• May 26, 2022

Rams Feel Like They Got Best Of Bradford-Foles Trade

NickFoles1I know the Eagles feel like they got the better of the deal when they acquired Sam Bradford in a trade with the St. Louis Rams, but it seems that the Rams are confident they got the better of the swap.   The Rams are having OTA’s this week just like the Eagles and Rams receivers have nothing but good things to say about Foles.

Kenny Britt who will be catching passes from Foles this season is raving about how good Foles has been playing.

“We love him,” Britt said. “Great deep ball, he puts it on the money every time. He can throw every pass in the book.”

St. Louis head coach Jeff Fisher has been very impressed with the way Foles has been able to pick up their system so quickly.

“He’s got his hands full because we’ve got great defensive team speed and they’re doing a lot of things over there right now,” Fisher said. “We’ve just really been pleased.”

“Yeah there’s different concepts, passing concepts, that are similar, that have similar reads, but it’s a different offense,” Foles said. “We’re going to have different terminology, different things going on, but that’s the fun of it. I get to learn more football. It’s a great offense to play in.”


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  • I bet anyone on here $100 that Nick Foles put’s up Better Statistics and Wins more Games in 2015 with the Rams than Sam Bradford does with the Eagles in 2015

  • bet on but only eagles qb not bradford Cant bet on his health…..and your trust in fisher and that no weapon offense is plain dumb….we will be top 5 Offense again and you wilk flip flop

    • The Bet is about Foles vs Bradford as the Article and Trade were for
      2015 Season – Foles > Bradford

      Rams Offense
      QB – Foles
      RB’s – Todd Gurley, Tre Mason, Benjie Cunningham
      WR’s – Ken Britt, Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey & Tayvon Austin, Chris Givens (Which is not bad)
      TE’s – Jared Cook, Lance Kendricks

      OL – LT G Robinson, LG R Saffold, C T Barnes, RG B Washington
      & Weak Spot RT ? between Rookies R Haverstein or A Donnal

      • anyone that took bradford in that bet is a fuckin idiot

        • and yes paul that WR corp is that bad. its awful

        • Well Genuis Chip Kelly did!!!

      • lol lol you might be right BUT that Rams squad shouldn’t scare anyone……

  • ***NFL News****
    SF 49ers Starting RT Anthony Davis announced his Retirement from the NFL today making him the 4th 49ers Player to do so to go along with other 49er players
    DJ Justin Smith , LB Patrick Willis & LB Mike Borland
    Anthony Davis is only 25 Years Old and cited Concussions as as his main reasons for stepping away from theGame…
    This is a major blow to the49ers OL who now have lost 2 Starting Players in Guard M Iupati & Now RT A Davis….

  • Anthony Davis did not rule out returning but has decided that he’s not playing Football in 2015 so not sure what his Contract Status is with the 49ers if he chooses to return…

  • This rash of young retirements… Perfectly understandable. As a father I can tell you I would not encourage my son to play football. We all love it, we talk about it 24/7/365 but it is a gladiator sport that kills the participants .

    • My Son got into Soccer at about age 12 after participating in all the Rec Leauges since he was 8 Years old with Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and has focused on Soccer ever since. He spent 4 years in Travel Soccer Club , and this Fall will be his 3rd & Final Year playing High School Ball..
      He also did Karate and Swim Teams when he was Younger as we pushed him to try as any Sports as possible but he never was interested in Football and smashing heads with other kids

  • I’ll give it 6 games before the Rams realize what we already know, that Foles is a damn bum.

  • Why 6 games?. Omniscient petulant one?

  • If you look at what Chip did, he traded a QB whose upside is maybe the 13th-15th best QB in the league for a QB whose upside is 8th-10th best. He figures that he cannot win many more games with Foles than Sanchez, so he bets on Sam’s upside. I think it is a big bet and one I would make. No downside for Chip because if he fails, he goes back to college. If he succeeds, he is a Philly hero. Only downside is for Eagles fans and it is not like Nicky Franchize is the next coming of Joe Montana.

    • If. Eagles fail to reach the Post-Season with Bradford in 2015, then the Deal was a disaster as they also Traded next Years 2nd Round Pick which if the Eagles miss the Playoffs ends up being around 45-50th Selection which means next Draft the Eagles will have the 15-18th pick and then have to wait until the 80th pick or so with their 3rd Round Pick which is not the way you want to rebuild your Roster.. Eagles had misses in 2014 Draft, then only 3 Picks in the Top 85 in 2015 Draft and now will have on 2 Picks of the Top 80 or so in 2016..
      This simply is not enough young Talent being Drafted in the early Rounds which will catch up to the Eagles come 2017,2018 and beyond…
      Chip Kelly as a GM leaves a lot to be desired so far in my opinion…

  • If Brady and Manning aren’t putting up good numbers vs the NFC West how the hell is Foles going to put up good numbers vs Seattle, SF and Arizona? Foles is going to a division with ferocious defenses. If you think he was throwing off his back foot with the likes of Shady and Maclin at his disposal vs the Giants of the world what the hell do you think is going to happen vs the NFC west?

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