• July 6, 2022

Howard Eskin Report: Evan Mathis Was Going To Retire To Avoid Fines

Dec 18, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis (69) is introduced prior to playing the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Jets 45-19. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Dec 18, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis (69) is introduced prior to playing the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Jets 45-19. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Dec 18, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis (69) is introduced prior to playing the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Jets 45-19. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Howard Eskin of FOX29 just reported on the 94WIP Morning Show that a couple of Eagles players told him Evan Mathis was going to retire, so he wouldn’t be fined for missing the Birds mandatory workouts.  Eskin didn’t give any names of his sources, but he seemed convinced that this was a serious plan by Mathis.

It was reported last week that the former Eagles Pro Bowl guard sent a copy of his itinerary for coming to Philadelphia this past weekend to workout with the team. He said he was going to workout with the team during the mandatory session and was surprised when he was released by Chip Kelly. It seems like a stretch to think he would retire to avoid the fines, then come back with another team.

As far as I can see, Mathis staying out of these offseason workouts with the Eagles is going to cost him millions.  He was slated to make $5.5 million dollars this season, then $6.5 million the next year.  I don’t see any way a 34 year-old guard is going to sign with a team this late in the year and get that kind of money.


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  • Which is all the more reason that Chip Kelly and the Eagles should have Drafted an Interior OL with their 3rd Round Pick instead of an ILB (J Hicks) who won’t even see the field for at least 2 Seasons, barring injuries to Kendricks,Alonso or Ryans .. Or even keep their 4th Round Pick instead of Trading with Lions

    3rd/4th Round OL on the Board who would have been good fits for the Eagles

    OT Chaz Green, OT Daryl Williams, OT TJ Clemmings,
    Guard Tre Jackson, Jamil Douglas, Arie Kouandijo, Jonathon Feliciano,
    Center/Guard Shaquile Mason, Center Guard Max Garcia
    Guard Mark Glowinski


    • You continue to spew stupidity

      • And the Eagles continue to be average and miss opportunities to upgrade their Team ..

        • Really? drafting a 3rd round OL who may or may not amount to anything is an opportunity yet drafting a 3rd round LB is is not? You are similar to cliff– you seem to think that with 7 draft picks all ills of the world are cured. they upgraded their D, upgraded their offensive backfield…

          • How did they upgrade their Offensive Backfield.. They did that in Free-Agency
            and spent a whole lot of $$$ for their 3 RB’s who are older and have had Injury Issues in a Year when the RB Position was probably the deepest, strongest Position of the entire 2015 Draft which was another missed opportunity and a poor way to spend Resources ..All while failing to address the most important position outside of QB, which is the OL

            • FA and draft is part of the off season. You are as blind as cliff

              • And Allocating $15 Million a Year at RB for the next 2-3 Years is just plain Stupid Cap and Roster Management..
                Do the Patriots, Seahawks,Packers, Broncos, Ravens,Steelers load up the Salary Wagon at the RB Position…

  • it’s incumbent on the new GM to anticipate self inflicted voids in the roster , and yet the Draft scenario and crapping out in the 3rd or 4th rounds is a statistical certainty.Lets see how the battles and summer camp casualties shakes out and then we’ll know if we are all over reacting to a 34 year old guard ..

  • Upgraded their Defense?

    The got a nice Prospect in Eric Rowe in the 2nd Round who will compete for a Starters Spot come 2016

    Took ILB J Hicks in the 3rd Round who will likely contribute as a Special Teamer for the next 2 Seasons unless Eagles let Kendricks Walk or more injuries occur to Ryans/Alonso

    No 4th or 5th Round Selections….

    A couple of 6th Round CB Prospects (JaCorey Shepard has Potential for down the road) and the last 2 Players are Camp/Practice Squad Players in Evans and Milhalik..

    Eagles still failed to address Safety and are counting on 2 former CB’s to
    Transition to the Safety Postion in Thurmond and Watkins since they have little faith in Recent Draft Picks Wolff & Reynolds..

    • Maxwell , Alonso etc…
      As desert said this isn’t conventional

  • Pman you are going to have to take a huge step back,comprehend that the “norm” is an anomaly with Chip..His emphasis is in the moment ,devotion ,and single minded pursuits of winning..He doesn’t allow in my estimation ,himself to be distracted by normal ways of constructing a roster ..he’s taking bold steps ,let’s see if he trips up or if he reconfigures the way business as usual is done.its always been a “copy cat ” league ,but ,not to this coach/GM ..it’s his way or the highway..Defiance and putting blinders on ,sometimes admittedly restrict the peripheral,let’s see if his laser like focus is a new way of doing business ..or. A recipe for a new regime..there no middle ground ,as he’s sold the owner ,on letting it play itself out ,in a result driven league ..

  • Pman..allocation of 15 million$$ on running back,added to $12.9 for an unsigned gimp at QB..allowing pro bowlers to walk out the doors without compensatory issues addressed..hiring bill Davis ,retaining bill davis..having a boatload of inside LBs ,not adding through the draft an obvious need ..you can be driven to the asylum with this strategy agreeably..but ,this is the Chips all in on the table ..stand back and let em roll..

    • We’ll see how the Eagles do 2015, but I believe the Playoffs are not going to happen, They should be a much better Team come December than they will be starting out with all these New Players and Starters (About 50% Turnover)
      The Offense was a very experienced Group that he took over with a Consistent OL,Backfield and Receivers… Out of the 25 Players on Offense Last Season, a good 1/3rd of them are gone with 5 of them being Starters.. (Foles,McCoy,Herremans,Mathis,Maclin, Polk, Casey & Brad Smith)

      I was hoping Kelly would use Free-Agency to Upgrade the D which he did some, but not at Safety, OLB or DT and then use the Draft to Rebuild the OL,WR & RB Positions

      3rd Rd RB’s – Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson & David Johnson will all have nice NFL Careers
      4th Rd RB’s – Jeremy Langford, Javouris Allen, MIke Davis along with
      5th Rd RB’s – David Cobb, Jay Ajayi, Cameron Artis-Payne were all Nice Value Selections who will contribute and make plays with their Teams ..

      • Paul, a question you gloss over, I’ve asked it before…Why would any coach/GM take a player in whatever round (in this case the third) that HE thinks is not a good player? You spew these names that you get on some draft tracker site like they are bonafide locks… kelly, scouts, position coaches etc. spend hundreds of hours studying these guys and if THEY dont think theycan play why would they draft that player?

  • One thing that comes out of the “Mathis” saga ,is that guys who in the past would remain mute in the locker room ,and or were galvanized to the players union mantra ,to never speak against your brethren in the union..broke through that ,and to me that is the new “culture” that is obviously being the beginnings of a new Eagles way..

    • The Bottom Line is if your not a 100% Committed to the Program and this means includes moving and living to Philly area, spending time at NovaCare in the Off-Season’s and Participating in Community Events as Kelly does, then you won’t have a long-term tenure with the Eagles..
      Players taking off after the Season and doing their own thing, working out on their own and showing up for a few Workouts in May/June before Camp is not 100% Committed in Kelly’s eyes..
      It will work but it also will drive away those type of Personalities who don’t follow Authority or Structure real well…
      Any Player who believes he is above the Team, will simply not be an Eagle
      we’ve seen it a few times now with D-Jax, C Williams, L McCoy & E Mathis
      As far as terms of Players staying quiet about their bretheren, its a Cultural thing going on all across the NFL ,other Sports that reflects the changes in Society, so this is not unique to Chip Kelly or the Eagles Locker Room..

  • Pman I find it fascinating that those ,who do this (wins totals) source sbnation Vegas line have the Cowboys and Eagles bot at 9.5 over under and the Giants at 8 ..there obviously is no lack of respect for th new modicum of success..in vega$

    • Its a very Even Division this Season in the NFC East and a very good chance that the Top 3 Teams (Cowboys,Giants & Eagles) all finish between 8-9-10 Wins in 2015 as the Teams beat each other..

  • Pman it won’t drive away those who don’t conform,because they never will get the opportunity and or privilege of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.When you imagine the drama (distractions) self imposed and media driven that the cowgirls ,are going to deal with ,it’s refreshing to stay focused on one goal “winning”

    • Agreed Desert, Kelly has been cleaning house on Players who have not 100% Bought In, soon he will be rid of all of them for I can’t really think of any Player on the Roster Left from the AR Days that aren’t 100% committed..
      Most of the New Players he’s brought in since his Arrival fit his mold as well as this Years Draft Class ..
      I do think some Young Players Drafted in 2013 & 2014 are in a do or die situation this Summer Camp
      Players like Earl Wolf, Ed Reynolds, Jaylen Watkins, Riley Cooper, Dennis Kelly, Justin Vandervelde all have to prove their worth to make the 53 Man Roster regardless of their Draft Postion in Previous Years..
      or they will be gone also

  • It’s not unique to Chip Kelly’s locker room? Really. How many other NFL teams have cut ties with pro bowl players with disregard for there assumed value!weighed vs the aggravation or toxicity they may cause in the new “culture”. None

    • Um…how about the Patriots, only the most successful franchise in the last 15 years.

    • desert, are you saying T.O, Randy Moss never got cut because they were assholes? The thing with the eagles is they are drawing a clear line in the sand– be on board. I respect it.

  • Can’t take it..yes they did cut ties ..age related or performance related or Economic$ agreed ..my point is ..this is about building a mote by getting rid of “me” guys ..

    • Understood….but I keep hearing that what Chip is doing will not work in the NFL and that this strategy is very “collegey” (if that is a word). But those people seem to be completely ignoring the most successful franchise of our generation (Patriots) operates that exact same way.

  • Just listened to Chip OTA presser. He states that Evan Mathis/Rosenhaus asked for their release prior to the draft, in March. If that is the case then clearly Mathis did not want to be here, and given Chip’s track record, he knew he was not going to be here. This makes it even more quizzical, to say the least, as to why they did not draft an O lineman. They have four undrafted o linemen from the 2015 class. The tam has no idea who they will place at RG. The best player in practice perhaps, but that does not mean he will be good enough. Sam Bradford…How does this make you feel?

    • sky is falling! yikes! who will play guard? Oh no panic sets in… should have drafted a guard in the 3rd round even if he couldn’t play… oh no!!!!! doom and gloom has struck the delaware valley!!!

      • ZZZZZ, your schtick is soooo trite!!! You tell me, who will play RG, and will they play at a decent enough level to make Bradford feel secure behind the line. You have the confidence in the unknown, or perhaps you do know. Please …I eagerly await your knowledge and wisdom.

        • Obviously NOT A THIRD ROUND ROOKIE–
          there are what 15-16 OL in camp… there will be competition for that spot. so what? have you ever been involved in sports? you go into preseason and you see which of the 15 play…its not rocket science.
          I don’t claim to know who can play or not– i’m claiming that the people who study it for a living know better than you

          • Perhaps they may know better than me, but still, they do not know who will man that RG spot because the talent they have there is sub-average. Just because they study this stuff for a living does not mean they know better than me, it’s not an exact science…fact is, they have won no more championships than me with their draft selections. What I do know is that there have been guards taken in the third thru FA who have come in and started, so you making a sweeping statement that a 3rd round rookie guard could not come in and start is stupid and asinine because it has happened…..I don’t know about the sky falling, but a jail break through the right side of that line is a strong possibility. I am concerned about the short sightedness of the coach/GM not drafting a guard, putting hope in an UDFA guard with little experience to man that spot is not a good business practice for Chip, or Sam Bradford.

            Chip drafts an ILB in the third even though the spot is crowded, we are thin at interior linemen, and he ignores the position for a second year, yes, that makes a lot of sense.

            • I will say that Offensive Guard is one position where journeymen/no-names can all of the sudden become successful in the right system with the right coaches. Evan Mathis was a nobody before he got here.

              My thoughts are that this is really not a huge loss. Barbre was all but going to replace Todd last year but got hurt. So he is going to be just fine. Chances are they will be able to get someone to fill the other spot and be fine.

              Last year the entire freaking line was a mess and changed on a weekly basis. We have a stud tackles and a great center. All we need is for the line to play together consistently and they will be fine.

              • Those same journeyman no name guards could have established themselves last year when given a chance, but they played like crap. You can’t just rely on that thinking to get you through a season if you have post season aspirations. Flawed thinking at best, irresponsible is more like it.

              • I would not call Jason Kelce a great center, he is good at pulling and blocking down field, when matched up against nose tackles he doesn’t get any push, but pushed. He needs to get bigger and stronger.

            • Not a third round pick that they saw. And yes they do know better than you. You guess, they project.

              • I agree EHL about Jason Kelce, who may be the next OL Player on his way out
                by 2016 and really doesn’t fit this new Downhill Running Attack that Kelly wants to employ with his lack of size/strength… He just doesn’t move the pile forward on Short Yardage/Red-Zone and is much better on the Sweeps Screens, Pull Plays of the AR Era but as far as man on man, its an issue with him..
                I am high on UDFA Center/Guard Mike Coccia to not only make the Team this Summer but to eventually replace Kelce by 2016/2017
                One thing we all have to keep in mind after watching RB Lesean McCoy the last 4-5 Years who could make Yards when no blocking was there for him just as well as not hitting the holes where plays were called so sometimes judging the Eagles OL was very hard to do due to McCoy’s Running Style
                Now with a more one-cut and go to the hols Backs in Murray/Matthews,
                we will see a lot more how well this Eagles OL is blocking or not, and especially in the Interior (Center/Guards)
                So maybe Kelce was blocking better than I think due to missed Running assignments by McCoy or maybe the interior OL was just not that good and McCoy bailed them out more times than not… We’ll See
                I do think that Kelce is a very smart Player and seems to make great blocks out in the open or when plays break down but both Murray/Matthew are going to hit the holes on the plays that are called, so we will see how effective this OL really is or isn’t..

              • No they do not know. You yourself have stated many times it is a crap shoot..echoing Chip Kelly. Now you say they know. Which one is it. Do not contradict yourself in an attempt to try to validate your opinion.

              • Fraudman I’ve already proved you wrong on the style of play that they play. He doesn’t pull on seeps, I see you took note where I mentioned the only play he pulls on is the screen. When you see him downfield it’s mostly as he is hitting the second level by design.

              • I said they know better than you. Are your afternoon meds due?
                You come on here and actually think you are qualified, just because they didn’t draft a OL and there was one available that YOU like…ridiculous!

              • They may know better…you do not know for sure, nor do I. But I do know players I wanted the Eagles to draft in my mock last year outperformed the ones the Eagles drafted. Go back and look if you do not remember. I know you are senile….go check the record.

              • Of course you ‘mock’ them…that’s pretend. You can mock 100 guys.

              • Yes I could have. But I did not. I Mocked 8 players. And most of them outperformed the Eagles selections….period. You do not watch college football so I understand why you feel the way you do, however, just because you would be inept at judging talent does not mean others are.

            • ILB is crowded? Too funny, we were so thin there last year… Can’t have perfect depth at all position groups.

              • What is to funny is that they had quality starting depth at ILB…but not at the guard position…you fail to see that though….too funny!

              • I seem to remember Marcus smith and Casey Mathews getting time. Look any position can get decimated by two injuries..ANY

              • Well Gee thanks captain obvious. If you read what I wrote I clearly stated the Eagles depth at ILB was better than that at O line…Najee Goode played very well when given a chance.

      • And once again, if you knew Mathis was not going to be here, why would you not address it. you do not follow college ball so you have no clue whether a guard drafted in the 3rd round could play or not. ..Chipbot!

        • Poor Roster Management all Off-Season by GM Kelly in Terms of the OL..
          Not only for the Short Term (2015 Season) but especially for Future Seasons
          If LT Peters or C Kelce go down, the Eagles Offense is F’d …

  • Eagles coulda,woulda, shoulda pursued Guard Clint Boling of the Bengals
    in Free-Agnecy who was my #1 Target for upgrading the Guard Position
    Boling signed a new 5 Year $26 Million Deal (About $5 Million per Season)
    and is just Reaching his Prime at Age 27
    James Carpenter of Seattle was another Target who did play for OL Coach
    Stoutland while at U of Alabama …
    Drafting a Guard/Tackle in the 3rd/4th Round would have also been a smart move in a Draft Class that had a lot of Depth in the Mid-Rounds
    To continually rely on UDFA or others Teams Rejects (Recently Signed OL Wheeler tried out for 3 Teams last Year that all were in need of OL Help – The Panthers, the Bills and Seahawks) and he failed to impress or stick with any of them…
    Its not that hard… Really… Every Draft should include an OL Selected in the 3rd,4th or 5th Rounds to develop Talent and Continuity

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