• July 6, 2022

Eagles Need To Be More Aggressive And Use More Blitzes

GarconTD1So far in his NFL career Kirk Cousins is considered an average to below average quarterback yet against the Eagles he plays like he’s a Franchise Superstar quarterback. On Sunday, the Eagles defense were unable to stop Cousins from leading the Washington Redskins final minute 90 yards on 15 plays to a game winning touchdown.

It was a combination of not being able to get to the quarterback and playing too loose on the coverages. I think Billy Davis is too conservative.  During the last drive, Davis refused to blitz Cousins in order to force him to get rid of the ball quickly and possibly make a mistake.  You can’t passively let a mediocre quarterback get in a groove and beat you with a 90-yard drive.

There are blitzes you can use against a quarterback to get some hits on him and get him out of his groove.

Instead, Davis sent four-men after Cousins time and time again.  They were unable to get there, but Cousins didn’t adjust. Like he normally does, Davis made no adjustment in much the same way that he did a year ago when Bradley Fletcher was getting torched in the man-to-man coverages when he gets no help.

CHERRYHILL_DENTISTRYCousins stayed in the pocket and picked the Eagles defense apart until he completed that four-yard pass to Pierre Garçon.

Chip Kelly needs to lean on Kelly to be more aggressive against quarterbacks like Cousins.  You’ve got to get some hits on him and then he falls apart.


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  • Look at the QB’s the last 2 Years who ave lit up Billy Davis
    Matt Cassell, Scott Tolzien, Kirk Cousins,Mike Glennon, Chad Hennee

    It’s no Secret that Billy Davis plays a “Soft, Vanilla, Bend don’t Break” style of Defense and is very unlikely that all of a sudden, he will develop an aggressive, attacking style scheme.. Its just not his nature ..

    Chip Kelly Hired him 3 Years ago and failed to make any changes this past Off-Season to updgrade his Staff..

  • Mychal Kendricks, Byron Maxwell and Brandon Bair got injured early on Sunday.
    Jordan Hicks replaced Kendricks played 80 of 84 snaps.
    Eric Rowe replaced Maxwell and played 77 of the 84 snaps.
    Beau Allen replaced Bair and played 54 of the 84 snaps.

    • Mychal Kendricks will never see the end of his new 4 Year Deal for he’s too injury prone which is why I never would have extended him for a long Deal
      He’s a Good Player when he’s Healthy but missing 3-4-5 Games every Season and misses a lot of Practice all the time is not what you want in a rebuilding Team.. Eagles need Players that can Practice and Play together

      Rookies Jordan Hicks & Eric Rowe will be getting Valuable Reps as well as other Young Players like Jerome Couplin and Beau Allen on Defense as the Eagles are incurring a lot of Injuries thus far this Season..

      I see Players jumping on the Injury Bandwagon soon if they don’t turn things around .. Veterans who are already getting paid like Kendricks,Maxwell are going to shut it down for the Season.. Its the Culture that Kelly has created and this Team is going to implode as every Player will look out for their own Best Interest as their is little substance and accountability in what Chip Kelly says and acts anymore and Professional Football Players are not going to put up with his BS for too much longer…

  • How about Fletcher Cox?? 6 tackles and 1 sack.

    I understand that his role in this D is not necessarily to attack….but over 3 and a 1/4 seasons he has 13 sacks…only 2 forced fumbles and averages 35 tackles a year.

    I keep hearing over and over about what a stud the guy is…..and Eagles do stop the run will…..but how often during a game does anyone say, “Man, Cox is awesome??”

    That’s another first rounder who is just….well….a good player….

  • Jahlil Okafor hit his first 3 FG all elbow 8 footers on Gortat. Looks good!!

  • Okafor and Noel played real real well together the first half. Then got in each others way in the 2nd half and didn’t mesh well together. They were the only 2 NBA players on the court. Canaan, Sampson, and Covington got torched. Totally out classed by Wall, Beal and Porter. They didn’t even look like NBA players except that their replacements looked even worse. (Grant, Thompson and Wilbekin.) Out of the 6 wing players at least Sampson and only Sampson used some fouls trying to defend.

  • SUCK FOR SIMMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How Sad has the Sports Franchises become in the City of Brotherly Love where every Team has to Tank for a Season just to Obtain/Draft Talent due to their lack of Leadership and Competency in their Front Offices & GM’s…
      Philly has now taken over the Cleveland & Buffalo of Sports and is actually worse since Philly is bigger and has all the 4 Major Sport Teams…
      It’s just Brutal, being a Sports Fan during these Current Times..
      I guess we can Route for Villanova until March Madness comes with another Quick Exit… Good Grief…

    • yep – After seeing the awful ball handling yesterday and the massive amount of turnovers they committed because nobody can dribble on the wings they aren’t planning on winning this year. The wing players have no ball handling skills and the 2 point guards they used last night might be the worst point guard duo in the history of basketball.

      • Washington Wizard backup center Nene stole the ball off of Isaiah Canann dribbling the basketball across half court. That is how awful this team’s point guard position is.

  • In actual support of the defense…The numbers really don’t tell the story. Eagles started out slow last season getting to the quarterback also…they had 7 sacks after 4 games last season…this year they are at 6 sacks through 4 games. They were 2nd in the league in sacks when it was all said and done.

    The issue is Davis and his use of the DB’s and his play calling…especially 3rd and long situations. Eagles can get sacks all they want, but it won’t matter when you’re given up 1st downs on 3rd and long. We witnessed that last season, teams completed nearly 40% of their 3rd and long attempts.Thus far this season its nearly the same percentage. Top teams in the league allow about 30% conversion percentage on 3rd and long. So we are middle of the pack in regard to 3rd down defense. But we’re not even considering 2nd downs, where the offense picks up big gains after a penalty or a sack.

    It all falls back to the use of the DB’s and Davis play calling.on 3rd down For example, against WSH….3rd and 19 situation…Davis falls into a pass zone defense..4-3 with 2 deep safeties…But only 3 linemen rushed…immediately dropped the ILB and OLB into pass coverage..The DBs immediately dropped down field on the snap…immediately allowed a 5 on 3 mismatch and caused holes in the defense, because of the deep coverage down field…made it easier for the WR’s to block down field. it was just a terrible play call in that situation.

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