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Matthews On Bradford’s Recovery: “He’s doing the right thing taking his time”

SamBradford9Eagles second-year wide receiver Jordan Matthews was on the 94-WIP Morning show and he asked about how his teammate and quarterback, Sam Bradford was coming along in his recovery process.

“He looks great and he looks extremely poised”, Matthews said when describing Bradford.  “His ball speaks for itself.  The guy has an amazing arm.  It almost seems effortless the way he can throw and the way he can sling the rock.”

“He’s very reserved but he talks when he has to, but he’s also very friendly. Great guy in the locker room. He really fits the team.  I can’t wait until he gets really healthy and we can really get rolling.”

I doubt we get to see Bradford in action on Thursday when the workouts are open to the media, but he’s getting better each day according to his teammates and coaches.

You could hear that his teammates have assumed that he’s the starting quarterback because of his ability to throw the football.  Mark Sanchez doesn’t have a big time NFL arm, but from what I have heard, Bradford has a great arm and he can get the ball there without a lot of effort.

Matthews went on to talk about Bradford’s rehab.

“Right now he’s doing the right thing. He’s being smart  He’s being really aggressive with his rehab.  I think once he’s back to 100% he’s going to really help us out.”

The young wide receiver made it a point to complement the team’s second-string quarterback who will likely throwing the ball to Matthews this week at the OTA workouts.

“The good thing is that we have good quarterback depth,” the former Vanderbilt wide out said..  “Mark (Sanchez) is going to be able to handle the job too.”

“Sam has time to make sure he’s being responsible”, Matthews emphasized the wisdom in Bradford not rushing back from the ACL tear.  “I think sometimes everybody tries to rush these type of injuries and they like get back on the field early, but we’ve seen in the past it’s not the best thing to do.”

“He’s doing the right thing taking his time.  The Eagles training staff, they’re really working hard with him.  I feel like that’s the best thing they’re doing for him.  Throw when he needs to.  Continue to stay in the playbook. And definitely get healthy. I feel like he’s doing the right thing.”

I think Matthews is right.  It’s not smart to rush back and wind up getting reinjured because you didn’t give the injury enough time to heal.  I think that’s what happened to Bradford last year.  He even mentioned it during his first news conference.

Bradford needs to get the knee strong enough to be able to take a hit or two, then start practicing with the rest of the team.


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May 26, 2015 1:08 pm

The Seed has been Planted and now Watered by various Eagles Players & Coach’s … Sam Bradford will not be ready for the Opening of the 2015 Season and is further behind with his knee than many had hoped..
I expect him to be ready by Week #5-#6 at then earliest which is why Chip Kelly went out and overpaid for Mark Sanchez knowing that this could occur for at least Sanchez knows this System well enough to Win some Games..
It’s Sanchize Time .. and Tim Tebow will get a lot of Reps this Summer for Chip Kelly will be careful as not to get Sanchez injured

May 26, 2015 10:28 pm
Reply to  paulman

Doubt you have any idea what you are talking about. Twelve months is a realistic recovery time – even if one is being cautious. I’ve been there!

May 27, 2015 7:00 am
Reply to  Oldphillyfan

Bradford reinjured his Knee last August in Pre-Season so a year is this August,
Do note he will need to learn a new system that he has not played in before and with different Teammates & Coach’s all around him.. It will take a good 6-8 Weeks of Bradford playing & practicing everyday to get back into any rhythm and consistency.
Basing that Bradford won’t be tossing balls & running the Offense in practice until sometime in August of 2015
I doubt very much that he’s going to be ready before early to mid October 2015

May 26, 2015 1:14 pm

On a Side note,
The Bears F-Uped when the signed Troubled DE Ray McDonald who had issues last Season while with the 49ers and then was Cut once they were eliminated from the Playoffs– He had Domestic Charges pending and then dropped out in San Francisco.
Fast Forward to the Off-Season and th Bears and DC Vic Fangio pursued DE Ray McDonald stating that he knows his Players against the Bears Owner Wishes.. They brought him in, interviewed with Ownership,Front Office & HC John Fox who all signed off and then was offered a 1 Year Non-Guaranteed Contract..
Ray McDonald arrested over the Weekend for Abusing and Endangering a Women and her Child … Bears released Ray McDonald Shortly thereafter