• June 27, 2022

The NFC and AFC Championship Games

RodgersvsWilson1I hope the today’s games will be good ones, but I don’t see the Packers hanging close to the Seahawks.  I would have loved to have seen a totally healthy Aaron Rodgers against the Seahawks defense.  He might have been able to take his game to such a high level that he might have been able to carry the Packers to a victory.  He’s not healthy and I don’t see any way they’re going to be able to beat Seattle.

It’s going to be very windy in Seattle and there’s a 82% chance of rain.

If Eddie Lacy and the Packers are able to run the ball effectively, it will take the pressure off of Rodgers, but I don’t think they’ll be able to run the ball against the Seahawks.  Perhaps the Packers will try to throw the football on first down, but the bad weather will make that very dangerous.

Seattle will jam Packer receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to delay their releases, so it gives their pass rush time to get to Rodgers.  The Pack must figure a way for Rodgers to get the football out of his hands.

Turnovers could doom the Packers, if they try to do too much through the air.  Even with Rodgers pinpoint throws, the conditions will take the deep passing attack out of the game plan.

The Seahawks are likely to pound the football with Marshawn Lynch and let Russell Wilson throw short.  Lynch allows the Seahawks to enforce their will on the opposing defense.  Once he takes over the game with a few bruising runs, it seems to take the heart out of the other team.  Pairing that with a defense imposes it’s will on the other offense with physical play against both the run and the pass, usually causes the other team to break.  We saw the Eagles

Wilson will use bootlegs and the read option to move the Seattle attack, as the Packers stack the box to stop Lynch.  Wilson is a very good decision-maker, who takes care of the football and he has great confidence in the “Legend of Boom” defense.  The third-year signal caller will take few chances and look for his defense to force a turnover to put the offense in great field position.

I see a low scoring game with Seattle coming out on top – 20-6.

LuckvsBrady1In the other game, I think the Patriots will beat the Colts, but I did see an Indianapolis defense against the Broncos, which is playing at a level that they never played at previously.  Still, Brady isn’t likely to miss the open receivers that Manning missed last week.  New England also has the ability to run the football.

Andrew Luck will need to take his game to another level for the Colts to win.  Colts number one wide receiver T.Y. Hilton will need to have a big game, but he’ll be shadowed by Darrelle Revis or double-teamed all day long.  You can believe that Bill Belichick will make it a point to take away Hilton and force some of the other Indianapolis weapons to beat them.

Luck will be under pressure to not turn the ball over while passing the football against a secondary, which is capable of making plays in big games.  Luck is a great young quarterback, but I don’t know if he’s mature enough to carry this football team against one of the best New England defenses since their championship years.

I see the Patriots defense tackling the football when Daniel “Boom” Herron carries it because he had some fumbling problems earlier in the playoffs.  An experienced team like New England knows that mistakes will decide these games.

I could see this being a close game because Luck is a special talent and he can make throws that only a few quarterbacks in the league can make.  They’ll be times when the defense can be right because of his pinpoint accuracy.  Still I don’t think Indy has enough weapons or a defense good enough to beat them.

I’ve got the Patriots heading to the Super Bowl again after a 31-20 victory over the Colts.

That’s my predictions, now what do you think.


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  • Seahawks big in a blowout 33-20
    A 100% healthy & mobile Rodgers and the Packers
    Would have a chance, but he may not finish this game today

    Patriots over the scrappy & never quit Colts
    26-17 in a lower, tougher Defense on both sides
    Than expected..

  • On a side note-
    Does anyone ever envision the Linc and Eagles
    fans creating a sustained noise and energy
    Level that Seattle’s 12th Man provides them?
    I don’t, the Eagle Fans are too cynical to sustain over a longer period of time and the open air that surrounds the Linc
    Just simply Does not hold in the crowd noise very well
    In fact, it’s one of the poorest designed stadiums in the NFL,
    In terms of keeping crowd noise reverberating
    Throughout in my opinion..

  • Seattle in a blow out and a upset in New England…Andrew Luck beats New England with a final drive in the last two minutes of the game

  • Poor decision by Rodgers.

    • Not a poor decision, simply a poor throw,
      He need to get it up towards the corner
      Where Adams had a step, not to the inside and not
      Short where Sherman will naked you pay every time

  • Richard Sherman is no Bradley Fletcher or Cary Williams!

  • It is nice to see first round picks not only playing…but making plays. Ha Ha !

  • Who would have thought there would be two INTs on the first two drives.

  • Watching Free Agents
    Packers – WR R Cobb, CB S Shields CB D House

    Seahawks – CB Maxwell, Guard J Carpenter
    OLB O Schofield & WR D Baldwin

  • Thanks Paul – Give me a full report by the end of business. lol



  • Packers came to Play..
    Not intimidated 1 iota by the Hawks…
    Rodgers has to hit Nelson there who was
    Open in the End-Zone
    2 missed great opportunities for the Packers
    Who should Be up 10-14 Points so far..

  • The Seahawks better get something going on this drive.

    That’s two bad passes by Rodgers that cost points.

  • looking at Seattle defense…I admire them. I know Billy Davis will be back fwith Eagles. I wonder if Late Nate Allen and Bradley Fletcher will be.

  • GB rushing four and getting to Wilson.

  • Shaky Start by QB Russell Wilson who appears unsettled in the pocket showing happy feet thus far…

  • My man Packers WR DaVante Adams knocking Kam Chancellor
    On his ass with a nice Block
    Eagles missed out on Adams…

  • Seattle’s defense has got to be 38 hot.

    Like damn…we doing our job. How about you?

  • And has Peppers found the fountain of youth?

    What’s he sipping on?

    • It must be that Cheese up in Wisconsin

  • Will be interesting now to see if Wilson and the Seattle O can get into shoutout mode …that is not his/their strength…

  • All-World Safety Earl Thomas loses WR R Cobb
    In this end-zone, terrible field awareness by Thomas
    See even the great ones make poor plays and get burned
    On occasion…

  • Why does this not surprise me? This is the first ELITE QB Seattle has faced in months. Lmao. This isn’t Colin Kaep, Sanchez, or Lindley Seattle.

    • Oh please.

      Seattle has beat the breaks off of elite QBs plenty before. This game isn’t about what Rodges is doing, it’s about what Wilson and the offense aren’t doing.

      • Actually ts Seattle hasn’t really faced many top flight QBs this year. Romo beat them, they beat Rodgers and the pack but really… Beat a bunch of scrubs..
        Down 16-0, this is out of their element…
        I predict they will make a charge but too little too late

        • Beat both mannings, lost to rivers… But in the 7 game win streak they have going it’s a bunch of scrubs

        • Once again. Silly argument for a team that has shown consistently they can take on top tier QBs and win.

          They aren’t even playing badly this game, holding Rodgers to field goals and picking him off considering how much they’ve been on the field.

          That’s just a lazy argument to make that has no basis in fact.

          • Seattle is a great team… They play the team regardless of who the qb is…the same as all teams… So the argument can be made for any of them…

  • Kam Chancellor’s speed is getting tested a little in the middle by Adams and the TE Rodgers. If Kam don’t take that TE’s head off it might be a long day for Kam.

    • Speed has always been an issue for Chancellor. You can burn him. But more opften than not he’s in the right position to get you before that’s an issue.

  • Let’s see how Russell Wilson handles this adversity
    Ton of time, but he may actually have to Win
    This game… Is he up for the challenge..

  • Another dangerous pass by R Wilson
    Needed to be more outside towards sideline
    Packers Score Here and Beast Mode is minimized

  • Safety’s Earl Thomas & Kam Chancellor are playing terrible so far,
    They look a step slow, indecisive and have been
    Knocked around in my opinion

  • Conservative Play Calm on the Packers
    On that 3rd & 3
    Safety Earl Thomas leaves field with left arm injury
    Why not play action pass against his replacement
    This game could be over with Packer TD right
    There.. Settling for 3 Pts on the Road may be the smart ring for McCarthy,
    But if I’m in that position where Seahawks look a discombobulated,
    I am going for jugular and the knock out and force Russell Wilson
    To pass to beat me..
    Watch for Seahawk Punter who Punted poorly
    Last week vs the Panthers and has 1 poor Punt
    In this game already..

  • Thomas being out is gonna be a problem.

    So if it’s a Rodgers/Brady Big Bowl (I think Patriots secondary will pick off Luck 2 or 3 times) who wins?

    Though I will say I think the Colts have a shot, cause Brady ain’t the Brady he used to be.

  • A Classic example where a young cocky Team
    Was simply over confident and thought that Packers were simply
    Going to show up

    Another terrible pass by Russell Wilson
    Where the play action pass fooled no one
    On the packers
    You can’t throw into double coverage and then leave it short
    RW is playing like crap

    • “A Classic example where a young cocky Team
      Was simply over confident and thought that Packers were simply
      Going to show up”

      Projecting much?

      Green Bay is playing well, and Seahawks (offense) aren’t. That’s it.

      • Seahawks Defense is also playing poorly,
        special Teams with Turnover and big Return given up
        Are you watching the same game TS
        The entire Seahawk Team looks lost
        They are fortunate it’s not 24-27 to Zip

  • Sign that Maxwell to a FA contract Paul!

  • Wow , what a sloppy ass game by both QB’s
    Rodgers misses wide open Cobb on previous Drive
    Throws a ball behind receiver right into the arms
    Of Maxwell….
    Russell Wilson has not generated a 1st Down yet
    Versus the the “Vaunted” Packer Defense

    This is Drive of the Game Down 16-0
    Seahawks Score a TD here, then game on
    If they squander this, then it they were clearly over-confident
    Unfocused Team and Deserve to lose

  • If the Seahawks can hold the ball and score a TD before the half it will be huge.

  • Finally the Seahawks defense is getting a blow…

  • He forced that…. what is he doing?

  • Russell Wilson is single handily losing this Game…
    Is he still going to get the largest NFL Contract to be the highest paid
    QB In the NFL?
    It would be a holiday mistake by the Seahawks ..
    Keep him on the Pocket on obvious passing situations
    And he’s average , I’ve seen 3-4 Short,weak passes
    By him when throwing from Pocket
    When he scrambles and throws on the move he gets his momentum
    Behind it, staying in Pocket and his arm becomes Sanchez like

    • Come on Paul. He’s having a bad day against a great gameplan.

  • U are seeing probably the most overrated qb in the nfl be exposed. Wilson has been the beneficiary of the best d this decade and an unreal running game and a beast like lynch who is this decades Jerome Bettis.

    Wilson can’t beat teams by himself never has but maybe someday can.

    If Wilson was an eagle we would be no better or no worse than we are now.

    • No the most overrated qb is Peyton Manning easily.

      • Put Wilson in Denver and they win 9 games max

        • I disagree with all the pro bowl weapons they have in Denver Wilson would thrive.

      • I agree Peyton Manning, then Jay Cutler,
        Then Matt Stafford

  • Pman, don’t disrespect Wilson like that. Your comparing his arm strength to Sanchez. He is playing a horrible game so far today, but his arm is not a problem.

  • People tend to over react both in the positive and the negative. Wilson is a very good qb, he isn’t perfect.
    If he were our qb this site would be killing him…

  • Wilson is a great QB having a Payton day. His options are also very limited when his team gets behind.

    If the Hawks can’t run for big chunks in the second half it’s going to be hard for Wilson to bring them back. The team is not built for comebacks.

  • Russell Wilson is overrated Mhenski THANK YOU!! If Alex Smith played in Seattle the past 4 seasons hed have a superbowl ring.. So would FOles if he was under center there. But the fact is they are not as good as they were last year. It was LAST year when they beat all the elite QBS. They haven’t done that this year. There schedule has been one of the softest in the league. Which is why before the season even started Seattle was that much more of a favorite to repeat because of how weak there schedule was.

  • Don’t know what Seattle’s offensive game plan is but if GB can continue to keep Wilson rattled with a 4 man rush they can pack for Arizona in about 2 hours.

  • Andrew Luck in Seattle..Could u imagine? lol

    • Luck in Seattle wouldn’t be fair to the other teams in the nfl

  • Seahawks Start with Ball to open 2nd Half
    And RW needs to step up and make plays
    I think he threw for 45 Yards with 3 Int’s
    He needs to shack that off and get back to GD game at hand
    1 big play early in this 2nd half and maybe a game
    Another lost opportunity and Packers Scoremand thf game
    Is probably over which would be a huge choke job
    By Pete Carroll and Team..
    DC Dan Quinn will be taking the Falcons HC
    and I am always leary when Coach’s or Staff have other deals made
    While their Teams are still competing..
    Always sends a mixed message
    Every man,coach & player on your own

  • Russell Wilson is a very good qb, just having a horrible day so far.

  • I’m shocked by what has happened so far, but Packers should have been able to put this game away. The Seahawks still have a chance at a 16-0 deficit.

    • Agreed G.

      • I completely agree with this.

        Huge GB mistakes on 2nd and 3rd and 1 lining up with no wrs to spread the D out and just slamming it up the middle…no motion or anything. I thought those were terrible playcalls.

        GB has left a lot of points on the field….that being said…I just don;t see it from Seattle. Another 3-out. 3 straight runs? Had Caroll lost confidence in the QB after that first half?

        If this continues, what does Seattle do with Wilson…contract wise?

  • Looking forward to the SongsBreeze comments later (and Biglion rushing to their defense).

    According to their thesis, a QB must be absolutely perfect at all times in the playoffs.

    60% for 200 yrds 2 tds and 0 ints is “leaving plays on the field” and “not doing enough”

    If that’s true…..

    Then what is 2 for 9 for 12 with 3 interceptions???

    • Vinnie, RW did not replace a legendary HOF qB and Therefore is judged on a different scale than certain other QBs

  • That’s not the way the Seahawks wanted start. This has been an amazing game. If Rodgers does lead the Packers to the Super Bowl, it’s going to be all about the quarterbacks in the lead up to the game. It will be either Rodgers vs. Brady or vs. Luck. Rodgers, the best NFL QB now vs. Brady, the Best NFL QB before or Luck the Best NFL QB future.

    • GB playing conservative right now – that could be a mistake. It’s still early.

  • Russell Wilson dying a slow death out there
    I think that hit to his head by Matthews on Int
    Return earlier has clouded up his thought
    Process, he’s not reading Defenses, moving well
    Or playing with any confidence..
    Packers Score here and this Seahawk “Dynasty”
    Is over before it ever really Started..

  • Why Packers playing so conservative
    Attack, spread them out with 3-4 wide receivers
    Don’t let their Defense settle back in and get confident..
    Remember this 3 & Out lost opportunity
    By the Packers..

  • Let’s see a Score here and make this a Game..
    If Packers go on a lose, no one to blame but themselves
    For Seahawks are very fortunate to still
    Be in this contest
    Beast-Mode taking Team on his back

  • Man but lynch, my god Seattle need to pay that psycho he the best in the game. Holy God just an animal bulldozer. I’d trade McCoy for a pick or picks and just sign that man

    finally someone makes Wilson pay for ill advised trade mark scramble where he turns his back to the line of scrimmage and runs backwards for 20 Feds.

  • Russell Wilson is Playing like a Rookie

  • We hate Billy Davis??

    Seattle has 2nd and 31 and those were the two worst defensive calls I’ve ever seen in my life.

    2 rushers??????????????????????????????????????????

    Giving a guy 15 seconds. I don;t think I’ve ever seen it before.

    • Packers are “playing not to lose”instead of Playing to Win
      It will catch up to them before the game is over

  • Wilson is a fine qb and like all QBs (even maligned eagles QBs) is helped out and made better by good D and special teams. As I type this a special teams TD… When our qb was helped by spec teams it was a black eye

  • Wow what a ballsy call.. Great call
    By Seahawks

  • A little special teams tom foolery. Gutsy call!

  • If it takes that for the Hawks to score it’s not too good. lol

    • Wilson makes the most out of the weapons he has on offense.

  • If the Seahawks come back to win it won’t count as a win for Wilson…it has been established on this web site that if the special teams and defense play well he qb won because of them

    • LOL

      Eagles were 6-2 only because of special teams and D!

  • Jap play!!! “no offense!”

    And before someone yells “racist”…look it up…..

  • Just read the Raiders are making musgrave their O coord, my answer to that is, ‘do u need a ride to the airport’ friggin guy was horrible! All our QBs regressed under him.

  • Those 7 points took a long time to get. The Hawks need the ball back quick.

  • #20 J Lane is the DB who likely will replace Maxwell
    Next Season and a good young Player

    Rodgers can’t move now &
    Packers Offense is doomed..
    Seahawks have Plenty of Time
    Packers Blew it , plain and simple

  • Russell Wilson with 2 poor throws..
    2nd Receiver had to dive just to catch it negating any YAC
    Followed by a poor decision to throw a 2 yard passes on
    A covered TE when he had room to run up the middle
    RW is Playing Scared
    Aaron Rodgers playing Hurt
    Who can make a Play in this Game will likely determine the Winner
    Eddie Lacy looking like he’s warming up and Seahawk
    Front 7 getting a little tired..

  • The nationals are poised to sign Sherzer ….they better win it all in 2015. Let’s not forget that they have not even sniffed the WS… Their young guys all want their money, werth is getting old…. Funny their ‘window’ is closing

    • Sounds like the 2011,2012 Phils…

      • As I told you then… You have to try to win… You play to win…
        Paul we are right int he middle of playoffs but I’m excited about the new look Phil’s…

  • For the Seahawks to come back with less than a quarter to play will take a mistake by the Packers offense. I don’t think the Seahawks offense can score twice is they have to negotiate the whole field.

  • Sherman hurt his arm,
    Gave to go right at him here
    Down the sideline

    • He might be playing possum with him P.

  • If the Packers score on this drive, that’s the ball game.

  • Wow, that’s just made it in the uprights
    It will take 2 TD’s for RW who is pitching a shutout
    thus far today…

  • Rumor out of Seattle, Wilson, settles 1 and next years 1 for Marriotta

  • Look for a long pass here with the Seahawks thinking RUN….

  • If the Seahawks won this game they were going to beat the Patriots. But Since there going to lose.. New England will be your superbowl champion this year. Brady gets his 4th

    • Damn you are betting the house.. Bro put your big money on it and retire at a young age.

  • Maybe CT…. Let’s see what happens on the drive by the Seahawks. OH SHit…

  • It’s put up Time for RW to step up if he truly is an Elite QB
    As many as you state he is…

    • Elite is a dependent term… It’s dependent on having a good team in all three phases, getting some bounces going your way. RW won a SB… Good for him but he is a qb, a normal qb

  • That’s what you get for trading your best WR.And getting nothing back…

    Oh wait lol

    I kid I kid….just to easy.

    Seattles gameplan sucked and RW was flat out terrible from the pocket.

    • No it isn’t

  • Wow RW can’t catch a break
    Probably RW’s Best Pass of the afternoon
    And still ends up a turnover
    Good Grief…

  • Uncharted ground for the Seahawks…. They don’t trail at the end very often.

  • If 60% for 200 with 2tds and 0 ints is “leaving plays on the field” and “not doing enough”

    Then what is 36% for 70 yards 0tds and 4 ints??

    (BTW – the last int was not on Wilson…it was a good throw…however there were several other terrible throws that should have been ints earlier, so it evened out.)

  • Head scratching Defensive Play Calls
    Here by the Packers.
    Play 2 Deep Safeties, get DB’s out there to cover RB’s
    Out of backfield instead of using LB’s

  • Seahawks still got a chance

  • Haha – this one is worth the price of admission!

  • Now we will see what Rusell Wilson is made of. This separates the men from the boys here we go

  • You got to feel for Bostic…wowzers…I wouldn’t even go back to GB if they lose. I would leave all my stuff there Lmao

  • Lol Packers are letting it slip thru there fingers. Literally. Arod can only do so much on one leg. This defense might save RW once and for all

  • What a coke on that On-Sides Kick and 3rd String TE
    Leaping in front of WR Jordy Nelson
    Why is Clay Matthews not in?
    Last Series,he was on sidelines too ..
    Drama aside, this has been a very poorly played, called and executed Game
    In my opinion…

  • Marshawn Fkn Lynch


    • Russel Wilson? I’m a fan but if Seattle wins it in spite of him, not because of him

      • He made early mistakes, but his receivers dropped a lot of passes today.

  • Wonder if Beastmode should have knelt down at the 2 yard line
    To eat clock???

    How about 5 minutes ago, when Packers Safety Burnett made the Int and simply went down when if he looked up, he had the entire left sideline
    Wide open to rumble towards the end-zone,
    Off course no one will remember this blunder either…

  • A lot of time left for Rodgers, he is the best in the game. Let’s see what he got

  • So I need to know.

    If a QB shits the bed for 90% of the game, and then leads a comeback scoring to take the lead….is that good? Or is it not?

    When Foles did it it was “leaving plays on the field” and “not doing enough”

    When Wilson does it….is it “clutch” and “franchise”??

    I need to know.

    • Vinnie, Wilson only was in this game because of D and ST

    • Shut up…dont dare mention Foles in the same sentence with Russell Wilson….

      • I never mentioned Foles ? What are you talking about?

  • This was a great championship game, who ever wins.

  • Aaron Fkn Rodgers

  • If Aaron is 90% healthy on that drive there still moving the chains. Sad to not be abe to see him take off

  • What a crazy last 5 Minutes..

  • Man for real trade shady and sign lynch!!!

  • They have to see Sherman is injured. You have to go at him if it’s one on one.

  • WTH?

    I go away and it’s 19-7 with 8:28 left in the fourth. I come back it’s tied at 22 and they are going to overtime.

    WTH happened?

    • Settled d and special teams took over

  • Un-FUCKING – Believable!!!!!!

  • Russell Wilson is that good going for Super Bowl number two.

  • Money time…Big time players step up

    Russell Wilson is a big time money player!!!!

    • Kool we agree! The punter who threw the pass and the kicker who made the on sides kick were big time! They made great plays! Big time players

      • haveablunt…

        you are all smoked out…you didnt watch game

        you didnt see the clutch throws

        You missed the on the money bomb for the game winner

        the key runs out of the read option

        Russell Wilson is a special player…

        He beats other great QB’s and teams-he’s 10-0 against SuperBowl winner QB’s

        He made clutch big time money plays when almost any other QB confidence would have been broken by the interceptions

        Big time players step up!

        Russell Wilson is a big time money player!!!!

        He is becoming a legend…

        • I love Wilson.. Question was he helped by d and special teams? Because when your teams qb is helped by d and special teams it’s a negative… I don’t know why

  • Mike McCarthy blew that game…. hahah

    He handed it to the Seahawks and RW said – thank you!

  • So is dom capers billy Davis!


  • Yeah. A Legend is born.


  • Dom Capers pulled a Billy Davis lmao

  • Wilson is going for his second Super Bowl title, he’s still in his rookie contract. Dam that kid is clutch, humble and becoming great.

  • I don’t know what the hell just happened.

  • Lol..let the hatin begin. Unbelievable performance by the team. That is why Russell will get that biiiiiigggg contract!

    • People on here was comparing him to Sanchez, get the f$&k out of here.

      • People on here told me that Foles was better than Wilson

        The most ridiculous statement I ever heard on here

        Comparing Foles to Russell Wilson

        Pure Stupidity

  • Yep – RW is a winner!

  • Congrats to Seahawks, RW & Beastmode
    For an unbelievable comeback
    But Packers blew this game from their last Int on
    Which should have iced it if the Player (#42)
    Ran to his left instead of kneeling down

  • If you don’t think every team leads a little luck to win a championship you’re nuts. Great game

  • It will be interesting to see how hurt Sherman is….

  • Damn Bostic…..

  • Greenbay is crying tonight boy.

    That’s a painful way to lose a game.

  • That should have been the night game.

  • Awesome onside kick by Russ Wilson

    Awesome onside recovery by Russ Wilson

    Awesome job running all over the Pack to the tune of 25 for 157 yards and a td.

    Awesome job by Wilson shutting the Pack down 2nd half.

    Some great throws by Russ in ot tho.

    Russ could’nt have done any more to help his team lose

  • Overrated my ass 3 td drives in 6 minutes. I feel for that number 86, this game was lost by the Pack in the first quarter you had to come away with more then 6 points. After those first 2 turnovers.

    • Well if that’s overrated can we get some of that on the Eagles?

      I’ll take that kind of overrated any day of the week.

  • The Seahawks will have to play better to keep the Lombardi trophy in the NFC.

    I’ll be rooting for the NFC!

  • Beyond crazy

    1 – worst coaching ever by GB. Beyond conservative, and the game changed when GB rushed 2 on back to back plays when it was 2nd and 31
    2 – Why kneel down after that interception??
    3 – Wilson is very very clutch, but my question still stands………..

    If a QB struggles early then comes back….is that “clutch” or is it “not doing enough”?????

    • In a NFC Championship game…that shit it called CLUTCH
      Spin it anyway you want !

  • Crazy enough, Russell Wilson was going to be selected by the Eagles in the 3rd round but, the Seahawks scooped him before Andy could get his hands on him.

    • EHL please don’t remind me of that!!! LMAO

    • Come on man.

      Don’t do that :-/

  • And I believe Irish said this and it’s correct McCarthy and Capers coached not to lose and they blew it big time.

    • I stated this late thru the 3rd Quarter…

    • C’mon Big…Dont do it…

      McCarthy,Capers, and Rodgers did all that they can do

      Great, talented players make great plays

      Russell Wilson is the best. It has nothing to do with ‘stats’…it is rising to the occasion under the most pressure situations…
      RW became more accurate as the game got tighter

      That bomb to win the game was on the money…
      Nothing GB could do…they did all they can do


      • Kool did you not see McCarthy kick a field goal on 4th and goal instead of going for it, did you see the ridiculous clock management on that last drive that forced OT? Did you see Capers thinking he had the game won backing off what he did all game? Taking nothing away from Wilson that shit was incredible. But don’t dismiss how game got to that point. You sound like dumbass Vinnie.

  • Green Bay blew the game. Seattles D kept them in it.

    Sherman better go to Germany and get platelet therapy. If he’s truly injured he can’t be replaced.

    • They better hope he’s not injured, injured.

      They need him.

      • If he cant jam at the line I don’t think you can put him out there. Plus I would run at his side all day long.

      • I think Sherman may have a fractured forearm

  • Loooooooooooonnnnngg plane ride home for GB. Damn

  • Russell wilson is a hell of a man and qb
    He also just proved that you cannot judge a qb stats alone because he was horrid in that category

    but look at the typical few now coming out of the wood shed

    They were silent when the man struggled early, but would have been the first to pounce on foles

    We know there type

    • Jake I don’t often agree with you… But when he was losing and threw four pics and for like 12 yards it was mum.
      He is a very nice qb… He is helped immensely by his system, his D and special teams, he makes some plays and leaves some out there… He is a qb. Like any other

      • What about those last 2 clutch throws to win the game for For the Seahawks?

        Was that the system?

        • LMAO…that was ‘culture’…talent didn’t have anything to do with it!

          I told everyone last year….Russell Wilson is a special player

      • ‘He is a very nice qb… He is helped immensely by his system, his D and special teams, he makes some plays and leaves some out there… He is a qb. Like any other’

        Haveablunt…you are beyond ignorant! In a game to go to the Super Bowl…with all of the pressure…Russell Wilson raised his game to another level to take his team to the Super Bowl.
        Only a dumb ass idiot can look at that game and what RW did and say that he is just a “Qb like any other”

        Shut up Fool!!

        • Um four interceptions.., did you miss that.
          He is a qb working his ass off, he was fortunate to have an opportunity and to jus credit took advantage of it.
          Thank god for his ST

      • Diddy spoke loud and proud about the young man throughout the thread fellas.

  • Every part of Seattles team had an equal hands in their win. Down to the punter lol

  • Hey vinnie, it depends on his skin tone

  • I will say it again…Damn I feel bad for Bostic. In all seriousness that’s the kind of shit athletes go into severe depression about.

  • Boy that was fun to watch!!!!

    Now I got to put the trash out in the rain 🙁 LOL

  • Pete Carrol is the muthafuckin’ man.

    He knows how to coach a team.

  • If that were our qb that won that game it would be that it be it was not because of him but in spite of him, that the fact he made the winning touchdown throw doesn’t matter because if he didn’t suck ass in regulation, throwing all those pics he would not have to have won it

    • Fuck out of here.

      If Foles made 2 big time throws in OT to get the Eagles to the super bowl they’d be ready to erect a statue of him at the stadium.

    • Leave Foles out of this conversation…Russell Wilson won the game…he threw the game winning touchdown…he didn’t throw the ball out of bounds or over the receivers head

      Foles is no where near the level of Quarterbacking we saw from Wilson and Rodgers today

      Its not even close!

  • I’ll take foles over Wilson any day. Foles is gonna light this league up next season mark my words!

  • Hey songs you varment, crawl back into your hole until the next dark skinned athlete does something good

  • And instead of commenting on the game here comes all the agenda birds…..



    • The only pass that will be well should be remembered is that last one !

    • Ignore it Izell just ignore it, not letting these cats take away from what we just watched.

      • Yup a GREAT defense and ST along with a timely O won the NFC

        • I’m talking about the last 5 minutes and OT, LOL that was just like a NBA game nothing happening until winning time. LOL just messing with you Cigar.

  • Another NFC Season is Over and the Sad Reality is that the Eagles
    Are further away going into 2015 Season then they were
    In 2014 Season

    If Eagles replace 3/4 of their Secondary,as we all hope and expect
    You can expect some big learning curves on how these new Players
    Learn play with each other etc..
    Probably a half a Season to get the kinks,
    Comfort and familiarity..

    I look at Eagles as a 7-8 maybe 9 Win
    Team in 2015 which will not be good enough
    To make the Post-Season

    • Disagree. Improve the secondary. Draft an o line man and wide out, linebacker, the eagles will compete for a championship

  • Stfu Izell deal with it

    Call a spade a spade

    We heard nothing from these racists when wilson was the worst qb in play off history but they climb out of their holes when the man does something good.

  • Ok onto New England and the Colts. I would love to see Luck win so we can have the two young guns in the Super Bowl.

  • Wilson is a hell of a competitive athlete

    He lacks size and arm strength but makes up for these short comings with his intelligence

    He sucked the whole game but was money when it counted

  • Got to catch that Ball Herron!!!
    2 Drops in a Riw
    Bonehead decision to go for 52yd FG
    With Vinitari..
    Now Pats get a short field and Score 7 and that’s all
    She wrote..
    Punt and pin them in?
    I can’t believe that Coach Pagano decides
    To go for a FG
    Are all these Coach’s block heads or what
    It’s brutal week after week seizing highly paid Coach’s make such
    Stupid decisions

    • Capers defensive call in the OT was flat out abysmal. No safety? When your safeties have been roaming the field making plays and Wilson was having trouble seeing the field?

  • Dam 14-0 early, I still believe Luck will pull this game out. He is a special player as well. It’s going to be a Wilson vs Luck Super Bowl.

    • pdiddy..the colts will be out physicalled and lose this game. NE is to stout for the lighter faster team. This is why I picked the pats to win. I saw this type of game before…big people beat up little people.

      • Definitely not looking good right now. But never count out the young captain come back Andrew Luck

      • Indy still doesnt have enough horses. No pun intended.

        DeMarco Murray would really nice running that stretch play in Colts uniform. The new version of Peyton Edgerrin James.

  • Damn….turns out…Bostic was supposed to block and allow Jordy Nelson to get the ball.

    Oh my. goodness.

    • And looking at the replay if he does his job thats exactly what would have happened.

      • Those seahawk dudes were coming hard though Izell if they ran through him or pushed him back Nelson wouldn’t have had a chance to get to it, having said that if his assignment was to block his ass should find his own way home.

    • Who has a 3rd String TE leap and catch a Onside kick
      When you Pro-Bowler WR j Nelson was right there

      Game was lost due a failed Int Return by Packer
      #42 M Burnett when he decided to kneel down
      Instead of continuing to run,
      Where He had 20-30 open yards of green down the left sideline that he probably waltz’s into the end-zone or at least gets you to a short FG
      Putting the game out of reach when it was still
      19-7 and about 5-6 minutes left

      • Good point Paulman that was idiotic and totally unnecessary.

  • We just witnessed one of the greatest, most clutch performances in NFL playoff history and the racists fools on here want to bring up Nick Foles!

    Shut da hell up already about Foles…he doesn’t belong in this conversation at all

    Russell Wilson is a champion and a winner…

    Throw away the stats, throw away your racist rants

    Give the man his due…

    He is not just a good QB…he’s a great one…

    Great QB’s win playoff games and perform at the highest level when the pressure is on….

    Wilson’s touchdown pass is like the iconic moment when Montana his Dallas Clark for a touchdown to beat Dallas…

    A Legend is born…

    His name is Russell Wilson

    • Throw away the stats.

      Got it.

      Irrelevant if a QB is terrible for 80% of the game, as long as he is good at the end.

      Got it.

      Throw 4 interceptions and get bailed out by D with 2 goalline stands. By special teams with an onside kick. By a FG team that throws a TD pass. IRRELEVANT!!

      Got it!

      QB who plays well in the last 3 mins is Clutch!!

      Got it!!

      Now Koolidiot. Will you hold your own standards to an Eagle QB?

      Will you hold it to Nick Foles?

      You will not.

      • I would hold Foles to those standards if he did that in an NFC Championship game en rout to the Super Bowl but we all know that bum won’t make it past the wild card round.

      • Fuck the bullshit..all Nicky 6 Foles has to do is get the Eagles to the big dance…all the other shit you can flush down the toilet. Donovan did it…Foles has to do it. I do believe Foles will be starting this year…he has to cut the turnovers down and be more accurate with his deep ball…oh and stay healthy. This year he has to show something. Draft Sammie Coates to give him the deep threat he so sorely missed last season.

        • Beautiful Post. Agreed

      • vinniedaloserass….

        Your a Fool!

        Foles is not even a consideration here

        Not even worthy of thought

        A SuperBowl Winning QB who makes clutch plays gets a pass when he has a bad game. RW has a whole lot of leeway to have a bad game or two because of all the playoff games he has won…all of the clutch plays he makes.

        A QB who has not beaten a good defense in his entire career can’t be compared to a QB who is 10-0 against SuperBowl winning QB’s and who beats good defenses with inferior offensive talent repeatedly!

        A QB with the NFC Championship on the line, who has struggled most of the game but then starts making game winning throws, running for first down and leads his team to a big time win….can’t be compared to a oft injured QB who chokes up when faced with adversity…when the pressure is on Foles he folds like a cheap suit…while we see what RW does…the more pressure…the better he got!

        There is no question that RW is going to be signed to a big time contract making him the highest paid QB in the league

        Foles it is questionable whether he is going to be the starting QB next year.

        There is nothing to ‘hold’ to Nick Foles…he’s not on a level to evaluate him in relation to Russell Wilson…

        So no I wont…and only a Fool like you will try, Vinniedaloserass

    • Montana threw a pass to Dallas Clark?

  • If this was an eagles lists Foles Kelly and Davis would be crucified

  • Man…looking at Legarrett Blount. Funny…Bill Bellicheat sees the value of him as a talent…culture and all the other character bullshit be damned. When it is time to win…you need some nuts…L Blounts and Marshawn Lynchs’ to help get you over the top.

    • Yet Mike Tomlin let him go with the quickness and he has a Bowl as well. Not every situation is the same.

    • And they could have used him big time.

      • The Steelers would have been more competitive with him. Fine him..use him. Last game Steelers played they had no run game…Pats do.

    • He has the locker room to control him,,, the eagles will soon

      • No….he respects Bill Bellichick…that is why Bellichick brought him back…has nothing to do with the locker room. Blount made it crystal how much he respects Bill….end of story.

  • If Pats QB throws 10 more passes versus the Colts,
    I’d be surprised.. They are running it right down their throat as thru usually do
    Colts are outclassed and outcoached 100%
    In the doozed of a game..
    It may end up 40-0

  • Why is New England even throwing a Pass there???
    It must be me. Unbelievable…
    WR J Edleman already out with injured shoulder
    Pound the rock and get out healthy…

  • That was a huge drive

  • Teams are gonna learn that if it’s the playoffs. And it’s 4th and 1 on the goal line. You go for it. Odds are in your favor.

    • I’m so meh on this game.

      Think I’ll root for the Colts and the young QB.

      • The overrated Andrew Luck? LOL couldn’t resist TS.

        • lol

      • Too light for you. That’s why you are so meh on this game

        • Damn. And I didn’t even give you any rope.

          • Jake didn’t you go to Church today stop that shit man.

    • That I agree with

  • Blount. Geez man. Looks like he’s the horse in this game ’cause he’s running all over, thru and around the Colts.

    • Beast mode East coast version

      • He’s a fucking beast for real.

        Geez man. I know he has some real character issues, but belicheck was all fuck what you heard, and it’s sure as hell is paying dividends.

        • Exactly…when it is crunch time…talent wins! Mike Tomlison …you gonna learn today!

          • The guy Tomison kept ain’t bad either….

            • Neither of us can spell…..lol

              • Actually his last name is Tomlin…just looked it up. I though it was Tomlison.

  • I’m football out,
    This Colts/Pats is kinda of anti-climatic to the earlier game..
    Maybe I’ll get started on my Federal Taxes

  • If the eagles had won a game in similar fashion with their qb … The numb nuts on this sit would be espousing doom and gloom

  • You have to give Wilson credit he hung in there and led his team to a great win on the biggest stage.

    He is a great young QB, plain and simple…. To me he is a modern day Joe Montana. And Joe is in the HOF…. So start enjoying him.

    • Irish…your coming around…you are right on point

      Joe Montana is the greatest QB in NFL history

      Russell Wilson is a modern day Joe Montana

  • HAC you still think Ray boom boom Rice is still a better running back than L boogey Blount ?

    • I’m not a rice fan… You are mistaken

      • New Years eve you said Ray Rice was a better running back than Blount…sorry…I remember as my memory is quite good.

        • Oh we were debating character…I actually said it doesn’t matter how good a player is.. If he’s an asshole.
          You were saying cutting a good asshole is a bad idea.. I said cutting a an asshole no matter how good is a good idea

  • Look at Tom Brady run! WooooHooooo – He got moves jumping out his ass!

  • If you let Brady out run you, you need to be fired.

    • LOL

    • Run….more like chuggin along.

  • Since the Eagles Super Bowl lost in 04, to New England. We have been up and down and they have been relevant every year since. Say what you want they are a great organization.

    • Them, Seattle, Baltimore and a few others draft well. That is why I do not buy into the draft crapshoot mess. If you know how to draft it is not a crapshoot. Stop devaluing positions…if Earl Thomas is there you do not by pass him because you do not believe drafting safeties that high. Stupid draft philosophy.

      • Redskins new GM was integral in drafting both Seatlle’s and San Fran’s super bowl teams.

        While the Skins are notoriously awful, that dude is a scouting savant. His teams are playing for superbowls within a few years. If their is any need to worry about the Skins moving forward, it’s because of him.

        • But his boss wants to win the off season and has no regard for character

      • Agreed Eh

  • Yo, Izell what the hell your the NBA guy Embiid is over 300 lbs and isn’t following his workout regimen did they just draft Bynum part 2? WTF

    • WTF?

      A 300lb NBA player.

      Can he play linemen?

      • Wilt would go up to 300 lbs. now and again… but then he would get laid 35 times on the weekend and his weight would go back down to normal – 285…

        • lol

          • Thank you TS – I thought my one-liner was going to go unnoticed… lol

            • I love a Wilt joke. lol

    • Embiid is eating to many big macs. He has a poor diet.

    • Lol is this true? Tank 3 years in a row and blow for the next ten…,

      • Yep Cigar it’s true they sent his fat ass home from the last road trip because he got into a shouting match with the strength and conditioning coach. Ridiculous I guess he needs a babysitter too.

        • Nba equals joke. Tank for a tub a lard… God it is just a joke

          • Why are talking about something you know nothing about lol

    • He’s a 19year old that isn’t playing basketball. He’s a big kid. Nothing to worry about.

      • I sure hope so because he has a ton of offensive talent but he needs to get that weight off his bad foot. Damn

        • Lol..he is skipping some of his cardio sessions and got into a spat with a coach. Yes…he needs to get his ass on the zero gravity treadmill.

          • Asshole … Fuck him, paid to work out and gains weight…,loser, Asshole Bynum wannabe …Twitter this a hole

            • Lol you are one bitter angry white dude

              • Truth hurts…

              • I think hac is tired of philly always getting the short end of stick. of course we draft the fat fuck who argues with his conditionibg coach about not wanting to do drills. he just wants philly just to win and not have to deal with bull shit i understand his anger

              • Stop the nonsense. You’re talking about a kid whose body is body still growing. Who isn’t really working out. Isn’t playing basketball and is probably all dealing with the death of his younger brother not to long ago.

                If he’s 300lbs going into Summer League…but right now it’s not a big fucking deal. His weight means nothing right now. he actually loves the game you can tell by his development.

              • I would have been surprised oiff at 19 20 he could handle all this right now.

              • The hardest thing for most players is when their injured and there not playing our part of the team. Noel would have gone through the same thing. Its been balmost a year since the kid last played.

              • Izell he is a young kid why not assign a vet to show him how to be a pro? Wouldn’t that make some sense?

              • He has Mbah Moute but he’s been hurt himself. And IMO it’s different than just assigning a vet on the road because he’s not with the team on court in practice etc.

                He’s just going through some things that’s all. He’s literally a big kid. He isn’t an AAU kid whose used to the ins and out. This is literally a kid that was playing basketball in Sandals 5 years ago.

                Also its why they sent him home…way more structure at home then on the road.

  • NFC Power Rankings for 2015
    Top Tier (A 3-Headed Race for 2015)
    1) Seahawks
    2) Packers
    3) Cowboys

    2nd Tier (Wildcard Quality)
    4) Lions
    5) 49ers
    6) Panthers
    7) Saints
    8) Cardinals depending on QB

    3rd Tier (Anywhere from 6 to 8 Wins)
    (# 9 thru #15)
    Eagles,Giants,Vikings,Falcons & Rams
    Bears, Redskins

    4th Tier (4 Wins or less)
    16) TB Bucs

  • “Is it Blount or is it Marshawn Lynch”

    Good question – ’cause right now it’s hard to tell the difference.

    • It is called winning…winning breeds a winning culture.

      • You obviously understand that after getting cut he was called in by a HOF coach and told either you do this or you will be bussing tables

        • You said it was the locker room. Blount was pissed that Tomlin was not running him enough. Belichick told him that would not be an issue in NE…which clearly it has not been….that is what I understand. Be real with the player and respect him….he will reciprocate. Bullshit a player…you just may get it back.

          • Um he has had some games with like two carries

            • Umm…do you not recognize the talent he has…and do you still believe Ray Rice is a better running back?

              • No dickhead I don’t care how good… That was your argument,.,

              • Wow…dickhead…lol…such a great vocabulary. You are a funny guy!
                Once again…it takes one to no one don ‘t it!

            • Blount has played 5 games with the Pats this year prior to todays game. He had 60 rushing attempts..that is an average of 12 touches per game. And while with NE this year his lowest carry total was 8 against Miami. 3 against the Ravens in playoff game and today 24 carries for 135 two TDs. 5.6 yards per tote.

              • And if blunt acts like a dick between now and SB he will be deactivated

          • Good coaching knows how to handle difficult players! Chip Kelly is no Belichick. Tomlin got rid of Blount but he had alternatives at running back.

            Maybe Chip can learn…he needs to learn quickly!

            • Chip had no problems at all coaching Legarrette Blount?

              • Because he was established at Oregon. He had to punch the biggest punk in the nose,,, he did and it’s time to move in

              • And that was it, you need two viable running backs.

            • That’s wrong KB
              Steelers had zero options at RB when they rehearsed Blount..
              Their 3rd & 4th RB’s both Rookies had a combined 15 Carries in the NFL.. They Signed Ben Tate off the Streets just to have some experience.
              How is this saying that Coach Tomlin had options at RB?

              • He said Tomlin had options when he released Blunt. He had Le’Veon Bell when he released Blunt…

              • And no one else with experience
                You can’t play in the NFL with 1 experienced RB
                C’Mon Man!!!!

  • Your point was cutting rice was no big deal because he is done… And blunt is in his prime ..I said that doesn’t matter… Cut an asshole ..go back and check liar

    • I am…and if I am mistaken it is no big deal for me to admit it…grow up!

  • Luck…you gonna learn young man…leave Revis alone!

  • Gawd I’m all for character issues if they play like that.

  • I don’t ever want to hear the Luck hype ever again.

    • Luck is a good QB (behind Wilson) but he’s got a bit of Farve in him. He’s a gunslinger and that bites him in the ass. Often. Particularly against better defenses.

  • Luck & Colts were completely overwhelmed from
    From the get go. No Contest
    It appears Trent Richardson was the smart
    One by not making the Trip

    Colts played their Game of the Year last week
    And shot their wad, and had no legs, could not Tackle,Catch or Pass

  • Lol Andrew Luck has barely anyone SONGS. No Defense whatsoever besides Davis. No Running game with Trent Richardsons bumass. And has one old Reciever in Wayn and a TY Hilton is is very very solid. I cant even imagine AL on Philly. I mean he would actualy have a team who has a special teams, running game, a defense who forces turnovers. Shit would be scary

    • He’s better than bum ass, slow ass Foles though.

      At least he can win a playoff game.

  • Luck is not ready yet….nor are the colts. Completely out classed today.

  • **** Broncos to Hire Gary Kubiak to a 4 Year
    Deal at $19.6 Million as the next HC which was no
    Surprise since He and Elway are very close..

  • Indy’s defense is awful they were helpless against Brady.

    Brady is not going to be the deer in the headlights like Manning against the Legion of Boom

    Its going to be a very interesting Super Bowl

    • Seattle will blow up that screen game though. They will need to come with something else.

      However, I can see Seattle struggle with those quirky formations. And Blount and Gronk will be a problem.

      I’m not sure who I think will win this match-up.

      • With a couple of weeks to prepare…Seattle will handle all of that

        They just have to watch out for Belicheat

        Make sure he doesn’t spy, deflate footballs, steal the game plan..

        He stole the Super Bowl from us…cheating ass

        Belicheat has instilled a ‘culture’ down in New England

        Win by any means necessary!

        smh…I wish he was our Coach!!!

  • This was an easy one to call, I knew this game wasn’t going to be close but then again I thought Seattle was going to blow the doors off GB.

  • HVe to like Seahawks,
    Playing Starters into late in the 4th may bite
    Belecheck in the ass..
    I cannot fathom RW to play another Poir Game
    Like he did for 3 1/2 Quarters today
    Seahawks 30 – Pats 26

  • Chip Kelly’s got to get to Work,
    Hire his GM and Top Scouts and start
    He complete Roster/Coaching Staff Evaluations
    With plans of Action to address the continual
    Issues this Team faces…
    There’re is a growing Gap between the
    Top 3 In the NFC (Seahawks,Packers,Cowboys)
    and everyone else in the Conference
    He better build this Eagles Team to defeat
    Tthe Cowboys to Win the NFC East
    Or there won’t be many post-Season opportunities
    These next few Seasons..

    • Sorry Paul. If the Cowboys let Murray walk….unless they are getting Adrian Petersen they will take a HUGE step back. Dez is a monster but Murray was the engine of that team.

      He also helped in keeping the ball out of Romos hand in excess which is why Romo was as good as he was this year.

      • Their soap is only going to get better and better
        WR at Williams and Cole Beasly are young and should improve
        Their Starting Defense is like the 4th/5th Youngest in the NFL
        And gets leader Sean Lee back…
        They will be the Team the NFC East will be chasing for the next
        2-3 Seasons, no doubt…

        • Their superior run game masked their inefficiences if the lose Murray and he is not replaced with an elite RB they will struggle. The identity of the team is the run game and the offensive line.

          • I see them Signing Frank Gore to go along
            With V Dunbar.. Behind that OL,
            You don’t need an elite back..
            They are a better Team than our Eagles as
            Of Today..
            They have a Better QB, WR, OL & Secondary..
            They are the Team to Beat in the NFC East
            and not the Eagles.. It is what it is…
            I don’t like it either, but objectively looking
            At the Roster and Coaching Staffs
            It’s not very close

  • CULTURE…….

    The Super Bowl going Pats signed an outstanding ‘culture” guy by the name of LeGarrette Blount, who known for smoking blunts before getting waived by the Steelers. Once Mendenhall was injured in the playoffs and guess who they missed?

    Why would the Pats signed a blunt head to a 3 year deal?

    Belicheck loves the winning culture character be damned.

    I wonder if Mr “Golden Standard” at Novacare is taking notes from his childhood team he followed growing up.

    I’m really beginning to think this team will not win until there’s new ownership that values talent over mediocre players who are boy scouts and does not break the bank.

    Hats off to the real Golden Standards like the Pats and Seahawks who will play in the Superbowl with a plethora of questionable “character” players.

  • CULTURE…….

    You guys talk and don’t know what the hell you’re talking about half the time…. Chip Kelly gave LeGarrette Blount a chance to play when NOBODY in the country wanted him. LeGarrette Blount owes his professional career to Chip Kelly. And Kelly likely got him hired by Bellichick….

    “He’s an amazing coach,” Blount said of Kelly. “He’s helped me along the way. We’ve stayed in contact for the few years that I’ve been in the league. He’s a good guy, an all-around good guy and I like him a lot.”

    Kelly would be happy to have Blount on the Eagles today, because Blount is a winner. Kelly has no problems coaching controversial players, he just don’t like quitters like DeSean Jackson.

    In Pittsburgh, Mike Tomlin had no choice but to release LeGarrette Blount because he walked off the field. The same thing would happen if he did that in New England.

    In fact, Bellichick will toss Blount aside like the flavor-of-the-month when he is done with him. NOBODY values running backs less than Bellichick. Ask any one of the list of 30 that Bellichick has sent to the curb…

  • Patrick Chung is smiling all the way to the bank with his new 3 year deal and starting at safety for NE in the SB. Thank god Im out of that god awful system in Philly.

    • you haven’t seen nothing yet…just wait until Nate Allen go somewhere else and become a pro bowler…that will tell you it’s the coaching.

  • Packers safety Morgan Burnett laid down with nothing but 5 fat offensive linemen and Russell Wilson in between him and the Super Bowl. He picked off that pass and could have followed his defensive linemen into the end zone. It would have been an easy run but he decided to lay down and start celebrating. Everything fell apart after that for Green Bay.

    First their offense couldn’t move the ball and they punted it back to the Seahawks. Wilson hit Lynch for a long pass down sideline, but he stepped out of bounds. A few plays later Wilson on read option was in the end zone; then the onsides kick; then Beast Mode a couple of plays later with read option for another touchdown. Seattle scored two touchdowns within 3:30 minutes of Burnett laying on the ground.

    Burnett was like those stupid people in the scary movie, who don’t make sure the monster is dead. They wind up dead because they didn’t make sure. Now the Packers are dead because of that.

    • The stat of the game was 5 turnovers = 6pts for the Packers.

      Packers had numerous chances and left the door open. The Packers kicked it down at the end.

      Leave a team in the game long enough and luck and momentum can doom you.

      • Yep, especially when you play the game trying to hold on instead of attacking. They took their foot off the gas thinking the game was won.

    • I agree and stated so myself GCobb
      Any return there even to the 20-25 Yard line
      Ices the game..
      Of course all will talk about the muffed on-sides
      Kick, but it should not even had cone down
      To that if Morgan Burnett keeps running

  • Marcus Mariota thinks reuniting with Chip Kelly would be fun!!!

    They’re talking!

    • Its not happening. Shut up and move on.

    • Songs, you nitwit… Patrick Chung was happy to reunite with Chip Kelly too. How did that work out? Weren’t you just talking about how Chung played better in NE? lol

      • you’re comparing Patrick Chung to Mariota?

        you’re delusional.

        • I know, Patrick Chung is already a NFL starter. The other guy never played a down….

    • Mariota = Alex Smith …
      No thanks…
      You think you saw plenty Dink & Dunk from
      Foles and Sanchez, just wait to you see Mariotta vs NFL

      • If Mariota =Alex Smith
        Alex Smith is better than Nick Foles

        I’ll take Mariota

        Its an upgrade of the QB position

        Mariota arm is just as strong as Foles, He will be able to throw the same deep passes that Foles does

        You would see a much more effective Shady McCoy because Mariota is a serious threat with the read option

        You would see better decision making…less turnovers…Mariota knows the offense

        I’ll take that deal quickly

        Mariota over Foles any day!

        • Mariota will flop in the NFL….= Manziel 2015 – You were wrong = No Thanks

          You’re blinded by the hype Kool. Won’t translate to the Pros; even in Kelly’s Pro System. Reality, is he is not a better NFL QB than Foles….period

          He (Kelly) has never produced 1 Pro Bowl QB from Oregon ever = the trend continues.

          If he trades up to get him, the Eagles will be screwed for the next 4 years.

          If they can find an equivalent replacement for what DeSean Jackson brought to the table, then you’ll see Shady’s numbers, and the Offensive Production Increase – No Rookie QB is going to do that for the Eagles – ever

          • I do think QB Mariota will have a better Career than Johnny Football for at least he’s smart and has a work ethic, but his lack of arm strength will limit him.. For KB to say Mariota’s Arm is as Strong as Foles shows that he has no Football Knowledge… That may be the dumbest thing I’ve seen on here in a while…

            I do agree 100% GMCliff, that If Kelly mortgages the Future for Mariota and trades away 3-4 High Picks that the Eagles are F’d for the remainder of his 3 Years in Philly and the Eagles won’t see the Post-Season for the remainder of the Decade

            • We agree to disagree on Mariota’s career Paul, but we will find out soon enough…

              Ridiculous to think he is the savior to the Eagles JUST BECAUSE he knows Kelly’s System – That means nothing!

              I’m going to say it for the (4th) consecutive year – Fix the Defense

              Justin Houston, Jamie Collins, Sheldon Richardson, Bobby Wagner, Dontari Poe, Deone Buchannon etc, etc… just stupid….How many impact players are going to continue to be bypassed for sake of a system??

              • Okay brother respect, …….but you’re on the record

              • I got you GMCliff
                I just don’t think he’ll be the “Bust” that Johnny Football is
                It will take a good 2 Years before Mariota’s ready, but he’ll be average and play for a few Seasons ( A Sam Bradford,Alex Smith,Matt Hasselback type) nothing Special by any means
                but to compare him to Johnny Football is an insult to Mariotta

            • Paul, if you think he lacks the tools then it’s asinine to think he will be anymore successful than Manziel, when he has similar limitations, not to mention that he’s just a college phenom QB ONLY….

              • He (Mariota) will be better than Johnny Football, hands down..
                Johnny Football won’t even see the 4th Year of his Rookie Deal and be out of Football just like Tim Tebow.. I see no NFL Skills for Johnny Football at all besides all his off the field BS…

                Meanwhile, I see Mariota’s Career in the NFL similar to Alex Smith or a Matt Hasselback Type, and that he’ll play for a while, be on a couple of good teams here and there, but is limited arm wise and if he plays to his strengths, can have a decent Career
                but no Franchise/Elite QB..
                There is a huge Difference of Being an Effective QB from the College Level to the NFL Level.. some understand this, some don’t

              • Okay brother respect, …….but you’re on the record

            • Only an idiot continues to insist that Foles has this strong arm..

              He has underthrow receivers on a consistent basis

              Nick Foles doesn’t have a Flacco or Mike Vick arm strength at all

              He is at best average

              Its pure football ignorance to suggest otherwise

              On the other hand, Mariota’s arm strength is vastly underrated on this forum. He is more accurate than Foles…Foles threw 33 interceptions in 35 games in college…Mariota comes no where near that

              Mariota improves the Eagles running game from day one…he knows how to run the read option…he knows when to keep the ball and when to hand it to the running back.

              The reality is that too many of you are blinded by the Foles 27-2 hype that he pulled off when defensive coordinators didn’t really understand Chip’s offense and we have one of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL…Desean Jackson

              Defensive Coordinators have figured Chip Kelly out from a schematic standpoint…now we need the talent that overcomes that

              We need a QB that can execute Chip Kelly’s offense in the Pros..

              If we keep Nick Foles then we have to develop an offense around him…get rid of the read option, get rid of the emphasis on running a lot of plays, focus on running the ball with Shady and a fullback…and make Foles a ‘Trent Dilfer’ type of Qb where you considerably reduce the amount of throws he makes

              Then MAYBE if the defense is dominant…you can win with Foles

              If the Eagles dont make a move for a QB and resign Foles they will be screwed out of any hope for a championship

              Forget it with Foles

              If Chip Kelly believes in Mariota and it takes 3 first rounders to get him…bust the move

          • You would see better decision making…less turnovers…Mariota knows the offense

            I’ll take that deal quickly – I wouldn’t be so quick to take that deal.

            Just because some one knows Chip Kelly’s Offense doesn’t mean he is the solution to the Eagles problems. Didn’t Dennis Dixon know his Offense??….How’d that work out???Now he is on some teams practice squad.

            Stop thinking knowing Chips system is going to make this team flow better, eliminate turnovers, and win us a SuperBowl.

            Chip has to make adjustments to his own standard of players. He has to eliminate drafting these finesse college players, and find some physical NFL Men, whose talents actually translate to the NFL, and create an NFL roster of BETTER TALENT!!

            Then you will see the Eagles take the steps necessary to being mentioned with the Elite of the NFL…..Mariota, and his Oregon- Pac 12 Pipeline isn’t going to get it…….

            Wake up…..Oregon LOST the Title game because it got beat up physically, by much better talent, and Mariota couldn’t over come that reality by himself.

            – Kelly has the same issue with his thinking in the NFL, and until he makes those adjustments, – along with a renewed balanced appreciation for Defensive Players – It won’t matter who the QB is……The Eagles will always be not good enough.

            • Stop it gmcliff…

              Mariota had far superior physical tools than Dennis Dixon

              Faster, better arm, and very intelligent…Mariota is smart, he plays smart

              Unlike Foles who not only lacks the physical tools he also struggles to read NFL defenses…he is slow physically and mentally-which is why you have seen these awful games from him like the Dallas game a couple of years ago and the San Francisco game…he is completely baffled at times by good defenses

              With Foles, you are going to see more of that now that more film is out…or…you will see Foles on the sideline hurt again because he is so injury prone

              Snap out of the anti-Mariota stuff gmcliff…Oregon lost the title because they gave up 250 yards on the ground…their defense was overwhelmed…Mariota didn’t lose the game for them.

              We agree…the defense needs improvement, we need more talent there and this talent should come from free agency…but you need a QB to win in today’s NFL….you are not going to win running Chip Kelly’s offense with a physically slow QB who struggles to read NFL defenses

              The Eagles will never win a championship with Nick Foles as the QB

              • Th Eagles will never win a SB with Chip Kelly’s College Style of Team… Gimmicks don’t Win in the NFL, Finesse always loses out to Physicality when the Playoffs come..
                Kelly & Eagles will be exciting to watch and play fast and score Points against the average to bottom feeders, then get slapped in the mouth versus the Physical and Better Teams..
                Chip Kelly’s History Proves this out…

              • paulman…you may be right…the Eagles may never win a SB with Chip Kelly and his ‘culture’ which led to keeping Riley Cooper and cutting Desean Jackson…However, we have to go all the way in…and install the entire offense…I’m not insisting on Mariota but it is absolutely clear that you are not going to win with this system and Nick Foles


                If the Eagles would be better off going all out to get Mariota, I dont think Tampa or the Titans will take him…I think we can trade up somewhere in the top ten and get him.

                But even if we dont get Mariota…we have to get another QB who can run this system…resigning Foles to a long term contract, or letting him play as a lame duck will only guarantee and seal the deal…No SB for us!

              • He’s this years overhyped prospect bound for failure Kool…..and won’t be anything special in the NFL. Don’t be shocked when it happens – because you were told how you’re looking at him is not the way you need to be looking at him.

                And again before Dixons injury, he was everything that Mariota is today – including a Heisman candidate. Myself, and Izzell don’t even see eye to eye and I think he even validated that – because it’s true

                I see you’re going to be stubborn about it until it’s irrefutable, but this is what happens every year before the draft; The latest, and greatest prospects are so much better than what is already established professionally – and it’s never quite that simple….,Andre Ware, Mirer, Leaf, Bradford, Russell, Tebow, Manziel, and Mariota will all be mentioned in the same classified breath.

                I’m sorry bruh, we need to bring our Defense up to speed. We don’t need to draft a QB high this year. We have our starter.

              • We aren’t going to win with Mariota anyway Kool. He isn’t that good.

                snap out of it?? I said the same thing last off-season when some thought he might come out last year. My position hasn’t changed.

                Ohio State destroyed them physically, and psychologically, and nothing Mariota did helped them – Ohio State kept them in the game turning the ball over so much not Mariota – and it was so easy seeing the Eagles whoa’s through that game. Stop bruh, he wouldn’t help the Eagles. Professionally he is flat out inferior to Foles.

              • and Tampa will draft him. If he came out last year they were going to trade up to get him. Now they don’t. They will not trade that pick.

                Then when you finally see him in the NFL, you will see what I mean.

          • He isn’t blind cliff! He is stupid. Plain and simple. STUPID!

            It’s Foles hate… And we know why he hates Foles…ignorant ass

            • LOL!!! Is that what that is Ciggy??

              I know we all don’t see eye to eye on some subjects, but to me there has to be some reasonableness displayed on this one. We can’t sell the farm for a guy who will be no better than an average to below average NFL QB.

              • Stop it…just stop it…we all know the agenda that is driven by the Foles lovers…it has nothing to do with the Eagles winning a Super Bowl either

                The question is does Chip Kelly believe that Mariota can run his system better than Nick Foles. Its his ass on the line not me or yours.

                Everyone with eyes that are not blinded by an agenda can see that Nick Foles doesn’t fit this system…

                He’s not good enough…he threw for under 60% and led the league in turnovers…

                Yet you have these complete idiots like haveablunt and vinniedaloser with the audacity to compare Foles to Russell Wilson!

                Dumb asses!!

                Russell Wilson struggled in yesterday’s game but came through in the clutch…he threw the winning touchdown pass…he made plays with his legs…

                Nick Foles doesn’t come close to doing anything like that…and when he was in a similar situation…Foles threw the ball into the stands wildly overthrowing the receiver

                This is the difference between a winning QB like Russell Wilson and a below average backup like Nick Foles

              • I think Chip Kelly is smart enough to realize that his “System”
                from Oregon does not Win or Translate well at the NFL Level..
                He will have to adjust his Schemes if he wants a long-Career
                at the NFL Level.. If Not, He then goes back to College Ball by 2017…This is what he’s wrestling with.. Do I Re-adjust my Schemes and System to Win in the NFL at the Highest Level or say that’s too much work and screw it I’ll go back to College and run the Faced Paced System I run which guarantees Success at the College Level..

              • Chip Kelly believes in his system

                His mistake is to believe that he can tweak his system to QB’s that dont have the physical tools to run it…

                You cant run the read option with QB’s like Foles, Sanchez, and Barkely

                You may as well get rid of it all together and get a fullback

                This would constitute a major change in the Kelly system

                Chip Kelly is a stubborn coach who is not going to make those kinds of major changes to his system

                The answer is to acquire Players especially a QB who can run his system…

              • Which is exactly why Chip Kelly will be back in College by 2017

              • I’m not blinded by any agendas. I’m just being real, and smart about it. I also never listen to Mel Kiper. He’s more wrong than any of the so called experts in how these prospects translate to the NFL

                Nick Foles, had his setbacks this year yes, but any would with the loss of your previous QB Coach, lack of continuity on the Offensive Line, and your game changer no longer on the squad, what would you expect??

                What I haven’t see is Mariota win in the NFL…I have seen Foles win…..

              • gmcliff…stop it bruh…put away the kleenex for little Nicky Foles…

                the coach, the offensive line, losing DJax…

                the tears of little Nicky…

                Stop it

                When you are a pocket passer with no mobility…you need to be able to think quickly, make quick reads deliver the ball with accuracy and anticipation, fit the ball into tight windows

                Nick Foles gives you none of that..its not his game…this is his problem…not the coaching, not the offense line…losing DJax hurt in that he no longer has very quick and easy reads…that was his biggest loss but I predicted that…and I predicted that he would be exposed . It will be even worst next year if Kelly trots him back out there..
                The film is out on Nick Foles and his weaknesses are exposed…we were bailed out by the defense and special teams scoring early in the year…and by the time the schedule got tough…Foles was hurt because of his continuing to hold the ball, his inability to read defenses, his poor footwork and immobility…

                The options are simple… Option 1: change the offense, make it very simple and try to win games running the ball, getting a good blocking halfback…let Foles be a Trent Dilfer and hope your defense is that dominating..or
                Option 2: get rid of Foles and get a Qb that suits the system…

                Nick Foles is a back up at best..he cant carry a team…they should trade or cut him, GM Cliff and move on…

                These things have led to Foles being hurt every year he has been with the Eagles…he’s injury prone…

                Stop the excuses from Foles…

                Defenses have caught up with Foles, that wasn’t a little setback…its who he is…a backup who can beat the weak teams and defenses in the NFL…but gives you no shot to beat the big boys.

                We need a Qb with the physical tools to do the job…Mariota is more physically equipped to run Kelly’s offense than Foles…and according to Kelly…he is mentally gifted at running the offense as well.

                Mariota makes quick decisions, he doesn’t hold the ball forever…and his arm strength is better than what paulman and others give him credit…its just as good if not better than Foles

              • They won’t trade him Kool, he WILL be our QB this year, and Mariota won’t if Kelly is smart making it a mute issue don’t you think??

                I do, making it dumb….to argue the point, because Foles will be our starter….deal with it bruh, accept it, and live with it..

                Again, I have no agenda. I think we do need to draft a QB, but not Mariota, or Hundley, and not in the first 5 rounds of this years draft. The QB drafted this year should be Barkley’s replacement. I think Our next QB is in next years draft.

              • And again, Mariota won’t be crap in the NFL, no matter how quick you think he gets rid of the ball, runs a 40, completes a pass , wins Heisman’s, or runs Kelly’s system…..

                will mean nothing…He will flop; He’s Not an NFL QB……none from the Oregon program really are Wake Up bruh…LOL!!!

                It’s all wishful thinking…that’s all that it is….

              • Here is more reality…The NFL….is NOT College

              • Your boy Johnny Manziel is found that out the hard way. There’s a rumor that say you felt the same way about him running Kelly’s System too????…..Puzzling….Why???

                I told everyone on here he would be a flop in the NFL, 2 years before he came out. He like Mariota are just College superstars.

        • Only a Koolidiot makes statements like “Alex Smith is better than Nick Foles.”

  • Wilson Yesterday was a lot like foles season. Statistically poor, bu he won when it mattered. He’s clutch like foles

    • Got a point there Jake!!

      • The hypocrisy on this site kills me. The pro-foles people say that despite his up and down performances the guys just wins (14-4 under Kelly). The anti-foles people respond by saying that he was a turnover machine this year, was inaccurate and couldn’t connect on the deep ball (i.e. poor statistics).

        Now, those same anti-foles people look at Wilson and argue that he is far superior because he just wins despite not puting up moster numbers. Huh? Wha Wha What?

        At least you guys are bringing some levity to an otherwise terrible monday morning in January.

        • Lol thats exactly what this site is going to be until free agency and the draft are over.

          That compounded with the QB innuendo filled race war on here……


    • “clutch like foles”…you gotta to be drunk to say that Wilson in a game for the NFC Championship, to go to the SuperBowl…was ‘clutch like Foles”…

      Did you idiots watch the damm game yesterday…are you serious??

  • What we learned yesterday, is that you have to be absolutely willing to bend the rules and cheat to make the big dance.

    Seattle runs the most comprehensive steroid….errrr…..supplement program in the NFL. Everyone whispers about it, its the bigggest “nudge nudge wink wink” secret in the league. Players leaping over 6’5″ lineman, Lynch throwing linebackers out of the way over and over….”beast mode” Please.

    Pete Caroll cheated his way through college and does the same in the NFL.

    New England will “bend/break” just about every rule in the book from filming other teams, to pulling tricky formations quickly, to now apparently deflating the balls on the sideline. Bellicheat doesn’t care. Full speed ahead, face the consequences later….can’t take away the rings.

    • LOL!!!

    • If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin. LOL

    • That is the ‘winning culture’…

      “by any means necessary”

      You dont give up All-Pro players because they are divas

      You take some of the air out of the ball and make it easier to catch!

      You steal a playbook

      You film sessions

      Do what you got to do to get the edge…

  • Paulman’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft for the Top #10 (Version #3)

    1) TB Bucs – DT L Williams (USC 6-5 300lbs)
    2) Titans – QB J Winston (Fla State 6-4 232lbs)
    3) Jaguars – DE/OLB R Gregory (Nebraska 6-6 245lbs)
    4) Raiders – WR A Cooper (Alabama 6-1 210lbs)
    5) Redskins – OT B Scherff (Iowa 6-5 320lbs)
    6) NY Jets – QB M Mariotta (Oregon 6-3 215lbs)
    7) Bears – DE A Dupree (Kentucky 6-4 267lbs)
    8) Falcons – OLB D Fowler Jr (Florida 6-2 260lbs)
    9) Giants – DE S Ray (Missouri 6-3 245lbs)
    10) Rams – OT A Peat (Stanford 6-7 315lbs)

    • Marriotta isnt falling past 5. The Redskins will have that pick for sale.

      Jaguars will have that pick for sale as well. I also dont think they let Amari Cooper fall past them unless they can drop down and take White or Strong.

      • Raiders/Redskins & Jets will all be looking to Deal and Drop Down
        I just don’t see the a big surge from Teams looking to move up for Mariota
        who only fits a Read-Option Type of Offense and is unproven from the typical behind Center, Pocket QB system that most Teams in the NFL
        I could easily see Mariota dropping to the 12th/15 Slot
        The Bears or Rams may be interested in him if he drops but I don’t see them moving up and trading assets to do so

        • If he drops to 12-15 range. He will be an Eagle. Its that simple. However he doesnt get out of the top 5 IMO.

          • Who Else do you see Trading down to Get Mariota in the Top #5 (outside of possibly the Eagles) ?

            • Bears, Giants, Rams, Texans……and my dark horse for a trade up.

              The Arizona Cardinals.

              Arians already took a Tinker Toy project in Logan. With the offensive pieces they have in place and with him already using Andrew Luck in a mobile style offense in his brief tenure in Indy…I love that situation for Mariotta.

              • Jags entire Def Scheme is based on Rushing after the QB which
                they are severley lacking.. This is HC Gus Bradley’s mantra…
                If Gregory,Cooper or whoever else are on the Board at #3
                The Pick is Gregory without a hesitation or doubt

              • Great Call right there on Arizona which would be a perfect spot
                for Mariota to land, sit a Season unless Carson Palmer’s Knee is toast which it may be and groom him under a Solid QB Coach in Bruce Arians

      • Jaguars have plenty of Young WR’s (A Robinson,M Lee,A Hurn and even Cecil Shorts if they want to Re-Sign him)
        They need to build their DL with Pass-Rushers.. No way they pass
        up on DE/OLB Randy Gregory or DT Williams if QB’s go 1 & 2

        • All of them arent anything except no2s at best. You wouldnt even know Hurns name if it wasnt for the Eagles game lol.

          • They have way too many other Needs outside of WR
            Need DL, RB,OL,TE,LB’s and Secondary

            • And Paulman when you have that many needs you take the best player available no matter what outside of QB.

  • Ridiculous…the comparing of Russell Wilson to Nick Foles is mind boggling

    The height of ignorance and stupidity which is only shown by fools like haveablunt and vinniedaloser…and those who agree with them

    Here is the difference bet RW and NF

    One is a winner of playoff games and the Super Bowl and has beaten the best defenses in the NFL in tough, pressure games while the other has never won a playoff game, wilts under pressure, and stays injured

    Russell Wilson makes game winning plays

    Nick Foles turns the ball over consistently

    In the NFL Championship game

    RW made an incredible play on the 2-point conversion…avoid pass rushers…made the play.

    RW kept a drive alive with a pinpoint pass between two defenders for a first down

    RW made an incredible run for another first down

    Then RW threw the dagger into GB with a on the money throw for a touchdown-on to the Super Bowl and leaving GB crying about their missed opportunities

    In Nick Foles game against the toughest defense he faced

    He chucked the ball up nervously-throwing the ball out of bounds- folding under the pressure of the moment.

    Nick Foles is 0-1 in the playoffs

    Nick Foles has been sitting on the bench the last couple of years for most of the Eagles tough games…either due to injury or poor performance. Thus, most of his victories have been against the weakest teams in the NFL…he has racked up wins against Oakland, Tampa, Washington, Jacksonville, Giants.

    And even in his wins against these subpar teams, he was a turnover machine last year bailed out by the defense and special teams scoring a near record 7 touchdowns

    As a result, despite his 14-4 record…Coach Kelly doesnt come out and declare him the starter for next year…he tells us he has to ‘evaluate’ Foles…

    Bullshit! If the QB was as good as the pro-Foles camp proclaimed…the head coach wouldn’t leave the cloud of doubt over his head.

  • That was hilarious vinnie

  • Come 2015 Draft Time from Chicago

    Eagles lose their #20 Selection when Chip Kelly fails to turn in Ticket to
    NFL Officials and end up forfeiting Pick…
    Word is that Chip Kelly had LB “Nate Washington” from Oregon with his 1st Pick, though most have Nate Washington as a 3rd Round Grade….
    Not a Good Start to the Chip Kelly ERA of Running the Eagles Draft

  • The league just announced as demonstrated by the bucs front office..the Eagles can be blocked and denied permission to talking to any prospective GMS,based upon the philadelphia GM being emasculated ,not having final say..there’s a hoop Jeffrey didn’t expect …fitterer as I stated yesterday is a pipe dream..it limits self appointment from within..as your only option..gold standard ..think not!

    • Gold standard baby…gold standard!

    • And like its being reported in TB. This is more with TB telling Chip Kelly to eat a fat one after he backed out of the job there then went to Philly.

      Making something out of nothing.

  • In retrospect tom gamble may have been the best solution ,until howie felt his testosterone matters more than the organization..

    • So why hasnt Tom Gamble been hired anywhere else?

      • TG is getting the Help he needs first, before returning to the NFL…

        • Yes something doesnt make sense IMO. There hasnt been one leak. That has condifentiality agreement written all over it.

        • The above is strictly off the record Fyi…

  • Izzy…because he came from San Fran …with great credentials ..then was stained by the Eagle firing..we don’t know why ? But what is playing out here is not good news ..what I stated yesterday ..Jeffrey has skidded into a pole ..on black ice…he never measured the dysfunctional perception ,that his actions caused…now chips in charge ..and as Eagle fans …expect howies leaks any moment as he fights to regain the GM job..micro criticizing …every chip move..,this doesn’t end well ..as sated ,.the head of the rabid dogs is still in place

    • We can agree to disagree….but it sounds like Gamble made a power move and failed badly. It happens all the time.

      It happened to Harbaugh. If the job wasnt appealing teams wouldnt be promoting their senior scouts like the Texans did Gaine to keep him away from a second interview.

      You dont get stained by the firing. His credentials speak for themselves. Theres more to this story then we know. Even Gamble hasnt said a word.

      It feels more like you dont say nothing we wont say nothing.

  • And lastly as for Howie trying to make power moves to get back in the helm….

    Its over for Howie….he was his own worst enemy. He cant even attempt to start shit. Any leaks it will be beyond obvious where it came from. He coveted that GM job….

    IMO he will leave in less than a year and take a position somewhere else and climb his way to the top again.

  • Just like I see a lot of celebrating on the Redskins GM Hire.

    The reason he was available. He left the 49ers because he is a recovering alcoholic and he was having relapse problems and needed to be with his family.

    • Redskins add Bill Callahan to straighten out their OL
      Look to Hire both Vic Fangio & Ed Donatell to fix their Defense…
      Give them 2 Years and they jump up ahead of Eagles, no doubt in my mind about this….

      • Fangio interviewed and left town Paul.

        And the only how that is possible is if RG3 is off the roster or is a Pro Bowler again.

        And they are way off in young players and depth on the team. There are already talks they may trade their RB at the draft.

        • They have some Young Talent on WR’s Grant, J Reed, etc…
          RB Morris like most RB’s has very little Trade Value for a Position that
          is simply not Valued very much, tons of RB’s that are Free-Agents and cost little to obtain, plenty of good ones in the Draft..
          You get a RB and you run him into the Ground for 3 maybe 4 Seasons if your Lucky and move on…
          I would never give the Type of Long-Term Deal to any RB that Players like McCoy,AP, and others have, that’s just me…

          • And thats why McCoy wont be a problem concerning his contract because hes not going to find a huge deal anywhere else.

  • I don’t think the Eagles care if they get a good GM. All they need are scouts, player personnel people, and Chip.

    It might not be the ideal setup, but it’s what the agreed to accept when Chip took on the GM responsibilities.

    • I agree that Lurie may not Care, but this is not the Recipe for Organizational Success.. Chip will go down in his Own Flames within 2 Years time and I am 100% Ok with this..
      The Rest of the Organization will step aside and the let the “Genius” prove that running a Top End Football Team takes the work of many…

      • Like I said during the trade of DJax…the Eagles organization in dysfunctional…it is the reason why we dont have a championship. Lurie should have hired a strong football man, with experience in building championships and stuck with him. Then when Andy Reid made Castillo the defensive coordinator the organization football man would have said…”NO” that is idiotic…you cant do it Andy..
        Then maybe the dream team would have done a little better!
        Fast forward it to today…giving Chip Kelly all of the power when he has never won a playoff game is ridiculous….its not going to work…
        My heart hopes I’m wrong but my mind is telling me…forget about this organization winning a championship

  • Packers did everything they possibly could to lose that game. While Seattle never gave up and they have the best D in the league, the lasting memory will not be of any of seattle’s touchdown’s, but of the ball bouncing off Green Bay’s face when it mattered most.

  • I think New England wins next weekend 34-21. I really, really hate the Pats, but will be pulling for them because I had to unfortunately start hating the Seahawks this year. I love the hawks style and their D, and think RW is awesome… but when the birds played the seabirds a month or so ago, a Seahawks fan showed up to our Eagles party and was such a fucking bitch that I can never root for her to be happy ever again while watching a football game. So I hope the hated Pats beat the Seabirds just so that lady can go home sad.

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