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How Much Time Does Chip Kelly Have To Win Big?

ChipKelly&JordanMatthews2It started out with Michael Vick catching the snap from center, as Chip Kelly debuted his no-huddle offense against the Washington Redskins a few years ago.  Vick was launching missiles downfield to the speedy DeSean Jackson, and on other plays, he was handing the ball off to mercurial running back LeSean McCoy during that exciting opening victory.  Vick, Jackson and McCoy looked unstoppable that night in Kelly’s offense.

All around the league, teams were saying these Eagles under Kelly were going to turn the NFL upside down.

Later in the season, Vick got hurt and a virtually unknown in quarterback Nick Foles took over and put together a record-setting performance with 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions.  Much of Foles’ success was credited to Kelly and his offense. Obviously, we know now that Kelly never became a believer in Foles.

In fact, little did we know at the time, that Kelly would be moving on from Foles and all the forenamed skill position players, Vick, McCoy and Jackson.

Kelly’s Eagles squad went 10-6 his first year in 2013 and made the playoffs with Andy Reid’s players.  His football team lost its only playoff game to the New Orleans Saints, who were then beaten by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.

In his second year, Kelly made some personnel decisions and one of them was to release Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson,  The undersized speedy wide receiver wasn’t Kelly’s type of guy.  He made big plays for the Birds, but he disappeared in that playoff game and most of time when opponents put a quality cornerback against him.  He also wasn’t interested in being a leader on the team, or living a disciplined life off the field or buying into the culture of dedicated winning football, so Kelly shipped him out.

Kelly also moved on from Vick, who didn’t run the offense at the speed Kelly liked and made too many mistakes for the coach.

Last year without Jackson and Vick on the roster, Kelly’s Eagles squad finished 10-6 again but kind of took a step back because they didn’t make the playoffs.  After taking a close look at his football team in 2014, Kelly stepped back and decided the team needed a major overhaul, in order to compete for titles.  So, it’s been a major turnover of talent here in Philly in this one offseason,

Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy had a great season in 2013 under Kelly, while leading the league in rushing.  Last year was a step back and now he’s gone.  Kelly wanted a north and south back, who would hit the hole without dancing in the backfield.  Kelly got his guy when DeMarco Murray decided to leave Dallas and sign here.  Ryan Mathews, who is an outstanding back in his own right decided to make Philly his team as well.

Quarterback Nick Foles left in the trade for Sam Bradford and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is gone because he got more money in Kansas City.  His production will hopefully be replaced by Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor and Josh Huff.

Now for the main question.  How many years should they give Kelly to show that he can win big here in Philly?  Should it be four, five, six or seven?

Kelly is on the hot seat, but he’s not on it to the point where he’s going to be fired, if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs this season. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie isn’t going to fire him now, because this is the first season Kelly will have his own handpicked players.  For the first two seasons Kelly was head coach of the team, he was playing primarily with players that Andy Reid brought here.  He deserves the chance to show what he can do with his own hand picked players.

If Kelly’s Eagles don’t make the playoffs this year, then show up again next year and don’t make the playoffs, there’s a chance Kelly could be shown the door, but I’m confident Lurie will be patient with him.  I believe Kelly will get at least the five years of his contract to bring a winner to Philadelphia.  I think that’s fair.

At the five year mark, I think Lurie should look at the state of the organization and decide whether he likes the direction it’s headed in.

What do you think?  How many years should Kelly get to turn the Eagles into a championship caliber team?


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July 29, 2015 3:41 pm

oh man mcnabb drinking hard today

Donovan McNabb ‏@donovanjmcnabb 52m52 minutes ago

Question of the day people, who are the Top 5 players in the league today? Mine are- Rodgers,Brady,Wyatt, Lynch, Reavis. Your thoughts?

July 29, 2015 4:33 pm

I believe Chip Kelly has to have a Deep Playoff Run by 2016 to become a long-term Coach in Philly (Which I never believed he was to begin with)
If he doesn’t make a Deep Run by 2016 then Lurie will likely let him Coach out his final Season in 2017 or Kelly may be the type that without an extension he may walk.. but chances are if Eagles make the Playoffs and even have early exits, that Kelly maybe gets a 2 Year Extension but i do not see Owner Lurie making the same mistake as he did with Andy Reid and allowing him too much authority with little checks and balancing if they are legitimately not close to contending for a Super Bowl
2015 is a Rebuild Season with 10-11 maybe even 12 New Starters on this Current Team which is a lot of moving parts… 2016 Season is Year #4 and the Critical Season for Kelly’s Program..
Winning 9-10 Games a Year but still not competing for legitimate deep Super Bowl Run or the Championship is not going to cut it..

July 29, 2015 10:53 pm

actually, an easy answer .Mr lurie will rarely if ever fire a head coach until his contract expires, 3 more years ,If he doesnt’ make the playoffs or does not go better than 10 wins with 0 or even 1 playoff wins he is gone , Lurie will test the waters on how the fans reaction to kelly is in 3 years , if it is just mediocre he will be gone.Mediocrity or a step above is not good enough for Lurie,No super bowl in 5 years no more coach, its that simple. Billionaires mostly want to keep fans happy , The exception being Dan Snyder and he is getting it.by now as well.

July 30, 2015 10:46 am
Reply to  patrik411

One thing to keep in mind Patrik411 is that no Head Coach or any SPort likes to go into their FInal Contract Season with no Extension, It’s makes for a lot of distractions, hard to maintain a Staff who start looking around for other Employment.. After Year 4 (2016) will be telling, If Eagles are on the Right Track then Lurie will exten, If Kelly is spinning in CIrcles with no Playoffs for 2015 or 2016, then he is a goner after his Deal runs out in 2016 and gets no extenstion which tells Kelly he’s not wanted any longer
So 2016 is the Year and Season for Kelly to put up or pack up in my opinion for he will not hang around in 2017 as a lame duck Coach

July 30, 2015 9:24 am

If the owner allowed for the howie coupe ,the trading of fan favorites (skill players) and was completely deferential to Chip ,the time line is as normally defined by a contract .This isn’t normalcy ,built into the formula is a reshuffling of the deck.If the deck is the titanic then chip will fall on his sword.The organization always took baby steps “business as. Usual” ..now they’re shining a spotlight upon the brand and any owner will perpetuate that cash cow.