• August 14, 2022

Eagles-Texans Pregame Thoughts

  • johnsonThis is a very important game for Nick Foles. We’ve got to see him come out and prove that he can play a clean game with no turnovers. Against a very average Houston pass defense, the stage is set for the quarterback to come out and enjoy a very productive afternoon. 
  • J.J. Watt and Arian Foster are tremendous talents, but the Houston team as a whole just isn’t very good.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is about as mediocre a starter as you can find in this league. He can’t get the Houston aerial attack going, and this offense basically goes as far as Arian Foster can take them week to week.
  • Just how good has Foster been this year? He’s got six 100-yard games in seven starts, and has found the endzone nine times.
  • That said, the Eagles shouldn’t sleep on Andre Johnson. The talented wideout still has a lot of good football left in him. Before last week, Larry Fitzgerald was making very little impact, but exploded once matched up against the terrible secondary. The same opportunity is going to be there for Johnson today.
  • Can’t understate how important the return of Jason Kelce is for this offensive line. David Molk has done a fair job in his absence, but Molk is so undersized that it really puts the Eagles at a disadvantage in certain situations.
  • I don’t know how long Todd Herremans is going to be able to go with a torn bicep. That’s an excruciating injury to play through, and I would be very surprised if he’s able to finish the season.
  • Chip Kelly has done so many puzzling things this year in terms of playcalling. We’ve seen consistently baffling redzone playcalling and play design throughout the year, especially in the redzone. How are the tight ends on this team not being utilized more, especially Zach Ertz? I understand that the state of the offensive line has required the team to use the tight ends more as blockers, but I just think its inexcusable for a bright guy like Kelly to not find ways to get a weapon like Ertz more involved.
  • LeSean McCoy hasn’t had 20 or more receiving yards in a game since Week 2.
  • I really think Kelly needs to think long and hard about using Chris Polk as the team’s primary goalline back. Of course, McCoy is the much more talented back, but picking up short, tough yards is one area of weakness in his game. McCoy is a finesse runner that is much more suited to excel in the open field, while Polk is much more of a bulldozer that just runs straight ahead. Teams across the league use certain running backs as goalline specialists over their featured guys, and I don’t think its unreasonable for the Eagles to do the same.
  • After getting burned by speedster John Brown a week ago, a guy the Eagles need to watch this week is DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins has great speed and he’ll be able to get open deep.
  • Former Eagle Damaris Johnson has carved out a nice role for himself with the Texans. He’s made a few plays for them as both a receiver and a returner.
  • This week will be a homecoming for DeMeco Ryans, Connor Barwin, and a couple other guys on this roster. It will be particularly interesting to see how Ryans and Barwin respond to the opportunity to play against the team that let them go.

Final Thoughts/Projected Outcome

After suffering a loss to the Cardinals last week, I have to believe that the Eagles come out and play a much more complete and focused game than they did a week ago.

I think the two biggest keys today are for Foles to avoid turnovers and for the Eagles’ defense to force Fitzpatrick into some key mistakes of his own. Someone in this secondary other than Malcolm Jenkins needs to step up and make a play. All three of the team’s interceptions belong to Jenkins.

I don’t see Fitzpatrick outscoring the Eagles’ offense.

Pick: Eagles 30, Texans 20


Denny Basens

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Thoughts From Eagles-Texans


  • Don’t like this natch-up at all today

    1) Eagles have Turned the Ball Over 17 Times
    2) Texans Defense lead the NFL in creating 17 Turnovers
    3) Eagles struggle in Red-Zone, settling for too many FG’s
    4) Texans have strong Rushing attack with Foster/Blue
    5) Texans D has a strong Pass Rush
    6) Texans at Home where the play pretty well

    Texans 31 – Eagles 27

  • Alex had 1 Goal and 2 Assists in the Playoffs so a strong finish and
    Something to build on for High Country Soccer..

  • reports out of washington decision to start rg3 is from dan synder and bruce allen lol gruden just another slave to dan synder lol love that owners in our divison ruin their own teams

  • Reports… Bob has alienated the locker room!

    • lol he was probally so pissed when cousins played good then after colt took over he was like damn now i gotta beat out this white boy lol cant win for losing yo dan this bob tell your coach to start me or else we aint friends no more i got u bestie now u are riding in my limo wit me this week right. of course u my man plus i cant stand these dudes in this locker room

    • The Redskins should Ride the McCoy Train as long as he’s playing well and Winning.. Go with the hot hand, I have to admit,
      He’s looked pretty good for them.,

  • With the re-emergence of Kelce ..sproles..Kendrick (all snaps) ..I’m looking differently at this from P man..it’s an AFC opponnent ..we know that there will be a loser in dallas vs az..we win win either way …I don’t think coach let’s this one get away ..back to back road losses won’t be acceptable …I look for a lot less stress …than most …screens will be back ..in the playbook ,check downs ..a higher tempo game ,with the refs not throwing flags every other play …

    • If the Eagles convert in Red-Zone and Foles protects the ball,
      They should win easily, which is what we all want to see,
      But the trends and stats for this Season don’t reflect this and until they prove otherwise, it will be a struggle..
      Kelce is a huge positive, though I expect him to be a little rusty
      Coming back, Sproles matched up on their OLB
      Is a huge mismatch and Eagles TE’s are a big favor to Eagles as well
      Again it will get down to executing and punching it in for 7 instead of FG’s
      Which keeps the Texans in it,,

  • Eagles Inactivex Today
    QB Matt Barkley,
    C/G Justin Vandervelde
    OT Dennis Kelly
    WR Brad Smitj
    Safety Nate Allen
    OLB Marcus Smith
    DE Taylor Hart

    Texans have J Clowney, LB B Cushing
    WR Devier Posey , OT Doug Adams , QB Tom Savage
    and some backup Players

  • Pman agree ..with the inclusion of Kelce getting out athletically on screens …they need run right at watt…pound the rock game …safe bubble screens ..not asking foles to do too much …plus Polk is an added weapon between the tackles..hoping there are 25-30 touches on the run game

  • Pressure right up the gut on 1st play, then Peters whiffs on the 3rd. Ouch. Oline still a mess.

    Thank goodness Houston penalty.

    Isn;t it annoying watching Reid with his run 1st “grind it out” offense in KC. A 7 minute drive to score on the opening possession? DId that ever happen in Philly?

  • Matthews has to stop letting the ball into his chest.

  • Palmer in a big game on the road throwing a pick-6….what a surprise.

    But Songs”Cutler”Breeze likes him better!

  • This Foles guy sucks.

    Maclin too.

  • I hope every teams starting corners are injured for the rest of Foles career here.

    He’d be a lock for Canton.

    • Luckiest QB in the league.

  • Beautiful deep ball airstrike…from Foles to Jmac. Perfect timing. Somewhere songs and kool just cringed and threw up as they yelled Nooooo!

    • FOLES…is Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde…what he giveth…he taketh away.
      That was brutal…just brutal..

      • I was about to say the same exact thing.

  • and then he does that

  • Until Foles plays multiple consistent turnover free hashes he sucks and shouldn’t be acknowledge as anything outside if a stopgap.

    Sorry but if you are going to praise him destroy when he does something as fucking terrible as that throw.

  • Terrible.

    Good with the bad?? That’s what I’m still rolling with.

    I know what he was trying to do….saw Cooper 1-on-1…but bad call……..

    Why come out with a throw though? Up 7 and Eagles have 10 passes and 1 run.

    That’s stupid.

    • Youre making excuses Vinny. That was fucking terrible.


      Same mistakes over and over again. That’s ridiculous. And I like the kid but this is middle of season.

      • I think I said terrible.

        • But it is 14 passes 3 runs which is also terrible.

  • Foles being evaluated on sideline . Mark Sanchez warming up on sideline for next series.

  • uh oh

  • Look for the Eagles to trade shady and multiple picks to get in the top 3 of next years draft.

    • Can’t trade his salary. But I agree, they would if they could.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • You NEEEEEED it

  • Ok songsiskoolbreeze 2, the moment you have been pining for will happen. Lets see if the offense looks any different as far as play calling, execution or read option.

  • Our defense is a top 6 this season period. These boys show up week n and week out and battle there hearts out. Sure they might give up some yards sometimes but there hasnt been ONE game this seasoan where they didnt play good enough for us to win.

    • Except last week with 1:22 to go.



  • yes!!!!!!!!

  • Time to start giving these boy come credit. There only an Elite outside corner and one more pass rusher/runstopper away from being unstoppable.

  • Great throw by Sanchez…weak penalty call. No fun league

    • Wait a sec. WHen a WR is wide open for a td, but has to hold up and wait for the ball its a “great throw”??? Because last week it meant “weak arm”. Its all so confusing.

  • that’s a quick release!!!!!

  • And Vinne for the game to come down to that John Brown touchdown is inexusable. We shot ourselves in the foot in atleast 3-4 occasions in that game. Even Skip Bayless said we shoulda won the game LOL.

  • This offense is faster and better with Sanchez.

    • yes

  • Well there we go…tight windows. tough throws!

  • Lol motherfucking Sanchez

  • Beautiful pass and great catch by Jordan Mathews…very good hands catch.

    • Hopefully that will continue.











    • Never. Ever, judge a QB coming off the bench. Only evaluate the following week on his start….otherwise Cousins, Weeden, and a milllion other nobodies would be starting…..because they all came off the bench and kicked ass.

      BTW – I am happy with that last drive. I am happy Sanchez looks good right now. Though I temper it with knowledge of Sanchez’s history.

    • As an Eagles fan…whoever is under center I wany them to perform at a top level. Sanchez must do it over a period of games….

  • I don’t have the game on down here in NC and am too busy to get out to a Sports Bar And I hate to hear about Foles injury, but this May be the turning point of the Season for the Eagles Offense for the good…
    I believe very strongly that Mark Sanchez can move the Offense very efficiently and will excel in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo pace as I stated all Summer..
    Let’s Go Sanchez & Eagles…







  • Lol Everyone calm down. Im excited too but shit. Oonly with Eagles fans this tends to happen hahaha. Mark Sanzhez is playing against the Houston Texans. One of the worst secondaries in the lead. If Mark can do this consistently then hell yeah. But I wouldnt bet on it


      • It’s one game dude. Foles has proven he can do it with 29tds and 2ins. This is Mark Sanchez were talking about. Sure he was put into some tough situtions, but he has been a dud his whole career.

  • Damn I like Josh Huff but this kid is killing me




    • High and behind.

      2 “almost fumbles”

      5 year history of shitty play.

      You might want to calm down on your caps lock excitedness.

      Sanches is not 3 of 4 with an int on a ball that was….well….catchable…but not great on a wide open guy.





        Like leading his team to 2 AFC Championship games?

  • That turnover is on Huff…who finds away to give ball to opposition.

  • Pail man Trade Rumor
    After the 2014 Season,
    Eagles Send RB McCoy, OL Dennis Kelly
    And their #1 Pick to the Oakland Raiders
    For the Raiders #1 Pick and Draft QB Marcus Mariotta

    Then Eagles Trade Foles after the 2015 Season
    For a 3rd Round Pick

  • Once again Philly is coming up with impressive ways to keep the opposition in the game with turnovers. LOL. This is not what “great” teams do consistently on a weekly basis. Still couldnt clean it up with the bye week.

  • I wish Eagles corners could intercept the ball.

  • my cable (nfl pack) just went out….anoying

  • All of a sudden the read options works?

    i wonder why?

    Oh..Slow ass Foles takes forever to develope a play.

  • Short yardage solved too?

    I wonder why?

    • jason kelce

  • Smart…command of the offense.

    • Should have a td on that last drive.

      • it’s better than an int thrown to the opposing team in the end zone.

        We got points.

  • Sanchez…yes

    The offense is better.

  • Eagle fans should want the quarterback who gives them the best opportunity to win.


  • As much as I hate to say it, Sanchez mobility had the backside holding their spot and the run game looks better.

    Pass protection wise we are still struggling. Too many breakdowns

    • Look….its good that the O looks good.

      But slow the fuck down. How many times have you seen a backup come in mid-game and be $$. About 74,000,000x.

      Then week 2………

      Sanchez has a lot of history, most of it bad, that has to be overcome before I anoint him like a couple of you clowns are willing to do after 9 throws.

      • Im only worried about this game Vinny.

  • Sanchez is a seam passer — not as strong an arm as Foles which limits the out patterns to the sidelines.

    • Not as strong an arm as Foles? Are you kidding me? What QBs are you watching.

  • — Lane Johnson got beat by JJ Watt which cause an errant throw to cooper that was picked off for a TD.
    –Sanchez int. was Huff’s fault he cannot let that bounce off his hands for an interception.

  • Foles with a possible collarbone fracture.

    • i hope it’s a long recovery.

    • He’ll be out 3-4 Weeks since it’s his non-throwing Shoulder
      It will be Sanchez with Barkley backing up for the month..
      Go Trojans..

  • Never thought Id say this, but Jeremy Maclin is a better WR than Desean

  • With Foles

    14 passes 2 runs

    With Sanchez 11 passes 12 runs

    • Apologize

      16 called passes 2 called runs

      13 called passes 12 called runs

    • Sorry Vinnie but that’s because he’s a that off the read option. I know you know better than that.

      • y I know…but I also don;t think that;s all on the QB. Being told what to do.

        Now on that pass to Sproles. Isn’t that a “check-down” that happens to get 20+?

        Then a checkdown screen to Foles on 3rd and 10 that gets 12.

        Look…I LOVE this shit….but you can’t rip FOles on his checkdowns when thats really all Sanchez is oing.

        And now what was that? Tuck rule incomplete fumble thing?

        ANd now a throw directly to an opponent that was dropped??

        The longer Sanchez has to play the more this will come into play.

        DO NOT get seduced by Sanchez’s first drive….guy has 5 years history of being shit. I hope the Eagles win this game….but I also hope Foles comes back soon.

  • Threat

  • Man thank god we got rid of those thugs Vick and Jackson

  • Anyone else extrmely worried we have Sanchez in?

  • check down charlies sanchez

  • Sproles has crazy legs and balance.

  • you notice how quick the ball comes out?

    • Shut up already. You sound dumb.

    • That is nice…but we need points…quick releases does not equal tds or a win.

  • Sanchez lucky on that pass…that was right in db hands.

  • you notice how every pass has a chance to be picked? Reminds me of Vick. Hopefully the guy thats 13-4 the last 2 years comes back.

    • you have to admit this offense looks better with sanchez.

      • Dude…we got 17 points….7 with Foles at the helm.

  • Without Foles, this team may not make the playoffs :/

  • Hey Song”Cutler”Breeze

    why are you glossing over…

    2 two bothched almost fumbled snaps
    Thje almost fumb;ed handoff
    the high and behind huff (still catchable, but not great)
    the “Double clutch, throw into the ground tuck rule thing
    the throw directly into the arms of the Texans defender just standing there 10 yards down field.

    You ignore all this because of one 3 for 3 drive?????????????????

    I caution anyone hitching their wagon to the Sanchize…..

  • yes

  • Anyone notice that Teams with inexperienced Coaching that Played well
    Last Year (Eagles,Chargers,Panthers & Bears) are all
    Struggling this year and especially on Offense..
    It’s as if these inexperience Coach’s have not adjusted
    Well to how Teams are Playing them this Season as opposed to sneaking up on the NFL last Year and still Coaching the same way that led them to success last year…

  • Why don’t they run the fuckin ball like that when foles is in there? Anyway good td Polk

  • Chris Polk…all he does is score touch downs. I like Todd Herremans but O line is better without him due to injury. Paul….that is why they kept Polk.

  • wow thats smashmouth right there i been missing that

  • red zone problem solved…


    the qb is not hesitant…..aids the run game too.

    Foles injury gives hope for the season.

  • that was all sanchez right songs

  • If only Polk could stay healthy and get 10-12 carries a game. Dude is something special. Runs like an animal everytime

  • Paulman how are the Eagles struggling? We are 5-2 and could’ve easily won the 2 games we lost

  • Thank God Kelce is back. Looks like we can run again…and on a stingy Texan run defense.

  • by the way,,,,

    Foles looked like shit all season before Kelce went down, so Kelce coming back have no barring here.

    • It does with tbe run game!

  • seriously pman what are you talking about maybe everybody else team but not ours….dude stop trying to right all tthe time but hey how bout those dolphins u called that one dominating chargers

  • Did you notice no one sighed when Foles ass was taken to the locker room?

  • Best thing that’s happened with Sanchez coming in? Eagles running the ball/

    • These aren’t “read-option” plays…these are handoffs. What are we…..20 straight runs?


      ANd now Sanchex doing Sanchex things.

      Anmyone hitching their wagon to Sanchez is an IDIOT.

      Kelly doing his best to keep the ball out of Sanchez’s hands……he knows why,

      Have to hope Foles is not seriously hurt.

  • Love the playcalling, keep the ball out of Sanchez’s hands and run run run!

  • any update on foles?

    • It is his clavicle…no word on severity.

      • Now hearing it is a broken clavicle.

    • heard he will get surgery.

      They’ll be attaching a clipboard to his hand and pine to his ass.

      • Eh..um um…Are you ok with that interception….excuse?

  • I agree vinnie. We are a power run team. Even at Oregon chip ran the ball. All this passing in this system is ridiculous

  • Michael Sanchez smh

  • Yeah keep rootin for Sanchez bum ass songs

  • And that’s why Sanchez….is Sanchez

  • goddamn really sanchez see songs u are a fucking idiot

  • Sanchez is Sanchez. He’s terrible. The more the ball is in his hands, the worse it gets.

    If Foles is really having surgery….well then………

    • Reports are “possible” clavicle injury…lets hope not

  • Why do you say he’s having surgey?

    • Just a Songs”Cutler” Breeze wet dream.

      • We just better hope that FOles gets back……the more Sanchez touches the ball, the more bad things happen.

        Foles has not been goo…but in one game he has not had:

        2 two bothched almost fumbled snaps
        An almost fumbled handoff
        A throw high and behind Huff (still catch-able, but not great)
        A “Double clutch, throw into the ground tuck rule thing
        A throw directly into the arms of the Texans defender just standing there 10 yards down field.
        And another thro directly to a Texans defender that was picked.

        Again, Foles has made mistakes, no one questioning that….but please, trust me. those mistakes are minimal compared to what we’ll see from the Sanchize if he has to play for an extended period.

        Eagles were up 10….now 3. All about McCoy and the D to grind this game out now.

  • Death….was hoping FItzpatrick would become FItzpatrick…..and he did…but then Ryans?

  • Really Ryan’s

  • Damn….Ryans being carted off….linebackers are thin.

  • Ok…Sanchez must step up….the pressure is on…its clutch time. No mire interceptions or fumbles. Touchdowns are needed.

    • Stop dreaming. Run run run it down. Please do not throw.

  • audibles?

  • this offense is better.

    Consistent ball movement without 3 and outs.

  • keep goin short checkdowns with Sanchez and runs

  • Sanchez helps the running game…However he will suck throwing more than 25x a game

  • OMFG

    Eagles MUST kick here

    • no….u must get a td.

    • No you don’t. You go for it

    • No way kicking on 4th & 1 only gives you a
      6 point lead 27-21… The Good Teams end the Game
      And go for the 1st Down then TD while taking more time off to go
      Up 31-21…

  • simple math….go for first down…a fg means nothing.

    • WTF….FG meanr 8 pint lead.

      Can not lose on a Hou posession when up 8. In fact they must score td AND 2 poing convo…AND Eagles would still get the ball.

      Why can;t you guys calculate simple math?

      That was the wrong call……am I happy that they got 1st down? Yes….but it was still wrong call with 4 mins to go

      • Vinny…a fg would be 3 points…not 5, the score was 24-21, what sre you watching. FG makes it 27-21, a houston td and extra point wins game…again…simple math.

  • This IS/WAS the EXACT OPPOSITE of last week (when they should have gone for it). Eagles MUST kick here to go up 8…….that is one frigging beauty spot….beyond lucky.

    Not happy that Kelly has made the wrong call on 4th and 1 2 str8 weeks.

    • Sanchez is in buddy.

      The team is energized behind their leader…

      The whole offense has energy now.

  • Is Sanchez black?

    • He’s not “Folds”.

      White is not the problem….slow, weak arm is the problem.

      • Oh I got confused for a sec lol

  • Yesssss…that should seal the game. A fg does no good. A td changes everything. Great catch by Maclin. Good drive by offense. Nice pass by Sanchez

  • good throw sanchez…..great catch maclin the dude maclin is putting up crazy stats

  • you notice bootleg works in the red zone with Sanchez?

    So, Chip Kelly plays down there wasn’t the problem, huh?

    No, ducks sailing out the back of the end zone either.

    A placed in the feild of play where only Maclin can get it.

    Should I say more?

  • Sanchez kept the Texans in the game just like Foles

    • so, you admit?

      Foles keep teams in games?

      Let’s just pull together now that the Eagles are back on a winning track.


  • My man Sanchez comes thru..
    Also thank Lane Johnson for the 5 Yard Penalty to give the Eagles more space
    To work with….

  • Sanchez have led us back atop of the nfc East.

    • has*

  • I’m actually worried more about ryans then foles

  • So I read somewhere that it might be a collarbone with Foles. So that would me potentially a lot more Sanchez.

    Don’t know how I feel about that, but def makes the season moving forward lot more interesting.

    • Broken clavicle

      • Ugghhh…nasty…

  • Marcus’s Smith II will continue to get Reps at ILB to
    Get playing time for the lost DeMeco Ryans the rest of the Season..
    Rotations of Matthews,Acho & Smith..

    • so he has a torn achilles

  • Evan mathis comes back next week…..Man!

    Now, all the peices are in place.

    Foles is OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vinny….are you watching Eagles game? If so…what is up with your math skills ?Simple calculations.

    • The FG was the right call (mathematically) there.

      • Mathematically it was not. Only if you are looking at going into over time. Numbers are steady and concrete. You are wrong. A td and extra point texans win. What part of that dont you get?

        • A FG only would have put Eagles up only by 6 Pts
          (27-21) a TD & Xtra-Point gives Texans a 28-27 Win
          You have to go for the 1st Down and subsequent TD in that situation
          A FG gives the Opponent life and a chance
          A First Down and subsequent TD by the Eagles
          Basically ends the Game.. A no-brainer for any Coach

          • Sorry I was wrong. Thought they were up 5, not 3….whoops

            • It’s Sanchez’s Team for the remainder of 2014 Season
              LB Ryan’s they are Calling an Ankle Injury,
              I expect it to be worse and more likely an Achilles most likely ending his Season and quite possibly his Career with the Eagles..

            • We’ll blame that Canadian Math Education
              You received Vinnie..

  • Hoepfully Kelly can draw up a few good game plans to get us some wins until Foles comes back

    • Foles will not get back his starter position unless Sanchez gets injured.

      I’m taking all bets for those who beleive Foles will get the start once healthy.

      • I will bet u on that one. Sanchez gonna have to play a lot better than he did today. HE almost made Vick look good!!!

        • Sanchez played no worse than Foles has played with two interceptions in the game. And he did that with no first team reps and coming in cold.

          We will see how he looks with a week of reps – then and only then will you have a sense of where he stands compared to Foles.

          • Im not saying Foles is a great qb by any means obviously. But they can do more in the passing game with Foles. Sanchez could have had 2 more picks in this game. Stick with Foles, and give him till the end of the year to prove it. Otherwise look for another QB

          • I tell you the truth ts I don’t mine sanchez playing at all he does some things that foles can’t do more athletic and the way foles was turning the ball over can’t hurt to see what he can do

        • the loser never post here again.


          • who did you bet that with songs?

          • I will bet that 100% I dont even post here that often as it is

  • It will be interesting to see how the offense operates with Sanchez with a full week of practice under his belt. Next Monday night under the bright lights against the panthers. Turnovers must stop.
    Dallas loses 28-17, Eagles atop NFC East again. The way it shoud be as a natural order.

    • Lol u wild EHL natural order lov u man

  • Yeah.

    I got no predictions moving forward, other than between Romo’s back and Foles Clavicle, it’s still anyone’s (well Dallas and Ealges) division – though I think Dallas may need Romo more than the Eagles need Foles. Today’s games aside (Texans aren’t a very good team).

  • DeMeco Ryans…ruptured right achilles….what I am hearing.
    Eagles gotta get Maclin signed.

  • I tell you another thing about damn time they are giving polk the ball the guy just runs hard and never comes down with him we could be 8 and 0 if we used him in redzone

  • yep goodbye meco we will not keep him next season thank you for your time as an eagle well time for the young bucks to step up acho,matthews,kendricks, and marcus smith

    • They have to draft a replacement…..either AJ Johnson from Tennessee or Bernardick McKinney from Miss. St.
      Meco is a class act and I respect his game.

  • I heard Foles just back pedaled into wheelchair and was rolled into a room for more x-rays.

    They couldn’t see his heart in the first ones.


    • You are a rotten human being. You claim to be a Christian but only look like a racist P.O.S. How dare you revel in someone’s injury. You are just butthurt because he drove your hero the ex-con to the Jets. Cheer the Redskins, we don’t need you. No way a true believer would act so despicable.

      • Shut up Xevious…Foles has been hurt every year he has been in the league! No one is reveling in the kid getting hurt. We seen enough…he’s not a franchise QB…bottom line! He’s missed significant time…he’s injury prone like Vick and we all see he’s just too inconsistent. Foles luck has just ran out and he caught a bad break.
        Time for the team to rally around Sanchez, Shady and forget about Foles

  • The 4 Teams that have improved the most from the start of the Season to now

    1) Miami Dolphins
    2) Kansas City Chiefs
    3) Minnesota Vikings
    4) New Orleans Saints

    • Forgot to add
      5) Detroit Lions

  • songs shut the hell up now you just taking shots to be stupid and I know you are the same as kool now cuz that heart thing I said about cutler u little bitch

    • i kinda like this dual post thing yall came up with….

      i’m really yo mama’s suga daddy.

      Hold on while I sign in as “SUGA BEAR”.

  • So how long is a QB out with a broken clavicle? Realistically

    • We hope 2 months.

    • 4 to 6 weeks

      Believe that was Rodgers injury was it last year?

  • You wanna make that bet Songs?

    • bet

    • Muimuiman your the only fan in the Deleware Valley worried about when the worst QB in the NFL in the redzone and the league leader in ints, the 27 most accurate QB in the NFL is coming back. Your comical. Hurry back Nick we cant win without that production. You may still be able to hit the 27 turnovers goal.

  • I tell you one thing if sanchez play well while nick is healing it’s gonna be hard to take sanchez out in the thick of playoff picture

  • Better take that 20 million and resign Jeremy Maclin right now.

    Lol average WR….clueless idiots

    • I have to eat the salty crow and admit I was wrong about Mac. It was not his skill set that made me doubt..it was his injury history. Jmac has shut me the hell up and made me believe. Re -sign his ass!

      • Being way of JMac because of injury was a solid reason…However the nonsense from morons calling him soft and average was clueless and only showed agenda because it was always followed by something about DJax.

        He was already a better route runner had better hands and was good in the redzone. He was not as explosive as DJax but as a focal point in the offense he offers more diversity in his game. When he beats a premiere CB it’s with great route running and movement.

        Cooper will not be here next year. They will eat his money or renegotiate.

        • I am already looking at two receivers in draft to replace Cooper…Sammy Coates from Auburn or Jaelen Strong from Arizona State.

    • Maclin is having a banner year in this offense the same as DJax did last year. This is, after all, a very QB/WR friendly offense.

      Dude is an average WR who looks great in this offense as did Jax – who also looks great in Redskins offense.

      Stick him in a more traditional offense he will look as he’s always looked: good not great. serviceable, solid, nothing to write home about.

      Sign him. Don’t sign him. Whatever.

      • Lol you know nothing about WR play Just shut up already.

        • You don’t much about anything…but it doesn’t stop you from spouting off at the mouth now does it.

          • You had behind being a chick who says one or or two things and most of the time you’re fucking wrong. You’re no different then the ones you’re always comparing about. Youre knowledge is limited at best and you just say shit to be the contrarian and when you’re wrong fliflop or disappear. Gtfoh with your dumbass.

      • Average WR…from the same dumbass who said Pervy Harvin was ballin this year.

        You’re a an agenda fueled joke.

        • I”m sorry…

          Says the dumbass who claimed how horrible DJax was yet he’s sitting on 5 100 yard games in an offense that’s not specifically designed to scheme the w/r wide open.

          Oh and the one who talked all that shit ’bout the Miami Dolphins when I pointed out they were a solid team who just missed the playoffs last year.

          Right dumbass. K.

      • r u serious you are an idiot well above avg u sound dumb as shit

        • Maclin was always gonna have a career year this year in this offense. That’s not news.

          Anyone surprised by that doesn’t understand how Kelly’s offense works. Now I wasn’t convinced (and still not convinced though I’m getting there) that he would survive the year – but I’m sorry did anyone think he wouldn’t have a career year in this offense.

          I mean Foles was 27/2 last year..you gonna tell me he’s a future MVP too huh?

          • That’s what you’re pointing too lmao

            Youre the black GMCliff a fucking moron who only wants to be right and knows jack shit.

            Now you’re back pedaling like shit. Get your knowledge up and stfu already.

            The Dolphins are still out of the playoffs lmao

            No one ever said DJax suck…He’s doing what he does putting up numbers disappearing when it matters.

            • I’m not back pedaling on anything.

              Want me to say it again: MACLIN IS AN AVERAGE WR.

              lol. That is and remains my stance. I’ve said any number of times, that Mac would have a career year in this offense assuming he remained healthy.

              That. Is. Not. A. Surprise.

              He’s not special. Sorry. Move him from a Chip Kelly offense and he’s the same Mac he’s always been…no 1000 yard years – solid. not special. average.


              And you’re the same jacksas you’ve always been. Jumps down anyone’s throat who doesn’t agree with you. And never admits when you were wrong as fuck.

              • Gtfoh….

                Lmao go fight the black/white Qb war with Vinny Sistah Soulja…

                So you can look like an idiot and say Can Newton , it’s just as good as Andrew Luck because of the numbers….



              • lol.

                So numbers only matter when they tell you the story you want to tell?

                Fuck out of here.

                Yeah, but go ahead make arguments that don’t apply to the convo at hand.

                I got numbers for you – Mac and Djax – one of those guys averages 1000 yards a season. One doesn’t.


              • Lol the numbers you use only show your lack of knowledge and you really don’t know shit.

          • what are you talking about future mvp jesus u make sense here and there now you just all over the place maclin has been injured prone but the guy is performing at a elite level just shut da hell up

            • Maclin is playign well in an offense that inflates WR numbers in the same way it does QB numbers.

              I doubt Jax sees 1382 in the Skins offense. I doubt Mac ever sees the kind of numbers he’s seeing this year anywhere else.

              It’s the nature of Kelly’s offense. Mac is a solid number 2 – who gets to play at being a number 1 in a WR friendly offense.

              • Lmao backpedaling like shit

                Lying like shit lmao stfu already.

              • Same thing I’ve said all year.

                Mac is an average WR.

                But you’re clearly def as shit…what was that Mac gonna have 150 year d game..you were just 3/4 games too late.

              • Ive been on Maclin day one. His numbers would be atrocious right now if Foles could hit the broad side of a ban first 3 weeks of the season.

                See what happens when you just keep talking dumbass. Lmao stfu already

  • Maclin way better than Djax

    • I don’t care about DJax he’s good at what he does. I always been a Maclin fan and he’s the most complete WR we have had here in a long time.

  • Chip well have an entirely different offense with Sanchez. Bootleg and rollout game will be weapons.

    Keep the game at 20 25 passes a game with him and he will be ok. He will not win it’s games throwing.30x a game.

    Now we return to the strength of the team. Polk better stay healthy.

  • Again…..did you not see

    2 two bothched almost fumbled snaps
    An almost fumbled handoff
    A throw high and behind Huff (still catch-able, but not great)
    A “Double clutch, throw into the ground tuck rule” thing
    Only One throw over 20 yards (and that under thrown to Maclin who should have danced into the endzone)
    A throw directly into the arms of the Texans defender just standing there 10 yards down field.
    And another throw directly to a Texans defender that was picked.
    Kelly then taking the ball out of Sanchez’s hands and running aobut 75 straight handoffs.

    You clowns Foles-hate blinds you to the numerous mistakes the 5 year vet Sanhez made.

    Be very careful hitching your wagon to the Sanchize. There’s a long track record of “disaster” there.

    Is it good that the Eagles won? YES! Is it good that the Eagles might have to rely on Sanchez to roll into the playoffs? No.

    • I guess you didn’t notice that Kelce was airmailing a lot of those snaps, but anything to protect the legacy of your schoolyard crush.

      Sanchez is as good as Foles, with a better arm and more mobility. Sanchez’s 2nd interception came as a result of the receivers colliding while running their routes. But you didn’t notice that either. Just gotta protect the legacy of the best qb in Eagles history(at least in your mind).

      • Kielce Snaps were high all game
        Remember that Sanchez hasn’t played in a live NFL Game in almost 2 Seasons either… Give Sanchez a full week of Practice with the #1’s including Center Kelce and they will be fine

      • Sanchez has better mobilty but not near the same arm. I dont think we see as many 15-20 yard sideline completions like we have seen all year so far.. but if we focus our offence back to the running game, we can still win games.

  • It’s Sanchez’s Team for the remainder of 2014 Season
    LB Ryan’s they are Calling an Ankle Injury,
    I expect it to be worse and more likely an Achilles most likely ending his Season and quite possibly his Career with the Eagles..

  • Im one idiot who killed Maclin. I was wrong. Forgive me.

    • Lol Dag…Maclin just got hate because Djax fans were upset because of how it went down.

      It just pissed me off when people said he was average…that’s just nonsense shows people don’t understand the game really.

      I know you were a big Djax guy.

      • There was a lot of “hate” for Maclin when D-Ajax was here also,
        The talk was that he was too “soft” to be an effective
        NFL WR.. He playing his way into a big Contract and if not the Eagles,
        Coach AR would love to have him in KC
        Eagles need to extend him by Thanksgiving
        Or could risk losing him to Free-Agency
        I was hoping for an announcement for him
        about an extension during the Bye Week

      • Izzell, I am one of his biggest detractors, because until this year, he was a fragile bust, who showed nothing but a secondary option at receiver. He is having a great year. He still is made of tissue paper. It’s only a matter of time. Let’s not send to the HOF yet, or overreact & re-sign him to an asinine contract.

        • You can use his injury history as a knock against him but being a bust or average is nonsense.

          You know football better than that. A bust doesnt have 10Tds in year 2. Thats nothing but recency nonsense.

          Anyone who watches wideouts knows this kid was a stud…just couldnt stay healthy. I dont blame anyone who says kid cant stay healthy I cant mess with him.

          Secondary option or bust. Man please. Even worse is even with injuries outside of Djaxs year last year his numbers werent that far off from him.

          • I guess I was tired of him turtling up after catching every ball, falling to the groung after every catch, & him limping off of the field, after everytime he was breathed on. He always has been talented, but he has massively underachieved, never lived up to his hype, & is made of tissue paper. I give him props though, he is lighting it up right now & I’m pleasantly surprised.

            • There is famous DCAR MO…continually rip a guy and when he does well you say “I’m pleasantly surprised” …bandwagon fan by definition

              • DCar is always wrong – Bennie Logan is tearing up the NFL right now destroying every center at the point of attack and DCar still won’t admit he is wrong. Logan had 5 tackles again yesterday with 2 behind the line of scrimmage. Bennie Logan continues to make big play after big play.

        • I also dont think you have to break the bank to resign him. Hell Djaxs contract numbers would be just fine for him.

          I have a feeling if the Vjax rumors were true you are going to see a Colts style loadup on offense and they just go through the draft etc on defense.

          • In no way, shape, or form, do I give an injury proned player like him, that kind of contract. No way! Especially with Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Randall Cobb, Michael Crabtree, becoming FA’s, Vincent Jackson availible via trade, & a very good draft class coming out.

        • DCar your right….as big a fan I am of his there is definitely the waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. I think you can use that as a negotiationg tactic.

          • That’s why I say chill with the overhype. Just like the clueless wonder havenoballs, trying to rip me with his unwarranted love for Malcom Jenkins. What has he done since his 3 int’s in 2 games? He’s been MIA for 5 straight weeks, reverting back to his missed tackle & blown assignment self of the past. You don’t lead the league in missed tackled for 3 straight seasons (2011-2013). This secondary is horrific. It’s a disgrace, that the only 3 int’s we have, before Ryans (LB), are his 3!

            • *for nothing.

  • Damn right running the ball and letting sancnez throw 20 to 25 times a game and letting mccoy get his 20 to 25 touches sproles 8 to 10 and now polk 5 to 8 touches

  • our mvp’s so far this season sproles and maclin

    • Add Kicker Parkey to the Co-MVP list as well.

  • On a side note
    Manning & WR’s abusing Pats Revis Island early..

  • I am already looking at two receivers in draft to replace Cooper…Sammy Coates from Auburn or Jaelen Strong from Arizona State.

    • There’s a lot of Good Receivers this years Draft
      The big WR at Michigan & Michigan State
      A big WR at ECU, smaller Possesion type at Duke
      Old Miss has a nice one
      A burner from Auburn and another big size one aArizona..
      They need to Re-Sign Maclin, keep Matthews,
      & Huff but replace Smith,Maehl with more athletic WR
      Get 1 big one and one pure slot one to move the Chains,
      I’m more if Huff is this guy..

      • I understand why Jeff Maehl pisses people off and hating the Oregon connection.

        • Regardless of Maehl going to Oregon,
          He just doesn’t have NFL Talent in my opinion..

          On a side note, where’s Ertz been the last couple of Games..

          • Having to block…and when he is open Foles been fucking up.

            TEs across the board have been down because of the flaws of the offense. They benefit from a running game.

  • that jalen strong kid is a baller love his game

  • I didn’t hate them resigning Cooper…but I was wrong. At this point he’s stealing money. I love Matthews in the slot but Coop needs to sit the fuck the down. If Huff wasnt a fucking turnover machine I would be fine with Huff Matthews Maclin. Or Matthews on the outside and 2TE sets with Ertz split out.

    • And I don’t know anything about WR?

      If you EVER thought Cooper was anything more than a 3 or 4 then that shows which one of us doesn’t know shit about WR.


      • Who the fuck says I thought he was anything better than that?

        Stop talking. Google done numbers so you have a yakking point then disappear like you do when you’re wrong. Lmao gtfoh.

        Then cry like a dumbass about being right about a mediocre dolphins team…HAHAHA

        • Then what you bitching for?

          Cooper is who he’s always been. What you apologizing for?

          lol. Yeah I’m crying about the Dolphins – just pointing out the idiot you are when you get all indignant about shit that isn’t worth getting indignant about.

          Your attempt at “clowning” folk who don’t agree with you never ceases to amaze me. Then when you’re wrong as too left shoes, try and change the topic.


          • Lmao I don’t need to clown you…You just open your mouth and prove you’re just a cursory fan who just likes to be contrarian and argue

            Percy Harvin balling like shit…..LMAO because you saw one game against Washington


          • You pointed out what? That the Dolphins are mediocre…stfu already.

            Do some fucking homework and see they are 1 game better than they were last year…where they finished a mediocre 8 _8 ….lmao good team

            Again show your lack of knowledge…

            Quit while your ahead.

  • All that being said….anyone want to disagree with what I said 2 weeks ago:

    “I have no fear of the Broncos in the SB”

  • Its ironic that playing Sanchez makes Polk and even better option in the ground game.

    Im Foles is gone an extended period time even if Sanchez plays bad, it will highlight what the lack of mobility is to this offense. Its gonna be a struggle for him to regain footing. I think the kid has tools but the NFL stands for NOt For Long….outta sight outta mind.

  • Russel Wilson fuckin stinks

    Tsjohnson is an imbecile

  • Is it me or does Shady look unhappy? I cant put my finger on it but Shady just isnt the same. His whole demeanor is different. He has no emotion on the field, no swagger. Something just is different. He is always asking to come out after back to back runs. Anyone else notice?

    • Shady to me is buying in. He realizes he better shut up and ball. Look around the league and RBs aren’t getting paid. He knows his bread and butter is to be quiet play.

      I actually respect that. Shows hes maturing.

    • Yea I have noticed it all Season long,his body language, lack of emotion
      He won’t say anything, but having Sproles on board takes carries/passes from him and he’ll never approach the Stats that he had last Season
      To be honest, he should be grateful for Sproles being an Eagle for it Should help extend McCoys Career and lessen the punishment his body takes

      • He knows what’s going Paul. He can look around the league to see that if he wants to keep that contract he better just do his job and play.

        Also, notice that’s the same demeanor as Sproles…don’t think that’s a coincidence. Great mentor.

      • he looks slow in the open field also for some reason but hey I don’t know maybe he is just happy to be a eagle

  • Just my luck take my boys down to Houston and that damn Sanchez takes over. LOL, Izell let me get this right DJax numbers were because of Chip but this is all Maclin right? Not Kelly’s offense meanwhile DJax is putting up numbers regardless of who’s throwing the ball down in DC.

    • Who said that? Or are you trying to be Captain Save Em right now?

      Last I checked Maclin caught 10tds year 2 in a Reid offense and catching that and probably more in a Kelly offense…

      Let me guess its the offenses not the WR.

      I give two shots about Jackson. Like I said before the season we wouldn’t miss him. Maclin was gonna get busy.

    • Btw Big how was that stadium?

      • Geez that place was nice, not a bad seat in the house. That everybody wearing red shit was annoying. Maclin was open all damn day if we can get a solid 2nd receiver and QB who takes care of the ball this offense will be ridiculous, teams are going to have to start doubling Maclin because right now nobody is covering him man to man. JJ is a monster in person never takes a play off.

        • Great fans man you should have saw the reaction when they realized it was D. Ryans was down. Genuine hurt and concern.

          • thats awesome man I hope the texans to philly continues by way of jj watt lol

        • My dude who lives near Dallas area said Houston fans remind him of Pittsburgh fans. They take over a spot. He said the Dallas game was a like a Houston home game for them. Said they were louder than the cowboys fans.

  • Ok big really TS called maclin a avg receiver and he is playing like a elite one this year……and desean is definely still awesome but izell was just saying we wont miss him cuz maclin can do what he does plus a little more….do you think maclin is avg also or do you just want to be anti izell cuz yawl go at each other a lot on here about basketball

    • Lol Z when me and Big disagree…we REALLY disagree.

    • Well Z my issue was never with Maclin, I wanted to see DJax and Maclin together in this offense shit on Cooper and Matthews and that we need big Wr’s that block bullshit. Maclin is doing exactly what he should against man coverage, beating it continuously and Izell is on the mark when we disagree we disagree big time.

      • pk nig yea i would have loved to see djax in this offense with maclin but he doesnt block so chip didnt like him

  • Lol hell I haven’t even said he’s elite. But using the argument that many used about Jacksons numbers last year and that made Jackson supposedly elite but now its Kellys offense only.

    Lmao like I said before the season. Maclin far from average will get busy. Point blank period.

  • Happy for the eagles to get a win today. I was at the game and there were plenty of Eagles fans cheering for the birds. Does anyone know how bad the injuries were to Foles and Ryan’s? Ryan’s went down and I dis not look that bad. I think Sanchez looked good today for the most part and I feel he can lead this team while Foles is down. Sanchez almost looks better in this style of offensive then Foles. Hopefully those injuries aren’t to serious..

  • With Ryan’s gone we get to see if Kendrick’s is worth those dollars to or just Stewart Bradley 2.0

  • If Chip throws the ball 35x with Sanchez next week I will lose my mind.

    Also in theory the screen game should be back in this offense.

  • More concerned with losing Ryan’s than Foles. Foles was turning the ball over anyway who cares if Sanchez turns it over every now and then. If we can be more efficient with him so be it. Foles had been turning it over in horrible spots and cost us 7 points today. Ryan’s and the defense played the run extremely well. We will miss him in so many ways as a cerebral leader.

    I think Sanchez has much better footwork in the pocket and on the edge. It helps our run game on those option hand offs. It just looks faster more crisp. Honestly Chip Kelly’s offense is set up for any NFL caliber QB to be successful. Most of the throws are easy throws the reads are the biggest part. Foles reads defenses well but he doesn’t always make the physical connection with his brain in those split sec moments. Sanchez is a vet who has played in big games. Honestly with that horrible offensive system they had with the Jets high school offense I don’t know what Sanchez is. He never really had weapons at his disposal and everything was run and throw fly patterns. We will see but like I said in terms of importance Ryan’s > Foles

    • Ryan’s is a loss definitely but Kendrick’s can replace that.

      I agree with you on Sanchez, our best player is Shady so anything that helps him I can’t knock. Foles has potential but has been mediocre at best.

      • IJ kendricks is a really good player but against the run Ryan’s is one of the best at his position. Add the fact that now you have 2 smaller interior LB’s in Mathews and kendricks. I have zero faith in M. Smith at this stage of his career. Some time on the sidelines could be good for Foles he is not done but it won’t hurt us to have a vet in for a while Foles can take some part out of Sanchezes game as far as getting rid of the ball and even knowing when to take a sack. Lol

    • Foles injury may have saved us from a colossal mistake of signing him to a long term contract….Ryan injury is huge but Foles injury may have bailed us out of a big jam….if Sanchez just manages the game, cuts down turnovers we will be better and he will have the job for this year with a chance to the QB. Foles had a shot…but it’s over for him now

  • boy oh boy here come the patriots blowout city

  • I have never seen such a injured riddles season like this one for any team….I mean everybody in the texans game was falling like flies

  • There should be at least 60 players active for each game week

    • An Easy fix would be to have 55 Player Roster and key them all be Active every game, then have a 12 man Practice Squad that belong to your Team exclusively for the Season and bring them to active Roster when players get 1-2-3 Week injuries and then no Team shoukd be short of Quality Players that have been with the Team since Summer Camp
      If a Pkayer goes on IR for Season ending injury,
      Then call up Practice Player who knows the system and has been practicing then go out and replace that practice squad player with a guy on the streets
      No purging from other Teams..

    • I agree Z, it seemed like every other play somebody was getting dragged off.

  • What a tough loss to the Defense, losing Demeco! Once again Foles gets hurt….backing up in the pocket…his injury might indeed be the break we needed to get this offense on track!

  • Right on time songsbreeze…lol yea im actually ok with sanchez at helm he opens up the playbook a little more with his athleticsm but Did yawl see that catch by Gronk just now that guy is worth 3 wide receiver salaries

  • 7 seconds left, goal line push, Kaepernick fumbles the ball as he attempts QB sneak, Rams beat the 49ers at SF. Rams recovers fumble, Rams win the game. Kaepernick lead 49ers are 4-4. Kaepernick, Kaepernick, Kaepernick. Kap.

    • did you see the play before that fumble, EHL? on the 2 yard line- Crabtree wide open and the ball is thrown 2 feet too low for a one yard pass, LOL. Back to back horrible plays by Kap in the last 20 seconds from the 2 yard line then the one yard line.

      • E0S…yes I saw it, it was a worm killer. Should have been a walk in TD.

  • all these young qbs we talk about are playing pretty bad this year except luck it takes time to develop

    • and even Luck has thrown as many picks as Foles. I swear the Philly media would be crucifying Luck even.

  • TS, Maclin is putting up better numbers in this offense then Djax did last year, ( on pace for 90 catches 1500 yds 16 tds). Would that make Djax a number 2 wr too?

    • That’s because he is a better all-around receiver than Djax. Djax’s entire game is built simply around speed and deep post routes. Nothing over the middle or in traffic. Once he loses a step his career will be in jeopardy.

    • She talks out of both sides of her mouth and is just agenda fueled nonsense. One moment is the system the next moment its the WR. One moment its this the next its that.

      She ran her mouth all off season about 8 in the box…Maclin not beinga able to make plays etc….

      Then she drops jewels like Percy Harvin was having a great year….with less than 200yds receiving….because she got to watch a Monday Night Football game.

      Now its Kellys offense inflates WR numbers….

      lmao shes an idiot plain and simple when it comes to football.

      Just a numbers twister….this is same person who said Cam Newton is just as good as Luck because the numbers said so….


  • remove David Molk and Boom the Eagles can run the ball.
    Shady has 2 one hundred yard games. the first one when Lane Johnson returned and the 2nd when Jason Kelce returned. He put up 83 yards up against the cards in between for his 3rd best game of the year.

    • Thats not true EOS this is what happened. They removed Herrimans who had no business being on the field. They then went under center and ran down hill. They then gave Polk more than 1 carry. Then Sanchez made them think about the read option. Molk did a pretty good job when he played.

      • birds lost their captain on Offense and Defense today ( devastating day ) –
        horrible luck getting back Kendricks then lose Ryans.
        Sanchez played good enough to win but losing Foles is a step backward. Nick is very good playing from behind not sure Sanchez can succeed when playing up hill. Kelce is almost pro bowl level and Molk is barely in the league level.

  • the little fellas on offense were awesome today. Huff and Sproles had a couple tackle breaking extend the drive first downs in the passing game. Chris Polk and Shady did also in the run game.

  • Agreed we need calm down with Sanchez …foles was 10-13 when he went down …admittedly his mechanics and decision making seemed flawed,with week after week ,repetition of the same mistakes ..but he also possesses some pretty awesome success at the helm ..I’m not saying a bad thing about a guy who sat down last year with the lead in his first playoff game…football is a game of fate ,at times..sanchez has a five year career on film…but no real film of him running this offense..that’s a plus as far as familiarity ..he when working with the ones can focus on his strengths in practice..Coach can better get a feel for his interplay with the ones..in a jet system ,he was only asked to not turn it over ,and still he struggled..the weapons and the offensive creativity of chip Kelly vs Rex Ryan is stark..let’s see what the personality of this team can be ,if they have more weaponry in Sproles shady and Polk all 3 bringing differing elements to the table..Kelce looked focused calling out the protections and athletically showing why he and Mathis plus a roving sanchez can add an X factor to this offense as it evolves with a new guy at the helm ..the personality of a blue collar defense that has had multiple sack games (good to see it back in this game) ..I couldn’t help but wonder ,where was Polk in arizona on 3rd and an inch? Might sanchez .be able to fit, this could be a pivot point in the season …il temper my enthusiasm ,knowing mark is who he was..but..he does have a high pedigree and seems to process the entire field..knowing the speed of the game is an adjustment ,I thought he handled himself well ..that gives hopes with the ones they fine tune it for him and Carolina..7-2 is what I’d love to see …with Dallas in retreat …I’m dreaming my dream to see my guys 3 times ..in the desert as they meet az in the NFC championship and stay in town for the Super Bowl…

  • The Texans just made our season by putting that chump Foles OUT, GREAT. I hope he NEVERS come back, Leave his sorry ass in texas.

    • Houston will take him is a second. Foles on Houston beats Sanchez on Eagles easily. Foles on Dallas beats Sanchez on Eagles. If the birds don’t pay Foles next summer, he will leave. Be careful what you wish for. Sanchez beat a texan team missing both starting corners and their starting middle linebacker.

      • Its over for Foles! He’s injury prone like Vick! His third year and the third time he is going to miss significant time. He’s out for the season and if Sanchez takes us to the playoffs, Foles doesn’t deserve the job back. Cant sign him to a long term contract now. We may just need to go out and get another QB

        • how is missing one game last year and the last game his rookie year Significant time? I guess Aaron Rodgers is injury prone since he broke his collarbone last year too. When any QB gets hit like Foles has this year, an injury is bound to occur. Now we need to pray Sanchez stays healthy, cause Barkley sucks.

          • It’s not, it’s just someone looking for anyway to get back at people that hurt his feelings by calling a spade a spade, in his mind, now it’s time to throw the ish back, but it doesn’t stick to the walls because history and the facts works against that pathetic argument.

    • Loser.

      • ^^ that was to blueballs

  • Brady spotted leaving Gillette with Mannings wife….

  • Eagles D will be fine without D Ryans..
    Time for Kendrick’s to step up and handle the play calling assignments..
    He’s bright and hungry and wants that leadership and big contract

    • The problem isn’t Kendricks. It’s who is going to take his spot, and how will they perform. Honestly, it’s time for Smith II to earn his paycheck and draft status. Deone Buchannon is ballin for the cards. he would have looked great in this defense….damnit!

      • Amen Eagle…and we could have had Attoachu in the 2nd round,

        …and also made a deal – moving down in the 1st round of the draft and getting another 2nd rounder and still getting Jordan Matthews…

        • Chargers OLB J Attachou has played in only 4 of the Chargers 8 Games so far and was a scratch again Yesterday as he’s been the last 3 Weeks due to a nagging Hamstring Injury.
          He has 6 Tackles with 1 Sack and 1 Forced Fumble in his Rookie Season thus far…

  • A few things to think about moving Forward to after this Season
    With these 3 Injuries and Foles,Ryans & Herreman’s, the Eagles Salary Cap
    just got a lot more interesting…
    The Eagles now have no real pressure to Offer Foles a Big time Deal,
    Instead they can offer a 3 Year with some Up-Front $$$ but nowhere in the
    $15-$20 Million Per Season Range which he would have commanded if he played at a High Level All Season long, which he hasn’t, and now will miss a few weeks and possibly the rest of the Season.
    LB D Ryan’s has most likely played his final Game for the Eagles and especially at his Current Contract ($6.8 Million for 2015) and this was going to be Todd Herreman’s ($5.2 Million Salary for 2015 & 2016) final Season at his Big Contract $$$ anyways…
    The Eagles will probably move away from both Ryans & Herremans amd will save themselves about $12 Million for both Players and now will end up saving themselves quite a bit on whatever Foles extension will be, which will probably be a 3-Year Extension Offer around that $30 Million Range with some Bonus $$ based on Incentives… I can see an Offer of $7-$8 Million for 2015 (Remember that he still has not played an entire 16 Game Season as a Pro) then increase up to $9-$10 Million in 2016 and then up $12-$13 Million for 2017

    • As long as they have enough money to sign Justin Houston in the offseason is all I am worried about.

      Justin Houston or bust this off season. Then they can go to the draft loading up on corners/safeties and ILB.

      • Justin Houston must be the free agent they go after and sign.

        • Kansas City screwed themselves. They should have worked a deal with him before the season. With Poe and Houston eligible for paydays Houston is going to get blockbuster money.

          With Foles shitting the bed on his payday, we have blockbuster money to give out now.

          • Minus the 7 year 80 million deal Maclin will demand.

            • You have to remember as good as Maclin is playing the market is going to have a TON of WRs available. I love Maclin…but Dez, Calvin, Larry, will be free agents more than likely…with VJax and other types either cut loose or trade bait.

              8-11 million range just like DJax with most of the money upfront and most teams will structure it so if he blows another knee they can walk away after year 2 more than likely IMO.

              JMac will lead the pack after those guys get deals…oh I think Thomas in Denver is either a restricted or unrestricted I believe. Going to be a saturated market.

    • Are you kidding Paulman? $30 million for Foles? HA! If we make the playoffs Sanchez will be signed to a 2 year deal, we will draft a rookie QB and Foles will be traded or cut

  • Jesus Christ Paulman…..along with your Redskins have the best front 7 in football you should be ashamed of yourself for saying the Giants have a better offensive line at any point this season than the Eagles.


    • Fact Check – After Week #2 Defensive Stats
      The Redskins had the #1 Defense in the NFL
      which is why I stated they had the best Front 7
      When Eagles Played them in Week #3
      Yes a small sample, but the Stats stated they were Tops in NFL
      In Sacks and Stopping the Run at the time..

      • And thats why you dont say something stupid like that after week 2. You stated way more than that by the way….just say…I WAS WRONG….lol jeez

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