• June 25, 2022

The Seahawks Were Clearly Better Than The Eagles

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia EaglesYesterday, Russell Wilson put on a clinic by using his legs, arm and instincts to lead the Seahawks to a convincing 24-14 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.  He threw for a total of 263 yards with two touchdowns.  Number three also ran for 48 and a touchdown on a 26 yard naked bootleg.

Wilson made big plays against a couple of Eagles all-out blitzes.  On one play, he took off on the naked bootleg vs. the blitz and on another he threw a touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin, who beat safety Malcolm Jenkins.  Jenkins was unable to take advantage of a huge opportunity in the fourth quarter, when Wilson made a huge mistake by throwing a pass which his Jenkins in the chest.  If he had caught it, it would have been a pick six and would have closed the deficit to three.

This wasn’t a quality performance by the Eagles offense, but the Seahawks defense had a lot to do with it.  “We were out played.  We missed blocks we could have made.  There were plenty of opportunities”, said Eagles center Jason Kelce.

The Seattle defense bottled up McCoy for the entire day as he was held to only 51 yards on 17 carries.  On the first play of the second half, McCoy was carrying the ball loosely and he was hit from behind by Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright.  McCoy fumbled the football and Seahawks safety Earl Thomas recovered.  Seattle scored a couple of plays later on a Wilson pass to Lynch.

The Seahawks defense front was in attack mode for the entire game.  They outplayed the Eagles offensive line, which left the game in the hands of the Sanchez. The longest run they surrendered to the Eagles was ten yards to McCoy.

A couple of plays later, Wilson connected with Lynch for a touchdown and it put the Birds in the hole by a 17-7 score.

The Eagles got a turnover from the Seahawks, when they separated the ball from Marshawn Lynch, but Mark Sanchez handed it right back to them with a poor throw to Riley Cooper. Cooper could have done a better job of coming back to the football and fighting for it, but it was a poor throw by Sanchez.

Those two turnovers did the Eagles in as the Seahawks dominated the game except for a few plays.

In the first half, Seattle’s punter, Jon Ryan dropped a snap to give Zach Ertz a chance to recovered to set up the short 14 yard drive by the Birds which ended with a two-yard quick screen pass to Jeremy Maclin for a touchdown.  It put the Birds ahead early in the game.

There’s no other way to say it.  The Birds were outplayed. Sanchez looked hesitant and unsure at times.  The Seahawks defensive front took it to the Birds offensive line which had dominated the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles defense did decent job on Lynch, as they held him to 86 yards on 23 carries.

The Eagles defensive front did play some of its best football.  Fletcher Cox showed up in a major way and continues to prove that he’s one of the best young defensive linemen in the NFL.  He can’t be blocked one-on-one.

Mychal Kendricks is blossoming as a young linebacker.  His speed is starting to show more and more as he’s becoming more adept at anticipating what play is going to be run.

Connor Barwin did a great job of patrolling the left side of the Birds defense.  He got a couple of big hits on Wilson.


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  • Eagles are a QB and WR away on Offense
    and a Top CB, another ILB & Safety away on Defense

    • Maclin, Thornton, Bradley Fletcher , and Nate Allen are the 4 starters available in Free Agents.
      Both corners and Nate Allen could use an upgrade as starters —
      age replacement and/or health casualties Ryans, Herrmanns, and Cole.

  • Well if they need a qb, where is he and if he’s better than what we have how do we get him

    If the eagles really need a qb than kelly will be gone before he ever wins a super bowl

    These elite or franchise qb are few, and often it’s luck or eordr, disaster when you reach for one like Washington did

    The future of the eagles rests on foles showing he’s capable of consistent high level play, the fact that he shows a high ceiling means he’s got the tools, the question is consistency, but he’s the only option, and I guarantee you one of the first calls kelly made today was to the team physician

  • How the hell do the “KNOWLEDGEABLE” Eagles fans give up on a QB like Foles after the promise he’s shown, he’s young, had the crap beat out of him with no OL or running game this year PLUS there’s no doubt he was severly beat up and injured… Going in ANOTHER direction @ QB puts us 3 to 5 years out… That’s nuts and KELLY WON”T be here for that…

  • WRs will be plentiful and you can pick up a burner in the draft as well.

    ILBs of significance are going to have to come in FA.

    Same with safety.

    Kelly’s QB isnt on the roster. Doesnt mean he cant win with Foles.

  • I’m not done with this year yet…injuries ..turnovers and just an overview of the way the league is trending ,makes me hopeful..a Dallas loss would be a step backwards for sure …however,we can all sense an Eagle win and a 12-4 season..that’s a step forward…a home playoff win vs a wild card team …and a draft and free agency ….we’ve come a long way from wide 9 ,and times yours…I’m bummed ,today big time,but ,I get we lost to the champs with mark sanchez,he was the grinch who shit on my tree …I’m not a cockeyed optimist ,but,foles processed a ton of looks from the sidelines ,how it translates ,if at all ,is still the unknown …where there’s a pulse ..thers life..

  • Where Is This Qb Izell, how much of a better pro will he be than foles and given the eagles high draft slot how will they get him and at what price

    • Jake thats the million dollar question.

      Does he continue with Foles if he improves and just adapts or is he constantly looking for that guy.

      His offensive style leaves that question open eternally if he doesnt have a true two way threat.

  • Low draft slot

  • Russell Wilson’s touchdown run should never have happened —
    OG James Carpenter was past the first down marker when Russell completed a 3rd and long first down a few plays earlier.

    • Yes that’s correct, lots of missed,bad calls by the Ref’s in yesterday game…
      But Bottom Line, the Eagles did not play well enough to Win on Offense
      Chip Kelly called way too “Safe and Conservative” Game Plan which had very little chance of being successful versus the Seahawk Defense
      It was like he was afraid to challenge them… Very disappointed in the Play Calling for it played right into the Seahawks Strengths ..

  • Chip knows were gonna be playing Seattle more than likely again at some point. He kept it simple and we got Seattle the hell outta there with no injuries on both sides. Soo many bad calls and opportunities left out on the field. They did not completely whoop our ass. We were still in it the whole game with mark at QB. I still believe we’re the better team on offense and special teams. Our defense did what it did best, stop a top tier rb again and force turnovers. Expect a totally different outcome next time these two contenders meet. Wilson is not going to be able to win with his legs in the post season consistently. He didn’t do nothing special with his arm. That mccoy fumble and dropped picked 6 were the daggers. Still happy to be 9-4 with Dallas on there way to the linc. Good news is we don’t have to travel anywhere. Regardless of what happens this season I’m really proud of this team showing up and battling there hearts out. Deserteagle is right we have came a longg way. It’s been a fun year! One of the best in recent memory.

    • I completely agree

      I loved the offensive gameplan. Show absolutely nothing.

      4 plays changed the game. The costly bogus pass int in the 1st Q that gave the Hawks a td. The McCoy fumble, the horrible INT, and the dropped pick.

      Once the starting QB returns and passes over 10 yards re-enter the gameplan, you’ll see a very different result.

  • Really wish we woulda slipped to 2-0 in those badass uniforms tho. That black on black is something else…

    Question: would we have own with Desean still here? I kno hes old news and “who cares about Djax” but I’m just interested In what u guys think?

    • Djax is the difference maker you need against top-rated defenses….we got rid of Djax and extended that bum ass Cooper.

      What a great guy in the ‘locker room’, Cooper is…talking about other players contracts, throwing his Quarterback under the bus

  • Heres a revelation why didnt the best Left tackle in football, the best center in football, the RT phenom, and the all pro RG open up some holes vs a good defense rather then feasting on the Titans and Cowboys of the world who everybody runs on. Ask that oline why they couldnt run block again. Seems like they always get a free pass.

    • Because Chip Kelly called too many Wide Running Plays instead of more Off-Tackle & Straight-Ahead Blocking Schemes … These Pull-Outs/Stretch Plays and Lateral Runs are way too slow developing plays against the quick Seahawk Run Defense and plays right into their Strength..
      When the Cowboys and RB Murray ran against them, the Cowboys ran right at them, and not all this Sweeps, Stretch, pulling off-lineman for they do not work versus the Seahawk Defense as I indicated they would not in Pre-Game run up… same with the Chiefs & RB Charles a couple weeks back.. you run right at this Seahawk Defense, not around the outside

      • I also believe that the Seahawks had a few injured defensive players the week that they played the CowGirls.

    • And sometimes our running had a 4yd hole and stretch it wide and only got two or a loss.

    • Chip Kelly is a finesse coach…he has always struggled against physical, tough teams.

      • Tahj Boyd is not finesse, he will throw the hell out of the ball and run it for many 1st downs and TD’s.

  • Paulman’s 2015 EAGLES Mock Draft (Version #5)

    1st Rd – CB Ifo-Ekpre Olomo (Oregon 5-9″ – 195lbs)
    2nd Rd – Safety Cody Prewitt (Miss 6-2 215lbs)
    3rd Rd – QB Bryce Petty (Baylor 6-3 230lbs)
    4th Rd (from Buffalo) OT Darryl Williams (Oklahoma 6-6 325lbs)
    4th Rd – RB Cameron Artis-Payne (Auburn 5-10 210lbs)
    5th Rd – ILB Trey DePriest (Alabama 6-1 250lbs)
    6th Rd – WR Davente Davis (UNLV 6-3 215lbs)
    7th Rd – CB Gary Peters (Clemson 6-0 190lbs)

    • I didn’t know Bryce Petty was that big, 230lbs nor the Oregon CB was only 5’9”.
      Got to start my list of 25 or so “Impact” players pre combine.

      • There are lots of Good Players in this Draft
        As usual, my Mocks are not the Best Prospect coming out for the Draft, but rather a list of Players who I think the Eagles will target based on their Draft Selection,Needs,etc,etc and since the Eagles will have the 25th or so Pick in each Round, there is little sense in me listing Players that will be long gone before they Select..
        Others here can do that for everyone.

    • Ifo Ekpre-Olomu does not meet the measurements that the Eagles defense wants on the outside. They my as well put Boykin outside. No on Olomu. Alex Carter or jalen Colins…both 6’0″ + and over 200 pounds.

      • might as well

      • The Oregon Connection may be too great for Chip to pass up on Olomu, who Chip recruited And likes this kid very much
        This kids Vertical is off the charts and he plays bigger than his 5-9 Height
        Think of CB Grimes of Miami Dolphin and at 195lbs, has the strength
        And thickness to play well versus the Run…

  • Mark Sanchez is not the type of QB that can make all the throws in the best weather. Anybody who was at the game yesterday knows that there was too much wind at field level for Sanchez to be effective.

    The only way we can win a game where we have to come back from a deficit is if Foles comes back.

    For all you people who don’t like Nick Foles – you should be starting to see that there is a lot more to dislike about Sanchez. If Foles played that game we would have been driving for the winning TD at the end. Because there were guys open down-field all day who Sanchez just couldn’t hit…

    You will want to look at your all-22 this week.

  • I’m going to trade Cary Williams for an extra 1st round pick, then I’m going to trade Chris Polk for a second rounder.
    then I’m going to trade the eagles first rounder back easily to pick some extra picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
    that gives me

    • I’m going to rebuild this defense now with Impact players

  • Williams for a 1st round pick? That’s a joke right?

    • yes! just sarcastically pre-emptive striking the impending ridiculous anti-eagle roster builders off season plans here on GCobb

      • haha… Thought you might be losing your mind.

      • Those sound like Fraudman trades!

        • More like GMCliff Trades to get to his 4 or 5 1st & 2nd Round Selections for the Eagles that he likes to Predict every Draft…

  • What this game proves is that we aren’t ready for the big boys…no need to think about Super Bowls with this team…we need an upgrade of talent. We got rid of a All-Pro receiver and kept Riley Cooper…which is fine when we play Tennesse or the Giants…but when you go against Super Bowl caliber teams it bites you in the ass.
    Anyone who thinks Foles would have been some great help yesterday is drunk.
    The QB we need to be an elite team is not on the team..


      • Yes, Tahj Boyd is available, he has been available..quick, alert Chip and Howie. No excuses..tough throws through tight windows.

    • Shitty Sanchez, pop gun arm Mark or check down Chico …hmm..which one is more fitting?

    • Washington 3-13 in 2013 ( without said pro bowl WR like DJax)
      Washington 3-10 in 2014 ( what an impact with said pro bowl WR)
      Philadelphia 10 -6 in 2013 ( with said pro bowl WR like DJax)
      Philadelphia 9- 4 in 2014 ( without said pro bowl WR, no difference)
      DESEAN JACKSON has no impact on outcomes pro or con

  • Yeah, Yeah…whatever….

    Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater would have been a better 1st round selection…

    Nick Foles is done, Sanchez is better than Foles…but he is not a franchise QB

    Djax on this team would have been a whole lot better than that bum ass Cooper

    Go Eagles…

    • Losing jax was addition by subtraction… He is not a player you want on your team… Ask the dead skins!

      • No, the question is, who really wants to be on the deadskins? It has become a haven for athletes to go to kill their pro careers…or lay them to rest. Everyone knows that Djax, Maclin and Mathews is a much more potent offensive weapon system than substituting Cooper in for Jackson. Let’s just stop. Cooper is a big mouth, cancerous, race bating stiff masquerading as a 2nd receiver when he is a 4th at best..

      • So that bum ass Cooper is subtraction by addition! We added that bum with a long term contract and look at him. Running the wrong routes, making stupid statement about other players contracts, throwing his QB under the bus…he’s a distraction that cant play!

        He’s a racist and a bum….He doesn’t deserve to be an Eagle!

    • Sockpuppet needs some more pennies in his pocket….do not feed the sockpuppet they will only continue to post stupid shit.

      You it is funny that you mentioned those 2 QB’s Kool/Songs, because at this same time last year there were many mock drafts and the common wisdom was that both of those QB’s would be going very high in the 2014 NFL draft…..then after scrutiny by the NFL experts and the combine and personal workouts and visits, but dropped and dropped. My point is that while right now the consensus is that Mariotta will be gone early in the 1st, just wait and see how things shake out after he is evaluated, poked and prodded by the so-called experts….it could very well be that a better QB then you think would be available at or near enough to our drafting spot that we could make a reasonable move ( not an RGIII disaster ) and get him. I am still not convinced that Foles will not rebound and regain his confidence and play better, but I believe Chip sees the need for multiple QB’s on his team for him to be successful. Just a thought, but the draft often works out in strange ways…look how far Arron Rogers dropped.

    • Kool, What about Tahj Boyd, you left him off of your list. You was touting him from January til May…funny, now you have substituted Teddy Bridgewater in for Tahj Boyd’s place.
      You want to know why Manziel has not been placed in a game yet, because his the Browns leadership brass is questioning his commitment to the game and commitment to making himself better by studying the offensive game book when he is not starting. Yeah, he has shown you why he is a better first round choice. The book is not written on either one yet (Smith II or Manziel), what I do know is that I thank God you are not in charge of picking 1st round talent….Manziel, Louis Nix III and Tahj Boyd…lmao at you all day Tahj Boyd Jr!

  • I love it.

    Kool”tightwindowstoughthrowsnolongerapplies”Breeze sticking to his guns.

    Despite mountains of evidence. Despite the coach rolling out high school offences. Despite every throw over 10 yards wither being incomplete or going the other way. And in his 68th start…..throwing for…..wait for it…..96 yards….despite it all……

    Still sticking to, “Sanchez is better than Foles”

    Well done mate. Your obstinacy knows no bounds.

    • vinniedaloser…

      Of course you love it…your not an Eagles fan…your a Foles fan

      Sanchez was shut down by a defense that has shut down Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady–no shame in that . He had a Foles like game in missing open receivers but he is the only option now…
      If Sanchez takes us to the playoffs and gets a win there…he should be the starter going into next year if we dont draft or obtain another QB.

      Sanchez is not a franchise QB but he is better than Foles!

      • Hey Shit for Brians.

        Listen to Michael Bennett. Who earlier joked about Sanchez imitating an NFL QB.

        Later he said:

        “So it’s hard (for the Eagles) to play with Mark Sanchez in there. They don’t have the same offense as with Nick Foles [in there], so it’s a lot easier to scheme for them that way.”

        The opponent you lauded said it would have been more difficult to play the Eagles had Foles been in you idiot.

        And why? Well, because he can complete a pass further than 10 yards down the field.

        • LOL…..I could get past the “shit for BRIANS”……not that I have any room to talk about spelling and grammar….but it is Brain

          • ahhhh typo

            • believe me vin, no room to talk here about typos..i just found it funny…i guess after that game ANYTHING will make me laugh

      • We know what we have in Sanchez and he’s not our future. Foles will be the starter next year. I wonder who will even sign Sanchez. He won’t get big money but he might get a job to compete for the starting position.

        And no one can argue Sanchez’s arm is stronger than Foles’ now. It was clear last game in the actual attempts by Sanchez and the play calling by Chip. I think it’s pretty clear that Chip was willing to put a lot on Foles but he’s really trying to protect Sanchez.

        It’ll definitely be an interesting off-season that’s for sure. But first we have see how this year plays out. You just never know how things will end. Hopefully Foles will come back before the playoffs.

  • We all love our team soo dearly to the point we always act all dramatic with a loss. And the media does it just as much. Were contenders. You never know what can happen in this league. Just ask the NYG who have not one, but two superbowls. Our defense is goign to be something special. Were only a player or 2 away from getting a cool nickname like LOB. They played there asses off and have been bailing us out all year, and almost did again yesterday with that dropped pick 6. The refs clearly respect the LOB more than actual team do, cause damn what a lousy game called by the refs. You would think we’d get some love being at home.

    But we can beat Seattle. If were not a top tier 1 team, then were right there on the verge. Cant wait to play them again. I tell you what, Id rather play Sea in Seattle, than GB in Lambaeu or GB even visiting pHILLY

  • Shoulda coulda woulda, if Foles were playing the game plan would have been different a he woulda thrown 3 picks, if Desean was here the offense would be different who the hell knows all I know is 2 of our skill positions is being manned by a half year wonder in Cooper and Charlie Checkdown aka Sanchez but hey Chip and Howie knows best.

    • Why pick on an injured player today Biggie? Now you hate Foles as much as you hate Kelly? That game sucked, but trying to divert attention from the obvious and at Foles is just stupid.

      • Nah green the QB position has been the difference between this team being able to beat the big boys this year and being pretenders. I was hoping Foles would end all the QB talk after last year but he’s just as injury prone as Vick was and he has regressed to a serious question mark level. I’m talking big picture green and that game made the picture crystal clear what this team is lacking and thinking the outcome would have been any different with Foles is foolish.

        • Ok man. Big picture from the Big Guy. It absolutely is the pivotal move of the off season. I, like you, had hope and at times believed that Foles would end it all, but unfortunately even if he comes back and does well, you cannot overlook his regression earlier this year. I was just confused more with the timing of the comment.

  • I’m not sugarcoating this loss …it separated us from the elite status we all craved as Eagle fans ..however Green Bay has 4games left ,and everyone else 3 …a shit ton can ,and will happen…in thiese remaining games..that’s just the nature of this league…injuries to a key player ,upsets ,chemistry going a foul…one certainty …it ain’t over till it’s over ….I’m conceding jack…I’m beating Dallas …fuck up jerry jones Xmas ..that’s a big wrapped gift under my tree. If we do ,12-4 is in the realm statistically …who amongst us ,wouldn’t agree that’s a huge step for a second year program ? This arduous season has shown us an emergence of an elite special teams unit ….a front seven that likely will grow ,together one more season or more …a young quarterback who may not be the most eye appealing at times ,but he’s shown his toughness and ,almsot without failing ,he leaves the field with a lead ,late in a game ..he has a closers mentality..he is still like this team ,only in its sophomore campaign…I think we’ve all been deluded by our own achievements …this is a progression league ,taking steps at a time …we have shot out of a cannon and still we are potentially ,back to back NFC champs ..and likely ,a home playoff gme awaits us once again..Under any metric,that’s a huge step forward….I’m not at all drinking the green Kool aid ,but I’m very confident ,we are trending higher ,and reality is ,this offseason Seattle has financial decisions to make that will very well impact that team as we see it today..arizona ? Who knows what palmers health may bring? That leaves us and the packers from today’s rankings ..We will be relevant ,we will be contending ,and we have a division that’s in disarray …especially when dez wants his $$$.. Romos in a backbrace…Eli’s playing for a lame duck coach ..and the dead skins are what they are…in a town of sixers ,flyers ,and phillies ….who’s worried ? Not me …I have my dream ,and it’s still alive ..

    • Desert that wasn’t addressed to you

  • Poor speculation that foles would have played as poorly as Sanchez, when healthy and with an intact o line, foles put up historic numbers this year, behind David molk and other backups he was back pedaling for his life

    Every Young Qb has growing pains , foles endured his with a crappie o line

    Foles Has A Big Arm, Big Pocket Passer Who Is Intelligent Tough And Sees The field. He will be back this year

    Sanchez Is the backup for a reason. Kelly privately can’t wait to have foles back to save the season like he did last year

    With Foles Eagles Beat The Seahawks

    • Seattle D players saying in interviews Sanchez is a joke and it would have been more difficult to gameplan and play the Eagles with Foles.

      Sanchez is a joke.

      At any point did you feel the Eagles could come back yesterday? I didn;t. And neither did you.

      Yet when Foles is in, even when he’s playing poorly (sans oline) he’s still always grinding it out at the end.

      From New Orleans, to washington, to San Fran, to Arizona…he’s always there scrapping it out and leading drives to win games. They’re no always successful, but the guy gives the Eagles a chance….even when he’s at his worst.

      Sanchez, at his best, isn’t even close. It was obvious from the first two pathetic throws yesterday, both almost picked, that the O wasn’t going to be able to do shit with Mark Sanchez at the helm.

      Again, doesn’t matter. Starting QB back in 2 weeks. All good.

      • I have been feeling that way all year about Foles, that even with as poorly he looked with his mechanics and his turnovers, he was always finding a way to get this team to drive at the end and give them a chance to win. We were commenting after the first couple games of the season about how no matter how deep the hole was that they dug themselves, that they were find a way back out…sure some of the teams were bad like the Jags and ‘Skins but he also did it against the Colts, Niners and Cardinals. You have never had that feeling with Sanchez.

        The question is which Foles is coming back? The 2013 version or the regressed, back-peddeling turnover maker? We hade better hope that something has happened during his time on the bench to get his head and body working correctly….his leadership skills are there, but we need to see 4th quarter Nick all of the game now.

  • I said it earlier mike vick is a better option than Sanchez, don’t lose your mind on that one vinnie but it’s true and who said the season is over when Sanchez takes the field, also true

  • Just finished reading the Seattle perspective….it’s eye opening…Is this psychological warfare ,you bet it is …they called mark sanchez a joke …in quotes…is Seattle possibly stoking Dallas fire ? They may want there redemption game ,as the cowboys ,who are undefeated on the road ,head to philly..They’re also averaging ten more points on the road..the scenarios are so tempting ,for Seattle ,who rightfully so,is feeling good about there prospects..they will be looking to feast on a back up qb in the desert and then methodically dispose of San Fran for good..They’ve seen both the eagles at home and Dallas in there place…and they trashed the eagles ,called the offense simple…felt they had a small box to defend with sanchez and Kelce confirmed the eagle O line wasn’t always on the same page..shady lost his cousin,and played with a heavy heart…mark seemed spooked to me …the magnitude of all he was possibly playing for ,like millions of reasons ,why he needed to play this one game and cement a huge deal ,if not with the Eagles ,at least another organization would covet him…but now?. That game cost Mark Sanchez a lot more than it cost the Philadelphia Eagles…Right from the get go,he was that skittish sanchez…unsure of himself…chip saw it ..immediately..I think he pivoted as a coach (could we say he blinked? )…he had full intent in trusting special teams ,and his defense …and as bad as all turned out ,we were a pick 6 away from the plan ,being a 3 point deficit late at home ..Now you force Seattle to play with tight butt cheeks…but that split instance ,didn’t happen …but that was oh so close…perhaps then Seattle is pretty savvy ,trash the birds when they’re down ,hoping you shake em and don’t need see them again ,and at the same time you get your revenge game with Dallas…you gotta love the champs ..

    • Hey desert…we learned a lot about this team this week…this is a good team, but not an Elite team, at least not when run by a backup QB (and maybe not even with the starting QB, but that will remain to be seen)…the Eagles defense did an above average job IMO…yes they could have gotten off of the field sooner in some circumstances, but when your offense only has the ball for 18 of the 60 minutes, that leaves some very tired and worn defensive players…add the fact that the fumble left the ‘Hawks with a short field TD, I feel this defense did a great job in holding them to as few as 24 points…as much as the defense was lost in the GB game, I feel the offense was just as lost in the Seattle game…but those games are over and as far as the players are concerned they are forgotten…Chip does not often lose back to back games…no doubt that the CowGirls have something to prove and they are a different team on the road…these are the December games that you want to be a part of…hopefully Shady can get his head right along with Sanchez find his confidence again….I see our team rising to the challange and kicking the ‘Girls asses…

      GO BIRDS !!!!

  • Michael Bennett quote sanchez is impersonating a quarterback..they missed desean …quote from Sherman …chip was stunned when told about it today …nj.com

  • And you have to hate Chip Kelly Game Plan
    Which called for no confidence in him to make a play down the field
    I wonder if Coach Kelly was bit distracted & full himself
    This past week with rumors of the U of Fla Job
    That was such a basic, vanilla offense game plan
    Versus the Top Defense of the NFL that Sanchez & Offense had little chance
    Of success in my opinion..

    • No…he was too busy screwing the Widener University team..hahaha

    • I am now convinced you are a chimp from the Boone County Zoo, you are dumber than a bag of hammers

      Kelly did not throw down field because the qb lacks nfl hose, unlike foles

      Paulman you are dumb

  • Grinding. ..great word vinnie it’s the most important attribute of an athlete it has been cast in various slogans, “when the going gets tough the tough get going”

    This clown Sanchez has no grind in him

    For as poorly foles played at times, you are correct, the eagles were never out of it because he kept grinding.

    this ass koolbreeze has no concept of grinding. It is beyond his life’s experience

  • Pman ..he had a plan ..but like a puppy with diarrhea sanchez shit all over it…what don’t you realize ..the hawks realized it..chip realized it ..that’s why you stating they’d go aerial early I thought was flawed…and it was proven by the coach..he had zero desire to attack…he relied on special teams and defense to keep him in that game ,keep it close and then sling it out …but not until then …he knew Pman he had zero chance to come back in a game …when they tied it at 7-7 ..he pivoted ,blinked ..whatever you want to call it…he knows better than we do that sanchez had on depends…or so it seemed …Sherman after throwing down the gauntlet for his boyhood chum desean ,dissed the current flock saying they don’t have nobody to fear there …I want these gulls again…talking beaks need be broken

  • I want this rematch and Kool well see tight window darts from 6ft 6 st nick …btw..your fatheads on the sleigh….

  • Paulman’s NFC Power Rankings

    Legit Contenders

    1) Packers
    2) Seahawks

    Then a Drop Off
    3) Cardinals
    4) Lions

    Then another Drop Off
    5) Eagles
    6) Cowboys

    Then Another Drop Off

    It is What It is

    • No way Arizona beats Philly whether it be in Arizona or Philly. That’s an awful knee jerk reaction to playing Seattle Paulman.

      People just need to calm down about this loss. If I told you all at the beginning of the season that going into the Seattle game, we’d be 9-3, favored by 1, and playing with a backup QB, you all would have taken that in a heartbeat. The season is still playing out better than expectations. That being said, we have a playoff game this Sunday night. If we lose, odds are the season will be lost.

  • The flawed teams vs the less than flawed…and the Green Bay packers at lambeau …that’s what was a kick in the balls..losing at the Linc…

  • Paulman…your really gonna put Detroit and Arizona above Philly? Hell no man!! So what if Arizona got the W. We beat ourselves. There now missig there best wr rb and QB. They also have injuries across the board on defense. There clearly not the same team they were earlier in the year. That’s a joke to put them above us especially when we put up 500 yards on em with no running game. Detroit that more debateable. That would be a interesting matchup

    • After Week 13 – Yes I have both Cardinals and Lions over the Eagles

      Cardinals came from behind to beat Chiefs and actually beat the Eagles head to head earlier in the Season in case you forgot and have an overall better Record in the NFC Conference and are still in 1st Place in the toughest Division in all of Football.

      Lions has won 2 in a Row by an average of 17 Points and are taking care of business and again, have a better NFC Conference Record than the Eagles

      I hate to tell everyone, but Eagles NFC Conference Record is only 5-4
      and if they lose to the Cowboys this Week, they will no longer control their own destiny and lose about every tie-breaker that’s out there with head to head losses to Cardinals,Packers,Seahawks already and they likely
      won’t even make the Post-Season

      Game vs Seahawks is over now, Eagles got schooled and spank,
      Time to flush it down the Toliet and Focus on the Cowboys who are rested and will play much better this Game in Philly than they did on Thanksgiving and will be a close game and for the NFC East Crown…
      This Game will Decide the NFC East Division Champion and A pl

      • “Lions has won 2 in a Row by an average of 17 Points and are taking care of business and again, have a better NFC Conference Record than the Eagles”


  • The shitstorm ..continues ..today on espn …the seahawks think the lineman were smallish on the eagles offensive line…I personally ,hope the seahawks keep chirping all week…the Eagles need very little ,normally to get up for a hated Dallas foe…now they’re being stoked from across the country …keep it up ..Seahawks ..you will get yours ……..just finished looking at the Boone chimps power rankings ..two wild card teams can not ,should not in arizona (who will relinquish there NFC west perch ) and the Detroit lions (play Green Bay in the last regular game at lambeau ) …how chimp? Can you not factor in home field advantages in your power rankings ..? You’re slipping chimp …

    • The Seahawks whooped our ass and they are the Champs. They can talk all they want….hopefully they get another shot.

      • The eagles made 3 important mistakes that cost them.
        1)Chip Kelly helped Seattle by calling a timeout at the end of the half allowing Seattle to set up a successful play instead of running out the clock which lead to a 10-7 halftime lead instead of a tie.
        2) Shady McCoy fumbled the football to start the half creating a 17-7 deficient.
        3) Mark Sanchez’s interception was behind and short to Riley Cooper which essentially ended the game allowing the Seahawks’ to maintain a 10 point lead.

        • I thought the pretty bogus pass int penalty in the 1st Q, I think on 3rd and long, that set up the ‘Hawks 1st int was a killer.

          Again, I am not that upset here.

          Kelly ran the most vanilla of vanilla attacks (something I predicted he would beforehand) and they still kept the game close.

          The Vanilla gameplan was for 3 reasons:

          1 – He knows what he has in Sanchez who can’t throw over 15 yards.
          2 – Kelly knows that the next 3 games (especially this Sunday) are much more important than this one one.
          3 – (most importantly) He knows its likely they’ll see Seattle again this year and doesn’t want to tip his hand.

          When/If the Eagles play Seattle again, (and with the starting QB), you’re going to see a very different Eagles offensive gameplan.

          • Not until Next Season

        • Seahawk’s made 2 Mistakes which led to 7 of the Eagles 14 Pts

          1) The Fumble on the Punt Attempt early in Game giving Eagles 7 Pts
          2) Fumble by RB M Lynch in which Eagles Sanchez throws a Int so no Points either Side

          Count Eagles Malcolm Jenkins making a big mistake by dropping a Int early in the 4th Quarte,r which had a Pic-6 written all over it and could have closed to Score to 24-21 and got the Crowd back into it… Instead MJ dropped it

    • You can talk when you whoop ass!

  • I would love to see us play seattle with foles,in cause sanchez,sucks never throws the ball more than 15yds he’s very erratic at times he has no touch on short routes he only looks for Matthews and sproles nobody else his arm suspect on out routes.

    • We saw Foles against SF and he scored 0 points! He has stunk all year…there is no reason to expect he would have done anything different

  • Praying we get a rematch. It’s in the cards. We would have to win our frst playoff game win under Chip to get it. We made it last year, if we can get that playoff victory then this season can be looked at as a major success and great momentum for next year. But u never kno, we could get hot and take it all the way!…not likely, but def. possible.

  • It is going to be difficult for the Eagles to make the playoffs as a wild card. They lost head to head with GB, Seattle and Arizona. Detroit only has 2 conference losses while the Eagles have 4 so they would lose a tie breaker with them also. Eagles have to beat Dallas and either Washington or NYG to make the playoffs. Sanchez has to win at home next week on Sunday Night.

    • Eagles Must win on Sunday. For sure. I think they will. Dallas is completely pretend.

      • I have no faith in Sanchez. 3W- 2L(10 TD, 9 turnovers )

        • Those numbers are all you need to post to kill any discussion about gameplan.

          Good one.

  • Quote from Bobby Wagner Seattle ILB—
    “We really wanted to make sure he felt us every single time he got the ball,” Wagner said this week, per KIRO-AM. “There was one play he fell back. It was me and him in the hole and he just fell down. He didn’t want no part of the contact, so I think that probably got to him.”
    translation he called McCoy a pussy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Amerson Washington Redskin CB earholed Shady Week 2 and stole McCoy’s heart. He has been running out of bounds and turtling up all year.

    • remember when shady used to get in twitter wars with Umenyiora and NYG, he was so confident in himself. Now LBs are laughing at him and calling him a pussy. Anyone else see Shady’s post game press conference ( defeated, whooped and quit ( white flagged and checked out ))

  • I’m a huge Shady supporter…still think he is the best player on this team…but there have been numerous times this year where I am yelling at the screen just hit the hole and get 3-4yds!!!

    Especially this year when the first play of possession has him stringing plays to the sideline for a loss or no gain. The rest of the series pretty much ends up being 3 and out. Especially with Sanchez. You can not take away the pass run option for the Checkdown Chico.




    • I saw the same thing mhenski he killed us

  • is Cam Newton a free agent?

    • No, Cam Newton is not a Free-agent
      Panthers and Newton agreed and exercised their 5th Year Option on his Rookie Deal and extended him for the 2015 Season at $14 Million in Salary
      (This occurred last Spring Fyi..)

    • If I hear one more Cam Newton or RGIII comment…..

      Oh. Before I continue

      Cam Newton in a car accident today. 2 fractures in his back.

      So he’s done.

      • at least he gets another year of NFL money. Back injuries are serious.

      • I’d take Cam Newton in this offense in a heartbeat over what we got now! We will ride it out with Sanchez see how far he takes us this year…next year we will have some options in free agency and the draft to upgrade the QB position…if Sanchez falls flat and can’t get us to the playoffs we have to just start over and get three new QB’s next year

        • Koolbreeze, don’t you have better things to do with your time like burning some buildings in Ferguson than posting hate about a white man incessantly

          You Are garbage and exactly what is wrong with this country

  • Thank goodness we kept that Jarius Byrd money…..

    Fletcher Cox and Kendricks are going to take it all lol.

    • The Bust Free-Agent Signing of the Year
      I believe I was a stay far away from with his History of Injuries
      Here are some other Bust Free-Agents who have done very little

      DE – Jarred Allen – Bears …. Really…
      RB – Maurice Jones-Drew – Needs to Retire
      OLB – DeMarcus Ware – Broncos ($10 Million Per Year)
      OT – Michael Oher – Titans (has been Benched)
      Safety – Ryan Clark – Redskins (gets burned every week)
      Safety – Mike Mitchell – Steelers (their Defense has gotten worse)
      WR – Ted Ginn,Jr – Arizona (is 5th on the Cardinals Depth Chart)
      WR – Jason Avant – Panthers (Released already by a bad Team)
      DE – Lamar Odom – Bears – (Torn his ACL while Celebrating a Sack)
      RB – Chris Johnson – NY Jets (Too many Carries in his Body- Toast)
      CB – A Verner – TB Bucs (Disappointing Season)

      The Best Free-Agent Pick-ups

      Safety – Alvin Bethea (49ers) – Playing at a Pro-Bowl Level
      WR – Brandon LaFell (Patriots) – Having a Great Year for Pats
      DL – Authur Jones (Colts) – Has played well this Season
      Safety – Malcolm Jenkins – Eagles – Has Played Well
      CB – Darrelle Revis – Pats – Back to Eleite Status
      CB – Anqib Talib – Broncos – Remains an Elite Cover CB
      WR – Steve Smith – Ravens – Having an All-Pro Year – Big Catches

      More Useless Information later on

      • im pretty sure demarcus ware has 10 sacks a few forced fumbles and a pic and is wreaking havoc with von miller up in denver. but yea other than that total bust.

        he wouldnt have helped us at all

        • My bad on Ware, who is having a good Season..Carry On..

          • Some new Additions to 2014 Free-Agent List

            QB – M Vick of the Jets
            WR – E Decker of the Jets
            DE- J Babin of the Jets

            Solid Pick-ups
            WR – Golden Tate – Detroit
            DE – Robert Ayers – NY Giants
            LB – Rolando McClain – Cowboys

            • I read an article on the NFL website that listed Tampa Bay DE Michael Johnson as the worst free agent signing. I can’t say I watched many Buc games to offer an opinion.
              you forgot to mention DJax?
              Mike Vick is the worst FA signing in my opinion, he was signed to help Geno or replace him and failed on both tasks making the team worse and costing the entire regime their jobs.

              • Yes…DJAX 47 for 942 yards. 20 YPC 5 TD’s with sub average QB’s and instability at the position. LOL, yeah, that’s a bust. Riley Cooper 46 for 470…..1 catch less than DJAX, but Djax’s yardage is double. What a joke!

              • I did forget about Michael Johnson, hell I forgot he even signed a big deal…

              • haha…so you’re blaming a grown man for another grown man not developing….? you’re also blaming a guy that hardly played this season for the reason as to why his team is awful? you have no football IQ, well no IQ period, son.

              • Seattle is worse but jets close

            • Hard to call decker a bust given the completely inept QB play.

              • I Call them as I see them and in Terms of Salary & Hype versus actual Production on the Field, regardless of the Circumstance, I say WR Erick Decker is a Bust
                Look at Free-Agent Pick-up Kenny Britt at SL Rams going thru
                3 QB’s who signed for Cheap $$$, he’s putting up Stats and making Plays for the Rams … Decker is working on his Image and Reality Show shit as his Wife wears the Pants in his household..

              • here’s another one…that team has inept play across the board, and probably the worst WR core in football. They have a bunch of Riley Coopers, no true number 1 on that team!

      • Steve Smith is not having an all-pro year Paulman. A good year, yes, but FAR from all-pro.

        • Steve Smith Sr, has 61 Receptions for about 900 Yards and 5 TD’s, maybe not Pro-Bowl Worthy, but he has made a big Difference in Big Games for the Ravens this Season and if he finishes strong, could be a possible Pro-Bowler…
          There are many big Name Receivers who are not having very big Statistical Seasons at WR (Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitxzl) which opens the Door for other Receivers ..
          This Year the Top WR’s probably are Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, Golden Tate, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Brandon LaFell , D Thomas,

          • Did you mean to say Steve Smith was having a Pro-Bowl year because you said All-Pro and there is a huge difference. Also, how do you not include Macline in your list of top WRs?

            • Yes he’s on My Pro-Bowl List for he brings more to the Table than
              just Catches and Yards.. he Brings an attitude and toughness and keeps the Offense Fired up, so yes, Steve Smith is a Pro-Bowl Player in my NFL All-Star Game

      • Jason Avant asked to be released and is now with Andy Reid in KC

  • Outside of our war amongst fans….

    If Johnny Manziel is effective down the stretch in Cleveland…..

    Your new HC of the SF 49ers will be Kyle Shanahan…..

    • Don’t be surprised to see Mike Shanahan and the 49ers Talk…

      I’ve stated for 2 years that Jim Harbaugh was going to U of Michigan..
      It appears I was correct again….

      • Harbaugh isnt going to Michigan. Hes staying in the NFL hes getting traded. No.1 destination as of now looks like he will be heading to Oakland.

        He is from the Bay Area and thats where he wants to stay.

  • Just saw pictures of Cam Newton’s accident —
    did he have an engineer with a degree in engineer build his truck? To take a safe designed truck and put different suspension and wheel base on it was foolish. It obviously wasn’t safe, it flipped for what? style? looks? to be cool?

    • I heard a report that said it flipped 3 or 4 times. How fast was he driving?

      • It appears to be a 2 car collision. I don’t know if cell phones, drinking or speed was a contributing factor. I just saw pictures of the 2 vehicles. The sedan has front end damage that went under the truck causing it to flip. I’m just conjecturing that since Cam decided to raise his suspension and change the wheels, he made the truck unsafe for the roadways unnecessarily and it flipped 4 times. Why change a vehicle to look cool without a safety engineer approving the design change? There is a reason Ford, Chevy and Dodge don’t sell trucks that are raised, they would get sued for the design flaw which causes death and injuries.

        • Guess he won’t be pulling his “Superman” routine after scoring TDs on a 3-8 team for a couple weeks.

          Did anyone else watch that joke??

          3 and 8.

          “Superman” time.

          3 and 8.

          Score a TD and pushing guys out of the way to get the “patented – look at me” move in.

          Brawl ensues.

          Exactly why I don’t want a clown like that on the team.

          • Maybe he couldn’t see the road because the towel slipped down over his eyes.

  • Tony Romo has no zip on his passes on Thanksgiving day.
    The following Thursday he had a better ball through the air.
    I thought Romo was done, appears to be premature wishing, Romo healed since his disastrous Thanksgiving game.
    Sanchez and Shady are being laughed at all week by the Seahawks. One as a talentless imposter and the other a chicken wimp. Shady and Sanchez are coughing up the football. Must win Sunday Night at home.

  • Shady looked whipped and scared in his press conference after the game I saw on the DVR from CSN post game show. Then Bobby Wagner told everyone Shady punked out on the field. This guy is getting 10 million dollars and 2 out of every 4 red zone plays that aren’t succeeding and now opponents are saying he is scared.

  • eagles have a QB that won’t throw outside and a running back that won’t run inside.

    • LOL.

      Unfortunate but true.

      That being said, the last thing I want is for Sanchez to throw his floaters outside.

    • E0S…What is your plan for replacing Shady and his production for 2016?

      • I’m sorry, I am a year ahead, I meant 2015.

        • I don’t have a plan! I’m just a knucklehead in the stands who wants more TD’s for 10 million dollars. 4 touchdowns is piss poor for the amount of chances Shady McCoy is getting. I’m souring on Shady McCoy this season after promoting him as an elite player in the off season.

          • Well we know your a knucklehead…Shady is the leading rusher in Eagles history…it’s funny how you guys will bash a productive, exciting running back like Shady but defend a bum like Riley Cooper telling us what a good ‘blocker’ he is…smh…ridiculous!

            • Koolbreeze, I do not agree with you much, but you are spot on with this post!

              • Eagle I have been telling you guys how stupid he is for years now. He doesn’t have a plan, because all he does is mock everybody else’s point of view, with no insight of his own.

                He brings up 3-4 guys out of hundreds that are having good seasons, and ignores the 96-97 you were correct on and has the nerve to call YOU an imbecile….hilarious hypocrisy…….I ignore guys with no common sense……How is EJ Manuel, and Geno Smith doing???….

                I told you they would be crap QB’s in the NFL – all people looked at were their measurables while being surrounded with the best talent or chemistry on the top COLLEGE teams in the country, and Mariota, and Winston provide the same visual eye trap…….You haven’t seen them in the NFL yet!!!!

                I do believe they should trade up – for a pass rusher – Randy Gregory, or Alvin Dupree, or trade down to get more help with the LB core – Benardrick McKinney, or Kendricks brother, a Safety like Cody Prewitt, and possible more Offensive Line depth

                – There is no wisdom in giving up so much for a QB, that won’t be as good as we think, just because he ran Chip Kelly’s System, at Oregon – anybody remember Dennis Dixon, Kellen Clemens, or Joey Harrington – how did they do as pros???

                Just because it’s the latest doesn’t mean it’s better, and if memory serves me correct Dixon, and Harrington both were considered Heisman Candidates as well……

                Fix the Talent that is on the field with the Defense, Upgrade the Offensive Line Interior from Mathis, and Herramans, and get a receiver that can actually stretch the field, and depth of the team overall – through Free Agency, and the draft then we will have a Championship team…..

                E0S is an obsessed bastard who doesn’t have a leg to stand on, with no proactive knowledge of players abilities, and talents, but feels it’s his duty to correct, troll, or harass others who are more knowledgeable, and more right then wrong….

                Sit down, and shut up asshole….How’s Stephon Tuitt doing???….Can we get a little more of your wonderful insight??……or are you afraid to have the tables turned on you – and begin being trolled by us???…..I know so…..Sit down, and shut up with your joke rookie ass!!!!!!!!

                To get rid of Shady is so stupid, but it is equally stupid to want to sell the farm to draft Marcus Mariota……Winston’s issues aren’t talent, it’s civil behavior – If he wasn’t talented, and playing for Florida State, he would be in jail right now.

              • Fyi GMCliff —
                The Patriots extended OL Marcus Cannon for 2 More Years at a Total of $9 Million per ESPN, so Cannon will no longer be a Free-Agent.. Belecheck has made some great in-Season Roster Moves which have been paying off
                Added LB’s Castillas, TE Tim Wright, RB L Blount, etc,etc

                An amazing thing is that the Eagles have made very few Roster Transactions since the Sept 9th,which is almost unheard of
                in today’s NFL

                Dec 10 – Released CB Roc Carmichael-Signed Safety J Couplin
                Nov 18- Placed Safety E Wolff on IR – Signed Roc Carmichael
                Nov 5 – Placed OL T Herrmann’s on IR – Activated E Mathis
                Nov 3 – Placed LB Ryans on IR- Signed Safety C Prosinski
                Sept 9 – Placed OL Gardner, LB N Goode on IR, Evan Mathis on Short-Term IR – Signed E Acho, OL Wade Smith, T Kevin Graf

                That’s it for the entire Season as far as the 53-Man Active Roster

                Sept 9th –

              • GMCliff, calm down, why are you so mad? You just won $100,000.00 on your first try on Draft Kings. When does the check come?
                Stephon Tuitt got his first start this weekend had 2 tackles, played the most snaps of any steeler DL, and knocked out Andy Dalton for the game.( Jason Campbell finished at QB) Double teamed throughout. He will be the starting DE for the the rest of the year and playoffs. That makes 2 above average starters in Stephon Tuitt and Jordan Matthews ready for the playoffs. ding! ring the success bell. Not sure if you are attributing those QBs ( Geno or Manuel ) to my liking but I’d didn’t endorse the eagles drafting those QBs or endorse anyone drafting those QBs.

              • GMCliff, I was and will be available here to challenge in the 3rd annual beat howie roseman challenge the first monday after the draft. You chickened out last year vs both howie and myself. The invite is and will continued to be issued for the 2015 NFL draft.

              • Stephen Tuitt will see most of the Snaps since DE Brett Kiesel is now out for the remainder of the Season for the Steelers, so it’s a great Opportunity for Tuitt to bring energy, fresh legs to the Steelers DL.. I expect him to play very well

              • Lol draft kings lol u funny eos 100000

          • Cliff, stop holding back, tell me how you really feel!!! LOL

            • LOL!! Eagle….You see what I mean?…He thinks because his guy started his first game, because of INJURY – in week 14 – that he is an impact player – I rest my case dumbass….also exaggerates that he was double teamed all game….FYI, You don’t have to double team mediocre talent

              Paul, I saw that signing on espn. Belicheck knows talent too. I really wanted him to replace Herramans at RG next year. Oh well on to plan 2 – Orlando Franklin, and Mike Iupati at Guard is what I desire for next year…..

              Don’t ask me about my money, just keep hating as usual

              • GMCliff – Lucky for you, I’m here for you pal. Make sure you call Social Security to report that $100,000.00 so they don’t send an disability check the next 12 months.
                GMCliff i didn’t say Tuitt was “Impact” i don’t even know how your rating system works? I asked for an explanation of how your rating system works but you have denied numerous times to explain it. I rated Tuitt’s game on Sunday above average using 50 out of 100 as average like normal people do. His game in my opinion was better than 50% comparable to Cedric Thornton’s game on Sunday ( hence above average)

              • LOL!! Shows what you know about talent sense you were wrong huh??!!

                You rated him??….so what weight does that hold??…LOL!!!
                ….and your opinion isn’t worth two farts from a dead man….

                He is nothing close to above average when his coach doesn’t think he needs him on the field barring injury…..

                His starting means nothing – Casey Matthews starts for us – and unlike Tuitt, Matthews coaches felt he could start – They were just as stupid – but apparently, he doesn’t even have the potential of Casey Matthews let alone Cedric Thornton…..

                He is an average player at best – his very best……

              • I hope you can do better than that this year with your prospect suggestions you have before the combine….

                You don’t have to put on airs for me….I already know you don’t know crap about talent…..

                Instead, why don’t you supply all of us your professional suggestions before the combine and show us how good you are so we can spend the rest of next season critiquing, and trolling you about your eye for talent?????….

                So, Then, – you can prove -and we can see – if you’re qualified to criticize, troll, or speak on anyone ever again – and if your suggestions turn out to be bust – You leave GCobb.com forever – and finally sit down, and shut up……

              • Dick Lebeau didn’t start Cam Heyward or Ziggy Hood and they were 1st round draft picks at the same position their rookie year. That is the Steelers way. Tuitt is/ was drafted to replace a 35 year old Brett Keisel. Which is exactly what he is doing. I wanted Tuitt to replace Cedric Thornton because I feared the Eagles were moving on from him since they only offered him the minimum one year 750,000 restricted contract and didn’t sign Geathers. Cedric is an unrestricted free agent this summer. If you didn’t watch the Bengal game why are you commenting on him?

              • GMCliff you don’t get 42 players to cherry pick why you are better than Howie Roseman. Your impact list tirade last year read as ridiculous as Jeff Luries’ voluminous notebook speech.That schtick is over. If you want to continue to claim you could do a better job than Howie or Andy Reid than you know the parameters and rules to that challenge.

              • So, with all that gibberish, I’ll take that as a yes,…….I’ll expect your list – Rounds 1-7 by the end of December – well before the combine – You get no chance to perpetrate as a genius, You’ll stand on your own merit – not even Howies asshole

                and you will be finally proving you have a leg to stand on, and worthy of talking your crap for the foreseeable future….

                I have nothing to do with you embarrassing yourself, so stop stalling, and put your knowledge where your mouth is……

                This year, if you have the balls, I’m going to shut you up….

                Actually, I need Rounds 2-7 – You chose Jameis Winston, at the end of last years draft, as your pre 2015 1st round draft pick – so you start in round 2 mouth almighty….

              • And if anyone would replace Cedric Thornton, if the Eagles decide not to resign him – it would be Benny Logan, because that is his most natural position – As He isn’t a true NT –

                They had no need to use 1st round pick on a project 3-4 DE like Victor Abiramiri – I mean Stephon Tuitt…..

                Like I said, sit down, and shut up son, and leave the NFL Prospect Search to guys that reasonably know what they’re talking about…

                Also stop talking to me about your stupid challenge. I don’t accept or, get involved because, I would be more aggressive in my approach to drafting players that I know the Eagles need – and I wouldn’t draft like Howie – and it says nothing at all about YOUR ability to evaluate talent – but you get to be petty about OTHER PEOPLES picks…….

                No, this year, We’re going to pull you from behind Howie, and your going to show us just how intelligent you are, or you’ll have nothing to say to me at all, and shut up…..Rounds 2-7 Asshole

              • GMCliff – Stop distracting me, I’m too busy getting my 25 player “impact ” list ready before anyone else steals “my guys”.

              • Uh huh, make excuses if you must, but I don’t want to hear a peep from you until you do…..2-7 jackass

                – you can mock trades as well, but they must be explained how they are to be worked out…/

                You, and I both know, you won’t put yourself in a position where you are criticized…so why don’t you just admit you don’t know what the hell you are doing – and shut the hell up….

      • Probably a RB from Oregon…

        • Oh God no…I am so tired of looking at mock drafts where 2 out of the 3 1st picks for the Eagles are Oregon Ducks…and none of them are a QB. I am not worried about rb this year, in 2016, Jalen Hurd from Tennessee, DJ Foster from Florida St and Derick Henry from Alabama are all backs I would consider. I would like to see Eagles go to a more physical run game and these backs would serve that purpose. At the same time I know that is not what the O-line is constructed for. If the Eagles go all in for defense this year they have to sell out in 2016 for Jared Goff…

          • The RB from Oklahoma, whose name escapes me, will probably Declare for 2016 Draft

            • Semaje Perine, the kid who broke the rushing record right after Melvin Gordon.

              • That’s Him… He needs to go Pro after his 2nd Season
                No sense in him taking a pounding at the College Level, when you can get paid

  • Interesting Release Today by the NO Saints on Young WR Joseph Morgan who can flat out fly, but has immaturity issues and Coach Payton was done babysitting him.. The Kids has Talent and may be a nice Pick-up for a Team looking for a pure speed,deep threat and return guy …
    Could the Eagles check him out.. doubtful… but who knows

    • Can he play 2nd base?

  • NFL Coach’s likely to get Relieved of their Duties after the 2014 Season

    1) Rex Ryan – NY Jets
    2) Tom Coughlin – NY Giants (Probably moves into a Front Office Position)
    3) Mike Smith – Atlanta Falcons if they fail to make Playoffs
    4) Tony Sparano – Raiders who may get the HC job if they finish well
    5) Doug Marrone – Bills – Depending on what new Ownership thinks
    6) Jim Harbaugh – 49ers who wants out

    Some New Coach’s that are already on the Hot Seat
    1) Jay Gruden – Redskins – Has drawn a line in the sand about the Future of RG3 — Either RG3 or Gruden will be Gone
    2) Lovie Smith – TB Bucs – Has the Game just passed him by, Team has been poorly prepared for many of their Games and already Fired their OC..
    Is there a Future with Lovie at the Helm..
    3) Gus Bradley – Jaguars – Has improved Roster with more Talent,but still not winning games and play in a very weak Division, probably has 1 more Season and must make a leap as far as Wins..

    Coach’s out there looking for HC Opportunities

    1) DC – Jack Del Rio of the Broncos wants another Opportunity
    2) Mike Shannahan said he wants to Return to NFL in 2015 or he will likely Retire from Coaching
    3) OC Josh McDaniels of the Patriots feels he’s ready and mature to be HC
    4) OC Dana Beavil of the Seahawks has the inside track for NY Jets Job
    5) OC Greg Roman of 49ers is ready and wanting to become HC
    6) DC Jim Schwartz of BIlls wants to return as a HC

    Current Coordinators that will likely get Fired after the 2014 Season
    1) DC Rob Ryan of the Saints
    2) DC Mel Tucker of the Bears
    3) OC Marty Mohnerwig of the Jets
    4) DC Jim Haslett of the Redskins
    5) DC Perry Jewell of the NY GIants
    6) DC Mike Nolan of the Falcons

    • I think Marc Trestman is in big trouble. In that town if you aren’t winning and defense is the reason, then that is unacceptable.

    • any Pac-12 coaches worthy of a head coaching job? Harbaugh, Carroll and Kelly are out foxing the old guard.

      • Rich Rodriquez becomes the next Coach of Eagles…
        He Drafts QB Gardner from Michigan, Signs Aaron Pryor and
        the Eagles are in Business…

  • The Eagles are clearly a second tier team in the NFL behind Denver, New England, Seattle, Green Bay. Those teams can and, will beat the breaks off the Eagles any day of the week or time whether on the road or at home doesn’t matter. No matter how his playoff run shakes out the Eagles have a ton of issues to get straight going into next season because at best I can only see them getting past the divisional round and, that is even questionable depending on who they are matched up with. Anyway you look at it the Eagles are not a contending team they are just an ok team with a lot of holes.

    • Mac,

      I agree that the Eagles are second tier – but you have to be second before you can be first. Not so long ago the Eagles were in the lowest tier.

      I’m not sure the Eagles have a ton of issues, but they have some. And I’m not sure they have a lot of holes, but they have some.

      To me, going from 4-12 to 10-6 to 12-4 would certainly be going in the right direction. A playoff win or two would be even more progress.

      • They beat almost no quality teams in those two season’s. When they did matchup against one they either got beat or man handled very easily. Going in the right direction has got to come with some quality wins which I have yet to see many of those if any. I have also seen the Eagles struggle too many times against some very sub par teams. If we were to take on New England this sunday you would easily see another Green Bay game or even worse. That let’s me know we have a lot more issues and, holes than one may think.

        • Dallas was like 8-2 and beat Seattle or something when we beat them, colts are playoff bound… They don’t count. Manhandled? Cards and niners down to the end. GB and Seattle beat us good …if you don’t see progress in two years I ask you to take a look at the 7 other teams that changed coaches two years ago

        • Lets see…. week 13 last year we beat the 7-4 Arizona team, which ended their 5 game win streak and basically put them out of the playoffs… Week 14 we beat the 7-5 Detroit team. Week 16 we beat 8-6 Chicago, which put them out of the playoffs. Week 17 we beat 8-7 Cowboys and put them out of the playoffs and took the division title from them.

          No elite teams in there, but some big wins vs. good teams in must-win situations. You may see this as not impressive, but I can guarantee you, going from last in the division with a 4-12 record to winning the division is an accomplishment.

          Too bad you’re disappointed, but if you can’t see that going from 4-12 to 12-4 in two years in the NFL would represent ‘going in the right direction’ then I suggest you talk to some Jaguars fans. Ask them if they would trade Gus Bradley’s results for Chip Kelly’s.

    • Mac your right! The main difference between us and those teams is found at the Quarterback position. The Eagles management thought they had a franchise QB in Foles…they gave him a shot didn’t draft any of the good available QB’s in last year draft in order to keep the pressure off of Foles…
      Turns out he just couldn’t handle the job…so now we have to go into next year’s draft and hopefully pick up a franchise QB there or find a talented QB that can be resurrected in the Chip Kelly’s offense. I say you take a look at Manuel ..kick those tires and see if Chip can do something with him

      • Fool, will you cry when chip names Foles the starter? When he doesn’t go out and kick the tires of Boyd? Will you cry like a girl! .cuz that’s what’s happening

  • Question for you Paulman do you see a chance the Eagles move on from Billy Davis as DC? It’s obvious that the talent on defense is not even close to decent aside from a few players. If you see a guy like Rex Ryan available I just don’t know how you don’t jump all over that.

    • That’s a joke correct? Rex Ryan? Really?
      Davis has done a nice job their front seven is damn good, he seems to adjust and run effective schemes etc. Rex Ryan? The disruptive, attention grabbing, getting ready to be fired Ryan?
      Secondly rex has already had network contact… The man will make 5$ million… They see him as the next madden

      • Yes Rex Ryan the same Rex Ryan who had Baltimore’s defense within the top 5 every nearly every year he DC was in Baltimore. The same Rex Ryan who’s points per game were in the teens nearly every year as DC. Matter of fact Baltimore was known only for their defense and, that disruptive, attention grabbing Rex Ryan was very much apart of that. I care nothing of your personal opinion of the man but, it is clear he knows how to coordinate a defense and, you can’t question that. I think Jerry Azzinaro would have a problem with you giving all the credit to the success to the d-line all to Billy Davis. Especially when it’s very well known that Billy Davis specializes as a linebacker coach not a d-line coach.

        • Rex had no good coaches in his dominant defenses? Really? Interesting. If you think the eagles would entertain bringing in that asshole then you have not paid attention

  • Jimmy is gone according to mlb trade rumors…. Now we shall see… We will miss 35 year old jimmy, his glove and his bat

  • Eagles beat indy, quality team, should have beaten Arizona, the got trashed by green bay and Seattle because of qb

    Put foles in with a healthy o line and running game and eagles are in both those games just ask Seattle players

    mac dolores you got no brains

    • Wow a whopping one win against a quality team and, they barely got that now bring on the Patriots were on a roll now!!!! Eagles gave up 53 points to the Packers but, if Foles is in that game we have a chance interesting theory if not idiotic. It’s pretty hard keeping any team in a game giving up that many points. Seattle an elite defense man handles Manning, Brees, Rogers and, Brady if Foles was in that game we have a chance. Your not saying we would win those games your just saying we have a chance. You got that right and, that’s about all we got. I don’t need to ask Seattle nothing I can clearly see that defense can handle any elite qb or offense in the league. All they really said was the offense was different from Sanchez to Foles. I’m 100% sure Seattle is not lacking in confidence handling Foles with their resume. It’s just with Sanchez it was easier nice way to take a few statements and, blow it out of proportion.

      • There are no such thing as ifs … They lost to a couple good teams, yup. You do know that of the teams that have 3-5 losses most of those losses are to other good teams? Would it make you feel better if they beat Seattle and lost to the panthers?

    • jakdog your a joke…Trashed by GB and Seattle because of the Qb but its not the QB fault that we got handled by Arizona and SF…even though against SF the offense had the worst game of the year failing to score a single measly point…not one point

      jakdog your an idiot

  • Sometimes I wish my old nemesis navy eagle fan was still here, blasting these idiots already b itching, moaning, Kelly not even two years into this, completely turned the franchise around, he’s been hobbled of late because he lost his starting qb, then we get this idiot who wants rex ryan to replace the coordinator who has done a great job

    Sometimes I Understand the hate fir eagles fans. They are among the dumbest of the lot

    Let’s get rid of a young, injured qb that put up historic numbers, trade all the top pics for 2,3 years for a prospect

    Pure stupidity or agenda,

    • Hobbled because of losing his starting QB??…..smh…your drunk jakedog. We saw improved play with the offense with the new starting QB-Sanchez in there. The lost of Foles has improved the team not hurt it…
      The folks with the Foles agenda just wont quit…they want to give him a big time contract and hand over the keys of this franchise to a guy who cant handle the pressure of being a starting QB…

      Pure stupidity AND a foolish agenda

      We got the big game against Dallas this week and if Sanchez gets the win here and locks up the division we can put to rest this Foles talk for good!

      Go Eagles

      • How will u feel when Foles takes back the starting job? When chip says ‘nick is a chip style qb’

        • How will you feel when Chip says “well, Nick just has not ‘recovered’ from that collarbone injury…we are going to stick with Sanchez!

          How will you feel when Chip says Nick, Sanchez, and the rookie they draft will be in competition for the starting QB next year if Nick comes back as a lame duck QB in the last year of his current contract?

          How will you feel when the Eagles management leaves old Nick high and dry and if they offer him a contract they low ball him and offer him backup money?

  • Jake – just for you I will throw out a few comments!

    First off – always great to check in after a lose when the whiney douches of the worlds show up to say ‘see I told ya so’ really assholes?

    So all the self proclaimed football gods want to chat about ‘elite’ teams – wow – learned a new word – like it means something – I think every person in the freakin civilized world that spells FOOTBALL football and not football played with a little checkered ball and guys rolling around on the ground crying like songs after RGIII got benched would have predicted the NFC championship game being between Green Bay and Seattle and the AFC between Denver and New England. Quit pretending you have a clue – I forgot more about how to coach and play football last week then any of you ass clowns will ever know – defining a team as ‘elite’ is pure bullshit right up there with power rankings and coaches polls – get in playoffs, win in playoffs – go home – it does nothing as a supposed ‘fan’ (short for fanatic by the way) to sit around a bitch – you want to go impress someone with how smart you are – your probably that asshole parent I have to deal with every weekend shouting ‘head bob’ on the QB when the nose guard jumps offside – really dad – explain to me how that nose guard in a 4 point stance staring at the ball saw the QBs head move before he jumped offside …. oh you just wanted to here yourself and try to make yourself sound important …….

    • A fucking men

  • and another thing on the whole Djax is gone deal – and this one nauseates me – quit making shit up – DJax did not ‘open up the offense for the other players’ – he did not create or anything – teams went – hey Djax is fast – safety over the top – stay back an extra 5 yards – this myth has been blown up, busted, reported 100 times over and been clearly thrown in the trash –

    teams feared Lesean McCoy – it is Lesean McCoy and the play action pass that opened things up for Foles and in turn Djax. I am not insulting DJax, putting him down or anything else – I am simply stating a fact – every team the Eagles faced last year played man coverage with a single safety over the top PERIOD. Lesean McCoy was the player that was game planned for, feared, respected and the one that extra help was provided for

    As for who replaced who doing what on the Eagles WR – Djax was NOT replaced by Cooper – he was replaced by Maclin. Let me just show it to you in numbers –

    2013 2014 (still 3 games left)
    Djax 82 1332 9 td Maclin 74 1109 10td
    Cooper 47 835 8 td Matthews 56 709 7td
    Avant 38 447 2 Cooper 46 470 1td

    total 167 2614 19tds 176 2288 18tds

    so you can see the tope 3 rcvrs with 3 games left are doing pretty well in a match up against last years top 3 – and quit bitching about Cooper – your an idiot if you think the Eagles think of him as #2 – he is the 2nd outside WR who blocks well and now mostly catches the short possession passes (like Avant used to) – Matthews is the #2 – he just comes out of the slot – and who cares how much he gets paid – jealous – it ain;t your money so get over it –

    differences between 2013 and 2014 – start with the train wreck of an oline to start the season…. the run needs to go for the birds O to go – 2nd – Sanchez does not throw a good deep ball – event he ones that get caught are not ‘good’ – so clearly having DJax wouldn’t do shit right now because Sanchez can’t freaking throw it that far! would Foles beat the Seahawks? I don’t know – hell I don’t know if Aaron Rodgers will beat the Seahawks –

    oh one last rant – beat good teams – elite teams – who gives a flying fuck? Really – do you get double special cookie points if you beat a super special team.. is it going to change how much you cheer for the birds – no – a W is a W (and Indy and Dallas are good teams asshats) and getting into the playoffs means you are a playoff caliber team – stop trying to make shit up to make yourself try and sound important – you sound ignorant and clueless – we will know EXACTLY what the Eagles are when the last whistle marks the end of the last game –

    But I digress – back to Djax – this crap is nonsense, and worse, making shit up to try and prove how right or smart you are – there are probably idiots on here that think Terrell Owens was a good thing for the Eagles vice the team wrecking asshat that he really was (24-8 and 2 first seeds to NFCC game prior to his arrival – 19-14 while he was here – remember – he did NOT participate in the playoff games the Eagles won) missing the playoffs for the first time in 5 years – just like a baby – some guys can’t help but stare at shiny keys…..

    • Preach

    • Man this post was the shit Navy! Lol

      Now I know why Jake use to accuse me of being you hahaha 🙂

    • Good to hear from you Navy. Have a great holiday.

      GO BIRDS !!!

    • Navy’s analysis shows the difference between critical thinking and being critical….
      In the words of Aaron Rodgers RELAX

      • Are you kidding me? Dude drops a bunch of crap and that’s the gospel? Because Navy says so? LOL

        • And let me just say this Navy guy seems like an interesting gentleman but we all have our own opinions and he’s saying the same things being said by other posters that have their OWN opinions.

          • I have said much of what he said, his delivery was more thought out and more eloquent….

        • Not becuz he makes cuz he makes sense

          • Yes Z, especially about good teams make the playoffs? That Saints/Panthers/Falcon trio are playing lights out in the NFC South.

            • Yet let someone co sign you or say something you said Big you’d be doing the same shit ….Hypocritical much?

              • Are you 12 years old? You really care about other dudes co signing on what you say? I post what I want regardless of who agrees or disagrees,

              • I have went back and forth and had arguments with you, Dcar, Z, paulman, Vinnie, Cigar and Greenie damn near every poster here at some point because we all have different opinions so what are you talking about?

              • Lmao Bruh read your posts, YOU used other people agreeing with you as basis of an argument lol so obviously YOU care what others think.

              • Yes I have referenced when other posters and I have agreed on things that means I care? Hmmm

              • Bruh you know I argue regardless…but lately its basically just a divide…either your pro or against…if anyone supports anything positive suddenly they are lemmings slurpers etc….lmao yet the same people have been consistently wrong about TONS of things on here but dont admit to it. But will puff their chests on posts after posts after post about the one singular thing. I’m all about opinion. But come on already pro or negative the lot of people doing that are just becoming intolerable on here.

                EVERYTHING is becoming a VINNIE or KOOL type post…no one can be in the middle because they are either a lemming or a negative nitwit. Thats my agenda when I attack anyones posts on here.

                I have no problem arguing with you or disagreeing etc…just like I have no problem telling Vinnie that saying Russell Wilson was just OK might be the dumbest agenda filled statement I have seen on here in a minute.

    • Hi Navy, good to hear from you. This site was getting better tired and boring arguing about the same old QB crap. Now that you’re back maybe I’ll start reading a little bit more? Welcome back!

  • there ya go Jake – have a good holiday and DCar if you are around – What’s Up! hope all is well with the family and stay away from the caffeine – it makes you edgy – Songs – you still suck hairy ape balls

    • Hey Navy, Hope all is well out there in Sunny San Diego…
      Best Wishes to you and Family for the Holiday Season. Keep in Touch…

    • navy my man, happy holidays to you & yours!

  • Mac Dolo..there is room at the Boone zoo..for both you and the chimp..what weed are you smoking? Send some here …Rex Ryan and Chip Kelly ? Culture? Chips ship ,would be in complete chaos…..Rex Ryan can’t be a subordinate at this time to anyone…
    Why would you denigrate a second year program of any team in the NFL that has in it’s some a playoff home game and likely (I hope) back to back NFC east champions? In this NFL show me another two year program that has a similar resume? result of which,I might add with a pup at QB and a back up QB …I’m not a proponent of drinking the green Kool aid ,however ..I’ve sated before ..we are only two years removed from wide 9 …a shambles of a special tea

  • Haha navy, great stuff, merry Christmas, hang around, this site could use your passion and knowledge

  • Shamble of special teams …we are in the top 5 consistently in scoring …and we are cap friendly next year retaining cox and Kendrick’s as well as addressing a few holes on defense on the back end..we showed this year a remarkable improvement in mNy key areas..pass rush top of the league ..special teams ..and the front 7 has been the only team to hold Murray and lynch ,in consecutive weeks far below there statistical performances..couldn’t be more in disagreement ..No delusions here ..we are not elite ..but those so called elite teams have to pay people next year ,and that will unto itself ,,move us up in the pecking order..the future isn’t bleak it’s bright …just ask the other teams in our division and the other 20 or so NFC teams if they prefer switch places ..With the Eagles organization..

    • But desert you aren’t cussing and calling people names! An outrage!

  • Flipping channels I ended up on the sixers game… Watching now and I wonder why anyone is in the arena? There must be a hundred hs games and 20 college games in the ATL area … All of which are better than this!

  • Navy ..that was an A gap blitz of prose my friend …stay engaged ..we need right this ship of insanity collectively ..happy healthy holidays

  • Djax …final analysis …once and for all..when maclin cooper huff and Matthews all grow into the system ,with a 2nd year together ,he will be long a forgotten entity…how would he have dealt with maclin being fed more balls than himself?how long before he’d be in the positions coaches face ,because noodle arm couldn’t toss him the ball? It’s like a bad wife ..best kept in the rear view mirror …

  • Kool….sanchez is not even on the radar ..he’s a back up quarterback,who is what he is …or to quote Seattle dee line ..he’s impersonating a quarterback..to be kind he’s a coin flip …50/50 touchdowns to interceptions ..wins to losses…and shits the bed half the time he’s in the lineup..you’re an idiot ..to say the eagles have improved under his leadership ? They have been embarrassed at home with him at the helm..the coach didn’t trust him to ever throw the ball down the field ..he managed to completely take the air out of the stadium as he threw a pick,immediately after a defensive turnover …take off the delusional gear ,if ever mark sanchez is the face of any franchise ..it will be with the slogan (you want fries with that ) ?

  • Sanchez gets credit for his wins and they can’t be taken away from him. If they win on Sunday picking him up for 5million this offseason was a good pickup even though at the 99% of us were like WTF?

    If Foles doesn’t play by end of regular season he shouldn’t start in the playoffs.

  • Foles better be back..Izzell …there is not even a debate ..please …hers something interesting regarding pups as I refer to foles he’s played a total of 13 games with chip in 2013 and 8 this year ,prior to the injury..he’s 6-2 when he goes down ,and very capably sanchez has held the fort at 9-4 ,with a huge matzoh ball of a game on national tv…the league is on to chip Kelly ,he’s operating with a cap pistol ..if shady doesn’t return to being shady ,it matters not ..who is calling the signals..as much as sanchez body language sucks when he’s facing adversity ..wish he could improve on that ..he’ll they even hired a drama coach when he was with the jets ,for that very reason..when you’re a jet you’re a jet all the way …please Izzell I know mark sanchez …he’s either the thanksgiving gobbler or the robber of your heart …at home with all the marbles up on the table ..he’s mr fifty fifty …and he scares me worse than Casper …

  • Mmmmm interesting ..they say numbers don’t lie ,but in so many ways they tell the story …3739 yds …26 tds 28 ints.. 4135 yds 26 tds 15 ints …36 games by a pup of a future hall of famer …21 games …11 games less …5000 yds 40tds …12 int…or almost 50% the top numbers are the 1998/99 Peyton stats with the colts ..and nick foles stats ..under chip ****6-2 beat up line and no running game and a defense starting to emerge ….in chips 13 games with nick 203 completions on 317 attempts in this year where chip knew he had no run game to speak of for quite a while ,nick was asked to attempt and complete in 8 games vs 13 186 Completions 311 attempts…6 less attempts than last years 13 game total…factoring in his learning curve that’s pretty amazing ..even more amazing he leaves the field with leads ,he is tough as nails ,and he doesn’t need a drama coach ..I want him behind his line with a solid running game ,and let’s see what elite looks like …then …the facts are ..irrefutable ..numbers tell the story ..sanchez in the biggest home game of chips tenure ,9 attempts …so please …pray he comes back and the playbook can be opened back up..

  • 9 attempts first half …even chip was scared to watch ..he chose not to..

  • Jimmy Rollins is gone and they got players to be named later?
    Now I didn’t want 30 year old additions and similar garbage like last year coming back but I when a MVP player like Jimmy is dismissed like he is a chump like Evan Turner, it stings.

    • Phils unfortunately have a few Aging, over paid Pkayers who they basically
      Will give away for little in Return just to clear Salary
      Expect similar Deals with Lee & Papelbon
      and possibly Howard…
      It is what is is…

    • Return on established players is typically garbage. Apparently its two pitchers, one of whom isn’t finalized via a third team partner….
      I don’t think he was dismissed like turner…the dodgers are going to make a run at the WS and Jimmy is absolutely perfect for them… I hope they win it all (and i hate the dodgers)

      • Dodgers are going all in and traded for 2B Howie Kendricks from Anaheim
        they Traded Dee Gordon and Pitcher Dan Haren to Miami and then used those prospects to Trade to Anaheim

        Dodgers also Traded Matt Kemp to the San Diego for Role/Bench Players and will pay $30 Million of his $107 Million left on his Contract

        Dodgers signed Free-Agent Pitcher Ian Kennedy

        Just thinking out loud here…
        Would a Deal for the Phils to Send Pitcher Cole Hamels and Rollins to the Dodgers for OL Matt Kemp and SS Dee Gordon and a couple of Prospects been a better move for both Clubs??

        • NO.

  • So far, the phils saved 11 million on Jimmy Rollins, 2 million on Bastardo, 12.5 on AJ Burnett. 25.5 million saved so far.
    The AJ Burnett departure is bizarre, he would rather play in Pittsburgh for 8.5 million than Philly for 12.5 million? Are the Phillies secretly paying him 4 million dollars?

    • He (Burnett) would rather go compete and Pitch for a Playoff type Team which the Pirates are and the Phils are not… Burnett has made well over $100 Million over his Career so a few more Million is not going to make a difference to him…..He chooses to be Happy instead of making more $$ in an unpleasant atmosphere..
      Watch him have a decent Season for the Pirates and go 15-10 with 4.25 ERA
      or so…

      • I would like to make you a friendly wager Pman that Burnett does not win 15 games next year. Even with a better team, I believe his better days are far behind him now…..we can watch how it plays out and I will send you a Primo hoagie if I am wrong. I am pretty sure that the Hoagies in Boone will not match a Primo. If I win you can send me some Western NC BBQ.

        • They definitely don’t match a “Primo” ..
          Maybe 15 is a Tad too high

          Let’s use 13 Wins as the Cut Line for Burnett
          If Burnett Wins 13 Games or more , then I Win
          If he Wins 12 Games or Less, then you Win

          12 or less Wins, you WIn

          • Deal.

      • Burnett left to be out of a pressure environment to be on a playoff team and be the 3/4th starter and be slightly above .500. No more no less.

  • Izell I have a basketball question for you, you have MCW, Wroten, KJ, Covington, Noel and Embiid a top 3 pick. Do you try to add a free agent or two and try to compete next year or wait?

    • I like that question BigLion, I’m not Izell but I want to add a couple cents.
      No, the sixers shouldn’t add free agents.
      the plan is to develop draft picks. Embiid, KJ, Noel, MCW, Grant, maybe Wroten and the 2 first round draft picks next year ( miami’s first rounder in the Thad Young deal, top 10 protected) need shots, floor time, and room to make mistakes and find each others roles and strengths for the 2018, 2019, 2020 season. MCW is figuring out how to use Noel on offense. Noel is figuring out how to defend screens with MCW. Whoever is not going to be on the team in 2019 needs to defer shots and minutes to those that are going to be on the team in 2019. Right now MCW is forcing passes to Noel for turnovers but they have to go through this process to learn what, where,when, which and how these high pick and roll plays will succeed.

      • I disagree with you EOS. You definitely add free agents of some sort next year. You either go after a young restricted free agents like a Dragic(just throwing out a name for an example) or you bring in a mentor for your bigs in Noel etc.

        As for Big. Tony Wroten isnt in my plans…I don’t really view him as a player to build anything on. He is not efficient and is a volume scorer on a bad team. Right now I only view MCW/KJ as true building blocks. Embiid is the key to everything because he has the talent to literally boost the team next year.

        • I can see your overall plan e0s, but I believe at some point you need to also add some veteran leadership to this young group of stars. I would add him in this off season to start getting this team to understand what it takes to win in the NBA.

        • utah is going through the learning process with Kanter, Alex and Trey Burks, Favors, Exum just like the Sixers are right now but wasted 3 years time giving Jefferson, Millsap, Devin Harris, Raji Bell, Ronnie Price playing time delaying the process for Alex Burks, Favor and Kanter. Next season MCW, Wroten, Noel, Embiid, KJ, should all get 8-10 shots each a game. why give shots to the Ronnie Prices or whatever horrible free agent addition.

          • Utah overdrafted positions and had no gameplan on what they truly wanted to do. They drafted guys like Kanter etc with Jefferson still on the roster tearing up his trade value etc.

            Totally different scenario than Philly. We stripped the roster bare and are starting from scratch. MCW is building upon his rookie year and KJ is the steal of the draft. Noel is coming along nicely and I agree with what you stated with MCW building he and Noel are building a good combo…the more MCW blossoms the better Noel will be. Not a coincidence in their first win Brown drew up a High screen and role with those two and they got a big game clinching bucket off of penetration then a lob.

            However there will need to be a mentor type for certain positions especially bigs. Any additions IMO should be for perimeter shooter/backup PG.

        • Here’s a list of Free-Agent’s who are under the Age of 30 that could be some good fits, role players and mentors with 76ers Rebuilding Program..

          PG – Russ Smith (24 Years Old & be the Back-Up to MCW)
          SG – Gerald Henderson (28 Years Old, Versatile, Good Leadership)
          SG/SG – Danny Green (28 Years Old, Played on Winners, Outside Shooter)
          PF – Al-Farouq Amini (25 Years Old) – Versatile front line Player
          PF – Brandon Bass (30 Years Old) – Veteran Player with some success
          PF – Tyler Hansbrough (30 Years Old) – Veteran, Tough, Hard Working
          C – Kendrick Perkins (31 Years Old) – Veteran, Played on Winners
          C – Ryan Hollins (31 Years Old) – Veteran, Defensive Presence

          None of the Players are Difference Makers, nor or they Expensive but a couple of them could be some nice Back-Up Players who are NBA Pros and been around for a little bit and be nice Mentors, Practice and Game Contributors to the Young 76ers…

          • When Looking at the Free-Agent List, there are not many Players as most of 32-33 and close to the end of their Careers for Big-Name Players like LeBron, Marcus Aldridge, Kevin Love that are in their Primes right now and are not interested in coming to a rebuilding Team like the 76ers

          • Danny Green is the only player on that list worth any consideration.

            • I have to agree IJ…..He is at the very least a shooter with some length

              Paul, wow that list is terrible, but it is what it is…I do think there are more available then what’s listed though….

              If they drafted Mundiay, they wouldn’t need a back up point……and if they decided to trade MCW, we would have a starter in house.

              • Do you Guys really expect GM Hinkie to go out and Pursue a Top Level Free-Agent next Off-Season?, For I don’t see this happening as part of his Plan.. He will Draft 2-3 Players in the 1st Round of 2015 Draft, then another 2 Picks in the 2016 Draft and then add a Complimentary Player or two to fill in the gaps..
                Then after 2016-2017 Season, once some of these Young Players have a season or two playing together and hopefully well, then he go out and pursue a Top Tier Free-Agent
                This is Year 2 in a 5 Year Plan

        • The key is definitely Embiid, if he pans out then you go after the right free agents to help with the program.

      • Noel stinks, and can’t play with Embiid….Trade his sorry ass..

  • Wrong Paul….there are players like Pero Antic, Draymond Green, Kyle Singler,Jimmy Butler, Kris Middleton, Reggie Jackson etc all hitting restricted FA next year.

  • And Goran Dragic who the Suns already planned on leaving with signing Isiah Thomas and the Gordon extension. Or Vet like Wesley Matthews who is an unrestricted FA. Or Pat Beverly who can start alongside MCW in a double PG backcourt.

    • Embiid and the top 5 overall pick are starters next year. MCW and Noel are starters — KJ, Wroten, Grant, Covington, top 30 Heat 2015 pick is the 9 man rotation. Saric in 2016 makes the 10 man rotation.

  • Next year Joel Embiid steals all of Henry Sims’ shots plus ( 10 shots) ,
    the high top 5 pick steals all of Luc Mbah a Moute’s shots ( 10 shots) ,
    and the top 30 first round Miami Heat draft pick from Minnesota for Thad Young steals all of Hollis Thompsons’ shots ( 5 shots) .
    MCW keeps his 13 shots, Noel gets 8 shots, KJ gets 8 shots, Wrotten gets 8 shots, Grant gets 5 shots, Covington gets 5 shots
    the open spots on the roster are Sims, Thompson and Moute and they are already filled with Embiid, top 5 and top 30 pick.

  • Top 5 pick is not a guaranteed starter unless he is a wing player. If they draft a big then they have to figure out the roster. Noel is not a lock long term if he isnt a compatible match with Embiid. If Embiid can truly score out of the post than the team is looking for a stretch 4 type.

    Roster gets shaped around the draft no question…but this years draft is not high on wings is big heavy. You cant play 3 bigs on the frontline…ask the Pistons…and like in your example…ask Utah.

    No if they can draft a Mudiay type than yes your picks are starters.

    Wroten is not a starter and has to be groomed to be a 6th man in the mold of Jamal Crawford. If not…he is not an asset.

    Covington is still not yet an asset. He has a chance to be a good 3/4 big off the bench. Only time will tell.

    If they go big again they have to go for a starting 2 or 3 in free agency depending if they only view KJ as a 3 or if he can play 2 minutes.

    • 96 minutes available per game Between the PF and C. 32 minutes each for an Okafor/Turner, Embiid, Noel rotation with an offer every week for a trade. NY Knicks got Charles Oakley for Bill Cartwright, Chicago got Dennis Rodman for Will Perdue.

      • You dont build a team on minutes. You can have a 1000 minutes but if the players dont mesh its pointless and doesnt work.

        Again see Detroit with Drummond Monroe Smith. Or Utah with Kanter/Favors.

        If they draft another Big than someone is on the move. This is not a big dominant league. With small ball only one of those players can be on the court. So 4 bigs sitting on the bench leaves you out of whack rotation wise.

        2 out of those 4 bigs are probably getting us a perimeter player in trade within the next two years. They can not all play together. If Embiid or Okafor can score from the post than you have to pair them with someone who spaces the floor with them. That leaves you deciding between Noel and Saric.

        Still too many intangibles. You still have to add a shooter to this team because there is no way to properly develop a big from the post if he doesnt have the proper players around him to help him deal with spacing and play from out of the post.

        • The Sixers have to get a shooter to help Embiid reach his potential whether it’s Mudiay or a free agent it’s imperative, especially when you add Noel’s offensive rawness to the mix.

          • Agreed you can survive with Noel and Embiid on the floor if the rest of the wings can provide space. Then Noel can play the weakside….however if they dont have space than you bring a wing and Noels man into the post. Doesnt work.

            Embiid/Okafor…I dont draft Towns although I like him because he is another extremely raw big.

            Still early.

            • Garnett/ Perkins, Bynam/Gasol, Splitter/Duncan, Nowitski/Chandler are championship formulas. Boston made a huge mistake trading Perkins for Jeff Green. Size matters
              Keep drafting Centers — Size is too hard to find.

              • Again EOS look at what you posted.

                The tandems above all are high/lo tandems. Meaning one big can face up and hit the 15ft or greater jumper while the other can play weakside or man the post.

                Splitter can shoot the face up…and even with that he is not the preferred big with Duncan. Theres a reason that Boris Diaw is the go to Big with Duncan…he can stretch the floor when Duncan is operating out of the post.

                Embiid or Okafor would have to be face up players in order to work with Noel. Or Noel would have to develop his faceup game in order to work with them. Saric would be the move if Okafor or Embiid are more traditional back to the basket players.

  • Wesley Matthews would be a great floor spacer as well.

  • There is also a guy like Gerald Green that can flatout score….however you have to make the call do you think KJ can be that type of player down the road. KJ is a Jimmy Butler clone IMO.

    Cliff I know you dont like MCW but hes a lock player…unless someone blows you out of the water. I also think you can play double PG with him and Mudiay because Mudiay is showing he can hit the 3 consistently.

    Also dont forget that next year with RFA and the fact many teams will be trying to get in on some key 2016 FA like Durant Sixers will be key players in freeing up cap space etc for other teams.

  • 76ers 2015 Draft Picks

    2 1st Round Selections
    1) PF Kristaps Portzingis (Latvia 6-11 225lbs) – Ready in 2016
    2) SG RJ Hunter (Georgia State 6-5 190lbs)

    2nd Round Picks are used and bundled for another 1st Round pick in 2016

  • 76ers 2016 Draft Picks

    1st Round
    1) SF Jeylan Brown ( Marietta,Ga 6-7″ )
    2) SG Daniel Hamilton (U-Conn 6-7″)
    3) PG Sidy Ndir (Senegal 6-3″)

  • Too be honest I am pretty surprised that during Dallas week with this game pretty much determining our playoff fate, that the majority of the comments are about the 2-17 Sixers….I know that you guys are knowledgable about everything sports in Philly, but it just does not seem like Dallas week. Just saying.

    GO BIRDS !!!!!

    • Green, I think most fans are tempered in the fact that we view this team as a lock for the playoffs and wildcard.

      With the thought can they really do any damage outside of a possible first round win.

      With Seattle and GB handing them their ass I understand the sentiment.

      GO BIRDS!!!

      • Lol…thanks for the GO BIRDS, made me laugh.

        Yeah I think there are a lot of overconfident fans with this game. The way I see it, we are going to see a different Cowgirls team this week. I believe they are just as motivated if not more motivated as our team. I think they have had more time to prepare and get healthy, and most importantly they play much better on the road. All that being said I look for a typical back and forth, hard hitting NFC East battle. I still believe that we will come out on top, but with Murray, Bryant, Whitten and that OL, we are facing a good team that got embarrassed Thanksgiving Day in their house. And because we have a bad division record and will lose most tiebreakers, it is a crucial game in seeing this team make the playoffs.

        • I think the Cowboys are coming in on a Mission, very confident, healthy and rested and the Eagles will need to play their Best Game of the Season to Win… If anyone thinks that the result of the Turkey Game whipping of the Cowboys has any bearing on this Game, they would be wrong and foolish…
          I honestly believe that the Seahawks have been talking smack about the Eagles as to fire them up in a way so they can eliminate the Cowboys from Post-Season since the Seahawks were manhandled by the Cowboys earlier in the Season and are probably the only Team that really matches-up with them as far as the Post-Season Goes..

          • I think that the Seahawks continued talk about the Eagles is confirmation that this Eagles team is a strong team and the Seahawks were very pumped to play them and are very proud of having beat them. I think it is actually validation that we have a good team, but regardless the season is not dependent on this second Cowgirls game. Both teams know what is at stake, and you are right, just because we totally dominated them 2 weeks ago means absolutely nothing as to how this will play out this week. The cowgirls are a rested and team, no excuses. I believe that Bill Davis knows that the Romo he saw last time is not the Romo he will see this week….but that being said, we all know how common it is for Romo to choke in December, and also we know that even though he may be feeling better then the last game, he is far from healthy and all it takes is one good pressure from our DL and he could be out all together.

            • Green, I honestly think most Eagles fans are scared shitless after that display by Sanchez. The Seahawks always have that swagger and you better believe they were trying to make a statement last Sunday. That’s why halfway through the week they were still crowing about beating down the Eagles.

              • Cowboys 38 – Eagles

            • Biggy, while I may still have my ability to empty my bowels, I am also concerned with this game for exactly the reason you mentioned. I fear that the Seahwks may have knocked the confidence out of Sanchez. He was riding a pretty high wave of success after the Thanksgiving game, but now has been exposed….threw for less than 100 yards and generally made very few plays. Teams are picking up on his dislike for throwing outside the hash marks, and are crowding the middle of the field. I would like to see them move him outside the pocket…..he throws pretty good on the run……I know that it also cuts down on the amount of field that you have to work with compared to a straight drop back, but he has already been shown to avoid those outside passes when he is straight back. I am also wondering about his shoulder, and whether or not he has lost more strength in the should since the surgery……anyway, that is where many of my concerns are, but I also want to see this defense continue to play well against the run and get pressure on Romo. I think that the defense and special teams will need to play at a high level to help make up for Sanchez’s limitations. A very winnable game for the Birds, but not one that can be taken for granted.

              GO BIRDS !!!!

              • I would expect the Cowboys OL to play very well as the Eagles truly embarrassed them on Turkey Day.. This is where the Game will be Won or Lost.. If Eagles can maintain pressure on Romo and get him off his spot, then the Game should bode well for the Eagles but RB Murray, WR Dez and TE Whitten will bring their
                “A” Games to be sure… The Cowboys typically play well if Romo plays well.. So the game within the game is the Eagles Defense getting to him early and often to get him rattled…
                Typically RB McCoy has very good Games versus the Cowboys which I expect him to have, but bottom line for the Eagles Offense is that Sanchez will have to make some Plays for them to Score enough Points to Win…

  • That’s what I’m thinking IJ. They had no problem trading him even after he won ROTY, so if someone offers them something of substance, they won’t hesitate to trade him – he’s not necessary a lock.

    Mundiay, is a much better floor general potentially, great passer. I knew he was working on his shot, but no clue as to how he was doing with that. I thought he was playing ball in China or something.

    • I am not so sure there is a lot of Interest around the NBA who look at MCW as a “True Franchise PG” and willing to give up a lot for him… Just don’t see

    • He is still in China and doing quite well.

    • Probably because Mundiay is playing against 5Ft – 5″ Chinese Players all the time… He;; I could put Double-Double’s Every night playing over there..

    • Mundiay has a severely sprained ankle and hasn’t playing in 2 weeks and is on IR. only 2 Americans can be on a China team and his team is in danger of not making the playoffs. So they just signed Will Bynam to replace him. Knowing that Mundiay is likely to leave for the draft China might cut Mundiay to keep Bynam when Mundiay is ready to return in a few weeks.

  • MCW play is making him a lock Cliff. He is understanding the game better and with the flow of the game with more players on this team that could score he would have even better numbers. He is true pg. I dont think he will ever be a scoring monster but he will be a stat stuffer.

    If they can develop him out of the post on smaller guards that could take his game to the next player. My one fustration this season is that they dont run plays when he has a size advantage. However I do see it would be hard to work him out of the post because this team lacks real shooters.

    • I see his value to this team IJ, but my concern is he is not the facilitator, or leader on the floor that a Tony Parker is in a Spurs Offense, – he looks to get his own most of the time, and is then turnover prone, and that he may be expendable, if the right deal comes along…

  • Sixers traded Brandon Davis for Andre Kirilenko and a 2020 Net second round pick and option to switch 2018 2nd round draft picks. Sixers also get Jorge Gutierrez an mexican national PG 6’3” 26 year old space filler. Both will probable get released.
    the moves adds 3 million to the sixers cap bringing it about 17- 19 million still short from the minimum of 56 million. The sixers still have to add 17-19 million in salary before the trading deadline.

    • They won’t add salary E0S, they’ll just have to spread it out amongst the remaining 15 bodies at the end of the year.

      • 76ers Sign GCobb Poster “DCar” to a 10 Day Contract for $27,500

        • 76ers Agree to Pay off Jon Hart’s Parents Mortgage Balance due to
          JH undying support of the Franchise

  • Paulman’s Predcition of the Price of Gold & Silver..

    Current – Gold $1231.50 – Future Price in Feb 2015 $1244.15
    Current – Silver $17.23 – Future Price in Feb 2015 $ 18.05

  • Crude Oil Prices

    Current – $59.39 Per Barrel
    Future Price (March 2015) – $67.50 per Barrel

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