• August 14, 2022

Will DeMeco Ryans Suit Up As An Eagle Again?

ryans59Two quarterbacks we lost during Sunday’s win over Houston; one on offense and the other on defense.  Which loss is going to be more detrimental to the team moving forward is likely to be the one sustained to linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

After the long awaited return of Mychal Kendricks, the Eagles are again down one of their best players on defense.   This time it’s their player-coach, ask anyone in the locker room, he can’t be replaced with what he meant to the defense.

The limited depth at linebacker opens the door for Casey Matthews to start, he has played well when given the opportunity this season, but expectations should remain modest for what Matthews can do on a weekly basis.

Ryans will now watch from the sidelines, and spend morning and afternoons rehabbing.  I expect him to still be a vocal leader and help break down what the opposing offense is doing both in practice and on game day.

He is due a hefty salary next season which begs the question for Eagles ownership.

Did we witness the last snap of DeMeco Ryans as an Eagle?

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Yes only if he is ready to go by training camp and only on a restructured 1 year deal he will be given a opportunity because Chip respects him that much.

  • Yes he has – Ryans is due to earn $6.2 Million in 2015..
    There is no Cap hit if he’s released.. I could see a move where the redo a new
    2 Year Deal for about $6-$7 Million Total with Incentives, but there was no way he was returning at $6.2 For 2015 regardless of his Injury..
    You can add Todd Herremans to this List also who is Due $5.8 Million
    for 2015 & 2016 and will be released after the Season.. Eagles have cheaper options for RG whether it’s Tobin,Gardner, Molk,Kelly who can play as well as Herremans for 1/4 the Salary…

    • no more Molk, I’ve seen enough David Molk to last a lifetime

  • Interestingly,this will be the season (coming up) where this new regime shows there business side to potential free -agents..I go back to Braman,not even paying for guys socks ,to joe banner (capologist) ..who alienated agents and players alike ..If it’s not just rhetorical ,let’s see what the fiscal Culture of this organization is all about..It is a business..I’d like see them show a modicum of devotion and yet walk the fine line of not overpaying for past performance..bringing back guys at home town discounts ,adds to the depth of our roster and improves the league wide perceptions of philly …they will be facing down lesean..nick ..sanchez..maclin..who do hold the hammer as opposed to herremans and Ryan …

  • Howie Roseman staten on his radio show yesterday that they are bringing DeMeco back next year….he did not make it a qualifying statement…more of a he is coming back period……that ended all questions about Ryans status.

    • A lot can change from Nov of 2014 to June of 2015, what else do you expect for GM Roseman to answer when asked about Ryan’s Future.. have him say, “Yeah what a shame for DeMeco, he’s played his Final Game”… They will evaluate every Position after the Season is over and decide on a Game Plan to upgrade and ILB is one of those Positions in need for Ryans was not going to play too much longer anyways regardless of Injury..

      • What else do I expect him to say? How about, “DeMeco is a big loss, we will evaluate his health and ability after he rehabs and determine what to do from there”. Paulman, just because you think one way does not mean Howie does. Get over yourself.

  • There are 2 Eagles Chip raves about Ryans and Celek. I believe Chip lets both of them stay if fiscally viable . Those are the only 2 Eagles Chip truley admire IMO

    • Ryans might have to renegotiate like Jason Peters did with a similar injury – Peters had to get the surgery twice, Deangelo Hall is getting it done twice too.

  • Eagle landed..talk is cheap..that said .. I’d hope so..ugh character guys ,admired by the entire squad,add a dynamic to any organization..

    • I could see DeMeco Ryans being hired as a Coach for the Eagles
      Ryans has had multiple Knee Surgeries and now a Torn Achilles and at his age, there is no guarantee that he can return to form, or gain back his quickness and explosion to be able to even Play at a High Level

      Eagles should Pursue ILB KJ Wright in Free-Agency from Seattle who has a lot of Players to sign, or a Michael Wilhoite or Dan Skuta from the 49ers

      • Chris Borland had 18 tackles for the 49ers this weekend, was it you who liked him PMan?

        • No it wasn’t me E0SB – I believe it was DCAR, who liked Chris Borland out of College (U of Wisconsin).. To be honest, I liked him in College but really thought he was a tad too small and simply not athletic enough to play at the NFL Level but he’s proved me wrong and had a great Summer Camp/Preseason for the 49ers and has proven that he can Play at the High Level, Call Defenses and natural Leadership Skills and will be the heir apparent to an aging Pat Willis ..
          Borland is another Reason that 49ers will let ILB Dan Skuda walk

  • What ifs..what if sanchez is the butt fumbler ? What if sanchez is reborn in chips system? It will be interesting to watch this unfold..what if sanchez is reigned in ,thus giving the rock and the $$ next year to McCoy? Impacting his stats ..by increased touches ..do organizations think this way? Just throwing it out there …Do the jets have one eye on sanchez from afar .? For next year? The soap opera continues…does foles become the jets next starter ? These two guys are joined at the hip for multiple organizations ..

  • BigLion who is this guy, you live in Jacksonville…
    Eagles sign safety Chris Prosinski?

    • He sucks he was the guy who didn’t cover Maclin on that 70 yard TD strictly a ST guy.

      • On another note how bad must Reynolds be? Another wasted pac 12 pick.

        • Ed Reynolds will have a shot next Season,
          he missed most of the OTA’s with the Stanford late Graduation Date
          as many of the Pac 12 Schools have and then injured early on and just never caught up– He’s a decent Player, but could not afford to miss that much time.. We will see a lot of Earl Wolff playing coming down the stretch where Eagles have to decide on him on whether he’s a quality Football Player/Starter material .. My guess is that he’s not

          • Really paulman? It’s November and he got a slow start due to OTA’s? What the hell does that have to do with him running down the field and tackling somebody on a kickoff ? Come on man it’s not rocket science.

            • Lol Big he’s not ready for the big leagues of staying in his lane on kickoffs….another wasted pick

          • Kelly already decide Earl Wolff isn’t that dude.

            • Yes he has, both Wolff & Allen are goners after the Season
              Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Maragos for Special Teams will return so there will be a big Need to add 2 Safeties to the Roster
              Add 1 in Free-Agency and Draft another Safety

  • Mark Sanchez… Yippee!
    Bill Polian former Colt and Bill GM was the radio announcer for the Texan/ Eagle game and he said the zone read option was wide open like 6 times for Sanchez to bootleg. He said that Sanchez probably had a coaches strong recommendation not to keep the ball and always give it to the running back since he was the only QB available. Sanchez will run next game with a backup available with a slide or run out of bounds.

  • Good Luck today Gary Cobb! Hope you win!!!

    • Yes indeed E0SB,
      If I still lived in South Jersey, G-Man would have my Vote…

  • I predict Norcross beats him 55-45

  • After watching the all-22 I bet JJ Watt doesn’t refer to LaNe Johnson as LaMe?. Where is gm cliff?

    • Lane is a fuckin beast

  • Actually henski he is a ‘reach’ and wasted pick … The nitwits are in hiding

  • Yeah. Lane Johnson is going to the HOF! That’s why Watt & the entire line was in the face of our QB’s all day & Foles is out with a broken collar bone! GTFOH with BS havenoballs! You are consistantly clueless, per usual! Who the f^#@ is in hiding? Some people actually have real lives, & not made up ones like you, you condescending, fraudulant loser! Get lost with your trolling! Johnson is, was, & always will be a reach & wasted pick, just like your other love child Smith, from this year! Stupid f^#@!!!!

    • First of all ive never said ONE WORD about smith…quite frankly I’ve NEVER seen him play so again you make that up.
      as for johnson… i believe they gained 200 yards or so on the ground… watch the film the guy is a beast in run blocking, flat out he was either crashing Watt down or kicking him out. Also, on the bubble screen he is a helluva lead blocker…. you always say you ‘speak in fact and truth’…obviously your vitriol is just a bunch of shit… I never said HOF but the dude will play in some pro bowls… he is a good player, ertz is not a luxury and bennie logan is a nice third round pick– thats the draft you gave a Z-

      • Lane Johnson was a reach. Ertz was a luxury pick, that wasn’t needed. Logan is an undersized, rotational player, that was another reach, that does nothing of significance. You are the one that fawns all over the front offices nuts in this city, & are incapable of being objective & non-biased. You are a ball-less, clueless, condescending fraud, who brings nothing to the table, but trolling other people with brains, who don’t blindly wave pom-poms like you! F^#@ you, your girlfriend Ruin 2morrow, Weaselman,the fraud genius’s Kelly & the snake oil salesman Hinkie Dinkie! All clueless, brainless, frauds!!!! BTW, I couldn’t go any lower than a Z-, or I would have!

        • There is no such thing as a luxury in the nfl dickwad! If you don’t think Johnson is playing well then you don’t know the first thing about football. As for third round pick Logan, a solid rotation guy is a fine pick.

          • Have to agree with Cigar here. If you want to pick on a draft, I would stick with the 2014 draft. You may not have liked where Johnson was picked but he is a starting RT and contributing mightily. Ertz has been underutilized so far because of the issues on the offensive line, but there is not denying his talent. He needs to get the ball more. And Logan is playing fine for a 3rd round pick.

            Now if you want to go to 2014, then we can talk. Smith pick was horrendous. Roseman seemed to have no backup plan when all of the guys that he thought he could get were gone. All just speculation since I don’t know, but they picked out of need instead of best player when they could have had Buchanon or Benjamin at that spot. Mattews was a good pick, but then they reached on Huff. This draft is much more questionable than last year.

  • If Ryan’s was Mufasa that would make Kendricks Simba we shouldn’t need ryans next year after going through the rest of this year without him. If we do it says something about Kendricks. we should be able to bring in a scheme fit 3-4 vet from somewhere to help stabilize the interior, or another draft pick.

    • Yeah I thought naturally the calls would roll over to Kendrick with Demeco gone but it looks like Casey will make the calls.

      That worries me….want the biggest Ryans fan but that’s a huge loss in that regard

  • Calm the fuck down…it’s Mark Sanchez. Until he proves otherwise he’s still buttfumble Sanchez. Win some games play mistake free. Then you can stay pounding your chest.

    • ‘buttfumble” BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too funny! Classic! Sounds like a nickname some of the jokers on here should be named! XD

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