• January 22, 2022

Eagles TE Zach Ertz Has Already Undergone Surgery

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz stretches during practice at the NFL football team’s training facility, Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz stretches during practice at the NFL football team's training facility, Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz stretches during practice at the NFL football team’s training facility, Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Earlier today in a news conference, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said tight end Zach Ertz was going to need a procedure done on a “core muscle”.  He said it was going to sideline him for the preseason, but he didn’t let it be known that it was going to done today.   Now we find out, it’s already been done.

Dr. Meyers, who is a surgeon who specializes on hernias,  is believed to be the surgeon, but the surgery is rumored to be on his groin according to Jeff McLane of Philly.com.

According to Nick Fierro of McCall.com, the Eagles now say Ertz was operated on today in order to repair a “core muscle” injury. He is expected to miss the rest of the preseason, but Chip Kelly says he expects him to be ready for the regular season.

According to Ed Kracz of The Philadelphia Intelligencer, Ertz’s injury is very much like Jason Kelce’s injury a year ago.


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  • Damm…the injuries are piling up and we haven’t even played a preseason game yet!!!

  • Expect Ertz to miss 4-6 Weeks like Kelce did and Ertz could very well end up on the PUP List to start the Season meaning that he cannot be activated until Week #5 of the Season if the Eagles want to free open a “Roster Spot”

    • Fraudman, know it all, no NOTHING… You had Bradford on PUP. Negative nitwit

  • Pman mr worse case scenario……lol

  • LOL. 4-6 week injury. Game one is 4 1/2 weeks away….so of course…..PUP till week 5. Makes total sense.

  • Could Ertz end up being another Overrated Player from the Pac-10 who was a Good College Player but never improved as a Pro??

    • Zack Ertz 2013 Rookie Season 36 receptions – 469 yds.
      2014- 58 receptions – 702 yards. Keep in mind he was not playing full time and in a system that spreads the ball around. I fail to understand what would cause you to ask that question as there is clear growth and progress.

      Jason Witten Stats
      2003 Rookie year 35 rec – 347 yds.
      2004 87 rec 980 yds.
      2005 66 rec 757 yds.
      2006 64 rec 754 yds.

      What do you want the guy to do based on the system and circumstances???

    • Paul, I happen to think that you pose a very good question. I think the stats that Eagle presents give reason to be optimistic, but in this system, It’s not always easy to tell if any success is based on the part of the players true potential, or the system.

      Last year Ertz, had very few good games, but the ones he did have were impressive, but it doesn’t tell the whole story of his season. Yet he still hasn’t been anointed as starter over Brent Celek. If he is growing as some may think, how come the coaches have yet to just crown him as many have her on GCobb.

      I think what Jason Witten has done in his career through the years is irrelevant to what Ertz’s potential is. Totally different player in a totally different system. Many like to use these statistics to make a point, but they are unrealistic if you look at them from a game by game perspective – Jason Witten has also been injured through his career – could that have limited him in some games?? Did the Defense put an extra man on him, because they had an all pro corner to go one on one with Dez??

      My question Is the same as it was the last 2 years. If he has all this ability to help the Eagles, then Why can’t he supplant Brent Celek, and be named the starter??

      I understand why you would question Paul, but for me, he states from a realistic perspective. But could many just be blind to it because of their personal optimism for Ertz’s potential??

      Potential is just that – potential…….yet it doesn’t come to fruition until he actually accomplishes something….

      • Cliff, the answer to your question as to why the Eagles have not replaced Celek with Ertz is simple and Chip has stated that Ertz needed to improve his blocking. Blocking takes time to learn technique wise and strength wise, as he was primarily a pass catching TE at Stanford. Ertz is extremely athletic and can catch, once his blocking is where the coach wants it to be he will be deemed the starter. Every player is truly drafted on their potential, and he has exhibited progress from his rookie year to his second season and the potential to get better….I personally believe that when he comes back full strength you will start to see the transition from Celek to Ertz take place.

        • Cliff the reason he had some great games and some not so great is simple. This

          • oops- this coach takes what the defense gives- if you have playmakers all around, guys that don’t ‘need’ X number of touches a game you become impossible to stop- well very difficult to stop- that is why ‘me first’ ‘gimme the ball’ guys don’t work- you have to be happy getting zero catches this week and 9 the next… simple.

          • He had a few good games Ciggy, not some…….

            He made a few good catches in games, and you guys acted like he was MVP in the SuperBowl, but he actually only had 3 catches for 36 yards – totally exaggerating his contribution to the game…….that’s what you guys do – get overzealous about a prospect, and overblow their entire season…..

            It is reasonable that he may never become what you think he will. I think that is what Paul is saying – and I agree with him……because it is a possibility….But I guarantee most will still be in denial, because you’re optimistic fans…….

        • Eagle, what you stated, I stated a year ago, about his blocking, and many on here said no…Ertz is a stud, it going to happen because that’s how I feel…..silly reasoning

          If he doesn’t replace Celek…..Would you start to consider what Paul, and I are saying. He can only live on potential for so long. At some point of time this has to become just optimistic thinking, and not reality……

          • what is a good year? what does that mean? connor barwin didn’t have a good year according to you?? for you only guys on OTHER teams have good years.

            • When a player plays above their head, yes they had a good year.

              Williams, and Fletcher had a good year – playing over their heads, like I said at that time – until that coach turned into a pumpkin last year…….and now the fan base doesn’t think much of them afterwards.

              Barwin too played over his head statistically. He’s also done that before in Houston. Well, he plays for Philadelphia now. Average player that is loved, and overhyped by most optimistic fans….but is just average. Do you really believe any team is really concerned about Connor Barwin???…LOL!!!!!

              • You’re still alive? This terminal illness with strokes is going on 2 years now.

          • Cliff, No, I absolutely would not start to consider what Paul said, he is going into his third year. He was a second round pick, not a top 10-20 pick…what are you guys talking about??? It’s all about what Kelly values, If it was Reid, I think Ertz would have started to take over last year due to his ability to stretch the field, very few linebackers can cover him. For the record, I thought Ertz was a stud and is….time fellas, time.

            • that’s just it Eagle, he hasn’t demonstrated that he is a stud……….just a guy….with potential……….so where does that come from…….

              • Based off of his speed, ability to make plays and perform. You have an issue with the term being applied because of what he has not done, I am calling him one based off of what I have seen him do and projecting how much better I believe he will become.

              • I know you to be a stand up guy. But you are also very smart. When it shows itself to be what it is, you’ll see it, and state so. I have no worries about you Eagle.

                We’ll see if Ertz can live up to your expectations.

              • He better….lol.

              • I have come around to Ertz talent, and potential, but I have to ask the questions Paul was asking, when I have never consistently seen it game in, game out, because he is actually dominating a game……and he still isn’t the starter at TE.

                Celek would be even better too, if he didn’t have to stay in and help Lane Johnson block.

                Until I see it….For me he’s just a guy with some talent…

              • My take on Ertz is that he is not an In-Line TE Stsrter at the NFL for he’s a liability in the Blocking Part of his game… He’s very athletic but will make his living as a “spilt out wide” Type of TE inthe passing game until he can prove that he can take on DE’s and OLB
                There is nothing wrong with this for the Eagles and Kelly Scheme will utilize the skills and athleticism that Ertz does have and will be on the field for 45 Snaps a game but not 70 ..: GMCliff is correct that Celek could have better Stats if he was not asked to be the predominant Blocker of the Current TE Corps,which he is.. Ertz is the new breed of TE’s who are split wide, put in motion,etc but are not goingtobeasked to block very much which means they are on the sidelines for 30 Snaps a Game… Most Teams utilize 3 TE’s in Today’s NFL Game – 1 as a Blocker, 1 as a Receiver and then 1 who can do a little of both
                But Ertz will never be a Jason Witten type or a Traditional ‘In-Line TE” for its not his game… I see him used as a Tony Gonzales, Jimmy Graham are but it’s unlikely that ever puts up those kind of Stats that those 2 have ..
                Ertz should put up good Stats in Kelly’s System as most Receivers should, but he still won’t be the Starter or an All-Pro as long as Celek is still Playing..

              • The beauty of it all gentlemen is that we will see.

              • Unfortunately with Ertz Injury and Surgery and now a month of rehab, he will start a little behind this Season but should round into top Game shape for the last 10 Games or so but I would expect that he’ll start slowly this Season as he gets back up to speed.. This also means that Riley Cooper ends up seeing more Reps … 🙁

              • Why not just make him a bigger Jordy Nelson type WR, if he is such a match up problem, and use him as another weapon that you can keep on the field in a 2 TE set, or line him up wide with Matthews, and Aghalor????

                Chip may like his abilities, but he had every opportunity to use that 2 TE set to our advantage all year, and didn’t……Why, if he is such a weapon??

                I know the Offensive Line was in shambles, and having Ertz in there, would have put us at a disadvantage because of his inability to measure up to Celek’s superior ability to block, compared to his….

                He better worry about getting on the field. Trey Burton, and Tomlinson looked good, and have the potential do all the things Ertz brings to the table…..

                Brent Celek our pro bowl TE, who does it all – not just catch the ball – now that’s talent, not based on popularity, and optimistic potential.

              • 12th in the NFL in receptions by tight ends in 2014 in his 2nd year,
                11th in the NFL in 2014 in total yards by tight ends in his 2nd year,
                11th in yards per game by NFL tight ends in 2014 in his 2nd year,
                Only a dingbat would think that is not succeeding.

              • and yet,….still not the starting TE, on the team yielding to a player who is more well rounded in all phases of what is necessary for the position, as well as may have had a direct effect on those rankings you’ve stated, had he not had to stay in and block – by compromising his own stats, and yet still remaining the starter, because he is the best of the bunch on this team….

                despite the optimistic view of Ertz so called untapped potential…..Let’s use his being named the starter as the starting point of his reaching your expectations.

                Wrong, only a dingbat would presumptuously think those stats in a system that lends itself to breeding overachievers, would indicate something that it has yet to achieve – and still not be the undisputed starter…….

                Potential means you still haven’t achieved perceived expectations. Only the gullible believe things like that without any consistency….so why embarrass yourself when reality shows itself to be what it is.

                ….Congrats to Brent Celek, Trey Burton, and Tomlinson

              • Surgeon: Zach Ertz ‘not guaranteed’ to be ready for opener ………

                further hindrance of meeting those expectations.

              • Zach Ertz is already in the top 3rd of NFL Tight Ends in the NFL in the passing game. Stat proven. Expectations have already been met.
                Question to Shannon Sharpe – Why don’t you block more;
                Answer from Shannon Sharpe – You don’t get raises for blocking.

              • gmcliff you are a dinosaur who thinks a team only has 22 starters. Not the case in the NFL– my guess is that O goes to about 13 starters as does D , depending on packages- ertz is a fine player.

              • and yet he still isn’t starting………..case rested….

              • he absolutely is a starter in a two tight set! celek ISNT A starter in a 4 wide set, matthews isn’t a starter in two wide set…. The other team comes out in a package where the eagles need a nickle package than one of the OLB isn’t a starter but the nickle back is– they come out 4 wide, another LB comes out and a 4th corner is the starter not the LB–

              • See, that’s what I’m talking about, when I say you love to exaggerate a persons talent, value and performance….

                So now, Ertz is a starter even though when the starters come out on the field – He’s still on the sideline???

                The Eagles don’t come out in 2 TE set, and you never saw that last year either.

                If you want to tell yourself he ‘s a starter, or a stud – be my guest…….but reality is, going into this 3rd year – He hasn’t accomplished anything – and is still 2nd string behind the starter on the field – Brent Celek

  • EHL…why would he ask that? because he is a dick!

  • Injuries around the NFL

    Jaguars Safety J Cyprien (Fractured Finger) & TE J Thomas (Hand Injury) to miss remainder of Pre-Season

    Saints RB CJ Spiller has Arthroscopic Procedure on Knee and is expected to return for Week #1 of RegularSeason

    Rams RB Todd Gurley will be held out of the Preseason as a precaution to allow his Knee to heal 100%

    Redskins lose both their TE’s for the Season
    Niels Davis to a Dislocated Ankle Injury & LoganPaulsen to Toe Injury & Surgery and are searching around for an experienced TE

  • Seahawks DE/OLB Rookie Frank Clark is going to be a Beast in their System
    Clark was booted off the U of Michigan Team with off the field issues and dropped in the Draft , but he has a burst, upper body strength and a very high motor.. He wears #55 and will be a player to keep an eye on..

    • pman, you beat me to it. Frank Clark played very well last night. Seattle knows how to find those guys, they are taking a chance on him due to his talent despite his troubles in college. BTW, did you see Randy Gregory the other night, played very well too. These are the type of guys that will make an impact but we will not see in Philly under Chip’s regime.

      • I didn’t see much of Gregory play when I was watching the Game..
        It seemed like the Cowboys had the ball for most of the 3rd quarter which was about all I saw…

        CB Ronald Darby (Bills) also played pretty well in his first NFL Game

        Have the Vikings/Bucs game on which just started . Bridgewater looking good in his 1st Drive leading the to a FG.. Here comes QB J Winston

        • Vikings D looking active and has a lot of youngPlayers and HC Mike Zimmer is a Defensive Wiz what he does to free up LB’s to make Plays..
          DL Shariff Floyd, Linval Joseph work inside while Everson Griffin is the Pass Rusher along with OLB Anthony Barr plus youaddEric Kenricks with Veteran Chad Greenway is a pretty good Front 7
          2 young CB’s withXavier Rhoades,Top Pick Trae Waynes and Safety Harrison
          with nickel backs Captain Munnerlyn …
          This is a Franchise on the Rise

  • I enjoy Following the Preseason to see the Young Players who many of us have watched and followed since College and now see them on the big stage…
    Which Teams make Good Picks and whichTeams Selected Players that were just not good fits for their Schemes/System..

  • Bucs J Winston 3 Poor Passes so far, throwing high and behind receivers

    Injury note
    Vikings lost RT Phil Loadholt with a lower leg injury after the 1st Play and will be replaced by Rookie TJ Clemmings (Pitt) who they Drafted in the 4th Round which could turn out as another steal of the Draft…

  • Big Pass from QB Winston to V Jackson over Trae Waynes which led to a FG..
    He’s beenSacked once and hit hard a couple of other times as the Bucs have a very young OL in front Winson.. 9-3 Vikings

  • Bridgewater finish’s 7-8 for 86 Yards with No TD’s or Turnovers and looks good
    Vikings movedbackupinto the 1st Round last Year to Select Bridgewater with the #32 Pick of the 2014 which was a Steal
    He’s going to be a good one ..

    • The Browns must feel stupid as they were a QB needy team and passed on Bridge twice (I know I left off the last part of his name for all you spell checkers and English professors out there).

      • I had the Browns actually grabbing Derek Carr and the Texans moving back into the 1st Round for Bridgewater as both Teams likely regret..
        Bridgewater will end up the best of that 2014 Class over Bortles,Manziel & Carr though I thought that Carr was the most NFL Ready early on

  • I would like to see Tre Burton get those snaps.

    • Trey Burton, Eric Tomlinson and the other Young TE’s will all get more Reps
      Which is probably a good thing long term..

  • QB Phil Rivers signs a 4 Year Extension worth $85 Million with $65 Million of it Guaranteed per Ian Rappaport … Yikes…

    • Which averages $21.25 Million Per Season placing Rivers 4th behind
      Rodgers, Wilson & Big Bens Current Deals

  • Utley gone…. looks like reunited with Jimmy….

    • just brutal they didnt move him last year when his value was still high…

      i actually like the deal though because pending the dodgers get in the playoffs i will actually tune in to see chase and jimmy.

      • henski– do you understand that they couldn’t move him last year– remind you of 10/5…do you remember that???? he didn’t want to go. flat out, he was reluctant this year…

        • Get it but I don’t recall hearing him or Reuben say he would reject any deal last year..

          • he was very reluctant to waive his no trade- it was stated last winter- todd zolecki spoke about it last night- a couple of days ago when they said he likely wasn’t going to be traded it was because of the no trade thing.

    • Damn what is their payroll now. Got to be pretty low. Not saying that I want to sign any of the pending FAs especially not Heyward.

      • dunno what it is now but they now have only like 63mill on the books for next year (assuming they buy out cliff the scumbag quitter lee)

        and its probably getting lower

        • Rube gonna sign Price, Cueto, Greinke (if he opts out) and Zimmerman. 4 aces ride again.

      • yes there are only 3 players under contract- howard, ruiz and the guy they took from texas–FA spending is such a damn risk and its always an over pay- if they can sign some three year contracts so they don’t tie up money in the upcoming years as these guys develop very interesting to see

        • Next Off-Season will very likely be quiet as far as Phils Pursuing any Big Name Free-Agents.. They will let the dust settle and add 1-2 Pitchers who are Veterans, Don’t Cost Much and can give them some Innings (See Harrange as an Example) but there will be no signings for a Cueto, Grienke who are very unlikely to even be interested in joining a basement Team as those Players are ready to Win now for the Big Teams who will offer them more $$ and a chance to Win 2016.. Phils are going to rebuild with they stocked up Farm System and develop from within and add a Veteran Player here or there to balance things out.. Expect Payroll to be Low for the next 2 Seasons
          This Organization is not like the Red Sox, Yankees & Angels where they are going to reload every Off-Season.. Phils have done that with little success
          Look at McPhail’s History with the Twins, Cubs & Orioles and its building the Farm System and then adding a player here or there.. not going out and buying a Team .. Expect a couple of quiet years while the Young Players get every opportunity to play and shine and build the next Core of Phillie Players which I am all for.. The Key is to build the Phils to Compete and Win within their Division, the Mets are stacked with young Pitching, the Marlins Young Players did not come thru this Season as they are about to get a new Manager/GM and who knows where they’ll end up.. Things in Washington may get blown up if they fail to make the Post-Season with that Team and Payroll and a number of Players who are Free-Agents …. Braves already cleaned off their Roster of Veteran Players and are rebuilding also.
          Basically the NL East is pretty Wide Open by the Mets have the Best Arms/Starters for the next 3-5 Years .

  • Where is paulmans post about utley returning home? Paul loves the returning home stuff when he makes trade predictions and it never happens. Finally it happened with someone and no paulman posts about see I told you in 2013 chase utley would get traded to his hometown Dodgers…

    Cmon Paul where r u “good grief”

    • Old News Henski.. Good Luck to Chase Utley and maybe he has 1 more Playoff Streak left him in…
      What 2 Minor Leaguer’s did they get in Return…

      • Uhhhh what’s old news???

        Damn it I should’ve known u would wish him good luck

  • 2015-2016 Phillies opening day roster

    1b Howard
    2b Hernandez
    Ss Crawford
    3b Franco
    Rf nick Williams
    C ?
    Lf asche
    C knapp
    P Nola

    • Meant cf ? Not c? Knapp and Williams should be called up now. Gimme a reason to go down to the park

      • they are scoring some runs, fun to watch and they just called up sweeney and Eikoff, who has done well since being traded for hamels- the harangs, williams of the world are killing time… Morgan beat the Jays (best hitting team in baseball) – funny they were on a tear, utley comes back and they were mediocre even tho he was hitting, utley gets traded they beat the best team… dunno–
        Nats were in first place, traded for pap… now they are under 500…????

    • Herrara is hitting 290 in CF– I don’t think crawford is ready…

      • Crawfords bat certainly isn’t ready but don’t see better options

        • Quinn and Herrera will battle for cf.

          • I don’t know the FA market next year real well- but as pointed out the NL east is wide open- there is something wrong in Natsville… the phils have been bad for 4 seasons now and they with their young nucleus have not had much success (funny pap joins them and they fall below 500)- just goes to show how special it is to have a sustained run!
            The phils could spend a bunch but mlb has changed in the last 5 years- no one has had success with big spending without a nucleus- i guess the dodgers, but they haven’t done well in post season- maybe jimmy is mvp of the NLCS and Chase of the WS and they win it…

            • FA market is not that good. A bunch of 30+ year olds are going to be overpaid.

              • Some of the Top Free-Agent List of Starting Pitchers for 2016

                LHP Mark Buehrle – Blue Jays – Age 36 (Earned $20 Million in 2015)
                RHP Tim Lincecum – GIants – Age 31 (Earned $18 Million on 2015)
                RHP Jordan Zimmermann – Nats – Age 29 (Earned $16.5 Million in 2015)
                RHP Yvonne Gallardo – Rangers – Age 29 (Earned $14 Million in 2015)
                RHP Doug Fister – Nats – Age 31 (Earned $11.4 Million in 2015)
                LHP Brett Anderson – Dodgers – Age 27 (Earned $10 Million in 2015)
                LHP David Price – Blue Jays – Age 29 (Earned $7.4 Million in 2015)
                RHP Ian Kennedy – PAdres – Age 31 (Earned $9.85 Million in 2015)
                RHP Jeff Smarzdija – White Sox – Age 30 (Earned $9.8 Million in 2015)
                RHP Johnny Cueto – Royals – Age 29 (Earned $3.9 Million in 2015)
                RHP Mat Latos – Dodgers – Age 27 (Earned $3.4 Million in 2015)
                RHP Brandon Morrow – Padres – Age 31 (Earned $2.5 Million in 2015)

                I don’t see the Phillies strongly pursuing anyone from this Above List
                though I like Jordan Zimmerman, Doug Fister & David Price who all will command Top $$ with long term Deals that the Phils probably are not interested in doing at this point

              • I don’t understand the Mlb draft –I’ve noticed some teams lose high draft picks for signing free agents to the free agent’s previous team. I don’t think the phils are interested in losing their draft picks in this rebuild.

              • zero i agree– i’m not 100% sure how the compensatory draft picks work but with them drafting top 1-3 I can’t see them losing a pick at this point…

  • Chase Utley is a winner. Philadelphia hasn’t had many.

    • well zero they’ve had jimmy rollins and ryan howard during that time and they won mvp’s … they’ve had a few….

      • agree, I include the whole team, even the Brett Meyers with that really long at bat hit in playoffs is a moment I’ll always remember against Sabathia . Great team all winners!

        • The contributors were a many. With little Eric Bruntette scoring the winning run . It takes good play, some luck and health to do that. That is what people don’t realize…. Especially when things go shitty. Take buddy’s birds …. How unlucky is the fucking fog bowl?

          • The guys Sweeney is going straight to the ML roster. He has 128 hits in 116 games in AAA this year…. i think he also has 116 strikeouts but … looks like he can play multiple positions.

            • Sweeny is 24 Years Old and is listed as a 2B and had a nice Season this Year in the Minor’s, I am not sure if he has played OF before…
              Hernandez sliding over to 3B to fill in for M Franco who is on the 15 DL..
              Maybe Franco moves to OF next Spring ?
              The Phils IF is looking pretty good with lots of young Depth and will have some options

              • he has played mostly OF this season– 45 games at 2b and the rest in the of–
                franco will never move to the OF– he is a potential GG third baseman!!!!

              • he is another guy that can fly- the way i see it they have hernandez, herrera, quinn, crawford and now him that can fly- Franco and hopefully williams can be the boppers…

              • franco to of???? oooh ooh ah ah

              • I see Franco more at 1B in 2-3 Years Time..

              • Only you would move a GG talent from 3rd to 1st… only you.

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