• July 7, 2022

The NFL Finally Did The Right Thing To Ray Rice

Ray Rice, Janay Rice

For over 20 years, I have been a volunteer assistant to the Chaplain at the Youth Study Center in Philadelphia, which incarcerates youngsters who have gotten in trouble with the law and are awaiting their trial.  Every other week, I would go to the center and take a four-minute highlight reel CD of my NFL career with me.

I walk in the front door, go in through all the security and then I am escorted back to where the youngsters are housed.

The toughest, meanest youngsters in the city of Philadelphia, who are being held in suspicion of committing all of types of crimes, file into a room when I arrive.  They walk in with attitude to let me and all the other youngsters know that they don’t care.  I can look many of them in the eye and see their anger.  Some will look me back in the eye with a look that seems to want to let me know that they would have no problem doing something unspeakable to somebody.  Then there are the jokesters, who are always looking for a chance to crack a joke and get attention.

Most of the time, the counselors who escort them in, have trouble trying to stop them from talking.  They don’t want to pay attention to the person who introduces me.  Sometimes fights are on the verge of starting or a youngster or two has to be taken out.

An amazing thing happens every week when I put the CD on and the highlights begin.  Their mouths fall open as they sit their stunned to realize that somebody who played in the National Football League has come to speak to them.  Some of them start asking me questions before the CD has been running for a minute.  ”Is this you?” they ask and the room quiets to the point where you can hear a pin drop.  I can see every eye in the room on that video, and then those eyes turn to me when the video stops.

Each time this happens, I sit amazed to realize that I have been put in such an important position.  It is amazing how much youngsters look up to athletes.

After the CD ends, I demand that they give me their attention.  I make them all sit up and get rid of the “I don’t care” posture.  I talk to them about the some of the mistakes I have made in my life.  I talk to them about accountability, self-responsibility and forgiveness.

I address a spellbound audience.  I talk to them about how much God loves them and has created them for a reason.  I talk to them about loving, forgiving and accepting themselves.  I talk to them about respecting other people.  I talk to them about making changes in their lives for the better and nearly all sit them sit there respectfully and listen.  These are youngsters, who have possibly committed horrible crimes, yet they sit and listen to my every word because I played in the National Football League.

At times, I’ll get the chance to counsel them one-on-one.   Most of these youngsters biggest problem is they haven’t had a father in their lives.  They’ve never had a male figure in their life to take the time to give them the attention they need.  Being raised in crime-riddled neighborhoods, they don’t know how to make good decisions about choosing good friends.  Some of them are hardened, but most of them aren’t at this stage, so I try to say something to them that will resonate and come back to their minds when they find themselves at that fork in the road in their lives.  Some listen and it stays with them, but unfortunately many of them have too many negative things going on in their lives.

Many times when I’m somewhere in Philadelphia, I’ll hear somebody yell, Mr. Cobb, Mr. Cobb, and they’ll tell me they were a member of the audience of one of my speeches at the Youth Study Center.  They’ll tell me how they remember some of the things I talked about and how it helped them to turn their lives around.  I value those moments and it makes taking the time worth it.

The reason I said all of that is because playing in the NFL is a special thing.  We have a huge circle of influence in our society.  We must accept responsibility and accountability with that influence.  It should be valued and treated as something special because so many youngsters hold NFL players in such high esteem.

So, the NFL finally did the right thing yesterday when they suspended Ravens running back Ray Rice indefinitely after the TMZ footage came out which showed him knocking out his then fiancée and current wife, Janay Rice. They should have hit Rice harder from the start.

I’m not as hard on the NFL as others.  Initially, most of us were too forgiving about what Rice did.  Remember that the New Jersey judge who heard this case didn’t prosecute him.  There have been no headlines about that.  Nobody seems to care.  All they care about is what the NFL did or didn’t do.  What about that judge?

Again, initially when this happened, the NFL suspended Rice for only two games, but nobody seemed to be very upset until yesterday.   So, I’m not going to point the finger at anybody. We all need to change our attitudes toward domestic violence and be less forgiving of it.  This is a sad situation for everybody involved.

Like it or not, NFL players are idolized by nearly every youngster who lives in the United States.  With that hero worshiping and idolization comes a tremendous responsibility.  Whatever we do makes an impact for the good or for the bad.  ”To whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48).

That’s one of the reasons that domestic violence cannot be tolerated in the National Football League.  The termination of Rice, a guy who had previously led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl title and never been in trouble, sends a message to teenagers and men throughout the country that this is unacceptable behavior.   It doesn’t matter what was said prior to the incident, it is wrong for a man to hit a woman and it as simple as that.

IT IS WRONG FOR A MAN TO HIT A WOMAN.  What Rice did to his wife is criminal behavior.  A man should spend some time in jail for doing that, because if it is tolerated, it will escalate. The victim must file a case and should seek someone with legal expertise, by searching for law firms near me, who can defend her in the courtroom.

I have read the stories that accuse Mrs. Rice of being complicit in not telling the truth about what happened in the elevator.  I doubt she really remembers what happened in the elevator.  She sustained a concussion from that punch in the head.  The young lady was unconscious for nearly a minute or two and there’s no way she could remember what happened before and after that punch.

I hope and believe Ray Rice will learn from his mistake.  He needs to get some serious counseling, whether he ever plays in the National Football League again or not.   There’s no question that indefinite suspension was the right thing to do.


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  • Did the right thing three months too late. This moral outrage that surfaced after this video is completely hypocritical…. When the first videos came out, she went in the elavator under her own power and then we saw the ragedy ann doll that he so graciously ddragged out of the elavator… what in the world did anyone think had happened in there?
    Many on here basically said ‘oh well’ others said she provoked it…. what low lifes they are!
    This is going to stick to Goodell– the NFL brags about their investigative powers, how they know what rookie recruits had for lunch last week…yet they couldn’t figure out this animal knocked a girl unconcious???? NO it is unacceptable! Goodell should be removed or suspended.

    • HAC, I agree with you 100% Whomever condones behavior like that are scumbag enablers. Anybody who hits a woman, is a coward, pussy, scumbag.
      I have 3 Sisters, a Wife, 2 Daughters & a Granddaughter, & if anyone put a finger on them, they’d be worm bait. The NFL got caught in too many lies, & had no choice but to ban his ass. BTW, the NFL & the Ravens are full of shit, saying they just seen the inside the elevator footage. TMZ had it, how can one of the most powerful organizations on the planet, with an investigative team not know, nor have it? BS!!!!!

      • Now, all of that said, for her to still marry him, & be with him, after he assaulted her, says all you need to know about her? $$$$$$$$ If it happens again, God forbid, she gets what she deserves.

        • U she what she just said dcar basically defending everything he did I don’t feel sry for her she’s ok with him

  • I agree 100% HAC
    If commissioner Goodell & Ravens handled properly
    Back in the Spring with a stern 8 Game Suspension
    All pay donated to Women’s Shelter Homes in Balt
    Area, intensive Patient program with Community Service
    Then yesterday would have not been necessary..
    Domestic Abuse has no place anywhere and should not be tolerated
    The fact that Ray Rice had no Priors rwith the Law in his past
    Would have given him that sentence/punishment that I listed above..
    And not the weak 2 Game suspension
    All parties drop the Ball on this one..and now are subject to the
    Circus that now follows…

  • Good stuff G-
    Tricky slope – These young men have to assimilate back into society. I know I’m not capable of helping them since I’m less tolerant of devious violent behavior. It always bothered me Lawrence Phillips kept resurfacing. It irritates me that Jim Brown and baseball manager Bobby Cox are celebrated when I know they have done the same as Ray Rice. God Blessed that Chaplain and yourself with caring. Many posters here have credited DJax and Mike Vick with positive volunteer work similar to yours. I don’t think rage can be detained by the threat of blacklisting but ignoring the Lawrence Phillips type behavior for profit isn’t the answer either. Tricky slope.

    • i heard on mike and mike this morning that Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete… he has SEVERAL convictions of domestic violence….

      • He’s technically more of an “independant contractor” and not an employee of a corp like the NFL, so he can’t really be punished (by an employer anyway)

        But again, what does this say about us, as a society, that keeps paying to watch that guy.

        Again, I know the release of the video will hurt, especially for Janel and the daughter, but I think it might have a long term positive effect…..actually showing the horrific violence, and devastating consequences of this issue put a “face” on DV so to speak.

        Before this, for many, DV was something that happened….always out of the light. Sure it was a problem, but in the shadows. Well here it is, in all its appalling ugliness.

        Who am I kidding…..long term effect? Beiber will crash another car, or a Kardasian will announce a divorce and it’ll probably fade into the background. Such as society is today.

        • Well said Vinnie in regards to Mayweather. Our society is so numb to these facts and violent behaviors that we don’t react as we should. It’s like we are living in The Truman Show set. We are so soften and misdirected by celebrity gossip and celebrity lifestyles that we sometimes don’t see how shallow these so called “Celebrity Icons” really are. I sat down one evening and watch some show called “Real Housewifes.” I could believe there was so much bickering over who liked who and what one wore. It was ridiculous. That’s what our society is becoming one big shallow TV show. I miss shows like Good Times, Step by Step, All In The Family, Alf, and so on. But it’s the way of the world now.

          • I watched the show with my wife lol let’s not confuse this comment on my mistakes of adding a word here and there lol.

          • Omg dude that is so true I hate reality TV this world is fucked

  • The NFL and the Ravens just protected their image they didn’t do the right thing, they did nothing to help Janay Rice or her daughter period. Nobody did the right thing the police, tmz, Ray Rice the Ravens the hotel nobody did the right thing. The NFL failed period. Everybody involved except Janay was wrong and in the long run the only ones to suffer will be Janay and her daughter.

    • No one else see the irony on the Ravens unveiling their Ray Lewis statue this week?

      F-ing Ravens. Arguably their two biggest stars….a guy very involved in a murder and cover up (allegedly) and this scumbag.

      • yeah did you hear lewis back tracking on the young man (rice) he mentored?? it was hilarious..him saying ‘this is nothing like me” lol– no one died! just hilarious!

    • 100% agree.

      AND the NFLPA are dumb asses if they let this stand. Rice is NOT a sympathetic character, but this sets a NASTY precedent.

  • Great article G!

    I am nowhere near your status in my community but I reach out and visit our Juvenile detention center here in Fort Worth every month. I show them pictures and give them testimony about my two deployments in Iraq. Some listen some don’t. But at the end of the day I can’t help to look at them as young 8-9 year old boys that are lost and looking for away out. The streets and/or their situations have led them to this place. My wife and I come from broken homes. I remember stealing water from the neighbors because my mom was a drug addict and my dad was not around. I remember waking up hungry because we didn’t have food to eat. Opening the fridge every hour on the weekends hoping somehow someway food would just appear. My mother yelling at me “What the fuck are you looking for you know there ain’t no food.” I made a choice when I was very young that I would never be like my mother and father and decided to join the Army as that was the only way out. I had my struggles and my dark memories I had to fight but it was men like you that I give credit to when I see where I am at today. Men that took time out of their day to show me how the real world was. Explain to me the do’s and dont’s. This article really touched my heart Mr. Cobb and I commend you for the efforts you put towards these young men. I visit our juvenile detention center in hopes that I find someone that is under the similar situation I was once under. But you know I love that so many kids have heard me say positive things to them. Even though I’m not a superstar or politician but I feel at peace when I talk to them about real life and the word of God to these kids. Once again thank you for this article as it brought me mixed emotions as I was reading it. I believe the punishment that the NFL gave was justified as we all have to pay the consequences of our bad behavior. But let’s pray for Ray Rice and his wife. That the Lord might enter his heart and change him and her. That they may find peace among each other. What this man did is not excusable by any means and deserves whatever punishment is handed to him. Not only did he hurt his wife but there are kids out there that look up to this guy. They view him as a “role model” and when he does something like this it can confuse a young man. Especially one that doesn’t have a male figure in his life to teach him that those actions are not to be tolerated.

    God Bless you G

  • What is shocking to me is that the NFL and the Raven’s reaction has become a bigger issue than the crime itself.

    I’m glad GCobb has the sense to put the focus were it belongs.

    • if you remember HAC was all over the crime when it first broke– I got a bit of grief for it but….

      • Yes you were HAC and called it correctly how the NFL & Ravens took this case too lightly.. Now it’s turned into a disaster for all parties involved..
        I hope Ray & Mrs Rice & Daughter can move on with their Lives, but it will now be more difficult to do so…

        • paul i just read a twit or whatever from the wife… a swift, harsh but fair penalty could have painted this tragedy with a ‘positive’ stroke as oppossed to this bs. — going to be tough for the rice family to overcome.

      • Good call hac u called this shit the NFL is fucked goodbye goodell

    • This is exactly what happens (the circus aftermath) when things are not handled appropriately from the beginning…
      Rice, who has no criminal offenses in his background and was viewed as a good guy off the field should have received at a minimum a 1/2 Year Suspension (8 Games), Intensive Rehab and Counseling and all of his Suspended Earnings donated to Baltimore area Women Shelters, Abuse Programs, & Community Service.. if the Penalty was swift and stiff to begin with, yesterday’s actions would not have occurred.. Now the NFL, the Ravens and of course, Ray Rice will now all be remembered for mid-handling this Case from the get go, which always becomes worse than the Criminal/Poor Behavior/Activity to begin with…
      There should be Zero Tolerance for any Spousal/Children Abuse and Stiff Penalty’s

  • And now his wife is releasing statements saying thank you media for ruining our lives, what nobody knows is the how or why Ray Rice should have never touched his wife period but after the law was done botching this it should have been a family matter period, if this was an isolated incident and not continuous behavior it makes it even worse, these two people have been together since High School. I hope this family is in counseling they are really going to need it now.

    • ‘The shield’ tends to get involved quite a bit Lion—They of course botched it as well. I’m wondering if the ‘botched’ by law enforcement was the ‘typical’ battered wife saying ‘don’t arrest my husband’– think about it if an nfl wife prosecutes a hubby then the paychecks disapear… it is an awful scenario..
      however blaming the media is kind of lame…. the blame clearly falls on one man and one man only!

    • And now his wife is releasing statements saying thank you media for ruining our lives.

      Misdirected anger on her part. The media didn’t spit on her and punch her in the face, her husband did. Her husband ruined his own life… She is now a victim for a second time because of his actions.

      • No Irish there is enough blame to go around from the assholes who sold this tape to TMZ to TMZ themselves everybody should be ashamed of how this was handled nobody should get a pass. It started with that left hook and was all downhill after that.

        • You’re right – It started with her husband abusing her. Everything that has happened since is the debris of her husband’s actions.

  • There is more to this then just the video, but we’ll never know. Ray Rice has nobody to blame except himself, like I said now we’ll hear about Stockholm syndrome and how she’s only worried about the money. I call bullshit it’s their family and they have been together since High School so I think we would have heard about any violence before, after all nobody else has come forward talking about how Ray’s been kicking her ass for years. That’s telling to me.

    • sorry i wasn’t inferring stockholm or a pattern… truly i wasn’t– its a simple fact- ray makes roughly $300k per game i think– 8 games cost the family $$2.4!

      • No not you cigar, but we’ll hear all about that I bet and you better believe that is a serious chunk of change.

        • Big, if you think she ISN’T worried about the money, you sir, are clueless! She should have never married him after what happened! No excuses!

          • It was all about the money look at her statement, DCar people have the right to do whatever they choose, he decided to punch her he lost his job, she decided to marry him, he lost his job that’s their lives period. So what is clueless is people trying to decide what’s right for them when they can’t keep their own shit straight. Like I said shame on everyone from Ray Rice on down.

            • No one is perfect Big, but by her still marrying him, shows how flawed of a person she is also. It’s all about the Benjamin’s bruh! You know me, I ain’t on no high horse, but the truth is the truth!

              • It also protected him as a spouse can not be forced to testify against her husband.

            • So what is clueless is people trying to decide what’s right for them when they can’t keep their own shit straight

              What I find clueless is people trying to deflect blame away from the person who committed the crime.

              Someone shines a light on a roach and there’s a mad scramble to find fault everyone but the roach….

              • Nah Irish I don’t demonize other people I work on being a better man everyday, clueless is thinking that you don’t do any wrong and somehow because his failure was captured on tape makes you a better person. Clueless is thinking you know Ray and Janay Rice by watching a 2 minute clip of the worst night of their lives.

              • Nah Irish I don’t demonize other people I work on being a better man everyday, clueless is thinking that you don’t do any wrong and somehow because his failure was captured on tape makes you a better person. Clueless is thinking you know Ray and Janay Rice by watching a 2 minute clip of the worst night of their lives.

                You would be a better man if you saved some of your sympathetic, non-judgmental feelings and comments for those who are innocent.

                You don’t seem to have any problem being critical and turning you wrath on the Ravens, the NFL, TMZ…, and now me. But you are too sanctimonious to judge Ray Rice?

                Forget it Big – I gotcha

              • So you missed all the posts where I said Ray Rice has nobody to blame but himself? So if you copy and paste copy and paste all that but that’s what you do with the selective shit.

          • LOL!!!!

            • gmc, where have you been?

              • Lol cliff miss u brother no homo

            • what’s up GMCliff !

  • Great article GCobb. Best you’ve ever written. Todays youth are a mess. I myself have sponsored troubled youths, been a Big Brother, been a Foster parent, a PAL coach. A lot of troubled youths, with no Father figures from the hood. Not an excuse, just reality. It’s a shame that most Black men consider being a man, is piling up notches of how many women they can impregnate, with no repercussions. It’s a sad, vicious circle, of reality.

    • What is sad DCar is dealing with the kids they just don’t understand that they are accountable for their actions. Beyond that I have gotten back into coaching because my boys are playing football and the parents of some of these kids are beyond ridiculous I’ve spent more time in the last 2 months getting parents straight then getting the kids straight, truly unbelievable.

      • Big, it’s an uphill battle. Like I said, it’s a sad, vicious circle, laziness, stupidity, ignorance, & reality.

        • DCAR i’m glad you said that, not me.
          In my experience in public schools in New Castle County Delaware, where schools have been court ordered to desegregate since about 1980 I have seen hundreds/thousands of young AA kids who unfortunately have no father figure, and if they do he is often as described by DCAR above…. when dealing with a youngster for a discipline problem or academic problem and you look on their file and you almost NEVER see a father listed…
          There has to be a common sense solution to chipping away at the problem. The govt. has made child birth an ‘industry’ to young AA girls who have no prospects for a better life… it is so freaking sad.

          • So true hac I help coach at this high school up the street and 75 percent of the black boys either don’t know their dads or their dads are pieces of shit my dad died from doing too much heroin when I was young and my mom had a fatal stroke only a few years later so I tell kids this and some care and they want to do better and their mom is doing the best they can to raise them but it’s hard without that make figure in their life so these kids just continue to do bad and it’s real sad cuz I see the potential just no guidance

          • Been my experience as the youth director at my multi racial Nazarene Church in Jacksonville and growing up in multi racial Frankford next to Kensington and Fishtown that this problem is not exclusive to one race. Please be careful in how you word things when I tell kids to pull their damn pants up it’s black and white.

            • by no means isn’t it single race- unfortunately ‘the city’ is where the problem is so concentrated. A. holes come in all shapes and sizes etc. I was commenting on the societal, economic problems that were brought up earlier in this thread-
              I was also speaking directly to my 30+ years in the public school system where the problem is overwhelming in the AA community. Where the system throws resource after resource to a problem without truly understanding it…. where the institutional racism is so prevelant and the $$$ is basically robbed from the problem by both black and white ‘leaders’…. sorry bout the tirade but its frustrating!

              • They need better guidance not only govt issued funds

              • zilents who is ‘they’? as for guidance i guess but learning self-respect is a start. This is where i get into trouble with my respected friend big lion– i feel like the expectations are so freaking low, that anti-social behavior is so accepted, that the reaction to rice, vick, the nba players who spawn 8 kids is so non-chalant I just don’t get it… that a community Wilmington DE (affectionately referred to as KILLington)can have murder after murder, shooting after shooting and everyone just looks the other way, young women keep giving birth knowing that their new child will be living in this environment.

              • Lol really hac they look I don’t beat around the bush all kids who have shitty guidance black white brown all races plz don’t hang on my words like that

              • We have lowered the expectations everywhere look at that crap in Miami where the rich kids thought is would be fun to break into Ray Allens house and the police basically looked the other way. Bet their parents didn’t give 2 shits just as long as little Johnnie didn’t get arrested. Scared his wife and kids half to death but it’s all in fun right?

              • Some parents are so weak minded that are happy as long the kids don’t get arrested they are doing good a good old fashion Ass whooping fixes everything if people didn’t scream child abuse

              • Maybe so lion but an isolated incident of some spoiled rich assholes is by scale not in comparison and I am not saying it’s an isolated incident or that there aren’t other spoiled assholes out there …I’m just saying the problem to which were addressing is so pervasive

              • No need to apologize. I sense you’re sincere. But what I read in your statement isn’t insensitive comments about the state of black youths, but more concern about what you believe is a sub-culture that has low expectations and doesn’t promote personal accountability. That’s fair. there are many (sometimes called race hustlers) who will only look at the institutionalized racism and its impact with little regard to the personal accountability and expectations to succeed. These individuals are not only misguided, but disingenuous as well. Black people or black youths direct or indirect exposure to racism and personal accountability are not mutually exclusive. Too often folks act like its either or.
                Which leads to my problem with domestic violence. As unpopular as my statements are in regards to the current tide of public sentiment, I’m resolute in stating that we should not cheapen domestic violence by politicizing it and shaming folks for implying or outright suggesting that women are held accountable for their actions in regards to violence. That’s all that the irritating SAS said with Whoopi have the guts to back him. An honest discussion about DV and violence along with personal responsibility will be a first in this selectively outraged society.

            • I live In PG county in md there the school only has 5 percent white people so IM only giving my experience not a general view trust me I know it is not just black kids

            • DCar and Cigar and Zilent let me rephrase that I understand what your saying but this problem right now is bigger than race. I deal with all inner city kids and absentee fathers are everywhere.

              • But is it mostly black fathers from your perspective

              • It’s become the “Haves Versus the Have-Nots” in Terms of Education, Job Opportunities, Justice, Fairness, you name it….
                I live in Northwestern North Carolina in the Rural South and in the Appalachia Mountain Region where there is not much of a Black Population here, but the same issues and Problems that reside just like in any other in Lower-Economic, Less Educated Area as well.. Lots of Meth-Labs, Pot Fields, Moonshining Stills where Hillbillies are destroying their own Youth by targeting and selling to them at early ages, still way too many unemployed or underemployed receiving Government Assistance whether it be for housing, food stamps,medical coverage.. Many of these young Adults that come from these environments have the odds stacked against them to succeed or break out of ‘Cycle” of Dependency…for they are poorly educated, have no Dad’s/Father Figures, limited access to quality education, medical or transportation needs… Lots of these Young Girls have families and kids at an Early age, Lots of these Young Men get into trouble with the law, making, selling Drugs, Stealing to make $$$, It’s all over the Country…
                2 Things about the Hispanic and Asian Cultures and Demographics… They are far less likely to get Divorced, Have Kids out of Wedlock and typically keep their Families as
                “Family Unit” with strong ties to Family Traditions and Elders and also strong Convictions to Faith… Just an Observation of mine after some 51 Years of living in different parts of the Country and working and living with different groups of People..

    • The hood ones not honest hard working black men their are a lot of us out

    • Most black men??? That’s a broad statement, categrorizing the majority of AA men…You haven’t even met 1% of the AA men in the world…so how the hell can one say “Most black men”….when you utilize that term, that just fuels the ignorance of other races…now if you say “some black men” who can argue with that….

      • Definely not most black man but from my experiences I have seen this younger generation if black men not do too good

  • I just read her statement… smh

    She might as well say “He hits me because he loves me. He knocks me out because he adores me.” they bought need serious help.

    When this video first aired by initial thought was “Why would she marry this guy after being hit?” Well I now have my answer. It was love smh.

    The act in itself was horrific. But to act like nothing wrong happened in the eyes of the victim is just as disturbing.

    Your thoughts:

    • I agree with her. It’s the media and societies over reaction to something that has been going on since time and memorial. There was nothing new that happened. Rice had already admitted striking her before the 2nd video came out. Everyone I knew that had an opinion on this said and knew as much. But now that the sleezeball TMZ shows the video, folks are acting like they saw something they didn’t already suspect. I know a few places in Philly and Bmore where regular ass beat downs and well as some DV happen on the reg. I’m willing to bet that if most people are honest, they can look no further further than their immediate families or at least extended. And definitely the extended communities.
      As far as her reasons for marrying him after the incident? How many regular everyday women either marry or stay with abusers? Nothing new. Happens all the time. And we all know it. But because this woman is married to the new monster/flavor of the month, it’s somehow more egregious? We are collectively (society) hypocrites.

      • I don’t agree with her or you coldbrewski.

        I think the more attention this subject gets, the better. I think it should be discussed in every home in the country.

        It has been going on since time and memorial and it’s time for it to stop. I think every little girl in the country should see that video as a lesson.

        It’s your sweep it under the rug attitude that allows this shit to continue.

        • I can respect you having a different opinion Irish. But I respectfully don’t feel this incident lacks any scrutiny. There are legal safeguards in place for victims of assault or abuse. What’s happening here is folks injecting there personal feelings/morality into this. As long as people keep making this about protecting women as oppose to protecting ANYBODY, then the discussion and debates ring hollow. As long as folks convince themselves that women are ENTITLED to protective status that men aren’t, they’ll continue to miss the point. As long as people thin they can be aggressors and not be expected to “walk away” or not “escalate” situations whether physical or verbal, they’ll continue to miss the point. It’s much too easy to SHAME others into agreeing.
          So no sweeping anything under the rug. I’ve lived and experienced physical abuse and domestic violence Irish. I found out first hand how society shames men into compliance and allow women to go without ANY accountability for their actions.

          • It happened to me coldbre my ex use to hit me and abuse me and i had thought if i say ne thing to the police she will just say i hit her and the police would just arrest me and guess what that is what happen to me all because the world paints females as onnocent victoms and we are as men automatically the evil one

            • There are no words…..

  • If you all remember the nfl after this happened spun it like this: ‘We are going in this direction because the victim in this case is embarrassed and taken responsibility for HER role in all this’– look it up!!!!!!

    I’m ready to move to europe and be done with all the sensationalism in america, i think i’d be happier without knowing what the hell a kardashian is.

    • You would then just be force fed everything about every soccer player and all their wives/girlfriends.

      Can’t escape.

      • maybe getting rid of tv and the internet is the way to go…

        • It would help big time cigar

          • Especially the internet.

            • I don’t have a phone. They are one of the banes of society. I don’t tweet. Nor instagram. I am not so insecure that I need constant updates from Jay-Z or whoever won the last Bachelor. I have never, ever watched a reality show (fine – I watched the UK ‘masterchef’). This shit is pure pollution.

              One of the most refreshing things about living in a timny toun in the middle of nowheresville Scotland was that there was just one 24 hour ‘news’ channel. My TV came in on an antenna. I think there were 26 channels or whatever it was. I barely turned it on. What do we have in NA?

              In Canada there are 3 different 24 hour sports channels (one with 5 different feeds), a 24 hour ‘entertainment channel , 3 24 hour Canadian news channels, 24 hour business channe, 24 hour NFL network, 24 hour NHL network, + 24 hour CNN, Fox and CNBC….that’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more, though I can’t remember them all because my TV guide has 700 options.

              Are you f-ing kidding me?

              Pollute your brain listenting/watching that cacaphonie.

              I suggest strongly to all of you, head to rural somewhere and take a year. I mean really rural somewhere….The Isle of Mull is beautiful. All this shit will disappear. You’ll be able to read, interact with other humans.

              I friggin’ hate this constant bombardment I’ve been subjected to since returning….and as I said, I rarely turn on the tv, am not connected to the internet 24/7 through a phone. I read the shit in here, couple of business sites, couple of political sites and get the F out.

              And the whole “fatherless society” is a freekin’ tragedy. The casually callous way soooo many people today toss aside what are supposed to be loving relationships for their own personal and selfish aims will have devastating, long-term repercussions in many places in NA.

  • G,

    Are you president yet? Your work with the troubled youth is important and very honorable.

    10YardCriminals President and Owner, much affected by the Ray Rice scandal. I had to find another RB.

  • Now that all NFC East games have been played…The Giants look far away from being a problem, so does WSH….Cowboys may be our only true worry in this division this year. But I only see them being an 8-8 team…Their defense played a solid second half against the 49ers…But this early on, who knows…But from what I saw from week 1, not concerned about any NFC East team.

  • Biglion I am sorry.

    This business:
    “… clueless is thinking that you don’t do any wrong and somehow because his failure was captured on tape makes you a better person. Clueless is thinking you know Ray and Janay Rice by watching a 2 minute clip of the worst night of their lives.”

    I am a better person than Ray RIce. I am a 1000x better person than Ray Rice.

    I would never, ever, ever physically assault my wife, daughter, or any other woman I know. That makes me a much better person than him.

    And don;t try and pass this shit off as a “worst night” Why do you insist diminishing that??

    A “worst night” Dude, I and millions of others have had “worst nights”….Amazingly, they never seemed to include spitting on my wife, physicically annihilating her, and then calously dragging and pushing her around with my feet.

    Sorry buddy, we’ve disagreed on a lot of things…..but you are waayyyyyy off here.

    • Got it Vinnie

  • Dam we lost goode for the season big loss

    • There is a decent ILB and Special Teamer that was Cut from the Panthers 2 Weeks ago and named DJ Smith.. A good all-arounnd Pjayer who pkayer’s at Appalachian State.. He would be a nice pick-up
      For the Eagles… Played a couple Seasons with Packers
      High energy, fast and physical…

  • Gary,
    This is a fine article, especially about the impact athletes have on young people and good for you.
    “Again, initially when this happened, the NFL suspended Rice for only two games, but nobody seemed to be very upset until yesterday. ”

    Are you out of your mind? Nobody was upset? The country went BALLISTIC over only two games. It forced Goodell with in a week to change the entire policy. And it fed the furor over this. Its STILL an issue vis a vis drug policy.

    Be more attentive in your writing or observation.

  • The National Organization of Women (NOW) is calling for Roger Goodell to resign. If he saw that tape in full and made a two game suspension call, then it is warranted.

  • He spit on her twice and knocked her the fuck out…..theres nothing can be said to justify or enlighten anything outside of he is scum.

    Media did nothing but show his actions. She is an abuse victim in denial.

    The cycle continues.

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