• January 21, 2022

It Wasn’t Color That Got LeSean McCoy Traded, It Was His “Jiggles”

DeMarcoMurrayOTA14Former Eagles Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy said that race might have played a part in the moves Chip Kelly has made in trading him and releasing DeSean Jackson and not resigning Jeremy Maclin.  Matt Lombardo of NJ.com found some valuable evidence in excerpts from a 2008 Chip Kelly lecture at USC which clearly tells us why he made the trade and the acquisition of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. 

“We tell the running back to read the first down lineman to the play side”, Kelly says at the lecture. “If he expands in the gap, the running back hits the gap. The philosophy of the play is a tough running play. If the line can get up two yards on the defense, the back can, too. We want him to jam the ball into the hole and be a tough runner. We do not want a jiggle-footed back trying to hit a home run.”

“We want him to hit the ball into the line and get the tough yards. We are a blue-collar guy going to work. The line will have a hat on the five defenders in the box. The unblocked defenders on the perimeter are following the ballcarrier. If he gets downhill and runs hard, it is hard for them to make the tackle. However, if he jiggles in the hole, they will make the tackle.”

“When we talk to the back, we tell him it is speed through the hole, not speed to the hole. When the running back receives the ball, he is at 85-percent speed. As he gets the handoff and makes a decision to take the ball frontside or cut it back, he makes one cut. When he makes his cut to the line, he changes speeds and runs through the hole.”

There you have it.  Some call it dancing, some call it jiggling, whatever you call it, Chip Kelly doesn’t like his running backs to do it.

Can’t you see Murray and Mathews turning up into a hole, when Kelly talks about “We want him to hit the ball into the line and get the tough yards.  We are a blue-collar guy going to work”?  Murray and Mathews are blue collar runners if you ever saw one.

“Dancing” and “jiggling” happens to be one of the talents that has made McCoy a great running back.  He dances and takes the carry in a direction that shocks the defense.  Some of his greatest runs have been ad-libs like that.

Barry Sanders who is in the Hall of Fame was a “jiggler” or a “dancer”.  He made some of the greatest runs I’ve ever seen.  Despite that, he left the game without any Super Bowl titles.  Sanders was a great player, but a nightmare for an offensive coordinator.

He would take chances every time he touched the football.  He would take what was supposed to be a dive up the middle, outside and lose 10 yards.  It would put the offense in second and 20.  Of course many times he would ad-lib and take the dive play outside and run it 40 yards for a first down.

Fans would remember only the great run, but the offensive coordinators like Chip Kelly, would remember all those second and long and third and long situations. They would remember those second and third down plays where he took a chance that forced them to punt.

Emmitt Smith wasn’t a dancer.  He was a one-cut back, who would hit the hole and get what was there.  Smith helped the Cowboys win three Super Bowl titles.

Offensive coordinators love guys like Smith because he’s going to get you four or five yards on nearly every first down, so you have the defense in a bind where they never know whether you’re going to run or pass.  It is tough to call defenses when the offense is never in a must passing situation.

Despite Sanders’ greatness, Chip Kelly, who is the head coach of the Eagles, but he thinks like an offensive coordinator.  He wouldn’t want the great Barry Sanders, because of the way he “jiggles” in the hole, but he would love a back like Smith.

New Eagles running backs Murray and Mathews don’t “jiggle” in the hole.  They are one-cut backs and they decide where they’re going and they hit the gas.  There’s no “dancing” or “jiggling” that occurs.

Check out the excerpts from Chip Kelly’s lecture for yourself.


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  • Stephen A. Smith would RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE.

    It could not actually be a football decision, could it?

    Kelly does not want to put his offense in an obvious passing situation. Manageable 3rd downs is what he wants. Also within that lecture, in how he describes the end crashing down to try and defeat this style of attach, you see where if you have a QB that can get you a few yards around the end if the DE crashes, is another pillar of Kelly’s offensive scheme. We know that we did not have that with Foles or Sanchez, and with Bradfords injury history I doubt that Kelly will fully be able to implement every aspect of his attack. He will do the best with the players that he has put on this team, and once they have had a period to jell, I believe that with the strong straight forward running attack this offense will be even more successful, and it will remove some pressure from Bradford and it will also improve the passing attack. I cannot wait to see this offense in a game….but it is only June 2nd. Still a long way to go.

  • G, that is an interesting and now that I think about it accurate statement, “Barry sanders was a nightmare for an OFFENSIVE coordinator”… When the eagles played him or similar backs I was never too worried about him taking over the game…he’d get his yards but in the end we win…now Payton, smith and that big giants back of several years ago?… You knew they brought their lunch box…and they were going to punish you. Chip doesn’t want a nightmare back there… Hit the hole make the secondary guys have to support the run and get contact…soften them up and not have third and 8…. See ya shady!

  • LOL

    Kelly isn’t helping his case with that comment. lol

    • Kelly doesn’t need to help himself… He has the high ground on this one!

    • That comment was taken from a lecture he was giving in 2008.

      WTF do you mean in saying that Kelly isn’t helping his case? How can you address an accusation seven (7) years in the future?

      Haters are going to hate, that is what you say isn’t it Sherel?

      • She used lol…I think that’s her way of admitting Kelly is t racist.

        • I that that was when she rolled her eyes and smh

    • I just like how everything he says you can find another quote where he contradicts himself but hey in Chip ya’ll trust. McCoy was great in this offense jiggle footed or not whatever the F that means. If it was a problem they should’ve given Polk more carries.

      • No doubt that most everyone in the public eye will make contradictory statements. It is bound to happen, and especially with coaches who are determined to keep as much of what he is doing under wraps.

        That being said, I have yet to see a quote from Kelly where he states that he likes to have his running back dance in the hole. Is there some place that you can direct me to see where Kelly has said he does not want a running back to hit the hole quickly and make a single cut?

        • Greenfan find me one coach who likes a dancer, you can’t, dude lies so much he probably doesn’t even remember saying that. Bottom line McCoy was great in this offense. But how quickly you dudes forget.

          • I don’t know biggy, I am pretty simple minded sometimes. Barry Sanders was probably the best dancer of all times, and a HOF back, but I would have to believe that he would have driven plenty of coaches crazy. I don’t see where Kelly lied, maybe you wanted him to say negative stuff about why he gets rid of players, but he never will. He does not have a history of throwing players under the bus…you call him a liar…I say he is being diplomatic. LOL…but we both know that you would not believe him regardless of whatever he has to say. But we also both know that he could care less what you or I think anyway, so why waste the energy. All good.

      • whats wrong lion? He doesn’t like guys that dance on the way to the hole.. he said it what 8 years ago or whatever… long before he’d be coaching a certain ‘black player’ who happened to like to dance on his way to the hole? So why didn’t he say it when he traded shady? because you don’t throw someone under the bus like that

  • Great 1 Cut and Go RB’s …
    Emmitt Smith, Terrell Davis, Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, Wilbert Montgomery

    In Today’s NFL, Good Examples of 1 Cut and Go RB’s would be Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Jamall Charles, Demarco Murray, LeVeon Bell, Justin Forsett, Eddie Lacy, Jeremy Hill, Frank Gore, Arian Foster

  • Kelly oughta worry about the paraplegic QB he gave the farm up for… Bradford looks like a complete cripple… We are so screwed… Sanchise will crash by week 6…

  • ***In Foles We Trust****
    Good Old St Nick will be the Starting QB for the Rams for a while and once they move back out to Los Angeles,Ca in 2017, he will be bigger than Kardashian’s..

  • No he wont no oline no weapons and fisher

  • ***NFL News***
    Panthers extend Cam Newton Contract
    Thru the 2020 Season with a 5 Year – $105
    Million Deal ($21 Million Average Starting
    The 2016 Season thru the 2020 Season)
    With $60 Million in Guaranteed $$$$

    Cam Newton is Set to Earn $14.666 Million
    For the upcoming 2015 Season

    The Market has been set and the Seattle Seahawks are not Happy
    As Runors are out there that QB R Wilsois Seeking a
    5 Year $125 Million Deal with $75 in Guranteed $$$

    • Paul as I’ve told you for years no player is under paid or over paid. They get paid what the market brings… Maybe you are finally starting to understand. If you remember the collusion case in baseball it clearly stated..’pay them on market value’…

    • The interesting thing about the deal is that is essentially a 3 year 67.6 million dollar deal. Fully guaranteed numbers aren’t out yet, but he’s set to make 31 million this year and since there is a slim to none chance he’ll be cut in these first 3 years – he’s gonna see that 67.6 million.

      Bus Cook (his agent) doesn’t fuck around.

      • From what I understand it’s 5 Years for $ 105 Million ( A $21 Million Average)
        Beginning 2016 thru 2020 with $60 Million Guaranteed (basically the first 3 Years of it)
        Cam was already under Contract for $14.666 Million for 2015 Season that he and Panthers agreed to last Spring as his 5th year option

        • To TSJ,
          Where are you getting Cam to receive $31 Million for 2015 ?
          I believe that is Incorrect

          2015 – $14.666 Million (Current Contract- Already Guaranteed)
          2016 – $21 Million (New Deal Kicks in – Guaranteed)
          2017 – $21 Million (Guaranteed)
          2018 – $21 Million (Guaranteed)
          2019 – $21 Million (Not Guaranteed)
          2020 – $21 Million (Not Guaranteed)

          • Sigh.

            He’s getting:

            22.5 signing, 7.5 roster, and 1 mil salary this year.

            The 14.66 is gone. It’s not an extension like Seattle tends to do or Kaep got. His salary is down to a mil this year with the huge signing bonus + roster bonus.

            And that’s from Charlotte media.

            • 2015 no SB
              2016 no SB
              2017 no SB
              2018 no SB
              2019 no SB
              2020 no SB

              Happy the Panthers have taken themselves out of SB contention for the forseable future by resigning a shitty QB.

              Good thing they’re in the NFC.

              Eagles fans should be happy about the extension..

              • Because the Eagles are set to win an SB over that time frame?

                Carolina is an LT away from pretty much owning the NFC South for a few years at least – regardless of what you think of the QB. So that would consistently put them in the playoffs…what happens after that is anyone’s guess.

                As far as what they paid it’s market value. Looks like the deal was modeled after Big Ben’s. Very similar structure. They’ve been NFC South champions 2x and won 1 playoff game in four years. They paid for stability – which is what everyone does when they have a QB they beleive they can win with. The other option is purgatory. See Dolphins before Tannenhill.

              • I have no idea if the Eagles will win a SB over that time.

                I do know that they now have one less team to worry about in their quest to get one.

              • Vinnie, its the way of the nfl. Find a qb that you think can win it, pay him huge and figure out how to fill out your roster with over achievers. The patriots have been the best at this. Will be interesting to see how seattle tackles it when they finally pay Wilson. The other choice is QB purgatory (see Cleveland)

              • Panthers are positioned to be a very good competitive Team for the next 4-5 Seasons with YOung PLayers up and down their Roster…
                They only have 4-5 Players older than 30 on their Roster
                (WR J Crotchery, RB M Tolbert, LB T Davis, DT D Edwards, Safety R Harper
                and Nickel CB C Tillman)

                A Young Front 7, a Young Secondary with promising CB’s Josh Norman Bene Benwirke and Young Safety Tre Boston
                Young WR’s in K Benjamin, D Funchess, Jarret Boykin, and Steven Hill

                I think they got a steal in the Draft in the 5th Round with RB Cameron Artis-Payne of Auburn who at 5-10′ – 212lbs is like a little bowling ball and will hide behind their big OL and is very tough to bring down…He also catches the ball out of the backfield very well which is something they really haven’t had the last few seasons

              • Oh I get it.. but you are off a bit. The team has to win before they pay.

                The “formula” right now is a team almost HAS to win prior to the “big contract” (Seattle, New Orleans, Baltimore, even GB)

                Get a QB in the draft. Spend 2/3 years grooming, then take a 2 year shot at it before the $120 million dollar deal cripples the salary cap and players have to be shredded. New England seems to defy the model a bit…….but it seems the way of things.

                When a Team gets saddled by a $100 million deal with a choking in big games player like Newton, they’ve committed suicide.

                This again is why I wonder about Eagles and Bradfrod…..what are they going to do with him next offseason?? Drop $100 million on the guy? Before they’ve won?? Not a good idea.

              • brady being the exception I guess and you do recognize that manning, brady, Roth, Dalton (not $100), Rodgers, romo were all in the tournament last year?

            • lol

  • Here’s the Quote:

    According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Panthers will pay Newton $31 million in 2015: $22.5 million signing bonus, $7.5 million roster bonus, $1 million salary. Based on those numbers, Newton’s cap charge this season would be $13 million, a $1.6 million savings from the $14.6 million he was originally owed.

    • Damn, that’s a ton of $$$, Good Stuff TSJ…
      It appears CamNewton is not going anywhere for a while…
      They have Luke Kuechley coming up next off-Season too…

      • MYbe chips ‘bring in a new qb every year ‘ approach is best…these qb contracts are crippling…the market is out of whack

        • Until we start winning with that strategy: Nope.


    • I would take the Panthers Roster over the Eagles Roster

      QB’s – Newton over Bradford or Sanchez
      RB’s – Eagles Corps over Panthers
      WR’s – Panthers Corps over Eagles
      TE’s – Panthers Corp over Eagles (Olsen,Dixon & Williams > Celek,Ertz)
      OL – Panther Group over Eagles (Panthers Center & Guards are Better, Eagles have Better OT’s)

      DL – Panthers over Eagles (C Johnson,Star, Short,Ealy,Addison,Alexander)
      LB’s – Panthers over Eagles (Kuechley,Davis and Shaq Thompson)
      CB’s – Panthers over Eagles (J Norman, Benweikere & Tillman & C White)
      Safety’s – A Toss up

      Kicker – Eagles Parkey
      Punter – Eagles D Jones
      Special Teams – Eagles for sure ..

      HC – Ron Rivera .. Players love playing for this Guy
      DC – Sean McDermott – Better than Billy Davis
      OC – Pat Shumur better Play Calling than David Shula

  • Looks like the fully guaranteed money is 54 million. From Sportrac:

    “$54M initially guaranteed (signing bonus, 2015 salary, 2015 roster bonus, 2016 salary, 2016 option bonus)”

    If it’s a lie they told it.

    That’s INSANE if that’s the case.

    • Update:

      They are reporting it as 31 mil fully guaranteed (signing bonus) but that’s a bit of a mirage – 10 million option bonus is his in 2016 and salary becomes guaranteed on 3rd day of league year. So he’s seeing 54 million between this year and next.

      And another potential 13 million in 2017 (which he is likely to see as well). Basically it’s Rothesbergers (sp?) contract.

      • He is a rich man

        • That’s insane.

          Aaaron Rodgers contract was 54 mil fully guaranteed at time of signing – Barring anything insane Newton is basically getting the same guarantee.

          • Damn, Sam the Gimp better get down on that good knee and pray to the knee Gods because if he has a good healthy year he’s going to hit the jackpot for the second time in his young life.

            • lion my hope is he has a career year, leads the eagles to the superbowl and with the eagles winning 38-17 in the last 50 seconds as he takes a knee something pops and is career ending!

            • LOL!!!

              You’re STUPID!!!!

          • the market is the market… but wow newton same as Rodgers? Carolina getting the short end of that $54 million!

            • I mean…

              I’m a Newton fan…but damn…

            • Rodgers signed his Deal what, 2-3 Years ago ….
              It’s irrelevant to Newtons Deal in 2015

              This signing puts the pressure and ups the ante on the Seattle Seahawks
              where Russell Wilson is sitting in the catbird seat …
              I’d say a 5 Year $125 Million Deal with $75 In Guaranteed $$$ for Wilson
              and then Wilson would still be Young Enough to Become a Free-Agent when he’s 32 Years Old with another few Years still left to Play..

              • and I believe luck is still out there on a rookie deal! CHA CHING$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

              • That will be another huge Deal ..
                Luck comes from a well to do family and background and will make sure his Deal doesn’t ruin his Teams chances for a Super Bowl long term for that’s the type of Player he is..
                He won’t say one thing and do another like Drew Brees and Tony Romo have done…

              • so you are saying he will negotiate a lets say $15 million with only 45$ millionguarantee…I will believe that when I see it.
                what these guys do is they get this big deal, it cripples the team and then they renegotiate a little cap relief… luck will sign in the newton, Wilson range…

              • I am not saying that HAC.. Luck will end up with a Great Deal but as I stated,
                he will not cripple the Teams Future just because he wants to be the highest paid QB in the NFL like some other strokes are.. He will get a comparable Deal as the Top 3-4 QB’s in all of Football do (Rodgers & Brady & RW)

              • so how can those deals cripple their teams but lucks comparable deal not cripple his?

              • Because Colts Owner Jim Irsay is Creative and will set up Andrew Luck with
                Millions of $$$, Babes, Drugs & Rock N Roll outside of the normal NFL Salary Contract..

              • Once again Fraudman knows less than nothing

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