• July 3, 2022

Foles Not Ready To Go, Birds Staying With Sanchez

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia EaglesEagles head coach Chip Kelly just let us know that he won’t be making a change at the quarterback position because Nick Foles hasn’t been cleared by the doctors.  The former Oregon head coach said Mark Sanchez has played well enough for them to win the last two games, so he’ll be the starter against the Redskins.

Foles had an examination today of his collarbone and he hasn’t been cleared for football contact.  Chip intimated that Foles will be able to start working out and possibly throwing the football, but he hasn’t been cleared to play.

Kelly defended Sanchez and the strength of his throwing arm.  He says defenses are playing a lot deeper this year than they were doing last year.  He said the speed and play of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has forced safeties to backup.

As for the defensive side of the ball, head coach said they doubled Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant early in the game, but tight end Jason Witten hurt them with some catches on third down.  So they doubled up on Witten, and Bryant torched them for three touchdowns.

I would much rather have Witten working inside in one on one situations than singling up Bryant and having him work outside against Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams.



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  • C’mon…for real?? Stop it Chip!! You doubled up on Witten and let Dez Bryant destroy you…smh!!! I hope Chip was just giving up some coachspeak….because that makes no sense at all!

  • Matt Barkley must be beyond atrocious in practice.

    • Yes, but Johnny Streetball is killing it in practice.

  • Clean house! Get rid of Foles/Sanchez/Barkley we cant win with any of them!

  • RG3 will start Saturday against the Eagles. Will be interesting!

  • Eagles should have signed Terrelle Pryor or Thaddeous Lewis when Foles first went down and one of them could have been ready by now… but the Real Issues are with the Turnovers …
    34 Turnovers aAs a Team in 14 Games is 2.5 Turnovers a Game and Terrible
    and many of these are Fumbles by McCoy, Huff, other Receivers, etc so it’s not all on the QB’s…

  • Trent Cole has a broken hand. Brandon Graham will get the start, maybe a peek into 2015.

    • Cowboys RB D Murray also has a Broken Hand that is going to require
      some SUrgery.. RB Murray will probably be out next Week vs Colts…

  • Andrew Kulp from CSNPhilly.com

    The Philadelphia Eagles may miss DeSean Jackson, whether they are willing to admit it or not, but the feeling is not mutual.

    With the Birds on a collision course for Washington this week, Jackson wasted no time fanning the flames of his personal rivalry with his former employer. Following his team’s sixth consecutive loss on Sunday to drop to 3-11 on the season, the three-time Pro Bowler was quick to dismiss any notion he misses Philly, telling reporters, “There’s no point in living in the past.”

    It wasn’t enough for Jackson to say he’s happy where he is, though. The brash wideout had to take a shot at the Eagles receiving corps left behind in the wake of his release—all of them except for Jeremy Maclin, that is, as reported by Jeff McLane for The Inquirer.

    “They still got Maclin. I’m happy for my boy. He’s been dealing all year,” Jackson said. “But it’s Maclin and that’s all they got.”

    Eagles fans would be hard-pressed to disagree. Maclin is a top-10 receiver in the NFL this season in terms of yards (7th) and touchdowns (t-8th), but there’s been little consistency behind him.

    Riley Cooper has shouldered the brunt of the criticism, the supposed No. 2 wideout’s production falling way short of last year’s breakout campaign. However, Josh Huff and his untimely miscues have drawn scrutiny as well, while fellow rookie Jordan Matthews has had his moments, but is not yet making an impact on a weekly basis.

    Do the Eagles miss Jackson’s ability? There’s no arguing the receiving corps would be deeper and more talented overall with Jackson than without.

    If nothing else, we would stop hearing about how Cooper has been such a letdown after every game, as if that’s supposed to be some kind of surprise.

    A lot of people would tend to agree with Jackson’s statement on some level, but Maclin apparently was not one of them. He posted what would appear to be a direct response to his former teammate on Instagram, and as much as Cooper has been a bust and Matthews may be learning on the job, it’s difficult to argue with the raw numbers

  • So we should believe that DeSean Jackson’s speed all last year didn’t cause defenders to play deeper – and Maclin’s speed in the first 7 games didn’t cause the defenders to play deeper – but after game 8 of this season all the defenders decided to start playing deeper. Get the hell out of here…

    Hey – defenders must have played deep against the Jets when Sanchez was there too… because he never threw long passes there either.

    Come on Chip….

    • Man shit on Djax, Cooper, Huff all of them will be planning vacations in a couple of weeks and Chip please man teams are sitting on those short routes and Charlie Checkdown can’t throw 30 yards down the field, when Foles was in there they took too many shots down the field and his accuracy was atrocious. This season from the day they released Djax has been one big ass fail, Marcus Smith, Foles injury prone regressing ass. Cooper stealing money. Sprouls disappearing act, Shady looking for an easy place to land damn I’m pissed off.

    • Irish, I said the same thing when I listened to Chip’s presser. My bullshit alert signal went off. Chip sounds like a snake oil salesman sometimes. That type of talk makes me look at him a little differently because if you are trying to sell that to your fan base you obviously think we are stupid enough to buy it. Com’ On Man!

      • Yeah…he sounds like a ‘snake oil salesman’ when he says something that you dont like…stop it! Bum ass Riley Cooper said the same thing here:
        “Last year, we got man-to-man single-high safety [coverage] every single game and teams are playing us a little bit differently this year,” Cooper said. “We’re getting a majority of zone. That is what we are getting.
        “So it is tough to get past that for the deep balls.”

        Why does Chip AND Cooper need to lie about that?

        • Kool, it’s simple, to cover up for what Jackson brought to the table, but is now lost.

        • Oh, and Kool, it’s not about what I don’t like, but what I simply disagree with. There is a difference. I have at no point in time called for Kelly to be fired and called for him to be put on the clock…like YOU have after two seasons of improvement, well, this year they mayhave regressed…as the offense has!

          • Stop lying…I never called for Kelly to be ‘fired’…If the offense has ‘regressed’ Chip has to be called on the carpet for it. If they miss the playoffs this year…Chip has to answer for it and then…the clock is ticking.
            We need a damm Superbowl in this town…not this continued run of never being good enough to win the big one!
            Kelly has to be called to account for some critical decisions…the decision to get rid of DJax, the keeping of Riley Cooper, the spending of a first round pick for Marcus Smith..the poor play of the offense, and the poor play of the secondary…

            Chip like any other coach in the league has to be held accountable for the team failures…just as he is given credit for the wins.If we dont make the playoffs this year…Chip has a big mark against him…and the clock is ticking!

            • Lol…koolbreeze, you crack me the fuck up. Putting Kelly on the clock is simply greasing the skids to run Kelly’s ass out of town. Please outline a detailed plan of how you would improve the Eagles for 2015, you get one free agent signee, the rest must be done through the draft. Give me positions and names for your upgrades.

              • LMAO…Outline a ‘detailed plan’…here you go Eaglehaslanded…go after Revis and Devin McCourty in free agency…and do what you can to get Mariotta…and if you cant get him trade for RGIII or Manuel from Buffalo…or Chip should get the best QB available for what he wants to do and bring in another veteran backup…the QB position has to be overhauled

              • Kool would you please answer this: in two years chip has fired vick, drafted barkley, signed sanchez and given the starting job to foles. All the while passed on manziel, boyd, manuel et al…. what does your statement “chip should get the best QB available for what he wants to do” mean? Are you telling me that for two years he has stood around with his thumb up his ass and got all these qb’s for something he DIDN’T want to do? have you paid attention????

              • yes he thumbed his ass. he couldve had taj “drive through cashier” boyd or johnny “runaround” manzeil but he was too busy thumbing himself to recognize real koolbreeze type talent

              • Kool, a realistic plan, No way NE lets both go, seriously doubt Revis goes, he wants to play for an established team prepared to win the big one. Buffalo is not giving up on EJ Manuel, nor trading him.
                Going after Mariotta is a possibility, I would not be surprised if they did or did not. Not sure about Bob now, Gruden will be back, he appears to be softening his stand on RG3 so he may be given another chance, per Danny Sneider.
                You failed to mention the draft…except Mariotta. The Eagles have made it clear they are going to build through the draft…I wanted you to detail a build with one FA and the rest drafted players.
                LMAO…or go after the best QB he needs to to do what he wants to do…LOL…LMAO…stop..you’re killing me! Your plan is a pipe dream that is unrealistic.

              • KoolMoron said trade for EJ Manuel…who couldnt beat out Kyle Orton….


                YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

              • kools handpicked qbs in the last year:

                mark sanchez
                ej manual
                taj boyd
                johnny runaround manziel



                can you imagine if we had any of those starting????

  • Koolidiot, the QB guru, knows Foles (14-4 under Kelly) is no good and must be replaced.

    Koolidiot has “seen enough” to know this.

    SO….move on then.

    Anyone here think Koolidiot will give any of the prospects the Eagles will be able to pick up late 1st, 2nd or 3rd round the necessary 2 years to determine if they’re quality?

    Connor Cook??
    Garrett Grayson?
    Brett Hundley??
    Sean Mannion?
    Shane Carden??

    Because those are the guys that will be available for the Eagles.

    Those are the guys they’ll be choosing from.

    I have no idea if any of them will be good or not….but I do know Koolidiot will hate them the moment they get chosen.

    Koolidiot will take an instant dislike to those guys too.

    • I think a Sean Mannion (Oregon State) and or a Bryce Petty
      (Baylor) could be very effective in Kelky’s Scheme
      As well as a Shane Cardenas of East Carolina
      Which would all be 2nd-4th Round Prospects and
      Probably need a good 2 Years of Grooming..
      I would not mind seeing one of these 3 Drafted
      By the Eagles..,

    • vinniedafoolass

      We know that the only QB you will be happy with is that stiff, Nick Foles…who has suddenly become the greatest QB in Eagles history…a franchise QB with such a bright future…
      According to Vinniedafoolass-Nick Foles is irreplacable! We have to sign him to a long term contract extension…lets lock him in for the next 3-4 and let him ‘develop’ into the next great Eagle QB.


      Foles/Sanchez duo contributed greatly to the Eagles leading the league in turnovers. They are both at best mediocre and at worst they suck ass!

      Vinniedafoolass, would have us believe that the Eagles would have beaten Seattle, Dallas, and Green Bay with Nick Foles. When the reality is that the award for the worst Eagles offense performance of the year belongs to Nick Foles against San Francisco where the offense scored zero points!

      But Vinniedafoolass loves mediocre Quarterbacks…

      • Idiot.

        I have no idea if Foles can lead the team to a championship. Though I do know that he is light years beyond your last two Eagle heros Vick and Sanchez.

        But whatever….maybe they move on. It what you want.

        These are the guys they’ll be able to choose from in rounds 1 to 4 wheere they’re picking:

        Connor Cook??
        Garrett Grayson?
        Brett Hundley??
        Sean Mannion?
        Shane Carden??

        Who you in for idiot?

        Which of those will be better than Foles?

        Those are the guys who will be available. I, myself, will have no problem with the Eagles taking any one of them.

        But I guarantee you will hate any of their selections.


        Which one will be better than Foles….

  • Talk about the chimp in the Boone County Zoo this fool koolbreeze will continue to entertain as long as you guys feed him in response to his nonsense

    I bet he’s some magna cum lousy graduate, with a PhD, “piled high and deep”, some scrawny ass white nerd hired by gcobb to rile the masses

    • jakdamutt…a stray mutt running around the city gutters looking for a meal.

      I’d bet that you are some loser asswipe sitting in ya mamma’s trailer park home stealing the neighbors’ wifi to get access to the internet

  • Just read that WR Sammie Coates as entering the 2015 draft. After watching Coates last year I liked what I saw of his skill set. He is very fast, strong and a good blocker.
    6’2″ 201 4.3 speed clocked consistently. It is legitimate. Bench presses 400 lbs and has a 40″ vertical.
    He needs work on his route running. His concentration catching the ball in traffic has improved from his sophomore season. This year he was making his way back from an injury so his production was down. He has the deep threat speed that will make defenses account for him and the strength and technique to block down field effectively! He would look very good in midnight green.
    With my luck, Reid will draft him for the Chiefs!

    • I like WR Coates also… He’s probably an
      Early 2nd Round Pick and possibly a late 1st Rounder
      Sone good WR’s… He reminds me a little
      bit of a Torrey Smith of the Ravens &
      Coradelle Patterson of the Vikings…
      Big & Fast… He definitely needs to improve
      Route Running and he’s not afraid to block
      And mix it up downfield, Which is a requirement of Kelly’s WR’s…

      • You hit it right on the head with your comparisons paul. Sad thing is the Eagles still need to upgrade the wideout position. If they would have drafted Bryant or Brown instead of Huff as both were drafted after Huff I would not even mention Coates, but if the defensive players I want are gone by the time the Eagles pick, I have to seriously consider Coates.

        • Resigning Maclin is probably a must for the Eagles
          To go along with Matthews & Huff for 2015 & beyond
          I believe Cooper is in shaky ground and don’t see
          Him or Brad Smith or Jeff Maehl as part of the Future
          They will need a big Target with outside Speed to complement
          Maclin, then Matthews & Huff cover the intermediate, slot areas
          And then maybe a pure speed WR to stretch the Field
          A few times a game which Coates can do..

      • Coates’ partner in crime WR D’haquille “Duke” Williams is considering entering the draft. 6’2″ 216. Big, strong and fast. Reminds me of Dez Bryant size wise…Dez ran a 4.5 40 at the combine, Duke Williams has ran a 4.40 as he was clocked when transferring from JUCO to Auburn.

        • Is that the kid who had injury issues (Knee)
          This year while at Auburn..

          • Yes it is. He just needs to rest it. I believe he is a full go for their bowl game though so he should be fine.

            • Duke Williams is a monster.

  • Who is the next Eagles QB Koolidiot???

    Connor Cook??
    Garrett Grayson?
    Brett Hundley??
    Sean Mannion?
    Shane Carden??

    Choose one fucknuts.

    Tell us QB guru, who will be better than Foles. (you’ll hate each and every one of them guaranteed pretender)

  • The draft is irrelevant to me now. I don’t CARE! I am done with waiting this team needs to go for it again. I don’t care about what happened with Nnamdi and DRC I don’t want to wait and keep building and hope that we select a player that can play. We have to go for it again.Shady is 26, Maclin is in his prime. The oline is aging Sproles is older, the dline is set. Next year go into FA and go for it again. I don’t want to wait and develop for 2-3 more years. Marcus Smith, Ed Reynolds, Jalen Watins, Beau Allen have contributed nothing. The time is now. I don’t want to wait again. Even Jordan Matthews is just a guy. Hes nothing special. Go out and go for it again. I have no time to draft a DB and wait, No time to go out and draft a safety and hope. Spend all the money and try again. Iv watched the Kyle Fullers and Ha Ha Clinton Dix struggle, we have no time for that. Proven Vet players that can step in and play.. We have the oline and dline, they did a great job in FA with upgrading the ST and Jenkins. The QB position I just don’t know. Upgrade around Foles, cross your fingers nd go for it. If he doesn’t play well next year then the rest of the team around him is set and get the best FA QB on the market in 2016.

    • When you have the worst secondary in the league and after the 15th week in the season the Jalen Watkins, Ed Reynolds of the world cant even sniff the field there is a problem. When your 1st round pick cant sniff the field there is a problem. When our drafts claim to fame is a 2nd round receiver who basically is a possession receiver who really is a dime a dozen player theres a problem. Enough with the draft boards. Get me proven NFL talent for this team that may just be 2 DBs and a safety away from competing for a world championship.

      • It’s going to take a while to rebuild the Secondary
        Very few Free-Agents out there that are going to
        Make an impact…
        3 of the first 4 Draft Picks should be Secondary
        And a ILB Prospect/Players.
        Bottom Line, It’s going to take some time..
        The Positive is that Eagles play in a Division with
        2 Teams (Giants/Redskins) who are in Transition
        And with Young Talent, still should be able to compete
        For the NFC East Title…

        • A secondary can be successfully rebuilt in two years if the right talent is selected. I listened to Howie Roseman show last night. A caller told him he did an absolute poor job of building the secondary. The caller reeled off acouple of teams that rebuilt their secondary through free agency and the draft. He also talked about the 20mil.
          Howie responded with getting players that fits their culture and plays dback the way they want them to. Bottom line is Howie has to do a better job of selecting dback talent because we have been weak there since Dawkins..Lito and Sheldon left. Asante was a good corner…especially conpared to what we have had here over the last 3-4 years. Culture is goid..but not necessarily at the expense of talent. Cary and Fletcher fits the culture…but how is that helping on the field with production?

    • Dag…you left out Taylor Hart who Chip wanted to draft in the 3rd round. You have to understand..Chip is putting the family back together. Shucky Ducky Quack Quaaaaack!

      • Most Draft Geeks had DE Taylor Hart as a 6th/7th Rd Prospect and basically as a Back-up DE at the NFL Level providing Depth in limited snaps…

        • Pman…I know. That is what has me terrified of a Chip Kelly run draft. All of the pro days that he went to and the combine…and he did not witness or evaluate better talent than what we got this past draft. Suspect evaluation to say the least. He may over value pkayers…starting with MSII…then Huff, then Hart. I am not sure about Watkins.

          • Just like most had Josh Huff as a 4th/5th Round Prospect
            where the Eagles Selected him in the 3rd bypassing WR’s like M Bryant,D Moncrief and John Brown…. Yikes…

            • I’m not killing them on drafts yet. Way too early.

              They do deserve scrutiny regarding FA from a depth starting position. Guys like Brandon Flowers(a man corner we desperately need) shook loose and we did not take a chance in that direction. That was a big mistake. I was under the impression with Nolan Carroll hype from the preseason that he would overtake a starting spot by middle of the season. That didnt happen so its a twofold mistake.

              The 49ers have blown multiple first round picks than have successes like Chris Borland….in the end it does not matter where they were drafted. Its all about impact.

  • Koolidiot must go to the Chipwagon site right now!!

    http ://www.thechipwagon.com/eagles/2014/12/time-for-foles.html

    (I put a space on purpose)

    Tell me again Koolidiot how great Sanchez is.

    Kool”Vick-EJ-Geno-Cam-RGIII-Kreapernick-Taj-SanchezIdiot. The QB guru!

    BTW – still haven’t answered the question KoolIdiot….

    Who is the next Eagles QB Koolidiot??? Which one of the following will be better than Foles??

    Connor Cook??
    Garrett Grayson?
    Brett Hundley??
    Sean Mannion?
    Shane Carden??

    Choose one fucknuts.

    Tell us QB guru, who will be better than Foles. (you’ll hate each and every one of them guaranteed…….pretender)

    • Eaglehaslanded
      December 15, 2014 – 9:02 pm
      Hold on Vinny, i need my answer from kool too. I need to know what his plan for rebuilding the secondary and QB position is.

      Please outline a detailed plan of how you would improve the Eagles for 2015, you get one free agent signee, the rest must be done through the draft. Give me positions and names for your upgrades.

  • Paulman’s 2015 Eagles Mock Draft (#6)
    (Eagles are now looking at Approx the # 19 Selection of Each Round)

    1st Rd – WR DaVante Parker (Louisville – 6-3 210lbs – 4.45 Speed)
    2nd Rd – CB Quentin Rollins (Miami-Ohio 6-0 205lbs )
    3rd Rd – QB Bryce Petty (Baylor 6-3 230lbs)
    4th (from Buffalo) – CB Eric Rowe (Utah 6-1 200lbs)
    4th Rd – DE/OLB – Preston Smith (Miss State 6-5 -270lbs)
    5th Rd – ILB – Stephone Anthony (Clemson 6-2 245lbs)
    6th Rd – WR – Dezmin Lewis (Central Arkansas 6-4 215lbs)
    7th Rd – Guard/Tackle Eric Lefeld (Cincinnati 6-6 310lbs)

    It’s not a real Deep Draft for Safety as Eagles have Jenkins, Wolff, Maragos,Prosinki all under Contract for 2015 and can add an Undrafted Safety or go out in Free-Agency or even re-sign Nate Allen or move Nolan Carroll to Safety

  • thanks for letting me know the wagon has a new article up! can gcobb hire this guy and start using pictures like them? i mean then some of these bird brains could be forced to realize truths

  • I may as well get the topic of the week out of the way early. We should hear today the results of Foles’ latest X-Rays and whether he is able to return to full practices. Even if the result is positive, I don’t expect Chip Kelly to announce Foles as the starter today. He’ll likely wait it out and see how Foles looks in practice, but more importantly, why not make the Redskins gameplan for both QBs in a short week?

    Let’s face it. QBing in the NFL is not easy. Good QBs are hard to find, and more often than not, when you are forced to go to your back-up QB you can’t expect them to dominate. The Mark Sanchez era in Philly got off to a nice start as Sanchez moved the ball and looked comfortable in the fast-paced offense. But as more teams got film on the new back-up, they slowly started to take away his comfort reads and he would have to evolve into a better QB over time. A few weeks back the discussion was whether Sanchez’s career has been rejuvenated, or whether his success was coming from the system he was playing in. After his 6th start, it appears the jury is out. Mark Sanchez is what he is and always was. A flawed QB who doesn’t make smart decisions and struggles with accuracy and consistency. That was on full display last night against the Cowboys:

    Chip Kelly’s spread offense is designed to spread the field and provide open receivers for the QB to hit. When a QB is hot, they can look really good in this offense. Take for example game #1 against the Cowboys. Sanchez was consistnent and hit his throws. However, the drawback for such a system is that when you don’t play well, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Check out the lowlights from a miserable night in Philadelphia.

    Here Sanchez has a clean pocket, he can step up and has a wide open Josh Huff downfield:

    But the ball sails. Certainly, Huff could have caught this ball, he got two hands on it, but that ball needs to hit him in the numbers:

    The next play he has Brent Celek wide open down the seam with a huge window and a clean pocket to throw from:

    The throw is again high and Celek has to make an excellent catch to bring it in:

    Again, a really nice pocket to step into, and again wide open window in the middle of the field for Ertz:

    Absolutely brutal throw. No chance for Ertz:

    Another nice pocket:

    Another terrible throw:

    Sanchez also struggled seeing the field last night, as evidenced by the brutal interception on his last throw of the night:

    Finally, here is on our very common snag concept. We run this concept about 10 times a game. He should know the reads in his sleep. The first read is the post corner route that Maclin is going to run. Based on how the defenders adjust he can progress down to the snag route being run by Josh Huff:

    Two defenders go with Maclin on the deep route:

    Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.32.17 AM

    Josh Huff is wide open:

    Instead, Sanchez goes to Maclin and sails one over his head. In fairness to Sanchez, it looks like Maclin flattened his route out and didn’t run the post corner. It’s difficult to say because we run a variety of different routes in this concept. Doesn’t change the fact that Sanchez made the wrong read.


  • Game #15 – Eagles 26 – Redskins 23 (10-5)
    Game #16 – NY GIants 35 – Eagles 27 (10-6) Officially Eliminated

    2015 Eagles Schedule (as of today)

    6 NFC East Home and Away Games Vs the Cowboys,Giants & Redskins
    4 AFC East Games (Pats,Bills,Dolphins & Jets)
    4 NFC South (Saints,Falcons,Panthers & TB Bucs)
    2 NFC 2nd Place Teams from NFC North (Lions/Packers) & NFC West (Seahawks)

    On Paper – 2015 looks to be another 9-10 Win Season
    Go 4-2 in the NFC East – Go 3-1 vs the weak NFC South
    Go 2-2 vs the AFC East & Go 0-2 Vs the Lions/Packers & Seahawks

  • ***Reports that Chip Kelly is talking to the retired Doug Flutie about a Return to the NFL… Just Reports and nothing Confirmed….

  • **Bo Pelini just named HC of Youngstown State which is his Home Town..
    Scratch off Pelini as a possible Replacement DC Position for the Eagles

  • **Miami Marlins sign OF Michael Morse to a 2 Year $8 Million Contract
    putting the Marlins as a Solid Contender for the NL East along with the Nationals for 2015


    1) Nationals (96-66)
    2) Marlins (92-70)
    3) Braves (87-75)
    4) Mets (83-79)
    5) Phillies (76-86) – 20 Games out of 1st Place

    • Pman you are an optimist, the Phillies haven’t hit rock bottom yet, no way they have more wins than last year with that manager.

      • Your Probably right — More like 70-72 Wins is more like it…

  • Nick Foles injury doomed the season.
    Arizona is the only team with its head above water with an injured QB.
    Dallas wouldn’t have stayed afloat with Brandon Weedon for six games. The rest of the expected playoff teams have their pro bowl QB healthy unfortunately the Eagles lost their pro bowl QB for six games and a 3-3 record without .

  • Koolbreeze…here is a nice little article about your boy Johnny Streetball Manziel. Everything I have been telling you as to why he is not going to be a good QB. But you would have drafted this guy in the first….or Louis NixIII. I don’t even care about Tahj Boyd anymore.

    Greg Cosell: Johnny Manziel has almost no pocket skills

    By Marc Sessler
    Around the NFL Writer
    Published: Dec. 16, 2014 at 05:07 p.m.
    Updated: Dec. 16, 2014 at 06:13 p.m.

    Browns fans weren’t impressed with the debut of Johnny Manziel, and neither were two of the league’s preeminent tape-watchers.

    Unpacking Cincinnati’s 30-0 trouncing of Cleveland, NFL Media’s Mike Mayock praised the Bengals for executing a “beautiful game plan” that focused “11 sets of eyes” on Manziel to keep the rookie tethered between the tackles.

    “The only athletic quarterbacks that survive in the NFL are the ones that learn how to win from within the pocket,” Mayock told NFL NOW, pointing out Manziel’s tendency to hold the ball too long, allowing for defensive backs to jump the route. That’s exactly what the Browns quarterback did on the first of his two interceptions on Sunday, throwing a late ball to Andrew Hawkins that landed in the breadbasket of Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick.

    “The problem is Manziel didn’t want to stay in the pocket,” NFL Films guru Greg Cosell wrote Tuesday on Yahoo! Sports. “He lacks any feel for the pocket, has almost no pocket patience and discipline and is very quick to move and play what I call ‘random football’ outside of the structure of the offense.”

    Even more concerning, Cosell took issue with Manziel’s “average arm by NFL standards,” saying the rookie “needs functional space and a clean pocket to step up into throws and drive the ball. He works hard to put any velocity on his throws.”

    We also saw Manziel grasp the ball to the point of danger, leading to more than a few of Cincinnati’s three sacks and six hits on the passer. It didn’t help that the Browns couldn’t run the ball or stop Bengals rookie Jeremy Hill from barreling through Cleveland’s injury-ravaged front seven.

    Today’s NFL climate offers little patience for young quarterbacks or the coaches trying to round them into form. Sunday’s debut, though, suggests a rookie signal-caller with a long way to go to be viewed as a reliable franchise centerpiece.

    “Can he get there with experience? Maybe,” Cosell wrote. “But he has a lot to overcome to be a high-level NFL quarterback. He’s a small quarterback with average arm strength and almost no pocket skills and discipline at this point.”

    • I guess this is just a bunch of rambling too. Everyone could see this but you, but hey, you bought into what Sanchez was selling even though his history tells you who he is. But I will blame that on the A.B.F syndrome you have. Anybody But Foles (ABF) Syndrome

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