• December 4, 2021

Eagles Replace Jeremy Maclin With His Clone, Nelson Agholor

NelsonAgholor5The move up to get Marcus Mariota didn’t work because you’ve got to have partners in order to make such a huge move.  Cleveland wasn’t about to cooperate and Sam Bradford wasn’t going to sign an extension without a no trade clause.  We’ll eventually find out exactly how far things went, but bottomline it didn’t happen.

I like the move the Birds made by replacing Jeremy Maclin with his clone.  I know Agholor is probably going to wear number 15, but they might as well have him wear number 18 like Maclin and no one will know Maclin ever left.

It’s simple, they let Maclin walk, then they drafted a younger, faster version of number 18 to replace him when they selected Agholor with the 20th  pick in the first round.  He stands 6’0″ weighs 198 pounds and runs a 4.42 in the forty-yard dash.

Agholor went to USC, so I’m very familiar with him and more importantly Chip Kelly is very familiar with him.  It seemed to me like they tried to throw the football to him on every play.  He caught 110 passes in 13 games. The kid lined up at every position on the football field and ran routes.  He’s got to be very smart to know their offense that well.

During the last couple of years, the youngster ran every route in the book and he will go get the football when it’s in the air.  Like Maclin he’s a precise route runner with excellent hands and very good body control.

Agholor is even more valuable to the Birds than Maclin because he’s a great punt returner as well and you don’t have to pay the big bucks because he’s a rookie.  For four years you don’t have to pay this kid and he will reproduce right away.

“He’s dialed in as a football player,” Eagles head Chip Kelly told reporters last night at the NovaCare Complex. “He’s in the Jordan Matthews category in terms of his approach to the game, and always striving to be better. The great thing about Nelson is that he has a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. He’s always trying to get better.”

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  • If I’m the eagles I get on the the phone with the Jets and see If we can swap kendricks for Muhammad Wilkerson

  • Fine with the pick, but like I just said on the other thread, who’s throwing him the ball, who’s our other half of the secondary, & what will the genius do, when both our starting ILB’s aren’t ready to go in game 1??????

    • I agree with you DCar, I like the pick, but damn, the QB position still blows. I said that we will be talking about the position again next year. Sanchez will play more games than Bradford if history is a predictor of things to come. Not a Bradford fan.

      • EHL pro Chip anti Chip I don’t think anyone does. Bradford was a plan B gamble he shot for Mariotta now he has to fall back. No different than when he started, no franchise QB on the roster and in position to really get one.

        I hope they don’t go QB before the 4th.

        • Bradford was a poor Plan B
          What does Bradford bring that Foles didn’t have?
          Expect for the big Salary??
          Bradford no Football duties to mid July, maybe August after not playing most of the last 2 Years means Mark Sanchez is the Opening Day Starter for the Eagles.. What kind of upgrade from Foles was this???
          Plus a 2nd Round Draft Pick next Draft….

          • Damn paulman let’s leave Foles out of this today. Please

          • The league doesn’t see it that way. The league has more interest in a banged up Bradford than it does Foles.

            If we have Foles we are probably saying Foles isn’t the guy at the end the year as well. When you have no QB you keep flipping rocks until you find one. It’s how Seattle eventually got one.

            Bradford is a mega millions ticket. Foles is a scratch off that won you 100 bucks one year. Both aren’t winning you shit in the future.

            • “The league doesn’t see it that way. The league has more interest in a banged up Bradford than it does Foles.”

              Why do you and Koolidiot keep repeating this phrase over and over like a broken record??

              There is absolutely no evidence to support such a silly statement – and in fact there is evidence to the contrary.

              I think you keep saying it just to convince yourselves of its validity.

              There is no evidence at all to back up that statement. No one, save the Eagles, wanted the guy. First STL, then the Eagles shopped him all over the league and no one bought the guy (save the Eagles). Had Kelly not shot his load early the guy would have been released by STL.

              • there certainly was no reason to give up a 2016 2nd round pick in the switch

              • smh…Vinniedafool, it was obvious from multiple reports…

                You didn’t hear a whisper, a suggestion, or a thought from any credible source that Foles was worth a first round pick!

                Foles had no value, there was not buzz at all for him

                Chip was aggressive, he made sure he had Plan B in place just in case we couldn’t pull off Plan A

                So instead of waiting around hoping that we would be able to get Bradford…we moved aggressively for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB…you dont wait …you move aggressively to secure what you need…instead of waiting around hoping that things brake your way and then someone else swoops in and grabs what you needed!

                Vinniedafool stop it…you whine, bitch, and moan…but its not going to change the reality

                He’s gone Fool…Foles is done, over, and finished

          • “What does Bradford bring that Foles didnt have?”

            Are you kidding me…LMAO

            How about smarter, more accurate, and a much quicker release

            You whiners are ridiculous

            I wish we had Marriota or better yet I wish we could get Tom Brady or Russell Wilson

            Bottom Line is these guys are not available…so Chip took the best available option that improves the team

            Stop bitching and whining…

            • KoolBreeze in March
              for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB…

              Koolbreeze in April…
              for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB…

              KoolBreeze in May
              for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB…

              KoolBreeze in June
              for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB…

              Koolbreeze in July
              for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB…

              Keep that broken record rolling! Keep saying it. Keep trying to convince yourself.

              And I’m obsessed? You’ve written the same line 78,000x over the past 2 months. 17 a day.

              Never once offer 1 for a stronger arm, smarter, and more accurate QB… of evidence. But keep it rolling Koolidiot….apparently the only person you can convince is yourself.

              Dude was shopped twice to 32 different teams and 31 said “no”

              BUT BUT BUT says Koolidiot…”it was obvious from multiple reports…”

              Ohhhh….Multiple reports was it?

              No one give a fuck about multiple reports. No one took the guy. and the team that originally had him was going to cut the guy untill they suckered the Eagles.

              Give it a rest man….its spooky.

              • And the vinnie vs kool war continues……who will win this epic battle…..find out next time on the foles bradford saga…..pman good grief these dudes please….lol

      • Ehl its time we bring brandon bridge in 6th rd i dont want any of these other qbs before the 6th

        • I would use a 6 on Bridge, truly a developmental prospect, but has the physical skills to be developed.

  • If he was the best player on their board then get him, long speed doesn’t matter with the current QB’s on the roster and RAC will be important which is a strength of this kid so let’s see what the rest of this draft brings, get a safety or olineman next but if Hundley is still on the board he may grab him.

  • Nice Pick for Eagles…
    Did he go 6-8-10 Picks too early, yes, but who cares, get the Players you want that fit your schemes and that you like
    Kelly recruited Aglohor and is very familiar with him
    Plays outside, slot, returns kicks & punts which is huge as Sproles has 1 more Season left most likely…
    This kid will contribute from Day 1 and be part of that 5 WR Roation that Kelly likes to use…
    There will be no true #1 WR in Philly anymore with 85-90 Receptions
    Instead there will be 3-4 WR’s with 45-60 Receptions each who can do different
    things…. Taking Agholor will put pressure on a Josh Huff right away so he needs to step up his game if he wants to see the field much…

    • Dude im excited for josh huff he is ripped and working hard as shit on his game…..he will show up this year

      • If Josh Huffs brain catches up with body we could have a nice young WR corp. Cooper only sees the field as sub and around the red zone.

  • Nerlans finishes 3rd in Rookie of the year voting
    1 Wiggins(110 1st, 17 2nd, 3 3rd)
    2 Mirotic (14 1st, 81 2nd, 22 3rd)
    3 Noel (3 1st, 22 2nd, 60 3rd)
    4 Payton (3 1st, 8 2nd, 40 3rd)
    5 Smart (1 2n, 3 3rd)
    6 Nurkic (1 2nd)
    7 Clarkson (2 3rd)

    • Mirotic should have won.

      • it was Parker’s award until he injured himself, but Nerlans showed well and was a serious candidate.

      • Why not your hero Dalembert 2.0? He got hurt too much for your liking, & was too inconsistent, like I said he would be? No love for your boy? Don’t worry, the snake oil salesman will flip him for some more future assets, that will either be injury red shirted for a year, or stashed over seas! The future looks VERY, VERY, bright……. For other teams.

        • DCar he played in more than 70 games. We agree to disagree not trying to go at you anymore.

          • Answer me this, was he, or was he not banged up, & hurt all of the time? Is he not injury prone? Is he frailly built? Is he a shot altering defensive presence, with inconsistency issues, offensive limitations, & very little offensive upside? Yes to all question! Sooooo, how does that make him ANY DIFFERENT, from Dalembert, & Ratliff??? See you, have a nice day, clueless!

            • No he’s not injury prone you can’t play plus 70 games and be injury prone. Injury prone is the ph he was flipped for that has played less than 50 games each year. The trade that also brought you back an additional first round pick….damn those pesky facts.

              But maybe you want Jrue Holiday back. Because we didn’t win that trade at all….smh

        • If we got the no.1 pick DCar I would flip Noel to shape the roster for something great in return. Kid outplayed all expectations and is a damn good young player.

          • Did he do better than I expected? Yes, which isn’t saying much, since I expected nothing out of him, but blocks, & nothing else! Is he a damn good young player? Absolutely not! He isn’t a player I’d want on my team, to build a future Championship Contending team.

            • We agree to disagree.

              • And you’d be incorrect, fact-less, & baseless as always.

            • Really? I could have sworn you said draft Vonleh last year….

              • And what does Vonleh have to do with Nerlens? Not a fucking thing! How does a rookie, who WILL be a stud PF, who isn’t a project, getting hurt, similar to our fragile project, who hasn’t & can’t stay healthy, for 2+ years now? Stop futilely trying to cherry pick BS, to support your failed irrational arguments, & thinking! I guess you think Parker, & Randle who I love too, getting hurt, has baring too? I guess you’d rather have Nerlens, than those guys also? You are a humorous assclown. You are as bad as Lil Bron-Bron Jon, havenoclue, & foolbreeze! Please bruh, don’t waste my time, with your verbal diarrhea.

              • Oh you also said Emboid can’t play the 4 and isn’t a scorer….

                Except Vonleh was hurt all season and is already getting bust label…and Noel tore an ACL and came back played the whole season wasn’t hurt and placed top 3 in ROY…..Lima I mean there’s that.

              • 75 games of 82…30mins a game….oh those pesky facts…

              • And I love how now I said I wouldn’t want Parker or Randle etc etc to save an argument.

              • Said no such thing about Embid! Said he is another injury prone big man, & they better pray he can play, & score, or they’re fucked! Don’t put words in my mouth. You’re wrong again chump.

              • Funny, how you see facts differently, than all of humanity. So, he wasn’t hurt & banged up all year? Guess him leaving games, practices, hurt, multiple injuries didn’t happen. He gets hurt sneezing! Give me a fucking break. You mentioned Vonleh that was meaningless, so a countered your asinine useless statement, with the Parker & Randle question. WHO, the fuck called Vonleh a bust, when he didn’t get a chance to play yet? Talking to Lil Bron-Bron Jon sources. Just quit while you are behind, & stop embarrassing yourself. Bad enough your lips are brown from Kelly’s ass, don’t make things worse.

              • DCar
                May 20, 2014 – 11:44 pm

                Neither Noel, nor Embid can play the 4, & playing them together is a recipe for disaster. Neither can score, & neither have any sort of outside game.

              • You were saying?

              • Lol……boom you pulled a eos

              • 75 games of 82 30 mins a game of 48….oh that pesky math does it again.

                You bought injuries than back pedaled after used against you. Now go throw some more misdirection in a post and rant when proven wrong.

              • I’m just saying Z….

              • Lol u stupid izzell

              • vonleh is a very young man – he will be fine when he reaches 23.

  • Nelson Agholor’s USC peers stats in the NFL both drafted high in 2nd round.
    Robert Woods from USC rookie yeaar in 2013 —40 catches, 587 yards, 3tds,
    Robert Woods 2014 — 65 catches, 699 yards, 5tds
    Marquez lee from USC 2014 – 37 catches , 422 yards, 1 td

    • Woods did that with no QB throwing to him at all.

      • And Agholor will have to do it with no Qb throwing…..ahhhh….too easy…..

        • Lol you got that one Vinnie.

      • Yeah, because a bust like Bradford, with a paper mache knee, & 3 other bust dog turds in Sanchez, Barkely, & Teblow, define QB’s? LMMFBO!!!!!!

  • They need to trade Kendricks to the jags for their 2nd Rd pick or any team with the first 10 picks …… or swap kendricks for muhammad Wilkerson

    • gloomy, stop with your failed, Madden, fantasy gm mode, trade scenarios. This off-season is a bust.

      • Dcar I know it’s the worst offseason ever.

        • That is the biggest over reaction in the history of this over reacting blog… worst off season? huh the coach just revamped the team in his image, with hand picked players– it is way too early to say that…. you really can’t answer that till about december… he said EVER!!!! spring and summer of 11 was the worst EVER or at least recent memory…

  • Florio just suggested there are sources out there saying kelly is possibly becoming coach of titans… this silly season is in fact goofy!

    • Cigar don’t get me started please lol.

      • I thought I’d throw you a juicy Jamie Moyer fastbll right down the middle!

        • Jamie moyer jesus lol…..if that fastball reaches 75 hell would freeze over

    • Yeee-Haw! Philly media roaring to the fore! Once more into the breach! Never stops.

  • I like the people pick. Maybe we could have gotten him later but I cant blame Kelly for not taking chances like last year and just getting the guy he wanted. Since none of our QBs have big arms we need RAC guys not straight line speedsters. I think NA compliments Matthews nicely. I’d be super happy if we got Fisher in round 2. That’d be 2 instant contributors this year. Shit i’d take a chance on Lael Collins in the fifth round. Wth if he’s guilty then cut him. Our fifth round picks don’t dress anyway.

    Anyone who still things Nerlans can’t play is just being foolishly stubborn. Just admit you were wrong. No one ever said he would be s superstar, he did exactly what I thought he would. You guys that said he was a bum/always injured need to stop. You’re just making it worse.

    • Preach CM

  • With the running back game we now have I am not too worried about the QB scenario at the moment. Put Tebow in as another running back threat for every ground and pound play. He can lead block even.

    Bummed a bit about not being able to work a deal last night but we at least moved on WR which was needed. Now it is Safety, CB and a project QB (maybe OL too) that we need to focus in on.

  • The pick is meh..

    It’s not good.

    It’s not bad.

    It’s just meh.

    On to day 2.

    • I agree. It is “meh”. He seems pretty safe. No red flags. He’s improved steadily over his last 3 years.

      I am generally not a fan of “skill” players in the 1st round at all. Should be the domain of OL and DL in my books (and QB at the top of course)

      I’m still disappointed that Birds didn’t trade down, especially with a partner available. (I mean the Lions got an Olineman and 2 deraft picks from Denver) Not recognizing that the next 5 or 6 teams were not going to take a WR due to the personnel they already had is another misstep by the rookie front office.

      I know there was a rumor that the Lions might have been after Agholor….but they’ve got $25 million in cap space dedicated to CJ and Tate alone + they need big time help on the Oline….they weren’t taking a WR in the first.

      I think an experienced FO trades down with Denver, and still gets the guy.

      • Being reported that the Lions wanted him and the birds grabbed him before they could. Is it true? No idea. I would have also loved to traded back but it seems that basically all the teams wanted to trade down. If this is who they wanted…. great, get your guy.

        • Chip said he had 3 offers for the 20th pick to trade down.

      • Aggressive and sound…that’s Chip Kelly’s moves…you don’t trade down when you have a player that you want that fits your system. Chip is not following the Vinniedafool/Howie Roseman methodology of waiting around hoping something happens and outmaneuvering themselves by waiting…
        This is what they did last year and ended up with Marcus Smith!
        Agholor was a great fit for what we needed so Chip played it just right and now we have a replacement for Maclin that can actually do more than Maclin…this guy has sure hands runs good routes like Maclin…but will also go over the middle and can be a good backup to Sproles in punt returns…
        Sound, well-thought out, excellent pick up by Chip….another good move!


        • LOL Koolidiot…you back at the car dealership paying $500 over sticker for your Fiesta again.

      • Vinnie I agree with the idea of trade down where I disagree is this notion the Lions wanted what we had. They got a cheap starting offensive lineman and that was key to them trading back. Manny Ramirez isn’t better than Mathis but he’s much cheaper and better than our backups.

  • Marynowitz said he thought their were 8 difference makers in the draft, obviously Nelson Agholor wasn’t one of those players or they would be jumping for joy with ear to ear smiles. The birds selected a solid safe pick. He was a 5 star recruit from Florida ( ND, Florida, FSU, and USC official visits) that waited his turn behind Roberts Woods 2012 and Marquez Lee until it was his turn to be the man in 2014 then left after that junior year. 104 catches, 12 TD — Blue chipper entering college first rounder leaving college. Good solid pick

  • Worst offseason ever

    • Disagree. We have a ton of weapons on O, i bet we are no worse at QB.. and we have a solid start on D. Its going to take time but I like where we are headed. Today is a big day IMO.

    • c’mon gloomy the year Coach Reid hired Juan Castillo as the defensive coordinator was the worst off season ever it was also the lockout year of 2011 too, and the drafting of Danny Watkins, Jaquan Jarrett and Curtis Marsh in rounds 1,2 and 3. Dream team free agent spending also.

  • This guy is a better player with an higher ceiling than Jeremy Maclin….This guy actually break tackles and don’t look for a soft spot to fall down on. He’s not fragile, so there’s more to this particular receiver than the measurables.

    Many receivers has the same stature, height, and weight.

    • holy shit I agree with songs!

  • I like Algohor. I think he’s got some Randall Cobb traits. Unfortunately, Randall Cobb has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball and we have Bradford, maybe, if he can get on the field. Ironically, Foles + a future 2 was able to get us the 1st overall pick in the draft + a 5 and Bradford + 3 ones and a stable of young, up and coming players couldn’t get us the #2 overall pick. Shame, I liked some of the moves Kelly made this off-season, but he got fleeced on the Bradford trade and now he’s left holding the bag, with Bradford calling the shots. Hopefully they can grab a Garrett Grayson later on in the draft.

    • You’ll see Brett Hundley in Eagle’s Green.


      • no you wont

      • Just for fun…. i would love to hear Vinnies take on this.

        Vinnie…. would u prefer Bradford or Hundley? and why?

        • LOL

          Vinnie wants no one except Foles…all is lost because Foles is gone

        • I have never seen Hundly play an NFL game, so I have no idea. About 75% of drafted college QBs fail in the pros, so the odds for Hundly are not good.

          Bradford has already failed.


        • Both = Bradford handles the new ground and pound dink dunk passing attack this season while Hundley learns – even McNabb sat for a bit to learn

          • Y that would be it. I still think they’ll grab a QB, thoughhave a hard time seeing them drafting a QB in the 2nd…….there are more pressing concerns with empty holes at OL and S.

            Remember, under Kelly, Eagles only draft players they’ve interviewed.

            QBs they’ve interviewed this year:

            Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA (COM)
            Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor (PRO)
            Connor Halliday, QB, Washington State
            Blake Sims, QB, Alabama (COM)

      • Hundley is the drafts slowest QB. He has a very slow setup and release. A full half second behind average.( all mental, he does not move quick after the snap)

        • He’s Nick Foles except he is a much better athlete…

          • If Nick Foles were a better athlete he’d still be an Eagle.

            I’m intrigued by Hundley.

            If he did end up an Eagle I wouldn’t be mad.

            • You idiots do realize that the St. Louis rams qb was recruited to play hoops at Georgetown and Texas among others? But not at PG…Kelly wants a PG…quick twitch muscle guys…it’s this very specific profile that they have at each position. I THINK I’m beginning to understand how he can discard so many players that he won with…

            • I think Chip will Draft QB Trevor Siemian of Northwestern in the 5th Round — 6-3′ – 220lbs and Athletic
              Siemian missed the last 8 Weeks of 2014 Season with a Torn ACL
              and basically won’t be ready until the 2016 NFL Seasaon

              • You had me at “Torn ACL”

                Sounds like Kelly’s type of guy.


        • Similar to VicK I think he has trouble recognizing coverages and where pressure is coming from – why I say give him a couple years to simmer

          COMPARES TO: Randall Cunningham, ex-Eagles: Hundley possesses a combination of size, athleticism, grace and arm strength reminiscent of the former Pro Bowler Cunningham.

          IN OUR VIEW: On the surface, Hundley’s skill-set seems every bit as tantalizing as Oregon’s Marcus Mariota or Florida State’s Jameis Winston. However, Hundley needs to improve in the critical subtleties of the quarterback position – pocket presence, reading defenses and ball placement

      • Holy Shit II – I could see this – Hundley needs more mental development but is a physical specimen – a solid later round pick up – I think if he is there after today…..

        • I say get him!

          He could be a gem with some work, and this offense would be good for him.

    • I think he got Bradford knowing that Marriotta was a long shot at best. I know he is the LLCB but again from his judgement of players that we all know is totally different then most coaches and ALL of us he thinks I got Foles and butt fumble to perform a blue chipper with a computer mind will complete 75% .. I think he likes Bradford an awful lot…

      • I think Bradford is made of tissue paper. And that’s the problem.

        • Its a valid concern…but so is Maclin…remember how we were all holding our breathe in camp last year wondering if he would be hurt yet again…

          He held up…and that was partially due to the training staff

          We have to hope the same thing for Bradford

          • He held up one year.

            Big whoop.

            And I shouldn’t have to “hope” the likely starting QB of the Eagles holds up – this system is brutal o QBs – he’s one well timed hit away from being on the sidelines and since Kelly ain’t taking the R/O out of his scheme I’d bet good money we see Sanchez or Tebow before the year is out.

            Stop drinking the Kool-Aid Kool. You’re better than that.

      • its wearing off haveablunt…your sobering up

        Lets face it…QB is the hardest position to fill in the NFL

        Chip Kelly’s moves are the best moves given the Eagles current position..their draft position, the availability of quality QB’s , free agency….Chip made the best move that our situation dictated.

        He knew that he couldn’t win with Foles and he wasn’t going forward

        He secured Sanchez seeing him as the best backup available

        He went hard after Mariota…Titans didn’t play ball

        Just in case he couldn’t get Mariota….he had Bradford in his back pocket with Sanchez backing up

        The only option would have been to keep Nick Foles…

        Chip knew that was a losing, no win proposition…so

        He made the best move for our current circumstances

        • I was over Foles 20 minutes after the trade…when are you getting over Foles taking overflow or your hero…I’m a sam guy!

          • haveablunt..the bashing of Chip Kelly is all based on getting rid of Foles…when you Vinniedafool, and others get over losing Foles and acknowledge reality…we’ll be ok

            • Hot air… The next day after the trade I was on the same train..you still are butt hurt your idol could not win back his job and is now a journeyman 3rd stringer trying to make a bit of money up from the fortune he threw away.
              Sam is our qb …stay upright let the ‘genius’ run this horizontal offense, hand it to Murray, Matthews, sproles 40 times a game, vertical running, Riley cooper as your ‘outside’ left tackle… I’m ready

              • Havablunt….check the record…at no time did I ever call for Vick to be be a starter after he was injured and Foles started. Not once…its you and Vinniedafool and others who still suffer from ass sores over the flash in the pan Foles
                again all of the bellyaching is for one reason and one reason only…lmao

            • LOL…Hey Koolidiot, you do realize you’ve used the words “Foles” and “Bradford” 23x today alone. And the day isn’t over yet.

              You’ve written 9 posts on the subject extoling the virtues of the great Sam Bradford while ripping Foles to me, Paulman, HAC, TS, Eagles0, and Gloomsmitty

              Just sayin’

              You even brought up Foles when I mentioned I thought the Eagles should have traded back a bit before choosing Agholor

              You may want to reconsider who it is that has to “get over” things.

              • Vinniedafool, that pales in comparison to the thousands of times you told have told us 14-4
                Everyone on here knows that the sole reason for your persistent bashing of the Eagles is due to the greatest tragedy of your life:
                Chip Kelly’s getting rid of Nick Foles

              • I like the pick of the WR from USC – I thought they would have traded back as well – in the end – a push – DB and OL in rounds 2 and 3 – if I remember from last year – Gardner was OK in run – lacking in pass protection – I like BArbe as a guard – need to see what happens to Mathis

              • 26 times now on 11 posts. Keep rolling.

      • You said Chip liked Foles an awful lot (NOT)…He liked Sam Bradford so much he was ready to flip him for Mariota…who you said you did not think Chip would select if Mariota fell to him at 20. After Mariota was gone…presto change-o… all of a sudden Bradford jerseys are on sale full force. OK. Bradford will get a shot because he is an unknown that Chip will take a shot on based on his OC’s recommendation.

        • Dickwad I was wrong and said so…I did my mea culpa . Big difference between the rams current qb and Bradford is that LLCB went out first thing and got him. He absolutely values his asst. coaches opinions but if he didn’t fit LLCB profile then he wouldn’t have done it.
          Oh and the fell to 20 thing… Dimwit it was for affect

          • Dickhead…we all know you were wrong when you said it…affect my ass..you believed that dumbshit as only a stupid ass such as yourself would numb nuts.

            • You don’t possess the intellect to recognize higher order conversation skills attempts at wit above bathroom jokes. I will remember this, keep it simple dumb it down like I do for hot air.
              So when Fraudman proposes Matt Barkley for Aaron Rodgers or some such nonsense lease understand he’s just being goofy…

              • No, you are just to stupid to see what is right in front of you. Just like you were so stupid that you thought Sam Bradford chose the # 00 for his jersey number and I had to explain to you that when a FA is signed and their jersey number has not been assigned 00 is placed as a number holder. You are by far the biggest dope on here. Intellect is not something you possess a great deal of…or common sense for that matter. The fact that you said Nick Foles was Chip’s Brady makes that very clear. Fuck your mea culpa’s, you are saying that when we already knew you were wrong, you were the only one who was to stupid to figure that out…as you often are. Retard!!!

            • Lmao….what a lame way to try and weasel out of a jam….when your dead wrong! It was for “affect”….man up and own it haveablunt….you just got busted being wrong……again…smh

              • Again you aren’t smart enough to understand big boy language. Busted by beavis and butthead

          • The Gimp dudes arguing about The Gimp. That is all.

            • And BigL you were talking about me

              • Izell I humbly apologize. LMAO

              • Lol we both get out of pocket sometimes


        • I’m sure they’ll fly off the shelves…..though I do know at least one’s been purchased…..

          • Lol..absolutely they are reordering as we speak to get more in stock.
            I am telling you we will be looking for a QB again next off season…sigh..more stagnation.

  • The Bucs signed Winston to his contract. The Bucs GM Jason Licht states that he nor Lovie or ownership did not tell him to remove the photo from instagram. He stated it may have been someone from the Winston camp but they had nothing to do with it.
    Jason Licht poked fun at Jameis about the picture…
    I guess THE BOSS did not do anything about it or cared to much.
    Perhaps they have a sense of humor and no stick up there ass.

    The story is on PFT.COM.

    • Couldn’t possibly be misdirection…none of that going on these past few weeks…if it’s written or stated it has to be true

      • Of course your dumb ass would say that as it does not fit into your argument…once again..wrong! It serves the Bucs no reason to lie about it, in fact, if they did do it, it would serve their fan base and organization better if they did! Dope!

  • The sole reason to acquire Bradford was to flip him to the Browns or some other team for a first round pick. Kelly then figured he could package additional picks, players, and move into the second pick to select Mariota.

    It was a huge and foolish gamble, and his maneuver has exposed him as an amateur general manager, and has further consequences.

    The eagles are just as unsettled at qb as they were before this disaster, maybe more so, with a damaged qb whose career thus far must be characterized as a bust when considering his draft status. The best that can be said about him is that he’s an overpriced damaged, older, less motivated version of Nick Foles, but that isn’t true because Nick’s numbers and his grit make him a far better qb option going forward.

    I can accept the argument that Kelly wants, needs a different qb like Mariota to efficiently run his offense, but stop with this Bradford nonsense.

    Kelly got schooled in his first foray as the Eagles general manager.

    • It’s Jakdaracistdog

      It must be slow in the KKK forum huh Jak?

    • What I don’t get… Is if Bradford is an older version of Foles.. Why wasn’t HE worth a 1st rounder to the Browns or anyone else?

      Foles was fine. I would have been fine with him here. But you cats need to let it go… He was not the second coming.

  • Koolbreeze you have some good humor, witty monikers for people, but you are dumber than a bag of hammers, keep posting, though, it’s good comedy

    • LOL…well jakdaracistdog…hammers can be placed to good use

      You remind me of the guys in the movie “Django Unchained”

      Do you see it…

      It had some guys about to conduct a KKK raid but they couldn’t cut the holes in the sheets right

      Fits you perfectly jakdaracistdog

      Your a blind and dumb racist…smh…

  • Michael Floyd on the block.

  • Navy , great response, you are koolbreeze among others, I have figured your sorry ass out

  • But the larger issue is how could the eagles let the most promising qb leave, trade him for a broken down version of himself, foles was the best qb prospect since mcnabb.

  • Dumb asses eagles fans on gcobb, polluted by izell aka that biggest jerk off navy, aka izell

    They suck up to the front office

    They are worthless

    • What’s up Jake? Lets give the Gimp a chance before we go crazy about this team.

      • No big lion. We know how this will work out.

        Chip kelly is a little fat fraud who can spin a good press conference

        This guy made hay on Andy Reid ‘ s players

        Let’s see how he does with his players, including a broken down has been that never was at qb

        This guy is a joke

    • Jake you fuckstick, no one cares what your paranoid Archie Bunker ass says lmao

  • Oh cool… Jakedogs back…. Sigh.

    It always makes me laugh when fans of the same team fight… Silly.

    Like the pick tonight. Solid.. Strong Cb. I bet he is used as a FS but we shall see.

    • You are a retained attorney stevo in life and in your support of the eagles, you have nary an original thought. I

      • close…. I am a minister. So,,, hmmm.

  • Need OL Help here in the 3rd Round, also some good DT’s still out there

  • I sense a Center/Guard Hrannis Grasu from Oregon or
    Brian Finney from Kansas St or Mark Glowinski of West Virginia

  • To GMCliff
    Not all 5 ILB went by the 2nd Round
    ILB Dawson from TCU is still on the Board here in the 3rd Round

  • Wow Seahawks trade 3 Picks to the Redskins to move up from the end of the 3rd #95 to early in the 3rd (#69) and send their 4th, 5th & 6th Round Picks to the Redskins who are stockpiling Picks …
    Seahawks Select WR/Returnman Tyler Lockette of Kansas St

    Texans Trade up to Select WR Jalen Strong

  • Jake why all the hate my little brother – you seem agitated. I just checked in for a little draft chatting. There are waaaaaayyyyy to many changes going on right now to figure out if they are good or bad – we are all along for the ride, kind of like when the roller coaster goes clink, clink, clink and it starts climbing – you con;t get off now – so enjoy it –

    why are you getting called racist –

    • you missed if navy…..it was pretty bad when he did it but i dont believe hes a racist

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