• August 17, 2022

DeMarco Murray Is Out Today And Controversy Is On The Way

DeMarcoMurray190It doesn’t look like Eagles running back DeMarco Murray is going to play today against the New York Jets because of an injured hamstring.   Second-year wide receiver Josh Huff will also miss this game.  This means running back Ryan Mathews will be the starter and he will be backed up by Darren Sproles.

Howard Eskin sent out this tweet a few minutes ago.


If the Eagles offensive line does a decent job today and opens some holes for Mathews, it will immediately start some controversy about which running back should be starting.  Mathews doesn’t have to do much to gain more yards than Murray has gained so far this season.  The door is wide open for controversy.


If Mathews gains no more than 20 yards, fans are going to be pushing for Mathews to start.  If he has a decent game and gains 75 to a 100 yards, you know everybody going to be pushing for him to start over Murray.  It will be major controversy.

The inactives for the Eagles are Huff and Murray, linebacker Mychal Kendricks QB Thad Lewis, linebacker Kiko Alonso, defensive ends Cedrick Thornton and Taylor Hart.  Jordan Hicks will start next to DeMeco Ryans at inside linebacker.


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  • Whether its Murray or Matthews, we need productivity.

    Noone cares about controversy at this point, we want wins

    We don’t care who’s in there. It can be Sproles.. As long as this offense is moving gaining chunks of yards and TDS..

    We Don’t Care!

    Just win!

  • I agree 100% with JH,
    The Season is on the line today and the Eagles need to scratch, claw and do whatever they have to do to get the W..
    Ryan Matthews is probably a better fit right now anyways as he has more speed than Murray.. Either way is meaningless for the Eagles need to come out with the W ..
    I also expect QB Mark Sanchez to play in this game due to an injury or the ineffectiveness play of Bradford..
    This is not the time to play favorites or worry about hurt feelings ..
    0-2 Starts – Teams have a 12% chance to reach Postseason
    0-3 Starts – Teams have a 2 % chance of making the Postseason

    It is what it is.. Eagles have no one to blame but themselves..

  • To much penetration on O line, Kelce was put on skates.

  • Bradford’s ‘accuracy’ is on full display… Wtf

  • Sproles!

  • Sproles is our best player on offense

  • Ryan Mathews hands smh

  • Bradford will never go down the fuckin field! I hate him!

  • Why didn’t mr accuracy LEAD Matthews? Why would he throw behind him? I don’t get it? Yes Matthews should have caught it but CC should have led him, it was a nice short throw, simple

    • hac, Mathews should have caught that ball. The recv and backs are dropping too many passes. If it was about every pass being perfectly placed between the numbers, they might as well have my ass out there….lol. That being said, Mathews had a pretty good game.

  • I feel you cigar but I gotta put that one on Matthews. If the ball hits your hands you gotta catch it

    • As I say he should have caught it… But quality qb puts that out front and he’s still running

      • hac
        I’ve seen too many times the great ones (peyton, brady, Brees, etc) make throws off the mark and I’ve also seen the recv make the catch. It is a myth that these guys always throw the perfect pass. If anything they demand accountability from their recv. Maybe Sam needs to develop that particular leadership trait.

  • Finally…

  • He made up for that drop right there!

  • That was a perfectly executed play….good O line blocking, good pass by Bradford..and good catch and run by Ryan Mathews…TD!!!

  • Jets offense is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I said 17-13 Eagles on another thread .

    Wasn’t expecting a special teams score. So.

    But yeah…thank goodness Jets don’t have a QB – if they did they would legit be a super bowl contender.

  • Tsj u right about that…..it sure is nice to move the ball against a goid defense

  • Bradford looking like McNabb with worm ball.

  • Ryan Matthews is a better rb than demarco

  • I’m not surprised by this score

  • Eagles are looking like a pro team!!!

  • Jets are the Northern Texans.

    Great defense. No Qb. So lose games they would otherwise win.

    Bradford is still not the answer at QB though. Dude is missing to many gimmie throws.

  • NFC East is wide open.

  • I would rather have Sanchez in there honestly. The offense moves at the pace it’s suppose to with him

  • Is anyone surprised at how good dion Lewis looks with the pats? I don’t even remember him making a play for us

  • So has Matt Ryan’s decline started early or is his offensive line that bad or some combination of both?

    Or the Dallas defense is that good?

    I know ATL’s defense is getting run over. Dallas 4 TDs all from running backs.

    • Falcons are up 39-28 with 5 minutes to go..
      Vikings blowing out Chargers
      Panthers beating Saints by 6 Pts
      Pats destroying Jaguars
      Titans beating Colts 27-21 Mariota having a nice game & outplaying Luck)
      Texans beating TB Bucs 10-9

  • Can’t believe they just gave up that fuckin td

  • Good play Rowe!

  • Why is miles Austin on this team?!

  • Eric Rowe!

  • Jordan hicks is a stud!

  • On a side note, the Eagles Special Teams Coverage Units have given up a lot
    Of Return Yards both on Kick-Offs and Punt Returns
    Something to keep an eye on ..

  • Are defense is legit! Just wish out pash Rush was better

  • Defense ((3 Turnovers) and a Special Teams TD Return by Sproles gives the Eagles a Victory
    Games Balls to D Sproles, Ryan Matthews and Yes, Billy Davis

    A very long way to go for the Eagles Offense but Abig step in the right direction
    They rushed the ball well, protected it well (except for Matthews Fumble)
    And took what the Jets D gave them..
    Onto to Washington to take on the 1-2 Redskins

  • Where are all the Nick Foles big mouths at?

  • Jeff Fisher really “fleeced” the Eagles.lol. Plus you gave that stiff a extension.lol.Dumb ass Rams

    • He didn’t play awful.. They lost. It’s football. Our qb didn’t do shit

      • Yeah all of the sudden “its football” lol

        • Bradford would have done the same.

          At best it’s a wash.

          • Stop it..Foles cost them the game…just like he lost the Washington game the other week…he has better receivers with the Rams than what Bradford has here…our receivers are very average and going up against a powerful defense like the Jets…Bradford didn’t turn the ball over…no stupid throws like Foles threw with a key interception at the end of a close game.
            The drops continue…drop after drop after drop…its the receivers that are not helping at all…Agholar needs to get better real quick.

            • Both Foles and Bradford are average. If one of them is better it’s hard to tell.

              • Bull…Foles sucks…he coughed up the game, missed open receivers…he was terrible and the Rams have better receivers than the Eagles!
                What irony…LMAO…Foles ass kicked by Mike Vick…again!
                When your receivers can’t catch a cold and cant get open then your Qb job is to protect the football…Bradford did a good job in managing the game against a very tough defense with excellent cover corners!

            • No.

              You stop it. lol

              Bradford isn’t a good Qb. No matter how many times you say it, isn’t gonna make it so. And…I can’t beleive I’m gonna say this…Foles was a better fit for this system than Bradford. I didn’t see that coming, but after 3 games that seems to be the case.

              Neither of them are any good. Both are top tier backups, and that’s it.

              Eagles aren’t going anywhere this year. May win the East though just ’cause of how bad the teams are. Though I’d be wary of the Giants. Eli could easily go on one of his hot streaks and win it all.

              • LMAO…are you serious? Foles better than Bradford is ridiculous…did you watch any of the Rams game today…LOL…

                Nick Foles sucks and he COSTED them the game by throwing up a desperation pass that was picked off

                Ya’ll can bash Bradford over and over again…but you are doing it with absolutely no evidence…especially after today’s win…

                You didn’t see any open receivers

                You saw once again a bunch of drops

                You saw no interceptions from the QB

                There were two passes that were dropped that were sure touchdowns

                What do you want the QB to do..throw it and catch it for the receivers too.

                Name one receiver who is playing well for the Eagles? Name one?

                You cant…they are not getting open

                So you can say Bradford sucks..but it doesn’t make any sense…

                He has much less to work with than Foles had last year or this year…

                So saying Foles would be better is absolutely ridiculous…

          • Bradford hasn’t played in almost 2 years TS. with the ridiculously limited preseason reps, I’m willing to write the these first couple of games of as the needed preseason reps. Now I agree with your point about his dismal downfield track record. But, I’m not seeing anything from this pedestrian recv crew that warrants throwing downfield just for the sake of it. Mathews is avg, Cooper is a practice squad resident, and Agholor looks like an undrafted FA. Throw Ertz overrated ass in for good measure. None of these guys are legit. Thanks Chip.

            • I have consistently noted that Bradford hasn’t played in 2 years AND that I don’t think he really wants to be hit. lol

              With that said not hitting open receivers when you have all day to throw is bad QB-ing. There’s no way around that. Even with that drops Bradford has been bad.

              He’s just not a good fit. I thought he would be. I was wrong. Sanchez actually plays better in this offense than Bradford does.

              • What receivers were open..where…they were shut out by Revis and company…everyone keeps talking as if receivers are running wide open all over the field…they are not,. Bradford is not a Qb that’s going to force throws into covered receivers who drops the ball when Bradford gets them the ball.
                We have a major problem at receiver that is much worst than I anticipated…we dont have a semblence of the threat on the outside…Agholor is a rookie who is just not that good to beat top cover corners…
                Again…our biggest mistake was getting rid of DJax…we havent’ come close to replacing him..and now it looks like we haven’t come close to replacing Maclin either…
                The problem is NOT the Quarterback…its the receivers!

              • TS
                I believe he’s accounted rather well for himself in the getting hit department. and you are correct, he hasn’t capitalized on all his opportunities. But I am on record giving Foles the benefit of the doubt many times. The key difference? Foles had Djax,Maclin and Shady. Foles had the benefit of having Mathis and Heremans help anchor the line. But I agree, he doesn’t appear to be “the answer”. Any qb that does not allow LLCB to fully implement all facets of his offense, we’ll never truly know it can do. Chip tried to get Mariota but failed.

              • Well on that we agree.

                This system needs a mobile QB as currently run, to truly be effective.

                I still have the sads over the failed Mariota bid.


  • Who cares about Nick Foles, can the Eagles close out a Damn Win…

  • Eagles win…cowboys lose…great Sunday

  • No second half points is a problem.

    Sproles needs an offensive game ball.

    That special teams score saved their @ss.

  • Good win, when I’m wrong I say I’m wrong. In this case very glad to be wrong

    • The receiving crew is awful just awful and the QB isn’t helping, I don’t recall anyone saying Hicks couldn’t play so kill that noise with the lb’s on the team it was correctly stated there were needs elsewhere. Take this win and get the win against the Skins and go from there. 9 wins gets the division this year book it.

      • Receivers can’t catch.

        Bradford can’t throw.


        I don’t think 9 wins will do it. I think 7. First to 7 wins. lol

      • Receivers are awful, Matthews only receiver with a catch 6-49 yards. Bradford had a total of 118 passing yards..brutal Chip turned a high octane explosive offense due to the talent into a pop gun snap crackle and pop offense…due to a dearth of talent..at least at the WR position.

        • Its more and more obvious to me EHL that the biggest mistake that continues to bite the Eagles in the ass…getting rid of DJax. Our receivers just cant get deep, cant beat man to man coverage…the wide receivers need to step up and help the QB out a little…

          • Until I see Bradford throw the ball 30 yards downfield I’m assuming he can’t do it. Chip must assume he can’t either. If you guys think there hasn’t been a receiver open downfield all year you are wrong. I’ve seen both Cooper and Agholar open by a step on the sideline and Bradford throw it underneath.

            No team trails in the 4th quarter and refuses to try a deep pass unless their QB can’t throw the ball downfield. If we had DJax he would be wasted with Bradford.

  • The QB needs some help! When your receivers are consistently dropping passes, never getting separation, never getting down the field…Bradford did a good job in making sound decisions, not turning the ball over…making key passes to convert third downs…with some better play from the receivers and if we continue to run the ball…Sam Bradford numbers will get a whole lot better!

  • Ok the only game I get sucks bears Seahawks
    But in a side note— isn’t it great what has happened to the nationals since pap has joined them… Check out him getting on the best player in the NL and then fighting him… Guy was productive for the Phil’s… Most agreed with the signing but the culture took a beating as did the nationals… Interesting

    • I saw that Nats Dugout Fight..
      Papelbon has been a Cancer everywhere he’s been and will probably find himself out Baseball next Season..
      Harper is a cocky jackass too and had it coming to him …

      • Wtf Paulman, Papelbon told harper to run it out, harper gives Papelbon shit, Papelbon tells him more stuff, and harper calls Papelbon out, Papelbon bull rushes the pussy harper

        Papelbon is a winner.

        • Nats were in 1st Place when they acquired Papelbon and finished like garbage the last 2 1/2 Months.. Maybe there is a correlation ?
          As I stated, Harper is a spoiled brat who had it coming to him…
          But the Team since their addition of Papelbon went down the tubes..

    • That disdain you have for the Vicks and Djax’s? Pap is the redneck version who always gets a pass because he’s “one of the boys”. Great closer, just playing in the wrong era (50 years too late).

  • Bradford can throw…his touchdown pass to Matthews was on the money…he had several on the money throws that were again dropped. The Eagles receivers probably lead the league in dropped passes…Agholar doesn’t run good routes, he doesn’t get separation, and he hasn’t showed good hands..we all know Cooper sucks, Huff has been terrible, and Matthews is the only wide receiver that has shown anything at all…

    Hard to throw deep and complete passes when your receivers SUCK..

    So everyone keeps saying…the Quarterback has to get better…

    He can get better if the receivers get open!

  • Man Bradford sucks, but at least he didn’t lose the game, but nor did chip allow him to

    Foles took a shot down the field, got picked, something this timid Bradford has yet to do


    But the good news is the eagles have a defense and some good rookie play, still not enough, this will still be a historically poor season, largely because of the the play of the qb

    • Pure Stupidity…

      “Foles took a shot down the field, got picked, something this timid Bradford has yet to do”

      You have to have a receiver 30 yards down the field open…

      Nick Foles through a stupid, oft-target pass that was picked off in a key situation in the game!

      Foles has done there what he did here…holding the ball, missing open receivers, and chucking up inaccurate passes

      I ask you and all of the Bradford haters…what receivers have been open down the field for Bradford to chuck it up too? Huff? Cooper? Agholar? Maclin??-oh wait…Maclin doesn’t play here and he’s burning it up for KC!
      Bradford needs to throw the ball to open receivers and dont turn it over. In this offense he needs to get rid of the ball quickly into the hands of the receivers and allow them to make plays..this offense is based upon the running game,the short passing game, and receivers making yards after the catch…its not a go deep offense because you dont have deep receivers with speed on the team
      Get used to Bradford throwing short..until they get receivers that can get open deep!

      • Excuse maker.. Bradford got a W ..why aren’t you. Mentioning the 4 picks the d got or the ST TD… That’s why Foles won.. Remember

        • Big difference haveablunt…but you were too smoked out to watch the games

          Here is what you missed:

          Foles had receivers running wide open while he was holding the ball… indecisive and confused by the coverages
          Foles led the league in turnovers while being bailed out by the defense and special teams.

          Bradford got his first win today against one of the best defenses in the league
          His receivers were dropping passes again
          None of them were open
          Bradford didn’t make negative plays today…he took what was available. The drops hurt his completion rate…but he didn’t turn the ball over against a Jet defense that has been forcing turnovers to win.
          The Eagles dont have a single effective outside receiver-Agholar has been extremely disappointing.
          Did you see your boy Foles today haveablunt! 4th Quarter tight game, Foles with a dumb pass down the middle of the field..overshoots the receiver…picked off.
          4th down…trying to keep a drive alive for a shot to win…Foles with a high and inaccurate pass that Britt does a great job just to get one hand on the ball but fails to haul it in…drive over…game over…

          Bradford will get better if the receivers and the Oline gets better..he’s not going to lose games for you…he will manage the game…we need the receivers like Agholar to step up

          • Damn hot air you must be watching from the press box…congrats

  • I am glad Bradford decided to bet on himself, if not, Chip would have signed him to a contract extension. As of now, Bradford does not deserve an extension, nor the pay he receives. Chip is to impulsive when it comes to wanting go sign guys to extensions that have not proven anything, hence Barbre and Gardner. I am still looking at QB’s for the upcoming draft. Bradford has to play better, but in all fairness so do the O line and wideouts!

  • Bradford ‘ s Line today:


    108 yards

    3.7 Yards Average.


    Meanwhile this idiot kool rags incessantly about foles who tries and has succeed in making things happen

    • Hypocrite…

      Bradford Line today- O interceptions…no turnovers against one of the best defenses in the league=Win

      Nick Foles…Key turnover in crunch time of the game=Loss

      The problem is not Bradford at all

      The problem is simple…we dont have any outside receivers…we will HAVE to DINK AND DUNK…

      Bottom line

    • You failed to mention the 2 8 yard td passes sproles and Matthews dropped to go along with 4 other drops lol

  • Jonathan Papelbon fist fight with NL MVP Bryce Harper in the bottom of the 8th then he goes out and gives up 5 runs to lose the game in the 9th inning in a 4-4 tied game. LOL Hilarious How can the manager of Washington Matt Williams allow Papelbon to pitch the 9th after trying to choke and kill the franchise player. LOL

    • Oh man I love what has happened to the Nats… Their ‘run’ has been an utter failure. Bringing in pap seems to be the death knell

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