• May 19, 2022

Big Men And Bad Feet Don’t Go Together

JoelEmbiid1I’ve gone for such a long time without even acknowledging that the Philadelphia 76ers have a team, but I had my eye and hopes on Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel and the upcoming NBA draft from afar.  I didn’t want to let my interests grow until there was a serious team in place.

It looked like it was so close, then I got hit like everybody else.  That news release by Sam Hinkie on Saturday night was ominous.

“Recently, Joel and Sixers personnel traveled to Los Angeles for a series of routine exams with a number of physicians who have been actively involved throughout this process. During his visit with Dr. Richard Ferkel, a standard CT scan on Joel’s right foot revealed less healing than anticipated at this point.”

I think you have to take this seriously, especially with a big man like Embiid.  What about Yao Ming?  It ended the career of Bill Walton.  Big men and bad feet don’t go together.

Can you imagine all the stress and weight that a big man’s feet have to support during an NBA game?  Up and down the floor, jumping and cutting over and over throughout a 82 game season and then hopefully the playoffs.  If their feet have any weaknesses they will be exposed.

Now, Channel 6’s Jeff Sversky tweeted “Joel Embiid’s right foot will NOT require a second surgery an NBA Source close to the Sixers center tells 6abc.   Is his NBA Source reputable?  I don’t know and does anybody really know yet.

This is why I don’t bother paying attention to the Sixers.  This is very disappointing to hear this new about Embiid.  We don’t need to go off the deep end yet, but remember, Big Men and Bad Feet Don’t Go Together!


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  • His career will be marred by chronic foot issues. Many trips to the DL etc. big men with bad feet… For all the metrics Hinkie uses you would think he’d have stats on big men with bad feet… Doesn’t work

  • Cigar this buys Hinkie another 2 years for his (wink wink) master plan, this is par for the course for Philly teams. I expect Bradford’s knee to snap any minute now.

    • Lion I have more confidence in the LLCB

  • The sixers made the right pick, just bad luck with Embiid. Now it’s time for Heinke to make his money. Let’s get something done SIXERS. We need all positions except power forward.

  • Nooooo they killed Jon snow wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry just watch the Games of thrones finale.

  • Congratulations to former Sixers Andre Iguodala and Maurice Speights for winning the nba championship and a special shout out to Dre on winning Finals MVP!!!

    You did it Iggy!!!



    • Jon Hart
      June 10, 2015 – 11:03 am

      Cavs will close this thing out on the warriors home floor

      Bron Bron smells blood

      This team knows they can beat the warriors

      They have taken the heart out of them

      This team is nothing without steph scoring and he’s on lockdown thanks to Delly

      Cavs win the next 2 and closes this thing out

      • and just about the Opposite Occurred…
        I know maybe I shouldn’t talk, but has JH ever been right about anything?
        At least I get a few things right over a course of a Season or Year or Draft
        Damn, JH is batting lower than Chase Utley…

    • I can’t handle rooting for Iggy or Speights. Speights did nothing here and Iggy was a decent player but not like he was an all time Sixer. Do we have to root for anybody who played a day in Philly?

      If you can’t see the difference between rooting for these dudes and rooting for a guy like Timmonen then God help you.

      And LeBron was the mvp of that series.

    • Yeah, now you congratulating former Sixers, after proclaiming your lover Bron-Bron the winner after game 3. Go back in your cell convict, you are an epic assclown, with ZERO credibility, common sense, scruples, nor brain cells. Get the f^#@ lost imbecile!!!!

  • Damn Kelvin Benjamin showed up at OTA’s at 254lb’s. I knew the only thing between him being a great WR and just another guy was him eating his way into being a TE.

    • Which is 5lbs more than last years playing weight of 240lbs for KB..
      He’s fine coming off a minor Hamsting Issues..
      Benjamin, Funchess and TE Greg Olsen gives the Panthers about 6-5″/6-6″
      of Receivers running across the Field and in the Red-Zone
      Ex-Jets castoff- Stephen Hill is said to be in great shape and at 6-4 with 4.4 Speed gives the Panthers a WR to stretch the field.. WR Coach Ricky Proehl says he sees 100% improvement in Hill’s Play and Understanding of their Offense and may be a real weapon for them in 2015
      They did add Possession Receiver Jarrett Boykin from the Packers (Va Tech) and Ted Ginn Jr to go along Jericho Crotchery and Philly Brown so their WR Corps is much improved from last year

      • 254-240 = 14 not 5

        • Whoops, must be the dyslexia coming out…
          This lard ass needs to get in shape then … Too much “Bo-Time” for KB..

      • Except for his Coach said the added weight is what probably contributed to his hamstring issue and his playing was 245 not 240.

        • guys battling hamstring issues in both legs and paulman saying he’s fine

        • Its going to be heard for Benjamin to maintain his weight his whole career. He would have to be a workout warrior with how tall he is to be lean and mean.

          He may turn into into a Jimmy Graham clone and move to TE eventually.


    LET’S GO!!!

    Alot of rumors floating around

    Porzingis, Russell, Mudiay etc etc

    I still want Mudiay, I do like Russell too though, I just don’t like left handed players and I don’t like his inability to defend at this point of his career but he will grow.

    I think Mudiay is a better defender, more athletic and a better scorer than Russell

    Russell does set his teammates up better than Mudiay and has better court vision

    I do not want another big man but if Okafor is there at 3, do you really pass on him?

    All that talent, 7’0 7’1… I’d rather a playmaking guard but Okafor can ball

    I also like Mario Hezonja. 6’8 long, athletic, can score the ball, can shoot the 3. 1 thing he has to work on is taking guys off the dribble better

    I’m back and forth on Porzingis. Hes gonna be a good player but I don’t like how stiff he is. I think it would be a bad idea to take him 3 because he’s developmental

    I don’t think he’s Dirk Nowitzki or will ever be but maybe pretty close…

    Those are my guys so far thru my evaluation

    Still early in the week..

    Sixers have options as always..

    Just don’t count out the chance that we trade our picks for next year and get more picks and or trade picks for a star player

    I’d be just fine if we traded for Paul George. Hes a great all around player that’s young and his potential meter is going up not down. Or try to get a guy like Durant etc

    Acquiring all these picks (four 1st rounders next season) gives you this kind of flexibility



  • This just in

    Dario Saric WILL NOT be playing for the Sixers next season

  • Dario Saric was never coming this year…..

  • If they draft Porzingis its because Embiid is truly broken(however I think its too convenient and just a smokescreen to get Orlando to jump out from 5)

    Mudiay or Russell and its not a need pick because I am not a fan of Okafor in any way.

    • What a miscalculation on Hinkies part

      Thinking he’d be able to get Saric over here sooner rather than later.

      This may indicate how concerned they are with Embiids injury

      My god, not good news.

      The Sixers were randomly pushing hard to get Saric here then like a week or two later the news about Embiid drops

      No Saric, no Embiid this upcoming season?!

      My god

      So now the media is pumping up this Porzingis to the Sixers probably because they wanna bait the team’s behind them to move up

      That’s why I said a trade down isn’t out of the realm of possibility, acquiring more future picks and still getting the guy or guys they want

      Hinkie is good at making value picks. Let’s see if he can flip picks like he did in that Noel MCW draft

      • Saric was just a rumor leak. I highly doubt that was the case. Not to many people were reporting that at all. Most teams knew that Saric NBA drop year was always going to be next year. Thats why teams wouldnt touch him the year before last and he took his name out. and last year why he dropped to 10 because most teams had him as a top 5 player.

        Embiid is a total smokescreen. Hope im right….but just way too convenient. They would be leaks everywhere if he was truly out and they would be pushing it hard to get an evaluation before the draft.

        • Saric could actually stay 2 maybe 3 more years I’m hearing because that 3 rd year he’ll no longer be under that rookie pay scale and he can negotiate a more profitable deal

          The agent that he has is a very shrewd business man. Hes known as a shark. Hes looking for a way to get as much money as possible and by Saric leaving early the agent loses a lot of money

          This Embiid thing is real I’m hearing and the Sixers are very concerned and scared. This isn’t a smokescreen. I wish it was too

          It’s just going to take him longer to heal. What’s good is that he’s young but we saw what happened with Yao Ming

          • Saric will be here once he can be signed outside of his rookie contract its standard protocol for the Euros especially if they are not guaranteed a top 5 slot. Spoke to someone in the agent circles before its why Porzingis withdrew last year. Saric is looking for a deal that will be better than Mirotics last year especially with the increase that will be coming with the MLE.

  • I know Phil Jackson is just another grumpy old man but he does have some credentials. He validated what I’ve been saying for awhile, that the nba is an ugly game. And he was talking specifically about the playoffs, “4 guys standing around watching one guy dribble’ ‘players can’t set screens’ ‘Lebron walks half the time when he catches the ball’ etc.

    • Except that Phil Jackson just described the Kobe under him the last 5 years and he got two championships out of that.

      Hes a hypocrite.

      • He was saying that’s what it has become …so of course he played it. There aren’t enough fundamental tally sound guys..so put the ball in a superstars hand and watch him play…

  • Hac omg it is what it is you forever being negative about basketball if you dont like the way it is now why do you comment and didnt the warriors win the championship with the old way you like it setting screens and back door cuts……just stick to high school ball you sound like a old white man with a stick in your butt…,…lol

    • Short shorts, tube sox, chuck Taylor’s, bounce passes, lay ups, bank shots, Afros or floppy hair!
      Z I was just quoting a very accomplished NBA hall of famer who knows more than all of us put together! But to that end…the spurs, warriors have represented the old guys prettier well!

      • Its funny because why do you think Kobe hated Shaq at the end because he hated dumping the ball into the post and watching. He wanted it to be his team.

  • lol hac you so damn white it aint funny but hey gotta mix it up in here a good ole fashioned white mans perspective is needed

    • All kidding aside like all pro leagues a few teams should be dissolved to increase the overall talent level. Would make the game a higher quality but that ain’t happening!

      • Good bye 76ers

        • Like I said will never happen…more likely they will add teams …it’s all about the money

          • They wont expand…but they will start moving some of the smaller market franchises that dont hold up out to places like Seattle etc.

  • its funny you bring up dissolve because my guy with his new york connections said jay z is trying to combine knick nets together and make them one powerhouse now that would be interesting

    • That simple move through a ripple effect put the 12 worst players in the league out of a job making the talent pool that much deeper.
      As for such a move, i don’t see how the Knicks and nets would be better financially but me giving financial advise to Jay Z is like me walking into an operating room and giving advice to a surgeon

  • heard it here first jay z to combine knicks and nets…..lol I beat you to it jon hart

    • I think something is brewing with the Sixers

      Possibly a big trade or a few trades on Thursday night

      I could be wrong, I haven’t heard anything but I think Hinkie will do something to make this fan base excited again

      If they can end up with 2 lotto picks this year both in the top 6 maybe 8 I think the fans would be excited again

      Or if we traded picks for Paul George or Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook, the fans would be excited again

      • Hinkie doesn’t give a rats ass about this fan base, nor should he! His job is to put a competitive team on the court.
        So this is not from your well place sources, it’s from your creepy little mind!
        A big man with bad feet, a guy playing in Europe…

        • Seriously traded MCW and even on a smaller scale McDaniels this year and you think that he cares about the fanbase.


      • riveting stuff jon. my mind is blown

  • big redo that pic u didnt crop it gooc

    • I got it Z

  • If the Sixers see Mudiay as a player they an trade with Orlando to select Porzingis and draft him at 5. If they favor Winslow they could possibly move all the way down to the Nuggets and pick up Winslow and possibly Ty Lawson.

    There are some moves there.

    IMO stay at 3 and draft Russel or Mudiay. Next years draft is set up for them to have at min 3 picks in the top 15.

    • i would love the sixers trading back with denver if we get their #1 next year. next years draft is flush with talent i want picks! #3 for denvers 1 this year and next year !!!!

      • They are fine pick wise next year. The Lakers and Heat pick alone will be there.


          The Timberwolves have made Anthony Bennett available in a trade, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein.
          The Sixers might be interested if the deal is for a future second-round pick. In all sincerity, Bennett has absolutely no trade value right now, and that’s an indication of where his stock is around the league after being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 class.
          Source: Marc Stein on Twitter
          Jun 22 – 1:44 PM

          • For a 2nd round pick Mhenski its worth a shot.

    • Mudiay wouldn’t make it past the Knicks at 4 so trying to go down to 5 thinking he ‘ll still be there would be foolish

      That’s taking too much of a chance and too much of a drop if you want Mudiay

      Mudiay is going top 4 imo..

      • Knicks would trade the pick if Mudiay is there and they could acquire more picks and still get Cameron Payne. They dont view him as impact as the top 3. Plus they need players. If thats a mistake who knows, but multiple sources say they arent hot after Mudiay.

  • Im hearing Heinkie is bringing in D for a workout this week too, interesting.

  • Porzingis is on fire…..hes pushing Milicic pre draft rumor territory right now.

    • I don’t usually comment on the Sixer’s much, since I have stopped watching them while they are tanking….but does all of this Porzingis talk remind anyone else of Mike Mamula? Moving up fast on the draft board after a single workout. Almost the same strategy as Shawn Bradley, very little pre-draft access but lots of hype and mystery. I hope the Sixer’s pick Russell and not go with another Hinkie overseas project that will not be here for a couple years.

      • Porzingis has been on the radar internationally for a while. There was word last year that Hinkie was begging the kids team to put him in the draft last year and they would have taken him with the 10th pick over Saric.

        Hes been in the Spanish league which is the best league internationally.

        I prefer Russell as well. Porzingis is intriguing the hell out of me now though lol.

        • Yes IJ, I am not saying that he was completely unknown, just that he had previously been around a 10-12 pick before his single workout, and then after the workout he is being talked about in the 3-5 range. I do not trust Hinkie to make the right pick here…Russell should be the no-brainer.

          • I am a big fan of Hinkies thought process that you acquire as many picks as you can because you will not hit on all of them.

            You only have to look at the Champions…who with a top 10 pick chose Harrison Barnes….and their impact player from that draft ended up being a 2nd round pick(Draymond Green) and they also got a starting Center for a lot of teams in Festuz Ezelli.

            • I can get behind the theory of what they are doing, but at this point going into their 3rd draft I believe that we should have more to show for it. MCW traded for future assets, Embiid sat out a year and worst case never play for the Sixers ( Andrew Bynum anyone?) and Saric will not be in a Sixer’s uniform for 3 years after he was drafted with the #10 pick? Ultimately you need to build a team of players to actually get on the court..not a group of players as assets with future potential. Maybe I am all wrong, and I hope that I am, and Hinkie will turn all of the assets into an exciting and winning team. That would be great, because I believe that we have a good coach in Brett Brown, let’s give him some players and let him compete.

              • I just look at it as obtaining assets in waves.

              • I like to look at it as gaining WINS in waves ….time to start winning ..I know win is a four letter word to hinkie’ites’ ….

  • Hart, any word on D coming in for a workout?

    • I liked your other picture better.

  • Bob Cooney was just on TV and reminded that when drafted reports were that Embid would be HEALED in 4-6 months, Hinkie said more like 5-8. It’s been 12 months and oh by the way they are saying I ts not HealING as fast….this shit was suppossed to be HEALED…this ain’t good…tank again, unbelievable.

  • The Lakers are trying to trade for Center Demarcus Cousins

    If they get Cousins they be a playoff team

    That’s just one move they may make. Their is more. They’re gonna go all out for Kobe

    Demarcus Cousins on the Lakers?! Ugh

    • Kings aren’t trading cousins hart. Sixers r definitely interested in acquiring D though.

    • Cousins, is on the trading block, as I stated a few weeks ago that he has been for 3 years now.

      I agree if the Lakers get him it would be a shame. But, if they did it would be because of a more aggressive approach, and better vision of what talent is needed to build a Championship team.

      I am hoping they draft Emmanuel Mudiay. I also would like to see them get their hands on Mario Hezonia, who is actually the best shooter in the draft – not DeAngelo Russell – and not only can shoot, but play Defense.

      Then attack Free Agency next off season with those 4 potential 1st round picks, and really push for contention.

  • Jh kills me… Im hearing they may trade or make several trades. Or… My sources tell me they may keep the pic and grab a player. Or… They may trade down. Book it!! Lol.

    I get the long term plan. Now is time to strike though. To me… Russell is the no brainer. Get it done. Let’s get our 3 toys on the court… Lets prep for making a run on a superstar. It starts now… No more stockpiling assets for 2027

  • Sixers need to trade for a superstar and as I stated it should be a Paul George or a Durant or a Westbrook

    Or if at all possible they need to come away with two top 10 players this year in this draft

    Trade some of those second rounders and or the future 1st rounders they have for next year

    The future is now. We need to see something this year. This tanking lasted long enough

    I expect them to put something on the court this year to excite us. I think it begins this Thursday

    • You just listed three of the most unavailable superstars in the NBA lol, no Superstars are changing teams until the 2017 TV deal numbers are set.

  • Kings arent trading Cousins….This is nothing but L.A. rumors trying to drum up a market that isnt there.

    Their new owner is a fan boy. He isnt trading him for draft picks and bums.

    • damn it. so cliffs team of :

      G – Emmanuel Mudiay 6-5
      G – Kevin Durant 6-10
      C – DeMarcus Cousins 6-11
      F – Anthony Davis 6-10
      F – Giannis Adetkumbo 6-10

      G – EC Matthews 6-5
      G – Mario Hezonia 6-7
      C – Joel Embiid 7-0
      F – Donatas Montejunas 7-0
      F – Jaylen Brown 6-7

      G – Ish Smith 6-2
      G – Vicilic Micic 6-6
      G/F- Jordan McRae 6-7
      F – Robert Covington 6-9
      F – Jeremi Grant 6-9
      F – Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk 6-8
      F – Dario Saric 6-9

      cant happen????????? that sucks. i guess we have to roll with the core of durant and anthony davis ONLY then


      • Unfortunately Big Mhenski, that would be our loss…[shrugging my shoulders]

        • that must be jaylen browns baby picture

          • If you are referring to the picture on my post …no, it’s Tyler’s…

  • I can see the Sixers getting back in the first round with the Miami or OKC pick from next year and a couple of 2s and looking for another wing player

  • sixers in talks to get marcus smart?????

    • No. JH$ $ixer$ New$ would have reported it

      That was an offer from the Celtics.

      Celtics offered two 1st this yr and Smart for the Sixers 3rd and Nerlins

      Sixers turned it down

  • Marcus Smart does not fit the 76ers Culture..
    Celtics Coach Brad Stevens wants Smart gone,just like he wanted Rondo gone..

    • paulman when i read your posts most of them remind me of that scene in ace ventura pet detective when ace spreads his ass cheeks and talks with his asshole

      • Raving again about Marcus Smart’s competitiveness, Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens called the rookie point guard “a great person to build with.”

        One Cleveland reporter asked Tuesday night about Smart’s progression throughout his rookie year.

        “I think no matter what, Marcus always has a place on a winning team,” Stevens replied. “And the reason I say that is because he’s a competitor first and foremost. There’s nobody that would argue that. Nobody that’s around him, nobody that’s ever coached him, nobody that’s ever played against him would argue his competitiveness. So he makes mistakes on both ends of the court, and he will always make mistakes on both ends of the court because he’s kind of got that competitive edge that makes him sometimes take a risk or take a gamble. But most of the time his stuff pans out because of his aggressiveness. And that’s a great person to build with.”

      • That’s Funny Mhenski and a Classic Movie..

  • marcus smart hell no…..that trade is terrible…..just take russel or mudiay and be done with it…..smart is ass and 16 and 28 nets you bobby portis and rj hunter…..hell no

    • relax zilents dont listen to hart he is always wrong. Boston would be too embarrassed to offer #16 & #28 for #3 and noel. thats not even close to reasonable

      • Hahaha awww henski upset bc he didn’t have a clue to what I was talking about

        Get your facts straight pal

        And why don’t you ever make a prediction? Too afraid to be wrong? You sit on this site waiting for anyone to post a prediction so you can copy and paste it 3 years later

        What a lifeless joke

        What’s even funnier is that you posted it in question form like a scared dummy: “Sixers in talks to get Marcus Smart???”

        Not wanting to be wrong and not knowing what the he’ll you were talking about!!!

        Figured you out a long time ago

        Beat it bum

  • and good point pman smart is a selfish me 1st player without super stardom potential….fuck no

  • I dont give a shit what jh says I go to liberty ballers and they reported it but like you said that zoffer is bull shit I wouldnt do it for just the pick

  • lol ace ventura good shit man

  • 76ers 2015 Mock Draft (Version #1)
    Assuming No Trades and Drafting Straight Up

    #3 – Guard – DeAngelo Russell (Ohio State 6-5 180lbs)
    #35 – PF – Jarrell Martin (LSU 6-10 235lbs)
    #37 – PG – Cedi Osman (Macedonia 6-6 190lbs – Stash Away in Europe)
    #47 – PF – Larry Nance Jr (Wyoming 6-8 235lbs)
    #58 – Guard – Dez Wells (Maryland 6-5 215lbs)
    #60 – Guard – Mateusz Ponitka (Poland 6-6 211lbs – Stash in Europe)

  • They package 35 and 37 to get into end of the first round if they see someone they like. They probably pick up 2 of those picks to stash overseas. I dont see them keeping all 5 2nd round picks. 3 at max.

    • I agree with that.. .

      I think they would like to get back into the late 1st Round (#22 or Higher)
      and maybe try to get a Sam Dekker, Rashad Vaughn, Montreal Harrell…
      which really don’t offer that much more upside than my selections of Jarrell Martin or Cedi Osman in original Mock)

      How Many Players do the 76ers actually have under Contract for Camp for 2015?

  • I can easily see them jumping into the first for another PG. But more than likely it will be for a wing player or another shooter. Depends on what they do with their 3rd pick.

    I would love to see them pick up Tyus Jones or Jerian Grant.

  • The guy who reported the Celtics trade rumor is the same guy who reported DeAngelo Russell didnt want to play for the Sixers.

    Hes an asshat.

  • would rather have grant over jones we definely need shooters I actually like dekker he would be a solid wing shooter off the bench has ok athletic ability but really good lenght

  • I would be shocked if Dekker falls past 15. Im not a fan but his stock is high.

  • He has that size shooting conbination you want in a 3 and D type of player like Ariza…..I think dekker has more dribbling ability then ariza…..he is a sleeper…..but he could turn into a kyle singular

    • Dekker goes strong to the Basket.. He’s Decent Passer,Rebounder and Defender and is more Athletic than he looks … Most Mocks have him in that #15 – #20 Range and probably will turn out to be a solid Role NBA Player for the next 10 Years

  • The 76ers and the Trail Blazers are reportedly discussing a trade that would send Portland’s No. 23 pick to Philadelphia in exchange for the 76ers No. 35 and 37 picks.
    In the past twelve years, no one that has been selected in that range has had a statistically meaningful rookie season. So whether this trade goes down or not, the players involved are very unlikely to have any fantasy value during their rookie year.
    Related: Trail Blazers
    Source: Alex Kennedy on Twitter
    Jun 23 – 2:37 PM

    • I would do that deal. Not sure why Portland would want to do that though.

  • looks like the sixers can get a extra first rd pick and maybe a second if we trade for david lee do it hinkie

  • What you Guys think of Big Man Kaminsky at the NBA Level..
    Most have him in that #10 to #14 Range..
    He handles the Ball Well, a good Passer & Shooter with some Range and sound fundamentally who runs the Floor a little better than what people think… He probably end up a Solid Back-up and good for 15-18 Minutes a night .

    • Hes a more mobile version of Zydrunas Ilguaskas with better range. I wasnt in love with him but he grew on me through the tournament. He will be a good pro in the league.

      His stock is dropping a bit though…12-16 is his range right now….Alot of drafts have him mocked to the Suns.

  • Sacramento Actively looking to Trade Rudy Gay so they can sign Guard Rondo

    Oklahoma City reportedly shopping Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb & Steve Novack for Cap Relief and looking for Draft Picks in Return..

    • they all stink

      • I remember a few on here being very high on Jeremy Lamb at the NBA Level when he was coming out of School..I believe it was Jon Hart, though I could be wrong, anyways, Lamb never has done much at the NBA Level and always played a little too soft to take that next step…

        • And you thought wrong again Wrongman

          I never said Jeremy Lamb was going to be a good player or whatever, I honestly didnt know much about his game at the time for he was young and too raw

          You GCobb.com lifers need to get your facts straight.

      • I would take a flyer on Perry Jones III sick athlete has scoring abillty(he dropped 40 in a game this year I believe)

  • IJ, Whats your Thoughts on Guard Delon Wright from Utah who has moved up the Board a little bit recently… Tough, Physical Defender, With Good Ball Skills, IQ and a strong Work Ethic & Leadership Skills.. Has improved his Shooting which still needs work, but could be a Good Solid Point Guard in the NBA at 6-5 190lbs and was listed in the #18-#25 Range

    • I dont like him….good defensive PG has definite size but hes already 23 and has alot of holes in his game he still has to develop. So at best hes coming into his own when he is 27. I dont think he is worth it for a team like the Sixers. A contending team looking for a defensive PG/backup should definitely take a look though.

  • id take lamb but they are not worth much…….I think kaminky plays really hard and can shoot it mid and long range…..i compare him to kelly olnck…..I like dekker way more

    • Kaminsky kind of a Rich Man’s Spencer Hawes… Ha

  • isnt lock up in the pen for you jhart how do u still have internet access

    • Silence Zilents

      And while your at it change that damn profile pic, Lavell Crawford face looking fool

      • Jh, I hope Hinkie can pull off some nice moves on Thursday. That Dario Saric shit stings big time.

        • It does diddy it does! But I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded Saric on Thursday

          It’s looking more and more like a miscalculation on Hinkies part

          Try and trade him if I’m Hinkie

  • lol jhart I can get your picture off most wanted website…..tell big john be cant have your fish tonite

    • And I can catch your face on reruns of the biggest loser, Damien Woody face

  • they dont allow camera phones in the pen its ok buddy we got plenty of photos from the news…..lol ty for fat jokes ill use them in tbe real world now give big john his treat for the night lol

    • I made a fat joke???

      Awww don’t catch feelings now Ving Rhames face

      Listen, if you can’t hang joke wise then give it up and don’t try me

      Remain silent zilents..

  • Ugh my new town got destroyed today. Been chainsawing and moving trees off houses and our street for 4 hours. Just getting to dinner now then more tree moving. Fuck

    Looks like the Russians nuked us

    • My Sisters down in Swedesboro area and they had lots of uprooted Trees, Power outages, etc… Be Careful out there ..

  • lol lights out jh…..u got some good jokes dude when you get out im sure they will have a comedy club for ” fucked in the ass too much” you will find all your friends there

    • Womp womp…


      You bore me ..


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