• July 3, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Seahawks


  • Pretty mediocre showing for Mark Sanchez, who managed just 96 yards on 20 pass attempts. Sanchez did throw two touchdown passes, but just couldn’t get the passing attack opened up down the field which really hurt the team’s chances. If you limit the amount of field that this Seattle defense has to cover, they’re going to clamp down on you and make life difficult. 
  • Sanchez was only able to connect with four different receivers on the day.
  • None of his completions went to running backs, which is a same to lose the explosiveness that either LeSean McCoy or Darren Sproles can bring out of the backfield.
  • LeSean McCoy was held to just 50 yards on 17 carries, but also committed a backbreaking turnover that really swung the momentum of this game. On the first play of the third quarter, McCoy fumbled the ball away, setting the Seahawks up with a short field that led to a Marshawn Lynch touchdown reception, turning a 10-7 game into a 17-7 one.
  • Disappointing that Chris Polk wasn’t given an opportunity to carry the football today after the success he’s had in recent weeks.
  • Nice to see Zach Ertz get involved a bit on offense. Ertz hauled in a 35-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter.
  • Jeremy Maclin caught the team’s first touchdown, but was held to just three catches for 21 yards on the day.
  • Jordan Matthews caught just two balls for 23 yards, his worst performance to date with Sanchez as the quarterback.


  • Malcolm Jenkins dropped what could have been a game-changing interception the fourth quarter. Jenkins successfully anticipated and jumped a route, but allowed the ball to slip away. 
  • The Eagles continue to do a pretty good job against the run, holding Marshawn Lynch to just 86 yards on 23 carries.
  • Fletcher Cox was very active once again, leading the team with 11 tackles.
  • Mychal Kendrick also had 11 stops and forced a fumble.
  • Connor Barwin and Vinny Curry each picked up a sack.

Special Teams

  • Josh Huff had a nice kick return in the third quarter, but nearly fumbled the ball away. 
  • Nice open field stop by Nollan Carroll in the third quarter.
  • Darren Sproles uncharacteristically muffed a punt, though it didn’t result in a turnover.

Final Thoughts

Great defense almost always triumphs over great offense.

That’s a lesson that the Seattle Seahawks retaught the league last year, and its a lesson they gave to the Eagles today.

More and more, we’re seeing that Mark Sanchez isn’t anything more than a backup quarterback. He’s a guy that can come in and successfully facilitate this offense, but he isn’t someone that a team can lean on to take them to another level. Against a softer defense like the Carolina Panthers or Dallas Cowboys, he can thrive. Against a stronger defense like Seattle, the passing attack will fold along with him.

The Eagles defense actually played well enough for them to win this game. They kept the game close throughout, and their final numbers for the day might have looked a little better if LeSean McCoy didn’t carelessly set them up with a short field to start the third quarter.

This loss may have cost the Eagles a chance for a first-round bye. With the Cardinals winning again, and the Packers likely to defeat Atlanta tomorrow night, the Eagles for all intents and purposes are really two games back in the hunt for a top seed. They’ve lost head to heads with both of those teams, and with just a couple of weeks to go, the best they can hope for realistically is a three seed.

All of the sudden, we’re right back to where we were two weeks ago. Tied with Dallas for the top of the division, with an imminent meeting with the hated Cowboys on the horizon.



Denny Basens

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  • shame, the Eagles didn’t have a chance.
    Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson have different rules than everyone else.
    Sherman holds 4 times a game only gets called once a game. Russell Wilson intentional grounds 4 times a game and only gets called once.

  • Mark Sanchez was exposed today —
    Man to man on the outside every play and Mark Sanchez never went outside. The only play Sanchez can complete is the Jordan Matthews in route or a TE seam route.

  • Cowboys game will be fun.

    Eagles don’t have a QB. Until they do, likely will be a lot of years like last year and this one. In the hunt for a division title, possibly knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

  • OMG, I just saw the stats on ESPN — 96 yards passing, 14 yards lost for sacks = Sanchez 82 yards in the passing game. Bwahahahahaaha
    57 yards in the running game. ( 50 for Shady and 7 for Sanchez) OMG that is worse than I thought.
    82+57=139 total offensive yards
    Mark Sanchez and his toy bb gun arm can go back to LA or NYJets. ( pathetic)

  • on the local TV news —
    Seahawks 6-1 with that crew officiating
    Eagles 1-5 with that crew officiating

    • Yeah, the offiating cost us!!! GTFOH! Typical Flyers lemmings response! We got dominated, by a much more superior team, PERIOD! Cut it out!

      • LOL!!! So true….

        • How many calls were missed against Bradley Fletcher in that Dallas game????

          Many have been rationalizing about the real talent of this team, and are now upset because one of the best exposed us tonight…..

          My question is…The truth was revealed tonight, and in Green Bay…Why can’t you accept it??

          • oh BTW DCar, I won $100,000 on Draft Kings this week……not bad for an internet GM on his first try huh???

            • Lies….

            • Factitious Disorder regressed —
              the Grandiose Disorder

  • Sanchez sucks said it before and I’ll say it again, Charlie check down at his finest. Malcom Jenkins beat badly all day, jumps a route that would have changed the entire dynamic of the game and dropped the damn ball. Eagles front seven ain’t no joke and finally Wilson is a winner point blank period.

  • My thoughts-
    Sanchez sucks donkey balls. Jenkins the resident poster boy of man love & off-season big ticket signing (LOL!), 10 games now doing nothing but getting burnt & missing tackles. Fletcher, Allen & Williams equally as atrocious, irrelevant & non-existant. Lame Johnson a revolving door per the norm, without extra tight end protection. WR’s are over rated. Cooper needs to be benched, he is bringing nothing! Maclin, when getting physical against, does nothing. Tissue paper man. I’m convinced, that the so-called genius, won’t bring back Shady, just like DJax, because he is being too much in the media (Arguing, not focusing). So he’ll be another scapegoat, & be ditched for nothing, just like Jackson. They better hope they win the division, because if they don’t no playoffs!!! Loses to Niners, Packers, Cards & Seahawks, all in conference teams, all but assured that! No worries, we have the genius, that never won anything in his career to the rescue. $20M+ under the cap, with a non entity as a secondary, no good LB’s, but Barwin & sometimes Kendricks. It’s ok we are just fine though. That wasted 1st rounder couldn’t have helped us today, huh! Better hope for the division folks, because 1 & done is as good as we are getting, if that! Fraud GM, fraud coach, imposter as a QB, & same old, same old on DF!

    • DCar, do you agree with me now, that when we are matched up against some of the elite teams in the league, we PROVE that there is so much more to look at in terms of improvement?….

      and some of the players many think so highly of – and I’ll give some of them an A for EFFORT – Barwin, Logan, Lame, even Mathis, and Matthews, but they are limited in their abilities when we go against the best in the league…

      They showed a stat during the game that most of the Eagles stats were generated against some of the worst Defensive, and Offensive teams in the league….#1 stat stuffer – Connor Barwin – Just my opinion, but I feel he can be upgraded. Justin Houston should be the target if he isn’t franchised

      Our Defense can only play up to their talent level. Our best Defensive Player this year is Fletcher Cox – The light came on this year. But , we STILL need a real pass rush. our LB Core should be upgraded to some more Bobby Wagner type players – Like Myckal Kendricks For me that is our #1 need in the draft, and offseason – not QB…You know Eagle, and Myself love Randy Gregory – If they could get him. But I also like Eli Harold 6-4 250 OLB Virginia, and Alvin Dupree 6-4 264 OLB Kentucky both are physical, and run in the 4.6 – 4.7 range.

      2nd – the Secondary – Last year I kept saying that we were fortunate that Bradley Fletcher, and Cary Williams played over their head in some games against a weaker schedule – but we will NEVER win a SuperBowl with them as our starters. This year is the most telling, and prophetic of that theory…….Chris Harris, and Byron Maxwell, can be had in the offseason, and draft some more talented corner, or corners for depth – No drafted CB is going to start and make an impact year 1, in this draft class. But I like Eric Murray 6*0 200 4.48 Minnesota, and Byron Jones 6-1 200 4.5 Connecticut….

      3rd – Our Offensive Line – Mathis should be upgraded, and we need someone else other than Gardner, and Herramans in that slot – Good Effort, but not good enough. I would attempt to sign Orlando Franklin, and Marcus Cannon to start, and draft a few Lineman for depth, and possibly start in the Future – Ereck Flowers, 6-6 324 OT Miami or LeRaven Clark, 6-6 321 OT Texas Tech, to be Peters Eventual Successor. Josue Matias, and or Vadal Alexander for that depth.

      Safety should be high on our draft board as well. Cody Prewitt, and Anthony Harris of Virginia are my choices, with Prewitt as our starter next to Jenkins next year.

      You know I agree with you about DeSean Jackson. When Jackson went 1 on 1 with Richard Sherman this year, he had 5 receptions for 157 yards. Do you think he would have made a difference in this game???

      But we don’t have a SuperBowl team – not this year. Still need more talent HOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You know I agree with you about DeSean Jackson. When Jackson went 1 on 1 with Richard Sherman this year, he had 5 receptions for 157 yards. Do you think he would have made a difference in this game???

        WHAT DID MACLIN HAVE??????????

        Someone tell me why we were trying to go deep with Riley Cooper???
        LOL!!! He isn’t DeSean Jackson!!!

        If Chip wants a Big physical, and fast receiver in the draft – My choice despite the objections, or Chips preference, is Dorial Beckham-Green…

        He will need a season, to get himself physically ready, because he hasn’t played for some time. But He, and Jordan Matthews would complement each other well….especially when Maclin gets hurt again – and they eat crow, and humble pie and bring back DeSean Jackson.

        • I will go on record, and state that I am not against the Eagles bringing in a HEALTHY Cam Newton….

          I’m ready for the negativity, so let the Chips fall where they may……

          • No. Youre just trying to feed your Ego and beat Paulman to gcobb ego award.

            Congrats you beat Boones favorite Chimp by a couple hours.

            Lmao oldest dudes on here are the most pathetic.

          • Cam Newton would be a Disaster running Chip Kelly’s System
            Cam is way too slow in reading Defenses and deciphering information
            He would get killed by the local Media & Fans..

            • reading defenses? Paul…Chip Kelly reads the defense, Chip Kelly is in the QB’s ear damn near up to the snap. Big reason why this offense is QB friendly.

              • Cam Newton or any QB still has to pull the Trigger..
                Cam Newton is very poor in his pre-snap reads.. I’ve watched Newton for 4 NFL Seasons and he does not see the entire field
                or quick enough with his decision making
                In Panthers present System, he usually has no more than 2 Options to Pass to since they have to max-protect with their crappy O/line, but again, I believe Newton would be a epic failure in a multiple formation,route offense such as what Coach Kelly runs..

        • Cliff, I like your ideas about the wideouts, an upgrade is needed there. I wonder where the people saying Cooper would replace Jackson is at? head stuck in the sand. Richard Sherman stated in his post game interview that the Eagles miss DeSean Jackson (his talent), and that they would have had to plan for him, where as they was able to man up on the receivers the Eagles currently have, including Mac. The Seahawks dbacks are built to defend big receivers, they have shown to struggle against speedy, shiftier wideouts. That’s why Djax went off against them 5 for 157.
          As far as Dorial Green Beckam, talent wise very good prospect, the issue is with his difficulty with structure and rules. I don’t know if the going to bed by 10 pm, the diet and regimented structure that kelly touts for his culture would not be something DGB is mature enough to handle. Marcus Peters, the most talented CB in the upcoming draft will not be on the Eagles board because of his issues on the field. A lot of talent will be overlooked by the Eagles and other teams due to character and attitude issues. They should consider bringing Jackson back, as we see, they will not be no better off without him than with him against playoff teams. And evidently, he was not the problem in the redzone, as the Eagles continue to struggle there, what’s the excuse now that Jackson is gone? Bringing him back should be considered an option as Josh Huff and Cooper has given us nada in from the receiver position, Cooper just needs to go. Nice blocker, but gives us zilch in the area of receiving. The amount of first downs Jackson gave us last year is missing this year too.
          The defense is better than it was last year..greatly improved, the ST’s is night and day, the offense, which is supposed to be the teams strength…is the teams weakness. who would have thunk it?

          • I heard Sherman say that Eagle as well.

            I still think the team weakness is the Defense. They play with good effort, but statistically we’re still one of the worst Defensive teams in the league in terms of getting scored on. That’s what happens when you don’t kill drives, your secondary gets burned on 3rd, and 10, and have no pass rush.

            Who do you think teams plan against when playing the Eagles other than Cox, and Kendricks. They probably pop popcorn, and laugh during film study at everybody else on this Defense Eagle. They have no one that scares them into doing anything special, because other than Cox, and Kendricks we have no one special.

            As far as the Offense is concerned, I think the O-Line needs better interior presence; an upgrade at both Guard spots, and Chip has to step it up with his game plan. He has weapons.

            I thought he would do more 2 Tight End Sets last night, and use that, as well as Sproles, and Shady in more screen, and misdirection plays taking advantage of The Legion of Booms aggressive ness; Using their strength to our advantage.

            For me, this game is on Chip as well, and I think he knows that he could have done better in his preparation.

            I think in Chips mind, he thought that Josh Huff could bring everything he got from DeSean – I’ve heard that before in the form of Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd, and Stephen Hill – laughable mistake.

            To your point about Beckham Green, and Peters, what I’ve learned about some – SOME – of these prospects is that they ARE kids, and still to a degree immature, whether they get in trouble and caught, or not caught – and the ones that aren’t caught get in trouble – when they get to the NFL.

            Drafting them, and teaching them to be professionals is the objective of each professional team. The rest is up to the individual prospect. I’m not high on Peters anyway, but DBG would be fine, as far as I’m concerned.

            You could see the same things in Brandon Marshall, DeSean Jackson, Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Damaris Johnson, Vontaze Burfict, and Jameis Winston. I know you’re correct in terms of conduct, and attitude, when making investments in these prospects but, I would be fine with DBG – Big mistake passing on him.

            The Defense has looked good against inferior competition, …It’s not improved, because we still can’t compete with the elite, and I think we feed of all the stats, and the success, without digesting the fact that it’s a mirage when compared to the production against the top teams in the NFL…

            Like I said, they’ve given good effort, everyone can see that, but it’s limited in what it can do against better talent.

      • Anyone with a brain knows this team isn’t elite. Lol stop trying to pump yourself up.

        • IJ, anytime you want to engage in meaningful conversation, I’m here bruh..

          • Because many didn’t realize it until the Green Bay Game, and last night, and probably are still in denial this morning.

            I don’t need to pump myself up Bruh,…..I’m already solidly stable, and will remain that way.

          • You and Paulman are nothing but ego strokers who are wrong more times than not….

            Anytime you want to get off your high horse Im here bruh….stop lying…

            • Okay….That’s the way you see me okay…..Are you ready to have meaningful conversation now??

              • gmcliff, the gcobb trolls & lemmings on here, are incapable of having meaningful, rational conversations. All they are good at, are ripping smart, non-biased people, with perfectly functioning brains, capable of thinking for themselves. They’d rather be fooled, led by the pied pipers, like the foolish, delusional lemmings they are, than have a thought, & brain of their own. They are all happy to just be entertained & just be “in it”, than to demand excellance, & their organizations to do all they are supposed to do, to be “true contenders”, rather than the frauds this city has! That’s why they are happy with inept, unqualified, in over their heads executives like snake oil salesman Hinkie, horrific Ruin 2morrow, Holmgren, now Hextall, Glorified bean counter Weaselman, & unwarrented Labeled “the Genius” Kelly (Who has NEVER won a fucking thing in his life). GCobb is full with nothing but clueless ignorance, internet steroid fingers, racist POS’s, rampant stupidity, trolls, & agenda based comments! This is why I hardly comment anymore on here anymore, because it is a lost cause! I’ve been vindicated for 2-3 years strong now, so I couldn’t care any less, what these know nothing, no acumen nitwits think anymore. They rip you, but don’t have anything to bring to the table & never have anything to prove you wrong! FUCK ‘EM!!!!

              • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • LMAO @meaningful conversation! With Toasty?? Forget it!

                When it comes to the draft-talent and toughness should be the primary considerations. These guys that ‘try hard’, ‘good kids’ and all that stuff get you beat when you play the bullies. The Seattle game was an example of us getting our lunch money taken by the schoolyard bully.

      • Erik Kendricks (Mychal’s brother) out of UCLA would be a nice addition at ILB. I know Mychal has lobbied for him to come here, he actually said his brother is more talented than him. Unfortunately, the Eagles will not have a shot at Randy Gregory, he is guaranteed top 5. Safeties, Cody Prewitt, Anthony Harris, Gerod Holliman or Jaquisky Tartt should be targets.Corners Josh Shaw 6′ 1″ 201, Alex Carter 6’0″ 204, James Bradberry 6’1″ 205.

        • Is that Jaquisky? Never heard that one before.

          I am a big UCLA fan (CA roots) and have been watching Lil’ Kendricks all year. I would like that a lot in the 3rd or so.

          • Yes Jaquisky, very different. Eric Kendricks will be gone by mid second round

          • Sorry, meant to say 2nd on this guy. I see that some boards have him as high as the 1st. Don’t think that he is worthy of a 1st round pick.

            • Bugsy, it just depends on who is available at the end of the first. by that time, a person listed as a second rounder will find themselves drafted at the end of the first simply because of the available talent. Deone Buchannon was listed as a second rounder, he went in the first round, 27th overall. These projections mean nothing when the draft actually gets underway. If it’s a player you covet, you take them (within reason). I would not be opposed to taking him early second, if the Eagles can find a partner to trade up with. I have seen mock drafts on walter football where Kendricks is selected at the end of the first round.
              Marcus Smith II is a wild card as to what the Eagles truly thinks bout him as a future ILB or OLB.

              • Just like Marcus Smith II …. Good Grief…

              • Marcus Smith?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Come on EHL. You haven’t drunk the juice too, did you? He will be off this team by training camp! Bank on it!

              • Marcus Smith II is a bust! We reached for the kid and got burned!

  • welcome to over reaction monday!

  • The prevailing sentiment everywhere…and last night agenda Birds had the audacity to say he was throwing right windows and could read defense and make NFL throws.

    The shortcomings that Kelly is working with, particularly at quarterback, ought to be obvious by now. When Mark Sanchez plays a clean game at quarterback, it is a gift, and Sanchez was not clean Sunday. He threw a dying-balloon interception. He missed open receivers. Worse, though, is that Kelly has to contour the offense to accentuate Sanchez’s strengths and minimize his weaknesses, and primary among those weaknesses is his erratic accuracy and timing on deep, difficult passes.

  • Oh and Vinny saying Russell Wilson isn’t that good is by far the dumbest thing said last night.

    • He was ok last night. He makes those maddening plays scrambling around that bail him out.

      I’m not worried about playing that O again in the playoffs.

  • Eagles need to forget about a Top #2 Seed for that’s
    Not happening with Head to Head losses to
    The Cardinals,Packers & now Seahawks
    Eagles need to refocus and Beat the Cowboys
    And Win the NFC East and then secure the #3
    Seed… And then will most likely host a Playoff Game
    Versus these Seahawks/Cardinals or the laying low Detroit
    I expect Foles to Play next Sunday Night
    For the final push of the Season
    Cowboys/Eagles next Sunday is for the NFC
    East with the loser on the outside looking in
    As far as Playoffs Go

    • Foles is not even cleared for contact yet, nor will he get his next CT scan until after the Dallas game. Foles will not be back for a few weeks so let’s just put that to bed right now.

      • Chip Kelly was overheard after watching the Game Tape that he has a “Certificate in Scanning MRI’s” and will handle it himself…

  • The Seahawks did a nice job. They got a WR isolated on Jenkins a couple of times creating a mismatch, Wilson makes a few plays a game and bingo they win. With a backup qb we didn’t stand much of a chance. Sanchez has to hold down the fort, nothing more. Big game on Sunday, if he can game manage us to another win maybe we get Foles back for the playoffs.

  • Feeling good. Close game against the Hawks with the backup QB in. What did you expect. Guy can’t throw a ball over 10 yards with any accuracy. Limited.

    St. Nick returns just in time for Christmas.

    BTW – the funniest thing on here is GMCliff talking about Desean making a difference in the game.

    WTF QB have you been watching the past month? What evidence is there, at all, that Sanchez could have exploited Desean’s speed deep. Sanchez cannot throw deep. Desean could be out there all alone waving his arms and it wouldn’t matter one iota – other than Mesean returning to the bench all pouted up throwing one of his tantrums.

    • Vinny, umm, contrary to popular belief, DeSean has shown that he can catch an out, and take it to the house. Perhaps you did not hear richard Sherman say the eagles miss him, and that the seahawks would have had to game plan against him, where as they just manned up on out receivers. oh, and by the way, DeSean went 5 for 157 against the Seahawks with a backup QB no better than Sanchez. There is the proof you sought out.

      • Sanchez can’t throw an out either.

        • BTW – can someone tell me when this mystery 5 for 157 game Desean had with the Eagles vs the Seahawks that I keep hearing about.

          Ohhhh….you idiots are talking about Desean on the Skins….when he caught 157 yards….

          60 on one play when they were down 17-0 (Desean excels at this)

          Yes….it would be sooooo much better watching Desean “open up” the offence when the Eagles are losing by 3 scores the same way he does with Washington.


          • oh..so, the 60 yarder should not count as that went for a TD…let’s just conveniently wipe that away..how asinine! So, that is 97 yards on 4 passes, damn near 25 yards per, that is damn good.
            Did you not read what Richard Sherman said, he is not the only one as Malcom Jenkins said the same thing last year.

            Vinny, your clear bias about QB’s and hatred for DeSean continuously exposes your agenda…when you look in the mirror, the biggest idiot you have ever met is looking right back at you. Russel wilson can’t read defenses…lol…how stupid can you be. You are literally the only person I have ever heard say that. Vinny, you do not know how to read a defense…that is clear!!!

            • Love it Eagle couldn’t have said it better myself….Thank you bruh. Finally some one who understands, and knows football.

          • Vin…bad argument here. On a day when the entire Eagles offense doesn’t get 150 total yards passing & rushing, it does not make sense to downplay the 157 recieving yards that DJax got against the same defense. While I think Sherman’s comment had more to do with his longstanding friendship with Jackson and him wanting to rub salt in the wounds of the Eagles and their fans, there is not a question that he produced against their defense when we did not.

        • He can throw it out in the flat though.
          It is hilarious how Kool and Songs said Sanchez has the stronger arm between he and Nick. Do they still believe this to be true? Do not listen to either of them, as they wanted Manziel or Tahj Bod in the first…lmao!!!

      • EHL…Sherman has known DJax from their high school days and they are friends…he came out directly after the move and denounced it….no suprise that he would try and throw salt in the eagles wounds…the guy may be smart and well educated but he is a classless asshole if you ask me. He is trying to build his brand and make $$, so being contraversial or playing the villian is how he plans to do it. It works, and he is smart, so taunting opposing fans and being a general jerk are all just part of his business plan…..and I will note, the complete opposite of his QB.

    • LOL!!! just a foolish post…..October 6th 2014 DeSean Jackson vs Richard Sherman, and the Seattle Seahawks in DC – 5 receptions for 157 yards with a 60 yard touchdown

      • Releasing your best receiver, only deep threat, after his best season, getting nothing for him, & not replacing his skill set, is the most egotistical, stupidest move, I’ve seen this team do in a long time. Even with the stupid draft picks & non-use of their cap $$$$!!!! The Gang ties BS, was conveniently placed, at the right time! Listen, I can’t stand DJax, & wanted him gone too (Wanted VJax), before his contract, but it was idiotic, how his situation was handled! Just wait until they pull the same shit with Shady, this off-season! Bank on that too!!!! It’s coming!

        • No worries, the Genius can just plug & play anyone & win, just ask him!

  • We need a dominant QB.I expect Chip to get a dominant QB in next years draft. Our secondary is garbage. We need a secondary bad. Chip isn’t use to this garbage play, neither are we.

    • Rocko, I expect him to draft the Cornerback from Oregon, in this years draft – even if it means moving up to get him – He’s too enamored with the Pac 10.

      • God no on Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, seen him get pushed around to much this season by bigger receivers that are not starting caliber level wideouts in the NFL.

        • I know Eagle but we’re talking about Chip Kelly who wanted to draft Taylor Hart – who can’t get on the field – in the 3rd Round……..

          He will be looking at that guy….

    • Also , I don’t think that Mariota is an NFL QB, and not worth trading up for, and not sure about Winston either as a pro…

      Just because they’re the class of the QB’s in this draft doesn’t guarantee their success in the Pros….too many so called can’t misses – miss every year because of presumptuous hype…

      • like a certain so called … claiming Kony Ealy is the next Aldon Smith.
        or a certain so called … saying ridiculous things like “anyone who thinks Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson is an NFL QB doesn’t know anything about football.”

  • Cooper is also garbage and has to go. He can’t play with any kind of toughness.

  • How many GD 4 yard crossing patterns did they run on 3rd and 6 short of the first down? Doesn’t work against Seattle with slow ass Cooper?

    • During a post game interview, when asked about the interception that was an intended pass for Cooper, he responded “What are you asking me for, I didn’t throw the pass.” 5 years, $25 million. Clearly, that interception was on Sanchez as his pop gun arm could not get the pass out to Cooper, but you do not throw your teammate under the bus like that….even if you do not like him. Cooper signing was a HUGE mistake!

      • Kelly will get rid of him. Or turn him into James Casey for a year. He’s done after this year as a starter.

        • I would rather they put Ertz out there instead of Cooper, I believe you would get more production with he and Celek on the field at the same time then anything that Cooper has done this year. The guy got his contract based on 1/2 of a years performance, and he shows time after time he can be a distraction with his mouth. It cannot come too soon for me that this loser be gone from the Eagles.

          • I agree with that Greeney…..

      • EHL, that;s why his racist ass, should have been cut during last years training camp! True colors starting to show again with his comments the last few weeks! Other than about 4-5 games last year, what exactly has he done to warrant his contract? OOOOOOh, he can block downfield! That’s right folks, 5-$25M, for a blocker downfield, but no DJax, no secondary, no backup LB’s, nor O-linemen, no sacks unless we blitz, & $20M+ under the cap! Brilliance at it’s best!

        • Or listen to DCar…who wouldve spent the Cap on Jarius Byrd…drafted Calvin Pryor and tried to trade Vinny Curry and picks to the Dolphins for Dion Jordan….because hes never wrong…everyone else is lemmings for having common sense….

          LMAO gtfoh

  • Michael Bennett: “Tell the Philadelphia police to put an ABP out. Sanchez is trying to impersonate a good quarterback.”

    • LMAO…Wow…wicked quote, very telling!

  • Anyways…..this front 7 is balling…and that front 7 includes Casey Matthews as well because he is making great calls…

    Only drawback on the line was Trent Coles play. He was terrible holding the edge.

    Plus on Lynch’s toouchdown was that area his responsibility?

    • This defense was on the field for 42 minutes of the game, 83 plays and if the Shady fumble had not given them such a short field it could have easily have been a 3 point game. Yes, there are still areas where the defense needs to improve, but they can not be blamed for this loss. I agree IJ, the front 7 are really playing strong, but to try and overcome the burden of an offense that is only on the field for 18 minutes, has less than 100 yards passing and 50 yards rushing…..the defense was NOT the problem this week.

      • No NFL Team is Winning Games with a 150 Yards of Offense
        Defense played it’s heart out and kept them in it..McCoy’s Fumble to start the 2nd Half was a killer after a decent Return and Field Position to begin the 2nd Half.. The Air went out of the Linc and the Eagles Offense never got into any rhythm and was very predictable all game long

        Why not send or use Sproles on a Pass Route that’s down the field instead of these little 2-3 Yard Swing Pass’s … A Terrible Game Plan and Play Calls by Chip Kelly I thought for most of the Game … You cannot beat the Seahawks with 3-5 Yard Pass Routes with Dinking and Dunking down the Field, they are too fast and too good of tacklers to allow this to occur with any success..

        • No arguments here Pman. The Seattle defense has great speed and very sound tackling at the point of the reception…very very minimal YAC, which caused too many 3 and outs with this scheme. Too often we would need 7yards for a 1st down, run a 5 yard route and get tackled right away short of the 1st down.

      • When I looked at the film again, we should be extremely embarrassed. We were pushed around and beaten up by Seattle’s bullies…Maclin and Cooper disappeared and couldn’t beat the press coverage. Shady was shaky. They were intimidated by the tough, physical Seattle defense and they played scared….

        • Yep….

  • Front 7 did play really well yesterday including forcing that fumble on Lynch. Must have been pretty deflating to have Sanchez throw that pick right after they made such a big play.

    As far as the secondary goes, good lord.

  • No mention of the coach ? I get the fact that chip had a tight leash on mark ..but where was sproles packages? Sproles was supposed to be a difference maker in space? 4 touches ,just isn’t a game plan …no Polk at all? How in the hell are you supposed to create tempo with that game plan?you aren’t ,sustaining drives ,you’re gassing your defense ,and putting undo pressure on the offense …we’ve seen coach play scared …but this was inexcusable..go down swinging at home …we have learned one thing about an elite defense..when they defend an 8yard play they tackle at 7 yards or less..there back end was as advertised…our special teams kept us in the game ,our offense was pathetic..the second half fumble from shady took all the air out of the second half before it ever began..beginning and ending the game in all likelihood..the Seattle team ,now given house $$ took it’s shot vs fletcher who got flagged for 44yards? I’m not a firm believer any penalty of omission should be that much of a kick in the balls? The refs are what they are ,that whining is for losers …1 for 8 on 3rd downs ,took away the objective of creating tempo ..we were clearly outclassed ..Time to lick our wounds ,get ready to defend the NFC east crown at home…but the true reality is …we are not in the discussion…when discussing a championship..

  • Pman ..just read your post …we are in total agreement …but I disagree ,still …you can nickel and dime your way vs this team ..but you need game plan ..we didn’t have one …

    • You state the obvious Deserteagle…..Can’t disagree with you…

    • Desert you can beat the Seahawks using the TE…..TEs have done damage against them. Sanchez had them once with it(poorly thrown pass) and he had other opportunities.

      Sanchez either threw a bad pass or refused to throw guys open.

  • Let the Tahj Boyd era begin

    • LOL!!!!!

  • This offseason shows if Kelly and Co. are going to go into next year with the defensive version of Pinkston and Thrash when it comes to Fletcher and Williams. If they make changes of significance either through FA or Draft that will go a long way.

    The only way you dont make significant upgrades is if they go all in on Winston or Marriotta….than everything changes.

    • Now that where I agree with you bruh….

      But let me ask you, would you sell the farm and go get Mariota, or Winston, and ignore the needs on the Defense, and make all upgrades through free agency?? or would you do something else?

      • With the NFL draft being later you can now shake trees alot longer in the offseason. They have to go the trade route first and see if theres anything out there on a reclamation project like RG3(who I am not a fan of). Or see if a team like Carolina is willing to move on from Cam Newton(who I think is talented but I would not give up anything of significance outside of being perfomance dependent). I think you wait to see what happens in SF….if Harbaugh is gone it isnt a lock for the 49ers to keep Kapernick. His contract is beyond easy to get out of. I like him better than most.

        Saying that….those are pipe dreams.

        You dont go RG3 trade for Marriotta….but I would give up substantial picks for him.

        But again thats another pipe dream.

        They load up on defense and grab another WR in free agency is the easiest and the most likely scenario.

        • Cam Newton is under Contract for the Panthers at $14 Million for 2015
          and will not be going anywhere this Off-Season.. The Panthers exercised their Option and Newton and Panthers agreed to that Amount $$ for next Season so he will not be on the Market

          • Again…thats with the idea of all front offices are in place. Rivera and the Panthers GM may be gone.

            There are no allegiances to former regime players unless the owner is a meddlesome jackoff like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.

            Richardson hasnt shown to be that I dont think.

            • Panther Owner Richardson hire GM Gettleman from the NY GIants to fix the Salary Cap hell that previous GM Hurley put them in..
              It will take 1 or 2 more Seasons before they have much Flexibility and is not going to bail on Gettleman or Rivera just Yet…
              Owner Richardson is a Loyal and Old School type of Owner
              previous GM Hurley just gave out some incredibly dumb contracts to average Players
              They have Cam Newton signed for 2015 and can then Franchise him if need be for 2016 to buy some time…

          • I’ve been saying this for months…If Harbaugh is gone…I think Kap is gone as well.

            Thanks to a team-friendly contract that gives the 49ers until April 1 of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 to decide whether to move on, a new head coach may not want Kaepernick right out of the gates. Or a new head coach may decide after a year that he doesn’t want Kaepernick.

            • colin kaepernick is awful. shouldnt even be a starter in the league, the guy cant throw

              • I know you hate Kaep Mhenksi….I feel that way about RG3. However I actually like Kap. I just think Harbaugh gave up on zone read etc after seeing him getting hit last year.

                Plus he can physicallly take the toll of running the ball.

              • i dont hate him he is just a really really really terrible qb. rg3 is better

                rg3 can throw (or at least he could rookie year) kaep just isnt good

                dude is failing miserably with good weapons – stevie johnson, boldin, crabtree and vern davis. san fran is toast because of him and him solely

              • When he is effective is because they are running the ball well. They havent run the ball well this year and there offense isnt built for him to be a pure dropback.

                RG3 cant throw or read defense and hes shellschocked right now.

              • Tampa Bay defenders said RG3 has a slow release which telegraphs where the football is going to defensive backs.

              • Maybe the Phils can sign Kapernick as a Pitcher.. The Guy has
                a Rifle…

        • Okay…..I like the idea of putting a feeler out for Newton – I don’t think he wants to be there anymore, so it may take a decent deal….RGIII, concerns me a little bit, but would be interesting if he could find his old form.

          I have to agree that Defense is still what we need.

          I have to respectfully disagree with Paul, Nolan Carroll, and Cary Williams will be no better than Williams, and Fletcher. I would go younger, and more athletic – Chris Harris, and Byron Maxwell – and draft a Safety to start.

          Whether they decide to get a WR from free agency, or the draft – We agree they need to replace Riley Cooper. Preferably one that can stretch the field.

          Who are some of your early favorites for Free Agency, and the draft?? I know we agree on Justin Houston if he is available……

          • This will be a big name free agent offseason. Calvin Johnson Fitz Jackson etc…there will bet of names out there.

            Shake the trees and see who really has tread left on the tires….

            However a perfect fit would be someone like Emmanuel Sanders was last year.

            The guy has to be able to hold his own in the screen game but can beat CBs.

          • I didn’t say they were better GMCliff
            I am saying what the Eagles Plans will be based on their past history…

            • Got you Paul…I understand…

          • I like both CB’s C Harris & Maxwell,
            Also like Buster Skrine from Cleveland, Davon House of the Packers
            Walt Thurmond of the NYG and Formerly of the Seahawks
            Devin McCortney – Pats
            Safeties –
            Danorice Searcy – Bills
            T Gipson – Browns
            M Gilchrist – Chargers

            I still think the Eagles need to Draft a CB & Safety within in the first 3-4 Rounds to groom for Future

            • Exactly Paul….That’s my feeling….They don’t have to settle for Cary Williams, and Nolan Carroll. There will be better options available to upgrade the secondary, and allow any rookies brought in to be groomed gradually.

      • Get Winston…we dont have enough to get Mariota is going to go 1 or 2 in the draft.

        • Mariotta/WInson going #1 & #2 in the Draft, KB

    • Remember that B Fletcher’s Contract is up and most likely will not be re-signed. The Eagles will most likely go with Nolan Carroll and Carey Williams as their Starting CB’s with Boykin in the Slot and this Years Draft Pick Jaylen Watkins as the Nickel Back with a new Draft pick or two to be compete as back-ups ..
      I don’t see the Eagles going all in for a Mariotta/Winston in next years Draft.. Who are they going to Trade and give up? Multiple High Future Draft Picks ? No way do I see that happening and besides the Teams in the Top 5-6 Draft Slots will need QB’s of their own… (Titans,Redskins,Tampa Bay,etc,etc)

      • If they go Carroll Williams at CB next year they will get an F in the offseason no matter what they do.

        They need a true presence at CB. One good/great CB can change an entire defense and allow to hide deficiencies in your secondary with scheme.

        • There’s a Few in Free-Agency to Pursue
          Maxwell, Grimes, Buster Skrine,

          • Grimes is done…..I’d pass on him, but the others you mentioned I like but will have to be calculated into the cap.

            • There is not many Big-Tme Playmakers at the CB Position out in Free-Agency this Off-Season.. A very thin list to be honest..
              Safety Position is even thinner…
              Eagles need to Draft and Develop their own Secondary which will take 2-3 Years

              • You draft a safety. You can bring in somebodys top no.2 CB and he would be an upgrade at the CB position here.

                If anything with the way the front four gets after the ball…I am searching high and low for a new ILB. If Ryans comes back cool…great depth. Hell even Casey Matthews is great depth now. Goode can fight for a roster spot as well.

                The OL is your forte I would go looking for an Impact Guard as well.

              • You have to stablize the QB position…we have to get the best CB in free agency draft a young safety…but the big move has to be QB…we have to get a franchise QB

  • For everyone with RG3 scenarios…..

    The kid is a show pony. He is not well liked and the consensus is he doesnt put in the work that is needed. He is also very delusional on his status as a QB right now.

    Now maybe all this makes him humble etc. But the prevailing sentiment around here is that it still hasnt. Philly would eat him alive….hes phonier than McNabb was.

    He has to be totally rebuilt both physically and mentally. So even if buy lottery chance the Eagles got him he would be useless next year.

  • Also this offseason will tell alot about the direction of the front office. If Kelly is exerting more influence and wants his guy calling his shots over Roseman….theres no telling what is going to happen.

    • This will mean a few more Oregon Duck Players get Drafted…

  • Doomy and Gloomy are back again promoting themselves — this time their narrative changed and departed from their doomy & gloomy below average 7-9 losing pre-season prediction to the they can’t beat elite teams blah blah blah they aren’t elite blah blah blah I told you so —
    NO you told us they were a below average team that got lucky last year.

  • Lots of good posts today glad to see that, first though I know back up QB’s are tough to find but I said when Sanchez was signed if he sees the field the Eagles season was over. Also I’ve been stating that good soldier character nonsense was just that nonsense, you don’t win in the NFL with system over talent. No smart ass comments from Kelly on the sidelines this week huh? Damn shame that his obvious coaching talent will be lost to his ego. This offseason will be the turning point of his tenure, anymore Huffs and Taylor’s and Smiths and Reynolds and this will end badly, especially if the QB position performs like this again next year.

    • As I stated…over reaction Monday!

      • Yes because it’s over reacting to point out that against good teams this team has miles to go and nothing to prove otherwise that they understand that talent wins in the NFL and not system guys. Run the table against these 3 remaining teams and let’s try it again come playoff time. Lose Sunday and not make the playoffs and then watch the bitching. That offensive game plan was horrendous yesterday and thats on Chip not Charlie Checkdown.

        • That’s a money post Biggie……

        • Falcons looking good.. WR Julio Jones is a Stud
          If Falcons Win out, they can be a scary Team
          Down the stretch.. They will give the Packers a battle tonight

        • There was nothing wrong with the gameplan.

          There were plays on the field. Sanchez was a skittish wreck. He didn’t want to test the edge on read option he didn’t want to go long. He blew wide open routes etc.

          When he gave himself up on that run play that told you he basically was mentally screwed before the game.

          When they shut the run game down you knew it was over. That has nothing to do with gameplan. That has everything to do with getting your ass whipped up front.

          • Gameplay showed no confidence and played right into hands of the quickest sideline to sideline Defense in the NFL
            Similar to 49ers Game, it was doomed from an Offensive standpoint and set to fail.. 150 Yards of Offense in today’s NFL is flat out
            putrid and unacceptable..

            • Why have SpeokesSproles on 2-3 Yards routes all game..
              To be a Decoy only!!! Stupid,Stupid,Stupid..
              Where was the match-up Genius of Kelly
              How many times on 3rd and long did we see Receivers on 3-4 Yards Routes.. All F’n Game… Epic Failure by Kelly

            • So what would be the gameplan that would have been effective for Sanchez.

              Say something dumb like throw it downfield.


              Sanchez was effective against Dallas because the line dominated and Shady/Sproles were effective.

              WIthout a running game the game is over for the Eagles with Sanchez at QB.

              Stop the bullshit.

          • So the game plan was to be in 3rd and long all game? There was no adjustments to be made anywhere from the offensive genuis himself. He went into this game against the legion of boom defense with no plan B? Okay if that’s good championship caliber coaching then cool I’m good.

            • Here you go with generic bitching and moaning and no plan.

              Sanchez is a run dependent QB who can win off of play action and the threat of the run. When it’s neutralized he’s FUCKING USELESS. You just want to piss and moan and take a shot at Kelly.

              Sanchez is throwing no WR open and any pressure he will rush throws or check down. That had shit to do with gameplan.

              Be good, you’re Chip Kelly bias is known and obvious.

              • Lmao you want a cookie?

                Anyone with a brain didnt like those signings….Barwin and Logan have been making plays all year. Jenkins has been steady all year….you need new examples.

            • Or like the quote you loved a few weeks ago…

              You can’t do epic shit with basic people.

              Sanchez is the epitome of basic.

              First real defense he saw he looked like what he was…one of the worst passers in the history of the NFL against pressure. That’s not hype that’s numbers based fact.

              But yeah it was the gameplan….

              But if that’s real football analysis from you…cool then I’m good.

              • And there you go slurping front offices and coaches the complaint we heard over and over about Reid was he couldn’t make in game adjustments, what adjustments did we see from the genuis Sunday? Who put this roster together and decided Sanchez was his guy? So yeah it’s on Kelly for trying to do great shit with basic people.

              • There are no plan “B”s when you are going against a team that can match-up with your best players one-on-one without the need to substitute.

                We all know the scheme… Kelly runs plays so fast that the opponents can’t get their third down specialist in the game – or their run stoppers – whichever the situation calls for… Seattle don’t have to substitute, they can match-up with their base defense and beat you.

                The Eagles have good players at skilled positions. They could have beat the Saehawks with a decent QB running the offense. It’s that simple…. Koobreeze likes to use the phrase ‘deer in the headlights’, well after Sherman nearly picked-off Sanchez’s first pass he never challenged the Seattle DBs again. He was truly a ‘deer in the headlights’….

              • Again no plan just generic bitching and moaning as usual.

                But hey had you can’t expect epic posts from basic people.


              • Come on Irish, you better have a plan B, Kelly said teams have adjusted to Sproules packages so you stop using him? But we get fed a steady diet of bum ass Cooper? That makes no sense.

              • Yeah Izell generic bitching because I’m sure Kelly was waiting for my phone call at halftime with my suggestions for adjusting his game plan. But yeah if you want basic take a glance the next time you pass a mirror.

              • Lmao somebodys mad. Go sit down calm down and write again.

                I’m sure you can think of another generic post to write.

              • Keep in mind that we ran only 42 plays… That doesn’t give you many chances to try a bunch of options. 20 passes 22 runs.

                Cooper was targeted 5 times, Maclin 6, Matthews 5, Ertz 3, and Celek 1. It’s not like they stayed with one guy, it’s more like there were not many chances. Of the group Cooper caught the most balls, 3.

                Sometimes you lose because your team is not as good. Which was the case Sunday.

                If we had Wilson and they had Sanchez – we win.

              • Love the simplicity Irish. Dead on.

              • Yes Irish real simple, how about changing your attack so maybe just maybe you wouldn’t be in 3rd and long every 3rd down and sustaining a drive or 2, maybe then you could run more then 45 plays. Real simple. The moral of this story is be happy and win the division and then lose in round 1 because the offense can’t move the ball against any good defenses. Is that simple enough for you?

              • And if they win in the first round….New notching and moaning from you because that’s all you do.

              • The moral if the story is Big…no matter what…you will bitch and moan.

                Guarantee you will barely post if at all after a playoff win…wait till they lose in the playoffs…than birch and moan.

                Lmao AGENDA OBVIOUS

              • Or we can wait until Barwin or Jenkins or Logan make another play and we can hear from you how great the front office is again and again. I’m here win or lose you only pay attention when a comment you don’t like appears. Oh wait you don’t like Williams and Fletcher, guess what? Dcar, GMCliff and I were critical of those signings day 1 but hey keep commenting. It’s entertaining.

              • Or BigLion we can wait and have you be wrong about 3/4 of everything you post….and laugh and laugh and laugh….

          • I disagree IJ. Too many 3rd and 7 or 8 yards to go and they run a 5 yard pattern and are tackled before the sticks. And it might be more a Sanchez issue with him checking down and throwing the ball too early, but scheme wise you want to know why all of the short patterns when you know the Seahawks are a good tackling and have great closing speed. I believe that this was one specific issue with the scheme this week.

            • Go back and watch the game. As soon as Sanchez got a hint of pressure he was looking for his checksum crossing route EVERY TIME. He let nothing tall develop because he Durant throw guys open or put it in spots. He needs the first read wide open or he’s checking down. It’s that damn simple.

              • Alright, I planned to watch again and will do it to look at these points.

                Truthfully, I think that Kelly has scaled back his playbook with Samchez as his QB. I think that this may have been exposed with the Seahawks, and in this upcoming CowGirls game, if we do not dominate the lines of scrimmage the way we did Thanksgiving Day, we will be in trouble. I do agree with your point about the recievers needing to be open before Sanchez will throw, as opposed to throwing them open….Foles did a good job of that last season but with his irratic play earlier in the season we saw less of that.

              • With Foles 3/4 of Kellys playbook is available.

                With Sanchez 3/4 of Kellys playbook is available.

                It is what it is. Sanchez play is run dependent. Foles play is pass protection dependent.

              • And you are correct on Foles play. However even with how erratic he looked this year…he is LIGHTYEARS ahead of Sanchez when it comes to passing against pressure.

                His problem this year is he wouldnt take sacks. He forced way to many.

        • Chip seemed as intimidated by Seattle’s offensive…outside of going for it in the endzone on that 4th and inches…there was no aggressiveness…we didnt run at Seattle…Chris Polk didn’t get any snaps…its like he didn’t want to fight Seattle…

          • Yep..
            Chip Kelly appeared to be more concerned about Camera time arguing with Refs than looking at his Call-Sheet for better Plays
            I think he’s called the same 5-6-7-8 Plays for about 3 Games in a Row now… Brutal

            • Here goes ChimpBoy trolling…..

  • It’s so fucking simple it’s nauseating with some of you. With Sanchez if we can run were good if we can’t were fucked.

    If you don’t see that you’re an idiot.

    The line got it’s ass whipped..Gardner got destroyed more than once. Double up a 4 man line with the blitz and the ability to go man to man behind with Sanchez…disaster.

    Or like Michael Bennett said…he was impersonating a QB.

    • And the coach impersonated a game plan, when the going is good Kelly is the man we just plug the next guy in and go my system works regardless who’s pulling the trigger. When it goes bad it’s Foles is having a bad year Sanchez is limited, Gardner sucks who PICKED these players? Give me a damn break with that Kelly does no wrong shit or he’s limited by his QB.

    • Oh, so that line with the future Pro bowl, HOFer Lame Johnson, got wooped! What is nauseating, is your irrational, nonsensical arguments & front office/ coaches ass slurping! Sanchez, is, was, & always will be, a donkey ball sucking, trash truck juice smelling, STIFF!!!!

      • DCar, Lane johnson did not give up the pressure or sacks in that Seattle game, they came through Andrew Gardner. You and Cliff do not like the Johnson pick..that’s clear. However, his play since coming back has been very good. How often is his name called, how many sacks or hurries has he allowed over the last 9 games? How many penalties? He has actually been at the very least..solid on that right side. If you want to kill a player for poor performance have at it, but, it’s not justified against this player so far this year. We all have a tendency to pick on players we do not care for, however, when that player is playing well give him his props, don’t hang onto the bad feelings that you had for him from the beginning. At the end of the game it was a jail break all across the line but the Eagles were just done at that point. All players on every team is going to have a bad game here and there, to talk about them when their bad game happens and say See…I told you, but not say anything when their performance has been consistently good…C’Mon Man….you’re better than that.

      • You’re the epitome of irrational and nonsensical, you slurp yourself only when right disappear from remarks and like you and others the king of the I told you sos after the facts only when it suits you. Lol don’t get me started cuz.

        Petty assclowns bitching because of winning seasons.

        You mad? Hahahahahaha

        All you and Lion have are the Marcus Smith pick. Lion goes on and on about Kelvin Benjamin…yet forgets he wanted Calvin Pryor at 22….lmao

        And you….the Lane Johnson pick makes you look dumb every minute.

        Eagles do nothing in Free agency….where did Connor Barwin come from. Hell not to mention Bennie Logan in the draft lmao….

        Lion dickriding the front 7 now…did they just appear overnight? Who picked them? How did they get here?

        Lmao gtfoh

        • And before you lying assess even try. I said this team want a SB contender in the off-season. I said im not sold on Foles and the Q.B may not be on the roster. I said GTFOH with Williams and Fletcher at corner. I said I didn’t like the Smith pick but understood. But yeah lie you’re way through something else and critique anyone who is positive on something as just a lemming or supporter.

          I wasnt a Curry or Graham fan. I like Curry still not a Graham fan lmao

          • Whatever you say, office meat jockey! Lane Johnson has TE protection, on practically every play, thus the reason for Celek & Ertz declining #’s. Watch the game, & educate yourself! Get a clue before you come back at me flipper! Winning season means zippity do da, if you have zero chance to win a SB! What’s your indepth analysis, about why we still have a putrid secondary, no backups at LB & O-line, while we still have $20M+ under the cap? You bring nothing bruh! Absolutely nothing but pom-pom waving, like the lemming you are. You are one of the clueless clowns, that gives out unwarranted labels, like Genius for Kelly. Beat it slurper.

        • Get it right I wanted Deone Buchanon at that spot, dude you need to keep going at Kool, you have done the dick riding of Kelly, Hinkie and everything front office, For every Logan I give you two Harts and Reynolds. Barwin has played great where is the fat guy they signed from SF? Where is Chung? How is the nice fat contract Casey and Cooper signed working out? Every move won’t pan out but stop acting like on a blog people can’t complain that is nauseating.

          • There’s complaining….

            Then there’s the shit you do…hypocrite much.

            Bruh stop. Because looking at dumb shit Kool posted is how I saw you said you wanted Pryor at 22 if he’s there.

            If it was up to you Logan was a bust after year 1.

            Gtfoh…bruh…Go argue generic shit elsewhere.

  • Good stuff Izell- so true.

  • Gotta love some guys. I mean how much intelligence does it take to say that everyone sucks, the FO sucks, the coach sucks, make up a few stupid names for players and be negative about everything about the team? I think it says more about the guy posting than the team.

    No perfect team here, no perfect coach or GM, but there is no question that since Kelly has taken over that the direction of the team has been up. Are there personnel that need to be upgraded, sure. Have there been mistakes made, no doubt. Have we lost games due to scheme or coaching mistakes, yes. But to say that everything sucks and every person sucks is comical.

    • Greenfan you are correct- the vitriol, anger and name calling says quite a bit about the posters, no doubt.

    • Nobody said the whole team sucks, clean out your eyes! My vitriol is with the assclowns, like the one above who responded to you, that rips someone for seeing things for what they. Answer me this, does this organization, go all out to better this team, with talented players? NO! $20M under the cap. Released their best WR for no return. With a horrid secondary last year, they bring in no upgrades, bring back Allen, sign a mediocre Jenkins, who led the league in missed tackles for the past 3 years, & drafted no upgrades to the secodary. 2 years in a row now, drafted busts, reaches & project picks, while we needed to fill many dire needs & roster holes. The entire team isn’t bad, there are players I like- Shady, Sprouls, Matthews, Celek, Peters, Kelce, Cox, Kendricks, Barwin, Curry & Boykin. But when the lemmings on here refuse to see the truth, rip us for speaking the truth about the inept, unqualified front offices, it burns me the fuck up! I want my teams to demand excellance, & do everything they possibly can, to give us a legit shot to win a SB! Not bullshit lateral moves, dumpster diving, drafting reaches, projects, & rotational players! Get this through your heads! I love all 4 of my Philly teams, & I’m disgusted at the lack of urgency they show, & them condescendingly spewing their BS, that some of you lemmings fall for! All you guys care about is being entertained & just being “In it”. Real fans want legit winners, with legit front offices, with Ownership dedicated to winning, not pocketing every penny they can get, while fraudulantly making you lemmings believe they want to win! Please!

      • Has all your whining, crying, cussing, name calling changed a thing? You call me a lemming, not so..when they hired chip i wasn’t happy i wanted mccoy or bradley, I came on here and said i was disappointed and skeptical. Then I move on and hope the guy is good…so far he has been. I don’t agree with everything but whining does me no good… I don’t fret over things i can’t control.
        Oh and your ‘real fans’ thing is hilarious

        • haveablunt…please…its a legitimate assessment of the front office that has not won the big one. True Eagle fans have the unmitigated right to whine, cuss, cry, and complain about the futility of a front office that has not won the big one.
          Every team in our division has a ring except us and when we are 20 million under the cap with a shitty secondary, 20 million under the cap with Riley the Racist as a starter who cant play.
          They have always ‘managed’ the cap and made a bunch of money while coming up short on winning the big one!
          Real Eagle fans are tired of that bullshit!

          • well you certainly have the right to whine, cuss, cry and make up immature names… i will never argue that you don’t. I will argue that it changes nothing, is a waste of time and is a stupid thing to do considering you have no idea what goes on behind the closed doors…
            You are correct we have not won a SB but lets say we had one 20 years ago…does that make a difference? really? So if they had won in 04 or 81 it would buy them a pass? interesting…
            I learned a long time ago that players may get pissed at a game like the seattle game but they move on within a day so whining on the internet 2, 3, 4, 5 days or months later by someone who isn’t even involved is stupid.
            I am a real fan, I don’t miss eagles or phillies games. I route for them to win… it is my right to do so

      • Who says I was describing you?

      • Dcar…couldn’t have said it better!

      • These dirty rotten cork suckers who run the Eagles organization should all die screaming for a priest!

        I am tired of them lining their pockets with my hard earned money and producing a substandard product.

        I have been a season ticket holder since Ray Rhodes was the coach and I demand that I have input regarding next years draft and free agent signings..

        I also demand that every cent of cap money be spent – I don’t care if we give it to Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Jason Babin. Just as long as it all gets used.

        • Bwahahahahahahhahahaha Good one Irish!!!!!

        • that seems to be the sentiment on here…
          everyone wants to be the off season champs…they should move to DC! the one year we were off season champs was a freaking disaster!

        • Lol irish dam a little sarcastic there death to front office who produced a terrible cap situation where we can actually sign our young talent to extentions and not give it to a safety on IR that put the saints in cap hell oh yea all we got was sproles who has only sparked us to multiple wins thos year

          • I wanted byrd bad but after looking at our players who need extensions nxt year and possibly paying foles i knew it was better to keep the money not happy all the time with this front office but after they payed the devils back in 2011 they were very wary to do it again so i understand

            • Fletcher Cox and Kendricks just got all that money….Cox is about to get PAID.

  • I watched both the Cowboys & Chiefs vs the Seahawks and saw
    an extra OL used for more Power Running between the Tackles run Effectively
    (the oversized OL scheme that Colts used on Eagles in Fact)
    I never saw C Polk utilized in a 2 Back Backfield
    I never saw Sproles actually run a “wheel route” where he actually goes downfield
    I never saw bunch formations to get some WR’s free off the line of Scrimmage
    No end around plays…
    Chip Kelly Offensive Game Plan Sucked all Game and was like “Pre-Season”
    If Eagles continue to use the same 5-6 Basic Plays versus the Cowboys,
    They will lose and then struggle to make the Playoffs..

    • Paul, you have no idea what you are talking about as usual. Unfortunately the O was stymied by a really good team, we have a back up QB, the circumstances of the game dictated … he is the same offensive coach that has revolutionized the game… shut up.

    • Typical Paulman Fraud ass Flipflop….

      • The only Fraud-Ass is Chip Kelly as a “Genius Offensive Coach”
        Every Big Game versus a Quality Defense, he and his Offense have come up “Small” … It is what it is… Maybe he’ll get a Call and Offer from Oregon State which now has an Opening with Mike Riley taking the Nebraska Job..
        Go Beavers… Make the Call … Chip needs to feel Wanted and Loved
        and is bored already with the Eagles Job…

        • Typical Paulman diversion tactic….Boone Chimp shit toss lmao.

        • I guess its over for him as pro coach right Fraudman?


          Now post your resume and life story again…oh and how this site doesnt matter to you…

        • You have been writing about how Chip was going to leave for another college job 2 weeks after he was hired. When he is here for 10 years you will still be writing the same shit…..really comical….eventually one of these predictions will be right and then we will get another 100 posts telling everyone how you were right…..you aren’t alone Pman, but at some point …come on, now you are turning to the ” he wants to be loved” theory? …did you ever think that in most places this guy is thought well of, just not on a few blogs? …..too funny really.

          • Green its Paulmans diversion tactic. He throws out a troll post so people can get sidetrack from the initial dumbshit he said.

            • Way too many blind Chip Kelly Slurping Fools on here..
              I call them as I see them and when Chip Kelly has a Shitty Game Plan, I call him out on it… You guys can defend him if you like,
              but there is little doubt that he was enamored and distracted last week with the U Of Florida Rumors for that Piece of garbage Game Plan versus the NFL Best Defense in the Seahawks was almost Identical to the Game Plan of the Week before over the Cowboys
              This Chump-Ass Coach Kelly is mailing it in already…

              • U love throwing shit to be right or just make a headline u are truly a shitty fan

              • Youre not even original to you use your own words lmao…..

                So instead you grab someone elses words in order to be seen and hope those supporters will jump on your post and side with you.

                You are the most basic dude on here. Paulman. I would say grow up…but you too damn old bwahahahahahahahaha

              • See what I mean about Fraudman? When attacked typical chimp like defensive maneuvers. Lmao

              • since when did Pman start using the “slurping” adjective?

                You freally don’t know WTF you are talking about if you think that U of F had anything to do with Kelly’s gameplan. Just because you write 30 posts a day saying that Kelly is going back to college does not mean that Kelly is actually spending a single second of his day on the subject.

                So now he is a Chump-Ass Coach…..you are a real piece of work Pman. You act like because you can google shit from your computer in Boone that you actually “know” what is going on inside the coaches head at the NovaCare facility while he prepares…..just stupid shit Paul. Really stupid shit because you get called out on suddenly anyone who disagrees is a “slurper” and Kelly is a “Chump-Ass” coach….what did you do, get training from the “Kool/Songs School of Internet Posting and Sockpuppet Business” ??? too funny really

              • Paulman is talking Jive….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              • Chip Kelly is Coaching “Jive” with these Game Plans.

    • paulman, you make some good points for me…where was our team aggression on offensive. Did Kelly watch the film of the Cowboys and Chiefs? When we saw the penetration Seattle was getting on those stretch plays why not try to punch them in the mouth, try some trap plays and run inside with some power running?
      Nothing turns my stomach more than watching our offense get bullied by a defense like they did against Seattle. It demoralizes you…how do you have confidence when you get pushed around like that.
      Our defense was smacking Seattle around too…but Seattle fought back…Lynch ran with anger, their offensive line fought…we just wimped out…we need a lot more nasty on this Eagle team

      • I stated these very same things on how to best Attack the Seahawks D before the Game and Kelly Game Plan has none of it.. Instead he ran the same “Stretch Runs’ and DInk and Dunk Routes which I said would not work against the fastest sideline to sideline Defense in the NFL
        It’s not Rocket Science we are talking about, it’s being aggressive, physical and going right at them which this Kelly Game Plan was completely missing and played right into the Strengths of the Seahawks
        I get called a Hater and a Fraud Fan when all I stated was the obvious
        Go watch the last 3 Games (Titans,Cowboys and Seahawks) and you’ll be amazed how many of the same plays,formations are used over and over and over… These other Teams watch Tape and are paid to Coach too… You have to mix it up in the NFL Chip, this is not the Pac-10

      • You want nastiness on O?? Toughness?

        Then why do you constantly rail against the guy who, after taking a dirty hit, said “Lets make them pay!” and marched the field for a winning TD.

        And constantly champion the guy whose shoulders slump the moment a snowflake hits his nose?

        • your drunk…Foles ‘tough’…LMAO

          The same guy who was constantly throwing off of his back foot because he is scared to death to step up in the pocket and possibly take a hit. Shaky, throwing the ball up for grabs, hearing footsteps in the pocket…

          Sanchez is better than Foles
          And that’s not saying much…

  • That game was hard to watch (on the offensive side of the ball)
    I think the defense did a pretty good job, Cox, Kendricks, Curry and Barwin played very well. Cox is becoming a dominant player! Curry needs more game time!
    The offense was the issue and that starts with Sanchez! He was holding the ball too much! Against Seattle you have to check down when it’s there…you’re not going to get much in the secondary against Seattles DB’s…The TE and RB’s should have been more part of the game plan. Ertz seemed to be able to get open often and should have been utilized more.
    The O line didn’t win any battle passing or rushing.

    With that said we’re still a top of the NFC East!

    • All good points RT. Look, you need to give credit to a very good Seahawks defense that is finally getting healthy after some injuries earlier in the season, but that does not excuse Kelly and his staff for a poor plan. We saw a similar problem at SF with a relatively poor offensive scheme. I know that Kelly, Harbaugh and Carroll all coached against each other in the PAC 10, but Kelly needs to realize that this is the NFL and he is up against some tough defenses.

      The poor plan on offense lead to the defense being on the field for 42 minutes. If that were to happen every game we will need IV’s on the sidelines and the defensive players will be dead by the time the playoffs roll around.

      That being said, I agree with you RT, the defense in only allowing 24 points (7 of which were after the fumble gave them a short field) is pretty good considering how long they were on the field.

    • According to Lion and Dcar that won’t be an accomplishment because even Raheem Morris made the playoffs.

      Lmao….Nah they aren’t biased and have no agenda.

      • Yeah my agenda is to be named the next GM of the Eagles by being critical of Kelly and Roseman on a blog, Damn I’ve been found out. You are ridiculous my man.

        • Lmao no one cares

          • But obviously you do care to comment about me complaining, which one is it? Nobody cares or it doesn’t fit your idea of who types what about what. Seriously

            • Lol not really. It’s a message board. I comment. If your name wasnt attached to the comment I would have said the same thing.


            • You made it about you….lol So look in your mirror lmao

              • Let me follow this logic, it’s okay for you to comment on something that I posted but it’s not okay for me to post a comment being critical of the Eagles. So then you said my agenda was obvious I pointed how ridiculous that comment was so that means I made it about me? Damn

              • Big, you can’t argue with irrational retardedness! It’s a losing battle!

              • Lmao DCar….the same dumbass who this off season yelled he wanted Jarius Byrd and the front office fucked up etc etc…Maclin is a bust and soft.

                Hypocritical assclown…who earlier this year
                Did nothing but run his mouth about playing Vinny Curry this year coaches don’t know what he’s doing…but wanted to trade Vinny Curry in the off season for Dion Jordan…his reasoning….Vinny Curry is a non existent non factor.

                Lol I know about ya nigga.

                And ya cosigner above ya.


              • I’m still wondering about this agenda stuff you might want to check a dictionary to understand how an agenda works. But yes you’ve already uncovered my dastardly plot to overtake the Eagles front office by complaining about moves they make on Gcobb. LOL good work dude.

              • LMAO at Izzell aka Toasty!

                What a clown!
                You have whined all year about the secondary and Bradley Fletcher but Eagles management are sitting 20 million over the cap.
                Stop with the boot licking bro..Eagles management have not won the big one…they deserve criticism for some of their ‘cost-effective’, ‘cap-managing’ moves that makes us ‘competitive’ but never pushes us over the top.
                With 20 million under the cap, we should have a better secondary and a better starting receiver than Riley Cooper!
                Get off ya knees man…your an embarrassment!

              • Agenda
                the underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group.

                You been a Chip basher from jump. So learn that words have more than one meaning…lmao you clowns only make yourself look dumber.

              • Koolbreeze
                “What a crappy move…Sanchez sucks..”

                “Jeremy Maclin is soft…doesnt run over the middle…has a fumble problem…”

                LMAO theres no need to have any real dialogue with you.


              • Lol BigL YOU might want to check that the word agenda has more than one meaning. Also has synonyms like MOTIVE.

                So boys and girls…when a group of dumbasses talk about the same thing over and over again…to push a point they talk about religously ….WHAT ARE THE MOTIVES BEHIND THE AGENDA?

                In you and your cosigning FOOLS cases…is that you have been consistently wrong in the hire and direction of the team since Chip has been hired. Its either Vick, or Free Agents or Jackson or this or that….

                But the sad fact is….looks like its back to back playoffs. Everyone deserve criticism when warranted….dont try and hide behind “oh we cant criticize”….that may work when you engage in your phony innuendo filled race war posts and debates with other fools on here…but with me…best move along.

              • Yes Genuis because my agenda is to win a damn argument or sway the Gcobb crowd, keep posting you get more ridiculous with each post. I don’t like Kelly oh my he has an agenda, I’m critical of certain front office moves oh my he has an agenda. You really need new material.

      • What agenda do I have, you fucking assclown? I want the playoffs, with a legit chance to win a SB! Not the dressed up whore of a team we have! Agenda my ASS! I don’t blindly follow ANYONE, NOR ANY TEAM! If the truth hurts you bro, & you scared, get a dog & a hobby! You are the lemming little mouse, following the pied pipers of the city, not me bruh! So who has the agenda?

  • Matthews gets a ton of targets from Sanchez because he’s his automatic check down go to. Watch the game again…it looks like he goes initial read boom check down.

  • I have not been on here I have been pissed since the 3rd qt of the seahawks game. That game was hard to watch as aeattle laughed at our offense and RW ran in circles making backyard football plays our corners and safeties being beat by quick moves at the line by the worst group of receivers in nfl their corners and line backers holding our receivers a lot and when they do get open sanchez cant make any solid throws. The o line got man handled shady tip toed again instead of getting 3 lost two not all his fault oline got pushed back. I watched this game 3 times broke down every play And if he had a fucking qb to just throw the ball downfield guys are open especially te’s and even maclin against sherman but nope fucking 3 yd crossing routes and boom tackle immediately. the hate for the players that some of you have is plain hating to be hating. chip didnt show much couldnt cuz he knew sanchez couldnt do it. I hope foles sees this as a learning exp and knows he can make those throws sanchez cant. im not mad at sanchez he is what he is a really good back up. all in all gotta take care of dallas and win divosion with 3rd seed maybe 2nd with extreme luck. oh yea pman chimp stfu with your dumbass

    • all good thoughts Zilents….those 3 yd crossing routes were driving me nuts too…the team needs to move on quickly and get ready for Dallas…they have had an extended time to prepare since they played on Thursday of this week, and with the ass-kicking we did on Thanksgiving, they will no doubt come out looking for revenge…unfortunately that also play a lot better on the road, so we need top get over this Seattle game and get our asses ready for the CowGirls…

      GO BIRDS !!!!

  • Worse

    • Go “Cry a While” Zilents44 ..
      The Top 2 Seeds are out the F’n Window.. Do you follow the Rest of the NFL at all ….

      • Yes i do u piece of monkey shit seahawks could lose 1 more and cards could lose 2 and we could win out and get 2nd seed which is very unlikely but not impossible u old fuck

      • Simple math dipshit

        • ur right zilents.

          seattle has sf, st louis and arizona. they lose at least one of those.

          arizona has st louis san fran and seattle they lose at minimum 1

          we can easily go 3-0

          packers have tough games against buffalo and detroit

          stupid post paul

  • To all those complaining about the offensive game plan it is quite clear that you are complaining just to complain. Really the circumstances of the game (and the seattle D) kept us off the field so much it was impossible to see the plan, failure to execute the plan would be a more accurate description.
    looks like over reaction monday has bled into over reaction tuesday== it was a beat down, so the F what? even with a beat down a play or two either way and this would have been a possible win– plays didn’t get made and its a loss… BFD! all i can say is we have meaningful games in december– it wasn’t too long ago when we had a horrible december!

    • I am not one of the fans that is complaining to complain. I have noticed flaws in the offense earlier in the season when we blew teams like the Carolina Panthers out.

      Consistently through the season the Eagles have had a problem scoring when in the redzone. Regardless of who the QB is this has been problematic. Since the is a subtle difference between success in the redzone regardless of who the QB is, there must be some other reason why the Eagles consistently fail to score. I feel like if we had a consistent power run game it may change this problem. I’m not saying it certainly, I am saying what is being done now does not work.

      Additionally, the Eagles have had issues converting on third down regardless of winning or losing. This is an actual problem and not just “complaining just to complain.” If the Eagles want to be a consistent offense that does not put their defense in a precarious position, they will need to do something that remedies this issue. I personally think the Eagles should always try to get at least 5 yards on every first down play. This means to have some passing play that is not a bomb all the way down the field or a pass to the sidelines. Instead, it would be a short quick gain. This would allow the second down play to be riskier if they choose. In other words, I think Kelly should look at plays in terms of gaining first downs instead of just simply scoring. This would help the offense stay on the field and the defense off. Playing teams with great offenses would be slowed because they would not be on the field as much.

      Additionally the run game has not at all been what it was last year. This has hurt the consistency of the offense as a whole. Therefore, I think the Eagles need to either give Polk more plays or get someone else to compliment McCoy. McCoy is a good finesse back, but does not have the ability to move the pile between the tackles. If Chip added it, it could possibly add an unstoppable force especially late in games.

      Incorporating the tight ends more often would not hurt either. We have two good pass catching tight ends. We need to take more advantage of this.

      Turnovers speak for themselves. Entirely too much.

      We “complain” because we are not the only ones who see it. Chip also sees some of these issues as he indicated a couple weeks ago in the win over Carolina. He thought the offense played terrible.

  • hac, I believe that we as Eagle fans fail to give any credit to a good, probably great defensive team in the Seahawks who are finally getting healthy and playing at a very high level…a very fast level….but you cannot ignore the fact that because of this offenses failure on 3rd downs, completing short passes that didn’ keep a drive moving…that the defense was on the field for 42 minutes in this game. OK, maybe Kelly’s plan was good but it was not executed by Sanchez…certainly a possibility, and if Sanchez was unable to get the team moving then Kelly had few choices, but I also know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is pretty crazy also…maybe we just match up poorly with this team and there was not much different we could have done, but I have to believe that targeting the TE’s more or using Polk & Sproles to offset a distracted Shady may have help some small bit…that being said I am all in with your comments about meaningful games in December…our next goal is meaningful games in January and February!!

    • again i’m not saying he had a good plan or a bad plan…obviously it didn’t work whatever it was all i’m saying that to make a blanket statement based off of what you saw on tv is a very simplistic explanation of a very complicated process. None of us knows exactly what the plan was, what the calls were etc. maybe sanchez checked out of stuff based on what he saw, maybe he should have checked out but didn’t… I truly don’t know and nobody on here does…. to me its just whiny criticisms at low hanging fruit… we are 19-10 in the last two years, pretty good and fun to watch- yup we arent perfect, yup we dont have all pros at 22 positions, yup not all draft picks are HOF material… but 19-10, somebody did something right, not everything but somebody, somewhere knew a little something about putting a team together..

      • It couldn’t possibly be that people complain because they don’t like what they see could it? Nah couldn’t be the reason, SMH.

        • I guess I don’t understand how continual whining on the internet makes apoplectic feel better.
          Hey most on here whined and cried about Lurie and Howie when they hired chip and not Bradley… How is that working out…
          You guys keep whining and I will keep pointing out that it’s a silly ing to do and that you whine without knowing shit ie the hiring of Kelly was in fact a good move

          • And I’ll keep pointing out how silly it is to proclaim the hiring of Kelly to be a resounding success without knowing anything, or like Foles is the answer and how is that turning out? Like I said lose and not make the playoffs and its because Sanchez sucks, Foles takes a step backwards and its not the offense it’s all on Foles. Get rid of Jackson it’s addition by subtraction, resign that moron Cooper and talk about how great a blocker he is. Yeah I don’t get some people either.

          • And you’ll keep pointing out to everyone with a properly functioning brain, what a clueless, lemming, know nothing you still are, & no matter how many times you are proven wrong & stupid, how you still irrationally argue for, excuse, & enable the front offices of the Birds & Phils! Keep up the good work clown!

  • The game plan was limited and found out what we believed. Sanchez cannot make the deep throws the out patterns, he’s mild ly effective rolling out, but you lose half the field.

    The only valid criticism of kelly could be why did you sign a weak arm reject from the Jets, but on the whole he’s a capable back up to spell the starter in spots. But as with any other team if you have to go the the back up for a stretch of games there will be a significant drop in production, unless your starter was vick ant the back up foles

    • so it was a reasonable signing…. rifle arms that can make good decisions aren’t unemployed! sanchez is a serviceable back up– hopefully he can be 500 in his starts.

      • “hopefully he can be 500 in his starts”
        Says the lemming fraud, who is just happy with being just entertained, & being “just in it”. Keep posting, you reveal more, with every tap of the key.

        • i thought being a realist was your specialty…its actually flip flopping but you claim to be a realist… sanchez is a backup… going 500 with a backup is a realistic goal.
          you reveal more with every key stroke… how frustrated, unhappy and whiny you are….

          • Exactly. I have no problem with Sanchez coming in as a backup. He did/is doing exactly what he needs to.

            Played OK enough against terrible Tenny, Car and Dallas to get those wins. Had absolutely no chance to compete against GB and Sea. I was not bothered by those losses because I would never expect a backup QB to come ina nd win those games.

            No team in the NFL has a backup QB that can come in and win those 2 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            The only thing I didn’t like was the defeated body language in the GB game. Sanchez didn’t even want to be there. That’s troubling.

            Big test is Sunday. Hopefully the last time we see Sanchez on the field. Dallas is bad. Their D is terrible. Sanchez just has to squeeze out a very pedestrian together another 15 of 24 210 yrds no int game and Eagles will win.

            Then its (hopefully) Foles for the final 2 games (of which Eagles will need to win just 1)

            • Vinniedafool…Foles has been terrible all year in almost every game he played except against Washington.He moped and been defeated and folded up in critical situations where we had a chance to win.
              He was bailed out by a defense and special teams that scored 7 touchdowns for him!
              Sanchez is clearly not the answer to our long term QB needs…
              but it is obvious:

              Sanchez is better than Foles….his numbers are better, his QB rating, his production is better, our offense has performed better under Sanchez than Foles.

              Foles is out for the year…why should he even want to come back rusty hasn’t played and risk another injury to that collarbone.
              Another hit to that area and he may require surgery.
              Look at it from Foles point of view…why should he risk coming back rusty and playing awful-like he has all year? Why should he risk getting re-injured? If he re-injures that collarbone he is going to need surgery..why take a big risk like that?

              If I am Foles agent, I’m telling him to sit it out…he already blew any chance to get a big fat long term contract with the Eagles. The smart play on his part would be to seek a trade or ask the Eagles to cut him. If he gets cut, he can argue that the reason he stank so much this year is because the Eagles got rid of his best weapon in Djax. Some other team might buy that argument and give him a shot.
              For Sanchez the big test is Sunday…he has to win…if he wins and takes us to the playoffs, and if he wins a playoff game he has a shot to start next year while we groom a young QB prospect…or he will have a shot to compete for a job with a vet that we bring in…

              Foles is done anyway you look at it…so forget Foles!

              • Change that discussion loser.

                You called for toughness.

                We’ve got one tough QB on the squad.

                And we also have a Sanchez.

                A Sanchez who quit while walking on to the field in GB
                A Sanchez whose shoulders were slumped while he kicked his toes into the turf after the Tenny int, so much so even the talking heads on TV commented.
                A Sanchez who Hollis Thomas joked “wanted no part” of the GB game (good observation)
                A Sanchez who Seahawks players were laughing at for impersonating a QB!

                You want toughness and you hold the biggest puss on the team up on a pedestal.

                Kool”toughness”Idiot screams about toughness, then praises the wimpiest guy on the team!!

                As usual, everything Koolbreeze says, the opposite is true!!

                Why take the guy who over the past 2 weeks has constantly said he’s ready to get back onto the field??
                Why take the “make them pay” guy after an illegal hit probably separated his shoulder.

                Why take that guy?

                Instead choose the “tough” guy who hides from snowflakes!!!!!



                Everything you say, the opposite is true!

              • Vinniedaloser…Foles- Tough- are you drunk???

                Foles is soft and weak. Foles completely crumbled under the pressure of playing for a big time contract. He folds when faced with adversity. When Foles is challenged to compete…he fails and folds up…that’s why Mike Vick beat him head up for the job in training camp last year.
                So many times he has thrown the ball up for grabs shying away from hits. He wasn’t stepping up in the pocket because he was scared and nervous of getting hit.
                His game against Dallas last year was some of the worst QB play we have ever seen and he was completely spooked and choked up…we have seen that continue this year-Foles choking up in critical situations….against SanFrancisco…the game on the line-needing a good easy throw in the endzone…he throws the ball out of bounds…

                In the toughest moments…Foles folds…

                We dont have a good QB on the Eagles but

                Sanchez is better than Foles

                Sanchez is no tough guy either at QB..but he is better than Foles

                Sanchez showed some leadership in getting in that bum Riley Cooper’s face and chewing him out. You would never see anything like that from Foles.

      • You are a defeatist, at it’s highest quality! No doubt!

  • Starting QB for the 2015 Eagles will be Nick Foles who will then get replaced
    in Week #6 by 3rd Round Draft Pick Bryce Petty from Baylor who at 6-3 230lbs with some hops. mobility and a strong NFL Arm, will lead the Eagles to the Promise Land… You heard it here first…..

  • Paulman’s 2015 Mock Draft for the Top 15 Selections

    1) TB Bucs – QB Jameis Winston (Fla State 6-4 232lbs)
    2) Titans – QB Marcus Mariotta (Oregon 6-4 215lbs)
    3) Jaguars – DE/OLB Randy Gregory (Nebraska 6-6 245lbs)
    4) Jets – WR Amari Cooper (Alabama 6-1 212lbs)
    5) Raiders – DT Leonard WIlliams (USC 6-5 300lbs)
    6) Redskins – OT Brandon Scherff (Iowa 6-5 320lbs)
    7) NY Giants- DE Shawn Oakman (Baylor 6-8 275lbs)
    8) Panthers – OT Andrus Peat (Stanford 6-7 315lbs)
    9) Bears – Safety Landon Collins (Alabama 6-0 220lbs)
    10) Saints – OLB Vic Beasley (Clemson 6-2 235lbs)
    11) Vikings – WR Davante Parker (Louisville 6-3 210lbs)
    12) Rams – OT Cedric Ogbuehi (Texas A&M 6-5 305lbs)
    13) Texans – OLB Dante Fowler (FLorida 6-2 261lbs
    14) Browns – DE Alvin Dupree (Kentucky 6-4 267lbs)
    15) 49ers – DT Danny SHelton (Washington 6-2 330lbs)

    • Shane Ray 6’4″ 255 DE/OLB from Missouri will go top 15…better prospect than Shawn Oakman.

      • Probably so… I was thinking him for Saints at #10 Actually but
        Shane Ray has some off-the field, maturity Issues to clean up as well
        per Scouts sources

  • who at 6-3 230lbs with some hops. mobility and a strong NFL Arm.

    You just discribed Landry Jones, and Brandon Weeden, and half the other QBs that get drafted each year.

    Petty is just another shot in the dark pick.

  • **NFL NEws

    Panthers QB Cam Newton involved in Auto-Accident in Charlotte
    taken to Hospital and does not appear serious

    Ravens sign CB Antoine Cason who was released by the Panthers a couple weeks back and should have been pursued by the Eagles for Depth

    Carry On

    • You Panther slurper…..lol….Pman is a Pathetic slurper…hahaha

  • ***76ers News****

    76ers In Discussion of being Purchased by a Billionaire Chinese Food Distributor who are interested in relocating the 76ers to Seattle,Wa…
    More Details at 11pm … Go SuperSonics!!!!!

    • Now your a Chinese Food slurper

      • Bwahahahahaha Green.

  • RG3 might start this weekend, there goes the epic things Desean was trying to accomplish, can’t do that with ordinary people.

    • Word on the street out here it was either DJax or Garcon that blabbed to TMZ about RG3 being a crap guy.

      I would lean to Garcon….but DJax has been in hiding comment wise since his twitter post and being overthrown badly twice in TB.

  • *** Phillies News *****

    Phils Trade LHP Cole Hamels to the Boston Red Sox, since Free-Agent Jon Lester is signing with the SF GIants for OF Yoenis Cespedes & IF Brock Holt
    More Detail at 11pm

    • The best scenario for the Phillies would be for the Dodgers to be desperate enough where they have no choice but to give up Joc Pederson, and Cody Seager as the base of any trade, and take a run at Yoan Moncada Cuban 2B, to eventually replace Utley – touted as better athlete, and player than Tomas overall.

      Also, make a trade for Gabriel Guerrero OF, from the Seattle Mariners to give us a nice outfielding foundation.

      Get the best they can for Cliff Lee, Utley, Rollins, and Papelbon, then let the rebuilding begin

      • i believe it’s too late for that now Cliff
        Outside of Hamels , there is no one giving up multiple High-Level Prospects
        for again,overpaid Players like Lee,Rollins,Utley & Papelbon

        Dodgers will gladly Trade Crawford or Kemp or Ethier o get rid of their Big Contracts and to make room for Pederson, they will not include their Future Star (Peterson) in any Deals..

        Phils are stuck in No-Man’s Land like the 76ers were, it will take an entire house cleaning and rock bottom before anything positive happens as far as getting to a Competitive Team anytime soon…

        • How can it be too late when Hamels hasn’t been traded yet??

          Like I said if the Dodgers can’t get who they want, in terms of adding to their starting pitching rotation – They will be desperate to get Hamels – and will have no choice but to give them up if they want him – The Phillies will be in the drivers seat. – They have NO interest in Crawford or Kemp or Ethier

          Any deal for Hamels – Has to start with both of them, a pitching prospect, and or 2 draft picks – Article about this possibility claimed the Phillies were doing intense scouting of the Dodgers minor league farm system FOR A REASON….

          And if Lee is healthy, you could package him with something to get Guerrero.

          • LHP Pitcher J Lester signs 6 Year $150 Million
            Deal with the Cubs…
            This leaves about 3-4 Teams left who would be possibly
            Interested in Cole Hamels
            1) Boston Red Sox
            2) SF Giants
            3) Cincinnati Reds
            4) LA Dodgers
            5) NY Yankees
            6) Detroit Tigers

            Teams will now Focus on Free Agent Pitchers
            First like Max Scherzer, Paul Shields,
            Irving Santana and other Pitchers Rumored on the
            Trading Blocks like Red J Cuero, Nationals
            J Zimmerman, Giants T Lincecum, possibly
            Tigers D Price if they Re-Sign Scherzer

            • paul after the way big contracts have gone in the last 5 years i thought MLB teams were going to curb spending but damn I was wrong. The contracts this off season are out of control! As i’ve said all along, its funny money, it means absolutely nothing. Your boy markakis getting $11 million as an aging singles hitter, hanley rameriz getting 20$ million a year…. ridiculous!

              • I agree with you 100% HAC..
                The Big Market Teams have so much $$$ that they can throw around $15-$20 Million Contracts to half their Rosters
                The key is actually getting Production from these Overpaid Players and then having those 1-2-3 Young Players who have Career Years, in terms of Production,Pitching,etc,etc…
                then blending all the Personalities,Ego’s,Talents and Skills with the High Priced Players to go along with the Young Players becomes a crap shoot putting Rosters Together anymore…

              • yup it is why i rarely argue about contracts..they mean nothing. When all you guys were pissed at rollins getting $11 i thought was ridiculous… $11 for a starting SS with a good glove, some power etc is a bargain, steven drew is going to get $15, headley at 3rd is going to get $17 or so… out of control!

              • Rollins just came off 3 Year at $13 Million and then 2015 Season
                was an Option Year at $11 Million
                If you recall, there was very little demand for Rollins as only the
                Brewers really talked and Offered him a Deal back in 2012 in the Range of $8-$9 Million per Season.. The SL Cardinals also said no thank you to Mr Rollins, then 3 Days later
                GM Amaro announces a 3 Year $39 Million with a 4th Year Option for 2015 (Which is this Year when there was no demand for Rollins)

              • Paul I know you never let facts get in the way of the points you try to make but Rollins, according to baseball-reference made 11$ per year the last 3 and you have no idea how much the brewers offered him… None whatsoever because the reports never stated that… So please just stop

              • Brewers Offered $8.5 for 3 Years
                The Cardinals said no thanks and GM Amaro says
                lets pay him $11 Million per Year when there was no one knockin
                on Jimmy Rollins Door..
                It is what it was after the 2012 Season
                I wish J Rollins Well, but it’s time to cut the chord on most of these aging Phils and start anew…

              • You don’t know what offers were out there for real as I stated and proved above you never let a fact get in the way of making your idiotic points and to continue to prove it …it was after 2011 not after 2012….is the internet down in boone?

    • Paul, I understand why the phils would trade hamels, it obviously makes sense but historically trading a legit MLB player for prospects is disastorous…

  • ****Phils Trade 1B Ryan Howard to the Texas Rangers and will Pay $10 Million of his $25 Million Yearly Salary for the Duration of his Contract as he will move to DH for them The Phils Receive and ask for no Players in Return

  • ****Phils Trade Closer J Papelbon and RF Marlon Byrd to the Baltimore Orioles
    for Future Draft Picks and Cather Caleb Joseph

  • Anyways, if they can run the ball they will they will lock up the division this weekend.

    They can rest starters the last week of the season. They have a miracle shot at the 2 seed but we are locked into 3.


    Even Raheem Morris didnt do that his second year.


  • Reports from NFL Office that Eagles Forfeit their 1st Round Draft Pick due to
    Genius Chip Kelly talking to Oregon’s Marcus Mariotta about Playing for the Eagles and trying to persuade him to Declare for the Draft….
    Word at NovaCare is that GM Howie is so pissed at Coach Kelly that he
    offered to turn in his Resignation stating that he can’t work for the “Ego Monster” anymore and that GM Roseman and Scouting Staff are tired of
    watching Oregon Tapes over and over again… Things are getting Ugly at NovaCare and most Eagle Fans are completely oblivious to what’s really happening…
    Brandon Bair, Taylor Hart & Jeff Maehl were asked about it after Practice, and they replied , “You wouldn’t understand, It’s a Duck Thing” ..
    Good Grief, what the F is going on with Chip Kelly and this Group

  • Phils GM Amaro announces that for every Monday Home Game,
    Will be an “Open Pitch Night” where the Phillies
    Will select 1 Fan from the Crowd who will Be the Starting
    Pitcher for the Game… A Lucky Fan will sign an Official MLB
    1-Day Contract , be fitted with a Uniform and take the Mound
    Should be some Good Times at CBP this Season

    • Fellow GCobb Poster – “DCAR” has been Selected to be the 1st “Open Pitcher Night” Fan of the Season if anyone is interested in going to the Game.. DCAR says he will wear #99 in Honor of Former Eagle “Mel Tom”

      • paulman, you have a lot of time on your hands!

        • Probably no more or less than you EHL..
          I just happen to Post quicker..

          • I think Paulman is part of the Matrix he posts things so quickly on here lol.

            • Good one IJ, I never did like those Matrix Movies, they were just too abstract and weird for me to follow… I am not much of Futuristic/Sci-Fi type of Movie Fan
              My Attention-Span is just too limited, as you well know..

          • Lol…super secretarial skills you must have. Actually, I sneak in some GCobb when I need a break or finish writing a (re)evaluation report on a client. You do post quicker, you also make a lot of stuff up. I am not as creative as you are either!

            • Yes I do make stuff up, I have never denied this… I enjoy writing, though my spelling leaves a lot to be desired..

              • Being creative is a good thing, It can be a form of therapy to relieve stressors and indicate what is going on in a person’s life. Not saying this about you, just in general. I’m off the spelling train, as long as it can be figured out…screw it, who cares.

  • Jesus christ quote of the day from mr geno smith” ive shown signs of being a probowl qb” lord save this boy he not know what he say

    • LMAO…yes I saw that too Z. Jar Jar Binks needs to lay off the sauce, it’s slowing down the regeneration of new brain cells.

      • Lol jar jar been smoking that shit

        • He’s doing something to actually not just think it, but say it.

  • Bengals place ILB Vontae Burfict on Season Ending IR List
    Burfict, who had Neck/Concussion Issues earlier this Season, then injured his Knee in Oct and has never been able to get back on the Field
    Burfict has only 29 Tackles in 5 Games this Season and has really been a non-factor for the Bengals after signing a Big-Contract Extension last Off-Season

    49ers Activate LB Navarro Bowman who I am not sure makes sense to Play with only 3 Games Left in a what has become a lost Season for the 49ers

  • **Reports from Redskins Park

    CB Breeland and WR Andre Roberts got into fisticuffs after some 1 on 1 Drills at Practice Yesterday and had to be broken up by some Players…

  • ***Paulman reports that Chip Kelly has turned down a Meeting with Officials
    from Oregon State to discuss the Open HC Position
    I hope Chip Kelly is spending more time focusing on his upcoming Opponent
    and developing a different Game Plan rather than taking time to discuss
    Open Positions …

  • ***Paulman Rumor***

    Phils Send LHP Cole Hamels to the Boston Red Sox for OF Y Cespedes
    and IF Brock Holt

    Cespedes has 1 Year Left on his Contract, provides a RH Power Bat and Phils will have 1 Year to see if he’ s part of the Future and can extend his Current Deal or let him walk in Free-agency after 2015 or even Trade Cespedes in June if they feel they can’t re-sign him and get more Prospects
    in return
    IF Brock Holt will Play 3B, 2B in 2015 and be Chase Utley’s replacement for 2016 and be a fixture for years to come at 2B

  • So to make it clear BigL….

    If the Eagles win this weekend…lock up the division and win a wildcard game….your response is what?

    • Eagles Win this Weekend, they go on to Win the NFC East and secure a #3 Seed
      If Eagles Lose and fall to 9-5, they will be a game behind the Cowboys and lose all-tie Breakers to the Cowboys,Cardinals,Seahawks and Packers
      and hence, will not make the Playoffs
      This is for all the marbles and the Cowboys in coming in rested and confident while the Eagles are questioning & doubting themselves after getting pushed around, getting manhood challenged, and called out by the Seahawks etc,etc…
      I do not have a good feel at about the Cowboys Re-Match at all…
      This could be the end of the Chip ERA as we knew it, this fast…
      What a damn shame..

      • ChimpBoy is trolling again…..dont pay attention people….move along

    • Let’s be clear I’ll be happy, does that mean Williams and Fletcher were good signings does that mean you’re good with them as the corners? Does that mean you’ll be a Sanchez fan? Like I said you are ridiculous.

      • No it doesn’t Big on all accounts. I agree with you on Williams and Fletcher. I stated before the season even started to not even consider this team elite with that outside tandem. You and others decided to take the route that they were Cap Space winners etc etc and front office terrible etc etc and I took the route before the season that there were three players this team had major decisions on. Foles, Cox, Kendricks and two of the three were going to eat ALL of the cap space that was left over….

        Yet that makes me a lemming lmao…see what I mean with that shit.

  • Another Paulman Rumors has a Craxzy Trade between the 49ers and Eagles

    Eagles Send Chip Kelly and Staff to the 49ers along with Darren Sproles and the Eagles get HC Jim Harbaugh and his Staff along ILB Patrick Willis
    both Teams will Flip-Flop Draft Positions in 1st, 4th & 7th Rounds

    Anotherwards Eagles get the 49ers 1st Round Draft Selection while the 49ers get the Eagles 1st Round Selection

    The Craziest damn Trade ever in the NFL, Commissioner is checking to even see if this is plausible

  • Well some of yall are going to love this…..

    RG3’s dad is pushing trade in the offseason……to the Eagles….

    • Lol i saw that coming izell andre kendrick my boy from vt has been asking d hall about bob and said he definely wants to be gone didnt know it was trade to eagles interesting

      • Heard that from a couple players out here….Bob and Co. use the Eagles as the “perfect scenario”…

        Also this little nugget…its Djax or Garcon as the leak on the team(TMZ)…could come to a head before the end of the season. Consensus though its Garcon and hes hoping to get let go this offseason.

      • Zilents….D Hall story….comes to the gym….with his boys in a Bentley…. parks the car in handicap…within 30mins him and his boys are fighting teenagers on a basketball court lol

        • Lol hes very immature and he cant take crism at all trust me dre was making fun of him about that eagles game when he got toasted and went crazy on him

  • Im not an RG3 fan….but if that thing continues to pick up steam….hes going to be an Eagle.

    • He was benched for Colt McCoy. Move on.

  • Devils advocate…Vick was a backup to Kevin Kolb….

    • Why is that Devil’s advocate? In both cases the backup sucked.

  • I remember some of the idiots here was telling me…oh Russell Wilson is only a ‘game manager’ he’s not a top 5 QB…where are those lames at now!
    We need a QB with smarts, mobility, and arm strength…we should get rid of all the QB’s on the roster now…Foles, Sanchez, and Barkley and start over..

    • KoolIdiots “good qb” list the past 2 years:

      Vick, Krapernick, Newton, RGIII, Manuel, Smith, Manziel, Taj Boyd and Sanchez….

      And now….”someone else”

      Spare me your pathetic evaluations of what “good” QBs are putz.

      • vinniedaloser…you idiots cant read…my good qb list over the past 2 years have been: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, and Kaepernick
        When speaking about the EAGLES QB situation- I said we should have drafted and kept in the first round Johnny Manziel and picked up a guy like Taj Boyd….
        Vick earned his job he was the best option for the Eagles…Fool…he got hurt Foles played well and I said Foles deserved a shot to play himself into a long term contract this year! I also predicted what would happen…I told you that Foles would suck this year that defenses would figure him out and his lack of talent would bite him in the ass.
        What I said about Sanchez is true….

        Sanchez is better than Foles…but we dont have a franchise QB…now next year we have to draft a QB in the first round…Manziel in Chip Kelly’s offense would look pretty good in Eagles green…I think a lot better than Sanchez or bum ass Foles!

        So Spare me your whining about Foles Vinniedafool….he is a bust!

        • Damn you are going to be sooooo pissed in the first round when the Eagles select a LB, OG, or Cb aren’t you.

          Eagles will not be drafting a QB until the mid-rounds (if they do at all).

          You’re stuck with Foles under his rookie contract for one more year buddy.

          Learn to deal with it.

          Oh wait….you just said “Sanchez is better……” so clearly dealing with reality is not your strong suit.

          • To review Koolidiot’s day:

            First he cried that the Eagles lack toughness on the Offensive side of the ball, while at the same time lauding the praises of Mark, “I’m afraid of a snowflake” Sanzhez and tearing into Nick, “Lets make them pay” Foles.

            Then said we need to dump all the Eagles’ Qbs and that Manziel “can’t beat out Brian Hoyer” Manziel and Taj “currently working at Wendy’s” Boyd would have been better options for the birds.

            You CANNOT make this shit up!

  • Qbs like tahj boyd manziel and any qb with mobilty stfu dumbass

  • Kool — Mark Sanchez failed in his chances to be considered better than Nick Foles. He had to beat a playoff team and have a better record than Nick Foles. He lost to the 2 playoff teams and there isn’t any left on the schedule. Only 3 non playoff teams remain which would only tie Nick Foles’ first 8 games record but since none of Mark Sanchez’s wins would occur against a playoff team according to you, they don’t count.

    • Mark Sanchez wins ( carolina, tennessee, dallas ) won’t be making playoffs
      Mark Sanchez losses( green bay, seattle) these are the type of wins, playoff team wins that Kool considers important.
      Teams left on the schedule ( dallas, washington, and NYG) non playoff teams

      • That was/is his criteria, can’t flip flop and change it now after it was preached all last season.

    • LMAO…You guys are ridiculous! The criteria for Foles playing for the big bucks to be a franchise QB for the Eagles is far different from the criteria for Sanchez.

      Sanchez has already proven that he is better than Foles…

      Nick Foles has never played against a defense as good as Seattle…they shut down everyone. Sanchez did better against Seattle than Foles did against San Francisco!

      These three games are for the playoffs…this game against Dallas is critical. Stop whining for Nick Foles hoping that Sanchez fails against Dallas…How about the “criteria” of being Eagles fans and wanting to see the team win.
      If you want the team to win-you realize that Sanchez has to play well. If Sanchez plays well-Foles stays on the bench. If Sanchez takes us to the playoffs-He deserves a shot at competing for the starting job next year.

      Its a logical sequence of events. Last year, Vick got hurt…Foles took the job. This year Foles got hurt…Sanchez is taking the job and he has played better than Foles-this year!

      Sanchez is better than Foles…that’s not saying much…but the Eagles best chance to win now is with Mark Sanchez NOT Nick Foles

      Go Eagles!

      • Koolbreeze, you do realize that everything you said about Nick Foles is now being said about Sanchez. As much as you want to try to find or make a difference, you can’t. You stated that Sanchez was going to be re-signed by the Eagles to start, so, in your mind, you believed that Sanchez was playing for that big contract and the opportunity to start and become a franchise QB. Let’s say Sanchez is better than Foles by a smidgeon, re-signing him to a bigger contract than the one Foles has is ridiculous. Common sense says you keep the QB that may have the most upside. Everyone knows who Sanchez is. A slightly mobile QB with a weak arm. Even you have to realize Foles’ arm is way stronger than Marks by now. You can nitpick all you want, the fact is Sanchez has not beaten a stout playoff caliber defense…once again, that was your criteria, now you want to make excuses for why Sanchez does not have to live up to it.
        As far as I am concerned, once again, my plan is out there. Play Foles next year, bring in RG3 to compete. If neither pans out, pursue Jared Goff in the 2016 draft. Hmmm, that does not sound like I am gung ho or stuck on Foles to me. Just making the moves that makes the most sense. However, You have never stated your plan for QB. I guess you still want Tahj Boyd, or Manziel the midget as Marvin Lewis called him.

        Lol, you mad bro because everything you harped about what you needed to see Foles do, the guy you claim is soooo much better can not do either, yet, you tout him as better and still believes he should be the QB. Wake up dude…even the media who was touting Foles is waking up to the fact that Sanchez is NOT going to get the Eagles any further than Foles already has. You did hear what Bennett said about Sanchez…get that APB out. Re-watching the game, Sanchez missed a few open receivers that would have went in for a score, missed open receivers, as much as I do not like Cooper, that errant pass was on Sanchez. He single handedly blew that game.
        I could care less who the QB is, as long as the Eagles win!
        Go Eagles!

        • Both of them suck! Right now, I would take Manziel over both Foles and Sanchez today and plug him into Chip’s system…I think you have a better QB than Foles or Sanchez.

          . But you cant deal in ‘what ifs’ above and beyond what IS the Eagles current situation. I would prefer Russell Wilson or Brady, or Manning…

          There not available

          Sanchez has played better than Foles this year, his stats are better and the offense has performed better under Sanchez than Foles.

          Bottom Line.

          Foles and Sanchez suck

          But Sanchez is better than Foles

  • “Sanchez is taking the job and he has played better than Foles-this year!”



    Against “good” teams (GB and Seattle)

    Sanchez 36 of 66 (54%) for 442 yards 4 tds 3 ints 5 fumbles

    Both games over before they began.




    • I have never saw Nick Foles play in a game where the Eagles were out of contention before the fourth quarter.

      What difference does it make how the points go on the score board? Against the 49ers Foles had the team 4 inches from winning. Bad play calling and a Copper dropped pass lost that game.

      Against the Cardinals, it was not Nick Foles that gave up a 75 yards touchdown pass to John Brown with 1:33 left. Foles had the team in the lead.

      Granted, Nick Foles has not played as well this season, but he played behind a makeshift offensive line and no running game.

      The biggest difference between Foles and Sanchez is that Foles has the tools to bring the team back from a scoring deficit, which he has done 3 times this season. Sanchez seems ill equipped to get that done.

      Yes, I think Foles would have a much better chance of beating the Seahawks. Because Kelly would have put the game in Foles’ hands and thrown the ball 40+ times if he had to.

      Sanchez was used by Kelly as he was used by Ryan in NY. With caution!

      • EaglesFanSue-that has nothing to do with Foles…that’s a testimony to the Eagles defense which has kept them in games this year and last year. Against the Cardinals, it was Foles turning the ball over that blew opportunities to give us more of a cushion against them. It was Foles sup-par play against San Francisco that lead to the offense failing to score a single point.
        Being ‘close’ to scoring doesn’t count…you have to punch it in!
        The Eagles were a dropped interception away from being in the Seattle game..Sanchez did not play well but he played much better than Foles did in the San Francisco game….he scored two touchdowns….
        If Sanchez is being used with ‘caution’ then Foles should have been used with extra caution…he led the league in turnovers and missing wide open receivers!
        Stop it with Foles…he had his shot this year to prove that he is a franchise QB…he failed miserably and now its time to get another QB in here who has more talent than Foles or Sanchez…stronger arm, more mobility, more courage in the pocket…
        But for now this year:

        Sanchez is better than Foles!

    • LMAO


      Against “good” teams (San Francisco and Arizona)

      Foles 57 of 105 (54%) 4 interceptions

      0 points against the SF

      Seattle game-Defense drops an interception that would have put them 3 points down with over 9 minutes in the game

      Foles-Defense and Special Teams score a whopping 7 touchdowns to win and keep the Eagles in games!

      Green Bay -Defense gives up the most points it has in the last two years

      Mark Sanchez stats- 10 touchdowns 7 interceptions passing – %62.1

      Nick Foles 13 touchdowns 10 interceptions passing- %59.8

      Sanchez is better than Foles and neither one is good enough…but Sanchez is an upgrade over Foles

      Foolish Ass

      • Exactly.

        Except you forgot the whole 4 missing oline and Shady on vacation too against SF and Ariz.

        Also forgot Cooper drops winning TD vs SF. Also forgot D gives up 80 yrd TD bomb with 1:33 to go vs Ariz.

        Also forgot that Eagles D and special teams have 4 tds with Sanchez at QB.

        But why would you remember those events? They spoil your completely inane “Sanchez is better” claim. Now supported by only 1 idiot on Earth.

        BTW – What’s it like being on a bandwagon…in this case the Sanchez wagon, that loses supporters at such a rapid rate? Even you have reluctantly backed off your earlier…”Sanchez is better he’ll get a contract!” to “Sanchez is better, but he also kinda sucks”….setting up your “I always knew Sanchez was pathetic” which is coming soon.

        At least with Foles Eagles were driving for wins with 2 mins to go.

        Tell me….name ONE THING Sanchez did against GB or Sea that made you feel, even a bit, that the Birds had a chance to pull something out.

        Was it the slumped shoulders? The head down? The kicking at the turf with the toes? Perhaps because he ate a cheesteak after beating powerful Houston!

        Foles at his worst, same as Sanchez at his best.

        One has upside – Foles. One does not – Sanchez.

        You are going to be sooooo angry in 2 weeks.

        ANd Damn…how pissed you going to be when Foles….still under contract btw….lines up under centre week 1 next year.

      • Seahawks gives Eagles a Gift 7 Pts with Fumbled Punt Snap & Still Beat their asses.
        Colts Coach’s gave away Game to Eagles by not Running the Clock out..

        Bottom Line is that none of this means jack-shit about this upcoming Game versus the Cowboys..
        Eagles Win and Control their Own Destiny
        Eagles Lose and it’s Panic Time, Sky Is Falling and Eagles will need help to make the Post-Season

      • Foles 57 of 105 (54%) 4 interceptions

        I think that proves EaglesSue’s point…. That’s two games where Foles threw the ball 100+ times…. Guess why… because Kelly trusted Foles to win or lose the game. He had to, there was no running game.

        On the contrary, Kelly let Sanchez throw the ball 20 times vs the Seahawks…. Guess why…. Just what EaglesSue said… Kelly has no confidence in Sanchez as a passer. His best chance to win was running the ball.

        And what a great quote from EaglesSue – “Sanchez was used by Kelly as he was used by Ryan in NY. With caution!”

  • Eagles Starting Line-up for 2015
    QB – Nick Foles
    RB – LeSean McCoy
    TE – Brett Celek
    WR’s – Jeremy Maclin & Jordan Matthews
    OL (from L to R) J Peters, E Mathis, J Kelce, A Gardner & L Johnson

    DL – Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan & Karl Klug (from Titans)
    LB – Connor Barwin, M Kendricks, D Ryans & KJ Wright (From Seattle)
    CB – Buster Skrine (from Cleveland) & Nolan Carroll
    Safety – Malcolm Jenkins & Cody Prewitt (2nd Round Pick in 2015 Draft)

    P – Donnie Jones
    K – Cody Parkey
    LS – Jon Donebros

  • KJ Wright would be a good pickup. He can fill the hole and stop the run and allow Kendricks to roam. I like that.

    • I believe KJ Wright will be the #1 Target of the Eagles in Free-Agency,
      He also can play ILB and probably becomes D Ryans Replacement in 2016,
      if Marcus Smith II ever develops at OLB…

  • Look at this nugget from Espn….this why you are ecstatic if Sanchez can keep you afloat but you CANNOT even think about long term plans with him outside of being a backup.

    In the case of the Eagles, they will have to overcome the shaky play of Mark Sanchez. A combination of bad decisions, poor mechanics and inaccurate passes have led to Sanchez posting a 3.6 percent interception rate that ranks 30th out of 34 qualifying passers this year. It is a primary reason why Sanchez has yet to secure his hold on this starting job, and could end up forcing the Eagles making a hit-or-miss, late-season quarterback change to put Nick Foles (3.2 percent interception rate, ranked tied for 27th) under center.

  • Here are a few more ‘nuggets’ for you!

    The Eagles have overcome the weak and shaky play of Foles who led the league in turnovers, under 60% passing , led the league in missed open receivers…thank God for the defense and special teams which scored 7 touchdowns in games Foles played to bail us out in close games against Indy and St Louis where Foles turnovers nearly cost us the game.

    Our best win against a quality team this year came against Dallas where Sanchez completed 69% of his passes…excellent…had no turnovers.
    We are in position now to knock Dallas out of the playoff hunt because Sanchez solid play in this game.

    The two toughest defenses we have played this year were San Francisco and Seattle.
    Foles scored 0 points against San Francisco
    Sanchez scored 14 points against Seattle

    Both Sanchez and Foles suck…but

    Sanchez is better than Foles!

  • Whatever Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

    Sanchez 3.6% int rate Foles 3.2% int rate

    Koolidiot says “Foles leads the league in turnovers.”

    Sanchez 6 fumbles in 4.75 games. Foles 4 fumbles in 8.25 games

    Koolidiot says, “Foles leads the league in turnovers.”

    Remember, whatever Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

  • Whatever Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

    Koolidiot says: “thank God for the defense and special teams which scored 7 touchdowns in games Foles played”

    Eagles defense and special teams scored 3 tds in 5 games Sanchez played!

    Who scored the first TD against Tenny? Who scored 2 early tds to break open the game vs Carolina?

    Special teams and D have been “bailing out” the team all year!!!! What’s the f-ing point other than to say they score a lot!!!

    Whatever Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

  • Whatever Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

    Koolidiot says: “Our best win against a quality team this year came against Dallas”

    Koolidiot believes Dallas is a quality team!!!!

    Koolidiot cannot remember Indianapolis! A game where the other team actually competed and scored 27 points.

    Remember, whatever Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

    • LMAO @fool ass Vinniedaloser

      1.Dallas is in our division, they are 9-4 just like Indianapolis. The stakes were much higher playing against the Cowboys in Dallas on Thanksgiving than playing the Colts in the second game of the season-Fool Ass!
      2. Dallas IS a quality team…their tied with us for the division lead…we have to beat them to win the division. You gave Nick Foles the credit for the win against Dallas last year to get us in the playoffs (a game like the Indianapolis game where the defense bailed our ass out with a key interception to save the game!!) but now suddenly they are not a good team…

      What a flip-flopping ass you are Vinnie!

  • Agents of the Following NFL QB have contacted GM Howie Roseman
    about getting a look from the Eagles

    1) EJ Manuel – BIlls
    2) RG3 – Redskins
    3) Sam Bradford – SL Rams
    4) Christian Ponder – Vikings
    5) Joe Webb – Panthers
    6) Johnny Football – Browns
    7) Brian Hoyer – Browns
    8) Matt Hassellback – Colts
    9) Matt Schaub – Raiders
    10) Terrelle Pryor, Thad Lewis, JeMarcuss Russell, Tim Tebow
    11) Tavaris Jackson – Seahawks
    12) Adam DeMichelle and Jeff Garcia

    • 13) Mike Vick
      14) RG3

      • 14) Geno

        • 15) Ryan Fitzpatrick
          16) Kirk Cousins
          17) Jay Cutler
          18) Brandon Weeden
          19) Cam Newton
          20) Carolina Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson calling for Cam Newton
          21) Ryan Nassib of the Giants
          22) U of Michigan’s Devon Gardner
          23) Dak Prescott

          • Where is Tajh Boyd of the Boston Brawlers?

            • Taj Boyd no longer has an Agent… 🙂

  • University Of Wisconsin Football Coach Gary Anderson Resigns and takes the open Oregon State Position…. Gary Anderson has been Wisconsin’s HC for 2 Years and Replaced the Departed B Belima who took the U of Arkansas Job (Gary Anderson is from the Northwest)

    Athletic Director Barry Alvarez will Coach the Badgers in Upcoming Bowl Game

    Rumors are already swirling about Chip Kelly going to the Land of Cheese
    and taking over the Badger Program and bring that Up-Tempo fast Pace to the Big Ten…. They are talking about “Statutes made out of Cheese” in Kelly’s likeness already all around Madison,Wisconsin area …

    • to be followed by a coaches search article from the one and only Clifford Dorsey like we were blessed with 2 years ago. I’ll be honest, I could go for a good Cliff Dorsey article.

  • Rumors that Chip Kelly has asked former Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini
    to join the Eagles Staff.. Bo Pelini, from Youngstown,Ohio is a Defensive Minded Coach and was the Defensive Coordinator at LSU, Oklahoma & Nebraska before taking over as HC in 2007…

    • That would be cool Paul, but I think they need more athleticism, and talent on Defense before they need another coach…Coach won’t make much of a difference…..

      • No doubt Cliff, need Talent Upgrades on Defense,
        Especially in secondary..
        I would not be surprised to see Bo Pellini
        Interview for the Wisconsin Opening where he would
        be nice Fit for the Badgers..

        • Reports are that U of Wisconsin Have HIred Paul Chryst of U of PIttsburgh
          as their next HC… Chryst was an Assit for 10 Years under Athletic DIrector Barry Alvarez and is from Madison,Wis and probably his Dream Job..
          Poor University of Pittsburgh who now has to Hire their 5th HC in the last 7 Years, Just Brutal…
          Don’t be surprised to see Bo Pelini for the PItt Job..

          • Bo Pellini is from Youngstown Ohio and would be a natural fit for Pitt

  • More nuggets…

    Mark Sanchez hasn’t had as much success with the deep ball. He has completed 9 of 26 attempts for 281 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions.

  • Another reason why the deepball has died…

    Jeremy Maclin’s per-catch average (33 catches for 407 yards) with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. The receiver’s average with Nick Foles was 17.1 (41-702).

    • Take a closer look.

      Maclin’s production is down
      Cooper’s production is down
      Ertz production has disappeared
      Sproles pass production is down
      McCoy’s pass production is down
      Celek (after one big game) is down

      Matthews is up…..wait….was up. Last 3 games?? Down.

      Sanchez is a QBing disaster.

      • He’s not a disaster Vinnie…he’s a backup. That can win you games in short stretches.

        If we can win Sunday night he’s been a success. Was and NY have quit. And with a win more than likely the last game of the season will be played by backups.

        • Look at the Cardinals…
          They are Winning with a 3rd/4th String Back-Up
          QB Ryan Lindley and 3rd/4th String RB Williams
          Off the Practice Squad…
          Could the Eagles Win any Games with Barkley
          & RB Tucker leading the way??
          HC Bruce Arians has done an incredible
          Job with the Cardinals who are now 11-3
          And at least a Wildcard in NFC West
          And basically just eliminated the 49ers
          From Postseason..

          • Ummm….winning with Lindley and Williams…..exactly how different is that from Palmer and Ellington? Or Stanton? They all pretty much stink.

            Cards have been winning on their D for 3 years now.

        • I agree. Just some hyperbole there. He’s a serviceable backup. He’s come in and done exactly what I expected. Enough to win the Tenny’s, but (and I’ll stick with the word) a disaster against anyone good. That GB game was over as he walked on to the field.


    • I thought the Eagles already had a “Bye Week”…
      Are the Fans & Local Media in Philly not pumped about this Cowboy game..
      It’s only going to decide the NFC East Champion and the #3 Seed in the NFC Playoffs..
      I guess we can talk about Mike Vick or D-Jax instead… Good Grief

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