• January 20, 2022

Thoughts On The First Round

nelsoOn Nelson Agholor

When the Eagles took Brandon Graham, Danny Watkins, and Marcus Smith in the past, there were red flags with all of those picks and there was legitimate reason to be concerned about each of those players from Day 1.

The good news is, that’s not the case with Agholor.

Agholor has drawn comparisons to Jeremy Maclin, and carries a very similar skillset. He’s got good toughness and is a willing blocker, he’s got the versatility that Chip Kelly values.

While he doesn’t have great size or speed, he sounds like he has the potential to be a solid receiver and a good fit for this offense.

The Eagles certainly needed to address the wide receiver position, and they were able to do that with their top pick.

On Mariota

Well, it’s finally time to put Marcus Mariota nonsense to bed!

The second overall pick came and went, and Mariota will be playing for the Tennessee Titans.

The Eagles made a push to try to trade up, but were unable to sway the Titans. It’s unclear what exactly the Eagles were offering, and different outlets have reported various packages, with the most notable being one that suggested the Eagles offered two first rounders, a third rounder, Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Brandon Boykin, and Sam Bradford.

I doubt that specific report is accurate. If it was, the Titans would be fools to pass up such a deal. It it is, then the Eagles dodged a major bullet; that was exactly the type of insane deal that I envisioned his majesty throwing at the Titans or Bucs in order to move up to get his quarterback.

I never thought trading up for Mariota was worth it, and thought it carried great risk. I think the best thing for the Eagles was avoiding getting caught up in a scenario where they sold the farm to bring him in.

So how about Sam Bradford as your starting quarterback?

Denny Basens

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  • A part of me is somewhat disappointed that the Eagles didn’t get Mariota, but sometimes things happen for a reason. Chip Kelly and the Eagles were willing to give up the farm in order to get one player. Maybe it might have been worth it, or maybe it could have set back this franchise for many many years. Solid pick by selecting Nelson Agohlor. Maybe this is the year the Eagles get it right with their 1st overall pick..

  • Yes, wide receivers with more of that elite speed or potential of upside, but this kid is a cross of maclin and cobb. Between nelson, huff and Jordan, chip is able to move all three from the slot to the outside which is what chip loves to do.

    Byron jones we now get the chance to see a minimum of twice a year, I think he can be very special.

    Eric rowe is a guy I’d love to hear in Rd 2, I’d try to pair a Boykins with my 2 to move up and get him.

    Still have no idea what plans are with kendricks, if he could fetch a 3rd I’d be very pleased, maybe aim for cb out of Stanford or address offensive line with that pick

    • Jeff- Randall Cobb comparison is a good one with this kid. He fits that mold much more than Huff IMO.

      Matthews Agolor Huff with more Ertz is better than anything with Riley Cooper in the top 3.

  • Eric Rowe/Jake Fisher or best man cover corner or run blocking OL. That would be hesitation with Fisher his run blocking.

    • With mariota now in the past… here is my qb take. I like the unknown of bradford over how I thought foles could do.. my issue, chip needs a mobile qb…he can say bradford can do some things from a mobility point. .another notch fir chips nose to grow with the mis-truth.

      Hundley is not close to nfl ready… but is there interest with eagle fans to explore drafting him tonight?

      • I damn sure hope not Jeff but something tells me Kelly pulls the trigger on him if he’s there. Hopefully Fisher or Rowe is there to distract him.

        • Please no go on Rowe, this guy is Cary Williams-esque. He does nothing special, he is best known for his physical size, not play making ability. Adrian Amos would be a better fit.

          • If that’s the case EHL I would go top OL.

            • I would happily take an O lineman over Rowe. I want no parts of him on the Eagles.

      • Oh me please no on Hundley.

  • Will chip make a trade up to get his fisher

  • well for all the fuss and ‘sources say’ leaks, all posturing to try to drive up the value of pics etc the draft is exactly as I always thought it was…the most boring night on TV in the history of TV…The NFL snookered its fans into believing it was much watch TV and in the end no fireworks. The LLCB actually told the truth and didn’t give away the farm, reports were he offered but only he and the Titans know for sure.
    So its the Bradford era…very exciting.

    • it was boring, the venue change offered a less intimate setting too much distance in the show from goodell, stage, spectators, prospects, hosts and with the viewers- there was not connection between any level —

  • Coach Reid taken a red flag player in CB Marcus Peters was a shocker, didn’t see that coming. St Louis taking speed over size in Gurley again shocked me with the point producer skill positions, I thought they would go size over speed.

    • Reid isn’t a shocker anymore. He’s desperate to win the big one. He’s been taking crazy chances for a while now.

    • What do you mean by Rams taking Speed over Size ?
      Todd Gurley is a pretty big back at 6-1 222lbs
      Melvin Gordon is listed at 6-1 215lbs so Gurley is the Bigger Back ?

      • Yes seriously if anything gurley is the complete package big and fast

  • 5) Washington OG Brandon Scherff
    9) NY Giants OG Ereck Flowers
    20) Philadelphia WR Nelson Agholor
    27) Dallas CB Byron Jones

    • All good Players who Fit Needs
      I expect Scherff & Flowers to be Day 1 Starters at RT for the Redskins & Giants
      I expect Agholor to contribute and be part of a 4 WR Rotation that Kelly employs so he will be on the Field 30-35 Snaps a Game

      The Cowboys Byron Jones will have a learning curve and play Special Teams and be the 4th CB on the Cowboys behind Brandon Carr, Orlando Scandrick & Morris Claiborne, but I would expect that Jones will get on the field and maybe even at some Safety too.. I also think that the Cowboys are looking to move Brandon Carr (Has a Big Contract) and Claiborne (Underachiever, Always Hurt and a Whiner) if they can find any suitors

      • that sound about right PMan – giving Nelson Agholor 30-35 snaps a game that is fair projection

        • remember Pman… when you use ‘fit’ it has to mean ‘fit’ kellys eye…

      • I think Morris Clairborne is gone and its Scandrick Jobes starting.

    • None of these picks jump off the page at you. Sherff was a nice pick up for Washington, but I think they should have drafted Williams and tried rebuilding their defensive front now that they lost Orakpo. I just dont think Sherff alone can revamp that O Line.

      To be honest, I think out of the 4, the Cowboys got the most value. Didn’t have to reach. Got a player who fills a position of need. I hate the freaking Cowboys!!!

  • DC fan base torn on Scherff he will be compared to Leonard Williams who most wanted.

    • They definely went need over value……williams was the easy pickup

  • my wish list for today

    jake fisher
    landon collins
    paul dawson

    • Henski how you doing man i need my caps lock back can you do it….lol

      • im beat down. im done reading nfl reporters reports, they dont know dick. not thrilled we didnt get yota actually pretty disappointed. but i absolutely love this nelson kid, looks smooth as shit, strong as shit and has great hands….

        at the end of the day i think chip surprisingly did the responsible thing

        all i can do now is pray bradford can FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT and turn his nfl career around or pray tebow learned how to use/control his arms and shoulders and hands… and or pray sanchez pulls a ricky williams and just fucking disappears.

        all i can do is root and cheer or boo man

        fucking bradford huh? fuccccccccccccccccck

        • I know man just pray for bradford every night to stay healthy……if he stays healthy he will be ok in chips offense but you gotta pray every night……dear lord please keep the gimp out of harms way….lol

          • Our medical people will have Bradford nice and healthy just as we got thru the year with Maclin last year. Bradford can keep himself healthy by simply being able to read the defenses and get the ball out of his hands instead of holding all day long and taking bad sacks.
            Chip has covered his bases as well as one possibly can..
            He realistically had two choices:
            1. Stick with the Gimp who cant play

            2. Get a Gimp that can play

            Chip took the best course…he got a Gimp that can play and we may grab a QB in 4th or 5th rounds to develop…
            Idiots like Vinniedafool and others want to keep bashing Chip…but again the reality is the moves he is making are good moves!

            • I think all the moves he has made since day 1 are moves that he thinks will improve the team and get players that are in his image and to the end certainly the ALL were good moves….

    • Pass on Landon Collins

      • i read a lot of teams like rowe at safety…

        • Take a Player who has played Safety like Amos from Penn State
          What happens if Rowe is no good at Safety since he has little experience ? It’s not time for 2 Year Projects….
          A 6th or 7th Round Pick, yeah, go ahead and take a flyer on a Player you want to switch Positions but not in the early Rounds..

  • as reports are floating out I think the LLCB listened and pretty much said that’s too much– its always a question was this ‘offered’ or was this what they ‘asked’ for… and it gets reported out, leaked out from different perspectives.
    I am so stoked for the Bradford era….

  • Sound move…like I have said all along..The Chip Kelly plan is a sound one with responsible risks and good moves! Unlike last year’s draft that Howie Roseman screwed up…we grabbed the highest player on the board that fit our needs.
    Agholor has all the same measurables has Maclin with more toughness, more willing to go across the middle, a better punt returner and will get us yards after the catch.

  • Eagles with 2 Picks tonight #52 & #84 —
    I believe we will see ILB Kendricks Traded for a 3rd Round Pick

    At #52/#84

    At OL – Jake Fisher, TJ CLemmings, La’El Collins are still on the Board h are very likely to be gone so now when checking the Boards, there’s Players like AJ McCann (South Carolina), Donavan Smith (Penn State), Daryl Williams (Oklahoma), Ali Marpet (Hobart), Tre Jackson (Florida State), Ty Sambrailo (Colorado State) Mitch Morse (MIssouri), Hrannis Grasu (Oregon) that we may see called

    For CB/Safety
    PJ Williams (Fla State), Quentin Rollins (Miami of Ohio), Jalen Collins (LSU)
    Ronald Darby (Fla State), Eric Rowe (Utah), Steve Nelson (Oregon State)
    Alex Carter (Stanford) D’Joun Smith (Florida Atlantic) Josh Shaw (USC)
    Tony Lippet (Mich State) Jaquiski Tart (Samford) A Amos (Penn State)

    • La’El Collins is working with authorities regarding a murder. he is no longer on most teams draft boards at all

      • Somebody’s going to get a nice bargain if he’s innocent.

        • I hope the man didnt do it too much taleny

        • if he is on the board round 5 someone will grab him?? I mean whats the risk? a potential starter in the 5th?
          I bet the cops in that city are inundated with nfl background people trying to get a read on whats up

        • No he won’t be picked until he’s Officially Cleared by the Authorities
          He’s Agent requested if Collins could enter the “Supplemental Draft” in the Summer to give him a couple of months to get this behind him and the NFL said no, so its very likely he goes Undrafted and then Teams can contact him once he”s cleared, if he gets cleared which may take a while…

          • based on what ive read he has a stong alibi that verifies he was nowhere near the place of the murder at the time of the murder.

            however she was allegedly pregnant with his kid, and whoever killed her got in her place without forced entry… i guess the question is did he hire someone or help someone do it?

            id burn a 3rd on him and if it doesnt pan out it doesnt.

            that kid was a top 10 talent u can now get in the 2nd 3rd or later. you gotta just do it and gamble. if he gets cleared you hit on your pick if he doesnt ur pick is a bust and we all know 3rd rounders are 50-50 at best

            • paulman 30 minutes ago u said collins will be gone by the time we pick and now u are saying he wont get drafted at all. ????????

            • Shit probally like 30 70

    • At Defensive Line
      Eddie GOldman (Fla State) Grady Jarrett (Clemson) Preston Smith (MIss)
      Mario Edwards (Fla State) Jordan Phillips (Oklahoma), Marcus Hardison (Ariz State), Michael Bennett (Ohio State), Henry Anderson (Stanford)
      Trey FLowers (Arkansas) Anthony Chikillo (Miami)

      At LB
      Randy Gregory (Nebraska), Owamagbe Odighizuwa (UCLA) Danielle Hunter (LSU) Eli Harold (Virginia) Nate Orchard (Utah) Paul Dawson (TCU)
      Denzel Perryman (Miami) Lorenzo Mauldin (Louisville) Kwon Alexander (LSU) Jordan Hicks (Texas)

      • What about bendarick mckinney at lb

        • I missed him and knew I forgot someone… Add him to the list

          • McKinney would be a really nice pick up but only if a Kendricks trade is a lock.

            • I fforgot Safety’s Landon Collins, Cody Prewitt & Holliman

              • Damn my man holliman….i love that pick gotta get him hes a playmaker period…..i forgot all about him…..this mariota shit got me all fuckedvup

              • I just hope the Eagles War Room is not all F’d Up with the Mariota Shit too..

          • I thnk if fisher is still there at raiders second round pick id give the kendricks and our fourth rounder then get fisher and tre jackson in second round…..boom both guards filled and then we can trade mathis to get that 4th rd pick back

            • That would be a nice Move if they were able to do that ..
              I would like to see the Defense addressed in the 2nd/3rd Round
              and then use the 4th/5th to address the OL

    • I like Jalen Collins from LSU. PJ Williams is another DB that would be a nice pick

  • Lael Collins will get picked by someone with multiple picks in the 4th. As long as the team is honest about his situation people will be fine with it. He’s cleared steal he’s associated cut instantly.

    However it will be interesting see his status if cleared and goes UDFA and the signing bonuses that will be offered.

    Are UDFAs capped?

    • It will a bidding war him if they can

      • I would have to think with the Aaron Hernandez Case fresh in everyone’s minds in the NFL Office and Owners that a League Mandate went out to every Team that no one is Drafting Mr Collins until he is Investigated and Cleared of any Connection with this Case… They are looking out for the Shield on this one… There is no Doubt in my Mind about this..
        No Team is to lay a claim or Draft him or reach out for him as an Undrafted Free-Agent until the NFL says its clear to do so..

  • At WR still on the Board for 2nd/3rd Rounds

    Jalen Strong (Arizona State), Dorail Green-Beckham (Oklahoma)
    Devin SMith (Ohio State) Sammie Coats (Auburn) Devin FUnchess (Michigan)
    Tre McBride (William & Mary) Tyler Lockett (Kansas St) Chris Conley (Georgia) Kenny Bell (Nebraska) Rashad Greene (Fla State)
    Tony Lippett (Mich State)

  • Smith got the too cocky for his own good label. I still like him.

  • i look for eagles to trade back today and try to get a 2nd to replace the 2nd we gave up for bradford

    • I could see the Eagles Trading Kendricks and a 5th Round Pick to get a 2nd Round Pick from someone (Raiders,49ers, Chargers,Broncos)

      • That would be ideal if they could pull that off

  • Ian Rapoport
    Ian Rapoport – Verified account ‏@RapSheet

    No shame in #Eagles discussing players in a potential deal. Patriots offered Wilfork to Raiders before the Seymour trade. Everyone lived

  • QB’s likely to go during the 2nd/3rd Rounds
    Garrett Grayson (Colorado St) Bryce Petty (Baylor) Brett Hundley (UCLA)
    maybe a Sean Mannion (Oregon State)

    RB’s who are likely to go during the 2nd/3rd Rounds
    Tevin COleman (Indiana) Duke JOhnson (Miami) Ameer Abdullah (Nebraska)
    TJ Yeldon (Alabama) David Johnson (Northern Iowa) Jeremy Langford (Mich State) David Cobb (Minnesota) Jay Ajayi (Boise State who is falling)
    Javorius Allen (USC)

    • I like tevin colemen and ajaji but eagles wil notl draft a running back this yr

      • ajaji has some issues with his knee. never a good sign for a RB

        • Ajayi has dropped from a sure 2nd Rounder to probably the 4th/5th as there are issues with his medical reports concerning his Knee

  • The bucs relationship with Winston is off to a great start… the dimwit posted that crab leg pic and they told him to delete it…. less than 24 hours in … oh this is great.

    • that pic was fucking amazing. great move by him imo

      • and by great i mean that shit won me over on him. just trolling people that troll him. just a hilarious move

        • Nah, was a stupid move.

          Pre draft: “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

          Drafted “Naaaaahhhh!!!! Eat it suckers!”

          Immature. I’d expect a 13 year old to act like that. There is no way the TB execs were happy.

          • You got to get the stick out of your ass too. You are probably boring ass hell!

            • don’t you understand EHL? The man is the face of a billion dollar franchise…you don’t gloat about digressions…. be like gentle ben doing a condom commercial or something…. stupid.

              • Dude, just relax a little. What is life without a little fun. Let the organization handle it. Some of you guys forget what it is like to be youthful. NFL…No Fun League. I bet more people found it to be funny than not.

            • For real…what a lame, non-issue…who cares!!

              • Are you still feeling Good with Bradford at QB for the Eagles?

              • who cares? HIS BOSS!!!

              • haveablunt spare me…so what’s his ‘BOSS’ gonna do…fire him?

                They drafted him and he’s going to be good…

                He’s not going to turn into a tight ass lame over night to satisfy anyone…

                Yes, paulman I feel extremely good about Bradford.

                Stronger arm, smarter, quicker release

                If he gets hurt-Sanchez is there as an adequate back up

                We can draft another Qb in the 4th or 5th round to develop

              • whats his boss gonna do? they already did it —keep up there hot air!
                I said its not a crime, its funny but it is not an appropriate thing for a man who has been handed the keys to the castle… but you of low expectations for human behavior would have no idea about that

          • Vinny, I expect real men to honor their agreements and bets, you continue to fail to do so by posting on here.. but you have the audacity to preach about the maturation of a 21 year old….hypocrite!
            So how are you exhibiting maturity by not fulfilling your bet? ..that is immature, children do that.

        • Everybody needs to lighten the hell up including Tampa that shit was great. Haters gonna hate. You think he isn’t tired about crab leg jokes? Guess who got drafted first overall and how you like me now?

          • “How you like me now gold teeth when i smile if you didnt like me then bitch how you like me now” chris brown song….lol

            • His first endorsement should be with Publix or a Seafood Restaurant seriously that would be some funny shit.

              • BAD taste, guy said he didn’t do it now he flaunts it..
                I have a very good sense of humor and actually this is a bit funny but like a lot of funny jokes in bad taste. be like big ben sponsoring a condom company…

              • That would be great…it would be funny as hell.
                Some people need to smoke some medical marijuana just to relax and take it easy..damn. Fuckin killjoys!!!

              • It is funny, we take life to seriously sometimes, some of the best jokes are politically incorrect and off the wall.

              • agreed point is that 10 hours after becoming an nfl player his BOSS had to slap his wrist. And this for guy who had big question with his decision making– decision number one gets his wrist slapped…that equals stupid.

              • He posted a pic leaning over a plate of crab legs. He was not caught n a DUI, not caught smoking weed, no tainted urine sample. He is 21, my god, everyone who knows or knows of Jameis Winston knows his sense of humor. It was damn funny and I lmao when I saw it. If I was Bucs fan it would make me like him more. People have to loosen up.

              • Cigar if he was flaunting it was towards all the Jameis is a bad guy he took crab legs who cares he can play football he shouldn’t be drafted folks the same folks who cheat on their taxes and speed and drive without seat belt holier then thou assholes.

              • I guess you are missing the point– I understand WHY he did it, I understand it wasn’t a CRIME, I think it was FUNNY– my point is that as the newly appointed steward of a billion dollar franchise it was not appropriate. I think he should have taken the high road, be above the pettiness… that’s it.

              • No I understand your point, you are missing mines. Why are you worried about it, let his bosses deal with it. You say it is funny..laugh it up. We do not have to criticize and critique everything a young athlete does. The social commentary of righteousness can be smothering at times. They were crab legs..no charges were brought forth, they probably were given to him on the sly. Yes..let his boss deal with it, I have no issue with that, we need to relax.

              • just thought it was ironic with all the questions about him that he did something so unnecessary and stupid less than 12 hours after the draft… funny that with all those questions somebody didn’t lock his twitter, instagram etc. up!
                um I guess you didn’t get the memo we post our thoughts on here– of course its his bosses place to say something and they did–

              • Maybe we’re all missing the point, Jameis has been doing charity work with Captain Keith from the deadliest catch and the Mike Alstott foundation and this Captain Keth guy supplied the Winston household with crab legs as a result so even his bosses look like assholes after getting the entire story.

              • a rogue (wave) pic was a poor decision… its the problem with instagram, twitter etc… it goes out without time to filter the decision… he could have turned it into a coupe for the charity…

              • Big…that is good news to hear as far as the charity work. Good story too.

    • Dude you have to get a sense of humor and get the stick out of your ass..that was hilarious. HAC..HaveACurmudgeon.

      • Hac is a 50 yr old white guy with a collar sshirt tucked in his jean shorts with some loafers……vinnie is from canada……u cant expect much ehl….lol

        • maybe but seems like the bucs agree with my point.
          too immature to lead a franchise….

          • Dude he lead FSU from the minute he arrived on campus and he’ll lead that locker room in Tampa the day he enters the building he’s a natural leader just sit back and watch.

            • ok i will– just stupid dude

              • lead is the wrong word…REPRESENT-FACE OF ETC.

          • His coach is the one to lead the franchise, 21 year olds are typically immature…get real. $ does not make you grow up all of a sudden.

  • The Red Lobster Restaurant Franchise has announced a new Marketing Campaign starring Top Pick Jameis Winston…
    I as one of his Agent stand to Earn $1.5 Million for about 3 Hours of Work while Mr Winston will earn approx $7.5 Million..
    Its the American Dream…

    • pman, I was thinking Joe’s Crab Shack.

      • Ha.. Red Lobster also is in China.. Trying to break Mr Winston into new Markets..

        • Lol…I understand, international marketing and affairs.

  • Im good with the first round. I wish we could have kept Jmak and gone secondary with this pic but… its fine.

    As far as QB… Sanchez was statistically no drop off from Foles last year… none. zip. So… we traded 1 ok qb and resigned the other. I dont (nor does anyone else) know what to expect from Bradford.

    About Foles- we just dont know… When surrounded by great talent and a great Oline, he did well.. very well. But what was it about him that Chip had seen that caused him to sour? It clearly wasnt about the RO if Chip traded him for Bradford. Let the simpletons bemoan this … it’s what they do. I have moved on and am only commenting because of the rumors of us moving up for MM.

    Today… is about that secondary. I can see drafting an OL but what we need more than anything is talent in the secondary. This D scheme put LOADS of pressure on the CB’s and currently we have 1 starter. 1. Boykins SHOULD be given the opp to start outside but my bet is that he will be traded today… and i believe it might be a good move.

    • I also wouldnt mind them going for QB sometime today if the right guy fell to them. There are still a few good players left there. I just dont know tho.

      • Ill be honest Hundley is interesting to me but seems to struggle reading blitzes…. we need smarts.

        • Stevo, Hundley did spend time with the Eagles during the draft process. Kelly may think about it if he is available at 52. Nothing would surprise me.

    • Stevo…we do know…Foles just does not have the mental quickness to handle the position…holds on to the ball too much, poor decisions

      Since we cant get Russell Wilson or Tom Brady…Chip made a wise move at the Qb position…he tried to grab Mariotta but when that failed…he had plan B already in place with Bradford

      If Bradford gets hurt he has Plan C in place in Sanchez.

      The whiners like Vinniedafool will cry all day about Foles but the reality is that Chip is pursuing a sound plan

      His first pick in the draft a strong move -we have replaced Maclin with a guy that is not afraid to go over the middle like Maclin was!

      Today we can shore up the oline and secondary

      Good moves, a sound plan….

      I like what Chip is doing with the team and we are going to be better!

      • Kool, I hope that you a right as far as your thoughts and optimistic view on Bradford. I just can’t get excited about him. I think we will be discussing this QB issue again next off season. Chip will be going into year four without having an answer at the position.
        2016 QB prospects:
        Jared Goff Univ. of Cal
        Cardale Jones Ohio State
        Christian Hackenberg

        Chip better nail this draft, we may have to mortgage to move up next year. However, if Chip can’t get this QB situation taken care of by next year he needs to move on. ..obviously I do not believe Bradford is the answer….nor do I believe Chip really thinks so either!















          • There he is my caps lock brother is back in full effect

          • agree. Im so sick of these 2 obsessing on either side of this guy.

  • eagles picks per round 2 mock drafts

    drafttek – Jalen Collins CB LSU
    SI – PJ Williams CB FSU
    usatoday – Ali Marpet – OL – Hobart College?
    nfl.com – quentin rollins – safety – miami
    bleacher – Jaquiski Tartt- safety – samford

    • No to jalen collins yes to rollins

      • I agree..Rollins is the only name there i like. I really think Derron Smith is gonna be good in this league. His ballhawk skills reminds me of Ed Reed in a way.

  • Reports out there per La Canfora…That the lions were gonna snag agholor at 23..im guessing that they did the trade with denver because he was taken by us. So if kelly moves back we would have missed out. Smart move.

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