• June 25, 2022

NFC East: Report: Dez Bryant On His Way To Cowboys Headquarters

Dez+Bryant+Dallas+Cowboys+v+San+Diego+Chargers+_yB7ROdUcZolESPN”s Adam Schefter has reported that Dez Bryant is on his way to the Cowboys headquarters in Valley Ranch to possibly sign a long-term deal.  ESPN is reporting the deal will be a five-year deal at $14 million dollars a year or a total of $70 million dollars.

The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly sweetened their offer to Bryant.  They’ve offered him over $13 million dollars a year.  ProFootballTalk.com tweeted the following statement a couple of hours ago.

“Cowboys’ improved offer is viewed by Dez Bryant’s camp as “still not great.” Chances are still less then 50-50 deal gets done.”

The deadline to agree to a deal is just a couple of hours away.  If the Cowboys don’t come to an agreement with Bryant’s representatives in a hour or so, he will be playing under the franchise tag for the rest of the season.

Bryant has promised he will miss training camp and a regular season game or two, if they don’t come to an agreement today.

Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston has signed a deal with the Chiefs for six years for a total of $101 million dollars with $52 million of it guaranteed.

Pro Bowl wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and the Denver Broncos haven’t talked in a exchanged a proposal in over a month, yet there’s still a chance that they may get something done by 4pm EST.


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  • Yeah, Dez signed $70 mill over 5 years.

    I have not seen a breakdown, but wonder what the cap hit will be next year.

  • $45 million guaranteed.

  • Broncos WR D Thomas signed a very similar Deal with Broncos for the same 5 Year $70 Million Deal, I am not sure how much is in guaranteed $$$

  • Alot of money for players who touch the ball an avg5 times a game. The really good ones 6 times a game. It kind of makes you think say Dez touches the ball 6 times a game which is 96 catches at 14 million a year. You could replace him with someone that catches 5 balls a game for 3 million a year. So basically he gets an extra 11 million a year to avg 1 more catch a game quite honestly. I know theres more to it but is there really more to it? hmmmm

  • So basically Dez avgs 90 cathes at 14 million a season comes out to about 155,555 a catch.lol A RB totes the rock 200-300 times a year and gets hit every play is lucky to make 3 million a year. Something doesn’t seem right.

  • Love it
    Cowboys handcuff themselves to a WR.

    70 million for a wr. A dime a dozen position.

    That’s an idiot move. Good on them.

    • Every position is a dime a dozen, the difference is in the player, as Dez is a playmaker. It amazes me how some Eagles fans want to diminish and devalue the WR position after the history of drek at the position we had with Ray Rhodes and Andy Reid (prior to T.O.), now look at what he (Andy) gave Jeremy Maclin. We clamored for a game changing wideout when we had the Torrance Smalls, Charles Johnson’s and James Thrashes of the world, til T.O came and got us over the hump. Then we got DJax, who to was a game changer and made his team mates around him better on the field (see Foles, Shady and Cooper). The fact is, Dez is the only major weapon they have outside of Romo and an aging Witten, their O line is intact so no need to spend money there. Lock up the primo talent, that’s how it is usually done. Damaryus Thomas WR just got pretty much the same time of deal from the Broncos, amazingly enough, Peyton Manning made it clear that he wanted D. Thomas back, I don’t think he or any other QB agrees with the idea that WR is a dime a dozen position. Jerry Jones is a business man and does what is best for his business, hell, he has to spend the money somewhere, all that other BS is just that!!!
      #Go Culture Club…I mean Eagles

    • Basically the Dez Bryant Deal comes down to a 3 Year Guaranteed Deal of about $45 Million.. Bryant & Romo are tied to the hip and Jerry Jones is paying the the big Bucs to bring a SB back to Dallas, if it doesn’t happen by 2017, then both Romo & Bryant are gone …

  • TO got us over the hump? Really? we went to 4 nfc championship games, lost 3 w/o TO and won one w/o TO… you consider that over the hump? the next year when his act played out they were 6-10 and he got cut because he’s an asshole. TO was a very good player but to say he got us over the hump is false– the hump was the NFC champ game and he wasn’t there…

    • Like a moth to a flame…so predictable…lol. Yes I clearly consider that getting us over the hump, we did not get to the SB without him on the team did we? Nope, and we were not getting there without him. I don’t care about the acting like an asshole, if you will not give him credit for providing a spark to a weak WR corp and help getting us to the SB, then don’t bitch about him acting like an asshole dragging us down to a 6-10 season. Perhaps the Eagles went 6-10 because they stood pat during FA the next season and did nothing to improve the team, they were criticized for doing that, perhaps the Eagles playbook got old as teams appeared to have figured them out, starting with the Patriots, (whether they cheated or not). Teams that lose in the SB historically slide back anyway, but yeah, let’s blame TO. If T.O. (one man) had that much of an impact, then Andy Reid and the rest of the team did not do their job and was weak in leadership on the field.
      The Eagles could have simply restructured his contract as he worked tirelessly to get back healthy to play in the SB, he clearly upgraded the receiving corps and provided the team with a boost of energy and confidence. You act like somebodies grandmother with her panties in a bunch crying about how somebody is acting, for me it’s about the playing on the field, save all that other crap.

      • so you are arguing about something that happened 10 years ago… funny TO was a talented guy and no team he was on ever wonthe super bowl–i believe he played for 4-5 teams so it seems it wasn’t just the eagles who grew tired of his assholeness.

        • Soooo, no team with an asshole ever won a SB? Teams with assholes on them never won a championship? I mean is that your overall argument, and you are using T.O. as your proof History would beg to differ with you. Some people would say Marshawn Lynch, Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Rice, Joey Porter, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin are assholes..and I could go on and on and on..they have won championships. Being an asshole does not make one a loser. There are a lot of very good guys out there who never won a superbowl, two QB’s who come to mind is Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, why did they not win a championship…simply put because they did not have better talent around them than the teams they faced. All of this asshole bullshit means nothing in the grand scheme, if you can play and you have the talent/supporting cast, you may get a championship, none of it is guaranteed. Oh and T.O. was not the reason the Eagles did not win the SB, if you believe that you are blinded by bias and hate and don’t know football. Put that loss on McNabb’s 3 turnovers, the defense, and poor time management by Andy Reid. But yeah,the Eagles loss was due to T.O. being an asshole…get real dude. As far as being egotistical and big mouthed, so what..get over it…not everybody is going to be humble…how boring! Richard Sherman is brash, arrogant, and has a big mouth, his teammates love him, as do the fans, plus he can ball out, oh and he has a SB…please stop with this bogus ideology that assholes don’t win, not only is it factually untrue, but your argument is flawed as history has repeatedly demonstrated. So, what’s your point?
          Oh..and please stop with these ridiculous time lines too, football is still football and an asshole is still an asshole, the only thing that changes are rules and the time.
          Last question, in your opinion, was T.O. responsible for losing that SB?

          • All I’m saying is me first ‘megotistical’ WR, while putting up great numbers rarely win. Of course assholex win. I’m merely countering the argument that having a ‘number 1’ who demand the ball and attention may in fact diminish team success. Having brash and cocky players isn’t a crime. Making an argument that team first culture (overused word on here) is important.
            TO had a great SB, but again he contributed zero to the hump which was the champ game.

          • I am absolutely not saying he’s the reason they lost- you made that up/ but I am saying (since he wasn’t in the playoffs) that he wasn’t the reason they got there.

  • Funny every team TO played for except the niners had a better record the year after he left than they had with TO on the team– big mouthed, egotistical, espn highlight, get me the ball, i need stats guys don’t tend to win that much– again, not saying he isn’t a talented guy- just pointing out that winning doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with those dudes…

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