• July 7, 2022

Eagles-Texans Preview

JasonKelce11The Houston Texans are not the 2-14 push over that stunk up the 2013 season.  At 4-4, this team is considered “overachieving” by many, but they have bounced back nicely under rookie head coach Bill O’Brien.

When you think of the Texans, arguably the best defensive player in the game JJ Watt is the first name that comes to mind.  He is a freak of nature and a nightmare for opposing offensive coordinators to game plan for.

The Eagles are looking to rebound after a “should of/could of” game last week.  Helped by Cowboys falling to the Redskins, the loss to the Cardinals was hard to digest, but that’s in the past, and the 1pm showdown this Sunday is the focal point.


On offense, it’s all about feeding the football to Arian Foster.  This guy is a workhouse, one of the few feature running backs left in the game, and he can do it all.  He is powerful runner with terrific vision and is .  At receiver, it’s a two man show, the veteran Andre Johnson who is a physical specimen and was once the best at his position, joined by sophomore up and coming Deandre Hopkins.  They catch passes from the veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, more of a game manager than a guy who is going to be counted on to win you a game.  The Texans are not shy with what their offensive attack is going to be. Heavy dose of running, short passes to their big bodied receiving core, and using play action with a few deep throws.


The Eagles are set to welcome back a few key pieces to their offense. Center Jason Kelce appears to be ready for his return, and Sproles is also slated to suit up on Sunday.  What to expect from offensive guard Todd Herremans is left to seen, yet another blow to an offensive line that has flip flopped starting combinations all season.

Maclin has become the biggest offensive weapon for the Eagles.  He is really establishing himself as a top receiving threat, with McCoy still not producing like a top running back. Foles is showing that he is turnover prone on a weekly basis, something we are becoming accustomed with, and that is not a good thing.

The offense is going score points; they have depth at all of the skilled positions, with different guys finding the end-zone on a weekly basis.  The issue is the starting quarterback.  He is giving away points to the opposing defenses, both by poor foot work with his release, head shaking decision with where he is throwing the football and minimum play making ability with his feet.  I’m not calling for a quarterback change, Foles is only subbed if he goes down with an injury, but the guy needs to start playing better.


Watt is going to get his, a few knocked down passes, a sack or two, just hopefully not a fumble or interception return for a touchdown.  The rest of the defense is looking to control the oppositions running game, but they struggle against the pass.  2014 first overall selection Jadeveon Clowney should be in the line-up on Sunday, adding to the pass rush that the Texans look to establish early and often.  They like to play physical, they have safeties that are looking to inflict pain and separate the player from the football.


Linebackers Ryans and Barwin return to where their careers began, and hope to have big games against their former squad.  The Texans are surrendering a mere “two” sacks per game to opposing defenses, but hopefully Billy Davis can find a way to add to those numbers.

They key to the defense this week will be to avoid giving up the big play. They can’t allow Hopkins to run past them like John Brown and Larry Fitzgerald did to them last week.  They need to be prepared to gang tackle Foster, and not attempt to tackle the guy high, go for his legs, he is a mule.


I don’t fear the Texans.  I like the direction the team is going, but this is a win for the Eagles.

-McCoy will total 120 and a score.

-Celek will score a TD.

-The defense surrenders a ton of yards, but does a nice job in the red-zone in the second half, limiting the Texans to field goals.

Eagles 30  Texans  20


Jeff Kolsky

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  • Going to the game tomorrow. First time at NRG Stadium and looking forward to all that damn good BBQ. Dman and his crew are here from SD and ready to smash that ass! GO EAGLES!!

  • Damn have a blast ….this game will be a truly interesting game to watch ,as great teams don’t lose or beat themselves on a back to back..adding that it’s back to back road games is ,probably a plus ..the eagles seemingly perform well on the Road..with a one dimensional attack ,I look for Kendrick to be a huge plus this week ,extricating him from solely dime ,easing him back in ,will be a positive. The amount of flags vs arizona ,totally disrupted the eagles offensive flow of the game as well as the defensive pace ,with flags in excess of 20 …ridiculous disruption ,to our asset ,of pacing the game at our tempo..I think Foles is wired to this frenetic pace ,and his comfort level should improve with Kelce back ..to what extent ,well see ,but I look for pulling type athletic plays that will creates peace all over the field ,with the emergence of Kelce ..the mixture will still lend itself to passing but they must attack watts at all expense to wear him out…I think the Eagles special teams creates field position for Fitzpatrick and puts more pressure in foster ..I don’t see the eagles allowing 100 yards on the ground..

  • I truly think last weeks film ,was a valuable learning tool,for this bunch..added to that ,dallas stubbing there toe ..I look for a confident bunch of flying birds ala Hitchcock…on Halloween weekend

  • I agree. Just by having Kelce back is huge. I see McCoy having a big day tomorrow. Over 100 yards rushing with a couple TD’s is what I see happening

  • Mam i just read online tony romo has 2 fractures in his back if they let him pplay. they are idiots jerry jones is killing hiscteam romo will be a crypt by the age of 40

  • But I have to say I’m confused as to why the Eagles front office never pursued a trade during the trade deadline for some safety help. We never would have lost that game to AZ if it weren’t for Nate Allen blowing the coverage. It would suck real bad if we keep losing close games due to our shitty secondary. When your this good of a team and your able to upgrade your D through a trade you get the deal done. This just might back fire on them

  • Kelce + sproles+ Kendrick full playbook+ foles taking his head out of his ass + deuce calling coach out on 62 passes = 6-2 with Carolina coming in + Mathis = 7-2 and a thanksgiving to remember and a 3 game stretch ,that will define this team as the leaves blow from there branches ..if McCoy/sproles don’t have 25 + touches !I’m going to need a new high def tv

  • DMAN I’m sure they put there toe in the water ..sometimes the asking price plus the burden of a contract are best left alone..they are a team in year 2 not yet completed …the exciting thing is they were two goal line plays ,away from being undefeated ,even with turnovers by foles …huff …and a decimated offensive line ..they’ll be whole again soon (if not for herremans) and they’ve introduced Polk ,a different looking back into the mix..I believe the team MVP (sproles) at this point of the season..I think on an island Nate Allen and Williams were exposed …we are those two away from upgrades ..from being more legit ..when we hit 7-2 despite all of this and are into the 3 games vs Dallas ,Seattle and Dallas …well see if were legit ..in Green Bay ..in Dallas ..and home vs Dallas and Seattle …10-3 I’m crawling out of my skin..but I see 9-4 With two winnable games possibly vs giants and Washington 11-5 season a playoff win ..and then were playing with house cash…and 3rd person Pman eats southern crow At 8-8

  • Don’t get me wrong our D has been playing much better as of late. And I’m sure they tried to get a deal done, but I assume the asking price was too much and maybe the talent wasn’t an upgrade in their opinion. Either way we are legit contenders. I just hope we can improve in the secondary, and find a way to become more balanced in the red zone. Right now we are awful in the red zone. I still think Ertz can be that guy. Maybe use a 2 set TE formation for red zone plays. Get Ertz, Celek and Casey involved..

  • This is a game dominated by the Eagles defense and special teams. I see us shutting Foster down and Fitzpatrick will be under a lot of pressure from our front seven. The offense will be shaky as usual but field position and with our defense dominating the final score-24-10 Eagles

    • Remember…Everything SongsBreeze says….the opposite is true.

      Songsbreeze thinks the Eagles D is good and “dominating”. He forgot what happened with 1:22 left last week.

      The Eagles pass D is atrocious.

      He believes the Eagles run D is especially good.


      Gerhart (who sucks) 18 for 42….sucked
      Richardson (who sucks) 21 for 79….sucked
      Bradshaw (who is good) 12 for 70….was good
      Morris (who sucks – this year) 23 for 77….sucked
      Gore (who’s good) 24 for 119…was good
      Stacy (who sucks) 11 for 42…sucked
      Cunningham (who is decent) 7 for 47…was good
      WIlliams (who sucks) 17 for 59….sucked
      Ellington (who’s ok)…23 for 71….was Ok

      Basically they’ve faced a shitload of terrible RBs. And they’ve been terrible….terrible against everyone.

      When the eagles face better RBs…..the results have not been as promising.

      Foster this week.

  • Shout out Paul a n. I’m in Morgantown as I was at that unbelievable game yesterday. Anyway I’m up early (even earlier because of fall back) in the lobby of hotel and the weather channel is on and talking up the snow in Boone. Showing clips of the snowy Appalachian State game

    • the puppet heads at ESPN a couple years ago were spewing that TCU and Boise State wouldn’t even be ranked if they had to play in conference like the Big 12 so they shouldn’t even be considered for FBS bowl championship games. Every one of those faux experts need a mic under there nose now that TCU is cruising through the Big 12 to answer for their BS.

    • Neato HAC,
      Morgantown,WV a great atmosphere to watch a College Game
      Boone seems to get few spots on Weather Channel a few times a year ..
      We average about 45-50″ of Snowfall a Season and have
      3-4 Ski Resorts, Mtn Biking, Hiking Trails, and the fantastic
      Blue Ridge Parkway runs right thru our area..
      The High Country of Western NC they the Blue Ridge and Smoky
      Mtns are some of the best Views and Highest Elevations
      East of the Rockies.. We are 3,00-5,500Ft above Sea Level
      App State beat up on Georgia State 44-0 too..

  • it’s the sport of kings better than diamond rings
    Are you ready for some Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go Eagles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eagles had trouble against 3-4 defenses this year in San Fran and in Arizona. Well here is another 3-4 defense in Houston.

  • we actually moved the ball pretty good against arizona so i think we be ok against texans

    • Eagles have to stay out of 2nd/3rd and longs
      1st Down efficiency will be critical for the W today

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