• July 3, 2022

Mistake-Prone Eagles Lose To Cowboys

DezBryant1The game started in the worst of ways for the Birds and then quickly got worse.  The Birds were trailing by 14 before a lot of the fans got to their seats.

Josh Huff and the rest of the Birds kickoff return team made a huge mistake, when they failed to get to an errant kickoff before the Cowboys coverage unit.  Dallas recovered the football and took the lead in the game before the Eagles realized what hit them.

I knew there was going to be trouble because the Birds Special Teams has been the most consistent area of the football team.  Although the Eagles fought back to eventually take a 24-21 lead, they just didn’t play well enough to beat Dallas.

Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez has shown us that he doesn’t have consistent accuracy.  In nearly every game, he lets a number of throws get away from him.  Sanchez just isn’t a legitimate quality quarterback, whom you can win with against good teams in the National Football League.  A number of times there were receivers running all alone but he didn’t see them.  Jeremy Maclin could have had a huge day against the Cowboys if Sanchez had gotten him the football more.

Nick Foles is going to have another examination today and could be cleared to play.  I think he will wind up starting if he is cleared.

Sanchez missed a throw across the middle to Zach Ertz and it cost the Birds the football.  His second interception cemented the loss for the Birds.

Offensively the Eagles have turned the ball over much too much throughout the season.  They lead the NFL with 34 turnovers and it’s the reason they might not make the playoffs.

The Eagles have got to draft some quality talent at the cornerback position. Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams are no competition for quality wide receivers like Dez Bryant.  His touchdown catches over Fletcher were much too easy.  Williams is a walking and talking pass interference penalty.  The Birds need to clear out three of the four starters in their secondary.

Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis made the decision to stop running back DeMarco Murray first by putting a safety in the box, while leaving Bryant one-on-one versus the Birds poor cornerbacks.  Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was able read the Eagles coverages very easily.

When the Birds have the football, they aren’t getting enough production out of wide receiver Riley Cooper, who is the other starting opposite Jeremy Maclin.  Rookie Josh Hufff hasn’t been reliable enough to put in there.  Cooper is virtually non-existent, when it comes to production.  It’s a shame he’s not on another team because I think Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams could cover him.

Murray was not the difference in the football game.  The Eagles defensive front led by Birds defensive end Fletcher Cox controlled him enough to win the game, but they let Romo and Bryant dominate.


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  • Stopping Murray was the right thing to do. Otherwise, they would have scored 90. I’d have taken Huff (with all of his mistakes) over Riley Cooper. I’m still on board with Chip, but I have reservations. The whole culture over talent thing reminds me of Reid’s scheme over talent. Would Chip Kelly tolerate the likes of Dez Bryant or say, Lawrence Taylor. This is the NFL and it is my belief that a coach must deal with very different personalities. Time will tell.

  • Any ideas if there will be any DBS we can target in Free Agency? This is not a great year to draft CBs…

    • Revis.

    • Cary Williams makes 6.5 million this season and Bradley Fletcher makes 2.9 million this season in 2014.
      Bradley Fletcher’s is not under contract next season. Cary Fletcher is due to make 8.2 million in 2015( 6.5 in non guarantee base salary and 1.6 deferred guarantee signing bonus for salary cap purposes. )

      • That is embarrassing

  • All the air is out of the team ,the city,the fanbase..there is no worst case scenarios ..you let the Dallas cowgirls come in and ruin our season…bill Davis admittedly ,put a safety in the box and challenged his corners to man up..(flawed) based upon quality of the personnel..chip then needed to rely on sanchez ,not happening..now the questions begin…that’s what losing a playoff spot does …Djax bandwagon will overflow …the personnel is flawed..the draft is suspicious…we have more ducks than a Sunday pond …and those $20 million are now a poke in the eye …maybe Jeff kolsky was correct ..we are capped…because we definitively crapped our..

  • Eagles are a 10-6 maybe an 11-5 football team this season just like last season. This year with so many franchises tanking with only 2-3 total wins it just isn’t good enough this year for the playoffs.

  • Romo was much better last night than on Thanksgiving. 3rd and long is still a disaster more often than not for the Eagles. We all know the secondary needs several new faces.

    On the bright side, Chris Polk appears to be a legit goal-line threat. We appear to have our kicker of the future. Maclin has proven that he’s better than average and deserves a new contract. The defensive front appears to have a bright future with guys like Cox and Curry and Logan and Thornton. Connor Barwin needs to be resigned.

    Not sure what we do about QB going forward. Maybe Foles comes back a new man next season.

  • I’m heartbroken to you guys. We had a chance to make a statement back to back home games and we came out and played like shit. Turnovers will be the deciding factor in the end. We’ve been doing it all season long. All those fluke games against Arizona and San Fran are biting us in the ass. It doesn’t matter how good u are on special teams offense or defense if u make boneheaded mistakes throughout a whole year. That being said we still got a chance. Chip knows it, and the whole team an organization knows it. Win out against our two pussy dysfunctional division rivals and PRAY dallas loses at home to Indy or maybe Washington. It could happen. Maybe dallas is taking a little longer to collapse this year than Ushual. Hard to see dallas going 4-0 in December. There bound to drop one egg. Especially at home. But I see Andrew luck hvjng to put up 30

  • Ct what does it matter ? It’s best to let them lie in there own warm pile …Dallas will be matched up as it stands vs Green Bay at home …as would we…do you really think Dallas or philly can beat Rodgers? Let’s all realize mr 50/50 81 tds ..81 picks ..3-3 record ..good for half the time ..shit the other half ..is who he is ..we suffered a season ending injury to the defensive captain ,the offensive captain ,and got the outcome you’d expect …now the evaluation process ,including chip will begin..I’m not holding onto the false hope ,any longer ..vinnie called it before the game ,I called it before the game ..sanchez scares me ..fletcher and williams are with Nate Allen a recipe for disaster …huffs is empty between the ear holes..chips reliance on cooper as his number two …his lack of productivity from Polk on the goal line in San Fran and arizona is hindsight ,but ..he deserves that criticism..the seahawks talked trash and the eagles trashed there season …the cowboys were handed this on a silver platter …just imagine had they the Eagles taken care of business at home ..Dez future was shaky ..romo was being carted around ..the coach was on Jerry’s thin ice ..the whole NFC east would be looking up from the abyss…now it’s us …just keep putting dirt on them ..they’re dead men walking

  • Question….Should the Eagles take a chance on the talented but troubled cornerback Marcus Peters who was kicked off of the team for conduct detrimental in the draft? He is the most talented corner in the draft followed by Trae Waynes, he will fall from what would be a certain top ten draft choice to the bottom of the first or second round. Recent troubled d-backs drafted who seem to have gotten it together in the pros are Tyran Mathieu and Jenksins. This defensive backfield is in serious need of an injection of talent. The Eagles run defense is set, the pass rush needs an infusion as well.
    Cornerbacks in 2015 draft
    1. Marcus Peters Washington 5’11” 195
    2. Trae Waynes- Mich St. 6’1″ 190
    3. Alex Carter- Stanford 6’0″ 204
    4. Jalen Collins- LSU 6’0″ 195
    5. Josh Shaw- USC 6’1″ 201

    6. An intriguing prospect for me is Tony Lippett from Mich St. He played corner in his first year, moved to wr, and now is playing both wr and corner. Lippetts coverage ability is apparent. His 6’3″ frame, speed and technique allows him to cover bigger receivers, knows how to get his head around when ball is in the air, and can catch the ball too. His wr experience allows him to understand routes that a wideout would run. He played corner very well in Michigan States last game. I would consider drafting him in the 4th and playing him at CB. I think he could handle the problem that is Dez Bryant.

    7. Quintin Rollins Miami Ohio 6’0″ 179

    • EHL I’m too pissed to think right now. Injuries and turnovers have destroyed this season. And on top of that your drafting in no mans land of 13 to 20.

      • Big I’m pissed too, but my mind is set on what I think can be done to help fix this team…not as if the FO listens but it’s my way to take my mind away from that debacle. Even from 13-20, a good player will be available, they just have to pick the correct one.

    • Eagles..you missed a nice prospects in PJ Williams and Ronald Darby from FSU.. Williams has real good size and speed.

      • Rhino, I intentionally left PJ Williams out. I do not like him a little bit. I watched him get beat like Cary Williams, and that’s who he reminds me of. I do like Ronald Darby though. I just don’t think the Eagles will go that direction as he is 5’10”.

        • PJ Williams does not have good enough ability to play the ball, that is the problem we have now. The only benefit in drafting PJ Williams is that you would not have to change the name on the back of the jersey. Just assign him # 26. He and cary are probably related.

  • Janoris Jenkins drafted by the Rams

  • Are we a good team? Yes. Elite? No. We’re only in year 2. It’s only gonna get better from here. Our defense improved tremendously this season and is only a few pieces away from being very good. We’re witnessessing an uprising of a very elite young promising defensive line. And why is everybody hating on josh huff. He’s a rookie who was taken in the third round who has missed a lot of time due to injuries. He was even limited in training camp and preseason. I personally think he’s shown a lot of promise. Give him another year or two and he will put Riley cooper to shame!

    • Riley Cooper and Josh Huff both had better games than Jordan Matthews yesterday.

  • What a shitty day. Too many thoughts to say much. Too much blame to spread around for that disaster of a game last night……so I am going to blame that fucking fat piece of shit governor of NJ Chris “maggot cowboys fan” Christie.

    It is easier this way. I feel better. I am going to wait a little bit before I post anything else, too many places to start.

    GO BIRDS !!!!

  • Mark Sanchez and Lesean McCoy weren’t good enough the last 2 weeks.
    Lesean McCoy’s name was called for 4 plays within the first 6 plays of the game for consecutive 3 and outs. He can’t be trusted inside the goal line. Lesean Mccoy is a problem in the offense right now too.

    • Elephant in the room.

      It will be very interesting to see what the Eagles do with his $10,000,000 in base salary next year.

      Its only $3.5 muillion in “dead $$” if they cut him…….that’s nothing……

      Just saying.

      I just think its a down year…All year there have been problems…1st half of season with a dysfunctional oline, 2nd half with a dysfunctional QB.

      Has had a detrimental effect for sure.

      Lets see him last 2 weeks with oline in and Foles back. Should be better. Pl;us screen game will return.

      • We need a Quarterback! We dont have one! Foles/Sanchez are turnover machines that kills a team chances at beating good teams.

        Chip Kelly needs to get a franchise QB that can effectively run his system. If we have to give up significant draft picks to get Mariotta…GO FOR IT!

        Free Agency-we have to go hard for Darrelle Revis!

  • Jordan Matthews is only a rookie as well. He’s not going to show out every week. Dude has been a beast and his future is the brightest or all out recievers

  • Shady McCoy was called out by Bobby Wagner in week 14 as essentially a PUSSY, fall backwards in the whole. And how did he respond. Get pushed backwards and out of bounds on the one yard line by the Dallas Cowboys. Even the Chris Colllingsworth and Al Michael’s couldn’t believe he didnt’ score a touchdown. They thought it was a walk in TD. Shady flinched, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Eagles number one option is a PUSSY SCARDY CAT.

    • eagles0superbowls…bullshit! We scored a touchdown on the drive. Yesterday the main problem was a defense that had shut Dallas down in Dallas got their ass whooped and gave up 35 points.
      We made a huge comeback down from 21 points…took the lead and the damm defense gives up a long drive to Romo!
      Our defense has 1 win against a quality QB where they made game-winning plays…Indianapolis…they suck against decent Quarterbacks! Romo who chokes every December was not hit enough last night and our corners-Fletcher particularily-sucks big time!

      • shady mccoy had the football for 66% of the offensive plays for zero points, zero first downs and 7 total yards before the 21 point deficit hit the scoreboard.

  • How does a running back get pushed out of bounds on the one yard line?
    Even RG3 dove and put his head down to try to get 7 yesterday.

  • Shady isnt going anywhere. Dude is the best rb this city has ever seen. Injuries along the oline has not helped and yet he’s still rushed for over a 1000 and is top 5 in rushing

    • Shady is bottom 10 in Touchdowns in the NFL for starting running backs and bottom ten in yards per attempt for starting running backs.

      • Shady has over 1,000 yards this year and is the all-time leading Eagles rusher…stop it with Shady…he is not the problem…

        • down 21 points and Shady McCoy ran out of bounds on the one yard line for the division title.

          • That means nothing, they scored. To want to replace Shady is another wasted draft pick, change for change is stupid for a team hat has eye popping needs. No the problem with this team is taking mediocre talent in the draft…Boy would Deone Buchannon and Martavius Bryant look nice on the Eagles right now…instead of Josh Huff and Marcus Smith…who I expect to play next year (patience).

  • Its simple…we are not good enough at the Quarterback and Cornerback position. All year turnovers have plagued this team. Foles/Sanchez have turned the ball over and against the poor teams we could overcome the turnovers…against good teams we were exposed. Foles/Sanchez have 2 wins over quality opponents…
    Also, Chip Kelly has to take his fair share of the heat. Getting rid of an offensive weapon like DJax and getting nothing in return while keeping that bum ass Cooper. Drafting Marcus Smith in the first round-a huge mistake…drafting weak arm Matt Barkely another huge mistake.
    We dont have a starting QB on the team period!

    • why do u talk? you are the biggest clueless fucking idiot

      • at what point do you look at yourself and say yea im really a fucking imbecile when it comes to football and just shut the fuck up?

        • LMAO you racist asswipe…shut da fuck up. What the hell are you on here for except to spew your racist, bullshit…

          Take your miserable ass off of here mhenski

          • haaaaaaaaa racist

            again at what point do you look in the mirror?

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            you are an absolute imbecile, you know nothing, and flip flop every week.

            in addition your a total asshole

            • koolbreeze
              November 23, 2014 – 3:21 pm

              smh…Haters! Stop it…There has been an upgrade at the QB position! Sanchez is not an All-Pro Franchise QB…he’s just a lot better than Foles! The last drive is a perfect illustration. Excellent drive by Sanchez…mobility, thread the needle pass for the touchdown..

              • koolbreeze
                November 23, 2014 – 3:56 pm

                Fools! The one turnover was that bum Cooper’s fault…the other was a bad play. Lets set the record straight…Sanchez is better than Foles..and if he gets us to the playoffs he is the starter going into next year and we will draft a QB. The main point is that there are 40 points up on the board, Sanchez is not missing wide open receivers, throwing off of his back foot.
                So stop the bull…Sanchez is the QB….forget Foles!


                November 23, 2014 – 5:49 pm

                His arm is just as good if not better than Foles
                He is playing better than Foles
                The offense is more efficient, he manages the pocket better than Foles..
                He doesn’t miss wide open receivers frequently like Foles did!
                His negative is that he almost turning the ball over as much as Foles.

              • koolbreeze
                November 23, 2014 – 5:58 pm

                Sanchez vs Foles-2014 Season

                Accuracy-Sanchez – HAAAAAAAAA
                Pocket Awareness-Sanchez – HAAAAAAAAA
                Leadership/Poise-Sanchez – HAAAA FUCKIN HAAAAAAAAAAA
                Red Zone Efficiency-Sanchez HAAAAAAAAAAAA
                Turnovers-Slight Edge to Sanchez

                Results: Sanchez is without doubt a better QB than Foles. Sanchez took one step closer today to being the starting QB next year by helping to rack up 43 points~!
                Bottom line-Sanchez is better than Foles!

              • koolbreeze
                November 23, 2014 – 6:17 pm

                The arm strength is about the same, they can make the same throws, the difference between the QB’s are mobility, poise, pocket awareness, intelligence (Sanchez reads defenses better)

              • koolbreeze
                November 11, 2014 – 11:23 am

                The improved play at the Quarterback position has lifted the team. Hitting open receivers, good footwork in the pocket, 7 for 7 in the red zone where we one of the worst teams in the league in the red zone- NO TURNOVERS .
                The Eagles will win at least 11 games this year and make the playoffs
                The change in Quarterback has been huge!!!




              • fyi hating imbeciles named koolbreeze is not racist. its subjective against one person not a group. idiot

            • mhenski…your a racist idiot with a lot of time on your hands. I’m not going spend time looking at your past racist, ignorant rants…but look at what i said…
              “Sanchez is not an All-Pro Franchise QB”
              “IF he gets us to the playoffs he is the starter going into next year and we will draft a QB”
              “There has been an upgrade at the QB position!”

              Accurate analysis on my part -ignorant, racist ass mhenski!

              We need a franchise QB NOT a QB that is slightly better than Foles…we need a QB that is significantly better than Foles.

              Sanchez has failed…in the games he won he did look better than Foles…but his lost against the hated Cowboys is a killer loss. But the notion that if we had Foles we would have won that game is ridiculous. The defense was the main culprit in the loss and Sanchez had a Foles like performance…turning the ball over, missing open receivers…the same things Foles did when he was in there. The only difference is Foles played weak teams and was bailed out with scoring from the special teams and defense.

              Sanchez didn’t get any help at all from the defense or special teams….they hurt us last night.

              Keep quoting me mhenski your racist ass may learn something!

              • mhenski
                December 15, 2014 – 12:48 pm

                November 11, 2014 – 11:23 am

                The improved play at the Quarterback position has lifted the team. Hitting open receivers, good footwork in the pocket, 7 for 7 in the red zone where we one of the worst teams in the league in the red zone- NO TURNOVERS .
                The Eagles will win at least 11 games this year and make the playoffs
                The change in Quarterback has been huge!!!

    • Koolbreeze, as much as I like to fuck with you, I agree with your post. I still do not know what we have with Nick Foles so I want to give him another year, which I believe Foles will get because he has not reached his ceiling yet. Sanchez’s history indicates what he is and we know his ceiling is 50/50, which simply is not good enough. Foles’ book has not been completely written yet. To think otherwise is foolish and premature.
      What would you do to upgrade the defensive backfield, corners and safety?

      • Revis…I would go strong after Revis and Devin McCouty…we are well under the cap. New England defense has been good this year…

        • mhenski
          December 15, 2014 – 12:45 pm


          November 23, 2014 – 5:49 pm

          His arm is just as good if not better than Foles
          He is playing better than Foles
          The offense is more efficient, he manages the pocket better than Foles..
          He doesn’t miss wide open receivers frequently like Foles did!
          His negative is that he almost turning the ball over as much as Foles.

        • I just do not see the Eagles pursuing Revis. They will either look for a up and coming cb in free agency or draft their guy, maybe both. If they go big time spending, probably Justin Houston to replace Trent Cole….or they will give Brandon Graham a shot.

      • I think we need to draft a CB high in the draft, potentially first round. Pick up another CB in free agency. Ideally, I’d like to see both Cary Williams and Fletcher replaced. I think you can get by with Allen and Jenkins although I’d be good with upgrading Allen with a high draft pick as well.

        I think you probably have to go with Foles next year unless the Front Office views a guy like Brett Hundley as a possible solution. We need to re-sign guys like Maclin, Brandon Graham and Thornton. Another free agent target I’d like to see is Randall Cobb. Get rid of Cooper completely.

        • Brett Hundley holds onto the football too long. I don’t think he can play QB in the NFL if he won’t release the football and trust his receivers in timing routes.

          • Brett Hundley is to inconsistent, whether if it’s because he is not trusting what he sees, or does not trust his weapons, he does hesitate to make that split decision. Not a Hundley fan.

            • Fair points. If that’s the case, then Foles needs to be the guy with better pieces put around him; in particular, in the secondary and an upgrade at WR. Foles had a down year but he a lot of that was a decimated o-line. He certainly has some things to work on, don’t get me wrong, but he has shown a lot of promise and I think we forget he is only in his third year.

              • On the money comment btc…

  • Listening to Chip’s press conference, he just went Andy Reid stating “We gotta do a better job”. Chip is 2-10 against good teams with winning records. That has to be improved upon next season.

  • Nick Foles ‘ collarbone is not healed. Sanchez will be the QB Saturday against the skins. Another roller coaster ride on offense. Chip says that Sanchez has a big arm….OK. I need to see it. Chip’s explanation is that the defenses are backing their players on the back end up to defend that’s why deep passes are not there. I guess defenses was not doing that when Foles was in there. Sometimes Chip sounds like a snake oil sales man.

    • Season done.

      • two more games left, last time I checked and anyone saying the season is done, isn’t a fan! Yes I’m disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s game, the Eagles loss for a number of reasons, not just QB play. DB’s did a piss poor job on Bryant, didn’t get much pressure on Romo in the 1st half allowing 21 points EARLY!

        It’s truly hilarious how things work out. Get to blame Sanchez, pressure off of Foles even though he wasn’t playing great and was the leading QB with turnovers before his injury, won games with assists from the defense and special teams just like Sanchez….But yet he was to come in and save the season?

        Where this TEAM goes is dependent on the TEAM, players as a whole. The QB position hasn’t carried this team in any game this season. Real Talk!

    • Mark Sanchez is going to turn as white as a ghost with nausea when he sees the first game video of Foles taking a beating against Washington from week 2.

    • I don’t know why people think Foles’ noodle arm is better than Sanchez. All this talk about the deep ball yet Sanchez is almost a full yard more in yards/pass att., 7.9 to 7.0. That’s 90 more yards per one hundred pass attempts, yet somehow Foles has this mythical stronger arm than Sanchez. Foles missed a ton of receivers downfield, Sanchez has missed a lot of receivers downfield, but less than Foles. There is no major difference between them, and Sanchez still remains better in all statistical categories except int%.

      Whether they go back to Foles or not, we are not winning games where we give up 38 points. All those victories you give credit to Foles for, only one came where the opposing team scored over 30, against the Redskins this year. That’s it, that’s the list. When Foles couldn’t keep up against the Vikings last year all of you rightly blamed the defense. Somehow the defense isn’t at fault for giving up 53 and 38.

      The secondary is a huge problem, and with multiple big time corners available last year, the Eagles made no improvements. You had an avalanche of top corners available last year. Revis, Talib, Grimes. Guys like Browner and Antonio Cromartie were available if you didn’t want to make a huge commitment in money or years. They decided to stay 20 mil under the cap and let go a Pro Bowl receiver. Two upgrades at corner and the defense would be top notch. I don’t understand how you can leave huge holes when you have little money tied up in qb.

      • “Sanchez has missed a lot of receivers downfield, but less than Foles.

        Is completely false.

        He hasn’t thrown downfield at all! Review yesterday. Find me the ONE pass that travelled over 20 yards downfield. Find ONE. Then go back and look at Seattle and find ONE. Then go back to GB and find ONe….then…..

        The guy tossed one underthrown ball to Maclin on the first play of the first game and then stopped. Nothing since.

        Its not that he doesn’t have an arm (he doesn’t) its just that he won’t throw one deep at all. Ever.

        If only to let the Safties think about it once ain a while.

        3rd and 13? Tons of time? Here’s a 5 yrd dumpoff for a 6 yard gain. Saw that about 58X

        But one deep shot? Just one? Its been 5 games.

        • Chip Kelly says this is based on what the defenses have been doing…Chip Kelly says Sanchez played well enough for the Eagles to win and that defenses has been keeping safeties back to defend Maclin..

          Chip says Sanchez has the arm…

          The reality is that both Sanchez and Foles have at best average arms….everyone acts as if Foles has a cannon all of the sudden…

          Stop the bullshit…

          Both Sanchez and Foles suck…and Sanchez performance last night was as good as what we would have gotten from Foles…they both were making the same dumb ass mistakes, missing open receivers and turning the ball over.

          We need a new Quarterback

          • Did you expect Chip to say – ‘our QB came out of college without the arm strength to throw a 20 yard out’?

            Did you expect Chip to say – ‘the only reason Maclin was open for the long catch and run was because the DB tried to jump the route. Many DBs do that to Sanchez on passes in the flats because he lacks the arm to get the ball out there with any zip on it’?

            Wake up asswipe – Chip was telling the press a lie…. Foles threw passes to Maclin and Cooper 35 yards downfield into double coverage all last year and this year.

            If you listened to the press conference you heard the reporter say to Chip ….”So what you are saying that is that teams just started, in the last 6 weeks, playing a deep safety” and Chip said “yes”. Then everyone in the room rolled their eyes.

            • “Foles threw passes to Maclin and Cooper 35 yards downfield into double coverage all last year and this year.”

              You have to stop drinking drunk ass…Irish…that was part of Foles problem…throwing the ball up for grabs into double coverage and getting picked off. Its not only Chip Kelly saying it, shitforbrains, Riley Cooper said the same thing:

              “Last year, we got man-to-man single-high safety [coverage] every single game and teams are playing us a little bit differently this year,” Cooper said. “We’re getting a majority of zone. That is what we are getting. “So it is tough to get past that for the deep balls.”

              So you cant just chuck it up down field fools….You have to read the defense…something that Foles struggled with in tossing those floater balls down the field

            • If you weren’t a moron IdiotEagle you would realize that you just disproved your bullshit narrative. The db was sitting on the route, jumped it, yet the ball still got to Maclin. You morons know jack shit about football. If all a qb does is throw short, dbs will press and jump routes and take away the underneath stuff. You’re too stupid to realize that you read most plays deep to short. If defenders bail deep, you work intermediate routes and then checkdown. There have been no screen passes going for ridiculous yards. Sanchez did a better job throwing between 10-20 yards than Foles. But you morons think you’re supposed to chuck it into coverage downfield.

        • You don’t throw deep just to take a shot. You throw deep when the coverage gives you the opportunity. But I know you know nothing about what the qb is looking at, just a lot of hot air.

          I’ve seen both the qbs miss throws downfield. I don’t think you’ve noticed one receiver Foles has missed downfield, but you’re all over Sanchez. Typical. The fact remains the same-

          Pass yards/att. – Sanchez 7.9, Foles 7.0

          • wins / losses, Foles 5-2, Sanchez 3-3

            • That’s what all the morons want to point to when trying to claim Foles wasn’t garbage this year. Any of those wins come with the opposing team scored 38 or 53? How many of those wins did Foles lead us to with the special teams committed a horrific TO? How many of those wins came with defensive and STs scores? We were winning in spite of Foles, whose numbers are worse than Sanchez.

              • QB’s throw deep all the time under the same circumstances just to put that thought into the defenses mind. If the threat is not there defenses just sit on routes and creep up. Sanchez should attempt a deep throw early in the game to loosen things up and give the appearance that they are willing to go deep..it happens every Sunday, just not with Dirty!

            • 6-2

          • YOu are GD right you have to take a shot to take a shot.

            This whole, “the safties are playing deep” is absolute complete bullshit.

            ANd no…you have not seen Sanchez miss downfield…because he diesn;t throw downfield.

            Again…go to your PVR and re watch the game. You tell me which of his passes travelled over 20 in the air downfield? Which one?

            You get back to me when you find one.

            • With the way they are calling interference they should throw fly routes on every third and long…

              • I would do this at least 33% of the time on 3rd & Long, regardless on where I was on the Field…

            • Like I said coverage dictates where you go with the ball. Sanchez has thrown less downfield, but was 34% to Foles 32% over 20 yards after the Seattle game. With 59 attempts for Foles and 26 for Sanchez. Sanchez made up for it in the intermediate areas, so who cares?

              Get back to me when 7.0 is greater than 7.9. One number is top 10, the other is ranked 29.

              • Get back to me when 34% of 26 is greater than 32% of 59…..

              • I don’t need to do shit. Your so stupid you think I need to defend Sanchez at 7.9 against Foles at 7.0

              • No, you don’t need to do shit. I know how to understand how a QB can struggle throwing the ball 40+ times a game behind three 3rd string offensive lineman, with a RB averaging 3 yards/carry in the fist 7 games.

                What I don’t understand is why a QB would play as shitty as Sanchez with one of the best lines in the NFL in front of him and a top notch RB averaging 4.5 yards/carry in the last 7 games.

                What’s more, Sanchez has nearly 2 full second more in the pocket then Foles did, yet he still manages to get sacked 16 times compared to Foles 9 times.

                Sanchez is sacked 6.7% of the times he drops back, compared to Foles 2.8 times. When you adjust that number into his yards/att he is no better than Foles.

                Sanchez blows under the best of conditions, but I’m glad your a fan!

              • you’re

              • Foles was garbage in the first game against the garbage Jaguars. The team was healthy, we were playing a garbage team that lost by 30 to its next 3 or 4 opponents, yet we were losing in the 2nd half to the worst team in the league. Please, he’s been complete garbage since the preseason.

                Sanchez has been slightly better across the board except int%, where Foles is better. Everything is better under Sanchez. Most points scored in a game under Sanchez. No struggles with losing teams. He’s lost to the winning teams we faced just like Foles. Except 2 of those came when the opposing team scored 53 and 38. Unlike Foles Gold losing when we gave up only 24 to the 49ers and Cardinals. Only one man has a game where we scored no offensive points.

                And stop cherry picking numbers cuz you’re a Foles slurper. In the 3 games lost with Sanchez Shady is averaging under 4. We had no run game against the Packers, and Seahawks, and Shady left yards on the field against the Cowboys. The problem isn’t in me not recognizing that Sanchez isn’t a great qb. It’s in you thinking Foles Gold is some savior come to rescue us from Sanchez.

              • I would have been thrilled to have Foles save us from Sanchez last week before Sanchez lost the biggest game of the season. Just like Foles saved us from Vick last year and took us to the playoffs.

                Of course, that’s why you and some of the other brothers hate on Foles… right skayne… be honest. If Foles had not put your man crush Vick on the bench last year would you hate him this bad?

                I mean what would bring a couple trolls like you and tsjonson around if not to hate on Foles?

      • All this talk about the deep ball yet Sanchez is almost a full yard more in yards/pass att., 7.9 to 7.0. That’s 90 more yards per one hundred pass attempts, yet somehow Foles has this mythical stronger arm than Sanchez

        You got to be joking right? If not, you’re a fucking imbecile.

        Let me see if I got this right… If player ‘A’ throws 10 passes all complete for 10 yards that’s 10 yards/att, correct? If player ‘B’ throws 10 passes 30 yards downfield and 3 are complete that’s 9 yards/att, correct? So to you that is evidence that player ‘A’ has a stronger arm?

        Were are you from, the moon?

        Yards/Att is a good stat, but has nothing to do with arm strength…

        Nick Foles lead the league with 9.1 Yards/Att last year… Did that mean he had the strongest arm in the league?

        • In no world does he have as strong an arm as Sanchez. You people are living in an alternate universe. At best Foles is only slightly less stronger of an arm than Sanchez. I’ve seen enough of his noodle arm deep balls for 3 years. There’s more than enough all-22 screen shots of guys having to slow down and wait on his ducks, see the post Derek Sarley did at igglesblog.com.

          He’s a pathetic noodle arm and you morons trying to claim otherwise must have been living under a rock while this was going on his entire time as an Eagle. He’s got no arm to speak of.

          • Sanchez’s arm is weaker than Foles, that is pretty much a known fact across the board now as Sanchez has done zilch to demonstrate otherwise. If Foles has a noodle arm, Sanchez simply does not have one period. Maclin had to slow down and wait on Sanchez’s Hindenburg against the Titans…that is why the dback caught up to him.We have not seen a deep pass since. Kelly clearly does not trust him to make that throw.

          • Well you go with your bias eye test, and your bullshit claim about yards/att, and I’ll go with Maclin’s opinion, since he catches actual passes from these guys.

            • Like I said, to talk about Sanchez’s arm while while ignoring Foles’ ducks, you shouldn’t talk anything about bias. It’s the same thing over and over. Discover things about qbs that you’ve been ignoring the whole time about Foles.

              And almost every play has at least one receiver running a route downfield, so to claim Kelly doesn’t trust him to throw downfield shows neither of you know how the plays are designed.

              What’s bullshit IdiotEagle is claiming that one guy getting a almost a full yard less per attempt is throwing downfield better.

              • What’s bullshit IdiotEagle is claiming that one guy getting a almost a full yard less per attempt is throwing downfield better.

                Okay, then we agree… Foles leading the league last year with a 9.1 yards/att proves he can get the ball downfield as good as anybody in the league.

              • That 9.1 was the flukiest stat in history. When you consider that over half his yards came after the catch, and he was the qb last year who had the highest proportion of his yards come at or behind the line of scrimmage, that 9.1 was a statistical anomaly. He’ll never do it again, which is why he plummeted to closer to what he was in his rookie year. Tons of screen passes going for 30, 40, or 50 yards. I was saying this about his fluke year last year. He was getting saved by receivers last year on his weak floaters, this year they didn’t save him.

          • Maclin stated that he prefers Nick’s passes to Sanchez, Shady tweeted today that he hopes Nick is healed…I’m guessing it’s not so they can wrestle in the locker room…hmmm. Players opinions or fans opinions on who they want passing them the ball…which is more credible? Only a moron would fuck that answer up!

            • Morons don’t give a fuck about players opinions when it doesn’t suit them. You tell me one players opinion, and I don’t even know if you are relaying exactly what they said.

              So when Malcom Jenkins relays his opinion on DJax, it was promptly discounted by the people who didn’t like DJax. Just like when players would give their opinion on Vick. So please don’t use a player’s opinion, cuz you people promptly dismiss said opinion when it doesn’t suit you. See above when Kelly’s statements on how teams are defending us was quickly disregarded.

              • Skayne, there is a difference between players speak and coach speak. Players normally speak their mind, not worrying about team political correctness, where most coaches speak to protect the team. Jay Gruden is one of the exceptions to the rule. Your point is taken though.

  • No Foles, more sanchez… wonderful, just freaking wonderful– like i said all along, mr. mediocrity will go 500 and at 3-3 its what we got. I expect him to start the next two, go 1-1…. season of promise down the tubes…

  • List of Eagles Free-Agents after the 2014 Season and my Chances (%) of them Re-Signing with the Eagles

    1) QB M Sachez (25%)
    2) WR J Maclin (75%)
    3) RB C Polk (75%)
    4) OL J Vandervelde (25%)
    5) DE C Thornton (10%)
    6) LB C Matthews (25%)
    7) CB B Fletcher (0 %)
    8) Safety N Allen (0 %)

  • Why am I not suprised to see some maggots crawl out from under their rocks after the Birds lose? Very predictable.

  • I would like to see the Eagles Pursue the Following Free-Agents this Off-Season

    LB – KJ Wright (Seahawks 6-4 250lbs – 26 Years Old) – A Natural Leader, Can play inside or outside, drop back in pass coverage, cover backs out of the backfield., stuff the Run, a true 3 Down LB. He would take over the Leadership Role of DeMeco Ryans.. Right now he’s the 4th/5th spoke in Seattle’s wheel with Sherman,Wagner, Wagner,Chancellor, etc.etc
    He’s is looking for a Big Contract and deserves it and is very unlikely he get’s one from Seattle

    Jerry Hughes (Bills 6-2″ – 255lbs – Age 27)
    Jamar Sheard (Browns 6-3″ – 265lbs – Age 26)
    O’Brien Schofield (Seahawks 6-3 260lbs – Age 26)

    DT/DE Jared Odrick (Dolphins – 6-5 305lbs – Age 26) Can Play inside or outside and be a nice upgrade over the departing Cedric Thornton who will test and get a nice deal in Free-Agency… ..

    Bryon Maxwell – (Seahawks 6-1 207lbs – Age 27)
    Chris Culliver – (49ers 6-0 200lbs – Age 26)
    Davon House – (Packers 6-0 195lbs – Age 26)
    Walt Thurmond – (Giants 5-11 195lbs – Age 27)
    Phillip Adams – (NY Jets 5-11 195lbs – Age 27)

    Da’Norris Searcy – (Buffalo Bills – 5-11 207lbs – Age 26)

    Nate Irving -(Bronco’s 6-1 250lbs – Age – 27)

    • KJ Wright and Obrien Schofield would be interesting. I’d prefer Wright. I would not be so quick to think Cedric Thornton will be departing.

      • I believe he leaves to a Team that runs a 4-3
        (His natural position as a DE) and could slide inside
        As a DT in Pass Rushing
        I still thinks he feels dissed by not getting a
        Long term deal from Eagles this past off-season
        As a RFA so his options were limited..
        This off-Season he Tests the Market and just not sold the Eaglewill offer him the Deal that he’s looking for…

  • On Offense

    Kenny Britt – Rams (age 27)
    Randall Cobb – Packers (Age 25)
    Cecil Shorts – Jaguars (Age 28)
    Torrey Smith – Ravens (Age 26)

    Guard – James Carpenter – Seahawks (Age 26)
    Guard – Clint Boling – Broncos (Age 26)

    TE – Rob Hausler – Arizona (Age 26)

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