• July 7, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Texans

ryansEagles Win Overshadowed By Key Injuries

The Eagles won today’s game against the Houston Texans, but the victory came at a very high price.

The Birds lost quarterback Nick Foles to a broken collarbone, Todd Herremans to his biceps injury and linebacker DeMeco Ryans to a torn Achilles.

These are enormous blows to this football team. With Foles going down, it robs the team of valuable opportunity to get a look at Foles to determine just what his future is going to be in this league and with this team. The third-year pro might not have been playing great football throughout the year, but there’s no doubt that he gave this team the best chance to win right now, and even though Mark Sanchez has looked good in the preseason and did some nice things today, Foles is a very big loss for this club.

It was very difficult to see DeMeco Ryans go down today. You have to respect Ryans for what he’s meant to this team, and all of the plays he’s made and intangibles that he’s brought to the table over the last few years. Now there’s a very real possibility that he’s played his last snap as an Eagle, leaving this defense without its anchor in the middle.

I mentioned before the game in my pregame article that I didn’t believe Todd Herremans was going to be able to play through that injury for long, and it turns out he couldn’t even make it through one game. Playing with one arm at a position like that just wasn’t going to work. The Eagles’ starting offensive line from a year ago that featured Jason Peters, Todd Herremans, Jason Kelce, Evan Mathis, and Lane Johnson will not play a single down together during the 2014 regular season.

Quick Thoughts


  • Before Nick Foles went out, he was having another up-and-down game. Foles best moment came when he hooked up with Jeremy Maclin for a 59-yard touchdown strike, and his worst came when he tossed yet another interception, a pick-six that got Houston back in the game.
  • LeSean McCoy registered another 100-yard day, picking up 117 for the day. However, Shady was once again unable to find the endzone.
  • Chris Polk took the majority of work in the redzone, and picked up a touchdown and 50 yards on eight carries.
  • Darren Sproles returned to the lineup, and chipped in 46 yards on four receptions, and 17 yards on the ground. He picked up several key first downs throughout the game.
  • Jeremy Maclin had another enormous game for this team, coming down with 158 yards and two touchdowns on six catches, including a very difficult touchdown reception in the second half.
  • Mark Sanchez threw for 202 yards and two touchdowns in relief of Foles, including a nice strike to Jordan Matthews in the second quarter.
  • The Eagles just can’t stop turning the ball over. They committed four more today. Its miraculous that they continue to win despite all of these errors.


  • Mychal Kendricks played a strong game today, recording 12 tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble.
  • Brandon Bair and Beau Allen combined to pick up a sack in the first quarter.
  • It isn’t often that you see Connor Barwin get burned for a big play, but he certainly made a mistake today when he allowed Arian Foster to get loose on his touchdown reception.
  • Barwin would later pick up a sack.
  • Earl Wolff got the start at safety for Nate Allen, who was inactive today.
  • The Eagles continue to give up too many big plays. They allowed DeAndre Hopkins to burn them several times, allowing 115 yards to the speedy wideout.

Special Teams

  • Cody Parkey drilled his only field goal attempt, a 45-yarder at the end of the first half.

Final Thoughts

The injury toll was absolutely devastating today.

Where do the Eagles go from here?

It will be interesting to get a look at Mark Sanchez as this team’s starter. Can Kelly’s system bring out the best in Sanchez and restore his career?

Its very important that the Eagles’ running game become the primary focus of the offense again with Sanchez in. Chip Kelly showed signs of leaning that way today by using the talents of all three of his running backs.

The good news is that the Dallas Cowboys fell again today, giving the Eagles sole possession of first place in the NFC East. A tough Monday night matchup with the Panthers is on the horizon.




Denny Basens

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  • Bad break for Foles but the big lost is Ryan not Foles! Sanchez will probably give us just as good if not better play than Foles. He hasn’t played in a real game in almost 2 years so he gets a pass for today. But he needs to cut the turnovers down…but he is much more athletic than Foles so he is more than likely an upgrade at QB!

    • Mark Sanchez is a bottom third QB in the NFL. He was able to keep his head above water today because Houston was without both their starting cornerbacks. His arm is Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Orton, Kirk Cousin, Matt Cassel like ( it is a bb gun )

    • Wow, Kool and I agree on something. Sanchez is not a downgrade from Foles given the way Foles has played this year. To be 6-2 when your QB leads the league in turnovers is astounding and proves that we’re winning in spite of him. The biggest loss yesterday was Demeco. That will hurt this defense a good bit.

  • Jets sanchez …71.9 rating after 4years 71 touchdowns 70 picks ..and a bad ending …after 63 games ..in ny…let him be the man ,let us redefine our team with more balance ,as the leaves fall..losing Demeco sucks ..Kendrick will step up ,but now Matthews and smith and Ochoa will fill out the stat sheet..Polk and sproles and shady are the 3headed attack that will keep marks attempts under 25 x per game ……6-2 ….and as always the unexpected week to week …why we love this shit…every damn thing matters

  • Uh…at this stage Foles gone isn’t really a huge loss. He’s injured, Sanchez will probably play pretty great and play poorly in spots. Regardless Foles will be handed the starting job when he returns and may have to compete for it in the off-season. It seems more likely than not that the Eagles will sign Maclin add another “burner” at WR in the off-season (Torry Smith or Randal Cobb or a trade for V Jackson) and possibly trade or release Cooper which will make Foles better.

    With Maclin finally starting to really come on and stretch the field there will be more opportunity for other receivers, so it will be good to see how the offense evolves.

    • Nobody would even consider trading for Cooper with his contract.

      • Packers will 100% Resign WR Randall Cobb and let their lesser talented WR Jarrett Boykin walk after the season..

        Eagles/Chip Kelly would never pursue a Vince Jackson for his brittle body and lack of Blacking Skills… Also he’s on the wrong side of 30 Years old
        Torey Smith could be a candidate.. but Ravens very unlikely to let him go since all they really have besides Torrey Smith is 35 Year Steve Smith

        • Eagles resign Maclin. Huff replaces Cooper in 2016 when Cooper’s contract is no longer guaranteed. Matthews stays in the slot, he may stay on the field ahead of Huff if the eagles only go 2 wide outs in 2016 but returns to the slot in 3 wide out sets.

          • I think Matthews will move to the Outside by next Season and take Coopers Role in the Offense.. Then Huff will be groomed for Slot and they also Draft another Big WR to go along with Maclin,Matthews,Huff & Cooper..

  • The defense will miss Ryans a lot I fear. Casey Matthews is listed as his backup which scares me to death.
    The Foles injury is the more intriguing since the jury is still very much out on him and his future with team. My guess is that he will be out for 6-8 weeks, so I doubt he gets his job back this year. I can’t see him getting big money from anybody at this point, so I’m guessing he’s here next year. But I’m also kind of hoping that Sanchez plays considerably better than Foles was this season and keeps the job.

  • This is a win win IMO right now as long as Sanchez doesnt shit the bed. We get to go back to a more balanced run attack and take advantage of the 3headed monster we have back there. I like Foles and pass wise I dont think Sanchez is anywhere near Foles from a dropback standpoint. However Foles regressed and I think it had more to do with the pressure of living up to last year. I know more than once he said last year is behind but he was playing like a guy trying to do to much and live up to the hype.

    It will help him to sit down watch tape and look at the offense from afar.

    Sanchez isnt the future IMO however he can possibly show what the future can look like at the position with a more mobile option. Kellys playbook will be a bit more open now. Sanchez isnt an elite athlete but he is mobile and he does force the defense to respect the read option from the backside.

    Time will tell. I dont see Sanchez going into Dallas and winning though. I just dont think he is that type of QB.

    I dont see the Ryans injury being as big as many think. In many ways he reminds me of London Fletcher here in DC. I dont think he did anything great outside of being a true leader. From an athletic standpoint etc he didnt change or set the tone for the defense. He was a steady solid dude dont get me wrong but they missed Kendricks more. The explosive plays from Kendricks were missed.

  • devastating day – lost offensive and defensive captain.
    Sanchez isn’t beating Seattle or Green Bay so the birds making the wild card is all but over. They have to hope Tony Romo doesn’t return to the Cowboy lineup. Without Romo Dallas will struggle to win behind Brandon Weedon. It is win the division or bust now. This is going to get ugly. The Eagles passing game is going to shrink since Sanchez’s arm is so much weaker than Foles.

    • haha unfortunately for you…Sanchez won’t be winning or losing on his own!
      If the defense shows up and special teams shows up and scores points like they did for Foles the first 5 weeks of the season, then why can’t Sanchez lead the team to a win…you sounds like a dumb ass! you act as if Foles has been lights out…as if Foles has not led the league in turnovers this season…you sounds like a 100% dumb ass….you absolutely have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

  • E0S what the hell are you talking about? Sanchez arm is stronger than Foles and he has better mobility. The throws on the run GONNA get better and the leak outs will be crisper. There is a small threat of run. Sanchez can pick up 1st with feet. And why so gloom and doom? Just don’t watch if it is written we lose to GB and the Seahawks? This fanbase is infuriating at times

    • Mark Sanchez’s arm is below average – it always has been —

      • Sanchez arm is better than Foles

        • Nick Foles has about the 10th-12th strongest arm in the NFL — Mark Sanchez is about the 35th-40th strongest arm in the NFL. It is a huge difference. Mark Sanchez is not going to throwing out patterns to the far side of the field like Nick Foles does for 15 yard completions. The field just shrunk.

          • Are you kidding..Foles has a weak arm

            • So….when Maclin had to hold up for the bomb….that under thrown ball was because of Sanchez’s “strong arm”

              Oh…and with such a strong arm….why, after the first under thrown ball, no other passing attempt over 10 yards for the rest of the day??

              • Fellas, Sanchez has never had a strong arm, and isn’t stronger than Foles either….and you guys know I DO NOT side with E0S…

    • Good points army prince! It’s time to rally around Sanchez now! Foles is done! Injury prone, poor play, and inconsistent! It’s time to turn the page on the Foles era and move on…Sanchez is getting a shot and if he blows it, then we may just have to draft a QB in next years draft

  • I was at the game today, and Foles seems to throw off of his back foot a lot. I think this is the reason for why he has been throwing more INT’s this year. And I do think Sanchez will be just fine in this offense. Kelly will come up with some nice plays for Sanchez and keep the ground game going. I do like Foles as our QB, but I do think Sanchez is a better fit for Kelly’ s up tempo style of offense. And losing Ryan’s sucks real bad. I just hope Kendrick’s is ready to be our new leader on defense

  • I can’t believe ppl are really saying Sanchez is a better fit than foles. Now foles is my boy but his inconsistency this year is killing me and makes it real hard to defend him. At the same time we win because of him not in spite of him. He has helped us win every game this year. He’s made the plays to put us in position to win games every time but no one wants to give him credit for that. Yet Yall want Sanchez who is horrible and has played some of the worst football we’ve all ever seen. I’m not hating on the man…thanks for helping us win but he is who he is. That athletic shit don’t mean nuthin to me. Who cares if he’s more athletic. Foles already proved that shit wrong in this offense last year and this year. Foles made them same scrambles that Sanchez did. I guess because he looks goofy and doesn’t have the pedigree of these other weak ass qbs nobody wants to give him credit. Trust me the games we win if we win with Sanchez will be in spite of him. Let’s just hope we can run the ball and stick to the run like we did last game

    • Didn’t Sanchez help us win this game after Foles threw a pick 6 to help Cards tie the game?

      Let’s kill the double standard here.

      The Eagles won today because Sanchez was the quarterback and didn’t leave points on the field in the red zone.

      Teams repected the read option and couldn’t crash every play.

      The ball left Sanchez hands without hesitation.

      Give Sanchez his credit even if you like “Folds”.

    • I agree with you regarding Foles. I too like Foles, and want him as our franchise QB. But Sanchez is a good fit for this offense. He looked very sharp during the pre season and made few mistakes. Think about what Kelly can do when it comes to certain running plays for Sanchez and how they can take advantage at keeping defenses honest. That should open up the middle of the field and hopefully we can get Ertz, Casey and Celek more involved. I’m looking forward to what Kelly pulls out of his bag of tricks

  • Songs i gave him credit in my post. I still don’t believe in him. I’m not rooting against him but he is who he is. Hopefully he can help us win some games til foles gets back

    • He’s a quarterback that have won on every level and took his team to the AFC Championship twice with minimal offensive weapons.

      That a pedigree.

      He never had a chance with the Jets to be surrounded with great offensive minds like Chip’s team and still succeeded.

      Foles looked suspect even last season yet the only thing people focus on is 27-2 and not the gross first half of games he played at the end of last season.

      We won in spite of Nick Foles’s deficencies and that will become evident when Sanchez excels in Foles absense.

      Let’s see if Sanchez gets the proper support when he not only winf the NFC East but win in the Playoffs.

      If Sanchez win “one” playoff game that will automatically place him above Foles 27-2 season.

      That will mean he came in after the starter went down and carried his team not only to the playoffs, but a playoff win.

      After that there will be no more arguments about which quarterback should run Chip’s machine.

  • The bottom line is we weren’t winning a superbowl with Foles and the way he was playing.he had regressed.Now we have some kind of hope with Sanchez because he is a unknown. Maybe this system fits him.and if it doesn’t we weren’t winng with Foles anyway so we have hope. The bigger question is do the Eagles bring in a vet backup because there is one thing that is universal in Eagles land, nobody wants to see Matt Barkley.

  • Sanchez made some good throws and he made some bad throws. He had a couple of INTs dropped. His deep ball to Maclin was a duck, but his 2 TD passes were very nice throws. Sounds pretty similar to Foles to me. We will see how he performs next week. Hopefully he can be more consistent than Foles was, but I am not sold on him.

    More importantly though they ran the damn ball. Hopefully we will see more Polk on short yardage.

    Not sure how the defense will be after losing Ryans. That one hurts and presents another gaping off season hole or at least major question mark.

    • yes, but he played like that with no reps as the starter, when Foles played worse taking all the first team reps.

      don’t forget the pick 6 Foles threw before getting mangled.

  • Its sad that year after year, we see these daily news folks and other media pundits jump on a promising young QB( and I mean promising) declare him the new Joe Montana, and throw him to the dogs to get completely destroyed in this the NFC East! Everybody saw that Kevin Cobb would get hurt under center because he just could not command the pocket, or roll out of it in trouble. He had several concussions before we traded him. There were several before him, but fast forward to Foles. We anointed him….. blindly once again ignoring his flaws, I endorsed his toughness, but also said that he would not hold up if sat in the pocket like that, and took the beatings he has taken.


    Foles throwing motion, foot work, defense reading…. are all way too slow for this offense. We saw Chip speed the game up yesterday for the first time since game 1 . We saw the red zone problems disappear, and if you think Foles would have hit that throw to Maclin picking it off the turf where only he could catch the ball, Your kidding or out right lying to yourself. losing Ryans was the devastating thing yesterday, not Foles.

    Denny, You gotta be more honest in your writing.

  • To the draft wonks I am asking a serious question…. Sanchez was I believe the fourth overall pick indicating that NFL level scouts saw a lot of potential and high talent, I guess a blue chipper. He goes to the championship twice, then the Ryan led jets become the most dysfunctional Organization in the league. He has a butt fumble. The question does he have the talent to lead this team to a deep playoff run? He has done it?

  • Sanchez??? Mark Sanchez??? From the Jets Sanchez??? That’s it! I am a Philadelphia guy all my life and it’s time I denounce my allegiance and defense of the so-called “INTELLIGENT PHILLY FAN…” The national press is right, Philly fans are not SMART, they are in fact the exact opposite as evidenced here by MARK SANCHEZ??? Good luck suckers… You’ll be sitting here 30 years from now just like the Flyers wondering where the Championships are… Mark Sanchez? That’s your answer? Oh My God in Heaven!

    • Sanchez took his team to the AFC Championship game….


      • No, the jets defense and their run game took the Jets to the AFC championship game. Sanchez was a game manager. Dinks and dunks. When asked to do more in the offense, the turnovers began. I hope Mark can play well as it will mean more wins for the Eagles, but stop acting as if Sanchez has a track record based off of pure QB play. He doesn’t and stop trying to remake history to meet your agenda. You are the same guy who wanted either Manziel who can’t beat out Hoyer, or Tahj Boyd who flat out stinks!

    • yojoe, the national media has been very complimentary of Sanchez’s play yesterday. It’s not as if we Philly fans think Sanchez is Joe Montana but there’s certainly a case to be made that he is better than what we have in Foles. I was a huge Nick Foles fan but you cannot continue to roll him out there when he turns the ball over that much. He leads the NFL in turnovers; over guys like Geno Smith and EJ Manuel who were all benched for poor play. Why should Foles be any different? Let’s hope Sanchez plays well; he doesn’t have to play great. He just needs to be turnover free provided we go back to a more run based offense.

      • Foles wasn’t benched because despite his turnovers he was making a ton of big plays and has led this team to a 6-2 record. Guy was on pace to throw over 4500 yards. His arm is very superior to Sanchez, but I love my Eagles and have the same expectations every week, doesnt matter if Foles or Mark is the QB. The expectation is to win. Now if Mark gets hurt and Barkley has to play, then I will change my expectations.


    If Sanchez light up the Panters on MNF …… that will be his come out party.

    Sanchez rise from the ashes.

    From Butt fumble to ass-kicking.


  • BY THE WAY…….

    What quarterback leads the NFL in turnovers?

    Vick was killed for being a turnover machine.

    Foles was celebrated for ball protection and not making turnovers in bunches last season, so on the flip side we must be honest with his play now that he’s a damn scared, turnover machine.

    • Fraud/KoolSongs.

      Here is the difference, and I will dumb it waaayy down for your simple mind.

      One QB has demonstrated that throughout a 13 year career.

      One QB is in his 2nd year as a starter.

      You eveluate these differently because there is still a possibility that the younger QB would be able to correct this problem, like many other good QB’s before him were able to do.

      With respect to the older QB, he has a long track record and there is no reason or previous example to point to that would lead you to believe that his pattern would change.

      Now go fuck yourself and leave this fanbase alone. You are an admitted Skins fan so your trolling on here is only proof of the loser that you are.

      • Yellafan…The bottom line is simple. If Sanchez takes this team to the playoffs he deserves the job! We can draft a young QB next year and maybe Foles can go somewhere else and catch on as a back up! No way do you give him a long term contract here….maybe we can trade him a get a 5th rounder!
        If you are a true fan you are going to root for Sanchez and hope that he does well! Even if it means running Foles outta here…he’s done

    • Vick has hardly played this year.

  • Songs I’m convinced foles bound and gagged your family and butt rammed them ..why so personal? You’re a one trick pony ,as you dick ride every qb other than foles..to say sanchez has a stronger arm …shows your stupidity …what he does possess is better mechanics at the moment ..he steps into his throws and appears to scan the field ..perhaps if we can have intelligent conversations instead of your drivel agendas…sanchez didn’t operate the offense behind 4 displaced backups..would you grant me …that that makes one feel pressure that often isn’t there ? Perhaps creating ,bad habits ? God almighty ..he had no running game as well ,also contributed to his stature …I’m not making excuses for thugs ,just observing football…the eagle organization benefits ,if foles is the guy …they can impact there draft ,as the holes on the defensive side of the ball are apparent …if you were truly an Eagle fan ..you’d drop to your knees ,that Foles returns,and shows a better comprehension ,from observing …if we are going to be fair ..his maclin throw was a thing of beauty..I believe you said he lacked the ability to throw deep…ask Djax if that’s true ..you’re a one trick pony..no surprise you’d saddle up on in sanchez..this teams identity just changed for thee good ,they will put pressure on defenses ,by high paced pounding of the rock with there 3headed monster …it’s a lethal combo …tough ,between the tackles running by Polk ,a shady rebirth ? Or a healthy Kelce and Mathis? And sproles can have 3-5 game changing touches ..that’s 30 plus touches using clock and shortening the game for the defense…next Man up is Sanchez..I’m all in on him ..but I’m not beheading Foles in a public lynching..

  • And we are back.. Sheesh… That didn’t take long…. The all Qb convo all the time is back. Vinnie gets his old job back as leader of the clowns.

    Foles will be back either late this year or next year needing to prove worthy of the big contract. I say he does.. And he is our guy moving forward. Sanchez will play well behind a solid O line. And the birds will stay atop the NFCE this year. The quick passes by Sanchez is what this O needs right now (I miss the stats from vinnie about the quick releasss) and the run game will get back on track.

    Let the Qb battle stuff go. That’s for the simpletons. Root for your Eagles.

    In chip we trust.

    • More important is that Chip seemed to remember that his system runs best with a strong RUNNING game. And we all know that a QB’s best friend is a strong runnning game.

      If this team will work hard to get Shady, Sproles and Polk all involved and churning, then Sanchez or whomever they have at QB will benefit. Establish a running game and make your QB issues irrelavent.

      • Thats the only silver lining I can see with Sanchez Green. Hes going to have to prove alot…but I think he opens up the bootleg/rollout game and you know once he holds the read option and gets 20yds on a run Foles detractors are going to go nuts.

        Sanchez either shows how good Foles is in this system or shows how bad his flaws are in this system.

  • hahaha…..wow…
    I can’t believe some of you cats with this Sanchez nonsense….you’ve got to be kidding me…he’s thrown more INTS than TD passes for his career. Be careful what you wish for!

    However, the offense should fit Sanchez well….He doesn’t have to throw passes 10 plus yards down the field…(just like Foles)…the game plan can be the same, with a little more read option. How the Eagles protect Sanchez is key…if he gets “happy feet”, shit could get uglier than we’ve seen this season.

    But all you cats making excuses for Foles….need to stop it!

    • On the money Real.

      Sanchez fits the offense well….but hes still Sanchez. That ball he threw under duress that was dead to the MLB was very New York Jetsish Sanchez.

      On the money on Foles as well. It cant be defended for once again throwing a backfoot duck bomb. When Foles is on he throws beautiful passes(The get no better than he got crushed on the sideline out pass to Maclin vs Washington) but when hes been bad hes been WTF bad this year.

      A little time on the bench helps him IMO. However the door is open for Sanchez. I think we see Foles back by the end of the season.

    • Apparently Denny thinks we need to see more of this fuckery from Foles to make a decision on his long term presence. Agreed though, Sanchez will benefit from this offense, but is not the long term answer.

  • season is over — the Eagles are no longer a super bowl contender. You can’t lose your offensive and defensive captains and win.
    Mark Sanchez is a scardy cat. NYC press stomped all the confidence out of this guy. Houston didn’t have either starting cornerback.
    the only way to win with Mark Sanchez is to slow everything down and hope you win a defensive field goal game ( which is the complete opposite of Chip Kelly).
    Only fools would think Chip Kelly’s offense is good for Mark Sanchez. 3 yards and cloud of dust and use the entire play clock to run 3 more yards is the Mark Sanchez formula to win which is the anti-Chip Kelly approach.

  • Mark Sanchez is a mental midget, damaged goods, A scardy cat, flinch and curl up fragile minded loser. Matt Barkley will be the QB within a month.

  • I told you guys months and months ago that Foles is not quick/fast enough to run this offense to the level we need it to be

    Foles has sucked so much this year, it was time for a change

    I honestly think that if Foles would have remained in the game we would have lost

    Think about the clutch TD that Sanchez threw to Maclin, he rolled out to the right and threw a strike to Maclin in the corner.

    Sanchez is quick in the pocket, can run away from trouble, has a fast passing release, makes quick decisions and gets the ball out and Foles doesn’t.

    I’m not here to anoint Sanchez as the next Joe Montana like many on here wanted to do with Nick Foles. Im here to say that it appears to me that Sanchez runs this offense better than Foles. I saw it in preseason and I seen it yesterday

    Let’s continue to run the ball and we’ll see how good Sanchez can be. Ignore the INTs yesterday, they werent his fault both were on the receivers

    I think its Sanchezs job to lose..

  • History. All I look at is history.

    I do not “hope” QBs will suddenly change…because it rarely happens.

    So what is Sanchez’s history?

    70 tds 71 ints. His career int% is 3.8%

    Yesterday He threw 2 tds and 2 ints. Exactly as his historical 1:1 td INT average. Yesterday he had 2 picks (one could/should have been caught, but it was high) and threw 2 other balls directly into the hands of Texans. Luckily, they were dropped. Both were within 10 yrds of the LOS.

    Completion %.
    Mark Sanchez has a career completion %.
    Yesterday he was 15 of 22 (68%). WOW! Amazing right? Well…..he came in and you’ve got to know the Texans were thinking “run” and the birds immediately went over the top….Sanchez went 3 for 3 on the first drive all hyped up.

    But what happened in the 2nd half after things had settled down a bit……how’s he do?

    7 of 15 for 80 yrds 1 td 1 int. Should ths have come as a surprise? No, because its exactly along his career average.

    Finally Mistakes. When pressure rises Sanchez makes mistakes. The list of gaffs is too long to mention. How’d he do in this regard yesterday? Well, there were the two short passes right into the arms of Texan defenders, there were two bobbled snaps (albeit one was high) there was the bobbled handoff….and there was the “tuck rule incompletion/fumble” thing he did. YOu do remember don’t you? Sabnchez double-clutched and then “threw” the ball into the ground 5 feet in front of him. They called it “incomplete” and I am pretty sure it was only the “tuck rule” that kept it from being a fumble….that being said, it was completely lucky it wasn’t called as intentional grounding.

    So what am I saying……I am saying the Sanchez we all know was there on display yesterday.

    2 ints and 2 more thrown directly to the opposition – just like his career
    50% completion in the second half – just like his career
    Several mistakes as pressure mounted in 2nd half – just like his career.

    Is it any wonder why Kelly took the ball out of his hands and ran (not read option) 80% of the time in the 4th Q?????

    I wouldn’t be quick to hitch my wagon to Mark Sanchez.

    I HOPE he does well, but history tells me otherwise.

    • It’s fine to get excited about Sanchez. He’s a great number 2. But he is a number 2.

      I still really like Foles and hope that he can come back and help this team win at some point this season. I’ve seen too many good things from him to be ready to jump ship on Foles as some of you have here.

      • You dont jump ship on Foles would be foolish. Ride out Sanchez hope you stay in the hunt.

        Panthers are a good team for him to show how starting he will operate. Good defense, not a crazy pass rush and their offense shouldnt be able to score alot.

        My worry is under the big lights in Big D on Thanksgiving day to Romo and friends. Or when the Seahawks come to town.

        • I think Sanchez is serviceable. Especially if Chip relies on the run more. As the offensive line comes back and gels I think Shady, Sproles and Polk should be able to really do well and open the passing game up for Sanchez.

  • Chip is Andy Reid 2.0. Remember evertime McNabb got hurt AR would change his philosophy and start running the ball and everyone would say why dont you do that with Mcnabb? It works. Chip will follow the same blueprint.

    • Dag you are right on that one. That is why his backup QB’s were generally successful (and usually got paid well elsewhere like Feeley). Foles had already thrown 13 passes by the time he was injured in the 1st qtr, Chip was using the same pattern as he did against the Cardinals. You are right on this one dag, get back to the basics and run the ball. It sets everything else up if you are effective running the ball.

  • When you guys get a belly full of Mark Sanchez you might not be so happy.

    If Sanchez was better he would have been starting. A lot of you guys have been complaining about Foles lack of arm strength…. well now we have a QB who can’t throw a 20 yard out pattern unless the receiver has two steps on the defender.

    My hope is that Sanchez is the best QB in the NFL, but I have seen enough of him to know that NY drafted Geno for a good reason. Let’s hope we can continue winning with Sanchez and Barkley.

  • I don’t get the foles arm strength nonsense. The kid has a real good arm. He’s not flacco but it’s still good. He’s more of a touch passer so he puts air on a lot of his balls but that’s because he makes that choice to do that. How can u question his arm after that td to maclin?

  • injuries giveth…. and injuries taketh away… as Foles got the job thru Vick’s injury ( he didn’t earn it in training camp last yr ) what we all now know is the season Foles had last yr was ” fools gold” as this yr has shown all of us who Foles is. “not good enough” the bottom line is that the QB had to winn that home playoff game vs the Saints or win at least 1 of the 2 games @ SF and Ariz.. Since he didn’t win any of those games and his inconsistency this season…. I’VE SEEN ENOUGH OF FOLES…. Sanchez like him or not does have playoff experience… and would be a better stopgap in our search for a franchise QB

    • Well Done!

  • Paulman’s Early List of 2015 Free-Agents for Eagles to Pursue

    Cecil Shorts – Jaguars (reports are he wants to play for a Winner)
    Danarius Thomas – Broncos (most likely resigned by Denver)
    Jarret Boykin – Packers (Packers most likely to resign Cobb, letting Boykin walk since they Drafted 3 Wr’s om 2014)
    Torrey Smith – Ravens (most likely resigns with Ravens)

    Niles Paul – Redksins (With Redskins already having $$$ committed for Garcon,Robers,D-Jax & have TE J Reed to lock-up they may not be able to Re-sign Paul

    Justin Houston – KC Chiefs
    KJ Wright – Seahawks ( I wanted the Eagles to Draft him 4 Years ago, can play Outside or Inside like he does with Seahawks)
    Arthur Moats – Steelers
    Sam Acho – Arizona Cardinals
    Jerry Hughes – Bills
    Brooks Reed – Texans (the Eagles token Signing of an ex-Texan player)

    ILB –
    Michael Wilhoite – 49ers (has filled in nicely for Injured Bowman)
    Dan Skuta – 49ers – Could be a Starter on many Teams
    Kelvin Sheppard – Colts – (Solid Depth)

    Bryan McCann – Arizona (Cardinals have crowded Secondary)
    Buster SKrine – Cleveland (Quality player)
    Walter Thurmond – Giants (Nice Nickel/Depth Player)
    Byron Maxwell – Seahawks (have lots of Players to pay $$$ before him)

    Tushaun Gipson – Cleveland (Best Strong Safety on the Market)
    Sherrod Martin – Jaguars (Solid Depth and replaces Nate Allen)

    • Chris Harris at cornerback from Denver is worth a look — he took a 2 million dollar restricted free agent contract this off season but he is an unrestricted CB this offseason.

    • Those CBs are trash. You either go after a top FA if there are any available or draft a rookie within the first two rounds to start. Carroll can be a starter next year.

      Safety market looks doodoo again this year….another area they will have to look at in the draft.

  • on a another one of my side-notes
    I think Sanchez taking the reigns of the Offense for the injured FOles is just what this OFfense needed… Now Coach Kelly and OC SHurmur will probably have to be a little more creative, run more bootlegs, bubble screens, run the ball more and just have some new wrinkles in it which is not a bad thing..
    The big plus that Sanchez does have over Foles is the getting of the ball, 3 step Drop and letting it rip decisively.. Do note that this is a fantastic opportunity for Sanchez to prove to the many other Clubs out there that are looking for QB’s that he can still be a Quality Starting QB so the Incentive and Motivation for him are all there and make the Perfect Storm for a strong finish with Sanchez at the Helm

  • Here’s what Kelly thinks.

    3rd Q

    short pass
    short pass
    incomplete short
    short pass
    incomplete short (off hands of defender)
    Incomplete short (off hands of defender)

    And after that???

    pass short
    pass short
    pass short
    pass short
    Pass short

    After the 1st drive of the 3rd when Sanchez put 2 balls on the defenders hands and did the “tuck rule” gaff….it was 18 runs and 6 passes…one of which was intercepted.

    Not one pass went further than 5 yards down field.

    Kelly knows what he has in Sanchez. A guy he has to do everything to keep from doing damage.

    I wouldn’t be quick to hitch my wagon to Mark Sanchez.

    • Lol

  • Man even after being in Houston for the game, I just can’t go all in on Sanchez. History says he’ll find ways to screw this up but having said that Foles was killing me. Even Monday night isn’t that big a deal because Carolina stinks. Question is did the offense get better because Herremans came out or Sanchez was running the offense?

    • LOL I’ll take him over Weeden thats for damn sure.

    • Agreed.

      The running game was aided by both. As long as they can run the ball he will be fine. Its when teams sell all out on stopping the run can he make more good plays then bad ones.

      The one thing he has going for him is if he breaks one or two read option runs then teams will be screwed because you will have to respect it even if he isnt an elite athlete.

      Lets just hope we will be awesome running the rock and in that aids the playaction/screen game….Sanchez isnt half bad if he has that going for him.

    • Lets look at QB’s that some are considered “Game Managers” that gave led Teams to SB Games & Victories over the last 25 Years or so that got 2nd chances with other Clubs later in their Careers and had Success.

      Jim Plunkett – Raiders
      Doug Williams – Redskins
      Rich Gannon – Raiders
      Brad Johnson – TB Bucs
      Trent Dilfer – Baltimore Ravens
      Drew Brees – NO Saints

      So my question is , Why not Mark Sanchez?

  • Another question does anyone think Golson from ND can play or is he just too small?

    • hell no too small and is a mental midget the only qb i like in 1st rd is mariota has it all

      • Golson is far from a mental midget. But yes he is too small. Huge ND fan and I wasnt sold on Golson but the kid can ball….a bullshit pick call from an ACC ref and Notre Dame and that kid would be the talk of the town.

        • maybe this yr but in his career he has showed shit in big games and in the navy game he should have thrown at least 3 picks he’s erractic at times then amazing reminds me of cam newton except smaller

      • I like Winston better Z, he’ll be a better pro once he gets away from the college atmosphere. Dude wills that team to win games.

        • I like winston to and thats one thing he has over mariota and thats will and heart someties mariota looks emotionless but winston can be a headcase sometimes and some of his throws are between like 3 defenders but i just love mariotas game overall

        • Big, perfectly stated, he wills his team to win games.

        • Winston would excel with us! He is a winner!

          • Has to bring back Teams every week at the College Level when having Superior Talent at FSU.. Word is that he doesn’t prepare
            Hard enough and relies too much on his god-given talents that gets you by at the College Level but many concerns about his
            Work ethic, smarts and maturity for many NFL Scouts..
            He’s still young and has enormous talent and upside,
            But could be another major underachiever if he doesn’t mature in a hurry..

            • We heard the same drivel about kelvin Bryant, Teddy bridgewater, who is the best QB taken last year, and yes Bryant, he’s a wr, but still some of the same concerns. Fact is he (Winston) is young, and young people can be knuckle heads. I was. Let’s stop pretending and acting like he is a mature grown man when he is not. He can’t even drink legally yet. I find it funny…oh, he has maturity issues…oh my god…he stood on top of a table in the cafeteria and was cursing…stop it. Look at the way we curse, swear and act a fool on gcobb, but try to hold Winston to a higher standard…sheer hypocrisy. Winston is throwing to two freshman wide receivers, and Nick O’Leary is good at what he does, but nothing special. The fact is, the defense allows opposing teams to score, Winston has the ability and will to bring the team back. That is a plus. Also, he has that “it” factor truly! Winston is a leader of men on the field, as he gets older, he will mature with the right locker room and coaching. The good thing is both of his parents is in his life. If Jameis Winston was available to the Eagles to draft, I’d do it in a heartbeat as he would be better than any QB on the eagles team altogether, Foles, Barkley and Sanchez! Enough with the choir boy nonsense, we have one in Foles. Get me an assassin with the will and determination to kill his opponents, fire his team up and make them do what is needed to win.

            • As far as preparation, his record speaks for itself as he opposes superior defenses that clearly see Winston with a target on his back. I believe he prepares just fine and have not heard anything to the contrary, please site your source paulman, I am talking about people in the know, not talking heads who don’t. Another stigma on a young QB who happens to be AA (yes I went there because I read it and hear it to many times, he does not prepare hard enough, he relies to much on his athleticism. Winston is not even a runner, he stands in the pocket and delivers strikes, so what are you talking about? Amazingly, the same thing was said about Bridgewater by some on here last year, he runs and relies on his athleticism, I stated then too, Bridgewater is a pocket passer (stigma). Paul you thought based on his combine performance he was like a third rounder ignoring his game tape..how foolish. Just stop the nonsense. Luck gets praised for his athleticism, but Winston…it’s a knock.

              • I never said J Winston was a scrambler, he’s a Pocket QB just like Bridgewater is and like Jason Campbell was.. I also stated that Bridgewater would Drop from an Early 1st Round Pick to a Late Round 1st/Early 2nd Round due to a Poor Combine and even a worse Work Day, which is on him and not anyone else me that he caved under the bright lights… Many concerns about his thin 200lbs Frame.. He’s a good kid, smart kid who works hard and is in a perfect situation with QB Coach Norv Turner that will help him tremendously..
                I also Stated that Derek Carr was the most NFL Ready QB in this Draft from Year 1, but that Bridgewater probably has the most upside for 2-3 Years down the road… It appears I was spot on with my assessment..

              • I never said you said he was a scrambler, I clearly stated that you said he relies on his god given athleticism and does not prepare well enough due to this reliance. I asked you to give your source for this information you put out…a credible source..not a talking head. I notice you failed to do so though. My point bout him not running, but staying in the pocket delivering strikes demonstrates not relying on athleticism to run as soon as pocket breaks down or first receiver is not open, he goes through his progressions and reads the defenses. That demonstrates preparation. The team has one what 24-25 in a row. he has not lost, there is some preparation…a lot of it going on.
                As far as Derek Carr is concerned, we do not know as the team overall sucks. The Raiders have played some games that they should have won. Carr did not exactly help in those efforts. As far as Bridgewater…lol..how are you spot on, we won’t know til 2-3 years down the road….I don’t even know how you can make that projection/assertion..based on what? …hope. Please, entertain me with your analysis that has lead you to your conclusion on Bridgewater and Carr.

              • team has won…not one…my mistake.

              • His Own Coach’s have stated this about Winston..
                That he needs to work more on studying Tape, on his Mechanics and go through his Reads and that he has a tendency to fall back to his younger ways of just winging it…

              • If so…constructive criticism, Winston is not a finished product, no college QB is/was, not even Luck…. but I never heard or read it. I am looking for that written, If the coaches said it, it was written about. However, that does not equate to him relying on his athleticism, the tape dispels that notion. Johnny Manziel is an excellent example of a QB relying to much on his athleticism and not studying tape. Manziel said that at the end of preseason.

              • Only criticism I can find of Winston’s preparation is directly related to his off the field issues as it relates to not putting him and his team in an awkward position and distractions. Nothing related to how he prepares as far as watching tape. If it was said that is big news and would be written about. I follow Seminoles football closely and just never heard anything about preparation. Which coach or coaches said it. I’m just saying, if you heard it, a reporter heard it and it would have been written about or the clip would be easy to find. It would be on ESPN archives or something. Ok..lol.

  • You guys Crack me up with all the Sanchez hate…
    Christ, the guy hasn’t played in 2 Years in a NFL Game and he leads them to a Lead on the road and we are wondering why Chip Kelly is running the ball more late in the game… No Shit Sherlock…
    Let’s give Sanchez a full week or Starters Reps and see how he does over the next few games.. My guess is that it will be pretty similar to how Foles has played the entire year which is up and down with some nice plays and drives, but also with a couple of head-scratcher’s throws.. Sanchez does get rid of the ball quicker, can run the read option a good 2 steps quicker and Sanchez can throw on a rolling Pocket where Foles cannot .. Lets see how creative out Genius Coach Kelly can be with a more mobile QB than Foles

    • I agree with u pman the offense can do more now cuz sanchez has more running ability then foles and he throws the quick screens to the receivers a lot better then foles

    • The eagles entered Houston a super bowl contender who were supposed to get Kendricks, Kelce and Mathis back for a serious playoff run while Nate Allen was hurt ( plus)
      left Houston with a trio of garbage back in the picture of Andrew Gardner/ Matt Tobin, Casey Matthews, Marcus Smith, Acho and worse of all MARK SANCHEZ.

    • Kiss my ass with Sanchez this dude has made a career of being mediocre yes he showed up yesterday but guess what he played right to his career numbers 2 TD’s 2 picks. Career totals 71 TD’s 70 picks.

      • Sanchez through 20 passes yesterday.

        2 were picked. 2 more were right into defenders arms. Had they been caught (and they should have ebbn) he’d be throwing a pick every 5 passes!

        Plus He threw that into the dirt double clutch thing
        Plus he bumbled 2 snaps
        Plus he botched a handoff
        Plus only one pass traveled over 10 yards in the air….and it was under thrown
        Plus his own coach took the ball away from him over the last quarter and a half after watching what some of you simply seem to ignore.

        None of this was a suprise, because this is how Sanchez has played every other game of his career.

        Will 50% 2 tds 2 ints work next week? Probably because its Carolina…..but if he has to play after that……..

        • ok vinnie u have stated these stats multiple times at the rate foles was throwung picks it doesnt even matter but the running game is back si shut da hell up and root for the team not player u sound so agenda ridden

        • The Eagles won Vinniedaloser…Sanchez made enough plays to win the game! Foles is done…its unfortunate that he got hurt…but we now have to go off of the body of work that he put forth this year to assess his viability

          Foles is not the guy!

          Sanchez yesterday was better in the redzone, better on third down conversions….this is after not playing in a game for over 2 years…
          we need a new QB…Foles is not the guy, I really dont think Sanchez is the answer long term…he’s just better than Foles…but we need a QB..we should have drafted one this year…but that’s hindsight

      • “Kiss my ass with Sanchez”


  • threw

  • After reading some of these posts I can understand why eagles fans are derided as low class, idiots

    I’ll stay away from agenda. But what about football acumen you seriously lack to state Sanchez has better arm strength than foles, it’s not close, Sanchez cannot make the sideline out throws

    Do your research you dumb bastards, there is an objective measure that scouts use to evaluate arm strength, a radar gun. Foles Had One Of The Highest Exit Velocities Of Any Qb All Time, I Believe 66 mph

    • The truth about arm strength is this…Both Sanchez and Foles graded out as having a velocity of 57 at their combines…which is considered a strong arm…Players like Cousins and Weeden measured out with a velocity of 59.
      Arm strength is overstated especially in Kelly’s offense…Majority of passes we’ve seen this year have been short to intermediate. The decision of what QB will finish the season will lie primarily on how well Sanchez takes care of the ball…

      • thats exactly right its about the right decisions not arm strenght but sanchez in past hasnt made great decisions but its not the terrible offense of jets we actually run a real offense here

      • You hit the numbers right, I’m surprised by Sanchez number, but hopeful that based on his velocity he can make the big throws

        the upside with Sanchez may be that he’s not coached until now and finally has a system with weapons.

        time will tell. But I stand behind my comment that there a lot of ignoramus eagles fans on this site that don’t know jack about football

        • And arm strength is overrated? Must disagree, you need a big arm to play qb in the nfl, that throw by foles to Maclin, only a qb with a hose like foles has can make that throw

  • Sheesh Vinnie.. Way to get behind your team. I haven’t seen this kind of man love since some cat on here was Gaga about Kolb. What was that cats name… Oh yeah…. That was you too.

    Listen sis… All of us love Foles (outside of songs) but try and watch all the players.. Root for all the Eagles. I’ll never get you.

    • he loves his white boys lol

    • The all of us love Foles line is BS.

      In here yesterday and today there were posters giggling with Glee that Sanchez is in.


      Foles out – Sanchez in is a bad thing for the Eagles (Foles foibles notwithstanding).

      Looks like Foles is going to be out 6-8 weeks, My feeling is, that could be it for the season. And I hate that.

      Sorry. I will apologize for being upset that I think the Eagles season is finished with Sanchez taking over.

      • Look….maybe they can run it 40x a game and keep the ball out of Sanchez’s hands (that they should have been doing the past 6 weeks)….and maybe that will work…….but I doubt it.

        • The problem with you saying things like this is that it is EXACTLY what some of us have been saying for years… A good run game and a God D makes ANY Qb better.

          • Ya…but even with a great running game (only after Sanchez went in…with Foles it was 13 throws 2 runs)…..even with…what was it 40 carries for 192 and 20 throws…..

            Even with that Sanchez had 2 picks, 2 more should have been picks, 2 botched snaps, a botched fumble and that double clutch throw at his feet thing.

            Good times.

            • ..”2 picks and 2 more shod have been picks”… The whiny butch is back!!

              Listen sis.. We all watched you throw the last starter under the bus and we let you cry cause u made a good point or 2 during your 3 year pms run but it has to stop here. Foles did not look stellar this year. Most of us back him.. But he was not the fast acting Qb were were expecting to see. Where were your stats then? Where were your non stop stats about releasing the ball in under 2 seconds?

              The backup is in for now… And I suggest you get on board or get the f off our site.

  • after all those injuries in houston they should really get a new field out there it cost us our d captain and it cost texans their running game with foster even freaking mccoy said its a terrible field but great stadium

    • hey vinnie u can get dick hard again report is foles doesnt need surgery possibly back for last two games of season there u go u feel better u fucking dick riding fuck

      • Perhaps I am wrong….lets hope (though I doubt it)…but that’s not early enough….

    • That’s a great point z ilents, that turf cost the Eagles their defensive captsin good insight

  • No need to get into a qb controversy, Sanchez is the man for better or worse, media talks about it, but eagles fans don’t care

    If Sanchez can deliver, he’s the man, we are pulling for Sanchez

  • Forget Foles! If you are a true Eagles fan you are going to pull for Sanchez to do well! If Sanchez does well-no job for Foles…

    Its that simple! Foles wont be signed to a big money contract now…he is too injury prone we will have to draft a QB!

  • We are pulling for Sanchez. He will put the eagles in a good position to make a deep run in the playoffs before he turns it over to the future. Nick foles, once healthy

    Deal with reality you ignoramus

    • Yes jake. Dead on. Root for the Eagles.

    • Jakdog your a fool! If Sanchez takes us to the playoffs-Foles is out! He had a shot to prove last year wasn’t a fluke and what did he do? Lead the league in turnovers, worst in the redzone, throwing off the back foot and he’s hurt-again! He’s like VIck in that he can’t stay healthy…he’s been hurt and missed games every year!
      No way is he the future! We need to draft another young QB and its Sanchez’s job to lose. He gets us to the playoffs and he becomes your starter next year…Foles maybe able to catch on with another team that needs a backup….but he’s finished here

  • Let’s bring in

  • LB Brian Urlacher

    • Jonathon Vilma

  • Injury prone … Kool….sanchez has a better arm …songs ..great minds think alike ..

  • I don’t think anyone’s rooting against Sanchez. It’s just he has no upside. We’re just going off his days with the jets. He wasn’t lighting it up with them even in the 2 afc championship runs. He was bailed out because of that running game and that defense. U can’t defend that td int ratio. I keep hearing he gets the ball out fast or has good feet but what does that mean when he turns it over a million times. Hopefully We are wrong and he can help us win every game down the stretch. He just has a lot to prove. It’s a reason he was cut and couldn’t get a starting job

    • You must be new here.

  • No doubt skepticism prevails with Sanchez because of his history, we can hope, but ultimately it will be a drop off from the production of foles

  • Stevo I’ve been reading for years I just don’t post much

  • If Sanchez simply avoids leading the league in Turnovers our production will automatically be better! Manage the game make the same easy throws Foles was making to wide open receivers, give, us some effective read option plays that will open up the running game even more…and this will get us in the playoffs and guarantee Sanchez the starting job next year with us looking for another young QB to groom and Foles looking for a job as a backup somewhere else

    • Says the guy who posted this week that he’d prefer Eli “8 for 22 vs the Colts” Manning over Foles.

    • Foles won games – that’s what Sanchez needs to do. I don’t give a shit if Sanchez throws 5 INTs a game if he can go 14-4 in 18 starts like Foles did we will have nothing to worry about.

      As far as turnovers go – Sanchez threw more INTs in his last year as a starter than Foles has thrown in his career. Lets hope that improves….

  • Look at all the ILB’s lost to Injuriy this Season

    Pats – Jerrod Mayo (Out for the Season)
    Bills – Kiko Alonso (Out for the Season)
    Giants – Jon Beason (Out with Various Injuries)
    Redskins – Brian Orapko (Out for Season)
    Steelers – Jarvis Jones (Out for Season)
    49ers – Navarro Bowman (Out so far this Season)
    Texans – Brian Cushing (Out for a few weeks)
    Bengals Vontaeze Burfict & Ray Melauagua
    Lions – Steven Tulloch (Out for 4 Weeks)
    Cowboys – Sean Lee and now Justin Durant on Season Ending IR
    SD Chargers – Manti Teo’ (Out for most of this Season)

    Bottome line is that there have bewen many Injuries all across the NFL this Year and it appears to really have hit LB Corps so there is simply not a whole lot of Depth out there…
    Patriots made 2 nice Moves picking up OLB Akeem Ayers from Titans
    and ILB Cassilla from TB Bucs in Trades to add some veteran, quality Depth
    while the Eagles have not brought in any outside Players to add to the Roster which is the way Chip Kelly Operates.. He is going to play his Back-ups, Call up Practice Squad Players and stick with who he knows
    from the Summer time

  • Terrelle Pryor announces he is going to work out for Eagles…on his Facebook page

    • Nice… Add him as 3rd QB as they IR Foles for the Season here soon

    • Argh!!!………… it keeps getting worse, Terrelle Pryor? WTF… @#% howie & jeff

      • How many # 2 or # 3 QB’s are out there at this point ?
        Bring him in and if he learns the System then you have a Back-Up QB
        for 2015 Season… Remember Sanchez is only on a 1 Year Deal and could leave after the 2014 leaving the injured FOles, Stiff Barkley and who else..
        Bring Pryor in and sign him to a cheap 2 Year Deal and cover your Depth at QB that have some NFL Experience…
        If they do sign Pryor, you can be assured that Foles will be shut down
        for the remainder of 2014 and that Barkley will no longer be in the plans come the Off-Season..

        • Sanchez isn’t going to leave to go anywhere. After the next 5 games they’re going to be able to resign him to a 3 year $6million deal.

          He’ll beat Carolina because they suck so the 2 ints won’t hurt.
          They’ll get crushed in GB with Schez throwing 3 ints
          Win vs Tenny ’cause they suck
          Sanchez on Thanksgiving will be a complete disaster (ending his FA aspirations)
          And he’ll get embarassed by Seattle putting the final nail in his dreams.

          Eagles go 2-3 over his 5 (not absolutely terrible). He’ll be 55% 10tds and 13 ints.


          Because that’s his historical average.

          • thank u for your insight vinnie now go choke on some more foles cock u are a shitty fan

  • Pryor would mean the full return of Songs and non stop stats from Vinnie… happy days are here again!!

  • Some Team Stats for the Eagles after 8 Games vs the 31 other NFL Teams

    #8th Ranked (409 Yards per Game)
    #4th Ranked in Points (29 Pts per Game)
    12th in Rushing Stats – (124 Yards per Game)
    5th in Passing Stats – (284 Yds per Game)
    Worst in NFL – (20 Turnovers/Giveaways thus far)
    24th in Passing Completion % at 61%

    15th Overall
    14th in Points Allowed (22 Pts per Game)
    20th in Rush Yards per Game
    22nd in Passing Yards per Game
    9th in Sacks – 23 Sacks
    27th in Interceptions – only 4 of them
    21st in Takeaways – 11 of them so far
    1st in NFL is Opposing Pass-Completion % Rate – 56.5%

    Special Teams (Returns)
    1st in Punt Returns with a 15 Yard Average
    3rd in Kick Returns with a 29 Yard Average

    On Coverage Units
    10th in Kickoff with 22 Yard Avg per Opposing Kick return
    7th in Punt Unit with a 7 Yard Average per Opposing Punt Return

    7th in 93.8% FG Accuracy

    18th Overall in 40.7 Net Average per Punt
    Ranked 3rd on Kick’s within the 20 Yard line with 18 of them

    3rd Down Statistics
    Offensively – Converted on 44% which is Rated 8th Best
    Defensively – Hold Opponents to 36.5% which is ranked 6th Best in NFL

    4th Down Statistics
    Offensively – Converted on 50% which Ranks 4th
    Defensively – Hold Opponents to 29% which is Ranked 7th

    Penalties ( I am not sure if these are Total Penalties Called versus which are actually accepted for these seem a tad high to me)

    Offensively – Have Committed 61 which Ranks 12th
    Defensively – Have Committed 70 which is 2nd Highest in NFL

    Eagles Need to Obviously clean up Turnovers & Penalties
    If they can increase Pass-Completion % up to 65% Range, they should be in good shape by extending Drives, Score more POints and keep Defense that much more rested

  • Some of you frauds have been exposed! Rooting against the Eagles since you don’t have the QB that you want…hating on Sanchez before he has had a fair shot at leading this team.
    Well the true Eagles fans will root for Sanchez to do well despite the impact that will obviously have on the former QB Foles.
    Sanchez is the QB now and it’s time to rally behind him! As long as he does lead the league in turnovers while throwing under 60%, and stinking in the red zone…..we will be ok and the QB position has been upgraded significantly

    • Wake the fuck up you moron. Nobody is rooting against Sanchez, but some people are aware that Sanchez has never thrown for over 56% completions in his career, let alone 60%. He has been among the worst red-zone QBs his whole career.

      If he plays better I will be thrilled, but I wont be surprised if he doesn’t…

      • I will be ecstatic if Sanchez plays well. I hope he does just what Foles did last year…ride in, drop 27 and 2 and saves the season….

        I hope he leads the team to the SB, gets a 10 year contract and wins us 5 more titles over his career!

        I don’t give a fuck if he takes over from Foles, if it leads to a winning team and shots at a championship.

        Hell, I’ll be ecstatic if he plays marginally well, and keeps the team in the hunt

        However, unlike a clown like you who just spouts continual nonsense (like last week’s OF course I’d take Eli “8 of 22” Manning or Cam “3 weeks at 45%” Newton over Foles!) I’m realistic.

        I’ve got 63 games of sub-mediocre play to provide me with a dose of reality concerning this situation…..

        BTW – could you explain this whole “rally behind” shit you’re child-like brain is spouting??

        Are we supposed to “rally behind Sanchez” with the same enthusiasm you “rallied behind” Foles the last year or so????

      • Shut da hell up Irish….Foles this year has led the league in turnovers and has been less than 60% passing. He’s been terrible in the red zone…the anti-Sanchez tone is obvious amongst since its clear that most of you were dead wrong about Fumbling Foles and unwilling to face facts….
        Sanchez didn’t play in Chip Kelly’s offense…throw out what he did with the Jets as far as numbers. Look at his playoff numbers and taking the Jets to two AFC championship games…one thing we can be reasonably assured about….he not scared like Foles

        • Now you want to give the QB a chance to prove himself, yet all year you jump on Foles for his mistakes. I don’t understand how you can separate the two.

          Foles goes out and throws interceptions and you criticize.
          Sanchez threw two interceptions in the last game and you say he needs a “fair shot” at leading the team.

          • Why reason with an agenda ridden fool he’s not alone in fact he has the media behind him with this hypocrisy, just listen, through three quarters this season Sanchez has been no better than foles, bit foles over 18 games has been not only superior to Sanchez over a very abysmal career, but on the verge of a hall of fame career

            The Media Won’t allow it

    • Kool…Lol…seriously…with all of the Foles hate you and songs put forth, you wete not backing or rallying around the Eagles. You actively rooted against Foles….therefore the Eagles. The very thing you attempt to now accuse others of you have done ever since Foles took over for Vick. The only fraud on here by your own criteria is you.

  • The local sport s talk radio has already ditched foles in favor of Sanchez, it’s laughable but fueled by ratings and the idiots out there like koolbreeze

    Sanchez is a bust by his draft status, foles, in comparison, potentially the next Tom Brady

    I will tell you this so listen up

    Kelly is not listening to any of this media driven stupidity when foles is ready, it’s his position moving forward

  • Do you think foles kelly Sanchez listen to this constant drivel foles is concerned about getting healthy. And Kelly Wants To Win Now There is no three year plan with this guy

    Next man up pretty much describes him

    Let’s see what Sanchez has

    • Thank you Jake, I know you guys hate that next man up phrase, but I promise if Chip Kelly makes this work with Sanchez he gets a lifetime free pass from me, the only thing I dislike more than the genius is USC QB’s. LMAO

      • It’s your phrase and it’s accurate, he doesn’t give a shit about Ryans, foles, until and unless they can win him the next game, so all this adoration for Sanchez will quickly evaporate in the coaches eyes unless he wins

      • Lion in a league that has to list injury reports, in a league where injury, serious injury is the norm what alternative to next man up is there? The nfl is a brutal fucking business. Herremans goes down someone else gets an opportunity. Why do you have a problem with next man up?

        • No cigar that is my mantra and other posters here were trying to ridicule it. I’m a true believer in next man up, in fact the one thing I truly admire about Kelly is like Jake said no excuses get that ass in there and perform.

          • Lion I might be wrong but you have ridiculed next man up??? Ok I know you do t like him but the man has a really good record so far

            • You are wrong Cigar, that’s Izell and Vinnie and a few others, I have been preaching next man up since Kelce went down you got the wrong guy.

  • Ok…So I have listened and watched and read and here it is…

    1. We all should be pulling for the birds to play well an continue a good season.

    2. I hear way too much SANCHIZE talk. If chip Kelly thought Mark Sanchez was better than Foles for what he wanted to do this year Sanchez would have started out of the gates.

    2A- Either Chip is a Great coach and picked his best 53 possible to give him a chance to win or he is an IDIOT.

    2B- If Chip is an IDIOT than what chance do we have to compete with SANCHEZ.

    Conclusion- Mark Sanchez will play until Foles is Healthy; because there is no option. All Fans should hope that CHIP is able to USE Sanchez to win games. Foles returns to action if Sanchez is anything but The Second Coming of Joe Montana. (he will play well but not that well)

  • Interesting article on PFT…..

    Mark Eckel of NJ.com, the Eagles already were changing their opinion on Foles before the injury.

    “I think [G.M.] Howie [Roseman] is looking at quarterbacks,” an unnamed league source told Eckel. “He’s kind of soured on Foles, and I don’t think he’s alone. The organization isn’t sold that he’s the guy going forward.”

    • I read that article…it also mentioned something about if Foles continued the same type of play, he wasn’t going to be getting an extension…

      The bad thing about this…..means that we still don’t have a franchise QB

      • Chip Kelly Offense does not require an “Elite QB” to be successful..
        All Kelly’s Systetm requires is that the QB is decisive with his reads and gets the ball out timely to his playmakers and most importantly, protects the ball and minimize negative plays/
        These are all things that Foles did well last Season, but has not this Season even though the Team is still Winning…
        We’ll see if Sanchez can do these things, I listed above to prove my point..

        • W all read the Barnwell article 2 years ago when Kelly was hired. (If you didn’t, it basically said the Eagles were going to forgoe the “big $$” QB and just have 3 $2 million guys on the roster that they can just roll through. Interchangeable. (Like a college QB at Oregon).

          I didn’t believe it at the time, but there may be something to that theory.

          That being said, if they are going with an interchangeable bunch of mediocre signal callers, well….it ain’t going to work. Can’t see it.

          No matter what you want to believe, there’s a dropoff from your first to your second (well, except when Vick is involved…removing him guarantees improvement – but I digress) and then another dropoff if a change is made again…….there will be a drop off from Foles to Sanchez.

          At Oregon Kelly haad 8 QBs over 6 years (I think).

          In Philly, Kelly has had 4 QBs in 25 games.

          Is this a coincidence? Can an NFL team win like this?

          Look at all the crummy franchises and what tdo you see? Instability at QB. The Raiders, 8-32 over the past 3 years have had 8 QBs over those games. Cleveland, Buffalo, NYJ, the one constant is continual QB turover.

          Meanwhile….New E, New O, Indy, Denv (now), GB….what do they all have….consistency (and having all-stars at the helm doesn’t hurt)

          Again, Eagles have started 4 QBs over the past 25 games under Kelly. I can’t see how this will breed any long-term success.

          • There was nothing here…he made chicken salad out of chicken shit. His luck the year with a top 5 pick every QB sucked like shit.

            Get off it already. If Foles isn’t his guy it’s because he failed not because Kelly is playing musical chairs.

        • We can only say if chip Kelly’s offense does not require an elite QB if he wins it all without one. Having a winning record and winning playoff games is not success for me as an Eagles fan, I have seen the NFC Championships, been there, done that, A superbowl is my measure of success. Chip did not win a national championship either, so we can’t say his system does not need a superior or elite QB, one thing for sure, it wouldn’t hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I like chip and thing he is a good coach (don’t care for Oregon bias, but that’s another story). Until Chip wins a SB, we can’t say his offensive system does not need an elite QB until proven otherwise. Let’s see if Mark Sanchez can do it.

          • If you measure Eagles Success only with a Super Bowl Victory, then you will be disappointed.. Why don’t you sit back relax and enjoy instead of setting unrealistic expectations only to be disappointed
            Why do too many Eagles Fans do this to themselves year after year
            Enjoy the Team, it’s Players and Season for what it is which is to compete every week, have a good chance of Winning their Division and making the Playoffs and seeing what happens…

            • Paulman, what is the purpose of playing the games, winning, bringing in draft picks and free agents. Bottom line is to win the BIG ONE. I am tired of not having any trophies in the case, no hardware to speak of. I am relaxed as I root for the team, not players, but yes, a Superbowl is the true measure of success in the NFL. I am willing to bet 32 head coaches, GM’s and owners agree with me. If they don’t then they need not be in the league.

              • by the measure of championship there is only one successful team in each sport each season…. and that is the only measure that a professional sets.

              • So anotherwards EHL,
                The Jaguars, Bucs,Raiders, Jets should all Stop Playing Games for the Rest of the Season…
                Buy Next Week, you can add the Falcons, Titans,

                Every Teams wants to Win, but there will be only 1 SB Champion, Does this mean the other 31 Teams did not make Progress, Improve their Clubs, get significant playing time and evaluations of their Young Players… It’s Football, Competition and nothing more than that..You guys act like it’s the be all to end all as if nothing else matters until or unless they Win the Super Bowl… How do you enjoy anything in life EHL ??

              • That’s a ridiculous question, they have to play their season out, however, their season is a failure, plain and simply a miserable failure. However, notice, I said the Eagles, I am not concerned with those other teams. I want my team to win the SB, we are the only team in the division without the Lombardi trophy. I measure a successful season for he Eagles by hoisting a trophy (Lombardi), anything less is 2nd place and second place is the first loser. I am not happy with a playoff win, I have seen all of that before, I want a new experience, winning a championship. I was not born to see the 1960 championship even though I have a commemorative Eagles 1960 Championship jacket. Still, superbowl or bust.

              • The Purpose of the Season is to Play the Games, COmpete, Make $$, and not get injured and have a productive Career…that’s what these Players and Coach’s do, it’s their Profession
                Now if you are fortunate to get in the Playoffs, and Compete for a Championship, then so much the better and icing on the cake, but this does not define a Player or a Coach or a Fan
                Enjoy the entire experience, the good, the bad, the ugly and all in-between that go up and down..

              • Paul, what is the objective of playing the 16 games and the playoffs? The purpose of the NFL is to make $ as any business. The end justifies the means…a championship. So, is there one team that will say “Well we want to compete and entertain our fans, if we win a championship that will be good, but that is not what we are concerned about”? LOL, fans would be flying banners over the stadium like the Jets who hired a pilot to fly the fire John Idzik banner. That’s the passion of a fan, their organization is not making moves to win a championship in practice, or perhaps doing a horrible job of it.

          • Well said haveacigar, any professional who does not is not worthy of being in that professional sport, I certainly do not want them on my team, be it a front office person, player, coach etc. That’s a loser mentality.

            • So the Teams I mentioned (JAgs,Raiders,Bucs & Jets) whose 2014 Season’s are over as far as a SB Championship should just stay home and not route for their Teams
              How about if Jaguars Win their Final 8 Games and Bortles plays lights out.. Is there not hope for the Future for them..
              Or the same thing with Derek Carr in Oakland,etc,etc
              These Teams were not going to the Super Bowl to begin with..
              The Win at all Costs or everything else is a Loser or doesn’t matter is a small-minded, loser mentality that’s says alot about the cynical nature of Society of Today and why many People can’t seem to be thankful and appreciate what they have.. It’s SPorts.. If you are going to define your Happiness and Fulfillment in Life by whether the Eagles ever Win a Super Bowl is indeed a sad reflection my friend.. Enjoy it while you can..

              • That’s nice in fantasy land, but the Jags are not going to win their last 8 games. I do not have to be a fortune teller to see that either. The fans are not coming to the games in mass for those teams any way. If they choose to that is their business, once again, I have tunnel vision. I am only concerned about the Eagles. If you are not in it to win it, you are a loser who is ok with mediocrity. Does any team sell that to their fan base …no, because no fan wants to hear that.
                As far as happiness, football does not decide my happiness, however, as an Eagles fan, during game day and the season, a goal is set in my mind and I am sure the teams too. A superbowl, that will make me happy as a fan, as a person, with a career, it has no bearing. I can separate the two lives and live them both abundantly. As a fan, yes I want my team to win a championship. The two parts, being a fan, and the serious part of my life do not intersect paths as it pertains to my emotional well being though. I can’t believe I just had to explain that.

              • Damn EHL you just described my feeling towards the Hinkie believers. LOL perfect

    • Mark Eckel used to write for the Trentonian ( I wonder if he still does -NJ.com accumulates all NJ newspaper articles onto one platform) – Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner tried to ban Mark Eckel from their building once upon a time. They tried to bully him into stop writing negative articles about the team in the early Ray Rhodes regime Lurie years. The entire Philadelphia media rallied around Mark Eckel at the time to prevent censorship and the bullying of a small newspaper man lead by Angelo Cataldi ( nice job by him to step up on that issue) and they forced Joe Banner and Jeff Lurie to re-issue Mark Eckel’s media credentials. It is funny & surprising to read Mark Eckel being used as an insider source from the Eagles knowing their past. Greg Cosell or Adam Caplan ( can’t remember which one) also said the eagles weren’t going to give Nick Foles big money about 5 weeks ago. That is now 2 sources promoting leaked Eagle info.

  • There’s no truth to what agenda driven mark eckel says and he needs to be exposed

    He was shut out early, he has no sources, as vague as they sound because he’s a douche bag opportunistic jag, who realizes the only way to crawl out of the barrel is to hate on a white, successful qb

    • Jagdog you expose your stupidity every time you post! Eckel has been around the NFL for more than 20 years…he’s a good solid reporter.
      What “white, successful QB” are you talking about?
      Foles has not reached any significant level of success! He has zero playoff wins! If Eckel was going to ‘hate’ on a white guy with some success as a QB it would be the guy who took his team to 2 AFC championship games!
      Foles is a successful white backup who is best suited to hold a clipboard !
      Face it!

  • Reports are swirling that Eagles are bringing
    In QB Charlie Batch to kick the tires and see how he is..
    More Details at 11pm..

  • It has been a busy week of work this week, so I haven’t had much time to post, but I have been checking in and seeing what most are saying. My thoughts:

    I want what is best for this Eagles team, not any specific player. This is a 6-2 team that has had more than it’s share of injuries and still lead the division. It is a resilient team that has shown it can come back in games that seem out of reach, but also a team that has turned the ball over way too much.

    Because I want what is best for this team, I was hoping that they could identify the QB going forward. Hoping that Foles was this guy becuase it would mean a shorter time before we are real contenders, as opposed to starting over with a rookie or tired veteran. Foles has taken a step back from his almost perfect season last year, and has caused doubt and question going forward. The sooner this team can settle on the player going forward the better, but now with the injury I believe we are delayed in determining our path.

    If Sanchez plays well and this team continues to win, that is what we as fans of the TEAM should want. If this means it makes our decision moving forward tougher, so be it…I want this team to continue to win and they are finding news ways every week. The loss of Foles is a tough hit, but I believe that losing Ryan’s is an even greater problem. We all had doubts about this defense before the year started, and with his loss those doubts get even stronger.

    GO BIRDS !!!!

  • The object is to win as many games as possible, win your Division and get to the Post-Season where anything can happen
    If you make the Post-Season, you’ve had a pretty Succesful season
    If you go forward and Win the Super Bowl, you’ve be had a Fantastic Season

    • Paul, just stop…. the object is to win a superbowl. That’s what every teams goal is as they head into summer camp. Their goal isn’t to win as many games as possible, possibly make it to the playoffs, and see what happens from there. If it is, that is a team without a plan. I get it from your perspective paul, you are not worried about a superbowl, you just want to be entertained. That’s a casual fans outlook. I’m a little more into it, I am disappointed with playoff losses.
      What did Jeff Lurie say when he first came, he wants to win superbowls. No ones goal is just to make it to the playoffs and be happy. Nonsense!!!

      • 20 Teams every Season go into Summer Camp with no Realistic Shot at a Super Bowl.. Should these Teams just forfeit, their Coach’s stop Coaching,
        their Front Office trying to acquire more talent and Draft Better,
        Should their Fans stay home… Everyone wants to Win a Super Bowl..Duh… But many Teams are in Transition Year to Year with new Coach’s, Players, Ownership that prevent a “Boom or Bust” approach to Winning a Super Bowl
        Ask anyone in the Eagles Front Office, COach’s or Ownership about last years Team and if they were honest, they were Happy with Last Years Surprise success of HC Kelly and QB Foles to serve as a nice Foundation moving forward for Future Years.. Can you realistically say that the Eagles were Super Bowl Contendors last Season and even though they lost to the Saints last Year at Home in the Playoffs that it was a “Wasted Season”
        If so, then you are not a True Fan…

        • Are those teams trying to make moves to get them to the superbowl, yes or no?, of course they are, that’s the objective goal. The name of the game is to win, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. These famous sayings by coaches wanted to win superbowls, not just be happy with winning some entertaining games. And please stop with the you are not a true fan if you qualifying…..nonsense. Every true fan wants a superbowl, and believes that the superbowl is the goal at the beginning of every season. Paul, stop it, your making yourself sound foolish. Even Kelly believes that winning the superbowl is what they set out for, he stated last year that they are not rebuilding, they want to win now! Just stop it Paul…just stop!

          • you’re making

          • It’s not the only thing… All Teams will play a 16 Game Schedule
            12 Teams will reach the Post-Season. 1 Team will Win it all
            All Players will attempt to have nice long Careers and earn Big $$$ and play to their best of their Abilities.. All Coach’s will COach and try to improve their Teams chances. All Owners and Teams will increase their Revenues, the Fan Experience
            the NFL will add more TV Games and saturate the market place
            All Fans will tune in and support their Teams, Fans will do MOck Drafts and argue over what Players to Draft..
            For the 31 Teams who do no win the Super Bowl and their Organization, Fans and Local Media will gear back up in the Off-Season to attempt to Win it the Following Year
            the Sun will rise and fall, the Fans will get excited about their Teams Prospects all over again… It’s Football, It’s Entertainment, no one’s life is directly impacted one way or the other…

            • It’s the only thing!

        • And for the 100th time, I don’t care about 20 teams, some of those 20 teams like the Bucs, who stink has a superbowl, Eagles still don’t. I get it, you are ok with mediocrity and winning 10-11 games and a play off appearance that may result in a win. I am not satisfied with that. We just have two different standards of measure when it comes to success, two different definitions and expectations of success as well.

          • You have to make the Playoffs to have a Chance to Win
            Your probably one of those stupid fans who would take 1 Super Bowl Win followed by 20 Years of being in the basement with zero chance as it that one Championship somehow fulfills your fandom..

            • Lol, now I am probably stupid based on my opinion. No, I am probably stupid for continuing what I thought was a spirited conversation/debate with you. Oh, and you can’t call someone stupid when you use the word your, when it should be you’re

            • maybe not 20 but it will awesome for a long time and trust me most philly fans would take a superbowl to have 4 to 5 losing seasons

              • The fact is Z, we do not have one so the hypothetical situation he laid out is completely ludicrous!

              • I know ehl but its pman he is old and not as pasionate as is and just throws shit against a wall hoping it sticks just to be right

              • But why would you equate 1 Super Bowl win to 20 years in the basement? When has then ever happened? If your going to go the hypothetical route be realistic.

              • big its shit thrower its what he does

  • Just read that Nerlens Noel is out tonight against the Bulls after pulling himself from practice with a mild ankle sprain. LOL Hinkie is a genius. I’m hoping beyond hope they go 0-82 and don’t get the first pick.

  • love your enthusiasm big lol

    • LOL I can’t help myself Z.

      • Nerlans out again tonight with the same ankle injury. Sixers take those ankles seriously. Jason Richardson has been out 3 years with an ankle injury and Jerami Grant has been out all season with an ankle injury.

        • Embarrassing just embarrassing but hey let the losing continue there is no need for Noel to come back, let’s sit him until next year nobody will notice.

          • You’re talking out of your ass again on this Big. No game until weds. MCW back. But yeah let’s make game 7 of the season a priority.

            Derrick Rose sat out the last 5 games with the same injury but you aren’t saying anything.

            Btw what rookie is sitting on top of NBA.com ROY standings.

            Oh what 2nd round pick is getting buzz as a steal?

            Lmao y’all know anything about basketball.

            • Derrick Rose has 2 sprained ankles not quite the same thing slick, and there is no priority with this team whether it’s game 7 or 82. KJ was getting that buzz since the summer, and ROY rankings after the 7th game of the season? Yeah you know tons about basketball.

              • Lmao you talk out of both sides of your mouth. First develop talent now it’s oh they will be long gone once they are good.

                Buzz since the summer? Who gives a shit. THEY PICKED HIM FOOL. Oh that’s just luck too right? Because they don’t know what they are doing right? Lmao Noel had buzz around the league but now its only game 7 when he’s talked about ROY. Yet your yakking about his ankles and playing game 7. Nig stop flipflopping

              • Ankle is an ankle…. one or two Slick. Doesn’t matter. Sports are already resting players 7 games.

                But you right….lol its about game 7…I mean this could change the whole season for the Sixers.

                I don’t know if we can make the playoffs now…

                Lmao gtfoh

          • Also you were beyond vocal about developing talent. Yet somehow Brandon Davies and Tony Wroten(who I’m not a fan of but he can play) have developed, KJ MacDaniels looks good, and throw Hollis Thompson. Outside of tonight they have been beyond competitive.

            Then you have a team like the Pacers who outside of George are maxed at the cap have nothing, let their best playmaker go, and are 1-6.

            Again do you understand today’s NBA?

            • Izell I don’t give a damn about the Pacers and whenever this team gets good again Thompson, Davies and probably Wroten will be long gone.

              • You don’t give a shit about other teams big because it makes your stance look foolish point blank. You think the Pelicans are trading for Holiday and signing Andersen and Evans…IF THEY DIDNT GET THE TOP PICK AND ANTHONY DAVIS!!!!!!!!!

                Again you just want to editorial rant on some Robin Hood nonsense. Yet even with all that you rail against they finished 5 games better than the Bucks…a team whose mixing vets with young talent and don’t look any better than the Sixers right now.

                Draft ROY. Get Noel and a first. Gwt a steal in MacDaniels. Developed Wroten and Davies…May have the best player in this year’s draft with best Euro prospect….in less than a year and a half…yup…they don’t know what they are doing.

                Stop your nonsense. Talk basketball. You have yet to talk about anything on court basketball wise.

              • Again who cares about what other teams do Izell, none of them have done what this guy is doing, Brett Brown is a good coach who will waste away here row for what? Noel can’t stay healthy so what’s to get excited about? His 2 games of 1 rebound ? By the way I don’t do the nig thing so lose that shit. And your comparing Rose’s 2 sprained ankles to Noel’s mild sprained ankle, you should be embarrassed for even mentioning them in the same conversation. They are not developing anything here, can’t shoot can’t defend the 3 don’t protect the paint. Don’t rebound but yeah MCW to the rescue on Wednesday so they can be a little more competitive on the way to 75 loses. When are you going to understand there is no plan?

              • Lmao autocorrect homie. Dont make it something its not. Read all the comments if thats what I was going to say to you I would say it multiple times. You know better than that.

              • You do understand his game of 2 rebs were where the Sixers were using him to front the post or had him playing high guarding extended 4s right?

                Again you dont talk anything about basketball. Lets also talk about how when hes in the game the are league leaders in rim protection etc and they have a positive plus minus with him in the game and when he goes out there interior defense falls apart.

                The staying healthy garbage is just that garbage. Pretty damn pathetic thats your go to on a 19 y.o kid coming off of one injury his entire career. Lmao unbelievable. Brett Brown wasting away as coach? Really? I bet Scotty Brooks was wasting away as coach of the Thunder lol.

                According to you its all about winning. So what has Rose down but be injured for 3 years? Guess he should just retire because he is injury prone and cant stay healthy. I mean if a 19 y.o is already injury prone this veteran is done right. Please stop your nonsense.

              • Nerlans played decent in the first 2 games of the year at power forward guarding Louis Scola and Jabari Parker. Then they put him at center and Chirs Bosh did a number on Nerlans, completely humiliated him. Nerlans had his hands full playing center against Dwight Howard and got crushed on the boards. Nik Vucevic was getting the better on Noel when he hurt his ankle.
                Kj McDaniels is having a very good start to his NBA career. He is a very good off the ball defender but needs to improve his on the ball defense. His offense is also good. His floor spacing is great. KJ has had trouble scoring on smaller guards and defending them but he has outplayed bigger players.

              • Sorry on the auto correct thing, but we really need to have a basketball conversation one day. This plan or philosophy just turns my stomach. Izell I just see more bad then good coming out of this and we’re never going to agree on this. You play and plan to win today not in 2017 or stashing second round picks in 2019. These young developing players will gain nothing from this and chances are Brett Brown will be coaching somewhere else when this all comes to fruition. That’s just my opinion obviously you see it differently.

              • Big like I have said numerous times and may have been lost in the translation. I have no problem with someone not liking the tank job. I have no problem with people not agreeing with it. My main point is I have no problem with it because it todays NBA it is a necessary evil and only means to an end with this franchise. The multitude of errors previous ownership allowed with failed FA picks drafts and trades left this new regime no choice at all.

                You are not going to get big name free agents. You are going to overpay for mid tier stars which does nothing but start the cycle all over. I have no problem with their plan right now because I see the failure in the previous regime….I am going to post it all year.

                NIC VUCEVIC…..

                Thats what happens when you have no superstars just good players and fool yourself to go all in on a player. They blew the Brand amnesty the Iggy Trade, drafting Turner over Cousins…list goes on and on.

                You do not recover from that. Unless you go nuclear and have a little luck. IMO luck has been on their side….the two best players in multiple drafts end up lame before the season and end up in their laps. I dont think Noel is a superstar…but hes on the Joakim Noah track and hes a much better athlete etc than Noah. Embiid has all the tools to be a true game changer. If he doesnt pan out he will hurt but its a chance I am willing to take as a fan.

                Now this summer if they are not active in free agency or with their top pick(more than likely there will not be a SG/SF that will go that high but who knows….Embiid wasnt even on the radar top 10 wise last year) than yes it will be hard to swallow. The only free agent worth a damn for the Sixers to take a run at this year was my boy Lance Stephensen. Outside of that a couple of bigs in Monroe etc.

                We need a superstar. No more 4 5 6th seeds. No more Iggy type max players. Homegrown drafted stud. I think we have that in Embiid. I keep watching that kids games from last year and he is an absolute natural in the post. Hopefully he isnt Greg Oden.

                But even the Trailblazers got to recover from blowing it on Oden.

              • And IMO we are damn lucky we didnt end up with Jabari Parker….

                Hes going to be a tweener who isnt going to have the impact that many thought. He will score and be a good player but there is nothing great about him.

                They already tried him at the 4 and he can not do anything there of substance and hes struggling getting his shot off against 3s.

                As a Duke fan it pains me to say it….but he looks very Evan Turnerish.

  • Nic Vuc…with 27 and 12 tonight….
    He haunts me….

    What were y’all saying about Kenneth Faried again?

    Paulman…where are you…calling Paulman….lmao

    • Nic Vuc is tearing them up and a early MVP Candidate..
      Faried is playing well also..
      I stated 3 Years Ago when the 76ers gave away Vuc in the Trade while obtaining Bynum that this would set the 76ers Back 4-5 Years and I was right..What a terrible Trade that was and Doug Collins doing
      I also stated numerous times that Bynum would never even play a Game as a 76er for he never wanted to be in Philly to being with and had his heart set on New York and I was right again…

      • they lost every move they made that off season.
        Got globbered in free agency losing Lou Williams, Jodie Meeks, & Elton Brand for Nick Young, Dorrell Wright, Royel Ivey and Kwame Brown.
        Then trading a future # 1 for Arnette Moultrie.
        Then trading Iggy, Harkless, Vucevic and a future # 1 for Bynum and Richardson.

        • All Doug Collins and GM Stefani or the other idiot ..
          What a Disaster that Off-Season was, they went from 40-44 Win Team
          with needing a few Pieces to a Franchise that has been in Black Hole for ever since and for the foreseeable Future …

        • The exact reason why this team had to go nuclear.

          You dont recover from that. Not with just a mid tier FA and drafting in the low teens.

  • Big,

    Mudiay is dropping triple doubles in China right now.

    Thats another reason why I have no problem with the tank job. This team is going to be in the lottery REGARDLESS of approach…if thats the case I want the highest probability at the best players.

    You draft Mudiay regardless if you have MCW.

    • More athletic version of Kyle Lowry.

      If he continues to show that he has range from distance hes no.1 on my board for need.

      Towns still looks like a monster though. Teams will want to trade for him.

    • Sixers need size desperately. I’m sick of small ball. I would draft another center. Have a Rick Smits, Dale Davis, and Antonio Davis front court with Embiid, Noel and future 2015 draft pick.

      • If Embiid pans out this team needs space makers. You have to be able to make teams pay out of the double. Embiid on the block with Noel being to clean up the weak side is an excellent 4/5. Where they can go for size is at 3 spot where you can play 3/4 hybrid type who has 3pt range.

        If MCW is manning the PG this is a freakishly long time already.

        • Tyler Hansbrough…. Good Grief…

    • Oh I definitely agree with that Mudiay can play with MCW and if the tank gets them Mudiay they are competitive next year period.

      • Theres another kid out of the same conference that Eifrid Payton came out last year. Sophmore, silky smooth J with good size. He may fly up the boards as well since the SG ranks arent high this year.

        Keep an eye out on Portland. I think Nicholas Batum may be on the block this summer. Especially if they falter again. They are still looking for a real center to put next to Aldridge….

        Sideshow Bob Lopez is just a role player.

        • Whats the Players name IJ so I can be on the lookout..
          The Local University here in Boone (Appalachian State) is now a member of Sun-Belt Conference so I will see some games versus the UL-Lafayette, UL-Monroe, Arkansas St, North Texas St,Troy, South Alabama,Georgia State, Georgia Southern..

          That Ul-Lafayette Team that Eldrid Payton was on last year was a nice Team with some very good Players

          • Kids name is RJ Hunter. Hes this years Levine out of UCLA. Lot of buzz now from different scouts on him as the best returning Guard in the nation.

            Outside of the freshman G Kansas brought in this year, he is one to watch as a wing. Most of the wings this years are combo G/F. We need a pure 2 IMO.

            However like I said I can do with a Mudiay/MCW backcourt or flip MCW and a pick for something like Batum etc.

            Pacers may be a total overhaul team themselves. Interesting to see how they approach Paul George etc. Hibbert continues regressing Pacers have no money and no young players to build. Only asset is PG.

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