• August 8, 2022

Bradford Shows Positives In Loss

sam-bradford-nfl-preseason-baltimore-ravens-philadelphia-eagles2-850x560Sam Bradford came the podium at FedEx Field after Sunday’s 23-20 NFC East division loss to Washington literally and figuratively scratching his head.

As the season is now through the quarter pole both Bradford and Chip Kelly have thrown around the words and phrases such as consistency, on the same page and execution.

“We’re not executing,” Kelly said. “I think we’re playing with great effort but we’re not executing.”

There is no doubt what the quarterback and the head coach are talking about when using this language. It’s the offense of the Eagles complete inability to put together complete games.

At times this season, in fact more times than not, the offense has looked down right stagnant. Sunday’s performance was yet another example of the Jekyll and Hyde nature the 2015 Eagles offense.

“Its almost like we’re two completely different offenses,” Bradford said. “Once we get it going we’re pretty good but for some reason it seems like there’s times where we just struggle to get it going.”

CHERRYHILL_DENTISTRYThe Eagles once again struggled to get its running game, and particularly DeMarco Murray going. Murray had a 30-yard run less than a minute into the first quarter but finished with only 36 yards on eight carries.

The running game for the Eagles is getting to epically bad proportions and players such as Murray seem to be becoming disgruntled. As Jason Peters left the game with a quad injury and Lane Johnson due to have an MRI on his injured MCL there isn’t much good news on the horizon on that front.

“Do I think I’m touching [the ball] enough? No I’m not, I don’t think I am,” Murray said. “Its how the plays are called. I love the offense. I love the guys. It’s just how it is.”

As the offense struggled, taking a 13-0 deficit into halftime, the passing game was able to find a little something in the deep passing game, something that was non-existent in the three weeks prior.

Bradford hit rookie wide receiver Nelson Agholor with 45-yard pitch-and-catch but the play was immediately nullified as the Birds opted to try a reverse play that ended with and arrant pitch by Ryan Mathews that resulted in a fumble recovered by Keenan Robinson of Washington.

“We thought we had a good look,” Kelly said as to why he ran the reverse. “It looked like the exchange was there but it looked like we had the corner. I think if we got the exchange down I think we’d had the corner.”

Bradford would connect on couple other deep balls that resulted in Eagle touchdowns. One was a 62 yarder to Riley Cooper, yes that Riley Cooper. Bradford would later connect on another long touchdown to Miles Austin for 39 yards. The Austin touchdown would stand as the last sore of the game for the Eagles, the third play of the fourth quarter.

“We saw something that we could take advantage of this week,” Bradford said of the downfield passing. “Anytime you can get big plays like that they’re game changers, momentum changers. I think the one to Coop in the third quarter kind of got us going. It brought some energy to the sideline.”

If there is the slimmest on silver linings in the game from Sunday it would be the progression of the deep passing game, though Washington does has one of if not the worse secondary in the league so it remains to be seen of the passing game has really ironed out.

The Eagles are in a very bad way slipping to a 1-3 record, falling to 0-2 in the NFC East but Bradford remains confident the Eagles can turn this around and they’re not as far away as some might think.

“Just come back to work keep grinding, keep putting in the work, keep putting in the time,” Bradford said. “I think the good news is its close. A couple of these games we’ve had opportunities to win and just haven’t finished.”


Timothy Hindin

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  • Bradford is full of playing for a contract he doesn’t possess ..Anything he says has to be looked at in that prism.Murray who we took from Dallas is still lamenting the girl (his DallasO line ) he left behind.Murray and Sproles would have been adequate,and Chip could have spent that $ on protecting his assets like Bradford .He tried to build a foundation on balsa wood In an impending storm..fool hearty..He had an open door policy and shoved all his talent ..out..taht same door

  • Pinochipio and humility need to merge on the highway to oblivion.Will chip ever be so humbled to point the me a culpa button at himself ..will the emperor bear himself ? This in reality is his only tangible asset ..he can’t stand and blame himself ,so he throws aspersions at the very heart and soul of his franchise.The wheels are off ,and with a fractured locker room ,so too ,will the gloves be off..The power struggle and “buying in” are left in a muddled ditch

    • Losing trumps culture!!!

  • The GM is pissed at the coach. The coach is annoyed at the GM ..

  • While the release of Mathis has proven to be a blunder, it’s worth noting that not finding a capable replacement for Trent Cole is turning ugly. With very little pressure yesterday I almost thought we were watching Joe Montana 2.0.

    • Crazy j…no question where cash was $pent ,matters .While many on here ,lament who cares about $$ ..where and how you allocate it ,matters a great deal.

  • There is not much to say in defense of this team right now. The standard naysayers are proven correct (for now).

    As far as “chip the GM” I think his biggest offseason mistake by far was paying Murray. I think he panicked when Gore picked the Cults and overpaid on an impulse. He would have been better served using that money to up the offer to Maclin by 2m, and getting an O-lineman. This team would have been ok with Mathews, Sproles and Barner. I was ok with most of the other risks he took even though they are not showing many positive signs as of now.

    Regardless, what has me holding on (as much as most of you will probably bash it) is that a truly bad team looks bad all the time. This team shows undeniable flashes which resemble a good team. That combined with the division has me holding on, despite the fact that I am probably the only one left.

  • If the GM wasn’t the coach or vice a versa …what would the heat be like today on his ample ass?

  • Can’t take it …the glass is still half full …the facts are they need a circling of the wagons …the GM needs a public displaying of humility..if he continues down the path of deflecting it ,towards the groceries he put on the shelf ,than the glass will be half empty..its teetering …the second half offensive show was vs a pedestrian secondary..let’s not get delusional …when cooper and Austin get behind the defense,that’s all you need to see and know..had Sproles caught the bullet(no touch) behind him 3rd down pass ,we’d have a different feeling at 2-2 and tied in the division.Its a razor thin margin,let’s hope the 1-3 is a team a game behind from the race and not a 1-3 train wreck..

    • desert….realistically, its tough to say the glass is half full, even for guys like us. It is just unbelievably frustrating that the team seemingly has the ability but cannot consistently put out a good product.

  • and Why are Josh Huff and Marcus Smith II still on the Eagles Roster ?

    Chips damn Problem is that he’s spending way too much time of trying to make that “Perfect Call” against a particular Defense instead of simply Trusting his Players to make Plays.. He is wound so Tight that his Players are wound too tight also.. You can just see it with the Younger, Newer Players inBradford, Murray, Agholor, Huff, Ertz, etc, etc…

    • I know Huff was on ST’s yesterday did he bring a ball out or fair catch everything? He was not targeted on the offensive snaps, however, somehow, he got injured….WTF?

  • Making matters worst!! Seeing reports that the eagles chose Tebow over Tyrod Taylor. Rapaport said in the report that Taylor ASKED the eagles to consider signing him, because he would be a perfect fit in the offense. Not saying Taylor would have turned out to be a all pro…but him as a third string would have been an awsome Win win situation.. I could only imagine what he could have done in this offense. SMFH!!! We need to be looking for a CB, OL, OLB that can rush the QB. HMMMM.. Aldon Smith..as dumb as he is would be a good 1 yr signing.. Ok eagles fam im done venting…….FOR NOW.

    • The Raiders signed Aldon Smith as soon as the 49ers released him. Rhino, Aldon would not have fit Chip’s culture…gotta be a culture fit! Culture has gotten us a lot of sacks and pressures so far this season.

      • Panthers picked up DE Jared Allen for a 5th Round Pick and his Minimum Salary of $850K as the Bears paid the rest of his $12 Million Salary..
        Allen played about 25 Snaps yesterday and had a lot of Pressure on TB Bucs Winston.. A Designated Pass-Rusher is the easiest Position to come in and make an impact.. You line up and go get the QB and not a whole lot of thinking going on…. GM Kelly whiffed again on improving the Talent and Depth of this Eagles Roster…

    • I liked this QB Tyrod Taylor since last Year when he was the Back-Up for Joe Flacco with the Ravens.. When he played during the Pre-Season of 2014, the Ravens Offensively looked so much more dangerous and exciting than with Statue Joe Flacco, though Taylor was never going to replace him..
      Tyrod Taylor is a Poor Man’s Russell Wilson
      Thad Lewis is a Poor Man’s Tyrod Taylor
      Chip Kelly is a Poor Man’s Andy Reid…. Good Grief…

      • It’s not a QB issue. Foles, Bradford, Tom Brady..doesn’t matter with this Iine.

        If you can not push guys around up front you are screwed.

        Mathis, Herremans, were done. I thought Kelly was going to buy OLine help to protect Bradford… he made a good call to drop dead weight but then failed to replace them with players that can play. So half wrong.

        Signing Brandon Grahm was a panic because Worilds retired. MARCUS SMITH IS BUsted stuff.

        • Better scour practice squad for guys that might be close to NFL linemen.DID YOU SEE OUR LINE GETTING BLOWN UP….YUCK.

          GLAD WE did not pay Macklin because we will be paying online this off season.

      • Funny thing Pman…I was telling my boy the same thing..i was like instead of getting tyrod over tebow, we choose tebow..only to release him and pick up a poor mans tyrod in thad lewis. SMFH

  • If there is any hope it would be this. The Eagles had to face three top ten defenses while trying to grow a new O line and get a rusty QB reacclimated. Not a good situation. So, now we face two bottom ten defenses and have had a month to adjust. If it doesn’t improve and lead to yards, points and wins these next two weeks, we are truly screwed and there can be no more excuses. If it does improve and we do get to 3-3, there is some sliver of hope that we can still win this lousy division. I am willing to give it two more weeks under the circumstances. After that, I call for Chip Kelly’s head and his dismissal following the 2015 season.

  • If the coaches can make some adjustments, players can execute better and guys can stop dropping passes on third down, it is entirely conceivable that we could actually win 6 out of the next 7 games. We have been here before and seen things turn around. Plus, its the Eagles!! Any lifelong fan knows that for them to just crumble and go 1-6 would be kind and allow us to move on with our lives (fall yard work, other teams, fantasy teams, family time on Sundays). They won’t DO THAT! That would be too easy. They will suck us back in so that they can disappoint over and over again as the year unfolds. You guys know what I am talking about.

  • Stephen A Smith is in a hip hop rap type personal battle with Kevin Durant. LOL hilarious — Stephen A Smith said Kevin Durant might sign with Lakers if he doesn’t sign with OKC. Kevin Durant said Stephen A Smith is a liar he doesn’t talk to Stephen A Smith. Stephen A Smith said he is not a person Kevin wants to get in a war with, promise you that. LOL. He is threatening Kevin Durant.

  • Yesterday’s game proved without a doubt that our QB concerns are over….We have a Quarterback…our question marks are at receiver and the offensive line. Injuries are taking there toll…

    • We have a QB… Now that’s an interesting take on things…

    • Kool. Which half proved that we have a QB ? The 4th quarter when in money ball time he was 1 of 4 and threw behind a wide open Sproles ,or missed Matthews on 3rd down? Or maybe the first half when he looked like he was watching the “village of the damned” inside his helmet cam?

    • Kool. One question since according to you our QB issues are in the past ..How much are you redoing Sam for tomorrow should nice he’s th answer?

    • Kool, in all fairness, when Foles threw 7 TD’s against a bad Raiders defensive backfield you completely diminished if not dismissed that accomplishment. Now Sam throws 3 long TD’s against a Washington backfield that was playing the back ups to the back ups, both Cooper and Austin beat the Washington cb who was playing on a bad leg. And I know you will say Foles was throwing to Djax..etc, but the passes still had to be made. Sam has a lot of work to do to show he is the guy, he must be more consistent now that the real bullets are flying, he needs to perform at a higher level in the next 3 weeks. Me personally, I am setting my sights on QB Jared Goff as I am not impressed enough with Sam. The whole offense needs to be rebuilt….starting with the QB and O line.

      • Sam has to make the clutch passes in crunch time when the game is on the line, he must also play at a high level against the Panthers, Bills, and Patriots, if he can’t beat those teams and the teams in our division then it is just more of the same we have seen since McNabb’s departure…no thanks!

        • What genius devised the game plan NOT to attack the secondary that proved so vulnerable in the second half,when they stepped off the team bus?

  • A $16,000,000 quarterback. Glad to see we are getting our money’s worth! Add the 2nd round pick that was thrown in with Foles and we got a great deal! I am glad someone sees some positive in this mess. This isn’t all Bradford’s fault, but he sure is not the answer.

  • Forget the money… It doesn’t matter. I’d be equally pissed at a $160,000 QB with a 1-3 record, very few first downs etc

  • Eagles defense petitioned NG the league for overtime pay…

  • Sam I am ,green eggs and ham ..I threw the ball as far as. I could ,and Austin and cooper got deep on a corner from the hood.Don’t ask me his name for he’s a player who didn’t suit up ,in a regular game but I connected. With my guys just the same..Now Kool saw this demonstration and declared our troubles at QB are in the past …as we reside in dead last…good grief

  • Eagles defense is full of shit. Stop with the to many plays. In the 1st half they couldn’t get off the fucking field. Were they tired the first 10 play drive or the 2nd 10 play drive. Get off the field on 3rd and 19 and maybe you wont have 80 snaps a game. Its a myth that the offense is screwing the defense. That defense needs to stop Kirk Montanta who was 50% on 3rd downs or not give up a 90 yard drive to end the game. The defense is marginally better for it doesn’t get shot in the head with big plays now it just bleeds out slowly with 90 yard drives.

  • Seth Joyner said Billy Davis defense is vanilla and basic. It doesn’t blitz it has no creativity. They have the players just not the coach. On the final 90 yard drive it blitzed 2 times the 1st play and the last play. He said to sit back in zone and not put pressure on a turnover machine Cousins was a disgrace. All you had to do was blitz him so he could only make 1 read. Billy Davis is terrible. If you brought in a different D-coordinator this defense would be special.

  • how about cary williams shutting down calvin johnson for the majority of last nights game, wtf???????

    • different rules for different teams – Cary was called for 3 penalties a game playing like that with Philly but in Seattle they are allowed to clutch and grab on pass patterns. Similarly the OL in New England, Pittsburgh and Green Bay can lasso and hog tie defenders in pass protection.

      • No wrong again E0S….the problem is the DC, Davis. He does not use his personnel to their abilities consistently. The first half against WSH, the Eagles D was in soft man and zone coverage, which showed on the first two drives by WSH. Although, they only ended up with a total of 6 points on those drives, those drives shouldn’t have been sustained. There were numerous 3 down and long plays on those drives and Davis allowed Cousins to step back, his WR’s found the soft spot in the zone and converted. They were in zone coverage on that long 3rd and 19 play converted by WSH RB…That is predictable, and that is exactly what Davis is predictable. Yes, he’s doing ok this year, but mainly all of that is in spit of his game calling and game plan.

        • took a while but eventually Cousins found the rookie Eric Rowe and exposed him. Billy Davis did a good job protecting Rowe but eventually they stung him

    • He has Kam and Thomas playing behind him, same reason why Maxwell robbed the Eagles without a pistol for 60 million

  • Man….its worse than most people think

    Eagles got:
    Sam Bradford
    5th round pick in 2015
    Potential 4th round pick*
    (if Bradford gets hurt before week 8)

    Rams got:
    Nick Foles
    2nd round pick in 2016
    4th round pick in 2015
    (pick was Andrew Donnel a 6′ 6″ OT who is currently on their squad as backup RT….not that we needed Olinemen or anything…..)

    So not only are we watching Bradford suck….but for that privilege the Eagles lost a 2nd in 2016 AND a 4th last draft!!!

    And to get a 4th “back” in 2016, Bradford has to get injured before week 8.

    Worse and worse.

    • I just threw up! Foles has superior stats but more importantly he wins a lot more than he loses. Same can’t be said for mr. Upside

  • Bryn Swartz ‏@eaglescentral 12h12 hours ago

    Nick Foles is having a really nice season. Just one INT in 4 games. He’s now at 53 TDs and 18 INTs for his career with a 94.4 rating.

  • lmfao @ koolbreeze

    “Yesterday’s game proved without a doubt that our QB concerns are over….We have a Quarterback…”


  • ouch from bleacher

    Sam Bradford connected on a pair of deep touchdown throws (three overall) but misfired on several others and displayed the pocket presence of an American taking his first trip on a Tokyo subway. Bradford’s protection was bad, but he also held the ball too long, too often. As for the running game: Didn’t head coach Chip Kelly have more than two running plays at Oregon? D-.

  • Rumors floating around that the University of Texas has asked Owner Jeff Lurie for Permission to speak to Chip Kelly… Owner Lurie, said “Yes, No Problem”..
    Meanwhile Don Smolenski & Howie Roseman were seen taking some of their Dress Suits to a Dry Cleaners in Chinatown and then over at the Airport getting Lurie’s Private Jet cleaned up for their Next Jet Setting Coach’s Search.. The Trey Amigo’s are back…
    The Plot thickens as the Eagles continue to Lose Games and become laughing stocks of the NFL again..

  • NFC Power Rankings after Week #4

    1) Packers (4-0) – Hand the MVP to QB Aaron Rodgers who is playing on another level.. Probably the Best Coached Team in the NFL after the Patriots
    2) Falcons (4-0) – On a Tear and with a more Physical Rushing Attack spearheaded by RB D Freeman, this opens up QB Matt Ryan and WR Jones,White, Hankerson to even more Play-Action Plays down the Field
    3) Panthers (4-0) – Have not been terribly impressive but just keep Winning
    Cam Newton is having his Best Season as a Pro, maybe not Stats wise, but Decision-Making and Leadership wise, he is by far..
    4) Rams (2-2) Rookie RB Todd Gurley with 140 Yards in his First NFL Game
    add this with an improved QB play with Nick Foles and all off a sudden WR’s Tayvon Austin is making plays, Steadman Bailey is making plays and Brian Quick returns from Injury… Put their new and improved Offense with their tough Defense, and they will be a Good Team for the 2nd half of the Season and have Wins over Seahawks & Cardinals already
    5) Cardinals (3-1) – A Tough, Physical and Explosive Teams with a great Deep Passing Game and a excellent Secondary… If Palmer remains healthy, they are making the Playoffs …
    6) Seahawks (2-2) – Fortunate to win last night versus the Winless Lions
    Offense looks shaky with their poor OL, No real Running Game and QB Rusell Wilson is struggling with Turnovers a bit so far this Season but bottom line winners of 2 Games in a Row and their Defense is playing well with the Return of Kam Chancellor
    7) NY Giants (2-2) – Yes the Giants, Winners of 2 in a Row after a slow start in which they pissed their first 2 Wins away so they could actually be 4-0..
    #8 thru #10) Cowboys/Vikings/Redskins – All 2-2 in this mediocre NFC
    and have a Chance …
    #11) Saints – I would not count this Team out just yet…

    All Remaining Teams are Garbage and are out of the Race already
    Eagles, Bears, Lions, TB Bucs, & 49ers

    Eagles, Lions, TB Bucs probably need Coaching Changes

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