• January 25, 2022

Phils Get Bevy Of Prospects In Deal For Cole Hamels

Aug 18, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels (35) pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers in the first inning at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Aug 18, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA;   Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels (35) pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers in the first inning at Miller Park.  Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Aug 18, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels (35) pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers in the first inning at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Phillies got a deal done for left-handed ace Cole Hamels and hopefully some of these young players will turn out to be outstanding Major Leaguers for the Phillies.  We won’t know what he Phils have got for a couple of years, but the Phillies needed to make this move.

Reportedly the Phils are trading Hamels and hard throwing left-hander Jake Diekman, to the Rangers for five Minor League prospects.  In return for Hamels and Diekman, they will get three marquee prospects that are considered the core of this deal.

The first of those outstanding prospects is 21 year-old righthander Jake Thompson, who is rated by Baseball America as the fourth-best prospect in the Rangers farm system.

Next up is a promising outfielder Nick Williams, who is a 21-year old powerful left-handed hitting outfielder and regarded as the fifth best-prospect in the Rangers farm system.

Then final outstanding prospect is Columbian born power hitting 22-year old catcher Jorge Alfaro, who is regarded as the sixth-best prospect in the Rangers farm system.

The Phils will also pick up 25 year-old righthander Jerad Eickhoff, who is considered the 17th best prospect and 23-year old right hander Alec Asher, who is considered the 29th best prospect.

The Phils will be taking on the contract of 29-year-old lefthander Matt Harrison, who has had multiple surgeries and is considered a bullpen arm, but nothing to write home about.  lfaro, 22, is one of baseball’s top catching prospects but has been sidelined since June 10 with a potentially season-ending ankle injury.

Let’s talk in two or three years and we’ll have an idea if Phillies really got something for Cole Hamels.


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  • I am so glad they finally traded Cole,I have been tired of seeing his talents wasted on this team losing games 1-0 and 2-1 so many times.Cole should be pitching in the playoffs and that wont happen in Philly anytime soon !

  • COLOMBIA! Kills me when it’s spelled wrong haha but I’ll give you a free pass on that one G.

    I’m a fan of this trade. We got two power bats, one in the infield and one in the outfield, as well as a front-end starting pitching prospect. Now none of these players are MLB ready, I think we will see Alfaro and Thompson within the next year or two. Nick Williams will probably be brought up in a few years unless he really dominates at the AA or AAA level.

    My only problem with the deal is that I believe we could have gotten Joey Gallo, who is ready to contribute at the MLB level right now. I’m sure they would have gotten marginal prospects along with Gallo if he was a part of the deal, but Gallo is going to be a star. Oh well, I think we give ourselves multiple options moving forward with this deal.

  • The more I read up on these Prospects, the more I like the Deal
    The Phils now have 6 Players Ranked in the Top #100 According to

    #6 SS JP Crawford
    #22 RHP Aaron Nola
    #60 RHP Jake Thompson (from the Hamels Deal)
    #64 OF Nick Williams (from the Hamels Deal)
    #69 C Jorge Alfaro (from the Hamels Deal)
    #99 OF Cornelius Randolph

    With 30 MLB Team, the Averages probably mean that Each Team has
    about 3 Players in the Top #100, so the Phils having 6 just doubled their Prospect List with the Hamels Trade and is a nice Start to the Andy McPhail Era…

  • An hour ago when u didn’t like amaro made the trade. Hilarious! Flip flop

    • First article I read this morning did not list the complete Rangers Players
      as it listed a 4 Player for 2, which actually ended up being 6 Players for 2
      My Initial Response was Phils didn’t receive enough when reading 4 for 2 and the original article did not mention the other 2 arms the Phils got..
      All in all it could be a good deal, but no one will know until 2017 at the earliest but the Phils doubled their Top 100 Prospect list with a major move so thats a good start…
      If 3 or 4 of these 6 can make it to the Big Leagues then a real good Deal for Phils, time will tell…

      • Don’t worry fraud you are on record as both liking and not liking this trade. You are covered

        • It wont be the first time or the last time … Initial Responses are usually incorrect about most things… It wasn’t a bad deal, I like this OF Prospect Nick Williams, who looks like he could be a player in Big Leagues and maybe be that young OF that we all thought and were told that Dom Brown was going to be ..

          • so you saying Nick Williams is not a mid round prospect anymore… lmfao

            • Nick Williams is probably a good 2 Years away so No, he is not a Top Level/MLB Ready Prospect.. He’s more of a AAA Prospect and has to prove it at the AAA Level before even thinking about the MLB Level, but I like his consistency and growth as a Player since he was Drafted and think he will have a shot in 2017 as he’s only 21 Years Old and will fill out his frame and hopefully his Game…

              • people in the know have his eta as 2016

              • Its Possible for the Phils as Francouer, Brown and Revere may all be gone, so who is left to play the OF… Herrera, Ashe..
                I see Nick Williams competing for a RF Starters Position in 2017 Spring Training..

              • Eta was 2016 pre trade based on production not opportunity. Knowing Phillies he doesn’t get the call until 2019 regardless of production.

  • Glad, that Ruin 2morrow, no longer has the power to make decisions. This is a really decent trade. The only worries I have, is the injury to Alfaro. I like him, Willams, & Thompson. Was really hoping on their young pitcher Ortiz & Brinson to be included, but McPhail/ Gillick did a quality trade. Had my heart in my throat every time Hamels pitched, worrying he’d blow out his arm killing his trade value. It was well past time for these trades. Now at the end of the year, we can ship havenoclues lover to Siberia, & I’ll be happy.

    • oh from the creepy swamp rises the negative nitwit. please understand i called for his firing last year. funny, there were many trades and signings over the years that you were giddy about (pence, halladay,paps to name a few)
      so if the trade doesn’t work out i’m sure you will blame amaro and if they do work out it will be mcphail… your transparent and clueless as usual.
      as for past time… according to many who actually KNOW something believe hamels value was maximized…

      • I actually have enjoyed my summer, with my family, & love making $$$$ with my real estate. I don’t have time, like losers like you, coming on here 24/7, 365, spewing your clueless verbal diarrhea! You didn’t call for SHIT last year! You fought tooth & nail, defending, & making excuses for that POS!!!! Your girlfriend had nothing to do with this deal! If it doesn’t work out, it’s on McFail/ Gillick! BTW, assclown, as I told you a zillion times in the past, I’ve lost more braincells & acumen, than you can hope to ever attain! Beat it fraud, you bring nothing! I knew the havenoclue/ your girlfriend comment, would get the sand in your mangina all gritty! Beat it liar! Can’t wait until the POS fraud GM is looooooooong gone!

        • Careful dcar with the profanity Gary does not like curses and likes playing daddy on his site this offseason. Keep an eye on your post being changed or deleted and possibly a lecture by daddy holier than tho Cobb

          • mh, I haven’t been on here for awhile, but have read sporadically. All of sudden he cares, after allowing all of the racists, trolls, & POS’s run wild on here! Believe me, he can do what he wants to my comments. I don’t give a rats rump. Won’t affect my life, one way or another. This site is just a site to vent for me, gives nothing of value, & isn’t a serious news website. Only as of late, because The Birds are getting close, do they care now! Oh well, whatever!

        • thats because you read selectively. i said he should not go into the season as a lame duck because there were too many decisions for a lame duck to make…either fire him or extend him…can’t go in lame.
          you know for someone who continually gives me shit for mentioning my career and family once or maybe twice 4 years ago you certainly bring your lame ass night watchman life up quite a bit!

          • Where in my posts today, did I bring up my past night watchman job? 1st off clownboy, I longer do it, & haven’t for months now! Second, I give you shit, because you are an arrogant, condescending liar, that have come on here, time & time again, bragging about your so-called retired coaching/ refereeing careers, your rich & powerful neighbors, who’ll protect you, your pristine, untouched children, & your so called black wife, to make people think you ain’t a racist! GTHOH with your nonsense man! You are a clown, that has wrong, over, & over, & over, & over, making excuses for, enabling, & bowing down at the alter of your girlfriend Ruin 2morrow! BTW, chief, my mind is like a bank vault, that doesn’t forget a damn thing! Selective reading my ASS!

            • you brought up your real estate fortune, family blah blah– but give me shit that i did it years ago-
              you are angry- your profile semi-decent athlete who is disappointed he didn’t do more, got fired from the philly cops so you can claim your toughness etc…’i walked those streets as a cop’ ..
              i have a half AA wife… that doesn’t mean i don’t have certain opinions (that are shared unilaterally with my wife and her father) on race in America…. It does mean i’m not scared to talk about it in the right context and add my perspective.

              • There you go, with your fantasy comments again! Got fired?!? Never got fired in my life, buddy boy! Half AA Wife now? PRICELESS! Next she’ll be 0.000000004 AA. I’m out! Don’t waste my time fool! With every keystroke, you look worse!

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              • you have been done with me a hundred times!

              • you spew venom when people say something you disagree with…’I think he has potential’ followed by your ‘you are a clueless pos who knows nothing’ or ‘you backed this trade dcar, now it didn’t work out and you spout off that the GM is stupid (even though your wizard mind agreed at the time)’…. and when someone points that out here comes the caps and the (&^*%*($%$*..

              • ‘the only times i’ve spewed venom is when i was provoked’— so, lets see… andy reid, chip kelly, howie roseman, sam hinkie, ruben amaro, ed snyder have all provoked you????? you are an angry man!

  • back to the trade- as said, you can’t judge a prospect trade for a couple of years but as fraudman pointed out they have 6 top 100 prospects right now (if you can still count nola), they are gaining financial freedom. who knows maybe some interesting ball coming back to the bank-
    I’m going up the 4th to the Jimmy Rollins return, haven’t looked at pitching match up yet but should be fun- hope the dodgers bat him lead off…

  • Gary gonna have a nervous breakdown when he reads this.

    Cmon daddy do your thing

  • Great trade, 6 players, five prospects. Harrison will be back, great work ethic from tobacco road, the catcher, outfielder will prove to be enough, the pitchers are a plus, especially the top rated pitching prospect

    Phillies just reloaded their minor leagues, acquiring 3 prospects in the top 100

    Phillies are now relevant again

    And that pussy hamels is gone. Bonus

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