• July 4, 2022

Does The Eagles’ Chip Kelly Have The Formula For A Super Bowl Title?

NickFoles&ChipKelly1Chip Kelly has proven that he is a brilliant NFL offensive game planner and play caller, but we still don’t know if has the formula for making the Eagles a Super Bowl championship team.

Looking back at Kelly’s decision to get rid of Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson because Jackson didn’t buy into his “Team-first Culture”, he’s probably going to be proven right.  That didn’t help Kelly this past season, but he’s confident that it will help him in the future as he builds a “Team-first Culture” at the Nova Care Complex.  I think in the long run he will be right.

It’s been proven to be a good formula for making your team a perennial playoff team.  I think missing the speed of Jackson hurt the team this past year, but I think Kelly felt that getting rid of a selfish, “Me-first” player will help the Eagles organization in the future.  Still, they have to replace his talent.  Speedy rookie Josh Huff wasn’t able to replace Jackson as a deep threat this past year and it hurt the Eagles offense.

According to Kelly, a “Team-first Culture” is the key to winning consistently when it comes to NFL football.  Meaning the key to building a winning NFL team is developing a dominant “team-first mindset” amongst your entire organization and making sure everybody gets in line with it.  I think he’s right.  Look at the winning programs around the NFL and you will see the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens and now the Seahawks.  They all have a “Team-first culture” around the organization.

You can see that “Team-first Culture” is the mindset of Kelly’s buddy Bill Belichick. up in New England.  Belichick has used the “Team-first Culture” to be a consistent playoff team for more than a decade because they have a very, disciplined and intelligent team that doesn’t beat itself.  That “Team-first Culture” helps you win during the regular season, especially when you’re in the worst division in football.  I still believe Belichick is overrated because he’s been able to beat up on the Bills, Jets and Dolphins for all this time.  Those teams have been perennial basement dwellers for decades.

I do agree that “Team-first Culture”  will likely make you a winner in the regular season, but it won’t necessarily make you a champion.  We’ve seen that in recent Eagles history.  You need something else to be a Super Bowl Champion.

Andy Reid had a winning “Team-first Culture”  in Philadelphia for nearly a decade and it made the Eagles consistent winners.  They also benefitted from playing against bad Cowboys, Redskins and Giants teams during that stretch. Still, those Andy Reid teams weren’t able to take their game to another level during the playoff games, so they never won a championship.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb didn’t take his game to another level in those big games and the Eagles defense didn’t play well in those big games, either.  They let the Brad Johnson-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers beat them here in Philadelphia at Veterans Stadium with the Super Bowl in sight.

That Buccaneers team had a great defense led by Hall of Famers Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and possible future Hall of Famer John Lynch, but they weren’t a historically great defense.  They are the one Super Bowl Champion that didn’t have Franchise quarterback or historically great defense.

Super Bowl title teams usually have a Franchise quarterback like, Tom Brady, who is a great decision-maker, as well as a very accurate passer, who takes his game to another level during big games.  They also have a good defense that is playing well.  “Team-first Culture” is great and will help you get there, but to win a Super Bowl you need that Franchise quarterback and defense taking their game to another level.  As good as Brady has been, he hasn’t be able to win another title for about a decade because they haven’t had the quality defense.

I do agree that the Eagles made a mistake a few years ago when they went out and signed the “Dream Team of Free Agents”; Nmandi Asomugha, Dominique Cromartie, Vince Young and the rest of that crew because many of those guys came from losing teams.  They ruined the “Team first Culture”, which Reid had developed around here.  If you don’t beat yourself in the NFL, you have a good chance of making the playoffs.  Discipline wins.  Mistakes get you beat in the NFL and we saw that this year by the Eagles.

You have to be careful about which players you pay the big money to on your football team because they can become role models for the rest of the team.  Kelly thought this was the case with Jackson, but the Eagles have so many character guys that Jackson wasn’t a leader on the team, but he was a producer.  You don’t need everybody on the team to buy into the system perfectly.  I believe if Jackson were on the team this past year, they would have been in the playoffs, but they weren’t going to win a Championship.  Maybe getting rid of Jackson early will help the Eagles build that “Team-first Culture” sooner.

Still remember, that the “Team-first Culture” will only help you get to the playoffs.  It doesn’t have a lot to do with separating you from those other teams once you get to the playoffs.

A Super Bowl championship NFL team almost always has the following two ingredients.  1. They have a Franchise quarterback, who is a great decision-maker, very accurate passer and a clutch performer.  2. They have a very good defense that’s playing well at the time.

The Patriots won their championships because they had a very good defense, which was playing well and they had Franchise quarterback ,Tom Brady, who is a brilliant decision-maker, as well as a very accurate passer and he’s a clutch performer.  If you have that type of quarterback and that type of defense you have what it takes to be a Super Bowl Champion.

Last year Seattle didn’t have the Franchise quarterback in Russell Wilson, but their defense was so dominant that it carried them to the championship.  They might be able to do it again.   Baltimore won a Super Bowl title with the “Dominant defense formula” and Trent Dilfer was their quarterback.   History has shown us that you can have a defense that is so dominant, that it doesn’t matter whether you have the Franchise quarterback.

We haven’t seen a Franchise quarterback win a title without a good defense.  History has show us that you must have a good defense that is playing well at the time, if you want to win a title.

Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning has only won one Super Bowl because throughout his career, he has played his best football during the regular season, but in the clutch with everything on the line, he does’t take his game to another level.  Borderline Franchise quarterbacks like Joe Flacco and Eli Manning have been able to take their game to another level  in the playoffs and Super Bowls.  This is unusual and not the norm.  Normally, if a quarterback hasn’t shown greatness in the regular season, he doesn’t show it in the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning is one of kind.  He’s a Franchise quarterback during the regular season, but average in the post season.  Incidentally, the Colt defense had a lot to do with them winning that Super Bowl because Manning played okay in that Super Bowl and shouldn’t have been MVP.

In the playoffs, Flacco and Eli have been very good decision-makers with the football.  They’ve thrown the ball very accurately and they have taken their game to a much higher level during the big games.  Their situations have been somewhat unusual because in the regular season, they haven’t consistently played the quarterback position on that level.

We’ve seen Franchise quarterbacks like Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger play at a great level at the quarterback position and lead their teams to victory, but they also had good defenses that played well.

In the 1980’s, Bill Walsh’s West Coast Offense scheme orchestrated by Joe Montana led the Niners to 4 Super Bowl titles.  Montana took his game to another level in the playoffs, but the Niners also always had good defenses led by Ronnie Lott.  There’s no doubt that 49ers had a “Team-first Culture”, which helped them win consistently.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a team, which is led by their offense, win with a dominant running game.  The Denver Broncos of 1998 and 1999 are the last team to come into the Super Bowl and pound the other team into submission with a running game.  Terrell Davis led the way for Denver despite John Elway being the Broncos quarterback.  The Redskins did that three times but that was years ago in the 80’s and early 90’s.  In the 1970’s the Steelers and the Dolphins each ran their way to Super Bowl titles.

Nowadays, the passing game is the key to winning a Super Bowl title, so the play of the quarterback is more important than it was in the past.  When you have third and five-plus, you can’t run the ball consistently and get the first down against a good NFL defense.  You must have a quarterback, who can make good decisions with the football and throw the ball accurately.  He can’t turn the ball over if you want to win.

As for Chip Kelly and the Eagles, he may be able to put together enough talent along with the “Team-first culture” that will get the Eagles in the playoffs, but that will not win the Eagles a championship.  The key to Eagles title hopes will rest in the hands of his quarterback, who will likely be Nick Foles.

Is Nick Foles a Franchise quarterback?  Can he consistently play at the level he played at during the 2013 season?  Is he like Eli Manning and Joe Flacco, who can play like a Franchise quarterback in the playoffs and Super Bowl despite not playing like that during the regular season?

Chances are he won’t be able to do that, but we still don’t know.  Nearly all of the Super Bowl Championship quarterbacks are Franchise quarterbacks.  Look at the history.  The only way you win a title without a Franchise quarterback is when you have a historic defense like the 1985 Bears, 2000 Ravens, or 2013 Seahawks.  Notice that those defenses come around about every 14 or 15 years.  The Eagles defense is no where near being in the league of those defenses.

Can the Eagles put together a defense that will play well in the post-season?   You must be able to keep an opponent”s running game under control.  The Eagles defense must have a good pass rush and a good secondary.  They would have had no chance trying to stop the passing games of the Packers and Cowboys in this year’s playoffs.

So right now, we know that they don’t have the historically dominant defense for a championship team.  We can only hope that Foles is a Franchise quarterback.

Bottomline I don’t see a Super Bowl title in the near future, unless……


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  • I believe in the team first mentality. No doubt about it. That said…. you still need guys that can play. You list the Andy Reid Eagles…. I am 100% in agreement with you… however… T.O. elevated that team before helping to destroy it. Before anyone nit picks what I am saying…. let me be clear….

    1> I believe Chip can take us to the promise land with his O.
    2> I believe depth on the OL and replacing Herm will help.
    3> I believe Mathews will be a star.
    4> I believe they need to get Huff more involved or find another speedster.
    5> I believe getting rid of Jackson was fine. I support the coach.
    6> I believe they missed his speed outside though Jmaks #’s were better.
    7> I believe they get new starting CB’s or I may have to take a break.
    8> I believe Foles is good enough to start next year.
    9> If they go and get another starting QB I will trust what Chip is doing.
    10> I believe this draft will be a good one.

  • Well thought out article Gary. Looking at the history of SB winners should be a good roadmap for how you want to build your team.

    The one thing that stands out most to me is that SB winners have strong or great defenses. That will be the key for how far this, or any, team will go. The team needs to get stronger on the backend of the defense and add more depth at linebacker. The QB position may be the “sexy topic” to talk about during the offseason, and will certainly lead to hundreds of posts on this crazy site, but until this defense can move forward and become consistent and hopefully “feared” in the league, we will continue to knock on the door but never going through.

  • First of all nobody can answer that question honestly until after this draft and free agency period, and Second that team culture must only apply to the players because the front office is full of selfish all about me people starting with Howie and including Chip. So hopefully the dysfunction is gone and maybe just maybe we can see some of this culture shine through.

    • This offseason will be key to everything going forward, Izell I hope for all of our sakes the Bradley Fletcher story was bogus.

      • Bradley Fletcher…..Go back and check all my posts before the year…..he and Cary Williams were the number 1 reason I didnt get excited about this team before the year or considered them a legit contender.

        We still have a ways to go in certain aspects.

  • From what I’ve seen so far, Foles is not a superstar but he could be in the top half or even top third of QBs. Splitting the difference between is 2013 and 2014 seasons, that’s what I see. I agree with G that they’d probably need a premium defense without a superstar QB. That’s what makes the situation tough, trying to upgrade from a top 10-15 guy all of the way up to a top 5 QB. It seems like upgrading the defense would give a more solid chance.

  • Joe Flacco’s first playoff game
    9 of 23 for 135 yrds 0td 0 int

    Eli Mannings first playoff game
    10 of 18 (55%) 113 yrds 0 tds 3 int

    Ben Roethless 1st playoff game
    17 of 31 181 1td 2 ints

    Nick Foles first playoff game
    23 of 33 for 198 2td 0 int



    Build the defense.

    • Build the defense

      Trade Nick Foles to help that building process

      Nick Foles is no Joe Flacco

      Nick Foles is no Eli Manning

      Nick Foles is no big Ben
      The Eagles dont believe in Nick Foles…if they did they would offer him a contract extension like they do all their other players.

      How does that ‘team chemistry’ stuff work when you have your QB the supposed leader of the team twisting in the wind as a lame-duck QB?

      Foles has been a perfect ‘team-culture’ guy…

      R-E-L-A-X Foles…its not that bad…even though you’ve been hurt every year….you don’t need much security….and if you get hurt again this year you can kiss that big money contract with the huge signing bonus goodbye…

      But be P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E Nick..you’ll get a another contract as a back-up somewhere…

      • Right and your boy sanchez will be the qb? And taj Boyd his back up

        • The Sanchez/Foles combo dont work…we need a QB…

          Foles had a shot

          Sanchez had a shot

          They both blew it

          They both suck

          Ya boy Foles sucks just as bad as Sanchez…

          If he didn’t the Eagles would lock him in to a long term contract like they attempt to do with all of the players they believe in…

          I know I’m the bearer of bad news for you haveablunt…

          Your all smoked out…but dont worry if Chip can get a QB that can run his system we may win

          If not we will be another 5-6 years with no SuperBowl ring

  • Very nice article G and I agree with most. People always try and set appart that one thing that every team needs to win a Superbowl. The bottom line is that there is not one way to win. In my opinion you need ONE of the following three to win (based on past winners):

    1. All-Pro QB
    2. Top 3 defense
    3. Average QB, Average Defense but one of the two gets hot at the right time.

    All past winners fit into one of those three categories. Given our current roster and draft position I think we have no choice but to try and build for the dominate defense, take shots in the 3rds of future drafts to find an All-Pro QB and just hope that Foles can get hot in the post-season a-la Flacco and Eli Manning.

    We are too good to risk it all for the chance that Mariota can become an All-Pro. The draft is a crap shoot especially when it comes to QBs. Good teams only take a risk on 1st round QBs when someone slips (i.e. Aaron Rodgers). Good teams do NOT trade assets for the chance at finding a stud QB. It is just bad business and that is why teams do not do it.

  • Well I’ve said it on here before I think most if not all coaches in the nfl ‘can’ win the SB… It comes down to the right set of circumstances. Of course some coaches are a little better at cultivating those circumstances.
    Pete Carroll left the nfl because he couldn’t win, Belichek was terrible, two time winner Coughlin has had several awful seasons even though he is the SAME exact coach during a SB year and a 4-12 year.
    So the short answer is of course he could win it.

    • “Well I’ve said it on here before I think most if not all coaches in the nfl ‘can’ win the SB”

      Classic haveablunt incoherent babble…and you have said that dumb crap more than once…

      They can make an idiot like you the coach and with the ‘right circumstances’ you can win…but a few coaches would be better at ‘cultivating’ those ‘circumstances

      You have no idea of what any of that means…its just pure incoherence

      haveablunt, rest up son…rest up

      When you try to think its too exhausting for you…so fall back son.

      • Sorry at you haven’t mastered reading yet…
        ‘Cultivating those circumstances’ I will try to water it down…it takes a lot of luck to be champion (popovich has said this many times) but a top coach has the ability to give himself a better chance of catching some good luck

  • Chip ‘team-first’ stuff didnt win any championships in college…this stuff is sooooo overrated..I’m sorry G…I dont buy it…there have been winning teams in football that didn’t have any emphasis on ‘team-first’ stuff…the emphasis has been on ‘talent-first’…
    I dont care if a guy is a selfish, me first guy…the Owners of the teams are selfish ‘me’ first guys.
    I’ll bet my right arm that Nick Foles was not at all bothered by selfish, diva ass DJax….especially when he saw how DJax could help put some cash in his pockets!
    The question is do we have players that can elevate their game in crucial situations-G makes a very good point there…
    Eli Manning becomes clutch in playoff situations…his famous and overrated brother chokes up.
    We need a ‘talent-first’ culture…’team-first’ is irrelevant…true there is no “I” in team but there sure is a “I” in WIN!!

    • Typical hot air… Let me guess you played AAU basketball ….or better yet never played on any team

      • Very telling year and offseason. March to June is going to put the stamp on the Kelly regime in year 3 and with him in total control.

    • Chip ‘team-first’ stuff didnt win any championships in college…this stuff is sooooo overrated..I’m sorry G…

      I don’t think you understand the concept of ‘team-first’…. Kelly is looking for players who can ignore their own goals for those of the team. He wants players who will add to the team chemistry. That doesn’t mean they can’t be talented.

      • Thank you irish

      • I understand it perfectly…Irish…its you and others who dont understand that this stuff is overrated especially in the NFL!

        Good Coaching in the NFL is managing a bunch of ‘me’ players and convincing them to buy into team concepts because it will lead to winning. The bottom line in the NFL is winning.

        Winning is what builds team chemistry and that is done with talent. Good coaching manages that talent, gets the best out of that talent to help the team win.

        Lawrence Taylor was a cocaine addict, a selfish player who often went away from the play and assignment that the coaches drew up to do his own thing.

        The Giants won championships with that ‘me’ guy who was arguably the greatest defensive player in NFL history

        Good coaching ignored that he was often high and drunk at practices and got his ass on the field to play!

        Bill Parcells is championship level coach because he didn’t let championship level talent walk under any pretentious notions about ‘team culture’

        A lot of that ‘culture’ stuff with the Eagles is bull…DJax is a problem for the team ‘culture’ but racist Riley Cooper is not?

        If Cooper’s racist ass produced at a high level-I would buy Chip’s ‘team chemistry’ crap…but here you have a guy who makes racist statements, makes comments about his teammates contracts, a guy who the QB had to chew out…but he’s got a sweet contract deal while Foles the guy who threw him the ball is twisting in the wind.

        He is the cause of several Foles/Sanchez interceptions where he doesnt fight for the ball to break up the interception. And when he was asked about it…he throws his QB under the bus- “I didnt throw the ball’

        “Team Chemistry’ my ass…overrated BS

        Get Players who have talent and can play…and good coaching will get the best out of that talent instead of making excuses and moaning that the player is ‘selfish’ and dont care about the team…BS!

        I wonder how the Players in the locker room see Riley and what that does for ‘team chemistry’. How was team chemistry built in giving him a new contract?

        • You continue to show how stupid you are with every post

          • i would agree that breeze is just a bit crazy here…. somehow though… one thing I did seem to gleam from here is that winning seems to fix most problems. I would strongly agree with that.

          • So what was stupid about that post? I mean if you can dispute it show us the stupidity. G talked about the hoodie and his culture take a minute and look at the blockheads he’s taken and coached in his system. Corey Dillon, Rodney cheap shot Harrison, Randy Moss and Lagarett Blount to name a few. He worked with Parcells so it doesn’t surprise me that he understands talent vs culture.

            • As a whole team firsts guys win…you want to point to exceptions that is fine. There seems to be this attitude amongst a certain ilk that kind of supports as hole behavior, low expectations of professionalism etc.

            • What year did randy moss win his SB?

              • what year did Lawrence Taylor win his SB?…

              • Didn’t win but he was apart of that program and was on the 19-0 team but hey I guess he was a failure. Totally missing the point I see.

              • Low expectations for human and professional behavior , I believe in standards . People are not perfect but as a professional should become mature and become better individuals. I guess that’s just me

        • You guess how players are reacting to cooper but you don’t know shit. We know based on action how the coaching staff felt about mesean, we know his ex coach did not go in for him and we know that there were no teams interested in his skill set (love that term ) except off season champ snyder

        • No you don’t understand koolbreez – You tell me about Lawrence Taylor as if he is the same as DJax. You don’t understand that Taylor would run through fire to WIN.

          DJax is the exact opposite of LT…. DJax could give a shit less if the team wins, as long as he gets HIS. DJax quit when things got tough. DJax quit when he didn’t like what he was getting paid. DJax quit when the ball was in another players hands.

          LeSean McCoy is also a dickhead punk who most people wouldn’t let their daughter around, but he stays on the team because he cares about winning.

          Peters has his problems, but he cares about winning.

          Lane Johnson has his problems, but he cares about winning.

          There’s lots of guys with problems, but caring about winning is not an option.

          • Irish you know this how? Did Djax show Kelly he didn’t want to win in the one year he coached him? How can you make that assumption about anyone having never met them? So now Shady’s people are saying he absolutely won’t take a pay cut. Does that mean he gets pushed into the selfish me first category who won’t do what it takes to help the team win because restructuring his contract will definitely help the on the field product.

            • Irish you know this how?

              I know because I watched Jackson quit on the team when they wouldn’t give him more money. I know because I’ve watched Jackson run two yards down-field, stop and put his hands on his hips when another player had the ball. I know because I’ve seen him stand and shake his head instead of chasing a defensive back who just picked off a pass.

              Chip Kelly knows better than anybody…. when half the team was still crying over the playoff loss to the Saints, Jackson was telling reporters that he outperformed his current contract and feels he’s due for a bigger one.

              Those are not the actions of a guy who cares about winning.

              As for McCoy, I guess the Eaqles will have to make a business decision. It happens – Remember what Bill Belichick said when he cut Lawyer Milloy for not restructuring his contract – “This is a player and person I have immense respect for, and he meant a lot to this team and organization,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “Unfortunately he’s a casualty of the system.

              • I’ve seen Riley Cooper do the same, Jackson didn’t quit on Kelly but bottom line he ain’t here, throw Djax, Foles and Mariota in a damn no posting zone sick of this shit all day every damn day.

  • I am still not Sold on Chip Kelly’s System will bring any Championships

    1) Kelly focuses too much on a “Horizontal Attack”

    2) Championship Teams have to have Big Play Capability which means a
    Vertical Threat.. Since Kelly Cut D-Jax, which I was fine with, but he failed to replace that Speed, that Skill on the Outside, therefore they have no Deep Threat.. (J Huff is not a true Receiver and lacks fundamental Receiving Skills, he is used to the Horizontal Routes, Screens, Bubble Routes,End Arounds,etc,etc that they did alot of up in Oregon)

    3) Good Red-Zone Defenses which comes down to good Secondary and a Good Pass Rush… You can win with Mediocre to Good LB’s but the D/Line has to be Balling and the Secondary have to be strong, opportunistic and make stops on 3rd Down and in Red-Zone

    • Paul his system is not the same as what Oregon runs. Maclin was sixth and Matthews 16th in the league for 20 yard plays. He does do a lot of horizontal but they get their share of plays down field and those stats include 8 games with a qb that couldn’t throw the ball 20 yards

      • Still have trouble in the RZ…like Oregon. He needs to figure that problem out. I do not think his teams are built to be dominant in RZ…Physical teams are successful in there…not so much with the finesse style of play. He just needs to run Polk down there.

      • Irrelevant…

        The most irrelevant stats are consistently posted here

        Maclin being sixth in the league for 20 yard plays dont impact how defensive coordinators defend the Eagles horizontal attack.

        DJax blazing speed and amazing ability to catch the ball made the Eagles vertical attack deadly and feared which then opened up the horizontal attack…made it more effective…made for easy throws for Foles

        Getting rid of DJax was an extremely dumb move…and Foles paid the heavy price for it.

        With Djax amazing talent masking Foles weaknesses…Foles could have gotten a new contract this year with his ‘team first attitude’, but that same ‘attitude’ gets Foles nothing but a pat on the back and talk about how good of guy he is…but no contract offers.

        Actions speak much louder than words…offered Maclin a contract coming off of a whole year of injury to try to keep him with the team…Maclin is valuable to the Eagles

        Foles has been offered what? The need to be ‘evaluated’ by the head coach…and no contract offer.

        Tells me all I need to know…I’m not the only one who dont think much of Nick Foles….

        • Who is DJAX? Did he play when Harold Carmichael played?
          Why would Foles be offered anything? He is under contract

        • Breeze.. They can’t offer him anything until he enters his final year of his rookie contract. That just happened. So… If he enters the season without a deal… Then… And only then, does it tell us what they are thinking.

          • Steve thanks but hot air hates facts. I believe they will sign him sometime between game 4-7 of this year…

            • We shall see…. im not sure its in the best interest of anyone for him to hit the field without a deal. Think about it….

              If they offer him a deal and he doesnt take one…. the eagles better damn well be looking for his replacement THIS year in both FA and draft. Think about it…. if he goes the entire year without a deal… they would have to let him walk or tag him.

              If they DONT offer him a deal… what does that say to him? Would you step on the field without at least something to cover you the next year?

              This is just 1 more reason I think the Eagles need to bring in another capable QB to push him THIS offseason. What do we have to lose? I want him to soar… i really do…. I believe he can…. i really do…. but I dont care who is under center…. I just want to win.

              • to be clear… Im saying…. bring in competition any way you slice it and make him earn a new deal (in weeks 4-7) or be ready to replace him.

          • Stevo you are dead wrong. They can give him a new deal right now…they could have given him a new deal right after the last Giants game.

            “Article 7, Section 3 of the CBA, entitled, “Rookie Contracts,” under section (k), which states: “A Rookie Contract for a Drafted Rookie may not be renegotiated, amended or altered in any way until after the final regular season game of the player’s third contract year.”

            According to Rueben Frank- Jordan Palmer, Dennis Dixon, Jimmy Clausen all made more money than Nick Foles…if you are a team that is 20 million under the cap and you really care about ‘team culture’…dont you give your extremely underpaid QB that you believe in a sense of security. If you truly believe in the guy and he has been by all accounts a good teammate- for the good ‘team culture’ you are trying to build dont you award him by immediately by renegotiating his contract?

            (As much as I dont like Foles I must admit he is extremely underpaid for what he has done)

            How does that help ‘team culture’ when your severely underpaid QB is left as a lame duck twisting in the wind…and with Foles being soooo underpaid I dont see how he can truly have a good attitude about the Eagles. If he gets hurt again next year before he signs a new deal…he’s fucked! I guess Foles is supposed to take that for the team and sign a bargain basement contract when he has been severely underpaid for all these years…If Foles has any self-worth he wants to be signed to a big time contract now…he should be pointing to the games he has helped the Eagles win…

            This once again is proof positive of the bullshit nature of that ‘team culture’ stuff…right!!

            • Um dum dum they will wait tilt he league year starts.
              Rookie contracts have slots …there is no room for negotiation

            • Dude…. you should try reading first… posting after… here is what I just said to you…..” Breeze.. They can’t offer him anything until he enters his final year of his rookie contract. That just happened.”

              the “that just happened”part… care to guess what it means?

              • Stevo and haveablunt…are you guys drunk or having reading comprehension problems?

                “Article 7, Section 3 of the CBA, entitled, “Rookie Contracts,” under section (k), which states: “A Rookie Contract for a Drafted Rookie may not be renegotiated, amended or altered in any way until AFTER THE FINAL REGULAR SEASON GAME OF THE PLAYER’S THIRD CONTRACT YEAR.”
                This means that Foles is NOW eligible for a new deal…right now, today!!! Foles eligibility for a new deal came right after the Eagles beat the Giants in the FINAL REGULAR SEASON GAME OF THE PLAYER’S THIRD CONTRACT YEAR.

            • Dipshit… Is Russell Wilson a great qb? The answer is yes…he made 50 grand more than Foles! It is because he was drafted a little higher.

              • And Seattle is about to make him the highest paid player in the league or did you miss that story?

              • ABOUT to make him the highest paid player..on his way to his second SB… Your retard friend was talking about 2014 salary… Read before blindly defending such a stupid poster

              • Dumb ass-haveablunt
                Russell Wilson is about to get major money and there is no question that he wont be entering next year…the fourth year of his contract as a lame duck…

              • I’m talking about 2015 as is Koolbreeze, Wilson equals big money, Foles equals playing for Stinkin ass Barkley money, if he is the QB going forward they need to address that shit ASAP.

              • Actually big your special son said MADE more money and since 2015 hasn’t happened yet that means last season. Hey keep defending the tard

              • Point still stand.

                Koolidiot blabbering on and on about how Eagles have had a month to give Foles a new contract,,,why haven’t they?

                Hawks have had the same amount of time and Wilson is still playing out his rookie deal.

                Every stupid line that Koolidiot said….you can replace the word Foles with Wilson…all apply to Wilson:

                “…dont you give your extremely underpaid QB that you believe in a sense of security.”

                “If you truly believe in the guy and he has been by all accounts a good teammate- for the good ‘team culture’ you are trying to build dont you award him by immediately by renegotiating his contract?”

                “and with Foles (Wilson) being soooo underpaid I dont see how he can truly have a good attitude about the Eagles (Hawks)”

                “If he gets hurt again next year (or in the playoffs) before he signs a new deal…he’s fucked!”

                …If Foles (Wilson) has any self-worth he wants to be signed to a big time contract now…he should be pointing to the games he has helped the Eagles (Hawks) win…

                Why haven’t the Hawks signed Wilson to a deal? Why hasn’t WIlson demanded it? Why didn’t he demand one this year! Clearly he is/was in a better position than Foles.

                Why doesn’t he have his new deal right now, He could have his leg twisted in half SUnday…..the Hawks are hanging that guy out to dry…….

              • Lion you lose every brain cell when defending hot air…. You do understand the nfl ‘year’ is not over? You do know that next year doesn’t begin ti march 1? Have you been reading about a bunch of young guys signing contracts? I haven’t seem any!
                And again your boy said MADE… Last year bro

              • Where to begin? Let’s start with you Cigar playing word games calling people idiots and questioning intelligence, when you know damn well the conversation was about going forward whether the word made was there or not. Since Henski Hurnt outed hmself you want to be king of grammar now? On to one trick, did you not see that they can’t sign the deal until his season is over? Every impending free agent and player at the end of their rookie deal is technically being left out to dry in your words so you make no damn sense as usual. Bottom line barring injury Wilson will be the highest paid player in the NFL. Foles? Not so much.

              • Wilson is better, more accomplished and doesn’t play for us. It’s not a big deal files isn’t signed

              • “Every stupid line that Koolidiot said….you can replace the word Foles with Wilson…all apply to Wilson:”

                Are you really that stupid Vinniedaloserass???
                Lets try this replacement exercise that you suggest. Both are now eligible to receive a new contract.

                In Seattle, they are talking about making Russell Wilson the highest paid QB in the league.
                Ok…lets try what Vinnie just said and place Nick Foles with Wilson

                “In Philadelphia, they are talking about making Nick Foles the highest paid QB in the league”

                Vinniedaloserass, not even you have come close to remotely suggesting that Foles should be given a big time contract. If we are going to talk about the ‘team culture’, we also have to talk about paychecks…because players are very interested in that…
                If ‘team culture’ is so important…and Foles is essential to the Eagles plan-we would be hearing talk of the Eagles renegotiation with Foles as the QB now. There would be an acknowledgment of how underpaid he is…and the need to reward him for leading them to the playoffs in 2013, to having a winning record…if ‘team culture is so important…and by ALL accounts,…Nick Foles has been a team guy…no one argues that…how come we are not hearing about any thought being given to rewarding Nick for his good service?
                We see what Seattle is going to do…we saw what San Francisco did for Kaepernick…soon as he was eligible…they rewarded him.

                Again, if ‘team culture’ is so important why isnt the QB getting rewarded that you Foles fans believe has been so good?

              • Hey numb nuts you realize Krap signed a team friendly contract in JUNE

              • Krapernick signed his contract June 11.

                Fucking loser.

            • According to Rueben Frank- Jordan Palmer, Dennis Dixon, Jimmy Clausen all made more money than Nick Foles…

              Well Rueben Frank is wrong, Foles makes more than any of those players.

              • No…you are wrong….Foles makes less than all of those players

  • Well with the way teams are giving team friendly contracts maybe they will get it done earlier.
    I don’t see anything more than a third rounder for conversation

    • Competition

  • Kool, let’s give that QB talk shit a rest for a post or two. That shit is getting redundant. I know this is a QB driven league but damn we have the worst secondary and a bum ass defensive coordinator who should have been fired before his ass got out of the press box after the Giants game and now this Kelly cat is talking about bringing Fletcher back? Man FletcherWilliamsAllen should never be allowed on the field together for the same team again ever except if they play for the damn Cowboys.

    • I agree…I’m on the record as saying Billy Davis should be fired…I think he approach and lack of adjustment was a bigger problem than the talent in the secondary…putting Bradley Fletcher repeatedly one on one with Dez Bryant is the height of bad coaching…
      I blame Davis more than the Players

    • Foles will win the super bowl next year and will be league MVP……..foles foles foles is that better big lol

  • Hey Cigar I read about Wilson’s impending new deal who the hell was talking about a bunch of other young guys? Have you seen any talk anywhere about a new deal for Foles? Which is what we we’re talking about so you might want to rethink the whole brain cell thing.

    • Like I said if he’s your QB reward him period whether it’s now or March 1 fix it no excuses just fix it.

    • Hmmm no but then again that stuff doesn’t get out and public unless a guy happens to win a SB in year two . Krap got his in the summer going into year four. Never mind how the league does things. Monday morning say hi to hot air while putting him on short bus

      • haveablunt, your brain must be fried! you fools are something else..

        We haven’t heard of a slight hint that the Eagles are remotely considering offering Foles a new contract. Hell we heard rumblings that they are talking to Brandon Graham and his average ass about a new deal!
        When the Eagles like a player they normally move rather quickly to lock him in…to make him comfortable, to let him know that he is wanted on the team.

        They have done the exact opposite for Nick Foles…

        So what does having Nick Foles as a lame duck QB do for this so-called emphasis on ‘team culture’ that we are talking about? Everyone knows he is extremely underpaid on the team. If he commands respect amongst the players, if the team is so concerned about ‘culture’…why dont we hear even the slightest indication from Eagles management that they are going to lock Foles in?

        Like I said…its BS…Team Culture is formulated by winning, by going to the playoffs and winning…Management contributes to a winning culture by paying the players fairly…and good Coaching takes the talent and builds a winner by managing different personalities on a team.

        • Is graham signed? I missed it…
          You don’t understand anything … Read what desert eagle said.

  • Firstly ,why would you ,discuss any opinions or sentiments if you are the philadelphia Eagles Coach and organization leader ,in addressing fletcher ,nick foles or anyone else ..it’s timing is just dumb when you’re attempting to employ a GM at this point in time..that goes especially for Chip Kellys alleged comments regarding Fletcher …I personally think it would be an affront to an incoming GM who you are trying to lure in from a super bowl winning organization .It undermines at the .start because you’re running your mouth about personnel …that is alarming …we are then nothing more than the “boy George culture club” G I’m very gravely concerned and I only can quantify people in power ,which Chip is now ,undeniably as anointed by the idiot owner who emasculated himself by promising the ex GM ,his rehire ,then ,somehow that emboldened Howie ,to axe Gamble…I still am anxious to know why he was escorted out? In my opinion that infers something nefarious or physical..I do find it interesting he’s not on the lips of anyone or any other organization..The retaining of Bill Davis is quizzical…by coach..again why start tooting your big mouth horn …the timing was immediately after the giant game . . .?. Wouldn’t it be prudent to see who or what shakes off the proverbial DC nfl tree..and hall of famers have fallen ,and yet were staying the course with Bill Davis ..if that’s a cultural decision ,bring me the definition of this philosophy ..you talk coach out of both sides ..that is not a good leadership persona..so why set yourself up for that ? Keep tight lipped ,say you’re evaluating everything ..we missed the playoffs ,we are result driven.everyone including me is under scrutiny ,and as a winning culture ,we want to get better ,and when an upgrade is apparent ,we are always striving towards excellence ..No you said “I think Bill Davis did a good job” why say anything …if you blurbed out about a most hated fletcher I’ll blow your playoff dreams at the holiday guy in philly ..G I’m more than concerned I’m frightened ..

  • Kool ,I must thank you my brother ..because I just read all the posts and your fole fetish is blinding your sensibilities…and brings a smile to my face…let me spell this out for you ..just answer yes and no ..I won’t raise the bar ,knowing my mental hurdler …are we rumored to perhaps have a twilight zone moment ,and put out the rumor ,that chip wants his top quackerback.marriotta ..well yes or no? Thanks ..now ..if you’re entering the draft is it easier to allow whatever team ,perhaps you’re dangling nick foles as trade bait ,that he is on a cheap rookie earl to be renovated by his now acquiring team ..yes or no? Is this same nick foles coming off a 50% injury season ??yes or no? Is a Super Bowl winning qb in Seattle injured ? Yes or no…this is why Wilson and foles ..even though in your hate foles nimble moment ,you equate ones status is the same as the others …I’ll end this for you ..if you want to keep nick foles ,as a prudent move ,wouldn’t you wait until otas …and at least a quarter of the season ,before $$ was discussed …yes or no? We are all weary of your infused vitriol…put the shit to bed …that’s not only healthy for you personally ,it’s good business..and it is all about following the $$

    • deserteagle perhaps you like others should should read what I have stated instead of blindly following your own fetishes and confused constructs.

      We were discussing the notion of ‘team culture’

      How does your ‘yes or no’ questions fit the context of the discussion

      Reading is fundamental to understanding deserteagle…go back and read carefully my statements and positions and the answers to your questions can be easily resolved.

  • Theze dam sixersvkeep winning im happy and mad at the same dam time nice to see them jelling but we need that TOP 3 pick

  • Z..that genie has left the bottle…sixers as a team are better if they play well now..it has an inestimable value ..for the future …hoping for the genie to be the next great player is a crap shoot …same a s heisman trophy qbs…

  • Kool I hope you’re shitting me with that comment…your most recent post ..”we haven’t heard a slight hint the Eagles have offered Foles a new contract” again ..for the umpteenth time..why would you ? The guy just came off an 8 game season ..wouldn’t you think any sane man would kick the tires on him ,before talking about anything? And again ..if a new GM is coming ,why would you emasculate that GM by discussing ANY personnel..? It’s counterproductive…why is the notion that he may be trade bait ,not clear to you my mental midget? You’re blinded by fole fetish…wouldn’t it be easier to trade a guy coming off an injury without a high $$ ticket attached?

    • Foles fetish because , well we know why

  • Final thought Kool…if you start flapping your gums about Nick Foles you immediately devalue him as a negotiating aspect …his value is already being defined by his name being potentially coveted as a trade chip….wether for the draft or otherwise…but ..in the real world ..you can’t assume nicks agent doesn’t have a verbal commitment …but until he gets out there ..why bid against yourself,..he’s under contract ..you kick the tires and grade him out…

  • Have a cigar ..that’s a whole other kettle …of fish..by the way saw selma ..very compelling flick..

    • Selma was pretty darn good.

  • There’s a real good article on “BGN” titled “Nick Foles and the Chip Kelly Mirage” that you guys should read. A resounding breakdown of what is expected from Chip Kelly’s offense against what the pundits are saying in defense of Foles defending the stereotypical quarterback. It explains why a QB can rack up numbers in Chip’s offense but still fail to accomplish what the offense was designed to accomplish long term, where a QB can rack up numbers but still fail the eye test that can’t be ignored.

    In other word, if Nick Foles were racking up numbers in a conventional offense he would be locked up for a long term deal but this offense design will get the numbers just by design and that comes mind when we see Mark Sanchez numbers. Even though Mark Sanchez put up good numbers we all know he’s not worthy to be a starter here,but his numbers are comparable to Fole’s this year if you’re looking at just the numbers they’re the same guy.

    The article states how teams were adjusting to Chip’s scheme last year and the fact the last place schedule allowed Chip to match his new innovative schemes against very poor defensive minds at the bottom of the league which gave Foles an opportunity to get comfortable throwing to wide open receivers the offense designed to have him make easy reads knowing Djax commanded a double team way down field on any given play.

    Things changed in the last quarter of last season once teams got acclimated to the plays and began to cheat linebackers in a nickel set to crash down on Shady and blitzing Foles more forcing him to get the ball out before Djax could get deep down field which began to result in Foles holding the ball too long leading to Sacks and Fumbles,and continual stalling when in the red zone because the deep ball doesn’t work in those areas.

    The Vikings last year did this to perfection against Chip knowing Foles’s limitations without the option to keep being Fole’s weakness in the scheme.

    That’s why Foles struggles early in games….Those wide open receivers afforded under Djax are gone making much easier for defenses…The same defenses that found their achilles heel even when Djax was still here, that this offense stalls if it don’t have the running threat from the QB because that variable is Chip’s 12th man on the field once the 11 on11 is committed …the QB must be able to make the defense pay by attacking the running lanes designed in Chip’s offense. Chip can’t modify the offense because it’s designed to attack horizontally and vertically depending on the weakness on shown to QB from play to play. Example: If there’s a safety sucking wind that’s a variable to attack, a DE tired can be exploited by a QB who can now run by him.

    This offensive scheme is designed to attack scheme ad well as the team’s endurance.

    This is stressed more in Chip’s scheme more compared to other teams.


    Teams knew he had a little more mobility compared to Foles but also knew his limitations in not being able to strike with the long ball,so they clogged throwing lanes,sitting safeties closer to the line to stop the option and slow shady..Receivers were open in Chip’s design but the opposition knew Sanchez couldn’t get it to them.

    All in all Foles and Sanchez put up numbers, the offense will put up numbers regardless of QB, so what must change?

    A quarterback that not only put up numbers but make the eye test, A player that can not only run Chip’s offense but command and improvise within the scheme to actually have Chip learn things about his own scheme because the QB can take it to the next level.

    Chip use to create new plays based on Mariota capabilities even though the offense was good before Mariota came to Oregon.

    Can we say the same for Foles or Sanchez? No.

    So, when though the Eagles can rack up numbers and even win some games (usually against inferior teams) We won’t know what this offense is capable of until we have a QB with the Arm, Mind, and Mobility of the likes of Mariota.

    Chip is not going to change his offense so be prepared for the status quo if that quarterback position is not improved.

    Now there’s exceptions to every rule.

    We can get to the playoffs and probably win a game with Foles if the offensive line is 100% healthy,the secondary get’s improved, Dick Lebeau becomes the DC, Djax is back with Maclin as the # 2, and the special teams and defense gives us 14 points a game like they did earlier in the season.

    You need all these variables for Nick Foles/Sanchez to succeed if they don’t lead the league in turnovers.

    Again, when you get the chance go check out the article.

    It’s reality.

    • Excellent, Excellent article Songs….thanks!

      • It’s everything everyone has seen but was afraid to admit in hopes of Foles being the guy.

  • i’m just going to pastes a small piece.

    Beyond any mirage factor, back to X’s and O’s, there is little to get excited about with Nick Foles. Greg Cosell, in my opinion, sums up Nick Foles in a nutshell with these quotes. “When Foles gets into more long-yardage situations– it’s tougher for any quarterback, that’s not just Nick Foles– but Foles is not the kind of quarterback that is going to stand in the pocket and drill the ball consistently between defenders.” “Last year because all of this was new to defensive coordinators, we all agree that it looked last year like there were a ton of open receivers, which doesn’t happen that much in the NFL.” “I think if you look at Foles the player, what you likely see is this: He’s got a good arm but not a gun; he’s not a power thrower, not a drive thrower. He’s a little more of a finesse thrower than a drive thrower. He does not have quick feet. There is no quick-twitch to his movement. There’s no explosive lower-body movement to him. When you look at Foles, I think what you see is a quarterback that needs the system to work for him and provide defined reads and good throws with the route concepts, just the whole system. He needs the system to work for him..”

    • I agree wholeheartedly with Cosell’s assessment and I’d like to take it a step further. Pro Football Focus keeps a stat for QB’s to measure their accuracy. They eliminate throwaways, spikes and just try to isolate the instances where a QB is truly trying to complete a pass. According to Steve Palazzolo of PFF, Foles was the worst in the NFL in 2013 in this accuracy stat. In 2014, through the AZ Cardinals game, he was AGAIN the worst in the NFL and on top of that, he was also the worst in the NFL on “INT-worthy” throws. Meaning whether or not the throw was actually picked off, it counts all of the throws that should of been picked off. I also have an issue with Foles decision making. Long story short, I don’t think it’s good. I’d like to provide some evidence of that here:

  • I couldn’t resist……….

    All of these things, Foles’ athletic limitations, struggles with accuracy and decision making, when considered in totality, make me really struggle to understand the thought process of a hypothetical question such as, “if Marcus Mariota was available at pick #20 would you draft him?” (this is for you, Ike Reese.) It’s not so much of a decision as it is a full blown block party.

    Now, I used this format to compare/contrast Nick Foles and Marcus Mariota but I feel it’s important to stress that it does not HAVE to be Mariota. If he were to be drafted 1st overall and the Eagles take Trae Waynes in the first round, no problem. It is just my opinion, that unless we have a QB that can provide those dynamic elements to the position, we’re shortchanging ourselves (enjoyment) and our football team. Whether its Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty, Colin Kaepernick (through trade), someway, somehow we have to get upgraded at that position. Otherwise it will be more of the same next year from the QB who threw 33 INT’s in 33 college games. The QB who threw 15 INT’s in 15 games in 2012 and 2014. Don’t let the “Chip mirage” hide the truth. Enough of Nick Foles. We need better.

  • Jesus you and kool on the exact same page who would have think that this is why people say you two are the same u agree on fucking everything and when hit with facts u result in chip has got to find his guy in aint foles but what mobile qb has he brought in none so chip doesnt agree with you. i see yawl post everyday and yes songs you do bring up defense sometimes but it all leads back to foles which you and breezy constantly nag on here and i try to ignore yawl but yawl never stop which lets me know yawl just like to troll

    • deal with the content without conjecture.

    • Just cant handle the truth!!!

      • LOL

        That article was a FANPOST!!!!!

        Written by some a “still lving in Mom’s basement and never once been to an Eagles game, let alone understand football” idiot like yourself.

  • Midnight ..Friday night back there songs and Kool in a fole fetish …wow

  • Get Cbs and if a Qb falls to us that can challenge foles… Great.

    In other news…

    • Thank you steve not one person on this site is against competition for nick foles whether draft or free agency just SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THE NICK FOLES shit and talk about something else that shit is played out

  • Jesus Christ…just get rid of all the articles and just post ” Nick Foles”and let yall comment about nothing.

    For every PFF stat…there’s ESPNs QBR to go the other way.

    Until Chip drafts/trades/ or signs another QB, Foles is the guy. Shut up about it. Foles at QB won’t keep is from contending from playoffs. Fletcher Allen Williams will. Lack of a deep that will. Relying on backup OL will.

    Im a Chip Kelly guy. If he needs an exact prototype Qb to win and run his offense in the NFL we hired the wrong the guy.

    Kelly wasn’t hired for the Oregon offense. He was hired for his brain and the innovative way he built that offense and to build something to that effect in the pros. You don’t mortgage the future in the NFL. Recent drafts have shown that.

    Subway Bob set the Redskins back years.

    Julio Jones cost the Falcon depth on the OL etc.

    Neither move has translated to real success.

    If Marriotta falls out the top 10 it’s intriguing but he isn’t so it’s moot.

    Move on.

    • I beg to differ. A QB who leads the league in turnovers will keep the team from contending.

      • U beg a differ i wish u beg a shut the fuck up about foles u make people hate you and not even pay attention to what you say cuz it all leads to foles

      • except for HOF QB’s Favre, Unitas, Manning, Marino leading the league in turnovers a combined 15 times between them… except that right?

    • again, no one is saying the Eagles should mortgage the future. There is no future without a franchise QB and you’re 100% wrong concerning Chip’s offense.

      How many times we have screamed at the TV for him calling a damn read option play or boot play that takes forever to develop with a slow Foles?

      Chip is still running read option plays.

    • Izzell…dont care about your declarations…the Eagles main problem is at QB…We cant win with Nick Foles…bottom line..the evidence is overwhelming…Defenses have figured Foles out…he just cant do it…and the sooner we admit this and move on the better.

  • Look at what they’re saying in Oregon Beat writer John Canzano.

    n his new must-read column titled, ‘Chip Kelly must find a way to reunite his act with Marcus Mariota in the NFL’, Canzano explains why both parties—Kelly and Mariota—need each other. And why it’s not out of the realm of possibility, like many believe.
    “Give up picks,” Canzano writes. “Give up players. Even give up [LeSean] McCoy and [Nick] Foles if you have to do it. Kelly can win with a backfield that includes Chris Polk and whoever else he can find. But what Kelly can’t do is let the quarterback who is ideal for what he wants to accomplish fall into the hands of someone who doesn’t know what to do with him.
    “Mariota needs it.
    “Kelly needs it.
    “The rest of us wouldn’t take our eyes off it.”

    On the trade front

    “There’s a fair chance Tampa Bay will try to sell season tickets by passing on Mariota at No. 1 and selecting Jameis Winston,” Canzano wrote. “What we’ll find out is whether Tennessee, picking at No. 2, really does like Zach Mettenberger as much as it says. If so, given their glaring overall needs, they’re a potential trade partner for the Eagles.”

    oregon live dot com…..check it out.

    It’s not as if the Eagles know what to do with the top draft picks anyway so they might as well make their offense unstoppable and if it take a few Brandon Grahams or Danny Watkins or Shawn Andrews, or Marcus Smiths then hell with it.

    Get a high scoring offense that can protect the defense by forcing teams to throw from behind against dime coverage.


    • Grrrrrreat.

      Mariotta will be shit in the NFL unless he re-unites with Kelly…… Fantastic.

      Sounds like he can be “the” guy.

  • Some good stuff….Check it.

    By John Canzano | The Oregonian/OregonLive
    Chip Kelly must play this cool. As if he doesn’t care. As if it won’t matter. As if nobody is looking. Marcus Mariota announced Wednesday that he’ll enter the NFL draft. He’s leaving college behind. And Kelly should spend the next couple of months pretending not to notice.

    But we all know what he’d love to do.

    Kelly won a power struggle and now has full control of the personnel decisions in Philadelphia. He has all the Eagles draft picks, and assets such as running back LeSean McCoy, at his disposal. But what he doesn’t have is a quarterback ideally suited for his offense in the way Mariota would be.

    Trouble is, there are 19 teams between the Eagles and Mariota. Also, there’s evidence that mortgaging your entire future for one player doesn’t pencil out. Anyone who has spent time around Kelly knows that this is the player he has to have.

    You’re going to hear talk about the Eagles using their first-round pick (No. 20 overall) to fill a defensive need. You’ll hear discussion about how UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley, a one-time Kelly recruit, would probably fit. But Kelly must know that he has to do everything in his power to get Mariota in a Philadelphia uniform.

    “If Chip Kelly can pull that off, it’s a boon,” Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon said Wednesday. “Marcus is an excellent athlete with a good arm and good feet but the biggest concern is that he’s not a guy who is going to throw in rhythm and throw into small windows.

    “I think he can get that part, but if he can get into a system that suits him, it’s ideal. The familiarity he has with Chip’s offense would make this a win for both of those guys.”

    Kelly needs Mariota. Without him, the growth curve slows considerably. The fan base is already beginning to wonder if his offense is an entertaining parlor trick that is incapable of resulting in a deep playoff run. Kelly has a couple of seasons to demonstrate otherwise to ownership.

    Kelly loves McCoy, but doesn’t need him. He won big at Oregon with a line of running backs (LeGarrette Blount, LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner, Byron Marshall, etc.) that he could easily duplicate in the NFL. What he absolutely had to have, though, was a quarterback who suited his style.

    Not Nick Foles. Not Matt Barkley or Mark Sanchez. Not even Michael Vick.

    Kelly desperately needs Mariota and should do everything in his power to make it happen.

    Mariota needs Kelly, too. Without him, the ex-Ducks quarterback runs the risk of being drafted by a struggling franchise that hands him the keys and asks him to save it. Joey Harrington, basically. David Carr, essentially. Together, these guys win big. Apart, it’s a question. And I don’t think either can afford to bank on the notion that some team might draft Mariota and give up on him in two seasons.

    There’s a fair chance Tampa Bay will try to sell season tickets by passing on Mariota at No. 1 and selecting Jameis Winston. What we’ll find out is whether Tennessee, picking at No. 2, really does like Zach Mettenberger as much as it says. If so, given their glaring overall needs, they’re a potential trade partner for the Eagles.

    Jacksonville picks third and has its quarterback. The Raiders pick fourth. They have Derek Carr under center. And so you see there will be plenty of opportunity for the Eagles should they decide to go all-in chasing Mariota.

    We know he grew up a Cowboys fan. We understand that the NFL is big-boy football. But what I can’t get past is the idea that I’ve watched Kelly squeak by with surprisingly positive results with quarterbacks that just don’t fit what he’s trying to do. I think Mariota ends up NFL Rookie of the Year if Kelly can get him. And I think Mariota ends up on the scrap pile if the wrong team picks him.

    Predraft workouts will only increase Mariota’s value. He’ll test well. He’ll run well. Scouts will be surprised at his accuracy and arm strength. There’s nothing here that will help Kelly except for the narrative that Moon and others have on mobile passers.

    What makes Mariota so good, though, isn’t his arm or even legs. He often uses his feet to create extra time or create the right breakdown on defense. But what really makes Mariota so deft is his brain. The game never moves faster than he wants it to move. When he makes a mistake, it’s not one of panic, but one of excitement, as if he sees the play developing and can’t help but get to it faster than it wants to happen.

    Mariota will have to learn to throw into tighter spaces. He’ll have to throw receivers open. He’ll have to learn that he takes his life into his hands when he runs with the ball. He’ll have to acclimate to a league that chews up Heisman winners. But the cleanest, easiest, most interesting way around all of that is for Kelly to play cool, then cut a deal that one of the top five teams in this draft can’t refuse.

    Give up picks. Give up players. Even give up McCoy and Foles if you have to do it. Kelly can win with a backfield that includes Chris Polk and whoever else he can find. But what Kelly can’t do is let the quarterback who is ideal for what he wants to accomplish fall into the hands of someone who doesn’t know what to do with him.

    Mariota needs it.

    Kelly needs it.

    The rest of us wouldn’t take our eyes off it.

    We have never won a Super Bowl!!!!!!

    It can’t get any worse for the Eagles fans, So Chip get your guy so we can see what your offense can do on the NFL level.

    Mariota is waiting.


  • On another note BGN posted this

    According to a report from NJ.com’s Eliot Shorr-Parks, much-maligned Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher might not be done in Philadelphia just yet.

    Must Reads

    Nick Foles and The Chip Kelly Mirage


    Free agent safety and CB options

    Brandon Lee Gowton

    “But according to a person with knowledge of the situation, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the matter, the Eagles told Fletcher at his season-ending meeting that they want him back next season.”

    Fletcher is one of ten Eagles free agents this offseason, so the team will have to make a decision on him. Most Eagles fans would suggest that the decision should be easy: let him walk in free agency. This report seems to suggest the team has other plans.

    Before you prepare to jump off a cliff, let’s talk about this report a little more.

    Why it makes sense

    On the surface, this report doesn’t make any sense. Fletcher struggled mightily in 2014 and the Eagles need to upgrade. But just because the team wants to re-sign him doesn’t mean he would be guaranteed a starting role. The Eagles could be interested in retaining him as a depth player. Fletcher might not have the same interest, so he could opt to move on.

    Another thing to consider is that talk is cheap. The Eagles may have said they want Fletcher back, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Their actions will prove if they want him back or not.

    Why it doesn’t

    As I just said, this report doesn’t make much sense because Fletcher was bad last season. Per Pro Football Focus, no cornerback allowed more yards (1,072) to opposing pass catchers. He also allowed nine touchdowns, which was the second most by any cornerback. What made Fletcher’s struggles even worse was that they were a big factor in why the team lost to the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins down the stretch.

    And it’s not as if the team is high on Fletcher. The veteran cornerback was benched during the Washington game. He also didn’t play in the season finale due to “injury reasons.”


  • Cutting DJax was ridiculous, plain and simple. Not only did you lose his value on the field, they got no value for him with the outright release. You win in this league with talent, not mediocre try hard guys. If you think the Patriots, Seahawks, and Steelers don’t have to deal with guys who worry about their numbers or money, you are living in the same alternate universe that Kelly lives in where he thinks he can create a roster of guys who never think of those things.

    The Seahawks had to deal with Marshawn Lynch holding out during training camp. He wanted a new deal, and they weren’t going to give him one, but they did convert some of his salary into a bonus in order to compromise. They understood the value he brings on the field, and they weren’t going to cut off their nose to spite their face. The Seahawks traded for Harvin believing he could fit in, and when they found out they were wrong, did they cut him in some asinine belief in culture? No, they found a willing trade partner and got value for someone who was three times the headache as DJax. You tell me, did you like their handling of those situations, or the Eagles? Who’s still playing and who’s home? Where was the belief in culture when Belichek signed Le Garrett Blount after he was cut for walking out on the Steelers? Culture isn’t about having 53 saints. It’s about having strong leadership, whose influence can temper the inclination for some players to fall out of line. Culture is about the coach understanding that a player’s on-field value far outweighs some off-field negatives, and knowing when those negatives are too great. Belichek traded a Pro Bowl player past 30 who he had run-ins with in the past due to salary. When he felt that player was worth it, he worked out a deal. When he felt he was no longer worth it, he traded him to Tampa Bay for a young tight end and draft pick. After some growing pains, the Patriots improved along the o-line, while Logan Mankins did nothing in Tampa Bay. Meanwhile I had to watch DJax roasting the very corners Kelly and Davis have defended all year and watch a former Eagle slam the door on our season. Some teams cut guys and don’t pay the price cuz they actually know what they’re doing. Others watch a former player help end their season. I would’ve thought that Kelly’s ‘culture’ bullshit would’ve lost some credibility.

    The one thing I’m not liking about Kelly is this belief that he shouldn’t have to deal with these issues. He’s gonna be coaching for the next 20 years, either here or elsewhere, it’s easy for him to talk about the team 100% of the time cuz that’s in his best interest. What’s the average career for an Nfl player? Three and a half years? And he thinks 53 guys are never going to think about their own self interest, ever? He’s got another thing coming if he thinks noone on this roster is going to demand a better salary or question their role openly. My way or the highway ain’t gonna cut it.

    • priceless post.

      That “Culture” nonsense can get thrown in the same bin with one liners like,”Golden Standard” and “We have the most talented roster in the league” Rhetoric that has come from the Novacare in the last decade on so.

    • Skayne you are killing it, everybody put your biases aside and read this post. But who am I fooling like I said before maybe 3% of the posters here can be objective in the face of a firing squad.

      • That was a great post you can’t aspect all these nfl players with families and lives just to always follow in line…..they are eventually gonna want more and it’s their job to see they get what they deserve ……whether the guy has character issues or not….if he’s talented you can’t keep replacing them with guys with no talent like JEFF MAEHL….for some reason is still making the roster…..jeff maehl won’t win you much in this league……THANK YOU SKAYNE FOR NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU KNOW WHO

        • This is how much Character means to me I WOULD TRADE ALL OF OUR WR”S FOR DEZ BRYANT AND I CAN”T STAND HIM AS A PERSON

          • Z44, say it again…no doubt.

      • Big, asking some of these cats on here to put their biases aside is like asking the Earth to stop spinning….not gonna happen. Agreed …great post skayne.

    • Good Stuff Skayne..

  • Here’s the way I look at the Eagles today (1/13/15)
    What’s happened the last 2 Years under Kelly is water under
    The bridge, the Roster Moves,Drafts,Game Plans,
    Cap Situation, etc,etc…
    Chip Kelly now has Total Control of his Roster
    And these next 3 months thru Draft Time will
    tell me whether he is a long-termer & committed
    And smart enough Talent Evaluation/Roster Management
    wise to bring a SB to Philly..
    These 90 Days or so are critical for Kelly
    The Eagles Franchise and us Fans..
    I will be here to watch, support and be critical
    Of the moves he makes or doesn’t make..
    Game On, Honeymoon is in the Rear-View
    mirror, and it’s time for Chip Kelly to earn his due
    Let’s Go Eagles..

    • Agree 100 with that Pman it’s all in chip’s hand……a little off subject could he be gay…..don’t really matter but he’s never been married and no kids at his age is pretty weird

      • Only his girlfriend knows for sure.

        • Or boyfriend

    • Agree 100% Paulman, this is why I think kicking Howie upstairs was the right move, no more dysfunction Chip get you’re guys run the program the way you want. Just don’t be wrong, is that asking for too much?

  • I am hating myself for bringing this up but if i don’t vinnie will and that will start a huge argument…..but it’s pretty telling on who the players want to start at qb. Lesean mccoy has backed nick foles as 2015 starter for the eagles and he even used the o line injuries to help the young man out…..hey if mccoy is saying this u best believe the rest of team wants nick as the starter….and there’s that

    • McCoy is trade bait.

  • ..I delight in the notion that football players and owners …millionaires and billionaires ,aren’t watching out for there own interests …name me one player that will sacrifice his own financial well being for the good of the franchise…yes,guys will re proportion money’s ,and the end game will provide them with a bigger net total..but ,nobody is wearing green Pom poms ..the only green that matters ,is what goes in the bank..Chip has some cracks in his armor …the honeymoon is definitively over …if he wants autonomy ,and provides leadership and skills in deftly re-signing guys ,without creating acrimony …I’ll be amazed ,here and now ,he is in a position to not only coach ,but negotiate there assumed worth,to his football team…that’s a fine line ,and he’s never walked it in college ,and now he’s got to show a deft ability to pay guys and play guys …

  • He can’t be effusive in sound bites ,cognizant that an agent may throw that on the negotiating table..he has to stop immediately ,the notion ,that he wants this guy or that guy…you can’t negotiate against yourself…the most toxic cocktail is devaluing a player ,or showing your hand by coveting a player ,that creates a counter culture …with guys wondering if they’re appreciated …or depreciated ..that’s best kept behind close doors..

  • Z44 exactly my point above…I saw lesean last night on nfl network …read the Tea leaves..he’s due 12 million next year ..he was asked if he’d consider renegotiating his monies…he spoke that he’s a Pennsylvania guy and he loves the philadelphia eagles…he spoke glowingly about nick foles…he’s toeing the company line…he’s playing the so called culture card…why? Because he wants to extract every $$ possible…cromartie who was seated next to him ,when asked about the cardinals and his impending free agency …licked Todd Bowles up and down ,and as an aside said ..the jets are 50 million under the cap..two guys trying to get there money ..two different approaches..

  • Follow the $$ Z 44..it’s a business ..don’t equate what they say …it’s all about extracting as much green as possible..

    • yea u prob right

  • For the record… Culture matters. Chip had to axe that receiver. Make the team his… Now that he has a team that sees he means business, is in charge he could bring in a diva and the room will help keep him in line. Once control has been established you can do that,
    If you can’t understand that then you don’t know sports

    • Now that is true hac….hope he can find the talent and not worry too much about that talent being a good ole boi

    • Well we will surely find out…best cb in draft is Marcus Peters…2nd best WR is Dorial Green Beckham. Chip’s culture is established in locker room, let’s see what direction he goes in picking talent. What good is strong locker room culture if it can’t set example and provide good leadership examples for some rooks with a shaky background!

    • The team was already his. No player questioned that Kelly was the man. He was a first year coach, every player would know there’s a new sheriff in town and things are going to be done his way. There was no mutiny going on, no division in the locker room. The reasons for cutting him were equal parts hubris and misunderstanding what makes a good receiver at the NFL level.

      During an interview during the draft, on Espn, he said he values size in receivers, because at the NFL level receivers don’t get much separation, and you have to make a lot of contested catches at this level. I’ll tell you now, elite receivers get separation, and only occasionally make a contested catch. If a db is in your hip pocket all day you are not going to be successful. Where were all the contested catches by Kelly’s one and only, Riley Cooper? Nowhere to be found. But he’s got a great contract that guarantees he’ll be on the team this year.

      Like I said before, Kelly got away with mediocre talent at receiver at Oregon. Josh Huff is one of the few who have NFL ability. He thinks he can do that at this level. Also he overvalues blocking ability to actual receiving ability. Hence Zach Ertz barely seeing the field.

      • Kelly obviously disagrees with you. And two why would anyone with half a brain believe one word a coach says to media .

        • We’ve got real world evidence of Kelly’s decision making on this issue. With the cancer off the team, we were less explosive on offense, Riley Cooper was completely useless and we missed the playoffs. With the cancer on the team, we made the playoffs. But your whole thing is you dislike DJax, so who cares if the team was worse, a player you disliked is off the team. Who cares about wins and losses, that’s a secondary concern to whether you personally like a player.

          About believing what Kelly says, I’ll remind you of that whenever he next gives Foles a vote of confidence or expresses satisfaction with his play.

      • “I’ll tell you now, elite receivers get separation, and only occasionally make a contested catch.”

        You’ve clearly never watched wither Dez Bryant or Calvin Johnson play.

        • I’ve seen plenty of highlights showing them making occasional contested catches. Key word is occasional. The vast majority of their catches come after creating clear separation. In the 3 td game Bryant made one contested catch, the rest of the time clear separation. It’s a myth if you think dbs are contesting most of their catches.

  • It’s like a little guy walking into prison… Either cowar in a corner or pick out a big bad MF and drop him…. Establish you won’t be f.ed with

  • Funny gcobb says cutting that x receiver was good for culture in the long run, ray Lewis who I despise says culture matters. Yet the geniuses on here say it doesnt

    • Culture doesn’t mean every player is a saint. Good culture is about having leadership who keeps players in line, not cutting players just cuz the coach is annoyed with him. Your idea of good culture doesn’t exist in any lockerroom. If you think that team didn’t have players who occasionally stepped out of line you’re smoking.

      • Skayne being a saint has zero to do with it ! ZERO! Being respectful of coaches and in team facilities does.
        Being respectful to underling coaches who make 30 grand not treating them like a POS etc. those are the creeps that f with culture

        • Whatever unnamed source or rumors you read or heard doesn’t sway me. Bottom line is the Eagles never on the record said he did those things. All his so-called problems off the field yet they made the playoffs with him, and didn’t without him. Very little value in this imaginary culture upgrade, while tons of value was lost on the field.

          And if you had to get rid of him, the least you do is get value. If the Seahawks can get value for an often hurt player who was already traded once for character issues, the Eagles could have damn sure got some value while controlling where he went.

          • That’s like saying the Eagles made Playoffs in 2013 with Nick Foles at QB while Eagles failed to make Playoffs with Mark Sanchez playing the final 8 Games for the injured Foles..
            Each Season is unique to it’s own…
            Eagles failed to make Playoffs in 2014 because
            They were not good enough,when it mattered the most,
            plain & simple

        • Exactly/.

          The “Culture” business has nothing to do with outside the building, and everything to do with inside. Desean was a slacker and cut for that.

          The other thing that’s I find weird is why everyone….err…..rephrase….the regular anti-Foles style over substance crowd things that “culture-talent” is some sort of “either-or” proposition.

          There’s a whole crew in here that think in order to be talented you’ve got to be some sort of always pounding the chest, diving backwards into the endzone, always on TMZ clown.

          • I know that for you, it’s an unpardonable sin to attract attention to yourself, but I don’t care if a player is boastful if he produces. Production matters, everything else is petty bullshit.

            There is a crew in here that thinks that in a lockerroom, everything is kumbya and every player gets along with each other and every other person in an organization, others are more realistic considering that you have to deal with many different personalities in a workplace.

            But I know DJax helping to end our season doesn’t matter to that crowd. Cutting a productive player and signing an unproductive one at his position? No sweat. The evil Jaccpot cancer was slayed, and it doesn’t really matter if the team was better off. Their personal aesthetics are no longer offended.

            • ‘desean helped end our season’
              you do know that the outcome of the game ended up having no bearing on the playoffs? eagles could have won, finished 11-5 and not made the playoffs?
              kumbaya..? no way brother…they aren’t all friends, they have fights, arguments etc… no one says they have to be choir boys…
              i don’t know ex player gcobb says its imp. – most players, coaches etc say it is but the gcobb, excuse making crowd says no.

              • You do know that when we played the game our season was still alive right? So dismissing the game as irrelevant is convenient for you in order to disregard the fact that the cancer was the main reason for the Redskins offensive success that day.

                As I said having a strong culture means strong leadership, not 53 perfect human beings. Desean was not a leader of the team, and didn’t influence other players to be like him. His production trumped the petty bullshit off the field.

              • cowboys winning that day ended our season..
                as for what desean was or wasn’t– the coach disagrees with you– VEHEMNTLY! — and you have no idea how he was in meetings, on the field– as an astute observer of the eagles i’m sure you did see him quit on the team when he didn’t get his way– you had to it was right there on tv
                and again, the coach who was in the room disagrees with you…

              • Oh and we agree– he was very successful on that field that day-
                unfortunately we have no way of measuring how his attitude affected or did not affect the very UNSUCCESSFUL season the TEAM had!
                thats one of those things that is qualitative and can’t be measured… chip as was his right made a qualitative decision…. you don’t have to like it but i’m pretty sure he didn’t ask your opinion!

              • Skayne your wasting your time in any discussion with these two because they cannot and will not let personal biases get out of the way of any rational thought process.

              • hey lion check the personal bias thing pal… you, skayne, hot air and songs defend the, well… um you know what you defend… its pretty obvious.
                the coach who is paid to make the decisions said the guy was not good for the team…. end of story… culture matters! ask f.ing ray lewis who says it constantly

              • So now you want to trumpet what Ray Lewis says? Transparent much man? Ridiculous, putting your biases aside means putting your hate aside for Djax and understanding they screwed up, you two keep trying to avoid the point. I don’t like Kelly BUT I can put my bias aside to understand that Lurie made the right decision putting him in charge of the football operation. Even though he made the wrong decision in getting rid of Djax. Coaches on the pro level get paid to manage difficult personalities.

              • Or to have the balls to get rid of them for the greater good… Two sides of the same coin my man

              • And the coaches who have the balls to get rid of them don’t win in the NFL, by the way the greater good of who? Society or some warped thinking that you can’t win with certain guys? For every San Antonio Spurs I can give you 5 teams that won world championships with the worse collection of human beings possible.

              • Is that your comeback for everything, nah, nah, the coach disagrees with you? I mean, do you feel vindicated or something? Kelly cut Desean and we missed the playoffs! Woo-hoo!

              • Well like I’ve said numerous times… A guy doing come or banging whores is… What jocks do… But when they get to the office, things change.
                Joe Namath was …well he was joe willy, anyway he called his own plays and wanted to pass 100 times a game…then was taught , understood that 35 runs and 15 passes would take him to immortality…. He listened put the team first…and immortality later…Ray Lewis is actually a similar story

              • Kelly has bigger plans. Skayne, I suggest you, hot air, songs and led by lion get into professional coaching… The money is great and you obviously understand the right formula for success… I would think lion is the HC as he is usually the most level headed…. Go for it, don’t worry about character… Get every high maintenance, cry baby, misunderstood, pampered AAU asshole you can find… Stop fucking around on blogs.. Put your plan in motion

              • Kelly cut desean and missed the playoffs… Yup you small minded ghetto idiots think that one thing over the course of an nfl season kept them from the playoffs… Small minds, incapable of critical, commonsensical thought. Pea brains…. Yo mofo cut my boy, DJAX can ball, DJAX run s fast … That asshole cut him. Fuck DJAX…the skins missed the playoffs and he was on the team.. That’s the nfl small minds..

              • Well obviously you couldn’t coach in todays pro leagues since everyone doesn’t have a crew cut and no facial hair, dude what world do you live in? Kelly recruited damn near every South Central LA kid he could find when he was at Oregon. Give you enough rope and you’ll hang the shit out of yourself everytime. Do you even realize how foolish you sound playing that race card shit?

              • Damn HAC tell us how you really feel. You didn’t pay the race card you played the racist card. Come on Bruh.

              • small minded ghetto idiots…wow….it must take one to know one!

              • South central kid but cut DJAX. Lion you don’t know me but I have coached city kids for a long time…. In DE our city kids come to the burbs…(it’s a political nightmare)… But I have no issue with a chip on the shoulder but at some point you have to let it go…
                Maybe I couldn’t coach in the nfl… Actually I knowi can’t…
                But you desean lovers are over the top…. To the best of my knowledge he hasn’t been a force in alombardi trophy ceremony. He is a nice player.. He has special speed , below ave. size, bad Tude…so the fuck what

              • Yeah truth hurts…. So what …
                Race card? Uh huh… Just me playing race. I’m the only one that doesn’t put in code…Lion who has intelligence but defends the agenda of songs, kool and ts… It racially motivated… Be honest

              • The problem with cutting DJax was they didn’t have a sure fire plan to replace him. Chip and Howie fucked up on that note. Cooks or Beckham were supposed to be his replacement and the draft threw them a curveball IMO and it blew up in there face. I think that’s also why they went after VJax at the deadline and was one if the things that really cracked the Chip Howie relationship.

                Chip will take a pain the ass on as long as he’s willing to work. DJax is not the dude. He dogged it on Andy who basically catered to him, he dogged it on Chip and he has dogged it here in Washington. But hes fucking talented so many are willing to look past it.

                Im a huge Shady on field fan…off the field he has big time douchebag tendencies, Chip is still riding with him. DJax was an anamoly not the norm.

                But theres no denying that they fucked off that while situation. And this is coming from.a Chip Howie supporter(although I lost it for Howie after hearing him on WIP lol)

              • A lot of top flight players in the NFL has never hoisted a Lombardi trophy, it does not minimize their (here comes your favorite term) skill set. Jim Kelly, Dan Marino…I can go on, Dez Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson…and literally thousands of others. Jackson, with the right team can help a team win a super bowl. To lay wins and losses or a teams level of success at the feet of one player is asinine!

              • Izzel, except for the fact that the eagles receivers had more yards this year than last… I mean that plan… And that with butt fumble…. I don’t know seems like they had the desean ‘loss’ covered

              • Ain’t nothing new from these dudes. He’s in the same camp as vinnie da moron and jakedog. It always comes out if you debate ’em long enough.

              • HAC, what race is QB’s Johnny Manziel, Marc Sanchez, Garrett Grayson? All mobile, not one is black, Kool and Songs expresses interests in all of them. Get off the racist bullshit. People who always look for racism in others do so because they have so much racism within themselves and they find it impossible that others don’t harbor the same feelings.

                You guys kill me trying to turn someone wanting a mobile QB into wanting a Black QB. Mobile QB’s does not translate into Black QB’s. Just because someone does not like Foles or does not want a statue at QB does not make them a racist no more than some one wanting a pure pocket passer with no mobility a racist.

              • Skayne you don’t debate, you spit nonsense… You won’t engage intellectually presumably because you can’t… The truth hurts, try coaching, it will be fun and maybe a good career for you. I believe African American coaches of the highest caliber (tomlin, Caldwell, dungy, smith etc. ) would agree with me ..they believe culture is important… You can talk in code, it’s ok

              • Izzy the race part is Foles… By endorsing white mobile QBs they somehow vilify their boy, false prophet Vick…that’s where race comes I

              • Who doesn’t debate? I lay out my reasons for not buying into the DJax decision and not buying in to your notion of culture. Not in any of your comments did you respond to any point I made. Just a long string of wise ass posts- either nah nanna boo boo, Kelly doesn’t agree with you! Or complete strawmen like ‘You do realize the Redskins game didn’t matter anyway’.

                That’s all you got cuz Kelly made his move and wasn’t vindicated. You haven’t displayed an ounce of intelligence.

              • Just like I said, you’re in same camp who always bring up Vick. Debate long enough on any topic, his name comes out. You dudes must have have a hate shrine in your basements.

              • Again skayne I will use basic language… You can’t measure ( because it’s qualitative ) the negative impact desean brings. I’m sorry to use big words… But if it helps qualitative means you can’t measure it

              • Skayne I’ve come to respect Vick… He redeemed himself. He is a decent man but the ones that idolize his ‘skill set’ (love that) are crazy

              • Desean didn’t hurt in any way that prevented the Eagles from winning or having success. What we can quantify is how many times the Eagles made the playoffs with him, and how many times without. Like I said before, since you’re too slow to understand, if he must go you get value for him and control where he ends up. Kelly screwed up in every way on this matter. I’m pissed this guy is still in this division getting to abuse the horrible corners they defended all season long.

              • Numb nuts what don’t you understand ? No one wanted him except dam Snyder? Dan Snyder is a proven idiot! He goes after low character, high talent assholes and loses… wtf are you even talking about? Why didn’t all the teams a player or two from the SB come calling? Answer that question…

              • Man I don’t know what angle you’re playing or what the hell you’re talking about but YOU brought race into this stop deflecting man if you can’t get into intelligent debates without bringing race into it. Stop debating again you sound foolish. TS, Kool and Songs don’t have shit to do with THIS discussion that YOU brought race into.

  • Randall: Eagles should do ‘whatever it takes’ to get Mariota

    In 2015, the Eagles will have the 20th overall pick. They should not expect to have an opportunity to select the first quarterback. Or the second.

    But if Cunningham had a choice, the Eagles would do whatever is possible to ensure they get Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

    “Whatever team gets him is going to be great. I’d love to see him land in Philadelphia,” Cunningham said during a phone interview on Thursday’s edition of Philly Sports Talk.

    “I think he’s going to do great. And whatever it takes — nothing against (Mark) Sanchez and the other quarterbacks there, but if somehow, someway Chip (Kelly) gets his boy there, whether through trade or whatever it takes and they protect him, he is the kind of leader you want in Philadelphia. He is not a talker, he’s not going to get in trouble or cause problems. He’s going to create unity.”

    • I listened to the interview, it was clear he had not watched 30 minutes of college football. Clearly he was just getting out there and saying philly friendly stuff to help raise money for his charity. It was complete blather …
      Marietta will be tebow

      • I kind of find it funny about the Mariotta love is that, from all accounts the guy is a super mild mannered never say anything guy. Lots of reports about how he’s not a “leader” etc.

        So again, have to wonder what’s going to be the reaction of the Songs/Kool crew who constantly rail against Foles not being a “leader” because he isn’t an in your face rah rah guy, and from all accounts Mariotta is a mouse in the locker room.

        • he’s a better quarterback than Foles,so that’s good enough for me.

          • Yes he is… In college… So was Russell, young, couch, Manziel and a bunch more… Of course those guys were better than Brady, flacco, breeze, Wilson, Krap, Rodgers etc… So what exactly is your point!

    • Here is LeSean McCoy’s opinion on the quarterback situation in Philly.

      Taken from NFL.com

      “I like Nick. The person and player that everybody thought he was, he is,” McCoy said. “There were a lot of injuries this year, Nick, obviously got injured. He gets all of the blame and he shouldn’t. I think Nick’s a good quarterback. He’s the leader of our team. Just things didn’t work out for him this year due to injury, but we’ve got his back. As a team, we didn’t play well enough to win and to get into the playoffs.”

      It sounds like McCoy and possibly other players are behind Foles.

  • Watching East-West Shribe and like the effort,energy by the following Players

    1) DT -Xavier Williams (N Dakota St 6-2 320lbs)
    2) Guard – John Miller (Louisville)
    3) RB – Terrance Magee (LSU)
    4) WR – Austin Hill (Arizona 6-2 212lbs)
    5) WR – A Richards (Colo State 6-4 215lbs)
    6) Safety – D Bonner (Va Tech 6-0 205lbs)
    7) CB – J Gilmore (Tenn 5-10 186lbs)
    8) DE – L Smith (Kentucky 6-4 275lbs)
    9) OLB – T Washington (Oregon 6-3 245lbs)

    • I am watching too paul, so far I have liked the following players in addition to the ones you have mention:

      1 S Damian Parms 6’1 210
      2 cb Josh Shaw 6’0″ 201
      3 LB James vaughter 6’2″ 258. would be a perfect fit for Eagles along side Kendricks.

      • Vaughter looks like a player
        Josh Shaw coming off Surgery and missed most of 2014 with USC
        But has nice size, pretty fluid

  • Also, watching the QB from Vandy, Heinecki, that Kelly was talking to. This kid is pretty mobile, runs around and good pocket mobility. Like I said yesterday, he is GJ Kinne.

  • Ok- still talking qb i see. Wow… looks like i missed a bunch.. lol.

    Sign 2 CB’s and a SS… use the draft to add to the Oline and LB crew and find a qb to challenge Foles both in FA and Draft.


    In other news.. both Vinnie and Songs are still here even though both lost bets and cant keep their word. Damn shame. Anyone who listens to them is a fool.

    • let’s make this clear buddy, I didn’t lose any bet here. That loser got injured before there was a chance for him to get benched so the bet was off. If that’s the case we can say Chip stayed with Foles even though Foles was able to play which means I won the bet. So, beat it!

      • Songs you are a classless act

        I defended your sorry ass in the Schiller wars

        I know you. You go for the color of the skin.

        You are just as vile if not more so than those who signed petitions to keep blacks out of professional sports

        There is no other way to explain your nonsense.

        Racist. Always Was.

  • Another bonehead decision for Colts RB Trent Richardson who decides not to even travel with Team to New England after being told that he would be de-activated again
    Who is going to sign this bozo & quitter , NFL a Career Over

  • Redskins interviewing and expected to Hire Vic Fangio as their DC
    With Secondary Coach Ed Donatello joining them (both from 49ers)
    They also Hired Bill Callahan as OC away from Cowboys and have made the best Staff Changes in my opinion this Off-Season

    Giants also Re-Hired Steve Spagnola as their DC

    These other Teams are not standing idle as the Cowboys are the elite Team in the NFC East now….
    What is Chip Kelly doing??
    Standing still or status quo means falling behind In the NFL

  • Exactly paulman..and why would Chip Kelly the day after the Giant game …feel the need to endorse bill Davis going forward? Knowing NFL DC s were about to grow on proverbial trees ,there for the picking..I find Chips timing quizzical ? Why not say we all bear responsibility for not making the playoffs and shut his pie hole and try to upgrade everything and evaluate everyone on his staff?

    • I think he’s still a bit immature on how he answers questions from media..
      Obviously he could have, should have, stated that just like all the Players will be evaluated over the 2 weeks or so will all the Coach’s
      The most bothersome thing about Davis is the continual issues of 3rd Down Defense, Red Zone and giving up Big Plays were there all Season long and are just a killer to an NFL Defense in terms of stopping anyone and winning games..
      Sacks were up, Rushing Defense improved and Takeaways increased..
      Unfortunately the deficiencies out weight the positives so to me, it’s a no brainier to let Davis go and pure a quality DC which now is too late for…

  • Acceptance of mediocrity ..sends a cultural seismic shift to your locker room..”I think Bill Davis did a good job? ” well you had better hope that personnel was the reason and not the DC …and last point ..if B.Davis had creative juice ,why didn’t he try to have safety help rather than playing fletcher on an island? Perhaps chips naivety on the defensive side of the ball…perhaps he saw we led the nfl in X plays and looked at that stat as a positive ? God help us

  • Simple answer. No.

  • Anthony Chikillo DE U of Miami will get a senior bowl invite based off of his play today.

    • Was very active, at 6-4 270lbs, looks to have potential as a rotational
      Traditional DE in a4-3 Scheme
      He does not have the size to play a 5 Technique as DE in 3-4
      And is not athletic enough as a stand up OLB
      Get him to a 4-3 Team as a pass rusher and has a shot

      • He actually played in a 3-4 at Miami. Have to see his agility during combine, maybe can play 3-4 OLB…he has the size and the quickness off the snap. I never watched him play prior to today so I can not say if he has the ability to be a pro 3-4 OLB.

        • He actually played Inside mostly while at Miami
          Stated McCoy and had a nice week and appeared to be the quickest off the edge all week down in St Pete..
          Biggy down in Florida can probably give a good scoop

          • Wow…ok, thanks for info paul, I will be watching his agility drills at combine. Big…you know anything about this U of Miami kid Anthony Chikillo?

            • He is a football player line him up and he makes plays, will beat you off the edge and set you up for quick inside move. Hate to use this term but high motor kid who will make plays sideline to sideline. Won’t know until the combine if he can play standing up.

  • Here is evidence from more offensive players from the Eagles showing support for Foles. This time it is Jordan Matthews.

    Courtesy of Fox Sports

    “I have plenty of confidence in [Nick],” Matthews told FOXSports.com in a telephone interview on Friday. “I think everyone has seen the type of production he can have. Before he got hurt he was 6-2. It goes without saying what he did his first year when he got the opportunity to play a whole season. I believe he’s a great quarterback and our franchise quarterback.”

    So we’re up to two. McCoy and Matthews show public support for Foles. I guess they aren’t really worried about the “sacrifice the franchise for Mariota” plan some people on here are dreaming about. At least the people who matter have common sense.

    • we’ll see won’t we?

      • Well you boys on gcob. Certainly know more than they do….

        • Nick Foles is who the Eagles & Kelly got for
          2015.. It is what it is…
          I can see Chip bringing in a Free-Agent QB
          To compete for Back-up Position
          And potentially Drafting one, but I see no
          Major move up to Top #5 to get Mariotta
          I would not be surprised to see a Jake Locker,
          Thad Lewis, Tyrod Taylor, Kirk Cousins or even Mark Sanchez
          Back to compete for backup QB
          Kelly should focus on his Defense and DC
          & Staff

          • So we as might as well kiss the hopes for contention good bye for another year, huh?

            • Eagles are not making any Deep Playoff run in 2015 , regardless of who is at QB is, until they fix their Defense & Secondary

            • Do you really feel as if we add a rookie quarterback to this team we automatically turn into a contender? Really? With this secondary? Seriously?

    • Hey tua, why wouldn’t they back him? The 2 QB’s on the roster are Foles and Barkley who they hell are they going to endorse, Mariota? Man oh man give the who’s the QB shit a rest. Hell he better have the support of all 52 dudes on the roster because Barkley sucks.

  • There’s a great story on Fox sports about Russell Wilson, that give us a great look into what a real franchise QB looks like.

    Here’s some jewels from that article:

    Another overlooked statistic that speaks of Wilson’s aerial prowess: He has the NFL’s highest postseason passer rating (109.6) of any QB with at least 150 attempts.
    Wilson stressed that carrying the football isn’t his intent unless he’s keeping on a read-option play or the pass coverage dictates he should turn up-field.
    “As a runner, I just try to get down and get as much as I can get,” said a smiling Wilson, whose ability to avoid big hits has helped him avoid serious injury in the NFL.

    Wilson doesn’t just win games (Seattle is 36-12 since he started as a rookie). He doesn’t lose them either. Wilson threw only seven interceptions this season and didn’t commit a TURNOVER by FUMBLING.

    “I think college football has added to that with the dynamic offenses they run. You see quarterbacks with all kinds of abilities that maybe we would not have thought highly of in the past.”
    Some current college QBs are asking Wilson for tips on becoming better. One lesson he can preach from personal experience: Ignore the public “franchise quarterback” debate.
    “A lot of people talk about who’s the best quarterback and all that kind of stuff,” Wilson said. “I really don’t pay attention to it. I just try to do my job and do (it) better than anybody else. Every game, that’s the focus. Try to find a way to win.”

    Andrew Luck gets all the adulation while Wilson gets the rings.

    We need a Russell Wilson.

    • You can keep Luck’s overrated ass. I’ll take Wilson all day and twice on Sunday’s.

    • But songs he did fumble the ball 12 times and it was fortunately recovered by Seattle…

  • Luck is far from overrated. Come on now that’s nonsense.

    • Luck will be Philip Rivers in 3 years.

      I remember the pundits all on Rivers jock the same way they’re jocking Luck now. Could you imagine if Russell Wilson was white?

      He would be on the box of Wheaties right now.

      • Except Luck has already done more than Rivers has ever done. So that shoots your theory to shit.

      • Russell Wilson is going to be the highest paid player in football. He is thought of as one of the best QBs playing the game.

        Being black didn’t stop Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick, Emmitt Smith, or many other black athletes from gracing the cover of the Wheaties box… What point are you trying to make, Jesse?

    • Izell it might be nonsense but it’s my opinion and I don’t flip flop so I have to own that one. LOL I go down in flames with mine.

      • Lol BigL it’s why even though we disagree most of the time I always respect the convo. You own it.

  • Could you imagine if Russel Wilson was white….

    Except the most popular athlete on the planet isn’t white….


    You’re no different than the shit you say about Vinnie and others.

    Using the tired ass “da whiteman” theories.

    At least it’s come full circle on here. Instead of the innuendo QB race war you dumb fucks have been having at least you and HAC and others are upfront with the bullshit.

    Get the fuck outta here with that Al Sharpton bullshit.

    • Dam hac always running your mouth right to the part where you turn racist aint you married to a black woman and then stupid fuck songs shows his “white man holding us down” bullshit. songs i hope you aint black cuz its niggaz like you fucking shit up

  • Luck is overrated. Dude has a shitload of bonehead throws every game. More often than not he keeps the other team in the game with the mistakes he makes

    • Luck is the only reason the Colts are even relevant?
      Put Luck with Seahawks Defense and rushing attack &
      wild Home crowd (12th man) and they probably don’t lose a single game
      Luck has to “Win” Games for Colts to compete
      Russell Wilson simply doesn’t have to “Lose” the Game
      For Seahawks to Win… A big difference is required for both Teams QB’s

      • The Top 4 QB’s in the NFL Today are playing today
        Brady,Rodgers,Luck & Wison are no doubt the
        “Elite QB’s” in the NFL
        Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco,
        Tony Romo, Phil Rivers, Big Ben are all 2nd Tier
        Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan and the others (Eli,Dalton,
        Tannehill, Foles, Kaepernick, Newton, etc, etc
        are all 3rd Tier aNd have lots to prove in Terms of Winning
        In the Post-Season

        • I agree on this Paulman but Rivers. There’s nothing different between Stafford and Rivers hasn’t done anything since LT and that defense left the building except choke or come up short.

          • I’ve seen Rivers rally his less Talented Charger Teams
            Then what Stafford has done in Detroit
            During the playoffs there was a Stat that listed
            Stafford was something like 4-28 versus Teams with .500
            Record… That’s flat out terrible…

  • there’s an excellent report on sports world report titled, Eagles Trade Rumors: Marcus Mariota For LeSean McCoy Draft Option For Chip Kelly Over Nick Foles Philadelphia Return?

    I would ship Shady and the Foles the hell outta here for Mariota.

    Hash tag “MAKE THE DEAL”

  • Mariota = Alex Smith
    Nice mobility, smart, with solid leadership skills but a noodle arm who can’t attack Defenses Down the field…a Horizontal Passer, Dink & Dunk
    Doesn’t win in the NFL
    Move on…

  • Help wanted ads ..Eagles GM ..what you get …a title..you have to answer to the man in charge Chip Kelly..he likely won’t give a rats ass what you say ,he will then ask you to be a buffer between he and howie roseman …as he wants nothing to do with that little shit…Gold Standard..any chance we get a quality man ? All this B.S. About the foles fetish ,needs stop..there is at the moment in our very own division ,a restructuring of coordinators …management …picking gems from the resources of other organizations ,there best of the best …we’ve had one employ since the Giant game ..we escorted Tom Gamble from the nova care center…the tail of the dog ….was cut off …but the head still has s sharpened teeth…let’s as Eagle fans understand ..no football decisions …no tempering of Chip…no cohesive plan of top management ..has taken form…Houston just signed Gaine to block him from the Eagles…while chip is flying around to all star games …who is looking at the top spot at the nova care center . .? This is where our focus needs be ..organizationally

    • I agree 100% Desert,
      Chip Kelly should be Focused on getting
      The Eagles Front Office together and on the
      Same page.. Is Rick Mueller staying or going?
      How happy or motivated is he working for Chip?
      This should have been accomplished already
      Needs a GM/Football & Lead Scouts or he and
      Eagles are doomed and no amount of smoothies
      Will change a fractured Front Office lacking
      Vision, Focus and Cohesion …

      • Fritterer is their no.1 and I don’t think they are allowed top talk to him until the Seagawks season is over.

        • You are correct no Staff or Front Office Personnel
          Can interview now that Playoffs are here
          During the Bye Week, Coaching Staffs are allowed to
          Interview if Teams Grant Permission
          Which some do and some don’t..
          But I think Front Office Personnel are off limits
          Until they are eliminated from Post-Season

  • And lastly you now have players feeling compelled to toss Nick a floating branch in a raging river ..since no voice ,upstairs had the clue that maybe ..(not quantifying it Asa certainty ) but just maybe you’d want to at least throw some bouquets at a guy who got the snot beat out of him for your organization ..and Ina results matters league has 14-4 record..we are so much now watching the inmates running the asylum ,while chips picking out new toys …he hasn’t exactly shown great acumen in past drafts(leaks by the head of the dog) …this is a mess.

  • Who of great qualifications wants this job…you have the coach who is technically your boss …talking to the press ..telling you he wants fletcher back ..allegedly ..but nick foles …crickets….chirping..wtf

  • Izzell …if you were in the Super Bowl …would you then come to the tidy bowl? That’s conjecture ..I ve read that ..but haven’t heard one word confirming it to be true..

  • And let’s assume a highly qualified guy as fritterer is there target …we have to look at history of the past three weeks in the Nova Care …the ownership flip flopped on there GM …that reeks from instability…they toss the keys ,to the sophomore coach…they left the head of the dog in place..then leaks appear that the coach had no clue when drafting guys in place..the head remains …you tell me …if you’re fritterer …are you salivating to be a butt boy ..I think were delusional.to believe that …

  • Gaines promoted by Houston to director of player personnel Thus blocking eagles pursuit of him….it was rumored he was a main target of the eagles..here’s my question…why does a guy take that job over eagles GM ? tony dungy is helping in this pursuit …his son has Oregon ties…this duck has left the barn..

  • You guys r all missing the point, it doesnt matter if he will not be a true GM, he will have that title, that title means a lot, besides that, the guy Frittterer comes from a team that has the same setup as us, the coach brought his guy in, they go after guys that strickly fit the coaches system, this Seattle guy doednt know any other way other then doing it the coaches way, he would be lost like idzik was when he went to the Jets after coming from Seattle, I believe their getting him n he’s gonna be a perfect fit.

  • Andrew …do you really believe a GM wants to be emasculated ? If the title means as much as you are stating ,why did Gaines accept a lesser role ,when it was rumored he was chips first choice? Think about that …Also name me one job where you are hired by your underling…chip hiring a GM is backass…

  • Look I’m just pointing out that while everyone is following the two trolls songs and Kool ,and there foles-fetish..I’m more concerned in building a solid organization..with one -voice ..one direction ..and one purpose..if ..indeed Seattle doesn’t block fitterer with a Houston type of promotion (Gaines) then all is well in theory..but ,let’s not be waiting on the prettiest dame at the bar ,watching her escorted home by some other dude

  • For those of who don’t think a little luck is involved in football I just read that Russell Wilson has fumbled 12 times this year and the Seahawks covered all 12….. Imagine if four had been lost how the season may be different for them… However they caught some breaks and played well etc and are poised to go to another SB… Like I said takes the ball bouncing the right way sometimes…

  • A great headline would be …sports science of eagles chip Kelly makes one more fiterrer …hashtag …#eaglesfitterer ..

  • Okay guys who you got today? I’m sticking to my 2 blowout predictions Seattle wins 34-14 and NE wins 37-7. Throw some predictions up here. First poster mentions Foles or Mariotta or Djax gets kicked off the site for a week. LMAO

    • Great idea lion… Green Bay today, Seattle turns the ball over 27-17, Upset special colts beat NE in a shoot out 38-31… Luck cements his spot as hire apparent.
      Oh and the eagles qb next year is…..

  • Indy 27 NE 24 Sea 23 GB 16.

  • That’s a damn good idea BigL.

    Seattle 24
    Green Bay 17

    New England 31
    Indy 20

  • I would like to see one upset, I don’t care which game… Ahh maybe I do care…Brady has enough rings for my taste… I’ll be rooting for the Colts.

  • I would love to see an upset but I think a NE Seattle Super Bowl will be money, I went from Church to work was I hearing things that they are expecting wind gusts of up to 60mph in Seattle?

    • I think Seattle will kick any ass left in the playoffs.

  • I have Seahawks winning big over Packer 33-20 which the final score
    Is not indicative of Seahawks dominance..
    The Pats over Colts in a lower scoring game
    Than expected 26-17

  • For the Record,
    The future Franchise QB is not currently on the Eagles Roster nor in he in this Draft…
    I will be be suspending myself for the remainder
    Of the week, with full pay & benefits,
    Carry on and Enjoy the Games

    • You didn’t mention any names, suspension lifted. Ha

  • A couple of Players to watch in Seahawks/Packer Game
    That will be pending Free-Agents

    Seahawks – CB Maxwell, Guard J Carpenter
    & OLB O’Brien Schofield (#93) & WR D Baldwin

    Packers Free-Agents are WR R Cobb,
    RB J Starks, CB Sam Shields & D House

    I also like to keep an eye on Packers 2nd Round Pick WR
    DaVante Adams who has really come on the last few weeks and a WR
    With a lot of upside in my opinion and was one of my favorite
    WR’s from last year Draft and this include’s Jordan Matthews in terms
    Of upside

  • Seattle has plenty of time to come back with that defense. They just cant let them curb click with lacy.

    • Lol kill clock

  • Russell Wilson show you how a QB is supposed to leave the field with a lead in the Playoffs.

    • I love Wilson but was he aide by d and ST?

      • Those last 2 throws to win the game…….Was that the system or Wilson?

        Have you ever seen Foles win deep in his territory on a 3rd and 6 against a top 4 team to drive his team to a win?

        Those last throws…..We’re they all on Wilson or was it the system?

        • Excellent throws!

          Now did special teams and defense contribute big time?

          • absolutely!

            It’s call a complete team.

            • Great so when Foles went 14-4 it was because he was a contributing member of a complete team…we agree Foles is ggod

              • funny.

                Foles is shit and the Eagles will never win with him as QB.

              • Oh I thought he was 14-4 with Kelly silly me

  • Colts get a couple of breaks and dumb plays by the Pats to get back in the game 14-7
    1) Why was Brady Passing
    2) DT Wilfork stupid late hit on play that Forward Progress
    Was way over
    3) LB J Collins on Def Holding on a 3rd & Long to allow another
    1st Down

  • Russel is a quality quarterback who has bad games occasionally. He is only 25. He won a superbowl last year because of a great defense. This same defense showed up when it counted today.

    Andrew Luck is a quality quarterback who does not have a great defense. He probably will not win a chip for years.

    I think Foles is a quality player too.

    My point is too much attention is given to the QB and not the other components to the team.

    Defense is crucial in the playoffs. Special teams is crucial in the playoffs. The run game is crucial in the playoffs.

    Additionally, it is very hard to make the argument that the Seahawks played a complete game with poor QB play, but when Foles has a poor game he is “bailed out” by the defense and special teams. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Russell Wilson is a clutch, Great Quarterback who makes great plays when his team needs it. A Superbowl Champion who now has to be considered one of the great Quarterbacks. RW is 10-0 against Superbowl winning QB’s and he has beaten good defenses with sub par offensive talent around him!

    Andrew Luck is a very talented young Quarterback who has all the tools and has led his team to quality playoff wins

    Nick Foles is a back up. Often injured, limited tools who led the league in turnovers, missed open receivers frequently, and was bailed out by special team and the defense that scored a whopping 7 touchdowns for him to help win games. He hasn’t beaten quality teams with a good QB…he has one win against a quality QB…Luck …and we are now seeing how terrible they are defensively…He has no playoff wins,

    Foles doesn’t belong in any conversation with RW and Luck…RW has won a lot of games for Seattle…he gets a pass for some bad throws or a few interceptions…Luck has won playoff games…he gets a pass for a few bad throws…

    Foles has done nothing to earn a pass for poor play. Foles has not proven that we can win big games with him..Foles has not proven that he is any more than a back up.

    Foles does not deserve any benefit of doubt we would give to Super Bowl winning QB’s or talented playoff winning QB’s like Luck…so stop putting Foles in a category for that kind of consideration

    He doesn’t deserve it at all!

    • Exactly, and if Foles sign a long term deal I will never support this organization ever again. I would rather have bum ass concussed Kevin kolb than slow ass hell, slow release, look like he’s running uphill on sand Foles.

      If anyone at the Novacare believe Foles can compete against superior defenses and great QB’s like a Russell Wilson down there at the novacare, then they need to be fired.

      Straight up.

      We’ll see this offseason if the Eagles are serious about winning. If they drag in bum ass Foles without competition along with the likes of Jeff Maehl, Bum ass Riley Cooper, Casey Matthews, Nate Allen and bum ass Bradley Fletcher then we’ll know as fans this organization is totally clueless and not worthy to receive once cent from the fan base.

      Fuck culture…Talent is playing in the Super Bowl…not Culture.

      Another thing..This Shady supporting Foles bullshit!

      Shady loves being the best of talent on the offense with an average QB. This makes him more valuable. So it’s no surprise he supports Foles, that makes Shady the main attraction….Trade his ass! He can’t get 2 yards on 3rd in short.

      Give me a talented threat at QB who is the star of the team instead of Foles. give me a leader who is not afraid to call out the likes of bum ass Cooper for running the wrong routes.

      We want a leader along with a serious threat at QB. How many defenses stay up a night afraid to face Nick “Frail” Foles. He’s just a guy.

      The Eagles need to get the QB of the future on this team ASAP instead of spinning wheels with Foles and us FA to address the secondary.

      I would also like the Eagles to bring in Lebeau similar to how Jerry Jones brought in veteran coaching to help the staff.

      • Back to the skins for you.

  • “…..was bailed out by special team and the defense”

    Got it.


    Roll with it.

    Doublestandard boy.

    I’m sure you’ll get down to writing some comeback after you clean the jizz off your Russel Wilson screensaver.

    • LMAO…Vinniedaloserass….You are truly a ridiculous ass fool!!

      Of course there are “double standards’ idiot!

      One standard for a lame duck, injured QB who has never won anything and leads the league in turnovers

      Another standard for a SuperBowl winning QB who beats top defenses and made special iconic plays to lead his team to another Super Bowl

      One standard for a QB who plays badly for three quarters but then turns it around and makes special plays and throws a perfect bomb for the game winning, NFC Championship touchdown pass!

      Another standard for a QB who stinks for four quarters cant get his team beyond the 50 yard line and then at the end of the game with a chance to win and redeem himself-throws the ball over the head of the open receiver and into the stands for a loss.

      So when Seattle gives Russell Wilson the biggest contract for a QB in NFL history no one except a Fool like you will cry…”Double Standard”…why isn’t Foles getting a big contract too”

      Yeah there are double standards in the NFL, VinniedaFoolass…lmao!

      • All good.

        Throw 4 interceptions. Fumble once more. Nothing matters as long as the rest of the team bails you out all game and you make one throw at the end.

        All good. Standard has been set and agreed upon.

        Will be good to see you hold to that the next couple of years.

        • You guys get ridiculous with this stuff.
          Listen… Vinnie… Im a Foles fan but.. The guy had a chance to be mentioned with the Iikes of Wilson but he couldn’t stay on the field. The bottom line is that Wilson is part of a very good team and he also throws passes like the TD pass for the win ALL THE TIME!! he does this against teams like the pack often.

          You need to stop worrying about your boy getting paid and instead… Just let things play out. To u were dead wrong about Kolb… Lets hope you are right about Foles. But seriously.. I dont think he needs a hype man.

          • Stevo why is he worried about his boy getting paid?

            His boy is 14-4 with Chip…why are we talking about Foles in the same breath as Kevin Kolb?

            When you are 14-4…why does the coach need to ‘evaluate’ you?

            I guess leading the league in turnovers does mean something

            Maybe it that throwing under 60% in this offense makes you eligible for ‘evaluation’ by the coach

            Or is it that you aren’t on the field for the Eagles tough games…your sitting on the sideline hurt, or when you where getting ‘evaluated’ in camp a couple of years ago you got your ass kicked and the coach decided to sit you on the bench for the tough opening season games 3 in 11 days…

            Injured, poor performance…

            Nick Foles

            Stop comparing him to Russell Wilson…there is a totally different standard him…and Nick aint close to that standard!!

            • breeze….

              I dont know… thats what I was wondering.

              He loves/loved both of them. I was making a point that he is not always (or usually) right

              Because the coach didnt draft him. The coach has seen some great and some not great.

              Yes. But I am not as worried about that as I am the D. Same as when other qb was here. The D is the main problem.



              I agree… Let Nick be Nick. Forget Wilson…. and for sure…. stop comparing them Vinnie because it doesnt help your bias.

              • I didn’t compare anyone. Just asked for clarification and got it.

                If a QB is clutch in the 4th Q and helps the team win the game then that’s all that matters. Previous 3 quarters irrelevant. That’s all I wanted to clear up.

        • “Throw 4 interceptions. Fumble once more. Nothing matters as long as the rest of the team bails you out all game and you make one throw at the end.”

          Vinniedafool! you are drunk by your Foles driven agenda

          He just made ‘one throw’ at the end? Are you kidding?

          Watch the highlights fool!

          What about plays he made before Lynch ran for the touchdown, where he ran 15 yards for a key first down and then when he threaded the needle between two defenders and completed a pass to the tight end Wilson for a first down to keep a drive alive

          What about the two-point conversion he made escaping tacklers throwing the ball across the field to secure a three point lead?

          What about the on the money throw before the game winning on the money touchdown throw!

          Russell Wilson makes plays to win the game…that’s what he does on a consistent basis…he did it last year…he does it all the time…he beats the best defenses in the league-he’s 10-0 against Superbowl winning QB’s like Rodgers, Brady…

          Just shut da hell up Vinniedafool

          What about the on the money throw to Baldwin before the touchdown

          • Dude you killed Foles for having a better game than Wilson did in his only playoff game vs the Saints. You completely ignored how Foles gave the Birds a lead in the 4th and focused on how poorly he played in the rest of the game. Yet you don’t hold Wilson to that same standard? He played as poorly as you can play and he is the reason that seattle had to come from behind. Try to be at least a little consistent in your criticism man.

            • bugsyhawk…are you out of your mind too? Hold Wilson the Superbowl winning Qb who has plenty of game winning, clutch plays in his resume to the same standard as Nick Foles.

              He won the NFC Championship game with clutch plays that he made with his legs and arm

              Nick Foles lost his only playoff game, he missed wide open receivers all game…he lost to a dome team at home in the winter.
              Foles wore the defense out with his three and outs during the game and they were gassed at the end of the game.

              Leaving the field with a lead is not good enough…you have to win…Bottom line! This is football not horseshoes…The bottom line is Foles didn’t make enough plays to win…and in two seasons with no playoff wins…Foles hasn’t done enough for us to win!
              He has either been injured or ineffective…but the bottom line is that our QB hasn’t got the job done…Russell Wilson gets the job done!

              He has a Super Bowl…Foles doesn’t

              He consistently beats good teams….Foles doesn’t

              He stays healthy …Foles hasn’t

              Russell Wilson is a Winner…Foles hasn’t won anything…

              Bottom Line…When Russell Wilson signs a contract making him the hightest paid QB in the league and Foles is traded or cut or gets paid as a back up…you will then understand the reason for the double standard.

              The NFL is filled with double standards for guys who win as opposed to guys who have never won anything!

              • Pete Carroll is a Competitor and always beats Good Teams
                Chip Kelly is a Competitor and always loses to Good Teams

              • Pete Carroll hired and mentored Gus Bradley and Dan Quinn
                to set the tone of his Defense – Championships are won with Defense
                Chip Kelly knows very little about the Defensive Side of the Ball and puts all his Trusts in Long-Term mediocre Journeyman DC in Billy Davis … Kelly is more concerned about How fast he can get plays snapped than building a Quality Defense that actually intimidates and influences the outcomes of Games..
                Does a Bill Davis Defense do this for anyone????

            • Bugs a couple things;1 Wilson didn’t replace a legend and 2 he is at least 33% African American

  • The Qb debates rage on i see.

    What did we learn this weekend….

    *that you need an elite Qb… Or an elite D…. Or a solid game from. Both sides… Or for 1 team to take their foot off the gas early. You need a pocket Passer… Or one who can run… A great coach helps… So does an onside kick. Bottom line.. What we have learned is that u need to score more points than the other team.

    2 starting Cbs, SS, sign and draft qbs that can challenge foles.

    • it so happen both QB’s are Elite in the Superbowl and we can forget about having an Elite defense under Billy Davis, so if it’s either or the quarterback must be replaced for the hopes of an Elite one.
      foles don’t have the speed, pocket presence or accuracy to be elite. His long ball is also hideously inaccurate.

  • To have an Elite defense, you need elite defensive players…we have some good defensive players…but elite championship caliber defenders?


    We need to bust a big move in Free Agency, open up the checkbook and go after Revis in free agency. There is no indication that we have what it takes to draft elite players….lets go get at least one…Revis!

    • Why would CB Revis want to come play for the Eagles… Really??
      C’mon and think a bit…

      • You think a little bit, Paulman! Look at Revis history…he cares about the bucks…Revis is a business man. We are 20 million under the cap…if we can pay him a big signing bonus…why not come here?

        • Because the Eagles don’t Pursue 30+ Years Old for $20 Million Deals
          that’s why.. Revis can win or at least compete for Championships with
          the Pats earning $15-$16 Million per Season
          He’s marketability and branding is a lot higher playing for a perennial
          SB Contender with the added exposure ….
          By the way, this just in, the Eagles are not 1-2 Players away KB,
          they are 3 Years away and a good 10-12 Players away from legitimately contending..

  • Its some eerily similar writing styles on here…..lmao

    • LOL, don’t get me started, but I’m about to blow a gasket with this QB shit.

      • Bwahahahahahaha I’m just saying…I know I’m not the only one seeing this….I would say more but I’m not jumping in the fray with those dummies.

  • Big I literally can’t even come on here and comment anymore the QB talk makes me sick to my stomach…..it’s just too much I’m done with this site for a while

    • Z, I’m down for a good debate but damn,I couldn’t last 10 minutes in a room without choking the shit out of some of these cats. This shit is ridiculous I mean Mariota ain’t walking through that door. Foles ain’t coming back as Tom Brady reincarnated. If Kelly goes out and gets Mariota without fixing this defense I will be beyond pissed. Shortsightedness is what killed us this year. Henski I know that shit isn’t a word correct it an its on. LMAO

      • yes!!!!!!

      • You cant depend on the draft to fix the defense…Not with the guys the Eagles got making the call on the draft. Free Agency is the where we have to go to fix the defense!…who did they draft on defense last year that made any meaningful contribution? Not a single starter…Think about it did they draft a single impact defensive player last year…not one!
        The move is simple…get Mariota or any other QB that Chip evaluates and fits the system…and go heavy into free agency to fix the defense..go after Revis, go after a safety…McCourty

  • Enough of the simpleton debates… leave that for Vinisongs….

    Serious football q;

    Who do you want as our starting CB’s this season? Show me your depth chart 1-5 for corners and give me 3 Safeties…

    • No order…..and other than Maxwell, this isn’t necessarily what I want…just what I think it’ll look like.

      Byron Maxwell
      Some kid they draft in the 1st or second round

      At Safety:
      Da Norris Searcy
      Some kid they draft in the 4th round

    • Here’s my Best Shot at it Stevo…

      CB’s — Free Agent Starters Chris Culliver and Nolan Carroll
      (Boykin in the Slot and Watkins & Top Draft Pick CB Trae Waynes waiting in the Wings as the Back-ups)

      Safety’s – Starters Malcom Jenkins & Free-Agent Da’Norris Searcy
      (Wolff as the main Back-up along with Maragos & a Mid-Round Draft Pick)

    • Thurmond, Carroll Boykin and Wakins As the corners and Jenkins and anybody else except Nate Allen at safety.

  • Can the DC, Fix the Secondary via Free-Agency and add another LB in Free-Agency, then Draft OL/DL/LB/WR and go with Foles and see what Happens.. If Foles fails, then address the QB Position next Off-Season
    If Foles bounces back, then you have your QB to contend in the Playoffs with
    having a better all-around Team and Defense than you do presently

  • I don’t understand why some guys can’t just say – ‘Russell Wilson is a great player’… Why do they have to say – ‘Russell Wilson is a great player… and Nick Foles sucks’?

    I wish I had a dollar for every time koolbreez says – ‘Don’t mention Foles in the same sentence as Wilson’ – then he proceeds to mention Foles in every single sentence…. I mean, go look for your self… 90% of koolbreez’s post contain the name Foles. Same with Songs…

    I compliment Russell Wilson all the time without comparing him to Nick Foles. There’s no need to make comparisons.

    • Well, it’s because we need a great QB and losers here try to make Foles out to be the guy, then berate other QB’s as if Foles is better.

      • And who is the Great QB out there for Eagles to Get Songs for 2015?
        and don’t say 20 Year old Marcus Mariota… who needs at least 2 Years just to Develop & Mature just to get where Nick Foles is at now…

        • he needs 2 years to ‘develop’ into a QB that leads the league in turnovers and completes less than 60% of his passes…

          We might as well take our lumps with a young, Qb…doesn’t have to be Mariota…but a QB that can at least run the read option and has the physical tools to be successful in this offense…whether it be Grayson, Hundley, whoever Chip evaluates and sees as a possibility.
          If it is trading off draft picks to get Mariota…so be it…The Eagles usually mess up the first round picks anyway.
          Another season with Foles is futile and a waste of time…he cant run the offense…he gets hurt to much, its time to move on

          • 2013 Foles 27-2 (3/4 of a Season and will never Occur again)
            2014 Foles 12-10 (1/2 of Seasson with a patch up OL, Young Receivers)

            Realistic Foles Future Stats – Expect about 26-28 TD’s 4,200 Yards of Passing and about 12-15 Int’s

            He is not as great as he was in 2013 nor is he as bad as he played in 2014, he’s about in-between the High’s & Low’s of his Production of over his first 1st 2 Seasons
            Can the Eagles do better, Yes, for 2015, No not really…

            So what does the Coach do about this is the critical thing
            Does his Slow Down the Tempo, Run more Multiple Back Sets,
            more Multiple TE Sets, etc,etc .. More Power Running between the Tackles and more Vertical Passing Attempts down the Field

            No Excuses for FOles
            but look at the 1st Month of the 2014 Season
            3 New OL playing Together for the First Time
            Maclin returning after missing 14 Months of Football
            2 Rookies in J Matthews and J Huff trying to digest the Playbook
            RB Sproles learning and being under-utilized by Coach Kelly

            If Kelly runs the same garbage 16 Seconds a Play for the Eagles with Foles, then Yes, he deserves to Fail as the entire Offense will Fail… This is all about the Coaching… Not about Nick Foles
            You adjust your Schemes and Game Plans based on putting your Players in postion to excell and not the opposite, to do so is foolish and counter-productive…

            • He gets injured every season…remember? the same reason people didn’t want Vick?

              Injury prone and can’t finish a season?

              Fumble away games and get intercepted?

              Look, even in that 27’2 season we seen what came of Foles once defenses began to play differently against our offense staying in the base defense attacking the run while clogging up passing lanes forcing Foles to beat them. Unless it’s a bad team Foles can’t win and he really can’t change because it’s his physical limitations that leads to bad things happening.

              His slow feet get him sacked and fumbled, and won’t allow him to buy time for receivers to break open or his slow release allow defenders in the secondary to recover even when Chip’s play design wins.

              Foles can’t change his physical limitations…We’re never going to have a top tier defense so forget claiming developing the rest of team will make this a team that can go to the Superbowl with Foles.

              I would rather get the same production we see having Foles with a guy who has a higher growth ceiling, and tools better than Fole.

              I can struggle with a young guy who has a strong arm and mobility, at least I know his struggles is due to youth and not physical limitations. Don’t you want a guy that scare defenses?

              What coordinator or defensive players in the league fear Nick Foles?

      • “Berate the other”

        Did Nick Foles step in and go 9-2 last season to lead the team from a 1-4 start to the playoffs?

        Is this not “good” Was it not “great?!”

        Well clearly not…according to SongsKool it was bad because it was only against “bad” teams.

        In his first playoff game, was he not almost 70% for 2 tds and no picks? Better than 1st playoff games from Flacco, Eli, Big Ben, Brees, and even Wilson…..is this not good? Is this not “great?”

        Clearly not. According to Songs/Kool he “left plays on the field” and “didn’t do enough”

        In that same first playoff game did he not drive the team down the field late in the 4th Q for the go ahead TD?? Is that not “clutch?” Is that not “great”

        Clearly not. Songs/Kool constantly rattle on how Foles is completely unclutch….despite marching the field late in the 4th (and their last posession) for a go ahead TD.

        Who is berating again???

        I can just imagine you during that playoff game ans the Eagles marched down and scored the TD. How frikkin’ pissed off you must have been when Foles zipped that pass intop Ertz for the go-ahead TD.

        Last night you and Kool (same guy) were squirting all over your Wilson screen savers when he threw that last pass….the adoration was incredible

        …….but Foles to Ertz 4th Q TD! Eagles take the lead…….

        Foles sucks!!

        Berate others???….what a joke you are.

        • “In that same first playoff game did he not drive the team down the field late in the 4th Q for the go ahead TD?? Is that not “clutch?” Is that not “great”

          Vinniedaloserass….You are a complete Fool!

          This is football not horseshoes ass!

          The answer to your question is a resounding NO…HELL NO!


          Foles LOST …The Eagles LOST so its wasn’t enough.

          When you lose what you didnt do is more important than what you did….The Eagles didn’t score enough points to win FOOL!

          Today no one is heaping a bunch of credit on Aaron Rodgers for being ‘clutch’ and getting them that field goal. No one is talking about his heroic efforts…He LOST…..he needed a touchdown…he got a field goal…and Russell Wilson sealed the deal..got the win…So he is the clutch QB…he is the hero of the day.

          When you lose-you dont get credit for being ‘clutch’…you get that when you win.

          Russell Wilson won fool- he is a Super Bowl, playoff winning QB

          Nick Foles LOST…he is 0-1….

          Clutch players win in the playoffs…not lose-FOOL

    • You need to read the entire discourse…there was comparisons thrown around saying ‘look…if Nick Foles threw interceptions like Russell Wilson did…”
      Its as if Foles is a top flight QB with a Super Bowl ring…
      If I say something I will explain why I’m saying…I come with facts and proof to support my positions…not simply I like Foles because he’s a nice guy argument that I have heard on this forum
      My conversation didn’t begin with Foles at all…I started off simply talking about the great game RW played in taking his team to a SuperBowl…and automatically I’m attacked about Foles…

      And 90% of you, Vinnie, haveacigar and others talk about Foles, Foles, Foles and attack me because I disagree with your obsession with Foles…
      I talk about the defense…I get attack for Foles…I talk about the offensive line or the draft…I’m attacked for Foles
      I am merely defending my position…attack away…I’m just the kind of guy that gives it back…get nasty and insulting and you’ll get that back from me too…
      Ask Vinnie why he is always bringing up Foles…why my saying Russell Wilson had a great, iconic game…brought up a supposed double standard on my part about Foles?


      If you are tired of reading about what I have to say about Foles…stop attacking me..and stop bringing him up

      • No.

        What you do is jizz over every other “qb du jour”.

        Last night it was creaming over Wilson…last year Krapernick or Newton, Taj Boyd.

        13 year old girls doesn’t drool over One Direction as much as you did over Wilson last night.

        Koolidiot sitting at the keyboard eyes glazed and drool coming out of the corner of his mouth.

        Have you been able to clean off your keyboard yet?

        I can recognize when other QBs are good, but the last thing I’d ever do is come on an Eagles fan board (pretending to be a fan) orgasmming over Russel Wilson.


        • Sorry. Pot calling kettle black.

          U are angry that they won’t support the Eagles starting Qb. I had to listen to u cry like a girl about you.. Know… Who.

          • 24 years old vs 30 years old. 24 starts vs 100+ starts. This shit still soooo difficult to comprehend??

  • I think they should remake Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” video…..

    KoolBreeze could play the Ritchie character and Wilson the role played by Laura Carrington…..


    I’ve been alone with you
    Inside my mind
    And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips
    A thousand times
    I sometimes see you
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    I can see it in your smile
    You’re all I’ve ever wanted
    And my arms are open wide
    ’cause you know just what to say
    And you know just what to do
    And I want to tell you so much
    I love you

    I long to see the sunlight in your hair
    And tell you time and time again
    How much I care
    Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
    I’ve just got to let you know
    ’cause I wonder where you are
    And I wonder what you do
    Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
    Or is someone loving you?
    Tell me how to win your heart
    For I haven’t got a clue
    But let me start by saying I love you

    Is it me you’re looking for?
    ’cause I wonder where you are
    And I wonder what you do
    Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
    Or is someone loving you?
    Tell me how to win your heart
    For I haven’t got a clue
    But let me start by saying I love you

    Just Replace Ritchie with Koolbreeze

    • Really? No live for the Lionel Ritchie dig? That’s some funny shit.

      • Okay Vinnie, I laughed. Hard as a matter of fact but you do realize that’s the same shit we’ve been calling you out for right? Think about it, but you do get props for coming up with that shit.

        • PS, I know you’re Canadian so let me help you out. Props = Love. LOL

  • If the birds are trying to get to the next level. How about Mr. Kelly stop leaving time on the clock with this so call fast pace offense and soft defense and play some real hard hitting, blood and guts football.

  • Vinniedaloserass…

    That was so corny and lame az fyck and Big lion you sound corny for co-signing that bullshit

    Man up! The reality is that you are simply a whining wimp always crying for Foles…you can’t find anything to defend his lame ass so you just whine and moan about him…begging, hoping and pleading that he can keep his job

    Scared to death at the thought that the injured, turnover machine may and needs to get the boot!

    And the bottom line is simple

    Foles sucks!

    And your a Fool! lmao!

    As it comes to Russell Wilson…as a football fan I like clutch money players.
    In Basketball, I liked Jordan…Magic and Bird…clutch players who delivered
    My favorite QB of all time is Joe Montana and Russell Wilson is the closest player we have seen to him…he’s Montana with a stronger arm

    Now you can make all your homo references that you want-asswipe…but it means nothing.

    You can whine, cry, bitch, and moan over Foles…
    but we will never win anything with him…and I believe Chip Kelly thinks the same thing…so when they cut and gut his ass…or make him a back up the question is will you quit on the team…

    Probably so…just like you did when Vick was the QB…

    Hypocrite ass!

    • Nah Kool pay attention now that shit was funny, but it was even funnier to me because he was basically talking about himself. The QB shit that goes on in this site is ridiculous and you know it. But it continues day after day after day. Not that is in your own words corny.

      • It most certainly applies to both of them. I too have decided to stop replying to all of the QB drivel. The fact is, Chip is going to do what he is going to do regardless of what we think, believe or how much we harangue on the subject. Whoever is under center, as an Eagles fan I will ride with that person, good or bad, unless it was Manziel or Tahj Boyd= No chance. FA will give us some understanding as to where the Eagles will be looking in the draft position wise. F#@% the QB convo, tighten this raggedy defensive backfield up, strengthen O line and LB depth and get a legitimate #2 WR to pair with Maclin.

        • Right on the money EHL.

  • Man I’ve seen it all. Now Russ Wilson is a joe Montana clone. Haaaaa

    And Kool says Montana threw passes to Dallas clark.

    And you can’t fix defenses through the draft?????

    Man this site gets hits solely because of songs and Kool I swear. For the past 3 years those two either claimed Vick was the greatest qb ever or foles was the worst qb ever and the majority of us just keep responding to these 2 dum dums with proof that they’re dumb as shit but nothing changes. I’m done feeding the trolls.

    Bust a move chip please so I can stop hearing this nonsense

    • LMAO…you have the gall to show back up on here…

      Yeah…bust a move spellchecker-TeamHurnt-mhenski

      Just let us know which profile you are going to switch up in…

      LMAO…oh…and please give us another one of your revelations Mr. Confession:
      “again full disclosure i dont watch ncaa football for the most part”
      Yet we are supposed to pay attention to something that you say about the NFL Draft!! LMAO!!
      How many guys have I been arguing with about Foles mhenski/teamhurnt/spellchecker…how many more profiles you got…you switched up so much you confused yourself…desperate, wannabe ass…lmao!!

      Crawl back into your hole where you and your multiple personality ass belongs…LMAO@mhenski/spellchecker/teamhurnt/andbunch of other fake asses….LOL

      • LOL, there is no coming back from that.

      • LMAO!

        Hey Kool, I posted an article you will like to read. It is still waiting approval. If you go on nj.com you will see it. Mark Eckel writes that the Eagles are going to try to get Mariota, infact, they are planning several different ways to do it. You may get your wish cuz!

        • Holy Crap EHL it’s on PFT now, I’m going to boycott all Mariota to the Eagles articles, unreal.

          • I know Big, I saw it on there too. Some people are going to be very happy come draft 2015. Some are going to be pissed. Me, I will just enjoy reading the crying that will take place on here one way or the other.

  • Article just appeared over on Bleeding Green about how Alabama QB Blake SImms would be perfect for Chip Kelly’s offence.

    Countdown to the “We hate Foles” crowd cooing over Blake SImms in 3….2…..1……

    • Blake Simms is not a NFL QB.

      • nah vinnie that wont start until we pass on mariota, then it will start turn to blake simms. just like last year when manziel turned into boyd mid draft….

  • MMQB – Wilson let go of the ball at the Packer 43. It came down at the one, leading Kearse perfectly. The coverage was tight—borderline interference, in fact, with Williams’ hands going around Kearse’s neck as the ball arrived. “I felt I was in good position,” Williams said. “But he made the throw, and I couldn’t get the ball out. The guy made a good catch, Russell made a good throw. Good read.”
    “Tunnel vision,” said Kearse. “I knew I was going to make the play.”
    The ball nestled into Kearse’s arms. Williams hogtied him to the ground, but Kearse hung on. Back judge Dino Paganelli, the Grand Rapids AP history teacher (remember him from my Week in the Life of an Officiating Crew series last year?) waited to see that Kearse came down with it. He waited an extra tick, then threw his arms in the air. Touchdown.
    “Instant classic,” Bevell said.
    “One for the ages,” Carroll said.
    “That may be one of the best games in NFL history,” said Wilson.
    I found Wilson afterward, and asked him about the four picks, and going from the worst game of his life to the most exhilarating in the span of eight minutes of game time.
    “That’s God setting it up, to make it so dramatic, so rewarding, so special,” he said, alone for a moment in the locker room before heading out for the night.

    I didn’t have any feeling whatsoever about Russel Wilson 48 hours ago but now that he’s the only thing standing between me (Tom Brady) and the rarefied air of undeniable immortality I hate his stinkin’ guts. Hate everything about him, it all irks me. But this God nonsense is preposterous. God felt like watching a good game, Russ? What was he at a fucking Buffalo Wild Wings and decided to trigger a glare to bounce the ball of Bostwick’s face because God was in the mood for a little overtime? Shut the fuck up, you shitty haired idiot. God doesn’t give a fuck about you. I hate anyone who pretends they’re some good little Christian and praises god every postgame interview. You think the omnipresent being you believe in who drives clouds and farts lightning was so bored that he spent his Sunday making you throw interceptions for drama’s sake? What a narcissistic little shithead. Fuck you, Russ Wilson. Fuck you right to hell.

    • I like the Kid (Russell Wilson)
      He’s a Winner, A Competitor and an excellent Role Model on and off the Field..What’s there not to like about the Guy, maybe a little too much “God Talk”, but hey, I rather an Athlete talk about how grateful they are to their maker, teammates, etc,etc then talk about themselves as many athletes do.. You need to relax and loosen up a bit Mhenski or you wont make it thru your 40’s…

      • copied and pasted from barstoolsports

        • The Great Finish by RW was only Possible by the Packers Complete Meltdown by their entire Teams,Coaching Staff, Play Calling..

          If Packers took care of business, then many people would be very harsh and critical of WR poor Game thru 55 Minutes of Play

  • Mark Eckle in the house!!

    This shit is going to blow up and blow up and keep blowing up untill the Eagles are basically forced to do it. Seen it over and over in Philly. Just like Desean last year.

    Philly Media is the worst. Agenda driven desperate clowns push and push and push.

    This Mariotta shit will get soooooo big it’ll guaranteed be the end of Foles in Philly and the franchise being set back another 5 years or so.

    Same old same old.

    • The media will not drive this to happen, Chip will either do it because he wants to or will not because he does not want to. It will have zero to do with the media though. All I am saying is where there is smoke there is fire. I said it when the DeSean rumors were out there and was pissed when it went down.

  • Being reported by Marc Eckel and Bleacher Report that Eagles are definetly going all in for Mariota. Now having enough to get him is another story. My question is if the Eagles dont get Mariota, which is most likely, how does Nick Foles take it that they really want to go in another direction.

    • More from barstool

      NJ.com – Admitting it’s not going to be easy, a person familiar with the Eagles’ offseason plans says the team “is going to try” to move up in the NFL Draft to select Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. The Eagles have the 20th overall pick — and Mariota, who could go as high as No. 1, is not expected to fall out of the top five picks. The first day of the draft is April 30. “From No. 20, it’s certainly not going to be easy,” said the person, who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak on the subject. “It’s probably going to take moving up twice to do it. There’s going to be some wheeling and dealing involved.” Asked if he thought it could happen, the response was telling. “Can it happen?” he asked. “I don’t know. But they’re going to try.”

      AGHHHHHHHHHH. Too much crap with too much time before the draft.

      Here’s my view of the Eagles trying to get Marcus Marriota: If he slides, grab him. No offense to Footlong Foles, Mariotta is the perfect player for Chip’s system. If you’re going to give Chip complete control then you have to grab his guy if he’s there. However, if you have to give up your kidney, a first born, and, most importantly, Fletcher Cox with a dickload of 1st round picks, no thank you. And honestly, I think Mariotta does slip. Maybe not to 20, but possibly to a spot where the Eagles can realistically snag him without giving up the farm. EVERY FREAKING YEAR there are QB’s who are projected to maybe go lottery that fall. Last year this time it was all about Teddy Bridgewater. Johnny Football was high up on the list, too. Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben both dropped to the mid-20′s. Shit, people were even talking about Geno Smith going #1 overall. A lot of things can happen between now and draft time. Let’s all relax, even though there’s nothing else to fucking talk about in this town. Dammit Flyers and Phillies. Just…dammit (Sixers get a pass cause at least they have a plan.

      Also very important to note, there have been multiple big named Eagles (Shady, Maclin, Matthews among a few) coming forward saying Nick Foles is their QB and leader. Love it. If we go into next season with Nick Foles as our QB I am 100% behind it. In fact, if the Eagles get Mariotta he should still sit behind Foles. This team is in win-now mode and I believe in Big Dick Nick over a rookie any day of the week. If a Brady/Bledsoe or Caepernick/Smith situation arises, so be it. That’ll be a great problem to have.

      • They’d say the same about Vick, Kolb, whoever is under center. eagles will not toss a team mate under the bus, I will give kelly credit for that part of the culture aspect.

    • Either demand a long term contract or a trade! he has to feel really wanted with this story floating around right now. There is a reason why Kelly would not or will not endorse him though, and it has zilch to do with contract negotiating strategies, especially when no negotiations are happening. Lame Duck Nick!!!

  • the end of the article said take it with a grain of salt and thats what should be done.
    as for how ‘nick will take it’– who cares really– if he’s smart and he is, he will ignore it–its the nfl bro there is always guys pushing people for their jobs…
    There is no way at this point that there is one credible source that knows who/what kelly’s desire’s are… there is no way!

  • These are garbage “reports”. There is no accountability for this nonsense. If it doesn’t happen, they will just say that they looked into it and it didn’t happen. Just a way to try to ride a hot topic for publicity.

    Much ado about nothing.

    • I said the same thing about the DJax stories last year, not because they did not have any truths, but as a DJax fan I simply did not want to believe it. Mark Eckel is a credible reporter, I would not just dismiss the story.

      • If you recall Mark Eckel put out a story on November 9th (when Foles was injured) saying that Howie had soured on Foles and he was looking for replacements. In that story, like in this story he writes – “The sources requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak about the team’s personnel.”

        To be honest, I find it extremely hard to believe that Eckel could have a source inside the Nova Care Center who was around in November with access to Howie, and who is still around with access to Chips plans.

        Last off-season Eckel put out a story about Jackson having ties to street gangs – the next day Jackson was released. People connected Jackson’s release to that story, but quite a few other reporters predicted Jackson’s release long before that story broke.

        I think we have all come to realize that street gang activity had nothing to do with Jackson’s release. But Eckel’s report might have prevented the Eagles from getting anything in return for Jackson.

        It might be true that the Eagles are trying to move up to get Mariota… but I don’t think any Eagles employee would speak to Eckel….

        • Eckel did not put out the story about Jackson having gang ties, that was Eliot Schor- parks who writes for NJ.com.

    • agreed bugs– lots of web sites to fill, bligs to fill with ‘content’ (used very loosely)

      • if these reports are true best believe shady is on the block

        • McCoy to the TB Bucs for their 2nd Round Pick (#33rd) in 2015
          and WR Vince Jackson

  • 1 Thing all have to keep in mind and think about is the fact that QB Marcus Mariota has never taken a Snap from Under Center which scares off many Teams who run a Traditional Offense (As 85% of NFL Teams do)

    I look at the TB Bucs taking QB Winston and a bunch of Teams passing on
    Mariota… Titans HC Wisenhut likes QB who operate from the Pocket and will probably stay with Zac Metzenbeger..
    Then Raiders,Jags and Redskins all have young QB’s are are not interested in Mariota and have other Needs to fulfill in the Draft
    Now we are to #6 (Jets) #7(Bears) #8 (Falcons) #9 (Giants) #10 (Rams)
    I See the Jets (#6) as possibly interested based on who their OC will be
    or the Rams at (#10)

    I know all are Ga-Ga about Mariota hooking up with Chip Kelly
    but when you really look around the NFL, what other Teams/Offenses would
    Mariota really be a good for outside the Eagles.. I do not think the Demand for Mariota is going to be that strong, where the Eagles have go way up to the early part of the Draft to go get him…

    Right now, I see the Jets at #6 as a Good Trading Partner
    and it would Cost the Eagles their #20 & #52nd Picks this 2015 Draft
    as well as 2 Players (McCoy or Foles or Celek or Curry) PLus a 1st Round
    in 2016 and probably a 3rd Rounder in 2016 to pull this Off

  • Marriotta to the Eagles is the easiest clickbait article a writer/blogger can pen right now….

    It means absolutely nothing right now.

    • New Reports from Hawaii where Mariota grew up, is that he was part
      of a Bullying Group who picked on Asian Kids and Overweight White Kids in the Neighborhood he grew up…..
      Chances are, Owner Jeff Lurie is not going to Approve Mariota as an Eagle
      which probably meas that Chip Kelly Quits in Protest…

    • It might be….but its not going to stop. There are already 58,000 “Is Foles the guy?” articles out there…get ready for 200,000 more.

      This happened with the Desean story. Blown out of proportion. This happened with the Roseman story. Blown out of proportion. Now it will be the Mariotta story.

      The Philly media will not stop. Its what they do. It’s all they do! (anyone get the reference?)

      Foles is done in Philly. Even if the Eagles don’t get Mriotta he’ll have nothing but friends, family telling him over and over, “Man what’s up? Why they hate you so much?” His wife? You don’t think she doesn’t read the 8 million “Is Foles good?” articles?

      He’s off to Houston or Dallas after this year. And won’t that great watchin him come back lobbibng bombs to Bryant while our new scrambling man gets planted to the turf every 3rd play.

      Good times ahead.

      I’m just telling you guys, this shit does not happen in other markets…not to this extent anyway (well, unless you’re Jay Cutler) and its a contributing factor to why the Eagles have never won the SB.

      • Not gonna happen Vinnie unless Kelly’s dumbass loses his mind, too many holes on this team and its not just the defense. Oline depth needs to ha addressed in this draft.

    • it means something if it is true……I have read Eckel and listened to him on wip for over 10 years..he is not that guy to just throw what ifs and make up stories out there. If he wrote it..normally there is something to it.

      • look at eckels tweets its clear as day he is a troll. everything is foles…. praying for clicks…

        Mark Eckel @MarkEckel08 · Jan 14

        Who would you rather have at QB for Eagles: Nick Foles or Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning?

        Mark Eckel @MarkEckel08 · Jan 14

        Start the rumors: Oregon’s Marcus Mariota will declare Wednesday for NFL Draft;

        Mark Eckel @MarkEckel08 · Jan 15

        Who would you rather have at QB for Eagles: Nick Foles or Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger?

        Mark Eckel @MarkEckel08 · Jan 16

        Who would you rather have at QB for Eagles: Nick Foles or Arizona Cardinals’ Carson Palmer

        Mark Eckel @MarkEckel08 · Jan 19

        Who would you rather have at QB for Eagles: Nick Foles or Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan

        • Eckel is a complete troll. And yes, that is the first time I’ve ever used that word (in that context).

          • What does he have to gain with this? Everything – clicks = ads. Blog references and radio references promotes him…

            What does he have to lose? Nothing if he is wrong- it’s I told you it would be hard but they tried. If he is right its I told you so… And this ” according to my source who is anonymous because he isn’t authorized to speak about this ” um that is straight out the white houses playbook…

      • I have seen quite a few Mark Eckel stories that have turned out to be bull shit.

        Like the story he wrote in the Trenton Times last year (2013), claiming that both Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin would be gone if the Giants didn’t make the playoffs. Well the Giants haven’t made the playoffs in 3 seasons and both will be there next year…

        He also said, when Matt Barkley was drafted, that Nick Foles would likely be traded. He claimed that KC expressed interest.

        He is wrong as often as not. Plus it is no surprise that the Eagles and Kelly would like to get Mariota…. I don’t need a source to tell me that.

        • One more point – If the Eagles really wanted to trade-up to get Mariota, then they made a big mistake taking Howie out of the picture….

          Love him or hate him, Howie Rosman was one of the best in the business at making trades. Even those who hate Howie admit that he had a talent for working deals.

          • hes not out of that job irish. He just cant find crappy CB’s anymore.

  • Scenarios: I think Foles is gone after next season no matter what.

    Both involve the next 3 months reading about Mariotta and if Foles is “the guy” (this will happen – no stopping it). 50 million rumors later and….

    Scenario 1 – Eagles stand pat. No Mariotta. Foles starts and plays like 2014. Nothing special. 10-6 Year ends. Who thinks he stays? I don’t. Would be questionable whether he gets offered a contract with the Eagles, and even if he does, his agent is going to say, “forget it….lets get a clean start. System doesn’t fit you anyway. Foles gone, Rookie in 2016. Winning season in 2018.

    Scenario. Eagles stand pat. Foles plays like 2013, Ripping it up. Eagles 6-2 and panicked Eagles scrambling knowing its doomsday if they get to the end of the year without offering him something. SO they offer him a deal. Does he take it? His agent will be all, “I’ve got Dallas and Houston and New York all knocking at my door Nick…” If Foles tears it up…who doesn;t think Jerry will open the vault to bring him in the beat the Birds 2x a year? New York? Those teams not afraid of a pocket QB like Philly seems to have. And here’s where his family/friends come in….”Come on home Nick…play in Texas….” (and don’t forget Houston, Washington or any other QB needy team that will jump at a FA QB with a career record of 26-13)

    So…at this point…..odds are leaning to Foles being gone after next season no matter what……which brings me to……

  • Scenario 3.

    Mariotta gets selected. If that happens, Eagles must trade away Foles.

    Can’t have him on the roster. If you start Foles with Mariotta on the bench and he plays like 2013. Then what? You finish the season rolling into the playoff and have mortgaged the future of the team for nothing (though I suppose scenario 2 would apply at this point as Foles would leave as a FA….then you go into 2016 with Mariotta never having started a game – that stupid)

    So because Mariotta must play….the Eagles play him. Foles on Bench. How exactly does that work when Mariotta plays like 95% of all rookies and is 1-4 with 3 tds and 7 ints over his first 4 games.

    And Foles sits on the bench.

    How exactly is that going to fly with Phillyfan? With the media?

    So looks like Koolidiot and Songsputz will get their wish….I think Foles is gonzo. Either this year in a trade, or next as a FA. Celebrate now shortsighted idiots.

  • Let it play out. Id keep Foles no matter what… unless it was part of a package to get whomever Kelly wants as QB.

    I have no problem with them adding a QB but it all starts in FA with corners. I live the pickup on the 2ndary coach…. he at least knows what a good CB looks like.

    I believe we will be fine with whomever they have at QB.. fix the damn D.

  • Well i don’t have a problem with Chiip trying to get Mariota.

    We’re never gonna be a defensive power house.
    Kelly has been stockpiling picks.
    Mariota has a shot a being successful in the NFL if he lands here. Elsewhere (unless they change the system) not so much.
    He can’t do any worse than what’s already on the roster.

    Why the hell not.

    • “we are never going to be a D powerhouse”? Why? Says who? In 2 years this D has been able to get to the Qb mixing blitzes and an aggressive D front. Barking is batting balls down and getting to the Qb and we have a very good DE in Cox. There is NO reason we can’t get 2 good Cbs to go with our front 7.

      We get it… You think handing our O to a fast mobile Qb will solve all our problems. You have said so often. I am not worried about the Qb either way…. But don’t let your bias control all your thinking. This D can become great… With only a few more players.

      • *barwin

        • Um…I’ve never said that. I’ve been clear that defense is a bigger concern but defense isn’t Kelly’s priority and never will be. He’s an offensive minded coach. I’m not even a big Mariota fab BUT thinks he could be great in this offense. SO with a QB upgrade and a secondary upgrade the team could potentially make some noise sooner rather than later.

    • TS: “He can’t do any worse than what’s already on the roster.”

      Well, seeing that the guy that’s on the roster is top 6 all time td-int ratio over his first 24 starts and who has a 15-9 W-L record over those 24 games ….there’s about a 99.9% chance the new guy will be worse.

      There is no fucking chance on the planet that Mariotta comes in here and goes 15-9 with 47 tds to 17 ints.

      Why do I know this? Because only 6 guys in history have dome anything close.

      You clowns keep making stupid statements and I’ll keep pointing them out.

      • And then their is the other idiotic side….

        Yes vinnie… He is one of the all time greats… And thats why his old Gm and his current coach won’t back him yet. Dude…. We are talking about this because he had a chance to make us all believers and instead led the league in turnovers (I remember this being the most important stat for a younger vinnie… No longer relevant… Eh vicky?)

        2 Cbs, a SS and let the Qb thing go you simpletons

    • This is officially my last response to the qb situation to the three trolls..songs, hot air and Too Slutty…
      None of you have any idea how good are third year qb has done because you are blinded by your love for the ex…
      Shut up and move forward…
      That’s it never ever again do I respond to you stupid people

      • Out of line. Went too far.

        • HAC, Your comment towards TS was stupid, unfounded and unwarranted…you like to denigrate people and call them ghetto, but you sir sound quite ghetto yourself!

          • Dont insult the ghetto…haveacigar and his cronies on the Foles support team always are out of line. The slightest disagreement with their agenda brings a torrent of nasty, racist, and personal insults.
            Ignorant asses…that’s haveacigar and his crew for you

      • Haveaseat on sharp nails idiot

        You’re calling a woman a slut because she doesn’t agree with you or Vinnie on foles?

        Go get a brain dummy

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion reject

  • You don’t need to restate the stats, by this point we all know them including that dumb broad. To say mariota could do no worse than the qbs on this roster is beyond ignorant, damn, ignorant and arrogant, a bad combo

  • From NFL.com:

    Since 1950, 27 quarterbacks have been selected as the Heisman Trophy winner. Of those 27, only 20 started at quarterback in at least one NFL game.

    Among those 20, only four quarterbacks have a winning record in the NFL (regular season).

    Robert Griffin III is the only Heisman winner with a career passer rating over 90 in the NFL (90.8).

    Since 1950, the combined NFL winning percentage for quarterbacks who won the Heisman Trophy is under .500 (480-501-4, .489).

    From Me….take out Roger Staubauch’s 85 – 29 record and winning records for Heisman trophy winners is completely disastrous.

  • They must be paid by gcobb. No one can be that ignorant

  • Last 14 Heisman winning QBs chosen in the NFL draft:
    Danny Wuerffel
    Gino Torretta
    Chris Weinke
    Eric Crouch
    Jason White
    Troy Smith
    Charlie Ward
    Matt Leinart
    Tim Tebow
    Carson Palmer
    Sam Bradford
    Cam Newton
    Robert Griffin

    Not one with a winning NFL record and the vast majority (I might argue every one of them) complete busts.

    Anyone really want to hitch their wagon to that historical shit show???????

    All the while abandoning 15-9 47tds to 17 ints?


    That being said…..I am pretty much convinced Foles is out of here….at least after next season.

    Good times.

  • Sorry…Tebow had a winning record didn’t he? Again…if Read-option is soooo important, why have the Eagles never called the greatest Read-option QB in for a visit?

  • Why keep spewing stats. They don’t care. I don’t either. . My visual and experience tells me foles is the best option moving forward it’s not even a close call

    You cannot reason with fools. Give it up vinnie.

  • No need too get too personal haveacigar. Attacking Her Intelligence Is Fair Game. Her promiscuity, that’s out of line. Please apologize

    Thank you


  • I agree Foles in the best option we have. But… I find it funny how vinnie has to lobby… And asks us to ignore the very same stat that convinced him.. You know who.. Needed to go (turnovers) Come on Jake… Even you find that a little funny. Right?

    I say keep foles and fix the D. B u t… If chip gets or keeps the Qb he wants… Im not going to get all whitchy about it.

  • You guys are ridiculous, Vinnie stop with the I love Foles shit you sound like a scorned lover, Cigar no words you just hang yourself the longer you post. Damn you would think Nick Foles is the second coming of Tom Brady. Kelly with his dumbass will probably sell his soul and half the roster for Mariota. It would be a huge mistake without trying to fix the defense but what the hell he doesn’t give a shit about the defense anyway. All you cats should’ve known that shit the day he hired Billy Davis. But argue on with your love of thevoften injured 14-4 future hall of famer Nick Foles. Who by the way should in no way shape or form show up for training camp the #1 QB on the roster without a new deal in place. Talk about twisting in the wind.

    • If nick had balls he’d tell kelly to fuck off. I’m Playing Out My rookie deal and signing elsewhere.

    • And that’s my point. U don’t care about defense when u retain Davis and keep puttingg corners in position to fail. U just don’t. So tuck it. Swing for the rafters and go for ur guy. If you’re going to fail do so spectacularly. Not this mediocre 9/10 win games shit.

      On another note I c boys have ur panties in a bunch. Is it that time of the month for ya’ll? I got some tampons and midol I could send u.

  • If the eagles are to move up in the draft to grab a qb at no 1 it will be Winston, a far better prospect than mariota, better arm. Big. Durable, functional mobility. The only thing holding him back are the poor decisions he has made

  • LOL..listen to the despondent, pitiful Foles fans whining and crying about the possiblity of losing poor Foles.

    haveablunt is miserable

    Vinniedaloserass is near tears bawling about Foles stats…

    “Well, seeing that the guy that’s on the roster is top 6 all time td-int ratio over his first 24 starts and who has a 15-9 W-L record over those 24 games ….there’s about a 99.9% chance the new guy will be worse”

    More bullshit irrelevant stats about a injured, inconsistent QB who led the league in turnovers and padded his ‘stats’ against a bunch of weak teams…

    No one is buying that bull, vinniedaloser!

    Stop whining…its over for Foles..if the Eagles want a shot a winning in the post-season…a shot a beating good defenses…they recognize they have to get rid of dead weight with meaningless stats…

    You are the one with the repeated stupid, whining statements!
    Jakedog, haveablunt, and vinniedafool

    Dumb, Stupid, and a Damm Fool

  • I think going after Mariota is a mistake. The defense has obvious flaws in the secondary. The corners and Nate Allen need to be replaced. The offensive line needs to be replaced before its too late.

    What benefit could the Eagles get by drafting a new quarterback? We are ranked in the top ten in many important offensive categories. Yes, turnovers are an issue. However, if 2013 taught us anything, it can be corrected.

    The Seahawks made it to the superbowl two years in a row primarily because of the defense. Wilson, in championship games, has been mediocre at best. Yet, they have made it to the superbowl.

    The Eagles need to learn from this. Defense wins championships.

    • i keep hearing no move for Mariota because the defense have holes.

      we had an entire draft last year to draft impact defensive help, and how did that work out?

      So, this year as you all suggesting, the Eagles don’t move up and still get “0” impact from this coming draft…..

      How would that improve the QB position?

      Sound confusing huh?

      It is because going after Mariota have no baring on the holes on defense.

      The defensive holes are in the secondary where rookies seldom make an impact.

      The secondary must be addressed through free agency. period.

      Chip can do both…get mariota and fill holes on defense through free agency.

      Keep in mind the Eagles will still have picks in the 2nd or 3rd to rookie free agents to address the defense too.

      • How will we get Mariota without giving up one of those high draft picks? We will not have those picks. They have to be traded. It makes no sense to give up that much to get a quarterback who will give the offense, at best, a marginal improvement.

        As you stated, we had last to draft impact players on defense and we did not. That means you have to get it this year. It does not mean “since we tried it last year and it didn’t work, we shouldn’t try drafting anymore defensive players anymore.” That is a ridiculous argument. Just because it didn’t work out last year doesn’t mean it won’t work out this year.

        Last year it seemed Chip wanted that “experiment” at outside linebacker because he couldn’t draft Dion Jordan the year prior. Both players are equally disappointing. Chip’s picks haven’t been that great outside of Lane Johnson and Jordan Matthews.

        • *we had last year…

  • I happen to agree with you koolbreeze, enough is enough. As much as I believe foles is the best option moving forward, enough of this man crush, enough of stats, and enough of your dumb ass man love for mariota. Dumb Ass Fool That You Are

  • I cant do this site anymore the race wars are at a all time high its very sad here so much hate

    • Don’t go Z just do like I do come here and clown the fuck out of people. It’s fun.

    • don’t let the cyber door knob hit you in the ass.

  • The bottom line is we have to improve the defense…there is no doubt about that…but there is no guarantee that we have front office people, scouts, or Chip Kelly that will enable us to pick the right players in the draft to improve the defense.
    How many players did we draft in last year that provided any help for the defense this year?

    Marcus Smith, Jaylen Watkins, Taylor Hart, Beau Allen

    No significant impact from the draft…

    Free Agency is the route to improve the defense

    Chip Kelly’s ass is on the line…he has the right to go down the path he chooses with the QB he wants…if Mariota is the guy….so be it.

    Kelly recognizes that Foles wont get it done…

    Bust the move, Chip…get a QB that YOU want…and upgrade the defense through free agency

  • Oh I get it. Its clearly over for Foles in Phily. That’s pretty obvious at this point.

    Just pointing out what a mistake its going to be. I’m really sorry the whole 15-9, 47-17 bothers you clowns so much. Especially the fact that it, you know, actually happened.

    You guys hate stuff that actually happens, preferring of course the dream, the illusion of the always elusive “something better”

    Going to be very interesting reading the posts on here in 8 months when the new rookie QB (or god forbid Sanchez) is 1-4 with more Ints than TDs, because that’s what’s going to happen.

    • Or what may happen is the Eagles running game will improve, the new rookie will make better decisions with the ball an wont lead the league in turnovers.
      Also, maybe he will be on the field instead of on the sidelines injured when the Eagles have to play tough opponents.
      The is a very good chance that QB replacing Foles will be a significant upgrade given Foles poor play

  • The Eagles would suffer greatly if they improve the defense and not address the QB position knowing Foles is injury prone.

    They gave Foles the job with no competition going into the season. That was the test season for Foles that would determine if the Eagles would go all in with an extension. If Foles light it up a consecutive year then the Eagles commit long term, but if there’s uncertainty the Eagles bring in insurance knowing Marioat could come out after Foles’s trial year.

    Foles lead the league in turnovers and sustain a season ending injury which leave Chip no choice but to go with the contingent plans.

    Foles had his shot..a fair shot and nobody would have disagreed with an hefty extension if he would have took the bull by the horns with the pressure on and delivered.

    We can’t cross our fingers in hopes every year with the same guy. Foles is what he is and that’s good enough to beat bad teams, we have seen nothing else to think otherwise.

    Chip Kelly need to solidify the most important position on the team.

  • Last 14 Heisman winning QBs chosen in the NFL draft:
    Danny Wuerffel
    Gino Torretta
    Chris Weinke
    Eric Crouch
    Jason White
    Troy Smith
    Charlie Ward
    Matt Leinart
    Tim Tebow
    Carson Palmer
    Sam Bradford
    Cam Newton
    Robert Griffin

    Add Mariotta to that list for the birdscross your fingers and pray that just this one time, things will be different.

    And when its the same as every year before….well…..

    Then start thinking about who the Eagles will select in 2016…..except they won’t have any picks……..

    • You missed one that did succeed and won SB’s after winning the Heisman, by the name of Roger Staubach. Yes, the same Stauback Belicheck compared Russell Wilson to.

      Add him to your Heisman winners and keep in mind alot of those guys on your list are fairly young, like your man Foles. So, how can you make an argument for Foles being young to grow yet slam all the youngsters (including players younger than Foles) ?

      Isn’t that hypocrisy?

      Cam Newton has achieved much more than Foles yet you put him on a list of failed winners of the heisman?

      If Cam’s a failure, then what the hell is Foles?

      • It clearly states the “last 14.” Roger Staubach played approximately 40 years ago. Recently, the Heisman trophy winners have been subpar at best.

        • I mentioned Staubauch in an earlier post. He is the outlier. As bad as the last 14 Heisman winner are….the last 27, dating back to the 1950s is even worse! Total Heisman record since 1950 (Including Staubauch) 480 – 501. Yuck.

          With Staubauch, Heisman QBs are shit!

          Staubauch is the only outlier…take away his 85 wins and its a complete disaster. 395 – 472!!!

          The lesson, historically, Heisman winning college QBs are a disaster in the pros….stretching back 27 QBs over 65 years!!!!

          But this time it will be different! This time….

          The only guy younger than Foles is Manziel….even you can’t possibly think that guy is going to be a success….he’ll be out of the league before the season starts.

          RGIII is exactly the same as Foles. 3 years in.

          RGIII is 14-21 with 40tds and 23 ints 32 fumbles
          Foles is 15-9 with 47 tds 17 ints and 16 fumbles.

          It isn’t even close. BTYW – Both are 0-1 in the playoffs…

          As for Newton and your pathetic “achieved much more than Foles” claim.

          How so exactly?

          His career under .500 record?
          His first 2 years (like Foles) at 13-19 with 40 tds and 29 ints and 15 fumbles?
          (All worse than Foles)

          What exactly is the “much more than” you speak of??

          The great playoff win?? Against Lindly and the 80 yards Ariz offence?? In the playoffs Newton is 1 and 2 with4 4tds 5 ints and 3 fumbles.

          Pretty damn pathetic.

          Is that the “much more than” you speak of?

          Because in reality….its “much less than”

          Always the same with you clowns…..say one thing when the opposite is turue.

          Whatever Songs says….the opposite is true.

          BTW – You are corret on one and one thing only. As I have stated all along….it takes 2 years to judge a QB. We’ve now had that….what Foles is going forward is what he’ll be. (Better than RGIII or Newton for sure)

          Just too bad (in my opinion) its going to be for the Cowboys or Giants and not the Eagles.

          • If Kevin Kolb fetched a 2nd ROunder plus CB DRC
            I see no reason that Trading Nick Foles in a weak QB Market couldn’t return a 2nd and a 5th Rounder from a Team in Need that’s closer to
            Winning now instead of a Rebuild Job..

            Would a Foles at Denver be a good Fit if Peyton Retires
            Would Foles at Arizona be a good fit if Carson Palmer is slow to recover from his 3rd Torn ACL Surgery
            Would Foles at Houston Texans who won 9 Games be a better option
            of whoever else they have
            Would Foles in Buffalo who also won 8-9 Games be a better option
            than who they currently have
            Would Foles in St Louis be a better option of who they have right now..

            The Answer to all of these, is Yes, Foles would be coveted by some Teams based on a weak QB Free-Agency & Draft Class

            • I think Denver likes Brock Osweiler and will give him a shot once Manning hangs his helmet up.

  • BTW Koolidiot….if:

    “…but there is no guarantee that we have front office people, scouts, or Chip Kelly that will enable us to pick the right players in the draft to improve the defense.”

    What makes you so damned confident they have the right front office people, scouts, or Chip Kelly that will enable the eagles to pick the right QB????

    • Vinniedaloserass

      there are no ‘guarantees’ at all…the only clear point is that the Eagles cant win with Foles running this offense

      Your stats on Foles-as always-dont tell the story..

      If they meant anything, Foles would be the subject of trade rumors where teams are anxious to pick him up.

      A team like Tampa would say…”hey 15-9 with 47 touchdowns and only 17 ints…that’s a great improvement over our shaky QB situation”

      If Foles is so good, where is the clamor for him?

      Where are the indications that a bidding war is going to start for the amazing Foles?

      Foles like RGIII is injury prone

      Foles like RGIII makes poor decisions with the football

      Foles is no great loss..he is at best a backup

      He just doesn’t have it..and the best we can probably get for him is a 5th round draft pick…if that..

      • “the only clear point is that the Eagles cant win with Foles running this offense”

        how do you explain the fact that they do win with foles running the offense then?

        • Oops

  • Of the…what is it….6 QBs that Kelly has coached in college….can anyone name the one that has had any sort of impact in the pros? Other than Dixon fetching water for the starting QBs on his team?

    Have any of them even been able to play in the CFL?

    Why, given the completely invisible track record of Chip Kelly chosen and coached QBs in the NFL, would anyone have any confidence whatsoever that Chip Kelly knows what kind of attributes are necessary for an NFL QB???

    • Mobile, Smart, Culture, makes all the throws what attributes are we talking about that Marriota doesn’t have? Name me one QB that Chip coached that went to the Pros and into the same system? Im not saying Marriota is going to be great but if Chip can get a 3rd round pick the 8th QB taken in 2012 play to play reasonably well I imagine he can get a 1st round QB who actually runs his system, who he gushes over, who doesn’t turn the ball over, who he says is a model citizen and smart as hell. to play well. Seems like common sense. But who knows. Its not like the fans are doing any of this.

      • Foles played reasonably well prior to Chip coming to Philly. If he didn’t, Chip would not even have given Foles the chance.

        Also, national media seems to like Winston more than Mariota. Mariota is a first reed QB. He rarely looks to the second and third options because the first option is usually open. How will that translate to the NFL? We have no idea. I was not impressed with his championship performance and I’m not impressed with his highlights. Everyone is wide open. He may be great in the NFL, however I don’t see it.

        • “I’m not impressed with his highlights. Everyone is wide open.”

          Stop it…

          The same can be said for Nick Foles…everyone is wide open, he has plenty of time to go thru his reads and progressions…he has time to set his feet right…

          Then Nick Foles is good

          The problem with Nick Foles that you cant coach up is physical and mental quickness

          Foles does everything SLOW-physically and mentally

          He’s too SLOW

          Mariota is the opposite of Foles…and that’s what Chip Kelly has been saying about…he faster, he processes information quicker…that’s what Chip Kelly praised about Sanchez…he processes information quickly…his reads are quicker than Foles…(unfortunately, Sanchez is a turnover machine like Foles)

          Chip needs to get the QB he is comfortable with. He sure is not interested in making Foles comfortable. For all his talk about ‘culture’, he sure doesn’t extend himself to Foles to create a comfortable environment around him to succeed-Why?

          Chip Kelly doesn’t believe in Nick Foles.

          He needs to get a QB that he believes in…whether that is Mariota or whoever…its clear that it aint Nick Foles!

          • @ Kool. You’re comparing apples to oranges. You’re trying to draw similarities between an NFL quarterback and a college player. Open in the NFL is much different than college. The college game has players running free constantly. That does not compare to the NFL where it is rare.

            Everyone on the Eagles was not wide open. If you are going to make that argument, it would undercut your constant arguments about how much the Eagles miss DJax and that the safeties are not being stretched without him. You cannot have it both ways. Bad argument.

            Furthermore, I’m unsure what game you watch where everyone on the Eagles runs wide open. Not true.

            Going after Mariota is a huge mistake given the other flaws on this team. If Chip does it I think it will be the beginning of a disaster.

            • Let’s compare sausages to hot dogs , how about that ? I miss my Mikey Vick oh so dearly !

            • @tua, it supports my argument in a logical way. The immense talent of DJax in Chip Kelly’s system provided Foles with players who were often wide open. Baldinger pointed this out repeatedly when Foles was throwing 27 touchdowns to only 2 interceptions.
              Baldinger wisely pointed out that without Djax and defensive coordinators having more time to study Foles weaknesses…the windows would be tighter. He was right…the windows were tighter, defenses forced Foles into situations that tested his decision making…and we saw the results

              Foles led the league in turnovers

              Mariota has the tools to be a successful, NFL QB in Chip Kelly’s system which utilizes many of the same concepts that he is already familiar with and comfortable with.

              Mariota automatically improves the run game day one because he is a legitimate threat in running the read option.

              Mariota already throws on the run much better than Foles does and he naturally processes information quicker than Foles..

              This is not to say that he wont have any growing pains…Mariota is a rookie…of course, he will have some growing pains…but its better to go through them next year than wasting another year with Foles who just simply is not equipped to run this offense!

              Let’s face the facts Tua…Foles has to go…he just not capable of running this offense and allowing us to beat good teams..We have seen enough…Foles cant get it done AND he is injury prone

              • Its an illogical argument. You cannot say DJax leaves and it hurts the overall offense because players cannot get open, and then say Foles is terrible because he could not hit open receivers.

                Foles struggles just like every other quaterback. Luck didn’t look impressive against New England. Wilson looked terrible against Green Bay. RGIII has been non-existent all season long. All four of these quarterbacks were drafted the same season and all have looked inconsistent this season. The difference between these players is what is around them. Seattle has a great defense. RGIII is injury prone and has tiny receivers around him. Luck does not have a run game. Foles has no secondary to prevent the other team from scoring, had an injured offensive line, no consistent running game and a coach that openly admits he does not care about time of possession.

                I am not against Mariota being on this team. I am against the idea of what the Eagles must give up to get him. I feel there are more pressing issues the Eagles must deal with especially with the defense. Defense is crucially important, just ask Wilson who was saved by his defense after the pitiful game he played last week. He does not deserve to play in the Superbowl after that. If it were McNabb instead of Wilson everyone would have said the same thing.

                Defense is what is critical. If the Eagles could think of a way to pull it off without giving up multiple draft picks/ players then good. But, I don’t see that happening. I see Chip paying way too much attention to an offense that has minimal issues and ignoring a terribly bad secondary that can’t win regardless of the quarterback.

              • tua, I didnt say that receivers could not get open without DJax. I said that deep threat helped create more field space for receivers to get open. Foles would often have some very easy throws to DJax because corners were playing 10 yards off of him. When DJax left, there were still open receivers…just not as open and the QB was required to throw to open receivers in tighter windows, to be more accurate with his throws….

                Foles falied at that…and lets stop comparing Foles to Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. Luck was going up against a very good New England defense…Luck has won playoff games, he is a proven QB…Wilson is a Super Bowl winner Qb…he made winning plays against Green Bay including the overtime on the money bomb for the game winner.
                Foles has struggled against sub-par teams, turning the ball over all year…missing open receivers, making poor reads….he did this all year…
                Foles is not in the same category with Luck, Wilson, Brady..
                Foles is more suited to category with QB’s like Matt Cassell, Chad Henne, Ryan Fitzpatrick…Foles is more suited to be talked about with those QB’s

              • @Kool. He is in the same conversation with those guys. I see you don’t remember Foles beating Luck earlier this year in a very close game. Head to head, he beat him. Indy is not a subpar team Kool. He also has beaten RGIII. I don’t think Foles has played Wilson. But, if Wilson played as terribly bad as he has done the last two NFC championship games (at least 4 ints in the last one), I am sure he could beat him too. The difference is that Wilson has a defense to hide behind. Without that Seattle defense Wilson would not be able to keep his team in many of the games he has played. Wilson is there to not make a mistake. He does not put the game on his back and lead his team to victory, his defense does.

                Too much credit to Wilson and not enough to the defense.

                Foles is not as bad as you’re making him out to be. He had to deal with an injured offensive line and inconsistent run game last year.

                Additionally, you cannot simply blame all of the Eagles issues on Foles. Versus the Cardinals, he left the field with a lead with less than 2 minutes on the clock. The defense choked in that game. Versus the 49ers he struggled, but threw a perfect pass through two defenders with the game on the line and the receiver (cooper) dropped it.

                We need a defensive secondary, not a quarterback.

  • Vinnie you Foles fans get mad at TS, Songs etc like they are handing in the card on draft day. You get mad at fans that don’t like Foles. Don’t get mad at the fans what we say bears no meaning. Get mad at Chip and the Eagles organization. They are the ones that aren’t endorsing Foles. They are the ones reportedly trying to get Marriota. They are the ones that actually mean something. Direct your anger at the Eagles. lol.I know it hurts. Odds are 90% Foles will be our starting QB next year by default. But its Chip that doesn’t want him either and he is all that actually counts in reality.

    • I don’t think we are going after Mariota. If we were, why is this made public this early on? It doesn’t help your bargaining power to let everyone know in January you want a quarterback.

      • The Eagles will try to get Mariota if ther is a logical way to do it…. They won’t give up a bunch of picks and pro bowl players. If Mariota falls, they will try to get him.

        As for Mark Eckel’s story… his source could be a parking lot attendant with a vivid imagination. One thing for sure, there are NO Eagles front office employees that would tell him shit. He is simply saying what we all know already.

        • How do you know there are no Eagles front office employees that wouldn’t tell Mark Eckel anything? How do you know what resources Mark Eckel may or may not have developed?
          None of us know shit…we are all speculating and Mark Eckel who is an experienced, reputable reporter may have developed inside sources that other reporters dont have! This is very much a legitimate possibility!

          What we do know for certain is that Chip Kelly has not come out and made it absolutely clear-“Nick Foles is my Quarterback” We also know that he has proclaimed that Mariota, whether we agree with him or not, has ‘Manning’ like decision making capabilities as well as the physical tools to run the offense.
          If Chip Kelly believes this and he really wants Mariota, then Chip Kelly should do all that he can to get him. No one is untouchable on the Eagles roster, the draft picks are not sacred and have to be kept at all cost….
          Chip Kelly’s job is to win a championship and if he believes that Mariota is the QB that can do it for him…Chip should make whatever deal necessary to get him. Bottom Line.
          What everyone with balance and a clear perspective on this situation understands is that Nick Foles is not the guy that can efficiently run Chip Kelly’s offense at a championship level…that’s impossible…he just does not have the physical or mental abilities to do the job!

          He made it clear going into last season…but going into this season he has left Foles twisting in the wind.

          • Because Mark Eckel is universally hated by every person in the Eagles front office. And, if any employee were to disclose confidential information to Eckel they would lose their job. And, because there are only a few people who know the Eagles plans for the off-season, if one of them talked everybody would know who it was….

            The only person Eckel might have gotten this information from would be Tom Gamble. If so, that would explain why he got fired….

            • How do you know that Mark Eckel is “universally hated by every person in the Eagles front office”

              Do you work for the Eagles front office?

              How do you prove such a claim?

  • When we say a rookie can’t be worse than Foles, all we’re saying is the worse a rookie could do is lead the league in turnovers. If we can get a rookie who don’t play scared and gives the opposing defense fear through some athleticism it’s worth getting that guy, because face it…..

    Chip is not going to change his offense to suit Foles, he’s just not. The read option plays that goes nowhere will continue to be called as long as the coaching staff see open receivers on tape during those plays.

    If Foles had functional mobility to escape danger or could feel when to slide in the pocket, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. Foles don’t fit and again…Mariota can’t be any worse than a QB who lead the league in turnovers.

    • Nick Foles didn’t lead the league in turnovers… In fact he didn’t lead the team in turnovers. Jay Cutler had 24 turnovers last year… Drew Brees had 20…

      Maybe you measure success by number of turnovers – (which I doubt since you were on here praising R Wilson for a great win after throwing 4 INTs) – but most people measure success by wins and losses.

      If you don’t think a rookie can lose more games than Foles then you better brace yourself.

      • ok….Foles lead the league in turnovers up until his injury and was on pace to shatter the league record.

        I stand corrected.

    • Chip will get his QB, Hopefully it will be back at the College Level for
      his System is garbage at the NFL Level as far as I am concerned..
      I Can’t wait until he’s gone..

      • you must know Foles is the hell outta here huh? Now, the system is garbage because it don’t fit Foles.

        We really don’t know what this system can do in the pros…Vick gave it a good sample playing the tougher part of the schedule when the offense was fairly new…Foles don’t have the skill set…Let’s see it a full season with Chip’s guy before deciding it’s not NFL worthy.

        • “Vick gave it a good sample playing the tougher part of the schedule when the offense was fairly new”

          the results were gross

          • Sand Diego with 6 Wins, KC Chiefs with 2 Wins, C’Mon with the
            Tough Schedule bullshit (Both Teams Vick had at Home with both Teams having New Coach’s in place as well… Vick Sucks

            • When you play 4 playoff teams and three games in 11 days with a brand new offense…that is tough. Of course, we didnt see Nick Foles that year in the tough games because he was sitting on the sidelines after having his ass kicked in training camp.
              The tough game he had that year was against Romo and the Cowboys where he stank so bad people where saying he may of had a concussion.
              When Vick got hurt…Foles played well-against the worst teams in the NFL…we know for certain that Foles never had a ‘tough’ schedule and he has played very few tough defenses…and when he has…he has been for the most part absolutely horrible and awful

              We need to get rid of Foles for the exact same reason we got Vick ass out of here

              They are both injury prone and miss a bunch of games consistently!

              • Correction: 3 playoff teams from that year-San Diego, Kansas City, and Denver

              • Chargers and Chiefs were not Playoff Teams in 2012, in fact they had new Coach’s Players & Schemes just like the Eagles did… So what’s your Excuse for VIck?
                Your Comparing a 10 Year Veteran Starter with a 2nd Year QB starting his first set of Games in the NFL..
                This is what’s called an “Imbecile”

              • Both San Diego and Kansas City made the playoffs that year…2013!

                So when we look back at 2013 and the playoff teams that the Eagles played that year we have to include San Diego, Kansas City, Denver, and Green Bay…(who were without Aaron Rodgers when the Eagles beat them that year)

                Undeniable facts..

                Only an “Imbecile” and a “Fool” can deny those facts

            • Those teams were in the playoffs BECAUSE they beat the Eagles and Vick…..

              Nick Foles put three teams OUT of the playoffs because he beat them. Including Dallas, Arz, and Detroit. He also beat GB.

              • Oops!

              • Bull…

                Dallas was done when Romo got hurt…when he played he beat us with Foles having one of the worst games I have ever seen from a starting QB

                If you say we put Arizona out last year…then they returned the favor this year by beating Foles…

                Detroit was 7-9 with a shot to go to the playoffs but was eliminated by the Giants in week 16

                The teams that beat Vick were out of conference teams early season games that Vick played in because he kicked Foles ass in training camp…If Foles was so good he would have earned the job in training camp and led us to wins in some of those early games…

                However, he missed those games…missed other games that season…and was hurt again this year

                Foles has spent a lot of time MIA either due to injury or performance

                Cant count on an always injured Mike Vick…

                and know we know you cant count on an always injured Nick Foles

              • But if the queen had balls she would be king is the response to that nonsense!
                Lots of ifs In the retort… Of course IF Foles didn’t get hurt this year, IF Detroit wasn’t eliminated it’s all just bluster,,, their hero got beat out by a non-mobile white guy who performed at historic levels… It drives them nuts

              • Only an “Imbecile” and a “Fool” can deny these facts:

                The only reson SD reach the playoffs is because they beat Vick.

                If Foles don’t beat Arz they make the playoffs
                If Foles don’t beat Dallas they make the playoffs
                If Foles don’t beat The Bears they make the playoffs

                Floes put teams out of the playoffs, Vick put teams in… So stop the bullshit about Vick playing against playoff teams. If Foles lost like Vick he would have played against playoff teams too.

              • “In2013
                The only reson SD reach the playoffs is because they beat Vick.”

                What a stupid statement…San Diego beat the Eagles-33-30 in the third game of the season that year…where Vick threw for 428 yards and scored 30 points.
                Also the reason Vick was playing was because Nick Foles was warming the bench after getting his ass kicked in training camp losing the job to Vick!

                Stop with the desperate defense of Foles! Stop the madness!

                So the reason San Diego made the playoffs that year is because in game 3 of that year they beat the Eagles
                This is pure stupidity.

                So using that asinine reasoning the reason we didn’t make the playoffs this season is because we lost game 4 this year to San Francisco…so Kaepernick knocked up out of the playoffs. Arizona was in the playoffs because they beat the Eagles and Nick Foles

              • If the Eagles win that game vs SD, SD is not in the playoffs. Is that true? Yes

                If Foles don’t beat Arz they make the playoffs
                If Foles don’t beat Dallas they make the playoffs
                If Foles don’t beat The Bears they make the playoffs

                Are those things true? Yes

                So stfu about Vick being beat by playoff teams and Foles beating non-playoff teams. They are non-playoff teams BECAUSE Foles beat them.

                So stop with your desperate attempts to minimize what Foles did in 2013.

  • Who is Vick? Did he play in the YA Tittle era? I assume so because he obviously didn’t play in the Super Bowl era!

  • Since the topic of sluts were brought up I have a question about that topic. Is it slutty for a woman to tell the world she doesn’t shave her bikini area?

  • Same ol same…

  • The hype leading up to this draft for the eagle is unprecedented … The question of a ‘chip type of qb” will be answered by the second round… A qb drafted in rounds one or two means he has some thought about Foles not being his guy…

    • It’s amazing that no one else around the NFL or Media or Fans around Country are talking about QB Mariota.. Most see him as he is, which is a Prospect who will need a couple years of Grooming and Developing to play at the NFL Level..
      Mariota is another in a long list of Sucessful College QB’s who played in a spread-Read-Option Offense in College without ever taking a Snap from Under Center… Most of the QB’s who have come from these Systems have struggled mightily at the NFL Level an I expect MAriota to struggle as well..

      • In fact its the opposite…..most reports I’ve read say exactly that – buyer beware.

        Again I ask the Question. Chip Kelly has coached…what….6 college QBs? 7?

        D Thomas, Masoli, Roper, Harper, Dixon, Leaf….Dixon was a heisman candidate

        NFl success of these QBs????????????????????/


        But this time it will be different!!

        Olny in Philly are people entertaining the ridiculous notion of trading up for that guy.

        And the Dixon story is a very interesting one, especially when it concerns a “CHip Kelly guy”

        Dixon on the roster. Knows the offence. (if you still cling to the idea that Kelly runs his college offense with the Eagles)

        Anyway….Dixon on the roster.

        Dixon Cut.

        Barkley kept.

        Lets go over that again. Dixon, a read-option athletic guy that supposedly knows the kelly offense inside and out….cut in favour of Matt Barkley.

        What does that say about a Chip Kelly “kind of guy”???

        • Wasn’t Barkley a 4th round pick? Doesn’t Barkley suck? Why are you even talking about Dixon and Barkley? The question is does Kelly think Mariota will be a better pro than Foles and will he go after him. All this other nonsense is moot. Nobody on this blog has the answer only Kelly. Please give this shit a rest.

          • Its stupid to speculate on what people think. No one has any idea how people think.

            That’s why anyone talking about what they think is a “Chip Kelly QB” is an idiot.

            All we can do is look at actions.

            And one glaring action is that Chip Kelly had a former, very athletic Oregon QB who ran his system on the Eagles.

            And cut him.

            And kept immobile Matt Barkley instead.

            I have no idea why. I just know what happened.

            Kelly released the mobile read-option guy and kept the immoblile pocket passing (however poorly) guy.

            So now I am supposed to believe he’s suddenly going to do a 360 and cut the pro-style pocket guys for the read-option athletic guys.

            Exactly the opposite of what he did last year?

            Because people think they are “Chip Kelly Guys”

            I have no idea what a “Chip Kelly QB” is. But I do know, that when given the choice, he chose a immobile pocket QB over an athletic Read-option Qb.

            Actions, not words.

            • 180

              • Vinnie,

                The only thing I see that remains constant with Chip (with regard to QBs) is his preference for quarterbacks from the PAC12. Guys that have played for him or against him. So far the ones he kept were pocket passers.

                That being the case, I think it’s likely that Chip will do one of two things…

                1) Wait and hope that Mariota falls from the top 5, and if he does, try to make a deal to move up. I don’t think he will give more than 2 first round picks.

                2) Wait until the second round and pick either Garrett Grayson or Brett Hundley.

                Either way I think Kelly will look to land a quarterback early in the draft to compete with Foles for the starting job.

                I really don’t think any one of the three guys I mentioned can beat-out Foles next year, even Mariota…

            • No Vinnie it’s not stupid it’s just tiresome. Mariota isn’t Dixon or Barkley or Johnny Football. I think if Kelly wants to get his guy then who are we to say it doesn’t make sense? It will all play out I will tell you this I don’t like Mariota in a pro style offense but will have no issues with him in Kelly’s offense. Now it will make no difference if Mariota is the QB and Billy Davis is still the D Coordinator and we have a rag tag secondary that can’t stop anyone.

            • Actually he chose a mobile QB over an immobile QB when Vick was selected to start over Foles. In my opinion Chip made a mistake with that move knowing Mike’s history at the time.
              Vick lost his job due to injury and Foles came in and performed well enough to make sure he did not relinquish it. But, my point is Chip initially chose the mobile guy, experience played a part in it, but it does not change the fact.

            • Well I can tell you what a “Chip Kelly Guy” is not…

              A slow, immobile QB who NEEDS complete dominance from the offensive line, perfection from the running game, and receivers who are wide open immediately.

              A slow, immobile QB who cant read defenses, cant anticipate, doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the ball into tight windows.

              A slow, immobile QB who turns the ball over consistently. The 27-2 was a fluke and what we saw last year from Foles is really who he is…it was who he was in college…A turnover machine that turned the ball over 33 times in 35 games played…terrible

              A slow, immobile QB that cant stay on the field…that always seems to be on the bench during the tough games either due to injury or performance….and when he plays against good defenses his performance goes from bad to worse.

              Its no wonder he’s not a “Chip Kelly guy”…he’s a back up…simple as that

        • great points on Dixon Vinnie. I give you crap but this point is dead on.

      • They are, Mel Kiper, Trent Dilfer, friggin Joe Banner, NFL network did a piece on him, asked McCoy about him, Bucky Brooks, CBS sports Pro football talk and Bucky Brooks. it’s just all linked to where he will be drafted and will the Eagles grab him. As far as other teams cities, If they do not need a QB there is no need for them to discuss him. I think as we get further in the process you will hear more because he will be more heavily scrutinized.

      • Paulman how many pro coaches recruited Mariota? How many pro coaches coached Mariota in college? You really don’t understand why its a huge story in Philly, seriously I get tired of the constant debate but stop acting like you don’t know why it’s not a big story elsewhere.

        • It’s a Big Story in Philly because they have nothing else to talk about with all their other Sport Teams sucking and too many Eagles Fans/Local Media are clueless when it comes about NFL/Pro Talent

          • Its a story in Philly because this is what Philly Media does. They find the hot topic and beat it into submission.

            They did it with Desean, they did it with Roseman, they did it with 50,000 “is Foles the guy” articles, and now they’ll do it with Mariotta.

            Its what they do. Its all they do. Whatever is controversial….hammer it!

            And toss in a good bit of “agenda” with 5 or 6 wriers doing their absolute damnest to influence what happens at the Novocare.

            Bills fire their director of pro-personnell 3 days ago (you propbably didn’t hear about it). Story on local sports pages the day of. Story done.

            Eagles fire director of whatever he was…..still reading about Tom Gamble 3 weeks later. He was talking to Kelly – what does this mean!?!? Eagles are dysfunctional!! Eagles are toxic!!!

            Other markets report something that happens and move on.

            Philly….every single move has to be dissected ad-nauseum…everyone but everyone has to get their opinion in, speculate as to the behind the scenes soap opera.

            By April the Mariotta business will be beyond intolerable. And I guarantee you Foles, and especially his wife, friends, family and agent are reading (him too)

            Its a toxic environment the Eagles operate under and one of the contributing factors to their lack of championship success.

          • It’s a story because he won the Heisman his team played in the national championship game and the guy who recruited him and coached him is the Head coach with total control. Has shit to do with anyone’s talent evaluation. You were the same guy saying before he was a better prospect then Winston until EHL and myself pointed out that Winston was a better pro style QB. Sheesh.

            • I don’t think any QB in this Draft is going to be a Good Productive NFL Player..

              • MARRIOTA WILL BE OUR SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                BUST A MOVE


              • Wrong again Paulman, Winston will be an impact player from day 1. Just watch.

              • I think there will be a few good QB come out of this draft – that kid GMCliff likes is going to be a good pro – the kid that transferred from Fla. And, I think Garrett Grayson will be good.

            • Ohhhh…now I see…when there was no talk about him possibly coming to the Eagles.. Vinnie had him has a better prospect than Winston.

              He was top flight prospect then…but now suddenly he has no shot to be successful in the NFL

              Why the flip-flop, Vinnie?

              Stop it…

              • When the fuck did I say anything about Mariotta over Winston.

                My position about rookie QBs has been the same as its always been.

                Neither I, nor you, nor anyone knows who is going to be good or not. All we can go by is history which says about 20% of them turn into decent starters.

                Mariotta, Winston…who cares, the odds say they’ll both be busts.

              • Dear Vinnie,

                I was asking about why you chose flip flops over sneakers not why you flip-flopped. I always have a hard time deciding between the two types of footwear and I wanted to ask you how you choose and hear your thoughts so that maybe I can make easier decisions in the future, because I find it a constant struggle.

              • Boy you guys are extremely desperate…

                kool breeze
                January 22, 2015 – 4:27 pm

                Dear Vinnie,

                I was asking about why you chose flip flops over sneakers not why you flip-flopped. I always have a hard time deciding between the two types of footwear and I wanted to ask you how you choose and hear your thoughts so that maybe I can make easier decisions in the future, because I find it a constant struggle.

                LMAO…lame ass fools

  • While we are on the topic. I saw Vinnie talking about Chip cutting Dixon and keeping Barkley.

    Well I also saw Chip go with Michael Vick (a mobile QB) over Foles in a straight up QB competition.

    Chip PREFERS mobile QBs.

    Actions, not words.

    • That is a very good point BirdoBeamen, Chip tipped his hand when he chose Vick over Foles in what was an extremely close quarterback competition in camp last year. In the NFL, you rarely see veterans getting the benefit of the doubt when up against young players which tells us everything we need to know about Kelly – he wants quarterbacks that can run. Let’s get on board Eagles nation, we are getting Marcus Mariota and we are going to be unstoppable!

      • As Bruce Buffer would say it’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! Get this bumass slow Foles out of here and send him to somewhere for a draftpick and let’s get some excitement in the city! It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, give the keys to the Samoan Warrior!

        • Now who would create a fake account and try to play themselves off like me???? — Weirdo. Someone get Nev from Catfish on the line.

          • LOL

            Post after post of “Kelly chose Vick” and “Vick won the preseason”

            2013 salary
            Vick 16.5 million
            Foles 0.5 million

            That’s who chose the starter. No owner is letting his 16.5 million dollar paycheck sit on the bench untill forced to.

            Why the fuck do you think Jay Cutler is still playing? Results?

            • Well your fumbling with the facts again Vinniedafool

              Vick took a pay cut of 8 million that year…So the owner wasn’t paying 16.5 million to Vick that year.

              Second, that contract wasn’t guaranteed…if Foles was better than Vick in that preseason…they could have simply cut him saved millions by going with Foles. So if money was the reason it would have made more sense to go with Foles over Vick.


  • Dont care who the qb is as long as the turnovers stop.

    2 CB’s, SS, and a qb who can push Foles for the starting spot.

    This system… all 3 phases of it… will do just fine in the NFL… now get some players who can actually play.

    • one more thing…… how can you all STILL be obsessed with the Foles/Vick time period? It’s time to let this obsession go…. Vick won the “open qb comp” Chip made the call then and only has MORE power now. Dont rewrite history… in fact… why MUST you go back to these times? Can any of you have a conversation about the Eagles that does not revolve around the QB position? The coach… as he as always done….. will do what he wants. Just sit back and enjoy the ride,

      • Stevo, there is no obsession for me at all. It is a part of Nick Foles history that he lost the job and therefore was sitting on the bench missing key games that the Eagles played.
        My argument is consistent…Nick Foles has missed too many games either due to poor performance or injury.
        So its no surprise that Chip Kelly doesn’t have a whole lot of support for Nick Foles. He leaves him twisting in winds of speculation without doing much to show confidence in his abilities.
        So its Chip Kelly’s fault that there is all of this obsession with the QB position.
        My end is clear and specific…Chip needs to get a QB whoever he is confident in…he needs to use free agency to shore up the defense

        We dont need projects on our defense…we need proven impact players and difference makers…its hard to get that out of the draft especially if you are not drafting in the top 15..

        Our priority list in Free Agency, Draft and/or Trade should be the following:

        1. Quarterback
        2. Safety
        3 Cornerback
        4 Middle linebacker
        5. Offensive Lineman

        • I agree Kool. I think we should make a trade for RG3 who is the fastest quarterback in NFL history, imagine him in this offense – WOW. My next best option would be Mariota, I would give up a few picks for him in a heartbeat, while we may not see instant results with him we would know we would be set for the next 10-15 years! Or if we can’t do that I say lets trade for E.J. or Cam.

          • I dont want RG3…he’s injury prone…we already got an injury prone QB in Foles…

        • I have not heard Kelly endorse any player on the current roster since the season ended.

          I don’t know how anyone can say that Kelly doesn’t support Foles or any other player. Kelly has not spoken one word to the press about any Eagles players since the season ended.

          I have not heard Kelly say one word in support of McCoy or Maclin, but I don’t interpret that to mean he is not pleased with them.

          My feeling is that all of the Eagles players know where they stand with Kelly. I don’t think Kelly goes out of his way to let the press or fans know how he feel about his players.

          I don’t think the Eagles organization, including Kelly, is as down on Nick Foles as people think. That doesn’t mean that they wont draft another quarterback.

          • Eagles Fan Sue…the endorsement for the players that Kelly likes came in the way of contract extensions. The Eagles tried to sign Maclin…to an extension when he was coming off of major knee surgery.
            As each day goes by with no contract offer to Foles, leaving him twisting in the wind as a lame duck QB-we have a clear indication that they are not excited about Foles.
            When the Coach says we need to ‘evaluate’ Foles…after reviewing game film every week, after seeing him extensively in practice, training camp, and games…it is pretty clear…

            Chip Kelly doesn’t believe in Nick Foles

            I and a growing number of fans don’t believe in him either…

            For good reasons!

            • Bet you are wrong hot air…
              Maclin offered an extension? Yeah a low ball extension

              • Until Kelly Hires a GM, the Eagles will have a difficult time
                Re-signing their own Players let alone attract new Players
                Agents deal with GM’s and not with Coach’s
                With Roseman out of picture now, it’s critical
                That a GM is hired witching the next 10 Days
                Or so
                Maclin,Graham,Thornton & Allen are all bolting

              • A low ball extension is better than no offer at all..haveablunt

                The Eagles would be at a strong bargaining position to try to low ball Foles now

                They haven’t even lowballed him….

            • koolbreeze… Nick Foles is, in your words “twisting in the wind” with a large group of other good quarterbacks.

              Are you saying that Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson are all lame ducks. They are all entering the last year of there contracts.

              I don’t understand what the holdup is with Manning and Luck and Newton and Roethlisberger and Rivers. Don’t their teams know that as each day goes by with no contract offer, leaving them twisting in the wind as lame duck QBs we have a clear indication that the team is not excited with them?

              I believe that the more games the Philadelphia fans saw Mark Sanchez play, the more they started to appreciate Nick Foles. You are in the minority if you want Foles to be gone.

              • I absolutely love the dick!

              • Kool is mentally handicap… Don’t respond

              • Stop it, EaglesFan Sue….
                None of the above mentioned Quarterbacks are in Nick Foles situation….not even close.

                Its not even close…Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlsiberger have already signed huge major deals…For example, Phillip Rivers still has two years left on a $91.8 million dollar deal. he’s going to make 15.7 million in 2015…that cant’ be described as ‘twisting in the wind’ at all.
                Cam Newton has a strong verbal commitment from the coach…who has said about him “He is our guy”

                We certainly haven’t heard our coach say anything like that about Foles!
                Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, and Andrew Luck have all had major paydays as first round draft picks.
                The closest comparison to Foles is Russell Wilson and the clear word out of Seattle is that Russell Wilson is going to be the highest paid QB in the league….
                But look at how different Foles situation is:
                As Rueben Frank points out here:
                “Trent Edwards, Tarvaris Jackson, Dan Orlovsky, David Garrard, Derek Anderson, Brian Hoyer and 51 other quarterbacks also have a higher average annual salary than Foles.

                Do you really think you are going to have a happy camper in Foles if the Eagles dont give him a contract extension with a significant signing bonus?
                I am one of Foles stanchest critics but even I would argue that if you keep him on the team you got to give the guy a significant pay raise…Dennis Dixon who we cut makes more money than Nick Foles!
                If I’m Nick Foles and you ask me to play another year with no contract extension-I want to be traded. Please dont bring up Joe Flacco either…Baltimore tried to sign him to an extension when he entered his final year but Flacco turned them down…

                Will the Eagles even offer Foles a long term deal?

                NO…they wont because they dont believe he is the answer at QB.
                Also, we didnt see much difference between Sanchez and Foles…they were both turnover machines.
                There is a significant and growing number of fans who recognize that Foles doesn’t fit the system and that committing to him as a franchise QB is ridiculous….

    • Mostly agree.

      Though I think the first 4 picks have to be CB, OG, DE/LB and QB (in no real particular order, though I think the first 2 picks should be on DB and OL)

      Get one DB in FA and a SS in FA and that frees up a pick for a guard/centre which I think is extremely important.

  • Watch Kool and songs implode when kelly skips mariota

    • Most Scouting/Prospects Lists have Dropped Mariota
      From #1/#2 down to the 8-10-12th Rankings over the
      Last week or two..
      If Matiota doesn’t participate in the Passing Drills
      At Indy Combine, he will Drop even Further..
      NFL Teams are just wary of College QB’s who never
      Take snaps under Center and play in those Spread-Read Option
      Offenses.. Mariota is going to Drop like QB Bridgewater
      Did last year, no doubt in my mind about it..

      • It didn’t help Mariota that his CURRENT coach said -> “Marcus will do well in the NFL if he goes to the right system”.

        That’s the same as saying that Mariota is a system QB that will likely fail in a traditional pro offense.

      • I hope he drops to 20, Goodell steps to the mic “and with the 20th pick in the first round the Philadelphia eagles select, SOME SAFETY from who cares state”…..
        Or even better, Mariotta is on the board at 12, Goodell comes to the podium and announces a trade, “the eagles and whoever have swapped picks and with the 12th pick the eagles select, MLB so and so from LSU”….
        I might actually watch the draft this year…

        • im with ya but want em to say cb peters

          • from McClymonds High School in Oakland, California

          • That WILL NOT happen.

            • No it will not be Marcus Peters that’s for sure ,
              Players who are insubordinate to their Coach’s and Teammates on multiple occasions are simply are frowned upon no matter what their Talent Level is..
              Look at LB Vontaze Burfict from a couple of Years ago who ended up going Undrafted
              I think Peters slips to the 3rd Round plus he hasn’t played Football since October which doesn’t help his cause either

    • watch jakedog, haveablunt, vinnie, and paulman cry and whine when Foles is traded or cut outright

  • What does hiring a slow as molasses QB coach mean for QBs??

    Ryan Day, immobile QB with a scintilating 3.4 yards/carry average when he played………now the QB coach.

    Pocket passers as starters. Pocket passers drafted. Pocket passers hired as QB coaches.

    Actions, not words. Chip Kelly needs “his guy”. He’s hiring and starting and drafting his guys!

    • This hire says a lot, guy goes from OC at a good college program to qb coach… It tells me chip loves the guy, plans on sticking around, that he has hired shirkers replacement. As for qb position…I’m 99.5% with ya vinnie… But will be nervous for the first two rounds of draft

      • This QB Coach (Pat Day) from BC, Coached with Kelly when he was at University of New Hampshire
        Anyone who has watched BC the last couple of Season know that their QB’s were not very proficient at Passing and in fact, last Years QB who transferred from U of Florida to BC was basically a Running RB…
        We’ll have to see how this pans out

      • Now…because I am completely unbiased…I will point out, that while BC has traditionally run a “pro-style” offence, last year they ran the spread, with a lot of read option with Day as the OC.

        QB had 180 rushes or something…….

        • BC heavily recruited and got a freshman (redshirt) from delaware who I have seen play a dozen times… Can throw and ran the RO in HS…ran some but not a whole lot…if that helps

  • quick thoughts… Word is down at the Sr Bowl that birds looking form a trade….

    Risdon: “I don’t think there’s much question that he’s not going to be the quarterback going forward. If they’re trying to drum up interest, they’re doing a good job of it.”

    I will be honest and say that hiring and drafting lots of Duck (and other former Kelly College guys) scares me a bit. I hope that there is going to be someone that can voice a different opinion. That said…. I trust that Kelly can win. I love what he has done with ST and I trust what he is doing on O. That said…. if they dont get help in the secondary… I may need to take a break.

    • Stevo I don’t quite follow your post? What is the word?

      • that Eagles are looking to move Foles and are asking what other teams would give for him.

        • I did not see those reports? I guess we shall see…there will be at least 100 more rumors before the draft

      • Just another jumour about Nick Foles being traded.

        Its going to happen….and if it doesn’t, he’s going to leave as a FA after next year anyway. Why wouldn’t he at this point?

        • Vinnie you are as bad as the three amigos … You are buying into the nicks outta here thing! Why because of blogs? The press asking questions? Yo have no idea what the conversations are in the nova care, none whatsoever.
          As for ‘rumors about him’ making him want to leave…I just don’t buy it and I won’t buy it until the eagles waste a high pick on a mobile qb. If they do that then bye bye nick…go win a SB in Dallas…oh god that’s a horrible thought..oh shit, eagles mortgage the future on Marriotta, Foles walks to Dallas, he and dez Bryant become soul mates, HOF tandem and win 3 SB together…meanwhile Mariotta has three years a combined 17 wins and retires from nfl to be chips OC at bumfuck state

        • Because the coach has not said anything about anything. He has not said a word about anyone coming back…. except maybe a direct q about Ryans (whom he had plenty of time to evaluate while he was hurt).

          THIS IS EXACTLY what I want our coach doing. Say nothing and do EVERYTHING to better the team. Anything. What if ___________ (pick your favorite qb) was suddenly aval for a 7th round pick but the team already publicly named ______________ (pick your favorite Eagles QB) the starter. That is a mess!! and Stupid!

          Im sorry Vinnie…. Foles did nothing to solidify the job. He knows this…. he must know this. I hope he comes back and lights it up. I hope he gets a long term deal week 4 but…… if the eagles have to commit to him because he wont step on the field without a new deal (and if I were him I wouldnt)…. then…… they SHOULD look at what he is worth to others BECAUSE that could very well be the best option FOR THE TEAM!!!!

          • Again, I’m not looking at it from the team’s perspective. But from his (and his Family’s)

            I know he recognize3s he had a bad start to the year. He also knows he didn’t have an oline. Nor did he practice with his 2 starting WRs all summer, and his 3rd was a rookie.

            Assuming this continues. Daily “Trade Up for Mariotta” and “Is Foles the guy” articles (safe to assume these continue and in fact grow to a fever pitch by April.

            He, his family, friends and agent read it all year. What are the possibilities:

            1 – Eagles do it. Get Mariotta or some other 1st round QB. Foles rides bench and leave as FA end of year.

            2 – Eagles do it. Foles still starts and is shaky. Replaced mid-season and leaves. No real problem there as he’s faltering.

            3 – Eagles do it. Foles starts and lights it up. (This may be the worst possible scenario for Eagles). Eagles now have 2 major problems. 1 – They never needed to trade up in the first place and have gutted the future succcess for no reason. AND Foles Still leaves and signs with the Cowboys or NYG because Jerry offeres him a gazillion $$ and he’s been reading “We hate Foles” shit for 2 years. AND New QB enters year 2 never having started!

            4 – Eagles don’t do it. Foles plays well. Eagles winning, but now panicked because they can’t let him get to FA. Offer him contract….remember now, guy has been slagged for months and months in the media. Why sign with Eagles when Texas is calling?!? “Hometown boy returns” is a headline he might like a lot more than “Is Foles the guy?”

            • If Foles lights it up after they go and get a 1st rounder… I see no problem here. In fact… I see a GREAT problem to have.

              You talk about his family and all that… the kid is fine. Its a pro sport… this is part of it. If he is half as good as you think he is.. he will be in the HOF and everything.

              As far as “not looking at it from the teams perspective.” well… thats your problem.. frankly, thats always been your problem. You root for the name on the back… i root for the name on the front.

            • Dude he is a big boy… The main radio station in town drove to new yk to boo mcnabb… If he and chip are talking privately all of this non sense is just non sense…

              • exactly. And where was this sympathy with the last qb?…. the dude is as transparent as they come. Vinnie.. you are more concerned with being “right” than you are with the Eagles winning.

              • and btw Vinnie….. using the Oline as an excuse is hillarious to me ONLY because you were dead set against anyone else using that excuse for the last guy…..

                Bad Oline
                holds the ball too long
                too many turnovers
                injury prone
                bad reads and throwing off back foot.

                Who am I talking about Vinnie? Hard to tell isnt it? Same problems different guy.

                Again… I root for Foles. I support him. I hope he stays and becomes a HOFer. I really do. But watching you squirm like this again (like after Kolb) is just comical.

                Go Eagles. Go Chip, Go Foles!!

            • Vinnie you must lie awake at night inking of Foles scenarios…it’s really a simple solution..a simple read option play….just key on the draft pick in round 1 (maybe a little in round two) …if they go qb it’s over for him …if they don’t then there is at minimum a wink/nod deal in place.
              I am on record they WILL NOT draft a qb in round 1… I have my fingers crossed about round two

            • “Again, I’m not looking at it from the team’s perspective. But from his (and his Family’s)”

              “He, his family, friends and agent read it all year…..”

              Awww…poor Nick Foles and his ‘family’

              Are you serious? This is the NFL there are plenty of players cut, traded, and moved without a bit of concern for their ‘family’….

              Who gives a damm about Nick Foles ‘family’ and their ‘feelings’ about this situation…you have seriously lost your mind Vinnie!~
              The best thing that can happen for Foles is that he is traded or cut…if we can get a 4th or 5th rounder for him…fine…if not…and we should just cut him and let him catch on with another team.
              If you really care about Little Nicky…it would be best to trade or cut him soon

          • Stevo…good point…at least you make some small efforts at being balanced and realistic.

            Why should Foles want to play this year without a contract extension that the Eagles generally give to other Players that they believe in?

            Why should Foles risk playing and suffering major injury…again…and really damage his earning potential?

            Foles should want to be traded to a team that will work out a long term deal with him…that believes in him and will commit to him

            Good luck finding that team…but if he is as good as the Foles supporters say…he should be able to find that team.

            Nick Foles at best = Kevin Kolb…

            Kolb was a flash in the pan that fooled enough people to make him a very wealthy young man…Foles should be looking for that same deal!

            Fake it until you can make it $$$$

            • Word on the street is Russell Wilson has told the Seahawks that he will not play in he SB because he is still is on his rookie contract. He doesn’t want to risk an injury in the game

              • It was kind of strange on Seahwaks GM
                1st Press-Conference since the Season started that
                He gave no commitment to getting RW contract extension
                Done anytime soon, all he said was that they
                Were not ready financially yet..
                He always was non-committal about RB Lynch’s
                Future other that Beastmode is under contract thru

            • Why should Foles risk playing and suffering major injury…again…and really damage his earning potential?

              Because he cares about winning, unlike that piece of shit quitter DeSean Jackson…

              Yeah these two guys are close:

              Kolb 21 starts – 28 TDs, 25 INTs
              Foles 24 starts – 46 TDs, 17 INTs

              You’re a fucking bigoted imbecile. How about this – Foles threw more TD passes in 10 games then your boy Vick ever threw in a full season.

              Vick at best < Aaron Brooks

              • “Because he cares about winning, unlike that piece of shit quitter DeSean Jackson…”

                All Nick Foles cares about is ‘winning’…he don’t care about making money huh?
                I have a lot of criticisms of Nick Foles but they all relate to his play on the football field…
                I have never called him a stupid, dumbass ignoramus like you IrishEagle!
                If all Nick Foles cares about is ‘winning’ he is a damm Fool.
                The NFL is a cash cow…Nick Foles took the Eagles to the playoffs and threw for 27 touchdowns…he deserves to be paid more than Dennis Dixon, Brian Hoyer, and Trent Edwards.

                As hard as I am on the guy, he has clearly done more than Dennis Dixon….he deserves a pay raise according to his market value as a QB-and that is significantly more than what he is making now and what they would pay him in 2015 if they dont give him a contract extension.

                If Foles has the slightest regard for business, he wants a contract extension or a trade to a team that’s going to give him an extension. No way he is going to be happy playing this year as one of the lowest paid QB’s in the league…making less than backups.

                Would the Eagles really do him that dirty??

                If you keep Nick Foles you have to offer him a signficant contract extension and if I’m his agent…..I want big bucks$$$$

                No NFL player plays just to win you idiot ass…its a business and Nick Foles wants a huge check just like the rest of his other teammates and other QB’s are getting all over the NFL

                Only a complete and utter idiot thinks otherwise

  • have- i really don’t know how I feel about it all. I guess I believe Chip knows what he wants to do at QB. I mentioned a while back (and was ripped apart by mr bias) that the players commented early on that Chip has a HUGE amount of plays that he had not yet shown to the world…. i used 40% but that was just a number I kind of remember hearing somewhere. The players seemed very impressed by the creativity of what he had up his sleeve. I will say that what we have seen is a rather vanella (cant spell) hurry up O.

    So…. I wonder…. if Chip is holding back until he gets someone in that can run the RO or if he has figured out that the gimmicks and that style just dont work.

    Frankly… I dont really care who our QB is. I am sold on a style of D that I believe works. I screamed at the top of my lungs that what Andy was building on D would not work. You need a big.. strong.. D that plays aggressive yet smart. At CB you need tall guys that are strong enough to press and yet fast enough to leave them alone on the outside from time to time. This works in a 34 (i prefer) but can also work with a 4-3. I believe this to be true…. but style of O? Style of QB?? I don’t much care if they can be accurate .. decisive … and not turn the ball over. The key is a coach who can maximize what his QB can do. If Chip things Foles is not the guy…. well…. so be it.

    • *thinks

    • Yeah we shall see… I have been talking to a few guys who remember Day from NH as they played against himas a player, and chip was OC then HC…they don’t think chip is married to the RO as much as people think… They seem to remember that it was a get the ball out quick to playmaker thing… That was years ago of course and it’s as much conjecture as all the rest of us on here

  • I dont think Chip is married to the RO as much as he is married to the idea that the players need to get out to their mark fast… the Qb needs to make the read fast…. and be willing to sneak out the back for 3 yards fast if noone is open. And the biggest thing is that the QB cant turn it over. This didnt happen this year and i wouldnt blame Chip for being impatient with that.

    • Exactly…Foles biggest problem is not that he doesn’t run fast…its his ability to read fast and his decision making!

      There were times where he gives the ball to Shady in the read option and Shady is tackled behind the line of scrimmage where Foles could have kept it and gained 3-4 yards (with a faster QB gaining 10 to 15)

      The Foles supporters keep positing this as a ‘mobile, running’ QB vs a ‘pocket passing’ QB….

      The problem is that Foles struggles in the pocket as well! Which is why he was throwing the ball off of his back foot and failing to step up into the pocket. Foles doesn’t give you the advantage of a quick thinking, decisive, and accurate QB throwing from the pocket….he’s no Tom Brady or Peyton Manning…

      He’s slow mentally…that’s his biggest problem

      • But in 2013 he’s was the 4th Highest Rated QB off all time
        27-2 TD’s to Int , set franchise Records..
        And yet only played in 11 Games as 2923 was supposed to be Vicks Yeam who failed once again to hold and sustain his Starters spot..

        1 Year later in 2014
        New QB Coach
        No D-Jax, 2 Rookies WR’s in Matthews/Huff
        A OL missing 3 of 5 Starters the first part of the Season
        A RB in McCoy running Scared
        A WR in Maclin seeing his first NFL Fame action
        In 15 Months..

        • Vick failed to hold the spot because he was injured
          Foles was the 4th rated QB of all time but what idiot believes he is anywhere close to being the 4 rated QB of all time in any meaningful way.

          There is lies, damm lies, and statistics!

          In 2013, he played and excelled against some of the worst teams in the league…he padded his stats against teams like Oakland, NYGiants and Tampa

          1 Year later in 2014
          New QB Coach-replacing a coach that Foles was rumored to not get along with. Foles had a better relationship with Musgrave than with Lazor.
          No D-Jax who according to paulman…was a disruptive force to the team chemistry…a bad seed who needed to be gotten rid of for ‘team chemistry’…he was replaced by two rookies who had pretty good years, and he gained Maclin who was a familiar receiver .
          A OL that was still pass protected very well despite the injuries…Foles was one of the least sacked Qb’s in the leauge
          A OL missing 3 of the 5 starters impacted the running game and Shady McCoy who still ran for over 1300 yards and a 4.2 average

          In other words…the excuses dont work…the most revealing stats for the QB is turnovers and completion percentage…Foles was terrible in both of these areas…after benefiting from the new scheme that Kelly put into play…as soon as defensive coordinators figured it out…Foles reverted to his natural play which was illustrated in college…a turnover machine with 33 turnovers in 35 games…

          Stop with the dumb ass excuses….Foles showed his true colors and the kind of Qb he really is in 2014…..a turnover machine that cant beat quality defenses…he couldnt do it in 2013 and he couldnt do it in 2014

      • Hot air is mentally challenged, wears a helmet on the short bus

  • Yawn. Around and round we go.

    In order to make our point we exaggerate and overstate. This is especially done when comparing 1 guy we like.. Over 1guy we don’t.

    Truth.. Foles played very well against all kinds of teams in the 2013-2014 season. Although he lost the Qb competition during camp, he shined when given the chance. Many wondered if the coach would rethink his (supposed) style of O and Qb to fit Foles gifts. The coach (saying little) seemed to agree that he would.

    Truth- Foles was beyond shaky to start the 2014-2015 season. He seemed afraid, his O line was hurt.. Destroyed even and so it was understandable. However, he seemed to hold the ball longer and was often looking over his shoulder and not down field. Teams stacked the box to stop McCoy and turnovers became a larger problem. To add to this… He became injured.. Again.

    Now we wait. Turnovers are not something the coach supposedly tolerates.. But yet… We really don’t know do we? Chip has not been here long enough for us to know.

    What does the coach see? A Young, quick decision maker who stands in the pocket and delivers accurate passes? Or… A slow Qb who turns the ball over alot and can’t fully run his O?

    Aren’t both true? Haven’t we seen enough of both? The coach knows what he wants… Im sticking with coach on this one.

    • The exaggerations are from the Foles supporting camp, Stevo! No one denies that Foles played well…no one argued that Vick should be brought back or get his job back that he had lost because of injury. It is also clear that Foles played weak teams with poor defenses…Oakland, Tampa, Washington, Chicago, Giants, …he faced Green Bay without Rodgers…
      With all that said, Foles was given the benefit of any doubt. We all agreed that the 2014-2015 season was the big test. Everyone noted that he would be playing for a new contract.

      He blew it…he stunk and he got hurt…again! the Coach seen what we all saw…
      “A slow Qb who turns the ball over alot and can’t fully run his O”

  • I’m going to show you how misleading some stats can be.

    You guys would never guess what QB leads all Eagles QB’s historically in Completion percentage in an 8 game span?

    Damn Mark Freakin Sanchez!

    Should he be the Eagles QB because he lead all prior QB’s including Foles in completion percentage?

    Hell naw!

    Because we all know what happened beyond the stats.

    The smae can be said of Foles 27-2 year.

    Any other team is dealing with a first round bye and probably going to play in the Conference Championship if their QB throws 27 TD’s with only 2 int…so how was those stats made?

    PFF gives a telling stat for all pass plays in which the QB could have made a completion including intentional groundings, throw aways avoiding pressures and incomplete and completed pass attempts and Foles rank last in QB efficiencies when you put all those variables together.

    The 27-2 was misleading.

    Peyton Manning even mentioned he could go a complete season without an interception but playing scared would leave too many plays on the field.

    So, in reality Foles got the 27-2 playing safe by throwing to wide open receivers and check downs, intentional groundings and throwing the ball away.

    This was the season Chip challenged him to make quick decisions and not wait for the safe throw and we seen the reverse.

    Foles is closer to what we seen this season than the anomaly 2013-14 season and that’s why Chip has wrestled full power from the bean counter.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence Chip gets full control the same year Mariota becomes eligible.

    Also Mariota said he won’t be throwing at the combine this offseason which mean he will definitely drop.

    Mariota want to play under Chip…it’s evident he’d rather drop and win with Chip than waste his career being drafted by perennial losers which may result in an pathetic start and may affect his staying power in the NFL financially beyond his rookie contract.

    It’s in Mariota’s interest as much as possible to where Chip can get him to get the numbers in 3 years that can translate into a top tier 2nd contract.

    Chip will pull this off.

    • Chip will not have to pull anything off to Obtain Mariota who is not very high Demand among NFL Scouts/GM’s & Coach’s .. Too many Questions about his Weak Arm, His think Frame and his Ability to play under Center and from the Pocket at the NFL Team
      Name 2 other Teams in the NFL that run an Read-Option-Based Offense that would be interested in Mariota’s Skill Set…
      I will give you the Eagles, then who else ???

      Top 2 Teams TB Bucs/Titans have Coach’s and Offenses that are Traditional and QB’s Play under Center
      Jets already Have Geno Smith with a New Staff and give him 1 more shot
      Redskins already have RG3 and will give him 1 more Shot
      I see the Rams at #10, maybe the Packers at #30 to groom for a few Years behind Rodgers or possibly the Cowboys at #27 to groom behind Romo…
      I am not saying these Team’s don’t like Mariota, but not with their Early
      1st Round Selections for they have other pressing areas to fill before grooming another QB for 2-3 Years down the road

      There is not a whole lot attention for Marcus Mariota so if Eagles And Kelly want him, they won’t have to do much to move down, If fact he may still be on the Board at #20 Pick for the Eagles…

  • Paul is on the Boone moon shine… Mariotta goes too ten…

    • 210 lbs is small for a NFL QB’s … Look at Mariota’s Upper Body,
      Thin Chest & Sternum with Rob Lowe’s Small Arms… He would get killed in the NFL attempting to run a Read-Option and will take 2 Seasons to learn how to play from the POcket with an average to below average arm…
      He should go to Canada if he wants Success playing QB

      • He’s 6-4 Also which makes his lack of strength even more concerning..
        Look at other NFL QB’s who are 6-3 to 6-5 Range and they are 235lbs to 250lbs (Foles,Flacco,Newton,Kapernick,Big Ben,Rivers,Mannings,Luck)

        Then look at RW,RG3, Smaller QB’s are 5-11/6-0 but they are a strong 210lbs and thick and physically prepared to take the hits

  • Psulman is correct. The media hype in Philly has created a buzz saw of interest in a marginal nfl prospect, coupled with the hate the media has for foles, it’s a perfect storm for philly only, the shit heads like songs and kool and the media that feed their type

    I guarantee you kelly has no real interest in him. He’d rather draft Winston or the qb from ucla

  • Mariota has subpar arm strength, a good college player, but he lacks tools for the next level.

    Kelly is hyping him up. Why

    If he really wanted him he’d be mum or like buddy ryan was on Keith Byars before the draft, talking him down hoping he slides then buddy picked him in the first round

    Wake up you damn morons or find something else to do other than make us read your idiotic shit on here day in day out.

    • Kelly is hyping him up so he goes off the draft Board and then Kelly doesn’t have to worry about the fallout if Kelly doesn’t select him at #20
      Things would be a lot easier if Mariota went early in the draft though I don’t expect this to happen..

      • Imagine if Mariota Drop to the #20th Selection and Kelly in his first official Draft (in complete control of Roster Management on how much flak he will
        Get from Fans/Media and then will have to deal with all Summer and early Season every time Foles throws an Int….

        • Paul do u think a man of kellys stature gives a shit about the media and stupid blogs? He will pass on Mariotta for football reasons… This off season is prop up the D add one receiver, sign foles to a team friendly and compete… Simple

          • With Kelly’s Huge Ego, yes I think is very concerned how he is perceived..which is why he will be a short-termer in the NFL

            • Having a huge ego means the exact opposite… He is better than you, smarter than you… He does not care what anyone thinks because his ego won’t let him…only people with tony, insecure egos care what people think

              • So he’s better & smarter than me because he’s an NFL Coach???
                Get the F outta here!!! That may be the stupidest thing ever off your finger-tips….

              • In his mind he is better and smarter… He could not care less what a blog, media, ESPN analyst or whomever… He thinks he knows more than all of the, (and he does) … So in response to your dumb post about him worrying about media etc., it shows your stupidity

          • Receiver? But the receivers produced more then last year.

            • Not sure what your post refers to lion but they sure did… Desean was a net gain/loss of zero… He did great in D C… Was a very impactful player… Wish him well

              • Then why would they consider receiver? Just resign Maclin and trot the same crew out there. Who is talking about Desean?

  • No Paulman. He’s hyping him up as his coach who likes him but will never draft him he’s a good young man with limited upside in the pros. Kelly doing him a favor. He wants no parts of him

    • Yup…. You don’t chat up someone you want to draft… A subtlety lost on many GCOBB posters

  • Now its the media fault…LOL…everyone is picking on poor Nick Foles…

    Mariota has good arm strength, speed, and what Kelly really likes about him…he is smart. Chip probably believes in the kid…

    If Chip thinks Mariota is the one….go for it.

    Bottom Line

    • Hot air are you high on crack! What are you talking about Foles and the media? Oh not crack , I guess it’s meth….
      Why would chip hype Mariotta if he wanted to draft him? Do you think chip is as dumb as you?

      • smh…some of the idiots on here can not have a civil conversation…smh…

        haveablunt, you are slower mentally than Nick Foles is physically

        Why does Chip need to lie about his liking Mariota…many pundits think he is not going to be that good in a ‘traditional’ offense and that he needs to hook up with Chip Kelly…
        Chip gains nothing nor loses anything by hyping the kid…he was just honest…if he didn’t hype the kid people who are all smoked out like you would think it was a secret strategy to draft the kid…

        No need for any of that..
        So stop crying and whining about Nick Foles fool…
        Your embarrassing yourself

        • First of all where are all these Chip loves Mariota stories where he’s quoted as saying he’s looking to trade up? All of you I love Nick Foles guys are grasping for straws. Just let the process play out. Kelly will do whatever the hell he wants to do. If he can’t get Mariota then he’ll go with Foles but again the Eagles need to show Foles some coin.

          • the eagles will not show Foles some coin.

            He will not get one cent more than his contract says and he’ll love it.

            Chip Kelly is turning the page on Nick Foles and don’t be surprised if Mike Vick is resigned to mentor the rookie coming in.

    • Isn’t that the same player evaluation you gave Taj Boyd.

      From the same guy who thought Sanchez sucked and stated so then flip flopped because he thought no one remembered. Then said were have found our QB, our redone issues were solved and the mobile element WAD back in the offense and that he was a true leader.

      Shut up already. You’re CLUELESS.

  • Stop it with the over the top nonsense on Foles. Either way both sides look pathetically biased.

    Andy Dalton was in the Pro Bowl. Matt Ryan made the Pro Bowl…Nick Foles isn’t the second coming of Montana but this nonsense doom and gloom he had his chance theory is the dumbest rationale I have ever read on here.

    There’s also no media conspiracy theory. Eagles aren’t Herron getting pressured to get rid of Foles. If Chip wants Marriotta and can get his hands on him he will. THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. He put himself in a position to do that.

    And stop with the pay Nick Foles his money. Some of you would be the worst GMs or player agents of all time. No GM is giving a contract out for a franchise money to a guy whose been injured…just like RG3’is playing our his rookie deal. And no agent would take a below market deal on a young QB.

    That fucking simple.

    • Izell, when I say show him some coin, I’m saying this if he is your No 1 QB going into camp then the Eagles and his agents need to have a deal in place period. Him starting this year with no deal in sight is a disaster waiting to happen on both ends, you do see that right?

      • Nah Big I disagree with you on this one. With the new slotted contracts and rights teams have I believe with those contracts, teams would be fools to lock up guys if they don’t absolutely have to. The Eagles cap situation even allows them to hold Foles through a Franchise year so they actually control longer than 2 years.

        Foles isn’t a priority right now. They can lock up Kendricks and Cox concentrate on free agency and still have money left over. They can go all the way into next summer with Foles before locking him up.

        IMO its seriously bad cap management and personnel handling if they did it deal now….UNLESS it was a horrible below average deal in the same vain of what Kapernick got. But give him an Andy Dalton contract now? I dont see the sense in that.

        Especially since most fans want a big ticket item in Free Agency. Your not signing McCourty etc locking up Cox and give Foles a 20 mil signing bonus and top 10 QB money.

        • Exactly. You can front-load big dreals to COx, Maclin, any Fas right now because you do not have to deal with FOles at all.

          In fact, one of the big problems with the NFL right now is the way thinks are structured (esp vis-a-vis the QBs). A team almost has to win the SB before the QB gets his $100+ million team crippling deal.

          Eagles are in a great spot with Foles not countin anything against the cap. They can sign up their targets. Get that big $$ through and sign Foles up the following year (if he deserves it). Win-win all around. Get the defensive talent, sign them up….take a run with Foles and then have more space again the following year to sign him.

        • Good point Izell I forgot all about that franchise tag stuff. Excellent point.

          • Big did you see the report on Foles to the Rams. I think this highlights the fact on why he is more attractive at his contract now and why you dont spend if you dont have to. Rams if this story is true would want him for both his upside and the ability to control him 2-3 years.

            • Yes I just read and the Rams would absolutely love to get out of that Bradford deal, I know all this is part of being a pro but all these rumors and uncertainty has to suck big time.

              • I look at it the other way Big….means that you are a commodity and wanted around the NFL.

                Rams have weapons and the ability to add more.

    • IJ, Do you still think Mariota is still a Top #5 – #10 Pick of the Draft?

      • Yeah Paulman…no way in hell I see him dropping out of the top 10. I think its all smokescreen nonsense. He would have to absolutely implode at his Pro Day in order to drop out of the top 10.

        I am also sticking with my dark horse pick…..the Arizona Cardinals….lol

        Whisenhunt cant pass on a QB. Doing so means he will tie himself to Mettenberger. I dont honestly think they see him as a long term option.

        • I see no way he goes Top #10
          What Team is going to really like his Upside to Move up to get him?
          What other Offense, other than the Eagles, does he even fit into?
          I see him Dropping big time and also see a very little market or demand for him

          • If you are a true offensive coach you build an offense to him. Only need to look at Carroll and RW in Seattle.

            Matt Flynn and Matt Hasselback were Carrolls QBs before that…..the narrative hes only Chips guy is all a smokescreen.

            Bet a pretzel on it.

            • Tavaris Jackson Played more Games for Pete Carroll than
              Hasselback did.. I believe Matt Flynn never Started a Game for Carroll and Seahawks for Carroll announced that Summer that Rookie RW would be their Starter moving ahead

              • Don’t you remember Matt Hasselbeck taking Carroll’s team to the playoffs in 2010 and beating the Saints in one of the best playoff games we ever saw?

                Matt Hasselbeck played the whole 2010 season for Carroll, and played well. Carroll let him go so he could get more mobility at the QB position.

                Matt Flynn was always meant to be nothing more than a stop gap until RW could take over…. it just happened sooner than expected.

                Honestly, it’s the defense that has pushed Seattle to the top. The Seattle offense is not much better now than it was in 2011.

                You saw what happened in 2012 with RW at QB – they couldn’t exchange blows with the Falcons. When the defense started shutting teams down in 2013, they became great.

              • Matt Flynn was signed to a big Deal, though unproven b4 RW was even Drafted???
                Carroll was smart to realize that Flynn was simply a “system QB”
                Similar to Kevin Kolb under AR and that he a special player
                In RW which he did not know he had when they a Drafted him…

    • Izzell shut the fuck up

      Once again, Mr Shifty…Mr Never take a Clear position gives us a bunch of stuff that covers his lame ass whatever way it works out.

      The only dumb theory is the total absence of any theory put forth by you.
      The only other thing that is dumber than that is comparing Nick Foles contractual situation to RG3.

      That is the dumbest thing I have heard on this forum by a long shot!

      RG3 signed a rookie contract that paid him a fully guaranteed 21 million dollars over 4 years. Nick Foles has a contract that pays him less than what Dennis Dixon has earned in the NFL.

      Big difference…real big difference!!

      Again…as much as I bash Nick Foles…he is vastly underpaid and no agent worth a damm would be open to Foles playing as a lame duck on the piece of shit contract he is playing for now.
      If I am Nick Foles agent, I want the Eagles to either sign me to a lucrative contract at market value for QB’s in the league with a nice fat signing bonus….or trade me to a team that will do that same….or cut me and let me go out and try to get a new deal with another team.

      If Foles has any sense what so ever, there is no way he accepts playing the final year of HIS contract…there is too much he is risking in terms of his future earning potential…he gets hurt again, blows out a knee…what team is going to sign him for huge bucks as a QB.

      Foles should be doing cartwheels over the talk that other teams are interested in him…and if his agent is doing his job…he will push the Eagles to either extend Foles contract and make a commitment to him….or ask the Eagles to trade him or even cut him. If he is cut and teams are interested in him he will make significantly more money than he would starting with the Eagles playing on his current salary…and hoping that all goes well so that the Eagles will choose to keep and commit to him.
      All of this talk about Chip and Mariota should be making Foles think in terms of business…he’s a damm fool to think in any other way. The ‘Aw-Shucks’ I’m just a team guy is fine for his ‘image’ for the fans…but if he has an agent that is worth a damm…he is not accepting playing his last year as a lame duck under that contract at all!

      I dont think much of Nick Foles as a player…but I damm can not believe that he is that damm stupid to accept playing as a lame-duck under his existing contract…

      That would be plain stupid!

      Foles would be a damm fool to sit on the Eagles or any other team has a happy, underpaid camper risking his future potential earnings playing for an Eagles team that is not committed to him…How in the world can he sit and accept being underpaid while an oft injured Jeremy Maclin was offered a contract last year and will be retained for big bucks.

      • One hundred percent on the money. Great post koolbreeze

  • Anyone else annoyed there was more Sproles last night than in 2/3 of the Eagles games last year?

    • Maybe the Eagles should Hire Michael Irving as their Head Coach and Ditch Chip Kelly…
      Stadium Security & Supplies Manager Howie Roseman is putting this very thought into Owners Jeff Lurie’s Head, Sources State…

  • Reports are Texans, Titans and especially the Rams are very interested for trade with Foles.

    • Report I heard said the rams would give the ten for Foles… It goes to show everyone is always looking for a qb who demonstrates that he can win in he nfl… Be very careful what you wish for eagles fans….Marcus Mariotta will be out of the league in three years, probably be chips qb coach at who cares state…

    • All you needed to do was watch the Pro Bowl last night and see that after the 4 or 5 QBs the gap isnt as wide as people think on talent. You dont give up something unless you damn sure have a better alternative.

      Keep it in perspective people….Brian Hoyer and Kyle Orton were viable options at QB for teams…and kept them in the playoff hunt…

      Let that sink in a bit lol.

    • Impossible. I was told by Koolidiot “where are the teams interested??”

      Clearly the reports are bogus. Insane to think any team would be interested in a QB with a winning record in the NFL. Who would want that??

      Its all about the next best flashy thing baby! College it up!!

      Rams and Texans make sense. Both have very good D and no QB.

      I would also think the Saints, and even Cowboys and Giants might kick the tires a bit if the price is right. All 3 will be moving on from their QBs the next year or two.

      • If these teams are interested in Nick Foles and if the Rams are that stupid..er…I mean that high on Foles to give up the 10th pick in the draft…I will happily accept being Koolidiot, Koolfool…and enjoy my crow.

        Hell, I will personally deliver Foles to the Rams in a limo to drive him cross country, come back and throw a massive party and invite you all to come and tell me how wrong I am about Nick Foles if the Rams give up the 10th pick for him….
        Nothing would fill me with more joy at being wrong about Nick Foles and some team coughing up high draft picks for him……
        Man…we might get a steal…I would satisfied if we could squeeze a 5 rounder out of some team for Foles…the possibility of getting a 3 or even a 2 would be a flat out steal…a 1st rounder is a robbery…and the 10th pick in the draft???
        Thats like a Wall Street robbery…its so crooked

        • How could you do that? You don;t even have your driver’s licence yet.

  • Yeah those teams are out there saying “shit this Kelly guy wants to dump a winner …let me get in on that’…
    Hopefully it’s all just off season bluster.

  • Foles is the eagles qb for the next 10 years… Book it

    • No Way…
      The Eagles & NY Jets will both Relocate to London by 2020 and be England’s
      Teams initial 2 Franchises in the NFL…

      Ravens, Giants have Championships and great Traditions
      Patriots and Redskins are not moving anywhere…

      No one cares about the Eagles & Jets are will start anew in

      • Yeah, the NFL will move teams out of the 1st and 4th largest markets in the country and exile them overseas.

        • Jet Fans become Giant a Fans
          Eagles a Fans become Ravens Fans…

    • Sure..haveablunt…I have a title for that ‘book’ too

      Haveablunt Guide to Being a Dumbass

      On the cover, we will have your picture haveablunt when you here the news in the upcoming weeks that Foles is no longer the Eagles QB.

      The picture of you will be a flashing pic of your face with the befuddled look of disappointment dork superimposed with a pic of a braying ass..

      The caption will read..
      “Damm….Foles has been dumped ….and I’m all smoked out!

  • ***Paulman Rumors****

    Eagles send QB N Foles & TE B Celek & their 20th PIck in 2015 Draft and their 2nd Round Pick in 2016 Draft to the Rams for the 10th Overall Pick in the 2015 Draft…

    Then the Eagles Trade the #10 PIck to the Cleveland Browns for their #12 & #19 Selections in the First Round (The Browns Select QB Mariota)

    With the 12th Pick – Eagles Select DT Danny Shelton – Washington)
    Withe the 19th Pick – Eagles Select QB Brett Hundley – UCLA) who will back up the Resigned Mark Sanchez in 2015

    Rams finish 2015 Season at 10-6 and make the Playoffs
    Eagles finish 2015 Season with an 7-9 Overall Record

  • ****Paulman Rumors******

    The Denver Broncos offer CB A Talib straight up for QB Nick Foles
    Chip Kelly says he will decide after he’s done Lunch at “Chicky & Petes”
    John Elway tells Kelly “Get off your Fat Ass Chip, and make a Damn Decision” from Sources close to the Situation

  • ****Paulman Rumors*****

    The Texans offer DE Whitney Mercilus and their 2nd Round Pick (48th Pick)
    and a 4th Round PIck in 2016 Draft for QB Nick Foles…

  • ****Eagles News****
    Sources close to the Nick Foles camp have stated that Foles and his Agent have turned down the Eagles Offer of a 4 Year Deal worth $48 Million.
    Word is Chip Kelly is Pissed and also upset that Howie Roseman & Don Smolenski failed to show up to help him negotiate this Deal…
    More news to come out but things are getting ugly at NovaCare Ctr..

  • From the Eagles perspective, the reality is that they have to make a decision. Its a huge gamble to ask Foles to play with no guarantees on the last year of a crappy deal that leaves him underpaid and risks his future earnings.
    You risk having a bitter QB who feels he is being taken advantage of as you sign other Eagle players to extensions and long term deals…..while he the Qb and supposed leader of the team twists in the wind with a low ball deal while there is active talk about replacing him and no assurances from the Coach.
    You cant talk ‘culture’ on the one hand and then give your starting QB the shaft when it comes to the bucks…while hearing extensive talk about replacing him. Even if they are telling Nick Foles behind the scenes: “We believe in you Nick…you are the QB of this team”….until the team antes up with the bucks…Foles should see such talk as pure BS.

    The bottom line is the Eagles have three choices

    1. Sign Nick Foles to a long term deal and commit to him as the QB

    Bad, bad, terrible move!

    2. Trade Nick Foles to another team get the best you can get for him
    Best move for the Eagles

    3. Cut Nick Foles
    Maybe the best move for Nick Foles who would be free to sign a deal with any other teams

    • Dumbass post by Koolbreeze showing his stupid ass biased agenda.

      First dumbass your rationale of commitment only makes you look dumb with Russell Wilson playing in the SuperBowl with th EXACT same contract.

      Andrew Luck is playing under the exact contract terms as well and making the same contract terms as RG3. And the Colts are open about if they can’t get a deal done not forcing it and just letting it go to free agency and franchising him.

      You know jackshit. Do some goddamn homework and stop posting your bullshit nonsense.

      Btw…the best WR in the league is playing under that same contract situation going into his walk year…and guess what’s on the table…the Franchise tag.

      I guess he shouldn’t have played this year…why risk it.


      • LMAO…you are a complete and unadulterated IDIOT

        Lets look at your stupidity point by point..

        “First dumbass your rationale of commitment only makes you look dumb with Russell Wilson playing in the SuperBowl with th EXACT same contract.”

        Hey Doofus…what’s Russell Wilson supposed to do…hold out from playing in the Super Bowl to protest his contract? Here is a few pointers 1. Wilson was paid more than Foles.
        2. The issue is whether or not Seattle and the Eagles will negotiate new contracts for the first year of eligibility which is the last year the 4th year of the rookie contract.
        3. The Eagles have given no hint, suggestion, or indication that they are going to negotiate a new deal with Foles…and You doofus have suggested that they dont even worry about it.
        4. Reports out of Seattle is that they are going to make Wilson the highest paid QB in NFL history
        So one QB is going to be well compensated….and their are no serious doubts about it. Nick Foles, if he stays with the Eagles..according to you should play under a contract that will pay him significantly under market value….with no security from injury, no guarantees for a renewal of the contract, and risking the possibility of getting hurt again and seriously diminishing his future earning potential.
        Again, in Nick Foles career he has made less money than Dennis Dixon!
        Yet, Nick Foles is supposed to have a cheerful, upbeat attitude, buy into Chip’s culture and be an effective player.
        You are worst than Vinniedafool

        “Andrew Luck is playing under the exact contract terms as well and making the same contract terms as RG3.”

        Hey Doofus…Andrew Luck, RG3 are not underpaid…they have signed massive guaranteed contracts that have earned them millions. Nick Foles for a AVERAGE to BELOW AVERAGE starting QB under any fair consideration is grossly underpaid. Comparing Foles playing in the last year of his deal to Luck or RG3 or anyone else who is NOT grossly underpaid is simply ridiculous and exposes your rank stupidity.
        Its not that hard to understand dumbass…We all can have major disagreements about Foles as a player…but there is absolutely no disagreement from any one that Nick Foles is grossly underpaid.

        So your dumbass responses that keeps telling us about other players playing on the last year of their contracts only exposes your stupidity

        “Btw…the best WR in the league is playing under that same contract situation going into his walk year…and guess what’s on the table…the Franchise tag.”

        Dumb and getting even dumber…we are talking about Quarterbacks idiot! The supposed leader of your team, the face of your franchise. QB’s are the highest paid position in the NFL amongst players. If Nick Foles has anyone like you at all as a agent….he should be fired immediately…because the more you type the more obvious it becomes just how dumb your ass really is…Doofus.
        Is the best wide receiver in the NFL subjected to talk about being replaced in the lineup by a rookie after being grossly underpaid? Is the best wide receiver in the NFL paid less than a wide receiver that has never started any significant games, never started in any playoff games…yet has earned less money in his career than the backup wide receiver who was not even serious competition for the starting job?

        Let me say this for you again…Dumbass

        Nick Foles is a grossly underpaid QUARTERBACK..that you are asking after coming off an injury to play in the final year of his contract-underpaid, no extension, no security, after an off season ripe with speculation about him being replaced as the starter.

        So if he tweaks that ankle…he should tough it out and risk poor play that would devalue his earning potential…he should have a great attitude about Chip Kelly and the organization that gives every player they value an extension…but leaves him the player playing at the most important position on the team-to play in the last year of his grossly underpaid contract.

        Only a complete and utter Fool like you can believe something like that…

        Fall back Fool…you ass out and dumb as fuck!
        None of the examples you have dragged up matches with Nick Foles situation. None of the players you mentioned have been grossly underpaid. Here is what your stupid ass is asking of Nick Foles…watch the Eagles renegotiate and make substantial offers to his teammates- offensive linemen, receivers, and defensive players who have not been underpaid…yet the guy starting in the most important position on the team is supposed play at a high level and accept the risk of getting injured, or playing poorly with out the security of a long term deal after playing as a starter and receiving sign

        • Koolbreeze once again showing his moron biased agenda side.

          See dickhead just because you post nine paragraphs doesn’t mean you are right or fact based.


          Dez Bryant made 1.8 base salary last year.

          Justin Houston 1.4 base salary

          Devin McCourty 3.3 million…IN THE FIFTH YEAR OF HIS ROOKIE DEAL. After going into his walk year as only making 700k.

          These are just 3 of the best at their position.


  • Koolbreeze…the moron who said resign Sanchez and cut Foles.

    Nothing else needs to be said.

  • Koolbreeze…no way Foles should play in his walk year and risk everything.

    “Let’s sign Devin McCourty”

    Hold on why did he play in his walk year?


  • According to Koolbreeze

    Justin Houston DeMarco Murray DeMarius Thomas Dez Bryant Jason Pierre Paul are all fools for playing in their walk year. Their team showed them no commitment etc…


    • Good Stuff IJ…
      Don’t forget Randall Cobb, Justin Forsett…

      • And the list of QBs that EaglesSue listed in the post above. They will enter their ‘walk year’ next season…..

    • Were Justin Houston, Demarco Murray, DeMarius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Jason Pierre Paul amongst the lowest paid players at their positions entering into their last year…stupid ass, fool ass idiot



  • I cant believe that I am defending Nick Foles to his biased, agenda driven supporters!!

    WTF…this is proof of some of the pure FOOLS on this site…

    I understand how this strains the very core of your intelligence…Fool asses…but the extreme stupidity is mind boggling.

    Was Nick Foles extremely underpaid?

    Nick Foles earned less money than several of the Eagles special team players

    34 players on the Eagles team earn more than Nick Foles

    Nick Foles is not in the top 50 Quarterbacks in terms of overall earnings over the last 4 years

    Dan Orlovsky made more money as a back up for the woeful Chicago Bears than Nick Foles earned as a starter.

    In 2015, the last year you fools are saying Nick Foles should just play in his walk year of his contract with no security, no offers of an extension..a walk year where he will make less money than Brock Osweiler, Chad Henne, Bruce Gradkowski, and Kellen Clemens.

    Is that what his agent should advise Nick Foles? Really?

    Dumbass, Doofus, and downright stupid!

  • WOW…Foles is not in the top 50 in overall earnings over the past 4 years.

    Perhaps because he’s only played 3 years??

    Putz. He’s on a rookie contract which could not have been negotiated until this year. So any and everything you talk about him being underpaid is absolutely and completely moot. He got locked in to a 3rd round contract like everyone else. He was paid the same as Russel Wilson.

    There was nothing anyone could do about it.

    He is still under contract.

    Friggin’ relax.

    You just can’t begin to comprehend why he’ll play this year can you?

    You don;t know his family is already rich.

    You can’t comprehend that he undoubtedly has insurance against injury.

    You ignore the dozens and dozens and dozens of NFL players who enter the final year of their rookie contracts without re-negotiating.

    Guys like Flacco, Guys like Rodgers. All entered the final year of their rookie contract sans extension.

  • And Wilson….everything you say about Foles pertains to Wilson.

    Guys like Russel Wilson who is playing right now for the league minimum!

    Wilson is scheduled to earn a base salary of only $798,651 in 2015. Fifty-two quarterbacks, including Tarvaris Jackson, Josh Johnson, Kellen Clemens and Dan Orlovsky, had a higher base salary than Wilson had in 2014. (wait, didn’t I just hear you dithering about Dan Orlovsky??)

    Oh but that’s right…..the Wilson contract rumors you keep touting??

    Are you so sure…..

    2 weeks ago he just may have been in line for the highest contract in NFL history. That was the rumour.

    But then he threw 4 ints. And fumbled. And played like shit.2 days ago, there’s no more “highest paid” rumours….there’s only….

    “We don’t have a timetable,” Schneider said. “At the appropriate time when we are able to speak to his representatives, we’ll do that. We’re not in a situation where we can yet.” Seattle GM

    He tosses another 4 interceptions and he might have to wonder about that “highest contract in the universe” business don’cha think?

    Why isn’t he demanding a contract right now? If he falters this weekend and plays like last weekend, he’ll lose millions! Why isn’t he demanding a deal right now??

    You don;t think the GM looks at that playoff history….against New Orleans 8 of 18….was he really that instrumental? Against Denver….they could have kneeled down 45x and still won….against GB 4 ints and a fumble….game coulda been a laugher with competent QB play…..hmmmm…..what happens if he falters this week?

    Hmmmm….there might just be a significant reduction in that offer…..Wilson better lock in right now while everyone on the planet loves him.

    19 free agents on the Seahawks this year….and more the next…names like Lynch, Okung, Irvin, Wagner, McBane, McDaniel……

    Wilson gets his “highest in the league” contract and that team gets gutted…..what if he falters this SUnday??….perhaps the GM might think its better to keep the core instead…….with that D they might be able to win with a cheaper option……..

    Why isn’t Wilson demanding his $$ now….he could lose millions this Sunday…..and what if he gets hurt…..

    You are such a putz.

    • LMAO @Vinniedafool

      Perhaps you were on an island somewhere Vinnie…and you missed a bunch…You ask:

      “You don;t think the GM looks at that playoff history (of Russell Wilson)

      Ummmmm…yeah he does Vinnie…guess what he will see:

      Russell Wilson has at leasts one playoff win every year he has played in the NFL. He has playoff wins and a SuperBowl in his second year, and has given his team a chance to win back to back SuperBowls in only his third season.

      I think the GM is very well aware of that!

      His body of work shows that he is durable-he’s not injury prone like Nick Foles
      He doesn’t turn the ball over over like Nick Foles
      He makes clutch winning plays in the regular season and the playoffs
      He beats other good Superbowl winning Quaterbacks…he’s 10-0 against other Quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning

      So in Seattle, there is no talk or even the slightest consideration of replacing him as the Quarterback, Vinniedafool

      The Coach isn’t saying…’well, we have to ‘evaluate’ Russell Wilson

      The GM says “when we are able to speak to his representatives, we’ll do that.”

      No one from the Eagles are talking about speaking to Nick Foles representatives.

      Wilson will be the highest paid QB in the NFL…

      If the Eagles are smart..Nick Foles will be traded during the draft, or cut sometimes afterwards…and the Eagles will have a new QB

      You are a verified Fool

  • for the stat guys here….

    The Eagles were 6-2 in games Foles started and 4-4 in contests after Mark Sanchez took the reins, but their offense showed no serious signs of attrition. Football Outsiders’ premium database ranked Philadelphia as the 16th-best offense through the first eight games and the 14th-best in the second half. The lack of attrition when Sanchez entered the lineup is perhaps the best argument for the Eagles to move on.

  • More good stuff nationally….

    Foles inability to escape pressure was highlighted last season as the offensive line suffered through a season of injuries and poor play. The dropoff in the offensive line play from 2013 to 2014 left Foles running for his life at times, which proved to be a problem, especially when he got into the open field.

    “He is a statue back there,” the NFC scout said. “Guys like him, I don’t worry, because I know where he is going to be.”

    • I love how this BIASED MORON Songsrme2 lists qoutes from an article….leading with “Good Stuff nationally”….

      But in the same article it has scouts qouting the EXACT OPPOSITE in praise….



  • Hey Cigar and Vinnie, I guess there is no need for me to defend Koolbreeze looks like he can handle himself pretty well. LOL

    • yeah a real zinger there! a real zinger! ouch!
      I can’t figure him out, in one post its all about wins (when RW is the topic) and then when NF is the topic it has nothing to do with wins…
      truthfully lion I hope they trade foles today, he wins back to back SB– this is stupid– i hope they trade him, draft mariotta, go 4-12, 4-12 and 6-10– mariotta joins tebow on college football network, chip goes and coaches detroit state…

      • What if they draft Mariota then when a playoff game?

        Wouldn’t that alone give Mariota status in a short term above Fole’s whole tenure with the Eagles?

        • who cares?
          so foles goes to the rams and wins a SB and mariotta somehow defies the odds and actually wins a game or two… mariotta will not be successful in the pros-
          Foles will be/has already demostrated it.
          like i said in an earlier post i believe chip has hitched his wagon to foles…

          • What has Chip said or done to make you think he has hitched his wagon to Foles?
            Chip was vague when asked about Djax future at the end of last season too.
            Chip has verbally stated he wants DeMeco back, Shady to be here and Mac back. When asked about Foles…he is wishy washy with the …oh I have to evaluate the tape…so jakedog does have a point.

            If it was Luck behind center, I do not think Chip would say he has to evaluate the tape.
            We will find out very soon if Chip wants Foles, he should have a deal in place sooner than later. You may disagree with Kool, but he is right. To let a QB you have hitched your wagon to go into his final year as a lame duck QB is not showing him much support. The history of the Eagles is that they try to lock up their key players they want to hitch their wagons to before they go into their final year so this off season will be telling.

            • dude haven’t you paid attention? RW is in the same boat. so are you saying seattle is wishy washy about him?
              the only person that chip has to speak to is NF– haven’t you paid attention chip doesn’t say anything to anyone-
              as for why i think he’s hitched his wagon– actions speak louder than words– lets face it a lot of people on here think its the RO and you need a running qb, mobile qb whatever… its just not the actions that he has demonstrated…heading into 3 years without a RO qb? saying what the last two years were not part of the building process– makes zero sense

              • Seattle has made it very clear what their intentions are for the future of Russell Wilson. They have said they want to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL. That is not wishy washy! There are no negotiation strategies about that…it’s clear.

                Chip does say things. He said he wants Ryans back. He said he wants Maclin back. When asked about Lesean..who is not up for contract…he said Lesean will be here…very definitive.
                When asked about Nick…he has to watch the tape.
                So yes, I have been paying very close attention, and Chip’s responses are very telling.
                I thought Lurie would come out in support of Foles after 2013 but he did not, Howie could have prior to his demotion. On his show during the season he was asked about Foles’ future and he was wishy washy, when asked about Cox and Kendricks, they were labeled future building blocks. I remember Lurie coming out in support of McNabb from day one. Someone could speak up for Nick in the FO…if they wanted to..but the crickets grow louder and louder.

                There is no bias or agenda on my part. If Chip wants to win with Nick, I support the move, if he wants to try to get another QB to try and win with, I will support that as I am an Eagles fan, not a fan of a particular player.

              • don’t listen to the words watch the actions!
                as for wilson… that contract hasn’t been signed yet–
                and as toast has said why would foles sign a BS contract at this point, it makes no sense– is foles the first person ever in the history of the nfl to be on the last year of a contract? oh wait, no he is not…as stated RW, AL, RGME are currently. flacco did it, maclin signed a one year deal to see if he can get a better deal… seems to me that it happens fairly often.
                you have no idea what the private conversations are between chip and the NF camp are– ANYTHING REPORTED OR SAID TO THE MEDIA IS JUST COACHES TALK, IT MEANS NOTHING!

              • None of us have an idea, so back to my original question, what have you heard or read that makes you think Chip has hitched his wagon to Nick Foles?

              • it is an opinion based on my interpretation of kelly’s ACTIONS:
                1. fired the only mobile qb on the roster
                2. signed an immobile back up for roughly the same back up money as the mobile guy (who knew his system)
                3. went into year 2 with a guy who is a statue
                4. went 6-2 with said statue
                5. drafted an immobile guy
                6. for two drafts passed on every mobile guy
                7. his ‘system’ has been shown to not need a mobile guy– something he said when he got here (but like i said don’t focus on words)
                8. he toys with the media and fans for sport– he at one time proclaimed nick qb for life, which meant about as much as the ‘we will evaluate’ stuff

              • Thank you for addressing the question. I see your points and why you would feel the way you do. I think if given the opportunity to draft a QB he felt was an upgrade, he would. The mobile QB’s he had a chance to take like Manziel and Boyd who I stated was garbage from day one I don’t think was ever an option for Kelly, not because of mobility, simply because they were garbage. Kelly clearly liked Vick, but his injury problems got him out of here, Kelly likes Sanchez too, he’s made that clear. I don’t like him as he is garbage too but I have disagreed with Kelly before. I just have a feeling that he is not settled on Nick Foles. He has gushed about Eagles players..even Sanchez. To this day he has had just a luke warm attitude about Foles. Maybe it’s gamesmanship, but…I doubt it.

              • he has said very nice things about foles as well-
                gamesmanship– probably– he toys with fans and media–i put zero stock in one word that he says publicly ZERO–
                there is no need for him to say anything — i know the fans of nick want him endorsed and the haters want kelly to say we are going in another direction– but he won’t say either of those things– just watch what he does….

            • put another way, if he hasn’t /doesn’t commit to NF and goes all in for mariotta or worse yet thinks hundley is his guy or some other non sense we are screwed as fans— he will be gone in two years and we will hire a gus bradley type who is doing a bangup job in jax!

            • So to prove this point we are using Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. The two best young QBs in the game who have started every game for 3 plus years…to a QB with a year and a half worth of starts and coming off of injury.

              SMH. Koolbreeze has no point. Resigning Foles right now to an Andy Dalton type of contract would be just as a big a killer to this franchise as spending years worth of draft picks on Marcus Marriotta.

            • What has Chip said or done to make you think he has hitched his wagon to Foles?

              Chip has done nothing to give me an opinion one way or another. Chip was never ask about Foles directly that I can see….

              Chip was asked – “Will the Eagles look to upgrade at quarterback?” He responded in a way that made me think that he was talking more about Sanchez….

              What does this sound like? – “We haven’t made any evaluations of anything. So for me to say, at any position here, quarterback, wide receiver, defensive line, kicker, holder, anybody, we literally just played our last game. Still in the process of breaking down the film of the last game, and then we have a long evaluation process. Time is on everybody’s side here. We don’t have to make any decisions today. We don’t have to make any decisions until we get close to free agency in terms of how we want to start to shape the roster for 2015. ”

              So that is what people call Chip’s response when asked about Foles?

              I personally don’t think Kelly likes Foles very much. I think he would like to replace Foles, but I don’t think he will give-up wins. If he replaces Foles with Mariota we will not win as many games next year in all likelihood.

      • What would lead you to believe Foles will win back to back Super Bowls?

        • check your glasses lion– i said “i HOPE nick goes on to win back to back SB”

          • Yeah and I hope I can win the lottery. Sheesh

      • well i understand why you have a hard time figuring it out havablunt…

        when you win playoff games throwing touchdown passes in overtime to seal a championship, making key throws and plays against tough defenses and beating other championship level Quarterbacks on your way to winning championships-Russell Wilson is the topic

        when you are turning the ball over, fumbling, missing open receivers and then your special teams and defenses bails you out by scoring touchdowns to compensate for your turning the ball over..there wont be a lot of discussion about the QB…when you are hurt for all of the tough games and cant beat a good quality defense…then you start hearing a lot of talk about getting an upgrade at QB.

        We have to make the call…go with Nick Foles…or get another QB…

        Its an easy call to make…trade Foles now while he is at his highest value and go after Mariota or some other QB that Chip thinks can be successful in his system

        Simple as that

  • Well if he’s hitched he should say so, it is not good for the team, foles for kelly to be damn wishy washy

    He’s the qb or he isn’t

    • First, Kelly hasn’t spoken to reporters in a month. Second, no team is coming out now with any declaration about anything. Third, say what exactly? so you are going into FA and the draft, you have a qb under contract–what is there to say? people are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for him to say what exactly? even lose lipped jerry jones isn’t saying much about his FA situation or his very tenuous QB situation…. early in the sseason the rams said they want bradford to restructure-since then ‘mum’– seattle isn’t talking about wilson’s contract…. look around no one is talking about any players!!!! wtf do you want him to say?

    • what do you mean wishy washy? what have you heard him say thats wishy washy? last thing he said was ‘we haven’t evaluated any positions yet, we will do that in the upcoming months’– that isn’t wishy washy– thats pretty definitive!

    • So why did Joe Flacco go into his walk year as well? I mean he either he was or he wasn’t the Ravens franchise QB.

      • Izzell your the guy with NO facts, no clear position…you are a waffler that wants to be right…so every position you take is with your fingers up in the air to see what direction the wind is blowing in…

        You are the one that just dont have your facts together and so you keep throwing up scenarios that dont apply to Nick Foles at all and you are too stupid to understand the differences!

        Fall back Fool and try to learn!

        Look at the ‘Facts’ around Joe Flacco as compared to Nick Foles and you will see that the situations are totally different!

        1. His rookie contract paid him over $23 million dollars…

        Nick Foles has gotten no where close to that…so just like your stupid arguments with RG3 and Andrew Luck…it’s not even in the same ballpark when you compare Flacco to Foles! So Flacco wasn’t a potentially bitter, underpaid QB with a legitimate beef against management.

        2. Here’s another ‘Fact’ for ya ass, Izzell…When Flacco went into his ‘walk’ year he had turned down an offer of about $16 million per year from the Ravens!

        “I mean he either he was or he wasn’t the Ravens franchise QB.”

        Dumb ass! The Ravens made it absolutely clear that he was the franchise QB. Unlike Foles, He wasn’t wondering, speculating on whether the Ravens wanted him or not..he wasn’t wondering about whether or not the Eagles are going to bring in another QB. Flacco knew the Ravens wanted him and he made a business decision and decided that if he played well during his walk year he would put himself into a much better bargaining position for more money.

        • hot air do you acknowledge that there is a rookie wage scale? a ‘slot’ of how they will be paid? you understand RW only makes like $20K more than foles because of his slot?
          foles nor wilson can be bitter about being underpaid– it is the wage scale of the union to which they belong.

        • Dumb ass! The Ravens made it absolutely clear that he was the franchise QB. Unlike Foles, He wasn’t wondering, speculating on whether the Ravens wanted him or not..he wasn’t wondering about whether or not the Eagles are going to bring in another QB. Flacco knew the Ravens wanted him and he made a business decision and decided that if he played well during his walk year he would put himself into a much better bargaining position for more money.

          Do you honestly think Foles doesn’t know where he stands? I can assure you that Nick Foles has a damn good idea where he stands with Chip Kelly.

          Maybe Kelly has told him privatley that he is on solid ground. Maybe he told him, we are disappointed and we might look at our options.

          Either way, what the hell do you want him to do? He is under contract.

          One thing for sure – Nick Foles is garunteed to be getting a paycheck next year.

          That’s more than Case Keenum, Austin Davis, Ryan Lindley, Michael Vick, Matt Hasselbeck, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Mark Sanchez, Shaun Hill, Jason Campbell, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn, Brian Hoyer, Luke McCown, Dan Orlovsky, Colt McCoy, Joe Webb, Ryan Mallett, Tyler Thigpen, Jordan Palmer, Josh Johnson, Jimmy Clausen, can say….

          • i just re-read some of the flacco contract extension articles …damn, seems like good things happen when a player bets on himself in a contract year… look at maclin and flacco as great examples! flacco picked up an extra $18 million in guaranteed money and it remains to be seen for maclin.

        • No Foolbreeze….The Ravens made it absolutely clear he was the Franchise QB when they DRAFTED him.

          Nick Foles was a 3rd round pick from a previous regime with barely a year worth of starts.

          He has proved nothing that regards financial committment yet. No fool on the planet would give guaranteed money to a kid with 16 starts and has missed a high amount of games to injury.

          Eagles can string out Foles for as long as the hold all the leverage.

          GET A CLUE MORON.

    • “He’s the qb or he isn’t”

      And you can’t let Foles play this year without making that decision NOW. Either Foles is your franchise QB and then you have to treat him as such. If you believe in Foles and think that he has the ability to be the face of your franchise-You have to move to sign him to the big money contract for the upcoming year.
      If Chip Kelly believes he is the one to lead the team….PAY HIM NOW AND STABILIZE THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION ON THE TEAM

      It is the height of stupidity to say…”well, lets let Foles play under this shitty contract he got where he is vastly underpaid as compared to starting QB’s in this league-draft a bunch of defensive players…hope that Foles plays well and hand over to him all of the leverage when he is due a contract next year. Where Foles can force us into :
      1. Using a franchise tag to keep him and killing our salary cap
      2. Being forced to pay him a salary that is not team friendly and if we are not a Super Bowl winner make it difficult to obtain the needed players to put us over the top
      2. Having him walk as a free agent leaving us high and dry without a QB
      3. Having him stink next year-killing his trade value and leaving us in need of a QB

      Number 3 is what is most likely to occur…Foles will stink next year, have nearly zero trade value and we wont have a QB worth shit!

      The smart decision is to get rid of Foles NOW…and let Chip find a QB this year!

  • Koolbreeze doesn’t spit out one fact. Just spins a yarn of innuendo and paranoia based on NO FACT WHATSOEVER.

    Fact is that EVERY team in the NFL frequently uses 4-5 years of a rookie deal to negotiate.

    Nick Foles has one year of starting experience with and was injured last year.

    What Koolbreeze is trying to do is spin reverse….get Foles out of here he is disrespected blah blah blah.

    Fact is Foles is slotted to be paid as a 2nd tier QB. He would have been paid so if he didn’t get hurt. He got hurt so the clock rewinds.


    • Izzell your an Idiot!

      “He got hurt so the clock rewinds”

      Is that what Nick Foles and his agent should think? “Oh well, I got hurt so lets rewind the clock let me continue to be vastly underpaid, play through the final year of my shitty deal-risk getting hurt or making my earning potential even worst..

      No stupid…Nick Foles and his agent are not rewinding any clocks…they are going to argue…”Hey, Chip! You are 14-4 with me as the QB, you got me at the cheapest possible rate…I deserve to get a substantial pay raise just like you gave Jason Kelce a huge pay increase…and guess what…he’s been hurt too! So why does Kelce get huge contract extension and no offer is made to me and I’m hearing a bunch of talk about you getting Mariotta or some other QB. Where is the respect?

      Nick Foles should be very angry right about now…he should feel that the Eagles are jerking him around and potentially harming his career earnings. This would be confirmed if the Eagles select to keep him this year with NO contract offer and no commitment…you cant talk about building team ‘culture’ as the team watches the QB who is supposed to lead them to the Super Bowl is underpaid, playing on the cheap with no contract offer in the final year of a crappy deal-that the whole team knows is a crappy deal…

      From a management standpoint if the Eagles keep Foles and let him play his final year under his current crappy deal they run several dangerous risks:
      1. Nick Foles teammates are well aware of his situation and sees Kelly’s ‘culture’ talk as a bunch of crap. The team says..”look you cut Djax and got nothing and look at how you are treating the QB who has been a good solider? Maybe Cary Williams has a point when he implied a lack of care for the players by working them too hard during the week…maybe you dont really care about the players so why should we buy into you Chip

      2. Nick Foles becomes worried about his poor situation and it impacts his play on the field, under pressure, feeling no support from management he begins pressing and plays poorly which hurts the team, results in losses.
      So if the half-hearted commitment to Nick Foles turns into losses for team it destabilizes the whole team.

      3. Nick Foles plays well but the Eagles dont win a Super Bowl…Nick Foles would then be wise to demand big bucks and forces you to place an exclusive franchise tag on him to keep him where you eat up a massive amount of your salary cap in guaranteed money and signing bonus and it prevents you from adding key free agents.
      Foles would be well within his rights to say “Fuck you-Pay me”
      Or the Eagles franchise him with the non-exclusive franchise tag and risk another team with plenty of salary cap space coming in and signing Nick Foles leaving us high and dry.

      The bottom line from the perspective of Eagles management is that for the so-called ‘culture’ you are trying to establish and to prevent bad blood that leads to future problems for your team….YOU HAVE TO RESOLVE THE QB SITUATION NOW!!! You cant leave a cloud over Foles head and over the franchise head by having him as a lame duck QB on the last year of his deal. You have to give Nick Foles the option to turn down a deal to establish credibility in your locker room with the Players if you believe he is a franchise QB that can help you win a Super Bowl.

      If the Eagles dont believe that they have to cut him or trade…

      Or else you run the risk of having a major problem down the road with an unhappy Foles.

      • hot air….ignoring the facts– he has not been underpaid– he is part of a union and working on the unions wage scale–you idiot…
        he is well aware of what chip thinks of him… well aware!

  • And from a player and agent perspective Foles would be on the tier of Dalton/Kapernick….Dalton got basically a two year deal with Guaranteed money and Kaepernick signed an ABYSMAL contract. Foles would be AN IDIOT to sign for that. Especially IF he gets a chance to play in Kellys offense again and put up numbers.

    Seriously you can tell some of you haven’t negotiated a real contract for yourselves EVER.

    • Dumb ass…Kaepernick’s contract places him in the top 15 of QB’s in the league with a bunch of guaranteed money that he wasn’t getting before. Is the contract team friendly…sure…but its 20 times better than Nick Foles’ current contract.

      Foles should take that kind of deal in a heartbeat!!

      Kaepernick’s contract is the kind of contract that the Eagles should offer to Foles IF Chip Kelly believes that he should be the QB going forth. From Foles perspective, it would be a substantial pay raise with millions of dollars of guaranteed money. Foles would then be in a position to secure himself with a substantial contract…it shows support from the team, that indicates a commitment to him as the QB.

      Then if Foles turned down the offer from the Eagles and decides to play under his current cheapass contract with the hope of getting a better bargaining position- no one could blame the Eagles if he got hurt or stinks badly and the Eagles moved on.

      If he accepts the contract, plays well the Eagles have him locked up under a team friendly contract. If he plays poorly in future years the Eagles can get rid of him

      The reality is you dont know shit about negotiating a real contract…and the bottom line is that the Eagles HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION NOW…

      They cant punt that decision down to next year and use this year…the last year of Nick Foles contract as a basis to make a future decision about the QB….if they do that there is too much to be risked that can go extremely bad for the Eagles

      • Krap is only GUARANTEED $12.9 Million bro–
        it is universally thought of as a very team friendly deal– one the team can get out of at any time.
        why would the eagles have to make a decision?

      • Lmao see when fact is given dumbass Koolbreeze falls apart.




  • Nick Foles has 19 starts including a playoff game. The closest young QB who had his contract negotiated before year 4 is Kapernick. WITH 29 that includes 2 NFC Championship games I believe and 1 Superbowl appearance.

    And that only got Kaepernick a mid tier yearly option bonus with I think 12 in guarantees. Making that contract even more horrible because the coach he was tied to is gone and the 49ers can walk away from that contract every year without penalty.

    Stop making up nonsense that doesn’t fly ANYWHERE else around the league to fill biased agenda aided with absolutely NO FACTS WHATSOEVER.

    • 19 starts under Chip.

    • toast please stop making sense–

      • HAC- If Chip gets Marriotta then Foles is easily flipped. If he doesn’t Foles stays here and has the opportunity to make money. Its that simple…all this nonsense about disrespect etc is just bluster. Foles wrecking his shoulder cost him the opportunity to cash in on millions. Now the door is open to possibly go in another direction.


        Unless hes taking a deal less then Dalton and Kapernick and he would be a damn fool to do so.

        • i get it, i get it!!!!
          i’m on record, mariotta will be a bust! Foles will have a good nfl career as a starter

        • LMAO…you are truly an Idiot!

          You, haveablunt, and other fools on here! LOL Your heads are spinning and now your confused.

          Fall back and because your head hurts and now you dont know what da hell you are talking about.

          The Eagles have to make a decision about the Quarterback, they cant go into next year with a ‘wait and see how Foles works out’ position.

          If they get Mariota-FOOL-then the decision (the right decision) has been made…they are not making any commitments to Nick Foles and they will trade or cut him

          However, lets say Nick Foles stays here, plays under the current contract and the Eagles get a veteran back up and drafts a bunch of defensive players like many of you are foolishly suggesting:

          Under this scenario, the Eagles better win the Super Bowl next year anything short of that has disaster written all over it. If Foles plays well and the Eagles dont win a Super Bowl:


          In this scenario, you are going to have to overpay to keep Foles, if you franchise him you will be paying him a massive contract to keep him or letting him walk to another team and leaving a huge gap at your most important position.

          If you keep Foles and he stinks or gets injured

          He brings you nothing in a trade, he walks as a free agent and you are left with a major hole at Quarterback.

          The Eagles have to make a decision

          The smart play is to get a Quarterback that Chip is confident in high in the draft…trade Nick Foles for the highest draft pick you can get from him.

          The dumb ass play is what Izzell and others suggest…putting yourself at risk to having the guy stink and you get nothing for him and finding yourself needing a Quarterback next year…

          DUMB ASS MOVE…the Eagles need to get rid of Foles


          NOT NEXT YEAR,

          • WRONG MORON.

            Lmao its hilarious when you are forced to use fact in your nonsense scenarios…


            • STUPID

              You haven’t brought forth a single fact…NOTHING…ZERO

              You have nothing to ‘unravel’ because you haven’t put anything together that makes any sense at all

              Your not together to fall apart Izzell


              • Lmao see you just proved my point…EASILY.

  • Ted Ginn and Danny Amendola made more then Dez Bryant last year.

    He should have sat out the entire season last year to get paid this year….



    • “What we want to do is have an agreement for the rest of Dez’s career,” Jerry Jones told reporters on Tuesday, via The Dallas Morning News. “To me, that says a lot about the concern about off-the-field (issues) if we want him on the Dallas Cowboys for the rest of his career.”
      Dez Bryant is not a QB dumb ass
      Dez Bryant was not substantially underpaid as a receiver, stupid
      Ted Ginn and Danny Amendola have been in the league longer stupid
      Dez Bryant’s new contract will put him right in the range of the highest paid receivers in the league…he has a public and clear commitment from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys-Fool

      No comparision what so all to Nick Foles


  • Songs has managed again to stir the empty pot …there is absolutely no fiscal sanity ,in addressing a quarterback,that may or may not ,be trade bait,that is currently signed ,and a protected asset …of the organization..and coming off a season of playing 50% of the schedule??you kick the tires if you don’t trade Nick Foles ,you watch him play with a team that Coach Chip Kelly surrounded him with in the coaches vision..Chip inherited guys ,now he needs discard and replace pieces to fit his vision…that’s a process ..If on the other hand we are intending to trade Nick Foles ,which has been rumored,why would we devalue him as an asset ,by adding a price tag to him ? That’s just stupid..the advantage of him as trade bait would be compromised…we Don’t have a GM in place …why put the cart after the horse ,and start making public gushing pronouncements ? Here’s why Nick Foles ,unlike Kool or songs pronounce ..is one of the hottest commodities in this pre draft scenario…you don’t need question his value ..other teams will set that bar …in what they offer …so you sit back ,let the fools fight for the privilege ….then evaluate your options as the draft takes shape …simple…

    • Spot on Deserteagle…
      So many GM wanna-be’s on here who don’t have a Clue on how to Manage, Protect and Promote your Assets (Which are players under Contract)

      I hope Chip Kelly gets some Quality Help in the Front Office for this is their busiest time of the Year and he can’t do all these things himself, while preparing for Free-Agency, Draft, Salary Cap Issues….
      and Chris Polian is not the man to do this either…

    • Agreed DesertEagle. Foles value is that he is cheap with potential, to both the Eagles and possible suitors.

  • Nick foles can win a Super Bowl in diverse ways ..as a starting qb for the eagles ,or as a trade commodity that alters the future of the franchise by accumulating assets ..I’d be mo re focused on the latter ,as chip ,has to prove ..his draft and trade acumen…utilizing these new assets..and songs …is cutting him as an option? Yeah that’s a plan?

  • Justin Houston made 1.6 million…only 600k more than Bryan Bramans….our backup to the backup special teams player.

    He should have sat out all last year for lack of commitment and not being treated as the face of the franchise.


    • LOL…Dumb ass

      the example I cited for you with Nick Foles is where he is making LESS than special teams players

      Your dumb ass gives an scenario where he is making 600k MORE

      LOL…Dumb ass

      Justin Houston is not a QB, FOOL he will never have the earning potential of a Quarterback in the NFL…Linebackers dont make that kind of money. So comparing Nick Foles to linebackers, receivers, tight ends, kickers, and other is flat out ridiculous

      • LMAO Did you just say the premier 3-4 pass rusher isnt going to make the same if not more than a mid tier QB.

        Justin Houston will get more guaranteed money than Kapernick and Dalton…


  • Exactly Paul man…why negotiate vs yourself …it’s fiscal retardation…IMO as stated the Eagles will make a hire ,however ,we are reinventing the wheel …A traditional GM won’t be here ,Jeffrey already changed that dynamic ,by pronouncing Chip as having the final say …we have placed an all in bet ,on the table ..and if Chip is to be enshrined ,the handling of assets ,and determining who stays and who goes from the past regime ,is step one..

  • hot air and songs check out the quote from RW’s general manager…

    “We don’t have a timetable,” Schneider said. “At the appropriate time when we are able to speak to his representatives, we’ll do that.

    He said this on January 24th–oops!

    • haveablunt every word out of Seattle is that Russell Wilson is going to be the highest paid QB in the NFL.


      Comparing Russell Wilson’s contract situation to Nick Foles proves what idiots haveablunt, Izzell and other are…

      Russell Wilson has major leverage as a Super Bowl winning QB that is about to play in another Super Bowl…he’s proven…he’s won the prize..and it is well established that he is not going to play next year under his current contract…Seattle is going to pay him big bucks…and that’s clear

      Only a Fool would compare RW situation to Nick Foles!

  • Paulman’s 2015 Eagle’s Mock Draft (Version #16)

    1st Rd (20th) – CB Quentin Rollins (Miami-Ohio 5-11 195lbs 4.46 Speed)
    2nd Rd (52nd) – DE/OLB Preston Smith (Miss St 6-5 258lbs 4.86 Speed)
    3rd Rd (84th) – Guard John Miller (Louisville 6-3 315lbs)
    4th Rd (from Buffalo) DT Xavier Williams (Northern Iowa 6-2 325lbs)
    4th Rd WR Dezmin Lewis (Central Arkansas 6-4 216lbs)
    5th Rd QB Blake Sims (Alabama 6-1 230lbs)
    6th Rd CB Cam Thomas (Western Kentucky 6-0 195lbs)
    7th Rd Safety Detrick Bonner (Va Tech 6-0 205lbs)

  • But then again Koolbreeze is the IDIOT who just signed linebackers and lineman dont make the same money as a 2nd tier QB.

    Allow me to introduce Exhibit A….Gerald McCoy

    51.5 million…GUARANTEED.

    Andy Dalton+Colin Kapernick= 29 million guarantees with 25 million options on 1st of April every year for the next two years….

    Nick Foles has so much leverage hes going to kill our cap etc etc etc….


    • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

      You are seriously a deluded Dumb ass…can you read??

      Or do you just suffer from sever mental retardation

      LMAO…your brain is fried

      You bring up one single linebacker-Gerald McCoy as proof that linebackers make more money in the NFL than Quarterbacks!!!!

      Are you really that stupid!!!!!….LMAO

      Izzell Jenkins:

      “Linebackers make more money than Quarterbacks in the NFL

      “Exhibit A”- Gerald McCoy makes 51.5 million…thats more than a lot Quarterbacks

      LMAO @Doofus!!!!!

      Hey idiot!!! No position in the NFL earns more money than the Quarterback…do ya research-do a little math fool…take the salaries of all of the Quarterbacks in the league and and figure out the average salary…then take the salaries of all of the linebackers in the league and figure out the average salary…

      If you brain hasn’t exploded by then…you will find that the average salary for Quarterbacks are higher than for Linebackers


      • LMAO MORON…Did you just edit a post so you can be right?


        This is what I said…

        “linebackers and lineman dont make the same money as a 2nd tier QB.”


  • Oh and Justin Houston is going to blow that 51.5 guaranteed OUT OF THE WATER.


  • Eagles GM Candidate Scott Fitterer is staying with the Seattle Seahawks!!! Howie…start putting the draft board together!

    • I reported this back on Sunday EHL, when Eagles announced that Chris Polian was coming in for a 2nd Interview, due to the fact, that Fitterer already said No Thanks…
      Howie Roseman is in the Cayman Islands and turned in all his Voluminous Notebooks to Chip

  • Does koolidiot understand that NONE of the QBs drafted since the new rookie salary rules were introduced in 2011 has re-worked their deal after the first year?

    Let me say that again….since the new rules for rookie contracts have been introduced, here are the number of QBs that have re-worked their deal after year 3.


    Not Newton (4 years in), not Luck, not Wilson, NOT nobody.

    Soooo….Koolidiot thinks Nick Foles must be the first QB to have his deal re-worked after the third year????

    The lesson, as always, is that Koolbreeze is an idiot.

    • meant to say re-worked their deal after the 3rd year….

      But the answer is still Zero.

      • K I may have mistated that….no 1st round QB has re-negotiated after 3 years.

        Krapernick and Dalton did get extensions after year 3

        And what disasters those are.

        Both teams wishing they never did that, both now married to the ugliest girls at the Ball.

        No way the Eagles would re-up a guy who’s only played 19 games under Kelly.

        There isn’t enough information to drop $$ on Foles. They know that. He knows that.
        So if they’re going to keep him, then it’ll be a wait and see dee into next year.

        And if they are going to trade him, then re-signing the guy wipes away any trade value he has.

        Does no one else watch how the NFL operates right now?

        Every team wants to do what Seattle, Baltimore and NO did….win with a cheap QB. Spend the $$ everywhere else….once the $100 million sets in, the team gets gutted.

        The $100 million deal is the death-knell for teams. GMs around the league know this.

        This is why Krapernick got that weird “can cut at any time” deal. Why Newton is still “dangling” Why thhe Colts are reluctant to re-do Luck right now…why the Seattle GM says that he’s not talking to Wilson’s reps at all (and don’t you think the perfect scenario for the Hawks would be a WIlson performance like last week followed by a narrow victory? Save the Hacks $20 million)….and why the Eagles won’t re-up Foles till later…….What’s the point??

        Wilson better demand a contract right now. He has absolutely nothing to gain right now – he would have got highest paid 2 weeks ago, he’ll get the same Monday if he plays well…..and everything to lose….another 4 int performance will cost him what? $10 mil? 20? 30?

        The Seattle GM is laughing because he’s in a “no lose” situationn going into this wekk. Already has 1 SB with a QB making league minimum, and all Wilson can do this coming weekend is lower his value!

        WIlson better sign now…why play for nothing? He has everything to lose, and nothing to gain except the cover of Weaties.

        And what will happen to a potential contract when the whole PED thing breaks….I mean has anyone seriously looked at a picture of Wilson’s head in 2012 and compared it to his head in 2015??? I think his jaw is 2x the size it was…..

        but I digress…….

        • Actually the 49ers deal and Daltons deal are so team friendly its not funny.

          49ers can get out of Kapernicks deal every year for the next 3 years by the 1st of April without penalty.

          Daltons deal is a two year guaranteed deal…rework after next year and they can walk away easily as well.

          Signing Foles right now would be like the Bears signing Jay Cutler to that horrible contract.

        • “K I may have mistated that….no 1st round QB has re-negotiated after 3 years.”

          BINGO…no kidding Vinniedafoolass…you ‘misstate’ a lot of stuff because your clueless! So now you know to stop comparing Foles to 1st round picks like RG3, Luck, and other players…as 1st rounders they are amply compensated…they dont normally have problems playing into the fourth year where they have earned a ton of money.

          “Kaepernick and Dalton did get extensions after year 3”

          BINGO..they did because they were paid under market value as starting QB’s. Foles falls under the same category…he is severely underpaid as a starting Qb…regardless of the number of games he has played.

          The Eagles have to make a decision NOW during in his third year…stick with Foles OR go and try to get Mariota or some other QB in the draft.

          If they decide to stick with Foles they have to give him a raise..they have to move to pay him now for several reasons that have been outlined:
          1. It is consistent with Eagles policy to re-up players they believe in…failure to make a contract offer to Foles explicitly tells the team that they really dont believe in Foles as a long term solution.
          2. Foles is very underpaid as a starter and it hurts team chemistry and culture. If Foles is your starting QB the team should support him and that begins with paying the man.
          3. Attempting to sign Foles now shows commitment and a belief in the player and if Foles declines to sign now….then its clear that he is taking the risk.
          4. If the Eagles decide he is the QB, and offers to extend him now it prevents him from hitting free agency and enables them to better manage their cap.
          “And if they are going to trade him, then re-signing the guy wipes away any trade value he has.”

          Vinnie, if you trade him there is NO need to resign him. If Chip Kelly is going in a different direction at QB you simply trade Foles without resigning him. Trade Foles during the draft where his trade value is going to be at its highest point and the Eagles can possibly make some draft day deals.

          The dumb move is to do what Izzell, haveablunt and others suggest…keeping Foles on the last year of his lameduck contract to see if he can do the job. Then, if he plays well this year-Foles is a superior bargaining position can force you to overpay for him or to slap a franchise tag on him that ties up valuable salary cap space.

          If he plays poorly or gets hurt-again….then you have lost any opportunity to get anything for him and you have tossed away the season and will be in a situation of trying to find another QB next year.

          You have to make a decision…you have to make the call…and the best move the Eagles can make is to trade him and get the most you can get NOW and use this year to find your Quarterback

      • It has to be after Year 3 for any Player to re-work their Rookie Deal
        which are Standard 4 Year Deals…
        Now on 1st Round Selections A Team and Player can exercise a 5th Year Option Year to keep that Player from hitting Free-Agency after Year 4 to buy another Year..
        Example is Cam Newton which 2014 Season was entering his 4th Year of his Rookie 4 Year Deal, Newton & the Panthers struck an agreement
        for a 5th Year at $14 Million which was a significant increase from his Rookie Deal…

        • Paulman the vets sold out the rookies on those contracts at the bargaining table. It basically gives the owners the majority chunk of a players career at low money depending on where drafted. Even the no.1 picks slotted contracts are below par if they outperform.

  • Koolbreeze is an idiot plain and simple. Hes been grasping for 2 years. His arguments all have the same theory…get rid of Nick Foles hes nothing.

    Hes just trying to dress it up a different way.



  • So the logic is…pay a guy with 18 starts under Kelly and injuried for a huge chunk of his second season…who is under contract for two more seasons at least anywhere from 17-25 million in guaranteed money….



    • LMAO @Toasty

      You are so dim-witted and stupid…Izzell Jenkins LMAO…

      “who is under contract for two more seasons at least anywhere from 17-25 million in guaranteed money….”

      Wrong again FOOL ass..You cant even get any facts about the situation right-DUMB ASS!!

      Foles is under contract for this upcoming season stupid…not two more seasons you Idiot!!!

      You got it all fucked up Izzell…your babbling and dont have a clue

      Foles has played 3 years fool, and this upcoming 4th year is the final year of his deal.

      Foles signed a 4 YEAR deal not a 5 year deal you dumb ass!

      Damm…what alternate universe do you live in that would require the Eagles to offer Foles 17-25 milliion in guaranteed money IDIOT?

      The whole point in trying to sign him to an extension(IF CHIP KELLY BELIEVES HE SHOULD BE THE QB GOING FORWARD) now would be to try and get a team friendly deal for about 9-10 million guaranteed. It gives Foles a huge pay raise…its team friendly…it shows confidence in the QB, that Chip Kelly has selected to lead the team and it prevents him from hitting free agency and the possibility of using the franchise tag on him if he puts up numbers this year.

      This is all contingent if Chip Kelly decides he is the QB going forward. 18 starts, training camp, preseason games…games he didn’t start…
      Chip Kelly has seen enough of Nick Foles to make a damm decision on the man…Is he your QB or not! Up or Down…stop with the bullshit!

      Here is the bottom line:

      If Chip thinks Foles is the guy- Try to pay him a team friendly contract that gives him a significant raise…since he has been vastly underpaid.
      If Foles accepts-you got him in a team friendly contract, he doesn’t hit free agency no franchise tags are needed…and you can manage your cap wisely. If you make an offer to Foles, then he has a decision to make….take the team friendly deal and a significant pay raise or take a chance.
      Foles would be better off taking the team friendly deal

      Again..all of this is contingent on Chip Kelly…

      If Chip doesn’t believe in Foles-dont sign him at all, dont give him an extension—-trade him during the draft where you can the most value for him.

      Simple as that DUMB ASS






      • And MORON…the 5th is a Franchise tag….which is exactly what First round picks are negotiating when the 5th year of their contract is picked up. Their contract is negotiated at the top 10 salaries of their positions…


        • LMAO….YOU DUMBASS…

          WRONG again…The 5th year franchise tag is simply an option for the team not a requirement at all! It doesn’t extend Foles current contract you IDIOT! It would require the Eagles to pay Foles no less than and average of the top 5 QB’s in the league.

          Why the hell would the Eagles want to do that? Has Foles transformed into Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Russell Wilson?

          You have lost your mind….Idiot ass!!!

          Why would the Eagles want to do that and have all that burden on their salary cap? Are you that stupid!

          If you are talking about the ‘transitional tag’ that would require them to negotiate at the average of the top 10 players at their position and then teams could bid on Foles within 7 days of his contract expiring…driving the price up forcing the Eagles to either match or lose him anyway.

          Why go through all of that, IDIOT!!!

          LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are dumber than a rock, Izzell!!!!

          Shut da fuck up Toasty…your are a IDIOT and a Clown that dont know what da fuck you are talking about!!

          • Here you go again moron in your attempt to save yourself….the FRANCHISE TAG IS CONTROL OF THE PLAYER FOOL.


          • YOU ABSOLUTE MORON….

            Lets give a deal to Foles now….killing his value before the draft where teams view his contract as a distinct advantage in trading for him.

            Lets sign a guy now when they have all the time in the world leading up to the season to do it.


  • Couple of reports have Chris Grier…Scouting director for the Dolphins as the lead candidate for the GM job tied with Marynowitz…looks like the Polian second interview was a lie.

  • Tim McManus had a scenario where Foles is part of the package for Marriotta nullifying giving up an insane amount of picks to move up.

    If thats the case I have no problem with that. Mortgaging 2 to 3 drafts for one guy would be insane though. It also allows us to get to the heart of Chip Kelly…if he cant get it done with Marriotta or the offense show an absolutely explosive potential with all the supposed elements that are part of it…we can send Chip back to college and start over again.

    • I agree Izzell, The reason I like Foles is because he is a drafted Eagles player – not some other teams castoff, like Vick or Sanchez.

      If we don’t have to give up multiple 1st round picks to draft Mariota I could be happy with him. But, I wouldn’t expect him to win right away.

  • I’m not sure Nick Foles will get a contract extension even if he is the starter going into the season. We don’t know how Kelly will handle resigning players. We used to know what was normal under Reid and Howie. We don’t know anymore.

    Not all teams try to extend the contracts of players in the final year, and it don’t matter who you are. There’s no guarantee guys like T.Y. Hilton, Alshon Jeffery, and Ryan Tannehill will get extensions this offseason. They are all in Foles boat.

    • Stop Irish….youre speaking common sense….

  • Let the coach do what he wants at qb. I hope Foles stays but if Chip feels that he is using less of the o than he wants…. let him get it done.

    U guys crack me up.

    • Exactly Steve O…that plain and simple.

  • that said…. there is no way Foles steps on the field without a new deal this year.

    If… IF…. IFFF… guys get new deals before FA and Foles is sitting there… I do believe it causes a problem and that it is clear to him that they are not interested in him long term.

    • It will all get sorted out at the draft. If there isnt a deadline on reworking a contract for Foles thats mandated by the league, if they cant get Marriotta at the draft, Foles will conveniently have a 2 year deal in between Kapernick and Dalton unless he turns it down and gambles on himself. If so they will simply put the Franchise tag on him.

      • I dont believe this…are you kidding me…

        First you argued that Foles has no leverage…

        no need for the Eagles to give him an extension…the advantage is having him on the cheap…


        ” Foles will conveniently have a 2 year deal in between Kapernick and Dalton unless he turns it down and gambles on himself”

        You are a complete and utter IDIOT…Mr Shifty..you must have forgotten what you said earlier because you are always shifting to find a soft landing spot.

        LMAO…you are full of shit Izzell…busted ass!!!!



          YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

        • The point is dumbass…they can do whatever they want with Foles. They can string him out…they can trade him…they can resign him short term or long term….



          • LMAO…Your exposed…



            LMAO…your busted now you are desperately throwing anything up that may stick…FOOL ASS!!!!

            The whole point that you bitterly argued against was the Eagles negotiating a new deal if Chip Kelly wants to keep Foles!!

            Izzell Jenkins YOU said:

            “Signing Foles right now would be like the Bears signing Jay Cutler to that horrible contract.”

            “Nick Foles has one year of starting experience with and was injured last year.”


            “Fact is Foles is slotted to be paid as a 2nd tier QB. He would have been paid so if he didn’t get hurt. He got hurt so the clock rewinds”

            “pay a guy with 18 starts under Kelly and injuried for a huge chunk of his second season…who is under contract for two more seasons”

            All of these arguments straight from Izzell’s mouth…only for him to turn and do a complete 180 in the opposite direction

            PRESTO EL-FLIP FLOPPER tells us:

            ”Foles will conveniently have a 2 year deal in between Kapernick and Dalton unless he turns it down and gambles on himself”

            A deal mind you that El-Flip Flopper told us would be dumb for Foles to sign!!!!!!

            “And from a player and agent perspective Foles would be on the tier of Dalton/Kapernick….Dalton got basically a two year deal with Guaranteed money and Kaepernick signed an ABYSMAL contract. Foles would be AN IDIOT to sign for that. Especially IF he gets a chance to play in Kellys offense again and put up numbers”

            In this very thread, Izzell has flip-flopped repeatedly…who da hell knows what the fuck you are talking about…you flip-flop in the middle of your post…contradicting yourself

            You flip flop positions like a damm fish out of water…

            LMAO…you cant follow your own train of thought you flip-flop so badly

            Your Mr Shifty because you dont remember your own damm positions FOOL ASS

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUSTED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            First…no need to sign Foles to a long term deal if Kelly chooses him as the QB-its a bonus to keep him at the lower salary


            • LMAO there you go moron. My whole position has been the EAGLES ARENT FORCED TO DO ANYTHING. Contrary to your point of the EAGLES HAVE TO DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW….

              See thats what happens when you stick to one side only…..You back yourself into a corner and look like a complete idiot.

            • LMAO I like how you clipped out parts of an entire sentence to prove a point.

              If Foles resigns hes getting mid tier multiple year money like Dalton or Kapernick….

              YOU SAID HE WILL SIGN FOR 9-10MIL LMAO….

              I said the Eagles dont have to do anything with Nick Foles….


            • LMAO And you show me where I ever said I was against what Chip wanted at QB…EVER…..

              IM ON RECORD…..”IN CHIP I TRUST”.

              He can do whatever he wants with Foles if that is his dude….


              TRY AGAIN DICKHEAD.

        • Again I love how you clip out small parts of lines to sound right…lmao…


    • What in the world are you talking about Stevo? “No way he steps on the field without a new deal” …huh? He is under contract…
      I believe a deal gets done similar to what toast is saying but Foles has ZERO leverage to ‘not walk on the field’

      • have- be real. Im not saying he holds out but if I were him I wouldn’t play without some assurance.

        Ill go on record and say that either Foles gets a new deal this offseason by the eagles or another.

        • “I wouldn’t play without some assurance”… Then you say “I’m not saying he holds out”…. How do you accomplish not playing without holding out?

          This is the real world…contracts, union negotiated collective bargaining agreements etc… Or you and hot air can just make stuff up…

          • Because I believe it gets resolved one way or another before that point.

            • Oh I was commenting on what you SAID…how would I be able to comment on your unstated beliefs

              • honestly, I watch how you berate other people on these sites, I won’t insult your intelligence but I believe you need to read closer. this is a blog post about what we think the Eagles will do this off season.

                using my ability to decipher what is and is not happening… I believe that nick well either receive a new contract by the Eagles or be traded. I believe the coach and the player have respect for one another and will do what is in the best interest of both the team and the player. I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s best interest for Nick Foles to touch the field this year without a contract.

            • I know how its going to be ‘resolved’ Stevo…the Eagles will trade his ass or if they cant get any compensation for him they will cut him.

              There is your ‘resolution’…

              • LMAO Oh so now they are going to cut him with no compensation.

                BIGGEST IDIOT ON HERE.

              • I feel it important to distance myself from what breeze is saying. No disrespect but noone is getting cut.

                I hope foles stays. I hope the Eagles bring in competition. I would love him to earn the starting job but noone gets handed anything.

      • “leverage”- I dont think we are at a place where the eagles and foles are arguing about leverage. I think both Chip and Nick are close enough to where this will get resolved well.

        Ill say it again….. Foles gets a new deal by someone this offseason.

        • As I’ve stated Foles knows exactly where he stands… This contract nonsense is well…it’s fucking nonsense.. Non story

          • HAC if Kelly is flirting with the possibility of Marriotta I highly doubt he has told Foles that.

            • Maybe wishful thinking on my part but I don’t believe for a minute he covets Mariotta… I just don’t. I believe of Mariotta fell to 20 he would pass let alone give up multiple picks…
              It is nothing but made up blog stories linking chip to maneuvering the draft to get him… Off season blabber.
              I want to write the next article for GCOBB…simply titled “Foles, Marriotta”… Then stop typing ..no content…would get 700 comments

              • LMAO you cant steal my thunder. I said that a few weeks ago….just put the post up Nick Foles…..then thats it…

                I think if there was steal the Howie Chip dynamic I would agree with you….but now that he his KingDingaLing….I think hes playing around with that scenario a million times over.

              • He’ll simply posting “Vick” could get 500!

              • Dont forget “Djax”

        • Chip swings for the fences for Marriotta and Foles is gone….or he misses Foles stays and Chip starts bringing in more toys on offense and goes with what he has.

          Foles will be compensated if they miss on Marriotta…in sports its the perfect apology for cheating on a player with someone else. 5 year deal with 15-20 mil guarenteed early.

    • Exactly Stevo

      Of course, it causes a problem Stevo…

      You got to make a decision on Foles NOW…you cant drag him on the field as a lame duck on his current low-ball contract….while you have signed and offered other players on the team extensions with huge signing bonuses…and you possibly draft a QB that will be paid as much if not more than he is making.

  • Oh and Koolbreeze…don’t think I didnt notice you basically plagiarized an ENTIRE MARCUS HAYES ARTICLE….



  • Nick Foles is going to give up the ability to be UFA…for 9-10 mil guaranteed….



  • Fix the secondary. That’s priority #1. #2 is Jmak. And… Like I say every year. U don’t care who our Qb is.

    • *i

  • Krapernick signed his contract in January before the SB. Oh wait…it was late June.

    Dalton signed his in January before the SB. Oh wait it was August.

    Koolbreeze says Foles must be signed today!!! Before the NFL season is even over.

    Koolbreeze, as always, is an idiot.

    • Koolbreeze is a moron.

    • Bullshit…now ya desperate…cant win with facts…

      Just straight out lie!

      I never said Foles has to be signed today

      A decision has to be made by Chip for this upcoming year.

      Either Foles is the Franchise QB

      Or he is NOT!

      • LMAO you saw Dalton and Kapernick didnt sign until the end of summer now you changing up….

        SEE I TOLD YOU.


  • Sign Foles now! He will easily take 9-10 million guaranteed….one year away from UFA. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • Izzell Jenkins is a complete Flip-flopping FOOL…

    • Like when you said Sanchez was the answer…..but 6 months earlier he sucked….then two weeks after he sucks again….


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