• February 4, 2023

Sam Bradford’s Disturbing Five Year Injury History


In two and half weeks, the Eagles will open training camp and we will be sitting on pins and needles as Sam Bradford prepares for the season by playing in some preseason games.   Every time he gets hit, the whole city of Philadelphia will be holding its breath.

I never saw his injury history laid out like they did on Eagledelphia.com.  He has been hurt in each year for the last five seasons.

 Check out the list of injuries that were highlighted by Eagledelphia.com.

  • In 2009, Bradford underwent shoulder surgery for his A/C joint that caused him to miss 10 games;
  • In 2010, Bradford reinjured his shoulder and missed another three games;
  • In 2011, Bradford suffered a high ankle sprain that caused him to miss five games;
  • In 2013, Bradford tore his ACL in week seven of the NFL season, ending his year;
  • In 2014, Bradford tore that same ACL in week three of the preseason.

You seriously have to ask yourself, if Bradford has a body capable of dealing with the pounding of the NFL .

After looking at this injury history, it will be good news if Bradford makes it to training camp without getting hurt.  How could we be serious about believing Bradford isn’t going to get hurt this season?

If you need to be encouraged about Bradford, check out this article about Bradford’s pre-draft workout back in 2010.


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July 14, 2015 10:33 am

I have never liked Bradford Chances at the NFL for this very Reason G-Man
Eagles and Chip Kelly would have been so much better off in 2015 by simply keeping Foles and that 2016 2nd Round Pick and let the 2015 Season play out between Foles and Sanchez and used that $$$$ Savings from Bradford Contract to either Pursued a Safety, or Guard or Resigning Key Players to long-term deals like Fletcher Cox,Michael Kendricks, etc,etc
Foles also has a past with Injuries but at least he knew the System and could toss the Deep Ball better than Bradford.. Bradford is no more of a Running Threat from the QB position that everyone keeps saying that Chip Kelly Offense needs than a Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez is , so that old tired prerequisite is out the window.. I believe Manrk Sanchez opens the Season as Starter, then Bradford comes in by week 4 or 5 and plays a few weeks and then get injured with Sanchez coming back in as the Starter to finish the Season… There will be more questions about the Eagles Future QB after the 2015 Season, than there were going into this Off-Season which was a huge mistake by Kelly in my opinion and one he may not recover from..

July 14, 2015 12:02 pm

Guys I still don’t think Bradford was Kelly’s original plan… Really seems like he got stuck with him somehow… Don’t get me wrong I totally agree this was a huge mistake by Kelly the GM… The other moves and pieces he picked up may not work out either which really scares me… Now we’re talking about a possible collapse…

July 14, 2015 4:09 pm