• May 19, 2022

Preseason Preview: Eagles-Colts

sam-bradford-eagles-rehabAugust 16th can’t seem to get her soon enough, but when it does, the Philadelphia Eagles will host the Indianapolis Colts at Lincoln Financial Field. Personally, I can’t recall the last time or any instance where the Eagles played at 1pm on a Sunday during the preseason. I doubt the ratings will disappoint due to the number of superstars playing in this game and of course Chip Kelly.

What I don’t anticipate

I don’t expect to see much from Sam Bradford if he does suit up for the game. I could see him handing the football off to Murray a few times, and working on his timing with short throws and screens. For Bradford it’s about rebuilding the confidence. Trying to breakdown any of his throws if he were to attempt one over ten yards isn’t what I’m looking for. Personally, all I want to see is Bradford staying upright, and the first medical report for the week stating that his knee feels great.

I also don’t expect to see much of the players on offense and defense that Chip had as starters last season. Chip is looking for his newcomers both veterans and rookies to get as many reps as possible so he can examine film, coach and take his findings to his team for the next week of training camp and preparation for the second preseason game.

What I expect

I expect more fans to watch the entire football game. With all of the roster movement and questions of who is going to start on offense and defense, guys playing into the fourth quarter could very well be the week one starters against the Falcons.

Moffitt at right guard is one those names, I expect this kid to play with an urgency and to prove Chip was right giving him a second chance to play in the NFL.

I’m looking for Eric Rowe and Nelson Agholor to flash their potential early, giving us a glimpse of what to expect in their rookie seasons. I’m looking at all guys not named Malcom Jenkins in the secondary, it’s a completely repaired unit anchored by a new secondary coach who the players really talk up.

And then there is Tebow. Watching Sanchez play deep into games last preseason kept you tuned in to see what he could do as a football player. With Tebow, for some it’s about the football player, for others it the chance to join the Tebow-Mania craze if it’s still in actual existence. The guy is a polarizing figure, but it appears that the complete insanity that followed him has regressed a bit. I could and would argue that Tebow has already made this football team because of his work ethic to get better each day and the man he is both on and off the field.

It’s been a long time since meaningful football was played. Most Eagle fans knew the loss to the Dallas Cowboys week 15 last year was the dagger in the back and the end of the season even if mathematically the Eagles weren’t eliminated.

Multiple storylines that have transpired since and the controversy have kept everyone entertained, but now it’s time to strap on the pads; and for year three of the Chip Kelly era to begin.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • I am looking forward to seeing CB Denzel Rice and OG Malcom Bunche play. I want to see Nelson Agholor and Eric Rowe who I was not high on during the draft process as a cornerback(hopefully I am wrong about what I think of his ability to play corner). I want to see how the O-line plays in the first series as far as opening holes for the running backs and protecting Sam “I Am” Bradford…who I definitely want to see play a good series. I also want to see RB Raheem Mostert play.

  • Ehl I want all of that but I want to see marcus smith because he will play the brandon graham role from last year and I hope the kid can make some plays…..he has the talent

    • Z44, yes, I forgot about Marcus Smith. Definitely want to see a lot of # 90!!!

  • Anyone concerned that Colts Trent Cole would just love to get a free run at Sam Bradford and ruin the 2015 Eagles Season…

  • No not at all Trent is not that kind of guy……he was a great eagle who we replaced with younger guys…..he knew it was a buisness decision……u need to,stop acting like every ex eagle hates us because we let them go…..these are grown men

  • Yes ms2 should be on field all quarters


  • He was not boykins replacement he waz one of our options

    • Looks like your EJ Diggers will be making the 53 Man Roster Z44
      and a good chance ..

      • EJ Biggers can’t play. I’ll roll with Denzel Rice over Biggers even though the rook has not played 1 NFL game yet.

        • Beat me to it EHL, Biggers can’t play have no idea why he’s even here. Jaylen Watkins is the next man up let’s see what he can do.

          • Agree about biggers, looking forward to Watkins, kid has a ton of athletic talent

  • I dont care for biggers would rather have rice or jaylen take it

  • Pman u keep spelling biggers wrong as long as u dont put a n right there u good lol

    • I better not check with Riley Cooper — Good Grief why is he still on the Eagles..

      • Money and he can block…. last yr on team, can’t see him as eagle in 2016

    • LMAO!!!

  • I still think the Eagles could pick-up a Safety and move Thurmond back to Slot CB which is his natural Position… Heck, maybe Earl Wolff with rise to win the Safety Spot making Thurmond available.. The Eagles have Options though i am not sure that Watkins is the Player..
    Eagles could even slide Nolan Carroll to the inside to Play the Slot CB and Play Eric Rowe on the Outside in multiple Receiver Sets.. Lots of Options

    • I still look at eagles secondary as a collection of defensive backs, jenkins even though a safety by position label, chip is going to use him in a ton of ways. Same as watkins, thurmond.

  • I want to see plenty of Marcus Smith…can he play as he increased his aggressiveness-somehow.

    • Marcus Smith will decide how much of Marcus Smith You will see. Personally I don’t see much of a future for him here other than a backup role, and nothing more. The Eagles resigning of Brandon Graham to a 4 year deal to replace Trent Cole let’s you know how much the coaching staff thinks of Marcus Smith.

      • I know some guys are quiet but when they get on the field they turn into an absolute animal.

        When I listen to marcus smith, I hear a guy that I’d be comfortable hiring for a desk job, he sounds friendly.

        I need him to be angry, bothered by the fact that he was and is still considered the worst pk on the first rd of 2014 draft.

        He needs to straight up pop someone in preseason game one. I need to see a football player, a guy who can contribute and not add his name to Danny watkins as former 1st rd pks that were too soft to play at nfl level.

        • Well we will see, there is no hiding out there and the tape does not lie. It’s put up time for Mr. Smith II. Hopefully our Dr. Jekyll will become Mr. Hyde!

  • Report from Steeler country, Brandon Boykin will be held out of practice this week due to a severe abdominal strain caused by laughter.

    • he plays in the nfl EHL…. he knows better- they are all a bad turn from an ACL…

      • HAC, it’s just a joke on my part, no truth to it at all. You gotta lighten up a little bit.

        • I wasn’t trying to go in a serious direction. — i hit post and re-read your comment..i read it wrong and thought for a split second you were serious! yikes!
          next man up- nfl

    • Ha… i have someone in my ff league who is diehard steelers, he sent me a thank you message today for giving them boykin.

      • From the over reaction file Jeff– BB was secretly inducted into the HOF the other day. He got the gold jacket, a bust and an alcove dedicated to his career- pictures, a highlight film etc- He actually practiced today in his jacket- So we trade a third CB, lose a 6th round rookie and it dominates gcobb… aaaah the offseason! time to over react!

  • Watkns will be fine we have plenty of options

  • I’ll be watching the special teams to see if they’re as dominant and who is on the squad.I believe in the vanilla aspects of pre season game 1 ,however I’ll be watching the secondary and there new physicality .Id like see the running game create shorter 2nd and 3rd down opportunities,making the game more manageable and giving the defense rest ,sustaining drives.im most interested on the offensive line ,and watching there abilities to run block and pass block,on a consistent basis.Last year we seemed undisciplined and had too many infractions,I’d like see that mental discipline from the get go be more evident.

    • All things to strive for this 2015 Team but it may take a while to come together
      with these many new players learning to play with each other…
      Eagles Preseason Games will always look decent for the Team is in great shape,practices and plays at a great Tempo than the opposing 2nd & 3rd Stringers who are simply not used to it as much… I focus on the 1st Stringers vs 1st Srtingers and those Top 5-6 Back-ups on both sides of the Ball.. Special Teams are have to gauge inPreseason for no real Schemes are in yet but you can get the sense of energy,passion and the will of the Players
      Colts Game should be a nice matchup to see where the Eagles are as well as their dual practices coming up versus the Ravens will be very helpful..

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