• December 5, 2021

Zach Ertz’ Girlfriend, Julie Johnston, Battling For U.S. Soccer Team Tonight

ZachErtz&JrueHoliday1Eagles tight end Zach Ertz tweeted out a picture of his girlfriend Julie Johnston, who will be playing tonight for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team as they battle Germany in the semifinal of the World Cup, tonight at 7pm on Fox and NBC Universal.

Ertz, who has been focused on finding a way to take the Birds starting tight end job from Brent Celek, has become a soccer fan after meeting Johnston, who is a defender on the U.S. team.

“I was there with my buddies and saw her sitting in the student section,” he wrote in his blog, “and just decided I wanted to meet her. So I went up and sat right next to her. We just hit it off from there. We hung out a few more times and after that, we just decided that we were going to be together. That was that.”

Johnson will probably be hanging out with former Philadelphia 76ers guard Jrue Holiday, whose wife is Lauren Holiday, a U.S. midfielder.


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  • Was a Great Win last evening over Germany… Go USA
    That Carly Lloyd was the Star of the Game…
    I think she’s from Delran,NJ and a Rutgers Graduate…

  • Huge win. It’s scary how much more soccer I watch than basketball, baseball and hockey combined now. It’s really going to pass the other sports except for football in another 10 years easily. I’m 45 and heard it growing up, but no kids and teenagers my age wore US and international jerseys like they do now. My 12, 10 and 9 year olds all have at least 2 soccer jerseys and play it 10 months a year. Running around a soccer field makes flag football and basketball much easier for my son even though he’s a big tall kid.

  • Correction: Soccer will not pass basketball. Football, basketball and soccer will be the big 3 in the near future.

    • Double Correction – 1) Football 2) Soccer & then 3) Basketball

      More Kids are Playing Soccer every Year.. Many High Schools in rural areas are having hard times filling out a High School Football Roster..
      Soccer Leagues from little kids to 18 Years are not almost playing 8-9 Months a Years as my Son plays in Both a Fall & Spring Travel League as well as for his High School Team,.. Then Winter Time it’s indoor, 5 on 5 Soccer Leagues.. Its Cheap, Safe and Fun and keeps them in great shape

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