost at Jerrry’s world which makes it that much sweeter.

  • back to football…
    I think it has been forgotten that Foles is still a rookie by playing experience- I don’t think he’s started 16 games yet. Also, I think people fail to give the opponent any credit. Gus Bradley got the jax job (and the eagles job briefly) because the man knows what he is doing… he had two weeks to game plan for the eagles, everyone starts gameplanning their starters the week of final pre-season game. He had a great game plan, they executed it, eagles adjusted and came out on top– NFL game!

    • Only “forgotten” by those who never considered his inexperience as relevant in the first place.

      • When Russell Wilson went 12-23 for 123 yards – 0 TDs – 1 INT and 1 fumble against the 2-14 Texans. And had to win with a 45 yard field goal in OT…. That was growing pains.

        When Foles has a bad day it’s lack of talent. lol

    • a Rookie by playing experience? wtf? this gets better every post….Foles has played in big games for the Eagles…he is past this “rookie” playing experience you mention….just yet another excuse….

      • You cats get right the hell out of here with that rookie crap, he started games in his ROOKIE year please fellas he played one bad half and now your apologists? That first half he was a deer in headlights even the first fumble ball should have been out and yes Peters got beat. He needs to play better period.

      • Less than 16 starts was the point, certainly he has been in the league going on three years

        • Rookie wrong word… Less than a year (16) in games started. He blew first half… Got it together and was the qb of record in a win. I will take that all year

  • Allen barbe will surgery and most Likely done for the year.

  • Have

    • Dam oh well next man up

  • Boykins Continues to be screwed from CSN.

    If you want to see more of Brandon Boykin, don’t get your hopes up.

    The Eagles’ coaches don’t feel the same way.

    Boykin, second in the NFL with six interceptions last year and one of the few proven playmakers on the Eagles’ defense, played only 23 of a possible 73 snaps on defense Sunday night in the Eagles’ 34-17 win over the Jaguars at the Linc.

    Incredibly, despite sitting on the bench for 50 plays, Boykin was third on the team Sunday with five solo tackles, according to the official stats. That’s more than any of the team’s starting defensive backs and more than the starting corners combined. Only linebacker Mychal Kendricks and defensive end Fletcher Cox, who had six each, had more.

    Boykin is the Eagles’ nickel corner and considered one of the NFL’s best nickels, but he was actually only on the field for 74 percent of the Jaguars’ offensive snaps with three or four wide outs — 23 of 31 plays.

    A year ago, Boykin averaged 38 snaps per game and played 51 percent of the Eagles’ snaps. Sunday, he played only 32 percent.

    Coincidentally – maybe – Boykin is eligible for a contract extension after this season, and he’s due to become a free agent after 2015. Boykin is grossly underpaid, with base salaries of $570,000 this year and $660,000 next year as part of his four-year, $2,511,068 rookie deal.

    Kelly and Davis like bigger corners, like Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher, so as long as they’re here, Boykin likely won’t start. But after the year he had in 2013, he won’t want backup money.

    All of which, along with the Jaylen Watkins pick in the draft, helps explain why a lot of people think Boykin is gone after next year.

    Head coach Chip Kelly made a point Monday of saying how defensive coordinator Bill Davis likes to give the backups a generous number of snaps, but when it was suggested maybe Boykin would benefit from increased snaps – maybe a series or two here and there outside – he said there was no chance.

    Kelly said the Eagles merely consider Boykin a nickel corner and not a backup outside corner. Offseason acquisition Nolan Carroll is the third outside corner.

    “It really is how we practice [that determines where you play], and he practices as our nickel corner,” Kelly said. “It’s a very vital position for us. Billy said that that’s a starting position for us, I say that’s a starting position for us, that’s kind of where it is. Our third corner outside right now is Nolan.”

    Williams played all 73 snaps Sunday, and Fletcher played 62. Carroll played 13.

    With Boykin on the bench for more than two-thirds of the game, the Eagles had no interceptions against Chad Henne and allowed him to throw for 266 yards with two touchdowns.

    Last year, Boykin had six interceptions and the rest of the Eagles’ defensive backs combined for seven.

    Yet Boykin can’t get on the field.

    Kelly blamed Boykin’s lack of playing time on the Jaguars’ formations. He said the Jags played a lot of 21 personnel – two running backs, one tight end, two wide receivers – and 12 personnel – one running back, two tight ends, two wide receivers.

    But the Jags were in three or four wides on 31 snaps, and on eight of them, Boykin wasn’t on the field.

    “I think a lot of it had to do with they only had four healthy receivers for the game and started two rookies out there and were trying to take pressure off of them, so they were in a lot more big personnel than I think they had shown even last year,” Kelly said.

    “I think they were a little bit more wide open last year and a little bit tighter this year.”

    • If Boykins isn’t lined up every play vs TY Hilton and he is running wild through the secondary Monday night then Billy Davis will have a lot of questions to answer.

      • Exactly Golden. Boykin needs to cover Hilton all night on Monday. Whether he plays inside or outside. If not Hilton will have a field day.

        Boykin reminds me a little of Antoinette Winfield with better man to man skills. Not putting him on the field because he doesn’t practice on the outside is not a very good reason. If he’s your best cover corner he needs to be locking it down anywhere on the field.

  • On another note Eagles have added Guard Wade Smith.

    For injury back up

    • another Houston Texan, unbelievable!

      • No way, what is the Houston Texan pipeline about?

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