• May 17, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins


losersRecurring Issues Doom Eagles 

Are you noticing a pattern yet?

Once again, the Philadelphia Eagles came out completely flat and unprepared. They were dreadful in the first half, and it cost them in a critical division loss to the Washington Redskins.

The Birds offense didn’t show up in the first half, and they fell behind 13-0. Despite a decent second-half showing that resulted in three touchdowns, the Eagles for the second straight week couldn’t figure out how to close out an opponent, and allowed the Redskins to hang around.

Unlike the New York Jets, the Redskins took advantage of the Eagles’ inadequacies, and Kirk Cousins engineered a 15-play, 90-yard drive that bled the clock down to about 25 seconds and finished with a touchdown to give Washington a late lead.

Billy Davis Has No Answers For Kirk Cousins On 90-Yard Drive

Far and away, the Eagles’ defense has not been their biggest issue this year.

They’ve played pretty admirably through the first part of the season, and Chip Kelly’s failures and shortsightedness on the offensive side of the ball are the primary reason that this team is 1-3.

But Billy Davis didn’t help at all today, when his defense couldn’t find a way to stop Kirk Cousins and the Redskins’ offense on a 90-yard drive to close out the game.

CHERRYHILL_DENTISTRYThe problem with Billy Davis is that he’s an extremely vanilla defensive coordinator who doesn’t bring any kind of innovative schemes or creativity to the table. And when it gets down to crunch-time situations like the one the Eagles faced today, he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve that he can turn to.

There very few blitzes, let alone anything elaborate. Cornerbacks rarely receive safety help or double teams. To me, its as if the Eagles’ defensive scheme relies very heavily on the individual talent of each player, and their ability to hold their own against their basic matchup.

The Offensive Line Is An Abysmal Disaster

Jason Peters was already showing signs of age, and now he’s having trouble simply staying on the field every week. Peters left in the first half with an injury, forcing the Eagles to slide Matt Tobin out to left tackle and Dennis Kelly into the right guard slot.

The result was a line that was under siege for the entire game, and allowed struggling quarterback Sam Bradford to take a pounding.

Again, I keep coming back to how inexcusable it was for Kelly to fail to address the offensive line. I understand and agree with the decision to move on from Todd Herremans, but releasing Evan Mathis was the ultimate in arrogance, and now His Majesty is paying for it.

Kelly has stated that some of the lineman available in free agency had “too high a price tag”, but he didn’t have any problem dumping a good portion of that cap space into expensive running backs DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.

It doesn’t matter who the running backs are, if the offensive line is a pathetic joke, you’re going to get results like the Eagles have been getting early in the season. Today’s miserable output? Murray ran just eight times for 36 yards. Mathews took five carries for 20.

Finally, Bradford Begins To Throw Deep

If there was a positive to be found in today’s disaster, it was that we finally saw some signs of life from quarterback Sam Bradford.

Bradford was miserable until the second quarter, when he FINALLY began to take some shots down the field. It began with a 45-yard gain to Nelson Agholor at the end of the second quarter, and after that play, Bradford seemed to finally settle in a bit and took shots down the field for the rest of the game.

Bradford came to life in the second half, igniting the Eagles’ comeback with a 62-yard to bomb to Riley Cooper to put the Eagles on the board.

On the Eagles’ next drive, Bradford hit Jordan Matthews for a 30-yard strike to put them deep in Redskins territory. Several plays later, the former Ram did a good job avoiding the rush, and found veteran tight end Brent Celek for a score.

Two drives later, Bradford hit Miles Austin for a 39-yard touchdown to give the Eagles their first lead of the day.

Bradford wasn’t perfect. There were still overthrows. There were still passes thrown behind receivers. But it was by far his most encouraging performance as an Eagle to date.

This Week In Sports Science!

Renowned for being the healthiest team in the league, here’s what Chip Kelly’s sports science did to keep the Eagles’ top players on the field this week.

Jason Peters left the game with a quad injury that he had been battling in practice throughout the week.

Mychal Kendricks, who had missed the previous week with a hamstring injury, left the game early in the first quarter after reinjuring it.

Byron Maxwell, Brandon Bair and Fletcher Cox also both left the game with injuries.


Quick Thoughts


  • It was good to see the Eagles get receivers other than Jordan Matthews involved in this game. Riley Cooper, Nelson Agholor, and Miles Austin all made big plays in the receiving game.
  • Agholor finished with three catches for 65 yards, and I really feel that his 45-yarder went a long way towards settling the offense and making the second-half breakout possible.
  • However, Agholor also cost the team with a critical fumble on a botched reverse that became an Eagles turnover, costing them an opportunity for points.
  • Agholor was also flagged for an illegal formation penalty that wiped out a touchdown pass to Zach Ertz. The Eagles would have to settle for a field goal attempt, which was botched by Caleb Sturgis.
  • Lane Johnson was terrible today, allowing several sacks on Bradford.
  • Jason Kelce also continues to struggle, and was flagged for another holding penalty. Its bad enough that the Eagles are struggling to keep their offensive line healthy, but when the few remaining starters make critical mistakes, it just becomes too much to get by.
  • DeMarco Murray doesn’t look comfortable in this system. He’s used to running behind an elite offensive line, a fullback, and having Dez Bryant around for defenses to focus on.
  • Why no involvement for Darren Sproles in the passing game? Sproles was held without a reception, which is inexcusable on Chip Kelly’s part.


  • Brandon Graham played his best game of the season. Graham picked up a sack in the first half, and also came up with a critical forced fumble to generate a turnover that led to an Eagles’ touchdown.
  • Malcolm Jenkins led the team with eight tackles, remaining very active.
  • Marcus Smith, inactive once again. We’ll now look to game #21 of his career for him to make some kind of contribution.
  • Eric Rowe was forced to play the majority of the game thanks to Byron Maxwell’s injury, and seemed to do a decent enough job.
  • Connor Barwin has been a bit disappointing so far. Just one sack in four games, and hasn’t made a lot of plays.

Special Teams

  • Darren Sproles continues to be one of the players on this team that the Birds can count on to show up week to week. Sproles ignited the lifeless Eagles for the second straight week, with a 49-yard punt return at the end of the second half. He gave the Birds a quality scoring opportunity, although the ever-bumbling offense were forced to settle for a field goal attempt.
  • And said field goal attempt was botched by newly signed kicker Caleb Sturgis.
  • Sturgis missed his only field goal attempt, and also missed an extra point attempt. His four points left on the field might have swung the game to the Eagles’ favor.

Final Thoughts

Chip Kelly, welcome to the basement of the NFC East.

The head coach is revolutionizing the game with his 0-3 conference record, and his 0-2 record within the division against the dumpster fire that is the Washington Redskins, and a Dallas Cowboy team that was without their star receiver and starting quarterback.

Its flat out inexcusable for this team to not come out with a better effort against a division opponent, and frankly an opponent that they should have no business losing to.

Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins, without DeSean Jackson, managed a 90-yard drive that bled out the clock to beat the Eagles? Its absolutely disgraceful.

The Eagles are still struggling with recurring issues that they’ve had all season, and their inability to put a team away and finish a game came back to bite them today. They got away with it against the Jets, but this week their failures killed them.

The good news is that all is not lost, and there were some positives that came out of this game with Sam Bradford and the passing game.

But at 1-3, Chip is running out of time and excuses to clean things up and get this team performing at a consistent level.

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Denny Basens

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  • Brutal Lost…
    Lane Johnson always Struggles versus the Athletic OLB Ryan Kerrigan

    Ive seen missed FG’s all day today.. Jaguar Kicker missed a 35 Yarder in Overtime that cost them the Game vs the Colts
    Vikings Kicker shank’s one in the thin air of Denver
    Steelers Kicker misses a couple on Thursday

    4 Weeks into the Season now and all the Rust,Conditioning, Slow Starts don’t cut it…and now with all these injuries to lots of Players will really test the locker room and the Players “Buy-In” to what Kelly’s Coaching…
    2-6 in his last 8 Games… 1-4 in his last NFC East Contest’s is not getting it done..
    I am on record that the University of Texas will make an Offer to Chip Kelly that he will not be able to refuse, I say let his ass go and start over…
    Hire a real GM who knows how to build a tough, physical Team and get away from these gimmicky, spread offensive minded Coachs like Reid & Kelly

  • This is just a bad football team, chip must go.

  • Eagles went into an 1/3 empty stadium. No atmosphere. Almost as may Eagles as Skins fans.

    So not a hostile environment.

    Skins with no one in their secondary.

    Eagles O pathetic for entire first half (as usual) leaving the D on the field forever (as usual – they’ve now played 5 games to the Offenses 3)

    Someone grabbed the puss by the throat and demanded he actually throw the ball – and he did…for a bit. But when the pressure mounted in the 4th he went 1 for 4 in 2 drives (with the lead) and couldn’t close it out.

    People already blaming the D. Again, they are playing an extra quarter every game.

    I told you Bradford would suck – he sucks
    I told you Murray would suck – he sucks
    I told you at the draft the Oline shit was inexcusable – it is inexcusable
    I told you Maxwell was overrated – he is overrated (though I am not blaming the D here)

    I don;t know what else to say.

    • I do season over

  • Perhaps diminishing the talent and coaching of other teams should come to an end when we are talking about the Eagles opponents, the fact is the Eagles are not a good team. We want to believe differently because we are Eagles fans and some are believers in the bogus tao of Chip, but, in my opinion, the Eagles are simply not that good. I thought we would win 2 of the next 3 starting with Washington, well the Skins game is now a loss and the Saints have a better QB in Drew Brees than the skins have in Cousins so that might be a loss too. The season gets tough after the Giants game, they better win the next two. I am hearing that Peters may be out next week and Lane Johnson is getting an MRI tomorrow, if one of those guys are out this o line becomes a full breached dam.

    • EHL this season is done, the lack of overall talent cannot overcome a vanilla defensive coach and piss poor planning going into this season. Nothing wrong with going with your guys but you better guess right. Kelly guessed wrong and me from the comfort of my living room could have advised him of this in February. This is just disheartening to a life long Eagle fan who was hoping beyond hope this clown what get it done.

  • The Bears are one even with the Eagles at 1-3
    Maybe the Eagles should follow suit and look to Trade some Players that don’t fit for Draft Picks ..
    Marcus Smith II & Josh Huff are not NFL Caliber Players
    Zac Ertz is overrated and strictly a rotational receiving TE who will never be a Starter as he cannot block and are a dime a dozen in any Draft as a 4th/5th Round Picks and not early in the 2nd Round where he was selected
    Top Pick N Agholor needs to mature and get stronger as he is also not living up to his 1st Round Expectations.. I see him more of a 3rd WR/Slot WR for down the road as he simply is not strong enough or explosive enough to play the Outside.. That’s the Problem with Chip Kelly’s Offense, they have 4 Slot WR but no real outside threat… Matthews, Cooper, Austin & Agholor are just simply not dynamic enough …

  • The DC is the least of the problems. A qb who cannot win football games is the main problem . A qb is the key to a winning team, QB is the player that gets a W/L record… They get it for a reason. Foles was 14-4 for Kelly… All other QB he has had are 7-12…. As a fan that likes wins more than losses…do the fucking math

    • Agreed. Was Foles really so bad that the genius couldn’t work with him another season and try to iron out the issues from last year? I tell you what, I’d much rather have Foles and that second-round pick, and I felt that way from the moment that bizarre trade was made.

      • Can Foles come back with Todd Gurley and Taivan Austin?, explosive offensive players making plays.

        • Foles made plays here.. LLCB didn’t think he was good enough … Fag kool is hiding. Fucking sam Bradford is our qb..we are in hell… Absolute hell

          • Files made plays here with different players with different talent. Those players are home now. I was never a big fan of Foles but he started to get my respect. With that said I dont even know if we had Brady if this offense would be potent this year. To be real the offensive line had played like shit this season and they allowed pass rushers to tee off on Bradford especially in the first half. Although Bradford didn’t do much in the first half when there were opportunities. Thus offense just isn’t what it used to be and that is Chips doing.

            • Foles made plays… He makes them still…

          • Sickening watching Foles beat Sea and Ariz on the road.

            Eagles would be 3-1 (min) with him here. And we lost a 2nd for the privilege of watching the puss.

            None of this makes any sense.

            • Vinnie..i cant stand Foles!!!……but i cant sit here and find any argument with what you said..in all honesty we might have a better record. I dont know why chip kelly likes QB that run fortys in the 5.0 time!!! SMH..kills this offense. I dont care what anyone says.

  • With this defense Foles would give us a chance … This is the best eagles d in years. Is it perfect? No, but is it a good defense, yes

  • When I’m GM of an nfl team I promise that every year I will draft 1 lineman in the first 4 rounds no matter what….

  • might as well join the fun with the rest of the “I told you so crowd”,
    when you bench the Michael Jordan of General Managers this is what you get …
    Free Howie Roseman from the attic.

    • Howie is laughing his head off!

  • Tuesday the Sixers play their first pre-season game against the Wizard who they had real trouble defending Gortat and Nene last year especially Gortat. Now Sixers have 2 competent bigs to go head to head with Gortat and Nene.

  • The Chipper couldn’t even get the replacement emergency Kicker signing correct. Caleb Sturgis stinks who were the other options who showed up for the tryout?

    • One of the guys they tried out was actually Mr. Murderleg himself, Carey Spear…its a joke that they even took another look at him.

      • Scobee looked bad Thursday night I’d still take him over Sturgis.

  • November 3 trade deadline-
    Will the birds have a fire sale and put brent celek, demeco ryans, jason peters and darren sproles on the trading block ?

  • Foles goes into Arizona… Comes out with a win… Bradford goes into shitty Washington and comes out with a loss… w and L are the ONLY stats… Shit

    • Foles looked goodTD and his 2nd & 3rd TD Passes where passes of beauty and perfectly placed.. Rookie Top Pick RB Todd Gurley ran 142 Yards on 19 Carries versus the tough Cardinal Defense…if the Rams can run the ball effectively and allow Foles to play-action for big plays, they are a Playoff Team with that Defense and Pass a rush they have…
      A major mistake some of us stated, I even went out on a limb and stated that this Trade would be the beginning of the end of the Chip Kelly Era, when the Deal was announced back in Feb and I believe that I may end up being correct
      The acquisition of DeMarco Murray was a shot from the hip and not even necessary.. RyanMatthews, D Sproles and one of the Young RB’s would have been sufficient .. They needed to bolster the OL especially since it was obvious once Mathis skipped the Voluntary OTA’s in the Spring for the 2nd Year in a Row , that he would likely be released if a trade could not be worked out by Chip Kelly
      I think the Eagles felt ok about replacing Guard Herremans with Barbree and thr creating back-up Depth with Tobin, Gardner,Kelly, Vadervelde & Andrews who were all returning to Summer Camp again as a back up Unit which is quite rare in the NFL to have that many backup OL returning in the same system..

  • Tank for Jared Goff…do not have to tank actually, just do what you have been doing Chip.
    Sit Bradford so he does not play 8 games and we get their 3rd round pick. Use two of our three 3rd round picks on O linemen, get two o linemen in FA.

  • Hold on..everyone is bailing..think long term kids. We’re gonna have to wait this develop for a few more years. Chip ‘s got himself at ground zero again, and needs to give this thing one more shot. He better not bolt after the season though after all of this. We’re looking at 3 years til this gets righted again at least. He’s a rookie GM making rookie mistakes. No bailing, and no sitting Bradford either. Let him get there to shape up. I do like the idea of getting a third for sitting him though, but he needs to be out there period. Our bigger problem is the O Line. This should have been built up this year. Now we have a huge mess. I want J Maclin back.

    • Jim, the moves he made this past off season was to win this year, Kelly stated that he needed to assemble a team that would get him beyond 10-6 because the old team had taken him as far as he could go. You do not bring in vets at the prices he did and not plan to win now. Chip wanted this GM power because he thought he could immediately do a better job at assembling a winning team, I think Chip underestimated what the NFL really is as well as understanding how to build a winning team. He wanted the power, he got it, he just does not know what to do with it, he wants to treat this like college, perhaps he should go back there where he is most comfortable. Perhaps I would be willing to give him more slack if he was not so smug and arrogant, jettisoning talented players because he thought he could plug anyone into his super system and win, however, that is not the case. Chip wanted to be the face of this franchise by letting star players go, now he is the face, and it is pretty damn ugly!

      • it is indeed ugly, Chipper was wrong, but all hope is not gone. It is gonna take a few years again to right it. Enjoy the chaos and the ride!

      • Chip Kelly is under Contract thru the 2017 Season,
        The key for him if he wants to remain in Philly is to receive an Contract Extension by 2016 as no Coach of their Staff’s like to go into their final Year of their Contracts without Security…
        Owner Jeff Lurie is not going to have the same thing occur with Kelly as it did with Andy Reid.. Lurie is not going to extend him unless he see’s substantial improvement in their chances of Winning a Super Bowl..
        So the real time table is next Season (2016) in which Kelly would have to really Win and make a run at the Super Bowl..
        I believe Chip Kelly gets a little bit of breathing room by Owner Lurie for the 2015 based on so much Roster Turnover but again a lot depends on how the Team plays.. It’s one thing to finish 10-6 or 9-7 and have a chance for the Post-Season opposed to finishing with 5-6-7 Wins and playing poorly for large chunks of games every week…
        But if this Season falls apart and Owner see’s Foles having and leading the Rams to the Playoffs or Shady McCoy leading the Bills to the Post-Season while the Eagles flounder than you can bet that Lurie is not going to be too happy with him.. Losing at Home, & Losing NFC Rival Games will make Owner Lurie think long and hard before offering Kelly any extension…
        Kelly at the same time
        will also field calls about testing the waters if he receives no extension by 2016.
        This a doomed relationship between Chip Kelly & Jeff Lurie and may come to a head after this Season as they both look at their options for further down the road… Owner Lurie wants to reload and compete for Playoffs every season, HC Kelly is still not sure what he wants his Offense to be or with whom to run it at the QB Position.. Winning at the NFL takes more that great conditioning and reps,reps,reps and a up-tempo.. You have to be able to adapt for schemes based on your Players and must be willing to adapt and change it up throughout a course of a game let alone change things up week to week ..
        The reality is that the Eagles are 2-6 over their last 8 Games and have played like shit and looked unprepared, unfocused with low energy in about 6 of these 8 Games , so a terrible trend is happening already…

        • and 1-4 in the division over those last 8 games, 2 of which we have lost to Kurt Cousins, the one we did win was the season finale game against a disinterested uninspired Giants team.

  • Demarco Murray was asked by a reporter if he is getting enough carries, he responded “No”. Uh oh, Murray is worried about his carries, he is no not a team guy, therefore, not a culture fit. Losing trumps culture.

  • I wonder who is laughing harder at Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman, Heath Evans, Mark Schlereth, Bart Scott, Evan Mathis, LeSean McCoy,or DJax?

    • Or Jeff Fisher, Nick Foles & Foles Wife..
      It’s amazing how much disdain Heath Evans and Mark Schlereth have for Chip Kelly.. They literally hate the guy and have from the get go…

      • I know, the dad part is the things Heath Evans has been saying from the beginning is coming to fruition.

        • bad part

        • Just watched Cowboys Top Pick CB Byron Jones make 2 nice Open-Field Tackles to stop a Saints Drive before the Half..
          Eagles should have selected him over WR Agholor..

      • I listened to Mark Schlereth on 97.5 on Friday night and he was very specific about what is technically wrong with the Eagles line play and the offense. It all goes back to the coach, and if you combine it with personnel moves made not necessarily based on talent but loyalty to the coach and system, it is becoming a worst case scenerio in year 3.

        Been on this ride before. 1-3 with 3/4 of the season to watch with very little hope. The really sad thing is that the divison really sucks this year, and add a number of key injuries, it was really ours for the taking. In my mind, Kelly is more concerned with running his system to the detriment of playing to the skills of your players, and ultimately the detriment of our won and loss record. Just sucks plain and simple.

  • Sean Lee out of the Game with a Concussion
    Jarius Byrd is actually suited up and playing for the Saints

  • Saints LB Stephone Anthony is going to be stud
    I think the Saints took him with their 2nd Round Pick ..
    What a playmaker he’s going to be ..

    • They took him in the 1st round Paul…..They listened to me and grab talent.

      The season is not over. We have Zach Ertz, Lane Johnson, and Connor Barwin on our squad – We cant lose!! They are so awesome…….

      But thank you Denny for being unbiased in you assessment of the team. You will not hear an honest, realistic comment from most about those guys, from most on here – They just go on the defensive no matter how accurate the criticism….

      ◾Connor Barwin has been a bit disappointing so far. Just one sack in four games, and hasn’t made a lot of plays – not disappointing, but enlightening for so many. I told you his season was an aberration, and that he was an average Linebacker. I love his charity work though. Off the field he is a great guy, I mean that sincerely.

      ◾Lane Johnson was terrible today, allowing several sacks on Bradford. – Perennial Pro Bowler my ass Paul…..

      * Zach Ertz has really been a stud too. Would make for a nice trade piece, to get a 2nd Round pick for……..I would trade him, and DeMarco Murray, to Detroit for Larry Warford, and a their #2

      Sign Kelechi Osemele to play the other Guard spot – this offseason

      Sign Terron Armstead, and DJ Fluker to be my Starting Tackles – next year

      Send Lame Johnson, and Kiko Alonso’s overrated tail to Washington, to bring back DeSean Jackson, and another #1 pick

      Sign Josh Norman to play the other Corner, and play Nolan Carroll in the slot.

      Trade for Jamie Collins, and Justin Houston…..

      I am going to start the call for Sean Peyton as the new head Coach..

      • Getting rid of all the white players ? Conveniently skipped over 2 bust first round draft choices in your rant (Brandon (Graham and Marcus Smith) and a 2nd round bust draft choice (Vinny Curry) to whine about Connor Barwin.

        • It goes without saying about Graham, and Smith. No one expected much of them at all – I’ve been saying that since both came into the league.

          I disagree with you about Vinny Curry. He has more sacks than Fletcher Cox over his career – especially when he is allowed to play – He is no bust. At the very least he is a more than sufficient role player off the bench. He would be even more valuable, and productive in a 4-3.

          I never stated to get rid of Connor Barwin. He is a one year overachieving player, that realistically is an average player. You need more around him, because as you have seen, he is incapable of dominating by himself.

          Barwin, Ertz, and Johnson are so beloved and their talent is so exaggerated on GCobb, and other sites that it’s unreasonable to continue singing their praises to the degree that it has – all three are inconsistent, and overrated – and trade bait to get this franchise back to where it needs to be.

          I can tell how much you enjoy eating your words…..LOL!!!!!!!

          • everybody joined the “I told you so ” narrative this week.
            When it rains it pours.Even Doomy and Gloomy poked their head out of their hole..
            Some ” I told you so” people are talent over culture”;
            some ” I told you so ” are Foles over Bradford’;
            My ” I told you so ” is Howie shouldn’t have been benched.
            You’re just another version of “I told you so” –

            • Thatt’s not it….It’ pointless to go through the repetitive points of views especially with unreasonable people. I have a life, so I don’t comment as much as I used to, but I read everyday the comments that rationalize, and exaggerate the same old things….It’s not worth the time to do that day in, and day out….

              So you wait for things to play out to make your point…That’s more effective than arguing the same point over, and over again…

              You never heard I told you so from me, but do you see how laying back, and letting things evolve, can make a person cognizant of the fact that he doesn’t know what he is talking about…..

              All that said, I am a die hard Eagles fan – But I am not blind, nor gullible…

            • I would stop whining about what’s said by others who have said this would be the outcome for years.

              What you should do is re- think your position on what you think of the talent of certain players, and who knows more about football than you do…

              Eat crow man, eat crow, and admit that Myself, DCar, Bigelion, and Eaglehaslanded have all been on the money with this franchise not getting it – which is why we haven’t won a SuperBowl.

              Stop being gullible with every word from Chip, and recognize that I will always be your superior. Enjoy your meal.

              • Does you orderly DCar know your depends is full and your starting to sling it around again. Invite your perceived merry crew to a NFL and Golf outing at Ballantyne Country Club. Oct 25, 2015 PARTAY in Charlotte at Cliffs —-

              • LOL….See, too Proud to admit when your wrong, and been licked.

                That sounds like sour grapes to me.

                Still doesn’t change the fact that all your so called superstars are duds, and that includes Howie Roseman

              • too proud for what ?
                “I told you so ”
                that benching Howie was a terrible idea. The Chipper gutted the team and unfortunately every positional change has been a disaster with the exception of replacing Nate Allen with Walter Thurmond. Replacing Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher with Nolan Carroll and Byron Maxwell is an upgrade but not a cost efficient upgrade. Every other change has been a downgrade. Only a delusional agenda driven dingbat would try to isolate 4 particular white players ( Barwin, Johnson, Ertz, and Kiko) for blame.

              • E0S, I’ve been consistent with my non beliefs when it comes to Kelly for 3 years, those back to back 10 win seasons meant nothing to me, I see him for what he is. A true Genuis would’ve taken Andy Reid’s players and built upon that until he won the big prize, instead his ego said I need to do this with my handpicked guys because my system is key and it’s all about me. Ladies and Gentlemen CHIP KELLY and the philadelphia eagles

              • Damn E0S you playing the race card? Hahahahaha

      • I would fire Chip Kelly straight up if he were available gmcliff.

        • 4 words – Sean Peyton, and Gus Bradley.

          New Head Coach & Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator

          • Why would Gus Bradley want to work for Owner Lurie & the Eagles who spurned him for Chip Kelly ?
            Jags are slowly but surely headed into the right direction and I believe Gus Bradley remains there for at least 2 more Seasons..
            The Jags Owner is trying to build some stability there in Jacksonville and is a patient man.. They are drawing Fans, have increases in Season Ticket Holders and playing better on the Field… Bradley gets a 2-3 Extension and remains
            Sean Payton would be an excellent hire but he is rebuilding, retooling the Saints into a more power based Team and probably not going anywhere soon..

            • Relax Paul. That,s all wishful thinking bruh.

              How are things down south??? I hope everyone in your family is safe……

              • I can’t Relax GMCliff.. Its the first damn Weekend of October and we’re already talking about the next Coaching Hires… Good Grief has Chip Kelly “Star/Genius” label fallen faster than a ……. Ha…
                I know you were not a big Fan of his Hiring either as a few of us weren’t and that he was over-hyped from the get-go.. but if he was truly a smart Football Coach, don’t you think he would have been able to adjust to what NFL Defenses are doing to his Offense by now….
                You, DCar, Biggy and a Few of Us were all concerned about his Ability to Evaluate Talent and how best to assemble a Roster and build thru the Draft and Free-Agency and to be honest, the last 2 Off-Seasons with the Decisions he has made from Top to Bottom have made the Eagles a much less Talented Roster and since they don’t have the beef up front to really have a “Power Rushing Attack” what we are seeing is this same old gimmicky Finesse Crap that we saw under Andy Reid, just with less Talent…
                Defensively a Team takes after its Defensive Coordinator and Billy Davis just exudes little confidence, passion or intimidation which is what a successful NFL Defense has to have… They have some Piece in place but too laid-back, bend don’t break type of Leader as their DC so they won’t be going anywhere far with Chip Kelly and Staff…
                All down here are going well, Our Son playing Soccer in his Senior Year
                of High School, going for his “Eagles Scout” for Boys Scout and doing his College Search and Visits (Duke, Wake Forest, NC State, UNC-Asheville for Engineering Programs) so a bust Fall for him.. My Wife began a “Masters of Nursing” On-Line Program at UNC-Chapel Hill which is a 2 Year Straight-thru Program and Our Daughter in her 3rd Year at Western Carolina University studying Marketing with a Concentration in Tourism & Event Planning
                Things down here in NC are going well after a week a Rain from that Storm which really pounded South Carolina..
                The Panthers are playing well so Fans/Local Media are pumped about them and their Prospects.. College Football is in full swing and the Fall Leaf Season is here in the Mountains of Western North Carolina
                When’s your Next Trip down to Charlotte? The Eagles come down to Charlotte on a Sunday Night (on 10/25) that I may still go down for, but haven’t decided on just yet…
                Hope your feeling better..
                I’ve been Tobacco,Alcohol & Caffeine Free for 8 Months now and feel a 100% better..

              • Ha…That sounds great Paul. Congrats.

                Look for my nephews on the national recruitment circle – Avery and Grahm Roberts.

                Avery is being recruited by Ohio State, USC, Alabama, Florida State, Nebraska, Penn State, Stanford, Oregon. Michigan State, and Clemson

                Bam Bam just ran for 322 yards against the #3 ranked team in the state.

                Avery will be playing in the Armed Forces game in Dallas this summer.

  • Wow….. our weak owner got wowed by Chub Kelly’s BS and we the fans suffer again!

  • Well troops, another wasted year. I’m finished blogging on hear for the season (and maybe for the future as well). The “writings on the wall” and I have to spend my time especially on Sundays doing more creative things like reading and studying etc. I hope everyone here (friends and haters) enjoy the rest of the season and year. Though I’m a die hard Eagles fan, I cannot continue to support crappy coaching on both sides of the ball. It’s been fun for the past few years coming here and giving my thoughts/opinions but I can no longer wait for this professional football team to win the Lombardi trophy. Life goes on…
    To my loyal Eagles fans I will be celebrating from afar the day we win the big one. until then E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!
    Take care everyone.

    • You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to do the same thing. Every year I get sucked back in. I’m at the point where I’ve checked out. I watch them for the memories they’ve given me. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Westbrook, Mc5, Hit on Reggie Bush by Sheldon Brown, D Ajax punt returns, Westbrooks punt returns, and many more awesome memories that they gave me. Now I just watch in disappointment. This team has no heart and no real NFL philosophy


  • I’m not going to sit here and blame the defense ,I’m not going to blame the offense ,and I’m not going to sit in bewilderment and wonder why throwing the ball downfield was for 31/2 games more of a mystery than who shot JfK ..This coach has not had a prepared football team to PlayYet at the opening whistle ,.There is no way this GM has prepared this team to win ,with his arrogance and systematic approach to the game .This season is hanging on his humility ,and in his PC he blamed everyone but himself ..we didn’t execute ,we didn’t protect Sam ,we gave up to many 3rd down plays (Bill Davis) these guys are so adept at sidestepping the real core issues. ,themselves .especially the offensive coach who has put his defense into un winnable minutes of performance weekly..The defense is playing adequately but the offense in TOP 31 minutes (skins) vs 18 is …sports science on steroids ..As great as going deep softens the underbelly of the defense ,it also allows for big quick strike plays ..Temperance of the two is a game plan that yields balance and adequate time of possession..we haven’t seen that blend of football..that’s on the coach

  • Where are all the buffoons now, with all their criticisms of paul, gmcliff, biglion, Eagles, & myself?!? We told you, the genius was a waste of oxygen! We told you he was clueless! We told all of you the other transactions, he SHOULD have made, & should have NOT made! Like I said when they hired this turd, “He is gimmick coach, with ZERO NFL experience, thinks he invented the game, is an egotistical POS, never won a f^#@ing thing, & only took the job, the last minute, screwing Bradley, because sanctions were coming down on his fraud a$$, from the NCAA!!!! Things I don’t ever want to here again, or I go headhunting!
    “Chips a genius”
    “Culture over talent”
    “Plug & play”
    “Next man up”
    “Bradford is better than Foles”
    “Any of the picks the last 3 years, minus Matthews, is any good”
    “Davis is an OK DF coordinator”
    Here them again, I might blow a head gasket!!!!!!! Funny, the Birds season ended, the same time as the Phillies?!? LOL! You can’t make this shit up! If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry…..

    • Oh, & how can I forget my favorite-
      “In chip we trust”
      I’ll say it again, he’s gone, tail tucked, by seasons end! Good f^#@ing riddance, you waste of semen!!!!

    • Paul called everything from 4 wins to 11 or 12. That man doesn’t give real opinions or analysis he just calls or predicts everything from A to Z and when he is right on 1 of his 1000000 predictions he says as I said … Guys a flip flopping fugazi

      • Of my 1000 Predictions for the Eagles 2015 Season
        I called on 975 of them for the Eagles to Win anywhere from 7 to 9 Games and to miss the Post-Season once again…

        This Eagles Offense is even worse than I thought… It happens, Players under-Perform, Coaching Schemes get Stale and Predictable, Players get Hurt, Bad Bounces & Calls, etc,etc..
        Bottom Line as I stated most of the Off-Season is that this 2015 Eagles Team is simply average and not good enough to legitimately compete with the Top Teams in the NFC & NFL and that’s what they are..
        And what’s worse, is now they are not even exciting to watch..

    • I said it before Chip thinks this is College, now everybody can see it now, even the unrealistic optimist

  • Here’s another Prediction..
    Chip Kelly will remain Coach of the Eagles thru next season 2016 (Year 4 of his 5 Year Contract) and then returns back to College..

    University of Texas is going to approach him about their soon to be Open HC Position for a 5 Year $45 Million Packaged Deal .. I hope he takes it and moves on after this Season but think he will hang around for 1 more Season…

    • yea you have only called him to go back to college since he first stepped foot in philly… chip aint going back to college ever as long as he can find an nfl job.

      • I went to watch Nick Foles shit on the Chipster as an encore to yesterday’s carnage…how do the prognosticators ,feel watching him with zero turnovers turn chicken shit into chicken salad?This must be a nightmarish scenario for a bafoon owner who tossed this pinochipio the keys to his franchise.There is a scenario now ,where the dismantling of this team ,can be traced back to New Year’s Eve .When do you allow a neophyte coach after a swoon of epic proportions force you into blinking ..Jeffery the fan base wants answers ..we can …handle the truth..

        • I said it when that news came out, Lurie should have let Chip go as soon as he came into the office demanding power.

      • Chip would take a High-Paying/High Profile College Job over another NFL Job in a heartbeat… In College he would have more Control over his total Program from Recruiting,Staff,Media, Alumni & Boosters to his Roster than he ever will as a NFL Coach… Chip Kelly is a Control Freak and not suited to deal with other Professionals at the NFL Level..
        His Reps,Reps,Reps at a High Tempo work in College for you are Playing against inferior Athletes and more importantly, against inferior Coaching.. but this does not work against Professional Coaching and Defenses..
        I stated this when he was Hired and I still state this today 3 Seasons into his Tenure.. The mark of of an excellent Coach is the ability to anticipate, to adapt & change schemes,formations and Play calling on a week to week basis.. Many of the Plays & Formations we saw work back in 2013 that were new and that many Teams caught up to by the 2nd half of the Season in 2014 are now not working at all in 2015… It is what it is and Kelly is too stubborn and arrogant to admit it…

        • Or to stuck in his ways to do anything about it. You do what you know and Kelly is showing us what he knows.

    • I would say goodbye Chip, and take all of your culture, sports science and all of your other snake oil salesman bullshit with you. This guy continues to whine about the players not executing, well, that is a coaching issue, talent issue, or a combination there of the two, either way, it’s on Chip the GM/coach. He wrestled power a way from Roseman, basically laying blame at his doorstep for not having good enough talent, now he assembles the talent and blames them for not executing, perhaps they simply are not good enough. I swear, Chip sounds like Andy Reid with his I gotta do a better job mantra when he keeps saying execution, execution, execution. This is a man who is lost and has no idea how to fix this frankenstein he has put together, he takes 0 responsibility for anything.

      • Ain’t even Halloween and the damn season is over. THANK YOU AGAIN LLCB.

        • It’s not Halloween but some people damn sure were tricked. This is a nightmare horror movie, Chip is the director, casting director and script writer.

      • If I’m the owner I have him sit Bradford so I at least wrestle away a 3rd round pick as compensation for trading a million dollar QB for a 12.8 million dollar QB plus a second (non-conditional ) pick..I also look to trade as many assets as possible in the next few weeks ,at my behest .This emasculation of boy genius would be a sports science dose that he deservedly needs to gulp down.This will pave the way for the only transition this squad needs ..when you buy the groceries you can’t blame the skillet for not executing properly for a shitty meal..it just doesn’t work that way

        • I said the same thing yesterday, I will give Bradford up to the Giants game to look like a QB worthy of what we gave up for him(second round pick) I sit Bradford before he gets to 8 games if he does not win the next two (not one, both games)! , you have to get something out of this deal.

          • I think the trade provision (to get a 4th) is that he has to miss games due to injury prioor to the 8th game of the season.

            Benching him does nothing.

            And forget the return of a 3rd. That’s gone. That was only available if he didn’t suit up game 1 due to injury. He played, so the return 3 is off the table.

            Only the 4th rounder back is still available….and only if he gets hurt over the next 3 weeks.

            Bradford makes it through the next 3 standing up (and he will – just because), then it was Foles, a 2nd and a 4th for Bradford and a 5th.

            Fucking Kelly’s sphincter is still bleeding over that mess.

    • Here’s a prediction, the Eagles keep losing and the players stop playing hard for this coach as he continues to say they are not executing, demanding they go to bed by 10 pm, wear sleep monitors, drink smoothies, etc. The culture will be tested as losing is the real hot water you put the tea bag in. Losing trumps culture. Demarco Murray is already speaking out on the limited snaps, and Kelce has criticized the play of the O line, that falls on Chip the GM. Kelce knows the guards and back up tackles can not play…this whole act is getting tired real fast.

  • Chip Kelly’s s bio…ain’t won shit ..at any level..ain’t a boy genius ,he spent real $$ on his defense and did an adequate job in assembling a defense that allows him to stay relevant ,and what he does as GM and coach is go 3 and out more times than a hooker at a turning tricks convention ..The Time of Possession matters ,him stating it doesn’t ,is BS ..when you ask athletes to spill it for3/4 of a football game ,it’s a car running on fumes.Who got in Bradfords ear hole at the half?Is the million dollar question..Chip lied and said it was about protection..that condom fable ain’t holding semen..

  • Dolphins fire Head Coach Joe Philbin…that was quick, just finished first quarter of the season.

    • Philbin was a fish out of water ..

      • Philbin is now swimming with the Sharks..
        Dolphins promote TE Coach Dan Campbell to the Interim-HC Position for the Remainder of the Season…
        Rumors for the next HC will be the usual, Jon Gruden, Mike Shanahan, and College Coach’s Urban Meyer of Ohio State & Brian Kelly of ND * Mark D’Antonio of Mich State…

  • Carolina Panthers DC and Former Eagles Coach Sean McDermott seen at the Philadelphia Airport and picked up by Jeff Lurie’s Limo Driver…
    Reports at 11pm…

  • Jeff Lurie has a limo driver? I thought he tossed the keys to pinochipio?

    • Actually is was Howie Roseman Driving the Limo who picked up McDermott…..

  • I wonder if the teachers pet (Jason Kelce) still feels that the team is just as good without Mathis, Jackson, and McCoy. I also wonder if Kelce benefitted from the former guards more so as opposed to the guards benefitting from Kelce. Kelce is getting some comeuppance chickens coming home to roost pie.

  • Potential HC Candidates for the Eagles

    OC Scott Gase of the Bears and formerly of the Bronco’s
    OC Kyle Shanahan of the Falcons,Redksins,etc,etc
    OC Greg Roman of the Bills
    OC Dirk Koetter of the TB Bucs,Falcons

    DC Sean McDermott of the Eagles
    DC Greg Manusky of the Chargers
    DC Don Pease of the Ravens

  • Gus Bradley has an ( 8-28 ) win loss record in the NFL.
    The Chipper has a (21-15 ) NFL record.

    • include that playoff loss and it’s 21-16. Still 2-6 in last 8 games and 1-4 in division over the last 8 games. Terrible. Chip is no longer Chipper..chippoo because this team stinks!

      • The rest of the 2013 NFL Coach Hires
        Andy Reid (21-15)
        Rod Chudzinski terminated ( 4-12)
        Doug Marone — terminated (15-17)
        Mike McCoy (20-16)
        Marc Trestman — terminated (13-19)
        Bruce Airens (24-11)

        • Zero, he is trending down …
          Vinnie, i agree the D is being asked to do the impossible. I really like how the D has played for the most part this year– i don’t know if they are officially ‘gassed’ at the end of the game but lets face it you can only keep your finger in the dyke for so long…

          • Thurmond and Jenkins playing lights out, the lack of depth on both lines is terrible. I just don’t see this ship being righted. It took them until halftime to see what we all knew that the Redskins couldn’t cover downfield. Lane Johnson played terrible and Jason Peters should have never played. Train is off the tracks fellas.

  • Eagles D been on Field for 149.5 mins. If average D is on field 30 mins/game…then Eagles D has played 5 games.

    Eagles O has been on field for 90.5 mins….or 3 games.

    How can anyone be surprised by injured on D? By them not holding up in the 4th yesterday?

    If the trend continues, Eagles D will play the equivalent of a 20 game schedule.

  • Last 16 games Chip’s record is 8-8. Teams clearly catching up to him through this time period, to now where teams have caught up with him, and passed him. Out coached, out schemed, and out performed.

    • Worse than that is they are 2-6 in their last 8.

      And of those 2 wins, one was against the Giants in the meaningless final game and the other against a Jets team that was already on the plane to London.

  • Barrett Brooks post Chipper press conference on CSN said the 2 guards aren’t athletic enough to pull and move laterally like the Chipper likes to play so he had to adapt and employ more straight line blocking where Jason Kelce isn’t strong enough to play like that. Either way is a no win strategy. The Chipper needs to rebuild the OL.

    • Chipper needs to relinquish his GM duties, he clearly can not handle both responsibilities as the game planing and play calling are suffering.

  • Chip Kelly Hires Paulman as the Eagles New Full-Time GM…
    Paulman then Fires HC Chip Kelly & Billy Davis in his First Move
    Paulman Names Pat Shurmur as the Interim HC for rest of the Season and begins his Search for a New HC.
    Paulman Releases WR Josh Huff and OLB Marcus Smith II

    Paulman then Trades QB Sam Bradford to the Cleveland Browns for their 2016 3rd Round or 4th Round Draft Pick and would even take Johnny Football off their hands.. (The Eagles would also get a 3rd Round Pick back from the Rams for playing less than 8 Games as an Eagle)
    Eagles now would potentially have 1st Round Pick and 3 3rd Round Picks to rebuild this OL with or 1 1st Round, 2 3rd Rounds & 2 4th Rounds) ..

    Paulman would also look to Trade one of the Current RB’s, 1 TE for 2016 Draft Picks as well… (Sproles may return the most Value for a Playoff Competing Team…Sproles has 1 more Season left so I would move on from him)
    Would the Panthers, Patriots, Broncos or Cowboys love to have a Darren Sproles on their Roster for a 4th Round Pick in Return, You bet they would..

  • What a bunch of frontrunners…led by Vinniedaloser who is still ass sore over Nick Foles!

    Fool asses!

    This is the NFL…injuries happen, teams get off to slow starts it happens

    Tough loss to Washington, but in losing you sometimes discover some important things, you discover who has character, heart, and courage

    We have a QB in Sam Bradford!

    After being bashed, attacked, and called a ‘Check-Down Charlie’ by Vinniedaloser

    After having his manhood challenged, after being called a ‘scared’ QB

    After being hit, sacked, and harassed due to weak offensive line play

    After the fools called were calling for Sanchez

    Bradford stood up and showed what he was made of

    Despite the weak Oline play where our best lineman goes down with injury, despite receivers who lead the league in dropped passes

    Sam Bradford stood tall in the pocket and showed that he is a franchise QB who can lead the team!

    The ship will be righted, the problems corrected…

    • Not without an offensive line

    • Why does questioning a loss ,in your mind equivocate with being a front runner? Nobody but you fixates on one position player the QB.There Are 11 new moving parts That I’d like be critical of.Also why went it doesn’t fit your narrative do you not give credit to your much and oft maligned ex QB..He played very effectively now with his team vs two elite defensive divisional foes.Nobody gives a rats ass ,about contrasting these two ,but you.Im pissed off that we are losing games ,I’m totally upset at the mishandling of our roster and the focal point of my criticisms are at the GM and Coach who has failed to “put Sam”and others in a position to win.Running Demarco in stretch plays ,having Sam dink and dunk ,having his defense play the equivalence of a marathon.Nobody wants more than most of us to see you get the validation you so badly crave ,I hope. As HAC said ,Bradford gets a statue displacing Rocky ,but let’s be honest ,he’s not the only issue ..yet your post suggests as much ..you’re smart enough to understand ,that there are a lot of contributing factors to effectively judge a teams performance.Some positives were apparent in Sam finally airing it out,but he missed a wide open Sproles with a crucial late throw ,his lack of accuracy in a spot to win that game was on him..So let’s not look at him under the prism of your narrative ..please drop this back n forth petulance ..I’m having enough to deal with ,without your blabber

      • deserteagle…you are a lame ass frontrunner! Whinning, crying, moaning and bitching at every turn…yes..Bradford struggled-but the calls for Sanchez or anyone else was purely ridiculous! Its no surprise for a QB to struggle when he’s playing behind a decimated offensive line and receivers with a bad case of the drops!
        He took a beating yet recovered and made plays…and put the team in a position to win…no turnovers, no throwing the ball up for grabs.
        So you and the other idiots who are saying that the guy is gun shy, wont throw the ball deep, and is simply a check-down charlie was proven to be-as you usually are-dead wrong!
        In yesterday’s game, the defense needed to get a stop! No one wants to hear the whine about them being on the field to long…how about coming up with a big sack, interception, or knocking a pass down in crunch time!
        Every objective analysis notes how Bradford is improving, he’s not turning the ball over, he not throwing it off of his back foot…the team is going through a rough stretch…but if we can stabilize the O-line a bit, as Bradford becomes more familiar and gets better timing with the receivers…you heard it hear first whining asses…the offense will be more explosive and the wins are coming

        • Kool. Wins and losses. That is all I care about ..he loses many more games than he wins. Always has. Always will ..he sucks ass ..plain and simple ..he always seems to be the Roger Maris of football with an asterisk and built in excuses ..

  • hey i hope bradford plays his way into the HOF…but yesterday was no indication that he will..

  • “Bradford stood up and showed what he was made of”

    LOL….3 “tough” passes against a secondary starting 3 guys off the scrap heap and a 4th who was playing on one leg.

    “Bradford stood up and showed what he was made of”

    Ya…in the 4th quarter he want 1 for 4 throwing behind a wide open Sproles and to a covered Matthews on 3 rd downs that would have sealed the deal.

    Tough stuff indeed. “Stood up” Against a secondary like that? Last time we played a secondary as pathetic and depleted I saw 7 not 3.

    You’re pathetic.

    • Vin..I’m sure you’d agree that watching coop and Austin get behind the defense validates your point..Sam threw against nobody and still couldn’t get a W

  • If you watched that first half yesterday and weren’t screaming for tebow ,Sanchez ,jaws…anybody …you don’t know football…I don’t know who got into SAMs ear hole in the halftime ,but whoever or whatever turned the switch ..somebody did ..that’s indefensible..stop with the BS…meanwhile I didn’t see you post as you must’ve found yourself cowering under. A rock ..as manly as the QB you’re riding

  • i just saw how bad Ryan Tannehill’s stats were this week. 19-44 completions, 198 yards, 2 TD, 2 Interceptions, 3 sacks.

  • Ryan Mallet 12-27 150 yards 1 interception;
    Colin Kaepernick 13-25 160 yards, 1 interception, 6 sacks;
    at least Sam Bradford isn’t that bad.

    • That’s like looking at a dude in hell who is right next to the fire and you are one step further from the fire and saying, “hey at least I don’t have it as bad as that dude”…

  • whoa, that Chris Berman is ugly

  • Kool is navy or some other front office shit head masquerades as an eagles fan, maybe Schiller, he’s some black dude,, ahhhh…nope, fake ass pussy whose really some white dude attempting to confuse and troll

    100 percent shit head. He wants Bradford over foles.

    case Closed Shit Head

  • You dumb asses engaged this troll koolbreeze

    He says Bradford is a better fit than foles.

    Look at this year’s stats. Look at years prior.
    In the pros there is a reason for stats

  • No one, and I mean no one, whose a real eagles fan can say they like the Bradford for Foles trade.

    I said a long time ago that it would be the end of kelly

    I’m sorry to say I’m correct

  • LMAO…Some Dudes only post comments after a loss…

    • That’s true Luv it, because I personally get frustrated by what I see, no damn way the Eagles should be 1-3.

      • I get that Biggs..but it appears that there some are happy that the Eagles are losing because it’s not “their way”…thats my gripe…
        This team is a couple of FG’s away from 3-1 playing this shitty….Who’s gonna run away with the NFC East ???
        That shit is wide OPEN

    • Gotta, you need to go back to school and retake probability and statistics, since eagles lost three and only one there is not enough data for you to reach your conclusion

      “Just sayin, don’t be hating”

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