• July 4, 2022

Rex Ryan Was Shocked About LeSean McCoy Being Available

LeSeanMcCoy&KikoAlonso1Buffalo Bills new head coach Rex Ryan has made it clear that he wants to get back to the ground and pound style of football, which helped him lead the Jets to the AFC Championship game two years in a row.  That new Bills ground game needed a premiere rusher to carry the load and Ryan was thrilled that one such player, LeSean McCoy, was available.

“We were just kind of like stunned there a little bit,” Ryan said told reporters at the NFL owners meetings. “We were like, ‘Really? Like wow. Let’s just take it from there.’ Obviously we were interested. … We knew it wasn’t going to be cheap by any stretch and losing a player like Kiko Alonso is obviously a steep price. But we felt really good about it.”

So Ryan has the guy he wanted in McCoy and Chip Kelly and the Eagles have an outstanding young linebacker in Alonso, who is a star on the rise of the Birds and he should be able to help take the Eagles defense to the next level.

“Kiko Alonso is a great football player,” Ryan said. “I like the [reports that] I was ready to trade him. I recognize this guy’s a heck of a football player and there’s no question about it, and a young talented guy.”

This is the story of a deal that met the needs of both teams.  Kelly says he wanted to move McCoy for salary cap purposes.

“There’s reasons why teams do a lot of different trades,” Ryan said. “It made sense for us and for them. At the end of the day that’s what you want – you want a trade that’s good both teams, certainly you want one that’s good for us and we believe this trade will be.”

We will see which team wins in this deal.  Will McCoy be able to put up the kind of numbers he did in 2013?  Will Alonso be able to stay healthy and develop into a Pro Bowl level linebacker?  We’re all going to be observing these two teams and these two players for years to come.


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  • Rex is trying to be nice in saying that they jumped on that Deal in a Heartbeat and basically got the Steal of the Off – Season for an Injured LB that Ryan never saw Play and whose Bills Defense played well in 2014 without Alonso
    I really wonder if the Eagles (Chip Kelly) actually asked for more in Return like another Player or even a late Round Draft Pick (5th or 6th Rounder)
    A straight up McCoy for Alonso is the probably the Worst Trade on Paper in the NFL in a long, long time.. I mean this is Reuben Amaro Territory..
    Chip got Fleeced and Rex Ryan took advantage of Chips eagerness to get rid of McCoy which was no surprise to me and was the final purging of the Big 3 that Kelly Inherited from AR (Vick,D-Jax & McCoy)
    Not that it matters any, but I had a Paulman Rumor Posted right here on Gcobb.Com in Mid-January that had Kelly Sending McCoy to Buffalo straight up but for Mario Williams … wonder if anyone wants to waste their time to go thru archives to dig that up like some of you like to do..for I sure don’t …

    • fleeced? are you high?
      in the nfl contracts are part of the trade– a good player at $800K is equal to a really good player at $12 mill….
      but as i re-read your post– its just fraud being fraud

  • Rex Ryans is a ground and pound guy….he will soon find out that McCoy is not a ground and pound guy.

    This may not work out for the Eagles with Alonso….but McCoy is the worst fit in Buffalo. So in December you think Shady is running into the line 28x for 85yds?

    Youre out of your mind if you do.

    • They still have Fred Jackson and run around Bryce Brown so yes they will be a ground and pound team, I like McCoy/Jackson better then Murray/Matthews but I’d take Murray/Sproles over either one of them.

      • It will be heavy Murray Sproles…..Matthews is just good insurance.

        If the Eagles pound teams out early Matthews comes in and takes the load off the workhorse.

        Matthews is a good back. Just couldnt stay healthy. But he averages 4+ a carry.

        He allows Chip to use Sproles more….Running Sproles dead into the middle of the line and watching him get twisted up last year made Kelly want an insurance back.

        Fred Jackson will have McCoy bitching and moaning by Game 8.

        • Matthews is good insurance?? 4+ carries???? You are the one that is high! At $2M this year, $4M next, & $5M after that. That ain’t insurance $$$$ Kelly has NO plan, panicked, & overspent on one area, after saying he doesn’t believe in sinking $$$ in one area, sacrificing another. Well WTF did he just do????? Dude is a snake oil sail man, that played his cards the way he wanted, had Limp wrist Lurie, hook, line, & sphincter, & forced his hand due to chance of embarrassment to his fan base! Not one move other than Maxwell makes a lick of sense, & are plain stupid! Needed 3/4 of the secondary replaced, so what does he do, Overpay for Maxwell, brings in mediocre slot corner, with major injury issues, to play the other CB, & leaves the black hole at SS, still there. He trades 2 already set commodities in Shady & Foles, & trades them for M.A.S.H unit patients. Bradford is set to make $13M. Let’s Maclin walk (which ok with), but doesn’t replace him. He releases 1 OG, & is set to release his other pro-bowl OG, for nothing! Overpays to re-sign Graham, who doesn’t fit, is undersized, & has shown very little since being drafted! Other than RB, they have ZERO depth, nor backups, at any position! How the F^#@ do clowns like you, still drink this dudes Kool-Aid, & give him blind loyalty? Seriously, HOW??

  • Paulman, we got fleeced? I wonder if you or Rex saw this stat, since 2010 McCoy has 1300 carries, 480 of those are for ONE yard or LESS, he’s gonna find out real soon how much that helps with his ground n pound offense.

  • Sal Palantonio is at league meets and talked to many GMS and just destroyed Chip Kelly. He said Chip has no fucking plan. He said Chip was asking for a bag of rocks for Shady. He called Buffalo and asked for draft picks knowing they didn’t have many then Buffalo said what about players. The Eagles asked for Robert Woods or Kiko or both. The bills decided on Kiko, it took 30 mi for the whole deal. The Eagles were calling multiple teams to dump McCoy. Then Sal said the Rams fleeced the Eagles by trading for a ACL tear waiting to happen for a young QB with a good record plus a 2nd round pick. lol. Thank goodness they didn’t sign Gore who has 200,000 miles on his body and is old to come in here to run a hurry up attack. Instead they spent 20 million on 2 QBs and 12 million on 2 RBs and used up all there cap room.

    • Who gives a shit about what Sal Pal said.

      • It wasn’t opinion it was fact so I guess everyone should care. Why wouldn’t you care to hear the truth about what actually happened?

        • You obviously havent followed Sal Pal in a while…..hes one of the biggest double talking shills out there. He was Andy Reids leak….

          Hes basically Ed Werder….another lying clueless shill. Sal Pal has no ties and makes shit up point blank.

          • MMMMMMMM, Kool-Aid flowing good today, huh? Ray Charles, with pom-poms, following the man with the flute!

        • If you think what Sal Pal says out of his mouth is fact you have no idea what the word fact means.

          Do some research.

          Hes a fossil scoop reporter whos been wrong and out of date.

      • I don’t know who gives a shit about him, but I know I agree with him on the Sam Bradford deal. To much given for someone as fragile as Bradford has been….scary. He has no longevity and we will be looking for another QB in two years. Every time Bradford takes a hit or falls awkwardly, we all will be holding our collective breaths. Anyone who says differently is lying.

        • We said the same thing about Vick and Foles EHL.

          • Isn’t it funny how history repeats itself….in this case over and over and over again. Would have been with Kolb too if he was here longer.

        • You guys act as if we gave up a sure shot at QB in given up Foles…

          Foles is always hurt and injured as well…he is an accident waiting to happen because he holds the ball to long…

          The choice came down to do you keep an injury prone, no talent guy like Foles or go with an injury prone but talented guy like Bradford

          Give me the guy with talent…I take my chances there!

          • Well all I can sya is if we had a number 1 pick here in philly with Bradford shitty ass record and we traded for a guy that had Foles record we’d be dancing in the streets. Five years Bradford hasn’t done shit…actually been terrible.
            Great QBs elevate their teams..Bradford has not….they are laughing their asses off in St. Louis
            I’m willing to give chip rope as he is Mr. Vision and sees Bradford going better than 14-4 etc…go sam!

            • Could you imagine the vitriol in here had the Eagles drafted a guy with the #1 pick overall and after 5 years had only amassed 3 years of starts?

              And over those starts had gone 18-30 completing less than 60% and the 2nd lowest yrds/comp avg in the league after Alex Smith?

              Can you imagine what venom would be being spewed in here?

              And I guarantee you Koolidiot would be leading the charge….and now he’s promoting the guy like he’s a savior, only ’cause Foles replaced his beloved Mikey Mike.


              Look, I’m hoping for Bradford (what other choice is there) and I’m glad the Eagles have a pocket Qb in there…..but I’m not stupid enough not to recognize 2 things:

              1 – Its a huge gamble.
              2 – Eagles paid too much.

              • Hey I’m now the biggest Sam fan…
                As for the vitriol, it would be deserved…. Bradford was an unmitigated bust even taking the injury factor out. A great qb gets more victories…they just do…
                As for Foles I’m pretty much over it but for the record two years ago he took over for a failed QB and led his team to the playoffs, last year had us 6-2 as a starter, gets hurt and a failed QB can’t coast us into the playoffs… Those are facts. Hopefully the genius knows what Bradford can do

              • LOL…can you imagine the vitriol in here after a couple of more years of losing with Foles…of watching him miss wide open receivers, holding the ball, and throwing the ball to the other team?

                If we had went with Vinniedaloser’s call for a multi-year contract for Foles…that’s where we would end up. You can bet I would have led the charge to run Kelly out of town if he made that stupid ass move!

                No…Chip Kelly is a lot smarter than that!!

                Chip Kelly explained the problems with Foles and why he got rid of him. Vinnie your just too stupid to recognize a number of things:

                1-With Bradford, its a good gamble because Foles stinks
                2- We had to pay a little extra not because Bradford is so good, but because Foles stinks
                3- Chip Kelly is smart enough not to buy into your stupid statistical arguments…he looked at the film of Foles performance and decided -Foles stinks

                We have a chance…hopefully Bradford will be able hit wide open receivers, step up in the pocket and throw the ball accurately, get rid of the ball instead of holding it, make quick decisions instead of being so baffled and confused…all of the things that Kelly saw from the outset with Foles that made him realize a simple fact:

                Foles stinks, Vinniedaloser…your boy Foles stinks bad!

  • Even if Sam Bradford stays healthy,he hasn’t proven he can play a great or even very good level in this league. He may be very talented, but there are a ton of talented players who just don’t have what it takes to be successful in the NFL.

    We shall see.

  • Once again we are witnessing deal making at a frenzy ..being a good coach ,doesn’t insure a great duality,of GM and Coach..he’s done the deals he’s done ,that’s got his fingerprints all over them ..I contend,he is far from done ,he’s taken Andy’s guys and reassembled the deck ,with his guys..I believe Vinnie stated ,it’s going to take time to integrate ,all the moving new parts..It’s especially true on Bills side of them ball.Im not a fan,as we know ,so if coaching them up matters ,heaven help us …We read that the cap ,was the reason we moved our all pro back? And then we committ more money to the position? I’m fine with addittion by subtraction and signing Murray ..but pinnochipio was at his best ..if rex was stunned Jeff fisher must feel like a bowling ball ran him over ,when chip salivating ,took a gimp that them Rams publically were trying to rework his current contract or even part ways ..if not flexible…that is something the local papers were speculating ..cleveland offered them 19th pick ..we offered Nick foles plus a 2 and swapped a 4 for a 5 …seems a tad much in my estimation..if only compared to the19th pick ,it seems a lot..he has plans to move mathis ,and create another hole …why create holes when your u already have a safety ,a corner , number one Wideout ,and guard …realistically ,unless there are draft day ,player trades ,how many holes will he aptly fill?

  • Maybe the fact that it took thirty minute means Rex Ryan was fleeced ? …there are always two sides to every coin

    • Yeah, says the other excuse making, blind loyal, pom-pom waving, front office lemming, & enabler! SMMFH……..

      • BTW, what is your “Genius, messiah” going to do, when both Ryans & Kiko ain’t ready to start the season, let alone close to 100%??? Ryans definitely won’t be ready, & Kiko is still recovering, & hasn’t even started training yet, so he’s doubtful. What are YOUR thoughts genius? Or are you just going on blind faith ONCE AGAIN, with no thought of your own, no known facts, no history research of those injuries, or timetables? Tell me mister what if! Inquiring minds want to know!!!

      • I forgot you are incapable of seeing both sides of the issue– close minded and small minded– you weren’t cured in your absence from the site.
        as for ‘genius’ I have used that term facetiously only– I was a mike McCoy guy and very critical when they got chip
        now that he is here there is no choice but to hope he is ‘all that and a bag of chips’– they didn’t hire who I wanted so having a brain and routing interest in my team I move on and say– go chip–

        • You have no brain of your own lemming! Led by the pied pipers! You haven’t had an original thought, or anything of substance, in 3 years of failed comments, yet! Don’t waste my time blind following lemming!

          • BTW, you didn’t answer my question! Typical swerves, condescending back talk, & your normal verbal, meaningless diarrhea! Answer my fucking question coward!

            • dickhead– I gave my thoughts on the McCoy trade at the time it was made but to placate a bully here goes- I will try to use small words so as not to confuse you.
              I really liked shady, an all-timer. However, once the eagles made the move to go to this coach you have to let him get players that fit for him. So my thoughts are…you improved your defense and got RB’s that he seems to like so its a good trade from that perspective.
              As for injuries…. part of football…

  • The integration of all these new guys is going to take a good while….has a team ever replaced 9 starters with 7 FAs, 1 rookie (at guard) and a 2nd year WR with 8 catches (Huff??)

    AND it appears that they are about to open another hole at LG…..so I am to expect that they can get 2 new rookie guards, 2 new starting RBs, a new starting QB throwing to two 2nd year starting WRs integrated by the end of camp….I’m to believe this will all be good to go week 1?????????????????

    AND the reports are now that the Rams had “offered” to re-work Bradford from 13 million to 5. He refused…and they shopped him around….no takers and HE WAS GOING TO BE RELEASED! So Eagles traded Foles AND a 2nd for a guy they could have picked up off the throw-away heap a week later????????????????

    AND $4.5 million to a butt-fuck awful Sanchez that didn’t get any offers from any other teams and could have been had for $2.5 (at worst)?????

    AND have the HIGHEST amount of cap $$ invested at the easily replaceable RB position of any team in the league?????????????????????? (after Peterson cut/traded)

    AND this highest $$ spent on RBs in the entire league on a guy coming off 492 touches (unheard of) a guy ho can never stay healthy (though I admit, I am a big Matthews fan when he does play) AND a 32 yr old guy????????

    Colour me skeptical…….

    • Bradford wasnt going to be released…youre stretching hard on that one.

      • MMMMMMMM, Kool-Aid flowing good today, huh? Ray Charles, with pom-poms, following the man with the flute!

    • That’s why I said it does not matter if they brought in a rookie QB or not, the Eagles are not going anywhere this year. It is going to take time for them to jell and all of the holes they have will not be able to be filled with quality players that will be difference makers from this up coming draft. The Eagles are not going to hit on all of their picks so future drafts will have to be used to keep filling in quality starters.

      • Same fools yelling…”IT WILL BE TERRIBLE TO MORTGAGE THE FUTURE”….then Kelly makes a move to not gut the future….”OH MY GOD WHY IS HE SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY”

        Philly fans….piss and moan about EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT.

        • LOL…you got a point Izell, I can’t even counter your point to start a discussion on it.

          • Just wait til the draft….

            IMO…its going to be a bonanza….pick and players will be moving all around the league.

            I saw a couple of mock drafts that have the Dolphins taking an OLB. If they do….

            Dion Jordan welcome to Philadelphia.

        • MMMMMMMM, Kool-Aid flowing good today, huh? Ray Charles, with pom-poms, following the man with the flute!

    • Colour you stupid, Vinniedaloser

      There were a number of teams interested in taking a shot with Bradford…both the Eagles and the Rams reported having an offer of a #No 1 pick for him. So the notion that the Rams were just going to release him are stupid. They had takers and the Eagles moved promptly to get Bradford and dump Foles…the second round pick to sweeten the pot and get them to take Foles off of our hands is well worth it if Bradford is healthy and plays to potential and the pick is protected if Bradford gets hurt.
      Good deal for a QB with talent and dumping dead weight!
      Your also wrong about Sanchez too. He had numerous offers…he was viewed as the best backup available on the market…Chip secured him before he knew he was going to be able to dump Foles…so he gave him a bit extra.
      We have done exactly what we should have done in free agency…acquired talented players, helped our defense, placed some depth at RB…and set ourselves up for the draft.
      At offensive line we have gotten rid of Herreman who is older, was hurt a good portion of last year. Mathis is older…the offensive line needs refreshing anyway…We still have three quality players there in Johnson, Kelce, and Peters.
      There is no team in the NFL that have all of their needs taken care of…everyteam has some holes…we have more work to do…but we have taken some smart, calculated risks that had to be taken…
      Chip recognized we didnt have a franchise QB on the roster and it is unlikely that we will be able to move up and get Mariota…he made the bold move in getting Bradford
      We have improved the cornerback position, and added depth to the running backs. We have the draft to improve WR and the Offensive line…

      We are in much better shape!

  • Hac .it’s for history to tell..no dispute there ..however,what is calculable is his swift desire to make deals .and if true perhaps ,he could have held out for more .

    • I don’t have a problem with the McCoy deal. From what I understand there was a little more going on behind the scene with McCoy (and with Desean too). A little eye roll during a film meeting. The odd barley perceptible “sigh”. A well placed “couch” when Kelly was at the podium….from what I’ve been told there was a little of that going on….nothing overt….but there.

      So a guy like that’s gotta go. So no problem with that trade. Lets cross our fingers that Alonzo works out.

      But to then spend more $$ at the position on a 492 touch guy and a china cabinet? Weird. I would have just taken Matthews and then a draft pick. Murray $$ instead for Cox and Kendricks.

      • You also would have taken Nick Foles as the long term starter and face of the franchise…so theres that as well….

        Stop your nonsense.

  • vinnie …there are two possiblities that probably occurred ..cleveland ,who has proven its dysfunctionality was used as a pawn by Jeff fisher ,and tempted chip to rush to sam the gimp I am..I’m curious ,in the calculus of value ,wasn’t Nick foles plus a 2 and a 4 ,getting back a 5 ,worth more than the likely 19th pick (if it was even offered at all)? At the very least Id have like chip given a conditional 2 ,because this can either end good or bad ..if bad and devoid of a 2 is a hefty penalty to place upon oneself..

  • And enough with the 492 carries…..even if you hate the Cowboys to the core…Murray wasnt getting punished in 4yards in a cloud of dust.

    Their most potent play was the damn stretch play that he basically gashed teams and pretty much rode out of bounds.

    So hes not durable….but then hes durable for 492…but suddenly hes not going to be durable again.

    Same fools crying over money are the same ones saying…WHY THE HELL THEY CARRYING OVER MONEY…SPEND SPEND SPEND…

    They could afford to overspend….they still have plenty of room to make moves with players….

    I wasnt a Foles hater….but when he falls on his face and he will some of you will have to own up to it.

    He was our version of Derek Andersen…..who cares about the money…its not yours so shut up.

    • MMMMMMMM, Kool-Aid flowing good today, huh? Ray Charles, with pom-poms, following the man with the flute!

  • Just thinking ..could Mariotta fall to the rams and part of the bradford $ off the books deal was ..based upon the premise that chip and Jeff agreed to allow the Eagles a path towards there 10th pick ..could the Eagles get him for this years one and next years one and get back there 2? They then could deal sam for clevelands 19th in place ..that would be a sweet ways work..

  • Surprised nobody is grieving over the loss of Casey I’m not Clay Matthews. Hahahahaha.

    • Big, I miss him as much as I’m going to miss Barkley the donkey dung!

  • Stop it Vinnie…just stop it…why do you care so much about what is spent!

    You would have had us in a bigger bind if we had signed Nick Foles to a Kaepernick deal like you wanted!

    You know that was indeed one of the dumbest suggestions we have ever heard on this GCobb forum.

    Its a good think that Chip Kelly doesn’t see the game with your subjective stat driven approach.

    We would have been sunk for years…now…we got a chance.

    And for all of you who calls Bradford a ‘gimp’…you seem to forget that Foles is only slightly better. He missed a lot of time either being hurt or on the bench for poor play.
    We’ve won the cap management game for years…I’m sick of that…its time to win some playoff games…lets try to do that…instead of being the salary cap champs every year!

  • Called ng you out on BS When was Nick benched ? I must have missed that

    • When Mike Vick kicked his ass for the job in training camp, you certainly remember that…he sat on the bench while Vick started the season playing against the toughest teams we played that year. Vick got hurt and that’s how Nick got the shot at the job.

      Chip Kelly surely remembers the training camp battle between Nick and Vick…all of that went into his decision to get rid of Nick Foles instead of elevating him to the franchise QB like so many wanted Chip to do.

      • SUmmer of 2013, VIck a 10 Year Veteran barely beat out a 2nd Year Nick Foles.. What are you Talking about… Look at the SUmmer/Preseason Stats
        Then Vick opens up against the Chargers, Redskins, Chiefs and Broncos

        Then Oprning of the Regular Season
        Chargers coming off a 5-11 Season with a New Coaching Staff at playing the Chargers at Home
        Redskins started RG3 who was injured all Summer and playing in first action in 8-9 Months
        Chiefs coming off a 2-14 Season with a New Coaching Staff and getting them home at the Link on a Thursday night and Vick blunders and gets outplayed by Alex Smith and loses
        Broncos flat out killed the Eagles where the entire Team was outclassed

        • paul it is funny how the vickpologist revise history– they seem to forget the superstar was a flop in the nfl– never lived up to superstar credentials–was such a pos early in his career when he actually had talent that he never maximized it… got here had a couple of flashes… started for Kelly and as you pointed out was a flop for Kelly even tho the vickpologists say he was a perfect fit– went to the jets was a flop—
          did he sign yet for next year?

          • It is Funny but probably more Sad when you look at the Wasted Talent and the Underachiever that Mike Vick was… I said a 100 times, that I am glad he’s turned his Life around for the better, I just never wanted him as the QB on my Team for he wasn’t very good or a winner and never really made the Players around him better as the good QB’s do. I have no ill will against Vick, just never though his style of Play and his so-so work ethic and lack of leadership in his early years was ever going to result in Winning Football Games in the NFL..

            • You’re kidding me with this bullshit right? Dude will be signed and still in the NFL and ya’ll talking about wasted talent. Guess what Jamarcus Russell was a wasted talent and guess what? Him and his family are set for life with the money he received from Oakland. So what are we talking about here? Kevin Kolb stole money from 3 teams but because he wasn’t first overall he wasn’t a waste of talent? Stop with the bullshit.

              • Sam the Gimp isn’t a waste of talent? Oh wait it’s not his fault he is brittle or his story hasn’t been written yet but remember he was first overall as well.

            • Mike Vick will go down as one of the most exciting QB’s to ever play in the league…he is admired by many athletes for his breath taking runs and talent. He played a long time in the league, led his team to the playoffs, won playoff games made the Pro Bowl numerous times in his career.
              Mike Vick has a successful NFL career that was setback
              because of his immaturity and injuries…
              Football history will note him in this way and Vick wont fall into the category of failed Eagle Quarterbacks like Brian Hoyer, Kevin Kolb, and Nick Foles…failed Quarterbacks who never won a playoff game, who flashed in the pan and was ultimately dumped by their teams because it was proven that they simply was not good enough.

        • Summer of 2013, Vick an old, brittle, injury prone 10 year Vet kicked the ass of a young, fresh 2 year player Nick Foles who was projected by most of the pundits and experts to take the job. As training camp and pre-season got underway they and the team both learning a brand new system. Chip Kelly closely evaluated both players and by the end of camp everyone noted that it wasn’t close…..Vick had kicked Foles ass for the job and Foles crumbled under pressure.
          Then the Opening of the Regular Season
          Vick and the Eagles were spectacular against the Redskins
          The Chargers a new and improved team under Phillip Rivers. The Eagles offense played well but the defense playing in a new 3-4 was terrible. The Chargers proved how good they where that year by going on to become a playoff team
          The Chiefs were refreshed by Andy Reid…who had an special track on the Eagles personnel…once again…the offense while still adjusting and getting use to Chip Kelly’s system had some hiccups, scored points and was surprisingly good but the defense was terrible…The Eagles lose…
          The Chargers proved how good they where that year by going on to become a playoff team
          Playing the third game in 11 days, very rare in the NFL, in Devnver against a superior Broncos team the Eagles defense is overwhelmed
          Denver proved how good they where that year by going on to become a playoff team.
          Three tough playoff teams with a terrible, porous defense…Vick play by most objective accounts is pretty good…no one is calling for Nick Foles to replace him…but Vick’s weakest trait comes to bear yet again…he gets hurt..smh..
          Foles comes in plays against some weak teams with poor offenses and terrible defenses… and then he comes up against Dallas and gives us some of the worst Quarterbacking we ever saw…and then he is hurt again…this rushes a not ready Vick back…who is still not recovered and hurt again…Foles is eventually put back in where he has a stretch of games against weak, depleted, poor teams Tampa, Oakland, the Giants…he racks up massive impressive numbers…throwing 8 touchdowns against Oakland..padding his stats against that awful team were Cornerbacks are falling down…they just fall apart…all and all…Nick Foles saw one playoff team…the Green Bay Packers without their QB Aaron Rodgers!

          The Chiefs went on to

          • Ohhhhh….Koolbreeze stroking it to ‘ole Mikey Mike.

            Super Mike.

            We miss you soo much Mikey Mike. You were soooo awesome….so….breathtaking…..sigh…..

            Such a successful pro-bowler, so successful kicking ass and proving all the haters….I mean pundits wrong…..oh Mikey Mike I love you so.

            Its such a shame that you kept having to play all these other NFL teams and losing to them.

            The NFL made it too hard for you Mikey Mike. All you ever had to play were super-stacked all star teams led by players like Philip Rivers and Alex Smith.

            And you had to play against the great Andy Reid.

            How terrible for you. Sooo unlucky.

            If not for the NFL teams you had to face, you could have been an all time great.

            But don’t worry Mikey Mike, Koolbreeze will keep the poster on the wall and the bedroom door locked so Mom doesn’t come in for a long time yet Mikey Mike Mike.

            Super Mike.

            • The nerve to talk when your love for your boy-toy Foles Gold knows no bounds. When you believed Kelly shared your love for Foles Gold you were willing to overlook anything Kelly did and was fully behind him.

              That includes releasing DJax, which was the clear giveaway Kelly doesn’t know or care about getting full value for his players nor has any idea of asset management. To see you belly aching about these moves is comical, cuz you only care about value when it’s a player you worship. Which shows why you’re cool with the Shady deal even though he should’ve gotten more in return.

              • Really, you hear me slatering over Foles any more. You think you’re going to hear me moaning about how unlucky FOles was 2 seasons after he’s gone?

                Foles was better than Vick. I was all over that because it was true.

                Now Bradford is here and I am all good. I though they gave up too much in the trade, that’s true, but I am fine.

                Eagles have a tall, immobile pocket-passer running the show. No stupid scrambler. Foles, Bradford. Don’t care really as long as he’s not running around like a scrambling idiot.

                Don’t compare it to Djax. DJax was an overrated, malcontent, front-running me-first selfish player who quit on the team. Glad he’s gone.

              • vinniedaloser…LOL…

                There is a big difference between what I like about Mike Vick and your foolish Foles love….
                Mike Vick was better than Nick Foles and he proved it by kicking his ass head up in training camp. You were groaning and griping then…mad at Chip Kelly who saw both of them each day and camp…had a fair competition for the job and everyone at the time noted…Mike Vick kicked Foles ass for the job!

                Vick problem is the same as Foles…he gets hurt too much.
                When Vick got hurt and Foles stepped in a beat a bunch of bum ass teams…you cant post one quote of me saying that Vick should have gotten his job back…you dont find me talking about Vick should have been resigned or kept on the team.

                You on the other hand wanted to fork over a massive megadeal to Foles comparable to what Kaepernick got in San Francisco!!

                A megadeal to a QB who never won a playoff game, and in his contract year led the league in turnovers!

                So it comes as no surprise to me that Chip Kelly not only passed on your suggestion to make Foles the franchise QB…he got rid of Foles and paid St Louis to take Foles off of our hands!

                You are still sobbing and whining over how Foles ‘family’ suffers over little Nicky and yes…you are still slobbing and slatering over Nick Foles!

                Foles is going down in football history as another flash in the pan just like Kevin Kolb and Hoyer…and other failed, flash in the pan Eagle QB’.

                Over and over again…Vick was hurt and injured. Vick is too injury prone he had his shot…he had a great NFL career, multiple Pro Bowls, taking his team to an NFC Championship game, playoff wins…he is a good story of redemption and getting his life together…but injuries as marred his career.

                Nick Foles will never come close to accomplishing what Mike Vick accomplished.
                Taking his team to an NFC Championship game, multiple Pro-Bowls..a respectable and long NFL career.
                Nick Foles is going to be at best a backup…he will be exposed this year when he struggles to grasp St Louis offense, his holding the ball will subject him to more sacks behind a weak St Louis offensive line, he wont have the same quality offensive coaching that he had and his inability to read defenses, call audibles, and his poor decision making will all be exposed.
                He will be on the bench soon…in training camp they will wonder why the hell Fisher named him the starter…he will be outplayed by the other average QB’s on their roster…

                Its over for little Nicky Foles…and Vinniedaloser its over for you too…you hitched your wagon to the guy so now that he’s been dumped…you take the lumps with him!

                Foles is going to stink in St.Louis..he will either be injured again or benched.

              • There was never any universe were Foles was better. That’s why he lost a qb competition after only 2 games when Kelly said he would use the entire preseason to make his decision. You weren’t right on anything. He was lucky to face the easy part of the schedule, and Kelly rode the bandwagon till the wheels fell off the next season.

                And you prove my point. Just cuz you don’t like a player doesn’t mean you pass up an opportunity to get value. If you think that way you’re an awful GM. Belichek had run-ins with Logan Mankins, who was a Pro Bowl player. Yet he kept him until he felt he was no longer worth it, then got value for him. You let your feelings on a player rule how you deal with him, instead of making a smart decision. I didn’t think Foles was any good, yet I don’t like what was given up in the trade. My mindset about value doesn’t change according to how much I like the player.

  • I don’t know what’s going on with player valuations these days… I remember when a 1000 yard wide receiver was worth his weight in gold, and they almost never reached the free agent market.

    The Eagles would have don’t anything to get a 1000 WR in the Andy Reid era. I remember wishing for guys like T. J. Houshmandzadeh, to hit the free agent market… Today we let them 1000 yard WRs and RBs walk and don’t think twice about it….All teams do it… Player values have changed.

    • ** would have done anything **

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