• August 15, 2022

Chip Doesn’t Want Any Surprises, So He’s Sitting Bradford

sam-bradford-eagles-rehabYou probably know by now that Eagles number one quarterback Sam Bradford won’t be playing on Sunday, but he will be working out against the Baltimore Ravens this upcoming week.  Chip Kelly let us know that he was the sole person, who made the decision to sit Bradford for this game.

I do believe this shows some fear on part of Kelly and his staff.  I don’t see any reason what Bradford could go in for a series or two of safe plays, where’s handing the ball off and making short throws so he can get the ball out of his hands.   Obviously, Kelly and his coaches don’t want to take that chance, which isn’t much of a risk.  It says something to me, if they’re so nervous about the guy playing.    At one point or another they’re going to be forced to take that red shirt off of him.

According to Zach Berman of Philly.com, Bradford made sure to let it be know that he’s completely healthy and that this decision had nothing to do with his knee.

I think Kelly wants to let Bradford get plenty of work against the Ravens defense and all their pass rushing schemes.  He doesn’t want the quarterback and/or the rest of the offense to be surprised by a blitz or rushing scheme that they aren’t totally familiar with.  The Eagles aren’t sure what they will face this Sunday against the Colts, but they will have a week to look very closely at everything the Ravens defense will throw at them.

There might be a blitz of some type that the Colts might run that could surprise Bradford and the Eagles offense.  It could end in a disaster.  Chip Kelly doesn’t want any surprises.

I’m telling you what I think because Kelly didn’t give a definitive reason for holding Bradford out, but he said it’s something he decided to do.

In addition he let us know that Eagles tight end Zach Ertz injured a core muscle this week and will undergo a procedure.  I saw him sustain the injury when he dove to make a catch at practice earlier this week.  It took him a long time to get up and he never returned to the workout.  Ertz will miss the rest of the preseason because of the injury and procedure.

It’s most likely that the injury is a hernia of some type because Dr. Myerson is a sports hernia surgeon.

The Eagles aren’t pushing inside linebacker Kiko Alonso to satisfy the conditions of the NFL Concussion protocol as of yet.  According to Chip, they’re in no rush to test him, because they want him fresh and ready to go when they play the Atlanta Falcons in the first game of the season.

Running back DeMarco Murray might not play on Sunday.  Kelly said they had only made decisions about the quarterbacks with regard to who was going to play this week, but I get the impression that they’re taking it easy on Murray.  He’s missed quite a few practices, plus he’s stood and watched at a few practices as well.   Don’t expect to see much of Murray on Sunday.

Veteran inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans still has a ways to go according to defensive coordinator Billy Davis.  Ryans is rehabbing from an Achilles tendon tear, so don’t expect to see much of Ryans on Sunday, as well.


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  • Chip Kelly is afraid Trent Cole ( signed with the Colts) will karate chop Sam Bradford’s knee in half as revenge for tossing him out with the garbage ( Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher and Nate Allen).

  • A good choice by Chip.

  • 12 new starters on this team. (LG, RG, QB, RB, WR, DE/OLB, ILB, SS, CB1, CB2 Slot CB)

    And at no point this year have they all been on the field together.

    Injury prone players (Bradford/Murray/Ryans) not playing.

    Key new acquisitions to the scheme (Bradford, Murray, Kiko) all not playing.

    At some point this has to become more than a “its no big deal” scenario non?

  • No panic as of yet…Week one. Calm. Yes Ertz is a bit annoying. Even though you called the pick Vinnie.

  • Smart decision by Kelly to sit Bradford. Absolutely no reason to rush Bradford especially since it’s the first pre season game. Next game is a different story. And to hear that Ertz might have a sports hernia blows. I was hoping for big things from Ertz this season. Let’s hope he heals quickly and returns by the first or second week of regular season play

  • QB Bradford will see more Pressure and Blitz Packages from the Ravens Front 7 than he would have seen from the Cols in their first Pre-Season Game where it’s vanilla for everyone…
    Bradford has gotten off to a good Start in Camp and playing 2-3 Series would have been great to see, but Chip is playing it cautious..
    Next Week going Live versus the Ravens for a couple of Days will be telling on how close Bradford is to actually playing in a real NFL Game..

  • PLayers Out of Sunday’s Game
    QB – Bradford , RB – Murray , TE Ertz
    LB – D Ryans, LB – K Alonso
    Safety’s – E Wolff, J Couplin

    Doubtful – LB M Kendricks

    Lots of Reps for QB Tebow/Barkley
    Lots of Reps for TE Trey Burton, Eric Tomlinson (Who I like) & J Tukes
    Lots of Reps for Ryan Matthews & R Mostert & K Barner
    Lots of Reps for ILB’s N Goode, B Jones, J Hicks
    Lots more Reps for Safeties Prosinski, Reynold,Watkins, Maragos..

  • Zac Ertz had Groin Surgery today and will be out of Action until Sept 14th per Chip Kelly which is probably wishful thinking.. I think he probably starts the Season on the PUP list which means he cannot be Activated until Week #5 or #6 of the Season.Roster Spots are too critical to carry a Player who can’t play for a good few weeks.. Next Man Up..

  • Chip let us know that he and John Harbaugh have been talking throughout the offseason. I think Chip would feel more comfortable about what the Ravens are going to do in their preseason game, than the Colts.

    • You could be right Gary, but there are many Players on the Ravens DL and Front 7 who are trying to land a Job on the Ravens 53 Man Roster and will be Practicing/Playing Full Tilt..
      You can run 10-12 Scripted Plays versus the Colts Vanilla Defense in a Week #1 Preseason Game where Colts Best Pass-Rushers (R Mathis, T Cole) are likely to see very few snaps that should not have been a major issue for Kelly/Shurmur…

  • Good sound move…no need to rush the guy back…he’s looked good in camp so far, throwing accurate and crisp passes…work him in slowly, emphasize the running game here in the pre-season…limit his risks…and have him ready for when the bullets fly for real!

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